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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 16, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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police say he ran away not once, but twice after they caught him in a stolen car in california. he tried to camouflage himself with the paint but obviously didn't work. all right. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> good morning it is monday march 16th. a fox news alert for you a tale of moin two murders missing wife comes to a shocking end. >> i killed them all of course. >> robert durst's chilling confession caught on camera and this morning the new details that led to his arrest straight ahead. wow. and the white house claimed it had nothing to do with israeli politics, but even hollywood is not buying that. new this morning, an investigation, did the white house use our tax dollars to try to get bibi netanyahu's opponent elected. >> president obama does not love
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israel. he doesn't want bibi netanyahu to win this upcoming election. >> wow. a little bit more on that a little later on. we change gears now literally. a racecar driver loses control at about 300 miles per hour. >> whoa. >> and what happened to him? the driver is nothing short of a miracle. how did he get out alive? we're going to ask him live this hour. let me remind you because it's been a long weekend. mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox and friends." congratulations to those kids. it was announced they're getting married. >> i didn't know they knew each other. had how do they do that? >> it's just love. >> boys and girls dancing with the stars, guests on our show.
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congratulations. >> it's awesome. >> listen what is so funny? i didn't know. >> you brought it all together. >> i didn't even know one wins wars and one moved to phoenix. i think there's something in between there that you're missing. >> that's right. >> anyway, congratulations to them. listen, we start this monday morning with a fox news alert. over 40 years they have looked at this guy in potentially three murders. and then on saturday night in new orleans, new york real estate magnet robert durst was arrested on an la homicide warrant. apparently he was jinxed by the hbo show the jinx. what they have been documenting over the last six episodes was how he has been accused of this and dodged this.
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>> he's been evasive. he's been arrested for other counts for things that happened in a pharmacy. yet evading any ties to these murders. on the jinx the life and death of robert durst, the producer in credit to them they confronted him about handwriting on two different notes. one letter was sent telling police where to find the remains of susan berman. >> they call it the cadaver letter. >> the key is, the producers got a letter from susan berman's relatives a nephew i believe. that william durst himself had written to her before she was murdered. and what was curious about it is she lived in beverly hills, but beverly was misspelled on both the letter written by him to her and by whoever killed her in the letter to the police. >> so they sat him down and basically said, which of these did you not write? watch. >> the writing looks similar and
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the spelling, is the same. so i can see the conclusion the cops would draw. over the writer exemp lar version would -- they were both written by the same person. >> i'm searching for way of how you didn't write the cadaver note because it's so similar. >> what i see is a similarity is really a misspelling in the beverly. other than that, the block letters, are block letters. how else would you write a block letter than that? i mean it's almost like a typed thing. it's going to look two type writers is going to look the same. i wrote this one i did not write the cadaver one. >> he agreed to 25 hours of these interviews with this documentary. for this documentary that airs on hbo. the producers are all over this.
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so they kept the mic on which often happens even for us. you leave the mic on you forget you have it on. they left it up and he walked into the back room. assumingly to go to the bathroom, but in the back. and listen, don't look, but listen to what robert durst says to himself. >> there it is. you're caught. of course. i can't imagine. i don't know what's in the house. i having difficulty with the questions. i killed them all, of course. >> i killed them all of course. what's interesting about this,
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cording to "the new york times" this morning, is apparently the producers didn't realize this was recorded two years earlier. >> that's right. >> they had not spotted it and then they saw it. the big question is since this guy was arrested on saturday night in new orleans -- the reason he was arrested he was going to go to the cuba in the first flight ever from new orleans to cuba. he signed in a new orleans hotel under an alias and the fbi says we can't wait we're going to grab him. the family seems elated that he's been arrested. his brothers, sisters are glad he got picked up. >> judge jeanine pirro over 15 years she has been thoroughly involved in this trying to bring justice to the case following the murder of susan berman. will that audio be used against him? >> expectation of privacy. so a big news story happening this morning. we bring that to you. plus this. >> we have a fox news alert
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right now. secretary of state john kerry is meet ing with leaders from iran to reach an agreement limiting the country's nuclear program. >> this as the secretary blasted republicans for their letter to iran. >> over the top yesterday. kevin corke is live with the war of words. >> that's a great way to put it. a war of words we've seen them go back and forth. as you point out, secretary kerry in switzerland trying to wrap up 18 months of negotiations trying to hammer out a deal between the u.s. and its partners trying to get iran to go peaceful with their nuclear program. on tuesday russia china britain and france are expected to weigh in with the u.s. leading the way. secretary kerry was asked this weekend about the letter from the regime from 47 republicans including arkansas senator tom cotton. here is the serve and volley. >> i'm not going to apologize
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for the -- unconstitutional and unthought out action by somebody who has been in the united states senate for 60 some days. >> if the president and secretary of state were intent on driving a hard bargain. they could point to this letter and say they're right. >> in political speak that's about as good as smack talk gets. they're trying to wrap up a deal by the end of the month. if that happens the full accord would have to be signed by july. we'll be watching carefully in washington. back to you. >> thanks. iran goes into these talks there will be mow demands. they're like you know that nuclear site we've been building i want that excluded. we don't want that included in the deal. i don't know where this agreement is going, but i hope they don't keep giving in. >> one day before zael israeli voters go to the polls t there's an investigative committee that is launching a probe into an american non-prophet that is funding efforts to oust the
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prime minister. they're looking at something called a one voice movement. it's received $50,000 inrtment grants. guess what the connection is the obama administration. a man by the name of jeremy bird directed a subsidiary of one voice movement called victory 15 kman whose goal is to seek to replace the government of israel. >> that's the guy behind it. let's get this straight. there are people from the obama administration top operatives who were involved in barack obama's run for the white house. who are actively trying to replace the government in israel. the election is tomorrow. i do understand that i was looking at one of the polls in the jerusalem post and it looks like benjamin netanyahu's opposition may actually win. however he can cobble together a coalition. he probably would remain prime minister. jon voigh who has been a friend
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of israel for a long time. >> i love israel. i want to see israel survive. and not be overtaken by the mad men of this world. president obama does not love israel. his whole agenda is to control israel. he can be friends with all of israel's enemies. he doesn't want bibi netanyahu to win the upcoming election. those who believe that deal making is the solution to what israel faces are as wrong as negativeal chamberlain believing he made a peace deal with hitler. we must learn from history where the true danger lies. >> heif his party prevails. benjamin netanyahu made it clear he wants everyone to vote. he said i could lose. ten minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert is here.
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>> i hope you had a great weekend. we are tracking a fox news alert. there is a manhunt underway at this hour for two people accused of shooting police officers in los angeles. police say the two plain clothes copped were targeted while they were driving. they are expected to be okay. as that manhunt unfolds the one in ferguson may have come to an end. police charging a 20-year-old with the shooting of those two st. louis county police officers. coming up at 6:30 this morning. mike tobin will join us live from ferguson with the latest on that. no e-mail left unread. hillary clinton's camp now claiming all 31,000 deleted e-mails were read thoroughly. after their fact sheet that was released by her camp last week said they only searched for key words. a spokes person saying we took for granted that reading every single e-mail came across as the most important fundamental and exhaustive step that was performed. the fact sheet should have been
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clearer. >> the dust has settled from the selection sunday in the kentucky wildcats. they're the number one seed over all. everyone is wondering if kentucky will be the first team to go undefeated since 1976. along with kentucky. wisconsin, duke grabbing the number one seeds. a lot of good teams out there. there can really be too much of a good thing. georgia state's head coach actually tearing his akeelies heel while celebrating the team's big win. it was hunter's own son who plays for the team who tackled him to the ground and then that injury. those are your headlines. that poor son. he's feeling awful about it today. >> i was in the garden with my son. >> good luck. >> i think that goes without say sglg i think it was worth it. big celebration there? >> not really it was very pafrl. a dozen minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, this could change how you treat your car rental next time you hit the road.
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the in dash camera feature that has some drivers pumping the brakes. are they watching me? >> plus talk about caught on camera. a wild ride. a trip in a stolen ambulance comes to a smashing end. look at that. man you got to hear more about this one. >> it must be a rental ambulance. ♪
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tomorrow israeli voters head to the polls to determine the fate of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this comes as a senate committee is investigating now the obama administration possibly funding an effort to get rid of the prime minister and boost the opposition. is there any there there? liz cheney is a former secretary of state. what do you take from this? we understand the state department funded one voice which has morphed into victory 15. one voice was funded by $350,000 by the state department. how does that relate to this election? >> well it's great to be with you. the state department funded one voice if you get on one voice's website you'll see their efforts have been along the lines of trying to encourage peace between the israelis and the
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palestinians. they are working hand in glove with this dorge. they want netanyahu out. and the state department excuse that they ended the funding in november doesn't give anybody any comfort or it shouldn't because money is spuskable. they gave one voice $50,000. you have got a situation where that organization freed up other money, certainly then to be able to go against prime minister netanyahu. taxpayers should not be funding an attempt to oust the leader of one of our closest ally. >> if you are a political expert. if you have had a success record you could go work anywhere. i know democratic strategist doing that. the focus is are they using state department money to oust a political rival of the president who happened to be running an
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altide country of ours. how significant is this? democrat and republican both republicans have agreed on an investigation to the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations. they're both looking into this. senator portman and senator mccaskal have not answered inquiries to what level this investigation is at. how significant is that? >> i think it's significant and a good thing to see it's a bipartisan look into what's going on here. there are several issues. one is u.s. taxpayer dollars going to fund this effort to oust netanyahu. another is, whether this organization one voice, which is a 503 c 3. it's supposed to be a charitable organization is clearly engaged in political activities, whether they violated their obligations as a 501 c 3. what this is really more of what we've seen from president obama with respect to benjamin netanyahu. heave wants to do everything possible to silence netanyahu to
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silence the 47 snaz who wrote the letter to the iranians explaining how the u.s. system works. anybody who is standing up and saying this deal with iran is dangerous, the president wants to do everything he can to silence them and stop those in opposition to him. >> if he was as tough with the republicans and the israeli prime minister as he is with our enemies and iran i'd feel better about negotiations. thanks so much. >> thanks, good to be with you. breaktish down for us we will talk more about that in two hours. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up straight ahead. do you think common core is a vast left wing conspiracy aimed at indock trinating your kids. our next guest says yes and she has evidence to prove it. the government funds set aside to help the poor. new claims the obama administration is handing them off to liberal groups instead. i don't think that's good do you? ♪
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welcome back. we have quick headlines for you. three british teens captured in turkey accused of trying to join isis. two are 17 years old the other is 19. after a trip from the uk authorities made the arrests as soon as their flights arrived in inboule. >> take a look at this amid fighting near tikrit. it's believed a body was moved to a secret location. fighting increased this weekend. in the mission to retake the city from isis. thank you, elizabeth.
