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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 20, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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kids go? we have a special guest monday. have to do it 20016. can't tell you anymore than that. have a great weekend we'll see you here on monday. nd. >> this is a fox news alert. isis strikes again. quadrupled suicide bombings at two mosques in yemen killing at least 137 people and wounding hundreds more. hello everyone, i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. at least four bombers attacking the crowded mosque during friday prayers. a group claiming to be a yemeni branch of isis saying saying it carried out today's terror attacks. and mohammed joins us from yemen. mohammed? >> hi. >> hi, now you were on the scene today, mohammed. can you tell us what you saw >> today it was a very sad day for sana and for yemen
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also. more than 115 people killed and more than 400 people injured. and three explosion in sana. the two explosions they were mosque the first explosion was inside the mosque and the second explosion was outside the mosque. and also the third explosion wasn't mosque. also, in the mosque there was -- group praying there. today, a bit later a big leader for the group. also, i went to that mosque
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and can you imagine i can't describe for you how it was. like there was 100 people they were screaming and calling for help and also many people they tried to take the people who injured with their car because they wait like more than 13 minutes until the car came and take the people who injured and like they was everywhere and also hands and legs and blood everywhere and also the mosque destroyed. >> mohammed it, sounds like a brutal brutal scene and as i understand this is one of the most deadliest
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attacks we have seen so far in the war on terror and of course isis taking responsibility for. this thank you for your report. >> disturbing news in the wake of the terror attacks in yemen. the "the washington post" reporting the pentagon has lost track of more than 500 million in military aid given to the nation and defense one marcus wise gerber joins us. $500 million in u.s. aid and weaponry. how did we lose track of all of this? >> basically what happens is when a foreign country buys weapons from the united states, the pentagon approves it and then they send the weapons over. what happens then they do training. once that training is done. they pretty much leave it to the country that is responsible, in this case yemen where the government is falling apart. >> marcus, we he have heard the president say before yemen was one of the greatest success stories in the war on terror. now we are seeing some of these reports. you just heard mohammed
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talking about one of the most deadly explosions, bodies everywhere. we have seen this happen before where the united states gives aid and gives weaponry and then we lose track of it. so any idea who could have all of these deadly weapons? pretty much anyone could have had at this point and there is a loot of bad people in that part of the world right now. several months ago we saw u.s. humvees and tanks controlled by isis in iraq. now they were given to the iraqi military iraqi military captures them and now we have another black eye for the administration in this case with weapons they have given to another country. >> marcus is there any way to track that equipment? >> no. this is pretty basic type equipment. this is not, you know, sensitive classified type stuff. this is done helicopters, humvees, body armor it doesn't have tracking like devices on it. >> who is this supposed to
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go to initially? why would the administration be giving this aid? i think a lot of people are saying yemen not necessarily known as being a safe place even though the president said it's a success story. so why did we give so much money in the first place? >> well basically what we want is the big push by this administration and plenty of other administrations. building the partnership exals city of foreign militaries essentially getting a bond with the military. training them giving them equipment so they could stand up on their own and alleviate some of the types of operations that the u.s. military would help them with. >> well let's hope that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands because the worst thing would be have it end up ending in the wrong hands and possibly being used against our allies or worse if we decide to put u.s. troops on the ground. marcus, thank you. >> thank you. >> and today's mosque attack raising new fears that isis is gaining ground in yemen. that country is already a hot bed for al qaeda and middle east expert barack
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who lives in yemen joins us. you can talk about what's happening on the ground. earlier we heard white house press secretary josh earnst annot sure if this is isis. now we know it is isis. sunni vs. shia, can you tell us what's happening on the ground between these jihadi factions? >> basically isis wants to outdo al qaeda. they want to be seen in the jihadist community as at the forefront, at the vanguard of attacks and carnage. they are able to it do this with the latest attack in yemen. remember, the attack had about 137 casualties, the largest al qaeda attack in yemen had about 52 casualties. and then they apologized for that al qaeda tried to have a soft touch. blood thirsty and wants to show off jihadist rival. >> they're competing with
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each other al qaeda and isis right now. i was reading your preinterview. you mentioned that they could use this as a launching pad for an attack on saudi arabia. now couldn't saudi arabia just come in and flatten isis? i mean, wouldn't this really rally the saudis to do something about isis? not at all andrea, in 2009 saudi arabia entered into war using air planes and air strikes if it tried to take over other parts of the country more south they are going to get bogged down. this is the $64,000 question. will isis now use yemen as a launching pad to attack saudi arabia. aqap did that only once or twice. not very successful. the key question is here does isis in yemen have a saudi component and like aqap had. if they do have saudis that can help them and integrated into the saudi network and
