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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 14, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hello and good morning, friends. today is saturday, the 14th of march 2015. i'm anna kooiman. incredible new video just released of the moment that utah toddler was rescued from a smashed car in an icy river. >> anybody got scissors to cut the belt? >> here you go, right here. >> you got it? >> pass her up. >> go, go, go. >> how these heroes saved that little girl's life. >> and president obama says we are chipping away at the problems at the v.a. if that's the case. why are we giving this fired phoenix official her bonus back? >> it's a great photo. vice president joe biden
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gets physical. >> yeah i do a million these a day, so just give me five. >> what was the v.p. doing and does this make you want to hit the gym? who is he talking to? "fox & friends" begins right now. >> this is governor doug doocy of arizona. you are watching "fox & friends." >> like the nutty professor where he has the snickers bar and he is going 99 100 but he is eating them. >> peter doocy is here filling in today for his father. >> no not your father. >> i'm here for tucker today. >> thanks for having me. he came on a good day. i think his parents want him to eat. it's pie pia day 3-14-15.
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>> i didn't realize. we are going to be doing pizzas today. headlines saturday morning. dramatic new video just released showing you the moment rescuers freed that toddler trapped inside a car for 14 hours after trapped in a frigid utah river. >> anybody got scissors? >> yeah. >> you got it? >> pass her up. >> go, go, go. >> take her up. take her up. >> come on, baby. >> she is definitely hyperthermic. she is breathing. >> the video just in from a week ago. that little girl lily russbeck survived. her mother died in the crash. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the car to crash off a bridge and into the water. >> destruction unbelievable. cyclone pam slams the south
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pacific island nation and now wear getting her first look at the damage. pieces of homes trees, and power lines littered the streets. aid workers say remote villages have been entirely washed away. dozens are feared dead. right now people on the outer island don't have running water or access to phones or internet. a u.s. soldier grazed by isis bullet in iraq. this marking the first time an american soldier has been wounded by the terror group. the soldier was at a guard post, iraqi training base when he was hit by a ricochet in the face. the injury being described as a laceration. he was immediately treated and returned to duty. soccerrer fans in iraq getting the number one treatment from rap star nellie. ♪ >> nelle was performing at charity soccer tournament in
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mobile. nelly is the first american artist to perform in the history. >> the internal investigation at the v.a. revealed troubling details about what unfolded throughout in phoenix arizona among other buildings across the country. 35 people who didn't receive care in time had died as a result. this investigation revealed. finally the president making a trip out to arizona to see firsthand ground zero where this all unfolded. >> he says he is chipping away at the problem. is this something you chip away at when veterans apparently died waiting for care when there were false find wait times when the delays are chronic and do continue, when documents were completely destroyed? take a listen to what he said. >> books and unwillingness to face up to the fact that
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veterans were not being adequately served went on too long. and as a consequence we didn't fix what needed to be fixed. plus it's one of those things that you can lose real quick. and then fix. the good news is that there are outstanding folks here at this v.a. and all the v.a.s across the country who are deserving. >> and something else about this. those families who lost veterans, they waited for months and months and watched their loved one get sicker and sicker. the president was in and out of town in just a few hours. so what impact does a meeting like this have? >> receipt because it's not just phoenix, of course. there were a lot of other veterans affairs clinics across the country found out in this internal investigation across the country. senator john mccain on friday. listen to his comments about the president's arrival to peter's point in just a few hours. listen. >> the truth is that while
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thousands of arizona veterans continue to experience unacceptable delays in v.a. care the obama administration has been slow and reluctant to fundamentally reform v.a. operations. served more as a photo op. for the president as it did a meaningful discussion of the challenges our veterans continue to face in getting the timely healthcare they earned and deserve. >> so he is basically saying this is a a photo op. you remember that terrible photo op. that happened a few months ago when the president's motorcade went right by this troubled v.a. in phoenix arizona and didn't stop. at least he stopped this time. >> zipped right by there. the question about how many people have lost their jobs. how many people have been fired as a result of it? it's remarkable. if this were happening in the private sector, people would have lost their jobs because the government, no no one loses their jobs, no one gets fired. >> there was a lot of pressure. this is at the joke in washington is kind of that it's really hard to get fired in the obama administration. this is one of the ones
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where the v.a. secretary eric shinseki -- he is not there anymore. >> he is not there anymore. that's a nice way to say it. >> the gotten permission to get her performance bonus back. how do you think she performed do you think she did very well. the george is ordering the v.a. to return the fired phoenix boss her performance bonus. >> that's always a great thing for a boss. this is your performance when 35 people at this particular clinic end up passing away because they are not getting the care that they need. that's the performance bonus that you get. give it back to her because she deserves it this is how americans are reacting now. a new russ muffin poll is out. is the u.s. heading in the right direction or are stories like this making you sick to your stomach?
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64% of americans think we are on the wrong track right now. >> and right now, the last couple days we have had this distraction of the hillary clinton email scandal which while very important to investigate, it is not something that impacts every day people right now, the same way that other things like the v.a. or othe irs or yeah, we haven't been talking about some of the other stories right now but 64% still are feeling it. >> and charles krauthammer was saying, look, you know we haven't really talked about foreign policy as it relates to presidential election in many, many years. he said this could be the first time that's going on overseas. reports of isis. foreign affair countries around the world laugh at us as we go in and ignore what isis is doing in certain countries. this could be a first time in over a decade we are paying attention to foreign policy this go around. take a listen. >> reaction, i think to what's happening overseas.
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now, generally in our elections, what happens overseas is relatively unimportant. there have been some exceptions. but this could be, and i think it will be an election with the most emphasis on what's happening abroad in foreign affairs. in at least a decade. and prance only the second of the third in 30 years they have a accepts that america is in retreat america has lost status. and don't trust us and our adversaries are laughing at us. >> so how do we restore the belief of american exceptionism? >> let us know your thoughts on this. why and what. put this up here and. what is important to you. start the comments at 6:09 eastern time. see by 10:00 a.m. when we are off the how many comments we have. if f weekend. >>ents throughout the show. the shooter of two police
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officers remains at large. [scream] >> investigators in ferguson missouri now following dozens of leads in the hunt to find that gunman. >> mike tobin is live on the ground in ferguson this morning with the latest in the search. >> good morning gang. the manhunt is here is critical according to chief of police investigators working around the clock. does not mean producing fast. raiding that house that proved to be a dead end lead. everyone picked up in that raid has been released. investigators are getting a lot of tips but at the moment there are no hard leads. >> we have been inundated with tips compared to other investigations i have looked at because there aren't a lot of people i think, that really saw, at least at this point that we have been able
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to identify what happened. i cannot tell you at this point that an arrest is imminent. certainly nobody in custody. >> chief belmar st. louis county police has met with the two officers who were shot. all things considered mentally and physically they are doing well. as far as the demonstrations last night they were small and uneventful. guys back to you. >> mike tobin on the ground for us there in missouri. thanks, mike. >> get over to rick reichmuth now. halfway through the month it's pi day. we are right in the middle of this march mess. >> i can't remember if it's march or april. in the northeast that can be easily april as well. welcome peter doocy. a lot of fun. i will tell you what we have summer in the central part of the country and we still have winter across the northeast. this is kind of that month for sure where you see he that transition and right now we have freezing rain that we are going to be dealing with this morning so parts of connecticut up through the hudson valley and upstate new york massachusetts and vermont careful on the roads until
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noon today we will be seeing chance for freezing rain. all becomes rain and part of this system right here very heavy i didn't rain. flooding concerns as well. that will be parts ohio investigative. out as across the west, take a look at these temperatures. the central part of the cuj tri this weekend we are going to be baking that yellow part there. >> up there that certainly is. we are talking about temps that will about 45 -- 40 to 45 degrees. >> well, did you know there is a conference aimed at educating americans on the problem of, quote white privilege? and they say it all comes down to the tea party.
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we will take you there next. >> the dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz ask americans to go on share democratic policy. americans chimed in. not exactly what she was expecting i think. we will read them to you coming up. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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paragraph welcome back, did you know there is a conference educating americans on white privilege. at the conference taking place this week in kentucky, activist leonard said that white privilege stems from the bald faced racist of the
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tea party. this is what he said. this is a quote. all this business about business and constitutional is a smoke screen i want this country back for me and me meaning white people. i don't think i have to convince you that they have that sort of generic racism. well, eric owens, education editor from the daily caller was the only journalist there and he joins us now with his firsthand account. eric, welcome. >> thank you, happy pia day. >> thanks a lot. eric, tell me about this room. what was the room like when you go in there and hearing somebody on the stage say the tea party is a bunch of racists? >> there are several sessions going on at the same time and i chose this one because i was very sure based on last year that there would be fireworks because that's has the same spiel every year. it was overflow crowd. virtually everyone there was white.
3:18 am
people were sitting on the ground he came in and kind of gave his spiel which you summed up very nicely. >> and why is it that they call it the white privilege conference? >> well, one of things i'm focusing on is i'm reporting on this is some of the crazier things people say. there is reasonable people -- there are reasonable people there. their concept is that because of white people have a certain skin color they carry around an invisible knapsack of privileges that only they can see. and that there is institutional racism which is just abundant and huge in society. so they come together and kind of talk about it in a really patronizing way. >> so they are patronizing the tea party. so you you think some of these people, very progressive members of this group that gets the together to talk about white privilege infiltrated the tea party? >> yeah. well that's the claim. so what he says that he
3:19 am
spent his life covering or documenting, you know these crazy detestable white supreme cyst supremacist movements in slight of hand. he is saying these groups are infiltrated tea party. the tea part stands taxed enough already. his contention is people involved in the tea party don't care about economics. they are consumed by race. they are amenable to white racist who's are just lunatic fringe people and that those people have kind of come together. so how many ever millions of tea party people are being led around by racist loons. >> eric owens the only guy inside the room when all this stuff was being said thank you very much forever sharing your story with us this morning from louisville. >> thank you. death by firing squad set to make a come back in one
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state is this a good idea or is there a more humane way execute a prisoner? we will debate it next. joe biden wants to pump you up. does this video really want to make you want to hit had the gym? ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪
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welcome back, quick headlines for you. second degree kidnapping charge for the 15-year-old caught on camera sprinting down the street with a toddler in his arms running away. the teen snatched the 22 month old right out of the stroller and dropped him in an alley after being faced. chased. he faces juvenile jail until
3:24 am
21. for the love of pizza. pope expects to remain pontiff five more years or less. the reason? he misses his life from before getting pizza without being recognized. francis has been pontiff for two years now. anna. >> hopefully we will get some pizza pie on friday. >> poised to come back to make a utah. here to debate it is jonna spilbore and -- >> good morning. >> match each other. >> going to the prom later. >> you say this is too barbaric and shouldn't be done. >> shouldn't be done. what utah is saying we don't get the shots right with the lethal injection so we are just going to shoot you. this is very barbaric what they are doing. they are going to almost
3:25 am
ancient times of ways to execute people, which we should get rid of the death penalty totally. this is barbaric. it's against the sixth amendment right to cruel and unusual punishment and it should be banned. >> cruel or unusual punishment or not, jonna. >> hardly. in fact, the method when you get shot by a firing squad you are dead in 3 to 5 seconds number one. number two, there is a hood over your head. four or five marks men one of them doesn't have a bullet. i'm more concerned about the people at the trigger end worried about their psychology after they actually kill somebody but the way they do it you don't know if your bullet is the bullet that caused the death. 'to 5 seconds later you are dead. to that point you can botch any of these really, right? >> sure you can. >> since 19800 reading over 7% have been botched for lethal injection even. so what's the best way to do this if we are going to have the death penalty in the united states eric? >> we shouldn't have the death penalty at all. that's the best way to do
3:26 am
it. there is a case in birmingham alabama, recently where a man was convicted of capital murder and a very strong d.a. named lane tall better, went back, reviewed the evidence and got that man's conviction overturned. we make too many mistakes in capital murder cases to carry out of the death penalty because some people have their -- their rulings have been overturned based upon lack of evidence or lies. >> there are 18 states that agree with you. 3 in the u.s. -- >> other methods, anna there is no fun way to die. let's just say it weather it's legal injection, hanging, execution gas chamber. >> we need to get rid of it. >> if you are electrocuted your eyeballs pop out. how is that -- and you might catch on fire. >> that's the what point. if you committed a capital crime and sentenced to death. there is no fun way to go about it. families feel like this is the only way they get justice.