3:25 am
a school board member in tennessee challenging kaumgen core claims she was attacked by left wing unions that felt threatened by her platform. she says it's part of a liberal plan to indoctrinate our kids. good morning. >> good morning. >> so you say there is this vast left wing conspiracy out there right now. who is it? >> well, actually, i don't have direct proof that the organizations that came after me are part of some large conspiracy. but what i can tell you is that the group that came after he is affiliated with a group called strong schools, strong communities. and that messaging was tested by the national educator's association, nea, what we know are these groups are all about increasing taxes at the local level. the group that also emerged during the last election one of the forming members and founding
3:26 am
members is a fulltime employee of service employees international union. or seiu. >> these teacher and union groups are all together -- the strong groups you know a name like community strong, it sounds good but you say they're pushing the common core agenda. >> yes, they are. they're in support of common core. and a lot of the policies that are coming down in education which continue to drive a wedge, really, between parents and their own children. that's one of the biggest concerns about common core, as well as the heavy emphasis on testing particularly high stakes testing. >> i understand some of these groups are being funded by george sorose, the lefty billion billionaire who would like to indoctrinate kids with what? >> i was one who had heard about textbooks particularly social
3:27 am
studies. i decided to go down and look for myself. and what i saw and what i read was a very subtle shift from really empowering students from an early age to believe that they could be anything that they wanted to be to be independent thinkers into children who believe the government is the ultimate provider and can provide more for them than what our constitution and bill of rights states. it does seem like it is more of a left agenda. and fill would propaganda to a certain degree. >> it was the stuff your kids were bringing home that you as a mother were looking at and you said i got to run for the school board. you've been looking into this. this group williamson strong you alluded to earlier. they gave us a statement last night. it reads like this. the idea that williamson strong is crafting some type of conspiracy or indoctrination of children is absolutely absurd.
3:28 am
what do you say to that? >> you know everyone has their own opinions, if you look at strong schools strong communities across the country you can see that they are definitely funded by the left. and driving a very progressive agenda that has nothing to do with the education of our children or has the best interest of families and kids in mind. >> interesting stuff. you are a member of a school board in tennessee. thanks for getting up on this monday morning. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up he used her name to get away with murder. now judge jeanine pirro here to react to robert durst's chilling confession and whether or not it's admissible in court. all rise here comes the judge. and every feel like you're being watched in your rental car? now, apparently you are. the new camera feature that has drivers hitting the brake. first happy birthday to actor
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eric estrasda. ♪
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i killed them all. of course. killed them all of course. you hear that sound there hours after the arrest in new orleans. a jaw dropping ending to the hbo series jinx robert durst admitting to quote killing them all. >> did that tv documentary just solve a 15-year-old cold case? >> a former da turned fox news host jeanine pirro has fought for justice for durst's missing wife. she joins us now. this has been your life for the past 15 years now.
3:33 am
to see justice moved forward has to be overwhelming. >> today elizabeth is the first day since it settled in and i actually heard from robert durst's own mouth yes, i killed them all i killed them all of course. and for so many of us from new york to texas to california, who put together a task force to try to get durst made accountable for one of these crimes this is overwhelming evidence. it really is a tribute to the director, the producer, they were genius in the way they took, not only the audience along, but they took durst along. and his own words will convict him in los angeles for the murder of his best friend susan berman. >> with a good lawyer which he can afford could they say he was talking being sarcastic, handwriting got me convicted. i killed them all is that what they want? >> his lawyer was on my show last night. he said look -- i'm underwhelmed
3:34 am
with the evidence. this is the same lawyer from texas. the lawyers can say that. in addition to that, what you have is robert durst on this documentary repeatedly incriminating himself. although he doesn't know he's doing it. he himself admits the block letters from the cadaver note that indicates there's a body, a body that was at this address and his own letter he wrote to susan are very similar. and the misspelling of beverly is similar as well. >> you would think that would be enough there. then you hear the audio where he's in the bathroom and still wearing the microphone and he says i killed them all. the question is whether or not it would be admissible. >> sure it is. >> there's an expectation of privacy. >> in the bathroom when you have a hot mic on? let me explain what the issue is going to be. his lawyers have no other choice but to move to suppress the statement. however, robert durst agreed to do this documentary. he agreed to talk to them. he knew he had a mic on.
3:35 am
in the past he had previously spoken with his mic hot with no one in the room and his lawyer came in and said your mic is still on. oh, i know. i know. what you've got -- this guy is not in custody. it's not an interrogation. it's not a custodial interrogation. he's free to not talk. it's called a spontaneous declaration. there's a million ways -- trust me it comes in. >> you went in and reopened the case. you wanted to look into this. you were characterized so harshly for doing so. you have to feel vinticated. >> i didn't need this dirt bag to vinticate me. >> i was going for the murder of his first wife. what the texas lawyers did -- they admitted to this on tape. they said we made jeanine pirro a mythical creature that robert durst had to run from new york and chop up a body in self-defense because no one would believe him because janine
3:36 am
was after them. >> why did this case matter to you? >> when i first looked at this case it was based on a tip from a defendant. we would try to get information from low level arrestees. this druggy said he killed his wife and the body is over here. i start looking at the file. i say this woman is a medical student. she is a victim of domestic violence. robert durst, from this upper echelon family from new york was beating her. she wanted a divorce. she had given him an opportunity to settle and he wanted her gone. so i connected with her. a fourth year medical student is not going to kill herself. she's not going to disappear. she has every reason to live and he has every reason to get rid of her. it was clear in my head and that's when the mission start sgld the second wife was evidently killed because she found out about the first life. >> no, susan berman was killed because we were about to speak to her, my office. >> two days before? >> right. we were about to speak to her regarding her role in the
3:37 am
missing first wife. you see, robert durst kills someone not because he likes to kill. but he killed kathleen because she had something on him. she killed susan berman because we were talking to her. he sent her 50 grand to shut her up. >> he's from a very famous new york family that has unlimited financial resources. >> those unlimited financial resources got him an acquittal in texas. it's not going to be so easy this time. i have the brother of his first wife on my show last night he said to me the durst family didn't offer us any help at all to find my sister. in fact, we were thrown out of their apartment. >> jeanine pirro, you were right. it looks like at this point. >> yet again. >> talk about pursuit. impressive impressive. thank you. take a listen here. a fox news alert for you. the man charged with shooting two officers in ferguson now
3:38 am
claiming it was all an accident. >> prosecutors are having trouble believing his side of the story. >> mike tobin is live outside the police department in ferguson missouri with the very latest. >> good morning. 20-year-old jeffrey williams is in custody held on a thee lun dollars cash bond. a .40 caliber handgun has been matched to shell casings here at the scene. the county prosecutor said he admitted to firing the shots that hit the two officers. >> his participation pin firing the shots or that in fact he did fire the shots that struck the two officers. >> now a protester said he met with will ymds in jail. his story according to robinson is he fired the shots in self-defense never intending to hit the officer sglz he said a protester was trying to rob him. he said he could not describe
3:39 am
the protester. i askicide him if he could have shared with us that was leaders out there that was law enforcement if someone was going to rob me, you should have let us knew that so we can have his back. >> robins says he doesn't believe that story. the county prosecutor says he does not believe that story. there's a debate going on now as to whether williams was part of the protest movement. according to robins, he said that he came down here the night of the shooting because he wanted to support the movement. guys back to you. >> that sounds like a protester to me. mike tobin live in ferguson, missouri. thank you. just about 20 minutes to the top of the hour. heather nauert standing by for what's going on for you at home. >> there is a shocking new report that claims the obama administration shut down hundreds of free tax preparation offices around the country that were aimed to help low income citizens file their taxes. according to the daily collar
3:40 am
the funds volunteered tax preparation groups to president obama. a federal investigation also reveals the volunteer group actually had a 49% error rate in 2013. >> talk about caught on camera. a texas man's wild joy ride in a stolen ambulance comes to a smashing end. the 29-year-old is seen speeding through the streets of forty worth texas after forcing an ambulance driver to hand over the ambulance at knife point. he crashed into a fence before he was caught and charged with altivated robbery. not a good idea. could your rental car be spying on you? they have installed cameras in their cars as part of their system. the company has been flooded with complaints on social media. the company says the cameras are never on and they don't have
3:41 am
plans to activate them. why have those cameras? we'll keep you posts. an alleged crook with a whole lot of soul. a florida guy faces burglary charges after surveillance footage linked him to a string of shoe thefts. this all started with a pinellas park man in florida said his wife's shoes kept disappearing. he installed cameras. police caught a man stealing his wife's flip-flops. he says he buys and shells women's shoes at a local flea market. why would you want used flip-flops? >> what a heel. >> see you later. >> thank you. now this coming up, ever wonder who in your neighborhood is sick? from diseases to binge drinkers one website has all the statistics. kurt the cyber guy is going to show you how to use it. a race car driver loses
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two quick medical headlines right now. the phrase you snooze you lose, need not apply. a new study claims losing just half an hour of sleep every day during the week can increase your risk of diabetes and obesity by up to 72%. scientists assess deep sleep habits of more than 500 people.
