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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 8, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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media buzz at fox more on the media next week and more on your questions and more of the latest buzz. today we remember an important day in american history. bloody sunday. thousands including attorney general eric holder gathering in selma, alabama to commemorate the events of 50 years ago when police brutally beat civil rights demonstrators. >> hello, everyone. welcome to america's news head quarters. >> hello everyone. it was march 7th, 1965. demanding voting rights for african americans were attacked by alabama state troopers and others. that brazen assault and the images the nation witnessed helped build the momentum leegd
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to the voting rights act of 1965 and yesterday an emotional, poignant and deeply meaningful recreation. the first family joined by former president george w bush and others retraced the steps of the marchers. a stroll through decades of our rights legacy. jonathan is with us now. >> reporter: being this is sunday as we speak churching throughout selma are holding special services commemorating bloody sunday. one service is taking place at brown chapel it was a central meeting point during the civil rights struggles of the 1960, and as we speak attorney general eric holder is there and he scheduled to speak at that service. this comes a day after president obama former george w bush and scores of other politicians and
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other rights leaders participanted in a ceremonial parch over the edmund pettus bridge. they did this in honor of people who suffered as they attempted to cross the same bridge back in 1965. televised images of beatings gained national support for the demonstrators who would later march in greater numbers from a selma to the state capital in montgomery montgomery. >> what greatest expossession in the american expression than this? what greater form of patriotism than the belief that america is not yet finished? that we are strong enough to be self-critical that each successive generation can look upon our imperfection and decide it is in your power to make this nation more closely 'line with our highest ideals, and over the coming week a series of marchs and ceremonies are planned along
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the historic rout of the 1965 voting rights march from selma to montgomery and it will culminate with a rally at the state capital on friday. >> quite a commemoration. thanks so much. >> also in new york city people also remembering the events of bloody sunday this weekend. hundreds marched across the brooklyn bridge for the selma is everywhere march to show their solidarity. among the demonstrators was the former new york city mayor. many linked arms and carried signs with pictures of the marchs 50 years ago and of dr. martin luther king jr. >> now to iran and a possible nuclear bomb. the clock is ticking on the nuclear talks deadline. it's only 15 days away and president obama this morning vowed his administration would walk away from a bad deal. the president sat down with cbs sunday morning.
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>> this is no deal. you're willing to walk away. >> absolutely. if we cannot verify that they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon that there's a breakout period so that even if they cheated we would be able to have enough time to take action. >> does he have that confident? an ambassador joining us. senior foal senior fellow and a fox news contribute. do you think the administration would walk away frat table. >> stranger things have happened. i'd be hard pressed to name one. i think the administration's zeel to get this deal done has been evident for far too long. i think your hearing efforts to help influence the last stages of the negotiation and i think what's really driving the timing here is that the administration is very worried if it doesn't get this done by march 24th, there will be a vote on some of the legislative proposals in
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congress which it fears could derail the deal. i think that's what's driving it and that puts the negotiating in the hands of the ie toe la. >> what's a bad deal to you? >> i think any deal that gives the current regime in iran any access to the nuclear fuel cycle is a mistake. when this started twelve years ago these negotiations by the europeans, the fundamental prerequisite was that they to stop all enrichment related activities. the obama administration has given that away. what you're arguing about now are simply the technical aspects of how easy it will be for iran to go to nuclear weapons. the president's point here is very important. if we had verification, that would be one thing, but we do not. we do not have an international atomic agency baseline of what
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iran's capabilities are. many capables i believe are still hidden. there's nothing in this deal on the weapons or missile aspects of getting to deliverable nuclear weapons aspects. the fact is you can't say trust but verify here. i'd like to hear the president say he trusts the iranian regime at all. i don't trust them at all. and we can't verify. i think we are set up for a real debacle here. i think it is an act of appeasement on the part of the white house. one we're going to pay for for a long time. >> you heard the president say that if they do cheat there would be enough time to stop them. do you buy that? >> no because we don't know what the baseline is we're starting from. for example, are there facilities in iran that we don't know about in a we just had the nek a few weeks ago talk about a
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facility this which has been a site for nuclear related activities. this is a new one. secretary of state said i don't want to talk about it in public. the iaea has never been there at least in this new configuration. what if iran and nae are cooperated on uranium enrichment? he wants a deal because he wants to ensure iran that we have no intention of overthrowing the regime. i'd like to see what's in the agreement actually, the final details. one point i would make i think is important. congress should insist that there are no secret protocols or secret annexes or secret commitments, no side letters or side deals. whatever they see and agree to congress and the american people should see and agree to. >> just yesterday the national counsel of resistance of iran had a huge rally in berlin.
