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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 14, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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the show. it's going to be a good one and i hear it comes with a happy ending. have a great weekend, everybody i'll see you on "the five." at this hour reports that isis on the defensive in the battle to hold on to a key city as iran joins forces with iraqi soldiers. this as our c iflt a director raises concerns that despite some progress isis continues to expand rapidly and is drawing more supporters from the west. fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel oliver north will be joining us with what this means to u.s. strategy and to stop the terror a group along with the impact iran is having with iraqi shooe a militias shoo mother nature unleashed massive devastation down under much.
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the threat from cyclone pam isn't is over yet. we will have a live report. and the hunt continues at this hour for the suspects tied to this week's ambush of two ferguson police officers. we will talk to swrout spoken milwaukee sheriff david clark to says the impact goes far beyond that city and believes that war has been declared on america's finest. >> thanks for spending your saturday with us i'm leland vittert. here from washington. >> and i'm uma pemmaraju. isis continues to hold its ground in saddam hussein's hometown of tikrit some 20,000 iraqi troops and eye rare yan backed militia are fighting to take the town back but they are stopped awaiting reinforcements. it's slow going as they must also clear roadside bombs along with booby trapped buildings. onhuddy is following the story from our middle east bureau.
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john. >> reporter: yeah, you're right, dee land in terms of those reinforcements, once they arrive they will basically start gearing up for street to street combat. at this point iraqi forces and those shooe a fighters have essentially surrounded tikrit's city center. iraqi commanders say that at this point they're preparing the next plan of attack to head in to the city center. as mentioned, those kraek forces are getting help from iranian backed shia fighters. okay. though, iran has been involved in the assisting the training and also the arming of those shia fighters and there is also reports that one of iran's top commanders, has been involved with the operational planning. there are some reports that he is actually been leading the overall operation. now, we haven't been able to actually confirm that.
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the u.s. as we know is not involved in this fight. one, because of iran's involvement and, two, because of the concerns about inflaming sectarian violence and we're also hearing about sectarian violence. shia fighters burning down the homes of sooun yees in the towns and sill vajs on the outskirts of tikrit that have been recap recaptured from isis. and there's also a report coming out of a top iraqi commander that's been after shly critical of the u.s. while basically hailing iran's involvement. so that's a big concern. one sectarian violence and two iran's overall influence and involvement in iraq. now, the battle for tikrit has been an important battle. one, because of its location, it's in between baghdad to the south and mosul, about 130 miles to the north. this is being seen as a test to see how those iraqi forces do while being matched up against
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isis militants and it's also being called really a prelude to the battle to retake mosul, which will happen in the coming weeks. as for a retaking tikrit, iraqi commanders say that could happen within the next few days, possibly 72 hours. so we'll be following it closely. back to you. >> they've been offering that time frame for a while. we'll see if they're right this time. thanks, john. we see boko haram inside of nigeria pledging allegiance to isil, we see these different franchises whether it be libya or south asia, other areas in egypt that are trying to get on the bandwagon of this phenomenon and so this is a woish some global movement and phenomenon that really requires us to work with this broad array of partner services throughout the world. >> that from cia director john brennan expressing his concerns about the growing expansion of isis bond the borders of syria
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and iraq is and is doubling down on the obama white house on refusing to call the islamic state islamic. let's bring 234 oliver north to weigh in the impact on the cia director's comments. first off, welcome. >> always good to be with you, thank you. >> how concerned are you that with isis now accepting allegiance from boko haram that it will continue to em bolden the terror group to seek western targets? >> i don't think it's just boko haram, i mean, if you look at it they've already made allegiances with factions in libya, in gaza, in sinai you've got them in the philippines with what used to be abu saaf. baghdadi has been portraying him seflg as the savior of sun yie islam and he advertising himself as the protector against the sheath persian invasion which is what tikrit really is. even though he's going to have a
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military loss here probably in the next 24 to 48 hours in tikrit, what you're eventually going to see is him flipping this to be a propaganda advantage to attract sunnis from all over the planet earth to join isis. what the end result of that is likely to be is the saudis, the jordanians, the egyptians, the emirates are probably going to end up putting ground forces into the fight in iraq in order to show that they can fight back against the per shans. the pors case outcome of this is -- and it's likely to happen right after the carry kerry and obama administration announced that they've done a deal with the iranians on nuclear weapons, is you will see a middle east nuclear arms race that everyone wants to prevent, but it will be the direct consequence of what this administration has done and failed to do ever since 2011.
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>> that's really the frightening scenario that so many people are concerned about. another big issue the southern border here in the u.s. with growing concerns that isis is successfully recruiting more people in the west. there are thoughts that we could see folks cut through these porous borders illegally from south america and meck co to hit us here at home. >> general john kelly who is the commander of u.s. southern command testimony this past week urged congress to do what they need to do to protect our southern borders. and identified at least 500 different cases where you've had piddle easterners and those that have been attracted to isis or radical islam from the caribbean and latin america getting ready or coming across interest border. it is a global threat, it's not just isis, it is radical islam and unfortunately we're not doing any of the right things to prevent it. we're likely doing is the legacy
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of our nobel laureate is going to be some kind of war that we never wanted to see in that part of the world and some of it's coming home here. >> again, we hear that the cia director doubling down on the assistance that the islamic state is not islamic. what do you make of those remarks? >> well, this is a global islamic radical movement that is going to absorb to the extent he can any little caliphate that exists out there. so boko haram's territory is minuscule compared to what isis controls today. yet, west africa or southeast asia are all open fair game as far as ready is concerned. and the big tight right now what we're focusing on in tikrit is between radical islamist sunnis being overwhelmed by iranian
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supported shiite militias that will be much more than anything that happened when we went in there in 2003. >> and there are reports today that the commander of the shia militia is basically praising iran for offering unconditional support and taking aim at the u.s. for a lack of resources. i find that very interesting and the impact of that particularly since -- if you know tikrit falls, that can be used as propaganda by isis to also recruit more sunnis to join the terror network. >> absolutely correct. the misfeasance and hall fee sans that have occurred on what we've done in forming this coalition, allowing it to get started with the withdrawal in 2011 is going to be something that they pay forward for years. this of course the commander you're speaking of used to be the commander of the badar force which is of course aligned totally with iran. >> the soeb ring portrait indeed and one that is raising all kinds of alarm bells. i know that you're very
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concerned about this and keeping close watch as they see with a unfolds over the next 72 hours if tikrit falls as these iraqi forces are promising. >> it would be a blood batting. >> thanks for joining us once, again. >> now we would like to have you weigh in with your thoughts about the growing concerns about isis and its expansion. what more could be done -- what more could when doing to guaranteefarn teeing that isis doesn't have easy access into the u.s. end ut @uma pemmaraju or @leland vittert or @anhqdc and we're definitely going to read some of your thoughts. >> the fighting in syria began four years ago this month and it is impossible to understate the effect on the country, its people and of course the syrian children. according to the united nations over 200,000 people have been killed since the revolution
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began, almost 4 million people have fled syria. this is the pictures of some of them at the border. some 12 million are said to be in need of humanitarian assistance. take a look at this these are satellite photos of syria before and after. scientists say the images show more than three quarters of the nation's lights have gone out since the conflict began, 2011 is on the left-hand side of your screen, 2015 in terms of syria on the right hand. the decline in night-light is the result of millions fleeing their homes massive physical destruction and ongoing vugless. they say they have taller more in syria than back in 1994. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. that says a lot about the suffering at that those in syria are going through now. >> contrast unbelievable. >> it shows you what every day folks that have no skip in the game in terms of this fight are going through. it's terrible. coming up it may be days
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before rescuers can reach wiped out villages across the south pacific. monster cyclone with winds reaching 168 miles an hour have left a path of destruction. some remote islands are simply cut off from emergency services there. you can see the track right there, right now pam is still a powerful cyclone with current winds hitting about 150 miles per hour. david piper is covering the story from the region tonight. david. >> reporter: described as possibly the worst weather disaster to ever hit the pacific and the true cost of cyclone pam is only just being a sass sesed about i officer ter officials. packing winds of 168 miles per hour smashed through the van out due late friday and early saturday morning local time.