3:46 am
new cholesterol drug could cut your risk of heart attack for more than one million americans. researchers warn they have only tested it on a small number of people and need more tests. the fda may approve this drug by the summer. >> want to know what is in your neighborhood. the percentage of bisque drinking. how does your country compare? kurt the cyber guy joins me. this is online. >> it's online, very simple. you go to the website. we'll show you how to do it. go to you have a good column you have a moderal column. that's how you compare counties. that are similar in size population income and age groups. al in this particular case we
3:47 am
have a couple of examples. >> one sin new jersey. >> look at hudson county, new jersey. 6.5% more seniors have alzheimer's or dementia in that county. 22% have no health insurance, which contributes to bad healthcare. we have also 17% nationwide with that. they have a higher instance of not having -- >> 33% of adults are not exercise. >> 33% are sitting idle. when you look at your county you're look do i live in a county that is like this. >> let's look at crawford county illinois. you could be looking at cities you want to look into and take a look at the stats and change your mind. >> you may wonder if they were heavy at the grocery store.
3:48 am
37 of adults in crawford county are heavier than the rest of the country. the nationwide average is 30% on that. 39% more likely to die of a stroke in that particular region. 19% more likely to have cancer. it's interesting when you take a look at your county. this is one county after another. >> you can put in any county in the united states and get the -- >> 3,000 -- every county in the united states is in there. your county will be on there and it will be interesting to see how you fare in terms of counties like your. what's the good and bad stuff going on. when you look at particular counties -- we were just looking at one nearby here in new jersey. 16% of the people in that area are exposed to water that falls below health standards that would get a violation it tells you bottled water makes sense or get filtered water. who knew your own water would be that dirty.
3:49 am
or you'll find it's extremely clean 100 miles away. >> the binge drinking this is self-reported self-reported bisque drinking? >> they come in from a lot of information. the health standards from people turning in emergency rooms and public data goes out. not with name specific information. they're accurate collected data points. binge drinking comes into play as causes of other elements. >> napa valley county that 16% are self-reported binge drink. >> it's unbelievable to see what your county has in it. >> everybody's drinking today. >> they produce wine. >> you're going to stick around. go to our website and look up your county and all the health stats. a racecar driver loses control at nearly 300 miles per hour.
3:50 am
watch this. >> whoa. >> and what happens to him next is nothing short of a miracle. in fact, that driver is here with his story next. ♪ are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn- and get nexium level protection. ♪
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three time nhra champion larry dixon is lucky to be alive. watch this. >> whoa. larry crashes hard right at the finish line. >> yeah, that's a little bit of an understatement. it split in half as it flies
3:54 am
into the hour at nearly thee hundred miles per hour. he walks away from that crash fine. joining us now is the man behind the wheel at the time. good morning. >> when you look at that video as we all saw it you got to say to yourself, how did i live through that? >> you thank your safety equipment and the way the car is constructed. nobody wants to go through anything like that. but you know, in the case that happened on saturday, you can go through that and walk away from it. believe it or not, it gives you, you know, a sense of comfort if you can believe that. >> what were you first thoughts? this is happening and then you realize you're okay. if you can, give us any insight in that short time period. >> car was on a good run. we were looking to run second quick and qualifying on that particular run. it felt good. i was getting close to the finish line. and the front end, it -- the chassis failed and the front end
3:55 am
broke off the car. it takes the steering and wheels with it. the down force for the front wings. sthaz that happens it's like pulling the chic back on an f-18. and when i went into the air it was hard to react to it. i was hoping i would stay on the race track. i've been through this once before 15 years ago. you want to stay on the race track and let the asphalt scrub the speed off the car and get you to stop as fast as possible. >> and not hit the other car too. that would have been twice as bad. al you're laughing and smiling. it happens 15 years ago. do i assume you're not quitting? >> gosh, no. i mean, it's -- that's what i do. my dad races cars in the 60s and 70s. ever since i was a little kid that's all i wanted to do. that's my environment my neighborhood. those are my friends out there. when you get on the race track you're in a competition.
3:56 am
after that it's our neighborhood. in two weeks our next race is in charlotte. >> i think you need a new car. >> definitely need a new car. >> we're thankful you're okay. i'm sure everyone feels the same way. any bumps or bruises that will affect you. >> i banged my near a little bit. it's my clutch foot i don't use it very much. >> when you took off right there, was there one word you said in the cockpit that you could repeat on television? >> it really wasn't. i'm serious when i was up in the air flying i just -- i wanted to land on the track. i didn't want to go off into the grass and start that tumble. but as soon as i hit the ground, i was like, maybe this wasn't such a good idea landing on the asphalt. other than that your instincts take over. you're on parachutes and applying the brakes. >> it all works and you're here to tell the story.
3:57 am
thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up did the obama administration use your tax dollars to influence the israeli election tomorrow. donald trump will react to that in about two minutes. now? can i at least put my shoes on? if your bladder is calling the shots ... you may have a medical condition called overactive bladder ... ...or oab you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor how myrbetriq may help treat... ...oab symptoms of urgency frequency, and leakage. which may mean fewer trips to the bathroom. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase your blood pressure. myrbetriq may increase your chances... ...of not being able to empty your bladder. tell your doctor right away if you have... ...trouble emptying your bladder or have a weak urine stream. myrbetriq may affect...
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4:00 am
good morning. today is monday march 16th i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert a shocking end to a tale of money murder and a missing wife. >> i killed them all of course. >> robert durst's chilling confession firing up a cold case started more than three decades ago. meanwhile the white house claim td wanted nothing to do with israeli politics remember? >> we don't want to see this turned into some great political football. >> it is a distraction from what should be our focus. >> okay. but how is this for a distraction? the white house may have used tax dollars to boost benjamin netanyahu's opponent.
4:01 am
enough said. >> drinken spring breakers learn the hard way don't mess with our boys in blue. he took charge. you'll see him. the police officer who is now an internet celebrity for busting up this florida beach fight at st. pete beach. he'll be here live. because "fox and friends" is here. >> no matter what you say you can't fire brian and you're watching "fox and friends." >> you heard him. >> donald trump will join us here in a minute. thank you for joining us on this monday. we have two more hours to go and we will fill out our brackets. >> we need to do that right away. we want to get right to a fox news alert for you. a jawdropping ending to a tv documentary real estate heir robert durst admits to quote
4:02 am
killing them all. this just hours after he was booked on murder charges in new orleans. ainsley earhardt here with the breaking details. >> good morning. here's the latest. the question now, could what seems to be a stunning off camera confession be the break the fbi is looking for to bring a mysterieth real estate heir to justice. that is hard to answer. listen to what robert durst said while he was still wearing that microphone. >> you're caught. i killed them all of course. >> he says killed them all of course. that is durst talking to himself in a bathroom after finishing up that interview with hbo for his show called the jinx. he made the comments after producers confronted him about
4:03 am
handwriting similarities found on a letter he wrote to another letter with the same handwriting which was sent to police about the location of his friend susan berman's dead body. he was arrested at a new orleans hotel on saturday night. authorities say that he might have been on his way to cuba. he is facing charges that he murdered susan berman. she was shot execution style in thersouthern california home 15 years ago. right before she was supposed to go and talk to police about the disappearance of durst's wife. durst was considered the prime suspect after his wife vanished in 1982. he has never been charged in that case. former da turned fox news host jeanine pirro has fought for justice. earlier we spoke to her about w development means to her. >> i didn't need this dirt bag to vindicate me. his own words will convict him in los angeles for the murder of
4:04 am
his best friend susan berman. >> in 2003 durst was also acquitted of killing and dismembering a neighbor in texas. durst is expected in a new orleans court at 10:00 this morning for an extradition hearing. we will bring you the latest. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. it's time to bring in donald trump. welcome back. how was your weekend? >> good morning, very well thank you. >> i'm sure it was enjoyable. it usually is. first off, your reaction to robert durst's comments as he seemingly was heading to the bathroom? >> it's pretty weird that he's been fighting this for so many years and all of a sudden he practically admitted. i don't understand exactly what's happening unless he had some kind of a breakdown. he sounds very guilty. i know his family. i'm not a big fan of his brother at all. >> why? >> i just never liked him very much. >> the durst family i believe owns 11 skyscrapers here in new york city. >> they're a real estate family in new york i'm not a fan of the brother.
4:05 am
frankly the brother that took over that company and who knows waupd with robert. and there probably was a lot of anger. i would be not surprised if that were a part of the reason this guy went off the high wire. but you know it's very strange that all of a sudden -- i watched last night. jeanine is fantastic by the way. i watched and it was very strange. all of a sudden he comes out and admits he killed people. a strange deal. >> i'm looking back a year or two ago. you sent out a tweet personally i think douglas durst's brother got screwed by douglas no wonder he's angry. >> i was wondering as to the family. he's been after his brother for a long time. he's been fighting his brother for a long time. there's been a lot of hatred there. you wonder deep down inside -- what took place is horrible. but he went off the high end. and he's in a lot of problems with his brother. i'm sure his brother is very, very happy to see this guy put away.