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country, we may see them use that as a launching pad. >> so what it sounds like is that isis is gaining ground and sounding pretty strong. how strong are they and how big of a threat are they not just in the region but i think a lot of people at home are wondering how big are they? we see the footage of them. they look pretty massive. are they that massive and are they a threat to the united states? in iraq and syria isis is very very very strong. they can defeat in saudi and iraq. in other countries not that sure. we saw them sponsor attacks in indonesia and tunisia this week. we don't know if it was blow back which meant they sent cadres from iraq and jerry back. yemeni who came to fight in iraq and syria back to yemen to sponsor that. the question is what type of inif a structure they have in these countries all
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right barack thank you. attacks in yemen coming days after the massacre in tunisia. isis claiming responsibility for both acts of terror. today we are learning that two of the tunisia gunmen got weapons training at a militant camp in libya. tunisia government officials saying the two museum attackers left last summer and left for libya for training. and as the investigation continues, today's independence day celebrations in tunisia taking quite a somber tone and tunisian authorities beefing up security in the streets. now, the rising tensions between israel and the obama administration today house speaker john boehner announcing that he will travel to israel at the end of march. the same time as the deadline for the iran nuclear deal. and fox news correspondent john huddy is live in jerusalem. john in andrea this looks like a jab at the obama administration and a the white house particularly coming so close after the election. however, a spokesperson for the speaker says this was
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all prearranged. this was a preplanned trip. still, it is raising some eyebrows, one, because the announcement comes just two days after prime minister surprising unexpected, some are even calling it dramatic victory against his labor party rival here in israel and just a day after the -- it's being described as a very tense and difficult phone conversation with president obama. who while congratulating prime minister netanyahu on his victory also said that the u.s. would have to quote, unquote reassess its options regarding a two state solution. the white house even suggested that the obama administration might even support a u.n. security council resolution. calling for palestinian state along the 1967 lines that divide israel and the west bank and gaza as well. so really the question is whether this will put strain on an already strained relationship between prime
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minister netanyahu and president obama and the obama administration. remember, it wases speaker boehner after all who invited the prime minister to speak before congress earlier this month. the very contentious speech both here in israel and also, of course, in the united states, with the obama administration as for this trip andrea, speaker boehner is expected to arrive here in israel with a republican delegates of lawmakers on march 31st, as for the trip, a spokesperson for the speaker said that they look forward to discussing our quote unquote discussions for peace and security in the region and further strengthening the bond between the united states and israel. and as for the relationship, with the united states barack obama netanyahu said america has no stronger ally than israel and israel no stronger ally than the united states. andrea? >> yeah. i just wish the white house
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would echo that rhetoric. i think people are wondering too whether this will help or hurt john boehner going there i think, john, a lot of people seem to think that that speech that boehner invited netanyahu to give in front of congress strengthened his hand and possibly influenced the election. we have to see how it plays out on their trip. john, thank you. >> sure. >> and while negotiators take a break in the iran talks today, president obama calling for the return of americans held in iran. the president demanding iran immediately release three u.s. prisoners and help find a former fbi agent who disappeared from iranian island. four americans, a pastor, a marine, a journalist and an fbi agent spending tonight held in islamic republic of iran. >> president obama is now calling for iran to release three american prisoners and help find an fbi agent. >> it starts in march of 2007. bob levinson disappears on iran's kish island. for years the american
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suspected of being on a cia mission is totally missing. no word where he is. levinson's daughter going "on the record" with greta. >> that's why i'm here today to plead with the iranian government that, again, they do have the power to help and i just beg them the wedding is in nine days and i cannot bear to imagine that day without my father walking me down the aisle. >> but he didn't make the aisle. years later these photos released by captors showing him alive. his condition and his location still a mystery. and today more than 8 years later levinson is still missing. >> we have for eight years now been seeking information from the iranian government about the details surrounding mr. levinson's disappearance. >> and levinson the longest held american on the planet isn't alone. >> my name is amir- >> -- august 2011 u.s. marine amir heck maddy suddenly arrested in iran. his family says he was visiting his grandparents, iran says he was cooperating with hostile governments.
