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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> maybe some reflux. >> this is a good show. we rarely agree on anything. >> that was good. that does it for us. we're back next sunday. >> i'm arthel neville. the doctors are out of control. and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, marking a half century since one of the most defining moments in american history. crowds gathering in selma alabama to mark the anniversary of a civil rights event that changed america forever. and two more teenagers caught trying to join the death cult. and one year after malaysian flight 370 vanished.
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right now, no selma, alabama thousands of people following no the footsteps of civil rights pioneers who paved the way for equal voting rights half a century ago today marking 50 years since the marches between selma and montgomery, crowds gathering to reenact that march and honor those who went before them. and we are live in selma, alabama. hi jonathan. >> reporter: hi arthel. definitely a lot of excitement in the air. the march is already under way. taking a look at the bridge behind me you can see these crowds. mostly just every day people who have descended on selma, alabama, wanting to take part marching in the footsteps of civil rights leaders as they did 50 years ago. so many so that organizers of this event have somewhat of a happy problem on their hands.
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mayor george evans estimates that 80,000 people have descended on his town today. so many assembled around this bridge that right now officials aren't sure how they're going to get all the dignitaries who are participating in a church service to that bridge to participate in the march. but, again, a happy problem, a very jubilant crowd here. the mood here is sentimental, even joyful. the scene is a far cry from that original bloody sunday march across that very same bridge 50 years ago when a much smaller group of 600 demonstrators was attacked by police armed with tear gas and billy clubs, during that march and those that followed, brown chapel ame church served as a staging area for demonstrations. today that church held a commemorative service speaking there, attorney general holder. speaking about how much progress has been achieved over the last 50 year but that we have yet to
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achieve true equality, take a listen. >> shortly after the election of president obama in 2008, numerous states and jurisdictions attempted to impose rules and laws that had the effect of restricting americans' opportunities to vote, particularly and disproportionately communities of color. >> reporter: now throughout the rest of this month in this part of alabama they're going to be holding various activities along the historic route from selma to montgomery the very route that some very brave people marched on 50 years ago. but, again the news right now as many as 08,000 people estimated to be here in the town of selma all jockeying for positions on this historic edmund pettus bridge. >> that behind you is a beautiful sight. thank you so much. >> quite a remarkable symbol. now to the fight against isis.
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the u.s.-led coalition has been launching new air strikes against the group. u.s. war planes did carry out at least a dozen air strikes in the past 24 hours in iraq and syria, they say taking out isis military equipment and some of the fighting positions. meanwhile, there's been another deadly isis attack in libya. that's where you may recall isis beheaded those egyptian christians. this time, they reportedly killed at least 11 people and made off with several prisoners in an attack on an oil field in libya. it took several hours before government forces could regain control of that complex. we're told that nine oil workers some of them europeans were reportedly kidnapped. and there are now fears that they could become the new isis hostages. one of those is from the czech republic. another is austrian. all this follows the revelation yesterday that boko haram the african terrorist group which has carried out a series of
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bombings in nigeria and kidnapped schoolgirls, now they have pledged allegiance to isis. boko haram is the same group that kidnapped those schoolgirls in april of this past year. meanwhile, isis is trying to fill its ranks with new recruits. officials are investigating after two australian brothers were stopped at the sydney airport on suspicions they were trying to join the islamic state. what more can you tell us, will? >> well, these two australian brothers had something inside their bags that raised red flags as they went through customs. what exactly it was that raised suspicion authorities are not saying. what they are saying is that isis used the internet to recruit and radicalize both brothers. listen to australian prime minister tony abbott. >> these were two misguided young australians, and australians born and bred, went to school here grew up here.
