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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 10, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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reportedly worth $40 million. she is said to have taken out a huge insurance policy in case something happens. the ugly, have you ever met a parent like this? >> i love my son. he's 11 months old. he is a god and i tell him so every day. >> too much praise could turn your kids into nar cysts. "fox and friends" starts now. >> it is tuesday march 10th. a fox news alert, a hillary clinton confession just hours away. after a tough week of tough questions, hillary is set to speak publicly about the e-mail scandal. is it a ploy or will she come clean? >> the white house is slamming republicans for trying to prevent a nuke deal with iran, so they blame bush. >> the efforts of neo cons in the previous administration to do that, frankly, hurt the
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country's standing around the world. >> this morning, the liberal media is following suit calling them, traitors. >> i think he hurt dick cheney's feelings. >> what led officers to a baby trapped in an upside down car after 14 hours? >> i said was i the only one who was thinking i was hearing things. when i talked to other officers we heard the same thing, a voice saying help us help me. >> what they all heard from inside that empty car will give you chills if it hasn't already. by the way mornings are better with friends. >> it's time for "fox and friends." hi everybody. welcome. eric is in for steve doocy. >> great to see you. we'll get to that. what a cover. >> i know. >> watch out. we're going to discuss all that. we're thankful you're joining us here on this tuesday morning.
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we're going to turn to our friend heather nauert with the headlines this morning. >> great to see you and great to have you all here. we start with a fox news alert. overnight a helicopter crash kills ten people, including two olympic athletes a french swimmer who won the gold in the 2012 olympics in london and a boxer, who won the bronze in the 2008 olympics in beijing. this happens in argentina. they were filming a reality show down there in the mountains with other athletes. another fox news alert to bring you, brand new video coming in from north carolina showing the moment an amtrak train slams into a truck that's stuck on the tracks. >> oh my god. oh my god.
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>> 55 passengers were hurt when the train was knocked completely off the rails. the truck driver was trapped while trying to make a difficult turn over the tracks. witnesses say he did manage to jump out when the siren sounded and the cross bars came down on his truck. the texas judge who blocked president obama's immigration policy is now accusing the government of misleading him. the judge says 100,000 grants were issued allowing legals to defer their deportation for three years. it happened before the program was supposed to start. the judge is now ordering the justice department to explain at a hearing next week. in a bit we'll talk to the texas attorney general about his request for a wider investigation. he'll be here at 7:00 on "fox and friends." another embarrassment for the troubled v.a. this is a disgrace. a manager at an indianapolis v.a. hospital is caught mocking
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her patient's mental health. the licensed social worker sent disturbing photos to her staff. the photos showed a christmas elf asking for xanax and hanging himself in their clinic. she has since apologized for that e-mail and claims she holds veterans in the highest regard. >> totally contrary. >> that is just the saddest story. >> all right. four minutes after the the hour. in a short time we'll expand on this story. after a week of stories and unanswered questions, former secretary of state hillary clinton is apparently ready to talk. reports say she will address her e-mail scandal pr the first time this year. >> kevin corke is live in washington as the white house changes their story about what the president knew about it and when he knew it. what can you tell us this morning? >> this is what happens when the
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person most involved is not talking. i have a question was the president being dishonest when he said this about learning of hillary's penchant for using private e-mail while at the state department? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through the news report. >> the point the president is making not that he didn't know secretary clinton's e-mail address, he did. he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and that server had been set up or how secretary clinton and her team were planning to comply with the federal records act. >> all right. so earnest says the president essentially misspoke. that's fine. that makes sense. what doesn't make sense is why after years after leaving the statement department and claiming to need more time to find e-mails and secretary clinton still not handed over all the documents related to the benghazi investigation. >> the state department had six
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months to have the conversation you and i are just having. shame on me for taking six months, but really shame on me if i trust the state department to be that neutral detached arbiter of her records. because they failed in the past to do so. >> some people are saying clinton will finally come clean when she talks,ther truth is she may have a statement. it's unlikely she'll answer the tough questions at least without not being pressed to do so. >> thanks for the recap at that scandal continues to grow. hillary clinton does not say anything. it brings us to another question. >> how is she going to handle the big things? if she makes it all the way to 2016 and she were to be in the white house, is she the person you want to answer that 3:00 a.m. call? remember this? >> it reinforces this idea that this is the kind of person who is nixon in a pants suit. it's a real problem for her because if this is how she
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handles a crisis, how do we to know she's not going to handle her presidency the same way? >> if you can't be forthcoming. if you understand the federal records act and you're not abiding it. if you ask your staff not to use personal e-mail yet you doorks your own personal server, how are we to trust you when the big things occur? >> 55,000 e-mails that the staff went through and turned over that's a lot. it's not all. all is relevant. a lot is not relevant. more is not relevant. turning over more is not relevant. turn over everything or don't bother doing it. sarah palin had to do it. she had them turn over her private e-mails her state e-mails as well. they looked at everything. they redacted a couple between attorney client privilege, but the vast majority all of them were turned over. >> it should be government property it shouldn't be left on her personal discretion? >> how many do you get from fox? >> 300.
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>> easy. sometimes 600. if you do the math 55,000 is about 37 a day from hillary for the secretary of state of the united states. >> you're saying that's not that many. >> a lot that are missing. >> i don't care if she has five or 5 million, we need somebody, an independent person to go into her server and pull it up. the five that she leaves out or doesn't leave out is going to lead to the perception she's not being forthcoming. a lot of people are saying this is her enemies it isn't really. it's senator feinstein yesterday and "the washington post" too. this is not primarily about benghazi. it is about ms. clinton's response to legitimate cession questions about her judgment on her record. it's about how she would function as president. can americans expect a similar response when she faces difficult questions? one 26 word tweet and a cloud of
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obfew skagz from her friends. there's more she's had two or three appearances and she has not said one word, including one yesterday. already off to a slow start. more korveshcontroversy with more of our guests yesterday. senator tom cotton came on our show yesterday. >> in a letter they said to iranian negotiations that they not fully understand our constitutional system. any deal endorsed by president obama in the letter could some day be revokered by the stroke of an pen. it is a executive agreement which will not hold weight down the road. >> look at the response, eric you held up that paper before. >> so the deal, that they're talking about, they're calling the gop senators traitors. the mainstream media, left leaning media. traitors. they are the ones who are trying
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to call to attention to the fact that deal with iranians would be more -- akin to a traitor than people who are trying to stop it. deal ing with terrorists is not a good idea. the deal that iranians want would pave the path for them to have a bomb. >> one quick question, why does iran need a bomb? i'm sorry why does iran need nukes? they're sitting on a half a trillion equivalent of oil. it's basically free energy for two or three hundred years. they don't need nukes. >> the reason why they came out with this letter is so their voice can be heard. the french are ready to walk away and you have a war veteran that just became senator. he said i've got to put my name on something and let them know the president is not a dictator
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of our country. >> senator cotton has referred to his strategy to undermine this deal as an effort to prevent a diplomatic agreement. we have seen republicans time and again try to advance the military option ahead of a diplomatic option. the president doesn't think that's good policy. he certainly doesn't think it's good strategy. the truth is you know, the efforts of neocons in the previous administration to do that, frankly, hurt the country's standing around the >> that's offensive. that is offensive. >> it sure is. >> we're doing our best to make sure the country is safe. we're going to call republican senators neo cons. >> when you have benjamin netanyahu come to speak to congress and over 50 democrats boycott that speech. then you have this representative calling tom
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cotton it seems they are aligning with the foreign minister who says this letter was a propaganda ploy. >> tom cotton is one of the brightest stars on either side of the aisle. he'd be the last one pushing us towards war. he would be the last one to sign off on a bad deal. if you want to look at bad relations, look at how we left egypt. we don't give them arms anymore. yet we have meetings with the muslim brotherhood. we even arm the ukrainians. we were allied with them. who is leaving our allies and also leaving us isolated? i don't think it's the previous administration. al. >> if they're so concerned about us dealing or talking with or getting involved with iranians, we're allowing the iranian generals to dictate what we're doing in the middle east against isis. >> we'll talk about that with
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benjamin hall. he has a documentary out about that very thing. a public meeting gets heated after a local high school teams canceled a game with a team named the redskins. >> talk about insuring her assets. taylor swift's multimillion dollar move insures she'll never go out of style. her short shorts and high heels make her extremely valuable. ♪ you're giving away pie? what would you like, apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? definitely cream. [reddi wip spray sound] never made with hydrogenated oil, oh, yeah... always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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fierce fighting rages outside tikrit as iraqi and iranian forces battle together to retake that city from isis control. our next guest experienced the front lines first hand for six years. benjamin hall is the author of inside isis. he will be hosting a documentary on our channel. as we watched the optimist of the surge go away and up comes isis because we walked away. what brought you to that region? >> six years ago i went out there to tell the positive story the surge was having.
