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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 3, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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breaking tonight, under immense pressure in indiana changes its religious freedom law. but critics are still not satisfied and a local pizzeria that wanted nothing to do with this fight is now ground zero in an increasingly ugly battle. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. just a short time ago indiana governor mike pence signed a clarification bill saying it's in the state's best interest to change -- for gay customers. but critics are not happy and others warn this could undermine religious liberties. this follows a week of heated debate that shoved not only indiana but the tiny town of
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walkerton population about 2,000, into the national spotlight. after the owners of a pizzeria there, just one of eight restaurants in walkerton told a local tv station when the tv station asked them, that they wouldn't cater a gay wedding if asked to do so because of their christian beliefs. the vitreal that followed has been toxic and includes death threats. but tonight thousands of americans are standing by that pizza shop. trace gallagher reports from our west coast newsroom. trace. >> megyn, when i spoke with the owner, kevin o'connor, last night he sounded like a defeated man. he was baffled by the outpouring of hatred towards him his family and his pizza place. and he had no idea if he would ever reopen memories. listen. >> i just shut down my facebook page. and a lot of my messaging. and just wouldn't even look at it anymore. after a while it just beats you
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down. >> but after "the kelly file" and others shined a spotlight on his story, not only is o'connor reopening, he might be remodeling. because of the controversy and the economy, the o'connors decided to shut down the business which cut off their income. so while radio host dana loesch was interviewing inging kevin o'connor's daughter, loesch surprised her by setting up a gofundme page. watch. >> and they can make a donation. because nobody should ever have to suffer or suffer alone for their faith for standing up for christian principles. >> and the account has taken in more than $300,000, three times what the pizza place earns in a normal year. turns out a lot of people think kevin o'connor has a right to his beliefs. listen. >> that's their opinion. like i said, you can't take that away from them for what they want to do. what this act does. >> but the critics didn't just fade away some are louder than ever.
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an indiana high school basketball coach tweeted, quoting here, who's going to walkerton indiana to burn down memories pizza with me? she's been suspended and is being investigated. indiana state senator jim arnold said quoting, i hope they enjoy eating their pizza because i don't think anyone else is going to. the senator would be mistaken. the o'connors are getting support from gay and straight people across the country and in their hometown. listen. >> these are folks that go to bat for anybody in this community. anybody that needed a handout, that's needed volunteers that's needed money they've been there. >> and it looks like they will continue to be there. megyn. >> wow. trace, thank you. joining me now, dana loesch, the person who kicked off this fundraiser for the pizzeria. she just spoke with the family. also leslie marshal a progressive talk show host and
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fox news contributor. what a day you have had, dana. we've watched numbers go up and up and up. over $300,000 now for this pizza shop, one of eight businesses. and what do you think this shows? >> megyn i have to say my amazing staff at my program and most importantly everybody out there that watched everyone that watches your program, they made this happen. and i think that we're now seeing people are tired of it. you know, you can have respect for other people's lifestyles and you can also have respect for people's faith. people their faith is who they are. and you can't just take it off when you go home from church. and a lot of people view their work as their ministry. so they stood up for this. and it was really wonderful to see people stand in the gap in this culture battle and say you know what, this isn't right. we're going to stand up for this family. >> you spoke with the daughter, crystal, 21 years old who's under attack from so many -- most of whom are outside never mind walkerton but the state of indiana. but her own state representative, her own district representative is saying she's going to have to eat her own
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pizza because no one will frequent her restaurant because some media person stuck a mic in her face and asked for an opinion she never meant to give. >> that's the point. it was a hypothetical situation. no discrimination happened. nobody declined anything. it was a hypothetical situation. she was completely blown away by this, megyn. at first she was -- they're from a small town. and they're not used to dealing with -- they watch the news. they read the newspaper headlines, but to have a reporter come into your establishment looking for a narrative to set and put a microphone in your face and ask you these questions, you don't know how to handle it especially if that's the first interview you've ever done. and she answered honestly. and she could have denied her faith. and she could have said i'm not even going to risk, we've had a tough time with the economy. i'm not going to risk it. i'll say what they want to hear, i'll make everybody happy. and she didn't do that. she stayed true to her faith and setup. >> she was setup. they have crosses up in the
