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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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style? who knows. >> it also may cause some reflux. this is good because we don't agree on anything. >> we did, we did. that does it for us. we'll be back next sunday. every sunday here is "sunday housecall." hope you're having a great sunday. you as well. i'm leland vitter. welcome to new yorkork american headquarters live from washington. and i'm shannon bream. did the president give hillary clinton a winning endorsement or a live response? >> i'm glad that hillary is instructed that those e-mails that have to do with official business need to be disclosed. isis gets a new ally. nigeria's home-grown islamic extreme ils group boko haram
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pledges allegiance. what does this mean on the war on terror? congress aneeds to raise the debt ceiling and do it asap. our political panelñi will debate all sides. for the first time, president obama is speaking out about hillary clinton's use of private e-mail accounts in her official role as secretary of state. in a network interview mr. obama says he found out clinton used a non-government account the way everyone else did, through news reports. doug kelly is here with his own news report and more details. hi, doug. >> hi shannon. in that interview with cbs, the president noted that his policy is transparency and noted that all records are available in archive. as you just heard, he is glad ta
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that hillary instructed that her e-mails be disclosed. over 50,000 e-mails are in the hands of the state department in preparation for selection by the benghazi committee. he says he does not trust the state department to produce relevant material. >> i've lost confidence in the state department to make that determination. they are the ones who allowed this arrangement. they are the ones who did nothing about this arrangement until they got a request from our committee. >> a former arkansas rival of the clintons, former governor mike huckabee indicated that the e-mail scandal is no surprise to him and gaining access to all relevant material could be very difficult. >> these are people whon know how to play politics. they play to win. they use every tool at their disposal to win. >> but longtime clinton ally davis said clinton will win because she's done nothing wrong. >> the director for the very
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agency you just quoted the national archives administration, said she did nothing illegal or violated any of those rules you just quoted, not one. and indeed, colin powell was subjected to those rules because they began in 1995. >> indeed, former secretary of state in the george w. bush administration, colin powell kept up private e-mail administration for private business. he says those e-mails are now all gone. >> they're all unclassified, and most of them i think are pretty benign, so i'm not terribly concerned even if they were able to recover them. >> chairman gowdy says he's troubled clinton has not released all the e-mails and, i'm quoting here, serious investigations don't make selective releases. >> thank you, doug. let me be very clear. very clear. i have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law. every action that i and my office have taken for the last
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23 years that i have been privileged to be in the united states congress has been based on pursuing the best policies for the people of new jersey and of this entire country. >> senator bob menendez says he's not going anywhere amid reports of pending charges against the outspoken democrat. the possible corruption charges stem from gifts on private jets. he says the charges may be payback for imposing administration ngzegotiations with iran. >> the very week when bob menendez showed incredible courage to speak out and call out president obama for the damage his policy was doing to our national security that coincidence is troubling. because that very week, after two years is when the justice department announces they're moving forward with a criminal
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prosecution. >> david drukcker, senior correspondent for the national examiner, joins us now. david, the timing you have to look at, the leak comes on friday just after bob menendez was so outspoken on the administration. possible charges could come after a couple weeks. you've had this investigation running for so long. is he right that the timing is suspicious? >> i think people will look at it as suspicious, and we've seen this over the past ten years or so where the republican was running the white house and they thought the justice department did all sorts of things for political reasons and now we're seeing that with the democrat in the white house. we know if an indictment comes down and he has to deal with this on a political level, it can take him off the playing field, like fighting back in this iran deal. >> i would think that would be good for the administration. >> right, if you oppose the iran deal with democrats coming after it that's a big win for the
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obama administration, potentially. it can hurt republicans looking for bipartisan support in trying to push back against the deal, particularly in congress, where, if you're going to get a veto override on any of this legislation we see bubble up in the senate, you're going to need democrats there. >> you're going to need somebody like bob menendez speaking out for it. >> correct. he's probably the most prominent, outspoken and when it comes to items of foreign policy, credible critic. he's on board with almost all other domestic matters. i can understand why people are concerned about the iran deal even though this d.o.j. investigation was years in the making. i can understand why it would really bother them that the indictment is finally coming the same month, potentially, as this march 24 deadline for the conclusion of negotiations. >> well and the leak coming out on friday a lot of folks thought was interesting. i talked to a former d.o.j. official, and they said the doj is going to have to somehow
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prove or explain how this is different from any other congressman who takes gifts or trips or vacations with supporters and then does favors with political friends. that's pretty standard operating procedure in congress. are you hearing from folks on the hill this this is sending a chill or a shock wave, that people will all of a sudden change the way they behave on the hill? >> well, no, and in time we'll find out if bob menendez did anything wrong or not. i think the key to the timing of this is that it gives people who are for the iran deal ammunition to use against menendez and you cannot be -- despite what he says about, i'm not going anywhere and i didn't do anything wrong, if he's indicted, that's a game changer. you cannot be in front of the press constantly pushing a policy agenda when reporters and everybody else are going to ask, what about the indictment? and did you do anything wrong? it simply removes you as a political force at least diminishes your strength from what it is if you're not under a cloud of ethical suspicion.