3:18 am
where we saw westernization coming across. six years later we are reverting to a place that is worse than ever. >> what happened? >> the government disgrantled. iran sought an opportunity to spread its influence. it does that to this day. >> right now it is isis controlled in the area. isis is sunni. to win back that control they're using a shia militia. led by an iranian commander. >> that's right. >> is that going to work? >> not at all. it's impossible. in fact i've spoken to some of the shia militias for my book. we have the head of the force, who is leading that battle, he's on the front lines, and that really is a sign that iran wants to take back not just tikrit, but the whole of that nation. >> what's going to be the response from the neighbors if that indeed happens? what's been the response from saudi arabia, turkey and others?
3:19 am
>> this is the grave danger. you are seeing an escalation. as laern starts to get stronger, we'll see saudi arabia and other neighbors ramp up their support. >> how do we get someone like turkey involved on our side? >> i think that what turkey wants is the removal of assad. i think we need to support them with them. we need to be vocal that assad is a problem. if we do that turkey comes on board. they help close their porous border. they with their second biggest nato army come in and help. >> you do great reporting. you joined us from the battle lines telling us what was happening. al you saw the civil war take place. you saw these hostages being killed. >> in this line of work i mean the danger and we take that upon ourselves. we won't go to alepo anymore. i think in many cases it's suicide to do so.
3:20 am
there are wonderful places you can go and report on this conflict. you have to continue trying to tell the story. >> if you want to know what's going on inside isis you talk to people who actually were able to get out. you talked to a lot of those people to give us insight of the evilness of these people. congratulations on the book. it is called inside isis, the brutal rise of a terrorist army that you witnessed first hand. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. by the way, that documentary will be friday night. that will be at 10:00. coming up, what led officers to a baby trapped in an upside down car after 14 hours? >> i said was i the only one that was hearing this thinking i was hearing things. i talked to the other officer and they we all heard help us help me. >> what they all heard from inside that car will give you
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a mysterious voice calling for help this morning. brand new details about what led police to a toddler tropped in an upside down car after 14 hours. ainsley ainsley air heart is here. >> 18 month old lily was hanging upside down in her car seat before someone spotted her mother's car which was crashed. it was flipped over in the river. as rescuers rushed to that
3:25 am
scene, four police officers say they heard the same thing, which was a woman calling out begging for help. they can't explain who it was. because 25-year-old mother was killed in that crash hours before. and the voice that they heard was too mature they say, to be a toddler. >> when we all talk together i said was i the only one that was hearing this, thinkieth was hearing things. i talked to the other officers we all heard the same thing, a voice saying help us help me. >> those rescuers say the calls for help urged them to flip the call over. they were shocked to find the mother dead and the baby alive. >> we pushed the car on the side, whether it was adrenaline or what, it was incredible. i grabbed the baby out of the car seat. as i pulled her head up, i could tell there was life in her. i could see her eyes open. >> beautiful little girl.
3:26 am
she is in the hospital, but her family says she is going to get a lot better. she's going to be okay. police are trying to figure out exactly what caused that crash. many are calling this a miracle. >> thanks. a public meeting last night gets heated after two high school lacrosse teens cancel games with the neighboring town over their redskins mascot. >> once a redskin, always a redskin. somebody is offended by it, i'm offended by your last name. change it. when does it end? >> it's proof it is hurtful. i think that's maybe going to be proof to the other side that we do need to change now before, pretty soon lancaster will have to play themselves. >> will a school cave to public pressure? so tell us about the meeting. you were at lancaster you're the redskins, you've been around for long time. what are you trying to tell the public? >> you know, our mascot stands
3:27 am
for so much at lancaster high school. and, you know, people are trying to put us in a bad light right now. we've never ever used it in a negative way. and i just feel that it needs to stay. we need to stand our ground. and we need to show the native americans who are fighting us that it is being used in an honorable way. >> are their native americans on the side of keeping the mascot name? some say enough is enough and they're fine with it. >> from what i heard last night, it was pretty much all negative. there was a strong presence in the room last night who basically said he wanted to do away with any and everything that was native american mascot or otherwise. just get rid of it he said. >> schools in the area are saying they may boycott playing lancaster redskins.
3:28 am
what's the latest on that? >> yeah well, you know what? this is how i feel about that, that's only hurting the kids. i feel like that is a prompted move. i don't believe the kids don't want to play the sport they've been trained in that they've been working so hard at at their school. i definitely believe that was a prompted move by a higher up, if you will. >> what about the kids? in fact what about any of the athletes at lancaster, what are they saying? >> oh, you know i feel like this, it's been our mascot for years. and so to not play us now and decide that it's you know a derogatory thing toward anyone who is native, i mean that's just not the way that redskins are. we're not out to hurt anyone. this is -- >> you're proud of the name. >> proud of the name. absolutely. >> thank you very much. coming up is the v.a. going to pot? a huge announcement that would
3:29 am
give veterans an opportunity to get high on the government's dime. is this reform we're looking for, or is this a good idea? a live report straight ahead. then, tebowing could be coming to an end zone near you. is it time for tim tebow to make a calm back. happy birthday to carrie underwood. she's 32 today. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 allergy pill. so go ahead , inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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>> let us know if you're up for that or not. it is time to tell you this a historic bill from the halls of capitol hill will be unveiled. >> the bipartisan bill backed by a trio of senators will eliminate the federal ban on medical marijuana. >> good morning, the very least it will be fascinating to watch this play out, especially through the prism of 2016. the three senators who are going to introduce this bill later today, rand paul cory booker, and democrat kirsten gill brand from new york. what they're saying that in states that allow medical marijuana, 23 states, as well as the district of columbia, doctors who prescribe it and patients who lose it would no longer fall under the threat of federal prosecution. this is called the compassionate access research expansion and
3:35 am
respect states act. it is a mouthful, among other things "the washington post" reports that this would allow doctors at v.a. facilities to prescribe medical marijuana to veterans. we talk about looking ahead to 2016. rand paul has been a critic of the nation's drug laws. he is expected to mount a run for the white house. he has used this issue in the recent pass as a cudgel to go after jeb bush. we'll see what they say today when they unveil this legislation in about six hours or so. back to you guys. >> i mean that's interesting stuff coming through. those words were pretty strong towards jeb bush. >> very big topic. >> we're going to turn to heather nauert with headlines. >> good morning. hi there great to see you. another eric ally is pleading for the united states to help them. egyptian president el sisi sitting down for an exclusive interview with our bret baier of
3:36 am
fox news. he is appealing to president obama asking obama to play a greater role in helping his country fight islamic extremism. >> there is an arab ready force with the support of the united states, we can do a lot and we can face all the challenges that threaten the security of our country. >> president el sisi goes on to say egypt needs more weapon supports from the united states. and egyptians may not feel that america is standing by its side. secretary of state john kerry will also be in egypt this week to talk about military efts to fight isis. nearly 7 million dead americans have active social security numbers. and guess why may be using them? illegal immigrants. a social security audit just revealed that 6.5 million social security number holders are 112 years or older, and of that
3:37 am
group, nearly 70,000 people reported income, but their earnings didn't match the number holder's name. that means some people are using stolen accounts to apply for jobs. and then open bank accounts. more on this as we get it. a college conservative group is under attack this morning for asking to sit out of the lgbt sensitivity training and may lose its funding. the liberal students are calling the foundation at george washington university in d.c. a cancer and hate group because they asked for exemption from training because of the group'stricial values. al one group calling for their funding to be revoked. how much do you think taylor swift's legs are worth? she's got great looking legs there. would you believe they're worth
3:38 am
$40 million? so swift reportedly took out a huge insurance policy in case something happens and she's unable to perform. she began the world tour in may. $40 million. wow. those are your headlines. we'll head outside to maria molina to see what is going on with weather. >> good morning, hello everyone at home. we want to talk about the mild temperatures impacting a big chunk of the country. take a look at the current temperatures right now as you head out the door. 42 in new york city. you're in the 50s across the southeast. in the plains you're in the 40s in dallas and kansas city. high temperatures today, even better. 70s in atlanta raleigh kansas city. you're making it into the middle 50s in the city of chicago. it will stay like this as we head into the next several days. by the end of the work week we'll see colder air move into parts of new england and even concerns for snow as we get into this weekend. we're deal ing with the first
3:39 am
storm system that's perusing heavy rain across mississippi, louisiana. there is even threat for flash flooding across parts of kentucky and west virginia. the concern is we had so much snow a lot of it has melted, now we're going to be dealing with areas of rain on top of that. we want to switch gears a little bit. >> thanks a lot. you got a very good pass. al it went right to me. she's got it. it's time for college basketball tournaments. this morning we're getting in the spirit in the plaza. it all starts up tomorrow through saturday at madison square garden. you can watch it on fox sport one, the big east tournament. here is some other sports headlines making news. female viewership of college football will plummet because the ncaa will say players will no longer be able to show their
3:40 am
abs during games. some players have been rolling up their shirts because they're in good shape. they will no longer be able to remove the player from the game. if he rolls his shirt up he will not play. >> tim tebow not giving up on the nfl dream, the former heisman trophy winner eyeing a possible come back. he's been sharpening his skills and working on his spiral. he has not played an nfl game since 2012. he's been an analyst. a little bit of soccer magic. he would nail them to the back of the net. they go on to lose by a final score, 2-1. eliminating them from the fa cup. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of
3:41 am
sports. i was going to play with elizabeth, but i got someone else more formidable to play. >> i am so pumped tell me more about it. >> it will be college basketball. these kids will get to study at halftism but they will get to play from wednesday to saturday. can you get a shot from right here? >> let's see. that's pretty tall. how many feet is that? >> that's pretty much the look at it. ready? we can play. all right. >> you just let me shoot. >> you're not supposed to shoot at that one. >> oh. >> okay. >> hopefully brian doesn't like swap one back in her face like a little kid. >> he's trash talking everybody in here. we're going to bring it when we get outside. we're going to find out. this coming up, he pushed victims out of the way after blasting a bomb and then
3:42 am
casually bought milk. it's been new footage from the boston bomber's trial but judge napolitano said it could help his defense. >> wait until you hear de blasio wants to add to the list.