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today the marine sentenced to 10 years in iran's notorious evan prison. one of the most dangerous prisons in the world. last christmas his family still in michigan says he went on a hunger strike. right now, he is he holding on hoping his case isn't forgotten by the united states government. then, september 26th, 2000 12, american pastor saeed abedini arrested in iran. his crime? setting up churches in homes for christians trying to worship in iran. his wife, taking the tragic story "on the record" with greta. >> it's been too long since he has been gone from our family and we're desperately wanting him back. >> pastor be a be abedini still suffering in a prison. he has endured solitary confinement, beatings even torture. president obama went to idaho and visited the family two. years later, pastor abedini
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is still trapped in iran. july 22nd, 2014. jason, the "the washington post" bureau chief in tehran arrested at gunpoint and jailed without charge. just days ago, the american journalist spending his 39th birthday in hell, the brutal evin prison. the details of his charges still unknown to the public. his brother speaking to fox news. >> right now we know that jason is still very isolated. his mental condition i think is worsening. he knows that he has been held for longer than any other western journalist in history. >> and today his health is deteriorating fast. as he awaits trial in front of infamous judge. a judge famous for long sentences lashings even sentencing people to death but now some hope. today the white house in fierce nuclear negotiations with iran issuing this statement, demanding the immediate release of all four americans.
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would have a chance to make progress benefit our countries for years to come. >> four americans missing in iran. growing threat from iran. and now general david petraeus warning that our biggest problem in iraq is not isis. but shiite militias backed by iran. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. ambassador bolton refresh your recollection surprised that general petraeus said that our greatest threat now is iran and not isis? i think it always has been. anybody on the verge ever getting nuclear weapons is a threat. i think the government in baghdad is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ayatollahs, i think she's shias militias are part of their network. the goal here is to reestablish that arc of influence that iran had through the al maliki government in iraq. the assad regime in syria and hezbollah in lebanon. and that's why although i think we need to defeat isis i would not aid the government of baghdad to do
11:17 pm
it ambassador, do you get the sense that the white house could be relying on iran to fight isis because we know they are a shared enemy of ours. but netanyahu says the enemy of our enemy is our enemy. do you get the sense that in these deals there could be talks that president obama, since he doesn't seem to have the appear tight to fight isis would rely on the iranians to do that? >> i i think it's a way for the administration to show in their view commonality with iran. i will tell you what's going on. i think that ties together this statement about the american prisoners in iran. the fight against isis and the nuclear deal. i think that the administration is going for a cuba answer here. i think it's what iran wants. i think it's part of the reason why the language about hezbollah and iran and their terrorist activities disappeared this year from the worldwide threat assessment. i think the iraniansians have said let's get this terrorm thing behind us. let's have full diplomatic
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relations and let's not just end the sanctions caused by our nuclear program. let's take us off the list of state sponsors of terrorism and get rid of all those sanctions, too. and in exchange, we will give you these poor men who have been held as human bargaining chips. i think that's at least a possibility. we are all focused on the nuclear deal. i think given the way the administration handled the cuba situation you may be playing, the president may be playing for even larger stakes. i think it would be a disaster for our country but that's the obama view of the world. >> ambassador, you have been talking about this for a long time. the potential effect if we get a bad deal with iran. and, you know, i'm reading kissinger's book world order. henry kissinger talks about historically for hundreds of thousands of years the iranians and the muslim faith they don't believe in honoring contracts with infidels. so, to them, they can embark in a contract with the united states of america for timing purposes or to delay it but it really means nothing to them if they break it.
