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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 30, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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what they're doing. i'm like, i mean, it's not like i didn't know but it's like -- like i don't even want to -- you have to be silent and just give the end result. even though you know it. i can look back at the screen. there's my advice for the evening. a defiant hillary wipes her server clean. >> public records are all of our business. >> did the democratic presidential hopeful break the law? negotiating with iran continues. >> let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate. >> time is running out as the rogue regime takes a step back to seal a nuclear deal. gunfire rips through panama city beach, florida at spring break. >> it was a chaotic scene. and we found seven people had been shot. >> more of our exclusive "hannity" spring break coverage as the party spirals out of control. and a st. louis man is
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brutally assaulted for refusing to talk about the michael brown incident. we'll show you this vicious attack. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." it is a scandal that hillary clinton just cannot shake. new revelations tonight regarding the now infamous personal server that clinton used to conduct official government business during her time as secretary of state. now, tonight we'll explain how these new developments could spell doom for hillary's 2016 aspirations. but first i want to walk you through a brief timeline of clinton's very odd relationship with her personal server. it all began on january 13, 2009 when hillary clinton's private server and domain were set up under a man named justin cooper a senior adviser to former president bill clinton. just one month later hillary clinton was sworn-in as the 67th secretary of state. and over the next four years she would exclusively use that private e-mail and server to conduct all of her state department business. then in 2011 two years into her
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term then-secretary of state hillary clinton, well, she took a trip to libya just one year prior to the terrorist attacks to our consulate in benghazi. it was during that trip hillary was pictured using her blackberry. but according to the congressman heading up the investigation, trey gowdy absolutely zero e-mails from that date were actually turned over to the state department. and that's not all. just last week congressman gowdy released an e-mail from clinton's attorney indicating that clinton willfully deleted an unknown number of e-mails from her server after receiving a state department request in 2014 to turn over e-mails to the federal government. he wrote "the secretary chose not to keep her non-recorded personal e-mails and asked that her account which no longer is in active use be set to retain only the most recent 60 days of e-mail." so are these crucial e-mails now gone forever? here to explain this and much
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more is former white hat hacker with us. >> sean, thanks for having me on. >> tell us about this. if you wipe a server clean, can you wipe it completely clean? >> well, this is the problem with the hillary e-mail. she owned the server to she could absolutely go through and wipe all the data clean. there is a possibility of recovering the data but every single minute we waste we're losing precious data that might be erased from that hard drive. we might be able to recover some but not much. she has full control over that infrastructure which is why this is so bad. >> it's so bad because the likelihood is that the server is destroyed in some way, is that possible too? >> absolutely. she controlled this whole infrastructure. she had more servers and infrastructure than most medium businesses. it's alarming in general especially after she got requests of that. it's going to be difficult to go back, easily destroyed easily gone, never recovered again. >> if you got the server now is there any possibility you'd be able to go back september 11,
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2012 and recover anything? >> it's possible depending on how she deleted them. there's a technique we use in the field called forensic analysis which allows us to reconstruct deleted e-mails. think of it as a book. table of contents and when you delete a file but that information is still there until it's overridden on the rest of the hard drive. we could technically go back but the problem is time is of the essence. if that data is overwritten, we can't recover that information. every minute counts. >> david thank you for your expertise. joining us now to explain what if any legal trouble hillary clinton in fact will face. nixon had the opportunity to erase every one of those tapes prior to them being subpoenaed. hillary clinton how do you look at this. >> well, i said weeks ago sean when i first heard this, subpoena, get a search warrant do what you got to do get the server now. you've got to freeze the facts
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immediately. go on for discussion and complaints and delays, that's what we see with the clintons all the time. but what you've got here if indeed she did get rid of the server or if she destroyed things that are relevant and i'm not sure how you're going to show it but, sean, i'm a believer. sooner or later the truth comes out. she could be charged with tampering with evidence, concealing evidence. forget about the rules and regulations of her own state department that she fired people for not following. >> we have a records act, was that violated? >> of course the records act was violated. people say it was her personal e-mails to which i say how do you know it was her personal e-mail? just as you said if she's in benghazi using a blackberry you think she's calling about a yoga class? >> or her daughter's wedding? i doubt it. >> well. >> let's talk about the date here. she was willfully deleting these e-mails after receiving the state department request in 2014 to turn them over. >> right. >> timeline wise is that obstruction of justice? >> it would seem to be.
