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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 2, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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out? it turns out the super bowl mvp has a sense of humor. it shows him in a body cast. >> did michael jordan really sign that cast? >> i love the fabt he takes real risks. >> tomorrow, geraldo, john stossel we'll see you. bill: we have breaking news. a deadly terror attack targeting christians at a school. 15 confirmed dead and 16 injured. a hostage situation now at hand as we watch this in kenya. martha has some time with the family. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. students were sleeping in their dorm rooms when they were awakened by fire. terrorists firing as people ran
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for their lives. it's the second attack claimed by al-shabaab in two weeks. >> reporter: what's harrowing on top of the details you described is the security forces are not able to go into the one remaining dormitory and rescue the hostages because there are militant snipers on the roofs of the other buildings and they are shooting down at the security teams who are trying to rescue those hostages. they are mostly females and christians as well. al-shabaab which has claimed responsibility for this attack has been asking students whether they are muslim or christian. letting the muslim students go. 810 students are known to be at the college. only 535 are not accounted for
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at this point. the death toll is 15 confirmed and 16 injured. given that large number of student not accounted for the numbers are very likely to change soon, the kenyan president has just addressed the nation. he is confirming there are hostages. that is all the information he is giving now. al-shabaab and one of its phone calls to two different locations. the scene is described with christian bodies on the floors of the campus. bill: mostly a non-muslim university is that why it was targeted? can we say that? >> reporter: it's believed to be mostly a non-muslim university. clearly they have been going after people and asking them their religion. it's the on university in that
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religious of northeastern kenya that has a governmentally recognized degree program. one of the things that al-shabaab said in its phone calls to different local news organizations is they went after this university because it was engaged in missionary activity not of a muslim nature. this is reminiscent of the west gate mall situation. that went on for four nightmare i --nightmarish daves. bill: one of the students said if you were christian you were shot on the spot. that's a quote. patti ann: a top democratic senator is set to appear in court after senator robert
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menendez was indicted on kroptioncorruptionand conspiracy. >> i'm outranged the investigators at the justice department were tricked into starting this investigation by false allegations by those with a polit to silence me. but i will not be silenced. patti ann: doug mckelway is live in washington with more for us. what more can you tell us about the indictment? >> reporter: these charges go a lot farther than we initially learned this month. his friend salomon melgen is also charged with 13 counts. this began in 2010 when me then
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debts accepted trips on melgen's private plane. it's and he he accepted domestic and international flights on private jets, first class airfares. use of a villa. a stay at a luxury paris hotels meals, golf outings and contributions to an illegal defense fund. they say he concealed document from melgen and the senator intervened in a dispute the doctor had with medicare and medicaid billing. and it was so melgen could sell
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medical equipment in a company he had a stake in. necessity men debts is probably the most powerful deputy droot break rank with the president on important issues. he's been a huge critic of cuba and the iranian negotiations. >> the prosecutors don't know the difference between friendship and corruption. and have chosen to twist my duties as a senator and friendship. they are dead wrong and i'm confident they will be proven so. bill: senator me then debts has been allowed voice of opposition
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on several issues including cuba and especially the nuclear operations in iran. >> the more i hear from the administration and its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of tehran. it feeds to the and youian narrative of victimization when they are the ones with original sin. bill: some suggest it's political retribution. great panel on that a bit later on our program. patti ann: the justice department announced it would not pursue contempt charges against former irs official lois lerner. lerner was investigated for her role in targeting of conservative groups. house speaker john boehner who led the charge says once again
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the obama administration is sweeps this under the rug. bill: there is a briefing underway on indiana *'s religious freedom law. this from a moment ago just listen here. >> we are pleased to tell you today that at 9:30 we'll be presenting what we believe is a very strong statement to assure that every hoosier's rights are protected and won't be infringed upon. bill: what changes are you seeing shannon? >> reporter: one of the toughest things for that law is the fact that the state doesn't have a state law specifically
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prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. critics point to the ring to freedom law and say without that legislation on the books members of the gay and lesbian community feel vulnerable. it would specifically prohibit businesses or people from providing business based on gender. if that individual wanted to order a cake specifically for a same-sex wedding that's when the protections of the religious freedom law would kick in. it simply gives the business legal protection should a dispute wide up in court. they still have to prove their case. but the new law won't be a get out of jail free card on the issue of discrimination. bill: people are waking up to a story about a pizza shop in
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northeastern indiana. they are getting death that after weighing in on this controversy. >> reporter: there is a tiny shop. it's now closed due to threats. they claimed the pizzeria in question would refuse service to gay and lesbian customers they walked in. the owners say they are happy to serve any customer but for them they draw the line as being asked to provide catering of pizzas to a say-sex wedding if they got that kind of order which they never have. here is what the owner's daughter told a local reporter. >> we are not discriminating against anyone. that's our belief. >> reporter: for now that pizza shop is closed reportedly because of death threats and arson threats and they were
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getting phoney orders called in that led to nowhere. bill: in 10 years they have never had a request like that. they are front page news and we'll see what comes from that. shannon bream. patti ann: world leaders walk away from nuclear talks with iran. secretary of state john kerry is apparently clinging to hope. bill: this huge ball of flames even gulf an oil anything the gulf mexico. terrified workers leaping into the water. patti ann: harry reid says his conscience is clear after he made an outrageous claim about mitt romney during the 2012 campaign. he now says that's false. >> people who run for president
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let everybody look at their tax returns but mitt romney can't do that because he basically paid no taxes in 12 years.