4:06 am
but i don't know him at all. i don't know robert at all. but it was a very strange thing that all of a sudden out of nowhere he said i killed them all. you know, how does something like that happen? he's obviously disturbed -- >> i mean 25 hours of questioning. he got nailed with these envelopes with the handwriting which clearly was the exact same handwriting with the exact same misspelling. then he was meandering to himself. he looks mildly insane. >> he must be insane. it certainly seemed all along. for years i was watching this. because it is a real estate family and i sort of take interest and things having to do with real estate. and i've been watching. he always seemed very guilty to me. it was amazing he got away with this. out of nowhere they get him. let's see what happens. >> credit to the producers and director of that program and also judge peerirro for sticking with this. reportedly the administration will stop at nothing to stop
4:07 am
benjamin netanyahu. reportedly it gave money to an antinetanyahu organization called one voice movement a subsidiary of that is called victory 15 campaign. when you look at their efforts here to get in the way of bibi, you realize there's a campaign manager involved in victory 15 tied to obama. what do you think about that? >> well, i think it's unbelievable. and you wonder why netanyahu hates obama with such passion. and they obviously don't like each other. but it just seems he really dislikes obama. i've been saying for a long time the worst thing that ever happened to israel is obama. he's terrible for israel. so many of my friends who are jewish they raised money for him. i said what are you doing? they say i really don't know? >> the groups received $350,000 in recent state department grants. this is our tax money going toward this effort to stop netanyahu. >> for peace negotiations for
4:08 am
two state solution. >> if you have somebody that's in the lead that is the leader of the country and you're raising money and going behind his back and not getting along with him and not see eghim when he comes to the country. in a way forcing him to make a speech to congress that frankly i don't know good bad or indifferent, but certainly it was a different kind of a thing to do. the relationship is horrible. and you know he obviously wants to see somebody else. but it's going to be interesting to see what happens with the election. i understand that bibi is not doing that well in the polls. >> his party is down a couple of seats. okay. there is a delicious irony we're looking at the video of bibi netanyahu in front of congress. the administration said it's inappropriate to involve american politics in israeli politics two weeks before the election. the election is tomorrow. and jon voight cut a commercial that really called out our president for abandoning israel. listen to this.
4:09 am
>> i love israel. i want to see israel survive. and not be overtaken by the madmen of this world. president obama does not love israel. his whole agenda is to control israel. in this way, he can be friends with all of israel's enemies. he doesn't want bibi netanyahu to win this upcoming election. those who believe that deal making is the solution to what israel faces are as wrong as neville chamberlain believing he made a peace deal with hitler. we must learn from history where the true danger lies. >> what do you make of his suggestion that his whole agenda, our president's is to control israel this way so he can be friends with all of israel's enemies? >> well first of all i think his daughter will not be speaking to him again for another five or six year period.
4:10 am
this is the opposite side of the spectrum. i'm smiling as i watching. you think of angelina saying that's the end of him for ten years. he's a good guy and a passionate guy. that's what he feels. a lot of people feel that. a lot of people feel what's going on in the world. they look at the moves that obama is making and they say, you know how is it possible to even think that way? so he feels that way and feels strongly. he's a very committed person. i understand what he's saying and a lot of people do. >> the white house will rejoice if something happens if benjamin netanyahu is no longer prime minister there. so will france. donald trump thanks so much. >> thank you all very much. >> have a good week. it's 7:00 7:11. >> a big story, the hunt is on at this hour for two men accused of shooting two police officers in south los angeles.
4:11 am
investigators say the plain clothes narcotics officers were driving in an unmarked car when they were targeted. we are learning they fired back at the suspects, but it's not clear if the shooters were hit. the injured officers are expected to be okay. this news coming in about the other manhunt that had been happening in ferguson missouri. it may have come to an end now. police charging 20-year-old jeffrey williams with the shooting of two st. louis county police officers. no e-mail unread. hillary clinton's camp now claiming all 31,000 deleted e-mails from her personal server will thoroughly read after all. in a fact sheet that was released by her camp after her personal e-mail use came under fire, her folks claim that they only searched select words. now the spokesperson says, we simply took for granted that reading every single e-mail came across as the most important fundamental and exhaustive step
4:12 am
that was performed. the fact sheet should have been clearer. another fox news alert to bring you. vladmir putin no longer mia. the russian president just appeared in public for a press conference after not having been seen for 11 days. sources close to the kremlin say he was sick in bed with a cold. that update coming after rumors swirled about a possible sudden death in the family, the birth of a love child. or even a russian coupe. this as putin rereveals in a new daumtry that he was ready to put forces on nuclear alert after the crisis in crimea. that documentary aired last night in russia. a lot of drama there. let's talk about sports. the dust has settled and the kentucky wildcats are the overall number one seed. with the brackets now set, everybody wondering if kentucky will become the first team to go undefeated since 1976. along with kentucky villnova,
4:13 am
wisconsin and duke grabbing number one seeds. perhaps there can be too much of a good thing. georgia state's head coach tore his achilles heel while he was celebrating his team's big win. you can see him being taken off the court there or helped off the court. it was his own son who plays for the team who tackled his dad to the ground. those are your headlines. >> as long as the son can play. >> i guess so. >> at least they won. >> poor thing. >> i just never remember a tournament where everybody is saying how does one team lose, kentucky? i never remember. everyone would say how can one team lose. i'm -- >> i'm behind the other ku. >> anybody else out there can come up with a team that can beat them, let us know. coming up a bombshell new report says your taxpayer dollars once secretly funded al qaeda and the money went to bin laden. our money. isn't that something, the
4:14 am
american people should know about? a former cia officer will join us live with a message to our president. taylor swift's $40 million legs just damaged. we're not kidding. who owes the pop star big bucks. this morning we'll tell you in just a bit. this is kevin returning to his childhood home.
4:15 am
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4:18 am
government's worst kept secrets. agencies like the cia using cash to get ahead. it usually works sometimes. in the long run where does the money end up? according to "the new york times" almost $1 million went to al qaeda. former cia covert operations officer joins us from washington, d.c. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve how are you? >> i'm doing okay. what could al qaeda do with $1 million of our dollars? this story i think is -- should be really eye opening for the listening audience, that one of the worst enemies we have in modern times got american taxpayer dollars. it is -- unconscionable. here the problem is not how in this case cia handled the money. they do a great job with protecting national security. doing all of the protocols, following all the laws that are on the books in order to insure
4:19 am
this money gets to the right place. the problem is when it gets to the right place how the other side handles it is well outside of our control. that's the problem. >> the reason we know about this -- apparently there was this did want who was grabbed you know we want money to get him back. they ended up getting $5 million. we found out from this in a trial that's going on here in the united states from some of the documents from the bin laden raid. despite what the president said where al qaeda is on the run and they're on their heels. osama osama osama bin laden was still running al qaeda which we were told was dead. >> what these documents show is that the administration's narrative about how al qaeda was on the run, bin laden was marginalized. anything that was not the truth. and what we're seeing here, what i would really implore the
4:20 am
administration now is to be transparent. they talked about transparency. >> good luck. >> from the onset. let's do that. let's call out these leaders that we're giving money to. >> like who? >> we know throughout africa, leaders that were giving cash to are misusing those funds. we know that happened in pakistan and afghanistan. we need to call these leaders out on the public stage. then we need to go one step further which is stop sending cash. let's send american goods and services. >> amen. >> overseas for that aid. we have to stop sending cash. >> otherwise the money goes straight to al qaeda, as it did in this case. former cia guy, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> coming up on this monday, three major religious holidays cut from the rest of the school calendar in massachusetts. some parents are outraged. as you can see right here. drunken spring breakers learn the hard way don't mess with our
4:21 am
men in blue. the police officer who is now a internet celebrity who broke up this boozy beach fight.
4:22 am
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no need to thank me, since i haven't helped you in the slightest.
4:24 am
i love that show. it is time now for your news by the numbers. jane his wife. 2017. that's the year you could be living life like the jet son's. the first commercial model due out in two years. it will come equipped with a parachute 108.6 that's how many inches of snow boston has had. breaking the snowfall record.
4:25 am
$70.1 million. that's how much money made for sender ella. it earned at the box office this weekend as it slipped into the top spot. brian. right. 24 minutes after the hour. let's change gears. a beach brawl going viral after some drunken spring breakers, two of which had criminal records learned the hard way not to mess with florida's finest. we'll show you more of that video in a second. when a fight broke out on a beach, a sergeant broke in. another spring breakers tried to step in but he takes care of him too. the video has been seen over 10 mill wherein times. sergeant brian bingm joins us now. >> it gets posted what's the reaction been around the country
4:26 am
for you? >> it's been very, very overwhelming the public support has been absolutely amazing. it's very very humbling. >> well i want to reframe this whole thing if we could. you were basically done, about 15 people came up to you saying we got a problem on the beach. so you quickly run over there. what did you see, how did you quickly assess the situation? >> that's correct. there was a bunch of people flagging me down say tlg was a large fight on the beach. i went over to that location, i saw about 15 to 20 people engaged in a fight. there was two small groups of a fight. i try today look at the primary aggressor which was the closest which was the first subject i made contact with. all i wanted to do was try to de-escalate the situation and keep it calm. so i went to make contact with him. the subject did not want me
4:27 am
there. turn him around, he took a swing at me. that's when i used the pressure point technique on his jawline and put his hands around his neck. i was trying to tell him to calm down and relax. what the video didn't show that's when he spit in my face. that's when i took him down to the ground and affected the arrest on that part. >> i'm watching this and watching so many times now, in the beginning you got one guy down with one arm. you're keeping him there restrained while keeping the rest of the crowd at bay when you take the other guy down. you got one guy down while holding down guy down at the same time. what kind of a technique? >> that's a doing what's you need to do to go home at the end of the day. >> they have criminal records they're in your 20s. not the typical spring breakers
4:28 am
who drank too much. you're able to get them in cuffs? >> correct. correct. i put one of them -- the first subject in cuffs then i held the second subject down until backup showed up. they put them in handcuffs. >> watch this, it's a little bit delayed. he's tapping out. you're trying to get him to calm down. and you finally did. >> correct. correct. there's been a lot of comments about the tap out issue. all i can tell you, is it doesn't show you right here -- right before he start tapping out he tried to reach for my weapon with that hand. so, again, i was just trying to put him under control and basically just keep everyone calm and refrain him from moving at all. >> your police department is lucky to have you sergeant. thanks so much over in pinellas county for telling the story and for the sheriff's department for making you available. great job.