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pizzeria, they said we've got a live one. let's hit up this young woman. and boy, oh boy they got what they wanted. or did they leslie? because where do you stand on this? because a lot of gays and lesbians say this goes too far. we don't want to be the intolerant people we're accusing the other side of being. >> well first of all, where i stand is i think it's abhorrent that anyone would threaten violence as we've had toward this business. i certainly don't condone that in any way. but i don't condone discrimination. as a business owner even with religion. the problem that i have here is i love choice. i love the choice of businesses to be able to refuse certain customers. i love dana made a choice to help this woman. and that she made a choice to be vocal and stand up for what she believes. the problem that i have here, megyn, as a former christian, is that when she cites this particular group it is one particular group. whereas the bible i read says we're all sinners. the bible i read does not just
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cite homosexuality as a sin. that makes me feel she's being a bit hypocritical, especially when she'll serve a gay person in a restaurant won't deliver a pizza to a gay wedding. will she deliver pizza to a wedding where a couple has a child out of wedlock. i think this woman even in this day and age when she didn't know it was coming when you put yourself out there people are going to react. but nobody should be reacting with vitreal or threatening violence of any kind. >> the thing is if you want to persuade somebody to come to your side, believe as you believe, the way forward is not to shout at them and call them names and tell them that they're bigots, dana. >> right. >> that makes people get their back up. and they may have shut down people like this family from saying how they feel in the future, other families like them. maybe, maybe not. but they haven't changed a belief set. that's really the goal. >> no. yeah absolutely. and they've shown the same -- you want to talk about a
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discriminatory behavior i think the behavior that was used against this family is the definition of discriminatory. and i do not find it at all in any way saying in this reality to petition a government to determine the sincerity of someone's faith. now we can look at this one of two ways. we can look at this that we are fine with business owners and private property owners being determined how they want to do business with their capital that they have invested and their private property. or -- and we can look at it people need to be able to practice their faith. the government megyn should not determine when someone can be a christian where someone can be a christian. >> that's the thing. that's the difficult issue for so many people, leslie. the civil liberties of gays and lesbians are coming right up against the right to believe what you want to believe as a person of faith, as a christian in this country. and you know, christian belief has been in place for a long time about marriage. the tide is turning in this country on the polls, but a lot of people seem to want to look at these christians and say you
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need to change your mind immediately. when barack obama himself was saying up until two years ago he didn't support gay marriage. >> a couple of things there, megyn. first of all you're absolutely right. i hate to admit as a democrat i believe david axelrod when he said the president was always in favor of gay marriage but wasn't always honest about it. >> right. that he lied about it. >> misled is another word we use nowadays, politically correct. but secondly if we look at the founder and the leader of christianity christianity, who was jesus, i think he would serve pizza at a gay wedding. i think he'd talk with these folks and pray with them. i think that's true christianity and the way i thought when i was in the church. >> yeah. megyn, just to -- >> picture jesus at the gay wedding. jesus has been on tv a lot this week. i'm trying to picture that scene. >> jesus always said go forth and send no more but he never ever took of those services that is either with a prostitute or the other sinners like the tax collectors, so on and so forth.
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sin does not mean you cannot love someone. >> we can find out a lot more about jesus, tomorrow's good friday. and "killing jesus" is going to be right here on fnc beginning at 8:00 p.m. jesus will be here tomorrow instead of me. ladies, thank you both so much. we are now less than 24 hours before the start of good friday. and we watched one of the worst terror attacks in months with christians being the primary target today. pastor robert jeffers is here next on what this means for americans. plus. >> loved his little son, but he's scared of me, because of my color. >> that was an indiana state lawmaker accusing an 18-month-old child of racism. brian kilmeade is here with thoughts on that. and one of the leading journalist took harry reid to task for a stunning lie on the floor of the u.s. senate. but his report never saw the light of day.
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and we'll tell you why when he joins us live tonight. >> so the word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn't.
