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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 19, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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if it huh leaveiates pain for man's best friend or makes them calmer or more comfortable. i say just fine. >> we appreciate it. >> we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning it is thursday march 19th. a fox news alert they stared death in the face after terrorists opened fire at a museum killing 19 people. museums around the world are on high alert. meanwhile, another insult to add to our ally, president obama still has not called benjamin netanyahu after his big win. he's at the white house. is this relationship past mending? steven a. smith knows he'll probably get in trouble for this, perhaps. >> what i deem is that for one
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election every black person vote republican. >> what's behind it? the history lesson he's about to give everything single american. let me reiterate mornings are better with friends. >> this is sooezer mulan. thank you dog whisperrer. one of the questions we're going to get to today. is if your dog is ailing, would you give your dog pot? there is a suggestion, that's a really good idea out in the western states. democratic lawmakers pushing that. everyone's heart breaks if your dog is in pain. first we'll get to that fox news alert. just moments ago, tunesian officials naming two suspects in the yesterday's deadly museum
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massacre. now the hunt is on for accomplices. >> at least 20 are dead. dozens more hurt after masked militants fired on a tour bus. chasing scores of people into a museum. >> a guy that does a lot of work in that area for a while. we will go to leland vittert. no one is claiming responsibility, but a lot of people are praising, am i right? >> exactly. social media accounts linked to isis reportedly issued threats against tunisia in the days leading up to this attack. isis twitter accounts praised the attack. there has not been one formal claim of responsibility from a single group. take a look at some of the video that's coming out of those moments just after the attack. in terms of how the rescue services responded. also, exactly the terror in the eyes of these tourists who were running away from the gunman. we're learning more about the attack and how it happened. it killed about 20 people. many of them foreign tourists,
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including italians and japanese. the gun men acted with military precision. they gunned down anyone in their path and trying to take hostages. they attacked coincided with two cruise ships in port. tunisia itself is the single largest exporter of foreign fighters from syria and iraq. many of them return back home to tunisia. certainly a speculation these gunman could have been part of that group who at one time fought in syria and iraq. isis intelligence agents say they knew of one of the gun men. how they knew him and what they thought he was capable of is uncertain. it's a fragile democracy there where the arab spring started back in 2011. since then it has been very difficult for the country to deal with his terrorist threat. right now, in that country the hunt for any accomplices these
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guys might have had continue. >> leland vittert in the d.c. burrow. >> it's amazing when they did that twitter sweep the information they found. they know the enemy there wants to actually post this in real time. you see the video and images orphhostages. they know the effect they can get with social media. >> recruiting. >> people look at tunisia and say that's where the arab spring works. islamic extremists will have a say. heather nauert always works. >> all of us. good morning. good morning to you all h. let's start out in arizona. that's where a white supremacist with a wrap sheet is behind bars after a shooting rampage in mesa. he's accused of killing one man at a motel there after an argument. two others were shot outside the room as he tried to get away. then he ran across the street to a restaurant shooting another person and stealing their car.
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across town, two more people shot at apartment complexes. that motive unclear at this time. he was finally caught when police cornered him on a balcony of a vacant apartment. they hit him with a stun gun. that white supremacist has been in and out of prison for more than 20 years. a health scare to tell you about. a one kansas high school, 27 students have tested positive for tuberculosis. this after administration at olathe high school says one student was diagnosed with active tb earlier this month. so far none of the 27 infected are showing signs of that disease. they're being monitored during their spring break taking place right now. a hungry woman uses her teeth to fight off a robber. the 58-year-old was outside a pizza hut in maryland when a guy came up to her car and demanded money. he reached past her to try to grab her purse and she bit him. no arrests have been made but
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they're looking for bite marks. prince charles and camilla continue their royal tour of america. they will meet with president obama at the white house. the prince expected to talk about middle east relations with him and meet members of the senate foreign relations committee. they've been here since tuesday. yesterday they went to mount vernon. i'll see you back here. they were also at the national archives as well. they had a busy day. >> i got a question for both of you. whether it's the super bowl or a fight on the school playground, after the fight what do you generally do? >> you shake hands and -- >> you shake hands. >> good game. >> there is a big fight over whether or not barack obama was even going to have coffee with bibi netanyahu when he came to washington, d.c. he did not. because netanyahu was in town to speak to congress. well, as it turns out they had a big election in israel. the big fight, ultimately bibi won and barack obama lost. so you would think that one of
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the things you would do since we're partners is pick up the phone and call him. if you thought that, you would be wrong. >> and you have prime minister from canada and australia. india, the prime minister there calling to congratulate him. nothing from our president here. the white house did have time to release details of an upcoming trip to panama. they took to twitter and released the white house and the president's bracket choices for march madness which is all about sportsmanship. those players will crossing the court. they are beat as they come forward. >> let's look back in recent history and see how often he calls people after election. china one day. egypt two days. russia, it was a couple of days. in turkey, one day when it comes to israel, not so much. in terms of what kind of ramifications are going to be in
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this relationship, we might possibly because we don't like the way benjamin netanhu ran his campaign, and the rhetoric in it, we might possibly stop standing up for israel when it comes to resolutions at the united nations. overall, this is unbelievable. we're critiquing the campaigns of winning candidates. what about china and turkey? did you like the way the turkish prime minister his campaign? >> who. >> the president there. i guess that was up to standards. charles krauthammer weighed in. >> the reaction of the administration is now reaching levels where it's become unseemly. the pettiness with which they are discussing the election. it's clear that obama loathes netanyahu more than any other world leader. meaning, more than the ayatollah in iran or putin in russia. and he did everything he could to unseat him. he failed. and i think the message here, is
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this was an election between bi birks i and obama. that was on the ballot. >> it sure was. they did everything they could to get in the way of this. when it failed now we have a bad relationship. >> this is nothing new. a couple of months ago we read in the atlantic that a senior administration official referred to his as chicken bleep. you go by to not so long ago where susan rice told charlie rose bibi is destructive. he's been described as obtuse and pompous by this particular administration. so, you know, there is no love lost. ultimately the president is going to pick up the phone and talk to him. right now, what they're trying to do -- you mentioned the united nations. it looks like the united states is going to go to the united nation and sign on to a resolution that would support a
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two state situation over there. israel and palestine. the particular case that the united nations is pushing would have israel give up the west bank. and bibi in that picture there that's the last thing he wants to do. >> meanwhile, ten minutes after the hour. let's keep it in the middle east but change gears. i have an idea. thomas freeman has this idea. he said gives this question to americans. he wants to know should we be arming isis after all, isis is sunni. iran is shia. ever since that we had the war in afghanistan and iraq, sunni dominance has been shelved, like the taliban. that helped iran. when we got rid of saddam hussein. he's a sunni. isis is sunni, let's arm and take the side of isis. >> he is summing up saying we've been defeating iran's army for them. why don't we continue to help do
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that in this article. i couldn't tell throughout the entire thing if it was tongue and cheek. he said i despise isis as much as anyone. why are we for the third time since 9/11 fighting a war on behalf of iran? he also goes on to talk about the negotiations with iran. saying there's no great deal. we can't get the best deal possible. but, you know, a really good deal isn't on the table. president obama is going to do the best one he can. it's not going to be great because he with no leverage? how about we defeat our enemies and not give up. >> it's all about bad guys. isis bad, iran worse. this is how some of the left feels. let's go ahead and arm the bad guys because they're not as the other guys. >> let's get it straight in 2009 the iraq war was won. we pulled out used no leverage.
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when it comes to afghanistan we are retaining our bases there. the taliban is still on the sideline and iran has not made progress there while we're giving afghanistan to china that's another deal. here's the big question, is it right? do you feel we should be arming isis? do you feel as though isis is getting too much credit by defeating sunni armies we're helping iran? >> we had an opportunity earlier in syria to arm moderates. we chose not to before this escalated. we chose to get out of iraq despite bush's warning about getting out too early. this article has a lot of people talking today. let us know what you think. it's a scam. >> hillary's headlines causing her trouble. dmz some now begging elizabeth warren to run for president. stewart varney says wait a
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second. he's here to remind us who elizabeth warren is. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu won reelection yesterday. after a tight race. you know, actually he had a lot of support here in the united states including actor chuck norris, which explained his new project. walker texas rabbi. ♪ ♪ i wake up i'm sorry i met you ♪
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nobody you built a factory out there. good for you. but i want to be clear. you moved your goods to market. on the roads the rest of us paid for. >> okay. elizabeth warren's socialist views toward the economy may be the very reason some liberals are so insistent that she run for president. she's way to the left of hillary. their latest effort, run warren, warren is a campaign in which liberal power players are writing letters pleading with the senator to throw your name into the ring. are they pushing for her socialist views on the economy or they are worried about hillary who has trouble now. here now is stewart varney. a bunch of power brokers have written a powerful letter to senator warren saying what? >> the more trouble hillary is in the nor gleefully the left
3:18 am
pushes for elizabeth warren. there is now a campaign run warren run backed by a million dollars from the left active in new hampshire and iowa pushing the leftist elizabeth warren over hillary clinton. let's be clear, the left wants more government. that's elizabeth warren. they want more spending elizabeth. the left hates with a passion wall street, that's elizabeth warren. the left believes government is the agent of change. government should we distribute. that is elizabeth warren. you can sum it all up in that expression, you didn't build that. that's why elizabeth warren is popular on the left. >> is it just my imagination, or if she were the nominee, would we be back to class warfare all over again? >> back to it? i think that's where we are now. yes, class warfare -- >> it's harder for hillary given the fact that the clinton foundation has had its hand out
3:19 am
taking millions of dollars from we say and the world. >> she said they were dead broke when they left the white house. i don't think that's quite true. i think the more the left pushes elizabeth warren and the more prominent that becomes, the more wall street money goes to hillary clinton. and that will be a negative for hillary looked at from the left. >> when you look at the polls, though, for instance there's a poll out from iowa. hillary leads warren by i think 40 points. look right there. >> is that gap narrowing? has hillary gets into more and more trouble with this e-mail scandal, will that gap narrow? as this million dollars comes boo play, maybe that gap will narrow some more and elizabeth warren will come much more to the for. i think democrats are worried about hillary clinton and all the baggage she will bring to the campaign. it will unfold over the next 18
3:20 am
months. >> very good. run stuart run over to fox business network. to find it in your area going to he's got a big show coming up shortly. >> i do. >> thank you. coming up caught on camera. what what happened right after kids left a playroom. now the smoke detector goes off. that room was just waiting to explode. details straight ahead. and get half the credit for none of the work? a new grading policy that may keep students from getting zeros. is that a good idea? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. ♪ ♪ when the going get tough, the tough get going ♪ "%ñ
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quick headlines. what's a millionaire murder suspect getting ready to flee the country? documents reveal he had a mask, fake id and $42,000 in cash at his hotel. the fbi said durst had been withdrawing thousands from his account each day for months. legendary singer and actress liza minnelli is waking up in rehab. she's been treated for substance abuse at a facility in malibu. this is her first return to rehab in over ten years. thanks brian. fairfax county school district in virginia is considering a new grading policy that would elimname zeros and give out 50%. does it actually encourage slacking off? great question there. joining us to debate it. stuart gibson, a former school
3:25 am
board member and a child psychologist. we thank you for being here. you did substitute teaching in this exact county and area. what do you think about this initiative to take out that zero and replace it with a 50? >> i don't think students are motivated to achieve by what grade they get. i think they're motivated for having a passion for the subject matter and having a teacher that engages them. if we put a floor there h what we're doing is we're encouraging students to disengage. i suspect somebody will create an app for the exact minimum amount of work you could do and get a particular grade. i think it encourages gaming the system. i don't think it encourages students to achieve to their best level. and i also don't think that the grade that a student achieves who is doing the minimum amount of work, i don't think it necessarily reflects what they're able to do and what they know. which is the whole point.
