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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nuts the same way again. the real story with greching starts now. >> thanks very much, guys breaking news from the national guard on the military chopper crash. new questions about whether our taxpayer dollars funded hillary clinton's server. and will medical marijuana be available for all veterans? i'm gretchen carlson and the real story starts right now. >> kicking it off with a fox news alert, after a blackhawk helicopter crashes off the florida coastline, crews confirm human remains, along with debris, both have washed to shore. the blackhawk went down during a training drill. the 11 marines and soldiers on board are now presumed dead. we're told the search and rescue mission is still under way.
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>> is sheriff's office has 30 individuals out here right now and if we could have more we will, because we're trying our best. >> you have boats? >> we have boats, atvs, we have our command bus up here, we have different units from to the sheriff's office that we're utilizing and we'll be here as long as we're needed. >> foggy weather conditions were reported in the area at the time, though it's too soon to say what caused that crash. and another alert to tell you about, because new fallout over hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. hillary clinton's aides say that -- this lawsuit coming -- counsel for the ap saying quote, the press is a proxy for the people and ap will continue
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it's action through the associated press. what's the administration saying about this latest ap lawsuit? >> defense in his daily briefing trying to deal with all this because the associated press is going to be suing something they have been demanding through the freedom of information act for some five years, public and private calendars of the secretary, but also correspondence between the secretary and other top aides, some of whom we're learning now may have had private accounts of their own and may not have been using state accounts. it's fat's fas naturing because when josh ernest was being hit with both this any lawsuit but also the new questions yesterday, he kept referring everybody back to the secretary. >> i would refer you to secretary clinton's team on the process that they undertook. it's her responsibility and the responsibility of her team to make that review. so if you have questions about
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the procession that the they went through to catalog that e-mail, i would ask that you ask them. >> the administration is dealing with the fallout because of this, they're trying to pichbtd it back to the clinton team. it's the state department caught up in, because they're going through those thousands of pages that the secretary has turned over but they're wondering what else might be there. >> something hillary clinton said yesterday raising new questions as well about who actually paid for that private server. >> it could have been and that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of. because if you listen very carefully to how the secretary answered one of the questions and phrased where the server started, it sundays like it was the former president's office where it started and remember taxpayers fund the former president's office. listen to how she phrased it. >> the system we used was set up for president clinton's office and it had numerous safeguards
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and there were no security breaches. >> obviously former president clinton also has the clinton foundation office where the server could have started i stress could have but he also has the former funded office and -- the secretary is saying, no, no, no. remember another important point, she talked,safeguards, it's bierried in a funding request to congress from the state department they reveal in there that they were hacked nonclassified servers but that's raising questions about how secure their nonsecure, maim e-mail. let's bring in monica
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crowley, online opinion editor for the washington times and a fox news contribute for. is it our server? is it taxpayers' server? what's your thought s on all that? >> she's claiming that it's her personal property, it's her private -- there's a question as to whether it does belong to the taxpayer when she was operating as a secretary of state, which is a high level but federal position paid for by the taxpayer. >> why would. she accept this third part audit for coming in there. they never got any of the records, now we know why, now you have the ap suing the state department. would. it just be easier to let a third person come in? >> yes, but when do the clintons do anything the easy way? it all comes back to the whole point why she had the server on her property and the private e-mails and the private server to begin with. >> why. >> it was all about control and
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concealment of access. to why didn't she show up with the server and say this is the server of the american people and turn it back to the american people. some think she had something to hide which is why she set it up in the first place. >> one issue that many people want resolved is the benghazi situation. and then you have -- >> he can subpoena the e-mails he can subpoena the server and then there's going to be a legal battle because if she's claiming it's her property, she could probably fight the subpoena that remains to be seen. the question is that the e-mails she said she deleted yesterday, and she's putting a number on it because she said it was about half, again 30,000 e-mails, but we don't know. we have no idea if she sent 100,000 e-mails, 500,000 e-mails and completed 250,000 of them.
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we have no idea so the question is is there a third party server, say an anti-spam server or the ultimate based in dubai and denmark, the company that serviced her server. >> before i let you go, i want you to listen to the very first question again from the press conference yesterday because it hit me like a ton of bricks. was this question planted on purpose? listen to this. >> madam secretary, why did you opt not using two devices at the time, obviously if this didn't come out you wouldn't -- probably wouldn't have become an issue. and my second follow-up question is, if you were a man today, with all this fuss be being made? thank you. >> well, i will leave that to others to answer. >> all right, are we to assume that that question was not
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planted? i mean immediately to become negligent gender focused immediately. >> the members of the press who were there yesterday were select bid the clinton team. i find it hard to -- if she decides to run for president that sexism will be the new racism. and by that i mean, that charging racism was the left's go to smear when it came to barack obama. if and when she runs, charging sexism will be theirgo-to sphere. monica thank you so much. let's turn to the technology side now, because hillary clinton says she can't turn over some of her e-mails because she deleted wins that she said were private, like e-mails between her and her husband. but you can count the number of e-mails he sent on one hand.