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>> is there any way in your mind -- i'll circle this back. you said in the beginning when the republicans are in the white house the democrats saying you're using the doj and vice versa. now all of a sudden the republicans are saying the democrats are using the d.o.j. to their political gain. do you think that's right or do you think that's just what both sides say? >> first of all let's remember that the department of justice serves at the pleasure of the president essentially. the attorney general is not an independent like a supreme court justice type of operator. he or she is a political operator. so the idea that there would be no politics at d.o.j. is ridiculous on its face. i think the d.o.j. does need to at least look at though it's prosecuting the law in somewhat of a fair fashion, but i don't think you can remove politics from any of this. and that is a particularly big deal right now simply because who menendez is and the timing. and the fact that republicans
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were all about him being found guilty of corruption. they thought there was something wrong when he was busy running the democratic senatorial campaign committee when he was running for reelection himself. now all of a sudden he's with them and they find it suspicious. so republicans aren't clean in this sort of political game, either. it's just that this is a very crucial time for opponents in the iran deal losing menendez on the playing field. pushing back against it could be a very big deal. >> possible game changer and the timing, at vet least, is coincidental. we appreciate you being here from the washington examiner. shannon? iraqi forces backfire iran i officials continue to gain crowned. the u.s.'s military top commander says the operation may not be textbook, but he is convinced it will work. they try to expand all across the middle east. in libya nine foreign workers remain unaccounted for after
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isis attacked an oil field. connor is following this from our mideast newsroom. hello, connor. >> isis continues to expand in libya with deadly consequences. eight security workers were killed at the oil facility and now nine international oil workers are missing. the fear is they are in the hands of isis, although it isn't clear what may have happened to them. government workers say the oil facility is now secure but obviously there is a graleat deal of concern about these missing oil workers. at least two of them are from the eu. we don't know the nationality of the other seven. both sides have come under fire and attack in recent months by the libya office of isis, which adds only another deadly layer to the country which is already in chaos. in iraq though, we're seeing sort of a different story. the u.s. commander for the region sees isis on their heels
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in the key city of decrete. general mario dempsey believes the iraqi offensive, which is about 30000 or so iraqi troops, and also militia fighters that have launched an attack on the town of credon in the last seven days, he sees this as a separation, though not a perfect one. he says it lacks in military tactic that one would like to see, but so far he thinks it's successful and it really is key to a larger operation that the training iraqi forces later this summer or maybe earlier this spring. sometime they are going to attack mosul. if they take decrete, that is a larger stepping stone. mosul has taken steps to see this succeed though they aren't a part of it. shannon? boka haram is reportedly pledging its allegiance to isis.
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the alleged leader of boko haram is seen pledging loyalty to the catalyst of the muslims. what does it say about isis and how does it impact the fight regarding the brutal terror group? tom has written extensively on both of these groups. tom, good to have you here today. >> good to be here. >> what do you make of the loyalty from one group to another? >> i think it shows the proof that as the president's policy has been saying, that unless you very aggressively take down isis or begin to confront it actively on the battlefield in a strategy that is very obviously about destroying the group quickly with air controllers on the ground, taking iran on the political side, what is going to happen is this. me metast metastasis on both sides. boko haram has said we want to
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be part of that. a attracts fundraisers in the middle east to us. boko haram, one of their things is to lock students in schools set the school on fire and slit the throats of anyone who escapes. isis obviously has beheadings and everything else. there is a joining of idealogy here, and now the islamic state in libya spread sbuging into lebanon in the next month that's something to look for. nigeria. this is -- you know. >> according to our recent polling, people are starting to lose confidence in the administration's ability to handle this. in one of our polls we asked, the threat from isis, if the president was more interested in downplaying it or stopping it. downplaying it 64%, stopping it 34%. he's saying they're doing everything they can to stop this group. clearly they're not winning the political battle though.