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breaking tonight as millions of christians prepare for the holiest time of the year a brutal terror attack overseas bears a threat to followers of this faith around the world. al qaeda based terrorists stormed a university in kenya. targeting christians. militants reported interrogating about their faith and shooting anyone who did not answer what was perceived to be the right way. the death toll tonight more than 140. one student saying "with each blast of the gun i thought i was going to die." another reported seeing many bodies, some of which had been beheaded. wondering why anyone would do such a thing. dr. robert jeffers is senior pastor of the first baptist church in dallas and also a fox news contributor. great to see you tonight, doctor. so the reason why they do this is known to most people which
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is their belief in radical islam and that there can be no other faith. and if you are a member of one, you're an apostate. >> that is exactly right, megyn. what is more tragic about today's event is this is just the latest in a long line of faith-based acts of terror by radical islamists. you had the beheading of the 21 coptic christians, the kidnapping of 90 syrian christians, the burning of churches in iraq, the desire of iran to wipe israel off the face of the earth and what all of these things have in common, megyn, is they are based on the religious beliefs of radical islam. and that's why you are never going to reform radical islam. the only way to defeat it is to eradicate it. you mentioned the holy tas we're getting ready to enter into. a lot of christians have mixed responses to how we ought to deal with this crisis. some christians say we ought to pray for these terrorists. we ought to share the gospel with these terrorists. while that's certainly an
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appropriate individual response of christians, government has a different responsibility. the new testament says government is in avenger to bring wrath upon those who practice evil. and on the eve of these holy days all christians ought to stand together with people of the jewish faith and all freedom loving americans, we ought to demand that our government do whatever's necessary to eradicate radical islam. because i promise you these murderers are not going to stop in africa. they're not stopping in the middle east. they're coming after every one of us if we don't stop them. >> you know, after the holocaust if you go to the holocaust memorials it always says never again, never again. and yet we watched these christians being targeted and jews too for that matter in city after city, and ancient artifacts and places that are beloved and wiped and have been for centuries being torn down as though it's nothing. and the question is whether there will be some sort of
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international response. what we often hear is they kill a lot of muslims too. and so it's not about targeting any specific group. >> well, we hear that. but we also see so many people who are people of the jewish and the christian faith being targeted. look i just think it is time megyn, for christians to say enough. sdp, you know christians were silent during the holocaust in germany, christian pastors were silent. and that's why naziism rose like it did. and i recently called on members of my church. i said i want you to call the white house, i want you to call your senators' office and tell them, demand that we do something to defeat radical islam. we had thousands of our people respond to that. and look, i'm not a military expert like those you have on this program. but i know this, you can never defeat an enemy you're not willing to identify. the enemy who slaughtered these students today has a name. and that name is radical islam.
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>> do you think folks in places like kenya are wondering where we are? >> i know they are. and let me tell you how i know that. i have a friend who just returned from iraq. he interviewed women who had been taken hostage by isis. he interviewed christian pastors whose churches had been burned to the ground. and he told me that these christians ask him why are our christian brothers and sisters in the west silent? and i think they are wondering why we aren't rising up and doing something to put a stop to this. we have the power to do it megyn. we have the responsibility to do it. let's not wait on some coalition of muslim countries to fight these radical islamists. i don't believe that's going to happen. >> dr. robert jeffers, thank you so much for being here, sir. >> thank you, megyn. >> all the best. well breaking tonight we are getting reports now that the iranians are pushing back on what president obama today said
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about the deal the framework for a deal we have reached on iran's nuclear weapons program. it's the iranians calling out the white house on misleading the world about what's been agreed to in the framework. marc thiessen is next on what's really going on here. plus a hot spot for spring breakers tonight announced a big change after a very rowdy party ended in gunfire. brian kilmeade is here on that. plus that lawmaker we told you about. and the final must-see part of my interview with the former spokesperson for the church of scientology. tonight, how he says the church keeps its followers in line. are you at all afraid about what might happen to you?
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breaking tonight, just hours after president obama walked out to the rose garden and announced details of a tentative deal on
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the iran nuclear weapons program, the iranians are saying not so fast. president obama doesn't have it quite right. marc thiessen is trying to sort this out for us. a fox news contributor, fellow at the enterprise and former speech writer to president george w. bush. in response to what you heard israel a huge sigh of relief saying great, there's no framework. but yet there is and we're still arguing and seems like this thing is still dragging on which has been a source of contention just the delays for a long, long time. >> absolutely. look, the iranians haven't put a single thing on paper: what they're saying the obama administration has put on paper is quote/unquote spin. the iranian foreign minister said the talking points were spin and we shouldn't be spinning it. what that means is the obama administration telling us right now is the best case scenario that the iranians want to walk that back. and the best case scenario is terrible. they're not required to close a single facility.
