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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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fox business network tomorrow, i'll be a guest on the show. at 11:05 eastern. that is the time we have left. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. alumni. good night. o'reilly next. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> do you hear that indiana? you are not progressive enough for nascar. >> i would like to go back and visit inana but it's illegal. >> the state of indiana taking it on the chin over the religious rights act. this battle could become a national civil war. tonight, we will spell out what the opposing sides really want. >> they can call it whatever they want. romney didn't win, did he. >> looks like senator harry reid has been exposed for being a corrupt politician lying from the senate floor and he is unapologetic. "special report" ahead. also women may have to become prostitutes because of global warming. that's what congressman woman barbara recess.
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dennis miller has some thoughts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. religious rights vs. the constitution. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it all began in 1973 when the supreme court ruled 7 to 2 that abortion should be legal in the u.s.a. that ruling contradicts the christian tenet that all life is sacred and that man does not have the authority to decide when life begins outside of conception. so, roe v. wade put the u.s. government directly against the catholic church and many protestant churches. the battle is ongoing to this day. to be clear, it is a grave sin in christian theology to abort a fetus.
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but it's perfectly legal under the u.s. constitution. the gay marriage situation similar but not nearly as intense. some americans oppose homosexual nuptials because of certain passages in scripture. however being gay is not a sin in itself as any responsible theologian will tell you. in our secular country religious belief is not a basis for civil law and indeed the supreme court will rule on gay marriage shortly. no matter what the court decides some christians will continue to oppose gay nuptials on northerly grounds and that is their right under the law. for example i believe it's a violation of constitutional rights for the government to use tax money to fund abortion. i don't want that on my conscience and so far the feds have largely stayed away from that imposition. but some on the left are demanding tax dollars be used to destroy fetuses and they use terms like
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reproductive rights. and if you dissent, you declaring war on women. same thing with gay marriage, if you dissent you are a homophobe, a bigot. talking points believes the u.s. government should be a secular concern, founding fathers were quite clear in saying religious beliefs should not be imposed on the population. but the founders also said that we the people have the freedom to it believe what we want. without interference. and therein lies the argument for religious rights. senator marco rubio defined it very well on monday. >> no one here is saying that it should be legal to deny someone service at a restaurant or at a hotel because of their sexual orientation. i think that's a consensus view in america. i think the flip side of all of this debate what about the religious liberty of all americans who don't want to feel compelled by law to provide a catering service or photographer service to same sex marriage that their faith teaches is wrong? >> senator rubio is correct. if a baker or photographer
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feels uncomfortable at a gay wedding that should be respected because there is no exclusivity. other bakers and photographers will gladly accept the paycheck. it's long past time for the secular progressive movement to stop denigrating people of faith. i believe most fair-minded americans get angry when they hear fanatics attacking folks. to be fair same thing on the right once in a while not at the same level. many celebrities and most of the media gladly side with the secular progressives against religious people. one final thing. the big reason, the big reason the sp movement has succeeded so well is lack of religious leadership in america i said that last night in the laura ingraham segment. there are few clerics of any statute who will go up against the secular lobby. they are simply afraid. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, how will the republican party handle the
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religious freedom issue. joining us from austin texas, karl rove. and you say? >> well look let's first of all put this in perspective. what is it exactly we are talking about? this religious freedom law says three things. it says if you are an individual who believes that your religious liberty is being trampled upon, you have to show that you are quote substantially burdened. this is actually what the supreme court used in the hobby lobby case was the standard of substantially burdened. and if you are the government it requires two things. it says you have to show that there is a compelling interest in affecting whatever action is necessary and that you have used the least restrictive means in order to do this. this is what was embodied in the law signed by president clinton and on the statute of 19 or 20 states. >> just tell the folks the hobby lobby thing and how it came out just briefly. >> well, the hobby lobby said hobby lobby was a privately held company and
