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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 3, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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yeah, have a great easter weekend, if you're celebrating passover, we wish you and your family the best. >> absolutely. we'll be back on monday. join us, 5:00 a.m. as always, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. >> bye. good morning to you, it is good friday, april 3rd 2015, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. ladies of terror. two women inspired by isis and obsessed with bin laden. their targets police funerals and military bases. how gross. their goal, another boston marathon bombing. we are live with the sick plan. after a week of outrage and threats to burn down the story. the owners that stood up for faith getting the last laugh. major update on that story from that family. incredible story, man missing for 66 days at sea. he's found alive. the coast guard pulling him from
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his overturned boat. how did he survive? and what was the message to his dad. and may i add, mornings are better with friends. you're watching "fox & friends." oh. >> right, interesting endorsement to start on this friday. >> good friday, in fact. and it's good to be with both of you. right to the fox news alert for you. two bin laden-loving women arrested on terror-related charges planning to detonate a bomb in new york city. >> all right. you've got this as a texas man is facing charge accused of wanting to train alongside muslim militants. >> anna is live with the latest on the stories, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tucker, good morning to all of you at details are disturbing, we are learning that two women were best friends and roommates and radicalized by the terror group, isis. investigators say they had become obsessed with pressure cooker bombs, and the failed car
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bombing of time square in 2010. they were reportedly planning to make history in a mass carnage attack, eyeing a public event to set off their explosives. including the funerals of slain nypd officers rafael ramos and lui. they were obsessed with osama bin laden with one having pictures and videos on her cell phone. their arrests were part of nearly a two-year long fbi investigation. they remain in jail without bail until a preliminary hearing in early may. if convicted, they face life in prison. and another foiled terror plot leads to the arrest of a texas man who authorities say travelled to pakistan to train with al qaeda. right now that man is behind bars, charged with conspireing to kill american soldiers. while appearing before a federal judge in brooklyn, the man said nothing and entered no plea. elisabeth brian, and tucker. >> thank you very much. amazing work by the fbi. infiltrate these two, find out
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what's going on provide the tapes, now the weapons including daggers the pressure cooker, the pressure cooker bombs, as well as the recipes to make the bombs. think, i'm just wondering about the guys, the people in this case, the women we don't know. how the heck we got to these people to find out what's going to happen a year ahead of time, that's great. they looked and said, we're not going to hit harold square too many regular people there. >> thankfully our terms of finding them, methods were more. >> are we taking this seriously and rethinking our immigration policy? is there any effort to slow down immigration from countries with crazy people in the united states? i haven't noticed it. >> you wonder with those in charge of tracking evil doers down like this are thinking, does it make their jobs more difficult? >> i don't think we have to tell them, what mosque why do they go from practicing peaceful muslims to these radicalized muslim who want to kill people?
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you have to go in there investigate, and get some cops in there who are double agents. who are pretending to be a member of the congregation, but be able to listen in. >> remember, huge pushback about that. >> right because you have this new mayor. >> more examples of the threat of radical islam in kenya, terrorists targeting christians on the eve of easter. they killed 47 in a school in kenya. more than 100 of those are injured. the white house did weigh in on this, but left out key facts. >> choosing to say radical islam. you wonder where the great response is. here we are on good friday, christ died for our sins, now those massacred, 147 killed, about 100 other injured. there's one student who said that when he heard the gunmen arrive in his dorm he could hear them opening up doors asking people who are hiding inside whether they were muslims or christians, and then killing them. and he would hear shots. if you were a christian, you
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were shot on the spot, with each blast of the gun, he said, i thought i was going to die. why will the white house not say this is a religious attack? why will they not say radical islams. >> muslims against christians, but essentially, whether we declare it not, they seem have declared war on us. the fact they were knocking on doors, going through, asking you to say a passage from the quran. if you came up empty, much like those caught, you died on the spot. 147 dead. >> this is a university. this is a college campus. >> exactly. apparently it was an affiliate of al shabaab. these were not ken yans, they were refugees living in kenya. and there are hundreds of thousands of somali refugees from kenya brought to this country, maine minnesota by the federal government and a lot of them, fair number have