3:27 am
>> that's tough. family person had a family member died at the hands of someone else, that is something unimaginable that i hope to never go through. but we are america. we are above killing people. and we should be. this is going to what we say we are mad at isis for doing for pulling the trigger at someone's head. we are showing video saying how barbaric are are they. and this is what utah is trying to do. >> there is a chance we may see more of this. arkansas has a proposal to authorize firing squads as well and a proposal in wyoming died on friday. both sides of the argue. getting some leverage there. jonna and eric thank you so much. >> thank you. >> folks at home what do you think about this? should firing squads be allowed? is it inhumane cruel and unusual punishment? >> you have seen vladimir putin apparently gone missing. maybe is he back on the saddle. plus dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz asked women to go on twitter and
3:28 am
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>> i do a million of these a day so just give me five. >> a million? >> a ba. >> that's the vice president showing off. he says it's all in a day's work when he is on the phone. it looks like he also may have taken a chapter out of ron burgundy's book. >> 1002,. >> mr. burr began can -- burr gun did i? >> oh deep burn. oh, so deep. oh, can i barely lift my right arm because i did so many. i don't know if you heard me counting i did over a thousand. >> it shows. >> the vice president better doing two things at once because he was on the phone. >> who was he talking to? >> i get all these white house notes sent to me any time that we call a foreign dignitary it seems like the vice president has called to notify them that they are getting aid or the u.s. is going to send a delegates. what if it was one of those
3:33 am
things. >> so he is always on the phone. they don't even know. hey, come here. >> going viral. the democratic party probably happy about that trying to get people exercise a little bit more. not so sure they are so happy about how dnc chair woman debbie wasserman shoults trying to get people to tweet about how policy went back fired completely. >> they take to twitter to get these responses. here sr. what debbie wasserman schultz tweeted yesterday. democrats have led on so many great policies. which is your favorite? tell us the one that makes you most proud. that just opened up the flood gates and responses poured in pretty quick will he like pam on twitter who wrote off the top of my head i would say incessant lies. thousands poured in. >> the syrian red line. >> and tim on twitter the one where he i destroyed so much of our country, oh wait that would be all of
3:34 am
them. >> other people said things like keep poor people poor so they vote democrat. >> that was one of their favorites. they had the idea that the democrats had in mind for this, they had a link there where they said hey click on which one of these things you like the best, healthcare reform, action on climate change, expanding equality. did not see any of those listed in the tweets we just read. >> you can read the laundry list of them. post them on web site as well. what's your viewer question this morning? what's your favorite democratic policy position and to answer debbie wasserman schultz question, what are you most proud of weigh in on facebook page. >> other things making headlines this morning. brand new video this morning reportedly showing the three british school girls on their way from syria to turkey to become brides of isis. video showing them carrying their coats and being hustled to it a silver minivan. taped by a spy who helped
3:35 am
them reach the syrian border and deliver them to isis. >> >> the spy even gives a thumbs up to the teenagers as they depart. later arrested for helping the trio cross the border. hospital patient deaths being blamed on ice cream. blue bell ice cream products finding they were contaminated with his tier i can't. three patients died after eating the ice cream. two others got sick. this recall covers ice cream bars but the company says pints and half gallons are not affected. russia's rumor mill going into overdrive as president vladimir putin goes missing from the public eye for more than a week. despite seriously ill in the kremlin after a palace coupe or dead. his presidential spokesperson says he is fine and taking on a lot of
3:36 am
meetings. but the press in switzerland and italy have claimed that he is in logauno for the birth of his secret love child with olympic gymnast elena. >> and who better to endorse eggs than this guy? >> there is no better start to this day than eggs for breakfast. except eggs with -- >> a side of. >> bacon. >> yes, bacon. what are you doing in my kitchen? >> well nobodies eggs better than pay con. >> actor kevin bacon just signed on as a new spokesperson as american egg farmers. more people eating eggs in the last five years and adding bacon's fresh face they hope to draw on that group. getting back to roots of breakfast. that looks like it could have been a commercial for a security system too.
3:37 am
making breakfast and a man in a leather jacket laid out on the kitchen table. >> or desperate housewives. >> i thought it was going to be rocky how he pours the egg eggs like joe biden. >> you see him this morning he has two raw eggs in a cup that's how he looks so stealth this morning. >> i'm surprised it took him so long figure that one out kevin bacon doing it. >> maybe he has been fighting it for years people ask him to do it. all right. i'm going to give in. >> some point like recording your oldy's standard album for somebody. talk about the weather out there. we have a lot going on including out across kind of the eastern two thirds of the country. i should say western two thirds of the country. we have incredibly warm temperatures. 93 degrees. that is going to break your record for the day. tomorrow is the marathon and we're going to be looking at temps very close to that as well. kind of a dangerous day for 2 it 6-mile run. we will talk about that more today. bismarck, north dakota dakota. 33 degrees for your average this time of year. out across the northeast
3:38 am
though nothing going. we are socked into a chilly rainy day more snow to be had across new england, some areas might see a foot of snow by the time this is done. down across the southeast we will see these showers beginning to end great news after a really rough week of rain. things are going to calm down throughout the day today. temps not looking that bad. in across the northern plains, this is where these temps are really heating up getting into the 70s in north dakota 70s in south dakota. summer like day for mid march, hard to imagine. out across the southwest we are seeing record breaking temperatures again. finally rain into the pacific northwest which we desperately need as well. i will tell you what, guys, so much that's here in the northeast have been saying where is summer? pretty much everywhere but here. >> almost 60 degrees in montana. >> yeah, exactly. >> thanks, rick are. lima nissan is back in bad boy mode hit man on a
3:39 am
marathon mission. step into the fox light of vp of marketing michael tammero who was at the opening. >> should know not to mess with liam knee neeson. >> tell everyone to get ready jimmy is coming home. >> he spent decades in the crime business. when his son becomes the target, everything changes. >> i'm coming after you, michael. and if he can't get to you he will go after your family. >> he has to make a choice between the crime family he chose and the real family he abandoned long ago. >> i don't worry about staying alive. i'm the best answer you have got. >> no safe return with just one night to figure out where his loyalties lie and finally make things right. neeson says it's all about
3:40 am
the character's relationships. >> just something about dinism between two main characters that just gives the story real ballast and interest. >> joe stars as his son. >> it was very much the father/son relationship. i thought it was really beautifully complex portrayal of the broken father/son relationship. >> oscar winner is one of the assassins trying to take down neeson characters. >> my character goes hard. >> the story family and loyalty. and despite being action thriller, more about what ties people together. >> loyalty friendship history in a film about gang or mob. this particular thing the script is a very good story. >> whose loyalty will win? >> listen to your father for one night. >> one night. >> you will have to find
3:41 am
out. >> a lot of big stars in that movie. >> as tough as neeson is he is about to get beaten back by cinderella's glass slipper. for all my celebrity interviews go to in the fox or follow me on twitter. >> cinderella has the seven minute frozen movie at the beginning. their sequel. like seven manipulation long. >> anna princess news? >> let it go -- [ laughter ] >> you are my guy. thanks, michael. >> 41 minutes after the hour. this is still ahead on "fox & friends." a battle forty credit rages on. is iran who we want in charge? we take a closer look next. >> what would do you if you found a credit card on the street and the name on it was tom hanks? one person just did. wait until you hear what he did with it.
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true friend tim cook offers the late steve jobs part of his liver in order to save his life. cook learned he was a match for the dying job's rare blood type in 2009 and offered to act as a donor but jobs refused to let him risk an operation. and saving mr. hanks. award winning actor tom hanks thanking the stranger who returned his lost credit card. hanks tweeted to his 9 million followers a guy named tony just found my credit card on the street at nyc and returned it tony, you make the city even greater thanx hanx.
3:46 am
not clear where or how he lost his credit card. >> well from supporting a bad government in iraq to the failed rebels in syria not only is the united states losing the war on terror in the middle east major general matthew distinguished chair. doctor, nice to see you as always on the show. >> good to be back. thank you. >> what is iran's end game taking control and leading battle against tikrit. how did this happen? >> well, iran is just fighting for the same kind of hegemonic position in the middle east as the sunni extremists like isis. so, as president netanyahu said recently here in washington, you have two versions of extremism. you have the shia extremism of islam and sunni version
3:47 am
of islam and they want to control their own caliphate. iran is moving, in taking control in iraq, it already has the capital of yemen. it has suna. it controls baghdad politically. it's building building, building, in the vacuum that we created when we pulled our troops out. >> this is our own making, pulling our own troops out creating this vacuum? who else is going to fight? devil's advocate could see at least iran is helping to fight. we are not doing anything. >> yeah, but it's two bad guys. just because they are fighting the isis forces doesn't make them friends of the united states. in this case the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy. because after they kill the sunni extremists they are going to come after us. we need to remember that fact. this isn't switzerland. this isn't germany. this is a state that is
3:48 am
committed to undermining u.s. interests in the region and globally. >> the white house, of course thinks that muslim ideology and extremist ideology is irrelevant in this fight. they think simply joining up with local military proxies in those areas and aligning themselves that we can actually win this war. do you think we can do that? >> not without attacking the ideology. the physical part of this war is important but it's not the most important part. we have to take down the ideology. just like we did with the soviet union during the cold war, we have to prove that it is illegitimate. we have to understand the religious elements of their ideology as opposed to trying to ignore it or just wipe it out. as the administration is trying to do for the last six years. >> you bring up a point that aligning ourselves iran strengthening this rival brand of jihady. it's not the isis form of jihad it's another form of jihad.
3:49 am
>> yeah. the way i put it in my article the at breitbart it's like pepsi versus coke here. we have coca cola as the sunnies isis instead of al qaeda and along comes pepsi in the form of iran. they are competing to control the brand of jihadism and right now we are not taking the fight to isis and the iranians are strengthening their own brand. so, it's a lose lose situation from the point of american security. >> and we look like diet coke at the moment. [ laughter ] >> we look like something yeah, the king coke, right? the rc coke. >> tab which is irrelevant. >> always nice to see you here on "fox & friends" thanks so much. >> coming up on the show this for sale sign put up new york city home by her neighbor, why he says we can't just sweep her email scandal under the rug it says used email server for sale. >> you have heard about this? alcohol in the form of powder stirring up controversy from states already banning it. just how dangerous is it?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
all right, friends,good morning it's alcohol like you have never seen before. dangerous new product called palcohol is a powder signed to turny liquid into alcoholic beverage. it's just recently been approved by the feds expected to hit shelves this summer but not without plenty of dr. joins us from the medical a team. >> as you are showing this.
3:54 am
this looks like a little bit of metamucil. that's what it looks like. >> looks friendly and nice, just relieve some digestion problems. it could be really troubling right? >> this is a real -- as they call it powder alcohol it could be very potent it was about to come out last year but there were a lot of issues with the label because people didn't know what the ingredient is the maker of this. mark phillips actually thought it was a good idea for people going tore hiking or traveling or airline industry owe owe or even in medical field that you don't really have to carry these big bottles of wine and alcohol. these are powders that you can mix in with water and after shaking it turns into a real alcohol. you can have it -- and for margaritas, vodka, rum, can you make any sort of alcohol. that's the concept behind. this fed is all over. this there is a lot of controversy around this because obviously it can be abused by teenagers. it's easy to conceal this and carry them to night clubs and bars and kind of
3:55 am
things there is a lot of discussion that is going on. not really in the market yet. some concerns. chuck schumer is against. this he thinks this is very similar to that powdered caffeine and alcohol it can endanger a lot of lives. >> you are too. you are ready for them to ban it before it dils somebody. some of thee powder ingredients can be very very powerful. as we have seen with powder caffeine 2 otimes more potent than the regular cup of coffee. this could also be extremely dangerous. we don't know yet. but that's basically, you know, the speculation at this point. now if it really is that powerful, it can effect your liver, it can effect your pancreas and the last thing you need is for teenagers to get into this kind of trouble and a lot of these health issues that can come as a result of this could be irreversible. there is room to snort some of this stuff that can effect you. so look, i'm not sure if it's a good thing to do at
3:56 am
this point. and we want teenagers to be careful about, mixing this stuff with other kind of caffeine and other alcohols. and, you know, when it comes out, they make it so it's flavored. >> it's lemon drop. >> kool-aid drink for teenagers. we have to yet wait and see. >> dr. david some samadi. always great to see you. all eyes on new hampshire today. that's where two of the top g.o.p. contenders for 2016 will be. what is their message? we're going to go to granite state. >> talk about taxpayer waste. president obama and the first lady just went to the same place on the same day but how they got there will you have you fired up.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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good morning it's saturday march 14th. the moment that utah toddler was rescued 14 hours after the car she was in crashed into an icy river. anybody got scissors to cut the belt? >> yeah. >> got it. pass her up. go go, go. >> how these heroes saved that little girl's life. >> and he is a member of the black panthers that shot two cops dead. but now he could be freed from prison because he can play the flute? what? sorry. and look what just popped up outside of hillary's house. a for sale sign. it says for sale, email server with a hard drive wiped clean. anybody interested? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> hi, everybody, this is
4:01 am
dick vitale. you are watching "fox & friends." they are awesome, baby. >> are we sure that sign was a joke and that that guy doesn't have the server. >> he does have a hard drive that's been wiped clean. peter doocy here. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you very much. >> today is a special day. today is pia day. 3.14. coming up at 9:00 did you know this that at 9:00 a.m., it will be 3.14.15. and then at 9.26 it will be 9.26. a 3. we can get half way through pia for the first time in history at >> we can eat chocolate pie, calories don't count. >> that would be awesome. stories we need to get right through headlines now because we have dramatic individual video showing moments rescuers freed that toddler
4:02 am
caught in a car 14 hours after trapped in a utah frigid river. >> anybody got scissors to cut the belt? >> yeah. here you go right here. >> got it? >> pass her up. >> go go go. >> right here. take her up. take her up. >> come on, baby. she is definitely hypoterm mick. she is breathing. >> well, this happened one week ago and that little girl, lily russbeck survived and is out of the hospital. the mother died in the crash. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the car to crash off of a bridge and into that icy water. a u.s. drone strike taking out one of the world's most wanted terrorists in somalia. hell fire missiles raining down on the alleged mastermind behind the horrific 2013 attack on the mall in kenya. a top commander with al qaeda affiliate the one al think shah bob.
