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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 13, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> will farrell going out all playing nine innings. he said he thinks he is going to go pro. >> good cause. raising money for cancer. have a great weekend, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. >> more problems for hilary clinton on this friday. the house oversight committee could susubpoena the former secretary of state as early as today about her growing e-mail controversy. welcome to "happening now." i am jon scott. >> happy friday. i am jenna lee. and we are learning the black berry ms. clinton used was reportedly not issued by the state department. and trey gowdy is preparing to turn up the heat. his select committee on benghazi wants her e-mails considering the e-mails that left four
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americans dead. >> carol lee is here and bob cue sack as well. this constant drip drip drip of allegations, carol could prove a problem for the woman who is the frontrunner to be the democratic nominee? >> it is looking like the issues will spread into 2016. you had trey gowdy saying he is not having her testify until he gets all of the e-mails he feels he is entitled to. they will have revelation after revelation including the one you mentioned about the use of per personal black berry not a government-issued black berry. the biggest thing that hurts politicians is stories in the drip drip drip phase and this looks like it isn't going
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to change. >> the democrats are saying this is just a partisan battle or which hunt. is it? >> no it is not. obama is a partisan issue. but this is not a partisan issues. that is going to be the script for hilary clinton going forward. the good news is the democrats are circling the wagons because she is going to be there nominee. but the associate press filled a lawsuit and this is going to be on forever. at least months. it will go into 2016. republicans have to work hard not to push too hard. they want public opinion on their side. and hilary clinton is going to capital hill and going to testify >> are you surprised no one noticed this? benghazi committee would have said one would think, we don't have a single e-mail from secretary clinton on the benghazi issue?
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>> i think this came out in part of that. the stories -- the initial story that broke came from that outlet. and so it seems like you know this is something that was brewing for some time and as you ask, if you look at the questions that the white house got on this they did want know about this and the president hof the united states didn't know about it until he learned about it. there were a lot of people unaware of her e-mail setup. >> the benghazi committee is going to dig into it and they could dig for quite some time. >> they could and the interesting thing is they could be kiging and calling a full-fledged candidate for the presidency to testify before their committee. you might see hilary clinton and
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her campaign once it is full blown try to do is deflect attention she did by pointing out other candidates, particularly jeb bush used a similar setup when he was holding public office. governor's bush folks will push back saying it was not exclusive uses and there are other differences but you could look to see hilary clinton's campaign which could be announced in a couple weeks, to muddy the waters and make it look like she didn't do anything that was necessarily that different from others. >> and it was written the republicans see the open talks to iran as a benefit to them. do you agree? >> i disagree to some degree.
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i think the republicans had to play defense on this and part of that was because seven senators including the chairman of the foreign relations committee didn't sign it. but this is something that fires up the republican base and we are in that season. the republicans are angling to get the nomination and that is a good sign for the republicans. the big picture is are we going to have a deal and when and if obama announces a deal there are going to be some democrats likely robert menendez from new jersey, who is going to balic at it. >> and menendez is finding himself troubled with the justice department and some wonder if that would be the case
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if he supported the iran deal. >> the white house has gone great lengths from distancing themselves. on a political level, republicans could come out with a netgain on that but subtively they could loose on this. they have backed away and are looking at this as an issue that is becoming partisan and makes them weary of it and that makes the white house job easy because they were putting pressure on the democrats not to align with the republicans to support that. it could be a political win but
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a substance last >> the white house says there is only a 50/50 chance they will get the deal. if it blows up can they turn around and blame it on the republicans? >> i think they will get a deal. they have been talking for a long time. there have been delay do is the deadline. they saw it is not march 24th but march 31st. they have show much invested and i think they will get an agreement. and if they don't, they will blame the republicans. >> bob and carol we will see what happens. thank you both. major development in the battle against isis in iraq as government troops there beat back the terrorist in tucrete. iraq's prime minister claiming victory is here and u.s. officials are raising serious concerns about what is next and