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ven out due is located about a quarter of the bay from australia to hawaii. 267,000 people live on its 65 islands. there have been unconfirmed reports of hundreds of deaths. it has left a trail of destruction in its wake. there have been reports that entire villages have been destroyed in remote areas. communications on the outer islands are down and it will take time to repair before rescue teams can find out how much they have been affected. the capitol was also hit hard by the cyclone, homes have been wrecked, power lines are are down, trees have been uprooted. officials say people are hunk ring town as the streets are still dangerous because of the high winds. >> our thoughts today are with the people of the pacific who are facing the impact of tropical cyclone pam. we are deeply concerned by reports that lives have been lost in northern vanuatu, they
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are still unconfirmed, but we are deeply concerned. >> reporter: the psych cologne is is now affecting the solomon islands and is expected to threaten new zealand on sunday. back to you leland. >> >>. i cannot point that an arrest is imminent, there's certainly nobody in custody. >> [ muted ]
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. okay. we have fixed our problems and we're back on track and we
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apologize for our technical difficulties. so this week in st. louis police chief jon belmar talked about the growing concerns over the shooting that took place this week. the hunt continues with hundreds of law enforcement officers joining the manhunt for the suspects in the shooting of those ferguson officers this week. dramatic video there, that ambush happening at tensions erupted following the justice department's controversial report saying its investigation found what this describes, quote, as a structure of racism in the ferguson police department. those findings fueling lots of reaction. joining us now with his take outspoken milwaukee county sheriff david clark. welcome, great to have you back on the program. as i understand it you feel that the civil rights division report on ferguson which determined that the police routinely violated the civil rights of blacks is what you describe as empty rhetoric by the attorney
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general and its fueling hatred against police not just in ferguson but across different cities in america. why? >> well, this assault on the american police officer continues. i predicted this early on with some of the irresponsible rhetoric coming out of the mouths of president obama and attorney general eric holder and mayor bill de blasio of new york city. i think this this junk report just added more fuel to a smoldering fire. i've done graduate level work in research and if i were to have handed in a report like that i would have expected my professor to put a big fat red f across the page, throw it back at me and say go back and do some quality work. eric holder had an agenda he is it not go into this with an open mind, he wrote the conclusion first and then sent his people out to go find ms. applied data, ms. appropriate rules of statistics to validate his
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conclusion. i think it was irresponsible. when you have a city that's predominantly black nearly 70%, 69% of course most interactions with citizens there are going to be with black individuals and he cherry picks two e-mails, disgusting e-mails i might add we also found those at sony pictures sof color banter going back and forth about the president of the united states, very dis taste of the we didn't indict the entire motion picture industry over a couple of e-mails. i'm tired of these two bit politicians and bureaucrats taking all the pathologies and maladies of the american ghetto and laying them at the feet of the american police officer. >> so why do you think this is going fueled at a time when emotions are still running high in ferg ton sickly in light of the officers who were shot earlier this week? you say there is an agenda. can you elaborate on that? >> sure. well, you know, eric holder has a chip on his shoulders and some of the -- in the days following
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the ferguson police soogt he kind of intimated that the grand jury would come back with a finding of -- that darren wilson acted improperly which he didn't the grand jury got it right. the president of the united states said in an interview that he thought this racial discord going on in the united states was healthy for america and i found that ridiculous. he also said that our law enforcement officers were poorly trained and that they had a fear of people that don't look like them. and i thought that was disgusting as well. he puts together this task force, this knee-jerk reaction, a task force to transform he said he was going to trans form american policing. they put out this report several weeks ago and again, that report was ridiculous. it didn't include on the panel or on the task force he didn't put if i sheriffs, elected sheriffs on on that task torse, he didn't put any representatives from victims groups. so it was a very one-sided report and all it talked about was what the police need to do.
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instead he should have had a more open-minded view and also talked about -- because it's a two-way street -- what the community could do and he could have reminded our young black males in these urban get toes to not fight the police not resist arrest, not try to dis carpal the police and not try to engage them in foot pursuits because they have an obligation and he should have put this in -- >> you felt that -- >> to comply with law enforcement officers lawful commands. >> you feel that the leaders are not doing enough to send that message out. the fact that the report exonerated officer darren wilson and still that part of the story wasn't played up by the president or the attorney general general. this after that incident dominated headlines for weeks about whether the officer acted recklessly against an innocent teen. >> sure. it's pretty obvious to me in sports they call it a make up call when a ref blows one call he tries to make it up later on. after the grand jury came out and he knew -- eric holder knew that there would be no civil rights violation, it's a very high standard and he knew some
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of the facts because he was town there early on in his department of justice was involved in the investigation early on but he kind of gave this hint to the community that he was going to make it right. so when he had to put out this report that there were no civil rights violations he fwlosed over that and that's why i said there was nothing more than a make up call. >> really quickly just a couple of seconds, the impact this is having on law enforcement. you speak with a lot of people out there, even, you know, amongst your colleagues, but -- and to others across the country. how is this being received, this news? >> well, it's unfathomable that at this approximate erred in time in 2015 that we would be taking on live fire in our communities. this isn't this only place it happened, it happened in l.a. and san francisco recently happened in fulton county georgia when a detective terrence green was shot and killed responding to a call for service. we already life in a hypervigilant state but now we have to turn it up even more and that's not good for anybody. >> sheriff clark, thanks so much
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for joining us. i really appreciate it. >> thank you uma. the st. louis regional crime stoppers is is asking for your help. they are offering up to $10,000 to the first person who gives a tip that will actually lead to the arrest of any suspects. if you have any information about suspects please call the st. louis crime stoppers number at 1-866-371-tips. all calls are completely anonymous. the secret service is under fire once again not gunfire but fallout from another embarrassing debacle, this week two secret service agents drove their government car right through a bomb investigation and then into the white house security barriers. the agents were on their way home from a night of partying. instead of taking a sobriety test their commander sent them home. the agents are senior supervisors in the washington field office and include the second in command on president obama's detail, mark connolly.
