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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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my team is 8-1 and yours is even money. bill: let me think about that i'm giving you 63 schools. i'm giving you one. martha: i want one. we'll donate it. bill: donate it to the maccallum clan. "happening now" starts right now. >> start off with a fox news alert. heir to multibillion-dollar real estate fortune appears in court i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. robert durst was taken into custody in new orleans for the murder of his friend susan berman 15 years ago in los angeles. this comes a shocking admission by the 71-year-old in a hbo documentary series on his connection to two unsolved crimes, the disappearance of his wife and killing of berman. he admit toddies posing of a man's body. john roberts joins us live
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outside of the new orleans courthouse this morning. what is the latest, john? >> reporter: good morning to you. this hearing getting underway at the ore liens parish court. this will determine whether or not robert durst willshead to los angeles to face possible murder charges. his life and murder and disappearance of three people close to him you mentioned his wife a close confidante of his as well as a neighbor has been the subject of an hbo documentary. last night's final episode of the documentary durst goes to the bathroom still wearing a microphone and seems to confess to their murders. >> reporter: among durst's high-powered defense team dick degaurin famous houston
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attorney. i asked him what he thought about this so-called bathroom confession. here is what he told me. >> pretty slick. probably give them an image. probably very misleading too. >> reporter: the hbo documentary also revealed new evidence. a letter durst wrote to his close friend and confidante susan berman shortly before she was killed execution-style in 2000. the handwriting and misselling of beverly hills with an e between l and y closely resemble anonymous note telling police the night of berman's hurt telephoning them where they could find her body. why was berman killed? back in 2000 fax's jeanine pirro who was westchester county district attorney wanted to talk to durst about disappearance in 1982 of his wife kathleen. he told fox that relieved that durst is behind bars.
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>> shocked. finally vindicated of years and years of pursuing truth. the bottom line is bob kind of like the flight or fight syndrome. he would always fight if he knew he had a good bank account behind him. this time around he knew he had to flight was only option. he was trying to get out of this country in a big way when the fbi arrested him. i was so happy to see that happen. >> reporter: james mccormick believes the reason durst was in new orleans because he was trying to flee to cuba. los angeles police say they have developed new evidence in this case. so they will not detail what that is at this point, jon. we don't know if it is the evidence hbo uncovered or something new. apparently they have been reinterviewing people and found some people that might know about the 2000 case. charges are not officially been filed yet. durst is held on a ramey warrant. they may announce murder charges later today. we'll find out what happens in the hear jon.
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jon: the handwritings on two letters looks awfully similar. john robert, thanks for the update. jenna: now over to missouri. new information in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson. 20-year-old jeffrey williams was arrested over the weekend. the suspect confessed to the shootings but says he was not targeting the officers. mike tobin live in missouri with more on this chapter of the story. mike? >> reporter: jenna, that suspect is being held on $300,000 cash bond. county prosecutor bob ma kill law says -- ma cull lock says he admitted to firing the shots that killed offer. shell casings match the handgun. >> he is a demonstrator. he was out there earlier that evening as part of the demonstration. he has been out there on other occasions as part of demonstrations. >> reporter: williams's story relayed through a protester and activist who visited him in jail is a man who he can't identify
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came up to his car and attempted to rob him. he fired shots from inside of the vehicle. they missed the guy standing next to his car. the bullets carried all the way down the street and hit the police officers. county prosecutor hasn't indicated he is not buying that story. jenna, back to you. jenna: mike tobin, more on the story as we get it. thank you. jon: house and senate republicans are preparing to unveil their 2016 budget plan this week. if the gop can avoid internal friction procedural shortcuts could allow them to bypass senate democrats. to pass the first republican spending plan in nearly a decade. but growing divisions within the party might already be derailing those effort. let's talk about it with bret baier. you know him as the ainge sore of "special report." the problem seems to be, bret you've got fiscal hawks in the senate and house who want to balanced budget. they want to live up to their promises balancing the budget within 10 years, eliminating the deficit and so forth.
