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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 10, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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hilly clinton tried to break her silence on the e-mail controversy. this will days after the president said this about when he learned the scandal. >> at the same time everybody else learned about the reports. >> now the white house changing its story. committee kevin has the latest. >> this is what happens when the person involved isn't talking. what happened and when and who knew what. i want you to listen carefully. you heard a little snippet of what the president and press secretary is saying about hillary clinton's e-mail address. >> at the same time everybody else earnlearned it through news reports. >> the point he is making is not that he didn't know her e-mail address, he about did, but he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and server had been set up or how
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secretary clinton and her team were able to comply with the federal records act. >> very interesting retort there. he said how they were planning -- i should add if they were plan to go comply. the problem is without a subpoena for her server and e-mails provided no one will know what business was conducted in private. that has trey gowdy fuming. >> the state department has six months to have a conversation you and i are just having. shame on me for taking six months but shame on me if i trust the state department to be that neutral tomorrow for the records because they failed in the past to do so. >> failed miserably some would say. we will have more on this coming up including what she might do. >> do youhow do most e-mails end from
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the government dot gov? >> based on everything i know in washington it should end in a dot gov if you e-mail one that doesn't end in dot gov or dot state. it tells you you are e-mailing outside of the government server are you accepting this? they had to know this was not a government e-mail address. >> very interesting. >> kevin cork live for us this morning. thank you, kevin. it is unclear if she broke the law but she broke governmental processes. we break it down. >> she obtained and had all of the documents she had as secretary of state in 48 months. she decided what was
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governmental and kept what she wanted to reveal. that's the opposite of the premise of the law she swore to uphold. she committed probably, because i don't know what was in her heart, several criminal acts when she became secretary of state she promised to follow the federal record acts she didn't. she left secretary of state saying all of my documents returned to the government they haven't. instead of the documents being in possession of the government she concealed them. instead of secure location she had them on the server. we don't know where it was onin her barn on estatehe is estate in new york or in texas. >> absolute outrage this morning as the gop goes around the white house sending a letter directly to iran. 47 republican senators signing a letter that warns a nuclear deal not approved congress could easily be reversed by the next president.
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senator dan sullivan saying iran needs to hear the concerns of congress. >> the president obviously is telling the iranians that congress doesn't need to be involved. i think he's wrong too. what we are doing is trying to enlighten the iranian leadership on what happens if the congress is not involved. >> the white house, democrats are furious over what they call an undermining of the president's strategy. >> i think it's some what ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hardliners in iran. it's an unusual coalition. >> don't go away, because coming up at 5:30 we are live in washington with what the iranians are saying about the letter. >> outrage in oklahoma administrators at the university of oklahoma shutting down a fraternity over the racist chant that was caught on camera. the classmates are standing in solidarity with the school.
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kelly wrielth has the breaking details. >> the video is disturbing and offensive. (chanting) >> these are fraternity members of sigma alpha epsolon even referring to lynching blacks. a student on the bus later posted the video on-line it sparked student protests on campus even the football coach and some of the players joined the demonstrators. the school now cutting all ties with that fraternity. >> we will not be powerless. the house is immediately closed. the gentlemen will have to have their belongings out of the house by midnight tomorrow. if as they pack their bags i hope they think long and hard about what they have done. >> the try delta sorority is