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the growing risk of secretarian violence. john huty is live in jerusalem. >> reporter: there are also reports coming about about the iranian-backed fighters burning down the homes of sunnis where the fighting continues. there are growing calls for the iraqi military and government to prevent this secretarian violence from continuing and concerns it is going to get out of control in parts of iraq and syria as well. that said let's talk about what is going on here. iraqi security forces have surrounded isis militants held up in the center of here. they have been fighting back, isis with road side bombs and suicide attacks and sniper fire but the iraqi commanders on the
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ground say they will have full control of the area by the weekend is over. they have 80% control now. this is an important fight becausef of the lotion -- location and puts them in range to go to mosul about 135 miles north of here. that is an isis stronghold area and along with large sections of western iraq and northern iraq as well. and as we are also seeing isis is extending its reach outside of iraq and syria. now the terror group, boko haram, has pledged its allegiance and loyally to isis. now an isis leader has released
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an audio recording accepting that allegiance or loyality pledge. as we know, boko haram, this terror organization is responsible for an estimated 10,000 deaths including and also along with that as we know the abduction of those 275 school girls last april. i guess you can say the combination of isis and boko haram together makes them partners in terror. jenna, back to you. >> more on this story throughout the show. thank you. and back in the united states. a massive manhunt still underway in ferguson missouri for whoever shot the two police officers there. st. louis police and sheriff's taking over during the demonstrations. >> reporter: we have not been able to show you this before.
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this is tip hill and this is the location roughly from which police believe the shots were fired. looking down the hill right past the white van are the two markers that indicate the precise location where the police officers were hit. with the potential speculation of a marks man being involved. you know anyone who can shoot knows it would not be too hard to hit down here. that is part of the priority doing the investigation. they have been up in the area scouring for evidence. they found shell casings up here. and the priority is this manhunt going on. three people were taken out of a raided house, questioned and
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been released. the demonstrations are the same. there was a long time where the number of demonstrators were outnumbered by the tv cameras on the scene. there are about 150 breaking off at midnight and no incidences yesterday. >> a murder case that gripped the nation a quarter century ago. the man who pulled the trigger on pamala smart's husband goes beyond a parole board. and the search for wreckage after the tragic military crash. we are live in florida with more on that. we want to hear from you as congress turns up the heat over her e-mail use. is it justified? politics as usual? or perhaps both? click on america is asking to join the conversation.
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civilian salvage vessel. the fuse lodge broke up into the several pieces and the arm ea -- army believes it is under the water and the flight data recorder is submerged as well. with what debris they recovered experts can tell it was a high impact crash with little hope of survivor for the four national guard members and soldiers on board. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the louisiana national guard, the command, the communities, family and friends of all involved in this tragic
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event. >> reporter: along the florida panhandle many businesses have lowered their flag do is half staff and it is as a similar scene in louisiana where the helicopter and the four-guard group was based >> we consider them family like the other customers coming in on a regular bases and knowing there are some who are not with us any longer is hurtful. >> reporter: the weather is not cooperating. yesterday it was the dense fog and today it is the rain and the wind off and on. we hope to find answers and bringing peace to families and community involved. >> certainly wish that community all the best. we are thinking of them. >> one lucky skier cheats death after being buried alive in an
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avalanche and it is caught on tape. and jurors speaking out of the shocking outcome of the so-called sleep walking murder trial. our legal panel takes up the case we told about earlier this week. two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. ♪ help northern china reduce its reliance on coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons of co2 emissions? when emerson takes up the challenge
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new information on the sleep walking trial we have covered here on "happening now." a north carolina jury found joseph mitchell not guilty in the murder of his 4-year-old son. mitchell claimed he was sleep walking back in 2010 when he smothered the little boy and attacked his two other children. they were older and able to fight him off. now the jurors are speaking out saying their hands were tide because prosecutors didn't offer the lesser charge of manslaughter as an option.