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if she is willfully deleting -- although she will argue that they're personal, but if she's deleting anything after the justice department congress, trey gowdy select committee asks for it she's in dangerous waters right there. >> do you really believe that? because the server's gone. you know it's gone. and i know it's gone. >> what do i know? i'm guessing -- >> that server is dead and buried. >> maybe it's like the rose law firm records that were lost and magically come back two years later in the closet. >> doesn't matter. just happened to show up. you think a crime was committed, don't you? you suspect. >> my instincts are there. but i always have to put my facts behind my opinion. >> how do you go about investigating something like this? in other words, if the server's gone like we had believed. >> very easy. if the server is gone she is communicating with uma abadin. >> who is using the same server. >> exactly. but she's communicating with sheryl mills. what i want to know is who were they communicating with. as we spread this out we might get access to some e-mails based upon their communications with
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other people. >> but right now ooma is getting rid of everything too. >> sheryl mills is the one that told everybody not to talk to congressman. i think it was chaffetz after benghazi. >> so you now have to go after any potential personal she might have e-mailed that some place on their hard drive somewhere. >> or you're going to have to find somebody willing to talk. based on what we've heard, people are afraid of the clintons. they are afraid of them and they escape. now it's up to the american people, it's not up to prosecutors. the american people have to say can i trust this work? is she going to save me or herself? >> if i was subpoenaed they wanted my e-mails year ago. >> right. >> and in two years i haven't turned them over why do i suspect i'd be handcuffed perp walked and put in jail? >> you'd be sitting in jail. >> it's complicated by politics.
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even trey gowdy is going to be accused of playing politics. not good. >> thank you, judge. appreciate it. joining me with reaction, author columnist roger stone. roger you're saying this is one of just a few problems they're now facing. how big a deal do you see this? >> it's extraordinary. hillary kicks off campaign for president by breaking the law. look, nixon said if the tapes were his personal property and only he should decide which tapes we could hear. the supreme court held that they were made in his capacity as president and ordered to be made all public. so the precedent is clear. why shouldn't she be held to the same standard as nixon? the epstein sex scandal, her -- >> doug you think this is bigger than any combined, right? >> no i think there are real questions here. but given that she was not under legal obligation to keep personal e-mails there wasn't a
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subpoena, sean. >> nixon's mistake that he should have -- when people advised him to get rid of the tapes before they were subpoenaed, he should have gotten rid of thetapes. >> that may well happened here. but i don't think she broke the law and the real question as she said how do the american people react. >> in two years aren't you supposed to hand over according to the records act if it's subpoenaed aren't you supposed to preserve things? >> you are and who's going to show they weren't personal e-mails? >> two years later roger? i have two years congress subpoenas my stuff? >> look, the clintons have skated on financial and legal scandals big and small. the real question here is not whether she will pay a legal price, which i doubt. but will she pay a political price? do the voters believe she would be a transparent and honest president of the united states? >> let me bring judge -- >> this is not the atmosphere for launching a campaign. >> judge, bring you back. >> there's one piece of this
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that i think is really crucial. and that is for all the years that there were freedom of information requests about hillary clinton, the state department went to court and said we have nothing relevant, nothing relevant. to me sean that is a conspiracy. to me everyone in the state department knew it. and they are comeply sit in this cover up. now we need a federal judge to say you signed an affidavit you said there was nothing relevant when you knew you didn't have access to her e-mails you knew you had none of her e-mails. >> doug, very simple point. she had nothing to hide. why would she get rid of the server? not let anybody else look at it? even though they were looking for those e-mails. >> because they were in her terms personal e-mails. >> and you believe that doug? >> i don't know. but i don't think we're ever going to find out sean. >> yeah. why are you shaking your head? >> i fear that they're destroyed. >> it is destroyed. don't fear. it's gone. there's no getting -- >> hope springs eternal, you never know.
