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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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netanyahu interview was very early this morning. now i will go home and have a gloss of wine slip into some lycra. go to kelly file if you want to see that segment again. thank you very much. i'm megan kelly. this is the kelly file. >> tonight, they feel that it could be the right wing do have a racist wing before them. it's scary for them. >> it comes out swinging. also a part of my interview with the prime minister and the always outspoken anne coulter weighs in on these attacks. steve a. smith opens up about voting in america, as democrats continue to play the race card for republicans. >> panama beach city, florida, it gets wild, it gets crazy, and anything goes. >> plus, ainsley ehrhardt heads
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back to panama city beach for spring break. things may not have gotten any better. one group allows hillary clinton to run for president. >> they always say hillary now i'm wearing the dress. >> we're on the road 2016 and hannity starts right here right now. welcome to "hannity." so president obama finally picked up the phone late in israel time. he called benjamin netanyahu, earlier, the prime minister joined me on my radio program. i asked, why the delay? >> when the president of iran was recently elected, he got a phone call, vladimir putin got a phone call mohamed morsi a former head of the muslim brotherhood once referred to jews as defendants of apes and pigs, he got a phone call from obama t. new leading share in afghanistan got a phone call and
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the saudi king, the new heir got a phone call, he was yet to receive a phone call from the president. that's a little shocking to me. >> well, i received a phone call from the president. >> all right, joining us now is israeli ambassador, so late israel time the prime minister finally got that phone call in what can you tell us about it? >> i haven't had a chance to speak to the prime minister since then. i'm sure he congratulated the prime minister on the victory and he surely said to the president that he looks forward to working together to meet the enormous challenges that both the united states and israel face. israel believes we have no greater friend than the united states and we believe the united states has no greater friend and allie in the united states and around the world in the state of israel. we look forward to moving forward together as we move forward. >> i understand your position as an ambassador, you don't want to
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get into any conflict. the big story in the united states today was the idea that the united states would use the united nations and go against israeli policy. this has to do with the prime minister's words, which i think have been taken out of context. the prime minister has stated that he thinks that anyone who will establish a palestinian state today he is talking about the conditions on the ground today. people interpreted that as him being against a two-state solution. is that interpretation correct or incorrect? >> no it's wrong. the prime minister gave speech six years ago. he laid out his vision for peace. he says he wants to see it. in 2009, he wants to see a demineralized palestinian state that recognizes the jewish state of israel. in this interview, a statement he made which has been totally taken into conticket and said it from the time the president a because
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abbas reached out with a terrorist organization hamas. he said i cannot have peace talks if we don't have a partner committed to peace. what you see is what happens in recent years is israel withdrew from territory. >> that territory was not used to promote peace. it was used to actually create a terror base for attacks against israel. thousands of rockets were fired. we left lebanon in 2000. we got an iranian terror base on our northern border. we left gaza we didn't get peace. we got an iranian terror base there. what the prime minister is saying today when the palestinians are united with hamas throughout the middle east, today israel cannot afford to withdrawal. he remains as committed to a vision of two states and two people t. question is, what can you implement today? >> all right. well said. appreciate it. thank you, ambassador. >> thank you. much here now we are action, former israeli ambassador is with us. good to see you.
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today with isis expanding its influence in the region as they are. today with hamas and the palestinian, you know, support of hamas and elections of hamas, you have a group that is dedicated and they're charterred to the destruction of israel. then, of course, have you the iranian proxy wars, it's not possible today, but the prime minister is opened to it. >> well, i think the most important this inc. to remember is that israel needs arrangements based on firm security. sean, what the prime minister received in this election is not only a personal mandate but a policy mandate. the people of israel said no, we're not going to accept a nuclear arms iran or a threshold nuclear iran because this is exactly what the prime minister has been speaking about and the consequence of that he got an enormous support in the vote. >> when i interviewed tell them earlier today, i asked him about this very question.
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here's what he said. >> if there is pressure to be put, it's on the palestinians, based hamas they walked out of the talks. we will not endanger our country on survivor for terms that would endanger us. it's not going to happen. >> ambassador, shouldn't it be a prerequisite if reality, any talks, be it the united states and iran or israel and hamas, they got to recognize israel's right to exist, first and foremost, in the iranian's case, they need to stop threatening the wife off the map. shouldn't that be a prerequisite for any peace discussion? >> that's absolutely true. the prime minister put it differently. he said before you take off any restrictions on the iranian nuclear program, make sure iran stops invieding its neighbors and taking over its neighbors, make sure iran stops the destruction of israel.