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but you've also have the military hawks who say that we've got to spend more money on defense this country. >> right jon. remember this all centers around sequestration that was across the board cuts that were set up about a year-and-a-half ago, not as really policy the way to do it but as a backstop to force republicans and democrats to come together and move forward with a budget that everybody could agree with. well they never got there and sequestration went into effect. these were across-the-board cuts. they have been in place and they have been criticized by democrats and republicans. you're right to highlight that battle between those who want to spend more on military spending for the pentagon and for future defense spending and those that want to cut back. that is the battle you see right now. republicans will come forward with their budget proposals tomorrow, the next day. and the real question is whether they use a procedural tactic called reconciliation
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where they can pass a budget with a simple majority, 51, instead of the 60 usually needed. jon: meantime the president's budget calls for spending, what, about a i'm sorry a trillion 1/2 more over the next 10 years? >> well, that's right. that is not acceptable to republicans. they obviously control the house and the senate. so the president's budget is seen as an outlyer up on capitol hill because won't think it will get anywhere near the republican's version. jon: i should sharefy, 1.5 trillion in new taxes over next 10 years from the president. his budget is about $4 trillion. the question is, does, the legislature have the ability to impose its own budget on the president? >> well, the president has to, has to sign it. he could veto something that got through the republican house. it is seen as a blue print, a way to move forward.
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there would be some political cost if he vetoed it. on the other side, by the way, jon, we're talking about national debt as well. the country, officially according to the treasury department hit the debt limit the debt ceiling today. and now they are on what is called extraordinary measures funding all of the workings of the u.s. government probably until early fall. at which point the treasury department will say, they are in risk of defaulting on the debt. so expect that battle the debt ceiling increase to be one that, it starts up on capitol hill very soon. jon: as the country is looking at the threat of isis and other, you know, the russian adventures in crimea, is there the appetite in congress to hold to the sequester? i guess that's the question. >> that is and you know democrats saying they're not moving forward with anything that just increases spending on the military side, taking out
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those caps on sequestration on the for the pentagon and defense spending unless they are removed on the non-defense spending as well. now, that's where you get into the trouble in that you have the people who want to cut spending overall and think the government is operating way too much, spending too much money. how do you rein that in and solve all problems together. jon: meantime the president's nominee to be the head, law enforcement officer in the land, the attorney general, loretta lynch, her nomination not going to be voted on in the senate because of an argument over a human trafficking bill? can you explain that for us a little bit? >> quickly. senator mcconnell, the senate majority leader says he will hold up putting that nomination on to the floor. it already has been held up, because of this human trafficking bill. democrats and republicans agreed
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to this bill, bipartisan support to support victims of human trafficking. serious problem but in that legislation there is also abortion language that prevents any federal dollars being used for abortions. it is basically shoring what is called the hyde amendment. democrats say they didn't know the language was in there this last week. they want the language pulled out before moving forward with the bill. mcconnell say we have to solve this before loretta lynch gets up to nomination on senate floor. jon: so this is language that was there weeks ago when they voted on it and passed it. now they have gone back and reread the bill? >> exactly. which is something as you know, happens on capitol hill. you got to read what is in it before you pass it. jon: unbelievable. bret baier thanks. see you tonight. >> sure. >> the woman on trial for forcing her granddaughter to run until she collapsed and died. now focusing on a 911 call after
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the girl's collapse. why one word could be a crucial factor in this murder case. we'll explain that. plus new fears for kurdish forces fighting isis, reports that isis militants got their hands on chemical weapons. we want to hear from you today is the united states doing enough to counter russian aggression in eastern europe? we'll talk about that with general jack keane. go to and click on "america's asking."