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>> all right, guys. roger, what's an update on the epstein case? you said you had one. >> well, we are waiting for a federal decision as to whether the case will be reopened in which case bill clinton could be compelled to testify as to what he was doing on orgy island what he was doing at epstein's palatial home in palm beach. we're waiting on the judge. >> i think her husband being involved with epstein at orgy island, that will impact her presidential implications. >> and sheryl mills' phone number is found in epstein's phone book. what did hillary know and when did she know snit. >> coming up the former head of the defense intelligence agency calls the administration's middle east policy willful ignorance. those details next. and later gun violence. remember we were at panama city beach panama, florida last week. the day we leave friday night seven kids were shot and the
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welcome back to "hannity." the administration is now pushing forward on the u.s.-led nuclear talks with iran despite new reports that iranian leadership is now refusing to part with its large stockpile of highly enriched uranium. of course a crucial component to building a nuclear weapon. this comes as our closest ally in the middle east, israel, and its prime minister benjamin netanyahu issuing a stern warning for the world calling this deal with iran "dangerous for all of humanity." even the former head of the defense intelligence agency under obama, lieutenant general mike flynn is having a hard time understanding the president's middle eastern strategy. >> i can't say it any stronger.
7:15 pm
i almost feel it's a policy of willful ignorance rather than facing the reality that we actually have right now. i think that at the end of the day we have just this incredible policy confusion. never mind what our strategy is to execute that policy. we have to stop what we're doing and take a hard look at everything going on in the middle east right now because it's not going in the right direction. >> here to react is former israeli ambassador dori gold and the author of "the ten commandments still the best moral code." that's dennis prager. dorrey, let me begin with you. remind everybody two weeks ago the top mullah in iran saying this. [ speaking in a foreign language ]
7:16 pm
fortune fortune. >> now, we have video of course of the iranians burning american and israeli flags. as we watch this i ask you this why would an american president negotiate a right for iran to have nuclear weapons, which is what they will have, when they act this way towards us and towards you? >> there's another fundamental question clearly related to what you're asking. iran is on a roll. you have iranian forces, boots on the ground in syria, in iraq. now in yemen. and they're clearly conquering the middle east. so if iran is seeking to be the hedge moan yal power dominating this region do you really think it's going to adhere to any
7:17 pm
nuclear agreement you sign? won't the iranians try and make a quick run to obtain nuclear weapons. >> dore, it's worse than that. >> but the deal with the president from the a.p. over the weekend, this deal would allow them to produce material for energy, science, medicine but also the thistle core of a nuclear weapon. and they get to spin 6,000 centrifuges and enrich uranium. obama is giving them the bomb. that's what the a.p. is saying. why would he do that? >> prime minister of israel has warned that the agreement that he understands is going to pave the way to a nuclear bomb. it's extremely dangerous. not only dangerous to israel, it's dangerous to our arab neighbors. and it's dangerous to the world because just imagine a state exporting terrorism a state that sought to recruit from the mexican drug cartels and operative to engage in a mass casualty attack in washington, d.c. just two years ago.
7:18 pm
that state's going to have nuclear weapons? do you really want to have that capacity used against the united states or its allies? that's the danger we're dealing with. >> and it's that severe. so dennis prager i go to you. now, you have this iranian defector gave an interview over the weekend said the following. said the u.s. negotiating team are mainly there to speak on iran's behalf with other members of the 5 plus 1 countries. >> it's worth noting who this defector is. he ran the campaign for the current president rowhani of iran. that's how big the man is. he just defected at tremendous risk to his life and god knows about his family back in iran. and to warn the world about what america is doing in switzerland. that's how low we have sunk. >> why -- bob menendez a democrat in new jersey who may be pursued by the obama justice department, he said we're leaping in with both feet here.