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imbibed our values. and yet it seems they have succumbed to the lure of the death cult and they were on the veshlg of doing something terrible and dangerous. >> we're also learning this weekend british authorities had contacted three girls before they left to join isis in syria. evidently they spoke to the british girls about another classmate who disappeared and now is believed to be in syria as well. in united states the fbi and department of homeland security have issued a joint warning to law enforcement agencies all across the country about the growing isis recruiting efforts that are trending with american youth. so far, isis is trying to recruit teens in denver, chicago, and a suburb of washington, d.c. the fbi believes that isis controls 90,000 twitter accounts and is doing everything that it can to recruit young adults all across the country. arthel? >> thanks. meantime, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff with some
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eye-opening comments about the military campaign in iraq. general martin dempsey warning that some iraqi army units are showing up ill-prepared for their u.s.-led training. what's more, dempsey says u.s. advisers now on the ground in iraq often have to wait for iraqi units to show up. and when they do it is often without proper equipment. dempsey say it is is a problem the iraqi government could fix. there's been an amazing rets cue to tell you about. how a 18 month old girl actually managed to survive for 14 hours in cold waters. and congress raising some issues on capitol hill. what our next guest will tell us about the iranian nuclear deal. 16 days to go before that deadline, and the clock runs out. will they make it? or will they not? >> we're not feeling a sense of
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a utah man may have saved the life of a 18 month old baby all because he decided to go fishing. the man was wading into the spanish fort river yesterday afternoon when he noticed an overturned car floating in the water. first responders discovered the body of the mother, a 25-year-old woman behind the wheel but miraculously, her little girl was still alive, strapped in her car seat. authorities believe the crash happened around 10:30 the night before, meaning the toddler would have been strapped in that car seat for a full 14 hours. police say she is in critical but stable condition. for the first time, president obama is now speaking out on the growing e-mail controversy surrounding former secretary of state hillary clinton. the president saying he found out about all this the same way everybody else did from the news. the president also saying again his administration encourages
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transparency, but there was also now a growing choreus of republicans saying she plays by her own set of rules. even though her supporters defend her having that private e-mail system. >> you know it was wednesday of last week that chairman trey gowdy of the benghazi committee announced that he had subpoenaed, quote, all communications of former secretary of state clinton related to libya and to the state department for other individuals who have information pertinent to the investigation. well, today, he explained why he did that. he just does not trust the state department. >> i've lost confidence in the state department to make that determination. they're the ones who this arrangement. they're the ones who did nothing about this arrangement until they got a request from our committee. >> speaking on cnn's state of the union today, former house oversight chairman darrell issa
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hinted that clinton may have committed a crime. >> a subpoena which trey gowdy issued, it will be a crime if she knowingly withholds documents pursuant to subpoena. he needed to do that because she wasn't forthcoming two and a half years ago. she in fact hid the very existence of this until she was caught. >> there was -- >> every need for a subpoena. >> she has provided the documents we asked for. the only reason to give a subpoena pour documents you already have, if you want to politically grandstand or make a presidential political issue. >> wary of a politicized investigation of the presumed presidential front runner, lanny davis said clinton would welcome an independent investigation. >> it is a reasonable idea if the state department asks she will say yes. if there's a subpoena she must say yes. >> since tweeting mid last week that she welcome as public
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airing of the e-mails, clinton has remained silent. meanwhile, several watchdogs are suing. judicial watch president told politico, and i'm quoting here, there are a bunch of judges they're messing with in the federal courts right now. back to you. >> it seems it's just beginning before they get to the bottom of this. senate majority lead earn mitch mcconnell canceling tuesday's vote on the iran nuclear agreement review act. it would give congress the power to review any deals reached with iran. democrats say they will not consider supporting it before march 24. that is the deadline for negotiators to hammer out the framework of an agreement. meanwhile, president obama saying the terms have to be right. listen. >> this is no deal, you're walking away. >> absolutely.
