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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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zz and he will puffy paint. it we are back on tv on monday noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. >> we start out with a fox news alert. syrian rebels battling government and isis getting help from obama administration. nmillions of dollars for the syrian opposition group and fourth anniversary of the start of the bloody conflict. we are covering all of the news "happening now". ♪ on the moon one day. >> only a few set foot on the other world. the look at the life and journey of the last man to walk on the moon. >> and a medical break through imagine being able to check your child for a concussion on the sideline and using flash cards. we'll show you in this these test. >> and that was crazy. >> terrifying moment the car
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plows in a pizza shop. >> and how one woman who was right there escaped without serious injuries. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with hillary clinton and more fallout for her use of a private e-mail address for state department business. the house oversight committee getting ready to subpoena the former secretary of state for those e-mails. i am jenna leely. >> and i am jon scott. we are learning that population clinton practice of mixing message of one e-mail account is nearly unheard of. some of them never used, mail and others carried two devices and senior correspondent for the washington examiner. and a lot of the pundits are washing hillary clinton and her
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reaction to this and suggesting that she is now vulnerable as a democratic potential candidate. is she? >> she is on track still to be the democrat nominee and no one is running against her, jon, but she is vulnerable in a general election sense. if you look at hillary clinton's biggest selling point and competent and ready to be leader of the free world. and dealing with the e-mail issue and whether or not her server and devices were safe from hacking and foreign spies are in serious question and that will allow the republican nominee to go after her on her biggest selling point that she is the one to answer the call at 3 o'clock a.m.? >> she tried to make the point last time and lost to upstart senator barak obama. >> she did, but that was a different election. what americans were interested in is rapid and bigger change and wanted somebody who gets the
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american and u.s. out of war overseas. i think that it is possible voters going in 2016 are looking for experience and confidence. and in the sense because the president has been here eight years, they will look for something different. and hillary clinton could present herself as experienced and seasoned player and ready to take the reigns of the white house and you look at the furor over the e-mails and the fact that she chose to do things without informing the state department and left sensitive millionaire and broke the rules in term was her being secretary of state and what she discussed over e-mail or anything else, open for foreign intrusion, that gets to what makes her an attractive candidate and the american people think maybe she is not ready to be commander in chief. it is a bigger deal than the transparency issue. >> she said it is not a big deal and she said i did it for all
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noble and good reasons, will the public buy it? do voters care where her e-mail server was and whether or not she used a government e-mail address? >> voters don't tend to care whether or not politicians are on the up and up. they expect most elected officials to have white larceny in the sasand be shady. and the clintons have a history of being little bit shady and the expectations are set pretty low. but talking about national security and her job as secretary of state made her an important figure in the president's national security team and the security of the information that she was trafficking in most likely. that is what can hurt her. long after the news cycle swept away everything that we are talking about today that is an issue that can remain and republicans will use against her and can hurt. >> we'll turn to an article that
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you wrote that caught our attention and the leader sent to iowa ran and the the leaders by 47 republican senators. the party is facing criticism from the white house, capitol hill chem dems, and over the contents and what about the americans who voted senators in office. you say the republicans will not take a hit? >> i understand there is hammering by editorial boards and including conservative foreign boards andine some republicans are upset, but what is important to note here we wouldn't be talking about the letter or exist if people didn't think that the deal with iran fls a lemon to become with. and the republican senators who signed it aligned themselves with most americans who are not happy with the president's handling of foreign policy and
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don't think that the deal they heard about with iran and a ten year sunset in which they would be free to pursue nuclear weapons and they don't like what they hear and the president's foreign policy and taking a bold stand politically risky just puts them in the political mainstream of most rank and file voters even if you are talking about elite opposition. and in the end of the day there are fewer people that are upset about this than not. >> one of the people who are upset about this is the president. here he is talking about the republican letter. >>im embarrassed for them. for them to address the letter to the ayatollah who they claim is the mortal enemy and the argument is don't deal with our president because you can't trust him to follow-through on an agreement, that is close to
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unprecedented. >> vice news there and president obama giving them an interview. he's pretty or seems to be pretty hot under the collar about all of this? >> quite upset and everybody can understand why the president is in the home stretch and in the negotiations with iran. and i think that the president doesn't describe the letter for what it is. it didn't tell them not to deal with the president but just said remember what he agrees to we also have to agree to if it is binning and in my conversation with republican hopeful said to me and reporters exactly what the letter said. if we don't like the deal we'll the not stand by it when we take office in 2017. it is not unprecedented. when president obama took off he cancelled missile agreements