4:29 am
inspiring to see. i guess dana white is on the phone. he wants you on sunday. i hope you're available. >> we'll be there. >> thanks. >> i appreciate it t thank you. >> you're welcome. 90 seconds before the bottom of the hour. coming up they are government funds set aside to help the poor. new claims the obama administration is handing them off to liberal groups instead. those details next. it was the shot of a lifetime. >> he hit the pass. he got it. that 12-year-old actually scoring on tennis legend roger federer after he picked him out of the crowd. that's not the first time he's faced down a pro. he joins us next. he'll have to deal with elizabeth and steve. if he beats them then he gets me. ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
okay. let me guess. eight. >> look at that. >> tricky. it's your shot of the morning. this boy is trying to play a card trick on his dad. but daddy has an ace up his sleeve. it might be that little girl right there. >> that is awesome. the boy's sister is standing behind him telling his dad what it is. look as the boy gets frustrated. he has no clue there is a spy behind him in his family. the daughter thinks it's hilarious. >> daddy's little girl. >> they need an intervention. there's a lack of trust. no tricks here. we will show you heather nauert. a lot going on. >> certainly a lot of folks
4:34 am
starting to prepare their taxes right now. if you are you'll want to listen to this. there is a shocking new report that claims the obama administration has shut down hundreds of free tax preparation offices around the country. they were aimed to help low income americans file their taxes. this according to the daily collar, the funds are going to volunteer tax preparation groups to political ties to president obama. a federal investigation reveals the group had a 49% error rate in 2013. snow has canceled lots of school. we all know that. it is forcing a massachusetts school board to take drastic measures. in anticipation of more snow next year the schools in eastern massachusetts are deciding to drop good friday, yom kip orfrom the school calendars. parents were outraged. they weren't consulted when it was decided religious holidays
4:35 am
would be eliminated. one support started a petition. we'll keep you posted on any updates there. donors raised $360,000 for this man who couldn't afford a car and walked 21 miles to work each day. now james robertson's ex-girlfriend is demanding $50,000 of it to fix up the house they once shared. here's what robinson's explained to us last month on "fox and friends." >> i took care of my girlfriend who i live with. i take care of her a lot. she appreciates a lot. it's been tough. >> robertson now has a car. he's moved out of that girlfriend's home and has a restraining order against her. do you remember the story we told you about, taylor swift's $40 million insurance policy she reportedly took out on her legs? >> well, it turns out the singer's prized assets have
4:36 am
already been damaged bide her cat meredith. look at the picture. the 25-year-old posted this on instagram saying great work meredith. i was trying to love you and now you owe me $40 million. she hasn't confirmed the insurance. cats do that. those are your headlines. let's head outside to brian. >> hey, he might be the number two tennis player in the world, but roger federer no match for this man. he's 12 and he's famous for this lob. >> a young guy here. it looks like he's ready to go. look at this. roger is freaked out. he hits the pass. he's got it. >> that's it. it's time to retire.
4:37 am
that amazing video is going viral. i wonder why. here to teach us how to play and tell us what it was like to be there at that time. congratulations. that was amazing. >> that was incredible. what was that like to actually lob that over? >> i was so excited when i found out it was going. i thought it was going out. >> let's back up a little bit. it looked like you were just in the crowd. youwort at madison square garden watching the match. who said come here and play against him? >> the guy who was playtish against said i want this guy to play for me. did he know you could play? >> i don't know. >> you saw him at a pregame. a get together like a coffee type thing autograph type thing. he picked you out. when you were picked out of the crowd. they give you a racquet what are you thinking? >> i hope i don't miss the first shot. >> were you nervous? >> i was nervous. you seem cool as a cumecumber.
4:38 am
did you trade racquets? >> yes. >> you have roger federer's racquet. >> no, he gave -- we switched afterwards. >> is that your racquet? >> this is my racquet. >> do you want to play us? >> who do you want as a partner? >> i would go with not me. i'm pretty bad. >> wise choice. >> i get the girl in the high heels. >> one thing we need is a ball. i've seen tennis before. >> no kidding. >> you were a gamer then and you're a gamer now. this is incredible. >> i'm worried about the lob. >> have you used that lob before? oh boy. that's my lob move? >> good we have another ball. i got one right here. >> play it. this is -- is this world tennis day today? >> whoa. >> over and under.
4:39 am
>> steve you've got a nice backhand. i'm here for you buddy. >> oh, my god, that's terrible. >> harrison, what do you think of our skills so far? >> can we get a serve from you? back to you. >> he's honest and remains silent. >> by the way, today is world tennis day. we're taking out elizabeth and the camera guy. we'd like to thank -- >> we have extra tennis balls. >> what about that? no. >> that's how we play it. >> nice moves. i'm going to pretend i'm hitting all of these. i'll let these guys continue. this is incredible. you guys continue on right here. i'm going to pop over and let everybody know go to it's a fantastic job. president obama says we
4:40 am
should trust the va to take care of america's heroes but veterans aren't getting the treatment they need. our next guest says the quick fix will not fix the problem. >> it's the dress that captivated the world. is it blue and white or gold and blue? it's a whole lot more green. born on this day in 1926 this comedian was nominated for a nobel peace prize in 1977. e-mail us at
4:41 am
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let's talk dresses. there are those who saw blue and black and those who saw white and gold. remember this? now there are those seeing green. the dress that divided the internet just sold for $2,004. the maker of the dress auctions off a white and gold version of the dress to raise money for the anti poverty relief. the dressmaker matched the bid. remember when bjork came to the academy awards wearing a fake swan. it is now being featured at the museum of modern art here in new york city. it it opened this month honoring the musician's body of work. the president insisting friday that the department of veteran's affairs is deserving of our trust. >> it is one of those things that you can lose real quick. and then take time to build.
4:45 am
the good news is that there are outstanding folks here at this va and all the vas across the country who are deserving of trust. >> that trust not coming from veterans who are not receiving the proper care they deserve. 27,000 of the 9 million veterans who have received choice cards that gives them access to private healthcare have been able to get the services they need. why is this program off to such a lousy start? here now with us is gary augustine. sir thank you for your survegervice and being with us. there's a ton of confusion. there's a new vfw report that says 87% veterans are confused about this private healthcare offering. >> thank you elizabeth, for having me. there is a lot of confusion. we agree with the vfw.
4:46 am
the law was passed with very specific criteria. one of them is a 40 mile barrier for people who live more than 40 miles away from any va facility. and that is by the crow flies, a direct line on a map are eligible. however, they do have to call in to the va. there is specific rules for how you apply. >> right. >> the va then has to determine their eligibility. if they are determined eligible, turn them over to a third party administrator who then arranges for them to get purchase care outside the va. >> it seems like more hurdles and more of the same. when you look at the numbers they're so dispointing. only 27,000 veterans have taken advantage of the programs. 9 million cards have been mailed out. the feds have dumped $10 billion that is supposed to get the program on track. i heard a story of a veteran in minnesota who has cancer and who thought he had this card choice
4:47 am
program helping him out. he went to go get the treatment he deserves and they told him you don't qualify for this private care because the va is within 20 miles. the va doesn't have the specialized care that he needs. the one that does is 50 miles a day. i don't get a choice i get to die. to me, that's not a choice. how terrible is this? this isn't a fix. >> that's a very sad story. i will tell you the va is implementing the program as congress passed it. there was specific reasons for that, as i understand it. the cbo scoring for the program, if it would have been open to all veterans it would have been $50 billion. the way they set up the criteria 40 miles and 30 day wait time it was only $10 billion. it was a monetary consideration by congress. >> what sort of legislation would you support here moving forward? what would you want in there? >> there is a hearing coming up next week where they are going
4:48 am
to look at the 40 mile limit. and try to make it more reasonable. and maybe look at opening it up to other veterans since it's not being used as effectively as they thought it would be. we support that and we would like more veterans to be eligible. >> absolutely. that 80% confusion right there t. awful for our veterans. al we want to thank you for being with us and your time. >> thank you very much. now this, this isn't on a map. somebody found it in their attic it could be worth $80,000 what makes it so valuable? more stories with strange inheritances. >> in 2000, destiny's child was topping the chart with say my name. ♪
4:49 am
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4:51 am
♪ ♪ i'm almost done. [ male announcer ] now you can pay your bill... ♪ ♪ ...manage your appointments... [ dog barks ] ...and check your connection status... ♪ ♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ ♪
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okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. the answer to the trivia question of the day is jerry lewis. the winner is alta from pennsylvania. you'll be getting a book. george washington's secret six. >> fantastic author by the way. i heard of him. eight minutes before the top of the hour. tonight on all new strange inheritance you have a mom and daughter fighting to save a struggling downtown movie theater inherited after an emotional last request. >> he thought he was going to run the theater forever. he wouldn't say can you run things, he asked me what am i going to do? how am i going to keep this place open. his dying words were angela don't let the theater go. >> joining us is the host of
4:53 am
strange inheritance on the fox business network. this is a different type of inheritance. >> watching that, i may cry again when i watch this episode. why? because this is a family who has a grandfather who is a marine came back from the service and decided berwick pennsylvania is his home. he's going to save it. he buys every business on main street. he bought the theater where he had his first date with his fight. it's losing money. it has a single screen. there's a multiplex in the neighborhood. this family is going to make this happen. i believe in this. the grand daughter who cause out of college comes clear across the country and with the help of a community. this is small businessopers coming together to make this happen. i sold candy the day i was there, i sold tickets. i did pretty well, actually.
