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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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you next "fox news sunday." right now police in ferguson, missouri have a 20-year-old man in custody in connection with the shootings of two police officers. that city has seen so much raw emotion emotion, violence and more. now amid a demonstration on the early hours thursday morning, gunfire and two policemen down. here is the suspect, policed announced not too long ago jeffrey williams, one count of firing a weapon from a vehicle and three counts of armed criminal action and two counts of assault. this man admitted to firing the gun but the investigation is ongoing. ongoing. >> he is charged with assaulting these two police officers.
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regardless of who may be an intended target you hit somebody, that's still assault in a first degree, still punishable by life in prison. that's on each one of the counts pending against him. >> the injured officers who were not actually from ferguson, but had been brought in to help out during the protests outside the ferguson police department, one of them st. louis officer hit in the shoulder, the other a 32-year-old officer frommy nearby town was hit in the head below theye the bullet lodged behind his ear. new now, attorney general eric holder has released a statement saying in part, quote, this arrest sends a clear message that acts of violence against our law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated, end quote. steve steve, what new details are we learning about the alleged shooter? >> reporter: harris, right now, police are saying this about the 20-year-old shooter.
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first, that he is local from st. louis county. second that he has a criminal record, currently on probation. third he was a regular participant in the protests here in ferguson. the big question right now is whether or not the shooter deliberately targeted police officers. here is the county prosecutor. >> it's possible at this point that he was firing shots at someone other than the police but struck the police officers. the charge is still assault in the first degree, class afelonies for striking those officers. >> you know steve, i have to tell you, after all these months of the unrest on the streets of ferguson with still some pretty angry faces on the protests but with the exception of this in the last week or so things have been pretty tamped down. >> there's still emotion and we've seen signs in support of
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police and the city. brief, minor skirmishes across the street. at one point a u.s. flag was torn and stomped on on the ground. pretty minor so far. protests begin after snset. we'll see how they are affected. >> police officers have to do their job, steve, under whatever circumstances exist they're there to protect. your last thoughts? >> reporter: it's interesting to see even after the shooting, police officers come out into the crowd without riot gear. they're showing a lot of discipline to try to tamp things down here, harris. >> steve harrigan, we appreciate it. thank you very much. now to politics. is someone tied to the obama administration trying to block israel's prime minister from getting re-elected? a powerful senate committee is trying to answer that question. here's what we know. that committee has launch aid bipartisan investigation into a
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nonprofit group and its money after trying to kick benjamin netanyahu out of office. the obama administration gave that nonprofit group hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funded grants. doug, what specifically does this organization do? and who is backing it in israel? >> harris, the investigation centers around a grant to the one voice movement, washington based group that was headed by a clinton administration diplomat, ginsberg. he recently wrote, israelis have grown weary of netanyahu and his obsessive sky is falling declarations. a bipartisan investigation has begun of one voice and use of $350,000 in a state department grant to openly campaign against
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netanyahu, an activity that may have violated its tax exempt status. subsidiary is a campaign that is headed by swrarmy bird, key campaign strategist in 2012 bird flew to israel after criticizing netanyahu's plan to speak to congress. >> no doubt in my mind when the president refuses to meet with the prime minister but mool meanwhile his minions are racing thousands of miles overseas to influence the election that's what the obama administration does here in the united states microtarget groups and influence turnout. >> a large majority of israelis believe that the obama administration has been interfering in the election, which is set for tuesday. harris? >> those are strong charges. tell me mo r about this. this is not the first time that this group or its taxpayer use
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of money, i should say, has come up. >> that's right. when the state department was asked about this $350,000 grant back in the month of january, spokeswoman jen psaki said the grant ended in 2013, before the israeli elections were set up. >> the grant ended before the advent of a declaration of israeli election. we've seen the media reports about the activities but the embassy has not provided any funds support or direction to the group. >> the existence of the grant focus on defeating netanyahu have made the obama administration look mighty hip critical after accusing the republicans of trying to influence elections. >> president obama said he wouldn't even meet with net netanyahu when he was here, because it was so close to his election.