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those are two, three or four things he mentioned. that's common sense and diplomacy. if you give your adversary all your assets before the change in hostility, you are not inviting peace. you are inviteing a new war. >> so as the election was going on, i was reading the israeli press. there were many reports multiple reports correct me if i'm wrong about how arab israelis were bussed to the polls in high numbers. early on in on election day the turnout we were told was quite high. the prime minister trespassed to get his voters to go out there. here's how the media in the united states reacted to that. >> they feel that the likud party and the right wing have a racist party. >> netanyahu is panicking. so he's scaring peopleable foreign securities, ability security threats. if you take his word about the arab voted and translate it into american politics and call it the black vote you see how racist this is.
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>> i think the prime minister decides to face something like that, sorry. this is absolutely racist. >> ambassador, was there or was there not an orchestrated effort by some within israel and outside israel to push up the arab-israeli vote to hurt netanyahu. is that a fact? >> the answer is yes, but it's worse than that. because a new joint list was created of arab parties. you know, israeli arabs want to participate in the arab system. we're all for it. if israeli arabs want to prevent the army, all the better. if there is a joint list, which the arabs can create. >> that list creates islamist parties. parties that formally called for the destruction of israel. you know hamas supported the joint list. this is the joint arab list.
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and these outside parties intervening the election enhance the power of this joint list. it only makes sense they get more support of the existence of israel. it was not about ethnicity. it was about policy. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it. joining us with more anne coulter is with us. i asked the prime minister i think it's the most dangerous there is almost a pathological hatred, from my position the ambassador won't say it, i see our president hating netanyahu more than he hates the leaders of north syria, iran combined the way he treats them. i asked them about the state department, with one voice and whether or not we know that obama campaign operatives were on the ground trying to work against b.b. which is unprecedented to do it against
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an allie. i want you to listen and give me your take. >> you do believe millions of dollars were spent in this campaign to defeat -- >> outside sources for sure. that's a matter of public records. >> the campaign from president obama was on the ground i'm sure you heard about that at some point. >> again i'm focused on this. >> you agree, where is this clinical obsession with bb verse the appeasement attitude towards iran? how do you explain that anne? >> no of course. i think it's hilarious and fantastic that fox news is covering you know each hour obama has not up until recently today netanyahu on his victory, has john hinckley called to congratulate ronald reagan yet? no, okay, he called to oppose the re-election.
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i think republicans can learn from this. instead of cowering in the face of left wing agitation, how about the polls in minnesota, how they're dumping illegal alien ballots on the absentee ballots on the polling booths in arizona. unless america reaches a two-state solution with mexico, this is what it's going to be like for israel. they will not have their most loyal allie in the world anymore. it will be all barak obama from here on out. >> all right. this is interesting. i think there is a perfect analogy you came into here. the focus on israel in this election is to use the obama campaign model to get out the vote models in 2008 and 2012 and increase as much as possible the israeli-arab vote in the hopes that would defeat prime minister netanyahu. you are making the argument the same thing is being done here. the argument on the left they want more illegal immigrants. they want to make people that
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didn't respect our laws and sovereignty, so they have a permanent voting base they believe will be democratic. is that your argument? >> oh, yes. >> that i will get themselves 20 million new voters. republicans are whistleing past the graveyards. they don't recognize this. it will compromise every issue, get a taste. this is what the new country will be like. what it is like under president obama. when the democrats get 20 million new voters. >> what about the threat that the president would go to the united nations and betray israel and the retribution because they didn't get their way? what is your reaction to that? >> well, as you networks i want the u.n. to be thrown out of new york that the lovely party into condos, of all places in the world why does it have to be on the real estate of new york city? >> that is it. i think we would send it to vladimir putin. anne coulter, appreciate your
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time, coming up next on "hannity." >> i have often said that from a political perspective what i dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in america vote republican. >> that was my friend espn steven h. smith opening up about the black vote in america. take a look at this coffee cup. it says race together. it's starbucks new attempt to start a conversation about race relations, later new poll numbers that will make hillary clinton cringe. last year, we sent ainsley ehrhardt to panama is headed back there to see if things changed. we'll give you a preview straight ahead. .
