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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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night live do a good job of spoofing hillary clinton? fun question tonight. as always thank you for being with us we'll see you back former secretary of state hillary clinton has some explaining to do and now sources telling fox news the potential presidential candidate will finally talk about her private email account. we are told this will happen at a news conference this week. while i'm at it, president obama, he has some explaining to do too, he claimed he learned about clinton's personal email on the news but listen to this. >> the president, as i think many people examined, did, over the course of his first several years in office trade emails with his secretary of state. i would not describe the number of emails as large. but they did have occasion to email one another. the point that the president was making was not that he didn't know secretary clinton's email address, he did, but he was not aware of
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the details of how that email address and that server had been set up, or how secretary clinton and her team were planning to comply with the federal records act. >> now, that's perplexing. if the president was emailing with the former secretary of state didn't he notice her email address didn't end now the president needs to explain that one. congressman peter rothman joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, good to be with you. >> that's a little bit perplexing, the president claims he didn't know emailing back and forth and the press secretary says he saw the address. is sort of a dead give away that's government. if it' that's dead give away it's not. >> it is perplexing the president's answer. and it is perplexing this interchange between president obama and secretary clinton. when it comes down to it, we have got to get these emails. the emails are the key to understand the truth about
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what happened in benghazi and there is one person that stands between us as the benghazi select committee and the american people and the truth about benghazi as it relates he to those emails and that one person is the former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> actually, i don't agree with that doesn't stand between you because you have dropped the subpoena on her, right? so there is nothing that? >> is that right. >> there is nothing that stands between. now that you have the subpoena those should be yours. >> well, to your point you are right, those documents are are public documents in that they were created in the course of her work product so the notion that they are somehow personal is an absurd claim. and i think that this is where this natural tension is. and, look, the state department had been basically underselling for the past couple of months a case sense of false impression that we have given you everything we have. when in fact it turns out
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that only 300 emails have been forthcoming from secretary clinton and lo and behold she has got them all. >> i mean, it's now though once you drop a subpoena on someone that's a lawful subpoena, you have the authority to do so. it then becomes incumbent upon the person who doesn't want to comply with it to make the argument that something should not be available to you. it seems now the burden has shifted to her. that's the first thing. the second thing is i understand from a statement that chairman gowdy made that there appear to be gaps in her email. is that -- you can clarify? is that true that there are gaps in the emails you have received so far? >> so there are gaps in terms of timing. gaps as much as two months. other gaps of several weeks so yes, i can confirm that these are gaps that at pivotal times, when you would expect that there would be a great deal about -- a great deal of activity. remember, the benghazi select committee as you know is focused in on what happened on september 11th of 2012 what were the
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events that led up to it, and what was the events and how it was described afterwards. so the focus is incredibly tight insofar as getting that information. and there is very significant gaps when it is incredible thing to say that there is no communication. that's not credible. >> i have no idea what the -- the reasoning for the gaps are i think that now you are entitled to all the emails, everything and then you sort through them but it may be that there are gaps because she went off email because it was such an important time. she may have actually been on the phone talking directly. look, it's her job. she has got to explain. this she has created this problem. she needs to explain it there may be an explanation for a lot of this. we just haven't heard it. >> yeah, that's right. and my point is that secretary clinton has control of these emails. secretary clinton has the ability to come forward. there are numerous voices on both sides of the aisle that are sounding more and more incredulous frankly the
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idea that the secretary of state is going to sit on this information for some reason. >> you say she has control of these. once you have that subpoena dropped on her, you should have those. you should have control of them. i think that, you know, you think you have to understand the subpoena means you get them. >> well i appreciate that and i understand the legal distinction that you are making, they are in her physical custody at this point in time we have got to make sure that she relinquishes that physical custody. >> do you have any question about whether she is going to do anything with them forth with the subpoena. if congress wants to step it up congress can step it up. if it wants to. for whatever reason if you want those you can have them. >> i am of like mind and i'm echoing chairman gowdy on this. we intend to pursue every legal means to get the subpoena -- to get those emails because we think that those emails are absolutely part of the key to figuring out what actually happened during those events. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, greta.