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>> i sent a grand total of two e-mails when i was president. one to some of our troops in the aid aid yachtic when we were comfortabling our operations in kosovo and one to john glen when he was 77 years old in outer space. i figured it was okayive congress subpoenaed those. >> and what are the ways that the clintons searched for that e-mails. let's talk first of all about how they would have gone about searching for those e-mails that needed to go to the state department. how should that have happened. >> there's really a lot of tools that do that. companies use that for e discovery, where they're looking
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for files that are related to a lawsuit. there are key words they will search for, context sources of e-mails, destinations, those tools can be very effective in giving you access to 99% of the content or e-mails in this case that are related to a specific content. having said that it's very hard to be perfect in those systems so there may be some things where it might take a human being to understand a certain context of an e-mail or a context to understand is it rel varnlt or not. >> what about the claim that she deleted all these e-mails? ning in 2015 knows that e-mails are never really deleted, are they? >> one thing about digital conduct is that it's really easy to create and really really hard to get rid of. it is possible to delete some piece of con tent, but it does take multiple steps and those e-mails may be off that server, they could be gone forever, that's something that could be true.
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>> how would that happen? because it's my understanding that you have backup of a backup. >> what you need to do is look at the audit trail of all the places it went the devices that it was recorded on. that is general to possibly do. then you have an exercise which is not insignificant but it is possible to then go to each one of those devices and make sure that each one of those e-mails was dleelted off of those devices thaengd you need to go to the backups of those devices and understand were those e-mails backed up. >> meantime brimpb ean the state department says it -- this new info buried in a funding
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request. none of the state department's e-mail used encorruption. a lot going on there. the fact that classifyied information or even nonclassified could be hacked says what to you? >> there's multiple layers, tens of thousands of users these systems are vulnerable e-mail systems are highly vulnerable,or highly targeted not only for the content that they have but the content that leads you to be able to get more information at a later time. >> so if the state department can be hacked, you got to wonder about her private server as well. brian fitzgerald thanks for your expertise. amid the fire storm in
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ferguson, missouri after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed teen, police sources in the st. louis area telling fox news just now, police chief tom jackson will resign later today. we are told jackson is stepping down on his own and he is not being forced out. in the justice department report that i mentioned that came out last week, for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of african-americans in that town of ferguson. iraqi forces reclaiming parts of an isis stronghold. so is is battle for tikrit wages on foreign policy leaders on capitol hill today talking about the terror group's sphere of influences. plus new details about a man embroiled in a home invasion situation. now there's questions about the
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prime system, buzz he involved? >> he states that he's strapped to he has a bomb he's sitting in hiss car, and the perp traitors also put a bomb on his mother's dead.