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the owners were being forced to violate their religious liberty by providing contraception that they believed was abortion drugs, abortion causing drugs the day after pill the day after pill and as a result the supreme court upheld the right of this privately held company to do that. >> not to violate the religious dictates of its owners. >> so look, we will let the court solve whatever problem comes before them. but this is going to be a political issue for the republican party. >> sure, it is. >> because the democrats sense blood here. and you saw backtracking in indiana on governor pence's part governor hutchison in arkansas said today he is not going to sign a similar piece of legislation until, you know, it's clearly defined about what can and can't happen. i have no beef with either governor, by the way. but i do have a beef with the media primarily because
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it's driven by the media saying that because a person like me doesn't want tax dollars going for abortions that i am against women. that i'm persecuting women and they get away with it all the time. they get away with it every day. we also have hypocritical politicians. a religious liberty law like this on the books in connecticut. he has been the governor for five years now. if he is so infuriated with what was going on in indiana, why does he let five years go by without ever calling for removing this law? >> i don't care about the governor of connecticut. >> i do. >> no, no, no. you are missing my big point here. whoever runs for president, the republican party, is going to have to confront this issue of secular progressives. >> sure. >> defaming, mall maligning and slandering people of
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faith. you are going to have to take a stance on it. >> look every republican presidential candidate who has spoken on, this and i think it's all but two of the major candidates have come out in support of the indiana law. now, right now this is a loser. it will become a winner for republicans and for conservatives if they stand up and take it on and take on the hypocrisy. look, i'm a big apple fan. i'm a huge fan. i have owned apple computers since 1982. i have loved them. but when tim cook, the head of this comes out and attacks indiana, look, he is sell computers in malaysia. and in malaysia it is against the law. they took a former prime minister and charged him with being a hoaxial and tossed him in jail and yet, mr. cook, while he sees a terrible thing wrong with this law in indiana he didn't see anything wrong with the law that's on the books signed by bill clinton and sees nothing at all wrong in doing business in malaysia where they take homosexuals and jail them.
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>> with all due respect to you your points are absolutely valid. there is hypocrisy all over the place. but pointing to it isn't going to help this cultural civil war. >> no, no. >> we need a leader in this country who is going to be very, very clear on this issue. very clear. representing just people in america are getting the hell kicked out of them right now pardon the word. >> bill i agree with you. i thought marco rubio's statement was pitch perfect. i hope we see more like that. there needs to be a whistle blown on hypocrisy. this has nothing to do with a restaurant refusing to sell a meal to somebody who is gay because that's already not allowed. >> i know that. >> under the public accommodation law you can't deny service. i want the candidates to lay down a positive vision but we also have to have people who call out the liberals for being hypocritics and for distorting this. >> i'm telling you unless
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the republican party starts to stand up for people of faith in this country, they will lose. there it is. >> no disagreement with you which is why marco rubio did the right thing and while every other republican presidential candidate has come to the defense of the indiana law is right. >> critical mass has been reached. next on the rundown, john stossel says gay americans don't need any more protections. then, later is senator larry reid proud of telling a lie on the senate floor? can that be possible? those reports after these messages. constipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life.
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stossel matter segment tonight. with us now here in new york stossel from the fox business network, you see his program every friday night.
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okay. i didn't give you an introduction because i want to just tell this to you the introduction, just face to face, not reading a stupid tell prompter, okay? it's right there. all right, now, i believe that gay americans deserve protections specifically written into the the law because of the numbers number one, they are very small compared to the big population and children who are homosexual or afamily nant if they are boys or different get brutalized. teenagers brutalized. matthew shepard the case in wyoming killed, nailed to a fence post. all right? only because of their sexual orientation. no other reason. so when you have a situation like that situation 325 million people in this country and even if 0% of them are good
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decent folks, that leaves 32 million people running around that can hurt you. you have got to protect. so gay americans deserve carved out legal protections. you disagree? >> well, when you say carved out special protections for them. >> yes. not special but the crime is elevated if you attack someone on the basis -- >> -- it's already a crime. if you attack someone. >> i want it elevated. >> you also have base gender religion disability age all these specially protected groups. i am two of those. he better be nice to me. >> i always am. but i think you understand where i'm coming from here is that there is a risk in certain areas of this country. >> of course. but this is the point. >> and maybe a local jurisdiction won't investigate because they don't -- they succumb to the pressure. so the federal government has to get involved. it's the same thing on the race issue. so i mean i'm going to demand and i think those protections are needed. >> fine.