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joining us the "on the record" political panel. byron york, your thought on this latest news? she is going to have a press conference. >> stiffen the spine. >> once you drop a subpoena, then she has got to produce them. if she has got an objection to it she needs to go fight the subpoena. those are just the rules. >> i think this news that she is going to come out and have a press conference indicates one thing that she is under pressure from democrats to splain herself. even the democrats who think there is nothing at the very bottom. there is nothing to this. there is no big substance problems with the email they all got worried really fast when they saw questions arise about her candidacy and they all realized again, we don't have a backup candidate for 2016. she is the ballgame. i think there is a lot of pressure on her to come out and clear this up. >> what about the president saying that he learned about
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it in the news and he has been getting emails and doesn't at the end. i suppose he can say he wasn't looking at the address but that's pretty weak. that's a tipoff. >> little inconsistent to say i learned about it from the media yet, of course, they had to answer the question. of course, the president has been emailing the secretary of state on a variety of things over the years. but, i also think it's a little bit unfair on hillary clinton front to the administration. they're the ones who have to answer the question to this the state department, josh earnst that's why hillary clinton. >> but they are acting like oh, whoa is us because we have to answer them when they are up to their eyeballs they knew it was going on if they are getting email that >> they clearly knew what was going on. they either did investigate it but, to byron's point, when liberals have turned against you, whether it's sounded live or jon stewart going after hillary clinton to any number of liberal incumbents you can't be elected president when you are secretive and not
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transparent. >> i don't think one person who hated her is going to change his or her been about it or anyone who loved her is going to change his or her opinion about it. squishy group in the middle. >> state department and the white house both begin to try to distance themselves from this josh attorneys say over and over. people must any there is some government wide email policy. there is not. it's the job of the state department in this cases to come up with own email policy. don't ask us. >> they it would be happy would you not agree the white house is happy to throw her under the bus. many of them would because of the horrible deep riff going back to 2008 or am i wrong. >> i don't know about 2008. self-preservation instinct and they do not want to get involved in her scandal. >> and when is she going to talk. >> the sooner the better. this story is going to go throughout this week and i think it's going to dominate throughout the month and as far as congressman rosterman
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he raises a good point about what she was doing that night. i think she has got to answer it either through emails or verbally. >> i don't think we have ever gotten an answer about the night of benghazi. we have never figured out what the president was doing. what the cia director was going what the secretary of defense at best she is the only one who has come out and said what she is doing a little bit. and that's incomplete. >> the only reason we are going to get those answers possibly because of hillary clinton and what she did with her emails. >> panel, stay with us. this is no surprise. who didn't expect this? >> more disturbing isis news a new report says isis boko haram could end up teaming up. is that really possible? well, that was almost two weeks ago and now it's official, boko haram and isis officially teaming up. congressman adam kinzinger joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, thanks for having me. i appreciate it, greta. >> well i guess two weeks ago we didn't think it was going to be a big surprise and now the big -- the news. what does this mean? isis and boko haram teaming up. >> well look, i don't want
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to overestimate this and overinflate what this means boko haram has existed. they have been a very brutal terror network, kidnapping girls, murdering people. they are going to continue to do that whether they align themselves under isis or not. what we are seeing here which i think is the bigger frightening picture, you are seeing alignment of different radical groups whether it's al qaeda isis boko haram and lesser known groups in libya and a stuff like that. beginning to it align themselves under one jihadist umbrella. same spiritual leaders and everything else with that what i have said and i have been saying this for a while. when isis has momentum, you are going to have easier time recruiting people you going to have easier time bringing other groups under your umbrella. that's why stopping the momentum of isis. killing isis members where they exist and rolling them back from territory they have is so important, as i said serve a fan of a certain sports team when he they're doing well. when that team is not doing well, it's hard to recruit new fans. >> to me, this is like one
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of our worst nightmares because i think what it does is it grows, it gives them so much -- empowers both groups so much. i think this is just horrible. >> is this something though that was inevitable or could we have prevented this? >> oh, i think we could have prevented this. again, every group whether it's boko haram whether it's isis whether it's al qaeda every group wants to survive and kind of take over the jihadist leadership role. the case in the last few years many of those have been competing for that role. some cases they fight each other. they put out competing press releases in essence against each other. now what you are see something isis has taken the mantel of islamic jihadist group to be part of and so now all these groups are falling in line under it. so you have common leadership and everything else. this is brutal and frankly, terrible. >> congressman what have we been doing about boko haram, it's not like a big secret. the last i noticed, at best people holding up signs with the #bring back our girls. last april.