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20000 people were there protesting against the regime in teheran and the leader warned about a western policy of appeasement which he said are concessions to iran. what is she talking about and how do we stop them? >> one effect of this whole negotiation process of an agreement is to legitimize the ie toe las. even the obama administration hasn't taken them off that list. we're not supposed to negotiate with terrorists. we're not only giving a legislate si to their ewe rain yam enrich lt m. despite the fact that among iranians still in the country it's a very unpopular regime. we're endangering ourselves. we're endangering israel and our arab friends and selling out the people of iran. what else could be wrong with this deal? >> all right. as always thank you so much. 16 days to go.
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we'll see what happens if there is a deal. thank you as always. . ambassador, a possible break in the investigation of a killing of russian opposition leader boris net soft. one of the five people detained has reportedly admitted involvement in the kriel. all five of the suspects were arranged earlier today. the suspect who admitted his guilt did not specify exactly what he did. details continue to remain vague in the case despite president putin's promise to get the killers. he was gunned down while walking over a bridge near the kremlin last week. >> for the first time president obama is speaking up on hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail. the president saying he found out the same way everybody else did through news reports. we have more now from washington. >> reporter: that's not the
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first time the president has said he learned of a major scandal from news reports. that said, he complimented her on her service at state but shied away from a ringing endorsement of her conduct over the e-mail scandal. >> the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency, and that's why my e-mails from the blackberry i carry around, all those records are available and archived and i'm glad that hillary is instructed that those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed. >> reporter: former arkansas governor who's had a long relationship with the clinton's drew this analogy about anybody who wants to examine this scandal. >> i look at it like people once looked like at business. it's not personal. it's just business but chris, it is a tough business and when you challenge the clinton political machine whether ns in arkansas
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or anywhere else, you'd better be up for one heck of a fight. >> reporter: long time clinton defender said they would welcome an independent examination of the e-mails and the hard drive. >> that is a reasonable idea. if the state department asks she will say yes. this is a bogus notion that what might be the case versus what is the case. >> reporter: but clinton since tweeting last week he welcomed a public airing of the e-mail remains silent. she turned over the e-mails but it took until december for the state department to get them. the state is now reviewing them for production to the select baun gauze zi committee who's chairman said he does not trust the state department. >> i've lost confidence in the state department to make that determination. they allowed the arrangement and did nothing about until they got a request from our committee.
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>> democratic senator said today she does not see a problem with the e-mails because regulations were unclear at the time and there was no specific law forbidding their use. back to you. >> doug we'll take it from here. thanks. >> arthel, all that snow in boston is starting to melt away. boston saw more than 100 inches of snow this winter. shutting down businesses and schools for days. we're learning how big a hit that snow did on the economy. it was one year ago today that flight 370 vanished. coming up what may have happened. >> the question i wanted to answer is there any way that these pings could have been false fied or altered or tampered with. if you assume part of the data was spoofed. part of it can't be. it's too difficult. r -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right,
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well it turned out all the new england snow storms packed a crippling economic punch this winter. the economic firm ias global inside said it amounted to billions of dollars in losses. finding massachusetts alone suffered about $1 billion in lost wages and profits. understandably businesses and retailers were among the hardest hit because you know some people just stayed hole. >> one year ago today malaysia flight 370 vanished. today a report shedding little light on what happened to the plane, but it does find the locator beacon battery on the black box had a year before the plane vanished, and now the families are remembering their loved ones as the ongoing search continues.