3:43 am
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as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to a quick look at the headlines. new york city mayor de blasio is being pressured to make lunar new year a school holiday. he recently announced schools would be closed for muslim holidays. it fell during winter break this year, but next year school will be in session.
3:46 am
next boxer rebellion day. ladies, you'll want to hear this, if a close relative like your father or brother suffers from prostate cancer you are most likely to get breast cancer. a new study confirming the link. the reason genetics clustering in families means the two cancers may have genes in common. >> take a listen to this never before seen footage captured after the boston bombing shows the killer buying milk at whole foods. it's part of a surveillance video shown yesterday to the jury yesterday. judge napolitano could say this could benefit the defense. he joins us to explain. >> you have a case where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming. you have almost everything on tape. and so what is the defense going to do? you actually gain credibility with the jury when you acknowledge the obvious.
3:47 am
when you don't try and shovel against the tide. what would you do with that tape of him buying milk after he was attempt today slaughter hundreds of people and succeeded in killing three of them? you would show this is not a normal person. there's something wrong with his brain. a normal person would be in a state of excitement and would be fleeing the scene. this guy is acting like nothing wrong had happened. why is that? because he's under the spell of the brother. this is the argument they're going to make. this portion of the case in which they show them before during, and after, and they show the horrific scenes of jeersinjuries is now over. we get into a technical part of the case. how did the bomb work how was it put together. what engineering went into it? the more technical it gets, the easier it is for the defense. because the more they can blame on the domineering brother and not this simpleton who they say he's a simpleton that's on trial.
3:48 am
>> when i see this video, i'm seeing someone who is on the runlooking to survive knowing milk can give you hydration and protein and you can last on it for a few days while you're on the run. >> i think you have a lot more intellect than the defendant does. >> let me pray prosecutor for a second. that shows a cold blooded killer willing to kill with absolutely no remorse. and maybe that works in the prosecution's side. >> yes. it does. that's why the prosecutors are not stupid. they didn't put this on there to help the defendant. they put this on there so they could make the argument. a good defense lawyer would try to take the prosecution evidence and turn it around. >> there is evidence of him dropping the backpack. you see how is so calm. you were building towards an insanity defense. you're saying that subtle the spell of the brother allowed him
3:49 am
to be so calm to buy milk after killing. >> i'm glad you said this. this is not an insanity defense. this is a defense that his level of blame, of fault, of culpability does not rise to the brother's. he was so beholden to the brother he was afraid to withdraw from this plan to kill these people. >> it doesn't excuse guilt, it takes him away from the death penalty. >> the opening statement practically admitted guilt but they have to prove the death penalty. >> inthe judge is friendly. >> he sure is. >> thousands of students walking out of an exam protesting against common core. one of those students coming up. be careful where you point your smile. it could be sexist. watch out.
3:50 am
3:51 am
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3:53 am
thousands of new jersey students taking a stand for their education opting out of a major common score standardized test. one regarded as complex and confusing. we are joined by one of the
3:54 am
students and her mom a professor and advocate for high quality public education. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. >> what grade are you in? >> 7th grade. >> you're speaking out on behalf of so many students who want to opt out. why do you want to opt out? >> there's a bunch of reasons i want to opt out. one of the reasons is the format of the test is confusing through the technology and the questions. first with the questions a lot of the questions on the test are multiple choice questions. but they're used for like when you evaluate readings or looking at essays. that's confusing because when you're evaluating, a lot of students take away a different meaning because when you're reading something everybody takes away a more important value. you can't pick an a, c, or b value for that.
3:55 am
there's not always one right answer. it feels like -- it's not actually measuring something important. >> sure. if you feel as though you can't succeed in this test it's a bad feeling. does your school and teachers support you in this move to opt out? >> it's wonderful because i have a really supportive school. the school district has been really supportive and made it clear that it's up to us, our decision. some school districts aren't scared of this, what will happen if a lot of students opout. they haven't been so supportive, threatening with detentions suspension and sit and stare if you opt out. >> in the face of that students are opting out because they care and believe in their education, as a mom, what do you want parents to know about this if they're afraid to have their student opt out? >> it's difficult. it's a decision that has to be made at the district level. we don't have a state law that products families if they want to refuse a child, there's nothing that products that child
3:56 am
from retribution except public embarrassment. as a parents i would say find out the policy is in your district. the exam is very complicated, costly and incredibly time consuming. >> it should benefit the kids. i have to say, i'm so impressed with the courage as parents and students to step up. >> thank you so much. >> well done. >> you know this test is not just about this test, it's about testing more broadly. >> thank you so much for being here. well done. coming up hackers could steer planes into one another. what? that's the warnging from the top usa lawmakers. what is like for our nation's heroes returning from war? it's shown in a photo series taking the nation by storm. that photographer and one of the veterans with us here next.
3:57 am
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are more responsive than ever. experience life well lit®. ...upgrade your lenses to transitions® signature™ good morning today is tuesday march 10th. the white house attacks republicans for trying to prevent a nuclear deal with iran. this morning the liberal media following suit. are these the real traitors right here? we report you decide. what led officers to a baby trapped in an upside down car for 14 hours? >> i said was i the only one that was hearing this, thinking i was hearing things. when i talked to the other officers we heard the same thing, arvoice saying help us help me. >> the voices they heard from inside that empty car will give you chills. men, listen up, you better be careful where you point that smile.
4:01 am
it could mean you're sexist. >> go ahead. >> mornings are better with friends. >> this is toby keith and you're watching my favorite tv show, "fox and friends."." i like both of your smiles. >> i'm confused by that story. i seem to be paying the price when i'm not on camera. has anyone seen heather nauert? do you have something to say? >> give me a smile. >> can't be sexist. >> i'll have that story coming up in just a second. we'll start out with a serious story, we've got brand new video coming in from north carolina. take a look at this. it shows the moment that an amtrak train slammed into a truck that was stuck on the tracks. on eyewitness catching it all and then screaming in fear. take a listen. >> oh my god. oh my god. oh, my god.