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being investigated for any role they may have played in the behavior. the president of the black student's association she is taking the unusual step of forgiving the offenders. >> right now i say i for give them and i hope we can take this experience and not -- hopefully they too turn it towards more hate towards our community but better yet as a time to learn and grow. i invite them to come meet with us and learn from us and learn why that was offensive so they can get a better understanding and not pass it off to future generations. >> compliments to that young man isaac hill forgiveness, the first step towards reconciliation and healing in anything from this. sentiments of doctor martin luther king's quote hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. >> could be students on that bus could they face criminal charges for the racial slurs and for the hate speech? >> it is associated with a
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common criminal act like vandalism or assault. the legal team could take further action against those students such as possibly ex spelling them for using their first amendment right in such a ir reprehensible manner. >> new overnight the slashed ambassador of south korea leaving the hospital days after being attacked by a knife wielding man. >> feel good all things considered. it was a scary incident but i am walking talking holding my baby hugging my wife, so i just feel really good. >> lucky and thankful. his attacker facing attempted murder charges. a major terror bust in france. police arresting four people connected to a bali a
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supermarket terrorist. she reportedly works as a police intelligence center but was suspended from her job last month. >> time for look who is talking. illinois congressman adam kinsling ton is asking for more when k comes to isis. >> you are going to have an easier time recruiting people and bringing people under their umbrella. everybody is a big fan of the sports team when they are doing well. i think the president needs to make a statement if you are an islamic jihadist, extremist terrorist whether you are in africa or middle east wherever you exist understand that will either buttooet put you in jail or it will be end of your life if you are in one of those con dres. boko haram now has the same target on their back that isis
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has in syria and iraq. it is important for the president to show strong leadership. >> reliving the horror in the boston marathon bombing trial. brand new video shows the jurors are just seeing for the first time. it shows dzhokhar tsarnaev calmly buying milk moments after the carnage. that's not all. heather shows us the video tracking his actions. >> never before seen surveillance captured less than a half hour after the bombs went off after the 2013 marathon shows him at a came ridge whole foods casually calmly buying a half gallon of milk then returning for some unknown reason to swap it out for a different one. a piece of the massive puzzle. surveillance footage following them down boylston. tamerlan the black baseball hat
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dzhokhar in the white. he left four minutes before detonating the bombs. the richard family including 8-year-old martin are at the barricade. you have to look closely here. he lowers his shoulder and the backpack is gone. it is seen in another picture on the ground. this video shows dzhokhar on the phone with his brother tamerlan when the first bomb explodes. dzhokhar walks away. there's video of zoe har pushing people out of the way allegedly making his escape. >> jurors later are shown him buying milk and the next day spending time at his college's gym. >> all right. now we are moving on to weather because a lot of our country
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finally feeling warmer temperatures. >> i can already feel my mood lifting. maria has rain falling in the gulf coast. >> we have good news and uncourt unfortunately bad news. heavy rain across parts of the gulf coast and into kentucky. that will bring a concern for flash flooding. first look at the positive that's how warm it is outside. take a look at the current temperatures early this earning mo from the west coast to the east coast not bad at all. in the 50's further west in places like san francisco and also in l.a. along the east coast you are in the 50's as well with raleigh and also in the city of atlanta. as far as the high temperatures they are going to be very warm across parts of the southeast. 70's in atlanta, raleigh and across the northeast not bad in new york city 49 degrees for the forecast high. mild into wednesday thursday and into friday. several days of spring fever out there. here's a look at the storm
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system into louisiana and tennessee and flash flooding will be a concern especially across kentucky and parts of west virginia not only because of the rain but also because of that snow that continues to melt out there. let's head over to you. >> good news. lots of snow we need to melt in new york city. thank you, maria. >> the time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. air tragedy. who helicopters collide with some of the best athletes in the world. >> no crop job they say. how the new york times explains the photo that crops out george w. bush. >> the apple of your wrist. three cool colors of the apple watch.