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no quarrel. look, i'm for gay marriage but i think this movement has moved from tolerance to totalitarianism. totalitarianism of the left. >> you are absolutely right on that. no baker should to stop two people from getting married. they shouldn't they shouldn't be forced to bake the cake. >> i agree with you. >> i disagree with you and marco rubio. this is not about religious rights. it's about individual freedom. >> >> there has got to be a reason why. look. if a black couple comes in and the baker says i'm not going to bake the cake because you are black that's a crime. >> given america's history, blacks are a special case. but your point was good about exclusivity. >> there are lots of places to go and if it is a religious thing. >> all of you even those who think this is immoral, hobby lobby has to go to the supreme court to not pay for
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what it considers murder? that's wrong. >> well, the system actually worked there though. >> barely. they had to spend a billion dollars to prove they were religious? >> let's get back to totalitarianism imposed by the fanatics. that's got to be confronted. >> we should have freedom of information. and the way -- freedom of association in america. the way to fight bigotry. a bigot ought to be allowed to a bigot. the way to fight is it is not to patron nice that store. >> a bigot, all right. if you want to be a big got you have a right to be a bigot but you don't have the right to hurt someone in the process. >> but not selling them a isn't the same thing. >> not the same thing. but there has to be legal protections for homosexuals in this country. there has to be. >> all right. john stossel, everybody. directly ahead. did president obama vote for
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truth serum segment tonight what is the truth about then senator barack obama from illinois voting for religious freedom restoration act of 199 8? with us now here is new york eric shawn from washington shannon bream both fox news correspondents so governor pence of indiana shannon volted for the law that's similar in his state. is that true? >> you can say similar but you can't say exactly the same. there are a couple of key differences. one of them is the fact that
8:22 pm
this law in indiana would recognize those who are aggrieved, who need protection as not just an individual human being but their definition of person is much broughter and part of that is because of a couple of recent supreme court rulings. you think of hobby lobby the recent decision. it recognizes corporate bodies. some organizations to be those who need protection. so that's very different than what then state senator obama would have voted for and did vote for back in 1998. >> so in '98 it was all about individuals? >> right. >> now it encompasses corporations, companies, clubs things like that. >> exactly right. >> i got the nitpicking and line picking. it's the same thing that it seems that senator obama back then felt that people of faith should have the right, if their conscience says something that she shouldn't participate in that should override some kind of demand made in the marketplace. isn't that what he did?
8:23 pm
>> a couple of other differences are important, too. in the indiana law the government does not have to be a party to this. and in many of these cases we have seen involving this particular issue, the government is a party and they are forcing you to try to do something, trying to get you to do something that's the hobby lobby case. where we saw that the hhs mandates things going from obamacare where the government telling companies what they had to do. in this case these protections would go off to the private party. if somebody felt offended they could go sue another person. they have a business transaction. you could use it as a defense in that case so the government doesn't even have to be involved. i have to believe that senator, state senator barack obama would have had issues possibly with that based upon what we know about him now. >> i don't know about that all right. it's a little complicated so i partially understand it. that's progress: in new york city stop and frisk no more. it was a big controversy because the police were
8:24 pm
going into poor high crime neighborhood frisking people for guns trying to get guns off the street successful venture. murder rates dropped big time in new york city. now it's gone. how are murder rates? >> well here is the good news, major crime is down 10%. bill, exactly right, murder way up. 20% so far. >> let me stop you there. murder rate 2015 first quarter over 14 up 20%? >> yes sir. >> most of those are in the poor, high risk neighborhoods? >> yes. and shooting incidents up almost 11%. you were a local reporter for years in new york. go out to east new york in the 80's and 90's there was shooting all night. i did a story once guys come out and showed me guns uzis took them off the street. a 6% more murders now. >> east new york a ghetto situation so the stop and frisk you can say based on the stats has led to more deaths.