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already been apprehended trying to join terror groups abroad. it's a real concern. >> reason given oh you helped us suppress when the somalia was about to be taken over by the terror group in the ken yan army. oh you helped suppress us, you're going to be payed. now you're going to be a target of terror. and this is the second major event. >> which is avoiding calling it what it is, make it go away. many people say no and we could be facing it here. one is dr. robert jeffreys of the baptist church in dallas. christians need to step up and so do our leaders. >> a lot of christians have mixed responses to how we ought to deal with this crisis. some christians say, we ought to pray for the terrorists, we ought to share the gospel with these terrorists, while that's certainly an appropriate individual response of christians, government has a different responsibility. the new testament says government is an avenger to bring wrath upon those who practice evil. and meghan all christians are
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to stand together with people of the jewish faith and all freedom-loving americans we ought to demand that our government do whatever is necessary to eradicate radical islam because i promise you, these murders are not stopping in africa not stopping in the middle east, they're coming after every one of us if we don't stop them. >> exactly. by the way, i wish christian leaders would pay more attention to christians abroad in the middle east. there are millions of christians in iraq in syria, in egypt, and the west bank you don't need to weigh into the politics of it but why not send them more aid? i hope pastors are preaching about the play of christians abroad. >> and many churches do get together and try to do more of what they can, for sure. up to indiana and arkansas as we continue to shift focus here to religious freedom. it was up to indiana and arkansas governors to move forward with their promise tweaks with so-called or changes
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to the religious freedom bill that was out there after the backlash that mike pence felt after he put forward his ideas in indiana. so he got some of the tweets. essentially trying to make sense of this this morning, what's the sense of having it? >> unbelievable. >> if you're going to come out before this? >> try to explain it. i dare you. >> grants protection to employees, tenants customers regardless of race, religious, or sexual orientation but not churches or church-affiliated schools. governor mike pence signed it. arkansas made some moves. and it's still not enough for groups. angie's list says it's not enough. con trarns there against the bill from the jump saying this makes room for more negotiations. it's just a first step not a solution. so they're still not satisfied. >> i can't make any sebs of it at all. the law has been gutted. it says specifically, you can't use this law in court as a defense against denying services on the basis of the religious state. >> what's the point of the law?
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maybe someone could explain this. >> if you can't get it jant. but here's the thing, the way i understand it if you are the baker, the photographer, if you are that pizza place or the caterer that doesn't want to because of your religion serve a same-sex wedding, you now are in violation. >> you have to wonder though -- >> and i don't know the punishment but you're in violation. >> when the governor was here, would he support a separate bill that didn't in fact infringe upon religious freedom, and he said he had not taken that position before. he would consider it instead he got in and muddied up this one law and people are sick of it. >> i would love to ask the burn it down caucus, hillary clinton or harry reid, all the people dismissing these christians as bigots. what is the punishment specifically for someone who refuses a gay wedding. what should we do to that person? >> remember it helps people have their day in court who said, i have a right to wear
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religious garb and not be told to take it off. this was used for so many to be able to wear their head dresses based on their religious practices. this is not, this is something that helps people in this nation before it's just now it's all muddied. let's talk about a small business that said listen i'll serve somebody in the pizza place who comes in to buy pete sat, if you get married, it's against my religion to serve pizza to a same-sex marriage. this pizza place was shut down became the target of much threats. and now people have responded for their cause. they made the o'connor's feel they might be able to open up again. look at the donation tally. >> $500,000. critics were saying hey, let the free market speak. they were getting death threats. we're going to come over, who's going to help me burn this place down was one of the tweets that came down from a softball coach in the region.
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when you understand the people donating too, there were at least a couple people in the gay community that donated, saying look we're embarrassed that our fellow friends here came out and were threatening your pizzeria. they were donating too. >> you don't have to be anti-gay or against gay-marriage, you could be an activist and recognize religious minorities have a right to an opinion that you may disagree with. you know who rarely disagrees? ainsley earhart. >> i support you on camera always. >> do you take that as my toss? >> yes, thank you, brian. here's what's happening this morning developing right now, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu blasting the framework of the agreement with iran. netanyahu telling president obama a final deal based on the the outline will threaten the very survival of israel. the basic framework reduces the number of installed centrifuges from 19000 down to 6,000.