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fred peter and brian silver are here. welcome to both of you. brian the jury essentially said we thought he was guilty of manslaughter but only given first-and second-degree murder and the facts didn't justify the crimes. how do you deal? >> emergency rooms across the country get bizarre cases where a guy is shot in the head with a bow and arrow and leaves. and in law we get weird cases where people do bizarre behaviors. this says is about automatic behavior. sleep walking is only part of the story. their unconscious is in charge. not the conscious. so the problem was prosecutors
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couldn't prove this was consciously done. >> so this man walked out of court free? >> right and a 4-year-old is dead. and what you just heard he has you talking about ers and hospitals but this is the evidence in the case. and the evidence was this guy barricaded himself in the room after killing the boy which is evidence of guilt. the only people sleep walking in this case was the jury. there was sufficient evidence
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convict him. they don't get to second-guess the charging. this was a travesty of justice. >> should the prosecution of added an option of manslaughter here? >> absolute laly. when you have a case with a crack of issue and i agree with fred there is good evidence to support a conviction but it is not a slam dunk. it is not black and white. they had to include the extra charge and could have had a greater possibility of getting justice to the family and victim. but the prosecutors get in their head with the dead baby theory and that is a horrible way to say it but that is what we say in law but they try to get the convictions based on the horror of the death. >> if you are in the courtroom defending his guy and they asked
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for a manslaughter charge you would scream against it. >> absolutely. i'm saying as the prosecution they should ask. >> as a defense lawyer you would have disagreed. >> of course. >> that is my point. >> my job as defense counsel is not to help the state get a conviction. >> the mother of these kids apparently fainted in the courtroom when hearing the verdict. he has to live with the fact he killed his 4-year-old son and attacked a 10 and 13-year-old who were able to fight him off. he had been in financial dis distress distress loosing his house and not sleeping well. maybe he wanted to get rid of the kids? >> this is all hurting him. the guy obviously snapped and
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from what i heard from the testimony he was a decent father. but the question is did he attempt to kill somebody with malice of forethought and i think there is evidence. for one of the jurors to say we didn't believe a word coming out of his mouth and then letting him go is outrageous. >> he has to live with it the rest of his life. >> he should be living with it in jail. terrible case. >> we will see on the legal arena. three men are appearing in new york city accused of planning to join the war on terror on the terrorist side. and hilary clinton has no real competition from the democratic nomination or so they say. our media panel on who her most serious challenger could be.
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a quick look at what is still to come. a skier buried in an avalanche and lives to tell the deal. we will hear from the skyer and the man who rescued him. and a milestone for one of hoover's biggest legacies. the fbi's top 10 criminal list then and now. and courtroom secrets revealed in the jodi arias sentencing trial and what she said on the
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stand that lawyers didn't want you to hear. three brooklyn men making plans of joining isis will be arraigned today. they are charged with providing material support to the terrorist group. laura is live. >> reporter: the three men are accused of plotting to assist isis is a way that could have caused harm to many americans along with the president. they are entering plea do is the federal charges. two of the men who are legal citizens were arrested in the area last night. a 19-year-old was picked up trying to board a flight to istanbul and had plans to go to syria to join up with isis. the 24-year-old was picked up in brooklyn and planning to fly to turkey to get to syria in hopes of joining isis as well.
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the money man of the operation who funded the travel plans overstayed his visa into the united states and was picked up in florida last month. prosecutors say the two younger men came to their attention last summer after expressing support for isis online and that is how they say alot of the alleged loan wol -- lone wolves are being found. one of them wrote i am in the united states now and don't have arms but it is possible to dedicate ourselves as martyrs while here. what i am saying is to shoot obama and shoot ourselves? will it do? that will strike fear in the heart of the people. and said he would plant a bomb on coney island in new york asked.