8:25 pm
stopping stop and frisk has led to more killings? >> you can say that more shootings. look at the pretickets in the bronx up. shooting victims up 1110%. more poor people being killed in new york because stop and frisk was stopped. >> have to see what the numbers are. this the is first quarter. that's why i asked you to come in here because first quarter is over. there it is mayor de blasio people of new york you want to stop the program, which was intrusive, there is no doubt it was intrusive. a lot of innocent people getting stopped and frisked but now there is more dead people. you have got to pick what you want. all right, chad and eric. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. barbara lee warning everybody women may be morse forced into prostitution by global warming. miller on that. and then a radical group putting restaurants in very bad places. hope you stay tuned for
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impact segment tonight apparently senator harry reid lied on the floor of the senate in august of 2012. he said that mitt romney, then running for president, had not paid income taxes for 10 years. turned out to be false, governor romney has paid millions in income tax its. the other day on cnn reid was asked about the situation. >> you are a polarizing figure and a lot of republicans actually blame
8:30 pm
you personally for the way congress and washington in general has gotten so highly partisan in the last couple of years. >> that's interesting. i serve as a whip for a long time. >> that was before he used the senate floor to go offer g.o.p. mega donors the koch brothers and accused mitt romney of not paying his taxes with no evidence. >> let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. i don't regret that at all. no. call it whatever they want. romney didn't win, did he? >> so reid unrepentant doesn't regret it. what does that say about him? what does it say about president obama who said this? >> i think that when the story is written and when all is told you're going to have somebody who has done more for nevada and for this country as anybody who has ever been in the senate and i could not be prouder of him. >> anybody who has ever been
8:31 pm
in the senate? with us now andrea tantaros a republican and jessica irlick a democrat. jessica, you know, senate majority leader goes on the floor, lies about the presidential candidate and doesn't regret it? >> well, i don't know that he specifically lied because he said at the time. >> he said he hadn't paid taxes for 10 years. >> to his knowledge. >> and that turned out to be false. >> he didn't say to his knowledge. he said flat out he hasn't paid taxes for 10 years. >> he minuted-minced words several time. he is he a politician. unfortunately that's the nature. >> do you think every politician that goes to congress, all congress people and senators and says things that aren't true and then says i'm not apologetic. >> not all of them but definitely in campaign season there are ugly things, andrea and i worked campaigns. >> you find reid's bad behavior by pointing to
8:32 pm
other anonymous bad behavior. >> no, not anonymous bad behavior. look at the attacks against the president when it was also about his birth certificate? we have seen this with so many different things. >> i didn't see that on the senate floor. i you may be diminishing the importance of the senate majority leader using the floor of the most powerful body in the country to deceive. what do you say? >> that's exactly right. the reason he did it from the senate floor was because he couldn't be sued. specifically. >> that's interesting. >> yes. i discovered that today. i have been reading the constitution and the rules of the senate. that's why he did it, bill. he said those words because he couldn't be sued for libel. and it was flat out lie. he was not mincing words. he was very clear it was gossip it was hearsay. remember are he talked to a friend of a friend in mormon circles who worked at bain. >> even if he believed it at that time, jessica, i have to come back to you, shouldn't he have now acknowledged that, look, i'm sorry i said that, it didn't turn out to be true. i probably should have used
8:33 pm
other words. wouldn't that be the quality person who would say? i'm interested in the quality of harry reid here. >> i don't disagree with you on that on either side. i would love to see that from all politicians. >> because he comes across as a slimy weasel with his dark glasses saying cnn he doesn't regret it and romney lost so that justifies him misleading the entire country and using his powerful position, position that president obama knowing what he did still continues to praise. this is disturbing to me as an american. i don't care about political parties as you guys know. this is disturbing. i don't want that kind of quality there. >> it is disturbing. and what's also disturbing is that at the time he did it so that mitt romney's taxes would be injected in the presidential debate. now look did mitt romney handle that well? not really because he didn't release his taxes right away. what this did, bill, was he providing the media with a story line where they were
8:34 pm
able to say and reported it as fact which you would never go, they floated gossip and hearsay as a real report even though it was unsubstantiated report. >> i must say we did very very stringent research on that. >> i did, too. >> he we didn't find even at msnbc and these other uber uber left. we didn't find an embrace of that as they did in the other situations. they mentioned it. all right. but they didn't celebrate it because i think everybody knew it was bs. >> they didn't celebrate it two points quickly. i looked at two blogs, huffington post ran it as a headline and what they did specifically. i researched this too. what they did at cnn and msnbc bill they threw the accusation out there. and then they said almost like well, we heard that he beats his wife. so now it's time for him to show us that he didn't beat his wife. >> they all do it now. >> that's just the nature of politics. >> you don't report a story when it's unsubstantiated and try and put the onus on somehow mitt romney to disprove something.