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is right for you. >> hillary clinton said to address her e-mail scandal in
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the next few days. the the president knew she was using her own e-mail. >> the presidentoint he was making not that she didn't use own e-mail address he did. he was not aware of her own details of how that e-mail address and server had been set up or how secretary clinton and her team were planning to comply with the federal records act. >> both democrats and republicans are demanding answers from hillary clinton. >> the e-mail scandal the latest trouble. her foundation under fire for accepting donations from foreign governments including saudi arabia while she was secretary of state. that brings us to "look who is talking." the political columnist slamming the standard hillary clinton is now raising. >> you wantbe the can't be the woman breaking the glass ceiling for
2:17 am
women when you are taking money from countries that suppress women. at the least it raises a question of perception and potential conflict of interest. it is sleazy because it raises that question. now we have these e-mails. if we want to file the money and figure out what they were doing with that money and if there was any quid pro quo, if we want full transparency over the foundation money she was collecting as secretary of state and presidential candidate we have to see the e-mails. >> there's a new twist in the dog show murder mystery. owners of the poisoned pouch speaking out. they believe the attack was random and not a clib brat act lie a competitor. autopsy revealing the irish setter was given poison steak and died 26 hours after returning home from the competition. show organizers now looking into reports of up to 6 dogs that were poisoned at the show. >> the new york times siting
2:18 am
artistic reasons for keeping president bush out of the cover photo from the selma anniversary march. >> this side by side it shows the bushes were just to the right of the first family but the times choose not to show them. their photographer claims he only sent the photo without the bushes because his photo that included them was ruined by bad lighting. we asked you what you thought about this and jim on facebook says well i guess fecal reasons is slightly better than the dog ate the photo that we were going to use excuse and david on twitter writes as a photographer i can say yes without a doubt there was a crop. dan on facebook says the bushes were too far right. dan is clever. >> scammers getting their hands on 6 and a half million social security numbers. >> many of them belonging to dead people. lauren simonetti here to explain how in the world did this
2:19 am
happen? >> zombie nation a shocking report from inspector general of social security administration 6 and a half million dead people are still listed on the benefit agency's roles as being get this 112 years old or older. some of them born before the civil war. they found bureaucrats never entered into the master death file. which means these dead people are voting and thousands of them could be are getting thousands of jobs. >> this apple watch we are going to hear what to watch out for if you are buying a new watch. >> we will break out some of the coolest features. should last you most of the day apple says the watch can handle 18 hours of regular use. through
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there is the tap tick engine it will tap your wrist when you have notifications. you can answer phone calls and have conversations straight into the walk talk into it. there are fitness apps to monitor heart rate, et cetera. siri speaker commands into the device and siri will answer what she can. she can text out your dictated messages. how are stocks going to open? lower dow future down almost 70 points ladies. >> to find lorne find her on the fox business network. you can log on to to find out what tv station it is. >> it is worth doing. new clues in the case of the toddler trapped in a wrecked car for 14 hours. what rescuers say they heard that will give you chills. >> atf misfire what they say is to blame for the ar 15 bullet
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>> overnight a helicopter crash killed 10 people including two olympians. they won gold at the 2012 olympics and french boxer won bronze at the 2008 olympics in beijing. they were filming a reality tv show in the mountains of argentina with other athletes when two choppers carrying them collided. a moment the past amtrak train is knocked right off its rails. >> oh my god. oh my god.
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oh. >> 55 passengers were injured when that train rammed into the big rig that was stuck on the tracks. that truck driver getting tracked while trying to make a difficult turn on the tracks. the driver managed to jump out of the truck and the bars came down on top of the truck. >> happened in halifax county there. mysterious voice you have to hear this calling for help. we are learning details about the moment the toddler was found alive 14 hours after the car crashed into the river. >> four rescuers say they definitely heard a woman's voice screaming and begging for help before they reached the car which was under the water but they can't explain it because the child's mother was dead inside the car. >> when we all talked together i said was i the only one
2:26 am
hearing things? i talked to the other officers we all had heard the thing. help us help me. >> she was hanging occupy side down in her car seat when the rescuers finally got to her. they say it is a miracle she is still alive. >> baby lilly is still in the hospital but her family says she is getting much better. >> the time is 26 after the top of the hour. is the damage already done to hillary clinton's campaign? >> it raises the question, do you want to have this baggage around for the next four years or eight years? >> why charles krauthammer says hillary is in trouble no matter what is in the e-mails. >> caught on fire. blew up in my face. >> explosive danger. what is behind the 911 call? the burns it left behind.
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>> alexander graham bell made the first telephone call. they lowered the voting age to 18.