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jon: right now new information on some crime stories we're keeping an eye on. the fate of an alabama woman accused of making her granddaughter run until she collapsed and died could come down to one word heard in a 911 recording. the 911 operator says she heard joyce gerard saying give me a smoke during the call. gerard's defense attorney claim she said give me a throw, meaning a blanket and was trying to help the girl. investigators are looking
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for los angeles police officer henry solis who is wanted as a person of interest after a deadly shooting friday. fell lease's car was found near where the 23-year-old victim was gunned down. the officer was off-duty at the time of the shooting and failed to report for work the next day. prosecutors may rest their case in jonathan broyhill's murder trial. broyhill, accused of killing his colleague jamie hahn, with a knife two years ago. his defense attorneys say it was not premeditated. and that he snapped. >> frightening developments in the battle to defeat isis with word that terrorists fighting iraqi security forces just got ahold of chlorine for possible use as chemical weapons. we have breaking developments live from the middle east bureau in jerusalem. conor? >> reporter: jenna, since the start of the syrian war four years ago there have been lots of allegations of use of chlorine and sort of chemical weapons but really tough to prove who used them, how they
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were used but the pro-american kurdish peshmerga forces say they have hard proof that isis is using chlorine nated gas in attacks. kurds took soil and clothing samples from the sight of an isis car bomb in january. a test done by an e.u. company confirmed the presence of chlorine. the kurds say there were no casualties in the attack other than the you side bomber. but several soldiers near the bombing experienced nausea and vomiting. there are other reports that isis is beginning to use clotter rin eighted weapons in iraq. white house is aware of the allegations but don't have much information. iraq's kurds suffered from chemical weapons before. one of the largest and most deadly chemical weapons attacks took place in 1988 when saddam hussein killed more than 5,000 iraqi kurds. the big fear jenna, as isis grows more desperate, particularly as they face more
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pressure from iraqi security force, and the u.s.-led coalition they may turn to weapons like this. we obviously know just how brutal the tactics of isis have been. if they start using chemical weapons, particularly chlorine gas in large form it could be deadly, jenna. jenna: conor, thank you very much. jon: louisiana national guard is preparing to release the names of four more victims in last week's black hawk helicopter crash in florida. the latest on that ahead. plus a the boston marathon bombing trial take as new turn as the jurors see the boat which dzhokhar tsarnaev was hiding when he was caught. we're live at the courthouse next.
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jon: new information now. i'm sorry, louisiana national guard will soon release the
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names of four servicemembers killed in that chopper crash last week. the black hawk helicopter went down off the florida panhandle during a nighttime training mission. all 11 servicemembers on board were killed. louisiana governor bobby jindal ordering all flags to fly at half-staff. a military safety board is conducting an investigation into that crash. jenna: the latest now on the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors seeing the boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev was caught during a dramatic manhunt that brought the city to a virtual stand still. molly line is live in boston covering the case and has more for us. molly? >> reporter: jenna, this morning the jurors in the tsarnaev trial went on this rather unusual field trip to actually see the boat where the accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured days later this. was on very high security. state police fbi u.s. marshals all present for this. tsarnaev was there as well. he could be seen relatively close to the boat in this warehouse under a white pop-up tent a pretty different view
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from what he last saw that boat which is the slipaway ii. jurors spent half an hour viewing the boat littered with bullet holes. pool reporters alongside counted at least 110 bullet holes. one piece of tape with the number 207 was visible. a forklift gave jurors a two by two, a debris ridden where the messages still scrawled by tsarnaev watched. the pool reporters described one of the defendant. >> occasionally rubbed his hands for warmth. kept his hands in his pockets a bunch of of the time but looked as placid as he has most of the trial, rather uninvolved. but he definitely was looking at the jurors and looking at the boat. >> reporter: a quick update on some of the riveting testimony we heard at the end of last week. the chinese national who was told jurors he was carjacked,
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originally by tamerlan who pointed a gun at him, confessing to the bombing saying he just shot a police officer ming told jurors he was terrified. the whole world, everybody was looking for them. i can't believe i just american them. he talked that tamerlan talked about going to new york city. the brothers drove him to atm where dzhokhar took his pin number and $800 was stolen. they went to a gas station. that is when he sided it was his chance to bolt to the vehicle. he race across the street another gas station. incredible video of him crouching down. 911 cast called. take a listen. >> they said they are they said they are the -- [inaudible] >> reporter: when police arrived, ming told them the suv was stolen not only had gps unit and in hopes of finding brothers quickly. a shootout happened in
8:24 am
watertown, massachusetts. we're expected to get details as trial goes forward. the prosecution is going step by step through the events beginning when the bombing happened and the effect on the victims and moving forward from there. jenna? jenna: we'll watch for updates molly, thank you. jon: the hillary clinton camp is out with a new story when it comes to thousand of her private emails. now what they say they did before they deleted them, and the impact it could have on the growing controversy. we'll go in depth. russian president vladmir putin just seen in public for the first time in 10 days. so where has he been. a new military moves that his country his making, next. grind virtually any kind of food waste into an unending source of electrical power for a city?