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what exactly what have we been doing to prevent this atrocities and spreading of boko haram in north africa. >> i'm sure there is some level of things we can't talk about on different factions but i don't think enough. >> like what? >> the reality exists. >> use your imagination, what are we doing to fight boko haram and now they have teamed up with isis. >> well, there could be some intelligence assets operating and things like that. but i don't think it's enough. i think the president needs to make a declarative statement that if you are islamic jihadist, if you are extremist, if you are a terrorist, it doesn't matter whether you are in africa or europe or the middle east. wherever you exist, understand that that will either put you in jail if you are in europe or going to mean the end of your life if you are in one of these other countries. now that boko haram has joined isis guess what boko haram has the same target on their back that isis has in sire i can't and iraq. it's posh for the president to show strong leadership. i'm not going to hold my breath for it doings a lot more because this threat is
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going to continue to grow unless we do that. >> it's grown so much that now we have got two of the most vicious two groups teaming up and using similar tactics boko haram learning media tactics from isis which is just unthinkable. congressman, thank you, sir. >> yeah, thanks greta. thanks for having me. >> this is disturbing. an american teenager accused of helping another young man travel to syria to join isis. tonight, that northern virginia community in total shock. "on the record" griff jenkins hit the ground to investigate. rye cuting for isis. a virginia teenager taken into custody by the fbi. accused of helping a man join isis. his other job, a typical 17-year-old student at osborn park high. >> it's shocking. >> we had to reassure our daughter that first of all the school was safe. >> i'm concerned. >> he was a bright kid. but he had to work very hard. >> the teenager, part of an accelerated school program from the fall of 2013 until
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january 2014. was in dr. bruce avril's chemistry class. >> i had him half a day for five days a week. >> that january the 17-year-old booted out of the program. >> were there signs this was a radicalized disaffected young kid? >> none at all. i knew he was muslim because occasionally he would excuse himself for a few minutes because it was time to pray. the student was warm, friendly, outgoing. i could see how he could be convinced to do something unwittingly, but i never could see him being an operative. >> dr. avril isn't just your average chemical teacher. he ha s. an expert at spotting odd characteristics. >> for five years i worked at the state department and headed up a u.s. government effort to keep tears from blowing up really big energy facilities. >> "on the record" hit the ground in wood bridge, virginia just 30 minutes outside of washington. our team tracking down the teenager's family. >> we're trying to find out
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if anyone is home to talk to them about their son. hi can we talk to you about your son, ma'am? >> no. >> recruiting for isis vividly describing the day of his arrest. friday february 27th. >> i was sitting in my chair and i saw the fbi surround the house. just waited it out. it wasn't dramatic at all. they escorted the young man out and put him in the squad car. >> griff general cinsz here. do you get the sense that this is a real terrorist kid or just a dumb kid that caught up in something. recruiting people through social media that led us to both his home as well as to the professor that knew him as well as an online blog that deals with digital currency bit coin. and from both the professor
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and from the previous bit coin employer to the people we talked to there this was a kid who kept to himself who was very much a computer intelligent, advanced sort of. >> why is he helping someone to get over to syria to join isis? >> we don't know that but the fbi who is not talking tonight, we have reached out to them, they can not comment because it's a juvenile. the same reason we are not identifying this kid, but i do know from tracking this story that sometime toward the end of last year, around november, both dr. averil you saw bit coin guy they lost track and lost communication with this kid. perhaps something happened. >> all right. well, you know, it's terrible when they start preying on young kids joining up and this is. >> that is the greatest question which we will continue to track which is who else did he possibly try and recruit or help. >> and who elms is being recruited like he is, anyway, griff, thank you. and the 20-year-old ohio man who plotted to bomb the u.s. capitol making a threat in a phone call from jail. the reporter who got that
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disturbing message from an american accused of working with isis. 28-year-old terrorist suspect christopher cornell accused of plotting to bomb the united states capitol is now calling into a cincinnati fox station. >> i'm very dedicated. i'm a muslim. i'm islamic state. i'm so dedicated that i risked my life, you know, that should say a whole lot. >> if you weren't arrested that day when you were at a gun store buying two guns
11:21 pm
and 600 rounds of ammunition, what would you have done? >> what would i have done? [ laughter ] , i would have took my gun, i would have put it to obama's head. i would have pulled the trigger, then i would unleashed more bullets on the senate and the house of representatives members. and i would have attacked the embassy various other buildings. wage war against muslims. >> you can give us other things you would right. >> how we should wage jihad in america. we should form our own groups in alliance with islamic state. when i say groups, i mean, you know, what would you call sleeper cells. [ laughter ] >> fox news cincinnati anchor trisha mackey joins us. i hope they have six locks on this guy's cell door. >> how about that? he still has the phone. >> i don't mind that he has a phone. i worry more when he has a gun and he is out. i don't care if he makes stupid phone calls and digs himself deeper this is a very dangerous man.