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that president george made with chech republic and poland. the president did that because that's what russia wanted and the idea that the next president will not stick by the deal is nothing new in american president and the if the president wanted it to stick he could have given congress the bad cop. and there was a different way to approach this. and it is understandable that the president didn't like congress butting in the area of the executive branch and that is foreign policy. >> and thinking of the cancelled missile system in poland it didn't buy russian cooperation these days. >> the big reset. >> and in ferguson, missouri. a community divided holding a candlelight vigil for the
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injured officers and protest demanding change. first garrett any developments in the investigation of the the shooting? >> reporter: jenna, police are keeping the investigation close to the vest. we are told they have leads they are following and so far no arrests or suspects identified. yesterday on "happening now" though we saw live video of the investigation that is underway. there are police officers in the home and looking for anhe a ttic. and two men and one woman were taken away for questioning but no charges were filed. it is the number one priority for the st. louis police department. and there is a reward offered for any information that leads to the arrest, jenna. >> is there any change in the mood at the protest? >> reporter: apart from the candlelight vigil it was a festive scene amongst the protest iters compared to the
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fights that broke out wednesday night before the shooting. 150 demonstrators came and others chanted and others call for more resignation of city officials. there were no real clashes for the police. and it started to rain and the crowd broke up. there were no arrest made and continues to rain in ferguson today. and if that continues it could vfkt the protest. >> thank you very much. >> students around the world look to it america for opportunity and now authorities raid so- called colleges accused of running a front to bring in illegals. plus a suspect in custody in the shooting death of a man who moved away to america to get away from the violence of isis. >> we want to see justice happen here and this is the first step in that and we are grateful and
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anticipate justice will come full circle. ♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil flowing 365 days a year. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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>> one of three suspects is in custody now. the man confessed to pulling the trigger in dallas. after investigators released pictures of the suspect near the scene. the 36-year-old was shot as he was taking pictures of the first snowfall he had seen. he moved to the u.s. from iraq a few weeks ago to escape the violence of isis and to be with his wife. the search continues for the two remaining suspects. >> it is a bit of a roller coaster lately the big gains and today trading lower than 200 points. nicole, what is going on with the stocks today?
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>> no doubt. we are seeing a selloff on wall street. and the dow is down 206 points. it is a strong u.s. dollar and sitting near 12 year highs. and it is problematic. and the fed rate hikes are looming. and that is what we are watching closely as well. they are taking all of the economic indicators. consumer sentiment as slipped and gas is trending higher and colder weather to contend with. winner ares on wall street is ann taylor and holiday season and salon cosmetics and fragrances. and that is hitting a new high. and it is down 17 percent. and intel is the biggest loser of the week. and one of the reasons is that
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pc demand is slipping and the numbers are elevated to five percent rather than 3.3 percent this year. >> nicole i think i might be responsible for the beauty supply company stock up. i have been known to frequent. >> keep up the good work. >> thank you very much. and you don't want to miss nicole on the sister network. if you are are not sure where to find fox business go to fox finder. >> and authorities say immigrants found another back door in the u.s. the appearance of higher education education. four so- called colleges are accused of being a front for a student visa scam. william? >> reporter: millions want to live in the united states and
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thy they need a visa and so scam artist will set up a fake school and imdprans can enroll and stay for year ands gain the citizen and marry a u.s. citizen and get a job and green card. it is paid to stay scam. wednesday, agents raided a university in los angeles that charged 1500 immigrants from china and korea three grand a year to enroll. and officials had a surprise visit. instead of 900 students they found one. one student sat in a empty class and not 300 as expected. documents show that 90 percent of the students didn't live in la and the owners falsified visa levels and it earned the owner 6 million a year and some went to his estate in beverly hills. >> although we don't have
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information in this case, you can take advantage of the scheme to gain access to the united states. >> three of the 9/11 hijackers were on student visas. the government is trying to keep track of a million students a year. otherses work when they can't. and 1500 went to this university in san francisco to fo two years and another school had staged a fake graduation ceremony to appear legitimate. and others have bartenders and massage schools. three defendants did appear in court and pled not guilty and face 16 years if convicted. >> i bet there are more out there that they haven't busted yet. william, thanks. >> and a potential break through in labor talks. what this could mean for the price at the pump.
