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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 20, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> breaking tonight, tensions rising between the united states and the one country in the middle east that has been our strongest and most important ally. tonight the kelly file is at the heart of this story. welcome, everyone. i'm megan kelly. for the last 24 hours we've seen a mounting series of attacks by obama administration officials on the newly re-elected leader of israel, benjamin netanyahu. the fight between the president and the prime minister pushing out almost all other news today. and in the middle of this, mr. netanyahu today sat down with us. now it is no secret that the two leaders have not always seen eye-to-eye. still, the american-israeli relationship is critical for both sides which makes it all the more perplexing that after
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the news broke this morning from the interview you're about to see as well as from other public remarks mr. netanyahu made today, the white house rejected an apparent olive branch. benjamin netanyahu the prime minister of israel now in one of his first interviews since his re-election. congratulations, sir on a very big win. let's get right to it n 2009, you said you supported a peace deal that would recognize the palestinian state but the day before, tuesday's election, you completely reversed that. why? >> i dblt. i didn't retract any of the things that i said in my speech six years ago calling for a solution in which a demilitarized palestinian state recognizes a jewish state. i said the conditions for that today are not achievable for simple reason, the leader of the palestinians rejects consistently the acceptance of a jewish state.
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he's made a pact with the palestinian terrorist organization hamas that calls for our destruction. and a condition in the middle east changed to the point where any territory you withdraw from is immediately taken out by iranian backed terrorists or isis. it's only a dozen miles away from us. thousands of miles away from you. the conditions are that we would vacate territory instead of getting the two state solution, we could end up with a no state solution. that is a solution that would threaten the very survival and stast israel. i said we have to change the terms. right now we have to get the palestinians to go back to the negotiating table break the pact with hamas and accept the idea of a jewish state. i think international community should be focused on. >> president obama, he apparently sees the difference. he's now reportedly saying that he see noes path to a peace agreement and is threatening to abandon israel at the united nations which would reverse
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decades of history. what would that mean for israel? >> well, i hope that's not true. the only path to a peace agreement is an agreement a negotiated agreement. you can't impose it. in any case, you have to get the international community to press on the palestinians to go back to -- go back on their unity pack with the terrorist hamas and come back to the table. you can't force the people of israel to just elect me by a wide margin to bring them peace and security. to secure the state of israel to accept terms that would endanger the very survival of the state of israel. i don't think that's the direction of american policy. i hope it's not. i look forward to working with president obama to see how he could advance our interest, our common interest in the most difficult circumstances in the world in most dangerous region in the world. and what i said before six years
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ago about the conditions necessary for achieving peace is ten times more relevant today when the entire middle east is being swept by these radical is am lake terrorist forces backed by iran. we need to talk together and see how we can work together to advance security and peace. >> the ap is reporting to day that draft nuclear deal would force iran now to cut its centrifuges that could be used to make a nuclear bomb by 40% from 10,000 to 6,000. washington originally wanted a limit of 500. are we conceding too much? >> well you know, i spoke in congress a couple weeks ago and i said that we need a better deal a different deal. this would leave iran with sufficient capability. they would break out to a bomb very quickly. if i had my droernlgs drudgers, i
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would say zero centrifuges. i would say what our arab neighbors say get a symbolic number and 6,000 is certainly not symbolic. that is an agreement we would like but could live w i said literally. the sec thing is impose restrictions on iran's nuclear program. don't lift them in a specified time but after you see that iran actually changes behavior, it stops aggression in the region stops being the foremost practitioner of terror and stop threatening to annihilate the state of israel. these are the two changes that we would make. increase restrictions on iran's nuclear capabilities so you increase the breakout time and don't lift the restrictions until iran stops terrorism and aggression and stops calling for israel's destruction. that's the right deal. >> you suggested in a u.s. congress that better deal that we should strike would be iran totally eliminating its entire nuclear program. and secretary kerry came out and said that's basically demanding
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capitulation by iran and lead to no deal whatsoever. is that even arguably a realistic demand? >> well, i just said we think a much better deal could be done and further -- much bigger constriction on iran's nuclear program is possible. iran was very aggressive abroad economically weakened at home because of the sanctions regime that could be maintained or even increase and because of the drop in oil prices. so, you know, you got them to the table only after he applied a couple years ago. that's what got them to the negotiations in the first place. and as long as you're not toothless sanctions, they'll do anything. because of the tough sanctions that were imposed by the united states and by president obama with our encouragement and support, that got them to the table. now don't take the foot off the brake. just pass -- keep on pressing. i think that's possible. and especially because of the
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drop in oil. so i think there's a lot of leverage that the united states can use on iran. i hope it uses it. right now succumbing to this deal with give iran an easy path to the bomb and that would happen. not by violating the deal but by keeping the deal in a few years. that would endanger the entire middle east. you'd have a nuclear arms race that would be sparked here by other countries. and i think you'd have a great danger for the united states and the world when the world's foremost practitioner of terrorism has atomic weapons. it's not a good deal. in running for re-election you urged supporters to get out and vote. warning that your party was in danger because the arabs are voting in droves. and some called that racist. the white house came out and said you were divisive and that you tried to marginalize arab-israelis. do you regret the comments? >> that's just not true because what i said was should be taken in the larger context.