4:02 am
oh. >> 55 of the more than 200 passengers were hurt when the train was knocked completely off the rails. the truck driver was trapped while trapping to make some sort of a difficult turn over the tracks. witnesses say that he did manage to jump out of his tractor trailer when the siren sounded and the cross bars came down on his truck. we'll watch that story as we get more. we'll bring it to you. the university of oklahoma now shutting down one of its fraternities over the racist chant caught on video. take a listen. the university taking swift action to cut its ties with the organization. it's now ordered all members to move out of their shared fraternity house by midnight tonight. and we're now learning that members of a campus sorority are salts being investigated for
4:03 am
being rolls they had in the making of that video. in the meantime students are standing in solidarity with the school staging peaceful protests against that derogatory clip in oklahoma. the atf in major damage control mode. saying a proposal to ban certain armor piercing bullets was a typo. the agency releases guidelines that appeared to ban green tipped bullets immediately. those are mainly used for hunting and target shooting. the atf says the bullets were mistakenly left out of the guidelines and are still legal for now. sexism can come in many forms. >> you're a woman with a small brain. with a brain the third the size of us. it's science. >> there is a new study that shows that even a smile can hint at sexism. grad students claim there is such a thing as benevolent
4:04 am
sexism. that's when men put women on a pedestal and become too protective instead of helping them. friendly cues like a smile often apparently hint at this. we get lots of smiles from you guys around here. >> by the way, another reason why it's harder and harder to be a guy. now you got to split the difference between being too nice, too selfish, don't smile. don't open the door. why do we get up in the morning, eric? >> sometimes you wonder. >> you could smile at us anytime. we like it. >> there's a lot of pressure on kevin corke right now. >> he's the other guy that's got to worry about how to smile. >> after a week of stories and unanswered questions, former secretary of state hillary clinton is apparently ready to talk. new reports saying clinton will address her e-mail scandal publicly for the first time. >> kevin corke is live in washington, d.c. as the white
4:05 am
house changes their story. >> good morning for the record, i'm always going to smile. that's just the way i am. this is how i roll. the white house really is frustrated because they've been carrying water for secretary clinton because she hasn't been talking. that's how you get into trouble like when the president says one thing, and then the press secretary has to spend a whole new day putting out another fire. >> the point that the president was making is not that he didn't know secretary clinton's e-mail address he did. but he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and that server had been set up. >> those comments after the president told cbs that he learned about hillary's e-mail address in the news like the rest of us. sound murky? maybe. what's less clear is why benghazi investigators are still waiting for government records and e-mails from clinton years after the fact. >> the e-mails are the key to
4:06 am
understanding the truth about what happened in benghazi. there's one person that stands between us as the benghazi select committee and the american people and the truth about benghazi and that one person is the former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> and of course, they've been out there speaking on behalf of the secretary. democrats, republicans all asking her to come clean. she's expected to speak but not answer the tough questions. >> appreciate it. by the end of the week she'll have a press conference in the new york and make a big announcement. she'll be the first one running for the president of the united states. and maybe she is going before that have a press conference to say what happened with these e-mails. >> that is supposed to come in april. this may be part of a campaign ploy is what many are thinking. >> why this is so important we
4:07 am
get all the e-mails. ge dropped 500,000 dollarsing into the clinton foundation. boeing dropped money into the clinton found agds. there were 60 companies that petitioned the white house that got deals worked out and dropped money into the clinton foundation after. i want to see if there's any strings attached to any of those deals. if there is, she will have a lot more to explain. >> do the strings carry more. >> it's impossible for it not to. >> if any linkage to benghazi. trey gowdy think it's probable. robert gibbs all among the people saying you got to come and talk about this and tell us what you were thinking about setting up your own server. >> her trust factor is down 11 points. talk about this, being called a tater, that's what the
4:08 am
gop senators are being called here on the daily news. yesterday, you were speak ing with tom cotton, right? 47 republicans including himself wrote a letter to iran's leadership saying you have to consider the roll ipcongress here. if the president goes forward with the deal, it's pretty much going to be moot later on because it's going to be wiped out. do it the right way. they are getting slammed being called a traitor in the media and being called osks by vice president joe biden. this is what he said. this letter sends a misleading signal to friend and foe that our commander in chief cannot deal on america's commitment. the decision to undericate our president offends me as a matter of principal. >> do you know how republicans feel about being totally cut out of the secretive process when they have tried to pass a redslution that says you have to come back to us to have us sign
4:09 am
off on it. the president says if you do that i'll veto it. senators have been rounding up votes to overcome a veto. tom cotton is use today taking action said i'm not going to sit on the sides. i'm going to write a letter to those in iran. however that's made up to let them know we're a democracy, we'll have a say. the next president can unwind anything you're doing. that's when the white house hit the ceiling. >> he's got 47 signatures. >> not every republican signed up on it. >> the reason this is so important is because we are negotiating with terrorists. i don't care what you say, iran is a state sponsor of terror across the globe. al qaeda, hezbollah, hamas, we're negotiating with the people who sponsoring some of those terror organizations. americans don't want to see this. we're sitting at the table making deals with people who
4:10 am
want to kill us. they want to hit israel off the map. the grand moolah said it's time to -- >> the democrats are having a field day. so many, 50 of them didn't show up to hear benjamin netanyahu speak about the concerns he has. tom cotton has been called tehran tom. >> do you know what the problem is? the sanctions were working against iran. they were working. president obama said let's lift the sanctions first, sit down at the negotiating table and see if we can get iran to work with us. they will never work with us. they're developing a bomb. when they get close or when the inspectors get close to finding it and proving it, they get thrown out of the country. it's happened twice before. it's going to happen again. we're fools for sitting at the table with the the iranians. >> the president said trust me and let me get this deal through
4:11 am
and you'll see what a deal is. we've heard that before time and time again. trust me. >> the secretary of state is having trouble selling it to the sunni middle eastern nations. france has said i don't like how this is heading. al john kerry is looking to get the framework done by the 28th of march and have the whole thing done by june. now we hear something went wrong because they might want to extend the deadline. senator corker did not sign up. he said i've got to get 67 votes on my side that means democrats. they're afraid to alienate people by the tom cotton move. meanwhile a mysterious voice calling for help, this morning brand new details about what led police to a toddler trapped in an upside down car for 14 hours? ainsley earhardt is here with a
4:12 am
story that is giving everyone a reason to pause. >> including all of us. 18 month old lily was hanging upside down in her car seat all night long before someone finally spotted her mother's crashed car. it had been flipped over in an icy river. as rescuers were rushing down there, four police officers say they heard the same thing. >> we heard a voice, we heard someone say help me, help me now. that type of stuff. >> those rescuers say the calls for help made them work even harder to get that car upright. >> something was there. that pushed us harder. when we heard that voice, to us it was somebody is alive in that car, let's get in there and get them out. >> rescuers were shocked when they found only that toddler alive inside the car. they say the voice that they heard was too mature to be the young girl's. >> when we all talked together, i said was i the only one that was hearing this thinking i was
4:13 am
hearing things. al we all heard the same thing. >> her mother did not survive the car crash. al lily is still in the hospital but her family say she is getting better. police say they may not ever know what they heard that day. many are calling it a miracle. back to you. >> it sounds like a miracle indeed. thank you. >> cold water a long time. did you know this hackers can hijack a plane without ever even getting on board? how scary is that? up next details on a major cyber security hole in our skies. >> it's the american taxpayer's gift to illegal immigrants, free career advice and financial aid. would your government do the same for you?
4:14 am
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let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here.
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4:18 am
kennedy just that. i'm looking at the numbers here. 7,000 aircraft in the air over the united states in any given time over the course of the year. controllers handle an average of 64 million takeoffs and landings. these are all susceptible you say to cyber attacks? >> that's exactly what the jeo came out and said. the faa is using a lot of antiquated technology. they're using practices that are ancient. hackers can infiltrate a lot of the portions of the faa and take over certain pieces of planes. make planes appear out of nowhere. one of the most alarming things that came out of it was they have no ability to detect if a hack occurs or not. they could be already hacks and be entrenched init's faa and they could launch attackings against the safety of the aerospace industry. >> in your opinion nothing has been updated since 2012?
4:19 am
in terms of tech what can the faa do now to get up to speed? >> well, they're going to have to spend a significant amount of time rehauling their security program. what we're seeing if you look at how hackers break into organizations and government init's entities, they're evolving their attacks. and so you have to continuously update security on a regular basis or else you'll fall far behind. since they are so far behind right now it will take a lot of work to get them up to speed. we're talking unincrypted systems. it will take an overhaul to fix that issue. >> it seems they are behind on this one. with the potential for attacks. 7,000 7,000 aircraft in the air. thank you. now this coming up, a story that has you fired up and a town divided. a high school lacrosse being
4:20 am
told change your redskins name and moschate or else. your e-mails are pouring in. america's veterans like you've never seen them before. telling their stories in a photo series taking the nation by storm. that photographer and one of the veterans pictured are here live.
4:21 am
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time now for your news by the numbers. 17,000 is the cost of the priciest apple iwatch. it's made of 18 karat gold.