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emerson. patti ann: iraq is claiming victory in its operation to recapture tikrit. last week the u.s. joined the efforts launching airstrikes at the iraqi government's request. bill: no deal between the u.s. and iran as the talk are in double overtype in switzerland. ministers from russia, china and france they left two days ago. so why is the u.s. still at the
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table? i thought had they said come on back folks two days ago that you would have found polling that showed well over 75 per of the american people would have said good call. now you are starting to get greater strength in these negotiations that did not happen. the question is why did that not happen karl. >> it's a good question. we had the administration set mile markers in terms of item they wanted in the deal and type and it doesn't look like the mile markers are being met. there is an interesting comment by julie ann smith who is the former security advisor to vice president biden where she says the president is determined to prove the republicans wrong and prove the world wrong. i think this is the core of the problem. president obama is looking for a
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legacy for a big deal that will thereby in his last two years in office on the foreign policy front and that sometimes cloud people's vision of ways the nature of a good deal. the president early on said the iranians don't need the underground bunker at fodor. and they didn't need the -- to finish the construction of the heavy water reactor at iraq which make blue d which makes blue toneup plutonium. they are allowing the fudor facility to continue to be built and advanced sentry kren advanced
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centrifuges. i'm concerned the president is more concerned with a legacy than a good agreement. bill: we put out a poll to the american people, can you trust anything iran does. 55 per said you can't trust anything. 75 per said the president need approval by congress before a deal gets done. tom cotton says the longer you stay at the table the more concessions you are likely to concede. >> americans don't trust the iranians. 83%. there is a reason why. the iranians have not lived up to a single international agreement regarding atomic energy and weapons proliferation
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that they themselves have signed. in violation of every single agreement the regime signed. and how can we trust somebody in a new agreement if they won't live up to their old ones. that's a big question. bill: let's say you get a statement of understanding or mushy language that comes out later today or tomorrow and then you have got a 90-day period. can congress blow off a deal in that period or is it entirely dependent on the commander-in-chief to get it done. >> president obama will have to in my opinion present the arms control agreement with iran if he arrives at one to the congress. they won't have a roll in the 9 ought days because they w't have anything in black and
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white. the devil when you come to arms agreements is in the details. even if we get the shadow outline of an agreement we won't know if that's an agreement worth having until we look at each and every word. bill: karl rove live in austin today. 21 past the hour. patti ann: a police officer putting his life on the line in a split-second decision. tense moments on a tennessee highway. why this head-on collision may have saved lives. bill: the california governor jerry brown does something that has never been done before. >> we are standing on dry grass and we should be standing in five feet of snow. or you. this spring, choose choice twice,
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bill: a high school building collapse in argyle, texas. emergency crews respond and parts of the sports facility under construction has fallen and trapped several people underneath. we are working through the story, our fox affiliate in. patti ann: california governor jerry brown responding to an ongoing drought by issuing the state's first ever mandatory water restrictions. william lajeunesse is live in california with this. >> reporter: before now farmers were the brunt of water
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restrictions. but after seeing no snow yesterday in the sierras. governor brown ordered reductions of 25%. the snow pack is 95% below average, brown had little choice. >> we are standing on dry grass and we should be standing in five feet of snow. we are in an historic drought and that demands unprecedented action. >> reporter: the snow park is the state's water bank. it reflies california's reservoirs. but the largest reservoirs are 67% below capacity. what does it mean? big users like golf courses must dramatically reduce use. homeowners will likely see a set amount of water at a given reasonable price with big
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penalties if they exceed that. so everyone will have to make choices, whether they water the lawn shorter showers or washing their car. patti ann: you mentioned farmers. what about farmers they don't have those options. >> reporter: almond groves. no water the trees die. a gallon of water to grow a single almond. 35 for broccoli. 168 for a watermelon. even more for a pounds much rice or a pound of beef. one restaurant is offering a conservation special. a dollar off a drink if you order no ice. bill: another alert.
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new numbers on jobs in america are out. stuart varney joins us for a moment to tell us with that means. that's next. patti ann: a top democrat indicted on 14 counts of corruption. >> i'm angry because prosecutors at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption and have chosen to twist my duties as a senator and my friendship into something that is improper. they are dead wrong.
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♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. bill: the lawmakers in indiana are set to present a fix to the state's religious freedom law. that law allows businesses to refuse service for religion-based reasons. the critics say they fighter's a gateway for discrimination.
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>> in reaching the agreement to clarify the law which will state in the strongest possible terms that indiana's law will not allow anyone to discriminate against anyone at any time. we are hopefully putting an end to the misrepresent taifntion -- the misrepresentation of what this law was intended to be. bill: we have not heard from the governor mike pence but when that happens we'll bring you the developments. we have new job numbers. 268,000 americans applying for jobless benefits. the unemployment rate last march was 5.5%. the real unemployment rate, the under employed, people who
6:33 am
stopped look for a job all together. last month that was hovering around 11%. first the jobs number for the week. it's a snapshot. what do you think? >> reporter: if you were hoping for a breakout with more jobs more pay and more consumer spending you will fall short. we should be doubling that growth rate. it should be 4% to 5%. the number on the screen, that's a fairly encouraging number. unemployment claims down 20,000. but that's just one week. that's a fairly high number and it does not up ply that we have a robust recovery on its way. by fox polling shows this, how do you feel about the economy. are you nervous or confident.
6:34 am
a clear majority say they are still nervous. >> reporter: if that nervousness number is down from the same type last year and down a lot from 2 or 3 years ago. so the nervousness up in is up proving a little. it should be much lower than that. we have got gas prices that are way down from where they were six months ago. that should contribute to more confident in the economy but people are not spending the extra money they have got. manufacturing is relatively sluggish. that's the basic point. we are not on the cusp of a huge change in the economic die nappics of -- dienappics dynamics in this country.
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patti ann: a top democrat indictedindicted on 14 counts of corruption. he's known for openly criticizing the obama administration. is this retribution for comments like these? >> when it comes to defending israel and our relationship i'm not intimidated by anyone. >> it's fallacy that cuba will change just because an american president believes if he extend his hand in peace the castro boother will suddenly unclench their fists. >> let me be very clear. i have always conducted myself appropriate and and in accordance with the law. patti ann: monica crowley a fox
6:36 am
news contributor and doug schoen. you just saw that man that montage. that has led some analysts to ask, is this a case of political retribution? >> at the very least the timing would appear to be. bob menendez along with bob corker from tennessee have a bill to require any iranian agreement to be subjected to senate approval. -- i'm sorry congressional approval. but the challenge is now that menendez has been indicted, he has had to give up his ranking any mort position on the senate foreign affairs committee the challenge the democrats the
6:37 am
republicans face, if there is a deal as we expect there will be, how does bob menendez lead the bipartisan opposition now that he's facing 14 counts. he's been in short denuted. patti ann: he was a vocal critic somewhat silenced at a key time. at the sacramento time yesterday the department of justice that indicted menendez announced they are not going to press charges against lois lerner of irs fame. lois lerner a white house loyalist menendez a white house critic. >> they are not going go after lois lerner on the contempt charges but there is a separate fbi probe on the targeting of conservatives. we don't know what the motivation is here in going far menendez. but here is what we do know. we know in the obama era every
6:38 am
agency bureaucracy bureau has been politicized including the department justice. the obama white house has no problem overtly going after political opponents. you mention lois lerner. we saw that con -- done in a systematic way. it looks suspicious at the very least. the problem is i think a lot of democrats are seeing what a lot of republicans have seen coming out of this white house which is an in-your-face targeting of anybody who might get in the wait of any agenda. with iran this is a life and death situation not just for our ally israel, but for the united states and the west as well.