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this is not a great first month on the job for new secret service director joseph clancey. he was brought in to clean up after some high profile security breaches and a secret service prostitution scandal that you might remember that happened during a 2012 presidential trip to columbia. for perspective we turn to dan bonjino, former secret service agent as well. is this unusual behavior for the secret service and that it's unusually bad or is it unusual because we now now that agents are participating in this kind of stuff? >> yeah that's the operative question. these are black swan events, they don't happen often, when they do happen in the past we didn't have social media, there wasn't a 24-hour news cycle and there wasn't a laser like focus on the secret service which we see now because of the scandals in the past couple of years. so they are not more prevalent, these incidents it's just the public is hearing about them and
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it seem a lot worse. i'm not trying to diminish the graft of them i'm saying you're hearing about them. any organization is going to have problems and the secret service is certainly not immune to that. >> clearly not as we've seen despite the ven nerable reputation. as you look at the embarrassment factor, it's high, but so far we haven't seen anything that put the president's life at risk, that put his family ace life at risk in any serious way. i guess the question would be is that where the culture of the secret service is heading or are there a lot of folks in the secret service who say look thing happen, some folks go off the reservation, but in the end our mission is still the same and so far we've done a good job? >> operationally when you look at this from the umbrella view, the secret service conducts thousands of protective advances, sites, everything from airports to hotels to high last foreign advance was in an active war zone in afghanistan. ironically on that trip was one of the agents involved in the incident who did an amazing job
9:28 am
he got me out of a couple close calls in afghanistan. he was the -- i think he was one of the better supervisors we had on the tail. so when looked at again in totality the secret service gets the president out of most of these sites without as much as as a hang nail but we do have to keep in mind in this era of social media and 24 hour news that these lapses in personal behavior believer, even in they have no operational consequence which luckily this didn't are going to be covered and that's the new world and we have to be aware of that and everybody has to be very laser focused on their own personal behavior and its impact on the morale and the agency. >> dan when you look at this so much of these issues go to simple is judgment, in this case possibly drunk driving, frequenting prostitutes and bringing them to your hotel room, we can continue to go down the list of bad choices. the question i think here is is there a cultural problem been
9:29 am
the secret service? is it simply at that we in the public may have a little too high of a standard that we're holding these agents to? what's the issue here? >> no i think the public standards are perfectly adequate. this is a solemn responsibility. this isn't this family. the president the first family don't get hurt on our watch no matter what. the public should expect excellence and i don't think the secret service would request otherwise. as a matter of fact, the agents i both -- i know both of these agents they're not could you say makers, i know who they are, they're probably sitting there saying this was a really, really dumb decision. had they're quality of work has been exceptional through the years. this was a big mais i can. >> clearly mistake. they evidently have been reassigned we've heard and obviously the head of the secret service is heading up to capitol hill on tuesday to answer what i have been told is is going to be some very, very tough questions. dan, we really appreciate your insight and analysis and your service as well. thank you. >> thanks, leland.
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still ahead prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the fight for his political future as israelis get set to fast votes in next week's nationwide elections. we will take a close look at in netanyahu's major campaign to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons and bringing that message to d.c. is not faring well with some israelis who want more attention paid to the country's economy. plus, calling all students worrying about your finals, all you need is is a little fur. we'll explain. ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look.
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just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house. welcome back. concerns over a nuke deal with iran continue to draw fire from many u.s. lawmakers along with some of the gone trying foul over hints that the white house may request a u.n. vote before congress could even get a chance
9:35 am
to weigh in on the treaty. meanwhile, the political kate of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu remains uncertain following his passionate plea before congress recently warning that a deal with tehran will lead to a nuclear bomb. israel's elections are set for tuesday and he's facing a backlash at home over his emphasis on international rather than domestic issues. joining us now with more member and chairman of the central committee danny danan. welcome, sir. great to have you here today. >> great to be on your show again, u had a. >> i find it interesting that even though the prime minister discharged you from your post as deputy defense minister last summer over your criticism of the government's poll gee vis-a-vis hamas you have come out strongly supporting mr. netanyahu's speech to congress despite critics to said he could have waited until after the elections 6789. why did you offer your support in such a strong way?
9:36 am
>> i am a member of the party and prime minister is the party of the party and when i look at the people who are running for his position i am worried. i think now with the best candidate today to be the prime minister of israel you saw his speech in the congress, he knows how to present israel how to fight for the interest of the jewish people and i think tuesday the very usual elections in israel, the people have to decide whether to support the national party that i belong to or the left that is willing to make concession regarding iran, make concession regarding the palestinians palestinians, it is a crucial moment for israel today. >> how concerned are you that the u.s. may be open to making concessions to iran by given their leaders lie wai when it comes to developing a nuke rear bomb? >> we are very worried because we at the agreement, it is a bad agreement. it is a brad agreement not only for us and israel, it is bad for the american people for the european, it includes a few
9:37 am
things that we are worried about, first that iran will continue to enrich urine yum, why does it need to do that? >> second, it it will leave the infrastructure intact. everyone in iran they will have the infrastructure, building reactors will stay there and third the ballistic missiles program will continue. today iran can send missiles to tel aviv. why is it ballistic missiles that can reach wrds or new york city. we are have i worried about this program and we say very clearly we prefer not to sign any agreement rather than to sign a bad agreement. >> what's your take with the white house hinting that it may take elg emts of the iranian nuke deal to the ub bypassing congress. if there's a nuke deal wouldn't it stand to reason that the security council will want to lift sanctions? >> well i think that the people must know in congress, in the u.n. it's black or white. either iran stop with the nuclear program or they do not
9:38 am
stop. if they continue they are not going to -- politics in the u.s. it's our interest to stop iran from becoming nuclear. we go after us first, the jews who live in israel, but they will go after the american people, the sunday people. and to see what they really want to do. >> whack to the elections for a moment. i've read interviews about netanyahu in the israel press that he is very concerned that he may lose and is very worried. i want to play a sound bite that we have from a recent interview he gave to the israel press. >> i think our security is at great risk because there's a real danger that we could lose this election. >> so he's talking light there about his concerns about israel's future security. how do you see this election playing out with just days to go? >> i spend a lot of time with the prime minister in the last few days campaigning together
9:39 am
and the polls are showing it is a close race. we don't know what will be the outcome. i will assume that tuesday will be only the beginning after the elections you need to form a government according to our parliamentary system you need 61 votes so i think it will be very hard in the elections but also it will be very hard to form a government that can actually lead the country. we are working very hard, convincing the public to vote for the large parties, not the small parties in order for us to form a coalition after the elections. >> i know you're expecting a big turnout and we're going to keep close watch on how the elections play out. thank you so much for joining us with your insights. always appreciated. still to come, hold your breath as you go along to rescue a baby who survived 14 hours in this car and it was cold out then. plus a dramatic start to the boston marathon trial as jurors hear the terrifying ordeal of what this car jacked victim says
9:40 am
was the work of the tsarnaev brothers. >> did they take the car or are they still there? >> they're taking the car. i don't know. i can't watch. i don't -- i'm not able to watch. >> okay. did they leave? >> i don't know. i don't know.
