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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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did saturday night live do a good job of spoofing hillary clinton? fun question tonight. as always thank you for being with us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the royale factor is on. tonight. >> why don't we just call it quits. and jeb and hillary can run on the same ticket. >> how much influence with l. media pundits and the press in general have on the upcoming presidential election? why have new polling and charles krauthammer will weigh in. >> do you feel scapegoated sometimes? >> yeah. we are the easy ones to pick on. >> many police officers across the country fed up with getting kicked around by politicians and the press. tonight, they will have their say. >> i was born 67 years ago and i have been planning on being president ever since. >> also ahead, hillary clinton getting pounded over the email controversy and also for accepting donations from countries unfriendly to women we'll take a fair and
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balanced look at that. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. hating fox news. there is a reason for it that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. new media poll from quinnipiac shows that measures americans trust fox news more than any other news agency by a substantial margin. msnbc came in last. those holding political power know that they know fox news now dominating the information flow and after more than 18 years on the air, our prime time programs set the political agenda. a few months ago david axelrod the architect of president obama's. asking if we would do the first cable news interview on his book.
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mr. axelrod knowing his book would get notice if he came on this broadcast. i told him sure. we would have a lively respectful discussion, which we did. on february 9th. then, to show his gratitude, axelrod begins trashing fox news, saying we are not a real news organization. that was a mistake. being two faced, not a legacy builder dave perhaps he just made a verbal mistake, if so, we are ready to accept mr. axelrod's apology. the fact is that fox news is now a deep threat to the progressive movement and the far left despises us. so they are in full attack mode, desperately trying to marginalize fnc. enter hillary clinton who wants to be president. her election team knew the "new york times" was sniffing around the email story form everywhere secretary of state had
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endangered national security by using a private email system based on her new york home. reports say some in the white house were also aware of the situation. on february 13th this man john podesta, long time political mercenary left his job advising president obama to begin work for hillary clinton. he brought with him a history of associations. including one with the media matters organization. the chief attack vehicle for the left. media matters run by a man named david broke and heavily funded by george soros. broke used to smear folks on the left but then he converted to viciously attack folks on the right. quite a guy. who has admitted lying about people in the past. when the email story broke on hillary clinton. who immediately went on msnbc to proclaim her
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innocence, the clinton campaign and john podesta will sphand there are just two national news agencies that that challenged the voice agenda with a story. the "wall street journal" page and the fox news channel. journal columnist paintedes a story on saturday. ms. noonan knees to watch her back. there is no question that powerful people in washington are watching web sites to smear political opponents. we have methodically. around space and find their way to the mainstream media which gleefully promote for play tantdly reasons. attack process. the failure of those operations to compete effectively against us has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. some who work for those channels are desperate. their own jobs now in
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jeopardy. so hating fox news about about competition power, and money at the highest levels. if fnc did not exist, america would be a far different place and the far left ideology would have a far easier time. but we do exist and now dominate the prime time news cycle. not good news for progressive politicians, the liberal media, and crazed zealots on both sides. therefore meetings are held, strategies devised, political assassins hired. is there any doubt for whom they are gunning? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, joining us from washington charles krauthammer. and you say? >> hatred for fox news is the fact that fox news broked liberal monthly on monopoly on the news which they had for decades. the one thing monopoly can't
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stand is competition and what they really can't stand is competition that is successful. not only did it break their monopoly as you just said the most trusted source of news also by a large margin the most watched, and,i mean even the fairer of the liberal commentators will admit that this is where you can get news. joe klein, who is a liberal columnist for "time" magazine said in a public meeting about a year ago that one place where he can go for news at 6:00 is fox news. people know it. it is very serious news and it's reflected in the ratings. it's reflected also in the influence it has. now, what liberals are really intoler rant of they have gigantic monopoly on the culture or had. they control television news. they control the universities, which is a four years of your children's lives. they control hollywood, that