3:26 am
>> i want to bring in susan. grade.rstand how the gradewit how does it affect the psychology of a student who has a zero some. >> i think it would help. where did zeros come from? we just invented it. if a kid happens to be out of school and misses a test or misses homework, should they be getting a zero, even though they're working hard? if you have to lose 100 pounds you may give up. ten pounds maybe you'll be motivated. i agree with the 50% grade idea. i think they're trying to be equal because each school is acting differently. >> i think every kid deserves a chance to succeed. let me play devil's advocate. what about the students who are doing well, are they punished by their other class mates who may not be putting in the effort to
3:27 am
warrant a 50. >> i don't think they're being punished. the kids who do well will do well. the kids are having problems we should look and see if there's a serious problem. it shouldn't be a zero, it brings down the curve. everybody gets more points than they're supposed to be getting. i think that it actually makes things more balanced and equal. and probably appropriate. >> stuart, you say? >> i agree i don't think it affects the students at the top of the class. what i do think, though, is that it diminishes the measure of what a student who is not putting in the effort knows and is able to do. at the end of the day, do youent up with students who have a diploma that isn't worth anything. there's aresisance there's a zero is because the student has not done anything or demonstrated proficiency in the subject manner. why not 50, 60 or 40.
3:28 am
>> we're going to leave it there. we ask our viewers at home to let us know what you think about this. thank you so much for being with us. i give them an a 100% for that debate. sports commentator know he will get in trouble or spark discussion based on what he said. >> one election, just one, every black person in america vote republican. >> the history lesson behind his controversial comments next. then supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg holds this selfie in contempt. the story behind the photo going viral. first a happy birthday to bruce willis, he is 60 years old today. ♪
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they always say hillary wore the pants. now i'm wearing the dress. bill for first lady put hillary in the white house, i am homesick. >> run hillary run. >> run hillary, run. >> run hillary run. >> as if the clintons didn't have enough issues with dresses, notice that one is red. not blue. it's your ridiculous shot of the morning. >> prohillary clinton pac bill for first lady featuring a man wearing the bill clinton mask in a way too tight dress. he is garnering support for hillary 2016. >> i know people keep screaming it's time for a woman president. although the video never says why clinton is a viable candidate. i do not know what bill would be called if hillary does win.
3:33 am
>> first gentleman. >> do you realize how quiet he has been? by the time he was -- >> that's a good thing. >> he shouldn't be quiet about that video we just saw. >> i like the way -- did you refer to him as big headed buba? >> i did. >> okay. >> in the video, of course. in their eyes. >> in that he is the big headed buba. >> at vanderbilt university they asked steven smith to speak. all we heard was the audio but this guy is compelling and successful. he can speak on so much more than sports. he took this time to talk about the american lecatorial system and how segments of our society vote for one party of another. when it comes to blacks in america they should think about history. and think they take their vote for granted. here's how steven broke it down and tells you what to do.
3:34 am
>> i have often said that from a political perspective what i dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in america vote republican. want me to tell you why? that would be going against lyndon b. johnson. he's your republican candidate. he is completely against the civil rights movement. lyndon b. johnson. was in favor of from what i've read. what happened is he barry goldwater, was the loser's office. there was a senate, a republican senate that pushed the vote to the president's desk. it was the democrats who were against civil rights legislation. do you know that since 1964, the black america hasn't given the republican party more than 15% of the vote?
3:35 am
here's what that means. black folks in america are telling one party we don't care without the you. they're telling the other party you got our vote. thfr, you have labelled yourself disenfranchised because one party knows they've got you under their thumb. the other party knows they'll never get you. and nobody comes to address your interest. >> how honest? pulling back the curtain on the black vote here. when he said no republican candidate right here has gotten more than 15% of the vote by black america. that is incredible. when you go down history and he started it there. the republicans, 13th, 14th. and 15th amendment. the emancipation proclamation. i think this reminder is sharp. it's going to raise a lot of brows today. it is honest. >> it's a great history lesson. as he depicts right there. it was the democrats who were against the civil rights act
3:36 am
back in the day. steven a. smith says look, the one party, the democrats are taking our votes for granted because we always vote for them. so let's vote republican. one time and going forward both parties will work for our vote. >> it's brilliant. >> they will have an issue with this one i think. >> possibly. it will be hard because the facts don't lie. republicans don't try. >> they try. >> they give so much credit to rand paul. he's going to areas where he runs for president is not going to get the vote -- if history is a judge. that's why i give credit to chairman ryan. ryan is going into the inner city -- >> the republicans are trying -- >> they don't focus their campaigning on inner cities. they don't feel they can get it and they don't know there. >> their policies do. >> they know that the democrats are going to wind up -- >> that's why they don't try. >> exactly. but they do try. they make the outreach. it's automatic. automatic voting.
3:37 am
going forward -- he make as good point. everybody just vote for them once, the republicans and let's see what happens after that. >> imagine that. imagine the reaction he will get from the left. let us know what you think. heather nauert who has all the headlines for us. >> good morning. let's start out overseas. shot down by syria. a senior u.s. military source revealing to fox news that the syrian military likely used a missile to take down a u.s. drone that disappeared from the skies two days ago. syrian tv airing this images of it in pieces. the time it went missing syrian officials claimed responsibility for this. the pentagon is still not confirming these details officially. a terrifying moment for any homeowner or parent. it was captured on this nanny cam video. take a look. wow. what would cause an explosion like that inside a home?
3:38 am
it was actually a boiler. sloeding inside this house in washington state. debris and shrapnel went flying through the children's playroom where the family was playing minutes before the blast. >> it actually launched itself sideways into another room about 15 feet into a separate room. >> it just really hit me how absolutely close of a call this had been. i could see my husband and child playing in that room right before the blast. my daughter's room is right above the blast zone. >> fire crews say the boiler malfunctioned. they say check your boiler and water heater every year. in texas, reading writing and resolvers? the texas senate clearing the way to carry concealed handguns in college classrooms. that would be allowed at public universities, private schools could ban them. the bill is being sent to the house for a final vote. maybe you heard of a irs phone scam that's going on around the country.
3:39 am
>> i'm going to count to three and hang up the call and the sheriff officer will be there on the way. >> a woman from colorado got that same call, too, claiming there was a lien on her property and she was being convicted of tax fraud. she thought the call seemed very real. but she managed to scare off her scammer. she was sobbing hysterically. she told the man on the phone she was nine months pregnant, she really is. she claims the man said wait, stop crying, it's a scam. it's not real. you're not going to jail. he then ended up calling her on the do not call list. what a story. the irs says they'll never call you and threaten sending you to jail. let's head outside to maria molina. she's got a look at the weather. spring is tomorrow, but that winter weather not over yet? >> that's right. we're going to be looking at accumulating snowfall and heavy at times as we head into tomorrow across parts of the northeast. temperatures ahead of our next storm system are on the cold side. take a look at the numbers in
3:40 am
caribou, maine, single digit current temperatures across not only parts of maine and into portions of upstate new york and vur vermont and new hampshire. areas are looking at better temperatures. texas is in the 60s and southeast into the 50s. high temperatures will be very warm across parts of the gulf coast. reaching the 70s and 80s. here's a look at our storm system that's developing producing rain across parts of the southeast. expect to see that as snow as we head into the northeast tomorrow. let's head back inside. >> 85 today in tampa. why aren't we in tampa? >> that looks so nice. don't get rid of the shovel yet. couldn't get to the polls this year? that could soon be a crime. why president obama wants to force americans to vote. >> plus, how the most powerful people get things done. four tips from a navy s.e.a.l. who made it all the way to the white house.