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if convicted there three are facing up to 15 years inprise -- in prison. hilary clinton is not running for president yet but looks like a candidate and talks like one and doesn't have any challenge challengers except maybe the news media. judy miller is an investigative report and lin sweet is washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. the head line on "the new york times" website reads thusly: hilary clinton's toughest foe appears to be the news media early in the 2016 race. judy do you agree? >> i think that is true. and i think it is appropriate. tough and unsure is what the press is supposed to be. often times we are accused of
8:35 am
not being sufficiently tough. but in this instance where you have a candidate who has clearly dodged questions about something of great importance to the united states, which is her correspondence on e-mails and her aid's correspondence using a privates sever in a private do donate donate. and yes we should be concerned. >> is her own opponent the media or her own actions? >> right now, her worst opponent is herself because she didn't have the foresight to see how this could be a problem. so she said several times at the press conference i guess i should have had two devices. a few other things i want to point out if i may is she had an incredible turnout for the press conference not only because of the controversy around the e-mails put a year's worth of
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pent up demand just to see how she would do taking questions in a free-for-all atmosphere. free of just talking about state department stuff. she as a very big dedicated press core where reporters have a job to turn out stories about her >> and she famously dislikes the media. bill and hillary clinton really don't like the media. >> she has had a rough time because the press has been with her a long time and anyone subjected to that long of period of scrutiny may come away thinking reporters are not just best friends. her husband had a way of disarming the media. of making reporters friends. she does not have that. with you are running for
8:37 am
president it really helps to be likable. and i think that is something we saw again with the 21 minute tense press conference. her defensiveness and combat combativeness. >> one thing i could point out in the pres conference is she showed humor when she had if you want to read e-mails about may daughter's wedding, my mom's funeral and my yoga class. i think that makes her more of an interesting and sympathetic a character. >> and that is part of the problem; she doesn't show that in public often but makes her seem like a real grandmother and mother.
8:38 am
and she is not able to portray that. >> it is back to the cookie baking moment which those of us who watched her know watt we are talking: she is going to have a tough time though. i am sur the country this long to realize there were e-mails we would never see and she alone decided what we would see and not see. >> you are echoing something i said on air since this whole thing broke. why did no body at the white house, benghazi committee or anyone notice there were no hilary clinton e-mails anywhere? >> isn't it amazing. there is so much to be explored besides the content of the e-mails when eventually they come out which i am not holding by breathe for. >> a good weekend.
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>> the fbi is celebrating ten years of the ten most wanted list. we will look at who has been caught using the list and the dangerous fugitives on the run. and then a frantic rescue when an avalanche burries a skier alive. >> i am going to take your arm. you can struggle. >> how tall are you?
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caught an camera. rescued after being buried alive in an avalanche. one of the friends filmed the entire seckquence of events on camera. >> watch. >> i am falling! >> my heart was racing. i am thinking where is he? he has to be under here.
8:43 am
>> the last thing i did was threw my hand up in the air. >> that first breath was spectac luck >> luckily it only took an hour to free their friend from the snow. he is lucky to be alive. drug traffickers money launders, and other criminals make the fbi's top ten most wanted. the program was created from a pitch from a journalist. the article got the attention of the fbi director hoover who launched the ten most wanted fugitive programs on march 14th 1950 and the results speak for
8:44 am
themselves. since the program started 504 fugitives appeared and 473 have been caught or located and 156 of the fugeitivefugitives were found with cooperation. we have joseph campbell here. happy anniversary. >> we have had 90% recovery and that is thanks to partners and the viewers >> there is a lot of bad people in the world. how to you pick who makes the top ten? >> we look for criminals who exhibit behavior that is horrible and commit heavy
8:45 am
rainious crimes crimes we believe international and national assistance helps to arrest them. >> we were thinking about america's most wants and i am curious why you think this is helpful? >> it appears to the public. a lot of the public likes to watch shows and help and now we have the list at, information on twitter and facebook and even a smart phone app that can pus out the information. >> i would like to catch bad guys today. i was looking at the top ten list and a few names our viewers will be familiar with including this man who is the man who
8:46 am
allegedly killed histine -- his daughters in an honor killing. you go into specifics about what he is like. tell us about this guy. >> he has been a cab driver so we think there is a good chance that is the type of vocation he is involved in. he is from egypt and we don't know if he is back over there or going back and forth and in contact with relations in new york. we put out the characteristics to the public hoping someone with pick up a tip and provide information to arrest him. >> you write down he loves dogs especially tan and black colored german shepherds. you never know when you bump into someone they look familiar, and he is checking out this dog and maybe that leads to his capture. robert williams fisher is another criminal and his crime
8:47 am
dates back further to 2001 where he is wanted to killing his wife, two young children, and blowing up his house on scotsdale, arizona. any information on where he might be? >> we are looking for information still. that is an especially horrible act. here he allegedly innocently killed his wife and two children and i believe that any time kids are victims of these kind of criminals we really need to put in a full court press effort to arrest them and we are asking for the public's help. any information they might have no matter how minor, we are interested in getting that information. >> you say fisher is fit, hunter and fisherman. check out and the app
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and every else. >> go get them america. remember the tiger mom? the debate over pushing children too hard. tiger mom meet gorilla dad. why this father of eight has not saved a penny saving for his college education and wrote a book about how he prefers if his kids don't know to college at all. and jodi arias is back in headlines for breaking bars and new release of information from her sentencing retrial. >> what i did was so horrific and i could not imagine myself doing that to another human being.