4:03 am
gunmen stormed the mall executing innocent civilians. cyclone pam slams the south pacific island nation. and the damage left behind unbelievable. >> pieces of home trees and power line littered the street. remote villages have been entirely washed away. dozens are feared dead. people on the outer island don't have running water or access to phones or internet. and used email server for sale gary murphy who lives in the secretary of state neighborhood and posted sign near her home says it started out as a joke. this scandal shouldn't get swept under the rug because we need who are honesty and transparency in our elected
4:04 am
officials. hillary clinton's pattern suggests she is above the law. >> and he is the neighbor. be nice to your neighbor. >> a good neighbor is always right around the corner did. you see cia director john brennan speaking yesterday at the council on foreign relations. he said a lot of things and asked a lot of questions about the role that isis is playing in the threats around the world. he spent a lot of time talking about cyber security and social media and how the threat we need to take seriously from them is around social media. not necessarily boots on the ground. i didn't label them as muslim extremists position on this legitimizes them he says they are, in fact, psychopathic thugs instead of muslim extremists. listen. >> this is a worrisome sort of global movement and phenomenon. they are terrorists. they are criminals. they are -- many of them are psychopathic thugs.
4:05 am
murderers. who use a religious concept and masquerade and mask themselves in that religious construct. >> so they are just criminals. they are just psychopathic thugs. they are islamic extremists call them that so they can defeat them. >> he right there are terrorists and criminals and thugs but they are also muslim and just because we don't want to put a label on them does not mean that we can tell them hey, you are -- you are, you know, we are going to put a different label on you. you can't do stuff in the name of islam anymore because we say that you can't. >> right, because you are hurting islam if you do it and it legitimizes them. their message is clear. they want to return the world to the seventh century form of islam. the caliphate they want to create in iraq is quite clear. they have broken from al qaeda because they think al qaeda is too aligned with the west. they think that al qaeda is moderate. they have broken with them. in their speeches, in their
4:06 am
rhetoric and things they say at the pulpit. the direction they have given to young people to come join their cause. they are saying exactly that they want to return to a pure form of islam lame. >> so you put a label on them and say we start calling them islamic extremists. do we think that's going to offend, does brennan think it's going to offend them by calling them psychopathic thugs? they are the ones who are cutting off people's heads and telling everybody, we wouldn't see most of this stuff if the isis guys, these thugs weren't putting it out. so does he think that that's worse calling them a psycho pat thick thug? >> colonel allen west has thoughts on this. he was "on the record" last night. listen. >> we are not standing with those muslim nations that recognize this threat and they want to irradicate this threat. when you hear someone who is the director of the cia say this is worrisome. that's the language of defeat. that's not the language of victory and leadership. once again we continue to have a president that does
4:07 am
not recognize this enemy and continues to come up with moral equivalency statements. >> like colonel allen west mentioning there other muslim leaders like the president of egypt saying we need to fight this storm form of muslim extremism. the president of egypt. a very bold statement. he went on interview with bret baier last night reiterating those very statements. >> acting like one big black blanket statement i think americans are smart enough to know the difference between muslims and muslim extremists. >> hear about this frightening report from a watchdog group about potential instruments of terrorism could be slipping on to u.s. rail shipments. unbelievable. >> that's really scary because it's coming in potentially from canada and mexico. and that means that while we're. >> better. >> focused elsewhere and even focused on trying to stop individuals from coming across the border, they could be just rolling right across the tracks into this country with all kinds of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. >> yeah. more on this story coming up
4:08 am
a little bit later in the show. first, can you believe one of the first primaries is just a few months away it feels like. first debate is only a few months away 2016. two of the top g.o.p. contenders heading to new hampshire. the site of the nation's first primary. >> so jeb bush and scott walker and rand paul, we have got some numbers for you from real clear politics as far as how they are going right now. 16.6% scott walker. 16.2% jeb bush. that is neck and neck. we hear from them greatest state right now. take a listen. >> it's not about the past. it's about the future. >> we think we are still the underdog overall when you look at the kind of money that some of our likely primary opponents are going to have. but we are going to make a case directly to the people. >> and if you heard jeb bush there he was answering a question about, of course the bushes have not done so well in new hampshire over the years. his father and brother. it's not about the past that's the future. >> that's the rival arery to
4:09 am
watch right now bush and walker. walker, who has been gaining steam lately, one of his big lines that he says is, you know, i didn't get any fame and fortune from my family. i'm the son of a preacher. which is a dig at the -- >> jeb bush took a swipe at him yesterday because he was asked about whether or not who was the frontrunner right now? and he said i think you have to be officially running to be a frontrunner. they are starting to take some swipes at each other it's politics. >> mid august is the first g.o.p. debate right here on fox. >> rick reichmuth standing by. earlier he tweeted that information about pi. you and i are maybe the only two people in the world to find it fascinating 9:00 hour we are going to hit pi as far as we can in our numbers which is really exciting. i sent you that last night we have to do this at 9:26 tomorrow morning. crazy stuff hanging on to winter across the northeast. parts of the country, huge
4:10 am
chunks of the country have not seen much of a winter at all. that has not been the case around the great lakes and the northeast. this is the cold air mass we get a little break of it and then look at this, what happens tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday again, moving across the great lakes and into the northeast. so no big pattern change which means the cold air kind of that we have been seeing is going to hang on not as cold as it was but still more cold air coming. in in the short-term we have winter weather advisories again across parts of upstate new york and parts of england. snow primarily across maine, also take a look at all this heavy rain gray day gloomy day to stay inside keep it turned to fox might as well. but then also watch freezing rain, also a reason to stay off the roads in across parts of upstate new york and connect cet and massachusetts and vermont. temperaturewise i have been talking about all this winter. take a look where summer is. central plains tomorrow into the 70s, maybe low 80's across parts of the dakotas. absolutely unreal for mid march. these temperatures are about 40 degrees where they should
4:11 am
be. >> all those guys down in florida spring break why didn't they go to north dakota? >> might as well go to rapid city for spring break. >> coming up, he is he a ebb move the black panthers that shot two cops dead. now he could be freed from prison on a technicality that's because he plays the flute. >> we will explain that one when we come back. then when it comes to saving the elephants peta knows no target. newest target? diss any's dumb bow. don't be shy, try some pie! you're giving away pie? what would you like apple or cherry? cherry. can i top that with oil or cream? excuse me? oil...or cream? definitely cream! a slice of pie always sounds better with reddi wip. that's because it's never made with hydrogenated oil. ohhh yeah.
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here is the greatest
4:15 am
question in the history of news should playing a flute get you out of jail. her man bell thinks. so he is using the skill as evidence to show that he is a changed man in his fight for a fair parole trial. >> bell was convicted in the shooting death of officers joseph and waverly jones in 1971. but is this really the right time to be granting parole to a cop killer? joining us now is former doj official jay christian adams. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, you read the articles about mapped in 1971. one of the officers jones was shot in the head. officer was shot several times and was begging for his life and now his killer is begging to be let out of prison because he has become such a good flutist behind bars. >> everything is new again. racists killing police officers just because they are police officers. you know, a lot of people forget that there was a real movement in this country in the early 1970s late 1960's, black panther, black
4:16 am
separatist movement that was openly targeting police officers. there was killing police officers. kill the pig became a refrain which you can now find on twitter as it relates to ferguson. so we -- this guy probably deserved the death penalty in the 70s. he certainly does not diseesh to be paroled in new york simply because he has learned to play the flute. >> exactly if had the death penalty wouldn't be having this debate in the first place. but on the other side of argument is his attorneys he is 67 years old o. her man bell has consistently expressed profound remorse for his action. the law may not entitle mr. bell to parole release. it does entitle him to a fair hearing before commissioners that apply the law. that is what we are seeking in court. what do you say to that? >> yeah, look. this is exactly the wrong time in america 2015 to be releasing black panther cop killers. it would send exactly the wrong message to places like ferguson, new york city
4:17 am
where the cops are under attack. you don't do it now. but this is nothing new, guys. don't forget, eric holder has been springing aging hippy bombers from federal prison marilyn buck, for example was somebody a lot like this. a political anarchist leftist radical murderer who was in federal prison for killing people and all of the academics, all of the left wing people were writing letters to it holder. let her out just like this letter. let her out, she is old o. she is infirm. and sure enough holder let her out. this is a growing trend where these aging hippy terrorists are now being sought to be released. >> do you think this cop killer is going to get out, jay? >> well, you know what? it's new york. so anything is possible. you know in some states like virginia they have gotten rid of parole. but in new york, you know who knows what could happen there. so it's probably a favorable venue for a cop quiller unfortunately to seek release. >> who knew that you could learn the flute in prison.
4:18 am
i didn't. jay christian adams former doj official. always great to see you on "fox & friends." thanks. >> you two guys. thanks. >> remember what happened when we gave solyndra half a billion dollars. that's not stopping the administration from more big bucks. the amount will shock you. >> the first lady already got in your kid's lunchroom and now the government may be headed to your office. that's next.
4:19 am
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let's end this.
4:21 am
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4:22 am
first they came to lunchrooms and the food police could be coming to an office near you. new report laying the groundwork for food interventionist in work places and the ability to tax foods that are seen as too unhealthy. so have we finally gone too far? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate ceo of service foods i canned and author of the green box food league. former chair of the natural products committee and former fellow at the independent pflum we have. you both have children so i know you care about this issue so much. julie i will start with you. good idea or bad idea? >> since the obama administration came into office, we have seen an incredible growth in government role in the way americans eat. we have 30 million kids on school lunches.owth in how many people are on the food stamp program. and this is yet another growth in government's role. people coming in to your
4:23 am
work place, into schools, telling you how you should eat possibly monitoring the amount of television you watch. this is a violation of people's privacy and also a perfect example of how government is overstepping its role. >> on the other hand, you are not going to jail for eating cupcakes. you are not getting slapped with fines for having pizza and french fries. the idea who are is just to educate you and once you have that information you can make a decision. no, dr. can't be -- cantor? >> if they would educate the people and not dictate to the people it is a very good thing. the cdc says 75% of all chronic diseases are nutrition related. so bringing that to the forefront is a good idea. the problem we have with this government is they don't tend to educate us. they tend to dictate to us. that's where the problem lies because people don't like being dictated to. >> well, the guidelines
4:24 am
for -- from the advisory committee mission statement says. this. encourage americans to eat a healthful diet. one that focuses on foods and beverages that help achieve and maintain a healthy weight. promote help and prevent disease it doesn't sound too bad, does it, julie? >> well, look, the private sector already does this. americans have a vast array of choices. whether they decide to go to weight watchers, they go to cross fit. americans have hundreds of choices. and when we have the federal government trying to replicate that they often do a bad job. so again, if the the government is going to educate people, that's fine. but this is really getting into coercion. and, frankly, this is embarrassing for people to have a health interventionist showing up to your office. they are also talking about letting these people show up to schools. will parents be notified? this should really scare a lot of americans and, frankly, i think it really is an example of government overreach. >> dr. cantor would it be bad just to educate everyone about it?
4:25 am
things like cross fit that julie brought up and also weight watchers, those are fantastic options for folks who want to cut pounds and become more healthy but you have to pay for it. >> well again, if they are willing to educate and teach the children, let's face it our healthcare system in the united states is broken. it's overburdened. we really don't even have a healthcare system we have a disease in manage management system. we have to put more emphasis on prevention. that has to be voluntary. and done through education. and julie is right. the way it's being done in the workplaces now is voluntary. and if it's done correctly, it's t. saves a lot of money. it increases productivity. >> right. >> it decreases absenteeism. we have a health and wellness program at our companies, and we had return on investment of almost 6 1.
4:26 am
as a matter of fact, we just won the healthiest employer in atlanta. >> congratulations. >> it was a voluntary program. >> yeah. and it definitely needs to focus more on prevent rather than reactionary. julie and dr. kantor for your time today. >> thank you. >> armed robber entered her home when she was all lone with her 2-year-old. so what did this wife of of a police officer do? she shot him twice. hear from her live coming up. and when it comes to saving the elephants, peta knows no boundaries, newest target? dumb bow. first we will check in with eric bolling for a look on what's coming up on cashen. >> rocking debates. hillary vs. black bear. scott walker vs. union thugs and old glory and strong advice for conservatives. see you in a few.
4:27 am
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
back with a fox news alert. the shooter of two police officers remains on the loose. >> investigators in ferguson, missouri now following dozens of leads in the massive manhunt to find that gunman or gunmen. mike tobin is now on the ground in ferguson with the latest on the search. mike?