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but now you're reporting funds were flowing into that group pretty close to the election. at least within a few months. it is confusing. worthy of more questions. >> that's why we're watching. >> doug, thank you. fox news political insiders are working their own sources. more on this story at the bottom of the hour. israeli prime minister was here a few weeks ago. i just mentioned that addressing congress and letting america know just how dangerous he sees a nuclear deal with iran. after that, 47 republican senators signed a letter addressed to government of iran, letting them know any nuclear agreement with the united states could easily be undone without congressional approval. things just heated up a little bit more with the warning by the obama administration to those senators telling them to stay out of the nuclear negotiations or risk the possibility of derailing a deal. freshman arkansas senator tom cotton says he has no regrets about this. >> iran's leaders needed to hear the message loud and clear.
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they are not hearing that message from geneva. in fact, if you look at the response of the iranian foreign minister, it underscores the need for the letter in the first place because he made it cheer that he does not understand our constitutional system. he thinks that international law can override our constitution. >> secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland another the delaware -- deadline for getting a deal done is at the end of the month and he is not sure if a final agreement will happen at this point. >> for lack of a better term this letter says congress should know its place when it comes to the iran negotiations. written by chief of staff the let r states congress will have a say about lifting sanctions against iran but it all but lectures the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee saying the proposal
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getting congress an up or down vote as a package would have a profoundly negative impact on the current negotiation process. >> the main point here everybody needs to understand is the president is about to make what we believe will be a bad deal. he doesn't want congress involved in it at all. we are worried about it. we don't think he ought to make a bad deal with one of the worst regimes in the world. >> the letter comes not long after the letter. the move sparked outrage. >> i think by sending the letter we focused the attention on where it should be. >> this is crunch time as secretary of state john kerry returns to switzerland today. >> we have to give the president the opportunity to negotiate an agreement because that stht best option for the united states. >> the president holds the ability to hold a deal and veettoveto.
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the fundamental question is will enough democrats break with the president for a veto override. >> we will talk about that with fox news political insiders in a little bit. a group of teenagers is trying to join the savages of isis but they have been stopped in their tracks. how authorities tracked them down before they went too far. and an heir to a real estate empire under arrest again. he is the main suspect in a decades old unsolved murder. the new clue that has him back in handcuffs. >> this is a guy who pushes the envelope and kind of interesting that the envelope in the e e e e e
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he has been the focus of three murder investigations across america and now a new york real estate heir robert
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durst is in custody. authorityies arrested him in new orleans for the murder of his friend susan berman. his family is thanks authorities for tracking him down. interesting how all of this has come together. the cable network hbo has been sparking new interest in the disturbing path of durst. his confession to shooting and dismembering his neighbor in texas in 2001 and the murder of berman in 2000. that hbo documentary claims an anonymous letter to police matches handwriting. tell us more about the letter and how it plays into all of this.
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>> it is likely that piece of incriminating evidence that provided probable cause that led to his arrest. this began when durst agreed to talk to hbo producers. police believe -- possibly they were close friends. in 2000 new york prosecutors wanted to reopen the murder case and have berman what she knew. days before that interview berman disappeared. days later police get a letter telling them where to find her dead body. the word beverly as in beverly hills is misspelled. berman's son found an old letter. it is written in identical block letters. beverly is misspelled. also in that episode durst
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admits you are taking a big risk writing that cadaver's note. former prosecutor calls that a game changer. >> it is very incriminating and does put together facts that would conclude that he did commit this crime. i think that will be an uphill battle for the defense. >> hbo producers say they worked with prosecutors for a year. that tells me that investigators may have implanted a few questions and durst may have inadvertently incriminated himself. >> 71 years old, this man is now, decades this has gone on. what happens at this point? >> well he was arraigned this morning on first degree murder charges. his booking photo from last night in new orleans is right here. percent lawyers say he will
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waive extradition to los angeles. you will expect probably not guilty plea. defense will say there is no evidence he committed the crime. very unusual for judges not to grant bail but they are susceptible, if you will for public influence. >> it is so interesting what you say about the money part. at one point he was picked up and they asked if he could meet bail and they gave him a sum of money and he said i have that and just not on me right now. thank you very much. you know what? you probably saw that video. this is why. she has a special coming up tonight, the judge was the westchester county district attorney who investigated the unsolved disappearance of durst's wife. tonight the judge will host justice robert durst arrested.