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means movies and tv. they control if you ever go to the federal museums, they are very liberal and left wing. they control the majority of the foundations. they command what lennon would call the commanding highs of the culture but they cannot stand that there are three areas of opposition. fox, as you say, two passengers of -- pages of the "wall street journal" and talk radio. as long as they exist, the stories they want to bury or the attacks they want to make are challenge dollars and that's what they can't stand. >> well, and then you get into strategizing about how to protect progressive candidates like hillary clinton. okay. so she is going to run, and barack obama has taken, you know a lot of heat from the conservative press talk radio, "wall street journal" editorial page and fnc. although here we have been very very cognizant of giving his side of the story
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but lately there isn't a side of the story against terrorism. there is no side of the story. i has packed it in and the terrorists are running wild. so i can't give him a side of the story because it isn't there before we tried to but podesta and hillary clinton know that they have got to try to marginalize fnc in some way and therefore you can seed the kabul they are putting together. >> with the clintons it's somewhat different. i do think that whenever a candidate emerges it will likely be her next year but she is now a little bit shaky, it's not 100% certain : one democrat. to slam dunk whoever it is. but clinton few democrats who are somewhat still favor
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perhaps a majority of the mainstream media because. >> i understand. >> because of their history in the 90's. hawk. >> hawkish in the war on terror. >> i don't think it has to do with substance. i think it has to do with. >> style. >> clintons have used them and abused them for 20 years. >> charles. >> that rubs them the wrong way. >> just if you and i get run over by buses tomorrow, all right? and the rest of the news channel for some reason disappears because a giant comes and stomps on us how much easier is it for hillary clinton to win the presidency? i don't have any animus and i don't think do you against hillary clinton? how much easier is it? it's so much easier, you know that. >> no, that's true. i do suspect if that were to happen. if there were an earthquake at fox headquarters and everything else was left untouched except for fox, there would be people understand, now here is was
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a genius of rupert murdoch and roger ailes. i have said this before there genius was understanding a niche audience in tv news. that was half the american people there would be such a demand for the kind of news by fox meaning unfiltered through the liberal lens that inevitably it would arise. >> not in time. >> not in time for 2016, no. >> that's what it's all about here. >> i don't anticipate the earthquake between now and then anyway. >> i hope not. i have to say, charles, if the earthquake came, i would miss you, personally miss you. >> but you would be gone, too. >> that's right, i would. >> so i wouldn't be missing anything. charles krauthammer, everybody. one footnote as you may know the far left attack on my reporting continue. nothing i can do about it but if you are interested, the reporter who was with me 38 years ago has put out a statement on my book
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"killing kennedy." it is posted on henry type killing kennedy and scroll to the media section, whatever that means. henry hope is my publisher. next on the rundown, some arab countries unfriendly to women have given millions to hillary clinton's foundation. how should we process that? and later, megyn kelly on whether obamacare will go down in flames at the supreme court? factor will be right back. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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impact segment tonight, the clinton foundation is run by bill and hillary clinton along with their daughter chelsey. over the past few years, it has received millions of dollars from arab countries that suppress women. mr. clinton was asked about that over the weekend. the uae gave us money. do we agree with everything they do? no but they are helping us fight isis.
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my theory about all this is disclose everything. and then let people make their judgments. >> and the controversy comes on the heels of hillary clinton's private brouhaha word of the day. joining us from washington democratic strategist gentleman nationwide arena niece jennice feigns at the. you were spokesperson for hillary clinton. i want to remind you that ms. dana was spokesperson for president bush the younger. how would you fend this stuff off? >> well first of all you have to get your facts straight. that's the sleuth most important thing is to know all the facts and understand them well. >> what if mrs. clinton wouldn't tell you all the facts. >> then you couldn't do your job. it's not that you have to agree with all of them. you have to have the facts so that you can know one of the things that have happened they have answered questions about these stories and then proven wrong within about 48 hours because new facts come out. that's why i'm saying the fact pattern. >> you dana perino could not demand of a president or
