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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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tonight on "red eye." tonight on "red eye". >> coming up on "red eye" the cast of step up 6. see how robots are stealing jobs from dancers and peta's protest. and finally, does joe biden plan on negotiating with john boehner. >> not a joke. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight.
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>> kennedy, let's welcome our guests tonight. it's joan with me here tonight. and the red state blog, which i'm assuming is a mad sand boy page, it's ben domniche and he has the itch if you want to scratch fellow and he reminds me of a clown specifically john wayne gaysy. comedian sam morel and the cracker with the double barrel, slower than a jenny craig marathon, it's country singer larry gat ln.
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oh you yeah she puts the skirt enskirting the system. the hillary clinton email is finally going away. they say she had multiple email address on a private server that information coming from a person in hacking community. and it violated clear cut state department rules that have been in place since way back in 20505. let's go to a senior correspondent. just a mad box. well i'm going to start with you. clinton's camp said she only had one private email. shouldn't we take them at their
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word? >> of course you can trust the clintons after all these years. she her home server to her reset button which is important and this in my perspective is a gold mine for additional stories. i want to read emails from people over the years saying are we really going to blame this thing on a youtube video and people like bill clinton emailing her saying we're just here on a mission of growth and creating lots and lots of jobs. >> and the follow up would be a note from susan saying thank you so much for those sunday morning shows. >> there's so much dirt to be had here, i'd just love to learn them all. >> according to whose side of the deal you're on, people say
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the clintons think they're above the law. and so far anything that you've hit them with has stuck. they're just tephalon. if she gets the nomination, like romney's 47% who said they were going to vote, they are going to vote for her anyway because -- >> free cell phones. think of the freebys should could tie into this. >> they get a little tote bag. >> i think sillicon valley is lining up. how many email servers do you have? >> i have a day browser and a night browser. a double life or something. i think bill has a few private
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email accounts. bill bill at g mail. >> the yahoo account is where it always goes down. >> is it? because i wasn't sure. i'm still on aol. and it's a lot faster than was previously. and should hillary clinton be impeached? >> yes, of course, always. more than once, yes. sevl several, several times. and we find all of this about from a hacker. very easy for us to find and you think your private emails have not been hackd and i'm assuming she's going to say it'ss safer there with her and also saying
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you don't trust having a government doctor's. that doesn't look good on you or the government so you're not a person i trust going into 2016. >> and they used a server called harvester and they did penetration testing on her. >> wait let's hold on to that. we'll be right back after a word from our sponsors. >> and some people are saying that she's just wethering the storm waiting for right wingers to go too far and make it a bigger deal than it. will the clinton strategy work? >> it has before. >> i think her not saying anything is making her look bad. >> she did tweet. she sent one tweet. >> she said she would give the email to the public.
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that's admirable. i would never give my email to anyone. >> she could just sthakshake it out on it desk top and hand it out. british are encouraging middle aged mothers to become spies. yeah, breast pump. they believe a more diverse group of spoofs is what is needed to get intelligence. if all intelligence professionals are caught from the same cloth, sharing similar background and similar characteristics, then they are going to havebiasies.
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should it change? they should flip the numbers and make it more than 73%? yeah, there should be more women than men and we should get paid more. we need to expose the salaries as well. and when you're talking about a bias or cut from the same cloth. i think it's fine so long as the job is done truthfully and it would make sense that these spies are cut from the same cloth because they have a similar skillset because they share the same talents. so as long as they share the same talents and get the job done. >> you have seen lefem neketa.