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. >> we head back to "hannity," espn commentator friend of mine delivered powerful words about the black vote in america. watch this. >> i have often said that from a political perspective, what i dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in america vote republican. do you know since 1964 black america hasn't given the republican party more than 15% of the vote? here's what that means. what that means is that one party, the black vote in america one party, you've got our vote. therefore, you we don't give-a-damn about you. they're telling the other party, you've got our vote. therefore, you have labelled
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yourself. because one party knows they've got you under their thumb. the other party knows they'll never get. >> and democratic senator dig durbin was busy using race baiting tactics to trash republicans who oppose the nomination of lorretta lynch on principal. take a look. >> the republican majority leader announced over the weekend that he was going to hold this nomination of lorretta lynch until the bill which is pending be every the senate passes whenever that may be. and so lorretta lynch the first african-american woman nominated to the attorney general has asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the senate >> back of the bus really? this is the same senator, durbin, who actually opposed the
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nomination of condoleeza rice as secretary of state. the reaction of the assistant to bush, above the law editor is with us and fox news contributor, it's good to see you, guys. is he right? >> durbin you mean? >> no, not durbin. >> durbin is very wrong. >> me may. i think the key word in this statement was disenfranchised. unfortunately, we black folks put ours in the country. one party takes it for granted. no matter what we do, 95%. the other party figures, well, we won't bother. that's very unfortunate. every four years, the democrats come out. they say, well, if you vote for a republican joe biden said the republican has put you back in change. you remember that comment. it's an utterly horrendous thing. after the election, they turn their back. they walk away.
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you don't get any choice. you basically get the unfortunate condition. you see so many black members >> let me ask you. are black americans we nearly have seen million americans on food stamps and in poverty, 19 million americans not working. under this president, he will accumulate more debt than every president behind or before him, excuse me. my question to you and 50% of black teenagers can't get a job, can you make the case? are black americans better off under barak hussein obama's president? >> yes, of course. >> how? >> they're not worse off as they would have likely been. >> i gave you numbers. there is nearly 20 more americans on food stamps and poverty. we have the lowest labor participation rate since '78. i'm asking you, how are black americans better off, median income is down 400,000 under
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obama. >> than they would have been under a romney president? >> since he has taken over, has black america -- have they done better? >> are they better off better than eight years ago? >> absolutely. >> give me by what measure? >> by what measure. i don't understand? >> median income is down. 50% of black. >> the economy is down. >> it's seven years and we still have -- >> the economy is better. >> nearly 20 americans in poverty under obama. >> on food stamps, there are about 7.5 million. now the number is 12 million. black teenager unemployment has gone up. black homeownership has dropped. these leading economic indicators deter sceviorated. just among black folks t. wonderful symbolic bills. in terms of material benefits, it's been down down down, for black people after the obama
7:21 pm
rise. >> can you think of any statistic am measure, ron kristi shows the black community in america is better off under america's first black president? >> no, not one shot. good evening. the democrats filibuster the issue and talk over you and talk louder. it hovs around 12% in this country. the barak obama came into office. there are more african-americans than there are today. we can go through the welfare stats the crime stats things are worse in america. when you look at them in terms of race you know, the president always wants to have the great conversation about race. he doesn't tell you about the kids that are going wild in minneapolis. he doesn't tell you about the kids going wild across the country in chicago. these are young black men. he's too busy hanging out with al sharpton. >> i want to go back to you. i have a very specific question. i want you to answer this question. give me one measure where black america e americans, one
7:22 pm