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>> and it's about -- with jihadists around the world, if the banner is seen in the united states it's spreading and they literal have an empire now, that is proof that america is being defeated, as they see it. that might not be the physical reality, but that psychological narrative continues to develop, and it means, for example, the islamic state projecting power into southern europe. we already know boko haram is threatened in the united states. now that transition to isis. the next thing will be across the west. eu counts of terrorism have never been more stressed. that is a fact. and the president is trying to paint this sort of strategic doctrine of patience that allow these things to develop, but you lose track of that psychological element, which is what's happening here. they've bound up together. the leader of isis becomes bin laden. he is now what bin laden has dreamed to be. and it will only get worse.
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>> well and there's so many connections and so many groups, as you mentioned, who have similar interests. they may have very big disputes over certain things but they do have common interests. this week benjamin netanyahu came to address congress, and he said the most important thing to think about the biggest danger is if one of these radical groups get access to nukes through iran, which is a group we're currently negotiating with, and he talks about the fact that we have to look at the end game, the fact that iran as we know from documents that came from the bin laden compound, that there is a relationship between iran and al qaeda. there was some safety for al qaeda leaders in iran. to that point, in another poll, the question was in this situation in iran, has the u.s. been aggressive enough, about right or too aggressive? 57% says we're not aggressive enough against iran. we're just days away from
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reaching an agreement. where do we go from here? >> you talked about what they control. iran controls basically the borderline of a civil war. there are natives of iran fighting the rebels around the world and at the same time with the nuclear component, it's not just iran. but if iran gets a nuclear weapon. the president says, they have to deal with it it's their responsibility. >> you know what, there is massive. everyone knows those regimes are not exactly the most logical answers. >> and then you have terrorist groups on both sides. you're looking in what they see in yemen resulting in a potential al qaeda-arabian
10:17 am
peninsula. how that can be a recipe for strategic patience and clarity is not, to me. >> you always have excellent writing and we'll tweet some out to people. thanks so much. good to see you. there's been a big break in the case of the assassination of boris nemtsov. he's the opposition leader gunned down near the kremlin. men were escorted into the courthouse today for arraignment. according to russian news agencies one of the men admitted being involved in nemtsov's killing. two men were charged with his death while two men remain in jail pending his charges. he was a severe opponent of vladimir putin right around midnight. a six-year-old was sent to jail. what was his crime?
10:18 am
well, acting like a six-year-old, according to his parents. >> he looked across the table at me and said, bang, you're dead. of course i thought it was playing. what six-year-old doesn't play cops and robbers or cowboys and indians? >> we'll have details on that case. you don't want to miss it. 50 years ago, protesters made the long march across to selma alabama. we will take you live. plus a college party in california brings down the house. literally. >> i actually got on the other roof in the back and then i looked back behind me and the roof actually caved in. [announcer] if your dog can dream it purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ driving rock/metal♪ music stops
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they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. a wild party and sometimes going horribly awry. a garage roof collapsed during a massive block party. the college merrymakers were celebrating -- and we're not making this up -- st. fratty's day, not to be confused with st.
10:23 am
patty's day. although the pictures appear to be similar. the roof had about eight people on it when it collapsed. but it still didn't ruin a good party. >> it had about 40 people on it at one time. >> police are cruising the neighborhood to prevent further incidents of, quote, unruly behavior. >> i'm sorry, eight people went to the hospital and they thought, let's just keep the party going, we've caved in -- by the way, don't dance on the garage. dance on the house. just a hint. >> you soupdnd like you speak from experience. >> that's exactly what my college years were like. how about you? >> we're learning more, we're learning more. i'm really glad there weren't facebook pictures posted of my life back then. >> you can still run for president. meantime unemployment in the u.s. has dropped to a 7-year low, 5.5% american employers added 295,000 jobs in february.
10:24 am
those sound like great numbers. we all want the economy to improve but apparently there's a lot more to the story. to break it down for us now, senior business correspondent brenda butner who always explains things so we can understand it. that number of unemployment keeps coming down but beyond that, there are questions of wages. explain that for us. >> absolutely. you look at that headline number and there is cause for celebration. but you dig a little bit lower and you find out that wages have been stagnant for quite a while. the average hourly wage has bumped up only 3 cents last month. the trouble here in adding more low-paying jobs than high-paying jobs is that we don't make more money we don't spend money. and, consumers, we are the engine for the economy. two-thirds of the economy is driven by consumer spending. so if we're not making more, we're not going to spend it and the economy really isn't going to get more robust than it has been. >> all right.