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when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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jenna: right now a quick look what is still to come this hour of "happening now." vladmir putin appearing in public again for the first time in 10 days. how will this affect the growing speculation about the russian president's health. what that all means? we'll go into depth of that. court action in a case of a doctor accused murdering his wife. why a letter may be a key part of the prosecution's case. it was once exotic local for an edition of "survivor." now it the aftermath after a deadly cyclone. have more on that story. jon: clinton camp issuing a clarification of their personal
8:29 am
emails. 30,000 they discarded after deeming them private. the team says they read each and everyone of those emails before hitting delete button. joining us now, leslie marshall and tammy bruce both radio stalk show hosts and fox news contribute contributors. we were told they did a key word search. if one of her emails said something like wedding they would delete that email. now they're saying, oh, yeah, but we read every single one before we deleted them? >> i don't know about you. i don't have 32,000 emails in my in box. if i tried to read all of them that were in there, probably would still take me a year. what we do know that "time" magazine's reporting, very specific details from a number of her aides when this first came out in fact there was a series of key words that were used. they did a search and for the emails that came up with things like yoga or wedding or personal name, that those as whole would be deleted. they would be marked and
8:30 am
highlighted and delete was pressed. it seems unusual when you're looking at a 32,000 emails almost impossible for them to read them all, even within a period of months let alone weeks. so i think that will be a problem. but the real issue here, jon that it wasn't even her issue to determine what was personal and what was private. the statute requires the government to make that determination. so this is a little bit of a red herring and i think either way she is in trouble. jon: leslie, do you agree? is she in trouble either way? >> no. i don't agree at all. i mean a couple of polls that with the development of these email stories show her very high. i think next poll that comes out she will take a tiny blip. i always maintained and i do, this is more of a inside the beltway issue. people that don't like hillary clinton regardless of their politics their ideology are going to use this to dislike her more. the people that do like her are going to disregard this. this will not be
8:31 am
hillary clinton's swift boat. this will not take her down. she is far more intelligent than to have very confidential and top secret conversations with world leaders as far as secretary of state via email. that would be done in person. if you look at her travel log or by phone. nobody will find anything. even if they s&p these records. one thing i will agree with tammy on, it would take a long time to go through these. she could be president before then. jon: leslie, sticking with you for the moment yes, her supporters probably won't lose any sleep over this. her detractors will point fingers say ah-ha, there she goes again but presidential campaigns are won with independents people who might like her not like her and don't you think that this kind of an issue could sway a lot of votes? >> no. because again, i don't, first of all, if the s&p was issued, is issued in the future if they obtain the server and if they found something then that could be a game-changer.
8:32 am
i don't think that will be the case even if the subpoena is issued. even if they can get the staff to read all the emails. i don't think there will be anything in those emails that would take this woman down. these are the clintons we're talking about. very intelligent woman, in politics a long time. knows the game. she is not going to be stupid enough to do that like i said. this is not going to be her swift boat. i'm very confident of that. jon: tammy so we are to believe that every single one of these nearly 32,000 emails was scoured word for word by some team of, i don't know, hillary clinton archivists? >> i have to say disagreeing here with leslie, if she was a smart woman this wouldn't have happened in the first place. ironically she set this up, james carville admitted this over the weekend, to ostensibly avoid congressional oversight. she could have done that by just having her state department email and having her private email. none of it makes any sense. the fact of the matter is, we have virtually ready were to
8:33 am
impeach nixon over 18 missing minutes. we have 32,000 destroyed documents. and this might not affect certain polls but this does come down to, as a presidential election, to judgment and, yes the clintons have gotten away with a lot but perhaps there is a tipping point. this kind of a dynamic is that tipping point. it is not about look the book tour was run badly. the press conference at the u.n. was horrible. she clearly i think, bill clinton's a smart guy. i met both of them when i worked on that campaign in 1992. she has never been liked. she has never had the same kind of charm or charisma her husband's had. that will also work against her. it worked against her in 2008. her judgment is clearly not very good either. jon: leslie, you don't have a problem with the former secretary of state writing documents on her own personal email account and then choosing which ones to delete and which ones to archive? >> actually no.