4:54 am
>> they need $70,000 for a digital upgrade. there are going to be people who want to help. >> if only they had an $80,000 map. that's also one of the stories you've got coming up. >> what a segue. >> the movie theater -- i said what is your nair successful. she said failure is not an option. an architect plays with this map as a kid. he pulls it out of the box. i think we have sound. listen do this. it's crazy. >> this thanksgiving dinner literally, between the gravy bowl and the turkey, you bring the map out and put it on the table? this table? >> that's true. it was the end of dinner. so it was mostly messy plates. that probably made it worse. as far as danger to the map. at the time its value was the voy it would give you looking at the thing. >> and that map was maybe the first map of texas? >> one of the first maps of
4:55 am
texas. so old a piece of texas is missing. al they didn't even know about it yet. he like many people in america was really troubled with credit card debt. this map comes and saves the day. the appraisers face when they took a look at it was unbelievable. you'll learn a lot. i didn't realize maps could tell a story the way this one does. >> you know what? this is a great series. you are going to do a whole new season. you're looking for stories. if people out there have strange inheritances how do they get ahold of you to pitch the story? >> it sounds like you're pitching one now. jamie @strangeinhairitances. we will do 26 more. probably i'm coming to a neighborhood near you. i can't wait to get out on the road and tell more of these incredible stories it's on tonight. 9:00 p.m. two new episodes on the fox
4:56 am
business network. >> it is fantastic. we love that story. >> thank you ma'am. now this coming up, an amazing rescue 200 feet off the edge of a cliff. how this hiker right there managed to survive. then did the obama administration really use our taxpayer money to hurt benjamin netanyahu's chances at reelection? bret baier joins us from washington with a look at the investigation. and a pickup truck runs into a plane on the runway preparing for takeoff. somebody has got to explain this, don't they? ♪
4:57 am
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for melanoma, breast colon and ovarian cancers. so we can predict and treat cancer. and sometimes even prevent it from happening in the first place. to learn more or support the cause go to you know, just because your bladder is changing, it doesn't mean you have to. with tena, let yourself go. be the one with the crazy laugh. and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super absorbent micro beads that lock in moisture and odor... tena lets you be you. good morning to you it is monday, march 16th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a tale of money, two murders and
5:00 am
a missing wife coming to a shocking end. >> i killed them all. of course. >> robert durst's chilling confession caught on camera. this morning the new details that led to his arrest straight ahead. what a story. the white house claimed they wanted nothing to do with israeli politics but this morning a new investigation did the white house use our tax dollars to boost bibi netanyahu's opponent? bret baier with reaction in a matter of moments. an amazing rescue. a veteran falls 200 feet off the edge of a cliff. how did this hiker manage to survive? think about that for a second. i want to remind you that mornings are better with friends. >> this is dr. phil you're watching "fox and friends," the best treatment for waking up in the morning. i love it when he drops by. we always have some problems. al. >> right. >> nothing we can't solve. >> they haven't been solved yet.
5:01 am
we are hopeful. >> speaking of solving problems we're on the verge of something big. we're get right to the fox news alert. a jaw dropping ending to say the least to a tv documentary about a mysterious real estate heir, robert durst as he admits, quote, killing them all. >> a cloud of two murders and the mysterious disappearance of mr. durst's wife has hung over him for what, 30 years or more. he's been walking around free. his chilling words coming just hours after he was booked in new orleans on murder charges in los angeles. >> ainsley was talking about this on "fox and friends first." >> yeah, the question is could what seems to be a stunning off camera confession by the big break that the fbi is now looking for to bring robert durst to justice? listen to what he said while he was still wearing a mic. >> there it is. you're caught.
5:02 am
i killed them all. of course. >> killed them all of course. that is durst talking to himself while he was in the bathroom after finishing up that interview with hbo for the series the jinx. he made those comments after producers confronted him about hand writing similarities found on a note he wrote to another letter as you can see here with the same handwriting that was sent to bleats about the location of his friend susan berman's dead body. fbi agents arrested him at a new orleans hotel on saturday night. authorities say he might have been on his way to cuba. he is facing charges he murdered susan berman. she was shot execution style in her home 15 years ago before he was supposed to talk to now fox news's host jeanine pirro's investigative team about the
5:03 am
disappearance of durst's wife. he was considered the prime suspect after his wife vanished in 1982. our own judge jeanine pirro ripped open that cold case 17 years later because she says that kathleen's disappearance didn't add up. >> a fourth year medical student is not going to kill herself or disappear. she has every reason to live and he has every reason to get rid of her. >> in 2003 durst was also acquitted of killing and dismembering a neighbor of his in texas. durst is expected back in a new orleans court at 10:00 this morning for that extradition hearing. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. by the way we will have one of the detectives from galveston texas, who was involved in the murder of that neighbor. back when he was cross dressing, so many years ago. coming up in five minutes. >> thanks for being with us. heather nauert you have all that's going on for our viewers
5:04 am
at home. >> let's start out with a scary situation for the lapd in los angeles. there is a hunt on right now. it is a fox news alert. two men accused of shooting two lapd officers over the weekend in los angeles. investigators say they were plain clothes narcotics officers and driving in an unmarked car when police say they were targeted. they fired back and it's not clear if the shooters were hit. the injured officers are expected to be okay. that manhunt in los angeles happening as the one in ferguson may have come to an end. police charging 20-year-old jeffrey williams with the shooting of two st. louis county officers. although, he claims the cops were never his targets. fox news correspondent mike tobin will join us live with a report from ferguson at 8:30 a.m. eastern time today. overnight a small pickup truck collides with a southwest airlines plane on the runway at boston's logan airport. that truck stopping engines from
5:05 am
the jet's fuel tank. no passengers were on board at the time. the plane was preparing to depart for atlanta. witnesses say the truck was empty and the driver forgot to put the transmission in park. it rolled into the jet. a soldier stationed in hawaii slides 200 feet down a cliff while he was exploring one of oaue dangerous trail. he dropped his back pack and fell 20 feet. he slid the rest of the way down that mountainside. rescuers had to use a helicopter. you can see it right there. to reach him. he's banged up but expected to recover. you can see the person dangling from the end of that rope. we think he's going to be okay. vladmir putin no longer mia. the russian president appearing this morning in public at a press conference after not being seen for 11 days. a lot of folks started to talk and ask where on earth he was. sources close to the kremlin say he was sick in bed with a cold. this as putin erevealed last
5:06 am
night in a russian documentary he wads quote, ready to put forces on nuclear alert over the crisis in crimea last year. those are your headlines. i'll see you in a a little bit. >> he was out of the country because his girlfriend was having his love child. >> the only guy traveling more than vladmir putin would be bret baier. unbelievable job over the last week. >> thank you, it was a great team. the document put together a fantastic piece on isis. we had a lot of elements in there. it's a big deal. to hear the world leaders like el sisi the president of egypt is significant. >> i think he need today speak to somebody he's not getting his voice heard. they have not made a decision whether they're going to be restoring our aid to them which is unbelievable. let's talk about what's going on now. the secretary of state, john kerry is back. he is now negotiating what
5:07 am
should be the final lap on a framework for a deal with iran. what is your take on where these negotiations are going? >> everything we're hearing is they're still on track. they haven't fallen off track yet despite the fact there has been a lot of push back as you know here in the u.s. to the potential deal. right now, there are still significant hurdles for secretary kerry and the iranians to get over. one is compliance, how it's going to be inspected. how to make sure that iran keeps up its end of the bargain if a deal is struck. two is the sanctions part of it. i think those are big hurdles that have yet to work themselves out. >> least about political compliance. it seems as though the president will stop at nothing to stop netanyahu here. and work against bibi. recent reports have that there is a probe looking into funding of an organization called one voice movement. okay.