10:25 am
so wages are stuck. is that why we have such a low number of people looking for work? because you hear 5.5 it sound good, then people talk about this work force participation. a lot of people not even trying. >> absolutely. the problem is so many americans are disa effected from the labor market. 160,000 dropped out last month. that's very problematic and it does make that number of 5.5% a little bit suspect because there is a smaller labor pool. if people aren't trying, if people aren't trying to get into the labor market because wages are low because they're not finding the jobs they want, it's going to be very very difficult for this economy to get back on track. >> so why aren't companies paying higher wages? you know there's all this pressure to pass the minimum wage hikes and less of the profits should be staying at the top. so, you know how does that all factor together? >> well you know, companies have tons of cash. they're sitting on it.
10:26 am
they don't want to invest in capital expenditures or their labor force because look what they're facing. they don't know if they'll get higher taxes. they don't know if they'll get more regulations. why spend more if there's so much uncertainty? so washington is causing huge problems for businesses especially small businesses, which, again, are the engine for hiring. >> uncertainty is always a complication. great to see you. >> good to see you. thank you so much. >> leland? critics say this story proves that zero tolerance policies have run amok. a colorado elementary school suspended a six-year-old for pointing his fingers at a classmate in the shape of a gun and saying you're dead. the school staff say elijah thurston is being disciplined for making threats against peers. elijah's father says his son was just making a harmless hand gesture.
10:27 am
>> i think he was pretty much labeled, you know a threat or just whatever that category fell under without properly saying, okay elijah, this is why i am talking to you right now. >> elijah's parents say they've talked to their son about guns and they're having him write an a apology apology letter. >> wow. in my neighborhood with all this snow we've gotten in the last week or so one of the kids in my neighborhood has built a fort. i love it. he's out there he's working, he's creating it's fantastic. he is now sitting inside the fort with his plastic gun shooting at all of us as we go by. i did not feel threatened. i thought, how cute. >> you should have thought he was dangerous. terrible! >> little boys and girls like to play cops and robbers and indians and all those things that are not politically correct now, but it's just a fact of life. it's sort of where they came from. >> it's a fact of life where all of us came from. now kids can't be kids.
10:28 am
>> and if you shape a pop-tart into a gun, that's going to get you into trouble, too. i think it happened in maryland. coming up, the treasury department says it is that time again. the debt ceiling is back in play. is congress going to act quickly, or are we in for another showdown? our political panel is here. plus marking one year since the malaysian airlines flight 370 went down. they now have more questions than answers. >> there's nothing that's been answered and we have no idea where or how or what's happened. and that hasn't changed in the 12 months. not a thing.
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every second our national debt is ticking up and a week from tomorrow, we're going to hit the debt ceiling. whether to raise the limit is a major point of contention in congress. it's already been raised five times under president obama 74 times total. it's not a surprise. it congress strike a deal before time runs out? let's talk about it with our panel. welcome to you both. >> thanks for having us. >> christy this letter comes from secretary lou on friday saying, guess what's coming, and you only have a couple weeks to figure it out. a lot of people think the hill is dysfunctional, can't get major things done. >> this is the dumbest consistent fight we have in washington. this is not about how much money we should or shouldn't be spending this is simply about the money congress said we're already going to spend money on and when we actually pay it. it's like saying whether or not you're going to pay your credit card bill after you've already
10:34 am
bought new clothes with it. the question is whether or not they're going to raise the debt ceiling. of course they should. there shouldn't even be any debate about it. if we're going to be responsible adults, this is the action we should definitely take. >> on oert side, people say you have a debt on your credit card and you don't go to the credit card company and say i'm going to need more room on it. because even if you have used all your credit, you don't have enough to reach more debt limit. >> republicans shouldn't raise a debt ceiling because they need to sit down with the white house and devise a plan to put america on more sound fiscal footing. unfortunately, they don't have leverage and they'll have to raise the debt ceiling. a, they don't have leverage in this fight. if you're going to get into a tough battle on capitol hill, winning the message game doesn't help. you can see my guys don't understand how to win messaging and why that matters. >> christy, how about that?