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so, who is to stop the iranians from breaking any deal that the president negotiates? >> exactly. i would not trust the regime in tehran today with a spare electron. i certainly wouldn't leave them with enrichment capabilities. they have righted every commitment they have made on the nuclear side going back to the time they became a party to the nuclear nonproliferation that they wouldn't seek nuclear weapons. which they had been doing for the past 30 years. not simply a question of trust but verify. we don't have adequate verification capabilities on the iranian nuclear program. this deal is bad in some respects. i just worry that actually we are get even worse deal. we will end up in embassy in tehran umed the obama administration. >> scary stuff. ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead. you don't hear this from a judge every day. a court hearing is getting heated as the judge scoldz a justice department attorney over president obama's executive orders.
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that's what i'd like to do.
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immigrants did fly in into el paso. >> this is outrageous. >> today our immigration system is broken. >> we, in america, do not have sovereign borders that we can protect and secure. >> the filled to capacity. >> this is president obama's katrina. >> getting a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as i can on my own. >> some of the local hospitals out here, they have been treating some of these immigrants, treating
11:24 pm
them for minor diseases things like scabies, lies, and even a couple cases of confirmed tuberculosis. >> the legal battle over president obama's executive action on epg immigration. well, it's heating up. during a hearing yesterday, a federal judge scolding a justice department attorney suggesting the administration mislead him on when certain parts of the executive orders would take effect. the judge saying, quote: and like an idiot i believed that texas attorney general ken paxton joins us. okay, attorney general, do you think that these doj lawyers deliberately tried to mislead the bench? >> well, they were asked several times in court andrea about this whether they were going to be implementing them they told the judge several times that they would not be implementing this executive action. so, certainly we feel like they mislead the court. what was in their minds at the time we don't know. we do feel like they mislead the court and mislead the
11:25 pm
plaintiff. it's texas and 2 a other states. >> isn't this the first law when you become a lawyer not to try to conceal anything from a judge and earlier today on outnumbered judge alex father rare was on. he said i would rather try to lie to god because at least god is forgiving. a federal judge not so much. so attorney general do you think that these lawyers will face any punishment from the court? >> well i know the judge did not seem very happy. obviously we weren't very happy. did he express extreme concern and can i certain isly tell it you i wouldn't have wanted to be on the other side with them standing in front of the judge telling them that i had been confused about the case and not told the entire truth. >> so what happens next? >> well, we will find out. the judge said he will roll fairly quickly. we were asking for more discovery based on the fact that they mislead us. we want to know what else is going on if there are any other things we don't know. so we asked the judge for actual discovery so we can
11:26 pm
find out what they have been doing. >> it seems like this is the only way fly the courts for republicans and for the states flex their muscles and get some kind of stop gap measure to stop the president's executive action and attorney general we have seen the president congress before now with the doj basically lying to this judge or misrepresenting the facts however you want to put it. it seems like now they are flouting the courts. so i bring this question to you. if this administration has such disdain for the constitution, aren't we creeping toward a constitutional crisis? >> i think we are. if you think about what is going on the president violating federal law, the u.s. constitution, which is going past what congress -- what congress is supposed to be doing. and now you have got administration in court not being forthcoming about what they are supposed to be forthcoming about. we definitely have a huge issue here related to whether the obama administration is going to follow the constitution and then once they get into
11:27 pm
court whether they are going to tell the truth. >> um-huh. well, we will be watching this case because it is a big one. attorney general, thank you. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead a new and growing threat from isis. there is now evidence that isis is using drones against us. air force veteran and congresswoman martha mcsally is here to talk about that next.
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central park rick? >> and, andrea, someone forgot to tell old man twoirnt pack it in. i don't think anyone is surprised we would have one more blast of snow after the ridiculous winter we had in new york. we had a couple of plows just roll by us here in central park on the drive. it's been snowing for about 8 hours now. leaving this blanket of white on this beautiful jewel of manhattan. take a look at tavern it on the green newly redone. and again here are plows heading down park drive trying to clear a path here. we have seen runners and joggers in central park. people checking out sheet metal and the sites of the. several inches fell in the city and northeast baltimore to boston. new jersey has 1,000 trucks out plowing the roads and spreading salt.