3:41 am
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ix-nay on the egetable-vay. oh, right. bush's secret family recipe gives them a delicious flavor, so they're a [whispers] vegetable that kids actually like. bush's baked beans. the [whispers] vegetable that kids love. got some quick headlines from washington, d.c. first up, president obama floating the idea of making voting mandatory in the united states. speaking to a civic group in cleveland, he says if everyone votes, it could completely change the political map. and supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg is not feeling nancy pelosi's selfie game. this was taken at an event to honor the female supreme court justices. as you can see right there, during women's history month. ginsberg is the one who is not smiling. over to you. our next guest has the rem
3:45 am
may of a tew patriot. spent ten years in washington before becoming a navy s.e.a.l. a platoon commander and served in iraq and afghanistan. what are his tips for being successful not only in the white house, but in life and as a s.e.a.l.? and how can it help you in your life. joining us from the white house deputy director of scheduling and retired navy s.e.a.l. james waters. you have accomplished so much already. congratulations. i see the trident on your lapel there. tell me your story. >> so i graduated college. moved to washington, d.c. trying to get a job. interviewed at the white house about september 7th, 2001. started working there a week later. it was a pretty trying time for the country as we all remember. >> you started on the 14th, september 11th, 2001, happened. your gut says i got to join the military. you also say i got to be at the
3:46 am
white house. >> how often does a young kid get to work at the white house. i wanted to take that opportunity. saw the start of the wars in afghanistan and then iraq. and i loved the opportunity to be at the white house. but i also, you know, felt like i had a duty to serve. >> right. you also talk about if you haven't been at the white house, there is things you learned that can help people right now. don't tell me how busy you are and how many e-mails you get. there's a way to handle it. you were at the number one office in the number one event in the world. be responsive when it comes to e-mail. >> i'm not here to tell you i was a big power broker in the white house at the time. i was a junior staffer. the people i saw whom i emulated. >> most powerful people in the world. >> were so responsive. i worked for mitch daniels. he was about the most responsive person there was. it didn't matter it was a big or
3:47 am
small issue, he got back to you right away. that carried on throughout the white house. >> by the way, in the book, he talked about combing through. you get a lot of junk e-mail you can't respond to that. there's software you can get to make the top e-mails go to the top. you also say don't overanalyze. make a decision. even if you have imperfect data, make a decision. what did you learn about that? >> the rule of thumb i was always taught, is a good decision now is better than a perfect decision in two days. look, data is important. we got to analyze things and make our decisions based on sound analysis. a lot of people like to postpone their decisions in favor of more analysis. frankly what that leads to is paralysis by analysis. >> is that like the president saying he had a gut instinct and goes with the quick decision. >> it doesn't matter if it's the white house, you've got to be
3:48 am
able to make decisions. you have to be able to develop the instincts to make good decisions. if you're the kind of person who will always postpone a decision, you're not going to be that productive. >> especially if you're wearing the green glasses and you're in the middle of an operation. always be learning. >> absolutely. so these senior guys whom i saw at the white house, they cultivated a culture of learning. it was all about mentoring people around them. on their own. it was ad hoc. you had the most senior people in the world caring about a 24-year-old and how he's doing and whether he likes his job. >> you told me too, if you mentor somebody, they're loyal to you. you have a loyal staffer there t. don't have a program where you're assigned a person. that's not going to work for you. and lastly, have a passion. >> yeah. well, i mean, look, when you work for the white house, you don't exactly make much money. you're working -- >> a lot of hours. >> a lot of hours.
3:49 am
it stretched during the 2004 campaign where we're working 18 plus hours seven days a week for a better part of three months. and the only way it worked is that we worked with people who were passionate about what we did. we liked working with each other. and we didn't do it for the money. >> right. navy s.e.a.l., is $35,000 a year? you were the elite fighting force. >> i don't know about the $35,000 a year. you don't make much money for that. >> don't do something for the money. that sounds counterintuitive. it's true. thanks what you did for the country and administration. thank you for joining us. 11 minute before the top of the hour. your parents left you a nice inheritance but you country collect it until you take a drug test. one lawmaker is trying to make that happy. is that a good idea? the hillary clinton e-mail controversy could be more than a political problem.
3:50 am
judge napolitano shares with us one way she could be charged with a federal crime. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
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3:53 am
well first they said there was no record of hillary clinton signing a separation form. now the state department claims not signing the document is what secretaries of state do. nobody does. >> form or no form. judge napolitano says hillary may still have legal trouble. he's here with us on the curvy couch to explain. why? >> there's two forms she was supposed to have signed that the law requires. one is on day one. you promise to safeguard national security secrets. classified secrets. and you recognize that all records that you generate and deal with are the property of the united states government and
3:54 am
you will make sure they stay in the custody of the united states government. apparently she didn't sign that. she's supposed to sign a document on her last day in office saying i have given you everything. i don't have anything in my possession. if i have something in my possession here is what it is, why and when you'll get it back. >> this is a separation document? >> correct. apparently she didn't sign that. now, the state department has an official called the inspector general, who is independent of her whose job it is to report to the national arkivest and the attorney general of the united states. when the secretary of state doesn't do what she's supposed to be under the law. were those reports made? we can't find copies of those reports either. >> apparently the national archives contacted the state department saying we want our documents back. whatever she did belongs not to her, but to us. >> that's the trick she has pulled. >> is this obstruction? >> it's obstruction of justice, concealing documents from the
3:55 am
federal government. it's moving security documents on to a private server. but her own people. she's relieved herself of the charge of perjury. she didn't sign the document under oath and she can't be accused of lying under oath. she is still exposed to the same crime that general petraeus is about to plead guilty to, which is taking classified materials on to a non-classified site. she says she was never hacked. >> how does she know? ? >> people she communicated with were hacked. sid blumenthal was hacked. what wer she and sid talking about? benghazi. >> lthe nsa has a copy. if the nsa has it the israeli musod has it.
3:56 am
those 33,000 e-mails she thinks she deleted they're out there. >> comp rumized. >> for the state department, you know, no secretaries of state sign it. this was unique the secretary of state used the secret e-mail. >> correct. the other secretaries of state kept their records on the government server. >> right. >> thank you. >> thank you, judge. all right. coming up on this thursday, he was a decorated american hero, that's until the army stripped him of his medals because he admitted to killing a terrorist. during a job interview. we're going to explain in justice ahead. >> a lesson in the gender pay gap. students holding a bake sale. the guys had to pay more. is pay discrimination the same thing as wage discrimination? we'll chew on that in a second. >> it's not funny judge. ♪ luck be a lady tonight
3:57 am
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good morning today is thursday, march 19th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. massacre at a muse im. gunmen opened fire on a crowd leaving two dozen dead. breaking now what we were just learned, that we were warned. another insult to the only middle east ally we have and accou can't afford to lose. benjamin netanyahu is taking calls from leaders around the world except the oval office. by is president obama putting bibi on hold. this couple thinks a fire scene is a good place for a selfie. >> you got to -- >> oh, i have to move? >> for those hardworking firefighters not laughing.
4:01 am
until they got revesk. you got to see this. mornings are better with friends. >> this is aaron tippin and you're watching "fox and friends." somewhere in america aaron tippin is doing dips right now. >> he is. >> as he did yesterday on our show. >> i love the fact that that guy posted the selfie that shows him not doing anything while somebody's vehicle is on fire. >> it's so negligent, really? amazing. >> i'm not getting involved. >> let us know what you think. we'll get to that fox news alert for you. just moments ago the death toll rising in the tunesian massacre to 23. we learned moments ago there were warnings about the terror attack up to a week before the gunmen opened fire there. >> this as tunesian officials continue to hunt for more accomplices.
4:02 am
there must be more. >> leland vittert is here with the latest. >> good morning. those warnings on social media, while picked up, were considered too vague to actually make any kind of security arrangements or change any security statuses at various points around tunisia that might have prevented this attack. they were reportedly linked to isis in terms of the social media attacks. since the attacks a number of twitter accounts have praised the attacks. there has been no formal claim of responsibility. this is some pictures from the scene. we're learning more about the s lives, many of them foreign tourists, including four italians and five japanese. the gunmen acted with provision as they fired at tourists coming off buses and gunned down anyone in their path and taking hostages. tunesian security forces responded. got a lot of folks out of that museum. ending up killing both of the attackers. the attack was coincided with
4:03 am
two cruise ships that were in port at the time. a lot of foreigners there. tunisia is the single largest exporter of foreign fighters into syria and raeiraq. their speculation these gunman may be part of the group. intelligence services say they knew of one of the gunman there in tunisia. they didn't have enough information to act on it. tunisia has been in turmoil. the arab spring started in early 2011. it has been very difficult for the country to deal with the terrorist threat there. as we speak, the hunt for accomplices is still ongoing. back to you guys. >> all right. leland in the bureau, thank you. you want to stay in the middle east here and talk about insult to our ally. israel. benjamin netanyahu still to this point after his victory, no phone call yet from the white house. >> i hope he's got call waiting.
4:04 am
>> we talked about this, the administration trying to do everything it possibly could to get in the way of this election with v 15 and one voice and those funded by the state department. we looked into that. so, they don't win there. celebrations behind netanyahu, but no phone call. this has happened before. other world leaders got in there and congratulated netanyahu with a good sport handshake. prime minister david cameron from the uk. steven harper from canada. india, their prime minister reached across and said well done, congratulations. not our president here. what does that say about our leadership? >> other lawmakers say you've got to get over it. senator feinstein, two people who spent a lot of time in foreign relations. bury the hatchen. senator mccain says bury the hatchen. secretary of state kerry, i don't think they got along great. he did make the phone call. >> this administration has buried the hatchet in bibi netanyahu's back. go back a couple months ago.