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can you imagine her being mom. wouldn't they make better spies because they can multitask? >> my mom she knew when i was thinking, considering to think about maybe doing something that was a little beyond the pail. so, yes women period, have that -- that really sounds sexist though. doesn't it. >> no, its's a compliment. >> i think they would be great. but as i saw part of the article, it talked so that the other spies couldn't all the time look for james bond. >> it would be jane bond, wouldn't it? >> i think brits are onto something. maybe the versety for a real reason instead of diverseity for
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its own sake. >> i think moms are the best busy bodies and best torchers out there. instead of water boarding, you have emotionally crippling games. >> are you a praying man? then you need to get on your knees now and pray, that's the worst thing anybody has ever said about a mom. >> the thing important is they're good field agents. martha stewart uses a knife better than anybody in the world. i think she would be a great spy. >> that's a really good point. martha stewart pretend his liver is an onion. how would you chop it. that's a challenge to her. >> or if it was chopped liver. >> and she's been in prison,
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obviously a woman knows how to handle her stuff. obviously. >> and my mom was in surveillance -- they're basically north korean dictators. it was the mom equivalent of stop and frisk. >> no, its's like, breathe on me and no weirdo, i'm going in my room and putting have viseen in my eyes. i have rights. not in my house, you don't. what makes up a spy body in the united states? >> i think we need more diversity in the united states. >> so we need a quota system. >> no, i don't think a quota system but we do need people
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with different sets of skills. insight into equivalence of breathe on me. >> well, joe, you are a big fan of musical theater and a huge participant and i believe you were in an off broadway show right now. so how about employing some of the nation's finest musical theater. >> they're not going to blow their cover, they're going to commit to it pm you need the method actors because they're going to be committed to it and i'm sure the payment is a lot better than those contacts. >> and i still believe that chuck bears was bearworking for the cia. yes, pop tart guns could soon be legal. in nevada there has been
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legislation that could decriminalize the pastry pistols and one person brought in the toaster treat to show how nonthreatening they truly are. look at that. that looks great. i only get a 3 d printer and put one of those on the plane. >> replicate tiny bite marks. and 2013 a second grade boy in maryland is suspend after he chus his pop tart in the shape of a menacing weapon p.. they said his punishment was warranted. we asked a toaster to comment. yeah, i'm just waiting for
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little rats to skamper into the kitchen and devour those. maybe they were already full after eating the human corps. do you think that the real winner here is the state of nv nevada or the students or the pop tarts? >> they got a lot of free advertising because of this controversy that's happening right now. i understand why the schools had a zero tolerance policy. and they had a rule that you could expel kids for practically anything. you didn't need a background even if they wrote in papers about guns or gun violence. they had the option to do so. >> and we've seen students suspended for journalizing their thoughts. >> these schools want to combat that and in doing so, you're
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really stifling these children and setting them up for failure. so i think back tracking is a good thing to do now. >> are our kids lack in commonsense right now? >> who's to know that the american sniper didn't start with a pop tart gun at some point. but what happens when the government cracks down on this new form of weapon. but these can't be part of michelle obama's new form of food education. next pop tarts will be illegally blocked that border and given to the mexican car tell. >> and nevada's school system is
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over run. one of the biggest problems i think, i have two kids in public school. my daughter's kindergarten class, they're not allowed to run on the play ground. how are these zero tolerance policies infringing on their rights? >> running is kind of a an activity that a lot of kids do. i've seen kids actually run. i ran a couple of -- if they're talking about sending kids home from school for having a pop tart -- first of all, when you went threat janitor the teacher or the principal, they have a controlled carry permit in case they come in with real guns. but if they would send kids home for chuing kids pop tarts into guns they would have sent us to
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sam quentin. >> like a 7-year-old man. >> texas is not a concealed carry state. it's let them know you have it. >> now sam, i know you like nevada school boys, but if you were, would you test this for a permit? >> i would test it within 500 feet. this is not an issue. if it was toaster strudal guns i would understand. i'm only worried when it's a guy. it's always a guy. women always kill their boyfriend and they only kill people they love. they don't kill strangers.
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>> i will kill you softly and passive aggressively. that's my karaoke song by the way. >> you the roberta flak of music. >> you can't believe how many times -- >> that's really beautiful. i think i'm going to the gun rampg with a handful of pastries and see how my aim is. coming up i get red eye out of my system by dousing myself in vizeen but first, a groom stages his own kidnapping at their wedding and states her love for him.
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hello, luscious . hello, there. it went from wedding to beheading, or so it appeared. yes, a groom staged an isis kidnapping as a whimsical wedding day prank. they dresds up as jihadies and they carried a cage onto the dance floor and kidnapped the couple while an isis anthem played. and then in the cage, the music changed and a dance party began. the bride claimed that after the
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momentary panic she had fun. and she tweeted isis saying, the cage you're using we danced with it. others called the prank very tasteless. i think this just shows the creativity and sometimes, ben, you just got to laugh. are isis kidnappings the new form of romance? >> i think this really is a situation that -- i mean what other ideas has this guy had during the course of their relationship? has he burst in their door with a mask on just as a way to say hi? i'm not sure that this level of humor, which may really work over there, translates over here. >> maybe he's sitting around
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with his friends and they're watching all the viral youtube videos and the whole church stands up and these are impressive things they're difficult to replicate but he then he wants to throw current events into it. do you think he would have been terrified as a guest in this wedding or you would have joined in? >> i'm not on board with this either. i guess there are conpairsons with comics and terrorists we both get bummed when not enough people show up to a gig. only three people on this bus, i guess. i don't think this spices up a marriage ceremony, a possible beheading. maybe a divorce but not a wedding. >> no, i wouldn't be surprised
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because he did not look terrified when they were trying to kidnap his bride. he did a fake arm. worst flash mob of all time at a wedding. and god forbid isis fwoes after weddings and the people think this is a ruse and that's why i don't like things like this. >> it would make for a hard seekual. >> the marie antoinette honeymoon. this so totally weirded me out when i read this whole thing. me and my wife walked down the isle and there was music with flowers. >> and there was music?