10:35 am
there is a lot made in the gop and the fact there is a far right wing body within them that will say listen, i was elected on these kinds of things. i was elected on these promises that i told people i wouldn't raise the debt ceiling, i wouldn't let that go further, i wouldn't let the president raise executive actions that congress should be doing. so they feel justified in saying, that's what i'm going to do, i'm not going to a banbandon the folks back home. and they'll have to do that again. >> that's what they have to do again. once again boehner is going to have to act like the adult so it allows the tea party republicans the leverage to do exactly what you just said do the things they feel they were elected to do to a democrat's view to act like children and not responsible adults in this whole debate. what you will see is boehner once again teaming up with democrats and some minority in his party to get some sort of deal passed and tea party republicans are on their own.
10:36 am
>> it's like nancy pelosi and harry reid are still the speaker of the house and senate majority leader because they're very good at playing the game. >> yes and republican leaders don't have a unified strategy. it doesn't matter whether it was dhs funding or this. the president needs a strategy and they need to explain to the american people why the debt is so important, and in my opinion, it's probably the most significant issue in my generation and the next generation because we're basically spending the nation into bankruptcy but nobody wants to stand forward to do this. the only way we'll put the country back on fiscal footing is to have a republican president in 2016 because president obama does not have the will to fix the drivers of the national debt. 60% of our spending is on medicaid, medicare and social security requirements because 65 baby boomers are hitting 65 every day. >> but then you push grandma in a wheelchair. >> and they're very good at this game and they run us over and
10:37 am
over. but all i'm trying to say is we just have to get better at it and we have to basically be able to sacrifice a white house to do this. >> i'm thinking it's a very important conversation we should be having but it's not the conversation we should be having right now. we should have had it way back when congress allocated money in the first place. >> good point. we're going to put on 7.6 trillion not doing anything just standing where we are right now over the next decade. all i'm telling you is you're mortgaging one generation for another generation. you're basically robbing peter to pay paul and we're all going to get burned on it. take a stand or go bankrupt. >> we're going to end it right there. i can't believe we didn't solve the debt ceiling. >> the date is looming. we heard from our panel. we want to hear from you at home. secretary lou has asked congress to raise the debt ceiling by march 16. should they and will they? how will this get done or not
10:38 am
get done? tweet us and we'll read your answers later in the show. leland? >> there is lots more ahead we promise. one year after malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared from radar screens, the search for answers and for the aircraft goes on. will the mystery ever be solved? we're going to talk to a pilot and aviation expert. plus an update on the efforts to ban old glory from one of our country's top universities. we'll tell you the reason that many say they're mad.
10:39 am
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it looks like the stars and stripes will still be on display at university of california at irvine at the student government offices. that flag controversy began last thursday when a student council certain members voted to ban the american flag and all national flags from the lobby area.
10:43 am
the resolution says the flags can be weapons for nationalism and that quote, freedom of speech that ames to be-- aims to be inclusive can be seen as a hate speech. they overturned the flag ban. flags do represent freedom. we owe it to the families of the dead. they owe it to the traveling republic to do whatever we can to solve this mystery. it's one of the great mysteries of the 21st century, and i know there will be bea nagging debt in the minds of billions of people until we find that plane. >> one year to the day that malaysian airline flight 370 disappeared, they know little
10:44 am
about the plight of the people on board. we know the beacon expired more than a year before the plane vanished. j.p., appreciate you being here, sir. do you think they'll ever find the plane? >> i think it's a 50-50 chance it could be discovered tomorrow, and it could be discovered on the last day of the scheduled search at the end of may. it's 50-50 the luck of the draw. >> well, could it never be discovered even after the scheduled search? >> well i think that it behooves all the nations of the world that have international traffic to let malaysian airlines and australian airlines pay the brunt of this bill. they're over 100 million now. i think when you start to remove the scheduled ships that are on there now and a contract runs out, i think there has to be a new contract with donations from international airlines and countries worldwide. the aircraft has to be found. >> one of the things that has
10:45 am
always been a hallmark of aviation especially after any disaster is that the folks who died didn't die in vain that the community learns from the crash, learns what went wrong, and obviously puts things in place to make sure that disaster never happens again. how bad is it that in this case we don't know what went wrong and there's nothing we can do to learn from it? >> there's two reasons why this aircraft went to its grave, wherever it is. one is that it was flown there, which is my supposition 90%. the other was something happened in that cockpit, a catastrophic event between the systems and the pilots that is in no known database that i could ever find or no one else has known of. so absent that second one, that one where an unknown catastrophic event occurred, we owe it to the people who died and we owe it to the further traveling public, all the nations of the world owe it to finding that aircraft and finding was it done by being
10:46 am
flown there or was it done a a catastrophic event? that has to be found out. >> right after malaysian 370 disappeared, there was a lot of discussion about putting some sort of satellite trackers on planes that could not be turned off by the cockpit. there would be live tracking no matter what. yet a year later, it doesn't seem like we're much closer having that on any airliner in the world. >> no, and that's a problem. but one of the things i would not agree to is that it cannot be turned off by a pilot. it must be. the electrical smoke of unknown origin or fire on board an aircraft is the most horrible checklist for the pilots to go through. it's the most time consuming. so they have to they must be able to turn off the equipment. but what is needed is a proactive system. right now absent a mayday and the aircraft goes down it's got to crash, so you need a reactive system that does two things. one when the aircraft grossly departs from its flight plan and
10:47 am
it doesn't answer atc or the other one is it grossly departs from its aerodynamic envelope and the pilots have no transmissions. then it starts transmitting. it doesn't need to be on all the time. those two reactive forces instead of, you know any time an airplane crashes a mayday, or it crashes and maybe you start getting the signals, but by then the airplane is overdue so you find it and maybe find the debris. thanks. >> thank you very much, leland. >> shannon? coming up, he somehow got to the top of this iconic building. you'll never believe where he is. hmm. plus commemorating a historic march that altered the civil rights movement forever. hi shannon. another rally is taking place on the edmond pettitte bridge you me.