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"fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you and your family. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. let's get right to the fox news alert. who knew what and when? the white house and president obama now giving different stories about when they first knew of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> kevin court is live in washington as we learn she is about to break her silence. >> who knew what and when? this is extraordinary when you consider it is more than a week old and we still haven't heard from secretary clinton herself. although as you point out that is likely to happen very soon. because she has yet to face the tough questions, the white house is now in full damage control mode. here is the press secretary on when the president knew what he knew and learned what when. >> the point that the president was making not that he didn't
2:32 am
know secretary clinton's e-mail address. he did. he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and server had been set up. >> all of that happening after the fact that he told them he knew about the e-mail just like everybody else did on the news. for benghazi investigators the question is has she fully complied with all of the requests or is she stone walling? >> the e-mails are the key to understand the truth about what happened in benghazi. there is one person that stands between us and the benghazi select committee and the american people and the truth about benghazi as it relates to those e-mails and the one person is the former secretary of state hillary clinton. years after leaving the state department are we still fishing around for records that should have been turned over to the
2:33 am
federal government quite some time ago. that is a question that has yet to be answered. >> i have a question about security. is there any evidence that that sensitive information she was e-mails on her personal account was hacked by any other countries like iran or russia or china? >> interesting question. i think it is legitimate. while we don't know the depths of the possibility any time you are not on a government server it is certainly possible. she said without a doubt she was hacked. that is a large question moving forward. that is also why the obama administration said you should not conduct business outside of government servers. we will be watching that one closely. >> there are reasons for the rules. >> thank you. >> everyone wants to know what is in those e-mails. the burning question that we are waiting to have answered. >> charles krauthammer says it doesn't really matter what's in the e-mails. >> the damage here, it could be
2:34 am
horrible if there is actually stuff in the e-mails. but image there isn't any the damage is already done. precisely because it revives the memories in the clintons and 90's especially for "saturday night live" with a young audience it is telling them for the first time this is who the clintons are. anybody who remembers the 90d know they parsed and skimmed and reinterpreted words. it could be it was illegal or skirting the rules or with a it wasn't. it raises the question do you want to this baggage around for the next four years or eight years? >> in other news the republican letter to iran fuelling democratic outrage this morning. does it undermine president obama's attempts to make a deal? senate lawmakers say no but
2:35 am
democrats are blasting the move. we have a look at both sides. good morning. >> good morning. the gulf is widening between the white house and congress over thiser signed as you mentioned 47 senate republicans reminding the government in iran with the constitutional role with any kind of lasting agreement on something like iran's nuclear program. >> congress plays an important role in approving national agreements. any deal not approved congress won't be accepted now or in the future. >> president obama lashing out at senate republicans over this. taking exception a senate minority leader harry reid. >> this letter is a slap in the face of us but our allies.
2:36 am
>> we talk about the widening gulf between the white house and congress. this is a week after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke to congress over the exceptions of the white house. >> those are some of the responses from here at home. what is the response from iran this morning? >> we have seen one tweet from an iranian official calling this propaganda. these nuclear talks are continuing but we are hard up against a deadline to reach any kind of agreement on that. >> doug luzader live for us. thank you, doug. >> thanks. >> zero tolerance the university of oklahoma shutting down that fraternity over a racist chant that was caught on camera. other students are standing in solidarity. kelly wright has more. >> the video is shocking and disturbing. watch this.
2:37 am
(chanting) >> 10 seconds of video that's all it is showing members of sigma alpha attorney making racist slurs referring to lynching blacks others including members of the ou football team conducting peaceful protests against that video. david born immediately shutting the fraternity down ordering all of the members to move out by midnight tonight. >> these people don't deserve to be sooners. we are not racist and bigots. we believe in respecting each other. >> sigma alpha national headquarters apologized for the incident issuing this statement we are embarrassed by this video and offer our empathy not only to any one outside of the organization who is offended but also to our brothers who come from a wide range of backgrounds cultures and
2:38 am
ethnicities. the try dealt-- tri delta ser sorority are being investigated. they are taking the unusual step and brave step of forgiving the offenders. >> i just want to say that it is not smart to fight hate with hate. it is only ill lollogical to fight hate with love. to show that right now i just say i for give them. >> we could all learn from him isaac hill. the students in the video could face expulsion. >> kelly wright live for us in the studio. thank you, kelly. it is hopefully beginning to look a whole lot like spring. it feels like it outside anyway some places. >> it does mean with spring come the rains. we will have rains in certain parts of the country. maria molina is tracking it all. >> heather and ainsley it feels amazing outside. i left my windows open.
