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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 3, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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earhardt. this morning we're learning more about terror ties to isis. but this fox news alert, home grown terror two women that idolize bin laden make pressure cooker bombs here in new york city. >> we learn more about their ties to isis. leland has more in washington dc. >> good morning ladies. one of these two ladies kept videos and pictures of osama bin laden on their cell phones. one of them was obsessed with pressure cookers. still, it is unclear what their alleged argument was. the pair allegedly told the agents they wanted to detonate pressure cooker or propane tank
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bombs. presser cooker bomb was used at the boston marathon. both bombs are dangerous. the women were in court yesterday and they be held without bail. if convicted they would each face life in prison. >> as we learn more about home grown terror plans here elsewhere they are be car reed out, what can you tell us about the attack in somali. we know least 147 people. al shabaab attack at a college
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they singled out christian students and killed them without mercy. police killed four of the suspects, they arrested a fifth. live for us this morning with those details, thank you, leland. and announcing the hard fought framework for a nuclear deal with iran. it is still not a done deal. >> james rosen is here to break down the deal. >> after 16 months of talks the u.s., iran the european union rush that, china france, britain and germany.
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they have now come to a deal. iran trumpeted the terms as a triumph triumph. >> we never have to close our facilitied, iran will not september that. >> their centrifuges will be reduces from 19000 to 6,100. no uranium enenmuchment at fordow for at least 15 years and they will cut off a plutonium path. >> this deal is good for the security of the united states, for our allies, and for the world. even if it violated the deal, for the next decade at least iran is a minimum from a year
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away from having enough material for a bomb. >> they have said they under go suspensions, and the possible military dimension will be addressed. and eu sanctions will be snapped back. >> the iranians will tout that because in ten years they can pretty much do whatever they want. and the administration should explain what will really happen in ten years. >> president obama says he welcomes a robust debate and it appears he will get his wish. bob corker republican of tennessee says the aim is for
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congress to say yes or no. >> when that deal was announced, beenck anyone netanyahu blasted the agreement says it threatens israel's survival. >> putting an end to a national uproar. indiana's governor in response to the massive backlash. we have all of the details. indiana governor mike pence just signed legislation speaking about the nation's new discrimination laws. critics spent the last week allowed that the original law allowed businesses to deny customers service. he argues that was never the intention of the law and that it is made clear. >> it never discriminated against anyone, that was the in
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intent. we were forced to clarify that. the new legislation is the first time that sexual orientation is mentioned in indiana law. leaders who call the maemt a good first step, but not everyone is happy with the change. >> now we're saying look, anyone who objects to anything in this area is biggoted and that is not the case. >> asa hutchinson also signed a religious freedom law yesterday. >> what about the family run pizza pizzaria. >> they are promising to reopening. they have been shocked by the threats and hateful comments they received and said they were just answering a hypothetical
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question and never refused to customer. >> the anger, the bitterness it is something that i never expected or imagined when the comments were made. >> many americans are defending this small business. in just one day people have donated more than $480,000 for them to reopen. millions of christians are marking good friday this morning. just now in jerusalem thousands recreated christ's journey to be crucified. at sundown tonight, jewish families commemorate the eight-day holiday.
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he built a towering empire on the foundation of god's word. >> every sunday morning you say turn around, someone is giving you a blessing, god loves you and so do i. >> remembering robert schuler the hour of power founder passed away at 88 years old. >> looking at 2016 mike huckabee launching a brand new super pac has he is mulling the possibility of running. it would be to raise funds while he tests the waters. and scott walker is pulling ahead in the polls.
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15% want scott walker jeb bush, 12% ben carson, 11%, and ted cruz and mike huckabee 10% each. menendez is accused of taking nearly one million in gifts and campaign donations from a florida eye doctor who was also indicted on charges. severe thunderstorms across the heart land. >> this is the scene in oklahoma. semi trailers are blown over. hail is continuing to fall there.
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some is the size of baseballs. >> marina is here to tell us what is up next for this easter weekend. >> the storm system responsible for all of this is still on the move. take a look at the forecast map. this is the area of concern today for areas of concern. nationville and louisville we're looking at the risk for large hail damaging winds and tornadoes are possible in will been a big deal throughout the day today. temperatures ahead of it are very, very warm. they're in the 80s in places like atlanta and raleigh. a lot cooler though, high temperatures forecast in the 40s in places like chicago and minneapolis. with this system it will be moving into parts of the northeast as well. take a look at that. that is snow coming up at the
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end. you will be having snow come down across western parts of new york, parts of new england and it could accumulate at times. be careful on the roadways. otherwise behind that storm it is cooler for the northeast as well. >> 11 minutes at the top of the hour, this man reported missing at seat for for 66 days. >> and one state wants minors to handle firearms. and lightning strikes plane in midair, the video, up next.