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we have talked about tiger mom. the parent that pushes their kids hard to prepare for top colleges. how about preparing kids for the rigors of life and foregoing college if it does want fit? that is what gorilla parenting is about. the authors who are parents of eight children are not saving for kids to go to college or pushing an education on them. essentially if kids want something they have to go out and get it on their own. the author of the book is here. the book gorilla parenting is out today. david, congrats on the book. >> thank you. >> what is gorilla parenting? >> well it is just all about the un unconventional way of helping the kid be self-reliant and
8:53 am
maybe an entrepreneur. >> i just had a baby and the first thing people say is you have to start the college fund. why should i reconsider? >> you want to save money for the kids. but i don't know if college is the way to go. i love to see people make an investment in their kid. nowadays kids expect to go to college and parents think in order to be a good parent you have to send your kids to college. but i don't think that is the case. there are other ways to make money. it is education chasing more education, chasing more school. >> you are an interesting personal story that took you into college and out of college. did your parents pay for your classes when you went? tell us about your own experience. >> no actually they didn't. i got a lot of the schooling
8:54 am
reimbursed through my employer. i did classes and took classes at harvard even. i didn't graduate from high school or universities of phoenix or harvard but i developed a lot of talent. help your students customize their education based on the talents that are developing. >> and you put children in school sometimes and taken some out. i come from the background of business degree and see the people unemployed with degrees and those without and it is
8:55 am
harder to get one without a degree. do you think it is important to have a backup because if the economy drops off they are left without a second plan >> more than other people have been kicked off the ship. it used to be you could retire with a gold watch and they are gone. i am not saying kids shouldn't be prepared for the workforce but i am saying they are better off if they don't have to depend on workforce and there are a ton of things they can do. >> it was fun to read about your kids. and this is just one part of the book but a little free advice if there is one thing you learned from being a parent of eight. what do you think is that one thing every parent needs to know? >> that every kid is different and you need to spend time with your child and really give them opportunities. you are going to pay now or you are going to pay later. it is not about necessarily saving a lot more money.
8:56 am
it is just about a different approach and where your resources are best spent. we just have to fight this whatever epidemic that is out there. these kids going every saying whatever. and that comes from them having too much. and i think we have to fight the ambition battle. and i think there are ways to do that. as parents we get frustrated because we see our kids who are smart and successful but they don't aspire to want much. as parents the most important thin is put them in a situation and let them fail. >> a big emphasis on what it is to be truly happy. >> beautiful family lots of success and look forward to having you back >> interesting points there. very interesting. if you are a parent you probably know the sinking feeling your child hits his or her head playing a contact sport?
8:57 am
now there is an easy test to check for a concussion. it has been more than 40 years since the man last walked on the moon and that man's story is now hitting the big screen.
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♪ help northern china reduce its reliance on coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons of co2 emissions? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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jon: testimony you haven't heard from jodi arias, when we see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner kirsten powers katie pavlich from town hall. today's #oneluckyguy, executive producer of imus in the morning. he has to put up with don imus every day. he is outnumbered. bernard mcguirk. >> thank you very much, ladies happy friday the 13th. >> you're our one lucky guy. not unlucky today. >> any


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