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if there's no deal then we walk away. if we cannot verify that they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon, that there's a breakout period so that even if they cheated we would be able to have enough time to take action. >> joining me now is susan fareccio. what sort of ripple effect do you think it will have hearing president obama say we will walk away if there is no deal? >> i think the problem that some members of congress have on both sides of the aisle is what is acceptable to president obama. if the terms are acceptable to him, will they also be acceptable to republicans and democrats in congress. that is the big question. i think the concern is that the way that the deal is emerging right now, iran could still eventually obtain a nuclear weapon even though the president believes there would be time to stop it or that they would not actually end up at the
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place of developing a nuclear weapon. there's a lot of disagreement over what's happening with allowing them to enrich uranium and other details of the bill. and the other issue, too, is that the president did not really address iran's role in state-sponsored terrorism in the region. that is not being addressed. and i think there are a lot of lawmakers on both siding of the aisle who feel that has to be part of any deal. but i think what the president said today is aimed in part to republicans and democrats in congress he would like them to slow down on passing legislation that would have anything to do with disapproving or aloving the deal or imposing new or tougher sanctions restoring old sanctions against iran because he would like to accomplish something. again, you mentioned there's a deadline at the end of march and a hard deadline at the end of june. he doesn't want congress to thwart that by getting in the way with legislation. >> and you say that the president was sort of throwing that to democrats the there are some republican lawmakers also
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on board with the dems saying let's wait and see what kind of framework they come up with. what does that signal, that there seems to be some sense of accord in terms of let's wait and see? >> i think republicans see an opportunity here. it's not very often that a bill the president opposes and they can get a lot of democratic support. the iran deal is a critical deal. often the senate is able to ratify these deals. it's not an official treaty, though, so the president doesn't want to run it through congress. there is such a strong desire in congress to have approval or disapproval authority that republicans want to wait for democrats. they need 60 democrats or 67, excuse me, a veto-proof majority. they're not going to get that if they do it now. republicans are saying let's not lose that critical bipartisanship that we need. let's just hold off, the majority leader, mitch mcconnell
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finally agreed to that. i think that puts more pressure on the president to come up with a deal that's tough or he's going to lose support of democrats and republicans. >> talk about what prompted mcconnell to wait and postpone putting that bill on the floor or at least trying to on tuesday march 10. is tuesday march 10th? >> yeah, that's correct. he saw an opportunity after the prime minister of israel came and spoke. he went to the senate floor and said we're going to take up this bill right away to make sure congress can approve or disapprove of the deal. however, once republican whose were support sponsors of the deal said look, we're not going to get anywhere without democratic support, they're going to lose their 67 votes. so what's the point of that. it's going to fail. the majority leader realized and
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thought we can get further practically and politically if we just wait. it's only going to be a few weeks until we get the outline. that's when we get the real debate. do they do something at the end of march or wait until the hard deadline of june. >> it was hearing benjamin netanyahu speak which prompted mcconnell to move forward. secretary of state kerry is saying we have to get the right deal. my final question to you, is there a right deal that would be considered as such by a majority of the lawmakers in congress? >> that is probably the pivotal question. there are many democrats who feel that the deal that they know of that the details that they have heard about thus far would still allow iran to be able to develop a nuclear weapon and to do so within a time frame. you know, if this thing has a ten-year limit and after that they can be a nation that's respected for its ability to
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produce nuclear energy. i don't think there are many democrats in congress who are comfortable with that at all. now if the president is and he wants to allow that kind of deal go forward you're going to see a real struggle from the white house to get support from democrats to stop them in getting behind legislation that would either disapprove this deal or impose new and tougher sanctions on iran over the president's head and over his veto authority which is a real possibility if they feel this is still going to result in iran producing a nuclear weapon. >> yes, that ten-year time limit seems to be a major sticking point. is march 10 actually tuesday? that's what i'm saying. >> you wouldn't know with all the snow here in washington. >> always a pleasure to talk to you. >> you bet. thank you. meanwhile, tomorrow, week two of the boston marathon bombing trial is about to get under way.
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dzhokhar tsarnaev accused of planting those bombs along with his brother. last week the trial started with searing emotional and heartbreaking testimony. now a long line of witnesses and first responders are prepared to take the stand this week. >> emotional gripping and graphic described the first two days of the boston marathon bombing trial, the trial beginning with a startling admission. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers saying quote, it was him leaving no doubt that the 21 year old committed the attacks. the question now is whether or not he really deserves the death penalty. the defense is arguing he fell under the influence of his older brother tamerlin who was killed days after the bombing. others say he was acting on his own belief that america needed
1:23 pm
to be punished. martin richard's father described the moment he realized his son wouldn't make it. and jeff bowman lost both legs. expect more surveillance video photos and testimony from witnesses detailing the shootout and hunt for the tsarnaev brothers. they'll also talk about the point-blank shooting of m.i.t. officer sean collier. e-mails from his computer and apartment and messages written inside the wall and on the beams of the dry-docked boat where tsarnaev hid from police. some have expressed worry about the emotional toll the trial will have on these survivors. and for that rebecca gregory who lost a leg in the attack and testified in front of dzhokhar posted, today i looked at you right in the face and realized i wasn't afraid anymore. the trial is looking like it's
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moving faster than anticipated, and it will resume 9:00 tomorrow. a tragic milestone in aviation history. it was one year ago today that malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished without a trace. we're going to tell you why the search for this doomed jetliner has only uncovered even more troubling questions. >> translator: i wish the authorities would give us the truth. i don't believe a plane that big could drop into the southern indian ocean with no wreckage, no bodies, no luggage found.