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international nuclear inspectors will get weekly and monthly access to the key site to investigate all activity. if iran breaks any of these rules, sanctions will be snapped back into place. meantime new video shows iranian foreign minister welcomed home as a hero after bragging about that tentative deal. an incredible story of survival. a sailor missing for 66 days is found alive. lewis jordan was spotted 200 miles off the coast of north carolina by a container ship. the coast guard then air lifted him to safety, jordan was reported missing back in january after he told his family he was going fishing and never came home. his father of course relieved. >> afraid that you guys were crying and sad that i was dead, and i wasn't dead. i wanted you guys -- >> yeah well, we were. i thought i lost you. >> jordan is being treated now for a shoulder injury and dehydration. he says he survived by rationing
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food he brought eating draw fish, and drinking rain water. we just received brand new details about the deadly germanwings plane crash. data from the second black box is showing the co-pilot accelerated that plane before slamming into the alps. the data recorder shows that andreas lubitz set the autopilot to deskend, then forced the plane to go faster and faster. and those are your headlines. back to you. >> ainsley thanks, great to see you today. next up more on the top story, christians in kenya targeted for their believes. attacks from a group that just threatened america how worried should we be? cover of golf digest has some teed off. we have a 20-year-old golf ster poses with nothing but a towel. this is too hot for the green. i asked you this question. tucker is offended. i was shocked. we report, you decide.
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e plane and thought... yeah! empty seat next to me. and then i saw him slowly coming down the aisle. one of those guys who just can't stop talking. i was downloading a movie. i was trying to download a movie. i have verizon. i don't. i get that little spinning wheel. download didn't finish. i finished the download. headphones on. and i'm safe. i didn't finish in time. so. many. stories. vo: join us and save without settling. verizon. under way. the master mind of the horrific attack on the university of kenya from yesterday. the death toll stands at 147, after al shabaab gunmen executed christians for not being muslims. yep, this is just months after the terror group called for
3:18 am
attacks on america and malls. so how big is the threat here? joining us right now is dr. sebastian gorka. so doctor people are concerned what happened there could happen here. should they be? >> absolutely. absolutely. we have had a concrete video from this exact terrorist group, just a few months ago. that was calling for these kinds of attacks in the u.k., in canada, and specifically here in america even naming the malls, the mall of america, westfield malls and saying that they want to come after us. we have a large somali group in the united states, so theoretically, they don't have to insert terrorists from the outside as during 9/11, they can just target those communities, try and identify susceptible young men or women and radicalize them. and as is obvious, a shopping
3:19 am
mall is a gar began chew wan collection of soft targets. we don't have the kind of security here in america that we do in israel for example you go to a shopping mall in israel, everybody has to go through a metal detector. we don't have that. so yes, this is a threat that has to be taken very seriously after yesterday. >> israel is the size of new jersey, america is that possible to harden the target of every mall in america? >> theoretically possible, but i don't think it's going to happen unless we have a shock to the system where somebody or a group of terrorists be it al shabaab or another group starts to attack these kinds of targets. once that occurs i think we would see some very, very positive responses. >> dr. gorka 20 seconds, if their success leaves clues, we have to bolster security at universities too, correct? >> correct. because this is a are targeting clib inging christians, they
3:20 am
did this yesterday. soft target, dormitories, this is a perfect, perfect target for terrorists. >> wow. dr. gorka wish we had more pleasant topic to go over, unfortunately this is the reality we live today. thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up straight ahead. you have to come look at this. all right, you this video is incredible. lightning strikes not one plane, but two in midair. plus the pages of killing jesus coming to life. up next, meet the man who stars as simon.
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boy, do we have a lot of headlines, we'd like to share now. overnight christians around the world marked good friday, holding mass and taking part in
3:24 am
the way of the cross procession, recreating christ's journey to be crucified 2,000 years ago. jewish begins passover that is redemption from slavery in egypt when the angel of death passed over their homes. looking now to 2016, supporters of former arkansas mike huckabee are launching a superpack. huckabee is expected to announce his decision later this spring. brand new fox news poll finds that wisconsin governor scott walker is the new front runner in that race. he has 15% of gop voters saying they want walker, governor huckabee is getting 10%, plus or minus in that poll is 5%. well it is a three-hour television event that takes the pages of the book, "killing jesus" written by bill o'reilly brings it straight into your living room.