4:05 am
we were talking about an atlantic article, a high ranking white house official referred to the prime minister of israel as chicken bleep. also, referred to him as myopic, abtuse and pompous. when you look at susan rice who was on pbs, she told -- she's a big shot -- she told charley rose he is being destructive. there was the hot mic situation where he said i cannot bear netanyahu. the president said you're fed up with him, i have to put up with him more than you do t. mr. netanyahu is use today the insults from this white house. the fact that the president hasn't picked up the phone is just another -- >> the fact he has had time to put on twitter the administration -- the white house put on twitter the bracket for march madness. >> we can't live without that. >> we've got time to give his picks and not pick up the phone and say congratulations. dana perino who worked in the
4:06 am
white house, press secretary there, she says president bush based on his character alone would have made this call. >> the white house i worked in, you make the call. you didn't have to advise president bush to make the call because it was his instinct. you're the first to call. if you're thee first to call -- special if you are suffering somewhat of a defeat. if you are embarrassed because your guy didn't win. you want to be the first to call. because that's gracious. you're not diminished by being gracious. you're calling to say, well played. congratulations. we got a lot of work to do. >> i think the prime minister might be a little ticked off because he knows there seem to be forces working against him from america. after the the russian election it took five days. who knew putin was going to win. for a phone call, china it took one day. egypt the same day. turkey, a one day delay. iran, same day when rohani won, the president picked up the phone. >> you're willing to make moves for those leaders and not this, our ally. >> on the front page of the "new
4:07 am
york times," which is pretty much the news letter for the white house, it says whether or not -- it says the question is whether the president and prime minister can repair their relationship and whether mr. obama will even try. front page "new york times" today. >> they were talking about at the un no longer backing israel on treaties and problems they have. >> no victory in character there as well. it's time for some news and, of course we turn to heather for that. >> good morning. >> got a couple things i want to tell you about. a white supremacist with a long wrap sheet is behind bars. after a shooting rampage in arizona. two others were shot outside the room as he tried to get away. police say he ran across the street to a restaurant shooting another person and then stealing their car. then across town two more people were shot at apartment complexests. that motive is still not clear.
4:08 am
he was finally caught when police cornered him on the balany of a vacant apartment. they hit him with a stun gun. he's a white supremacist and he's been in and out of prison for more than 20 years. outrage at the university of virginia after a black student is left bloodied by police. take a look. >> i go to uva. i go to uva. >> stop fighting. >> the governor of that state is calling for an investigation ininto his arrest. he was stopped by alcohol beverage control agents after he was turned away at a bar on st. patrick's day. exactly what happened is not clear. he was arrested and pinned to the ground. his face apparently roughed up a bit. he needed ten stitches and faces several charges, including resisting arrest. hundreds of students from uva holding rallied in support of johnson.
4:09 am
he is described as a model student. we'll keep you updated on this story. the number two democrat in the senate dick durbin taking heat for what he said about his republican colleagues, blaming them for holding up the nominee. >> loretta lynch, the first african-american woman nominated to be attorney general, is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the senate calendar. >> wow. a reference to race right there. durbin's critics quickly point out to the hypocrisy of that. he tried to block a latino nomination under president george w. bush calling him, quote, dangerous. one couple thinking an active fire scene is a fun place for a selfie until firefighters get a sort of revenge. take a look. >> i want to see him get it out.
4:10 am
there you go. this is a -- >> yeah. glad those firefighters hit those dopes there. the firefighters in new haven, connecticut, putting a damper on that selfie situation. really? that's neat? fun to take pictures in front of a fire. i guess so they think. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. >> are they called selfies or selfish? >> i think selfish. time for you choose the news. three stories in the news today. you let us know which you like the best. by the way, they all volve democrats. out in jordan high school in utah, the president of the young democrats club trying to raise awareness for pay equality between men and women. because they say in this country women make $0.77 on the dollar compared to the dollar. they sold cookies for a dollar to the guys and # $0.07 to the women. >> trying to close the wage gap with pay discrimination here. people want to get your cookie.
4:11 am
imagine you're a guy you have to pay a dollar and if you're a girl you have to pay $0.77. is this the way to solve the problem? i'm not sure. >> wonder if the white house they have different prices as well. because women earn i think $0.75 on the dollar to the men at the white house. do they do it at the white house? >> the principal supported their efforts from the young democrats club. >> meanwhile, not a day goes by we're not talking about marijuana pot legalization. maybe this is the first time we're talking about pets and marijuana. a state senator wants to see if he can get medical marijuana to pets who are suffering in their final throws. my fear is even though the thought is good and the heart is on the right place. if people are making up reasons to get pot now, can you imagine what they'll say about their pets. >> veterinarians say it can help, but they're -- they're posing like they have some paws
4:12 am
that need some pot. did that come out right? >> it did. >> why are you eating the cat food? >> we're going to close the show on an interview with that. >> democrat representative suggests that kids should be drug tested before they can inherit from their parents making it equivalent to getting food stamps mpt. she says why is it a single mother should be drug tested which is unrelated requirement to receiving food assistance to make sure her food has enough to eat. and people who are lucky enough to inherit millions of dollars don't have to do anything. suggesting somehow that someone who is set to receive inheritance should be drug tested because that is not the government's money? at all. >> she does not know the difference between your money and the government's money. >> yeah. >> there is a big difference. >> congressman kevin brady says we've got to reduce the death
4:13 am
tax. people are losing farms because they inherit from their parents. they have to sell their farms. i think it's unamerican to take money away from a family that's earned it. >> you choose the news. which of those three stories bugs you the most. the bake sale where the guys have to pay more, the pets and the pot, or the democrat who says it's just not fair that -- the whole scenario between people being drug tested for well fare money and inheritance. >> you will pass money on to you kids. she wants to drug test them first. >> coming up he was a decorated american hero until the army stripped him of his medals because he admitted to killing a terrorist during a job interview. is that fair? has this ever been you? >> here's the deal, i've got a hangover. who knows what that means? >> doesn't that mean you're drunk? >> no. it means i was drunk yesterday.
4:14 am
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why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it's works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. try sunsweet amazin prune juice. also available in light. on a hotel room. however, it won't help you if you lock yourself out of your hotel room in your underpants. thanks captain obvious. no need to thank me, since i haven't helped you in the slightest. hi a decorated american hero
4:18 am
with a silver star for valor until the army stripped him of his medals because he admitted to killing a terrorist during a job interview. california congressman reservist duncan hunter is fighting to get the silver star returned and thinking about the bigger picture. first off, set the scene. what happened to him? >> here's what happened. you had marines killed in afghanistan. a district. you have bad guys all over. marines killed by an ied. an ied goes off. they allegedly find the guy that's been killing marines. dozens of marines. two that we know of. he gets killed. and the army, in their wisdom. the civilian leadership of the army john mchugh who is the secretary of the army kicks out the guy who killed the iedmaker allegedly. that's what's happened there. you have guys doing what the
4:19 am
american people want them to do. the american people want their guys to go over to afghanistan, iraq, and syria, kill the bad guys and come home safely. that's what the american people want their soldiers to do. matt gold stein did that. not only is he kicked out of the green berets. the secretary of the army who has no military service whatsoever revokes his silver star for a combat engagement he earned in a totally different time and place than what they're alleging he did. >> to get this clear, this john mchugh, a civilian, does he get civilians out of the loop in particular? they shouldn't be stripping anyone of anything. they don't understand battle the ways you understand battle. >> he's a presidential appointee. >> who is he to get involved in this? number two i would give another medal for tikilling the iedmake. you want to remove the civilians from the loop when it comes to
4:20 am
giving out the medals. >> yeah. >> you want to get gold stein's medal restored? >> absolutely. you shouldn't have a presidential appointee, a political appointees able to revoke a valor award a combat award. >> real quick, who is behind you in this? i mean, you're uniquely qualified to do it but who is behind you? >> everybody. this is a bipartisan push to get the civilian appointees out of the war fighting set in afghanistan and iraq and syria. >> all right. and major matt gold stein reach out to congressman hunter online on his website and let him know where you stand. this has got to stop. congressman dunken hunter, thanksmuch. >> up next a major blind spot in a test that millions of women rely on for life or death decisions. dr. marc siegel has everything
4:21 am
you need to know about that. don't post this on social media. facebook cracks down on people who call themselves christians. ♪
4:22 am
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4:24 am
time now for some news by the numbers. $10 million. that's how much target will pay out to victims of its massive data breach. victims could get up to $10,000 apiece. stand by for details. $1,134 that's the lowest insurance premium you can pay this year. you'll get it with a jeep wrangler sport. the cheapest car to insure in 2015. zero hangover. that's when you could get with some brand new wine.
4:25 am
researchers at the university of illinois say they can modify the dna of yeast that could actually reduce the elements in wine that gives you a hangover. why was this not our lead story? >> i say cheers to that. each year, more than one and a half million woman in the united states go through a breast biopsy to determine if cells are healthy or not. but a new study from the biopsies are leaving room for doubt. here to talk about this is dr. marc siegel. when it comes to spotting cancer, the pathologists are right a great deal of the time. they can see when it's cancer or not. when it's something in between, suspicious tissue, that drops to half in tirerms of accuracy rat. >> absolutely right. 50% of the time, if it's precancerous orra atypical theye
4:26 am
not getting it right. they compared them to three top experts and there wasn't agreement on the suspicious tissue. here's how this works out at a doctor's office. if you have a mass on a mammogram which ends up being 20% of breast biopsies end up being cancer. if you have a suspicious looking mammogram and you have a biopsy they're probably goat to ging tt right. if your doctor says there's something suspicious, we don't know what it is, let's do a biopsy to make sure. that's the time when you better make sure you have a top person interrupting it. that's when they'll get it right. or a second opinion. you have to get the top people involved on the cases in the gray area. >> a lot of women go to mammograms and they get a biopsy, they feel they're one step closer to getting more information but in this case you could get it 50% wrong. >> that is problematic. this point out that medicine is
4:27 am
an art. when it comes to breast exams you have to know how to do them. you have to go to the top person doing the biopsy so they get the right tissue and have a good pathologist involved. i am not concluding that you shouldn't have a bankruptcy. if 20% of the time it doesn't prove cancer, look at that article i don't want to do that. you have to be considering this when there's a suspicious. the top artists in the field have to be doing it. >> it's a great way to shift perspective on who we're going to, of course. dr. siegel, thank you for this information. >> very important, thanks. >> go get those tests both of them if they're recommended. now this coming up, the man who killed osama bin laden wants to rescue the doctor who helped us find that leader. he has a message for our president about it. and you have to remember this guy from the hit show married with children. i do. >> congratulations on your purchase of the easy to put together handy man's work bench
4:28 am
5,000. open box. >> we did that. >> ted mcginley joins us with his new role in a faith based film and why he never intended on being an actor in the first place. that's up next. hi there. ♪ love and marriage ♪ love and marriage ♪ go together like a horse and carriage ♪ shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple?