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and how scientist are getting closer to stopping food- borne illness. we have more from california with more. >> reporter: that's right, jenna fruits and vegetables could come with a marker made out of dna. will it make our food supply safer? we'll have a fair and balanced report upon right after this. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber bate, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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now with the xfinity tv go app, you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. >> previously secret jodi arias testimony released. her attorneys wanted it kept from the public but the court ruling overrowelled. that she shed remorse on the stand and shifted to the
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upbringing. >> it was so horrific. i couldn't have imagined myself doing that to another human being. where ever we were we were misbehaving and she would pull it out and whack us with it. >> it is all the wooden spoon's fault. arias is banned from communication for breaking rules. arias needs to understand while she is in my jail she is to obey all of the rules and breaking them has consequences. >> and a tentative agreement reached. and more than a month of talks and strikes. union leaders say it addresses concerns about fatigue and employee work loads and the previous contract expected to expire in february.
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and the oil refineries were shutered when oil workers walked out. the end of the strike could make the gas prices go back down. >> and during an e-coli and lysterria outbreak it is a race against time to get the food off of the shelves. there is a dna tracker that is sprayed on produce. they are live with how it works. claudia. >> jon it is a clear and tasteless spray on dna marker that can trace where the apple or produce came from and pinpoint a source of outbreak within hours. but the technology does have the critics. before it is solid at the market. it is picked and packed and shipped through numbous
10:25 am
channels. >> over 3000 people die from food born illness and this would reduce. that >> scientist say a microscopic dna bar code is an upgrade and will save lives. >> we can pinpoint the passage. and monitor that as an uncontrolled spread of path ogens. >> reporter: he said it could have contained the apples that made people sick. and cost the 50150 billion in heelth related extenses. it is fda approved but others question it is safe. >> ali can't know dna could get in our blood stream and affect how our bodies work and affect our immune system.
10:26 am
>> reporter: scientist hope to spray the cantaloupe and cheeries. it will not reach consumers. it would test. and critics will follow the pilot test closely. >> i am sure they will. thank you very much. >> new details emerge about hillary clinton e-mail tactics. and black berries and servers and yoga schedules interestingly enough. is it too much of the story is the question that howard will take on. and we'll be joined by a courageous journalist and what he learned about the terror groups with secret introduce and heart breaking talks. >> my mother was croiing. where are the men in and what
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>> the person pushing back and a cowing the media of fuelling the controversy of hillary clinton. howard kurz said maybe there is too much gusto over the story but anyone who doesn't think the media is a major problem for
10:31 am
hillary clinton doesn't understand how it works. joining us is howard kurtz. what do you think of the coverage? too much or too little? >> we make too much of every juicy story. and if you are a presidential candidate. but the person to blame for it to be a big story is hillary clinton, not only because she used private e-mail and knowing that it would come out one day, eight long days, she didn't say anything and then in the press conference. she deflected and gave worries that are contradictory. >> what about the week in totality. you think the new's conference helped or hurt her in >> it would have helped her a lot more if she meet the press on day two.
10:32 am
i think hillary clinton stopped the bleeding, but the same time of putting it to rest only way to do that is answer the question in a way of shutting down further journalist inquiry. >> and i know you know this. she is on the cover of time magazine and we have a picture of that for our viewers. some are saying what time magazine. it looked like horns but they say it is a coincidence. and what is your read on that? >> i am not buying the convenience argument. it is like the other time covers. it is a silhouette and these magazine covers are skrutinized so carefully. it didn't happen accidentally. i am sorry. >> we'll see how it sells. and the new york times and washington post asked the question. what is the reaction in
10:33 am
democratic circles as to what is going with hillary. >> tell our viewers about the conclusion. >> new york times has a story saying democrats are shrugging off the questions and she's too big to fail. and the washington post said democrats are worried that hillary clinton is not ready to run for president. and it depends on who you are talking to and the story you are developing. >> and the truth comes in between. and can't let you go without talking about media buzz. you have a crucial question that jon and i talk about. do new's anchor. and tell me the end result to your conclusion. >> in your clays. >> thank you, howard. >> but we asked the question and will ask the question on sunday. lester holt nbc selling guy kept
10:34 am
the news in first place. and they do more than read off of the prompter. you have to think that viewers respond to the reporting time and to the story selection and not only to the pretty face which is fortunate for me. >> and the interesting question to ask for sure and you know, everybody is replaceable. we have to remind ourselves of that. and it is good to remind ourselves that. maybe not you. you are media buzz. see you sunday on the show. >> thank you, gen a. >> and so hillary clinton knee-deep in the e-mail scandal is it time for democrats to look at plan b for 2016. here is a report on potential options, james? >> jon good afternoon, not until next week, will we learn how it is affecting her standings in the polls this week however. week magazine has a cover and