6:39 am
patti ann: the charges are serious. they say his eye doctor give him 17 flight on his jet. stayed at exclusive hotels and resorts at menendez's request and the indictment says menendez intervened on a port security contract and helped get visas for the doctor's girlfriends. >> there was a substantial and preexisting relationship between dr. melgen and senator necessity then dezz. in that case the gifts are part of a preexisting relationship. but it is a challenge for senator menendez because he
6:40 am
didn't report the gift he got. that's a requirement. patti ann: monica, i know you are going to say not really that minor. >> both things can be true, the doj could be on a political witch hunt to silence senator menendez and what also might be true menendez might be corrupt and the charges true but he will have his day in court and we'll see. bill: 20 minute before the hour. chaos on the water. an oil platform consumed by flames forcing workers to making a dangerous choice. will the white house con deputy the remarks or quiet? >> it's the president's choice and his spokesman choice to call out conduct unbecoming high
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patti ann: incredible images of an oil rig fire that left at least 4 people dead. 45 people injured 16 rushed to a hospital. the mexican oil company owns
6:44 am
this oil company. in was no oil spill. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. bill: do the ends justify the means in harry reid's world. reid not expressing any regret for saying mitt romney paid no taxes for 12 years. remember when he made that comment from the floor of the senate in 2012. >> he disclosed one year. his father george romney set the precedent that people running for president file their tax returns. but mitt romney can't do that because he basically paid to taxes in the the prior 12 years. bill: that was then and now there is this. listen to the clare 5 case. >> reporter: no regrets about mitt romney or the koch brothers? some people called it mccarthyite. >> they can call it whatever they want.
6:45 am
romney didn't win did he. bill: i guess there is no recoil in that answer, was there? >> i think he's perfectly pleased with what he got and the white house is perfectly pleased with him having done it. everybody on the democratic side. no one wants to go out in public and say using the privilege -- when you sphreact floor of the united states senate -- when you speak from the floor of the united states senate, that's a constitutional privilege for that speech. nobody can come after you or sue you so reid used his position as then the majority leader of the senate to drop a naphom on what the obama administration was doing which is say mitt romney was a tax cheat and saying mitt romney was hiding money offshore and was a vampire sucking the
6:46 am
blood out of corporations. bill: you know where that comment went in the media. it was like a brushfire. then you wonder about the comment and ask yourself for harry reid, do the ends justify the means? >> harry reid has not exactly had a political career as the hallmark of intellectual honesty or philosophical rigor. he says he's pro life but helps pro-choice judges get on the bench. he's not someone we think of ideological. we think of them as a man into the raw power.
6:47 am
>> obviously senator reid is somebody who is going decide for himself about what he says on the senate floor. >> but it's the president's choice and his spokesman's choice to call out conduct unbecoming of our highest officials when it is unbecome. are you going take that opportunity now? >> not for something that's 3 years old. bill: it many up to harry reid to stay away's going say on the senate floor. he could have easily said we do not justify we do not stand by a comment like that when ultimately the facts western proven otherwise. >> it doesn't matter because this is not an administration that worries about these kinds of niceties. especially when it comes to dealing with republicans that worries about working with kid gloves. as we recall whether it was against romney or dealing with republic chance in the house.
6:48 am
they say if you come at us with hot receipt rick we are going come back at you 10 times hotter. we are always going match and increase the decibel level in the attack and that's been the president's move. that's been the administration's move. move. harry reid gave them a massive gift. the timing couldn't have been more perfect when he decided to spin that yarn on the senate floor. patti ann: troubling numbers from the united nations on how many foreign fighters are crawling out of the woodwork to join isis. retired lieutenant colonel oliver north here to weigh in. >> you understand me? stop it with your mouth. stop it with that [bleep]. patti ann: an officer going viral for all the wrong reasons and now his department is taking
6:49 am
action. help northern china reduce its reliance on coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons of co2 emissions? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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bill: there has been a revision to indiana's religious freedom act. this is video from a moment ago from the state capitol in indianapolis. the indiana republican leadership agreed to rewrite the law. they called a briefing a few moments ago. we don't know when the governor will speak with this, mike pence. but we'll have that for you when it comes out of indiana. keep an eye on that as it moves forward. patti ann: we are learning more about the copilot suspected of
6:53 am
deliberately crashing flight * flight 9525 into the french alps. what more are we hearing about the copilot? >> reporter: the evidence is building against germanwings copilot andreas lubitz. it appears he was lying to a lot of people reportedly as you noted was the fact that he was lie together doctors he was seeing for his depression condition either to make sure he wouldn't get ground or to make sure he got the drugs he wanted. officials say they found in the home literally mountains of drugs, anti-depressants and it's reported a sedative sleeping pill a strong drug with strong side effects. doctors often recommend to their patients taking it not to drive let alone fly. it's reported today that late
6:54 am
last year he was in a car accident in which the airbag of the car released. they are reporting he feared he had vision and hearing damage and that prompted more visits to a hospital and to doctors. maybe more twists for an already twisted mind. patti ann: where do things go from here? >> reporter: the reports we are getting from the crash site in france are things are progressing very quickly on recovery efforts. we heard all identifiable human remains of the victims have been found. they say they will collect all personal belong cans of the victims by saturday. that includes cell phones. we have seen reports that there is a harrowing phone video of the last few seconds of the flight. this as lawyers get ready for an expected lawsuit.