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water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. call the number on your screen or visit the website to learn more. president obama did a bracket. he sat down with espn, he says the ncaa should reduce the shot clock for basketball games. they said while they're at all, any way they can reduce the being the president clock. take it down to a year and a half. i'm ready to go. >> he's sprinting to the finish line. >> some would say he's already semi retired. >> a little salt in the wound by that joke by jimmy. >> it is 29 minutes before the
4:32 am
the top of the hour. we have headlines and we start with a crazy case of that durst guy. it gets even weirder. down in louisiana right now. the millionaire murder suspect is under suicide watch at a louisiana prison. his lawyers are denying he wants to kill himself. insisting the 71-year-old is in good spirits. he's in a prison that is equipped for the mentally ill. he's awaiting to be extradited to california where he faces murder charges for laenlly killing his best friend in los angeles 15 years ago. the man who shot and killed osama bin laden has a message for our president. free the man who helped us find him. you know the story of the doctor who still remained locked up in a pakistani prison accused of treason and sentenced to 33 years. he ran a fake vaccination campaign for the cia that led s.e.a.l. team 6 to bin laden in 2011. the s.e.a.l. who says he took
4:33 am
him down, urging the united states to help this hero. listen. >> i remember hearing about this guy when we were getting briefed on the mission. he may or may not have known what he was doing it for. he was helping us on the ground, which was a dangerous place to do that. just because he did that, we can't be leaving him behind. why would people want to help us in the future? >> a lot of people agree ing with that. he says his conviction was doctored by the pakistani government. the black student unien uc berkeley is calling for a fix of its hostile environment. the student group is now putting together a list of demands that includes renaming a building after a former black panther. she was the first woman ever on the fbi's most wanted list. she was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper. the students say they see her a
4:34 am
a quote, icon of resistance. she killed that officer right there. facebook now banning an ad because christianity can be offensive? the producers of a new movie called i am christian try today advertise their fund raising campaign by using this ad on online. facebook says your ad wasn't approved because it doesn't follow facebook's guidelines. the film will tell the story of a woman. she is a woman sentenced to death in sudan for converting to christianity. the movie stars stacy dash and kevin sorbo. the producers appealed this to facebook. but facebook still rejecting that ad. what do you think about that? i'll see you in a little bit. >> stacy dash is not in the film. >> that's it. >> we don't mine seeing because
4:35 am
she's gorgeous. >> remember him? al bundy's best friend? >> how long is this going to take you? >> directions say 20 minutes. >> i say we can do it under 15. just watch our dust. >> congratulations on your purchase of the easy to put together handyman's work bench 5,000. open box. >> well, we did that. >> on married with children, actor ted mcginley played the lazy boy who married his wife. you could say he's come a long way. now ted is being tapped to play a pastor. >> that's right. in the new -- >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> it's called do you believe. it's great toov y have you. it's an interesting topic because it's about a pastor who might hit rock bottom because he is trying to help everyone.
4:36 am
>> congregation has so many needs. so many pastors and ministers they take care of everyone outside of their home. many do take care of what's going on in their home. that can be an issue. in this particular case, my wife, we can't have a baby and i haven't quite dealt with that very well with her. we have that issue in our own lives in addition to all these issues going on. >> you're not exempt from it because you're a pastor. >> that's right. >> what priest or pastor did you try to learn from? where you live your life like that, helping people anyway? >> i do the best i can. i try to live up to everything i can. but i grew up with a very good relationship with my minister growing up as a kid. and he set a great example. he had two sons that were preacher's kids. it was a good mix. >> so this role is close to home for you. didn't i read somewhere you wanted to be a minister or a priest until you were a sophomore or junior in high school? >> i look to say -- so my
4:37 am
grandfather was from ireland. we -- half of the catholic church, half pres biitarian. i was drawn to the drama of being up there. i discovered girl and had an issue with the priesthood. >> acting wasn't something you wanted to do? weren't you interested in water polo and real estate? >> i went to uc, university of southern california played water polo. like everyone elseula i thoughtd go into real estate. >> it was really hard. >> christian mingle for you. >> i was a lifeguard for five years. >> that should even help a little bit more. >> i was reading about this movie you're in. apparently at one point you had to memorize six pages of script. >> yeah. >> you had a mission. because you were going to have to repeat it in one take. you wanted to do what?
4:38 am
>> it's -- that's right. it was a monologue. it was a six page monologue. i'm going to scare -- no one would see the movie if they see a six page monologue. they're leading the story as i'm reading the story. my goal was if there was someone in the audience or congregation -- we had this amazing group of extras that were there. we started that scene probably 8:00 at night and we finished 7:00 in the morning. they were there all night and had to listen to me. there were people with tears. >> they weren't acting. you were really trying to convince them of your message from the pulpit. >> if somebody was lost through my speech and sermon they would come around. >> coming full circle to your original hopes of maybe being a priest or pastor? >> that's right. it was a great moment where it crossed over for me. >> how did happy days help you become a better pastor?
4:39 am
days? >> i was on happy days. >> what did you learn from fawnsy. >> don't bump into furniture. i used to run home to watch that show. >> they were a professional group. >> i learned a lot. >> even from potsy. >> even from potsy. >> it opens on march 20th. >> that's right tomorrow. >> congratulations. with everything. >> i wanted to have you on. elizabeth, i told him he'd be a good guest. >> meanwhile out on the streets in new york city behind us. maria molina. >> do you know what we're talking about is cold temperatures in the northeast yet again. that's the one area across the u.s. that you're looking at temperatures that are well below average and also including porgs of the great lakes and midwest. some of the current numbers in the 20s and cleveland and new york city.
4:40 am
as you head further north much colder single digits in maine and new york and northern new england. other areas of northern new england. hay temperatures staying warm across parts of the south. we have a developing storm system producing rain in the southeast and producing snow in the northeast tomorrow. >> thank you very much. rain is acoming. financial guru and friend of the show dave ramsey bought a new house with cash and no loan. he's getting attacked on social media. why? dave here to respond to his critics. their war on his success. >> social media is coming to an end. today. he was honest, telling police he owned a legal gun. telling the truth costing him his career and more. that man here to tell us the inside of the story live. ♪ jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
4:41 am
today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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all right. you're going to want to hold on to your seat for these headlines a drag racer lucky to be alive after a spectacular crash. >> oh, my god. >> he is gone. the front end of the car lifting up and descent grating when it hits the barrier. me he walked away without a scratch. a driver in russia nearly losing his head after a tire flied off the truck and into the windshield. the front of the car destroyed and the driver had to have bits of glass removed from his face. the windshield was covered. a biker leading police on a dangerous chase in southern california.
4:45 am
watch as he stands on his seat, then taunts the cops before snapping a selfie while going over 100 miles per hour. what is going on out there? the hour long chase ended with him surrendering at a gas station. >> i hope they breathalized him. >> you have to be sober to be able to pull that off. is there war on success? big question there. everybody wants to earn lots of money. something there's fallout for people who makes it to the top. our next guest was criticized for buying a multimillion dollar home even though he bought it in crash. why do some people think being wealthy is wrong? dave ramsey joins us from nashville. did you expect people were going to come after you for working hard toward a home and paying it with cash? >> well, yes. we have a war on success going on in america. you know, the left fringe has a real agenda.