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there's no snap inspections. there's no limits on ballistic missiles. no -- they can continue to enrich uranium. and they get tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, which is money that they can then use to fund their nuclear program, to fund proxy wars throughout the middle east and to fund ballistic missiles -- >> they're not supposed to get the sanctions relief until they can prove that they're abiding by the terms of the deal. >> that's the amazing thing, megyn. they can actually get a nuclear weapon by abiding by the terms of the deal. bill clinton made all the same promises in 1994 when he was president when it came to north korea. he said that there would be unprecedented inspections and this would be verified by the iaea and 12 years later they blew up a bomb. north koreans had to cheat on the agreement to get their nuclear weapon. the iranians don't have to cheat because after ten years they're one year away from breakout. they can do what they want. >> but the white house says they see a lot of obviously things to
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celebrate in the deal. or be proud of. for example they say iran's breakout time for developing nuclear weapon will go from two to three months to at least one year. >> first of all, the question that raises to me is how did we get to the point where iran is two months away from a nuclear weapon? that's just amazing. >> important headline. >> today iran is two months away from a nuclear weapon? and it's a victory to get them one year away? that's success in negotiations? >> but they talk about how the sen ri fujs are going to go from 19,000 down to 6,100. they won't build any new uranium enrichment facilities for ten years. >> president obama said they have to get rid of their hardened nuclear facility. then they're going to get to keep. he originally said they'd have to get rid of the centrifuges they will be spinning. by obama administration they are one year away from breakout when
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released from this responsibility. >> president obama came out today and said anybody who's saying stuff like you're saying we should question well, the alternative is war. who wants war? >> nobody wants war. but the fact is right now there is war raging in the middle east. iran is waging war by proxy all around the world right now. it's fascinating this agreement is so bad that it has actually succeeded in doing something no one has done in the history of the middle east, uniting arabs and israelis in opposition. the arabs and israelis both agree this is a terrible deal that's not going to stop iran's nuclear program. and by the way iran right now is waging jihad in syria, in iraq where we're serving as their air force, and doing it in yemen. and the arabs are fighting them. they don't want us to lift sanctions on them because that's going to give the iranians tens of billions of dollars they can use to fund more wars by proxy across the middle east. >> the final deadline is june, but already folks are saying i thought the final deadline was march 31st. in any event, i think the
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viewers understand what's going on here. marc, good to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> well, we detailed this week how senator harry reid basically admitted that he lied to the american people. on the floor of the u.s. senate. but he did it for what he considers to be a good cause to get mitt romney defeated in the presidential election. up next, one of the reporters who knows senator reid best shares what happened to him when he tried to report on what he perceived as bad behavior and falsehood spreading by harry reid about mitt romney for his paper years ago. plus, after a group of spring breakers is wounded by gunfire in panama city, florida the city council has a new plan to stop the party. wait until you hear what it is.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly.