11:42 pm
winter advisories are also in effect in pennsylvania connecticut, new jersey, and new york with warnings of dangerous and hazardous travel because of limited visibility and slippery roads. it is going to get cold overnight as i'm sure rick will tell you. we are expecting some icing of some of these roads and that's why people are being encouraged to be careful when they come out here. andrea, boston also getting some snow. they got a record of 108.6 inches this winter. over 9 feet. look at another inch or two we are told from this particular storm before it moves on. i'm really curious whether or not it's actually going to be the last storm of the season. maybe rick can shed some light on that. >> i bet you are. you covered boston for us. and now you are covering new york. if anyone is happy that this winter is ending, it's probably going to be you right? >> well, it is beautiful. i will give you that. >> yeah. i'm going to be out jogging after the show. i'm going to be run aring in central park. yeah right. rick, thank you. >> i'm eager to see some flowers and sunshine. >> yeah, me too. thank you. >> so, is this the last of
11:43 pm
the snow? this is the question i want to know. rick reichmuth please, tell me signs of spring anywhere? >> you know what? just because i would like to see rick out there again, i the want to say there might be more. you know what? honestly, we are stuck in a pattern. we have been stuck in this pattern almost for two years to be honest with you where the west coast is baking and east coast is incredibly cool. there are no signs of that changing. i cannot promise there will not be any more snow behind this storm. i wish i could say differently. i think we will still see some more. here you go, temperaturewise, 30 degrees right now in new york city. 33 in caribou, maine. that 30 means as rick was saying freezing on roads and surfaces and sidewalks, kind of a rough one out there, it's 31 in strand ton right now. warmer towards philly and d.c. you get the idea this is where all of the cold air is. i have to tell you when you look at averages, new york city average last measurable snowfall is march 20th, which is exactly where we're. so if this is our last one we would be right exactly on
11:44 pm
par for what we should be dealing with but this storm is almost done. we probably have about another two to four hours of snow here across areas of long island, new york city southern connecticut, boston getting a few flurries but nothing that's going to be too problematic for you temperaturewise though i think we are going to be hovering around the freezing, maybe a little bit below it during the overnight hours. andrea, i will get you to the good news here. tomorrow we warm back up to 49 here in new york. we will see 40s for a lot of pennsylvania. the temperatures are better but also this time of year the sun angle gets a lot higher. so you get a lot more radiation down to the ground it melts that snow very quickly. even though sunday and monday temperatures drop back down here, sorry, we're going to see that snow melt very quickly. and then maybe temperatures get back towards normal in a week or two maybe. i wish i could say that more confidently. >> and you are sick of it because in the building we all ask you when it's going to end.
11:45 pm
>> i'm looking forward to another conversation happening in the elevator. >> yes. oh no. that's where i always get you every time. rick, will it ever end. >> have a nice weekend. >> you too. >> look at that snow coming down out there. hello spring, yeah right. straight ahead. a lot of bad news for hillary clinton today. from her email drama to the clinton foundation fundraising controversy.
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style. it takes effect 31st. this is a fox news alert. trey gowdy formally requesting that hillary clinton turn over private server. today chairman gowdy sending a letter to secretary clinton's attorney. calling for the server that clinton used for state department business to be turned over to the inspector general or a third party. joining us our political panel the national review julian and the "wall street journal" editorial board mary kissel. all right. is he going to get this server. >> i don't know much it will be fascinating to see if she complies or just like lois lerner's server with all those emails. mr. gowdy has been prudent in calling for the third party there are a lot of questions about benghazi. what happened with the military response. why was there this video excuse, et cetera. mr. gowdy says that there are months and months of emails that are missing but we will see if she complies.