6:55 am
lufthansa has set aside $300 million. lufthansa budget carrier germanwings, the airline involved in the crash came out today and said they didn't know about his psychological history. that doesn't seem like it's going get them off the hook. patti ann: gregg palkot live in germany. bill: breaking news. texas. argyle high school northwest of dallas. there are reports of injuries and possibly one fatality. parts of the sports facility under construction has fallen trapping several people. it's not clear if students were involved or whether this was exclusive to construction workers but that's a heavy load of steel. back to that story as we get
6:56 am
developments back in america's newsroom. a possible hostage situation that is ongoing. this is an awful story. the terror group al-shabaab launching an on-campus attack. at least 15 dead but there are hundreds hundreds of student still reported missing at this hour. patti ann: senator bosch menendez due in federal court today on corruption charges. the senator maintaining his innocence and claims he's being targeted. >> i'm not going anywhere. i'm angry and ready to fight. because today contradicts my public service career.
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risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ bill: scene ever carnage, breaking news from overseas. muslim extremists linked to
7:00 am
al qaeda launching a deadly attack on a college campus, targeting christians for death. some of the gunmen holed up in a dormitory possibly holding more hostages. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." we're tracking a lot more. good morning patti ann. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in today for martha maccallum. 15 people are dead another 60 injured. hundreds still injured. the gunfire breaking out during morning prayers at a college in kenya. five gunmen searching the campus for christians targeting them for immediate execution. the islamic terror group al-shabaab claiming responsibility. bill: national security correspondent jennifer griffin live from the pentagon tracking the story. for the moment what do we know? >> reporter: kenyan president is offering $220,000 reward for mastermind of the attack. he also goes by a alias
7:01 am
gomedari. according to students that escaped there are students trapped in at least one dorm. those students we're told are mostly girls. the gunmen arrived on campus about 5:30 a.m., nine hours ago, when many muslim students were in the mosques. they made their way into the door asking who was christian and who was muslim. they shot christians on the spot. they also said in swahili we are al-shabaab. >> we heard some gunshots and sleeping. and guys started jumping up and down running for their lives. it is unfortunate where they're going to is coming from. >> you can see the situation. we were running naked. we were not given time to know what was happening. >> reporter: kenyan soldiers arrived at the university and told students to run away from the dorm and dive on the ground. what they didn't tell them until later there were sniper gunmen on the roof, targeting those trying to escape.
7:02 am
bill? bill: that is unbelievable. is there explanation why it is happening now, jennifer, the timing? >> reporter: it is maundy thursday, the day before good friday. easter is of course on sunday. two weeks ago a u.s. drone targeted and killed a key leader of al-shabaab in somalia who was a mastermind of the westgate kenya mall attack in 2013. a week ago al-shabaab, this al qaeda offshoot that operates in somalia took hostages at an upscale hotel in somalia's capital, mogadishu. that lasted 12 hours. al-shabaab is terrorizing northern kenya for years. president obama is slated to visit kenya war his father was born in july. that trip was announced three days ago from the white house, bill. bill: these are soft targets too, as you know. thank you jennifer griffin. more developments when we get headlines from there. thank you jennifer. two minutes past the hour.
7:03 am
patti ann: new day and no deal. secretary of state john kerry extending nuclear negotiations with iran yet again, two days now past the original end of march deadline but white house insists patience is not infinite. they have reissued its threat to walk away. >> we do not envision a scenario where we would abruptly and arbitrarily end talkses that are productive but at the same time, this conversation is not open-ended. patti ann: chief washington correspondent james rosen now joins us live from the white house. hi james. that statement from josh ernest, that we just played was in response to your question in fact that yesterday's press briefing. what is your sense? are we seeing these things in triple overtime? any progress there? >> reporter: patti ann, good morning. our visibility inside of this negotiating room has never been great or even adequate. if anything this overtime period has seen the substance of these negotiations grow even more opaque. that said, iran's foreign minister said this morning that what we should expect to see
7:04 am
today is the release of a written statement of common understanding but he quickly added, that is not the sameme thing as a written agreement. >> the agreement a written agreement, is something that needs to be drafted by all participants and agreed upon in a multilateral process. and that would take hopefully three months to finalize. and hopefully less. >> reporter: foreign news agencies are quoting russia's foreign minister sergei laugh involve on a trip that parties are close to being agreed upon. notorious acerbic russian diplomat final steps and baby steps need to be agreed upon. meets occurred overnight between secretary of state kerry and iranian counterpart and by many accounts the fatigue is starting to show on their faces. patti ann: is it possible we could see the talks go on a lot
7:05 am
longer than anyone thought? >> reporter: they well might. that emerged from my exchanges with white house spokesman josh earnest wherein the spokesman attributing idea to republican lawmakers on capitol hill, signaling for the first time the obama administration may be willing to extend the talks beyond their hard deadline of june 30th. >> what some republicans, speaking as chair of foreign relations committee senator corker a number of weeks bang indicated one approach could be leaving the joint plan of action in place this potential agreement. so that is an option that could be in place if negotiations do not succeed. >> reporter: there you heard it. that could be an option in place. if this joint plan of action is extended beyond june 30th iran nuclear talks, in the 11th year, i should say 16th month could extend into 2016. patti ann. patti ann: james rosen at the
7:06 am
white house, thank you. bill: new jersey democratic senator bob menendez due to appear in federal court later today, 1:30 this afternoon, facing corruption charges. justice department indicting the democrat yesterday on 14 counts, accusing menendez of improperly using his office to benefit a florida eye surgeon. this man by the name of solomon melgen. he is facing charges as well. menendez says he has done nothing wrong and will fight to clear his name. >> i always conducted myself in accordance of law. i always stood up for what i believe is right. i fight for issues i believe in the people i represent and for the safety and security of this country every single day. that's who i am, and i am proud of what i have accomplished. and i am not going anywhere. bill: bret baier anchor of "special report" here on the fox news channel. how are you doing bret, good morning in washington. these are serious charges.