3:25 am
3.7 million viewers tuned in last week. huge hit indeed, joining us now is one of the stars who plays simon peter the role of peter biblically is incredible. joining us now with his take on the success and why this means so much to the american people today. thank you for being with us here, tell us a little bit about simon. >> i mean he's such a profound character within the bible, i mean, such a bitter sweet trajectory that he has and he's obviously one of the founders of the church. so it was 2,000 years of history weighing on my shoulders, but an absolute pleasure to be involved and play the role of simon. >> i can only imagine the pressure that you must have felt, really conveying the rock upon which the church was built there. and your character, and the role of simon peter's friendship with jesus, so intimate there what
3:26 am
was it like? >> beautiful. i think the wonderful thing that he has done is to really bring a human element to the portrayal of jesus. i mean, throughout the ages, we have seen so many kind of rechb shl betrayals and sometimes all too earnst and really brings them down to earth, that's what we've all tried to do really, and you know create a portrayal of this story that the every day person can connect to. >> absolutely. sorry. >> i want to the show everybody this, for this nearly four million viewers that saw it on nat geo and those joining us tonight in watching it right here on the network. this is just a glimpse at the relationship between jesus and simon fishing watch. >> nothing. nothing like this.
3:27 am
>> i'm a simple man. never expected this. >> follow me, simon. i'll make you a fisher of men. >> so many people when they're working on a film, this meaningful, particularly when it comes to playing the role of jesus's right hand man, right there on this rock, can't do it without being moved. were you moved in your role? >> absolutely. i mean, it's such a powerful journey he goes on. obviously he's famed for the denial, but i mean, you can't not be moved. i mean the the landscape that we were on, the costumes, the people, it was a real labor of love. and i think everybody really bought into it and really
3:28 am
stepped to the plate. yeah, i would say i was moved by it, of course. >> did you hear from bill o'reilly? did he give you the thumb's up on it? >> i met bill briefly on the red carpet. we didn't get that much time to talk. i'm not sure whether he recognized me without the old beard and wig combination. >> undoubtedly though, i bet he reck nighed your talent right away -- recognized your talent right away. we at the fox family will be joining millions of people right here on the fox news channel tonight in the special presentation 8:00 p.m. eastern and again, on easter sunday, "killing jesus." alexis rodney, well done. >> thank you. >> we thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. i hope y'all enjoy it. >> well we will. now guy, serving a life sentence for murder but a judge
3:29 am
just ruled that he can become a she on your dime. and plus, from the top van to the top puppetickup trucks, the utility vehicles you need to have in your driveway. first a happy birthday to eddie murphy turning 54 years old today. >> spandex, all spandex. where's the spandex section? oh, spandex! know your financial plan won't keep you up at night.
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3:33 am
winning price of a new car before the contestant had a chance to make her next guess. >> oh. >> turns out her cousin was the contestant. just kidding. >> wow. >> i'm sure it wasn't an inside deal. he had no choice anyway but to give you the car. she was embarrassed and tweeted i don't usually give expensive gifts, but when i do it's a car. nice recovery. >> made her day. funny is that. incredible. i hope this didn't come out of her paycheck. >> drew recovered so well. what do you do? >> you get the car. >> you can't go back on that. >> surprised at drew he did that improv show. he lives for that. what was the name of the car? >> who's line is it anyway? >> yeah, very good. >> i'm a drew fan. >> very good. >> he handled that well. you know who else does, ainsley earhart. >> you're so nice. >> thank you. >> i love the segues. let me tell you what's happening in headlines this morning.