statistic you can site they're better off. >> i disagree with the premise of the question. the black experience in america can be reduced to unemployment statistics and food stamp statistics and have that somehow link up with president barak obama's performance. >> the reason i bring it up is because during his campaign, his vice president did play the race card about putting blacks back in chains. the democratic party has often used the staim same statistics. dig durbin is saying lorretta lynch opposes our constitutional authority. she believes the executive power would bypass the congressional laws, so opposing that is unconstitutional on racial ground. i'm asking you to tell me how black americans are better off and you can't answer you can't give me a spec answer. why? because they're worse off, i'll answer it for you. okay. >> again i don't understand or agree with the premise of the
7:23 pm
question. >> tell me how they're better off? >> how are they not better off? it's hard to prove that negative? >> again, you look at the economy, which has basically been very for most people in america, particularly for black americans black labor force has gone down. black teen participation force has dropped. black ownership is down, as well t. labor, the number of blacks on food stamps is up 7.5 to 12 million. >> he's had seven years in office to make these things better. we always measure, whether, black, white hispanic we measure political performance on the basis of chief economic indicators. it's something going back to fdr and coolich, ronald reagan. >> stephen, his point is that the democratic party. they play the race card and they
7:24 pm
get people all worked up. al gore saying republicans don't want to count black people in the census hillary clinton goes into his accent. al gore into hissing a sent. erick holder making the case. the president has been wrong on trayvon martin, ferguson, i'm asking why does the democratic party have this hold on black americans' vote if they are not prospering under prattic policies? why? >> i this i the democrats have dem gock dem demagoguesed the issue if it wasn't for republicans, sean, who pushed it through. lbj didn't want to do this. he got it done under expediency. he said if it wasn't for us, you owe your political allegiance to us. we actually got these things for you, which is a lie. look what they have actually
7:25 pm
done. >> this is the voting rights? >> reagan cited 25 year voting rights, g.w. bush cited it. 50 years. now, it's all still there. it was extended by 60 years by reagan. >> i will give you one more chance. >> a small thing going back -- >> you are new to the show. i will give you one more chance. give me one statistical piece of evidence that the black community under barak obama they gave him 90-plus% of their vote is better off under his policy. give me a measurement you can point to. >> no, i can't. i cannot give you one shining super metric that explains the difference in experion and experience for black people under this president versus black people under the president's potential competitors. >> because his policies have failed all americans, especially hit hard is the black community. you know what, his policy just
7:26 pm
failed them. when 50% of black teenagers can't get a job, that means they're hanging out with their friends, if white teenagers can't get a job, i that can't they're hanging out with their friends. that's not good. it's better for kids to be working and have opportunity. under this president, half of black teenagers can't get a job. he hasn't fixed that problem. >> that is a shame. the best thing that ever happened to me when i was 12-years-old is washing dishes in a restaurant. you know why? it kept me out of trouble. >> who got you that job? i hoped there were employers out there wanting to hire young teens. i don't see that is his fault. >> he is responsible for economic conditions to cause people to thrive and get hired. >> i appreciate you being here. coming up, more bad news for hillary clinton a. lot of bad news, a lot of people say democrats should have a fresh faced candidate, monica crawley
7:27 pm
has a great article out. and lit later it was unyear ago ainsley ear hardt traveled to florida to find out what happens to your sons and daughters on spring break. guess what she is going back. we'll have a preview straight ahead. .
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even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamerica .
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on "hannity," 50% of voters think they should look to fresh face in 2016, 22% says they want a past candidate. well this news comes as fox news contributor our friend monica crawley questions if hillary clinton is in fact, running her own rogue intellioperation. she joins us, with kiersten powers. did i not get the memo grown or something? wasn't st. patrick's day on tuesday? >> you are always irish. >> i had a green tie on on st. patrick's day. 54% a big number.
