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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. it is friday march the 13th. we start out with a fox news alert. a massive manhunt right now for the person who shot two police officers in ferguson missouri. what we have learned about who is being questioned as the protests continue in the streets tonight. >> obama's response on late night tv. >> you can't generalize about protestors it turns out had some very legitimate grievances. >> what else he had to say in his first comments about the shooting. >> new clues 8 years after a teenaged girl vanished without a
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trace. the new pictures the fbi wants you to see first. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. right to the fox news alert. a massive manhunt underway for a person who shot two officers in ferguson, missouri. police and swat teams scouring the area for evidence. >> this is fresh protest filling the streets overnight. police and missouri highway patrol are in charge of security in ferguson. we are live in the midwest bureau. he has the latest. garrett good morning. >> good morning heather. police say they have several leads that they are following in this case but no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified. yesterday detectives spent hours
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canvassing the police department. they zeroed in on one specific home. two men we are told from neighbors before brought out in handcuffs and one woman. they were brought out for question questioning on why it is they were focusing on this specific home. they gathered the scene of the shooting for the candlelight vigil. a small peaceful group of protestors carried on shortly before midnight as well. as for the police officers shot incredibly 12-hours after being shot in the face and shoulder both of the officers have been released from the hospital. the 32-year-old who was shot in the face you can see the helmet here the bullet is lodged in his head behind his ear. doctors say it is not really bothering anything he said. crime stoppers is now offering a
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10,000 dollar reward for any information lead to go the arrest. two u.s. congressmen in missouri are offering 3,000 dollars as well. heather? >> we heard about a lot of protestors being from out sited of ferguson outside of the state. police are not saying who it is they are looking at right now who any of the suspects they are following. it is from the area in ferguson. the first night most of those individuals that were arrested from the st. louis county proper. with regard to hate crime charges that is not something police on a local level has been mentioned at all. they have apps and hate crime
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charges to be brought and locally for prosecutors and police it is not something discussed at this time. heather. >> the froess continuing through the night. the protestors outside of the police station last night seeming to blame the entire situation at least some of them did on our own officers. our own steve harrigan talked to the protestors. >> what's your reaction to the fact that the police officers were shot there? >> you have to expect it to come back towards you none of that happened. those two officers are alive. mike brown is dead. you can't expect them to punch you in the case and not punch them back. if wilson was sent to prison none of this would be happening right now. >> i think it was a setup by members of the police fraternity. they operate like the kkk. they did it to make themselves out as victims. the victims are black people.
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>> we are out here for not only our black lives. our black lives matter mike brown's life matters. if we can't have a community at the end of the day that includes our police what are we out here for? we shouldn't be shooting in i one. >> president obama sparking criticism over his response to the shooting of the police officers in ferguson. >> first the police officer turned out on twitter and later last night on jimmy kimmel live. we are live in washington with the latest. mike we image there will be a lot of talk about the appearance last night and also the twitter postings. >> heather good morning. president obama said his thoughts and prayers are with the officers and families and stuck um for both protestors and
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police. >> the justice department shows they were being stopped. >> before that interview the president sent this out kwie lens against police is unacceptable unacceptable. our prayers are with the officers in missouri. he signed it bo. attorney general eric holder called it a pure ambush. >> this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a punk. punk who was trying to show discord in an area trying to get its act together and trying to bring together a community that haefrn fractured for a too long. >> one said holder has been part of the problem. >> the people in missouri are looking for law and order and
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looking for a governor who will lead i say and they have had it with this tending toward violence protest in the street. they have had it with the holder justice department. oo will oo the head of the largest police organization calls the ferguson attack a hate crime. >> police officers are targeted all over the country. enough is enough. we have called on the administration and congress to declare these style of attacks as hate crimes. these guys were shot because they were police officers. >> they called the attack on the officers repugnant. the critics say holder has been jabbing at police when a punk went too far. >> a lot of concern about the tone of this and the tone of the president and eric holder. what are you hearing from elected officials?