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i warned of foreign money coming in to selectively put out just try to bring out supporters of a list that includes islamists and other factions that oppose the state of israel. supported actually this list was support bid hamas. i'm very proud of the fact that israel's policy and my policy is to be the prime minister of all israelis, arabs and jews alike. i've been funding billions into the arab communities to upgrade their infrastructure and to better intergrate them into the israeli economy, technology, every walk of life. and the right of every citizen in israel, jew and nonjew alike to vote is allowed. i was trying to get out my vote against those targeting foreign money that was coming in to target a specific group to bring down -- >> american money? >> i was calling my voters -- >> international money. >> do you think -- there is a question about whether america worked against you and president
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obama and the white house in the election. do you think that happened? >> individual donors from europe and united states and latin america the answer is yes. i wasn't talking about that. and i'm looking forward:. i'm not looking to the past. my policy i've been raised as -- i would call it someone that believes in equal opportunity. i deeply believe. that i've acted that way. i called on ten days ago i called on arab supporters of likud. i met them in the north of the country. i said there is going to be this effort, foreign funded effort to get the votes for that party. i want you to be ready for that and get out the vote whether that happens. that's what i was referring to. you'd be surprised. we got a lot of arab votes, not -- i'd tlik have more. i consider myself the prime minister of all israelis those who voted for me and those that didn't vote for me, arabs jews the arabs that voted for me and those that didn't. the same with the jew that's
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voted for me and those that didn't vote for me. that's my policy. it always was my policy. israel remains the one country in the middle east where arabs can vote freely and fair elections. that's sacred. that will stay. and my policy will stay as well. >> what does it mean you to personally to wake up each day knowing that israel's enemies stated goal is to destroy the people and the country that you love? >> well, first of all let me tell that you i woke up this day and it's a lot better -- a day after the election is a lot better than the day before the election, election, especially if you win. i wasn't just elected because of any personal desires. i was elected because the vast majority of -- a very strong majority of the people of israel want necessity to leadme to lead the country in the responsible way that we believe in. in a md will east that is so
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dangerous and becoming increasingly so. so they want to make sure that israel is safe and secure. that's my obligation. i can tell you what i was once asked what's the difference between the president of the united states and the prime minister of israel? and i said that the president of the united states i believe is always concerned about the security of the united states. but the prime minister of israel, and i can speak personally, there's not been a day, a day that i haven't thought about the things i have to do to protect the survival of israel. and that's a difference. we're the country that is most threatened with destruction around the world and it's my responsibility to ensure that this state, the one and only jewish state lives forever. and that's a big burden. but that's why i'm here. that's why i was electsed. >> mr. prime minister, thank you so much for your time. all best, sir.