7:30 pm
it seems like it's either hillary or maybe o'malley or please elizabeth warren. that's where we are at. >> the "new york times" did a story on how democrats feel there is no plan b. >> would you like a democrat? >> i think a lot of democrats would even if they support hillary to have a primary. it isn't good to have somebody out there in the front unopposed. it will make her a sort of a piniata. it would make her a better candidate for the general. i don't know who would be the person. >> are you a hillary supporter? you supported obama in the primary. >> i wouldn't say i'm enthusiastic. >> why? >> for a lot of reasons coming up now. i used to be enthusiastic about her. by the time we got to the primary. it's hard for me for a female candidate potential nominee, and i got to the point where i felt
7:31 pm
i don't think i can do the clinton drama anymore. it's interesting, a lot of people feel we're already going through it. we have been through this so many times with this. you know where she's clearly at fault and some sort of, she's asking like, what's the big deal? >> i don't see the point. >> monica, rogge was talking about you today you were on my radio show today. you wrote a great article. you raised a lot of interesting questions. why don't you tell eb about it. >> i started putting pieces together once i heard about hillary clinton's private server, the only reason you set that up is to conceal communications, the question becomes, what was she intending to conceal? ? two years ago we saw a romanian hacker hack into hillary clinton's what we know personal e-mail accounts and released a screen shot in the website gawkeprinted the screen shot of allegedly hillary clinton's private e-mail
7:32 pm
account. what we saw, we don't know if they are real and accurate. nobody has denied it. they were a series of you know, coming in from 2012 through 2013 from sydney blumenthal to hillary clinton's private e-mails. clinton's political hit man. what's interesting is that the subjects of these e-mails and all we've seen assuming this is true are the subject lines and they were all national security related. so it was about libya. it was about the benghazi attack. it was about algeria. he was claiming he had contact with french intelligence and algerian intelligence. so i put all of this together. and i thought perhaps hillary clinton was in fact, running for her own rogue intelligence operation through blumenthal. here's the kicker, sean the reason blumen shall is a link to this story. when hillary was coming in as secretary of state, she pointedly asked the new obama white house if she could create
7:33 pm
a special role for blumenthal by her side in the state department. obama pointedly said no, he denied it. what she is doing is on the outside. was she doing this at obama's behest? if not, if none of this is true she has nothing to hide. >> last question, i see four scandals that xifs, one, the e-mail, number two, the clinton foundation taking money from countries that have abysmal human rights records, especially human rights records bill's relation with jeffrey epstein, a convicted pedophile and benghazi, we know in moments this was a stroor attack. we were lied to. which do you think is the most problematic for her? >> i don't think benghazi is problematic. i think they've convinced everybody that was a tin foil hot wearing conservative obsession. right. it's not a real, i think they've convinced the media of that. i'm not saying that itself right. i think the e-mail issue has
7:34 pm
been a serious issue, except it's been offset a bit by the fact you have other people like jeb bush having their own server or e-mail which makes people say everybody was doing it. >> what do you think? >> i think what i started to write abou in the walk times i have a follow-up story on this next week. it is more to come. it gets to benghazi, remember, she was so obsessed with overthrowing and changing libya. he gave her the portfolio and the russia portfolio to run the brophy. so the question is was she in fact, running a separate independent out of ultraditional intellioperations apart from the president and the press? that would be big. >> thank you both. >> you bet. coming up last year we sent our own ainsley ehrhardt to panama, florida. it's not all fun in the sun. for some it's downright dangerous. we will get ready to send her
7:35 pm
back to see if anything changed. later, the annual terrorist threat report. guess what iran, hezbollah, they're off the list. how did that happen? we'll check with colonel north straight ahead. .
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i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. all right. last year force and friends co-host ainsley ehrhardt traveled to panama beach city florida to uncover what really happens to your kids on spring break. after they caught the wild part scene, the panama city beach council made two changes from last year. are they working? it's ha ready to tell. for example, new video has surfaced of a mississippi state quarterback getting attacked on panama city beach. she is traveling back this weekend to give us a preview. why don't we start with, a lot of people say hannity you get to show these people. this is gratuitous. this is what it's ability.
7:41 pm
>> reality. >> it's not just panama city beach, it's all of these location, cancun, you name it. what did you see last year? >> last year we saw a lot of things that made me sit back and realize, i don't have kids, but they're not doing break. we saw people urinateing on the beach doing drug there on the beach, we saw a girl or a police officer i said what's the worst thing you seen this year? he said a girl standing on a block on the beach and letting men come up and do whatever they want with her body. i won't go detail. it's awful. >> i know there are some people in the community that were angry. they made rule changes. one of the ordinance limits the bar hours in the town, mandating closing time of no later than 2:00 a.m.. they used to be opened until 4:00 a.m. t. second is you have
7:42 pm
to have an i.d. on the beach, especially if you are drinking. in other words, you are required to carry that at all times. those were positive changes. where are we now? we have statistics this year. >> that's the city council that changed these rules. >> because of our cameras being do up there. >> balls of your story? >> is it working? >> we will expose to you next week. we will air the stories next week what the kids are doing this year and if the ordinance is working. we put up the numbers of the kids arrested here. >> why don't we look at the arrests made by the bay county sheriffs, up to this point last year, 186 more than double. >> that's only bay county. there are several agencies working down there. this is just bay county. if you look at all the agencies, atf and the other counties, these officers need help. bay county alone cannot do this. since february 28th of this year, they have 1,132 bookings
7:43 pm
last year 900 bookings, so we're 200 bookings this year. >> that tells me the town and the city has taken steps positive steps. >> absolutely. >> beauty end of the day though ainsley it's the parents. they give the kids the money. they send them out there. >> a lot of times the parents don't know what's going on. i'm proud of you for exposing this. when i was in school, spring break, we trust you. we know that you are going to do the right thing. but a lot of parents are putting their faith in their kids. >> one of the kids reported last year they're outside predators. >> 100 mimers they call them. people who live in 100 miles they come in and target the teenagers, the college students. they go through their backpacks, they steal some of the things they bought. >> sell them drugs. >> they do whatever the list is long. >> they are looking to pick up the girls if they're drunk. >> yes. pretty scary. >> you are heading back down.