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>> you see professional advocate tore tate tors -- agitate tors. the there's concern about pouring gasoline on the situation. bottom line there's concern about being careful with language because you see an explosive situation and you don't want to make it rs would. >> words certainly matter. mike emanuel. have a great day. the white house is only respectful of police when it is politically convenient one said. >> some people thought i was engaging in hyperbole. the assault on the american officer continues. it is unfathomable we have gotten to this point in the united states. it was my biggest fear when president obama and eric holder
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said these things. on one hand they say these things and then they say things like when the president says our police are poorly trained and they have a fear of people who do not look like him. when they make those sorts of statements they are fanning the flames of racial discourse. >> the only way to stop the deadly violence is to stop fighting police and trying to disarm them. >> the risk of icesis spreading again this morning. islamic state terrorists express the terror group boko haram in a message called kill or be killed. they urge fighters around the world to join boko haram. the reach has expanded from iraq and syria to africa. they have killed an estimated 10000 people last year alone. those hundreds of young school
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girls are still missing. >> a big concern there. two pakistani born brothers living in south florida confessing to plotting terror attacks at new york city landmarks landmarks. they are pleading guilty to charges and assaulting two marshals while in custody. both arrested in 2012. one admitted to biking around manhattan scoping out targets at times square and wall street. they plan to use bombs made from chemicals and christmas tree lights. >> hillary clinton's personal e-mail server may not be as secure as she claims it is. hack kerrs and it bloggers said they have serious problems with security. >> chief correspondent has the latest. >> former secretary of state
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hillary clinton may have new demands about her e-mail. a republican is planning to open a formal investigation as early as friday into the legal implications of the handling of her e-mail and server. the spokes terne dubbed the latest question of whether he signed a t document. >> it was more than two years ago. i don't have the answer on that. >> they had to sign this separation statement and account for all records or they can face fines or imprisonment. the former secretary raises a question if she is trying to play by different rules. it was set up by president clinton and had numerous safeguards. a source told fox it was paid out of pocket by bill clinton so he owns it. another question the safety of
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the private server. i am aware of the classification requirements. >> that left the door open to receiving classified e-mail. >> it is almost a certainty that her aids are sending her messages and referring to classified materials. she is the architect of american foreign policy. that's classified. that's not unclassified. it defies logic. >> the time now 12 minutes after the top of the hour. brave escape. the never before seen video at the boston marathon bombing trial. the daring dash. >> forget about the executive principal's office how about cleaning the bathrooms heather? we will tell you about the school whose punishment is raising some eyebrows. >> it has been hours and it won't stop crying.
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ññ >> the search for suspects who shot two police officers in ferguson missouri intensifying as police follow several leads. they narrowed it to this home but no progress made. >> this as st. louis county police and missouri highway patrol take over the security. both officers now out of the hospital and recovering at home. >> the man was car jacked by the accused boston bomber shares his terrifying story with the jury. he recalled before the jury the tsarnaev brothers hijacking his
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car and stealing $800 from his bank account. the jury saw this grand new video of him bolting out of his suv and running into a gas station across the street and that's where police are able to call for help. they used the gps tracking device to hunt down those brothers. it left tamerlan tsarnaev dead dzhokhar was arrested the very next day. >> new allegations against the two secret service agents accused of driving drunk. turns out they also drove right through a crime scene near the white house where there was a suspicious package. moments later they crashed into a security barrier. sources telling fox news the two senior agents nearly ran over the package being investigated which ended up being a book wrapped in a t-shirt. one is mark connelly second in command for president obama's security detail. both agents have been reassign
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reassigned. a fox business alert to bring you. there is a major car recall you want to be acare of before you head to work this morning. >> this involves a dangerous health risk. >> gm is calling the chevrolet volt plug in to fix a problem that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. the electric vehicle drivers sometimes have a hard time telling when the engine is running or when it is using a battery. they can be poisoned if it is left on. both affected are from the 2011 to 2003 model leers. a fix is the software update that limits the time the car is idling. >> lauren, a sign of the times a lot of folks these days doing on-line degrees. there's another university joining those ranks. >> absolutely. it is a full-time on-line master's from medical science coming from yale university. the first ever for an ivy to
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offer an on-line degree. the reason is you have to train more physicians assistants. the country needs 33,000 new pa's in the next decade. yale partnered with on-line learning software company called to you to help out. admission requirements and tuition are the same on-line as the regular yale on campus programs. >> good idea. it is convenient. i ask any parents "frozen" has been a big hit to disney and our wallets. frozen 2 is in the works? >> yes. kristen bell who plays anna, she tweets this. it is a picture of her sleeping on a bag of ice writing dreams are willy do come to frozen ii. it has made more than a million dollars since its release. disney shares yesterday hit a lifetime high. heather? >> everybody let's sing along
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now. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour. there has been a major break possibly in the case of a missing girl. the brand new clues 8 years later and how the fbi hopes you can help. >> forced to wear fitness trackers as the apple watch gets ready to go on shelves. why you could soon be required to wear one at work. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 ® if you've had a severe allergic reaction
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>> 23 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert to bring you right now in the case of a missing girl in cleveland. ashley summers vanished 8 years ago when she was 14 years old and now a possible break in the case. >> patricia stark is here with the brand new clues and images the fbi wants you to see. >> patricia tell us about this.