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presidential contender you have to trust that when they give you stuff that that's it. you can't go where is it? you can't do that. >> well, if you want to double-check it with somebody, then i learned this actually from marlin fits water who is press secretary to reagan and george bush 41. you ask the secretary of defense the same question that you ask the national security advisor in same rooms. if they give you the same answer you are good to go to the podium. if they don't there is a problem. >> jennice, how would you defend hillary clinton? >> well, i would say it's a little brouhaha to use your word. why is this a story? this is a story because being very transparent and all of that information on the foundation's web site. they did not have to disclose they do not even take anonymous donations which they are allowed. >> i don't think it's going to be the big thing. i think it's going to be the email thing. you can make up your own mind whether you are
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hypocrites or not by taking the money. okay. but the email story now that becomes problematic if it's a drip drip, drip stuff. more will come out. >> of it could be -- it could hurt her and it could hurt any candidate if this becomes, as you say a bigger story. is it going to be a bigger story? are there missing emails that are important to national security? we know she didn't get hacked. it would have made the news already. we know the emails she is dying to rethem. let's see the facts. >> wait and see but there is already a gaffe brought out by congressman gowdy who is going to be on megan's show after this that she traveled to libya. there is no emails that came out on that and that's inconceivable she wouldn't have any. >> let's make a bet for those candidates. those voters that could be persuadable. i guarantee you that those who can be persuaded are not going to make their judgment on hillary clinton based on
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the email fiasco. >> i think it will have an effect. jennice is right this is emotional candidacy. hillary clinton is a known commodity. people who like her are going to like her whether she turns over the emails or not. but it is the 20% in the middle that are going to make the call on who the next president is. and i think the email thing is going to resonate if there is more stuff here. >> it's going to resonate because, look if there was a good answer to the email question, they would have answered it last week. we are now the tenth day into this story. today the cnn reports that hillary clinton will answer questions about this within the next 48 hours. to me that says that they are still trying to figure out not only how to answer the first question but it's the second and third questions that they might not be able to answer. and then you are talking possible real problems, maybe even illegal issues surrounding these emails to moo that's fairly black and white. that guess downtown the trust factor. people may like her very much.
8:19 pm
that 20% that may be persuadable. >> what else kicks in jennice is you get exhausted, the clintons will wear you out. that i think is going to be a factor. last word? >> i don't think it's a fatigue factor when the coverage is so aggressive in fact that is true what you said. give her a break for crying out loud. let her come out to the facts. >> the facts have to be verified. that's the problem. i would rather see mrs. clinton not give the press conference. and testify under oath in front of the congressional committee. that's what i would like to see. ladies, thank you. directly ahead, "saturday night live" mocking mrs. clinton, of course she is an easy target. mary mary katharine and juan weighing in. reports up ahead.
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personal story segment tonight, there was this on the "saturday night live." >> those emails are clean as a whistle. this is not how hillary clinton goes down. i mean, what did you think my email said? hi it's hillary. i really screwed up on benghazi today. please. [ laughter ] i wasn't born yesterday. i was born 67 years ago and i have been planning on being president ever since. there will be no mistakes in my rise to the top. if i decide to run. who knows. [ laughter ] who knows. >> joining us from washington mary katharine
8:24 pm
ham and in new york juan williams. start with you. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most serious, where it stands now on email thing, how bad? >> well, i think if it were a republican it would be a little higher let me stipulate that because the media would treat it differently. right now she is probably at a six or seven. and i think she is making it worse by not responding and when she comes out and doesn't have answers likely to these questions i think it's going to be an issue. i don't think it's going to derail things partly because of the media look, this is just blatantly obviously unethical. it's an issue for government transparency and issue for how she would govern. it might be a legal issue. very likely is. it's so patently obviously clinton-like in its inherent shadiness. >> the "new york times" broke the story. >> i agree. >> and they're sensing a little bit of blood in the water. he know how they are when
8:25 pm
they sense that. >> i appreciate them covering it here's the issue. as a republican, it immediately would be declared entirely. >> i believe juan williams that the white house knew about this, maybe not president obama but certainly podesta who is now running, as i said in talking points running hillary's campaign about this summer. they knew that
8:26 pm
no idea h%ñ to youráq answer. and#twv by theü katharine this is not even a91 z h one. >> not even a one. >> it's not even a( ;
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factor follow up segment tonight. there are reports out of iraq that the isis savages are now on the defensive and there is some internal dissension among them. one cautionary note it's very difficult to get any kind of accurate picture what's happening inside the jihad. very isolated situation. with us now the author of the book "isis inside the army of terror," michael weis. so, is isis in trouble? are they now reeling back?