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welcome back. a washington, d.c. man going cold turkey tonight, at least inside his home. he has been ordered to stop smoking indoors because his new neighbors can smell it. more now from fox news correspondent doug mckelway with the smell test on a battle over whose rights prevail. >> edwin gray has lived in this capitol hill row house over 50 years. he is on permanent disability. he smokes cigarettes and marijuana, both are deal in d.c. his next door neighbors, they moved in four months ago,
9:45 am
they're lawyers. nessa represents defendants in environmental lawsuits. they're suing gray for a half million dollars, they say an independent inspection shows cracks am his basement wall and chimney through which smoke seeps into their home through fixtures, threatening their health and that of their un-year-old and unborn child. >> they say we have a crack. i don't smoke in the basement, i smoke upstairs. >> we're not talking about a little bit of smoke here. we're talking about a huge amount of smoke. >> they say they sought a resolution many times before filing suit. one hand-delivered complaint reads, we reached out multiple times to ask simply that you let a professional examine our shared wall from your side. you refused and suggested we might be motivated by race: we are not racists. gray alleges they have had it out for him since he complained one when facade of his house was painted the khaki color of the
9:46 am
cop i thinker's house. the suit is schedule to be heard in december. in the inter numb d.c. superior court judge has issued a temporary injunction which bars gray from smoking in his own gray. gray blooes that's against the constitution. the cop i thinker's say the leaky wall violated in and both may be right. >> the government cannot enter her home or punish him from engaging in lawful activity in the home. >> but the government can force a responsible party to make repairs. >> if they fix the problems with their house we would drop this lawsuit so we can just go back to being thabs. >> reporter: until the suit is resolved or repairs are made mr. gray has to smoke jute side which for now remains legal in d.c. in wash, doug mckelway, fox news. and coming up next we're going to talk to our legal panel as the boston bombing trial continues. what does it mean for a possible
9:47 am
death penalty case against dzhokhar tsarnaev? at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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for the first time we are hearing a second-by-second account of the bloody manhunt of the boston marathon bombers and
9:51 am
from the man who escaped the tsarnaev brothers. >> gas station cameras caught the moment a man ran for his life, escaping the tsarnaev brothers who had carjacked him earlier in the night. he had pulled over to answer a text message when he said tamerlan tsarnaev pulled a gun on him and got in the car. for two hours they drove around as the brothers used the man's atm card to get cash. they pulled up to a gas station and dzhokhar went out to get cash. that's when the man saw an opening and sprinted across the street. once inside he pleaded with the cashier to call 911. >> tell me what happened. somebody took your car? >> yes. >> what happened when they took your car? >> they said that they are the -- they did the explosion -- >> they what? >> they are the suspects of the marathon explosion. >> a gps locator inside the
9:52 am
man's car allowed police to track it in real time and find the most wanted men in america. the carjacking happened just an hour after the murder of m.i.t. police officer shawn collier. nathan harmen road by the police cruiser that fateful night and said he saw dzhokhar's head inside the vehicle. as he rode by he told jurors quote, he snapped up stood up turned around and looked startled. we made eye contact. i remember thinking he had a big nose but nothing beyond that. in court, he pointed to tsarnaev and said that's him, he has the blue shirt on. >> and the drama continues to play out in a boston federal court this coming week as prosecutors lay out their case for the death penalty against dzhokhar tsarnaev. joining us now for analysis, criminal defense attorney phil hole away.
9:53 am
explain the strategy of how this guy ran out from the car, what the tsarnaev brothers were saying, what they were doing. why not gloss over all this and get right to the bombing? >> remember that the defense strategy in this case has been quite told. thaef taken who did this and how it was done by conceding that dzhokhar did the bombing. the focus is on who is dzhokhar. is he the evil jihadist or a misled college student. the government is trying to get as much detail of this horrific killings and murders on the table so the jury is less inclined to give him a break. >> they've said yes, it's time, but they didn't plead guilty. what is the strategy behind that? it harkens back to the clarence darrow days.
9:54 am
>> you took the words out of my mouth, except he actually took a guilty plea. in this case they did not enter a guilty plea. she's allowing this jury to have the satisfaction if you will of finding him guilty not once not twice, but writing the word guilty on the verdict form 30 times so that when it comes time to ask the jury to spare his life, she has some credibility left with them and she just might succeed. >> a lot of people have compared this to the d.c. sniper trial where it was the younger man who was spared the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison. do you think this strategy works and as a prosecutor how do you counter it? >> i think the strategy will not work here. i think the government has a much stronger case. there's a lot more evidence that dzhokhar was acting very much on his own. there's video tape of him planning the bomb. there's video tape of his innocently running away. there's video tape of him running toward the police car where that actually was eventually killed. there's so much evidence that he
9:55 am
wasn't just a forlorn lost, misguided college student. i don't think that this is going to go the same way as the malveau case went. >> phil, do you agree or is there something else that the defense attorneys have up their sleeve? >> everybody knows he's guilty as homemade sin. i agree with peter, all that stuff is true. juries like to hear the defense accept responsibility. in federal cases when the statistics have shown that when you take the death penalty, for example, in federal court only about a third of the time since the '80s i think do juries actually impose the death penalty in these federal cases. now, this of course is not your ordinary case as we all know but statistically speaking i think she may have a chance here. >> in terms of a chance, peter where does it go from here in terms of the trial? do they want to just keep teasing out as prosecutors have this go on as long as they can and make the jury sit there and listen and experience all the horror? >> exactly.