2:39 am
i was outside. a lot of areas are enjoying the mild temperatures especially compared to what we have had the last couple weeks. currently the numbers aren't bad. 40's in new york city, 50's southeast. as we head further west i think the cooler spot is across the rockieses where where the current temperatures are in denver and rapid city. the temperatures are going to be even warmer across the southeast. 70's for you in atlanta. raleigh feeling like spring out there. center of the nation mild as well with widespread 60s and 70's. this trend will continue the next several days. wednesday and thursday. spring like across the country but as we head into friday and over the weekend cooler air will be moving into portions of the northeast. we have potential for more snow across parts of new england as we head into this weekend. we will keep you updated. we are tracking a storm system producing areas of heavy rain across mississippi louisiana early this morning. we have a threat of flash
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floodings through kentucky and west virginia not only because of the rain but also because of the warm-up. we have all of the snow there on the ground that continues to melt. let's head over to you heather and ainsley. >> the time is 39 after the top of the hour. coming up the va under fire for making fun of veterans in the worst way. the stunning e-mails just uncovered. >> placing blame on the bullet band. why the atf says it misfired. >> ensuring her assets her million dollar move to make sure she never goes out of style. ush from flush
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2:44 am
learned about hillary clinton's e-mail canscandal the white house is saying the president did know and often exchanged e-mails with the then secretary of state. >> the point that the president is making not that he didn't know secretary clinton's i mail address, he did. but he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and that server had been set up. >> clinton is now expected to speak on this very issue within the next few days. >> they are supposed to be helping heal our nation's heros. one va medical center manager is mocking her patient's mental health. newly sur vassed e-mails from december reveal licensed social worker robin paul sent disturbing potatoes photos to her staff. this had a christmas elf asking for zahn maxxanax and hanging herself. they were aware of the e-mails a few months ago. has already addressed the issue.
2:45 am
>> the atf is in damage control mode saying a proposal to ban certain armor piercing bullets was just a typo. the agency had new guidelines to ban green tip bullets immediately mainly used for hunting and target shooting of the the bullet the from mistakenly left out of the guidelines and are still legal for now. credit card reports now being made simple. ashley webster from fox business is here to explain how the new landmark deal will impact you. ashley? >> collected by the credit reporting agency created scores can determine who gets a loan who doesn't and how much interest is paid on it. the fixing an error on a credit report can be an ordeal to say the least. a landmark agreement between attorney general and equifax is supposed to make the whole process fairer. that includes changes to how people go about disputing errors
2:46 am
and the type of credit data that will appear in their files. another big area of contention is medical bills. it wasn't reported until after a 180 day waiting period to allow time for insurance payments to be applied. over half of all collection items on credit reports are medical debts. they will get one free credit report over a year. these changes will be implemented over the next several months. discussions with other attorneys general across the country are ongoing. there could be even more agreements in the near future. back to you. >> thank you, ashley. to find the fox business network on your tv log on to 46 minutes. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. explosive darrening the bedtime blast that burned one man and why it is a big warning for
2:47 am
everyone. >> i love my son. he is a god and i tell him so every day. >> does that sound like you. why parents are being urged to stop the praising. >> but first brian kilmeade coming up on "fox & friends." i bet you were praised a lot while you were a kid. >> way over the top. i find myself obsessed with myself. is that an issue. i should have been asked to take part in that british study. we will be talking that later. please try to stay tuned. i will get you a good seat if you want to come to the studio. the president said he learned about president clinton's e-mails from news reports. now the white house changing their story. the president did know her e-mail after all. we will have the fallout of where we go from here. high school teams cancelling one school game because one of the teams was named redskins. is this where we have come down to now? a late night meeting got fiery. we will talk to someone who was
2:48 am
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." new overnight. an e cigarette blows up in a man's face as he's puffing away in bed. >> i'm freaking out. i just had an electronic cigarette blow up in my hand. >> where is the e cigarette itself? >> it's stuck in the wall. >> it's stuck in the wall? >> it's stuck in the wall. >> was there any fire. >> yes, it caught my bed on fire. it caught my dresser on fire. >> stuck in the wall.