4:31 am
>> good morning the manhunt is critical to the chief of police out here. it does not mean it is producing fast leads. you remember the swat team raid of a house the morning after those two police officers were shot. a couple of blocks away from here. that proved to be a dead end lead. all of the people taken into custody at that time or taken in for questioning have been released. police are getting dozens and dozens of tips. or scores of tips. at the moment they have no hard leads. >> we haven't been inundated with tips compared to some of the other investigations that i have looked at because, you know, there aren't a lot of people, i think that really saw at least at this point that we have been able to identify exactly what happened. i cannot tell you at this point that an arrest is eminent. certainly nobody in custody. >> as happened during the state of emergency back in december, the city police have been taken out of the loop as far as securing the demonstrations. county police and state police are handling that. as far as the demonstrations last night. it was rainy, a few people
4:32 am
showed up. no major incident. back to you in new york. >> mike tobin live for us in missouri this morning. >> on to other stories making headlines now. two teenagers heading to trial. a wisconsin judge ruling there is enough evidence against two girls accused of stabbing a classmate to try them as adults. they were just 12 years old when they allegedly stabbed their friend 19 times to please online horror character slender man. the classmate left for dead but amazingly survived. they both face up to 65 years in prison if convicted. students and parents are on edge. after a hit list is uncovered at a massachusetts high school. police say a student made threats to a specific list of teenagers at winchester high school while talking with with the guidance counselor. extra guidance will be at the school on monday as they continue their investigation. he started a radical group bombing targets right here
4:33 am
in the united states. but now bill ayers is headed to college. the founder of weather underground set to speak at penn state university next week. but now joe, a pennsylvania state lawmaker is demanding the school cancel his invitation. the school saying the event was organized by students and isn't using any taxpayer money. and he is a real life also ay. a stray dog saved and mom and pickup and litter of newborn puppies as they got lost in the woods. rescuers searched for them for weeks. earl this week the stray dogs showed up darking frantically. >> i bet he is trying to get you follow him. every time we got closer he would go away and bark at us and say keep coming my way. >> the stray led rescuers to the exhausted shivering animals. foster home including the stray who has been named hero.
4:34 am
those are your headlines. >> peta probably a fan of that story. but they are not a fan of dumb bow. the classic disney tale, of course you can ride the dumb bow ride when you go to disney world. i'm sure they would have a problem with that upset about the new adaptation of dumb bow. they don't want dumb bow portrayed hoping in our adaptation leaving living out their lives in a sanctuary instead of being abused. >> how is it that bugs bunny and mickey mouse and sylvester all survived for decades without peta's help? >> this comes on the heels of circuses like ring bling brothers phasing out elephants being abused film recently made showing that
4:35 am
baby elephants separated from their mothers at a very young age that these animals that walk dozens of miles a day are kept in tiny plans these animals are slapped across the face with whips and treatment of them in circuses is completely inhumane. so with organizations like peta not out there rooting for animals like, this sometimes. >> it's a cartoon character. >> wiley coyote. are they upset about that or the way that tom is treated by jerry, the house in tom and jerry? he is abused by. >> that's the problem with peta is they take things way too far. but at the same time we should care a little bit more about our animals. my humble opinion. >> they are going to save carpal tunnel for one of the cartoonists who doesn't have to draw a whole circus tent. >> leave it blank in a sanctuary. >> i agree with you. the current movie, the original movie shows how poorly they were treated. so the original dumbo is so sad. my little boy for the first time i saw him cry watching a movie when they separated
4:36 am
the mom from dumbo and took him away in a cart and treated poorly all the circus guys are portrayed pretty poorly in that movie. isn't that exactly what peta wants? >> not much common sense there. >> let us know your thoughts on it go to our facebook page ff weekend. fiery in this morning. >> it is pi day. here reichmuth standing outside. >> rainy day for most of the mid-atlantic and northeast. take a look at the weather maps. not only rain there where it is not going to be rainy is across plains. rapid city south dakota, 82 degrees. that is basically summer. you should be at 39. that's your average. bismarck same story incredibly warm. monday see colder air start to come back. in you will still be above average. nebraska getting to 82 tomorrow as well. today, across the northeast though, still feeling like
4:37 am
winter, especially across new england. we are going to see snow across interior sections of vermont, new hampshire into maine. some areas up to a foot of snow by the time the storm is done. rain, however, in across areas of the manhattan really most of the northeast kind of socked in today. it's kind of a gloomy day. we are going to see stormy conditions this morning across the carolinas into the georgia. i think we will see some sunshine by the afternoon. overall, conditions certainly improving to where you have been this week after that incredibly rainy week. northeast plains starting with beautiful conditions tomorrow enjoy that out across the west dealing with record breaking heat. you say 81 in tucson that seems pretty normal for. breaking records for arizona and southern california. l.a. today guys, 93 degrees for a high. hard to imagine that for this time in march. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> hard to imagine what today is, rick. today is march 14th. it's national pi day. celebrating number 3.14 with
4:38 am
pizza. that's how we do it here. one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the country brad kent. nice to see you this morning. >> amazing kramer on seinfeld wanted to create his own pizza joint. you guys have broken the mold. >> all these years later finally we have done it. >> says you can't put this on a pizza. what sets you apart from other pizza places. >> that's one of the things that does set us apart you can build a pizza exactly the way you like it. bakes super fast in hot glufn how fast? >> in about three minutes. if you look at the quality of ingredients whole foods what we are trying to get across is high quality produce really high quality ingredients made properly. >> is there a key to the perfect ingredient on a pie. kramer wanted to put tons of random things. >> i think it was cucumbers. >> do you have could you couple slices? >> we have zucchini.
4:39 am
you can put whatever you like on the pizza. what we like to look at is, sure, pesto hand me some sauce. total of 5. >> cook as well. >> it doesn't cook as well. it will be a little bitting so -- soggy. >> can i put salt on my pizza. >> a little bit of salt heightens. >> if we could take the above shot, i do want to note that i'm the only one who made one that looks like a pizza. >> and if you will notice some of our ingredients like the chicken and turkey meatballs, these are all natural toppings. >> hasn't put cheese on his pizza yet. >> get that.
4:40 am
because i don't want to live the same day to wait. gorgonzola. >> kids love it grand parents love it and great place to go because everybody can get exactly what they want so fast. >> no cheese. >> no cheese. >> some olives. >> and can you tell us just by looking we haven't tasted them yet and that would probably give you stomach because they are not cooked who made the best one? >> they are all great. >> we don't give everybody a trophy here. >> we are thinking about what pi day is. what would stimulate the mind? >> yours looks the most traditional. i will go ahead and give you the award. >> you can get it for $3.14 at any of our locations. >> vote for our best pizza on our facebook page.
4:41 am
>> vote for peter. >> vote for clayton. >> vo for anna. >> check out blaze pizza at blaze >> that's it. >> wildest escape root we have ever seen. a man makes a break for it on a motorcycle right down an escalator. the ending you have got to see to believe. >> do you think you can afford to buy a home? up next we go state by state to show you how much money you need to be a homeowner.
4:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save.
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b or c or are prone to infections. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. hey, everybody get up and get moving a woman is arrested for running on to the runway and planning to stow away on a jet to get to guatemala. police say the suspect plan to return to her home country is in a plane's cargo hold. she has pleaded not guilty to trespassing. the hunt is on for
4:45 am
motorcyclist who escaped police by driving down a mall escalator. the also cut through a wal-mart before taking off on a highway. no one was hurt. clayton? >> thanks, anna. why rent when can you own? a new report has a revolutionary way of finding your next home based on how much money you make. here to break it down is travis brown the thorpe of the wealth of states. how taxes, energy and worker freedom change everything. travis, great to see you as always. welcome back to the show. >> great to be back. >> you brought your big television and walk us through exactly how we can find out where the most affordable areas of the country. when we talk about the average home or the salary you need to buy that first home, what numbers are we talking about. >> well, we are looking here nationwide at a study that looks at 27 metropolitan areas. we have got them mapped here by they use national realtor figures look at the last quarter of 2014 and what we find out in general that the national average, the salary needed to afford purchasing
4:46 am
your home across america is about $48,000. that assumes 20% down and 28% loan to value. >> certain parts of the country your money can go a lot further for you. >> let's talk about the most affordable cities where you can afford to buy and get a home. >> look at their study, 27 metropolitan areas. pittsburgh comes up as the most affordable place to afford your home. >> $31,000. >> 31,000ed? >> yeah. >> which is dramatically lower than the national average of 48,000 and similar to other parts in the midwest that go in such as cleveland or cincinnati. >> so pittsburgh, cleveland, and st. louis also doing pretty well. >> st. louis comes in as well. because you have got only $33,000 of annual salary needed purchase the home at those ratios which makes it a very affordable attractive place to live. >> what about the least affordable places to live? >> well, on the other side of the spectrum, the difference on where you
4:47 am
choose to live can be quite dramatic. we are looking at san francisco here costing an average of $142,000 of salary needed to afford that home. that's dramatically beyond the $48,000 of national average. >> so three of the biggest offenders are in california of course, also los angeles. >> yeah. just down the way here san diego comes in at second least affordable at $95,000 required. followed by los angeles, $89,000 of annual salary required to buy that home. so it really does matter where you are. of course california has a high price on work. up to 14.3% on income tax as well. >> what about reasonably placed locations where the job market is strong? i would think the job market is strong in san francisco. startups out there as well. does that correlate? >> sure. there is location demand in these numbers, of course. and higher incomes in places like san francisco or new york or boston. but, you know, when you look at the price to val you
4:48 am
might get a different picture. when we look at the rest of these metropolitan areas here we could see, for example price to val -- value might be in texas. $48,000. per capita incomes have been rising. you can live in a no income tax state and be quite affordable finding that home as it increases. >> like tampa, phoenix, dallas the ones you mentioned there for reasonably priced locations where the job market is strong? >> that's right. you have got phoenix there and tampa down here and dallas all doing very well looking at price to value. we know that americans are choosing. >> and similar without income tax. you see a theme there going. >> >> that's right. >> travis always great to see you. wealth with of >> great to see you. >> coming up on the show armed robber entered the home when she was all alone with her 2-year-old. what does she do? she shot him twice. we will hear from that brave mother next. >> special gift hand delivered by real super
4:49 am
hero. did you see this story that took the web by storm this week? heart warming story talking about. meet this little boy straight ahead. music ♪ get great deals on great gear at bass pro shops. like new micro lite plus spinning combos for under $25. save 20% on our most popular aluminum fish fryer.
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now with the xfinity tv go app, you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. . imagine being home alone in your house with your baby daughter when a man starts banging on the door and then busts through the window into the house? what do you do? well, one many with in virginia knew she would do whatever it took to protect her daughter. so she shot the intruder and waited with him until police arrived. here to share her story is
4:53 am
alli and her 2-year-old daughter. good morning alli. >> good morning. >> so alli, you have a background in law enforcement. your husband is a police officer. he had taught you what to do in this exact scenario. do you think that anybody without that kind of a heads up or kind of training from their husband would be able to do what did you? >> well, i think it just comes down to you know, anyone is capable of doing it and, you know, the only thing that was running through my mind was to keep her safe and, you know it was just -- i didn't even think about doing it just something i had been trained to do. and i did it. >> so walk us through what happened? you are sitting in your house. what did you hear? >> well, it started -- he started banging on the door really, really hard. you know, messing with the doorknob saying let me in, baby, please, we're okay. and i glanced through the peephole and i had no idea who he was at all. so i grabbed my phone,
4:54 am
called 9111. i ran to the back room to get the gun, and i heard a loud crash and by the time i came back to the end of the hallway he was, you know, just a few feet from me. and i had no idea who he was. he kept coming at me so i shot him twice. >> where did you shoot him? >> one shot went in through his hand and into his abdomen and the other shot was in his groin. >> were you -- what was your first thought? you pulled the trigger, your husband has been saying if somebody comes in shoot them like this and then you finally did it. what's the first thought that you had? >> the only thought that i had was to make sure that he didn't get up again. you know, i had kept my gun trained on him and i was on the phone with dispatch the whole time. and the only thing that i was going -- you know, that i. ed to do was to make sure he didn't get up do come after me again or come after her. >> alli, your daughter is safe and the intruder is now in the hospital with life threatening injuries. would you do it again?