4:46 am
and the agenda is to give the government more power and the government more control. and in order to do that, they're spreading three really huge myths out there. that wealth is evil. that the little man is trapped and can't get ahead. and, of course they're continuing to spread this wealth inequality message, which is also got faulty logic to it. if you work harder you should make more. >> yeah. and you have lived in this house, i understand for a couple of years, but social media just right now catching up to it. i read -- you saw it on twitter or whatever you wanted to get involved -- somebody suggested questioning whether or not you can be a witness for christ when you have a lot of money. >> calling you a hypocrite really. >> there's a toxic version of the left gotten involved in christianity as well. it's this idea that christians can't own anything or can't manage anything. we technically don't own
4:47 am
anything, we manage it for god and hisglory. the fact that a person can own a home and do things for the poor and for the folks who are struggling. it's absurd. >> moses was rich i believe. i haven't seen his account but that's according to people that were there. let's talk about inheritance. we were talking about that today. one of our other stories. when you inherit money, should you be giving 50% of it up? >> no. you shouldn't. because, again, that goes back to this wealth is evil message. wealth is not evil. it doesn't have morals. it's not good or bad. what you do with it is what counts. what you inherit is not money, you inherit the responsibility to handle the money for the good of family and society. >> what about the idea there is some democrats out there -- this is tied to the death tax here -- that they want to drug test
4:48 am
those that would stand to inherit their parents' money? >> there's a whole movement within the wealth inequality thing that destroys a person's life work. you build an estate to build your family tree and wealth ask evil and the only people who can manage it is the government. the problem is it's a broken philosophy. we're teaching people that success is bad. now we've got 19% of the males under 30 living in their mom's basement because success is bad. >> the first time i ever remember having these discussions over the past six years. people all of a sudden are thinking about this and bringing this up. it's unbelievable that you are as well. >> thank you. you're right. and it can be fixed. i mean, again, all we got to do is talk about it out loud logically and not left the left wing fringe take control of the conversation, which is bluogger in his mom's basement with $150
4:49 am
highlights in his hair. >> that's expensive. >> highlights aren't cheap. >> highlight inequality. his book is called the legacy journey. thank you. >> good to be with you guys. >> that's fun. he was honest, telling the cops that he had a legal gun. check this out. in the glove box. telling the truth cost him his career and more. that man here to tell his side of the story. a time for look back at life in this day in history jump by van hailen was the number one song. we all jumped and twisted our ankle. ♪ i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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meet this man, a young armored car driver who dreamt of one day becoming a police officer. but one simple traffic stop changed his life and probably shattered that dream. all for being honest about his legally owned gun. right now we have him. good morning. >> good morning. >> two years ago you're in your garage cleaning your gun. you worked for an armored car company as a driver so you had a gun. >> correct. >> what happened? >> that morning i was in my house. i was getting my firearm out of my place and i made my way to the car from the garage. i was trying to disarm my firearm. high little sister did come into the garage. when she came in she startled me. so i placed the firearm in the glove compartment to assist her and take her back upstairs. i had a mental lapse. >> you forgot the gun was in there. >> basically, yes. >> you were out on the road and
4:54 am
what happened? >> i was on the road that evening a police stopped me for a traffic violation saying my registration was expired. due to the fact of my registration being expired i reached for my credentials. >> that's where the gun was. you told the police officer what? >> i told him my farm was in the compartment. i told him who i worked for. i didn't have my work id at the time. they took the farm. they let me go. they gave me a ticket for my insurance card. and that said come down on monday and you can get your firearm. >> you went back on monday and you were in handcuffs why? >> they put me in handcuffs because they said i was being charge would unlawful possession of a firearm which is a second degree felony. >> wait a minute you owned the firearm legally. >> i did go throthe background investigation and the police department. that was in the process of hiring me is the one who issued my credentials to obtain a
4:55 am
firearm. >> you were in trouble because the gun was considered concealed because it was in your glove compartment. >> yes. >> in new jersey you get in big traubl for th trouble for that don't you? >> yes. >> where does the case stand right now? it seems like you were trying to do the right thing. you told the police officer, it's my gun, it's registered because i work for this company. the cops hands are tied. at one point they were starting to adjudicate it. you took a plea deal because you were going to wind up in prison. >> i took the plea deal because i was thinking about my family. i have a good supportive family at home. and to face ten years in prison with a mandatory of five years, it was just -- unconstitutional. it's draconian the way they treat people in the state of new jersey, we all are legally owned gun owners who come from good families, good support systems. we have become felons for this.
4:56 am
>> you wound up -- you took probation rather than going to prison. you got this felony. you want to be a police officer. who can help you? >> all the gun owners is in the state of new jersey. everybody who has been supporting me can help me. everybody is pushing that is helping me all over the nation. >> it doesn't seem quite fair. >> thank you, sir. >> people will be talking about it. we thank you so much. coming up, on this thursday, it's one of life's biggest milestones. before you buy your first house, bob massi has a major warning you will want to hear. sorry, boys a lesson in the gender pay gap causing boys to pay more for cookies than girls. that is discrimination, right? ♪ hit the road jack ♪ and don't you come back no more no more ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
. good morning today is thursday, march 19th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now massacre at the museum. gunmen opened fire on a crowd leaving had more than a dozen people dead. breaking just now, what we have learned that we were in fact, warned. yet another insult to the only middle east ally we can't afford to lose. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu taking calls and well wishes from world leaders all around the world except from our oval office. why? we're live at the white house this morning with details. you're tough on pot. the lawmakers who says it's time for your dog to be able to get medical marijuana too. think about that for a second while i inform you that mornings are better with friends. >> live from the news crossroads of the world. this is "fox and friends." that sounded professional.
5:01 am
>> important. newscross roads. i like that intro. thanks for being with us at 8:00 p.m. on this fine thursday. a lot going on, heather nauert stands by right now with the headlines. >> hi there, guys great to see you. we start out with a fox news alert. and this morning, the death toll now rising to 23 in the tunisian museum massacre. we learn there were warnings about yesterday's deadly tacks that were posted on social media accounts linked to isis. these online up to a week before the gunmen opened fire. intelligence services there knew one of the suspects was considered dangerous. officials continue to look for more accomplices in that attack. so far no one is claiming responsibility. a white supremacist with a long rap sheet after a shooting rampage in arizona. he is accused of killing one guy at a mesa motel after an
5:02 am
argument. two others were shot outside the room as he tried to get away. police say that's when he ran across the street to a restaurant shooting another person and stealing their car. across town two more people were shot at different apartment comp plexes. the motive is still not clear. he was finally caught when police cornered him on the balcony of a vacant apartment. he's been in and out of prison for more than 20 years. a health care at a kansas high school to tell you about. 27 students so far have tested positive for tuberculosis at olathe high school. one student was diagnosed earlier this month. so far the 27 is showing no signs of the disease but they're being monitored during spring break. talk about an unusual way to garner support for hillary clinton. >> they always say, hillary wore the pants. now i'm wearing the dress.
5:03 am
bill for first lady. 2016. put hillary in the white house. i am homesick. >> run hillary run. >> run hillary run. >> run hillary run. >> okay. don't need to see that one. well, the pro hillary clinton political action committee is called bill for first lady releasing a video that features a guy wearing this bill clinton mask and that way too tight dress with the hairy legs. blah blah blah. the big headed buba is seen garnering support for hillary in 2016 with people -- you could hear them out there as they scream time for a woman for president. they will certainly get a lot of attention for that, won't they? those are your headlines. oh, my. >> you will notice that bill is wearing a red dress, not to remind people of a blue dress. >> got it. >> it's the bikini that has everyone sort of pause today for sure. heather, thank you. >> my eyes are burned i saw it. >> you recover while i tell everybody about this.
5:04 am
we have a fox news alert for you now. president obama refusing to call and congratulate israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> all right. leland vittert is live at the white house. he's covering this about the strained relationships that seemed to be getting worse. >> brian, there's a question about just exactly how much worse it can really get here. no secret that the president and top advisors would have much preferred a more liberal prime minister in israel. perhaps someone who would have been more emenable to that deal they wanted and continue to want to make with iran. just take a listen to nancy pelosi in terms of what she said and what she didn't say when asked about the prime minister winning reelection. >> well, people of israel have spoken. i respect the results that they have produced. >> not exactly thrilled. the british and canadian leaders publicly congratulated netanyahu. here in washington, there remains a lot of questions about the administration's links to a
5:05 am
group in israel that was advocating before the elections for essentially anyone but bibi. >> shame on him for not having made that call. what this is about is that netanyahu has been in the president's face about this weak and daskerous iranian deal that's going to undermine u.s. security interest. the president wants it his way or no way. >> and to give you a little bit of context in terms of how this normally goes, congratulations to world leaders after elections. called the leader of iran the same day. turkey one day after. china one day after. egypt when the muslim bru brotherhood took over. two days. russia, five days to call. we're still a couple of days for the prime minister to be sitting by his telephone. the white house press secretary said when that call happens it might be slightly contentious. as you know the president is not happy with that pledge by prime
5:06 am
minister netanyahu there would not be a palestinian state. >> leland vittert great reporting. it may not be making the ulca, but sending a message how, if at all this relationship can be repaired. >> since when are we judging people's campaigns before we call them? did vladmir putin go above the board because we called him? china has their election? we love the way turkey did it? now we're judging the campaign before -- >> how about trying to interfere with the state department funded organization over there trying to get into the election. never mind judging it from the outside. >> the president's argument for bibi netanyahu coming to congress we don't get involved in other people's politics. the president made a courtesy call to iran before he made one to the country of israel. by the way, there's a reason why he should pick up the phone. since the frosty relations with
5:07 am
netanyahu, the republican party has generally gained seven points with jewish voters and the democrats have lost ten. that's a trend that i can imagine democrats don't want to continue. >> it was crazy up to 2012 if you think about president bush and his relations with the israeli government, you would think the american jewish community would run to mitt romney. they didn't. they still voted democratic. >> they did. we'll turn to this. a "new york times" columnist asking this question, very provocative. should we armize? this is his quote. >> arm isis. >> yeah i despise isis as much as anyone. let me toss out a different question. should we be arming isis -- let me ask that differently why are we for the third time since 9/11 fighting iran. alluding to 2002 destroying, 2003, taking out saddam hussein. we've been doing their legwork. why don't we arm isis so they
5:08 am
can defeat iran. >> we did arm isis because we left all the arms on the battlefield in iraq, and that's what, in large part, these guys have. this is how the left thinks. isis bad, iran worse, let's go ahead and arm isis. >> my hunch is that thomas friedman is underlying the complexity of it. and talking about the wisdom currently right now of allowing iran to take over iraq. also, the taliban, technically an enemy of iran, although they're doing a lot of things together. the taliban being out of power is to iran's benefit. we're seeing what's happening in syria with them still there. by letting iran fight in iraq, we're giving them iraq now as well. so underlines the question -- basically a lot of you have been answering should we be arming isis. in reality. you know the sunni countries don't want to arm isis. >> many people believe we have the capacity to defeat both.
5:09 am
the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. we have the capacity to do the right thing. >> friedman says we're tapped out. >> all decisions in the middle east are not great what do we do? hand off? >> it's a dumb idea. now, it's time for you choose the news. we will tell you about three stories involving democrats across the event. then we'll tell you which of these three you were most outraged by. first out in jordan high school in utah. the president of the young democrats club wanted to raise the awareness of the pay gap between men and women. generally statistics say women make $0.77 for every dollar a man makes in this country. they had a bake sale where men paid a dollar and girls paid $0.70. >> in order to crush the discrimination they see in the wage grap they decided to discriminate for the men and boys in their school and make them pay more. >> isn't this what happened at the white house?