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well we detailed this week how senator harry reid all but admitted that he lied to the american people in order to help defeat mitt romney. it came in the summer of 2012 when senator reid stood on the floor of the u.s. senate and accused romney of not paying his taxes for years. despite pushback from the fact checkers, reid stuck to his claim until an interview earlier this week. >> so no regrets about mitt romney, the koch brothers. >> they can call it whatever they want. romney didn't win did he? >> john ralston is the host of ralston live on pbs and politico contributing editor and wrote about this in 2012. thanks for being here. you wrote a column calling out harry reid specifically and when you look back and read what you wrote, man, you had it deadon. and you submitted it to the las
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vegas sun and what happened? >> well, the first year in all the years i worked at the sun which was about 12 years megyn i got a call from my editor said brian greenspun wants to hold the article. obviously wanted harry reid to be protected. and spiked the column. i had a very contentious phone call shortly thereafter in which he gave me the lamest excuses for why he wasn't running it saying i shouldn't use the word mccarthy to describe reid and the tone was too harsh. even in that same conversation, megyn, he admitted to me that he had used the word mccarthy identityccarthyite in a column about -- which by the way was a very apt description. >> looking back this is what you wrote. this is about the comments he was making about romney's tactics. he'll do whatever it takes to win. his approach with romney after 25 years we still don't know
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where he draws the line, if he draws one at all. you said he always has a method to his apparent madness and sometimes the ends do not justify the means, even in the political swamp. someone needs to draw the line for reid since he's so unable to draw one for himself. and this they would not print. they and you, they would have looked presht now. i'm sure they called you up to apologize for not running your column. >> oh yes, indeed that has happened, megyn. in all the years i've been doing this, which is about 25 years plus ever been as angry as i was in that column vowed after that phone call never to write a column for las vegas sun again. i wrote about what happened shortly thereafter it was well-known in vegas that he had spiked that column and done it for harry reid. after that interview you just played and i saw how
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unrepenitent he was, i said now is the time to publish this column. megyn, i've admired to some extent reid's ruthlessness and makavelian nature. and this was so outrageous what he did. whether you like romney or liked obama, this is -- >> it's outrageous what the paper did. they made the wrong call to protect a political figure that they had a little bit too much faith in. >> it was more than faith megyn. he had a close personal relationship with harry reid. he had once changed a headline on one of my columns during the 2010 race because it was too negative for harry reid. he tried to save reid in 1998 when he was running against john enston and the race was close. he did an exclusive interview with bill clinton, his good friend, and ran a big headline. don't forget reid won that race by 428 votes.
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wlo knows if that made a difference. it could have changed history. but it was outrageous behavior. like nothing i've experienced in my entire career, megyn. >> jon ralston thank you for coming on and telling your story, sir. >> you bet. >> all the best. can you believe that? some people say there's no bias in the mainstream media. what? still ahead, the story of the indiana state lawmaker who actually accused an 18-month-old baby of racism. the story behind that is next. plus, the must-see final part of my interview with former spokesman for the church of scientology. tonight, how he says the church keeps its followers in line. and we get into john travolta. let's take somebody like john travolta. if there's a file like that on a star that big, could he ever real
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developing tonight, a spring break crackdown at a florida hot spot. in a unanimous vote, the panama city council voted to ban alcohol on their beaches during spring break. the vote came after seven people were shot last weekend and the town fielded complaints for weeks. co-host of fox and friends and our senior spring break correspondent. i think you got a promotion. >> i'm above ainsley finally. that's fantastic. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> so no more alcohol on the
1:40 am
beach. and they're going to close bars at 2:00 instead of 4:00. >> last week when you told me about this i called over to panama city beach, they said there's a big difference, and they said we could end this tomorrow because there's been so many problems in the emergency room with people being stabbed and things like that. but right now they're under the impression that they actually make money offspring break so they're going to leave it. so this happened. they're going to do very easy what daytona did and ft. lauderdale, stop the bans on the beach crack down on beer tickets and put a curfew out there. if you think about it the people wlo live there, spend there, they're the ones wlo stay. they're afraid of these kids and these kids don't spend any money. they sleep in their cars, eat saltines a cracker, stay at a hotel in and nobody makes money. >> back in my day the most you had to worry about was a sunburn. of course i went today daytona beach. >> and protection. >> spf 50 if that's what you mean. >> that's what i'm talking
1:41 am
about. >> let's talk about vanessa summers debating the religious freedom act. and then she had this to say about her colleague's 18-month-old. >> i have represent i know love his little son but he's scared of me because of my color. and that's horrible. it's true. >> really? >> really. >> really. >> okay. i didn't load her tell prompter, so don't blame me. i will say this, i did some research. it's been a while since i had an 18-month-old i have 12 and 14-year-old now. 18-month-old know words like bye-bye milk, cookyie or ball. they do not recognize skin color. >> right. >> i will say that this person is somewhat of a stranger, that's why kids might turn the other way. i also have another theory, do i have time to share? >> lay it on. >> i've been told i'm along.