8:34 am
and the reason i say that is, my nickname among my radio producers is dq, delete queen. i delete pretty much everything. i'm not a former secretary of state but, no, i don't have a problem with that, especially when computer experts have been on my show explain the way blackberries work versus droids and iphones. blackberry has very high security server. blackberry does, does not distinguish between one or another emails so would tick back. common for somebody to have one email address instead of two. and i don't think, i don't think everybody in office, even at level of secretary of state is somebody that would work for google. i understand wanting to have it easier, to have one device and have one email address. i'm pretty simplistic in that way. >> radio talk show host. difficult standard. >> this could all be avoided this could all be avoided if a subpoena issued and if all those emails that are claimed to be
8:35 am
personal are read, then we could find out if there is any there there, and i don't think there will be. jon: she hasn't indicated she does not want to allow anybody to examine the server that sits in her house. >> jon. jon: last word. >> may i say this is issue whether she removed effectively documents that belong to the state department because they're the ones to make that determination or perjured herself by signing the exit forms that she in fact had left all pertinent documents with the state department. this is a serious legal problem for her and it is going to go past the polling and it is not going to end. jon: tammy bruce leslie marshall, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you, jon. jenna: turning now to overseas vladmir putin resurfacing in public after a bizarre and really unexplainable 10-day absence. the 62-year-old russian president shrugging off rumors of health problems as nato's chief warns of an emboldened russia conducting growing number of war games as the united
8:36 am
states sends 3000 troops to the baltics states to take part in joint military exercises with nato. we have refired four-star general jack keen, fox news military analyst. we see you every 10 days and so we know you're okay. rolling my eyes, explained this unexplainable absence by vladmir putin f we didn't see our own president for 10 days people might wonder. what do you make of isn't. >> i don't think we can make that much of it. putin's narcissistic self is loving every minute of this. inside his own country he has the world wondering what he has been doing for 10 days. certainly could have had an illness. could have been something else. looks pretty fit to me, what we've seen here. he is very much in charge. he has incredibly high polling numbers inside of his own country. i also think, if you polled the world at large and who is the most influential, respected and feared leader, he would be number one. jenna: really? why do you think that? >> just the way he has been
8:37 am
pushing around europe and the united states. he has geopolitical objectives he is trying to achieve. he returned a sense of pried and nationalism inside of russia -- pride. despite all the huge internal problems russia has he still has the high polling numbers. jenna: they do have a lot of internal problems especially with the economy and sanctions placed on them because of their actions in ukraine certainly hasn't helped matters for the average russian citizen. talk about the war games taking place. we're sending 3,000 troops. russia has 38,000 taking part in these exercises, along with a lot of heavy equipment. what do you make of that? should we be more aggressive in our show of force in that part of the world? >> first of all, training exercises are routine for all militaries. we do it ourselves. europeans do it to a lesser degree. russia is certainly doing it. i think part of these exercises are tied to, you know, him, his actions he has taken in crimea ukraine and actions we're taking. i think what we're doing is not
8:38 am
enough. first of all economic sanctions have not changed his behavior one iota. number two if he really is thinking about a redesign of the political order post-cold war and he is thinking about involving himself in the baltics and challenging nato's very existence if we accept that that is one of the options, then what we're doing is not enough. jenna: what could we be doing better? >> i think we've got to recognize that the security issues in europe are no longer in central europe which is where our forces were post-world war ii. the fact is they're in eastern europe. so we should real -- realign our bases not just on temporary basis but a permanent basis. put the airbases and the ground bases further into eastern europe. get them out of central germany et cetera, where they currently are. that will cause some expense but it is absolutely worth it in terms of letting putin know clearly that those countries those baltic country poland,
8:39 am
et cetera, they matter to us. they're a part of nato. and we're not accepting any challenge to them. jenna: you hit the nail on the head which i was going to ask about expense of actually moving bases is but your point is well-taken that we don't need to stay in one area where we've only been a few decades. you say really just a physical move closer to russia would be enough to make vladmir putin pause? >> i don't know. i do know that would absolutely be a trip wire there. it would send a really loud signal to them that clearly the security situation in europe has changed. its recognition of that change and recognition of the intimidation and threat, threatening situation that, he clearly is developing. jenna: let me go back to a point you were making earlier about his thought potentially designing this post-cold war europe. interesting article in the "new york times" over the weekend talking about people in poland hairdressers neighbors, mothers and fathers talking