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congratulations. >> in moments, the strange white house response to mr. netanyahu. plus charles krauthammer reacts and tells us what he thinks the white house is really up to. plus, we'll detail how the powerful chair of the senate judiciary committee is making tough demands in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. and a look at some second amendment supporters being shamed in new york. trace gallagher
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we're tracking details on a disturbing story out of jackson, mississippi, where a black man was found hanging from a tree. the naacp identify ig the man as 54-year-old otis bird. authorities have not yet confirmed that. authorities found the body during a renewed search for the man a half mile from bird's last known address. he was missing for more than two weeks. the fbi now joining this investigation into his death. authorities say it is still unclear if he was murdered or if this may be a suicide. a kelly file investigation. after a group of second amendment critics set up an elaborate hoax to shame would be gun buyers here in the big apple. trace gallagher live with the
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story. >> the hoax is a gun shop opening with making first time gun buyers think twice. the shop is filled with said to be fake guns along with several cameras to capture the reactions of cameras when the owner who is really an actor pretends to be selling guns used in well known crimes. watch this. >> collectors love this one. he took this and several other guns and killed her and went down to sandy hook and killed six teachers and 20 isn't children. 20 little kids. gone. like that. you walked into a mcdonald's in san diego, killed 21 and injured 19. one of the deadliest mass shootings in american history. >> this says shooter, a-year-old kid. what is that? >> this is the ghaunun.
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>> this is the gun that guy used? holy [ beep ] >> the video produced by a well known new york ad agency runs three minutes and uploaded to youtube but ends with the tag line every gun has a history, let's not repeat it. the video has numerous inaccuracies and they call it a disgusting and outrageous stunt. listen. >> i think this is desperate. i think they're looking to do anything they can to garner any type of publicity so that they can get in the headlines. >> the gun control group who produced the hoax was overseen by the new york police department and it appears the phoney store violated new york's extremely tough gun laws which clearly states that fake guns are not allowed within city limits. gun rights advocates are considering charges incidentally despite new york's tough gun laws, the city has seen 104 shooting victims so far this year. that up is 22% from the same
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time last year. >> trace, thank you. also tonight, the powerful chair of the senate judiciary committee is making tough new demands in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. plus, the outrageous reason why this american born and raised rapper was put on the cover of "playboy" magazine to tell the world she hates our country and especially fat white conservative americans and their racist grandmas. we'll have thoughts on that. eh, you don't want that one. yea, actually i do. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up. mucinex fast max night time for multi-symptom relief. breathe easy. sleep easy. let's end this.
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it's oit kelly files" with megyn kelly.
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>> two weeks ago the state department said it would not be going back through hillary clinton's e-mails or those of her sfaf kept from the public for six years to comply with any prior records demands. to date chairman of the senate judiciary committee says think again. in a letter to the state department inspector general, senator chuck grassley suggested that state has not complied with the obligations and he is now demanding answers. in addition, he is demanding that the inspector general confirm that "secretary clinton did not sign a separation statement and if not why"? a former chief speechwriter to president george w. bush and robert zimmerman is a strategist at zimmerman eddleson. they try to issue direct answers to congressional overseers, the very people she said she wanted to avoid. where does it go?
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>> well, it's a big deal. chuck grassley is a serious person. he's tenacious investigator. he's asking some very serious questions. did she protect classified information? it would be illegal for her to send classified information even if she used a official state department account. there are all classified information has to go over this account. why should we believe she didn't do it when it came to classified information? >> you know, robert it seems like this -- the walls are closing in. you have gowdy who is pushing for that server. you have now the chairman who of the senate judiciary committee demanding the inspector general provide actual written answers to congress that has oversight responsibility. are we going to get that server or aren't we? >> you know something? the issue is not about hillary clinton. this is about the lack of integrity lack of decency of
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these republican leaders in congress. they demean themselves their party and the institution they represent. >> how? >> i've been a guest on your show many times. you never heard me speak this strongly. i am disgusted by watching senator grassley target members of hillary clinton's staff and engage in asking questions that have already been answered. >> why shouldn't the members of her staff have to provide their e-mails, too? >> the reality here is that hillary clinton's staff already answered the questions chuck grassley raises in this letter. >> he wants their e-mails, too, which is slightly different. >> first of all let's also not change the rules here. hillary clinton by every measure followed the standards. >> who changed the rules? >> are you kidding me? >> who changed the rules? >> that's right, megyn. >> let mark jump in. i'll get back you to. hold on. it's his turn. >> the state department spokesman said on tuesday that rules are different for the secretary of state and lower level staffers.