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>> ashley's family has been desperate for answers. ashley was 14 when she fan nished back in 2007 after getting in a fight with her mom. she was supposed to be staying with her great uncle but disappeared. they have been holding out hope all this time. now they have a p brand new lead to find her. pictures of a woman wanted for identity theft in rhode island closely resemble ashley. that woman was captured on atm surveillance surveillance. now the fbi wants to talk to her and find out if there is a connection. >> during one of the times they are using the atm cards there was a great photo taken. there's a striking resemblance to the atm photo. >> it is the closest picture we have seen that resembles her. is it her? i don't know. it's the closest picture we have seen. it is worth looking into. >> the fbi is launching a campaign to find the woman in that picture. putting up billboards up and
2:25 am
down the east coast. investigators are sharing a sketch of the tattoo that ashley got shortly before disappearing hoping someone may recognize it. help locate now 21-year-old ashley's mother just wants her daughter back. >> call us come home. i love you. >> the fbi is offering a reward for information about ashley and the woman seen in these surveillance pictures. >> patricia stark, thank you so much for bringing that to us. thedoes the punishment fit the crime? a lot of folks are talking about this. students are cleaning bathrooms if they act up in school. it's an elementary school called cesar chavez. it is part of a community service program that forces students to do chores instead of detention. some parents are outraged at how the school is addressing bad behavior. >> i had to pick up trash once
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in the street and then i had to pick up towels on the floor in the bathroom. >> i think if a students gets in trouble i am fine with him having detention maybe doing extra schoolwork. >> what do you think of that one? is the program is now on hold while the district investigates. we will keep you posted. >> a new device could be a dream come true for parents. (baby crying) >> it is called quiet night. it claims it reduces the child's crying by up to 50 percent. it is for children as young as 4 months old. it comes in two parts an app and a toy. here's how it works. the child pulls on a handle attached to the toy and the app plays soothing music. they say the more they fullpull on it the more they like that song. over time the app learns what the baby likes. because it ep couldn'ts them occupied it means less crying.
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it is expected to go on sale in october. >> i don't know. i think all parents should have to deal with a crying child as i have with two. but nice if it works. if it works. s>> it is 26 minutes after the hour. a massive manhunt tensions rising this morning as the shooting of two police officers with the gunman nowhere to be found yet. the breaking developments for ferguson. >> bourbon drinkers, why it soon could be off the shelves. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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>> a massive manhunt. furgasonring furring /* ferguson on edge. >> you can't generalize about police officers. you can't generalize about protestors who it turns out had
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some very legitimate grievances. >> and stealing your money, hundreds of thousands targeted tax cam. scam. the warning you need to hear. super man story a gift to a child in need. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> fox news alert. police in ferguson missouri scouring the area of any evidence of who shot two police officers yesterday. the massive manhunt. >> police and missouri highway patrol taking control of security. garrett tiny is live wither mo. any new information? >> police say they have several leads they are following in this case. they don't have any suspects and no arrests have been made.
2:32 am
it remains the number one priority for the police department. yesterday detectives spent hours canvassing the neighborhood surrounding the ferguson police department. at one point they brought two men and one women out in handcuffs. it was just for questioning and no arrests were made. several dozen people in the company were gathered for the shooting with a candlelight vigil. more city officials it was a much less heated environment than wednesday night when the shootings occurred. less than 12-hours after being shot in the face and shoulder both officers han very leased from the hospital. the 32-year-old shot in the face he still had the bullet lodged behind his ear and in his head.