8:40 am
about the fact they believe war is coming. there are members about public that are not a part of the military coming together into these militias because they're worried one day tanks will roll into their hometown. that is alarming. how do you see that? what does that say to you and what do you think we should do about that? >> first of all poland is prospering. the quality of life in that country has gone up considerably but they're very cognizant of their historical past. they were bludgeoned by the nazis and taken over and occupied by russian divisions as part of the soviet union for years. they knew any signs of opportunity to do something about that would have been put down violently. so that's their history with what they believe russia is today. and certainly it is upper most on their mind, watching the behavior that has been taking place in crimea, in eastern ukraine and what took place a few years earlier in georgia
8:41 am
they want to wonder, naturally, are we next? jenna: do you think that is accurate? >> i don't know and i don't think anybody knows where putin is going. we have to make judgments about him what he is doing. he is clearly trying to intimidate these countries. he is clearly trying to soften the situation up in a sense if he is going to do something it will be easier for him to do it. general that, i think he was surprised, clearly about crimea and eastern ukraine, about how feckless the europeans were but even more so by the united states that we pretty much let him do what he wanted to do. that is just encouraging him to do more. that is what is in the polls. they're saying, who has got our back? is nato going to be there for us? is the united states going to be there for us? there is enough of our actions we have taken to date to put a big question mark around that and that is the concern they have. jenna: general keane thank you for being on set as always.
8:42 am
good talking to you. >> good talking to you jenna. jon: he accused of killing his wife and staging scene to make it look like an ask. new details of dr. robert moulander as his trial gets underway. people turning out for the south by southwest event. why some are warning about the dot-com bubble even worse than the we saw in 2000. ecking your credit score is for chumps. i have great credit. how do you know? duh. you know those change, right? tattoos don't change. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now. aren't you a little bit curious? i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free credit scores. really free. i have got to update my ink. no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches.
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jenna: let's check out what is ahead on "outnumbered" at top of the hour. >> ladies. >> hillary clinton making her first public appearance since last week's news conference on her email controversy as her camp tries to clarify how is deleted tens of thousands of emails. but that clarificationing new questions. >> like did anybody read them first? also nickelodeon is under fire after a popular kids show airs images after topless woman. parents say this is part of a larger issue. >> was that innuendo?
8:46 am
>> no. >> research says rewarding kids with gifts may turn them into materialistic adults. we'll ask our #oneluckyguy about. >> oh, my goodness. i'm in trouble. i give exists. he has seven kids so he knows much more than i do about them. his wife on the couch right next to him. "outnumbered" with a couple. the our first first husband and wife team and it is not the clintons. >> did some one think it was? >> yes. i hope you place ad call. they would be really interesting -- >> open invitation. jenna: thanks, you guys. see you soon. >> see ya. >> fox news alert about a legal case that has really captivated the country. robert durst, waves extradition. he will head to los angeles from new orleans where he was arrested over the weekend, to face murder charges in connection with the death of his one-time friend and spokeswoman susan berman. his case has been featured on
8:47 am
the hbo program the jinx. we've been telling you about it this morning. the program caught him on tape in a bathroom when he apparently didn't realize he was wearing a microphone that was broadcasting outside of the bathroom. he said something like what did i do? killed them all. that is apparently not the reason for the arrest that is taking him to los angeles but robert durst has waived extradition. another murder trial getting underway in the case of a prominent upstate new york doctor accused of killing his wife. dr. robert neulander told police that his wife died after suffering a fall in the shower back in september of 2012. leslie neulander's death initially was ruled an accident but anonymous letter sent to the d.a. months later, and a host of bloody crime scene photos forced prosecutors to reopen the case. >> now to business news. silicon valley investors warning of another dot-com bubble. some even say it could be worse
8:48 am
than the one 15 years ago. jon hilsenrath fox news contributor and reporter for "wall street journal." we got past the tech bubble boom bust. are due for another one? >> what is happening in silicon valley is much different than what happened 15 years ago. there is a lot of money going into tech startups but happening in venture capital firms which are private companies. they're not public companies. we're not seeing extreme valuations in nasdaq stocks which investors typically buy that we saw 15 years ago. the earnings multiples today are much lower than they were 15 years ago but the venture capital companies could have a problem on their hands. jenna: that is interesting. wouldn't affect the retail investor like you and me may have a 401(k). may seem the same exposure on publicly-traded company. >> exactly there are earnings underneath the publicly-traded companies. biggest one on nasdaq is apple. we're pretty familiar with what apple produces. 15 years ago some of these