7:19 pm
you apparently have had congressmen, jewish congressmen have now met with the administration. they're now beginning to slightly speak out. but for the most part democrats have been silent on this deal. why? >> that's right. well, look, the sad truth is that the democratic party is not the democratic party you and i grew up with, which was liberal. it is now leftist. there are almost no liberals. there are no moynihans, there are no jacksons as in scoop jackson. it is a left wing party. and if you read the left press whether it's rolling stone or the "new york times" editorial page, that is what these people believe. american dominance in the world american high gemny is not that bad. if you dislike america, you're probably okay. as bizarre as that sounds. >> and dore, the way the administration is framing this debate, it's a strawman argument. it's that either we negotiate with them or we go to war with them. isn't there another option?
7:20 pm
didn't the prime minister offer another option? >> right. i think the option he offered is a better deal. for example, this whole proposal is based on a sunset clause. a point in time in ten years where you take off all the nuclear restrictions on iran and let them develop whatever they want. well, that's a very dangerous proposition. in ten years time they'll have a huge amount of enriched uranium. and they'll be able to put that uranium into the missiles which are not at all limited. and therefore the prime minister's spoken about if you're going to have the sunset clause, take off the restrictions once iran no longer is threatening its neighbors, no longer calling for the destruction of israel and acting like a responsible player in the international community. >> this is utter insanity. thank you, dore. by the way my good friend dennis has a new book "the ten commandments still the best
7:21 pm
moral code." it really is, right? simple. >> it is simple. a lot of people don't know how great it is. they don't even fully understand it. just one example. >> yeah. >> says do not murder. not do not kill. >> big distinction. >> huge. otherwise we'd have to be vegetarian and pacifist. you don't have to love your parents. you have to honor them. >> okay. you can't hate them -- >> well even if you do, you still have to honor them. >> fair enough. if we did that, we'd have less problems in the world. >> that's right. exactly. >> coming up, for years all last week we were warning you about the dangers of spring break. and now we have a disturbing report. what happened? seven people shot, gunfire breaking out at a party in panama city beach where ainsley earhart was reporting all last week. we're going to get reaction from two members of the city council. one says the city has blood on their hands. and then later anne coulter reacts to the left's attacks on indiana governor mike pence and his religious freedom law.
7:22 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." since last year we've been warning your viewers about what happens with your kids on spring break from the drunk partying, the drugs to the overwhelming crowds spring break can become, well, very dangerous. and it has. this past weekend things in panama city beach, florida escalated. fox and friends first co-host ainsley earhart is at the big board. we went through this all last week and friday night what we were warning happened. >> we can't say we were not warned. the sheriff continuously said guns are a huge problem. well, early saturday morning shots rang out at a panama city beach party sending seven spring breakers to the hospital with gunshot wounds. three of them listed in critical condition. the 22-year-old suspect from mobile, alabama, is now in
7:25 pm
custody charged with seven counts of attempted murder. the council held an emergency meeting to address this chaos and they voted on three ordinances aimed at preventing more spring break violence. allocating $200000 for beach enforcement did pass unanimously. as for motion to allow additional funding to come from the tourist council budget. but the ban on alcohol through april 15th did not pass. a press conference on saturday held after the shootings his words might sound very familiar. watch this. >> we have drunk people, under the influence of drugs with guns and no respect for themselves, others and most of all authority. we have a recipe for disaster. implementing anything that we've implemented is not going to fix spring break. >> he has been warning all of us of the dangers of alcohol, hard drugs, calculated sexual
7:26 pm
assaults, crowds and even those guns. hopefully now, sean things can begin to change. but i was reading that witnesses say there was another house party moving in to that house where the shots rang out. and next door there was music thumping inside and beer cans on the front porch. >> there were six incidents with guns though this was the only shooting, seven people shot, they have confiscated 40 weapons since spring break started. >> that's exactly right. >> everything we were telling people was going to happen sadly did. joining me now with much more on this disturbing development, panama city beach councilwoman josie strange who was the only one willing to go on record with us last week as we were doing our coverage. i'm very sorry, first of all, for what happened. we wish these kids the best. i think two or three are still in critical condition, josie? >> as far as i know one of them's in critical condition. >> okay. the sheriff -- you were the one politician -- you even said, i know this is unpopular, but the sheriff has been very outspoken predicted almost with pinpoint accuracy that this would happen.