5:08 am
>> taxpayer money. >> that they gave them $350,000 in recent grant money. this is taxpayer money being used for this organization which has a subsidiary called victory 15 campaign led by originally one of obama's campaign managers. and they're working to change the government of israel. so what is going on here with our taxpayer money? >> well, first of all, it's significant this is a bipartisan investigation in the senate. the senate select permanent subcommittee on investigations opening up this probe we've confirmed. and that is significant. looking at taxpayer money going into this election. you know, it is tomorrow in israel, this election. by all accounts, the last poll out on friday has it very close and maybe even netanyahu losing in this election. he talked about that just yesterday. saying it's possible that he might lose. and if this all factors in that somehow the obama administration played a part, that will be a big deal. >> yeah i mean, privately you
5:09 am
know, leaders of different countries have differences. for taxpayer money to go that's something. we had liz cheney on the program a few hours ago. this administration wants netanyahu gone. >> the state department funded one voice. if you get on one voice's website you'll see that their efforts have very much been along the lines they say i'm trying to encourage peace between the israelis and the palestinians. they are working hand in glove with this 2015 organization which is dedicated to electing anybody but netanyahu. they say they are not supporting any particular candidate but they want netanyahu out. the u.s. taxpayers should not be funding an effort to oust the leader of our closest ally. >> senator mccasket and corker will be leading that investigation. let's move on and talk about something else. i don't think secretary of state kerry wanted to make news
5:10 am
yesterday but he did. essentially admitting i'll talk to assad. i'll negotiate with assad to end the civil war. this is what he said in 2013 about assad. >> assad now joins the list of adaufl hitler and saddam hussein in times of war. this is consequence to israel, jordan, to turkey and the region and to all of us who care about enforcing the international norm with respect to chemical weapons. >> how do you go from comparing him to hitler and hussein to saying you're going to negotiate with him? >> it's like president obama, many of the things he's said. it's almost like the administration doesn't believe we have videotape of what has been said before. listen, this has been an evolution. secretary kerry was out there pushing for the u.s. to follow
5:11 am
through and to once syria crossed the rez's red line on using chemical weapons to go forward with the strike, he was left out there and the president decided not to do it and go to congress. i think you're seeing a number of statements that fall in this category. >> woo not only have videotape, we have e-mail that is provided. hillary clinton made things worse in one way because she said you know, i think i deleted 30,000 e-mails. but, you know it was about my yoga and family stuff, things like that. yesterday, her camp took the extraordinary effort, brett, coming out and saying maybe we weren't clear enough. somebody did read those e-mails to make sure it was personal and not public business before we hit the delete button. >> yeah the clarification, is significant. because, obviously, they feel that this is not ending. and they need to put out this clarification that yes, each e-mail was reviewed and that the
5:12 am
32,000 that were deleted someone looked at. you know listen, i think this is going to continue. i think speaker boehner is going to launch an independent investigation separate from the benghazi investigation. this is not over. >> it never is. so we'll find out if april will actually bring a formal announcement and all these candidates will start making it official. maybe she'll be the first. we'll watch you tonight if that's okay. >> that sounds good. we'll see you later. all right. next up more on that fox news alert. a brand new letter implicating robert durst in a murder case that's been cold for decades. our next guest investigated durst in texas says the real estate heir has one big trick up his sleeve. you'll hear what that is next. drunken spring breakers learn the hard way don't mess with our boys in blue. or one in blue, anyway. the police officer who is now an internet celebrity for busting
5:13 am
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5:16 am
what did i do?
5:17 am
i killed them all. of course. >> i killed them all of course. shocking conclusion to a tale of money, murders and missing wife. as an eccentric real estate heir makes that apparent confession in the final installment of hbo's documentary. durst is under arrest and charge would murder after new evidence surfaced during the filming of that documentary. is this new audio the nail of the coffin for robert durst? homicide detective who led a murder investigation against durst when he killed his neighbor in galveston texas. you watched last night, what did you learn? >> for the first time, it came out of his mouth what i have felt for long time in my heart that he killed -- responsible for killing three people. and for the first time, it came out of his mouth. >> sure.
5:18 am
>> the third person we know that it is suggested he murdered was this fellow in galveston. explain the situation. durst was on the run. he was cross dressing and posing as a woman. >> a mute female. >> a mute female. his neighbor was this mr. black. and during the trial, that guy right there robert durst suggested there was a scuffle and he protected himself and the other person wound up dead. >> correct. that was his story. as we know from watching the documentary and how i know from years of knowing him he's a liar. everything he says comes out of his mouth practically is a lie. so if he's the only one telling the story and he has the most to gain, why would you believe him? >> there are people who did. even on last night's program of jinx the episode had one juror he didn't do it t he wads
5:19 am
framed. how is he able to walk all this time? >> well, the -- when you spend $2 million on a defense team you get a $2 million defense team. the defense team came up with this strategy of accident self-defense. >> he dismembered the body. >> according to the -- his lawyers and they were able to convince the jury in texas, they weront there to look at what happened at the time morris was actually killed. anything after that that durst did to the body was for another jury. which is not correct as far as i'm concerned. but the jury bought it. >> so morris black shot and then he dismembered the body because he said he was panicked because jeanine pirro and others were investigating and he didn't think anybody would believe his story that it was a scuffle gone wrong. >> correct. >> when you see what happened there and with your great knowledge of the justice system when it's done correctly, where
5:20 am
do you think we're heading from here? are you concerned he's got more money now? >> he does since he had a settlement with this family. i wish la all the best of luck. i think chip lewis last night already showing the defense's hand. it brought back day juview. he waits to get to l.a. and see what the prosecution has before he make as plea. what that means in legal terms basically is, defense doesn't have to enter a plea until they see what the prosecution's case. i liken that to me and you are playing poker, but before you bet, you kwetget to see my hand. >> all right. now they do have what looks like a confession. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you for having me. coming up a young girl
5:21 am
sending a special note to a police officer saying this, i want to say thank you for taking care of us every day. you are my hero. she is going to join us live with hiss mission to thank the boys in blue and women in blue around the country. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler.
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5:24 am
quick headlines now. the tomb of saddam hussein level today a pile of rubble amid fighting near tikrit. it's believed his body was already removed to a secret location. fighting intensified this weekend as army tried to take the city from tikrit. our neighbors to the south are looking to the u.s. for the best quality pot. mexico is seeing a rise in demand for higher potency.
5:25 am
it's called american gourmet marijuana. i'm learning a lot today. they adopted marijuana growing techniques. we use fertilizer. take a listen to this find nothing separation amid tragedy, a 10-year-old girl makes it her mission to thank cops around the world by sending them hundreds of letters. i want to say thank you for taking care of us every day. you are my hero. i'm so glad we have you. you are so brave too. those same officers are honoring her. >> i wanted to give you this to say thank you for everything that you've done for cops around the country. now that you're coming back to london, all over the world. >> joining me now is her and a police officer. thanks for being with us. savannah, you are making waves here. this is incredible. why did you? i'm sure you're busy as a 10-year-old. why did you want to take the time to thank the officers? what made you want to do to us?
5:26 am
>> what happened -- after what happened to officer ramos and officer liu i wanted to do something for them. >> you spent your entire break writing letters. you have written more than 1,000 cards. just to your left, you see them on your right. officer what does it mean to have a girl like savannah write you a letter personally thanking for what you do. >> not just myself and my entire unit and officers all around the world. when she walked into our detail room on that cold, dreary evening, i can tell you it lit up our room. just to know there is someone out there who cares about what we do and came with a sincerity. it was a life changing experience for not just me but all of our officer. >> i know you were sending cookies and cupcakes and chocolates locally.
5:27 am
when you realized you couldn't get them to new york and london you sent them all over the place. you have been to london and new york. now you started a challenge. what are you asking school kids all over the world to do for their police department? >> i'm challenging all kids to say thank you to their police department s in wherever they live and to try to make a card if they want to. and -- but i want them to say thank you. >> you sure did in a big way. i see your t shirt that says they matter to me. we have the practice in our home. officer, we thank you for being here and all you do to protect everyone in your neighborhood. savannah, you are a freedom fighter. we love you're going out and thanking baesk. you are one incredible girl. we hope everyone takes you up on that challenge. we thank you for being here. you know what? we'll get letters out today i
5:28 am
have a feeling everyone at home will be writing. this coming up a little puppy finds himself in a tight spot. stuck in an exhaust pipe. oh, no. you'll see a delicate effort to save him. the joke is on howie. what happened to his mansion? we'll going to tell you. ♪ when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle
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got to get it. come and get it. it's your shot of the morning. this is free ice cream cone day at dairy queen. >> today is free cone day. we're giving away free cones all across america. we're kicking off our 75th
5:32 am
anniversary celebration and collecting funds for children's miracle network hospitals. >> free ice cream cones. there you go. you're welcome. >> let's have some more. everybody has one now. let's re-create the statue of liberty. >> he better be bringing one of those in for us. >> it is ice cream. >> it is. we better have some in here quickly. >> i'm pretty sure -- i think we have a rack ready to go. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> we have a fox news alert to bring you. the man charged with shooting two officers in ferguson claiming it was all an accident. >> that sounds right. prosecutors have having trouble believing his side of the story. mike tobin is live outside the ferguson police department with the latest. how is that story going? >> county prosecutor isn't buying it.
5:33 am
anyway 20-year-old jeffrey williams is held on a $300 cash bond. the county prosecutor says physical evidence and his own statements indicate he is the shooter. >> there was a weapon recovered, which has been tied to the shell casings that were recovered there. weapon recovered from him. and he has acknowledged his participation in firing the shots. >> now, protester and local activist who called himself bishop robinson said he met with him in jail. his story is that he fired the shots in self-defense never intending to hit the police officers. >> he said that a protester was trying to rob him. he said that he could not describe the protester. and i asked him that if he could have shared with us that was leaders out there that was law enforcement. if someone was going to rob him he should have let us knew that so we could have his back.
5:34 am
>> now, robinson is saying he doesn't believe wimiums' story. the county prosecutor says he's not buying that story that someone was robbing him at the window of his car. he fired from the vehicle, missed the guy who was near him and the bullets carried down the street and hit those two police officer. back to you in the studio. >> yeah, that's what the story he's sticking to. thank you. 26 minutes now before the top of the hour. >> a lot going on. heather nauert is here winn-dixiewith the headlines. >> as you prepare your taxes you should know this. there is a shocking new report that claims the obama administration hat shut down hundreds of free tax preparation offices around the country that were aimed to help low income citizens file their taxes. according to the daily caller these funds are going to back volunteer tax groupwise political ties to president obama. a federal investigation also revealed the volunteer group had
5:35 am
a 49% error rate back in 2013. an outraged virginia cop and his wife claim a school program for black history month pushed an inaccurate and antipolice message. the event called black lives mattered featured an insert saying hands up don't shoot even those according to feds that never occurred. the hands up don't shoot part. the virginia students even performed skits referencing michael brown's death. the school district says it's investigating. some spring breakers learned not to mess with florida's finest. look at him as he takes these guys down single handed. a fight broke out on a florida beach. he knocked down a second guy who
5:36 am
stepped in to intervene. we had him on the show. >> right before he started tapping out he try today reach my weapon with that hand. so, again i was trying to put him under control. and basically just keep everyone calm and refrain him from moving at all. >> he sure did that. that video has been seen more than 10 million times. take a look at this, an incredible animal rescue is caught on camera. this two month old puppy got stuck in an exhaust pipe. a group of workers in thailand carefully cut the pipe and used soap and water to help the guy get out. you can see his white face there. it took about 40 minutes before he was freed and they washed him up. the pup was shaken up, but he is expected to be okay. how cute is that little doggy? those are your headlines. let's head over to brian. >> he'll have to go to the groomer for sure.