4:55 am
>> absolutely. >> without any doubt? >> without any doubt. >> all right. well thank you for joining us this morning alli? >> thank you for having me. did you know that there is a conference aimed at educating americans on the problem of white privilege? and they say it all comes down to the tea party. that story top of the hour. and, dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz asked americans to go on twitter and share their favorite democratic policy. americans chimed in but let's just say it's not what she expected. ♪
4:56 am
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hey everyone, today is the march 2015. i'm anna kooiman. moment god ler was freed 14 hours after the car she in crashed into an icy river. >> hang on, hang on hang on. don't move it got it? pass her up. >> go, go, go. >> we have got the brand new body camera video. it's an up close look at a miracle rescue. >> terror across the border, the new report that says weapons of mass destruction could be slipping through totally undetected. >> and hand delivered by a real life super hero. see tony stark? >> ready? >> yep. >> great. each one looks the same. >> actually i think yours might be better than mine. it's even cooler than i thought. >> that's iron man robert
5:00 am
downie jr. bionic arm for a special boy. that boy and his mom join us live this hour. incredible story everyone is talking about on the web. watch the full video by the way. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> this is buddy, the cake boss. you are watching "fox & friends," the news boys. >> cake bosses. he makes pi on pi day. >> it is pi day. 3.14 march 14 of the. the only time in history that what's going to happen in the 9:00 hour will happen at 9:26 a.m. 3.114.15 for 2015. 9.2653. dogs and cats living together. things are going to get crazy at :26 a.m. >> eat whatever you want and calories won't count. bring them on. >> peter doocy is here this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. >> get to your saturday morning headlines now because we have dramatic new
5:01 am
video just released. showing the moments rescuers freed that toddler trapped inside a car for 14 hours after it crashed into a frigid utah river. >> anybody got scissors to cut the belt? >> right here. >> there you go. >> got it? pass her up. go go, go, go. >> take her up. >> come on, baby. definitely hypothermic. she is breathing. >> this is a story we telling you about that happened one week ago that little girl lily grossen beck. survived and is now out of the hospital. her mother died unfortunately in that crash. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the car to crash off a bridge and into the water. >> hospital patient deaths being blamed on ice cream? this morning the fda recalling blue bell ice cream products after finding they were contaminated with his tier i his tier i can't.
5:02 am
it covers ice cream bars, but pints and half gallons are not affected. one engaged to be married this october. the four guardsmens' names are not be released. rumor mill going to overdrive as russian president vladimir putin goes missing from the public eye for more than a week. despite theories saying severely ill imprisoned in the kremlin after a palace cue or dead. his presidential spokesperson says he is he just fine. just taking on a lot of meetings. there is also speculation he is in switzerland for the birth of a secret love child
5:03 am
with his secret olympic gymnast girlfriend. >> those secrets tv this morning. >> absolutely. is the the administration has long held that terrorists cannot be labeled islamic extremists because it might offend them also legitimize them. bit of an interview. he echoed the same sentiments. listen to the cia director. this is a global movement and phenomenon. they are terrorists. they are criminals. many of them are psychopathic thugs. murderers. who use a religious concept and masquerade and mask themselves in that religious construct. >> yes, they are terrorists. yes, they are psychopathic thugs. yes, they are criminals. but they are a whole lot more than that they are
5:04 am
islamic extremists. lt. colonel allen west was on the record last night. here is what he said. >> we're not standing with those muslim nations that recognize this threat. and they want to eradicate this threat. when you hear someone unthat is the director of the cia say this is worrisome, that's the language of defeat. that's not the language of victory. that's not the language of leadership. once again we continue to have a president that does not recognize this enemy and continues to come up with moral equivalency statements. >> the administration critics are going to continue to ding the -- their intelligence officials for and brennan for is that you hear them wasting a lot of oxygen about, oh, let's not call them this. but let's call them psychos because that's really going to upset them. while they are laboring over the naming of our enemy, they are not saying and you don't hear them say okay they are psychos and this is what we are going to do to get them. >> right. he spent most of his speech talking about social media and what we are now doing to combat them on social media
5:05 am
when which is a gadd point. the argument you hear from gorka and lack of leadership on the ground there in areas that are being overrun by isis at the moment in syria and iraq needs american leadership and it's not going to come at the hands of cia putting out tweets. >> some sort of law enforcement problem. it's not working. last week remember, we told that you they are growing each more into west africa with boko haram. >> he doesn't want to give them the legitimacy of calling them the islamic state, which is what they call themselves. he will call them a psychopathic thug does he think that is going to hurt their feelings and make them go away. we're going to hang it up. this all comes on the heels of a report about our rail systems in the united states of america. and what could potentially be slipping into the united states according to this new
5:06 am
report. coming across our borders into the united states. weapons of mass destruction at the hands of terrorists that are supposed to be -- customs and border protection able to not see these shipments coming through hidden inside of shipping containers. also troubling about it is that some of the folks some the officers in charge and cvp are trained in been screening. >> here is the red flags. see what somebody does about it before something bad happens. >> they do not have their required examinations of a lot of these shipping containers that may have contraband weapons of mass destruction hidden inside the containers, forget what's happening in iraq. more on that story. >> something happening right now, in louisville, kentucky. there is this white privilege conference at a hotel where a bunch of grerve minded people have gotten together to basically talk about the problems that they think with white
5:07 am
privilege and they are specifically singling out the tea party. they say that the paper is racist. and that basically the reason people don't like obama. they don't like obama because is he black and they don't want him in charge. >> one of the activist there from the conference said. this leonard said this at the conference. all this business about government and constitutional is a smoke screen that's really all about, quote: i want my country back for me. me meaning white people. i don't think i have to convince you that they have sort of a generic racism, end quote. >> one of the only journalist who was there from the daily caller eric owen shares his thoughts on what's going on there in louisville, kentucky. take a listen. >> his contention is that people who are involved in the tea party don't really care about economics. they are consumed by race. they are amenable to it white racists who are just lunatic fringe people and
5:08 am
those people come together. how many ever millions of tea party people being led around by racist loons. >> and eric also said that he suspects the tea party has been infiltrated by people sympathetic to this white privilege conference. and so now the -- looking ahead tea party leaders are going to have to wonder if somebody in their ranks says something unconventional or something offensive was it really somebody who is in the tea party or somebody a plant? >> right. fascinating. >> more on that coming up here on the show. first, let's check in with rick reichmuth who standing by. >> kind of a gloomy day out there. >> rainy. >> rain and rain and still a little bit chilliy. all across the mid-atlantic and into the northeast and temperaturewise, take a look at what happens for the next three days. we stay for the most part a little bit below average except for one day, on monday i think we are going to see temps climb above average. for the most part that is not going to be the prevalent pattern. in fact, we have winter storm warnings and advisories in effect here
5:09 am
across parts of the northeast again. i think we are going to see some freezing rain here. freezing rain advisories here across parts of lower new england and upstate new york and then we are watching just a lot of rain. and big rain chill. not going to come and go quickly. it's going to be a gloomy day for the most part. you so that he pink in if there. that is some of the freezing rain starting to move. in as it pulls farther toward the north we will see a lot of snow across parts of maine. take a look at these temperatures. that is kind of the northeast. that's been the prevalent story we have talked about over the last few months in across parts of the central plains and the west. the other story has been how it has been so incredibly warm. we have that today and tomorrow. we have got temperatures into the 70s, maybe even a few 80's breaking out across the dakotas. monday, still warm across the plains but you start to see the cooler air move in. tuesday we get back a little bit towards normal and we are going to see the cooler air move in by wednesday. enjoy this weekend across the plains and out across the west. they need the rain. you don't really want to see it in the long-term but in the short-term it's really nice again.
5:10 am
>> any time the 80's break out it's a dance party. >> at least at my house. >> thanks rick. coming up on the show president obama says we are chipping away at the problems at the v.a. is he trying to win our vets' trust back. >> trust is one of those things that you can lose real quick. and then takes some time to build. >> but if that's the case why are we giving this fired phoenix official her bonus back? >> it's a once in a lifetime chance. sink that shot win a million bucks. did he make it? stick around. don't tease me like that. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows you may not have time to roll out a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and homemade gravy.
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almost a year after the whistle blower existence of wait so long may have died waiting for treatment. the president finally visited the v.a. center at the epicenter of the scandal and promised that he was chipping away at those problems. >> trust is one of those things that you can lose real quick and then takes some time to build. >> joining us now former army chopper pilot and senior military advisor, concerned veterans for america amber smith. amber good morning. >> good morning. >> so, amber, this is a big problem. and the president says he is chipping away. is that enough? >> no. this is a big problem. and it's not going away with the way they are currently trying to fix it the status quo at the department of veterans affairs is broken. and they don't have a clearly defined path or strategy to fix it i was
5:15 am
happy to see that the president stopped by the phoenix facility where the scandal broke last year. especially after his motorcade sped by the exact same facility in january. but, unfortunately, his solution to just another advisory committee is just for a photo op. it's going to produce zero results. >> and to that point one of the republican senators jeff flake in arizona says there is already 25 or so advisory committees to tell the v.a. how to improve. he doesn't think a 26th is going to do anything. senator john mccain is of that opinion as well. listen to this. >> there has been some improvement. there has to have been. after all the allegation is that 50 veterans died while waiting. but has that progress been what the american people and the people o the veterans of arizona expect in my view, absolutely not. >> so amber, by stopping yesterday at the hospital, does the president have any
5:16 am
more trust of the veterans or their families that may not many be counting on him or may not have been able to count on him for the last few years? >> well, president obama and secretary mcdonald, they have lost the trust of america's veterans. all we hear is more words out of this administration. and until we start seeing positive results out of the v.a., no one is going to believe anything they are saying. has president obama forgotten that in his -- the law that he signed in august of 2014ed v.a. reform bill, that has two independent committees that are supposed to set up and report back to the president. why are those not enough? and until the president and secretary mcdonald get serious about making veterans come first inside the v.a., giving veterans choice, we are not going to see anything different and the trust of america's veterans will stillen lost
5:17 am
until it happens. and amber, you talked a lot about how the status quo is not working. we're told that one of the senior people at the v.a. there in phoenix is going to get to keep her bonus. what do you think about that? >> that's absolutely ridiculous. she was the leader of the v.a. facility where the ig report said that people died as a result of having to wait too long to get their healthcare. and that's ridiculous that because of legalities because of bureaucratic red tape that she is being protected instead of the veteran. which ultimately comes back to this culture inside the v.a. that protects the v.a. and bad employees instead of taking care of the veterans and doing what's best for them. we really need to change it back to, you know, veterans centric vs. v.a. centric. that's not what we are see hing right now. >> amber smith in the d.c.
5:18 am
bureau. thank you, amber. >> thank you. coming up next he started a radical group bombing targets in the u.s. bill ayers has just been invited to speak at another college. is he really the person that should be talking to the kids? and, hand delivered by a real life super hero. >> ready? >> yep. >> great. each one looks the same. >> actually i think yours might be better than mine. >> that's iron man robert downie jr. giving a bionic arm to a very special little boy. that iron man and his mom here live next. >>
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
good morning, everyone. we're back now with a fox
5:22 am
news alert. iraqi forces now saying they will liberate tikrit from isis terrorists within 72 hours. isis fighters are massively outnourished and completely boxed in. this coming as we learn the first u.s. soldier has been wounded by isis. the soldier hit with a ricocheted bullet in his face. he was immediately treated and returned to duty. three missing british school girls getting ready to flee to syria and become jihadi brides for isis. this video came from a spy who helped them reach the syrian border from turkey and deliver them to the terror group. he was later arrested. clayton, great story have you coming up. >> unbelievable. special gift hand delivered by real life super hero tony stark. hi alex how are you? pleasure to meet you. i have another bionic. >> thank you. >> nice bow tie by the way. ready? >> yep. >> great. >> each one looks the same. >> actually i think yours
5:23 am
might be better than mine. oh, look at that it's a marriage of robotic technologies. bang, nailed it. >> gives me chills, doesn't it? that's iron man delivering custom made iron limb art official limb to a boy born with a partially developed arm. alex and his mom alisyn. nice to see you this morning. >> hi. >> hi guys. >> good morning. >> hi. >> unbelievable. alex, what did you think when you walked in and you saw tony stark, robert downie jr. standing there with a metal suitcase in front of him? >> i thought just nothing. i was so excited. >> i can imagine. you were born with a partially developed limb and what did kids in your school used to say to you before you had this bionic arm? >> they used to say that what happened to your arm?
5:24 am
did you get bitten by a shark or run over? all that mean stuff. >> at used to make you feel real bad and alisyn. now what are kids saying about your son's arm? >> how awesome he is and how amazing his new arm is and you know they want to be just like him. >> yeah. that's unbelievable. all right. take us back a little bit here and help us understand how this project all came together. because ucf was behind it doing the 3-d printing. 30 to 50 hours of work to actually make this bionic arm. pull the curtain back on this. how did this unfold for you? >> it started last year around august. and i was just kind of looking for something to do for him, you know, just get him an arm somehow. and we were going to actually make it ourselves with a 3-d printer so i had one ordered. and i had a little hand
5:25 am
made. and then it was a little bit out of what i could do. and so i contacted albert and i said, you know, what about what do you think about helping me said i will do you one better. >> robert downie jr. to deliver it you are able to see tony stark. when you tried it on for the first time, what did you think when you put it on and started to move it? can you show us how you can move it here on camera for us? >> >> well -- >> -- ready? >> wow that's awesome. obviously mom you wanted to get an arm so he could ride a bike. have you been able to do that yet alex? >> um not all the time because. >> have you been riding a bike though yet. >> i haven't ridden a bike with my arm yet. >> working on it it? >> working on it. >> one step at a time.