9:56 am
the more the jurors understand how cold blooded and how calculated this was and the more they understand that the tsarnaevs motivation, the one living bomber, was revenge on americans, the less likely they are to cut him a break and spare him from the death penalty. >> i appreciate worthboth of you being here today in your analysis. obviously this trial going for a long time and we'll hear back from you. gentleman, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're going to go live to new hampshire where our own carl cameron had an interview with governor bush and scott walker. mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me?
9:57 am
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10:00 am
thanks for staying with us this saturday. i'm leyland viter. welcome to a brand new hour with us. >> and i'm uma pemmaraju. two top g.o.p. contenders testing the waters with folks who will decide who gets the organizational help and the big bucks. plus you will see the dramatic rescue that captures the nation's heart as first responders pull a baby trapped inside her car seat inside her mother's car after the car veered off the road into the
10:01 am
water. the mereiraculous recovery and an update. overseas iraqi forces continue the battle against is us for control of tikrit but he need reinforcements to help make the final push into saddam's hometown. plus we'll talk live with scott taylor who tells us why he believes the obama white house is selling out america's national security. as we speak, several 2016 possible republican hopefuls are shaking hands having coffee, and kissing babies in new hampshire. among them, wisconsin governor scott walker and former florida governor jeb bush who are both in the granite state today and over the weekend our own campaign carl cameron is there as well live from manchester, new hampshire. carl, you had a chance to see governor bush. he's wrapping up his trip to new
10:02 am
hampshire. give us a sense of how he feels now that he's had his first house parties and those kinds of things. >> reporter: the house party had a couple hundred people and he went look and shook an awful lot of hands and made sure he had conversations with everybody. he did a business roundtable talking to some of the business an economic leaders of southern new hampshire and this morning he had a quick stopby here in downtown manchester on elm street. that's what he did at one of the pizza places here in elm street, portland pie it's called and it's been a location where candidates have been coming for decades. he said politicians have to have a back loanbone and he's going to try to persuade people that his views are correct.
10:03 am
he says it's time for grownup solutions to grownup problems. that's what we talked about. listen to this. >> i think we need to win in order to govern and in order to lead and i think what's been missing, i think people have had a principled opposition to the vast overreach in washington d.c. but the president is leaving which is good news for our country, i think to move forward. we have to offer solutions now rather than just say how bad president obama's done on foreign policy or economic policy. that's my advocacy is to offer a set of compelling solutions so that people believe that their future is brighter than what we have today. >> reporter: he goes on to say things like you can be conservative and be positive. you don't have to be against things. you can apply conservative principles to a whole series of issues, not well beyond immigration and common core and even among republicans there has to be a dialogue. as we watched him try to explain
10:04 am
his positions and persuade conservatives, many of them said they heard something that would make them give him a second look. he's the front-runner nationally and here in the polls in new hampshire but even the republicans do have misgivings about his last name. some of the folks said i looked him, it was fun talking to him but that last name is an issue and he knows he has work to do on it. >> he's really the establishment candidate. on the other side you have governor walker who seems to be the front-runner from the newcomer side. they're in some ways mirroring schedules as they go back and forth and we know that scott walker is headed to south carolina as well. what can you gain from that knowledge of how they're treating each other? >> reporter: there was an interesting moment yesterday where they were tweeting that both of them were visiting the newspaper and they had gone to channel 9, the renown tv political presidential primary tv station of the grand state,
10:05 am
and they were clearly sort of shadowing one another at each particular place. scott walker is the front-runner in the polls in iowa and he's gotten a lot of national attention. he's at a new hampshire republican party grassroots campaign training event today and he doesn't qualify as anti-establishment. he is after all a governor of the united states and at any given time there are only 50 of them, but walker is seen as the new voice. i asked bush if he thought it was already a two-person race. his comment was neither one of us are official candidates yet but it's clear from what happened this weekend that jeb bush, john ellis bush to be precise, are going to be headed for a big battle and it's going to be in iowa and new hampshire and it's already beginning. >> and you'll be there for it all the operative word probably in jeb's comments "yet." we'll see along the way. thanks, carl. uma? john kerry expressing doubt about forging a deal with iran. this news coming while kerry is
10:06 am
on a trip overseas which will include more negotiations with iran ahead of a possible new deal deadline. joining us with more molly with ratest. >> reporter: secretary kerry says the u.s. is looking for a deal that guarantees that iran's nuclear program will be quote peaceful now and peaceful forever. but he was hesitant to predict that the framework for such a deal would be in place by the end of this month. tomorrow secretary kerry is expected to travel from egypt to switzerland to resume talks with iran foreign minister along with the secretary's counterparts from britain, france, russia, china and germany. secretary kerry said the purpose of the negotiations was to get the, quote, right deal. >> we will be going into this understanding that time is critical. i can't tell you whether or not we can get a deal or whether we are close. one reason i can't tell you is because we have heard some
10:07 am
comments in the supreme leader regarding the letter that was sent by the 47 senators. >> reporter: talking about the open letter from republican senators to iran's leaders indicating that if congress does not approve any kind of nuclear deal between the obama administration and iran then the next president could revoke it. republicans say they're concerned that president obama will give up too much just to get a deal and iran will still be able to develop nuclear weapons secretly. >> the reason why we think the president was irritated is because we think they were planning on bypassing the congress of the united states and what they wanted to do was go directly to the u.n. security council. that's our fear. in doing so they would do their best to make a deal that we wouldn't have a say in it and the american people wouldn't have a say. >> reporter: john mccain has said that the president and secretary kerry are pursuing a, quote, mirage of agreement.
10:08 am
secretary kerry contends that every time in the past that negotiations with iran have broken down, quote, iran's nuclear program has advanced. uma? >> molly, thank you so much for that update. joining us now for more on this, christian whiten, a former state department official under the bush administration. appreciate you being with us, sir. when we talk about this letter and we hear about it is this more of a style issue or a substance issue? is this actually going to make a difference when it comes to the negotiations and whether iran is going to get a nuclear bomb, or is it a distraction? >> it's not going to make a big difference. i think it's fine for congress to weigh in about objections. this is a fundamentally flawed agreement coming together, very reminiscent of when i was at the state department and we had a flawed approach to north korea that led to north korea getting the bomb. the only problem is the letter is kind of weird. it's unusual for senators to correspond with our enemies.