8:35 pm
>> that isn't true. >> whether it's democrats or republicans. if you are a woman they question your skills and what you have done. >> the media. >> in general terms. >> wealthy question your tax statements. if you are african-american they question if you were born out of the country or not. >> you are justifying reid's behavior by appointing to anonymous bad behavior as i pointed out. andrea comes up with two specific examples of them cnn and msnbc saying okay prove us wrong. >> on this network being birtherses about being born in this country what about swift-boating we could go historically back and back. >> the big mistake you are making so everybody knows. >> it doesn't mean it's right. >> it doesn't matter. it's like graffiti on a wall somewhere. but if the head of the senate goes up and lies on the floor, that matters. okay. good debate ladies. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> when we come right back it will be miller time.
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miller time segment tonight. unbelievable situation courtesy of california congresswoman barbara lee. she says, quote, women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change particularly in poor and developing nations where women regularly assume increased responsibility for growing the family's food and collecting water fuel and other resources. food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work transactional sex, unquote. joining us now from l.a., the sage of southern california, dennis miller. so we are linking global warming to the prostitution industry. did you ever think you would see it? >> well, of course billy. sure. look what it did to al gore? he turned into a prostitute for it. some people sell their bodies.
8:41 pm
some people sell their souls. but i'm telling you that moron is not going to get happy until we have a carbon tax at that point sticking with the prosecution thing screwed the moment they get the carbon tax. >> that is a big deal because the left want to eliminate fossil fuels and i do too but i don't want to ruin the economy and take people's livelihoods away from them in the process. i think we have to develop the alternative fuels and when they are ready replace the fossil fuels but when you are right. >> wind power is going to work billy. my car now, i have hooked a beanie copper hat to it a cable and ran it to by battery. i put it on my dog's head. he leans out the window and powers the car. alternative fuels are great. at this point we need a big honking dinosaur mausoleum we had to run a pipe into it and suck it drier than no coward's memoirs. these people are nuts right
8:42 pm
now with these alternative fuels. they don't work. i'm not going to pull into an electronic thing and have my car turn into some sort of chaotic scene where it's like frankenstein's castle. the other cars the cars that run on. >> ethanol. >> helium and stuff like that, yeah, ethanol. that's what i need. i want to be on the 405 with a thousand mini hundred den bergs with hydro cars. >> bunny ranch in nevada is now just candlelight because of global warming. they are not using it anymore. well, you have got to watch it in the dark when you are around bunnies and hamsters. you never know what's going to happen. >> i guess. all right, earlier this week krauthammer and i debated the bowe bergdahl situation. he says he would have made the deal with the taliban guys. i said no, we have got a big poll we will tell people about in a while. what say you? >> this is the worst trade since the cubs sent lou
8:43 pm
broke to the cardinals for ernie brolio. look at the five morons we traded this kid for. do you have a picture of those loser? >> there they are. >> they look like the smith brothers after they drank a bottle of their own cough syrup. what the hell are we doing? when you have morons like this, you have got to keep them in incarceration god for god's sake. those are bad guys man. >> a lot of people don't know this, but you are a huge, huge, enormous, easter bunny fan miller. i mean, i have been out to your -- >> -- i didn't know that there is miller in various costumes. he runs around santa barbara giving little eggs to the kids. >> billy that's a sexual peck dill low of mine. that has nothing to do with easter. >> you just like to dress up like a bunny. >> everybody has got their thing, billy. i like to be fertile in the
8:44 pm