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bringing in now a captain who's a retired navy captain and a fox news military analyst. >> nice to be with you. >> let's start here first. do you have any inkling where the plane might be. what happened to it and also does it strike you as odd that it has not been located. >> the answer to your first question is no. i don't know where the aircraft is but i have to go with what the scientific data tells us and that's the analysis of the pings. and the analysis shows that it went south down into the southern indian ocean which is a vast open area with a very complicated structure of terrain underneath the ocean in very deep water. if it is down there and that's the likely resting place of the aircraft, then it's going to be very difficult to find, because
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the pingers, the acoustic pingers are long since dead. we're just going to have to do what the nations who are still searching are still doing. which is mapping the floor and looking for anomalies. >> you have a theory as to why they have not found debris. >> yes. there are two main theories in the southern ind yand ocean is. one is the aircraft was carrying lit yam ion batteries. they're hot when they burn. that theory goes that the fire burned through the main electronic space in the aircraft, caused all the problems and the crew was fighting smoke in the cockpit and put it on auto pilot and long story short, they all died and the aircraft goes south. the other theory is and this is the one that i think is closest to the results, and that is that
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someone was flying the airplane intentionally turned off the devices, cranked it around changed course, changed altitude. then after some altitude changes, climbed back up to altitude changed course again and flew the aircraft. if that is true the reason why you may not have all of the debris and in the degree field is because if someone were flying the airplane, they could land the aircraft in the water. like the east river. you would not have a major debris field. the engines would break off when it hit the water and sink immediately and the aircraft would do what it does and slowly start to sink. you would not have a debrys field. >> do you believe that, that someone intentionally took that plane off course? why do you believe that and also how would investigators ever get to the bottom of that?
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>> yeah. what i'm saying is that is, to me, the most likely. there's a thing in logic called audiocassette ims ray sor. entities shouldn't be multiplied. if you have two ways or explaining something or multiple ways sometimes the one that's the easiest and the simplest and gets to the point the soonest with the least number of assumptions is probably the right answer and all of the other scenarios, even the ones that go north have far more complicating issues than somebody just for whatever reason and that means motive and opportunity, what was the motive. if human beings were involved in doing this, that's what you have to determine. the investigate up to this point has not pointed out a clear motive from either of the pilots. it's the amelia earhardt mystery of the twenty-first century.
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>> i appreciate you being here. >> nice to be back. >> good to have you. and we have a lot more on fox news. stick with us and we're back in just a fit. we will both be here. wling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long.
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now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. the obama state launching a deadly assault in an oil field in libya. that raises the possibility that the islamic terrorist group that has added more western hostages to those it's holding. isis attacked the field on friday leaving nine foreign workers unaccounted for. these include a citizen from the check republican and one from austria. authorities are looking into the
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possibility that they may have been kidnapped. isis has not issued any nands for return. >> isis recruiting children, this is after officials stopped two teenager brothers at the airport in sydney. the australian prime minister said they apparently suck comed to the death cult and were on the verge of doing something terrible and dangerous. that's a quote. will car is following the story. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: arthel these are new teenagers but they have the same goal we've seen so many others try to achieve. that's to join isis which has a propaganda machine that tries to lure teenagers from all across the world. the teenagers in australia were brothers. 16 and 17 and stopped at the acid sni sydney when their leg gaj raised suggestion pigs. authorities say they were recruited over the internet and
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that's a common syria. we're now learning that british authorities that contacted the girls before they left to ask about another classmate to disappeared. in the united states we've seen isis recruit teens in denver and chicago and washington dc. it's believed isis controls 90,000 twitter accounts and is doing everything it can to recruit young adults all across the globe. >> the terrorist groups and organizations are using communication techniques. >> representative mike turner on the house intelligence committee. the fbi estimates that isis has recruited 150 americans who have either made it or attempted to make it to syria or iraq. >> will car, thanks. >> arthel, it is one of the most deadly form of cancers for men and women. up next the doctors will be here on sunday house call to tell you
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kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. hello. i'm arthel neville. time for sunday house call. >> and i'm eric shawn. welcome as always. joining us dr. samadi. >> and dr. marc siegel. professor after medicine. also author of the interpost unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> more health than sickness. >> very good. it's all about health. >> talking about health this month is colon cancer awareness


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