2:33 am
doctors said it is not bothering anything for now they are going to leave it. crime stoppers a offering a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest two senators are offering information to an arrest as well. i want to ask you about this. this is something we have been following closely. protestors any evidence of regret on their part? >> last night is any indication the largest protest that we have seen in the last several weeks. there was little over 200 people that were there and very loud and very passionate. if you talk to them they are not going anywhere until the changes they want are made. exactly what the changes are isn't clear. they are calling for the resignati officials. there's a lot of groups that are
2:34 am
protesting each with their own specific agenda the things they are hoping to accomplish. were the end is it is not quite clear. >> meantime president obama is sparking criticism over his response of the shooting of two police officers in ferguson first on twitter and then on jimmy kimmel live last night. mike emanuel is live for us in dc with the latest. >> president obama warned against generalizing about police and protestors in a late night comedy show interview. >> i think what is happening in ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protests. there was no excuse for criminal acts. whoever fired those shots they
2:35 am
are criminals and need to be raised. >> before the interview they sent out this tweet quote violence against police is unacceptable. prayers are with the officers in missouri. it is one all of us must travel together and signed it bo. a tweet was a pathetic response. earlier in the day they called the shooter who held two police officers a punk responsible for a cowardly attack. >> i want to condemn these repugnant attacks. for all of us in the law enforcement family and all americans across the country are praying for safe recovery of the two officers. >> the fbi are solving this crime. >> attorney general holder has been anti police. >> they have had it with the
2:36 am
holder justice department that wants to come in and put the full weight of their power on the side of the mob and against the forces of peaceable law and order in our community. we have had enough of this. >> lawmakers say the shootings of the police officers undermine and darntarnish the image of the protestors and note that all lives matter. heather? >> i would say they are not just punks they are also criminals who attempted to shoot two police officers. should we expect hearings on capitol hill following this latest incident in ferguson? >> heather, i have covered the united states congress for four years now and one of the key roles is over site. one would expect after they make an arrest and find out who is responsible that lawmakers will call hearings to basically get at root causes here and try to figure out what went wrong in ferguson and try to make sure it never happens again.
2:37 am
>> the shooting of two police officers is the latest violence between protestors and police. some critics say based on a false narrative believe they were advanceed by the white house. >> let's not forget or lose sight of the historical facts here. the police were not saying hands up don't write me a ticket. they were saying hands up don't shoot. that narrative has been rejected by the evidence that came before the grand jury and the evidence that came before the justice department. you know eric holder wanted to find wrong doing on the part of darren wilson with every fiber in his body. he was unable to do so. let's not pretend either that this is an isolated incident. for months there have been orchestrated attempts to kill and injure police officers. if they did officers so-called militarized equipment that saved police lives.
2:38 am
>> the department of justice finding that brown never put his hands up to surrender. >> the three men supporting the terror organization and trying to travel to syria to fight along side the extreme is. they were on the police surveillance for several months before being arrested two weeks ago. they find out his fate for punching and ultimately killing a referee during the recreational soccer game. he punched the river rejohn benowitz knocking him out after being ejected from a game. benowitz died two-days later. >> coming back to america today, an american healthcare worker stationed in sierra leone who became infected with the virus arrived later for treatment. the nurse nina familiar was
2:39 am
treated. chief medical editor nancy snyder man announces her resignation after the fallout from her failure to observe the quarantine when she returned from liberia last fall. >> an out of this world price tag. >> launching four identical observe tories from cape canaveral florida as part of a billion dollar mission. to solve the mystery of magnetic explosions in space those blasts caused solar flares and space weather that can disrupt satellites and power grids. they are trying to investigate them. >> the space program is back up and running. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour. joined in terror isis has a new partner and message as the fbi warns of a brand new threat.
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it may soon be key in stopping crime. >> are you chazrazy? >> he won't answer until a station break. >> the world wants to hear from you. >> can't you shut up? i am busy. >> tv watching can take over but wait until you hear the extreme one mom went to to get her kids to stop watching. if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't seen this commercial.
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just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. >> a change of commands st. louis county police in missouri highway patrol is taking over security in that city. this is protests and visual spread up overnight. outside of the police station where the two officers were
2:44 am
shot. the search continuing to intensify as police are following several leads this morning. rewards tote tag ofalling 13,000 for any information. both officers are said to be out of the hospital and recovering at home. >> now to a fox business alert fake irs agents manipulating taxpayers out of a million dollars in a massive nationwide tax scam. ashley is here with more. what do we need to know? >> good morning, heather. it is being called the largest scam of its kind. investigators say this is what happens. fake irs agents call victims claiming they owe taxes and threaten jail if they don't pay up. the con artists demand payment through a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. they can manipulate the caller id to make it look like they are calling from an irs phone number. since 2013 more than 366,000 people to being targeted with
2:45 am
more than 3,000 people falling for the ruse. they were conned out of a staggering $15.5 million. investigators believe there is more than one group at work including some overseas. even a top irs official received a scam dall as did a u.s. senator. so far two people in florida have been arrested accused of being part of an operation that zoved people in call centers. they are being first by mail that never demanded debit card credit card or wire transfer. >> thank you for the information. to find ashley and the others on fox business network log on to listen to this one. apple has a new watch but we could see a new trend.