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this is an incredible story for a sailor. >> he was found sitting on the hull of his overturned sailboat. jackie joins us now with his dramatic rescue. >> he disappeared after telling his family he disappeared on a fishing trip. he says the boat capsized in rough weather. fast fast fast fastforward to yesterday. a boat saw him, and called the coast guard. about 30 seconds later he was
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pulled into the chopper and coming back to dry land. >> hey dad. >> hey, lewis. >> i haven't heard from you in so long. >> ohman, nice to hear your voice. >> i was afraid that you were trying and sad that i was dead, and you know, i wasn't dead. >> yeah, we were, i thought i lost you. >> jordan was able to walk on his own after landing and he has been treated at a virginia hospital for a shoulder injury and dehydration. his family is on their way to meet him. he rationed food he brought with him caught fish, and drank rainwater. just incredible. >> very, very lucky. we first brought you this next story last year.
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a woman has now been pardoned by the governor. she thought that her pennsylvania con ceilcealed carry permit thought that allowed her to bring her gun into new jersey. when she told officers she was carrying, she was arrested. we talked to her about her league trouble. >> i hope they pardon me on the situation because i didn't know and it could happen to anyone. pardon me on everything, because -- >> you wasn't to jail and you could lose your kids. >> governor chris christie's pardon clears her of all criminal charges. >> a transgender inmate, the judge denying her the surgery
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that could cost more than $100,000. she was born a man and is serving a life sentence for murder. the california departments plans to appeal that. unless it is used for hunting, trapping, or competition training, right now it is illegal for anyone under 18 to have a gun. is this a good idea as long as the parents say it is okay? send us your thoughts and we will share them later in the show. it is 18 after the hour the incredible video you don't want to miss. and the tribute to paul
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." the terrifying moment where two planes were apparently struck by lightning. one was inbound from orange county, the other from houston. both landed safely. a spokes person says they never received word about any problems following the strike. they say airplane lightning strikes are not all that uncommon and they're built to withstand the jolt.
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look at these photos showing the horrific crash that three teenagers walked away from. they landed on top of the 16-year-old driver that was thrown from the car. deputies credit her survival to a dent on the roof that kept the weight of the car from bearing down on her. the cast of fast and furious paid tribute to their late costar paul walker. >> here to give us his opinion of the bill is mr. evan mccarthy. >> good morning, i love you so much. i have been a fan of this franchise since i was in high school. i remember i was in a movie
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theater and i would go see it after my shifts. they made over $2 billion at the world wise box office. and the chronological order of those story lines is. the one takes place after the third movie. but this movie is absolutely insane, over the top, and everything about the action is great. it is also great emotional core to the film. you care for the characters. there is a action scene where the cars are sky diving out of the plane. they had stunt guys go in cars out of airplanes and the actors
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went on a blue screen and did the flips. we all know about paul walker who tragically passed away in thirty 2013. they brought walker's brothers who look just like him to help finish shooting the movie. i spoke to vin diesel about what they hope to take away from the film. >> in the last year i have cried more than i ever cried in my life. i didn't know that tears could be that readily accessible. i hope that when people walk out of this film they know how special he is. and that they can fill good about the fact that we were lucky to have him on this earth. i love the movie. it is a 4.5 out of five.
2:26 am
everyone person was crying because they love him. check it out bring tissues for sure if is an amazing tribute. >> can you follow it if you didn't see the others? >> you can, it is a ridiculous action movie it's not an oscar film, and the i max is awesome. >> thank you, kevin, you rock. >> thank you,. >> targeted for their belief, the breaking details on a deadly attack next.
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it is friday, april 3rd. we start with a fox news alert. a home grown terror plot foiled. what authorities are now saying about those terror ties. >> responding to a massive backlash. but it l it finally put an end to a national uproar? we have the latest reaction coming into fox news. >> "the price is right" goes terribly wrong. >> a model's big mistake that helped a contestant win big. when we continue.
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>> good morning to you, welcome to fox and friends first, we appreciate it. >> it is exactly 30 minutes after the top of the hour. we'll have the latest on the terror attacks in iran. first indiana's governor signs amendments to the religious freedom laws. mike pence signed legislation on the new religious freedom law. critics spent the last week protesting saying the legislation allowed them to refuse smer to gay academies.