7:07 am
14 counts. conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud. they get more specific than that. >> they are. there are 68 pages in this indictment. it is serious. menendez clearly says he is going to fight this and he believes that the prosecutors in the justice department in his words, were tricked into this investigation by people with a political motive, those were his words last night. a very fiery menendez. but as you look at the details of this 68-page indictment, bill there are some really specific stuff here. about a million dollars in exists and travel said to have changed hands at the benefit of the senator, to also benefit this florida eye doctor's business practice. bill: he is the ranking member minority member on the senate foreign relations committee. and this is a guy who has been critical on the policy towards cuba. he has been critical on the policy towards iran. remember when benjamin netanyahu was in washington a few weeks back, the speech at aipac that
7:08 am
was full of fire. and the white house perhaps has not been very receptive to that. what is the word on the street there in washington about menendez and his opposition to white house policy on these two big foreign issues? >> yeah, i mean listen, he was one of the most outspoken and has been one of the most outspoken critics from within the democratic party of both iran policy, cuba policy, he has raised a love the questions in that -- a lot of questions, in that chair as senate foreign relations committee that chair he is stepping down from as he fights these charges. there are questions and eyebrows raised about the timing of this. as the iran deal and iran vote comes up. but a lot of people point out this is not great news for democrats. there is a lot in this indictment talks about other senators, talks about interaction with the administration. it is not a great story for democrats, number one. number two he is key on a
7:09 am
couple of votes, iran, number one and also loretta lynch attorney general will be eventually voted on. one would think he might have some bad feelings now. bill: he says he will be back on the committee in time as you rightly point out stepping down for now. are his legs have they been cut out from under him now in terms of being opposition voice on some of this policy? >> to listen to him last night, bill, he doesn't sound less fiery. he sounds more fiery. i think this is one to watch. what he says and does in the coming weeks starting today with his appearance in court. bill: bret, got it. see you at 6:00. busy day for you man. kicking off already. you as well. we'll talk soon. here is patti ann. patti ann: disturbing report from the united nations says foreign fighters from all across the globe are joining isis and al qaeda in record numbers. oliver north will be here on that. >> if a gay couple was to come in like say we wanted they wanted us to provide them pizzas for a wedding we would have to
7:10 am
say no. bill: that is about all it took for that family pizza shop to close. a pizzeria under fire for those comments under fire about indiana religious freedom law but were the owners trapped by a television news crew. plus there is this. [screaming] >> terrifying moments for a school bus full of children. out of control suv speeds toward them.
7:11 am
people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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bill: news out of europe. paris authorities have found a second black box recorder from the german jet crash that would be the data recorder. the voice recorder had been recover adweek ago. some suggested you would not have found the data recorder. but that indeed is the case. they're orange physically but still called black boxes. they have recovered both of them. we do not know the condition of the data recorder yet. moments ago word out of germany prosecutors there say the copilot. andreas lubitz, age 27, appeared to research suicide methods and cockpit door security. both stories breaking out of europe. when we get more we'll give it to you here in "america's newsroom." meantime you have this. stunning new report on the number of foreign fighters now
7:15 am
joining islamic terrorist groups. the u.n. claims that isis and al qaeda terrorists are attracting more than 25,000 foreign fighters from more than 100 countries around the world. retired lieutenant colonel oliver north, fox news military analyst today, out of los angeles. colonel, those numbers are staggering. you have to stop the flow when you see something like that. right now that is not happening. >> tells us a couple of things. number one, the attractiveness of becoming a jihadi has not dissipated regardless of how many airstrikes that we run over syria and iraq. number two, the idea that we're being able to track those who are leaving various countries to include our own is, obviously diminimus. what we really need to be doing bill, is to develop a tracking system for people who not only leave a place like the united states or great britain that u.n. article refers to a brit who has done it.
7:16 am
we have had dozens of americans try. we had a bunch of them caught. but lord knows how many have gone to come back into the united states and commit acts of terror now they have been trained. they call it a jihadi finishing school in the u.n. report. it is not just isis. it is al qaeda. it is al-shabaab. and boko haram. abu sayyaf out in the philippines. this is a very dangerous trend. doesn't seem much anybody in the united states or globally at the united nations is able to do about it. bill: you mentioned about how much concern there is at home. our poll shows that. when asked whether or not you're concerned about attack here at home, as a result of isis. 51% say very concerned. about a third 33% say somewhat. i saw a report, maybe 100, 150 from the u.s. has gone. we're now seeing a u.n. report that so many fighters are coming out of tunisia and morocco and france and russia. they're just going to a place
7:17 am
wherever they can get. right now it is syria and iraq. perhaps on another day it is afghanistan. perhaps at some point, if you cut it off there or libya or tunisia or central africa. the point is, it is like water in a pond. they go can find access. >> u.n. report makes it very, very clear they're joining whatever group will take them and whatever means they can use to get there. that includes northern africa, south mediterranean coast. includes syria and iraq certainly. includes places like somalia. and philippines. if you look at all those places, taking the talents language skills and the opportunities for people to not only go but to come back home to their native lands in the aftermath of it. you're talking better part of most of the planet earth, actively engaged in jihaddism, being well-trained by those who have been doing it for years like al-shabaab which perpetrated that terrible attack that patti ann was reporting on.
7:18 am
this is a really serious problem. it ought to be, at least 51% of the americans concerned about it. better still it would nice to know that the united nations would step up to try to make travel for these kinds of people a little bit more difficult. bill: we'll see if that comes to. the report said in history has never been this high. the other thing you have to deal with here colonel, with the battlefield they're willing to die. in tikrit, 90 to 100 miles are still holdouts. iraqi military backed i us air sport support. backed by shia militia still have not killed them all. what does that mean? >> these are people not only willing to die but they want to die. this is part of jihad. they will fight literally to the death. they will take as many as possible with them. the reports coming out of tikrit bill are simply orwellian. this is the fourth time, yesterday being the fourth, in which the government of iraq has announced that the city has been secured. this is in two weeks.