8:33 pm
>> they are losing tactically in iraq. they are losing hamlets. they are almost certain to lose because there is about 20 to 30,000, we say iraqi forces, bill, but what we are really talking about she a militias backed and trained and armed by the islamic republic of iran. >> how many isis thugs are inside tikrit defending? >> there is actually only about 2,000. >> it's 20,000 against 2. >> right. >> the iranians have pretty much taken over the iraqi army, is that what you are saying. >> and the security forces, yeah. this is what i call the hezbollahation. asian. the iranians filtered down because they were sohio. >> before shia there was a letter wrote to bob gates i'm strongly considering telling the president of the united states we are at war with iran and iraq. iran's proxy groups counted for 20% of american casualties during the war.
8:34 pm
the guy leading the often on the iranian iraqi side the commander of the ciewdz force of the international guard corps. terrorist sanctioned by the united states. enemy of the u.s. and we are completely discombobulated by this. >> we don't have enough people there to direct any kind of military action where the iranians are right across the border. >> right. >> what's really happening and what the president of the united states will not tell the folks is that iraq, which we fought so hard and won. >> yeah. >> okay. has now been given over to iran. it's a sphere of influence of iran. they control it with the exception of the kurds. >> right. and also these now sunni areas are that are now lorded over by isis. this is the concern. say aune yawn ran proxies go in. tikrit is the birthplace of saddam hussein. you are talking about the heart of sunni iraqi. iraq. >> yes. >> if they flush out isis the terrorists that inhabit the city that the so-called liberators are going to be worse than the prior -- >> -- you never know.
8:35 pm
read human rights. the groups are committing atrocities, ethnic cleansings. i have seen videos that mirror isis atrocities. >> the poor iraqi people. so isis is likely to lose against iran in iraq. and then they will be pushed back into syria, which is their strong hold. >> yeah. which is their caliphate base. nobody is really attacking them in syria other than a few bombings has jordan continued to bomb or just us now? >> >> jordan seems to have wound down some of the air campaign. remember jordanian pilot there is a lot of robust rhetoric. talk there might be into syria. this' hasn't happened yet. for the simple fact that all of the arab countries a part of this coalition they agree now that isis is a cancer in the region. they think that look, if we get rid of isis we still have two fumed mental problems, iran take over of the middle east. we are talking five capitals
8:36 pm
now, tehran, washington, baghdad. beirut they control through hezbollah. what are we doing to stop iranian influence and the answer is nothing. this is very much tied to what i consider the obama administration's soul foreign policy. >> the arab nations have to get one at a time. they have got to knock isis off first and then deal with iran. >> right. and i don't want to be overstate this but the united states really sim potent here. we are just not a player anymore in either isis confrontation or con strange iran. we are not con strange them at all. >> look. isis is now. boko haram have declared africa. they have taken over northern enclave in libya. they are peeling away guys who used to belong to al qaeda. remember isis and al qaeda split a year ago. so i would not say that they are strategically losing. not yet anyway. >> but they will. >> there is dissension in the ranks for sure. >> they will.
8:37 pm
isis will lose. but iran, that's the big threat. mr. weis. the book is isis inside the army of terror. i do recommend the book. thanks for coming. >> in thanks a lot. >> when we come right back, megyn kelly on obamacare and jesse i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file seeing many tonight. last week the supreme court heard oral arguments challenging the affordable healthcare act. at issue at least 34 states that don't have state-run insurance exchange mechanisms. here now to explain further former fnc supreme court reporter the anchor of the kelly file ms. megyn. this bores me to tear. >> my segment. >> it's important but it's so complicated and no one cares about the inner mechanismizations of this thing. >> they want to know whether the law is going to rise or fall. >> right. it's wording of the law is what the supreme court justice is going to have to rule on, right? >> yes. obamacare works because we have these state exchanges. if you want to be an obamacare client, or even if you don't want to be but you must be pursuant to the law, then you have to go on
8:42 pm
either and register or go through your state like in new york state we have our own exchange and you register. >> 24 states have these. >> 13 states plus washington, d.c. run their own exchanges the remaining 37 use health, the federal government exchanges. >> okay. >> well, the truth is that when they set up obamacare, the feds, obama and everybody else believed every state was going to set up its own exchange because that's how you get the subsidies. >> the money from washington. >> they wanted to make the states do it. they wanted to convince even the red states. >> but they didn't. >> you should set it up because that's the only way you need to get the sunday city did is. >> what they didn't anticipate the red states say you know what, screw your subsidies. >> is that what they said. >> we don't want your subsidies. >> they said that? >> they said it with their eyes is so they didn't set it up. so then the feds said oh crap, this is really
8:43 pm
editorializing. >> they said that word, too. >> i wish i was at that discussion. >> they did. anyway. we better do something to back stop this and hence was born. so the feds said oh, let's plug all these holes, each state needs its own exchange okay now we are covered 13 states with their exchanges and everybody else gets to deal with beautiful wonderful, smoothly operated >> do what the law says. >> i'm coming to the climb max of my climax of my story. westvirginia says was born because we chose not to set up the exchange we did that because we wanted to do this to you, right? >> they didn't like it? >> you are stuck with the result you promised us which is we don't get the subsidies, you are forcing us to take the subsidies anyway. we challenge, you didn't write the law so we can get the subsidies, it's their right, this law is going to fall apart.