2:46 am
talk about big brother. you may have to start a health tracker at work. there's a new study that estimates 13 million of the tracking devices will make their way into the workplace by 2015. they want to know how you are doing. this will combat the rising costs of healthcare. >> taking matters into their own hands. 27-year-old emmit smith he needs a kidney transplant. the young father has been sick for two years. he is on dialysis. his wife came up with a plan to find a goen another. >> i was trying to find a way to reach the most amount of people and i was trying to be creative when doing that. >> it is in your face and it stays there. we are really hoping something comes through with this. we put everything out there. >> the ads runs for another
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three weeks. >> a double cop killer is now fighting for freedom. we want to tell you about the ridiculous reason this guy says he deserves to be released from prison. >> you have to do that. buy up your bourbon. why it is only a matter of time before it will be harder to get. >> brian kilmeade is here from "fox & friends". >> how are you doing? i have to tell you what's coming up and see if you like it. are folks responsible for fanning the flames in ferguson. we are going to examine that. we are removed from a school for violating the game. it is a story that has the town seeing red. should college students be required to attend gay and lesbian sensitivity training. they are going to find out why they are under attack. a diet pill.
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helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day.
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welcome back. right now the grip of isis spreading as islamic state militants accept a pledge of allegiance from boko haram. live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: and of course one of the big concerns has been the growth of isis or at the very least the spread of isis kind of thoughts. that's what we may be seeing here. isis has released an audio tape accepting a pledge of allegiance from boko haram.
2:52 am
this is a real concern for u.s. officials as they try to tap down the spread and influence of the islamic state. >> this p enormous challenge to us to find the people who are responding to that siren song, to track those who are traveling and find those who might be motivated to radicalize and stay in place but engage in behavior. >> while isis may be relatively successful in spreading their message they are also suffering some setbacks. we saw in recent days from saddam hussein's home hometown that they did suffer some losses there as iraqi military forces backed by iranian backed militias were able to win back some ground from isis fighters there. >> thank you, doug. he ambushed two police
2:53 am
officers but now this black panther wants out of jail because he plays the flute? herman bell gunned down nypd officer shooting him 22 times and also killing his partner. bell says he is a changed man because he has gotten a masters degree and has learned to play the flute. officer's widow saying he should be locked up forever. >> they see their wives have holidays with them and see their grandchildren. my husband is not here. he is not going to grow old with me. i'm going to grow old alone. >> if a court grants him parole bell will be the first black panther set free after killing a police officer. he had an affair with his teacher and killed her husband and now billy flynn has been granted parole. flynn was a 16-year-old high
2:54 am
school student in new hampshire when prosecutors say that pamela smart convinced him and three friends to murder her husband. flynn got married in prison. smart is serving a life sentence in prison for that murder. in the army it is more likely than you think. flirting with the idea of using elephants to sniff out bombs. they definitely have the nose for the job. early tests in south africa show they have been able to successfully sniff out tnt. more on the massive manhunt for the suspect who shot two ferguson police officers. and a real life superhero story. iron man delivering an unforgettable gift to a child in need.
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let's take a look at our weather across the country. here it is. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at
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before you leave the house today a look at what is happening. a massive manhunt is underway
2:59 am
for the suspect of the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri. what do you think is fuelling the antipolice rhetoric and what can we do to stop it? a new fbi mission to find a missing ohio woman. ashley summers was 14 years old when she disappeared eight years ago. president obama heads to the v.a. hospital in phoenix for an update on efforts to try to improve care there. the center was at the center of the national scandal. the good, the bad and the ugly. a special gift delivered by a real superhero. >> i think yours might be better than mine. >> a 7 year old from georgia
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getting his very own iron man themed artificial arm. and decades ago makers under estimated how much bourbon would be consumed today. since the federal government requires minimum of up to two years there may be a shortage. this mom angry over her kids watching too much videos on the tv opened fire on the tv. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is friday march 13. we have a fox news alert. protests flare up as the search goes on for whoever shot the two police officers in ferguson missouri. the president's response to those shootings causing controversy on its own. >> i think that what had been happening in ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and


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