3:34 am
your tax hard at work. federal judge ordering the state of california to pay for a sex change surgery for a transgender inmate. the judge saying, denying this 51-year-old michelle that surgery, which could cost, you the tax payer, more than $100,000, violates her constitutional rights. she was born a man and now serving a life sentence for murder. the california department of corrections plans to appeal that ruling. and check this out incredible video catching this terrifying moment that two airplanes appear to be struck by lightning. both were alaska air flights landing at seattle tacoma airport. one from orange county, the other houston. they landed safely and an airport spokesperson they never received word from either pilot about any problems following those strikes. the faa says the airplanes are built to withstand lightning strikes. apparently it happens allot. truck turns into a torpedo, dramatic video shows the moment
3:35 am
the pickup barrelled into a texas convenience store at 100 miles an hour killing a young mother and injuring several others in this newly released footage. you can see the woman thrown out of view. she managed to survive, and so did the clerk. >> like a bomb went off in the store. >> 19-year-old man slammed into the store while fleeing. police charged him with intoxication manslaughter. and look out there is a fox on the links. professional golfer lexi thompson making a splash on this may cover of golf digest. is it too hot for the greens? the 20-year-old posing without a shirt and covered up with a gym towel. critics say this is too risque and sexualizes female athletes. golf digest supporting her and says she is a good model for the ladies. what do you think? is that cover inappropriate? you can e-mail us or head to our
3:36 am
facebook page and sound off on that picture. those are your headlines. >> i don't have a problem with it. >> guy in good shape, and he was in superstar player in any sport, that would show him in a tank top with his rippling muscles. >> it's different, woman wears a shirt on the beach a man does not. a man without a shirt on is different than a woman without a shirt on. >> feelings for sure. >> she's covering the parts her shirt would cover. happens to be terri cloth. >> i agree with the critics. i think it sexualizes golf and the game. >> sex sells, and they are desperate for some attention. >> enough is enough though, brian. too much. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. i have more to say, we have no time. ek dream weather hitting parts of the midwest. am i right? >> and who better maria does, she's here to give us details good morning. >> good morning, good to see you two and hello erinveryone at home. severe weather, and that comes after yesterday we million reported tornados across parts
3:37 am
of the plains. storm system continues to move east board. it includes louisiana all the way to western parts of west virginia. and we want to show you video out of kentucky because out there, the storms have been producing some heavy rain, rescues out there you can see people on a board, and we have some live images out of that area as well. so again, just really, really a lot of severe weather happening with the storm system. we have a live rescue actually happening right now. now the storm is going to be producing more severe storms today, we're looking at the risk for large hail damaging wind gusts, and isolated tornados possible, and temperature wise ahead of the storm very mild. new york city, we're looking at highs into the mid-60s and the 80s for raleigh, atlanta, and new orleans, but behind it getting a lot cooler. highs in the 40s for chicago and minneapolis. and by the way, live in new england or western new york that storm is going to be bringing in some areas of snow as we head into friday night and also through the day on saturday. several inches of snow forecast as much as six inches for some
3:38 am
areas in new england. elisabeth, over to you. >> thank you. i love the warmer temperatures, let me tell you, it is hot at the new york auto show is in town all week long. giving you sneak peeks of the hottest cars today. today it is all about the truck. joining us again this morning is auto expert, mike thanks for being here with us. >> thank you. >> i'm looking at a line of good-looking trucks here. let's start with this one. >> this is the hyundai santa cruz. hyundai is calling it a truck because it helps to identify what it is. here's the reality, small and compact. perfect for people that want the utility of the truck, but want that compact fuel and efficiency. if you look at it around it's going to be smaller than the other vehicles. >> this is really, this is kind of cool. you can park it. >> this is a concept, this does not open yet. >> doesn't open. >> conceptual. it'll be on the market we're
3:39 am
hoping in the future. engaging people in regards to whether they want the vehicle to come to market. we're in new york city right? there's plumbers reason electricians, and we talk the wonderful, shiny cars, but this ram is a great utility vehicle for the person that needs to get in and out of the city, they can hit the tight parking spots 178 horsepower, plenty of speed. >> big door. >> all of your equipment in here keep it safely locked safe and sound. it's great for that person that wants to be in construction in the city, and have functionally. >> there are so many people who really need that kind of thing. >> lincoln, cadillac. >> okay now this is what i'm talking about. >> this is awesome. this is the new nissan titan. here's what makes it special. it's a cummings motor inside engineered in michigan, built in mississippi. this is an american truck. now we talk about family functionality. if you look in the rear we think about family, kids, you can fit your entire family in here. so your husband, he's, you know,
3:40 am