8:26 pm
>> you might not believe, but you google and me singing to the guy coming in. and -- >> is this in russia? >> no wedding was odessa, texas but then we redid it in odessa, russia. it's a little bit hard for a 66-year-old grandfather to get behind that whole -- >> maybe we're cultural limited or do you think that sends a bad message to isis? >> if i may fp. >> and you may. >> i wrote this song called you worthless gutless cowered. you gutilous worthless coward, you say i must convert or die you say you're going to kill
8:27 pm
you, you're going to have to try. ♪ how do they ♪ >> you have a great sound there. there,.there. ♪ you're not the first who's ever tried to kill me, what make i couldn't see think i won't ♪ ♪ run but i'm an american with remington. and i know how to use it. but if we think those goofy bastards do not know and they don't watch fox news and that any one of them take a stand so i wouldn't put it past them to do just that and go to a famous person's wedding and act like it's a prank.
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don't put anything past these bastards. >> do have a song? >> no. >> you have a long lifetime to be on the show. the end for me is closer than the beginning so deal with it. it's are kind of a career move sam, come on. >> no it really is and i don't nene be judgmental but they lost a little bit of the romance in the middle east. >> yeah, they really have. i don't like irony. >> the bride said too that her husband had asked for several yards of fabric and it's what they made their masks and head gear with but she assumed it would be something romantic. generally if someone asks for black satin. >> i know in china brides often
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get married in red or beige or something. i might be off on that. >> i've never heard she's an image in beige. >> coming up, there's music. hall and oats go to court for a plastic surgeon. but fairsirst a word from our sponsors. >> coming up kennedy's nuts, if you're hungry for the truth open up a can of kennedy's nuts.
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and now a lead story on special report. you remember it. "red eye" with the special lead on the story in the first ever three way same sex marriage. so romantic on valentine's day. the men named art bell and no joke. no joke that's their names. they exchanged vows in a special fairy tail wedding. although same sex marriages are not recognized in thailand. i don't know if three ways are. bell says quote, some people may not agree and are probably amazed by our decision but we
8:34 pm
believe, many people do understand, and accept our choice. love is love afterall. that is so stunningly beautiful and i'm deeply moved by the story and as are you. >> it's a circle around a triangle and a circle is a wedding band. >> and a triangle which has three sides and three angles hence the term triangle for its form. meant to be obviously. >> i really think highly of those who inter into a commitment like marriage. i don't know if i could commit to one person, much less than two, but i am a very jealous
8:35 pm
person and i know most of humanity is and someone is going to feel left out at some point. that's going to happen eeventually. >> or an exhausting honeymoon. do you think this has a chance of lasting? >> i think they have a 33% chance better than anyone else with would have. i have a lot of gay friends. that's always the disclaimer, right. it's hard for a guy who really likes girls because -- we're back into the penetrating move for hillary. >> my goodness it's a clean show. >> after three or four minutes sitting on your right, i feel i can get away with anything and i love that about you kennedy.
8:36 pm
as a man, it's hard to get that whole, man, gay, who does the pitching and the catching. >> they have a baseball team there though. three more and they have at least a starting line up for the mba, right. have you consider marrying more than one person? >> why not. by the way, not the fairy tail story i was read as a child and who cares but these are like the size of two american gay dudes. i think it ads up. >> it's all about the weight ratio in a relationship because it you split it up evenly it's really the same thing. are you upset that your marriage to larry and sam in the show is not going to be counted.
8:37 pm
>> it's alice and wonderland. >> change places. >> the thing i think is wonderful about this and really beautiful about the argument for these types of things and this is why they're ultimately prevail, you can make an easier easier -- >> look at the three of you, a man sandwich. >> but we could all bemarried to justin timber lake? if you're a tea party mom, wouldn't you all like the be married to mike roe? >> no, but justin timber lake, he would be a great provider for me and my husband. >> let's all just get married to him now. >> and what would you get art,
8:38 pm
bell and joke for a wedding present? >> jokes. >> right. and i would invite justin timlerber lake but never jessica biel. >> but i don't think you need to be intim baitidated by that? >> oh, yeah right. i would be tapping my foot the whole time, like are you guys done? there's nothing fun about nuts and honey. hall and oats are suing a company for selling haulen oats because it's a play on the famous mark haulen oats mark.
8:39 pm
and it's associated with the notoriety of the artist and marks. here is my favorite haulen oats song. ♪ >> oh lord. >> it was a rough night in philly. >> i think they were just getting married, all three of them. haul oats and fred. >> haul oats and joke. >> but you can see them speaking of the triangle, back there,ing p ingping ping, ping. >> the wife beater and the mustache not a timeless look. >> speak for yourself.