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that's tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. runners battled record breaking temperatures to compete in the los angeles marathon. i have run this before. it was never this hot when i did it a really long time ago. more than 36,000 people from more than 50 states or countries participated in the 26.2 mile race. runners from kenya won the men's and women's races. the temps quickly rose to 91 degrees today. emergency workers treated at least 46 of those runners along the marathon route, 15 had to be taken to the hospital. all are expected to be okay. christians in the middle east fighting back after being targeted again. bombers launching two deadly attacks and now a threat from those claiming responsibility for assaulting christians. hillary clinton continues to
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deal with controversy surrounding her use of private e-mails in that server she has in her home. polling shows she is still the democratic front runner if she pursues presidential run. one says because she is her party's only choice for the oval office in his opinion. we'll talk about it.
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christians rioting in pakistan after two bombings left at least 15 people dead and many more injured. the brutal attacks happened outside two churches. they are the latest in a series of assaults targeting pakistan's religious minorities. the taliban says it is responsible.
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fox news religion correspondent lauren green from our new york news room. tell us more about this with the christians. >> it happens with far too much regularity. the suicide blast happened in quick secession blowing up two churches in the eastern city. the taliban suicide bombers exploded themselves while worshippers had gathered for sunday morning services at two churches only a few hundred yards apart. one witness telling reuters he saw a man blow himself up after fighting with a guard to get inside the church. 15 people were killed including two officers assigned to protect the churches. over 70 were injured. >> translator: i was on guard inside. a small gate of the church was opened. suddenly there was the sound of a blast and the gate was blown away. i quickly turned like this and flashes of blood and flesh fell on my clothes. after that we got busy with the
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rescue work. >> violence erupting as protesters took to the streets attacking and killing two men they believe were involved. a local pakistani priest calling on the government to protect all places of worship of all religions. pope francis also condemning the assault on christians. >> translator: these are christian churches, christians being persecuted. our brothers shedding blood only because they are christians. >> christians make up less than 2% of the pakistan population. according to open doors usa the country is one of the top regimes were christians are persecuted. a twin suicide bomb two years ago reportedly killing more than 100 christians. >> we remember that day well. very sad. lauren green, thank you very much. three british teenagers are back in the uk to face charges after being arrested in turkey
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trying to reach syria to join islamic state terrorists. this is the latest incident in what authorities are saying is an increasing number of young britains who are trying to make their way to syria with the purpose of joining isis. we reported three british school girls left uk. today paris marked the reopening of a kosher supermarket where four hostages were murdered by terrorists in january. the store has been refurbished and we are told it has no trace of the brutal attack. france's interior minister says it is proof there is life after. that supermarket assault was coordinated with another attack at the offices of "charlie
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hebdo." 12 people died in that terrorist attack. as isis cuts a swath of blood and destruction across the middle east and into western africa how will the world respond? fox news takes you inside the front lines to show you the damage the evil being brought by the savages of isis with exclusive stories and footage of the devastated families whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> translator: we were deceived. they asked us all to stand in the middle of the ditch, put our heads down and stay there. i heard them speaking arabic saying islamic state. about 25 fighters were surrounding us. and then they started shooting at us from all directions. >> wait until you hear how he survived that and who he is. fox news reporting. don't miss it. it airs right after fox report
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8:00 p.m. eastern. pop your corn your night is made. the civil war in syria has been raging for four years now. and to end it have you heard? the obama administration says it may have to negotiate with bashar al assad. plus, israeli voters heading to the polls this week in a race seen as referendum on prime minister netanyahu. we reported about the effort to possibly keep him from being reelected. a senate committee prepares to investigate funding being provided to an american nonprofit group actively lobbying against the prime minister. remember, we love it when you chime in and tune in at the same time. hit us up on our fox news social pages twitter and facebook. stay with us.