10:09 am
this is a pro republicans have which is focusing too much on procedural things and prerogatives that no one outside of the beltway cares about. it's weird. i would have taken a different approach, but it's not going to matter much in the long term. >> one of the things that was brought up was the fact that nancy pelosi went to meet with president assad during the time that you were with the state department. in these other regimes, syria in that case and now the iranians are they able to use these visits to play one group off of each other and try to actually exploit the divisions within the united states and within our political system rather than come together to the table with a cohesive message? >> right and that's what really is the hypocritical element of this firestorm in washington over the letter. some people even accusing these 47 senators of treason, which is
10:10 am
very carefully defined in our constitution. this is absolutely ludicrous to make that assertion. but democrats themselves are pros at this. you just showed nancy pelosi yukking it up with assad at the same time assad was facilitating the killing of american service men in iraq. you had harry reid declare the surge was a failure right at the point that it was succeeding. so when it comes to giving aid and comfort to our enemies there is a party that has a strong tradition of doing that in the post vietnam era. these governments act according to their national interests. iraq wants the bomb and the only thing that's going to stop it is not pretty words in an agreement but real steps that cause pain for iran. >> what i'm interested in congress, especially this republican congress, seems to be doing so much to try to influence the iran deal but it seems as though the u.s. congress and great senators still don't have that much kind
10:11 am
of influence over national security and over foreign policy in the way they did in the past. i'm going back to guys like jesse helms who really had a huge amount of moral authority to speak when it came to national security matters. why is that? >> the senate both houses actually, are diminished since the departure of people like helms. the only way you influence bureaucrats, there are two things. you can threaten to take away their jobs or threaten to take away their budgets and helms did both. the power of the purse which cross has and to refuse to confirm appointments. when the senate doesn't do that and gives up the power of the purse by allowing authorization bills and appropriation bills to be filibustered, it's unilateral.
10:12 am
the founders did want our military and foreign affairs to be largely run by the president but the few tools we have has been missing. bureaucrats, you can see it when they testify before congress, either the house committee or the senate committee, they're just not afraid of it. >> very interesting perspective. we appreciate your insight. christian whiten, thanks for being with us. iraqi troops have found unlikely allies. iran. it's an indication of the country's growing influence in that region and joining us to talk more about this and other issues in the middle east, former navy s.e.a.l. and author of the book "trust betrayed" scott taylor. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> as we're hearing words that iraqi forces are getting help from iran to fight isis, the head of the shia militia saying he's praising iran's support in taking aim at the u.s. for lack of necessary resources to get the job done. how concerned should we be about
10:13 am
iran's growing influence right now in iraq? >> well, we have to say that we have to take care of life and they need to take care of life so part of it is okay but we have to be extremely cautious and you've been talking about it all morning. here we are at the negotiations table with one of our enemies and at a time when we have taken away their sanctions and their influence has grown in iraq as you talked about. there's one-way flights from tehran to sana'a. our concern is that we are negotiating from a position of weakness in a region where power is the only thing that's respected and feared. >> you talk a lot in your book called "trust betrayed", barack obama and hillary clinton and the selling out of america's national security that you believe that when you talk about power, that is what is most important, that open-mindedness, negotiations, really don't work
10:14 am
in a society where they only understand one way to get things done and you spent a lot of time in that region. talk to me about why you feel this way. >> i believe that this administration has really largely had a foreign policy and national security policy based on the way they would like to see the world as opposed to the reality on the ground. whatever you think of vladimir putin, he's a realist. he's been moving based upon how the world works and he has gained an influence as has iran. when you're in that part of the region in your negotiations, people respect and fear power and strength. they don't care that your middle name may be hussein or you have great rhetoric. that doesn't matter over there. so my concern of course is the growing influence of iran and if we think our foreign policy and what we're doing over there is expensive now, imagine iran with a nuclear bomb and then the turks are going to want to get one, potentially egypt. you're going to have a nuclear
10:15 am
arms race, a disaster for world interest. >> that nuclear race is concerning, particularly at a time when many people are concerned that iran will get major concessions if there is a deal. >> i couldn't agree more and i think look, cowardly accomodation to gathering evil is one of our greatest risks. i'm not beating the war drums but we need to change perspective to how we look at foreign policy. it's up to the folks in america to elect leaders and look leaders like vladimir putin and iran in the eyes and let them how far we will allow them to go and how far we don't. >> you write in your book every day i wake up i feel iraq, i feel it in my back, i feel it in my knees in my neck. i feel it when i think of my friends who i lost there. it is important for veterans to
10:16 am
believe that the sacrifice was worth it and our politicians make that difficult. how hard has it been for you to witness what has unravelled over the past few years there in iraq? >> i got to say our foreign policy and regardless of whether you agree or disagree with bush and the war and all those things, there is no doubt that removing a security force, a stabilizing security force under this president just for personal political gain just to say that he ended the war contributed to the rise of isis and the destabilization there. i think many veterans out there probably watching today who have been there are very upset with the loss of that. they did not go overseas to win just to come home to see things lost via misguided national security and foreign policies. >> you also feel that the fact that we've been hearing about leaks about strategy and about efforts to try to intimidate isis for example, those things
10:17 am
are so counterproductive and this should not be happening at a time when people there need to feel that america has their back. >> for the past six years we have alienated our allies in egypt and israel and accommodated those who don't wish us well like iran. that is absolutely counter to what we should be doing there. america for decades has had a policy, a foreign policy, america first, not democrat or republican but american interests in the middle east. but you have seen a huge influence and growth in iran at a time when we have to stifle that. they want to be empowered. they want to have nuclear weapons so they can influence on a world stage. if you have 5,000 nuclear weapons or you have one, you have a seat at the table and that is something that must be prevented. >> scott taylor, the book is a fascinating read called "trust
10:18 am
betrayed." we thank you for joining us and thank you for your service. nice to have you here today. >> my pleasure. tonight fox news takes you inside the devastation caused by isis in a way few people have seen it, including a look at the women being taken from their homes and sold as slaves. >> the buyers would check the women. the buyers would ask them to remove their scarf. they would check their hair and their teeth. and they would ask their age and if they hadn't had children they would be taken as wives. and those that were sick or not in a good situation, they would be taken as servants. >> truly heartbreaking indeed. fox news reporting the unholy war, the march of isis, airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. the navy's uss fort worth is making waves. the ship is in south korea taking part in joint military
10:19 am
exercises. the region's u.s. naval commander says the drills are designed to promote peace and stability in that region. north korea claiming the drills are practice for an invasion of their country. >> they have been saying that for a long time. did you hear about the baby girl who survived 14 hours hanging just inches from certain death? now we have video of rescuers freeing a toddler trapped after a crash killed her mother. we're going to have more of the unbelievable footage and it is truly unbelievable coming up after the break. plus, new hope for people suffering from alzheimer's. how a new treatment being developed by scientists could actually help bring back old memory.