11:51 pm
>> they were just yoga emails: >> if he shoe doesn't turf over the server what could potentially happen. as mary mentioned it's not the server itself. it's the concealment of evidence that could be on the server. >> it's really going to play badly with the american people. we have to keep in mind she is the head of an agency. that means she is the person that the buck is supposed to stop with for preserving records are for protecting them. she hasn't made good on that basic obligation it blows my mind that we would trups her to funnel through the emails and pick out which one she shares. >> she will accidently spill coffee on it. i'm waiting for that one. also news in another hillary clinton controversy. "wall street journal" reporting that while the clinton foundation agreed not to seek donations from foreign governments while clinton was secretary of state. the foundation did raise millions of dollars from a foreigners with with connections to their home governments. okay, panel, your thoughts on this one. i mean this is -- we don't
11:52 pm
know if there were prescribes exchanged. was there money exchanged for hillary to not do certain things meaning not wag her finger publicly and shame some of these foreign governments that have awful records against women. >> we don't know. the sandals should be connected. that's why it's so important we get those servers. remember andrea, this is how the clintons roll. remember in the 90's when they were taking money from the indonesias and in that scandal. documents disappear before in the 1990s. it's important to remember that history. the chronology here is important. the clinton foundation says in 2009 we are not going to take money from governments but they take it from individuals after she leaves the secretary of state position, they take it from governments again. they take it from saudi arabia. they take it from uae. they take it from oman. these are important questions. but they are smart. they registered as a charity. so we only know what the clinton foundation is disclosing itself. >> but is this, julian, the new formation of how people
11:53 pm
are going raise money i think this is a perfectly legal way to get around transparency standards. she said at the state department that we're going to be open with you on this. transparent and let you review it that hasn't happened at all. i think what's disturbing about this is you see this happen in other countries. you see money funneled through charities for nefarious purposes. it sure doesn't look good. they were both using the same server, the clinton foundation because she threw her husband under the bus. she said it's bill's server as she is running basic foreign policy from her kitchen table from chap can a. chappaqua. there areeth -- ethical questions abound. >> political operation with charity grafted on to the side of it. that's how bill and hillary have used it now for years. >> i think in every aspect she said that she is going to do things.
11:54 pm
she hasn't done them and i think that's going to be her legacy. >> marianne and julian thank you. >> thank you. >> new twists and turns in the robert durst of all the places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and get max cleaning and freshness with every flush. try lysol no mess max. test test. test test.
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lawyers for robert durst real estate heir arrested for murder of california woman. they have just filed papers asking for a hearing so they can try to get durst released from jail. meantime the fbi asking detectives across the country to review their cold case murder trials for possible links to durst. and former nfl player darren sharper is now charged with rape in las vegas. today sharper was charged with drugging and raping two tourists at a hotel. sharper is already facing sex assault charges in three other cities. sharper retired from football in 2010 after playing for the packers, vikings and saints. it is occasion closed for singer chris brown. l.a. judge has ended brown's
11:59 pm
felony probation in assault case over 2009 attack on girlfriend rihanna. the judge says that brown completed the terms of his sentence including community labor, counseling, and rehab. and tonight, news that twisted sister drummer a.j. peril has died. 55-year-old was found unresponsive on tour bus in new york. he died of apparent heart attack. the staten island drummer played on twisted sister we're not going to take it and we're going to rock. finally tonight greta is on assignment so she is not here for off-the-record but she wanted to share this with you for the weekend. check out this happy reunion. dog lost for six months finally reunited with owner. 1-year-old whip pit jasper was reunited after all these months. people in a town 100 miles away spotted jasper and took him to veterinary clinic. scanned his microchip and tracked down his owner. nice reunion. thank you for being with us. greta is back monday 7:00 eastern. i will see you monday at noon on outnumbered.
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good night from new york. previously on "red eye." >> do not attempt to adjust your television set. >> please keep watching. >> this is the beginning of the end of western civilization. >> now? now you tell us? >> obama what are you doing to this country? >> unless there are booze or smores i am not going. >> you can't throw me around like i am a cabbage patch, i am not interested. >> neither of those things are legal. >> and now the thrilling conclusion. >> hello, everyone. i'm joanne nosuchunsky. let's welcome our guests. i am told obama is leading a war on her last name. i am here with the finance contributor lauren lyons cole.


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