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you are just joining us if that's the case here is what is happening. after a massive manhunt police announced arrest in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri. the suspect jeffrey williams faces counts of first degree assault and weapons and criminal action charges. amid protests which happen a lot thursday around midnight the two police men were shot just outside the ferguson police department. attorney general eric holder says the arrest sends a clear
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message that acts against law enforcement personnel will not be tolerated. the st. louis county prosecutor says their investigation is still ongoing. this headline from the obama administration, secretary of state john kerry says united states may have to negotiate with the government of syrian dictator bashar al assad to end the civil war in syria. previously we were told by the administration that the syrian leader was lost legitimatacy because of attack on its own people. secretary kerry says the international community is looking at ways to pressure the assad regime. canada making the final appeal to voters. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the last polls out just before the vote show him trailing his main rival. connor powell has more tonight from our middle east newsroom. >> reporter: with just two days to go before the vote israel's
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upcoming elections have turned into a referendum on benjamin netanyahu. while the prime minister's focus on issues of security polls show israelis are far more concerned with domestic issues like the economy and the cost of housing and they are skeptical about the claims about iran. increasingly netanyahu's party said to take a huge hit in the total number of seats in the israeli possibly even endangering the re-election of netanyahu as prime minister. on sunday night conservatives held a large rally to pump up supporters. it seems momentum is with the opposition. labeerous political chief focused his campaign on change. polls show his coalition with a narrow but steady lead over netanyahu's. many think he could be the next israeli prime minister with a platform of jump starting the
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economy. turnout is expected to be high on tuesday. with the polls so close it could be week before israel's politicians form a new government and select a prime minister. >> thank you very much. then there is this. the senate committee has launched the bipartisan investigation into the funding provided by the obama administration to an american nonprofit group actively lobbying in israel against netanyahu and his reelection bid on tuesday. let's bring in our fox news political insiders, former republican congressman for new york. former pollster for president jimmy carter and fox news contributor. and doug. doug i want to start with you. you have inside information. this group lobbying reportedly against netanyahu, money flowing how from the obama administration particularly? >> first, there have been grants from the state department. we know about $350,000.
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what i'm told harris, is that it is a lot more. it's in the millions of dollars come into israel from outside sources principally the united states and what i'm hearing from people very close to prime minister netanyahu's team is that they have seen an unprecedented level of activity, funding and bodies from outside of israel, principally the united states and candidly with netanyahu now trailing it's anyone's guess who wins. >> the money tied to the obama administration your thoughts on that. you're saying there is money flowing from the u.s. into israel. where is that money coming from specifically? >> we know of 350,000. >> from that one group? >> from that one group. >> and maybe more. and we don't know where all the money has come from. it will only be after the
1:36 am
election that we know the full extent of the effort. that's what i was trying to say. >> if this is true and i believe it is and there is more evidence of it there is an operation going on in new york reporting free beacon express and politico they retained a group in israel that has been long supported by the state department to help them on a get out the vote effort which matches what this taxpayer money is doing which was run by jeremy bird president obama's deputy campaign manager last time. all of the -- they claim it is nonpartisan except it targets all the antinetanyahu demographic groups and openly says it is doing that. the amount of money that doug is talking about is other money coming in. from my dealings in the carter
1:37 am
administration there were times where we helped people friendly to the united states. i never heard of an effort overwhelmingly to try to take someone out. i believe that is what the obama administration may be doing. >> you saw earlier on fox report was with the state department as their spokesperson and talking about the money and she said none of it would have flowed as pat was suggesting to a group's hands via the state department so close to an election that that money had been cut off. >> we have a number of pieces to figure out what is going on here. a, there is a poisonous personal relationship between our president and the israeli prime minister. b, we have at least five obama former campaign staffers on the ground doing get out the vote for this victory '15 in israel against netanyahu. >> you have proof otthat? >> it has been reported repeated repeatedly. then we have something that didn't get reported that much
1:38 am
guy. then we have remember when netanyahu came over here the president wouldn't meet with him. but the vice president and secretary of state while in munich three mondays ago met with the leading opponent of netanyahu and was reported in the israeli press as a sort of informal hands on endorsement from obama. you add it all up and doug has been hearing about the money this is something we have never seen before. a president of the united states personally saying i'm going to screw over the israeli prime minister one week before the iranian deal. he has to get him off the table is what he is up to here. >> i want to bring in social media here. cxc says the irony of ironies, the president considering negotiating with assad's regime ignores israeli prime minister and refuses to negotiate with
1:39 am
the u.s. congress. >> my thought is that we have a lot of attacks on netanyahu. first of all it's just the partisanship in our society is unbelievable. netanyahu came here democrats had attacks on him. david axelrod who is obama's former counsel was tweeting out points. they all became obama's talking points. meanwhile, we have this large underground operation. the answer to your question is money is fungible. the money given to the parent group that helped set this up and the other groups we don't know the extent of it all. money is fungible in politics. never have we seen and i'm amazed given that the committee democrats and republicans want to investigate it that the american press has not been balancing its dealing with netanyahu with what the
1:40 am
administration is doing. >> i just want to say one thing. why is this all happening? >> why are we giving them money in the first place? >> this is power politics. obama chicago style believes you take out your enemies. you support your friends. basically when netanyahu went against the deal in the way he did obama has doubled down on taking him out. >> and we bring up along with that who are the two biggest critics? netanyahu and senator menendez. >> he is in trouble right now. >> the threat of indictment has been a political weapon used on him as i said then. it's nixon on steroids. >> i want to remind our viewers that we have two democrats sitting here. >> we are patriots first. >> you should put your country first. this is not about partisan politics. it's about america.