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that the rules don't apply to her in the same way. she basically said hillary clinton is bost rules. and the american foreign service association which is the public worker union for foreign service officers sent a letter asking the state department to clarify whether the secretary of state is above the rules or not. no, robert, hold >> mark -- >> wait. hold on. quiet. okay. i get nasty tweets. zip it until it's your turn. now i forgot what i wasrobert. fair and balanced. >> here's the deal, mark. the reality here is while you're targeting hillary clinton sheshgs follows the same protocol that condoleeza rice and collin powell did. >> condoleeza rice? >> they turned over all her personal e-mails. >> she didn't. are you kidding me? these are lies.
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>> did condee rice have a home server? i miss that. did she destroy 31,000 e-mails? are you kidding me? she used an official state department e-mail account. >> go ahead. >> excuse me. >> you can talk over and do what you can. you can't change the facts. collin powell had a personal e-mail account and destroyed all his personal e-mails that dealt with government business. hillary clinton turned over her personal e-mails to the state department or government e-mails and that is what she was required to do. the reality is the fact that you don't focus on condoleeza rice or collin powell just shows how partisan this charade is. >> okay. robert? now you had your say. >> it's this kind of rhetoric, mark that shows the republicans -- >> now you're being disrespectful. come on. you had why you ever say. the difference is neither condoleeza rice nor collin powell did all of their e-mailing business on their own home brew server. and that is the distinctiontion here, robert.
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all their documents were in the custody of state. no one had to ask them that. >> that's incorrect. >> collin powell destroyed them. >> he did the official state business on his official state e-mail. no one is claiming that hillary was not allowed to use personal e-mail for anything. but everyone to a man other than in hillary clinton's camp has said it was highly unusual, irregular and unprecedented for her to do what she did by controlling everything and having it off site. >> as i suggest, megyn, look at the foreign affairs manual to see how legal it is. >> i suggest you read it. >> i think it's more important we put an end to the empty investigations that have cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. and every time they produce nothing. >> how about this? learn it love it, live it. i'll give you the last one. you've been very patient. >> yeah. you know the -- your fight isn't with me and republicans robert. it's with the american foreign
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service association which is not part of the vast right-wing conspiracy that wants to know why is hillary clinton and others above the rules? >> you know, mark, if you want to -- >> i have to move on. we have hot new debate coming up on the death tax. good to see you. listen to this. i mean they earned that money. if they want to pass it on to their children. >> no they did not. they didn't earn the mondayey? >> no those people will be dead. by the way, i was very pregnant in that clip. if you thought that was fun wait until you want to see what people want to do when people like to leave money to their kids. plus actress and new mom eva mendes has controversial advice for women. women who want to keep their men that, is. ryan kill immediate is next. of all the places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use
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that was rapper zelia banks. she is outspoken and controversy. but in a new interview "playboy," some say she may have taken it a little too far when she said i hate everything about this country. like i hate fat white americans.
1:44 am
all the people would are crunched into the middle of america. the real fat meat of america are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms. those little teenage girls that work at kmart and have a racist grandma that, is really america. she's a charmer. ryan killmeade is with me. >> james rosen just called. she's a fascinating person. >> why wasn't dick cha cheney on the cover? >> i'm not sure. when you gave me this assignment i'm doing this thing called research. people reach to me in the industry and in the building. so i watched two 45-minute interviews with her. and she is angry. and unlike alec baldwin who says if they believe in the country didn't, when she has enough money she's gone. she's out of here. she is angry at the country. >> she goes on to say -- she
1:45 am
talks about how -- she wants reparations for slavery. >> $7. >> my little white fans will be like why do you want reparation for work you didn't do you? got handed down your grandfather's estate and you got to keep your grandmother's diamonds and pearls and she says a bad word. >> she says a lot of them. >> and she broke into tears twice in 20 minutes because of slavery. now we know that is a tough time in american history, absolutely. but it didn't end yesterday. it ended a long time. she's a great success storey. born in harlem. her mom worked 18 hours a day. she was discovered off youtube. >> unbelievable work ethic. look what she is able to earn and work her way up. everybody knows her name. >> there's a question about -- it's sad to me she is trying. there is a fine line between hurt and sadness. but "playboy" puts her on the cover and gives her a very big forum to spew this hatred. and there is a lot of questions about whether that was
1:46 am
appropriate. >> right. we will go over that. for the longest time i go to "playboy" for ethics and values, and now i don't know where to turn. >> i know. that and there is bryan like wow, dick cheney, oh, my god. >> but the staple marks cover everything up. i will say this, now it's back to "sports illustrated" for my come pass. but here's got news for white people who feel insulted. she also doesn't like black rappers that are too close to white people and those include lady gaga, iggy azal yashgs little kim, asap. >> wow, you really did do your research. >> so we're all in this together. >> i want to talk you to about somebody else. >> how many people are in this building? >> a lot of staff. linda sanchez is a congresswoman that thinks that because certain people need to get drug tested before they can receive welfare that is a justification for requiring the death tax. because she says rich kids have done nothing to enhart wealth. they need to do something to earn it. in other words, pay a tax. >> so i didn't know this.