7:19 am
us air support is going in there but we also see that us air support flying direct support missions with both unmanned and manned aircraft to benefit iranian-trained, iranian-led and iranian-supported militias that are there to butcher off sunnis. when you see what isis done leaving remnant behind to literally commit suicide. it will be a long time to secure the city. it is not good forecast for iraqis to retake mosul for example, later this summer. not a good sign taking this long this far. bill: if it even happens in the summertime. that may have been put off even further by now. colonel, thank you for coming on today. from los angeles. ollie north on the road. thank you sir. what's next, patti ann? patti ann: bill, sweeping the irs targeting scandal under the rug? >> because i'm asserting my right not to testify i know some people will assume that i have
7:20 am
done something wrong. i have not. one of the basic functions of the fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals and that is the protection i'm invoking today. >> a judge has given lois lerner a pass, ruling against a contempt charge after she refused to testify. but what about all the people allegedly targeted by the irs? we'll talk with one of their lawyers coming up. plus this. >> you understand me? >> yes i understand. >> okay. so, stop it with your mouth. >> okay. >> stop with for what, sir, for what sir. stop it with that bull [bleep] bill: that was a rant heard round the world. there are developments with that police officer who let loose on that uber driver. >> okay? especially when the person you're doing it to are the police! >> okay. i don't know where you are coming. lp an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil
7:21 am
flowing 365 days a year. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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7:24 am
bill: watch this dash-cam video right now. an suv slamming head on into a school bus full of children. [screaming] bill: oh, my. wow. kids on the bus saw that coming as that car headed straight for them at 60 miles per hour? the bus driver hitting the brakes but there was no time to get out of the way there. the suv driver, losing control, crossing a divider bouncing off of a guardrail before the impact you just saw. the driver may have suffered a seizure, police say. remarkably no one was seriously injured. that is a nightmare. >> the justice department now says it will not seek contempt charges against former irs official lois lerner. lerner refused to testify during a congressional hearing during may of 2013 about her role in the alleged targeting of conservative groups but republican lawmakers argued she waived her fifth amendment rights when she made her opening
7:25 am
statement. jay sekulow chief council for the american center of law and justice. she also represents some of the conservative groups targeted by the irs. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. patti ann: the justice department ruled she did not waive her first amendment rights when she declared her innocence 17 times during her opening statement in front of congress. do you agree with that? >> no, i think they're wrong. i'm not surprised the way the department of justice decision because they're implicated in this whole situation in the first place. i mean the reality is, you have the department of justice investigating lois lerner and others when there are emails linking the department of justice to the irs for the sole purposes of, as they said you know piecing together criminal cases against my clients. so the idea that the irs is being investigated by the department of justice in and of itself raises a host of problems. there should have been special counsel. look, proclaiming your innocence and giving a speech and then
7:26 am
saying you want your fifth amendment rights is not the way it is supposed to work. i'm not shocked that the department of justice ducked this one as they're engaged in what i consider a faux investigation. i said that for a year. i think it is evident every day. you know the fbi is supposed to be investigating this as well, agents are supposed to be investigating it. that is interesting because with all of that, how come the fbi never asked for backup tapes which we now know the inspector general was able to get on lois lerner's email? so this investigation has been phony from the start. patti ann: you know as we've been reporting since yesterday the justice department did go after senator menendez, a white house critic. the fiscal times, quote, doj mocks justice by giving lerner a free pass. people arguing there is a double-standard. this article saying politics drove decisions whether to indict. what do you say about that? >> i think the department of justice is completely motivated by politics here. if you look at their the political cases they have raised over the last couple of years, who they have gone after
7:27 am
it is rising stars within the republican party or it's outspoken critics of president within his own party become targets of these investigations but here, the irs, i mean, it was everyone forgets this. it was eric holder, eric holder, the attorney general, who himself said there needs to be a criminal investigation here when this scandal first broke 2 1/2 years ago. he is the one who said it. and yet his department of justice is really done nothing to promote this, to really investigate it. i think it is, it is really a tragedy, that the department of justice is letting the irs officials and including lois lerner get away with perhaps the greatest abuse of the irs certainly in our lifetime. i've got a piece coming up on dealing with this, later this afternoon. but, patti ann, this is ongoing problem does not get better with time. the old adage, bad news doesn't get better with time. what is happening doj is trying
7:28 am
to run out of the clock. patti ann: the investigation supposedly continues. we'll have to see what happens. jay, thank you for joining us. bill: we'll see whether or not there is state action on this too. the deadliest form of skin cancer melanoma, one hospital now saying today it might be on the brink of a cure. dr. marc siegel will separate fact from fiction he said on that today. >> pizza shop owners getting death threats for speaking their minds about the indiana religious freedom law but did a tv crew twist their comments. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i do not think it is targeting gays, personally. i don't think it is discrimination. it is supposed to help people that have religious beliefs.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
bill: there is an update out of indianapolis now. lawmakers unveiling changes to that state's new religious freedom law, hoping to diffuse concerns the law might have allowed for discrimination. this from last hour, state capitol indianapolis. >> was never intend toddies
7:32 am
crime nate against anyone. its goal was to simply create a new standard, that is the common standard across the country and federal courts, 30 other states. reaching agreement to clarify the law which will unequivocally state as speaker said, in the strongest possible terms, that indiana's rfra law is not and will not be able to discriminate against anyone anywhere at anytime. bill: that moves comes as owners of a indiana pizzeria get death threats for expressing support. tv reporter asking them if their family business could cater and would cater a gay wedding. they answered no but said they would never deny service to anyone who walks in their shop. that family shop is now closed. former communications for republican national committee and fox news contributor julie roginsky, former political advisor to the late senator frank lautenberg of new jersey. good day to both of you. apparently there will be changes. have not heard from the governor just yet but appears indiana will say you have legal protection to not serve someone
7:33 am