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>> the democrats come up to these guys and tell them you are not real democrats. >> we'll be right back. secretary of state john kerry set to resume nuclear talks with iran. the white house warns congress to back off. more and more lawmakers including now democrats appear ready to have their say on any nuclear deal anyway. really? it didn't make the democrats back off. remember we love it when you tune in and chime in at the same time. we are coming right back.
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go to prevent 50 dot org. test the white house is warning congress to back off as nuclear negotiations resume with iran. secretary of state john kerry arrived in switzerland today for the latest round of talks set to begin tomorrow. there are reports that more and more lawmakers in congress are prepared to ignore the
1:45 am
president's warnings on iran including some democrats. these democrats are saying this idea of the letter to iran by the republicans while may have been a little distasteful does not stop the fact that they need to look closer at this deal. >> exactly. and there are a number of democrats saying today that we must have the -- the congress has to have the say in this which the white house is saying we will not. they are also saying they are concerned about specifics of the deal. let's not kid ourselves. that was a grave mistake because what it had done is set up a strawman for kerry and obama to point to to say if negotiations don't work the republicans undermine it as part of their continual partisanship. i must say for a freshman only there 60 days the inability of the republican leadership to
1:46 am
lead their own people shook some democrats up but they have not defected because this is too important even they understand for the country. >> we have reaffirmed commitment from democrats according to the senate foreign relations committee chairman. he goes on to say that even though democrats may not have liked the letter they now have 11 or so democrats who signaled support of these sanctions. >> and that's the thing. they have to get to 67 votes to override the expected white house veto. i think there is somewhere around 64 65 votes. harris depending on how the agreement is placed because i believe there will be an agreement we could well see a kind of unprecedented revolt against this agreement which i believe is coming which would be earth shattering. >> they brought it upon
1:47 am
themselves. >> including congressional democrats and let me say this. we talk a lot about how politics is going to hell in this country. and in the old days bob corker who is the republican chairman of the foreign relations committee did not sign the letter and knew that the letter was a bad idea. in the old days if the chairman of that committee said i'm against the letter, none of his fellow republicans would have done the letter. now they don't pay attention to seniority, elders, respect. it's all what is in it for me. i want to be famous. i'm hungry. it has ruined everything. >> senator of dakota said letters unfortunate voted for the sanctions bill in committee and is going to sponsor the congressional approval legislation. that doesn't diminish my support for the legislation we have
1:48 am
introduced. let's get back to netanyahu. how is he tied into all of this with iran? >> he made it clear that this is a threat the agreement as it is presently crafted. >> why try to take him out? >> politically it proves to all of obama's enemies around the world or his adversaries that obama is able to exercise power. in politics power trumps everything. that's what this involves. it is a personal fight to the political death. >> what it proves is he can take out our friends. he can't take on our enemies. the problem here is he is under the illusion we see this in tikrit this week. iran openly taken over iraq. he thinks they are our allies and under the insane idea that they have had from day one that they will get in bed with a
1:49 am
rattlesnake and the rattlesnake will convert. taking netanyahu out, the danger is netanyahu might have the israelis do something to actually deal with iran and the president will stop -- a lot of the election is about the economy. >> real quickly. i want to get back, if we can, to the syrian government and the red line that this president said that that government has lost legitimacy. we were ready to cross some kind of line that he had in his head that eventually got wiped away with the incident of opening fire on his own people with chemical weapons and now we are getting ready to may have to do a deal with them. >> i have said it on here many times. the way we are going to end up beating an isis is working with the arab governments that are there and let them clean up their own backyard in egypt, jordan syria, saudi arabia, all
1:50 am
of them. >> not syria and iran. >> they are bad people. >> they are more than bad people. >> i'm not talking about iraq. >> i wanted to be clear about that. we'll be right back. stay close.