4:24 am
next $600000. that's how much the giant letters will sell for. hall of famers reggie jackson bought them. he will auction them off. 29%, that's how many americans call fox news the most trusted news network in america. coming in second cnn at 22 dead last is msnbc with just 7%. that according to a newpoll. the veteran's vision project is a series of portraits that goes beyond the uniforms. the photographer is asking the veterans to pose on one side of the mirror and tell their personal story in any way they choose. >> dozens of men and women have, including this retired army sergeant seen her in her portrait with her 10-year-old daughter. she's here with the
4:25 am
photographer. you came up with this idea? >> i'll shake your hand. >> thank you for your service. well, i am a college student in sociology sociology, i figured it would be a great idea to expand the perspective in human society about those who serve our country. >> when i saw your photo it's so moving. i think many people want to be able to tell their story of who they are. in a multidimensional way. when you look at this what do you think? tell us about it? >> for me, doing -- being a part of this project was a huge honor. these photos give veterans an opportunity to say so much without saying anything at all. a lot of times, you know when we sign up, when you go online you can see people commenting
4:26 am
saying things you chose to do this or that's part of the job. and this gives people an opportunity to see the human side, it humanized veterans. >> tell me what you see what you want to accomplish here. >> for me with this photo, i wanted to show that i have a -- i loved what i did. i had such a passion for it. i fought to stay in as a single mom. my goal with my photo was to show the struggle. it's hard enough to be a single mom. and being a parent is a huge job anyway. to voluntarily go and deploy, you not only have to tell your child you're leaving. at the same time you have to deal with people when you choose to excel in the military, sometimes you actually volunteer to go on that deployment. i got a lot of negative feedback about choosing to go. because i chose to leave my daughter. i wanted to show the struggle that i have in that picture of how it is that i still have my -- my heart is still there
4:27 am
but i'm retired for other reasons, but i just wanted to show that you can be a great mom and still do these jobs that takes you away from your kids. you're not leaving them deliberately. >> let's look at another photo here. an #-year-old tells the story of being left behind by parents. >> that is one of the most famous photos i have ever taken in my entire life. it's quite timeless. the dynamic of that picture, it explains how families serve as a unit. not necessarily just one person at the time within the family. she has two parents in the navy. they're still in. they were deployed simultaneously three different times. if you're not married i think you can still go on deployment and your child will have to be
4:28 am
left with a relative. the whole concept was the little girl's. >> one thing that strikes me when i look at these, these military heroes are fighting for the freedom of the people who are left behind that are praying for them. and that comes out in the pictures. >> the child you said was one of the reasons they considered suicide knowing the child was at home is the thing that kept them alive? >> that might be the case with a lot of veterans. i know with that family that wasn't particularly it. there's a different story with each picture. >> if we could put this photo back up. could you tell us this story. >> he's from washington, d.c. i know that his entire calling is running a suicide blog prevention blog. he talked about it in an open platform with the veteran community on a daily basis. that was his way of describing the alcohol and the prescription drugs that veterans often use to suppress the depression that
4:29 am
they have to overcome when they get back. >> some big issues you're tackling there. thank you very much. thank you for your service. >> coming up it's the american taix's gift to illegal immigrants. free career advice and college financial aid. the college giving away your cash. >> does this sound like you? >> i love my son. he's 11 months old. he is a god and i tell him so every day. a new study that says we might be raising a generation of narcissists
4:30 am
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4:33 am
. i've been personally selected to be a world famous model. >> i think you're limiting yourself at world famous, continue. >> i was approached by a modeling scout in the mall. >> i've been saying it for years and now it's finally been confirmed. my little monkey is the most handsome boy on the planet. yeah. >> hands off the moneymaker. >> can it turn your kid into a jerk? too much praise and coddling can turn your kids into a narsa cyst. there's a dutch study that followed kids' feelings. they asked the parents how much they praised them. they found a link to the amount
4:34 am
of praise and over praise. >> they end up being self obsessed. they say the correct thing to do is i love you even though you've got a lot of faults. unconditionally. you should not overpraise the kids. same thing with coaching if you praise someone too much, they become deaf. >> it's parenting coaching it's work. if you praise someone too much they're going to be a egotistic maniac. >> good job, by the way with that point. >> i didn't have time to do this study. >> why are the dutch always doing the study? >> they have a lot of time. >> are you praising the dutch with their study? they might get narcissistic over that. >> yesterday, i got on my son, i said you have to come home after school. he said i want to stay.
4:35 am
he goes dad you're an egotistical hot head because i made him come home after school. no, you're coming home from school now for sure. >> if you praise him and say buddy, go out for a while, they'll eat it up. >> after a game and they lose, if you say it doesn't matter if you win or lose, they want to hear look you got crushed but you gate better. tell the truth. >> truth. >> it's harsh. >> you're not that bad, you're not that good. i'll accept you anyway. >> don't take it to extremes. >> i love you a little bit. by the way, how weird is it for your son to quote your executive producer? >> are they e-mailing and texting each other? >> they must be. >> i think it was gutfeld? >> i'd like to praise both of you for the great job on the talking points and praise heather nauert for what is
4:36 am
likely to be a great news cast. >> you are the best ever. it is true. good morning i've got headlines to bring you. three jihadi suspects from new york city were just indicted by a grand jury on terror charges. they were arrested last month after plans to bomb new york city's coney island and also a plot to kill president obama. one of them, also planned to kill police officers if he could not leave the united states to fight alongside isis. they are set to be arraigned this friday. a public meeting get heated after two high school teams cancel games with a neighboring town's high school claiming that the redskins mascot is a offensive to native americans. here's what one outraged mom told us a little bit earlier. >> it's been our mascot for years. and so to not play us now and decide that it's, you know, a derogatory thing toward anyone who is native i mean, that's
4:37 am
just not the way that redskins are. >> the school says it respects the views of others, but does not plan to change the name. a public university now opening up a brand new student center specifically for illegal immigrants to help them get financial aid and career advice. and guess who is footing the bill? taxpayers of course. it's called the dream success center. it's at cal state universities. it's the fourth center of its kind in the cal state system. we've all heard of the bomb sniffing dogs, what about cancer sniffing dogs? scientists in arkansas have trained a german shepherd to sniff out thyroid cancer with 88% accuracy. frank is the dog, he's trained to lie down when he smells cancer. in samples from patients and turn away when he doesn't smell that. researchers say they hope to
4:38 am
design an electronicic nose using some of that data. fascinating. al part i've heard of that type of thing before. love they could potentially do that. >> those are amazing headlines delivered perfectly. >> you guys are the best. >> quite a great job. talk about amazing, maria molina, have you met here? >> she's out standing. >> you guys are awesome. good morning. let's go ahead and take a look at the current temperatures. i tell you something else that's awesome is the conditions we're looking at across most of the country. they're much improved compared to the past couple of weeks. 40s in the new york city, 30 in the midwest. the exception is across northern parts of new england, you're looking at current temperatures only in the single digits. high temperatures are going to be above what's typical for some of you across the southeast, mid80s in tampa. 70 for you in atlanta and raleigh. you're in the middle 50s in smk.
4:39 am
it's going to stay mild in wednesday and thursday. get out and enjoy it. we have a storm system we're tracking. it is bringing the threat for flash flooding in kentucky and west virginia. that's a concern not only because of the rainfall but also the snowfall that's melting. several inches of rain in louisiana and mississippi. >> great job. >> wow, how does she top that? >> the weather was great too. >> the weather is great. >> it is. the weather is going to get a complex. coming up, everything is going to go wrong, seriously, a new push to fight president obama's immigration amnesty plan, ken paxton says president obama is using his policies like they're already approved. the attorney general will join us now. >> some students learn a valuable lesson about fire.
4:40 am
they never saw this happening. >> back in 1940, this actor and martial artist was made an honorary marine, who could it be? e-mail us at with the answer.
4:41 am
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4:43 am
welcome back. we have some quick headlines for you now. an e cigarette blows up in a man's face while he's puffing away in bed. >> where is the e cigarette itself? >> it's stuck in the wall.