10:35 am
showing the mascot fearfully clinging to clinton as she navigates the path. and e-mail furor reviveses unwelcome memories of the 90s when she was the first lady to testify in front. grand jury. biden, secured informal commitments from clinton staffers if she doesn't run or stumbled badly. and o'mally signalled an interest. and former senator jim webb is the only verdict to form a exploratory committee and senator elizabeth warren does little behind the scenes to
10:36 am
discourage her ardent boosters and mrs. clinton struggles about the legality and security of her e-mail system. >> she had an incredible turn out for the press conference and not only because of the controversy around the e-mails, but years worth of pent-up demand and see how she would do taking questions in a free-for-all atmosphere. >> good news democrats are circling the wagons and she will be the nominee. but the state department is investigating this and associated press filed a lawsuit and this will go on forever. at lost for months and it is going in to 2016. >> as of ten days ago when the e-mail story just broke, hillary clinton was leading all republican contenders on the gall up poll. >> thank you, james. >> and we want to hear from you as congress turns up the heat on
10:37 am
e-mail use. is it justified or politics as well. click on america's asking to join the conversation. >> going inside of isis and behind enemy lines. we are starting to get a look at the sheer brutality of the islamic states and how they terrorize. and it is on the region and story told by the victims themselves. the buyers would ask them to remove the scarf and check the hair and teeth and if they hadn't had chicken they would be taken as wives and those sick or not in a good situation they would be taken as servants. and a brutal rise of a terrorist
10:38 am
army, and it is tough to find enough to talk to them. that group has an appeal in that world and why? >> you have to look at underlying issues here and one of the underlying issues is sectarianism in iraq and on the back of that. you found growing violence and blood lust that is sort of constantly added to and now we are in a place where every day we see something more horrible than the last. >> and that has an appeal for some people? >> amazing it does. some of the defectors say the west insighters have a blood lust and they come to syria to join isis with a limited
10:39 am
understanding of the qu'ran and for many people that is their motive. >> and the the united states and allied nations have been bombing isis for sen months now. are we getting anywhere. >> the bombardment prevented isis for taking more territory. but they are unable to remove isis from the cities they control. and yes, we may have stemmed their movement, but not reducing their numbers. the iraqi army recantured tikrit they say? >> it was done by shiite militia backed by iran. the problems in iraq are created by sec tarrism and for the shyite militia to save tikrit is
10:40 am
not. we'll see it. >> and we no longer having a national interest. what do you say? >> the sunny conflict will escalate if we don't do something about it. it means a nuclear arms race and saudi arabia is talking to south korea to build reactors if we don't act it could get out of hand. >> and boko haram pledged allegiance with isis and now northern africa in cahoots with the isis fighters? >> it is interesting. boko haram was on the back part of nigeria and they gained legitimacy by isis. and in the audio was come and join us in iraq and syria and
10:41 am
spread the caliphate in nigeria. it is an eastern city in libya and across the sea from the mediterranean that is controlled by isis. >> and you do dangerous work. hads off to you for willing to take. it >> you can see his work in a special presentation of fox news reporting. unholy war. bret baier is the anchor and airs saturday night at ten and sunday. >> and incredible surveillance footage and giving new mean to the phrase "drive in". everybody knows the first man on the moon. but can you name the last one. a story to share with the whole new generation. roven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya?
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good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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on terror be the caribbean? new warning from the top general in the pentagon. and chilling 911 calls from the man who escaped and a plea for help. we'll show it to you. mma star tells us whether or not she will find a man in the octagone. dow think she should. we'll tell you the answer in the top of the hour. >> get. this a car plows in a colorado pizza shop and taking a stunned pedestrian along for the ride. crashing in front of the restaurant with her riding on the hood. and incredibly she was not seriously hurt. and folks say the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal and the break. and the pizza shop is still open for business. >> wow. >> and nasa astronaut to walk on the moon and now the story is
10:46 am
coming to the silver screen. and casy ste gal is reporting live with austin texas with more on that. >> and what a guy and story. captain gene sturn an was among the first astronaut. and he was hand selected and he was a u.s. navy fighter pilot at the type. it chronicled his life and job and rise to fame. he travelled to space three times and pilot of the gemini 98 and 3 years later he was the lunar pilot model. and he was the final person to step foot on the moon as commander of apollo 17. and famously singing and dancing from the lunar surface as the world watched in a we.
10:47 am
>> ♪ going on the moon one day. ♪ in the merry month of december. may. ♪ and when much to surprise. a bear of bernie. that is a neat way to travel. >> last man on the moon as it is appropriately called is screened at this point. and tonight, is the north american debut and the film's producer told me doing it at south by southwest was simply a no brainer. >> he is obvious low down the road in houston and made sense to hold it here. it is home of the nasa and great story. >> the captain is now 80 years old and he is here and he will be gracing the red carpet tonight jenna.