5:37 am
this is the time work stop and everyone starts filling out their college basketball brackets. steve is doing it already and it's bothering elizabeth. the kentucky wildcats are the overall seed. al they forgot to lose. they are looking to become the undefeated team since 1976. everyone wants to know who will be the cinderella of this whole race. dick vital found this. look at this kiss. the broadcaster landing a full on kiss on die hand kentucky find ashley judd. the kiss turned out to be a big help. kentucky winning 78-63. right. that was how it actually sounded. >> one more baby. >> thank you. he will be joining us tomorrow and will be sure to yell at us. i don't think we'll talk basketball. he's the number two tennis player in the world but roger federer is no match for this 12
5:38 am
year old. >> look at this. roger streaked out. he hit the pass. >> yeah. >> he's got it. >> federer's competition was picked from the crowd. here is what he told us about the event. >> i hoped i don't miss the first shot. i was so excited when i found out it was going because i thought it was going out. >> this isn't the first time harrison was pulled from the crowd to play against the tennis pro. he once scored a point against andy murray. don'tfer get to watch online. bret baier will be joining us over the next three hours on fox news radio. here is what straight ahead. >> the white house claimed it wanted nothing to do with israeli politics. >> i don't want to see this turned into some great political
5:39 am
football. >> it is a distraction from what should be our focus. >> but how is this for a distraction? the white house may have used tax dollars to boost benjamin netanyahu's opponent. what is going on behind the scenes at the state department? >> what did howie mandel do to deserve this? a mansion that was teepeed? . ♪
5:40 am
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5:43 am
massive scratch on her leg saying her cat meredith, no owes her $40 million. swift hasn't confirmed the leg insurance rumors so her cat may be in the clear. comedian and tv host howie mandel becomes the victim of a prank. a truck load of toilet paper. take a look at this. >> oh, my god? why are you laughing? why do you think it's funny? >> howdy, neighbor. >> oh my god. >> a big problem here because mandel admits he's a germphobe. his with wife and son were in on the prank. >> all eyes on the fed this week as we wait to see if interest rates will be hiked up. what could this mean for the economy. maria bartiromo joins us. we heard one word. patient. >> for the longest team the federal reserve has had a
5:44 am
statement in place and that says we will remain patient with low interest rates. they reiterate the statement every meeting. the speculation now is this meeting it's a two day meeting begins tomorrow ends on wednesday. they will remove the word patient and that will signal to the markets that the fed will raise interest rates. i suspect when they take it out the stock market will sell off. >> how much? it's only a quarter point. you're talking about rock bottom lowerates. the argument is even if they take out the word patient and start raising rates in june, that's all it's going to be. because the economy is still not strong enough to warrant a string of interest rate increases. if we get one, you're still talking about a quarter point from where we are. low rates, it will keep things in place for a long time. it doesn't matter that much. >> how long have we been at that point where big companies can get money for zero% from the u.s. government? >> about six years we're in this
5:45 am
period of quantitative easing people want to see rates norm normallize. they've kept interest rates at rock bottom levels that has created an environment is the only place you can get returns is the stock market. if you put your money in a money market account you're making no money on savings. >> people who are watching this in florida and living on bonds it's been hard. >> people want to see rates on normts levels rather than federal reserve manipulating where rates should be. once we start seeing normalized rates and the federal reserve is apt to move on rates depending on the economic data people will feel like the markets are where they should be rather than the federal reserve controlling it. >> janet yellen said to have a press conference after these meetings. >> the press conference is where she'll say we'll remain patient or take that out. it's the press conference where
5:46 am
she speaks to reporters and talked about the fed strategy as she gives her assessment on the kmau. let's not forget this has been an uneven recovery. we see good jobs number and bad wage numbers. then we see good numbers on sentiments and horrible numbers on gop. it's uneven. nobody thinks the federal reserve is in any position to start raising rates continuously. >> the economic term i use muddled. you'll be talking about that at 9:00? >> we have. we have the ceo of discoverry network about what he's seeing from his standpoint on content growth on the world. and the one that broke the news that they will remove the word patient. >> we'll be patient for you for at least 14 more minutes. don't miss her on the fox business network. go to and you'll find her. >> thank you. >> because if you want to see somebody in a vest you watch brian on this channel and her on that channel. >> either way you become
5:47 am
invested. >> exactly. >> i'll be here all week. >> don't take that. >> coming up, did president obama send his campaign team to israel to work against netanyahu on your dime? our next guest says yes. but the administration's antiisrael bias goes way beyond that. we'll explain it. >> what starts in 12 minutes? >> i thought that tennis exhibition was something else. that's going to make the top 10 on espn later tonight. >> you know what? we were using children's racquets, okay. >> i'm trying to see how many sports are you going to play with martha today? >> we're going to start with ping-pong. >> we will challenge you. >> good morning. on a monday. murder suspect on a hot mic. the mystery continues this morning over robert durst. we'll have that coverage for you. senator rand paul is live saying
5:48 am
hillary clinton broke the law. he is our guest today. thal iran deadline is soon upon us. will the administration get a deal? and guess where vladmir putin has been? martha and i will see you at the top of the hour on a monday morning. we'll see you then.
5:49 am
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as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fights for his political future, on this day, the final day of campaigning before tomorrow's pivotal election in israel a question of loyalty is emerging. >> you have a senate committee investigating whether the obama administration actually funded an effort to get rid of the prime minister and boost his opposition. joining us now former u.s. spokesperson to the united nations. do you believe there is
5:52 am
something there for this subcommittee for investigations on the senate side to go after this in a bipartisan way? >> clearly there must be something there. let's review the facts. woo do know the state department gave 350000 taxpayer dollars to one voice. it is obama's national field director from trel and the deputy field director from 2008, he is working, jeremy bird is working to unseat netanyahu. the question is can we actually prove the links? you're going to get some sort of excuse from one voice saying well, the money was used for different programs, but what we also do know is that one voice funded victory 15 which is inside israel working very hard to unseat bibi netanyahu. so the links are all there.
5:53 am
what we need is an aggressive state department system that kind of outs itself and gives information to the regulators. >> good luck with that. because the money is spongeable. you put it in this hand next thing you know it's over here. it's going in somebody's pocket. you got to admit it is a brilliant strategy. this white house hates netanyahu. let's give money to a group doing their best to change the government. get rid of him. >> here's the other thing, is there are many people inside the state department, i worked there for eight years. i know these individualles. they are very antiisrael. what they would do is absolutely look for ways to take u.s. tax dollars, give it as a grant to some mgo and try to get this money to do whatever they can to unseat an unflattering leader like netanyahu in their opinion.
5:54 am
we have a real problem at the state department with a fair culture. we have lot of arabishs thinks the issue is the israelis are listening and the palstantians have problems with israel. it's a problem at the state department that's been allowed to fluorish under hillary clinton and it's out and cloud under john kerry. >> no doubt about that. that money is supposed to bring a two state solution evidently which was given out for a grant for that reason. the question is, did they do something else with that money once they got it? thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. >> maybe if we could get our hands on some of those hillary e-mail? >> deleted sorry. >> six minutes before we're through. if you ask peter doocy you'll say his dad ruined his selfie.
5:55 am
now we're getting steve's story. >> it's the ultimate photo bomb, baby. ♪ you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. before it's history it's news. what's going on there? so this is a turpment at madison square garden. peter doocy cheering on his villanova wildcats to win. as the cheerleaders were leaving, he said can i get a selfie. they say sure. he leans across me. you don't see me until i bend over. i'm next to peter going what are you doing? the ultimate photo bomb. at that particular game, i had
5:59 am
no idea beer was $11 a piece. >> i have a lay away plan. i pick it up friday. >> we shared one. >> here's the bigger story, the new york city football called new york has a mls team. taking over yankee stadium. the gras being laid in the field on bronx. they beat the new england revolution. it turns out the pitcher's mound get got in the way because they refused to make the field wide enough. they wouldn't cut the pitcher's mind. i think there was 45,000 there h. will soccer work at yankees stadium? >> i could not believe the atmosphere i thought it was amazing. i think the yankees are not going to be happy taking over yankee stadium. >> earlier we had a mini tennis match with a 12-year-old who is famous for his lob against roger federer.
6:00 am
we witnessed his serve. it's intense. >> today is world tennis day. >> what you don't see is the ball actually hit the camera man. >> i just got out of the way. we'll see you tomorrow bill: fox news alert. a cold case suddenly turning red hot a crime story getting a new twist after a television documentary. real estate heir, robert durst the focus of three murderer investigations. arrested in new oar liens. now expected to answer to this charge. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. no one expected it to go this way. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> hi, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this arrest coming on the day the hbo aired the final episode of "the jinx." a miniseries about the life and death related to robert durst. in the final minutes of the show, durst, unwittingly speaking to a live microphone alone in the


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