bunny outfit. >> okay. now -- what are you hoping the easter bunny puts in your basket, miller? >> if i had to ask the easter bunny for one thing i would ask him to put those five freaking maniac pigs back in gitmo. can he arrange that? can he take the five guys from the last story and put them in back in gitmo and send bergdahl over there? listen, if i actually had to ask the bunny rabbit, he is -- i would ask him where his rabbit warren is because i think the whole country is going to hell and i i would like to get underground in some sort of nature safe room when it does hit the fan. so i would ask him where his rabbit warn was and where there was a cut away so i could hide in a little alcove down there. and also, if there is a rabbit warren, i'm hoping elizabeth warren is in the rabbit warren and i can sit down with the high princess,
8:45 pm
incidentian princess dances with donors and ask her to teach me a rain chant to deal with the drought down here in cali. >> that's foolish answer to a question. if you are rabbit warren with elizabeth warren it will be guaranteed you will all have the same amount of carrots. dennis miller, everybody. >> listen if i ever meet elizabeth warren i am going to say you have some money you need a hair cut doll what are you doing? >> doll. that would be good. last chance to see me and the d man in numbers -- new mexico saturday night. bill o'reilly has the details. almost sold out. martha maccallum on deck. outrageous situation. radicals disrupting businesses putting innocent folks in very bad situations. wai
8:46 pm
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8:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? last sunday radical protesters invaded three atlanta restaurants screaming about racism. [shouting] >> michael brown 18 years old ferguson, missouri. [chanting] >> guy is trying to make a living in his restaurant and these people come in. here now to explain further fox news anchor that maccallum. all right. what group is this now? >> this group is called black brunch they do black brunch atlanta, minnesota new york. they through social media
8:50 pm
get together a gathering of people. started after the michael brown case in ferguson, missouri. and their intention is to annoy and inconvenience people who have money and who have money and privilege and have the leisure to brunch. they would like it to be in their faces that these things are happening, they believe. and they want to basically mess up their day in order to make sure people are aware of it. >> do we know how many people are doing this kind of stuff this intrusion? >> it's a very grass roots organization, but it is happening in many cities across the country. three in atlanta you point out. when you go on twitter it's everywhere if you #blackbrunch. people complaining about it and protesting against it and people in favor. >> this is against the law. you can't do that. you can't interrupt commerce. guy asks you to leave private property. but they didn't leave. they could be prosecuted. >> in minnesota they were literally pushed out by the people having brunch in the restaurant and by the owners. but in some cases they stay there for ten, 15 minutes in one case of one of the owners we
8:51 pm
talked to because they wouldn't leave. i think some people are trayafraid to call the police because they don't want it to escalate. everybody sit there and wait for it to be over. the point is it's not getting them anywhere. what they're trying to prove they don't make any mention of the fact michael brown case didn't turn out to be at all. >> they want to tear down society. the second thing we have from miss martha today, there was a guy dressed up in california? >> tampa, florida. >> okay. knew some place warm. so dressed up in an army uniform and he's panhandling, asking for money. a soldier sees him. >> you're down here asking for money in a uniform, you're not a veteran. >> yes i am. [ bleep ]. >> i don't have one, sir. >> take off our uniform. >> yes, sir.
8:52 pm
yes, sir. >> don't apologize to me. take that and throw it in the garbage. i don't want you to wear that anymore. that's my uniform. you don't understand that, do you? >> i do understand that. >> i don't think you do. get out of the street you'll get hit by a car. >> have a nice day. >> take that and throw it away. don't put it back on. >> that guy's an army medic, right? >> that's right. >> and that took place outside macdill air force base in tampa as you pointed out. it's against the law, right to masquerade as a member of the armed forces, right? >> stolen valor it's called. police were called on this man. it remains to be seen whether or not charges will be pressed. the degree is obviously much higher if you're impersonating someone with a medal, a purple heart, congressional medal. people wear fake medals and get up to two years $200,000 fine. remains to be seen what this man may get. he chased him -- >> who was he? >> he was a panhands ler. >> have they relead u leased his name? >> no they have not.