5:26 am
i bet you are the coolist kid in school now alex. >> are you the coolest kid in school now? >> yes. >> yes, you are. you would be the coolest kid at my school. i hope to get to meet you some day alex. you are a real life super hero. alisyn alex, thank you so much. can you give us a goodbye? >> bi. >> thank you guys. and come up here pope francis ready to leave the vatican over pizza. the pontiff's surprising comment about his future. we'll be right back.
5:27 am
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. yes, yeah do i a million of these a day. so just give me five. >> a million. well the vice president shows off weight training in support of michelle obama's give me five health campaign. all in a day's work. it looks like he may have taken a chapter out of ron burgundy's handbook. >> 1002,. >> mr. burgundy. >> 1003. >> oh, it's a deep burn. oh. so deep. oh, i can barely lift my right arm because did i so many. i don't know if you heard me counting beings i did over a thousand. >> unless the vice president
5:31 am
kept his shirt on. >> when guys say that oh, i'm so sore. i worked out really hard yet. >> you know, everybody wants to know where putin is and why he can't show his face. how key he? that's a 30-pound weight right there. >> right. see, putin are? our leaders can lift weights too and take their shirts off. >> looks like it's 30. >> i will be honest. >> i'm not saying i couldn't lift it but i couldn't lift it a million times. >> or five times. >> well, maybe that went well for the vice president and the white house, getting these little vine videos out there to go viral. but maybe this didn't go as well as the dnc had planned. debbie wasserman schultz did you see what she tweeted this week? hard to say her name when you have coffee in your mouth. she tweeted out something on twitter, basically asking people to celebrated the democrats. and she wrote. this democrats have led on so many great policies. which is your favorite?
5:32 am
tell it us the one that makes you most proud. >> i'm sure there were a few good ones. >> he she wanted stuff like healthcare reform. there was a link. healthcare reform 60 straight months of job growth and rescuing the auto industry. >> she wanted people to say that. on twitter at deny buy wasserman schultz tweets right off the top of my head i would say cover up, lies, oh wait. you said proud of not disgusted with. >> yeah, tim on twitter, the one where he destroyed so much of our country oh wait, that would be all of them. >> we had a bunch of viewer responses this morning on our facebook page and twitter account. john wrote us, democratic policy i'm most proud of, i can't recall i deleted all of my emails. >> sandy emailed to say democratic policy i'm most proud of would have to be the unaffordable care act which has begun to destroy our healthcare system. >> we're asking you to send in the ones you are most proud of, not the ones you are least proud of. see if you can find any of those and send them to our
5:33 am
facebook page. a huge thread of them right now. >> keep them coming. >> right now we have to get to this fox news alert. a fox news manhunt underway at this hour. >> investigators following dozens of leads anyone tense search to find that gunman or gunmen who shot two cops. mike tobin is on the ground this morning with the latest on the search. good morning mike. >> good morning, gang, as much as that manhunt is a priority. it's not producing immediate results. the most activity we have seen out of police anyway on the ground was that raid of a house by the swat teams the morning after the police officers were shot. that turned out to be a dead end lead. everyone picked up in that raid has been questioned and released. police are getting a lot of tips, but thus far, no hard leads. >> we haven't just been inundated with tips compared to some of the other investigations that i have looked at. because you know, there aren't a lot of people, i think, that really saw, at least at this point, that we have been able to identify exactly what happened.
5:34 am
i cannot tell you at this point that an arrest is imminent. there is certainly nobody in custody. >> chief belmar says crime stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that would lead to the shooter or shooters. beyond that, the police are overwhelmed by the number of people who are donating reward money for any information that would lead to an arrest. guys back to you you in new york. >> mike tobin, thank you very much. >> thanks, mike. >> some of the stories making headlines now. he started a radical group bombing targets here in the united states. now bill ayers is headed to college. the founder of weather underground set to speak at penn state university next week. now joe, the pennsylvania state lawmaker there is demanding the school cancel his invitation. the school saying the event was organized by students and isn't using any taxpayer money. for the love of pizza. pope francis says he will only last five more years as pontiff maybe even just two or three. he says he misses his life before.
5:35 am
like getting pizza without getting recognized. the 78-year-old also says he feels the lord placed him in the papacy for a short time. he has been pontiff for two years now. this might not be the worst half court shot ever or maybe it is. >> oh. no. >> not even close. this guy was given the chance to win a million dollars to sink a bucket from half court at the notre dame game. he hissed so badly people were booing. >> the basket never is seen in that shot. >> wait a looks kind of small. is is he like a 12-year-old or something? >> it's okay if you can't make it overhand. >> just fling it like this. >> there are some nba players who shoot free throws like that. >> rick, did he look like he was 12? >> he didn't but it looked like it was a super heavy ball. it wasn't like a regular
5:36 am
basketball. >> it was a shot put ball. >> needed to deflate it. >> exactly poor guy. not a regular ball. hey, guys, a lot of rain across so much of the country today at least the eastern half of the country. go out across the west, you are just baking. today you are looking at temps into montana and north dakota. 30 degrees above average, tomorrow moves slightly i to the east. but kind of expands. so very, very warm air out there for much of the country. not the case across the northeast. here is your first alert forecast throughout the day. we will see the rain plague the entire area all day and throughout the evening. and then snow across much of maine, some areas up to a foot. down across the southeast where you have been really rainy all week long. you still have one more day to get through but i think we are going to see breaks in sunshine at times and overall things improving. tomorrow is going to be a great day. down across or up across the northern plains and the central plains, look at that we are talking about temps in rapid city into the 70s and we're going to be looking at pretty nice
5:37 am
conditions even towards chicago. things are great. finally out across the west. record breaking temperatures across southern california getting into the low 90's in los angeles and pushing 90 in phoenix. very warm. all right. not the case here across the northeast, guys back to you inside. clayton? >> thanks rick. hey,. >> wow. all right. so looking for a way to spice up your saint patrick's day? well we have got some cocktails that will help you celebrate. >> am i almost as tall as you now? >> almost. >> the top of my hat. mixologist and guru jonathan is here. >> thank you for having me again. >> people getting together. people don't drink on saint patrick's day. >> of course not. >> how can we make some good saint patrick's day cocktails? there is a version of a classic cocktail. i'm going to go ahead and make it right here. i have got some orange bitters.
5:38 am
junipearo guardianship normally on saint patrick's day it's kind of a low bar. people just want something that is going to get them drunk or so i have heard. so how do you sell people on these. >> that's a good question. we want to make sure folks drink in moderation. >> drink responsibly. and what i do is i always make drinks that look pretty that are are balanced so that's. i would garnish this with a four leaf clover. things are still starting to thaw. i have fresh basil leaf right there that i'm going to throw in there. >> peter talked about lowering the bar that brings us to the next drink which you have labeled clayton's martini. >> that's right.
5:39 am
>> we have lowered the bar on this. thank you for naming a drink after me. i'm honored. >> it's a pleasure. this is van doe dutch chocolate vodka. >> chocolate vodka. van go vodka is fantastic. >> it's awful. >> is it infused. >> infused with real chocolate. i have mint syrup. this is a version of a grasshopper. have you ever had a grasshopper before. >> here comes the green stuff. >> here is the green stuff. this is a traditional green martini type of drink and the cream, of course. and give it a good shake. clayton, you are not going to shake your own martini? >> you want to shake it? >> it's a personal question. and i'm just going to strain it right out here. and a little bit of grated cinnamon on top. >> what else do we have? >> okay. so, we have a beer cocktail. i had to use the cream to. >> appropriately this is a virgin. >> did i sam adams irish
5:40 am
stowted. i added some blood orange juice whiskey. this i call the sassy lassie. >> and i'm just going to give it a little topoff and you can add a really nice cherry to it and that is a traditional beer cocktail. if you want to make it lighter use proseco instead of the beer. >> finally. >> the irish coffee. >> missing something? >> this is some cream that i whipped myself so you just add it right on top. it's nice and foamy. isn't that beautiful? >> i wanted to pair that with an irish drinking toast is that one ready. >> yes. >> does everyone have a drink? >> give me the stout. >> here's the cheating. stealing, fighting and drinking. if you cheat may you cheat death. if you steal, may you steal a woman's heart. if you fight may you fight for a brother. if you drink, may you drink with me. >> happy saint patrick's day everybody. jonathan, anna? >> anna over to you. >> tasty, enjoy. here is what is coming up on
5:41 am
"fox & friends" weekend. the email scandal may not be the real reason hillary clinton is in trouble for 2016. does america have clinton fatigue? plus, he wanted to probably display the stars and stripes. but a sheriff was told he had to take it down. he is outraged and he is here live.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
some quick headlines, saving mr. hanks. award winner tom hanks thank ago stranger for returning his lost credit card. he tweeted to his 9,000 followers a man found my credit card in nyc and returned it tony you make
5:45 am
this city even greater, thanx, hanx. roaredly hiring a housekeeper. it's believed the duke and duchess of cambridge are behind a new job posting seeking someone experienced with families and dogs the listing says the hire must be local and discreet. >> now over to clayton who is local and discreet. >> some are seaing it's not just hillary clinton's email hurt her in 2016. could americans have clinton fatigue. joining us is fox news contributors. clinton fatigue, many are arguing look, it's not really the email scandal. there is underlying theme from the clintons there is entitlement issues with hillary clinton that she could go around these servers at the state department because she is entitled to. do you think that's part of this argument? >> i don't think it's part of the argument the a all. i think interest a lot of politicians who do this nowadays for many reasons, for privacy or whatever the
5:46 am
issue is. the issue we are facing here is that the public just doesn't care. they just don't care. the polls have not shifted. she is exactly where she was before this mini scandal popped up. whether this scandal is true whether it's not. people are getting excited about, this the republicans and the media. it's back firing because the clintons have gone through several scandals unscathed. they are pros. it's like muscle memory to them. if this had been scott walker or even a jeb bush the voters would have just associated with that scandal with that politician because that's the only memory and knowledge they know of them. >> will they walk away unscathed, tony? >> not at all. the facts. farvelts and truths worthy honesty question and likability have taken big hits. i think you will probably see these become more prominent in polls taken since the scandal has metastasized as we have seen. let's remember something when you talk about clinton you are talk about two, clinton and hillary. they are both pathology dishonest and leads to
5:47 am
scandals. unscrupulous in pursuit of ambition. the difference is bill it is likeable. he as pass populist charge and truth when he has to be. sympathy and empathy for. hillary on the other hand cast herself and you saw this in the press conference as someone who is beyond it imperial, you use the word entitled as the way they feel. let's not forget something this is not some sort of scandal. she housed on her own personal server documents that were relevant to her job as secretary of state. that's never happened before. >> they don't know that for sure yet you are making allegations. >> that's a fact. >> are you gone. >> she conducted every single ounce of business secretary of state on her personal email is which is housed on personal searcher that's not the stretch here. the difference you could make is how much is it going to impact the race. that's a very care question. >> can you respond to that. >> i think that regardless of what the scandal says, it's not going to impact the race. because most americans right now have not even bundle on this issue. most americans don't know the issue exists unfortunately. that's how politics works.
5:48 am
it comes down to a few insulin. favorability is higher than before. people are sympathetic. poll released yesterday that show these numbers just don't budge. her poll numbers are higher than any other politician in the race right now. i'm not defending hillary. i'm just telling you the facts. what the numbers are. and that she is seasoned. she knows how to handle a scandal. she knows how the media cycle works. >> just for facts sake, her nbc, "wall street journal" approval waiting is now at 44%. her favorability, that's a 2 opoint drop in over the last year. lets not get mired in polls. i would encourage anyone watching this story unveil to not draw their conclusions necessarily on is the email scandal itself going it impact her. it's are the american people going to want to elect another clinton they don't trust and view very suspiciously and i think her likability, again, is going to make it very difficult for her to overcome this crumbling media fire wall that's not protecting her anymore. >> final word, fatigue yes or no? >> i think there is fatigue with all dynasties.