former football player plenty of room in the front. >> i drove a pickup truck to pick him up when he was at practice all the time when he was down at the redskins, and this would have come in handy. >> i drive a truck. >> i love it. i want to tell you, i came out here awe here and saw this one. tell me about this. >> this is inspiring. there's the 2006 and '05, this is a 2017 ford raptor. this is 2017 ford raptor. now a 3.5 eco boost under the motor. this is pure offroad experience. this is larger fox shocks on it. super powerful the previous one was 411 horsepower this will be even more with even a smaller motor. it's beautiful. >> this is handsome. it has that matte black detail which is all the rage. offroading indeed. >> offroading indeed, super hot performance. this is for the person that really wants to get off road and
3:41 am
hit the truck hard. a lot were meant for city functionality. this is meant for offroad performance. >> you just made a lot of people's day this morning. mike thank you so much. trucks are on the plaza and they are hot. brian who's in there tucker i'm going to call you trucker. >> go ahead just get the keys. did he give you the keys? >> no because he knows how i drive. >> exactly. >> all right. there you go. great job, guys and great job all week. all right. let me tell you what's coming up later. you can go and sit in the cars. >> i can't wait to do everything but drive. it's the latest political ad, aimed at rahm e manual. watch this. >> used his position to turn his brother's in uber to a billion dollars. >> sounds serious. wouldn't voters want to the know that? one network is refusing to air the ad. they claim it's not truthful. we'll get to the bottom of it. student athlete is benched. now she's suing the team because they will not play her, and they
3:42 am
won't let her go to another team. is that going too far? is she going too far? guess what, she joins us live to make the case.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
over, baby, and poorur me out. >> rock and roll. >> it's tanner time. is it true? maybe netflix is reportedly close to signing a deal for a full house spin-off that would bring by d.j. along with kimny. she was one of my favorite. bob, john, and dave would have guest rolesen to. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. >> knee >> me too elisabeth. rahm emanuel is locked in a suited battle of re-election, against chuy garcia. here's part of the ad. >> he used his position to turn his brothers investment in uber into a billion dollars. how many more people will be exploited by rahm's greed? rahm makes money, rahm's family makes money chicago gets screwed. >> oh if you're voting election, you might want to know that. if you watch abc in chicago you
3:47 am
won't find out because the affiliate is refusing to air that ad. it took issue with the ad's claims. with a plummeting credit rating and pension obligations, is it fair? washington bureau chief, awful lot about chicago politics, lynn, great to see you. >> hi good morning, tucker. >> so they're not going to run zr2bxeát ad on what basis? >> it doesn't. frankly i don't know why abc doesn't run the ad but the issue of uber and rahm emanuel is not÷!p) same as dealing with the downgrading of the pension and the city. let me bring out the larger point here, that almost everything in that ad had been well-covered by the media and in fact almost every point was discussed. it was the relation of uber with rahm. i don't think the expansion of uber almost worldwide is something that rahm, as much as
3:48 am
he likes to brag doesn't have a hand in there. let's get to the larger issue. >> right. >> this mayor's race and rahm's struggle to keep in office is not a surprise to the people who live in chicago. who told him in the first round of voting that they at least wanted to send him a message that he's not, that his the way he's running the city is as important to him, and his personality, as well as his politics and policy. >> right. chicago has a lot of problems unlike a lot of big cities in the country, it hasn't seemed as dramatic a reduction in the crime rate over the past 20 years. and it has sad economic numbers, 25% of black residents of chicago are unemployed. and yet, i talk to someone working on the rahm campaign last week said we have the black vote sewed up we're going to win. how has he been able to keep the support, despite the numbers? >> i think right now rahm's challenge is to build a coalition. see, tucker, he has an sense, it's interesting, he has no he
3:49 am
was in trouble in the first round voting because he didn't have a field operation. president barack obama came in in the closing days of the first round of the campaign to try and, you know, rev up the vote and get out the vote event. but, rahm needs, needs -- doesn't have that kind of streetwise grassroots momentum that garcia has. and his followers see this more as the movement, i think most of this election is really rahm's competition in this race, most of the time has been rahm. and the way he has not gotten buyed in for the things he's wanted to do in chicago. and also the mass of big money he's been raising from people who aren't from the city. that's been a part of his issue too. >> not even close. they all seem to be in from l.a. great to see you, thanks for the update from chicago appreciate it. >> tucker, thank you. student athlete gets benched, now she's suing because they won't play her, boohoo is
3:50 am
she going too far? she's here next to make her case for suing. stay tuned.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> everyone including the washington post portraying you
3:54 am
as a 16-year-old that wants play time. >> in reality according to your story, the coach benched you for two weeks and told you to go to another team, correct? >> yeah, at one of my tournaments, he expressed to me that we just weren't a good fit. it didn't have anything to do with playing time, actually, it was just that the coach and i, and a couple other girls on the team, it didn't work. and it happened. so we just both agreed that okay i'll switch to a different team. >> so your coach wanted you to switch, you wanted to switch, but the league stepped in and said what?