7:27 pm
you held an emergency meeting and then what happened? >> nothing. we did get more funding for the chief of police, which could have helped the situation. the situation might have remained the same. i think the only way we're going to curtail this type of activity is to stop alcohol on the beach just during spring break. i'm not it for 365 days out of the year. just during spring break. >> all right. you have a fellow council member said he believes he made a mistake, apologized to his constituents and said he thinks we have blood on our hands. do you agree with that? >> well, i don't. because i was -- >> you were against it. >> i was the one that endorsed the sheriff's recommendations. yes. so i -- >> let me talk about the mayor. the mayor made a big deal of saying for example that she turned down a request. they're not getting interviews of any of our elected officials.
7:28 pm
you decided to give us an interview. but then she gave the reason about why she continues to support spring break. that's why all this happened. watch this. >> is there some other market that would come to panama city beach in the months of march and april that would provide revenue, employment and those kind of things for our businesses? we can't look at it strictly from a law enforcement perspective. >> so it's about revenue employment and we can't strictly listen to law enforcement that is saying in no unequivocal terms that this is a disaster, a recipe for disaster? your reaction. >> i don't think anyone on the council wants to get rid of spring break. it does generate a lot of revenue. we just need to control spring break. and sheriff mckeithen told us how to do it. he's the sheriff. he's out there. he sees it. he knows what to tell us to do. >> but you guys didn't listen to
7:29 pm
him. you did, but the rest of the council didn't listen to him. the mayor didn't listen to him. now you have seven kids that were shot. >> that's correct. i'm so glad that it was not more. and that it didn't involve any of our police officers or anyone else. it's horrible. >> josie, it might happen next time. that's the fear. >> and it might. >> josie, thank you. joining us now is the council member who called that emergency meeting and reportedly told his fellow city officials "we have blood on our hands" panama city beach councilman keith curry is with us. why do you say you have blood on your hands? >> because in the starting of spring break and watching it this year it was just a matter of time for that to happen. you have to be accountable for your actions and accountable leader. and the blood of those children are on our hands. >> but the sheriff's been warning, did you not believe the sheriff? the sheriff he's been saying it's a recipe for disaster.
7:30 pm
i talked to the sheriff before spring break started this year before our cameras went down there. and he told me the same thing we're one bottle away from a riot and this is a recipe for disaster and we can't stop it and nobody's listening. are you going to listen now? >> i have listened, sean. again, that's why last thursday night at the council meeting i put it on the agenda last thursday night i was the one that called the emergency meeting that morning. and again, i recognize my error with the start of spring break when things weren't under control, hen they continued to be out of control. and from that point on recognized my mistake and -- >> all right. but the mayor's not with you. your mayor's not with you. your mayor is bragging all over the media that no public official's going to talk to the "hannity" show. and you had a proposal to stop drinking at midnight, no drinking on the beach. and she's still resisting.