8:40 pm
joe an so what do you love more? haulen oats or grunoleau? >> man eater is my theme song. >> we'll be right back after a word from our attorney. >> my issue with this grunoleau company is they're selling it $27 for a three pack so it's $9 for a 12 ounce bag of granola. you are making a killing. so i'll siding with haulen oats. >> she's certainly making enough money for people trying to clean out their pipes. >> what? >> it would be a great wedding gift am i right in? clean out the system. love is love and everybody knows that. has anybody tried to infringe on
8:41 pm
your trademark? >> god, i wish they would. my friend john cash. >> you know, john. >> jr on the birth certificate. i wasgoing to sou a newspaper and he said, "pillgram, there's ain't no such thing as bad publicity unless they had a picture of you screwing a goat" and they did not have one of those. but i wrote a song one time called all the gold in california. if these people want to call it all the oats in california i'll bring the brothers. i understand the copy write infringement but get over it. have haulen oats ever been discussed on "red eye" before,
8:42 pm
never. >> there's a an 800 nn number called haulen oats and you punch in a number and they're like for man eater, press one for private eye, press 2. >>. >> if they take away the haulen oats my number is 51 -- sdwroousjust do all the oats in california. >> it took them five years to know this is going on. it lets me know they're not living a very healthy lifestyle. >> and from what i gathered, the ceo is like a rich girl and she's going to far and it doesn't really matter anyway. >> ♪ she can rely on the old man's money ♪ and i hope i have one of her work out tapes, jane fondau.
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for the destruction of the planet. bed be despite the gains that have been done, more needs to be done in gender equality. let's are go to "red eye" correspondent. ♪ >> yum, yum, yum. >> right. >> absolutely. >> waiting for that. so ben does she have a point? >> i bow to queen of the galaxy in all respects when it comes to analyzing the affairs of men and women. i think she as an award winning actress and become popular around the world can tell us how women have been kept down over the years but she may be keeping too closely from the life and perspective of ted turner and
8:48 pm
that may be what is going on. input ted turner and now i understand. >> maybe we should send her back to her therapist. is it possible for men and women to be equal? especially in arm wrestling? >> i have seen some excellent arm wrestlers but men and women are not supposed to be equal, in my eyes. we have different talents and skills. women to my knowledge, are the only ones, natural born, who can push a small human through their loins. >> i've done it she's right. >> women can carry a baby inside for nine months but you rarely ever see a female magician. >> that's because we can pull the rabbit out of the hat after 40 weeks.
8:49 pm
what, what. and in the green room you said it's the way it should be. >> absolutely we should run everything. you are tougher than we eare, and smarter. i think you could win a few margaret thatchers, i'm all for that. as far as ms. fonda, i'll quote great political fill osfers, the liberals know a lot but what they know is wrong. and willy nelson who said ♪ you can't play nothing if you ain't got nothing to play ♪ ♪ and you can't say nothing if you ain't got nothing to say ♪ >> that was a bit strong. i apologize.
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what a >> why aren't you saying anything? i love it. i'll see you on kennedy, monday
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at 10:00 p.m eastern 5:00 p.m pacific on the fox business network. a brand new red eye returns next week. and beer bottles for babies? it's the subject of tonight's... >> an online retailer is selling baby bottles that look like beer bottles the company behind little lagers doesn't think infants should drink beer and insist it is tongue in cheek. some critics say it could directly or indirectly promote under aged drinking. you know? really? is a six-month old going to be
8:55 pm
like i wish i was drinking hops and barley right now. >> what is going to happen later in life? like gerber with a big dooby, you know? >> writing this down. dooby brothers. >> well, yeah. >> what a fool believes.... >> you do a lot of singing. >> one of my favor it country songs has strap the kids in and give them a little bit of vodka. i think it's a good idea to encourage responsible drinking at the earliest possible age. i don't know. i didn't think it's that bad. >> sam, do you think these will be use by the babies or frat boys? >> both, hopefully. i think this is fun. babies already act drunk, they slur your words and get to second base with your wife.
8:56 pm
>> woo-hoo. >> well, he has a good point. if we had more breast feeding we wouldn't be offering children bottles and certainly won't be offering them beer bottles joanne, i did not write this. will you be purchasing one of these baby bottles? >> yes. because then we'd match. i like to match with your kid it's funny. what is not funny is that this costs $12. or $11.99. i can make that for $4.50. >> make it yourself. >> stick a nipple on to your pbr. hello? >> wash it out. >> everything is cost effective. >> i am a girl on a budget. yeah. >> a very special thanks tonight
8:57 pm
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you threw a fish at us so, yeah. yeah. coverage for land and sea. now, that's progressive. hello, welcome to "squus this justice. "i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. come on. what's the big deal? so hillary clinton used her private e-mail for work. everybody does it. who cares? and why is this even important? why? because this is a woman with a past. a history of hiding making sure we only see sanitized contents of e-mails. and no one knows the game better than she.


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