2:52 am
the california man says he heard a whirring noise right before the explosion. and the force was so powerful the filter actually shot across the room and lodged in the ceiling. it cut up his hand, burned his bed and his clothes. >> my word. one year after malaysia flight mh 370 vanished new scrutiny -- new tablet that was found on a beach in western australia. it was found by a couple walking on the beach last july. they turned it over to the test. the australian agency not releasing text relates. but they say it's unlikely to prove it came from flight mh 370. >> some police officers say there is is a war on law enforcement. the biggest issue, minority policing and the violence that comes with it. >> jesse waters went to a police meeting in new jersey to find out what officers really think.
2:53 am
>> what motivated you to join law enforcement? >> to help people. i wanted to be involved with the community. >> i do white caller stuff right now. >> you were in the handcuffs for the whole "50 shades of grey" thing caught hold. >> right. >> has there been antipolice mentality bubbling up recently on the streets. i think with everything undermedia it's exasperated. >> when you see the hands up don't shoot, how does that make you feel? >> it makes me sad. >> i guess the protests or whatever, is it accurate? no, it's 100% not accurate. >> rabble rousing do you think it makes your shop harder when sharp does that? >> yes. he's someone who goes out there and riles people up.
2:54 am
>> he bolstered the criminal element. so to resist. >> do you feel scapegoated sometimes? >> yeah, we're the easy ones to pick up. >> it's almost bizarre because we're the ones out there trying to help people. >> mayor de blasio up in new york threw the nypd under the bus. >> by his inaction by allowing the protesters to walk through the streets, it's not acceptable. >> even if they never had an experience with a law enforcement officer they automatically now think that we're all racist murders. >> any advice for politicians? >> yeah. >> do you want to tase me? >> i don't have a taser, but it would be fun. have you seen those? >> it would be fun? >> we want to thank all our officers out there on the streets. >> the time now is six minutes till the top of the hour. going to pot the brand new plan being introduced today that
2:55 am
could change medical marijuana laws all across the country. >> another reason to thank our viewers, our fox viewers the honor that you have just given us. ♪ god bless the usa ♪ rs, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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it is now 58 after the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today.
2:59 am
hillary clinton set to break her silence on the e-mail scandal. her comments expected within the few days. outrage on the letter to iran. democrats accusing the republicans of undermining the president's move in the negotiations. does this undermine the deal, or help enforce the constitution? log on to the "fox and friends first" facebook page right now to weigh in on that. >> a trio of senators introducing a historic bill on capitol hill. their goal to give patients who need it, including veterans full access to medical marijuana without ramifications. time for the good the bad and ugly. america has spoken fox news, the most trusted new coverage in the country according to a brand new poll. 29% of americans say they trust fox news the most. the bad, now we're going to get to the bad. taylor swift's legs reportedly
3:00 am
worth $40 million. she is said to have taken out a huge insurance policy in case something happens. the ugly, have you ever met a parent like this? >> i love my son. he's 11 months old. he is a god and i tell him so every day. >> too much praise could turn your kids into nar cysts. "fox and friends" starts now. >> it is tuesday march 10th. a fox news alert, a hillary clinton confession just hours away. after a tough week of tough questions, hillary is set to speak publicly about the e-mail scandal. is it a ploy or will she come clean? >> the white house is slamming republicans for trying to prevent a nuke deal with iran, so they blame bush. >> the efforts of neo cons in the previous administration to do that,


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