10:48 am
>> i look forward to seeing it. casy thank you. >> and good news for parents of young athletes detecting concussions is easier than you think and the two minute test that virtually anyone can perform. and an update on a frightening accident after a charter bus flips end over end in the highway. >> he went back to sleep and woke up and the bus was swerving and the bus flipped over. mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long.
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right now, four people remain hospitalized after a violent bus crash in southern indiana. the charter bus flipped over about 20 miles northern of louisville, kentucky, carrying a college bowling team on its way to a tournament in tennessee.
10:52 am
the crash leaving nearly two dozen people injured, the cause not yet determined. well potential game-changer for the safety of yuj athletes. a new study on concussions claiming virtually any parent or coach can detect one. all they need is a simple flash card test. we'll show that to you in just a moment. it takes about two minutes and works on children as young as 5. we have the qaaco-author of that study with us. we've talked so much about concussion, this really caught my attention because easy, portable, and potentially one of the most accurate tests we've seen so far to determine if your child has a concussion or an adult, for that matter. explain to us what works with these flash cards. >> right. this is just one tool. it's just like checking your blood pressure. it doesn't substitute for a medical opinion. however, it does empower parents to become educated and learn about concussions and
10:53 am
potentially change the game in terms of testing their kids. >> here's the flash cards. this would just fit in your handbag. carry it to the game if you're a soccer mom or dad. this is one of the flash cards looks like. talk to us about what it does or how you use it. >> you just need a stop watch or smartphone. the child reads the numbers from left to right on all three cards. each time for each card is added up. and if that score is worse than the child or the collegiate athlete got at a preseason baseline -- and we really require that the athletes have a preseason test to compare it to -- if they do worse chances are a concussion may have occurred. >> let me just show this to our control room the other side of the card. we saw there were numbers straight across. then the numbers are staggered a little more difficult. do you think this is something parents could do by themselves or do you need a medical professional? >> well ideally we'll have medical professionals but in our
10:54 am
study a group of parents really volunteered and were able to do this testing on the sidelines. not always practical to have a pred professional on the side lines. even doctors need tools. as a neurologist and parent, when a concussion occurs i'm in a different role. stopping the game and thinking about it is what the tools do. >> can parents have access to these flash cards now? >> yes. >> how would they go about doing that? >> go to the web site to get the cards. we have no financial interest in the test. but really for the research study we combined this with a test of battle and cognitive test. >> at least it would give parents a hint if they needed to do more, especially if they're sort of kurps. i don't know if am my kid is 100%, do i want to bring him to the doctor it might give you the indication you need. >> right. always see a professional if you're concerned. >> i was really interested to see the accuracy of the test. >> yes. >> the flash cards versus some more extensive checkups by
10:55 am
doctors. how did the flash cards work? >> the flash cards pick up in our research study about 80%. no one tool is going to pick up all the kids with concussions. that's why we need balance, cognition. the big deal is that not all athletes know the report or symptoms. >> is there one or two symptoms we should also know in addition to the flash card snz. >> what's great about the concussion the definition is great. any blow to the head with any neurological symptom headache dizziness staggering. it can be a sign. >> just fascinating. a very simple test, cheap, can put in the purse. really interesting. doctor thank you for your time. john, may want to keep one of these on you. a terror trial in new york is providing some new al qaeda evidence and new images of osama
10:56 am
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there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe the gap will close when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care.
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a little dog from ohio winning the battle of the bulge. dennis the dash hound once weighed 56 pounds, john. 56 pounds. his owner says he adopted him from a relative who fed him burgers and pizza and other human food. that's a no-no. the 6-year-old went on a diet and now look at him. dennis weighs in at a slender 12 pounds. we're told he's happily chasing squirrels in the yard and passing around three rescue dogs who live with him. let that be a lesson to us all. >> and his belly is no longer dragging on the ground. >> how demove? poor little guy. i'm sure the burgers before delicious but probably not what you should feed a dog. >> 56 pounds is almost winston weight, and he is a boxer.
11:00 am
>> winston the wonder dog for those who don't know, the unofficial happening now mascot. >> good for him. i'm glad he's back to good health. thank you for joining us. >> it's bikini season soon, everybody. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> thanks, guys. we're about to show you a firstland look, rare photos of osama bin laden. hillary clinton does something that signaling her e-mail problems are not going to hold her back. the daring escape of the man carjacked by the boston bombers. i'm gretchen story. "the real story" for friday starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. day two of the manhunt under way in ferguson, missouri. s.w.a.t. teams and police going door to door street by street looking for suspects in the shooting of two police officers


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