10:48 am
in the meantime, eric holder delivered a speech to a local church here in selma. i'll bring you highlights when we come back. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 ® if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. limited arm movement, fatigue, head ache muscle or joint pain less appetite, chills, or rash. even if you've already been vaccinated with
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a 23-year-old man, we're guessing that guy right there, has been arrested for trespassing after climbing a london iconic building. and as we pullout, you can see
10:52 am
it is the palace of westminster, housing britain's parliament. the suspect was taken into custody after eight hours up there. i'm sure there will be an investigation as ho how he got there and so far we have no word on his motive for climbing westminster. >> it could be america's new headquarters. >> that would be enough for me. the american people saw what happened. they couldn't take it. there was a sense of righteous indignation in america. >> that was congress john lewis, one of some 600 marchers who made the 54 mile trek from selma to montgomery alabama. 50 years ago. they marched across the edmund pettus bridge on saturday. soon hundreds are going to re-enact the march.
10:53 am
and jonathan has been live all weekend. >> in addition to the large bridge crossing, there are smaller raleighul rallies taking place one of them going on right now. being this is a sunday churches throughout the town of selma are holding services commemorating bloody sunday. one of those services going on right now at brown chapel ame church are eric holder was invited to speak. in his speech he was critical of the supreme court 2013 ruling that discontinued a key provision of the voting rights fact but he acknowledged that he serves as the first attorney general for the first african-american president. listen to what he said. >> progress is not the ultimate goal. equality is the prize.
10:54 am
still it is clear that we have more work to do that our belovelled community has not reformed and our society is not at a just peace. >> this is a day after president obama and former president bush and scores of others participated in a ceremony alial walk over the bridge as those suffered beatings and tear gas as they crossed over the bridge. >> as they endured billy clubs and teargas and the trampling hoffs and despite the gush of blood kept marching toward justice. >> and participants in the events, many of them, will continue marching throughout the rest of the month. numerous events are scheduled along the historic route from
10:55 am
selma, to montgomery, that the brave foot soldiers for civil rights marched 50 years ago. shannon and leyland back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, pucker power. we're going to take to you key west where people are making music with unusual objects. that story after the break. man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm go od all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6 but 12 hours. let's end this
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stay active with boost. treasury secretary lou was asked to raise the debt ceiling. bubby said they shouldn't do it but they will. debbie said we should not raise the debt celling. i suggest we cut every budget. why raise it? how about spending less and having a balanced budget amendment. ah, dream. >> and then there is this. you are listening to the sweet and dare i say strange sounds of the sea. it is the 53rd annual conch blowing fest and for all ages and skill level.
11:00 am
winners were chosen by the loudness, quality duration and the level of sounds. and that is a perfect story as we head out on vacation. >> yes it is. my home state, florida. have fun. see you next weekend. i'm chris wallace. hillary clinton on her way to the democratic presidential nomination. or is she? >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> a new firestorm over clinton using a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. >> it was only last week that we discovered they can't produce all of her e-mails to us because they don't have all of her e-mails. >> we'll discuss the fallout with mike huckabee. a clinton critic since his days as governor of arkansas. and former white house special counsel during the clinton years, lanny davis. then the u.s. moves forward with iran nuclear talks. despite warnings from israeli prime minister netanyahu.


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