5:10 am
statistically men make more at the white house. i think it's $0.78 on the dollar that women make. >> maybe they should make the bake sale there. make it mobile. the principal backing the young democrat's club. in nevada -- we talk about medical marijuana. pets may soon qualify for pot. some doctors saying the animals could alleviate pain they may be feeling dealing with certain ailments. they have not been able to investigate thoroughly what problems the pets have. what if owners fake it? i don't think anyone wants their pain to feel pain in nevada. >> can you train your dog to limp to the doctor to pretend they have joint pain in order to get some pot? is that what you're worried about. >> legislation may be having your pets getting pot pretty soon in nevada. >> i know rin tin tin would. >> does it work for animals? don't know. it still is illegal on the federal level. finally, theres a democrat
5:11 am
in california who says that if you're going to inherit money, you should probably be drug tested first. linda sanchez says why is it that a single mother should be drug tested, which is an unrelated requirement to receive food assistance to make sure her family has enough to eat. people who are lucky enough to inherit millions of dollars are literally required to do nothing to get the federal tax benefit with their inheritance. of all the stories that we have depicted, that is the one that outraged you the most. >> because if you think about inheritance as well as tax dollars. inheritance belongs to you and tox dollars don't. by the way, in florida, they got rid of the drug testing. it's not pervavts. they are trying to get rid of the death tax so you shouldn't have to pay a death tex when your loved ones die. >> government assistance there
5:12 am
is testing. you work hard for your money and you want to pass it down to your family. they want to test your kids for drugs. you guys have been speaking out. that was your favorite story. we get why. first time homeowners trying to get in on low interest rates, beware. bob massi up next with important information most people don't think about before they buy the house. then you got steven a. smith a sports guy with a suggestion, that's getting a lot of attention. >> what i dream is for one election, just one. every black person in america vote republican. >> the history lesson he's about to give every single american, not just those at vanderbilt listening to him earlier in the week. ♪ it don't matter if you're black or white ♪ in one year
5:13 am
5:14 am
5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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with fixed rate mortgage interest rates at 4% or less. 26% of people are first time home buyers. bob massi says there's some things you need to know. he joins us from vegas. >> good morning. >> my wife and i bought a house on the internet. we sent the real estate agent
5:17 am
over, they said it's great you should get it. we invested a lot in the trust of the real estate agent. >> yep. >> and that's one of the first things you have to do. after that, what do you do? >> if you're a first time buyer, i tell, particularly young couples. take somebody with you other than a realtor who is attached emotionally to the acquisition. they will see things you do not see. it could be your mother, father, a friend that's bought a home before. get away from the emotion from it because you see things clearer. when you get into this house, particularly from the perspective of wanting to buy it. let's say it's an older home and you're a first time buyer. you got to find out what kind of repairs have there been on the house recollect what kind of maintenance that's been on the house. talk about the perspective if you're a part of an association. have there been recent assessments in the past couple years. has there been any litigation in
5:18 am
the development where you live. these are things that you've got to ask before you get to making an offer on the home. understand exactly why? because you and i have talked before, other than marriage, it's the longest contact you ever sign. know what you're buying. >> absolutely. as it turns out. my wife and i in our case did go look at the house. it was exactly as described. we all all sorts of people come in and eye ball it as well. after we saw it, before we closed, we went through it a second time. that second walk through is really important, isn't it? >> very much so. first of all you should have an inspector -- usually realtors provide this -- to come in and look at the house and see what has been done to the house. the seller has an obligation to disclose to the buyer any problems they have. some sellers do, some sellers don't. i'm one of the kind of guys i don't make a decision unless i sleep on it. when you go the second day,
5:19 am
unless it's a hot item and you want to make an offer, that's always scary. you see things different because you and your husband, wife, you and your boyfriend, you sit down and talk about things. you go the second day, you say i didn't notice that yesterday. what about the neighbors? any problems in the neighborhood? is it close to things you want? this is a big acquisition. one of the things that happened years ago beside them handing out money like candy, people didn't think about what they were buying. and they never -- i cannot stress this enough. anytime i bought any real estate, home, or investment, i tried to stay on the end of the deal, am i going to be able to make money on this five to ten years from now. is it a good investment? that's very important to me. >> absolutely. and real quick, the good thing is, a lot of states have backout periods where you wake up the
5:20 am
next day and say what did i do? what did i sign? >> due diligence period usually three to ten days. use it wisely. bring that inspector in. get the answers to the questions. if you don't feel from the gut, walk away from it. there will be other homes. >> there are other houses out there. they are building them every day. thank you very much. if you've got questions for bob go to our website coming up it was supposed to be an event for black history months. students as young as eight years old got a lesson on hands up don't shoot. and even pretended to get shot. a furious father and police officer join us next. one couple thought an active fire scene would be a perfect place for a selfie. >> it's a fire video, dude. >> i have to move? >> hilarious, right? no. those hardworking firefighters
5:21 am
behind them not laughing. wait till you see how they got revenge. ♪ sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today.
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5:24 am
quick headlines now. do the secret service destroy evidence that made the agency look bad? congressional sources tell fox news that surveillance footage taken the night two service agents drove through a police scene after attending a party may have been destroyed. the royal tour of america is underway. this afternoon prince charles and camilla will be meeting up with president obama at the white house. they're expected to discuss the middle east. i'm sure that will be in depth. the couple will see sites around
5:25 am
washington, d.c. everyone be on your best behavior. >> they'll make a joint call to benjamin netanyahu. >> not from the oval office. >> somebody has got to call them. steven a. smith a commentator at espn. >> and mad dog radio across the street. >> he gave a speech at vanderbilt a couple days ago. what he said is interesting. what he said is this, every black person in america should vote for the republican party one year. why? because the democrat party, which he says they always vote for, have done them wrong. here he is. listen to this. >> i have often said that from a political perspective, what i dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in america vote republican. want me to tell you why i feel that way?
5:26 am
i've read barry gold water is going against lyndon b. johnson. he's your republican candidate. he is completely against the civil rights movement. lyndon b. johnson was against it. what happened is, he is he wins office, barry gauld water loses office. but there was a senate, a republican senate that pushed the votes to the president's desk. it was the democrats who were at war against civil rights. do you know since 1964 black america hasn't give the republican party more than 15% of the vote? here's what that means, black folks in america are telling one party we don't care about you. they're telling the other party you got our vote. therefore, you have labelled yourself disenfranchised because one party knows they got you under their thumb.
5:27 am
the other party knows they'll never get you and nobody is going to address your interest. >> so far the democratic party has takethen black vote for granted. so he is saying make people earn you vote. it's great advice for anyone. what have they done for you sphi think it's a message for republicans to do what maybe rand paul is leading the way on, that is going to areas which normally don't vote or the communities don't vote for him. and say i'm not going to give up on you. i'll tell you what i have to say and hopefully you'll embrace it. mitt romney did this a little last election. there is so many hours in the day, i got to go to areas where i have a shot. >> resting too on the fact that the policies republicans have held do aim to help the black community. that's not communicated as well. >> it is not communicated. they have policies all people hear is republicans want to cut r well fare and food stamps. the word is reform.
5:28 am
it was a way to get off well fare and off food stamps. they don't do a good job of explaining it. >> his point is, it's practically been ginerations. we've voted for them there is no other options. he told us they haven't done a good job for black america so far. >> he's so passionate and honest in that speech. >> what do you think e-mail us >> president obama has an idea how to get people to the polls, force them. doug luzader is here with the details. >> what does everything candidate say on the eve of an election? get out and vote. it's all a turnout game. what the president is talking about would kind of radically change that. here's what he said yesterday. >> in australia and some other countries it's a mandatory vote. it would be transformative if everybody voted. >> he is right.
5:29 am
in australia, it is mandatory that people vote. and you can actually be fined if you don't. the equivalent of about $15. there is other countries that do similar kinds of things. the president also said this would transform the political map in the country. he may be right. if the government forced everything to vote it might give democrats advantage. some people say non-voting itself a political statement. if you believe that it makes it a form of political speech, this would run afoul of the first amendment. one potential 2016 candidate running for the white house thinks this is a bad idea. >> not voting is a legitimate choice people make. i wish people would participate more in politics. that is the choice of living in a free society. >> most people choose not to participate in elections. midterm elections voter participation among eligible
5:30 am
voters was less than 40%. >> thank very much. >> that's embarrassing. to think so many people are dying for the right to vote, and we have totally taken for granted. >> it's people's choice. so many people are turned off by washington, by politics in general. sometimes it's not until there's a ballot initiative in your state, as we saw in colorado like pot, that gets people out to pot. >> it's a powerful prinl nvilegt to be taken for granted. >> maybe serve food and drunks, have entertainment. >> make it a party. >> that is against the law. >> really? >> there are bake sales sometimes outside of polling place. >> i have bruce spring steen at my polling vote. >> you do? >> no. >> it was supposed to be an event for black history month, sneds students got a lesson on hands up don't shoot and pretended to get shot a. furious father and police officer joins us next. a school bus on fire and all
5:31 am
the kids got out alive. that story you ask? it's so incredible we'll share it with you coming up. ♪ ic] ♪ introducing aleve pm... the pm pain reliever. that dares to work all the way until... [birds chirping] the am. new aleve pm. it's the first to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last all the way until morning. new aleve pm, for a better am.
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time for a new routine.eartburn flare-ups? try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. this is a fox news alert for you. the labor department releasing job numbers. >> do we all have jobs? nicole petallides joins us about what we need to know. >> no so many americans looking for jobs. they came in at 291,000 claims. slightly better than the estimates of 293,000. the prior week was revised higher. it's showing that we have the labor market that is doing okay and continues to improve since our financial crisis.
5:35 am
overall, big picture, our economic news lately has been shaky, guys retail sales, gdp growth have been a little bit shaky. housing starts as well. yesterday we heard from our fed head janet yellen and the statement. with that they're not raising rates anytime soon we talked about that. the market turned from negative to positive and shot higher. target is putting aside $10 million. you remember the security breach, 40 million cards that were compromised during the 2013 holiday season. their information may have been compromised. they put aside this money up to $10,000 per individual. the stock has been okay over the last year or so. that's a piece of good news. overall we will be watching some of the movers today like guess. we've had a lot of action. with janet yellen, she gave us a boost yesterday. what a wild day on wall street.