8:53 pm
some people complained about this youtube video and said that goodwin was bullying this man. even a couple veterans stuck up for him. but he came back with, look, the people being bullied are the ones giving this man money because he's misrepresenting themselves. >> yeah, they think he's a homeless vet. >> yeah, said he was special forces on such a secret operation even the v.a. didn't know. >> and he was hurt and needed money. this guy was on fox and friends. i saw him this morning. he did the right thing. you tell me people are criticizing him? >> some people. >> goodwin? >> you can find all kinds of people. >> been doing this for 20 years i know that. >> but even a couple veterans said leave him a alone. he's trying to get a buck. not having any of it. >> we don't like fraud here in any way, shape or form. martha maccallum everybody. "the factor" tip of the day and an update on the poll i mentioned pitting charles krauthammer and me against each other over bergdahl. rielgt now as "the factor" continues all over the u.s. and all around the world.
8:54 pm
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"the factor" tip of the day, protecting american children in a moment. but first couple notes. very hot poll that pits charles krauthammer against me on the bergdahl situation. question in hindsight would you have traded five captured taliban commanders for bowe bergdahl? yes or no. as you remember charles and i are on opposite sides of the question. i say the trade was bad. he says he would have made it. we'll give you results monday during charles' segment. also, if you become a people yum member you get any one of my books free of charge but also a daily podcast where you can listen to "the factor" in its entirety any time you want. it's brand new for p.m.s only, so we hope you sign up. you'll like it. now the mail, cincinnati, ohio. i'm a card carrying kennedy democrat, most times i disagree with you, mr. o, but you your
8:57 pm
take on attacks on christianity is dead on and your movie "killing jesus" was deadon. delaware. bill, your dialogue with laura about how catholic leaders are not willing to defend the faith was superb. you're definitely on track with this. jeff, perth, australia mr. o'reilly, good luck getting our spineless leadership to defend christianity. pastor doug webster, california. i do speak out, but i do not fight using condemnation or con desengs, jesus would not. the nazarene was confrontation at times, pastor. he wasn't afraid. by the way the movie "killing jesus" where you'll see jesus being confrontation will be shown here on the fox news channel friday evening at good friday, and again on eastern sunday atd 8:00 p.m. eastern time. bloomington, illinois. o'reilly, you eloquently said what many of us are thinking about the lack of trust we have in president obama. has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin. david monroe michigan. bill, you said martin luther
8:58 pm
king jr. was a liberal christian. actually, he was a republican. there's no evidence of that, dave. none. dave, new orleans. mr. o, to borrow from george c. scott who portrayed general patton in the movie o'reilly, you magnificent -- i read your book. great job. that was george c. scott as patton talking about ramel who we feature in "killing patton." thanks for reading the book. i appreciate it. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. april national child abuse prevention month. i don't have to give you the stats. we all know child abuse is perhaps the worst domestic problem we have in america. much driven by drugs and alcohol abuse. and the kids involved suffer forever. never goes away. now there's a national child abuse hot line. you should write this number down in case you see anything anywhere at any time.
8:59 pm
800-422-4453. 800-422-4453. and you should call 911 if you see any active child abuse. you can also go to this fine organization will give you information that can protect american kids at risk. so once again, "the factor" tip of the day. you see a kid in distress, help that child out. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also, we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be nebulous when writing to "the factor." i really appreciate all the mail we're getting on "killing jesus" telling me how much you like it and even criticizing the movie. that's constructive criticism. and the kids are really engaged.
9:00 pm
and there's a book for children the last days of jesus. you might want to check that out. kids now that they're interested. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'r remember the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the debate over religious freedom in america grows more intense with the tiny family-owned restaurant in indiana now at the epicenter of this fight. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. it all started six days ago. indiana governor mike pence signed the religious freedom restoration act, a law similar to those in 19 other states and at the federal level. in the days since governor pence and those supporting religious freedom have been vilified by some as homophobes and bigots. and nearly a dozen cities implementing travel bans against indiana. then today a new dramatic chapter. after