4:44 am
>> it's stuck in the wall. >> it stuck in the wall. it blew up in my face. >> before it exploded it burned and cut up his hand. the filter blew right into the wall. and a manhole explodes in china after four kids dropped a fire cracker inside of it. you can see them run away as concrete rains afterwards on the sidewalk. luckily no one was hurt there. your talking texas over there? >> with your permission. a new twist on the president's blocked administration order. the administration is facing allegations that it misled a federal court. illegal immigrants were already granted amnesty for three years. a texas attorney is out ranled. he filed a motion to get details and joins us live. mr. attorney general, you
4:45 am
thought when the order came down everything was on hold. >> the obama administration not only is violating federal law and the constitution, now in direct contravention of what they said in court, they're issuing work permits in direct violation of law and direct violation of what they said in court. >> you said three year daka documents, what is that? >> it was presented in 2012 where they allowed immigration for certain chinch. now they've expanded that under no direction from congress and they have added an extra year that these people can stay without filing. they were supposed to have that on hold until the court proceeding was done. especially after we got this preliminary injunction and they have not done that. >> they have not done that. that's in violation of the law and a violation in what they're going to say. your plan of action? >> we ever asked for discovery
4:46 am
because we want to know what they've done. we may not know everything at this point, but we have a hearing on the 19th of march. we should get a better idea of what they've done. >> how much damage is done and how hard will it be to undo it should the courts say this is unconstitutional, which many have already concleeded. >> that's been our issue all along. that's why we asked for the preliminary injunction. the whole purpose of this injunction was to prevent this very thing from happening. so we wouldn't have to answer those types of questions. unfortunately, now that the omadministration has ignored the court, we have that issue in front of us. >> now we find out the judge asked for another 11 days. it should be in hyperspace. we also hear about licenses, social security numbers also coming down the pike. the horse could be out of the barn. is that your fear? >> that is our fear. again, that's why we wanted the preliminary injunction. if we could have this on hold,
4:47 am
we could at least try the case, and we could have the ruleings based on the actual facts of the case. now that the obama administration has processed this it's going to be hard to go back. >> how many people could this affect, this law? >> they say 100,000 we'll find out, hopefully on the 19th. i think the judge will ask some of those questions. it could be millions of people. >> some say over 5 million. texas attorney general, outraged by what he knows because he listened to what the administration said. thanks so much we'll have you back once we get an answer. >> thanks for having me on. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. do you take pride in your lawn? why not get paid for it. cheryl casone is walking in the hall slowly. she's got the top five companies
4:48 am
hiring. on this day back in 1776 thomas payne common sense was published. julie andrews made her debut with bing crosby and nancy nancioleson. in 1999, believe was the top song. ♪
4:49 am
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. the answer to the trivia question of the day is chuck norris. our winner is nathaniel from
4:52 am
tyler, texas. you will be getting a copy of brian's book. all right. shopping around for a new job, one of the biggest stories in the country is hiring. here with that and other companies hiring this week cheryl casone from the fox business network. take it away. >> you know this name, yeah, 8th largest retailer in the country is macy's. they've been expanding. they also are really expanding digitally. they're mobile marketing and selling. they're trying to take the company online. thav got 4,500 jobs right now. in the stores and call centers different things. you get a discount for shopping. >> what about united health? healthcare it grew. it's expanding as well. what we've seen with obamacare is explosion in the healthcare injury. 3,000 jobs are open nationwide.
4:53 am
they need people who can work in medical, technology. everything going digital. they have good benefits. tuition reimbursement. they have an adoption assistance plan. more and more people are starting to get picky about what they want in their job. we're see egcompanies start to get more competitive for you. >> pushing wages up a little bit? >> a little bit. >> numbers slowly inching back up. true green. >> this is lawn care, this company has been a successful company. they've got 2000 jobs open. they need sales, management, it technology. what's fun about this, they have a rewards program. they have had trips to hawaii, bahamas, it's spring break we're thinking about the beach. this is a company that rewards their employees for performing and doing well. on a lower level, if you perform
4:54 am
well the company will donate to your favorite charity. that's what i wanted to bring to you. >> this is a strong company, edward jones. >> this is financial advisors. what we have seen with the changing face of wall street, we'll say it that way. is financial advisors is one of the top jobs that are hiring. this company is looking for vets and woman. al they've got 3,000 openings for the year. the goal is to hire 300 veterans. if you're a top performer in your first year, some of the salaries are averaging up to $100,000. people want advice for their money. but they also are expanding in places like boston and d.c. and across the country. they also offer medical, dental and tuition reimbursement. a lot of the veterans tell us they're nervous because they don't have the skill set.
4:55 am
edward jones will help you with that. this is home healthcare services, again, something i keep seeing grow. people don't want to age gracefully at all. they want to stay at home while they do it. they've got 100,000 positions open. home health aide, you don't necessarily need a bachelor's degree. they've been around for 40 years. they're actually -- got a proven track record. >> you have to be prepared for it. you have to be that personality type to do it. >> you have to be a good caretaker. >> don't miss cheryl on the fox business network going to hillary clinton will finally speak about her e-mail scandal. but is a a campaign ploy?
4:56 am
laura ingraham on that next. taylor swift's multimillion dollar move you've got to hear to believe.
4:57 am
at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which
4:59 am
could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care. good morning. it is tuesday march 10th. the white house is slamming republicans for trying to prevent a nuke deal with iran. what do they do? they blame bush. >> the efforts of neocons and the previous administration to do that, frankly hurt the country's standing around the world. >> this morning, the liberal media is following suit calling republicans traitors. take a look at that. and could a hillary confession be on its way after another week of scandal?
5:00 am
hillary is set to speak publicly about her private e-mail account. is it a campaign ploy or will she come clean? a slur, or a badge of honor. a high school lacrosse team being told change your redskins name and mascot or we will not play you. we will bench the entire team and organization. how do you feel about that? let me tell you our slogan. mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox and friends." >> i think in front of you that's like bragging. the biggest names. we tell you who's endorsing the show. >> were you waving to people out there? i thought you were waving to me. >> no. i like people. it's good. >> hello we're glad our friends at home are with us at this 8:00 a.m. hour. good to see you. here. lots to bring everybody at home
5:01 am
in headlines. >> we've got breaks news that happened overnight. while you were sleeping, a helicopter crash kills ten people including two top olympicens. a swimmer and a boxer, they were in argentina filming a reality show in the mountains there with other athletes when two helicopters that they were traveling in collided. crashing to the ground. you can see the aftermath of that. more as we get it. another fox news alert. the highway is back open after an amtrak train and a truck collided in north carolina. now, the moment of impact was caught on camera by an eyewitness who screamed in fear it. listen. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh. >> 200 passengers were on board
5:02 am
at the time. 55 of them were hurt. the train was knocked completely off the rails. the truck driver was trapped while he was trying to make a difficult turn over the tracks. al witnesses say that that driver did manage to jump out of his truck when the siren sounded and the cross bars came down on his truck trapping it there. also new coming in overnight. a potentially deadly scare above the skies in the new york city area. a man is arrested accused of aiming a laser pointer at two aircraft. police say a 36-year-old aimed the laser at a police helicopter and also at an air canada flight. it ended up injuring three people on board. those three pilots all taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. he now faces assault on a police officer and other charges among -- even more charngges as
5:03 am
well. would you believe taylor swift's legs are worth $40 million? what do you think of this? swift reportedly taking out a huge insurance policy in case something happens and she's unable to perform. she begins her world tour in may. remember years and years ago mary hart from entertainment tonight it was always said she a million dollar insurance policy on her legs. >> you have a policy on your guns? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> what happens with taylor swift leg experts will tell you. you have good legs and if you wear high heels and short skirts they look even better. taylor swift's case -- >> you could be considered an expert. >> he's got a leg up on
5:04 am
everybody else. ability i just figured why not. laura ingraham is joining us. >> i'm not going to raise my leg on the show. i will say both aireric and brian should insure their pecs. >> not a bad idea. >> all right. let's get into gear. apparently hillary clinton may be set to give some of statement about e-mail gate. do you think this is about 2016? >> contrary to what our friend said yesterday, it's not right wing talking points. it's like travel gate or any other gates during the clinton administration this is the washington post editorial page,
5:05 am
maureen dowd. any number of liberal commentators on television. there are a lot of democrats who have been speaking out publicly and writing in major publications that whatever this is it reconfirms the old stereotype of theclipt clintons who told themselves to different standards. i think the question might be what's taken so long for hillary to come out? if this was her personal choice and it's no big deal, i don't see why it's taken -- she's given all these public appearances emily's list and last saturday she appeared again publicly. no mention of this. so now we have to choreograph another event. >> you got to farm bureau people in her party and friends muts be ticked off. i'm not saying secretary of state kerry is friends of her but they're colleagues. he's over seas talking about the deal with iran and he's getting
5:06 am