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fox news alert to tell you about now because we're getting reports of a shooting at the florida home of rapper lil' wayne. officers say they received a 911 call from someone who claims he shot four people. you can see the home there on the left of your screen. right now we do not know if anyone was injured during the shooting. the rapper is okay, and was not home during the alleged events. the rapper has had several rung ins with the law and served prison time for attempted gun possession. our own steve hargrington on the
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way to the scene. top officials responded to the obama administration's strategy to dpe feet the terror group. ash carter saying three years to fight isis, in the plan laid out by the president may not be enough and the threat of our security is as strong as ever. >> isil as an organization is likely to evolve separate teej strategically, while continuing to threaten the united states and our allies. >> lets see what lieutenant jacks keane has to say about it. i'm sure you were watching this general as it was playing out today. on the one hand, it seems like the new defense secretary was
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saying that yes isis is the world and the united states biggest threat. but at the same time he was sort of saying that he would stay with that three-year plan was he not? >> he was frying to split both of those issues there. it really doesn't make much sense, gretchen, certainly isis is an organization that is metastasizing, using his words today, and we see that in egyptian sinai, boko haram, this is a growing organization. some of these affiliations are aspirational, but isis is very real where isis is actually assisting those organizations. let's assume we -- the problem is this, we have no strategy to defeat isis in syria it will clearly go beyond three years because we don't have a ground force to do it now. isis stays in syria is
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continuing to export it's version of radical islam around the world and it can also put together a force to go back and retake what it lost in iraq. that is the central issue that we're facing here. >> and they also went on to say that iraq will not authorize force outside of iraq and syria unless a very high threshold is met. so a lot of information coming out of that hearing today. it has to do wither rang. addressing the isis battle in iraq general martin dempsey saying iran had an influence in the country long before isis was created. >> iran is not a new -- in some cases it's their economic -- -- in other ways, it is shrill been disrupt disrupted -- so what did you
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learn today about iran and the united states? >> well, he's right, in terms of when near influence began back in 2004. and it actually grew rather significantly in 2006 and '07. what's ironic here is that the maliki led government defeated in 2008 thore iranian backed -- after that when a new administration came in in 2009, this is just months later, they pushed iraq aside pushed them away bitically in 2011 we pulled away militarily and iranians influence was growing rather sfachbltly. that is the problem that we're dealing with today and it's growing as we speak. >> one of my favorite places, i spent many summers out there as
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as the kids age 10 and 8 say they were playing with their 22-year-old brother when a strange man approached them. >> baby sitting for a long time. >> wow little girl was screaming as she ran. alerting two teens who joined the chase as well. and that's when the suspect left the baby well, he just left him in an empty lot. the would-be kidnapper is still at large. scary story. and new details now on a bizarre home invasion and foiled
11:27 am
bank robbery plot. s.w.a.t. teams swarming a bank in -- police say the robbers broke into the executive's home where they also tied up his mother. but officers now looking into whether the executive was actually involved in his own plot. trace gallagher is live on this mystery. what did you find out, trace? >> it's been more than two weeks and police still won't say whether the bank executive is a victim or a suspect. he is 40-year-old matthew yesman who lives with his mom, said he came home to find two men wearing ski masks inside his home. they tied up him and his mom and strapped what appeared to be a bomb to his chest and sent him to the bank where he is to the chief financial officer. they said if he edidn't fill up the bag with cash, they would detonate. but he called the bank's ceo telling them to evacuate the
11:28 am
building because he was on the way to get the cash. the bank executive called 911 and listen to how matter of fact he was. he states he was the victim of a home invasion overnight. that his mom who reside with him is strapped to a bomb as well as him and he's instructing us to vacate our branch. >> matthew yesman never went to the bank because the -- then they went back to his house to find that his mom had untied herself and there were no home invaders inside. and investigators also finding it strange that when he called the bank's ceo to tell him he had a bomb on his chief. he wanted them to identify the packs of bank money, that money with the red dye, now police have confiscated yesman's cell
11:29 am
phone, and lots of the other items from his home and there are no suspects and the story is drawing a lot of skepticism. we'll keep you updated. >> there seems to be a lot of story this is week with a lot of questions, trace gallagher, thank you so much. does hillary clinton need to firmly declare asap? could this scandal torpedo her campaign before it gets started? and what about the cost of that entire investigation? what's it going to cost you and me? >> i don't have a cost estimate for you, i don't anticipate we would, but million have outstated regardless.
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. hillary clinton trying to put ow the firestorm over her e-mails. she said that some of her e-mails were sentimental like chelsea's wedding and her mother. most of the time she communicated with foreign officials in person or by telephone adding, kwoetz the review of all of her e-mails revealed only one e-mail with a foreign uk official. is that really believable? mark larson is a radio talk show host in southern california, leslie marshall, welcome to the two of you, all right is so
11:34 am
mark, is that believable, just that one little nugget alone? >> are you asking me that just because i'm a man, frechgrechening? >> maybe she's accurate in this what difference does it make terminology because the short attention span of the american people, might mean that this will change and it won't matter, she's not as lovable as bill. she it's got some explaining to do. as reagan said, trust but furify. >> the questions with respect all posed that aol of the people have, but honestly i don't think necessarily that she's equipped to answer some of them. and i say that as a business owner who at one time for many years thought a server wiz still somebody who brings my food to me in a restaurant. so as i said before, she's not
11:35 am
going to work for google any time soon, and this is going to go on so i think more questions are going to be asked, more answers and more scrutiny. >> she did some right forward, in had been ailing days so no doubt, mark she consulted with a lot of attorneys and other folks about this whole thing. >> these are the clintons after all and they don't do anything accidentally or at least in the mop up they know how to handle it. the fact that she even mentioned yoga, which is an image that i'm trying to get out of my head and her mother's funeral. all of that was calculated, it's what they do. we eshouldn't be surprised about it. >> shouldn't she be able to answer who set up the server at her home? >> one of the questions i think both democrats and republicans have, a lot of americans have is who set inthe server who's the administrator of the server,
11:36 am
. >> do you think she should have been more forth coming and taken more questions yesterday? >> i honestly think she should have come out before -- >> go ahead, leslie and then mark. >> i think she should have come out to address this before yesterday and i think there will be more questions in the future so i was okay request the fact not everything was asked or answered yesterday i didn't think it would be just because of time. >> i thought it was interesting that she was able to do it opposite the card natural's funeral. a lot of explaining yet to do and i want to see what was deleted. it's got to be very fascinating.