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if the public believes it it is reasonable for her to turn over the server which contains public information to a neutral detached orbiter, not congress or an inspector general then she will be forced to do so. otherwise the house as an institution may be forced to go to court to try to get access to that. >> hillary clinton questions surrounding her use of personal e-mail and that server while she was secretary of state.
1:54 am
john, your head is shaking so hard. >> which do we see first? the louis lerner missing hard drives or this server or we don't see any of them? >> i want to get into breaking news real quickly from our white house chief correspondent ed henry. this from the clinton team that apparently her team somehow read all 31,000 of the deleted e-mails before they were deleted, obviously, because there have been such strong questions about not what she turned over but what she didn't turn over. >> it's just amazing that we are back to this again particularly with defenders of her. we have lived this movie before. democrats are saying this is nothing but an effort to get her -- she is the one that created this. let me tell you something about benghazi.
1:55 am
benghazi is about four dead americans, the fact that we have never gotten the truth and the cover up that took place. and she has built her own cover up machine with this server as lany davis of all people suggested because he is an honest guy, somebody should inspect that. to have cheryl mills and abdean who is also being paid when she was on the state department, not to have been doing this rather than find out whether something is missing that should be there is amazing. >> so they read all of those e-mails. i guess they will tell us why they deleted them? that would be a good question. we are coming right back. this is kevin returning to his childhood home. this is the smell of baked pears, making him feel warm. then pie crust as he wonders if it's too soon to ask what's for dessert. now vanilla, reminding him of pep talks with mom and slightly inappropriate advice from dad. new air wick life scents in mom's baking
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the first constantly changing fragrance that acts like real life and says 'welcome home, kev-y bear.' this is him, secretly loving the name kev-y bear. air wick home is in the air.
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there is nobody else for the democrats according to james carville. you know how well he knows the clintons. >> at this point hillary has a strong lead. i polled iowa and new hampshire. they have both very close with senator elizabeth warren should she decide to run. harris, there could well be more revelations about hillary. >> we have seen a lot of carville lately. he ran for a campaign at one point. >> james carville is out there doing the same stuff. all pardons remained. >> the e-mails don't matter. >> they are going to matter
1:58 am
eventually and so is the money. all of this is going to wear down. we have a country that wants a revolt against democratic establishes and the republican establishments and we haven't seen anything yet. >> she is under pressure of her own and looks badly. >> and her numbers are -- >> john kerry will run -- >> we'll see what happens. i will see you guys next week. that will do it for us this evening. thanks for watching. i'll be back with you tomorrow noon eastern for unnumbered. have a fantastic week. >> it is monday march 16th. a grand new bombshell in a case that captivated the country. >> i killed them all, of course.
1:59 am
>> after two murders and a missing wiechfe the grand new information that pled to robert durst's arrest. >> claiming politics from thousands of miles away. the brand new investigation into obama administration's ties to a campaign against israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> a man's trip in a stolen ambulance comes to an end. the disturbing truth behind the crime spree. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day and your week off with us. let's get right to the fox news alert. he has captivated american audiences for years. robert durst is under arrest for murder. >> the real estate heir booked
2:00 am
hours after an exclusive ending to his hbo series "the jinx." >> he is an infamous real estate mogul under arrest for killing his best friend. the real estate heir is accused of killing his friend susan berman 15 years ago in her home in southern california. she was his spokesperson after his wife disappeared in 1982. durst has never been charged in his wife's disappearance. berman was shot in the back of her head before she was to testify about durst's wife van nir-. his arrest took place hours before hbo aired the final episode on a documentary on durst. durst thinking his mic is off is heard talking to himself about the berman


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