11:22 pm
he does give us insight into some of this sort of sleeper sell stuff. >> is he not subtle whatsoever. is he not afraid to say it he is not afraid to share his thoughts and opinions. i asked him if you ever get out of jail what do you intend to do. >> plan forward with the plan you just heard of. >> how did he get radicalized? >> he said he was always born a muslim. he said he has always had these opinions. nothing has changed. he has just been quiet, waiting until the right moment and he feels like his plotting, what he was going to do, buying the guns, buying the ammo he was on his way. he was ready but he was busted before he was able to carry it out. >> well, he says he was born a muslim as though this were always. he also said he was going to put the gun to president obama's head. not all muslims are saying that at all. this guy clearly is off the charts, is he a criminal. but, you know, certainly not your run of the mill. >> right. i even asked him that i said, you know what makes -- this isn't what
11:23 pm
muslims stand for. what makes you so different. >> he said no in fact this is what we stand for. this is who we are. i am a member of the islamic state. this is what i want to do. and we are all over america. we have sleeper cells everywhere. we are in ohio. we are in washington, d.c. we are all over the place. we are quiet right now. just waiting for the moment to strike. >> if he is going to sit and do this what's this sort of thing about sitting around in ohio. why didn't he go off to syria and a iraq? >> i don't know. good question. we had so much of this. this is an hour long interview. three 220 minute conversations where he said -- he answered everything. and a lot of the interview we're going to air again tonight. it will be on our web site soon. >> tell me forgive me your web silt. >> fox 19 >> all right. fox 19 so you can hear all of this interview with a sleeper cell. great interview trisha thank you. >> you got it.
11:24 pm
put the address up on and see it there in case you missed it it tonight, this is every police force nightmare. a french police woman arrested. one of four new suspects linked to the brutal charlie hebdo slaughter that left 20 people dead. catherine field is live in paris. when an insider is part of a cell to kill, that -- i mean, that's really bad. what are the paris police saying about her tonight? >> what they are saying is she is a member of the special military police unit which is part of the military defense here. she is in her early 30's. she worked, unfortunately for the police. in a special intelligence unit. and it was in that intelligence unit that after the attacks she was actually able to go back into the electronic files and find out whether her boyfriend who was actually linked to the man who carried out those attacks on the -- she was able to find out just
11:25 pm
how much police and the military knew about him and whether or not they were on to his trail. >> she was a convert; is that right? she converted muslim. >> she was a converted muslim. she says that she converted about two years ago, the ministry of defense did another check on her after they discovered that they decided that she wasn't radicalized. and apparently we have all sorts of eyewitness accounts of her leaving the headquarters, taking off her uniform and putting on a vale. everyone knew she was a muslim. apparently it got worse since the charlie hekd attacks. she was in contact with this particular man who had been on the lookout with. she had gone and spoken to the media about her relationship with him. she had been suspended from her job. and, in fact this arrest today really is almost as
11:26 pm
though they had to do it because she had been breaking all the terms of her contract with the military police force. j. >> all right. why only had 10 seconds left. her boyfriend who she was going to these files to get information for, is he in custody? >> is he in custody and he is accused of having really been part of the network. and that's the problem with this greta is that now the paris police know that he was not operating on his own when he stormed that kosher supermarket exactly two months ago. >> catherine, as always thank you very much. and the white house reigle reeling after 47 republican senators end run and send message to ayatollah of iran. it sure has president obama mad. one senator who signed that letter standing by to go "on the record." let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really
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former fbi agent disappeared in iran 8 years ago today. now, his family says he was on a cia mission. but the iranian government despite a video proving hes is s. alive from a few years back claiming they not holding levinson. calling the iranian government to help find levinson. the fbi raising the award safe return a million dollars. last year his wife went "on the record." >> the reason we haven't talked about it before is because of bob's safety.