1:47 am
it's a 40% death tax. so if you die, 40% of the money you earn or lucky enough to have goes out the window. that was zero under george bush. she says go do a urine test and drug test all the people who inherit all this money. she does not understand that there is one thing that tax dollars which is welfare and employment and things like that and there is other thing that you actually earn through generations. now in doing some research on this congresswoman her dad was a machinist. he says i'm going to do everything i can to put you two girls through college. they ended up being congresswomen. guess what they're going to have? they're going to have some money. so when she goes on and she wants to hand it to her relatives, whoever they may be she should actually, if she wants to live true to her word, give it right to the government or not take it on. >> we saw this with weiner in the clip. he was trying to say you pay your taxes on your money and then you try to save your money. if you have money in the bank when you die, you would like to give it to your children.
1:48 am
it's not an additional tex. you're dead. you don't have to pay anything you're dead. but why should your children get double taxed? he kept telling me how i would be dead. >> it's horrible to make me live through a weiner dialogue without him here. i prefer you to do the weiner as opposed to him. let me go back to something else. give that a second. this congresswoman thinks if you have money you're lucky. the next generation, yeah, maybe you're more fortunate. but life is not fair, necessarily. if you look back i played soccer. probably as much as david beckham. he is a lot better than me. i'm sexier. we'll grant you that. but he made more money. i'm not angry at him. i'm not angry at derek jeter for winning five world championships and dating two models a day for 18 years. i think that's the way life s overcome it. deal it with. life is not fair. just do your best. stop resenting people. >> the other thing, is you know, we work hard because we want to pass it on to our children. that is a main motivator. set your children up so they're
1:49 am
better off than you were when you were a kid. so there is an nfl player named chris borland, 24 years old who retired after one year playing in the nfl y? >> he had over 100 tackles and en route to making a multimillion dollar salary. he'll make $600,000 this year. he is only two concussions in his life. one came from soccer. he started doing research in a book about to come out about what can happen if you have play football and have the brain injuries. he's not worth it. i have a ba in history at wisconsin, i'm going to start using that. he was going to make $650,000 this year. it is scarey. as the mother tleef kids and two of them young boys i worry about this. should i? >> you should, in a way. life is full of riskst sports are full of risk. as a guy you know who played soccer and heading balls, i think soccer you can argue is almost as risky because the head-to-head contact, no equipment. we also had shannon sharpe this week. he says, i knew he is an outstanding tight end. played for three teams and in a
1:50 am
bunch of super bowls. i knew there is risk. but i grew up eating squirrel and raccoon and i had no money. i'm taking that risk to do it. this is probably a middle class guy who had other options, feels he does. but i do think this is the one thing that really scares the nfl.a,xoq >> where are your news instincts instincts, megn. if my wife is in sweat pants does she believe it heads to divorce? i believe she is on her own volition, she has gone lycra. different from the baggy sweat pants. that's why it's a healthy relationship. so if you just work out, a baggy sweat pant might not be your
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it has been a long day, that netanyahu interview was very early this morning. now i will go home and have a gloss of wine slip into some lycra. go to kelly file if you want to seeeeeeeeeeee
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>> it's friday march 20th. a fox news alert. a new terror threat from an apparent american isis fighter. this time they are targeting veterans. >> president obama with a direct message to the enemy. >> words straight to iran on the same day he calls israeli prime minister bet yahoo-- netanyahu. >> one nation under allah? a school is under fire now for siting the ledge of allegiance is arabic. >> soldiers fight for the pledge to be said in


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