7:31 pm
she's talking about the financial aspects, the financial benefits for the city. does she need to go? >> that's up to the voters. that's up to the people in panama city beach. >> what do you think? she's obviously not seen the light like you have. and i give you a lot of credit for that. maybe it's time for a new mayor. >> well, i just hope and pray that those other three counselors will look deep in their heart and look at this situation. a good analogy from the saturday morning meeting was one of our counselors said in the third quarter of the football game you don't change your football plan. one of the respondents from the crowd put it most eloquently and said, hey when you're down in the third quarter and you're losing the game, it's time to change your plan. we've got to change our course. >> i credit you for seeing the light. and i hope your fellow council members pay very close attention. person that seems to have this nailed from the beginning is the
7:32 pm
sheriff. and he seems to be the guy to listen to. thank you, sir. appreciate it. up next tonight here on "hannity". >> is tolerance a two-way street or not? i mean there's a lot of talk about tolerance in this country today having to do with people on the left. >> indiana governor mike pence under fire defending signing the religious freedom law. coming up next the one and only ann coulter takes on this liberal hypocrisy and outrage. and later tonight, a man claims he was brutally beaten because he refused to talk about the michael brown case. you can see that video. we have the complete video. we'll show it to you and much more coming up straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." indiana governor mike pence is under attack from the left for standing by his decision to sign the state's religious freedom
7:38 pm
restoration act, which critics claim allows discrimination against gay people. but the governor is fighting back against these attacks. >> is tolerance a two-way street or not? i mean, you know there's a lot of talk about tolerance in this country today having to do with people on the left. but here indiana steps forward to protect the constitutional rights and privileges of freedom of religion, for people of faith and families of faith in our state. and this avalanche of intolerance that's been poured on our state is just outrageous. because we simply stepped forward for the purpose of recognizing the religious liberty rights of all the people of indiana of every faith we suffered under this avalanche for the last several days of condemnation. and it's completely baseless. >> governor -- >> not based on any fact whatsoever. >> here with reaction author columnist ann coulter is with us. it's interesting because we've had a federal law for 20 some
7:39 pm
odd years. 30 states have similar laws. not exactly written this way. but isn't this about actions the government would take that would infringe on religious liberties? in other words a first amendment issue. >> it goes back more than just to the federal religious antidiscrimination law. it goes back hundreds of years in our history. i mean you have to explain to americans, the country founded on religious freedom the idea that individual conscience often will trump civil authority. this goes back to james madison and george washington. we've been dealing with it with priests not having to turn over their confessions so in criminal courts with jews being able to wear -- >> conscientious objectors -- >> right. george washington and the quakers. when the law was introduced by among others chuck schumer, supported by the aclu when the american jewish congress --
7:40 pm
>> bill clinton barack obama as a state senator. >> went to the supreme court. the court said it was fine, but it was a federal issue. you can't have this federal law apply to state actions but invited the states to pass their own laws. so the states passed their own laws of which you say there are about 20 on the books. by the way at the time the supreme court said that the federal law would not automatically apply to state laws and local ordinances, it was people like chuck schumer demanding that action be taken. well, this is what the states have done. it really has just this idea that because liberals can posit a case and a christian florist not wanting to provide flowers that we're supposed to give way and call it a discrimination law. it's never been applied in such a case. >> ever. >> it's a shield. we know what the cases are for. and it's as if we changed who the american voters are that people don't understand this idea that americans have
7:41 pm
religious freedom. religious freedom is different from a lot of things. there are bad things too. you can't lobby the government to build a church. you can lobby the government to build a sports stadium. there are limitations but also protections. >> let me play this two-part question when we get back. watch this. >> bill clinton signed the religious freedom information act in 1993. >> i remember that. >> then state senator -- i bet you do. then-state senator barack obama voted for it when he was in the state senate of illinois. >> two issues here. number one, obama supported it, clinton supported it. that's the hypocrisy side. did george stephanopoulos, you know, did he ever go after hillary? did he ever go after bill? >> right. >> so there's two questions here. they never go after democrats who supported the exact same thing. >> right. >> and why would any republican ever be a part of a debate with a guy that's so entrenched in the clinton camp?
7:42 pm
>> perhaps a network i agree with you as we talked about on radio today. this is a real failing ot republican national community that they allow republican presidential candidates to have debates with people who are so directly opposed to them. that incident with candy crowley of cnn coming out and announcing that mitt romney was wrong in the middle of a debate, which she corrected on air two hours after the debate to this day i don't know what a presidential candidate is supposed to do in that circumstance. you can't go after the girl moderator or the feminists will get upset. >> so why was george stephanopoulos -- >> no but it's more than that. why would republicans agree to this? >> i don't think they should. >> i mean, until all presidential -- all presidential debates are moderated exclusively for example by you and me. i do not know why our republican candidates -- >> by the way liberals laugh at that. it would be a great debate. >> nobody laughs at george stephanopoulos. i never worked for a republican president. he did. he worked for a democrat president. >> he was in the war room for the clintons. he was a clinton hack.