5:49 am
i don't think it's whether or not they trust or do not trust the clintons. people want a fresh lane of leadership. >> let you decide at home too. go to our facebook page a fresh reign of leadership? ff weekend. nice to see you this weekend. >> thank you guys. >> you will be thinking about that all weekend. [ laughter ] >> meanwhile, all eyes on new hampshire today. that's where two of the top g.o.p. contenders for 2016 will be, talking about i do than dynasties. one sheriff wanted to proudly display the stars and stripes in local courthouse. the judge has ruled take it down. is he outraged and he is here next. ♪ ♪ if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
good morning friends. a sheriff in virginia wanted to display this flag in the lobby to honor the people who serve our country. >> but the space now lies emp thety because judges in the courthouse said no to the flag. >> joining us now is the sheriff, bill watson. good morning. >> good morning. how you doing? >> fantastic. thanks for asking. so, i guess you're not doing so hot this morning. why did the judge tell you no? >> i don't know. not one judge called me before the fact to ask me why i wanted to put this flag on the wall. i did have one judge want to call me after the fact though. but all they had to do is pick up the phone and call me i would have told him it's a tribute to our firefighters, veterans police officer, those
5:54 am
who have given their life for the flag and i just don't understand the reasoning behind it. >> and talk to us about this specific display. it's actually made out of fire. >> howard:s. where did it come from? >> it was given to me as a gift from the fire department which i think is the greatest in the world and i mean, great guys and gals and we're very close, the sheriff's office and fire department along with the police department, we all work together and they made this as a gift to us and i wanted to put it oln the wall as a tribute and all the veterans that have given their life. there's a coupling right in the middle of the flag that shows it's made from fire hose. you have to get within two or three feet of it to tell it's not a real flag. >> i guess the judge said if you have allow one type of display, you have to allow all types. it's like telling a kid in class
5:55 am
you can't have a snack at 10:00 because you don't have enough to share with the rest of the class. do you feel there should have been an exception made? >> there's other plaques on the wall. a liberty bell plaque and then there's a big, gigantic collage of pictures of all the attorneys on the bar association. if that's not an organization i don't know what is is. >> is there an american flag flying outside the courthouse? >> yes, there is. >> so, what do you think ultimately the problem is with having an american flag inside, too? of the courthouse. >> i don't what the problem is. the judges saw the problem. we ended up moving the flag 21 feet and put it inside my office area. you can still see the flag, so i'm happy with it but i'm not
5:56 am
moving the flag out of that office. somebody said are you willing to go to jail for it? i said, well, people put their life on the line for the flag, i'm going to put my life and career on the line for that flag. >> thank you for sharing your story. >> have a great day. god bless america. >> thanks so much. in a stunning new intervuiew, the president had this to say about republicans. >> i'm embarrassed for them. for them to address a letter to the ayatollah who they claim is is our mortal enemy. >> what does one of the senators think about that? plus, barbie under fire. some want her banned because they say she's spying on your kids. we'll explain next hour. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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6:00 am
good morning, happy saturday. today is the 14th of march. the moment of the miracle. >> hang on, hang on. got it? got it? >> check this out. new body camera video as rescuers rush in to save the toddler known as the miracle baby left dangling upside down in a car in an icy river. president obama finally visits the va hospital that is at the center of the scandal and says we're chippinging away at the agency's problems but if that's true, why are we giving this fired da director her bonus back? >> great photo of her. >> pita now going after cartoons. >> you know lots of people with big ears are famous. oh boy. all we got to do is build an act make you a star.
6:01 am
a headliner. >> plans to take dumbo from your kids. fox and friends hour four starts right now. >> you're watching fox and friends and i can't train this trick. >> that's true. there's no way you can train us. peter is here with us this morning. >> thank you. >> anna and coming up in 25 minutes, it's going to be where math freaks around the world are going to get so excited because it's pi day and never in human history history has this number occurred, so stay with us here. we're quoing to give you the break down. 3, 14 15, 9, 26. >> in that minute, the whole world is going to change. >> sounds terrible. >> it will be. >> right now we need to tell you about these headlines. body camera video released
6:02 am
showing the moments rescuers freed the miracle baby. trapped inside a car for 14 hours after it crashed into an icy river. >> anybody got a scissors? got it? pass her up. pass her up. >> come on, baby. she's hype thermic. she's freezing. >> the 18 month old survived and has been released from the hospital thanks to those brave rescuers. her mother unfortunately died shortly before the crash. many suspect angels may have been involved in the survival. after four rescuers claiming a mysterious voice led them to the wreckage. all in the same story. dozens of people are feared dead this morning after a cyclone smashed into an island in the south pacific. the it's being called one of the
6:03 am
worst disasters in that region. pieces of homes, trees and powerlines are skrat scattered throughout the streets. the full extent of the damage yet to be known because the storm knocked out most phone lines and internet connections. rescuers fear entire villages may have been washed off the map. still no arrest this morning in the search for a sniper who shot two police officers during this week's protest in ferguson, missouri. st. louis county police chief says his detectives are working around the clock until they find the shooter. both of those wounded officers said to be doing well this morning and should make a full recovery. the animal activists at peta are making a new push to shield your kids from this. >> you know lots of people with big ears are famous. all we've got to do is build an act, make you a star. a headliner.
6:04 am
>> disney revealing plans to have drekirector tim burton remake the classic film and peta wants to weigh in saying quote we're hopeful that the newer a dapation of can have a truly happy ending by living out their lives instead of being abused in the entertainment industry. barbara says these people need to get a life. it's an an mississippi stated movie, not real elephants don't fly. tammy says flying elephants are show offs. they love to entertain. connie says i'm all for the ethical treatment of animals, but this is business. >> if that's the case the next thing they should advocate for is putting a trampoline under -- and simba doesn't cry. >> flying elephants. we've all seen them. next they're going to go after flying squirrels. sorry. let us know your thoughts.
6:05 am
did you see what the president did out in phoenix arizona? he stopped by to take a look at what's going on at the veteran affairs clinic out there. this was of course ground zero for the biggest problems with the va you remember after an internal investigation by the va found that 35 veterans who had died while waiting for patient care there it was later reveal ed this unfolded at vas across the country. >> it's a slap in the face for veterans who lost their lives and didn't get the care they deserved. a few months ago, his motorcade passed by without stopping there when he was givinging a speech. the president is now saying we're making progress, we're chipping away at this. >> kind of put in the books and unwlingness to to face up to the fact that veterans were not being adequately served. went on too long and as a
6:06 am
consequence, we didn't fix what needed to be fixed. trust is one of those things that you can lose real quick and it takes some time to build. the good news is that they're outstanding folks here, this va and all the vas across the country, who are deserving of this. >> and you know, out of all the scandals or problems that flared up during the president's time in office, the va scandal this week is the only one that saw a cabinet secretary quickly leave office. not necessarily fired, but he was out. >> but no one actually has been fired in this. even dr. petsel the health administrator at the heart of this, he wasn't fired. so you don't get fired, you get ceremoniously pushed out a door. >> right and the president did go and talked it out with some officials there this arizona
6:07 am
yesterday, but some veterans don't think it was enough. >> i was happy to see that the president stopped by the phoenix facility where the scandal proek last year. especially after his motorcade sped by the exact same facility in january. but unfortunately, his solution to just another advisory committee is just for a photo op. it's going to produce zero results. all we hear is more words out of this administration and until we start seeing positive results out of the va, no one's going to believe anything they're saying. >> rub a little bit of salt into the wound. a judge has just recently ordered that the va return the performance bonus to sharon helmond there in phoenix so she's getting performance cash. how do you think she performed? >> at the heart, you huz your
6:08 am
bonus, then it's no you need to return that because she did such a great job apparently. >> it's just one of those things that makes you wonner who's running the show. who's making the decisions. >> that's why this new poll out this morning is so telling just how the american people feel about their government. is the u.s. headed in the right or wrong direction? most americans are scratching their head. 64% of you think going in the wrong direction. 29% in the right direction. >> that's why this is such an exciting time with the election coming up because if you're going to complain and say that the 64% that we're on the wrong track, now is the chance to pick a candidate from a big field and then vote on that person. if you don't participate in the process, you really can't complain. >> we'll check in with carl cameron in just a bit. 2016 is just right around the corn
6:09 am
corner, but charles krauthammer has an idea. >> they have a sense that america's in retreat. america has lost status. america has lost respect. our allies are suspicious of us and don't trust us and our adversaries are laughing at us. >> and something talking about the 2016 race that's coming up and tieing in some of hillary clinton's problems, charles wrote yesterday that what we have now is early onset clinton fatigue. c the only known cure is elizabeth warren. >> just starting to heat up. >> supposed to heat up on the weather front too. hey, rick. >> the western two-thirds of the country are just bake inging and it's not good news because they didn't have much of a bint. places like salt lake city, places that get a lot of snow, hardly got any and have been warm all winter and now, take a look at what's going on.
6:10 am
still winter and today, los angeles looking at 93 degrees. same as long beach and these are your prior records. so, we're going to blow past records in southern california, sacramento. 82. your prior record is 80 degrees. then the central plains and we're deal wg the same thing. we're going to be at 82 degrees tomorrow in rapid city. 74 today. tomorrow bismarck, north dakota, 78 degrees. over 40 degrees above average. then northeast, we have winter hanging on, where it's been winter in an intense way and now, we still have winter storm warnings in effect. northern new england get ready by this afternoon snow moves in by the time we're done, we might have about a foot of snow throughout maine. >> will they break the record? >> boston probably is not going to get record with this storm. they're going to get rain and at the end, maybe a half an inch of snow, so about an inch and a half away from the record.
6:11 am
>> at this point, they're just saying give us the record. >> thanks rick. president obama responds to the gop senator's letter to iran saying he's embarrassed for them. one of the senators who sign eded it here live to fire back. and it's the real life superhero story going viral. >> ready? >> yep. >> great. each one looks the same. >> actually, i think yours might be better. >> hear from that incredible little boy who got the bionic arm from iron man, next. ♪
6:12 am
6:13 am
music ♪ get great deals on great gear at bass pro shops. like redhead men's cedar valley shirts for under $15. save $20 on a 4-pack of adult universal life jackets. and bring in your dog this weekend for our free dog days family event.
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6:15 am
if a nuclear fight between the gop and president, the president says he is embarrassed for the republicans. who wrote the letter to iran. >> i'm embarrassed for r them. for them to address a letter to the ayatollah who they claim is our mortal enemy and their basic argument to them is is don't deal with our president because you can't trust to follow through on an agreement, it's close to unprecedented. >> mike brown of south dakota is is one of the 47 senators who signed the letter and he joins us from washington. good morning. >> good morning, peter. >> so, you've been in -- less than three months and you've got the commander in chief saying he is embarrassed for you. because you signed ta letter to iran.
6:16 am
did you think you managed to tick off the president so quickly? >> well, i think in the case, they'd like to forget about what this is all about and that is a fair negotiation with iran in which they have to eliminate their nuclear weapons program. that's what the letter's focused on. that's what we're going to continue to city focused on and we think any binding agreement has got to come from the united states senate and we're going to stick to our guns. >> so, there has been just an explosion of criticism from the administration and president's allies about this letter. they say that basically the congress is trying to run their own fp. normally, fp is left to the president, so why do you think it's important? >> foreign policy is left to the president except when there's a constitutional edition in mind. when you're talking about a binding agreement, congress does have a institutional role.
6:17 am
that's the message we're trying to send. if we want this to be a good plan, it should be able to stand up to a constitutional vote. what we think and the reason we think the president was irritated is because we think they were planning on bypassing the congress of the united states and what they wanted to do is to go directly to the u.n. security coupnsel. that's our fear. in doing so they would do their best to make a deal that we wouldn't have a say and the american people wouldn't have a say. we want a good agreement, but we want one that clearly defines what the opportunity is for the iranian in the future to have any nuclear program and that is one that only allows for a plan that does not give them nuclear capabilities for creating a bomb. we're going to stay on top of that. >> one of the other 47 lawmakers who wrote this letter that was address addressed to the iranian leader senator johnson from wisconsin now says he regrets it was addressed to the ayatollah. do you have any regrets? >> we wanted to bring attention to it. we don't think they understand what's in our constitution and
6:18 am
what we did is is brought clear attention to the american public. and to the people that are in iran who might have thought that the president could make a unilateral deal and that's not the case. it requires a separation of powers and that the senate approved treaties. it also requires that this is going to be a long lasting, long-term deal that the congress should be involved in. and we think we're right on that. >> last question, senator. south dakota, which you represent a long way from tehran, what do the people back home think about this? >> they understand you can't have a nuclear iran and that's the message we're going to continue to send. this is about what's good for america long-term, not just the next two years. >> thank you very much, senator. >> thank you. and coming up -- after she was found floating in ore pool, but now police say she was murdered. so who did it? and is this new barbie
6:19 am
dangerous? >> we are on stage to show all these lovely people how amazing you are. >> being on stage is exciting, isn't it? >> what is going on there? our next guest says ban barbie. she's spying on your kids. ♪
6:20 am
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6:23 am
being on stage, so maybe a dancer or a politician or how about a dancing politician. i always say anything is possible. >> pretty impresive but our next guest says the doll could be eves dropping on your children. joining us now, josh goalen. when it hits the market this fall, it's going to cost 74.99 and be web enabled and the problem is that it could be spying on our kids. is that right? >> well, when kids are talking to hello barbie, they're not only going to be talking to a doll, they're going to be talking to an international corporation whose only interest in the child is financial. so everything the child says will be recorded sent over wi-fi, stored on the cloud and then analyzed to figure out that child's likes and dislikes and the potential is that that sensitive information, a child's own words in their own voice,
6:24 am
will be exploited for marketing purposes and that it could be compromised. >> here's what the children's privacy policy says, we may use, store, process and transcribe recordings in order to provide and maintain service to improve speech recognition technology or for over research and development and data analysis purposes. what do you think? >> i think that doesn't go nearly far enough. one concern that we have is what if a girl tells barbie that she likes soccer or that she likes ballet. is the doll then going to suggest or start talking back to her about her friend ballet barbie or soccer barbie? there are all sorts of ways that mattel could be using this information to push products on kids. >> maybe some parents don't mind. we've done stories that seem super creepy hackers getting ahold of baby monitors or web cams, but this is, this is voluntary. the parents are the ones buying
6:25 am
the toy right? >> well, certainly the parents would be the ones buy inging the toy and we hope they won't and we hope all of the negative publicity that hello barbie has gotten this week will help them make the decision not to buy the toy, but we have a unique opportunity. this product isn't out on the market right now. it's not coming out until the fall. mattel could listen to the feedback they've been getting this week. i've never seen an outcry about a doll like this and mattel could listen and realize they're putting out a product that's potentially very harmful to children and they could do the right thing and not put it out. several years ago, hasbro was going to put out a doll based on the pussy cat dolls. we were outraged and they did the right thing and decided nos to release the doll. it's actually a smart business decision. they're going to hurt their brand by putting out such a
6:26 am
creepy doll. >> great to see you. appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. it's breaking news moment here. fox news alert. first time in history by the way because today is pi day. first time in 100 years. well, so history being only 100 years. the date matches five digits of pi and here we are. so, we've got a few more seconds. better than new year's eve. why isn't this the count down show. at 9:26. it's happening right now. >> bring me the apple pie, come on. where are they? >> 3.1415926. >> there it is. >> 53 seconds. >> okay. >> piece of pie. >> enjoy this whole minute of your life. this is never going to happen again. >> the next time it's going to happen, march 14th 2115.