8:44 pm
>> i of course don't understand a word of that. what i have taken out of that despite the vernacular that you used is that they didn't write the law properly. >> they wrote it -- yes they did, they wrote it exactly as they wanted to write it. >> but they didn't anticipate the states. >> the states said we don't want your subsidies we would like to see the law fall. the government in the position it doesn't mean how we wrote it. >> what you read in the law isn't what we meant. >> that's right. >> the supreme courts have four liberal people on it who want the law and they don't care what it says. >> or as the "new york times" describes it as four moderates the "new york times" says five conservatives and four moderates that's all you need to know about the "times." >> the four of them doesn't care what the law says they just want owe obamacare. that leaves the five to decide and you have three conservatives who have already signaled we are not going to okay it. >> alito, ask a let toe
8:45 pm
and -- going to vote against the. >> kennedy and the chief justice. >> which need i remind the viewers the chief justice was very squishy last time around most conservatives turned on him. he saved the law. >> he might not want to be squishy twice. so it's kennedy that's really the swing vote. >> kennedy seemed very squishy on the bench like little pills bury -- what do you call it? >> doe boy thank you. >> did you do that. >> you know what i did when i was coming to court? ruth, wake up! >> oh you woke her up. >> i thought you were going to say gave her time. >> every time she sleeps on the bench. somebody has to do something about it. >> everybody knows how she is going to vote. i don't feel sorry for her i feel sorry for alito, oh my god she is asleep again. wake up. >> he can't hear because of the snoring. he doesn't get any wine. megyn kelly, everybody. let's get her out of here before the police come.
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. as you may know police officers all over the country are being criticized in many cases unfairly. minority policing and the violence that sometimes occurs. last week in new jersey there was a police meeting and we sent watters to sample opinion. >> how long have you been a police officer? >> 12 years. >> 13 years. >> 16 years now.
8:50 pm
>> i was based in jersey center 26 and a half years. >> what motivated to you join law enforcement? >> i just wanted to help people. >> i wanted to be involved in the community. >> what unit are you in. >> i do white collar stuff right now. >> going after guys now. >> you go after guys like me? >> well, if it fits, yeah. >> you were in the handcuffs when the whole "fifty shades of gray" thing set hold. >> there are two sets in every boudoir. one you take to work and the lace covered handcuff. >> what was your proudest moment? >> saved a guy's life. he was choking, having dinner with his wife passed out, ended up saving his life. >> do you ever go into domestic dispute? >> what's dangerous? >> bloods. >> what's the big drug? >> heroin. >> ever feel like you're in danger? >> you can be sitting in a patrol car and it's quiet. and in the next second boom, you got shots fired, you got officer down. and that's what the stress level's all about.
8:51 pm
>> has there been anti-policemenalty bubbling up recently on the street sns. >> yeah i think, with everything in the media it's exasperating. >> as you can see protesters there's about 20 riot cops over there. >> when you see the hands up don't shoot thing right now how does that make you feel? >> it's sad. because i don't come to work with any type of intentional bias or anything like that. >> it's their right, i guess, to protest or whatever. is it accurate? no, it's 100% not accurate. politicians are doing it and congressional halls and stuff like that it's kind of annoying. >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous. >> factually, no one had their hands up. >> you're a black officer, when you go into black neighborhoods with crime do you feel extra sensitivity? >> what i do recognize is the treatment of white officers when you go into a minority area when dealing with minorities on the call the mood is different. and it's not fair. >> sharpton's been running around rabble rousing.