10:20 am
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10:22 am
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a toddler spent almost 14 hours strapped upside down in a car. the frigid water of the spanish fork river was just inches from her head. you're seeing video of the rescue right now. the newly released video shows merge responders pulling her out of that crash that ended up
10:24 am
killing her mother. will carr is following the story from our west coast bureau, will? >> reporter: you're about to see why this little girl's dad says that it is a miracle that she is still alive. she was in a car that police believe hit a cement barrier on a bridge and flipped upside down and plunged down into a river where it sat for 14 hours before fishermen saw it and called 911. that's when video picked up this story. you can see police officers rushing to the scene. they ended up pulling together. they tried to flip the car back upside down. that's when they saw 25-year-old jennifer grossbeck and realized that she was dead. then several responders say they heard a mysterious voice a voice that said help me that prompted them to look harder. they then saw 18-month-old lilly grossbeck lifeless and immediately pulled her out of the car. >> anybody got scissors to cut the belt? >> here you go. >> got it, got it? >> right here, right here!
10:25 am
>> go, go, go! >> come on, baby. >> reporter: come on baby he said and she must have been listening because she rushed her to the ambulance. she was hypo they are mick. in six minutes after they pulled her out of the car she started showing signs of life and started throwing up. they rushed her to the emergency room. several responders were treated for hypo therapy ya. as for the voice, they said it wasn't the child or the mom. days later, lilly is singing nursery rhymes and is in good spirits. although this is bitter sweet for her family because it's her mother's funeral this weekend. >> unbelievable.
10:26 am
we will always wonder where that voice came from. will carr live in our west coast newsroom. sometimes there just are not answers to these questions. you're just glad it was there. to think about that video, that was lapel cam video. you think about police officers having body cams to capture the bad parts of life. this captured unbelievable heroism. >> a miracle indeed and that little girl absolutely beautiful. >> she will be and you can see the light in her father's eyes as he looked at her still alive. >> absolutely. still ahead on america's news headquarters a new discovery on jupiter's moon surface. and benghazi committee chair trey goudy calling for hillary clinton to appear before his committee. will it affect her run for the presidency? >> i have no interest in her yoga routine, trust me. i have no interest in that. but i have every interest in
10:27 am
public record whether it's related to libya or not. >> so what does this mean for other possible 2016 democratic hopefuls? our fair and balanced panel is here to debate it all. don't go away.
10:28 am
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continuing fallout from hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has many wondering if her once seemingly unevidentable nomination in 2016 is not so much of a sure bet anymore. some of those wondering top tier democrats who may themselves want a shot at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. here for a fair and balled debate, angela mcglouen and former senior advisor to senator harry reid.
10:32 am
penny, are people now all of a sudden looking to take a run at her? >> i don't think it's all of a sudden. you have always heard throughout this entire process for many years now martin o'malley was looking at it. other governors were looking at it. >> this opens the door. >> but it's not surprising. bernie sanders and many others have speculated what it might be like. at the united states senate you have 100 people who think they deserve to be the commander in chief. this is nothing new. >> angela is this good for republicans in the sense to have a primary or a possible primary fight on the democratic side or is it better for republicans to have one person to focus on? >> i think it's very good for republicans. if you have a mark warner or vice-president biden, if you have webb, former senator from virginia i think that it's good to have diversity. now, if they do what we did in 2012 where newt gingrich went after mitt romney, the republicans will have something to run on. >> everybody went off mitt
10:33 am
romney in 2012. if you look though at the possible contenders on the democratic side, we have a list of them. you've got senator webb as you mentioned from virginia martin o'malley former governor of maryland, joe biden, the vice-president of the united states and elizabeth warren who is much farther to the left than hillary clinton is. penny, where does their support lie in the democratic party, or is everybody waiting and not wanting to support anyone until they hear from hillary? >> i think everybody is still in the dating game that we do have a primary and no one has figured out who they're going to be proposing to at this time. so let's let the process continue and see who floats to the top, who is going to be the nominee. yes, there's a lot of assumptions that when and if mrs. clinton does announce she would be the presumptive nominee. but there are a lot of people in the democratic party with a lot of good ideas. >> the congressional black caucus will support hillary and the majority of the hispanic
10:34 am
caucus will support hillary. she has a lot of those people locked up. >> she's a very popular politician. >> she's a very popular politician but a lot of people say she's not that good or at least not that good on the campaign trail. >> i don't think you survive what she has for 25 years without being a good politician. >> we're looking at the possible candidates that could challenge her. does having a primary competitor make her better or does having a sparring partner better in that sense? >> i think she already has a primary going on right now and that's the media primary. you're starting to see every republican candidate already trying to take her on. >> bush isn't trying to take on hillary. i beg to differ. scott walker is not trying to take on hillary. they're defining themselves. >> did you watch any of the speeches they gave. i think hillary's name was mentioned more than any other republican.
10:35 am
>> they're still trying to define what policies they can do. >> it would be great for them to stay on their policies. >> we will see in terms of the policy rate both on the republican side and on the democratic side. interesting note from peggy new than, hillary seems tired, not hungry. do you think that's true? >> absolutely not. peggy writes a lot of things but that's absolutely not true. >> hillary does come across as arrogant. in her last press conference dealing with benghazi, humility says it best but i do think she's going to be the front-runner. >> she certainly is at this point. we'll see if anybody makes a run at it and we'll have you two back to talk about it. appreciate your time. >> thanks. coming up a dangerous fire threatening homes in a major city. details on the fight to contain that blaze. plus, it's helped catch criminals for dozens of years. the fbi's simple but effective tool. stay with us.
10:36 am
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to take a look at these images, flames quickly spreading across chili's coast, the forest fire threatening nearby cities now under a state of emergency. officials are saying about 4500 people have been evacuated and about 10,000 more may be forced to move. high winds are fueling the fire. investigators are saying it all began at an illegal garage dump. a salvage operation is under way right now for a black hawk kept that crashed and killed seven marines along with four soldiers. that chopper came down during a training excursion off the florida panhandle on tuesday. crews say they are working to recover debris from about 25 feet of water. no word yet on the cause of that crash during bad weather.
10:41 am
today marks the 65th anniversary of the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives program. that program first put in place by then fbi director j. edgar hoover. the list has captured hundreds of fugitives over the years. greg is here with more on the story. >> reporter: murderers money launderers, drug traffickers make up this infamous list and there's a bounty on their heads. the first most wanted poster circulated back in 1950. j. edgar hoover got the idea for a notorious list from a reporter writing a story on america's toughest guys on the run. in 65 years agents have nabbed 473 fugitives on that list, many with the help of ordinary citizens who took note.
10:42 am
>> we look for criminals that are out there who have exhibit egregious horrific behavior committed heinous crimes and in addition those that we believe this national and international publicity will assist in helping us to apprehend them. >> reporter: a recent addition to the most wanted list is this man, yasser saeid, the subject of a one-hour documentary by fox news. he's wanted for the execution of his own daughters because they dared to date nonmuslim men. 911 operators listened as sarah named her killer with her dying words. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> help! my dad shot me and now i'm dying. >> i'm dying, that's what's up.