6:27 am
i don't know that any of us are going to be alive. >> i'm going to live that long. >> there you go. how does it feel for you at home? let us now. all eyes on new hampshire today, where two of the top contenders for 2016 will be. we'll have campaign carl about his enjoyment of pi day. >> plus, spring is in the air. are you motivated to get in shape and work off that pie? curtis williams joins us with tips on how you can train like an athlete.
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
setting the stage and gearing up for white house run. new hampshire hopes the election cycle's first primary and this weekend, some of the top republicans are out there testing their message. carl cameron is in manchester. jeb bush is there and sounds like he's getting a lot of questions on his views on immigration and education, right? >> he is. jeb bush, scott walker, rick perry, texas governor is here today. ted cruz comes tomorrow. very, very busy weekend and for scott walker and jeb bush in particular. this is their first visit to the granite state and both are very
6:32 am
obviously running for president. on immigration jeb bush everywhere he's gone, he's gotten questions, as well as his positions on common core. they're almost mirroring each other. they went to the statewide newspaper, meeting with the same power brokers here in new hampshire including the former governor. back-to-back meetings almost. they're stacked up behind one another. mr. bush has been criticized for his immigration position who think he supports amnesty. he argues it's not, that it's a quote grown up position for undocumented immigrants in the country now to find a way to keep them here. here's how he explaining standing tr for that position. >> don't abandon your core beliefs. you go persuade people as i've tried to do now about why i'm for higher standards and those that have been implementing them and have had a hard time dealing
6:33 am
with this because there is political heat around it they'll have their chance to sort it out. the way i've sorted it out is i think you need to be genuine, i think you need to have a backbone. >> mr. bush says it's not that he thinks common core as it's con figured by the obama administration is the best way to go about good standards and argues because the president has attached grant money to local schools to get involved that has to be stopped. he was asked if he thought scott walker is a flip-flopper and he said yesterday well, he has acknowledged that he too, has changed his position on immigration. he said he supported a plan that would allow a path to citizenship and legalization and now is against it as amnesty. there's a lot of back and forth between these guys. they're clearly running, telling folks here in new hampshire race is on and in perspective, already this time when barack obama and john mccain were running against each other in 2008, both of them were in the
6:34 am
race officially. these candidates are sort of holding that off, but they're campaigning like they already are. >> and real quick, why hold it off so long? what's the benefit? >> well they're trying to get their sea legs under them. we've seen scott walker have some missteps. after his first event in iowa he shot to the top and they'll acknowledge they're swimming as fast as they can. they weren't expegting this much attention and in jeb bush's case the expectations were very high. there were at least 40 cameras and international press following him around. it's clear they're both going to be at it. these are the two front-runners. first visit in new hampshire, 2016, is full on. >> more snow headed your way. thanks, charles. now to a murder, oh a murder mystery playing out in texas. a $30,000 reward is being offered in the case of a nurse found dead in her pool.
6:35 am
50-year-old edith sack still in her scrubs when she was discovered last april. police now believe she was murdered and they say it appears someone who knew her routine killed her and try edied to coffer it up. in search of two single white females who walked out on their bar tab. kansas city waiter taken to craigslist trying to track down two girls who stiffed them.[@x
6:36 am
developed right arm. alex and his mom joined us to talk about his life before getting that very cool new gift. >> they used to say that what happened to your arm, a shark, got run over. all that mean stuff. yes. >> and one of the first things alex wants to do with his new arm, ride a bike. those are your headlines. >> repulsive in there as well. >> anna, over to you for a little workout. >> it may be raining today, but the weather is getting warmer, which means it's time to get fit for spring and summer. get by ki knee body ready. curtis williams was the wide receiver for the ravens and new york giants trained with him.
6:37 am
he's got a training camp you're doing for under armour. >> absolutely. today, i want to take you through some football inspired workout that takes the exercise from my class training camp, which i teach throughout manhattan. so we're going to first start with our cross step lunge. going to get us motivated for the spring, right? driving the hip and then back down. so, again get some -- it's called a cross back lunch. if you want to add more intensity, you kind of jump as well. a little hop three reps. >> one, two, three. >> and obviously you'll do both sides. you can do it for time, 30 seconds. >> or bring a friend and make it a competition. what do you have next for me? >> next, our burpee. hop it back up. we're going to repeat again. right back up.
6:38 am
>> i'm going to beat you. >> last one. again, you can set it for time 30 seconds, 45 seconds, incorporate it into a run or find a spot of grass outside where you can incorporate that into your work out. >> somebody who says i don't have a lot of time, i work long hours, i've got kids. this is something you can do just before you get in the shower. one more. >> now, right into extended push up. knees are bent. going to walk out, extend the legs, push up and stick your tailbone back into your heels. we can make it harder. >> yeah, make it harder. >> reach the arm out to the back. then switch. and again more someone that's a beginner, you can do modified on your knees, so there's all different options. >> great.
6:39 am
>> all right. so what else can we do outside? >> outside, i like to incorporate a lot of jumps, high knees. athletic movements. what we're doing. a lot of drills in space. my background is football, i like to incorporate a lot of those footballs. you can catch me at curtiswilliams or instagram. >> more burpees. >> i'm going to beat you this time. >> 20 mens. . >> still ahead on the show, we saw with ferguson and curt schilling, people taking to twitter to let out anger. could it be worse than road rage? plus prince william and kate maryland l ton are hiring. first, here's neil. >> hey, guys.
6:40 am
good morning. with isis threats growing here, growing calls for tax hikes to help pay for terrorists everywhere but is raising taxes the only way? and the president pull inging out his executive action yet again. this time, for something called a student aid bill of rights. but what do you think is going to be paying for that bill? and federal workers suing the government for damages over the government's shutdown even though they got paid? see you soon. stalk of broccoli cod protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 ® if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients
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6:43 am
we were shocked by social media's joy over the shootings and angered over the way curt schilling and his daughter were trolled online. twitter rage is the new road rage with 84% of people saying they easily become enraged online. why is this happening? let's ask an expert in children,
6:44 am
family and bullying. nice to see you. why is this happening? we always hear about road rage. you get angry because someone cuts you off but on the internet, it's worse? >> it is worse. road rage happens in your car, you're alone and it's an isolated incident, but online it reaches thousands and thousands of people with just the click of one button. people kind of feel protected behind the computer screen and don't really have that impassive connection with others. >> so, the anonymity. there has been this movement on websites to get rid of the websites and to sign in with your real name, put out your real picture. does that help the process to stop some of this bullying? >> it really does. in addition to that, our youth are being targeted more than anyone else and they need to talk to their parents about this. about 95% of our youth don't reveal these instances to their parents and parents really want to help, just like curt
6:45 am
schilling did with his daughter. >> what are the long-term effects of this? they lost longer than a road rage incident? >> they do, especially for these teens and kitds. it's overwhelming and very devastating for them. >> as a psychologist, take me inside the mind of someone. earlier this week, i made the mistake, a terrible incident at elgin air force base. i had a troll from alabama, he took time out of his day, not with his family, to go on facebook and say, you moron, how could you say this air force base was this thing. that stayed with me all week. i have a pretty thick skin, and he took time out of his life. what goes through someone's mind? >> heir not feeling any kind of connection with another human being and i think they're taking a moral holiday and it's important for us to teach our
6:46 am
kids that that isn't acceptable behavior at any time and we need to teach them appropriate social behavior. and how to interact online as well. and we need to think about it before we click it. >> b what about if you're on the receiving end? how do you stop it combat it? get your mind away from it so it doesn't bother you? >> get help from your parents, from other adults, teachers. you want to save it. you want to record it and you want to delete these trolls that are doing this to you. >> dr. joe, great to see you. >> thanks. coming up, police department loses one of its biggest four-legged heroes, but what happened next is guaranteed to make you smile and now, other canine heroes are benefitting. stick around for some very special guests. here they are. ♪
6:47 am
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housekeeper. it's believed the duke and duchess of the hire must be loyal and disgreet. even big stars get star struck. that's kevin spacey snapping a selfie with an unknowing prince charles. spacey tweeted at the prince's trusted celebrity success, celebrate success awards, "he's behind you." the pair did meet face-to-face
6:51 am
eventually. after seven years of service, hero the police dog judge was forced to retire due to health problems. last month he lost his battle with cushing's disease. not after this final salute. >> judge's story inspired that hospital to announce a national fund that will help care for all service dogs in times of need. joining us corporal michael frank and his former partner and here with his new partner taser and the chairman and founder of angels and animals foundation. thank you for coming in today and bringing taser. this all started when your old partner judge had very expensive medical bills. >> that's correct. >> how expensive are we talking? >> in excess of $12,000. >> how much help were you
6:52 am
getting to pay for the bills? >> our township budgets for $300 a year once the dog retires. they pay up to $300 years for any vet visits the dog may require after retirement. >> the rest was coming out of your pocket? >> correct. >> tell us about the award judge got yesterday? >> judge was recognized by an online competition called 3 million dogs. they recognized him for his service during his seven years on the job. >> just how important are these dogs to you? where would you be without them? what are some of the things they do? >> they are invaluable to the police department. they do a number of jobs for us things we can't do. >> and get into places you can't go, right? >> absolutely. they do it in record time. it would take a bunch of officers to do an extended
6:53 am
period of time to search certain areas and the dog does it very quickly. >> tell bus angels for animals. how much help is that for taking care of these officers? these k-9 officers? >> angels for animals foundation was founded in 2011. i grew up in animal hospitals. my parents owned them. it's not just our hospital but every hospital in america. what we would see almost every day. people would come in, can't afford care and otherwise if they could, their pets could live a healthy long life. that's how angels for animals was founded. the guardian angels fund is a logical one inspired by judge. it's to seek medical care for animals when budgets are strained. we are doing it for police, military and service dogs. >> that would pick up some of the slack so you're not paying $12,000 almost to take care of your partner. >> yes. that's correct. >> what is the response been so
6:54 am
far? >> we launched the fund yesterday. today here with you guys, hello america, we are asking you to check out, to think about donating to the fund. be my or pick up your phone and text guardian k-9 and the space and amount would you like to donate. we are helping dogs like taser should he ever, god forbid, find himself next to corporal franks in injury or getting sick. it's an important fund. these guys are like our police. they risk gun shots kicks, assaults. that requires those medical bills can get up into the tens of thousands. >> they are police officers just like you are. even has a badge on his collar. >> yes. >> thank you, corporal franks and mark magidu. we appreciate your time today. and thank you for your buddy.
6:55 am
>> and you, anna, do you have something on you? >> he must like lip gloss or something. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 allergy pill. so go ahead , inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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because i used truecar there was no haggling about the price. they treated me so well, and it was just such a quick, easy experience. get your car, and get back to the life you love. welcome to the future of car-buying. a big congratulations to bristol palin and dakota myer. the two are engaged. bristol posted this picture of her beautiful ring. no word yet on a wedding date. >> vegas? they could have gotten married there. >> congratulations to both of them. very exciting. our most commented story of the day today. drum roll, please. our dumbo story.
6:59 am
the new movie coming out. tim burton set to direct a new adaptation of the movie. they don't want to show them being involved in a circus they want them put out to pasture. >> it's an iconic cartoon, for pete's sake. worry about real living and breathing animals who are truly abused. >> i hate to see animal abuse as much as anyone, but peta are just trying to bully. >> they do this for promotional purposes. >> we are talking about them. >> it worked. >> cartoon tuna fish guy. didn't they complain about something else like this? >> the tuna cartoon guy looks so happy and he's got feet and can walk. >> next time we should say peta who? >> go to our website fox and friends for our after the show
7:00 am
show. we'll be here tomorrow morning. >> bye, everybody. accuse isis sympathizers arraigned here. another terror group teaming up with isis over there. and a war tax. do we need a tax hike to take down the terrorists? hi i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." here they are. our bulls and bears this week. welcome to everybody. a thome pri war tax to fund our fight against isis? >> no a temporary tax? there is no such thing. once they get a


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