8:52 pm
do you think it makes your job harder when he does that? >> exponentially hard. he's someone that goes out there and riles people up. >> he bolsters the criminal element or person encounter police to resist. >> do you feel statehooded sometimes? >> oh, yeah. we're the easy ones to pick on. >> it's almost bizarre because we're the ones out there trying to help people. >> the mayor de blasio in new york, threw the nypd under the bus. >> by his inaction to the rioters and protesters and allowed them walk through the streets saying kill a cop and all that stuff, it's not acceptable. >> it's actually pathetic what this guy says and what he believes in. >> even if they never had experience with a law enforcement officer, they now think we're all racists and murderers. >> we've had to talk to our son for years about the dangers he may face. >> do you think president obama's been fair of his treatment of police departments? >> i don't know how to answer that. >> not very encouraging when the guy in the white house is not
8:53 pm
behind you. >> unprecedented for a sitting president to openly criticize 900,000 law enforcement officials across the country. >> any advice for politicians looking to exploit police activity for personal gain? >> yeah. cut the [ bleep ]. >> if i ever get arrested in jersey, are we good now? >> depends on what you get arrested for. >> do you think bill would make a good cop? >> maybe make a good president. >> i don't think bill could take the pay cut. do you want to tase me? >> i don't have a taser, but it would be. have you seen those? >> we'll get her a taser. here's watters. all right. look, my grandfather as you know nypd. and i have a very, very strong belief that 95% of american police officers are good people. they don't get paid nearly what they would get paid in the private sector. and everybody should like bring it down now. originally we had watters scheduled to do "fifty shades of grey." remember he turned red when i gave him that assignment.
8:54 pm
where is it? >> well, i went to the theater and no one was there. no one was there. four people were there. >> i know. that's what happened. >> it was just me with a pair of handcuffs by myself. >> all the people wanted to see that thing, they ran out on the first week. >> that's right. >> nobody around. >> i don't know. maybe there will be some dead enders this weekend. >> are you going to search it? >> i'm going to try. >> put a classified in one of those craigslists. they'll all show up. >> that's a great idea. >> jesse watters everybody. "the factor" tip of the day, jesus storming into the far east. wait until you hear this. the tip moments away. if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't
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"the factor" tip of the day in a factor tip of the day in a moment. jesus arriving in china and korea in a new way. and our brand bumper sticker, isis is evil.
8:57 pm
you can them on bill o'riley and you can get them by the dozen. and we're not going to have the promotion for much longer. now, your letters. goldberg lecturing us. you conservatives have no sense of irony. >> glad we amused you, bernie. he was answering a question not lecturing. know that. i disagree with bernie. the people who watch the news to be entertained. i want to be informed and am on fnc. >> we do it with humor and dash ray. that is what bernie is referring to. bernie was referring to. you shall urbandale wt >> valerie jared could be among muslims and she was born in
8:58 pm
iran. our researchers looked into this over the weekend and we can find no evidence, none, that miss jarrett holds a pro-muslim point of view. and from north carolina i'm 72, score well on the bill o'riley quizzes because i'm a well-read mechl mexican american. good for you. and from florida bill every night you appear before us with the most impeckablely tied, ties. any chance you can make an instructional video? no. the key to the dimple is the thumb, joe. you've got to get the thumb way
8:59 pm
up top and pull down. you'll see the dimple form. it's the thumb. up high. finally tonight, jesus moves east, here are the chinese and korean editions of killing jesus. there are millions of christians in the far east. life for them in china especially not easy. i hope the book will bring comfort in places where they're a minority the movie less than three weeks away, palm sunday evening, 8:00 and 11:00 p.m "national geographic" channel. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. check out fox news factor website. we'd like to spout off from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day brand new word, do not be draftish when writing
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to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, in the face of a controversy that threatens her possible presidential ambitions we are now getting reports that former secretary of state hillary clinton will come to the microphones and address accusations she broke federal laws in an alleged effort to hide things from the american people. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. afterseven days of tough questions for the woman many expect to be the democrats' choice for president, we are now hearing hillary clinton will finally speak. she is expected to offer what we're told is a "innocent explanation for why she used a private e-mail server for all of her official business as secreta


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