8:49 am
companies coming public nobody even knew what they did. jenna: we'll see what actually happens with it. the tech stocks specifically, a lot of people are asking the question about a bubble is stocks in general. if you take a look at the dow dow on bull market run for the last six years. >> right. jenna: are you concerned about that as well if you compare the nasdaq to the dow? >> i think it would have to continue for a while longer before it really got into bubble proportions. one of my benchmarks if there is a bubble, are people talking about it on friday or saturday night at cocktail party how much money they're making in stock market or real estate. jenna: i have to go to those cocktail parties of the those are nice. >> i'm not seeing them. i'm not having them. i think that market those markets right now aren't there. they could. i think the public -- bubble i think there is a bubble bursting all the way overseas in china. jenna: what specifically. >> a lot of overinvestment in china. that is one reason gasoline prices and commodity prices are falling because chinese economy
8:50 am
overheated and now it is cooling off. jenna: we're talking about what is talked about in cocktail parties. i heard this from friends and family concern about real estate. real estate prices goings up. are you concerned about a bubble bursting there. >> that is a real interesting place because interest rates are extremely low right now. we're seeing money flow into u.s. real estate markets from overseas. i just talked about china. a lot of chinese money coming into our urban real estate markets. i don't think we're in a bubble yet in real estate. think ingredients are in place for that kind of thing to happen if it continues with interest rates so low. if you look back at the history of bubbles it is not out of the realm of possibility. back in the 1800s we used to have serial bubbles in canal stocks or railroad stocks. we can't dismiss the possibility we'll have one down the road. jenna: l king over here and it happens over there. jon, thank you. jon? jon: a massive fire spews billowing smoke. we'll tell you about that. plus a major weather disaster
8:51 am
unfolding with nearly 90% of the buildings in one capital city just about wiped out. we're live with what happened there next.
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jenna: massive fire on the south side of milwaukee after two propane tanks exploded at a gal have noising and metal coating plant. the thick black smoke could be seen for miles. thankfully no one has been hurt. crews have been able to keep flames away from the main building but the fire is still not under control. jon: some new information on the killer key clone that ripped across vanuatu and pummeled the pacific island nation. the damage is stagger and the full scope of the disaster might not yet be known. david piper following all the breaking developments from
8:55 am
bangkok thailand. david? >> reporter: hi, jon yes. by all accounts there is utter devastation on the pacific island chain and the call has gone out from there to the international community for help. now vanuatu's president, says they need immediate assistance from the world following the devastation caused by cyclone pam which perhaps 90% of the buildings were destroyed in the capital. all development on the nation of over 60 islands has been wiped out according to the president. they said they will have to rebuild everything. he also blamed climate change for the disaster. vanautu is one of the poorest countries in the world and many buildings buildings are not built to withstand a powerful storm. pam packing winds winds of 160 over the weekend and ripped across the archipelago. and rip ad devastation in its wake. it could be one of the worst disasters to ever hit the
8:56 am
pacific. six people could be dead but that will like little rise as search teams reach the islands. thousands were left homeless. power lines and communication links including bridges are down making it even more difficult to help people. some aid has begun to arrive from australia and new zealand but contact has still not been made with some of the remote islands. the australian red cross tweeted it heard of utter devastation to the islands to the south in the direct path of the storm. the storm has weakened but it did also affect other islands such as the solomons. there has been a partial evacuation from the coast in new zealand. back to you jon. jon: i was on vanuatu once upon a time. it was a beautiful place. sad to hear what happened there. david piper, thank you. jenna: brand new stories we're working on the next hour of "happening now." state department funding helped efforts to challenge israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu? latest on the investigation
8:57 am
following accusations that the white house was meddling in israeli politics. a train slams into a car killing two people. what authorities say may have caused this terrible crash.
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>> we will be back with more in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> >> this is "outnumbered." i am andrea jedediah harris and rachel is here and today's hash tag. he representatives the 7th district in the state of iowa


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