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there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe the gap will close when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care. it was exactly one year ago today that malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished with 239 people on board. no trace of the boeing triple seven has ever been found. but we are now learning about a
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situation with the plane's underwater locater beacon, a problem that may have severely hindered the search for the airliner. david tiner joins us now from ban dock thailand. >> reporter: it doesn't offer anything to explain what happened to it. mh 370 went missing about an hour into its night from kuala lumpur to beijing. no trace of the plane has yet been found. the report goes into fine detail about the flight, its crew and maintenance record. the only thing it highlights that's not right is that the battery powering the underwater locater tracker on the aircraft expired a year before the plane went missing. aviation experts say the batteries do last a long team and could have still been working during the flight, but
1:30 pm
it would likely mean they didn't last as long as expected if the plane was on the ocean floor. the head of the investigation that has produced the report has defended its findings. >> the sole objective of the investigation of an accident or incident shall be prevention of future accidents or incidents. it is not the purpose of this activity to apportion blame or liability. >> reporter: families who had loved ones on board the aircraft gathered in a park to mark the anniversary of the plane's disappearance. some have suggested the malaysian authorities still know more than they are willing to say and they are hopeful the search continues for the missing plane. the malaysian authorities have vowed to continue the search in the southern indian ocean.
1:31 pm
the australian government has questioned how long before they will have to scale back the search because of the cost involved. both governments are at the moment sharing the cost of the search. it now amounts to some $40 million. back to you, arthel. >> can't imagine how difficult it is on those families. thank you so much. despite the search with nothing found the cause of flight 370 disappearance of course remains unanswered. so joining us now to shed some light on what certainly has turned into one of the biggest mysteries of aviation history, oliver mcgee. thank you for joining us u what is your view on what most probably happened? >> thank you for having me, too today eric. as i said on hannity a year ago there are still things missing, the plane and patience. patience has been forced upon us. the preliminary report that wasssed
1:32 pm
just momentarily is having one safety recommendation, and that is global flight tracking. this is coming from the international civil aviation organization. preliminary findings and study on february 2 to 5, 2015, asking for global flight tracking. right now we track aircraft for about every 30 minutes in oceanic flights. they are probably going to be pushing back to do that tracking every 15 minutes, even as low as 10 minutes. and this is good news, because when we have, since 1948 80 oceanic remote aircraft that have been lost we've only found three this is the fourth. >> that's unbelievable when you say there have been 80. the vast distances in the south indian ocean are unbelievable. they've scoured about 40%. they've got 46,000 square miles to go. but let may point to one thing about the report.
1:33 pm
lot of speculation over the pilot, whether he was a rogue pilot, of course he had that simulator in his home that you see behind him. they investigated whether or not he practiced disappearing. there were concerns about his police cal orientation and involvement. he was seen in a photo wearing a shirt saying "democracy dead". but here is a part of that report. there was no significant changes in his lifestyle, interpersonal conflict or family stresses. no behavioral signs of social isolation, change of habits or interest self negligence, drug or alcohol abuse. so as an investigator, what do you take from that to try to piece this all together and try to see what exactly happened? >> eric the keyword here is preliminary. we're talking about very little information, unlike air france 447, we have no black box. no idea what was going on inside that cockpit until we find out
1:34 pm
what those conversations were about. and until we know that, everything is speculative. nobody really knows anything. one of the things that we're finding in this report is that it's scant. it's about five pages long, because everyone is really afraid to get into further speculation. this is very different than air france 447's report which was 128 pages long and other reports that are much much longer because there's more information available. and he think that we're finding that malaysia airlines and malaysia officials have the adage, less is best until we get the black boxes. >> they really don't know anything. what about the family members and others who say that they're holding back. that authorities, you know, we've heard all these cockamamie theories about the plane flew off someplace and is being hidden in the jungle on a runway. what do you think about that type of theory and the families are saying that they think the government is holding something
1:35 pm