11:31 pm
i have no contact with the cia. i know that secretary kerry he is working as far as he can to get bob home it will never be enough until he is home. the whole united states government should be working on this. if there knew now lessonson last seen in proof-of-life photos released in 2013. tomorrow is his 67th birthday 47 republicans including leadership accusing obama going around the senate in negotiations with iran. today is president obama's turn to it be furious. those 47 republicans doing their own end run around the president. issuing own warning directly to the government of iran. their message that any nuclear deal without congressional approval could be reversed by the next president with just a signature. just hours ago the white house firing back. >> i would describe this letter as the continuation of a partisan strategy to
11:32 pm
undermine president's to negotiate policy around the globe. >> i think it's ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hardliners in iran finance an unusual coalition. >> senator joins us. >> greta, great to be on the show. >> why this grert letter? 47 republican senators. why this letter? >> what we are doing and very by tart san focus. >> except it's all republicans. >> the point right now is whatever the agreement is, congress needs to vote on that agreement. sign the letter. agreement of this magnitude john kerry and congress not weighing in.
11:33 pm
congress needs to vote on this agreement. you know, the ayatollah, real quick the ayatollah has mentioned that they are going to send the agreement for approval to the iranian parliament u.s. congress is not going to be able to vote on it it to me that's remark. >> here is what i think is remarkable. the senate is not putting the president's feet to the fire. i think this is a treaty. if you look at article 2 section 2, clause 2 it says it has to be ratified by the u.s. senate by majority. 67 votes. i don't know why in the world you aren't hammering the president with that and instead you end run and go to the eye tollla. i don't know why you go running off the ayatollah. hammering the president of the united states. no executive order where he goes alone. this is like the one he negotiated with russia, the star treaty about nuclear reduction and one that had to do with inspections. it's the same thing.
11:34 pm
>>io disagree with what you are saying. we can determine if it's a treaty. >> exphand it. >> we are certainly demanding to seat details. absolutely. what's unprecedented to have the president and secretary of state saying we are going to negotiate a nuclear agreement. the last 20 of those have gone to the senate as you say consent of the u.s. senate. we need a vote on that and what we were doing in the letter was informing the leadership of iran that if this doesn't get the vote of the congress it's not going to have a lot of. >> do you know what the problem is though? iran is watching. they know that. when you get brought into our dirty laundry. our political scwawn -- you send a letter to the enemy it looks bad. what you should be doing if you have got a beef with the president, i know there standing issue but take him to court. demand that we know we do
11:35 pm
things within the constitution. i saw the 4 almost unanimous. i don't like the idea of end running to iran. >> it's not end running to iranians, what's going on here is that you have seen the president obviously is telling the iranians and john kerr is telling the iranians that congress does not need to be involved. >> i think he is wrong. >> i think he is wrong too. what we are doing is trying to enlighten the iranian leadership what happens if the congress if s. not involved. obviously the president is tlgt reignians that he doesn't need congress' involvement. and, to me, that's the key issue here we need congress' involvement, whether as a voightd oon it as agreement or as you say as a treaty. when we will see the details we will make that determination. this is too important of an issue in terms of our national security. >> no kidding. >> coequal branch of government involved. >> the president says he was a constitutional professor, taught constitutional law at the university of chicago. he ought to read the
11:36 pm
constitutionality clause. i think this is terrible what he he did. you know how i feel. anyway, nice to sigh senator. >> nice to see you, greta as always. thank you. >> rap mogul making appearance in court today. shocking new surveillance videos might cause headaches for knight's legal team. latest from the courtroom ahead. plus it, it is a picture perfect controversy for critics of the "new york times" the newspaper getting heat for running this picture on the front page. so why are people so furious in the "on the record" political panel is back.