based on your religion, and you will have legal protection if you believe your gay rights have been violated. >> that is a start right. i mean it is nice. look to me this is very clear-cut case. you used to be able to say if you were religious that you would not cater an interracial couple getting married. that is the case in the '50s and '60s until the law was changed. to me this is same thing. why would you discriminate against anybody? public accommodation, serve one group should serve all people. should cater straight wedding or don't cater anything at all. this pizza joint was catering no weddings. bill: i say it is worse than that. in 10 years of service they had never been asked to do that before. this reporter walked into the pizza shop, put a microphone in her face and came up with a headline. let me play this for you. we'll batter back and forth this happened 30 minutes south of south bend. >> if a gay couple was to come in like say, we wanted they wanted us to provide them pizzas
7:34 am
for a wedding, we would have to say no. bill: okay. so the headline went out on newscast last night. and said they reject gay couples in their pizzeria shop. there is a fundamental responsibility on behalf of the media to report this story accurately. that headline goes out all "huffington post" has it, linked across the world, doug. >> absolutely. if you look at headlines you would think we're in selelma in 1969. from the small business owner following personal religious believes. not discriminating people. somebody of certain religion, this is catholic, maybe gay wedding is something they don't want to participate in. we're coming into real deep concerns of dissent. not just media. big business coming in like apple, walmart coming in crushing diversity of thought coming in saying to little sisters of the poor or to memories pizza, this is how you will do business because we
7:35 am
mandate that. bill: on website for the station restaurant denies services to same-sex couples. it never happened. it did not take place. it was just a camera there at counter. >> that is disgraceful. anybody putting out death threats this is horrible. you should leave the pizzeria alone. disgraceful people put out death threats. doug to your point back in the '50s and '60s, people would use religion to cater or accommodate interracial marriage t happened all the time. if you kind of wedding you should cater any kind of wedding or don't cater? >> i grew up not too far away from woolworths in north carolina. they were fighting to sit at counter. >> how is this different from loving versus virginia, enshrined, no discrimination against interracial marriage into law? how is this different? people would say you can't mix races. bible says races were created different. >> but they were separate water
7:36 am
fountains. restaurants you were not allowed to enter. bill: give him a chance to answer. >> there were horrible things going on. not just on the south. look at integration in boston schools. this very different circumstance of pizza owner i will welcome every customer i can because of my religious convictions i don't want cater a gay wedding. that is not bull connor or somebody from alabama, standing in front of a university or school not allowing blacks. bill: this is hot apples to apples here. >> why not? bill: this pizza joint different serve a slice to any person offended. reporter walked into a restaurant put a camera in her face. she said what she said. it went international. pizza joint closed. $100,000 of contributions for the family has now been offended allegedly put out of business for now. fine the gray area here. apparently lawmakers in indiana done that. but you will not be satisfied with that. >> no. listen the pizza owners should do what they want to do in their
7:37 am
restaurant. they say they're serving anybody. what i have a general problem with, not with respect to this pizza owner is, if you're serving one class of people you should serve all classes of people. this is exactly same parallel with interracial marriage when people opposed to it 50 or 60 years ago. tell me difference. if you provide any kind of weddings for anybody, you should provide for weddings for anybody. if you're not providing for anybody. bill: julie will not be satisfied with anything out of indianapolis. are you dog. >> this not conservative christians or republicans. this is position president obama voted for illinois state senate. president obama has not been crusader for gay rights. he followed polls completely on everything including gay marriage. we see that republicans and christians are under attack here. that is what we need to avoid. bill: there is gray this is in a gray area. not necessarily black and white. we'll see what the governor does from indianapolis today. thank you, julie. >> thank you. bill: see you at 5:00 today. >> not see me at 5:00. i'm on a plane for vacation.
7:38 am
bill: you will be missed. patti ann. what is next? patti ann: just a few minutes from now millionaire robert durst is due to appear in court in louisiana. he is facing gun charges there and murder charges in california. his attorney says the fbi searched durst's hotel room in new orleans illegally. he is accusing police of a cover-up. casey stiegel joins us live from district court in new orleans. casey, what do we expect today? >> reporter: patti ann good to see you. we're told the hearing could last four to five hours because robert durst's attorneys will argue before the court that the search and arrest warrants executed here in new orleans were done unlawfully. the defense claims that the search warrant was not signed until after robert durst's hotel room was processed last month. where authorities found a gun more than $100000 cash, marijuana maps of cuba and a latex mask. all of which, could be thrown out according to legal analysts if the defense is successful in
7:39 am
demonstrating that these warrants were not properly done. >> part of his plan today is let me have a hearing, let me attack law enforcement, let me attack stays police, let me attack the fbi let me destroy their credibility. if i can in fact destroy their credibility maybe we can do away with the arrest warn and maybe win the preliminary hearing. >> reporter: court gets underway in just about 20 minutes from now at the top of the hour patti ann. patti ann: casey what is the prosecution's stance on all of this? >> well, they maintain that everything was done properly. that all of the is were dotted and the ts were crossed. which is why they're pursuing local charges now instead of extraditing durst back to california. the state believes that it has enough evidence to successfully try the 71-year-old eccentric millionaire here in louisiana because he is a felon who was in possession of a gun and drugs which they say was enough to put
7:40 am
him behind bars for many years despite the pending charge of murder for the killing of durst's friend, susan berman 15 years ago a cold case that was just recently reopened as you know, patti ann. patti ann: casey stiegel, live in new orleans, thank you. bill: breaking news again. robert schuler, the founder of the crystal cathedral megachurch has died at the age of 88. he started preaching in 1955 at a rented drive-in theater. in 1970 started his tv ministry called the hour of power. his face is difficult not to recognize. he built a soaring glass cathedral to home his booming industry. at his peak, the ministry, the program reached 20 million americans. in 2006 his only son robert a. schuler was installed as senior pastor of the organization. teleevan gell lift, robert
7:41 am
schuler dead at 88. what a life. 20 minutes before the hour. patti ann: search for nuclear deal with iran is stretching to another day before the deadline. is it time for the u.s. to walk? bill: detective in hot water after his rant against uber driver caught on camera. we're learning his fate. will the driver get satisfaction. we'll tell what you is happening in a moment. >> without interference. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted.