questions about former secretary of state clinton's e-mails. you have senator feinstein there to talk about a deal with iran, yet most of the questions are about hillary clinton. david axelrod is talking about hillary clinton. robert gibbs is talking about hillary clinton. there has only been two people defending here. >> look i don't want to distract john kerry from selling out america in his talks to iran. we don't want to do that for sure. but i think again, i don't think anyone knows what's going on here except maybe close friends of the clintons. i think they're all treading lightly on this. even the white house, josh earnest didn't know about the account. but he kept the integrity of his emales. it seems like people are trying to put distance and waiting to see what hillary bestows upon
5:07 am
us. >> president obama said he found out about this by watching tv. that's like the seventh scandal. >> he's very busy. he has a busy schedule. you know, between espn and msnbc he's flipping back and fort and occasionally he finds out what's happening in the country. we know he was aware of the private e-mail account. it apparently didn't bother him or anyone at the white house. we also know that congress knew about this according to congressman shift knew about this last summer. some members of congress say they saw benghazi e-mails and no red flags were raised. we need to know more about that. i think at this point the one person we have to hear from is hillary clinton. we need to hear what she has to say about this. i'm looking forward to that. >> i know. it could be as early as today. evidently a few of us got e-mails saying meet you at the
5:08 am
un this afternoon. >> i'm sure the members of the united nations are dying to get involved in the iran, russia, ukraine, isis and hillary's e-mails. >> i'm just saying i would not have picked that venue. >> okay. >> they're worried about the personal e-mail of the former secretary of state. >> she's already announced the interview. ryan sea crest get the first interview. >> exactly it's all set. shifting gears, 47 signatures on a letter led by tom cotton speaking out to the islamic republic of iran about this deal the president wants to get done. a lot of it in secret. now they're being called traitors. these 47 republicans here. >> not all of them signed on. >> not all of them. but the signatures there you've got mitch mcconnell. ted cruz being framed as
5:09 am
traitors. what do you think about that? >> lindsay graham was one who signed that. tom cotton served two or three combat tours. he's a patriot, the idea of calling him a traitor is cheap. they're saying communicating with iran while kerry is there is going to undermine kerry's position in bargaining with iran. what congress has to do finally, maybe in this circumstance they'll do it t preserve the constitutional underpinning of any treaty negotiation which must be approved by the senate. the president went around congress for executive amnesty and the congress folded. on this, the congress folds, we might have nuclear fallout. pun intended. >> he was so angry the president yesterday and so was josh earnest. for josh earnest this is like a joe mcenroe rant. listen. >> senator cotton has referred
5:10 am
to his strategy to undermine this deal as an effort to prevent a diplomatic agreement. we have seen republicans time and again try to advance the military option ahead of a diplomatic option. the president doesn't think that's good policy. he certainly think it's good strategy. the truth is the efforts of neocons in the previous administration to do that frankly, hurt the country's standing around the world. >> i'm going to say something that might be off here i thought that was very odd for him to reference the neocons in the preerves administration in this context. to me that's a little flash forward to what we're going to see if jeb bush is a nominee versus hillary clinton. i think that was a little preview of what's to come. tom cotton american patriot. all these individuals are worried we will have a nuclear
5:11 am
event if the president goes around congress. it's worse than having 11 million people who are allowed to work. this could be a nuclear event if the president does not go to senate. they have to preserve their authority. the president is not listening to them. >> it's amazing that they're saying that this letter might prevent a diplomatic agreement with a terrorist state. >> it's bush's fault. they blame bush for they're going to blame bush for hillary's e-mails soon. that's what we're going to see. come on. >> one of harry reid's favorite topics is to get the redskins name changed in washington. now it's to a lacrosse team in new york. they're boycotting them until they change their name. your take on this? >> everything is politically
5:12 am
correct, i think the students think they're having their selma moment by acting against this other team. they can do what they want they can cancel the game. they're bringing in witnesses to say i'm more offended than the other guy. some guy is part indian says i'm not offended. i played for a high school, and we were called the tomma hawks. we played field hockey and softball, basketball. we had wonderful respect for native americans. it wasn't a slight. ulate understand some people are offended. but, to me dragging in the high school teams now into this controversy is being egged on be a lot of the adults who should act more adult in all of this. they want to cancel games. they're hurting the kids who are not playing. that's their decision. >> we have not asked her where she stands on that. >> exactly. i think -- inquiring minds want to know. go tomahawks. >> go chiefs. how offended am i in retrospect?
5:13 am
>> you hate your mascot. we loved our mascot. we loved our mascot. i understand some people are offended, you know we're offended by a lot of things. >> i'm offended by mr. med his head is huge. this coming up what led officers to a baby trapped in an upside down car after 14 hours. >> i said was i the only one that was hearing this, thinking i was hearing things. when i talked to the other officers we heard the same thick thing, a voice saying help us help me. >> what they heard from inside that empty car what they all heard will give you chills. what do you have against guys with big heads? you better be careful who you flash that smile to now. the smile might be sexist. i've been saying that for the longest time.
5:14 am
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family.
5:17 am
one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. can someone be competent at age 17 saying, i don't want the treatment, i want to die. even though i can live if i get the treatment? when we see 17 year oelds standing atop buildings do we say jump? i'm saying to you come down off
5:18 am
the building. i'll lead you down. i've been through this. >> last january peter johnson jr. urged a teenager who had been refusing chemotherapy. fox news legal analyst is back with the story. >> it's a happy day. the connecticut supreme court said she had to continue with the treatment against her wishes. she did and now the doctors report she is in remission but needs at least two more courses of chemotherapy to finish her treatment. she is 17 years old, but she says i want to leave the connecticut state hospital. i will do it from home at this point. so her view has changed. >> her facebook message said this, i will never be okay with how this all happened. i still wish i was given the right to explore and go with alternatives. hearing the news of being in
5:19 am
remission is what helped me accept the chemotherapy. >> my concern is she says she wants to leave the happy as 17 years olds would. i got news at age 18 i was in remission too. the doctors made it clear that unless i continue with the treatment i may not stay in remission. the first feeling as 17 or 18 year old, i'm cured see you later. >> what is your concern? >> she needs to continue. there's going to be a hearing next monday on this issue. >> where are the parents on this? >> mother was standing with the daughter and i interviewed the mother. and in my view, the mother was taking a very hardline position that forced the state to step in and act. under our law, a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old, 15-year-old, if a child is not getting medical treatment, then the state does in fact have a right to step in.
5:20 am
that upsets people. they say the government should stay out of my child's healthcare decisions. when you have an 80% to 90% cure that this girl has gotten already. the state does step in. that was appropriate and the right thing to do. and medicine is bearing out what should be happening. >> without treatment she faced new certainty of death within two years. >> absolutely. she would die. it's a pernicious horrible cancer. and she would have died. and to allow a 17-year-old not to get that treatment that is like letting a child jump off a building. >> let's pray she stays in remission. >> absolutely. god bless. >> peter johnson jr., thank you. great work. coming up a popular boy's name now on the verge of extinction extinction, is it yours? is it eric? >> i hope not. republicans upset with this treat saying you never notice
5:21 am
you never see black conservatives at the same time. i'm pretty sure they're the same dude. the talk show host that called him out on it joins us live next. bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall.
5:22 am
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♪ >> well, it is your shot of the morning. party on the plane. a flight attendant going viral. entertaining passengers and dancing to "uptown funk" while passengers board. how fun. it turns out before becoming a flight attendant she was a break dancer. proving it here. >> do you know what i like she's not just doing it for first class, she's doing it for coach. you pay differently, but we're entitled to the same entertainment. >> do you know the bad part of that? it was a red eye from vegas to new york. >> enough with the dancing. >> i could be shot of the day. >> i hear she's got moves,
5:33 am
heather nauert. >> i wish we had time for music. >> good morning everybody. we'll move on from there. we've got brand new details to tell you about a very serious story. about what led police to a toddler in utah who was trapped in an upside down car for 14 hours. four rescuers there say they heard a woman's voice screaming for help. listen to this. >> when we all talked together, i said was i the only one who was hearing this thinking i was hearing things. i talked to the other officers we all heard the same thing, a voice saying help us help me. >> they can't explain where that voice came from because the child's mother in that crash had died. the 18 month old is in the hospital. the great news is she is getting better. our prayers go out to that little girl this morning. caught on camera a child abdicator running down the street clutching a two-year-old.
5:34 am
he was snatched from a stroler. the child's sister and brother start chatsing him. an elderly couple called police. al the little boy was left unharmed in a vacant lot. a texas judge who blocked president obama's immigration policy is accusing the government of misleading him. illegals were deferred prosecution. earlier, the attorney general expressed his outrage. >> they are violating federal law and the constitution and now in direct contravention of what they said in court they're issuing work permits in direct violation of what they said in court. the judge ordering the department of justice to explain this at a hearing next week. we'll cover that. sexism can come in a host of
5:35 am
different forms. >> you're a woman with a small brain. it's science. >> brian was calling that a documentary. brian. >> it's a comedy. >> it's real to me. >> we're not saying thath as a man. >> there is study. they looked at this and they say a smile can hint at sexism. there's a new study that claims there is benevolent sexism where men put women on a pedestal. they become too productive instead of helping us grow. friendly cues including a smile hint at this. we are smiling, there are so many adorable kids in our studio this morning. >> you heard screaming during that newscast, it's not us it's you at home. there is somebody in your house. >> i do have screaming children in my house, that's for sure. i'm used to it. it sounds like air to us. >> let me tell you what everyone is saying.