11:37 am
>> it is always nice to have agreement. leslie and mark, take care. time for my take now we don't have enough time on this show to the go through all of the unanswered questions from mrs. clinton's press conference. the biggest one for me is this, are we supposed to believe that hillary clinton never discussed state biz with anyone at dot-gov e-mails. so so they were saved in the government's archives. but to me, this is the essence of why she may have set up the private server and only used private e-mail. did she have her closest advisors also using private e-mail accounts? in that way, those the e-mails would never be deemed government business, but plenty of business may have been being discussed. they would simply be seen as private e-mails between hillary
11:38 am
and her closest advisors. no dot-gov anywhere. which all leads to the biggest question of all, how will we ever know? now to another big issue, there's still the cost of tracking her e-mail trail. when democrats raised a stake in 2007 to cover political e-mails lost during the bush administration, it cost taxpayers a whopping $11 million. so what will hillary clinton's e-mails cost us? eli lake is a columnist who and joins us today. >>itis hard to necessarily put an exact dollar figure on it. but mike pompeii owe said it's going to be expensive. just to vet the e-mails themselves and see how much information was released,
11:39 am
they'll really paying the bulk of the cost for the employees who have to go through these e-mails and find out what can be released what can be sent to foya, and what can be sent to the committee and so on. >> moneyhundreds of e-mails. she did not send them elect strongically to the state department, they printed out 55000 pages. so i can only imagine how many man hours that would be. >> that is the way the federal records law is written in that you have to provide paper versions of it because this was done after the fact it does kind of create this workload because of 50000 pieces of paper like this is a lot of -- that's a lot of work to go through. and you have to have in some ways more than one expert. it's not just like you can have a few people looking for, this is sensitive, this isn't sensitive.
11:40 am
>> it woiltd have made a lot more sense from a taxpayer point or view to just have a government e-mail. that is certainly, i think a lot of people have made that point, and i think it would make more sense from a taxpayers perspective. another point it raises is that it's clear that hillary clinton isn't one of these politicians that isn't on e-mail, as lindsay graham claims he is not on e-mail. but not having e-mails when you're a secretary of state is suspicious to say the least. time to check in now with shepard smith reporting from the fox news desk. you're good at asking questions shep. >> what time is it? >> it's 20 minutes from the start of your she what do you have coming up?
11:41 am
>> lawmakers on capitol hill are fighting over the president's plan to take over the slaunlislamic state. we'll talk to a colonel who spent decades dealing with military intelligence who will explain the process of taking back tikrit is just a minor win in a very long war. plus why he says, worthing of the current bill in congress that they're debating has the potential to tie the united states hands not just with isis but also with iran. that's coming up at the top of the hour. >> just one more little question, was that a private or a work e-mail? >> that was a private. that was my stepmother asking about the sec basketball tournament this weekend. i have full disclosure. >> no questions for you anymore. thanks so much see eyou soon. and we are are waiting right now on the real story for defense secretary the new one, ash carter, he's going to give his first press conference since taking over at the pentagon he
11:42 am
says isis is the biggest risk to our national security. he just said that this morning, so what is his plan to diminish the threat. >> a search for military service members, in a blackhawk crash off the there coastline. we'll be right back. help join a continent with nearly 3 million rugged square miles with a single broadband connection. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach
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welcome back to the real story, some news now from the racing world. nascar has reinstated driver kurt busch following his domestic violence incident with his former girlfriend. busch will return to his number 41 car this weekend at the phoenix international raceway. new defense secretary ash carter addressing the threat posed by isis on capitol hill now about to take questions on the same topic on his first press briefing as secretary. what more can be done to stop the terror group from spreading
11:46 am
it's control in the northeast andnortheast -- middle east and some right here in america. joey jones is the executive director of boot, and he joins me now. we eheart him testifying this morning and new we're going to hear his first press conference, what advice would you give the new defense secretary? >> absolutely, for sure he needs to become a leader in our department of defense he needs to lead our military their morale their effectiveness, their training one topic on the president's plan is a three-year end date, this secretary was fairly critical of that calling it a -- now he supports it. what we need from a secretary of defense is someone who can lead our department of defense and lead our military personnel. >> and give them good morale, i know that you agree with that. how the you go about doing that when you have this huge social media campaign by isis. and it's attracting young people from all over the world, including right here in the