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risk free. and get a document shredder free. ♪ and help protect your identity your money, and your credit. ♪ bill: off-duty new york police officer unleashing a angry tirade against an uber driver suffering consequences after this video went viral and his boss saw it. >> do you understand me? >> yes i understand you. >> okay. stop it with your mouth. stop it with for what, sir, for what, sir. stop it with that bull [bleep] bill: the officer is transferred from his current position on elite joint task force. commissioner bill bratton the detective was temporarily stripped of his gun and badge. the officer reportedly attempting to park without using his blinker when the driver
7:45 am
went around him. >> russia, china all left the negotiations. this gross to show how desperate we are to get any kind of a deal, even if it is a bad deal. i think we should negotiate from a position of strength. that is why we should have walked away when we hit a deadline. patti ann: that was republican senator tom cotton, one of the strongest critics of the iran nuke negotiations. those talks are in double overtime right now. secretary of state john kerry still in switzerland, two days after the self-imposed deadline expired. john gibson, fox news radio host. john, polls show the public is very concerned about iran and not comfortable what they're hearing so far about any possible deal. but there are still indications president obama think this is issue would be a win for him? >> yeah, patti ann. 83% of americans in the latest fox poll say that you really can't trust iran and, 58%
7:46 am
disapprove of what's going on right now in these negotiations. the president still has democrats on his side although republicans and independents are way, way against him in these negotiations. the question is, does he care? it doesn't seem that he does. this seems to be a legacy play. he is, making a deal so he can take a bow for it when he is no longer president. and he seems to be more concerned about approval numbers in the future rather than approval numbers now. >> but how would it help his legacy if the deal is bad? is it because it would be years before the full impact of that would be apparent, so he is betting by that time people will blame the next president? >> well it is a real danger to tell you the truth. dennis ross has a piece out this morning talking about the initial goal of the obama administration in the first term which was to make it clear to the world that iran's nuclear program was for peaceful,
7:47 am
civilian uses and they had to give that up and at this point now they're making a deal that extends the breakout period, the time it takes for iran to actually make a bomb to a year. so this could blow up in president obama's face very likely it seems to me, blow up in his face once he is no longer president that all of a sudden he is taking a bow for the deal he made opening up relations with iran, and boom, they're get a bomb within a year. patti ann: the obama administration is emphasizing that the military option is still on the table. is iran taking that seriously? >> i don't think anybody is taking it seriously. they say that military options are on the table. secretary of defense ash carter said that over the weekend but i don't think that anybody is taking that seriously, even dennis ross made that point this morning. and, not only that, the
7:48 am
administration keeps saying it is going to walk away if it's a bad deal. nobody is taking that seriously either. it is clear the iranians anyway think that the president badly wants this deal and will do almost anything to get it. and so it appears, i mean the latest thing they changed something agreed to earlier and are now refusing to send their enriched nuclear material to russia as agreed earlier. so it is clear the iranians are pushing kerry and president obama around, because they think that the u.s. side wants the deal way worse than the iranian side wants the deal. patti ann: all right, john gibson we'll see what happens. bill: good to see you. jenna lee come up in a few moments. how are you? >> we're reading tea leaves for 2016. our panel says four game change
7:49 am
that's could shape the presidential race. we'll get into that. the latest from new orleans on the robert durst case. will the top attorney get his arrest tossed out? a cancer survivor ordered to undergo chemotherapy and the judge said no. is this another case of nanny state going too far or do they have legal grounds? bill: see you jenna. a possible break through for one of the possible forms of cancer, melanoma. it is the deadliest kind of skin cancer. but doctors say they might be on the brink of a cure. >> many patients think about standard chemotherapy quite difficult to take. you lose your hair. you feel very nauseated. you have other side-effects. these viruses are very well-tolerated.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
bill: researchers out of utah say they're close to creating a cure for melanoma. that is one of the deadliest forms of skins cancer. they found a new treatment that teaches the body to heal itself. dr. marc siegel, part of our fox news medical a-team and professor at langone medical center. >> good to see you. bill: big deal. melanoma with 74, 75,000 case as year. it's a killer. what are they saying from the in utah from the huntsman cancer center initially. >> we're talking about melanomas that spread around the body. what they're finding at huntsman couple of other centers from the country if you get a virus herpes virus, taken up by the melanoma cell, the next thing that happens the virus kills the melanoma cell and i am newspaper system comes along and sees that virus inside of the cancer cell
7:54 am
and targets it for destruction. you get your immunological system parading in and destroying cancer cells. bill: technically then, the treatment feeds off of the cancer sells and essentially consumes them or eats it until it is dead? >> exactly. they make, they change the virus genetically the scientists do, so it will only thrive in a cancer cell, feeding off nutrients of the cancer cell and killing it. it's a poison pill for a cancer cell. it is called targeted therapy. it is part of targeted therapy. definitely a wave of the future. to take virus, cancer viruses to get them to go into these cells kill the cells. here is the key part bill. get the immune system to recognize the cell as a foreign invader, because cancer hides in the body. our immune system ignores it. that is why it is growing. bill: so you leave the good cells functioning and fine and you go after the bad stuff. >> make them seem like they're
7:55 am
viruses. bill: when you see a headline says they're closing in on a melanoma cure, a cancer cure, is it that close to reality? >> well, we're all about keeping it accurate here. i want to say that here is the numbers we're looking at. 25% of the cases that the cancer disappears, the melanoma disappears. 85% of the time they keep it at bay. now that is not a miracle but that is pretty darn good. 25% of the time they get rid of it and about 85% of the time they keep it at bay. it is about a year away from coming to market. but it is part of a larger issue here. we talked about polio virus last week being used on brain tumor cells. that is what we're doing now. we're using viruses to target cancer for destruction. that is part of the new wave of cancer cures. it is what president nixon was saying into the '70s, war on cancer we're make -- bill: but when you hear a cure for cancer, i mean that gives even people like you pause right, before you say okay, we are that close to achieving it?
7:56 am
>> this particular treatment is a cure for melanoma in 25% of cases. that's pretty good. we're talking about extensive melanoma that spread through the body. i find that really exciting. i think this is a treatment within a year. bill: we shall leave it within that. marc siegel, part of our medical a-team. >> good to see you, bill. bill: you got it. patti ann. patti ann: christians under attack in kenya. we'll bring you the latest on the deadly al-shabaab shootings at a university in kenya.
7:57 am
7:58 am
before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement.
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that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. patti ann: a dream coming true on a baseball diamond in iowa. [cheers and applause] patti ann: robert smith becoming the first blind person ever to throw out the first pitch at iowa's famous field of dreams. and to top it off, he also sang the national anthem. he hopes to do the same as ballparks around the country, inspiring young folks who also have disabilities. bill: cool story. nicely done.
8:00 am
gotta grow some corn in that field real season. [laughter] it's early spring. listen have a great day everybody, the news continues here on fox and boy, a lot to cover. "happening now" starts right now. we'll see you on friday. jon: and we begin with a fox news alert, robert durst returning to court right now in new orleans for a policemen their hearing on weapons charges. those could carry a combined maximum sentence of 30 years behind bars. but durst's lawyers want the charges thrown out, arguing the his arrest and the search of his hotel room were without a warrant. we'll have much more with our legal panel later in the hour. ♪ ♪ jon: first, though terror hits home in two countries, al-shabaab gunmen storm a college dorm in kenya targeting


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