back. >> well, sarah bajack who is largely the spokesman for the families is discussing the transparency and disclosure but you run into transparency and disclosure problems when you do not have the devices. but i do really want to emphasize that the families are saying it's time for us to start focussing on the people more than devices receipt now until we do get the device, which is the black box. and i do believe patience is called for. because we took two years to find air france 447's black box. and we knew the vicinity of where that plane landed. but in this case, we're looking across a big large indian ocean. and so we are really trying to get to two-thirds of that -- >> do youly lythink they'll eventually find it? >> it's going to be murky because like i said in the data
1:36 pm
point, of the 148, since 1948, 80 aircraft have been lost, this is a very very hard task. this is like star trek. we're going where no man has gone before. so we really need to be the key thing is patience, diligence and steadfastness. the search is going to take until about may, and then they're going to release a final report a year from now. >> they've still got 46,000 miles, a huge expanse of the ocean to keep on searching and as you said oliver mcgee, patience. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. boko haram apparently pledging allegiance to isis, making it the latest terror group to swear its loyalty, so is it really just propaganda or a real alliance? our next guest will explain what it means. and a st. patrick's day
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the right people to get the extraordinary done. time now for a quick check of the headlines. a st. patrick's day party taking a dangerous turn when a garage roof full of students collapses. at least nine people were hurt one seriously. the party taking place in california. police are investigating the incident. and a possible break in the killing of boris nemtsov. one of the five suspects detained in his murder has reportedly admitted some involvement in the crime. all five of the suspects were arraigned earlier today. and the vatican receiving a ransom demand for the return of two rare documents written by michelangelo. they were stolen almost 20 years ago. but the robbery had not been
1:42 pm
made public before this weekend. vatican police are now investigating. two of the world's most radical islamic terrorists groups, are they joining? that is a possibility after the leader of boko haram swore formal allegiance to isis. but experts say for now it remains unclear if there will actually be an alliance between them or if the pledge is just empty talk. we have with us author of a recent book. is this really an operational alliance or just a symbolic pledge? >> it remains to be seen but i can say that over the last year or so analysts have been walking as ties have grown closer between the islamic state and boko haram. just last week there were concerns that perhaps the
1:43 pm
islamic state was helping with boko haram videos that in the past those videos have been rather poorly done, a bit grainy, and really looked like amateur type work. now all of a sudden you see these much more slick-looking videos and of course the decapitation which is increasingly the hallmark of the islamic state. so we're watching with great concern that this could be a real marriage rather than one on paper. >> and not just a copycat. they are beheading people. let's look at the map. if this is true that they are joining together, they, the islamic radical terrorists will then be potentially in control of a huge swath of territory, stretching there from yemen down on the right, up through a large part of iraq and syria, and look, straight down through west africa, down through chad and nigeria. what does this mean if indeed they are together and they do potentially control a lot of that territory? >> well, this is a lot of territory to control. we're already seeing that the islamic state is having a hard
1:44 pm
time maintaining the territory that it conquers, and so i don't expect to see huge chunks of africa under islamic state control. the area that boko haram currently controls is said to be roughly the size of the state of belgium. but even then we're seeing that campaigns conducted by chad or cameroon or the nigerian military itself have been eroding some of the territory that the islamic state controls. so i think it might be a bit too soon to talk about massive conquests of territory. but nevertheless, it is deeply concerning that this ideology is sweeping across the world. it's swept through the middle east, now making its way into northern africa as we as western africa. so something to continue to watch. >> that ideology would seem to be spreading although france was pretty successful in mali. you have the leader, baghdadi,
1:45 pm
abu bakr has been trying to imitate the leader of the islamic state. what has he been doing? how successful is this and can this encourage converts to boko haram like weave've seen those other foreign fighters go to join isis. >> the thing i'm concerned about is the broader ideology of isis. it's al qaeda on steroids. it's a more radical brand than before. although i think at the end of the day you are still talking about a distinction without much of a difference, because it is still islamic radicalism. it is jihadism, whatever you'd like to call it. and these two individuals seem to embody it. they have this very this, radical personality that they have devoted to the ideology. and so you can see how they're potentially a good match.