11:47 am
united states. >> you know, one thing that's incredibly troublesome to me is the idea that our congressman and our president and our secretary of defense are debating the defense of this three-year plan, and the observance of no ground troops. if isis can mount a recruiting campaign via twitter, they can see that we are distracted on the nuts and bolts of how wire going to kill them. what we need to do is send them a message is that they're about to lose their life. >> i want to put this picture up on the screen because it shows more of their propaganda and how successful they are in showcasing things that are incredibly startling, obviously the beheadings, and now we're seeing this photo of a young boy, who's no doubt been indoctrinated into isis with a gun into the head of an israeli spy who was a hostage. we don't know if he actually
11:48 am
kimmed him, but this image alone does what? >> you know what that does, for one thing it's horrendous, it's horrible, but in my opinion if they're running in near of theirfear of their lives, and we're running behind them, they don't have time for these tactics. but the popularity of such a thing goes away free'sly when the people doing it are dying daily because they're evil and they're promoting and propagating evil things, we're not taking military action and we're not putting trooms on the ground to defeat them just yet. >> there's a new move in the u.s. senate riling now to ease federal restrictions against medical marijuana. democrats -- provide access for military veterans in state where is it's allowed.
11:49 am
>> today we join together to say enough is enough. # our federal government has long overstepped the boundaries of common sense fiscal prudence and compassion with it's marijuana laws, these laws must change. >> yessy good or bad idea. >> compare marijuana to prescription painkillers who are being doled out by physicians every day. today marijuana is a viable option of preventing the symptoms of is traumatic stress disor. he was addicted to painkillers and it was controlling hiss life. you look at thingslike zoloft that is used to treat those same symptoms, it comes with headaches, its comes with all types of things, it's crazy to me that marijuana isn't even afforded the turnlt to be researched at this point, and i
11:50 am
have a lot of veteran friends who are self-prescribing through marijuana, moderate amounts but say it's making an effective change 34 their life. vetd trans who have jobs, who are not lazy i heros that are hurting, absolutely hurting every day. if this is a viable option use it or give it a chance. >> always great to get your thoughts. have a good one. fox news alert now. breaking information on the u.s. military helicopter crash as we await the news conference. ash carter, he was addressing that just a few moments ago. we're going to get an update on that chopper. it's believed now that 11 marines and other soldiers may have died in that crash that happened overnight. we're going to bring you more on that and this first press conference as secretary. we're going to bring you more of
11:51 am
that right after this. why are all these people so asleep yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. fox news alert. we are now just moments away from a press conference on the crash involving that u.s. military helicopter. it went down during a training exercise overnight. there was a fog advisory at the time of the accident. we are en route to the crash site and joining me live right now on the phone. what is the latest on the search for the victims? >> you mentioned that fog. it was very dense overnight and even into the morning. that was preventing helicopters from conducting an aerial search. it was all done by water. overnight, small vessels were searching santa rosa sound, a 3
11:55 am
by 17 mile area for these missing military service members who presumably went down in this helicopter. overnight, they found a debris trail which they describe as consistent with a military aircraft. now officials confirm that human remains have washed up on shore. but officially, they are still handling this as a search and rescue operation. the fog has lifted. it's overcast, but helicopters are able to go up and we're seeing a lot of activity in this area. >> what do we know about those on board? we know there were 11 people. >> correct. no names being released pending notification of next of kin. we do know that the 11 included seven marines and four national guard air crew members. the national guard members were out of louisiana and the marines were all out of camp la june.
11:56 am
those marines part of a special operations team conducting routine drills when obviously something went terribly wrong. >> we'll bring that to you here on fox when that happens. jonathan thank you. >> my pleasure. it's no sket it's been a brutal winter. this calves hot tubbing days are going to be behind him? what the heck is that?
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
some of the u.s. forces. i'm wondering if you think that is a broader unmet need in iraq? do other countries need to step up and do more of that? and are you also considering any additional military support for the operations in syria? >> well, so far as and kurdish forces in counter


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