5:36 am
i do put women on a pedestal i will product them that's how i was raised i will not change. >> they need to get a life y love getting a smily face. >> what is next? do not blink your eyes because it may be flirting. yes, betty, thanks for taking our side. men are putting in a corner and we have to stand up and fight back and be nice. >> if we are angry, would you be ron burkegundy? >> steve carell. i am a fan. elizabeth, what do you have coming up? >> i'll take your smiles any day. on sabrina the teenage witch she was known for working magic on her wardrobe. do you remember this? now she is doing the same thing for kids. you hear them over there getting excited with her new line of clothing made just for young boys. actress melissa joan hart joins
5:37 am
me. >> my husband and i, we felt like with our three boys it was hard to dress them and find cool cute clothes. we wanted to help out that industry. i wanted to get in the business world. i wanted to have something tangible. >> speaking of we've got cute kids. you're a great mom. i know this, you love kids. you know they want to move. tell us about this first outfit. >> he is hiding in his jacket. hudson, where are you buddy? show them the stars. where are the stars? there are the stars. inside the jacket. this is called our montauk line. our spring collection is inspired by montauk new york. this is our jacket, our liberty tea. our mason jean which has reinforced knees. this is one of my favorite
5:38 am
little styles. >> i some so glad you came out to hang out with us. who else is here with something fun to wear and show us. >> where is tyler? there he is. he's got on our brady cargo shirt which has the sweater and our surfer tee? here comes your little brother. >> do you want to show us what you have to wear? >> this is all made in america. the price point is competitive with other companies we seem to like. this is our lobster tee. our tucker camo short. >> i see a lobster on your shirt. >> this is a tucker shirt? >> yeah an unfinished edge. >> they can clearly move and have fun in your clothing because they have been running all over the studio today. >> there goes the little one. >> do you have plans to do girls' clothing? >> we will probably do girls recollect but right now we want to do boys.
5:39 am
jagger. >> it says king that was our water color. he's got the mason jean as well can you show him the h? our h for hart. we have a buckle on the back of them. a farm buckle. >> a high 5 for the great job you're doing? you did a fantastic job. >> we have something for you. this is for your boys. >> you get cute clothes and i get a little something from you. she is top notch when it comes to mom hood. king of hart. >> >> i think they're popping into brian's e-mail or something. by the way -- they're on the curvy couch. a huge announcement happening today that can make medical marijuana legal for people across the country. senator rand paul is one of the lawmakers behind the bill. he is going to join us live next.
5:40 am
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5:43 am
hi quick headlines. the secret service is testing ways to knock dangerous unmanned aircraft out of the sky. apple finally tells us what to watch for in the new apple watch. the new gadget gets notification and calls by connecting to an iphone. but its price is under fire. it's $349 for the entry level going up to $17,000 for the gold version, which i am buying eric. speaking of eric. >> thank you, brian. a group of three u.s. senators headed to capitol hill today to introduce a historic bill that could put an end to the ban on medical marijuana. tell us about the proposal and who you're joining forces with?
5:44 am
>> you know a number of states have legalized medical marijuana. it's used for palliative treatment. let's say you have ms and there's no cure. and it helps you to deal with it or cancer or ads or something that modern medicine isn't treating. there's are a lot of treatments you can use but let's say you need palliative therapy. i think people and states ought to have the freedom to try this particularly when there's no cure for a disease. >> i think you pointed out a lot of military personnel would have access to that that they may not have right now, is that right? >> yeah, the thing is, we need to allow the states to take a chance and see if palliative therapy can help these people. and i think it's more freedom -- more freedom the better. >> senator, talk to us a little bit about another project you're working on. it has to do with civil for
5:45 am
forfetcher tell us what that is. >> the government can take money from you without convicting you or charging you. in fact the most famous u.s. attorney for doing this is loretta lynch. she confiskated $110 million worth of people's stuff and just kept their money. it turns justice on its head because you're presumed to be guilty until you prove you're innocent. i'm opposed to this. i've met with the president about this. we're putting forward legislation that says they shouldn't be able to take your stuff without a conviction. >> we have a couple of examples. motel caswell claiming some incident happened a the moletle. >> $1.5 million motel. they accused six of ten are
5:46 am
selling drugs out of the motel not under the permission of the motel. they take the motel. one of the reasons they took the motel, even those there are other motels in the area that had the same problem. they took this motel it was paid for and they can keep the proceeds. a couple weeks ago in philadelphia, a teenage son was selling $40 worth of illegal drugs out of a house. they confiskated the house and kicked the family out. how is this helping a family that's struggling with a teen teenager that's on drugs? there's another case, a man was stopped for speeding, not given a ticket, but $29,500 in his car was seized. >> he was taking the money to his church. it was from one church to a head church in another town a couple hours away. no one accused him of being related to the drug trade or getting this money illegally. it shouldn't be the onus on him
5:47 am
to prove he's innocent. the government should have to prove you're guilty before they take your stuff. this is going on all the time. when "the washington post" looked at it last year, a disproportionate amount of the people were poor, black or hispanic. this is another evidence of the war on drugs not being racist on purpose, but in advertently having a racial outcome. we ought to be conscious of this. the people who are affected by it are conscious of it. the president is interested in doing something like this. it's funny the president will come forward and say he'll do something about it but then he'll bring someone like loretta lynch forward. a gym revoked a woman's membership after she complained about sharing a bactroom with an
5:48 am
transgenered person. let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hemmer and martha hour. >> good morning to you. 47 republicans send a letter to iran. what they are saying about the threat of a nuclear program. big story today. isis is gathering more support. who is joining their deadly force and what it means tr the u.s. another right wing conspiracy? hillary clinton may address the e-mail concerns very soon. we are watching that. would you wear a new watch to keep you healthy? martha and i will see you at the top of the hour here in "america's newsroom."
5:49 am
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including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. transgendered troubles at planet fitness. one gym goer in michigan getting
5:52 am
her membership revoked about complaining a man using the women's restroom. this person wanted a new transgendered bathroom. planet fitness called itself a free zone. so, serious subject here. planet fitness says it's abiding by its policy what do you think? >> here's what i think. i think it's not good enough. in other words the policy is said to be saeptding of everyone, it isn't because the truth is people have feelings about this. they're not settled on the fact that when somebody says, declared i am of this gender, but they are anatomically and genetically of another gender, people who is that individual have strong feelings like i'm being viewed potentially while
5:53 am
unclothed by someone who looks to me to be of the opposite gender. they need to account for that and not judge the folks who feel exposed. >> you say? >> i'm going to take this from the legal point of view. the legal point of view in michigan is planet fitness is allowed to have this policy. i think the word that was key when i read their policy was sincere. if somebody sincerely believes they should be in the men's room, they're allowed to use that bathroom. and under michigan law, that's okay. and under planet fitness' policy, honestly they could get rid of you for almost any reason they could come up with. here the reason was she went to management and complained. >> this woman -- >> she complained and they said well this is our policy. then she went back to the gym monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday and told the other members. they said you're annoying the other member and we're excluding you. >> were they afraid she was
5:54 am
trying to get other people who felt the way she felt and didn't feel her views were being respected? >> it's tough to speak about, because we're so politically correct now we get tongue tied. this is craziness, you're kicking out members because they feel uncomfortable that someone who seems to be a man to them and is genetically is looking at them naked. >> legally speaking planet fitness could go either way. she could -- >> you're just the truth is you're taking refuse in the legal issue. >> i'm the lawyer. you want to do the psychiatry? >> all the more reason to look at this globely and culturally. we're being bullied to accepting things that are untrue to our core feelings. >> i'm going to read the club's statement. non-discrimination policy states members and guests may use all
5:55 am
gym facilities based on their self-reported gender identity. >> how about this is my boy who happens to be 12 and they have an 18-year-old policy sun searly believes he's 18 is he going to be a member? how about if somebody sunincerely believes they're a different race? are they going to be treated as a minority? >> someone believes as a woman she was being viewed by a man. in her locker room which is fe zone. legally, shouldn't they require to have a third place so that someone would be more comfortable comfortable? >> may they should be. under michigan law they are not required. there are issues about who was behind partigdstions and see anything. >> anybody who objects to the idea they would be seen naked by a member who seems to be of the
5:56 am
opposite gender to them should quit their membership today. how is that? >> this is a hot topic right now. >> great points, not legal points, but great points. >> thank you. more "fox and friends" just moments away. stick around. americans... 57% of us try to exercise regularly. 83% try to eat healthy. yet up to 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, physical energy support with b vitamins. and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins. we're here today asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell them that bush's baked beans
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i got one for the record. female viewership. college football is about to plummet because players will no longer be able to show off their abs during a game. they call it an equipment issue and players will be rumoved from the game if you can see any of their boxes. >> they're serious about that. oh no. >> can i throw a picture -- there he is. 16-year-old eric chase and his junior prom date right there. >> how fancy. >> 11th grade.
6:00 am
>> all right. and thanks dad. when was the prom? >> friday night. >> how did it go? >> perfect. >> did he come home? >> after the show show. >> we'll see you then bill: thank you everybody. fox news alert. hillary clinton said to address controversy surrounding her private email account as the firestorm grows over her time as secretary of state. so, what will she say? when will she say it? i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom." >> i'm good. good to have you back. i'm martha mack. good morning, everybody. likely presidential candidate is expected to speak publicly from new york, quote, soon on this issue but chairman of the house select committee on benghazi, trey gowdy says all he wants to see from hillary clinton are months of missing e-mails his committee requested but never received. >> i have


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