1:46 pm
but now what i'm watching that i'm perhaps even more concerned about is the amount of money, the networks and the recruitment ability that isis has had in the middle east, and perhaps being able to parlay that in africa. and that's something we're going to continue to watch. >> wow, and finally despite the air strikes and the west rising up against this how do we stop it? >> i think part of the problem here is that the islamic state has continued to grow. or it's just been able to hold territory. it's been able to maintain ground in some cases. but the fact that we have not been able to on lit rate this organization, based in syria and iraq, two areas that we've long considered to be areas of significant importance for the united states, this is not lost on the adherence to militant islam around the world. they see that the united states is unwilling or unable to defeat this organization. we've been too slow and too careful. and i think that this has really led to the expansion of this
1:47 pm
group, now potentially into africa. >> and the iraqi army we're told today, not yet ready to face isis in their home ground, too. always good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> pleasure. you probably, or you guys at home might notice that it's costing you more to fill up your tank, your gas tank we're talking about. could striking steelworkers be to blame? now reports that some union workers are crossing picket lines. what it means for your bottom line. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three, unlike warfarin there's
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>> drivers are digging deeding into their pockets paying, the 97 cents less a gallon but it jumped 21 cents a gallon last week to ambassador average of $2.50. los angeles is the highest at $3.45l48 and drivers in baton rouge enjoy the cheapest gas in the nation, maybe because of the refineries at $2.16. >> a strike by union workers at 15 oil plants across the country is now entering the sixth week. among the facilities impacted
1:52 pm
are a dozen oil refineries that represent 20 percent of the united states gasoline production. former united states labor secretary chou weighed in on the strike on sunday morning futures. >> the timing of this is not especially advantageous for organized labor. the economy is still mixed. if you look at friday's unemployment number although the unemployment rate dropped to 5.5 percent a lot of other economic indicators are still soft. >> joining me is brenda butner anchor of "bulls & bears." a lot to talk about including former secretary chao talking job numbers. should we start there? we have been 5.5 percent unemployment rate the lowest level since may of 2008. what are the numbers -- that is
1:53 pm
good news, do not overlook that but there are numbers behind the numbers. the 5.5 percent is misleading. 178,000 workers dropped out of the labor force last month. that is huge. our labor participation rate hasn't been this low since john travolta was dancing to "staying alive." three decades. people do not think they will get a job so they don't try and they drop out completely. >> you talk about john travolta in the 70s reminding me of the strikes. remember the long lines of the gas station in the 70s. now the strike for the steelworkers is in the 7th week. how does it affect gas prices? baton rouge has low gas prices but what will happen? >> the strike affects 20 percent of our refining capacity.
1:54 pm
what secretary chao alluded to the union workers do not have much leverage because the price of oil is so low the refinery were cutting back. we have seen a jump in gas prices particularly in the west coast up 37.2 cent in a week. that is a record. >> why there? >> they have many more refineries. that is where a last 9 strike is centered. >> here is more from former secretary chao. >> a quarter of the labor participation rate decrease is due to 25 percent of older works leaving. what we are seeing is our economy is increasingly complicated. information, technology, hospitality, health care all the service sectors are increasingly important. a worker that is more educated
1:55 pm
and more skilled is going to have a better time at finding a job in this economy. >> we continue our conversation mixed in there with the oil refinery and the strikes and the job numbers, that is always at the wisdom if you are educated you have more of a chance to get a better job. >> overall this is true but not last month. there were more low-priced jobs added unanimous -- than higher wage jobs. it was only a jump of 3 cents an hourly earnings last month. that has big impact on the economy because if we do not have the money we do not spend. if we do not spend the economy goes nowhere. >> the butting questions: when will the wages go up? >> that is the question. companies have a lot of cash. they could raise wages but they have a lot of uncertainty including regulations coming down the pike and potential
1:56 pm
higher prices. why have capital expenditures? washington is in charge of this uncertainty. >> you will watch it and we look forward to your report and you can catch brenda on saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here. good to see you. >> it has been a long day. >> the historic weekend in selma. >> thank you for joining me right here, "media buzz," with howard kurtz is next right here.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? . i'll see you tomorrow on the fox business ne >>n >> on the buzz beater, a bomb shali on hillary clinton using only a private e-mail account as secretary of state triggers an uproar and media commentators ripping the undeclared democratic chan date. >> if it is true she never used a state department e-mail address we have something that at first read has no conceivable rational explanation that is legitimate. >> it is kind of a dumb move on hillary clinton's part because surely she knew this would come out at some point in time. >> why has the story struck such a nerve? is she is in much political and


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