5:36 am
>> we're not sure what she said. >> before you go, with the target thing, how do you get $10,0 $10,000? a lot of our viewers got hacked. >> i don't know. i know they're putting it into a general fund. if your personal information was compromised you should go ahead and move forward. that is a class action lawsuit. >> could be money. >> thank you. 24 minutes till the top of the hour. a big update on the museum massacre in tunisia. let's get to the fox news alert. tunisian forces arresting four people who were in direct communication with the tunisian museum massacre. none of those suspects have been publicly identified just yet. this is the death toll rises to 23 this morning. and we learn that there were warnings about yesterday's deadly attack that were posted on social media accounts linked to isis. up to a week before the gunmen
5:37 am
opened fire. so far, no one is claiming responsibility. we'll bring you more on that as we get it. have you heard one of these irs phone scams like this? >> i'm going to count to three and i'm going to hang up the call. and a sheriff's office will be there on the way. threatening to arrest you. this is what happened to this woman from colorado. she got that kind of call claiming there was a lien on her property and she was about to be convicted of tax fraud. she thought that call seemed very real. she started crying on the phone telling the caller she's nine months pregnant. which she was. that is when he had a change of heart. he said wait, stop crying it's a scam, it's not real. you're not going to jail. he went on to put her on a do not call list. a quick thinking florida bus driver saving the lives of students when their school bus explodes in flames. this is out of the ft. myers area. it showed the fire ball
5:38 am
consuming the bus after the driver smelled something unusual and guided the kids off the bus. investigators say it was a mechanical problem they believe is to blame. look at that and how lucky the are this morning. one couple is thinking an active fire scene is a fun place to shoot a selfie. take a look. >> i have to move? >> i want to see them get it out. there you go. this is a weird way -- >> yeah good for those firefighters in new haven, connecticut. they got a little bit of revenge and put a damper on that whole selfish selfie situation. hopefully they learned their lesson. those are your headlines. >> i hope it didn't wreck his phone. >> gee, i hope not. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. maria is outside. good news, more snow. >> yeah, more snow tomorrow. just in time for the official start of spring. i want to go ahad edand talk to
5:39 am
this crew behind me here. we've got a great group braving the cold this morning. 29 degrees in new york city. tell me who you're with and where you're from. >> texas. these are my students we came to see body world. >> happy texas. they're science students. way to go. very proud of you. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we do have very cold temperatures that are below average across the northeast. yet again that really has been the big story throughout winter. you're looking at current temperatures in the single digits across portions of northern new england. across parts of the south, high temperatures will reach the 70s and 80s out there. get out and enjoy it. very warm. we have rain we're tracking parts of the southeast. and that storm system as we head into tomorrow will head into parts of the northeast. and produce accumulating snow, as much as 3 to 5 inches for parts of the midatlantic. >> i love that show. we saw it at the south -- >> what is it about? >> dead bodies. there are a lot of cadavers down
5:40 am
there. >> it would be good to see dead bodies. >> yuck. >> motivating. >> fascinating. >> it shows how the body work. >> we know. it's easy. coming up parents were surprised at a school performance when students got a lesson in hands up don't shoot, a parent is here next. your pup on pot? one lawmakers says it's time for your pets to be given marijuana. are you high on it? two veterinarians debate it for us straight ahead. ♪ your buddy ron once said
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5:44 am
it was just announced and will be out in july with ian zeering. >> liza minnelli waking up this morning in rehab in california. she's being treated for substance abuse in malibu. this is her first return to rehab in about ten years. elizabeth, over to you. a school program in virginia meant to honor black history month ended up pushing an an pipolice message. according to our next guest, the event called black lives matter. featured readings with titles like they don't care about us. rebecca is a mom of an 8-year-old student and her husband charles is a deputy sheriff. they join us from washington, d.c. we thank you for being here. your there with your daughter. she's singing in the choir.
5:45 am
you walk into the performance. and you realize the content is not something you would want her to be a part of. what was it? >> exactly. we came into the program. i delivered my daughter to the people who were going to take her back to the rest of the choir. my son and i paid for our tickets. and went in. everywhere that we looked were students, high school students wearing shoots that said black lives matter. i can't breathe. i took my program and i sat down. and as i was flipping through the program. it had hands up don't shoot. it had quite a few different acts that were what i was worried were going to be quite kroerveg contraverseulate. i texted my husband and i said this isn't what i thought it should be. he said i should take ourt daughter and come home. i said these students have worked hard. i'm going to let her sing and
5:46 am
then we'll come home. when the first act began, last words, students start coming out on stage saying things i'm from ferguson, missouri. i was told to put my hands up. i did and i was shot seven times. my name is michael brown. and i immediately realized that this was not something that was a good idea for my daughter to be seeing. and she had already seen all of it at a dress rehearsal the night prior. >> you were not given any notice about this whatsoever? >> no. we had no idea what it was going to be about. she was singing motown medley, some various motown songs. >> sure. >> we had no idea what the other acts were going to be about. >> that's infuriating as a parent in general not to be given notice. there you are a deputy sheriff and your daughter questioned you. what did your wife say to this and how did you feel upon hearing it? >> a lot of students walked away
5:47 am
with questions. my daughter had serious questions as to why do cops shoot black people? and why do cops shoot good people? and they do that, does that make them a bad cop. you know, daddy, you're a cop, does that make you a bad cop. these were -- it took me off guard. we really had to have a discussion with our daughter in great detail about current events we should never have had. >> at least been given notice so you can prepare for it. how personal it is with you, serving in law enforcement. the superintendent released a statement. she said i support the young people when asked if this is a problem. they didn't show anger or defiance, they kept a recurring theme that our lives matter. is that satisfactory to you? >> the response from the school board has not been satisfy. i realize the students worked hard to put on a presentation. my argument it was not
5:48 am
appropriate for elementary age students. knowing it was going to be controversial we should have been notified. there has not. there has been no apology. that needs to be done. >> you walk out of there with your own daughter questions your integrity and your work and what you do. it's disheartening to hear you. we thank you for joining us. i'm sure it has people rallying around you today. we will get a lot of e-mails on this. thank you. >> thank you. >> sure thing. dogs like humans, sometimes get sick. we hate that. but does it mean they should get medical marijuana? the great debate over this real proposal is coming up next. pot for puppies. first we'll check in with martha for what's coming up the top of her hour. >> i'm going to stick around for that puppies and pot story. coming up here is new revelations about why hillary clinton may have wanted her own server. new polls that shows support for
5:49 am
her is softening a bit. we'll show you those. what president obama regrets the post about his gitmo decision. you need to hear that. is bowe bergdahl guilty of desertion? it's a good question. will the findings ever be released? that's the big question now. bill and i see you at the top of the hour. to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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5:52 am
a proposed bill in nevada would allow sick pets to use medical marijuana. suddenly your crazy aunt with 100 crazy cats has become a lot more popular. >> it's kind of funny of a joke for him. but is it really happening? is this something we want to legalize. joining us to debate it is two
5:53 am
veterinarians. welcome to both of you. first off, you like this idea, right? >> i do like this idea. i think there's a place for it. i think there's a lot we don't know. from an alternative medicine standpoint and veterinarians i've spoken to, there seems to be benefit. with someone new comes a lot of caution as well. >> you're saying we don't need to do this? >> when it comes to pain we have a ton of fda approved medications that do a fantastic job of managing pain in our dog and cats. i'm worried about with several things with medical marijuana. the first is purity, there is a lot of different medications you can get on the internet. and a lot of the dosages is varying. we don't understand which dose would be the most effective for each individual conditions. >> for example, he is some
5:54 am
things, the affects on dogs. sometimes they can go into a coma, sometimes it drops their body temperature. sometimes it gets too low. prolonged depression. we wouldn't know that with lethargy. they could end up having a seizure or death in some rare cases. is it safer to do stuff that you're used to using and have your own personal track record with? >> absolutely. if there is something you know that works -- the problem is a lot of times a lot of our typical medications don't seem to work. we know the tmc components of cannabis is toxic. however it has a lot of positive effects. it's been used in medicine about the the 1930s quite often. it became illegal then. there are many known benefits to using it. i agree with heather, it is a function of what is safe, how pure can we get it. unfortunately a lot of medications in people -- a baby
5:55 am
can give tylenol. give tylenol to a cat, it will kill a cat. there are supplements we take regularly that have benefit. we haven't scientifically proven it, but it works. >> i worry about the excuse for it. they're making up excuses to get medical marijuana in the case. now my dog doesn't seem to have the energy he has. my dog needs pot and he uses. >> it a lot of the medications that have -- that the canbunoid process that isn't the part that makes you high, that's in very low concentrations. supposedly though. that's what the manufacturers say. >> this is the friendliest debate we've had in generations. you both like each other. doctors, great job. >> thanks for having us. >> dogs you make the call, please right us. "fox and friends" comes back in just a moment. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch?
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before it's history.
5:59 am
it's news. it's time for march madness. they' the games are trow. lumer jacks taken on utah. the number one seed overall kentucky wild cats should be selling tickets for them. hampton pirates will give them a tough run perhaps. the 16th seed, the number 16 seed. never beaten a number one seed. >> isn't it 12-5? is that an upset? frequently an upset? >> the early games are upset. >> nfl meeting, the colts proposing a new field goal option available for teams that
6:00 am
two game conversion. it's the option for a three point conversion. what about that? >> i love that. >> you know your sports. >> we're going to wrap up our thursday. join us tomorrow we've got geraldo and chris wallace bill: fox news alert here. the call for congratulations rolling in has been netanyahu won his likely fourth term for prime minister. one person not picking up the phone is the president of the united states. why is that? martha: this divide between president obama and benjamin netanyahu appears to be widening. lawmakers urging the two leaders to get together amend those fences. -- amenand


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