7:43 pm
>> as for what candy crowley did, this is a really serious issue. nothing else will alert american public to what's going on. >> one more question the people that are most outspoken against sharia law, against the mistreatment of women, the mistreatment of gays and lesbian lesbians under sharia law are conservatives. we watch womens groups get all upset about sand ra flock or mitt romney resumes for women in binders, upset about this on gay rights. gays are being slaughtered. and people like us are out there saying look what's happening, sharia law, people are being killed and women being mistreated. why don't they join us on the left. >> right. >> on a really important issue where lives are at stake where slavery is happening. >> right. i'd extend that to not only being concerned about slavery and animal sacrifice in those countries, but bringing the people from those cultures to integrate here and start voting for the democrats. which is what is happening. i mean, this is why it is --
7:44 pm
it's been 20 years since clinton was signing this law. now the country's upset about it. how would this have played in 1990 -- in 1980 when traditional americans who understood john lock and george washington and the idea of religious freedom and individual conscience. now we're leaving voters who don't believe in that. >> last question. quick one. do you think hillary broke the law with the server issue? >> i don't know. i will defer to others on that. i do think as i have said before it just -- it raises an iq question with hillary clinton that she would do this again. she is not some, you know hick from arkansas that she was always portraying herself as. she has now been the first lady of arkansas the first lady of the country we've had all these document retention problems. how on earth can she go through this and then delete all these e-mails without thinking i wonder if anyone will notice
7:45 pm
this. really shows it's not just arrogance. it's not just cronyism. this is just pure, blind stupidity. >> all right. ann coulter, good to see you. thank you. coming up, a missouri man brutally attacked after he reportedly refused to talk about the michael brown case. look at this beating. it's all caught on tape. we'll tell you about it and explain it coming up next. when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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7:50 pm
because that was a lie. that is why people still are worked up about this? >> my short answer is yes. boy say that people out there -- i don't know their
7:51 pm
motivation. this is garden-variety thuggery. >> i agree, but this is a mind set created by agitators politicians and others to expect an outcome that is never going to happen. >> doesn't take much for people like this to engage in thuggery and i say 0 toller yens. these people don't belong in jail sh but underneath the jail. >> to call it garden variety thuggery is trying to pass the buck. >> that guy they're punching the cram out of him. this is like -- that is right. so do i, sean.
7:52 pm
>> it's why they're hitting him they asked to use his cell phone and he won't let them then, they asked about michael brown and so it was related to michael brown. >> if he talks about it agreeing with me? >> sean, sean >> what is the right answer? >> people are afraid of so i think yeah. they're afraid of their children. >> the fact of the matter, is this. if this had not been a white man in that position on that train. he won't have been hit. it was a racially-moat very tated attack based on his answer about michael brown. we've created an environment where thugs believe they can get
7:53 pm
away with it. >> never arrested the people. we have their identities faces and pictures. >> if this was, and i say if this was a racially-motivated crime, they should be prosecuted. >> there is no if. it was a fact that it is a racially mow ti vated crime. >> you asked me about michael brown, come on. come on. >> if the prosecutor determines and evidence shows this was racially motivated i would say yes. >> that is about that.
7:54 pm
>> you have to have evidence. you know that sean. >> i say it's garden variety crime. >> regardless of whether they have any evidence these guys have evidence. >> it's a video. i want to see more. yes. >> more, more of them. >> i have to see more. >> put them underneath jail. >> coming up the question of the day, next straight ahead. your eyes really are unique. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb.
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8:00 pm
preventative measures and didn't. we want to know what you think. let us know what you think. thanks for joining us. that is all the time we have left. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> a policy is a policy of willful ignorance rather than facing the reality that we actually have right now. >> president obama's former defense intelligence agency chief now saying america has lost control in the middle east. charles krauthammer on that and the iranian nuke negotiations. >> you're going to hear a lot of presidential candidates use this phrase religious freedom. it's going to be code for i'm against same sex marriage but i'm not going to say it. >> the secular progressives hammering religious based americans over gay marriage abortion, and other controversial issues. we will tell you what's going on. >> this is the house of prayer. not a den of thieves.


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