7:44 pm
we'll have a report starting tuesday night next week. >> that's right. >> ainsley, thank you so much. coming up, the director of national intelligence released the national terror report you won't believe what was off the list it's shocking. we'll explain that to you. .
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we are back to "hannity" now, for over three decades, iran is considered the most threat of terrorism. iran hezbollah both pictures on the annual report until last year are not included as terror threats. in your report, iran declared america the great satan is listed only as a regional threat and is praised for, get this, its intentions to ease the tensions in the middle east. here to respond to this laughable report, with war stories the laughable colonel if it wasn't so serious. by the way iran got caught violating the interim nuclear agreement just today. so, why does the administration believe in this so much? why due believe they have faith in them? >> this report by mr. clapper,
7:50 pm
the most intelligent in history is a fairy tale. the world wide threat assessment is anything but. we are looking at, can't we all get along what i'm told sean is that the classified version isn't much better it hassome intelligence in it. this is anything but a a national strategy document. it's supposed to help shape how you're going to protect american people against the threat. >> that wonderful comment about the president of iran though he were a decent guy, just trying to get the supreme leader to go along with it. bottom line of it is that you just pointed out, it violates
7:51 pm
every agreement ever made, and there is still the number one threat of terrorism in the world. this doesn't mention that it gives isis exclusive coverage and that says israel is not threatened because they're not covered >> let's take a look at the threats coming from iranian leaders. their position is that israel must be up rooted from the region, then, the rabid dog of israelis, then going back to mahmoud ahmadinejad god willing we shall soon experience the world without the united states and zionism. >> my guess is that he picked up the phone and said tell me what
7:52 pm
you want to hear. that tells me where intelligence professionals in the country are in a place that rhyme was clapper. this is the most blatantly-political intelligence operation it's a matter of what you want to hear. that is what they're telling the american people. here is the bottom line of it. unless we start developing intelligence capabilities americans are going to continue to have their throats cut by isis, israel is going to be continuing to be threatened by hezbollah and hamas and this whole idea somehow, netanyahu has to change his temperature about a solution coming to this white house backed up by this document, ignoring reality. >> from what was stated earlier is that seems the president hates bebe netanyahu more than
7:53 pm
he hates the leaders of syria and north korea. >> the consequences of what he is doing is disastrous for israel and us the bottom line is that we're not going to adequately prepare for kinds of threats we face. >> do you think he feels inadequate compared to netanyhu? seems he seems small in chair son. . >> i think the young men and women i covered for fox news deserve a commander in chief as courageous as they are and don't have it today, >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> be sure to tune in to fox business network sunday night, war story was colonel north. three episodes sunday starting at 8:00 p.m . .
7:54 pm
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welcome back to "hannity" there is a political ad involving former president clinton in a bikini. watch this. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> run, hillary run! woo! >> enthusiasm is hash tag cray cray. >> that is part of a political action committee that wants bill clinton to be the first lady in office. i think he soiled the oval
8:00 pm
office one too many times already we want to know what you think. tell us what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> if you are watching fox news, you get a entirely different reality than if you are watching msnbc. >> the problem for president obama is few are watching msnbc and the power of fox news is growing. bernie goldberg and i will analyze tonight. >> the level of animosity between the president and netanyahu is incredible. >> more problems for the obama administration overseas. as america's best friend in the middle east, israel, may not be that any longer. how does this effect you? a special report coming up. >> sounds like a good idea to me. >> go place to start the discussion? >> yeah. >> what about i just want my coffee? >> also ahead, stimulating racial conversation along with the caffeine


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