1:42 am
i've been told children are afraid of big headed people and goes back to when gary marshall was trying to cast mork and min di. jay leno was up for that part but he said his head is too big he's going to scare children. i believe her head is a little large and that scares the small child. it's not the color of her skin. it's the size of her head. >> maybe that's what gary marshal believed about television. >> you got it. >> but merv griffin believed what makes good television is big head small body. that's how vana got cast on "wheel of fortune." >> you got that. you're the host, but i want to put a hole in your theory. neilsen doesn't actually poll 18-month-olds. i'm talking about children. >> i have news for representative summers because i actually have a 20-month-old. so i am very familiar. and i can tell you that he also looked at something strange today that he hadn't seen before and had the very same reaction that that little child has. and i will show it to you now.
1:43 am
and it is -- look, look. >> vacuum cleaner. >> look at it. >> that made your baby turn around. >> he was terrified. i can assure you that looks exactly like my vacuum cleaner at home. nothing to do with its color. >> not that it's a black vacuum cleaner, it's a vacuum cleaner. >> can i add on that the 18-month-old's parent that was attacked, came out and defended him. this was the response, hey you're a moron he's 18 months old. >> blood alcohol test is that possible. it's why children may think vladimir putin is more dangerous than anthony robins. >> but he's got the big head. >> big head scares child. >> great to see you. i too have a large -- i can relate to what she is going through. >> your head's perfect. >> good to see you. up next, the former spokesman for the church of scientology mike rinder shares with me how he says the church keeps its followers in line and why he decided it was time to leave this church.
1:44 am
how can an adult person you know, in a church, be told you are going to be imprisoned in a place like that and not say you know what, i'm out of here.
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the doors had bars put on them. the windows all had bars put on them. and there was one entrance door that a security guard sat at 24 hours a day. >> i had to stay there. sleep there. it stunk. and you know, there were ants crawling around. you sleep about an hour, two hours a night. you were in such a mental state that you're very controlled, very suggestible. >> a look at the hugely successful new hbo documentary "going clear," scientology and the prison of belief.
1:48 am
last night i spoke to mike rinder, who was the church of scientology spokesperson for about two decades. before, during and after that interview the church called several members of our team repeatedly, even though they had reached us and we had spoken with them at lengths, to berate us for covering this issue. we offered them a chance to come on, which they then declined. tonight, in part two of my interview, rinder talks travolta, suppressive persons and the techniques the church used to keep its members in line. it sounds like a cult. >> it is a cult. it is a cult. that's why the film is called "going clear, scientology, the prison of belief," because it is a prison of belief. you believe that your spiritual eternity is at stake. that the well-being of the entire planet earth is at stake. if you are not -- and the other thing that scientology is very
1:49 am
very adept at is convincing you that if there is a problem, if circumstances are bad, if you're in a bad way, it's your fault. you have done something that has caused this to happen to you. so you look inward. >> but isn't that empowering? that could be an empowering message that you have control of your own life and destiny. >> of course it can. but when it goes too far and it becomes you're locked in the hole in a prison and your reaction to that is to start trying to figure out what did i do wrong that caused me to be here. >> in prison for a year. you're talking not like a day. but let me ask you this, how much of it has to do with that sort of guilt that imposed upon you and self-imposed and reaffirmed by the church. and how much is due to blackmail? because we learn in the film about how scientologists go through auditing where they hold the two cans and it's got a string attached and sort of like
1:50 am
a lie detector. they describe it one-third of a lie detector test. and it's supposed to measure you know, how much anxiety you have when asked certain things. and this is supposed to be getting out of you. it's like, going clear, and somebody's writing all this stuff down. so you're sharing your darkest secrets with somebody. and they have journals -- the film says they have big journals that are 20 times the thickness that they've got on you. and they have it forevermore. do they use that against you? >> can yes. i mean, a lot of that stuff's being used against me. it's -- i guess it's a matter of how much significance you place on it and how important -- >> let's say john travolta, if there's a file like that on somebody that big, could he ever realistically leave the church? >> of course he could. john travolta could leave the church if he wanted to. i don't believe that what holds john travolta in the church is whatever those things are.