10:43 am
stop it! stop it! >> it breaks your heart to listen to that. yasser see eedaeid and he may be here in the united states driving a cab. the fbi has their most wanted lists on websites, twitter, facebook, there's even a smartphone app. if you happen to recognize yasser saeid, contact the fbi. they want him. and you could get rich doing it, 100,000 bucks. >> wow. he needs to get caught. that poor woman, those dying words, incredible, greg. thank you. >> two girls. i spent a lot of time working on that documentary. >> i remember that. >> this is one of the most despicable, heinous crimes. he's awful. he needs to be caught. >> absolutely. let's hope he will get caught soon. thank you, greg as always.
10:44 am
>> sure. another incredible discovery coming from the hubl telescope. we think the moon's name is gammamede and the ocean contains more water than those on earth. it highlights hubl's accomplishment and could be significant in the search for life on other planets. i'm trying to figure out what an underground ocean means. >> obviously a body of water underground but larger than that found on earth, that's what makes it unbelievably amazing. >> interesting. there you go. still ahead fascinating discovery that may help keep your mind younger longer. plus, she's determined to run thousands of miles for a worthy cause. we're going to tell you where she's going and why.
10:45 am
10:46 am
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well, for first time in the 108 year history, blue bell ice cream is recalling some of the products afternoon three kansas patients died of an ice-cream related illness. those deaths are linked to some blue bell products found in texas. five people developed listerosis after eating it but all five also had blue bell ice cream while receiving treatment at a kansas hospital. food and drug administration is continuing to investigate this incident. up there may be hope for folks suffering from the early stages of alzheimer's. and it's being called a major break through with a new drug free method using ultrasound devices. joining us now with more on this fascinating development a member of our medical a-team dr. manny alvarez. great to have you on the show. >> good afternoon. yeah, this is very exciting
10:50 am
research basically that has been published recently in the treatment of alzheimer's. alzheimer's affects 50 million americans and there's little treatment in how to bring back memory. now, this is an animal study. which again it's the beginning of sort of utilizing what they find in animals and introduce it into the human population. but indeed in mice, using high density ultrasound mice that were genetically engineered to develop alzheimer's and specifically the plaques that you typically see in the brain in people with alzheimer's and what they found is that 75% of the mice they recover their memory and the plaques went away. so perhaps this is a pathway that for people who are suffering from the disease this will bring relief, especially bringing back their memories. >> oh absolutely. and if i understand it, the australian scientists are predicting that they can start testing this on humans within
10:51 am
two years. >> well, i think we're going to go through different steps because again that's a lot of unanswered questions. we did not see any side effects or potential danger. but you know it's very difficult to sort of look at side effects in animals specifically symptoms that humans tend to have. so we need to go through that format very carefully before we introduce it to humans. second thing is that the human skull has a very thick bone. so it may not work as well. so there are -- there are new machines that would mimic the same penetration of ultrasound as they did in the mice. so we have technological challenges, side effect challenges. so we have to have a couple of other animal models before we bring it to humans. >> that's interesting. because maybe they're being optimistic on that front. this mobile device is promising in that that the patients would be able to use this device in their home, eliminating the expense of going to treatment centers.
10:52 am
>> well i mean that's the hope of any kind of medical treatment. but as i said, i think in the world of alzheimer's, the seriousness of the research is still challenging because we still have to find out how to make an earlier diagnosis. identify the people at risk. number two, any medications that are going to alter the production of these plaques which seem to be the causative factor of memory loss and cellular destruction. then once somebody is suffering from it, is this type of technology ultrasound going to be able to disrupt those plaques and improve the cellular biology so people -- you know, regain that are memories or at least you arrest the retention of you know, the data that you already have. >> when you're talking about the early stages, how soon would someone have to be detected with early signs of dementia/alzheimer's before this type of treatment is effective?
10:53 am
>> bell, you know, now we -- now we are seeing that a lot of patients with alzheimer's they start to develop symptoms as early as their 20s, their 30s, their 40s. so, you know, we used to think that alzheimer's was something that affected people in their late 60s. no, there's whole -- there's a whole curve of people from very early to very late that can develop alzheimer's. so this is why it is very important to kind of look at risk factors and also look at the familial connections in families that have alzheimer's and then predict the disease and then perhaps treat it. >> well, at least it's very encouraging offering some hope for the possibility of dealing with this in a profound way if these tests work out over a period of time. thank you, doctor. good to see you. >> thank you. a 68-year-old woman is running across america.
10:54 am
you heard that right. 68-year-old woman running across america all to raise awareness for cancer. rose swoll pope is jogging to honor her husband who died from prostate cancer. she said she struggled for a long time after he passed away but managed to change her outlook on life. >> many people who lose someone you realize you're at the crossroads of your life. you can either be finished and do nothing and just hope to be be -- you curl up together one day in heaven or wherever you believe, or you can try to make a break for it and fly the banner for him. grab life with two hands and live double and try to achieve his dreams as well as your own. >> well she's certainly done that. rosie says she hopes to hit san francisco by the end of the year and we certainly wish her luck. unbelievable. all right. coming up next, an amazing search and rescue mission with an unlikely leader.
10:55 am
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well, thanks to so many of you who weighed in on -- with
10:59 am
your thoughts about this question. what more could we be doing to guarantee that isis does not have easy access into the u.s.? here's a sampling. walt says we need stricter enforcement of border crossings especially from mexico. connie adds ever heard of revoking passports of those suspected with collaborating with isis? and kw hunter says to help stop isis, to cure our southern and northern borders now. make it the focus not granting amnesty to illegals. all right. here we go. another real life version of lady and the tramp. a mother dog and her ten puppies puppies -- there they are, they're really cute, are safe today thanks to another dog. dallas authorities were looking for the missing dog for weeks but when a stray dog in the neighborhood started acting strange, a dog behaviorist suggested they follow it. a stray led them to the mama and
11:00 am
babies. they're resting comfortably in a foster home. if you haven't already heard and especially if you're not a math whiz, happy pi day. that's right. 3-14-15 is pi die. >> eat banana cream pie. this week on "the journal editorial report," hillary clinton breaks her silence on the e-mail controversy, but will it reassure anxious supporters or coax another democrat into the presidential race? plus as the u.s. leads from behind in iraq, iran is filling the power vacuum. what it means for the fight against isis and american interests in the middle east. and just in time for 2016, the justice department announces a crackdown on coordination between candidates and the outside groups that support them. should conservatives expect the same treatment they got from the irs?


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