2:32 am
state lawmakers say they're ready to put this behind them. >> this new legislation is the first time sexual orientation is mentioned in indiana law. there is still an any discrimination law. along with indiana, asa hutchinson also signed a religious freedom law yesterday. what about that family run pizzaria who said they would not cater a same sex wedding. since the restaurant was forced to close people have been donating to make up for the financial loss. more than $480,000 has been raised. the owners say they never
2:33 am
refused to serve a gay customer it was just a hypothetical question that lead to this terrifying response. >> it got pretty vicious and this was overwhelming. >> the owners are vowing to he open their restaurant. >> thank you for joining us. >> and the hard fought frame work for a nuclear deal with iran, but it is still not a done deal. doug is there to break down the new details. the president will have to convince congress to just lay low, but what we saw happen last night in tehran is not going to make his job any easier. iran's foreign minister got a hero's welcome in tehran over night convinced that iran scored a victory with this agreement.
2:34 am
that president obama says was our best option. >> this deal was the best for our allies, us and the world. they reduced the number of centrifuges they operate to just over 6,000. that means in theory it would take longer to develop a nuclear bomb. many facilities will remain open including one deep in a bunker that was scene as serving no peaceful purpose. >> none of those issues include closing any of our facilities. >> our visits will continue. >>
2:35 am
paving the path to a bomb. they hmt an agreement that is ultimately reached. >> live for us from washington thank you, doug. another fox news alert, deadly terror siege by al shabaab on a college campus in kenya. leland veitter life with more. we know that so far 147
2:36 am
people are dead. militants strapped explosives to their body and started firing wildly. at one point they held dozens of hostages. they singled out christians among the students and then shot them without mercy. it is unfortunate that where they were going to is where the gunshots were coming from. >> this is the latest of a long line of faith based actions by terrorists. you have the christians the kidnapping of 90 syrian christians. the burning of churches in iraq the desire to wipe christians
2:37 am
off of the earth. police cornered the gunman in a dorm killing four of them. a shabaab was responsible for the kenya mall attack and it lasted days. >> leland all of this is unfolding and terror is hitting close to home. we're learning that two women may have been onbsessed with osama bin laden and were threatening to use bombed in new york city. >> they were uncovered under part of a local fbi sting. there is nothing in the court filings to show that the public was in danger but it is not clear what their alleged target was. they wanted to detonate propane
2:38 am
tank bombs. they were used in the failed time square bombings a few weeks ago. they can be assembled by things you buy at a hardware store. >> yes, thank you, leland. another foiled terror plot leads to the arrest of a new york citizen. right now that man is behind bars charged with conspireing to kill soldiers. a bizarre scene at a court hearing for robert durst. while appearing in court he apparently dozed off. that was just the beginning. the day ended in a shouting
2:39 am
match after none of his lawyers or witnesses showed up. the defense claims they searched his hotel room without a warrant. he is accused of killing his friend susan berman back in 2000. >> it looks like robert van winkle, known as vanilla ice, is out of hot water. >> he accepted 100 hours of community service allowing him to avoid burglar and grand theft charges after he was accused of taking items from a florida house. he said it was a misunderstanding and he will pay
2:40 am
$100,000 back to those homeowners. and two players collide, puig was down on the field for several minutes. he was able to walk off on his own. he is expected to play later today. >> they're so resilient. >> we're going to talk about the weather today and tornado watches have been issued across the heartland and the south. >> maria is tracking it all before you head out the door. >> we do think that later on today we could be seeing those being issued across parts of the mississippi river valley. here is what we're looking at today. the possibility of storms producing large hail, winds, and tornadoes from louisville kentucky to jackson,
2:41 am
mississippi. this is a rye risk for severe weather. behind the storm, a lot cooler. highs only in the 40s in minneapolis and also in cheg. with that tolder air behind it, we're going to see some of the rain transition into snowfall. they could be looking at six inches of snow across parts of new england. still feeling like winter out there, but we still have the severe risk across parts of the mississippi river valley. >> it is now 41 minutes after the top of the hour. new this morning, one of these 2016 hopefuls just jumped to the top of the playing field. we reveal who it is, next. >> a new scam could have you thinking you won big, but could
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welcome back. scott walker is pulling ahead as the new front runner for 2016. a new poll finding that 15% of republican voters want walker at the republican nominee. ben carson is grabbing 11%. ted cruz and mike huckabee rounding out the top five with 10%. is abc refusing to run a
2:46 am
political attack had aimed at rahm emanuel. >> he used his brother's investment. >> they say the makers of the real chicago pac a v no evidence behind that claim. our fox affiliate also vetted the video and found all of the facts to be true. toronto's crack smoking mayor will have surgery next morning to remove cancer in his stomach. he refused to resign as mayor even after admitting to smoking
2:47 am
crack-cocaine. >> adam shapiro from fox business is here, adam? >> it is a case of if it is too good to be true, it probably is. they issued a warning thursday about a letter that looks legitimate but it really a came. it says you won a cash prize and the fcc can help you win the money. it is even signed by the direct who are is the current director of consumer protection. it asks recipients to pay $5,000 for a legal registration bond to collect the money and it is all a scam. the fcc reminds people they do not oversee sweep stakes. they will never contact you to claim a process, and if you win a sweepstakes you don't have to
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pay anything to collect the prize. log on to fox business dot com slash channel finder. >> coming up an incredible story of a man missing at sea for 66 days and how he recovered. >> and the "golf" cover. is this too hot for the green? >> speaking of being too hot -- what is coming up. >> yes, continue to fan yourselves, ladies. we're going to have dakota meyer here. he will be joining us with a great entrepreneurial idea. also a man's kidney failed because of too much iced tea.