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tonight the "new york times" trying to defend itself from hot water from this picture on the front page. president obama and his family with reverend al sharpton other the president's left shoulder leading the selma anniversary march. take a look at this photo instead. the same march but who do you see now? former president george w. bush and former first lady. why didn't former president bush make the cut. the photo editor explained
11:41 pm
it the wider photo was a bad picture and public editor issuing a statement saying i see no evidence of politics in the hand links for presentation of the photo. so, what's the deal? our political panel is back. byron? >> this is not something that disturbs me too much. i think it was a good thing that there were two presidents at this. and there were presidents of different political parties. all of that was good. all of that was historic. on the other hand, i just don't think it was a huge deal that the niments went for a simpler picture with a smaller cast of characters. >> the guy was using 7200-millimeter lenz. lens. wait two seconds and the sun moves. what the "new york times" could have done and zoomed up and had a smaller inset if they wanted to show that picture. they should have had president bush 43 there. he was there and he should have been there former president. >> it would have been better to have both presidents in there but the "times" and
11:42 pm
basically as editor of the newspaper you are given what the photo editor gives you. and, according to them, if you believe them and i think it's believable that they were given that one photo. and not both photos. >> who is to blame for giving one photo. >> you can blame the photographer. at least that shot that they showed is not a great photo because you can't make out the faces. now, perception is reality here. >> but you can do an inset and pull it up and enlarge it. these are digital. 36-millimeter, these are huge files. >> with the technology today yeah. >> you can easily put both pictures up and done an inset on there to make it look like president bush who actually went down there and marched with them on such historic day and blow him off like he is insignificant. >> they mention him in the story they did. i think if you don't like the "new york times" you are not going to believe what they have to say. >> i'm not saying they did it intentionally. i think they were insensitive and stupid about it. >> they knew both presidents were there so saying ask do we have any other photos.
11:43 pm
>> say maybe the photographer was insensitive that he goes there, he knows the story. we all know the story is president obama walking across the bridge and he shot what he thought was the story even though george w. bush. >> the story is that the race things have changed. maybe not as much as people want them. but we have a white president of the united states and actually had linden johnson was part of this story going back historically. you don't cut him out. >> i'm not saying it wasn't the story. it could have been the photographer's preconception as he looked at the scene. >> his argument was that there was a lot of sun there, but maybe as you said, maybe in another point it wasn't so sunny. gentlemen as always thank you very much. lucky don't live with me. another mystery at britain's most famous dog show. live report coming up.
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oklahoma shut down. cameras catching students singing a racist chant. we bleeped out much of this. you are certainly going to get the point from this ♪ there >> and fox news maria garcia is on campus. how did this -- tell me about this story. i'm standing outside the sae greek house where the letters have been taken down. we have seen fraternity members taken out with their things. she been ordered to move out by the university. we want to walk you through how this whole thing played out. this video was released by a group of unherd.
11:49 pm
part of ou student group released by social media on sunday. members are singing a racist song. they use the "n" word. talk about lynching. now, students with unheard tell me that they got the video through an anonymous source. hundreds of students, including those with unheard protested early today on campus. now the ou president david bornd held a press conference to talk about that video. said he was disgusted and sae would never be allowed on ou campus again as long as he was president. i want to tell you that individual students here have not faced any penalties but the university is conducting an investigation and says if it can expel or suspend or somehow punish individual students it will. bore done's ou president didn't mince words here. he said he would be happy if the students involved just left ou. thank you very much.
11:50 pm
i'm glad the university is moving so quickly on this. thank you. let's go off-the-record for a minute. late friday, the justice department leak that later this month not now some future unspecified date, the justice department will bring corruption charges against democratic senator back mends. now i have no idea if the senator did anything wrong or not. the manner in which this was leaked. deliberate sliming of a u.s. senator would be one thing news unsealing of indictment based on testimony. but it is not, this is just an ugly anonymous smear from the holder justice department. deliberately leaked to the media late on a friday night. i think the leak was intentionally done then so the sunday morning talk shows would if i can um senator mends as though is he some kind of ax murderer and the crook. meanwhile what did the senator do? not much. he hasn't been charged with anything. all he can do is deny it of course some say this is political pay back by holder and his justice department to teach the democratic
11:51 pm
senator a lesson because senator menendez dare to buck his way of knowing whether that's true or not. i am certain of one thing, this smells rotten. attorney general holder owes the senator an apology and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. coming up shocking surveillance video from the moment rap mogul shug knight ran over a man with hick pickup truck. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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