1:51 am
i mean, megyn honestly everything there is to say about john travolta has been said already. >> that's true. >> the thing that keeps john travolta in the church is his wife and his family. >> because if you leave, tell the audience what happens. >> if you leave scientology and scientology believes that you have departed in an unauthorized fashion, or you're no longer with the program with them anymore, anybody who wishes to remain in the church must disconnect from you. so kelly and his daughter, they would have to disconnect. >> you are dead to them. the scientology basically declares you dead. and everybody has to disassociate from you. >> that's exactly right. just like what happened to me. the biggest decision i had to make when i left was i knew that my wife of 30 years and my two children would disconnect from
1:52 am
me, along with my brother and my sister and my mother. >> when you left did they disconnect from you? >> yes absolutely. >> all of them? >> all of them. >> and this disconnection remains in place to this day. >> it does. >> is that the same as being declared a suppressive person? because scientologists believe in these so-called sps. and this is familiar to some of our audience that hasn't even seen the movie yet because this clip of tom cruise went viral several years ago. it was made for a scientology presentation. and it got leaked. and he's talking in this clip about -- it sounds like he's talking about his kids or somebody asking him about sps and whether he's ever seen them. watch. >> so have you seen an sp? [ laughter ] you know, i thought, what a beautiful thing. because maybe one day it will be like that, you know what i'm saying? maybe one day it will be -- wow.
1:53 am
sp read about those in history books. >> what is that? >> sp is a suppressive person. and in a very simplistic fashion it's someone that doesn't agree with scientology. >> you and i are sps? >> we are classics. you're right up there now probably not up to the level that i am, but keep working on it, megyn. you'll get there. >> oh great. >> it's anybody who disagrees with anything that is going on in scientology. >> and what do they do to you if they think you're an sp? in daily life, if you're identified as one. >> well, depends how prominent you are. there are a lot of sps now. like everybody who writes on twitter or does facebook posts or -- >> what about in your life? do they get completely cut out of your life? what can be done to remove this sp from your life? >> that's what gets done. cut them off.
1:54 am
terminate all communication, all relationships with that person so that they are no longer able to affect you. because the belief is that people with that sort of negative energy, if you will, are going to negatively effect you. >> now in theory that makes sense. >> but this is not what -- and that's what the genis of this concept is. today it's used as control trying to control the flow of information inside what i call is the bubble of scientology. >> right. and keep out anything that's bad about the church. >> exactly. >> are you at all afraid about what might happen to you? >> well, you would be a fool not to have some degree of fear when confronted by an organization that has billions of dollars and is fanatical about protecting its turf.
1:55 am
>> and its tax exempt status. >> exactly. but on the other hand i've been going through this for, you know, since i first spoke out in 2009. you know, i've had private investigators follow me -- following me from the grocery store and taking my kids to school to following me all the way to australia and waiting for me at the airport in australia to following me to ireland to -- >> wow. >> -- to having cameras set up at the end of my street in a birdhouse to watch who is coming and going to my house, to buying my garbage to threatening e-mails to all sorts of stuff. but i know that ultimately the truth will prevail. and that what i am complaining about, which is the abuses in scientology will be brought to an end by their exposure.
1:56 am
>> mike thank you for being here. >> thank you, megyn. >> the church of scientology denies all of it and says that documentary is a huge propaganda piece full of lies. we're taking your thoughts now. leave me a comment there or send me a tweet at megynkelly. we'll be right back, but c
1:57 am
1:58 am
we are off tomorrow, but you can see "killing jesus" right here on fnc. the three-hour event starts tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. as for the effort to kill memories pizza in walkerton indiana, not going so. the go fund men effort is now up to $391,000. happy easter, happy passover, i'm megan kelly. it is friday, april 3rd and we start with a fox news alert for you. a home grown terror plot foiled.
1:59 am
two women attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> indiana's governor amends the religious freedom law, but will it put an end to a national up roar? >> a man missing at sea for 66 days found alive. "fox and friends first" starts right now. well good morning to you, it is good friday. >> i'm aisley earhardt.
2:00 am
this morning we're learning more about terror ties to isis. but this fox news alert, home grown terror two women that idolize bin laden make pressure cooker bombs here in new york city. >> we learn more about their ties to isis. leland has more in washington dc. >> good morning ladies. one of these two ladies kept videos and pictures of osama bin laden on their cell phones. one of them was obsessed with pressure cookers. still, it is unclear what their alleged argument was. the pair allegedly told the agents they wanted to detonate pressure