2:49 am
show that possible? and other food that's can be harmful to your health. and geraldo is here. we have some new trucks. and it is all coming up on "mornings with friends" called "fox and friends."
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survival, a sailor missing for 66 days is found alive. lewis jordan was reported missing back in january after he told his family that he was going fishing. he was spotted off the coast of north carolina by a german container ship. the coast guard air lifted him to safety, and his father
2:53 am
relieved to hear his son was alive. >> crazy, you thought i was dad, and i wasn't dead. >> we were, i thought i lost you. >> he says he survived by rationing food he brought with him. and then catching fish and drinking rain water. a display of wooden crosses sparking a protest on a college campus. more than 200 university of texas arlington students signed a petition calling for the removal of the memorial display organized by pro-life student groups on campus. a display consistented of 2,900 small wooden crosses and despite the opposition and vandalism, property-life group feels it was successful in sparking discussions. well look out, there's a new fox on the link. professional golfer lexie thompson making a splash. is the photo too hot for the green? well the 20-year-old posing without a shirt and covers up
2:54 am
with just a gym towel. critic says it's too risque. the issue cops just ahead of the masters, which tees off at augusta. giving love a bad name the rocker is reportedly being investigated over death threats to his ex-girlfriend. the daily mail reporting that he told nicky lund that he would quote, dig a hole in the desert and bury her during a heated argument. the two are also business partners. it is now six minutes until the top of the hour, one state wants to let minors handle firearms, is that a good idea if parents say it's okay? your e-mails next. the video you have to see. these window washers taken for a wild ride.
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the hour, before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. u.s. announcing a nuclear deal with iran, it's still not a done deal. the parties will have until june 30th to hammer out the details. mike pence signing an amendment to the state's controversial religious freedom law. the change stops businesses from discriminating based on race, religion, and sexual orientation. and millions of christians all around the world marking good friday today. for the first time in several years, it coincides at sun down tonight with passover, jewish families begin the eight-day holiday. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first good, new york woman who
2:59 am
went into a grocery store to buy her husband an ice cream cake walked out a millionaire. she won $3 million. the bad, fail for the price is right, but a win for the contestant. host drew carey had to give a car after a model revealed the winning price. finally the ugly. strong winds sending window washers crashing into the side scraper. >> 91 stories above the ground, the workers were checked out, but not seriously injured, thank goodness. >> although shaken. time now for your brew, new bill in alabama would allow people under 18 to legally possess a firearm with their parent's permission. so we asked is this a good idea? parents give the okay. depends on the kid. absolutefully he's responsible and the parent is trained to shoot. >> gary says yes get them trained and familiar with the firearm. it is a constitutional right and it's positive and pro-active. and thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it. >> yeah, have a great easter
3:00 am
weekend, if you're celebrating passover, we wish you and your family the best. >> absolutely. we'll be back on monday. join us, 5:00 a.m. as always, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. >> bye. good morning to you, it is good friday, april 3rd 2015, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. ladies of terror. two women inspired by isis and obsessed with bin laden. their targets police funerals and military bases. how gross. their goal, another boston marathon bombing. we are live with the sick plan. after a week of outrage and threats to burn down the story. the owners that stood up for faith getting the last laugh. major update on that story from that family. incredible story, man missing for 66 days at sea. he's found alive. the coast guard pulling him


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