3:55 am
because before when we brought our case to the league they didn't listen to us. they didn't seem to really care if i was going to get to play or not. going to court made me feel like my voice was heard. >> now you are stuck on the team and you want to play in college. what caused the friction? why did you go on the bench? i'm sure you must know? >> leading up to the first tournament everything was perfect and coach and i got along really well. i'm not really sure what went wrong. he never explained it to us. he apologized and said he did the wrong thing. he acknowledged that. it wasn't just that i was sitting on the bench. he was acting differently towards me. >> what do you say to critics who say suck it up and sit on
3:56 am
the bench and hope for a better situation next year? >> i would say how would you feel if a coach told you that you are not welcome on a team and that your off the team and did tell parents and players before that i was quitting which wasn't true. and so it made it a very unhealthy situation for me to go back. now it's just over for me. >> thanks so much. we want to get your side of the story because the headlines do not portray what actually took place. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we reached out to usa volleyball and their attorney but have not heard back. thank you audrey for joining us. we will follow up. a fox news alert. more than 100 christians massacred by terrorists but the white house will not call them islamic extremists.
3:57 am
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it's guaranteed. feed your lawn. feed it! and to keep crabgrass away all season long, get scotts turf builder with halts crabgrass preventer. good morning. it is good friday, april 3, 2015. a fox news alert. ladies of terror. two women inspired by isis and obsessed with bin laden busted for wanting to wage jihad here in the united states. their goal? another boston marathon bombing. we are live with new details on their sick plans. more than 100 christians massacred by terrorists but the white house will not call them islamic extremists. dakota mayer here with the message for the white house. have you been pronouncing these words incorrectly the whole time?
4:01 am
we are hitting the streets to find out. want to make your mornings better? invite friends along. >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> what was that? by the way rkts we want to get america to pronounce everything right by the end of the year. we want to start with these three words if you want to be seen in places like belgium as well we will go outside and give you the opportunity to successfully pronounce these words. >> we are in over 100 countries. >> hang on to bragging rights mptd. two bin laden loving women arrested on terror-related charges. >> this as a texas man is facing charges accused of wanting to
4:02 am
train along side muslim militants. there is a lot going on. >> reporter: good morning to all of you at home. the rise of home grown terror. the details are disturbing to report. we are learning the two women were best friends and room mates in queens new york. investigators say they had become obsessed with pressure cooker bombs researching bombings. reportedly the want to be terrorists were planning an attack. we are also told the women were obsessed with osama bin laden with at least one of them keeping pictures of him on her cell phone. their arrests were part of an fbi investigation lasting nearly two years. the women remain in jail without bail. if convicted they face life in
4:03 am
prison. and another foiled terror plot leads to the rest arrest of a texas man who authorities say travelled to pakistan to train with al qaeda. right now the man is behind bars. while appearing before a federal judge in brooklyn the man said nothing and entered no plea. >> unbelievable. way too many terror trials like this in new york city. new york remains number one terror target especially for people in queens who are here already, american citizens. these women came out and said why would anyone go overseas? america is the perfect place for jihad. >> especially since there are massive somali communities. what about religion being under attack. the governor has amended the religious freedom laws.
4:04 am
a ton of back lash and getting death threats a ton of people in their favor went online and put forward $500,000 in donations. people said we are going to let the free market speak. they were forced to shut down this pizzeria for saying they wouldn't be able to serve pizza to gay couples basedoon their religious beliefs. indiana went ablaze over this. tons of companies boycotting, other states boycotting unnecessary travel to the state. when people asked when they would open she said this. >> it's not at all hateful. we show no hatred towards them. we ask that they respect as we have to allow the way they believe we ask that they respect the way we believe. we decided we will reopen again.
4:05 am
when? we're not sure. i mean, i'm still shaken up over this. i will be the one that is serving the customers and answering phones. i'm not ready to face that yet, but it will be soon. >> i hope it was worth it. that's the face of the person being crushed by the mob by captains of industry wal-mart tim cook of apple. but that is the woman who was punished in the middle of this. these laws have been not just amended but gutted. i don't understand what they mean now. >> you are exactly right. i should have retained a lawyer for the a block because this law says she has to serve same-sex couples. if she doesn't it's not clear what kind of penalty she will have. >> they didn't ever say they wouldn't serve same-sex couples. they said they didn't want to
4:06 am
cater a gay wedding. >> it was totally hypothetical. >> she said even in the same byte if someone came in here that was gay i would serve them pizza but i wouldn't be able to cater the wedding. >> governor pence, republican. a lot of candidates flipped. meanwhile, let's talk about 2016. does this surprise you people out there that when a poll was done by fox to say who do you prefer as a candidate but when you do the math between favorables and unfavorables it is scott walker number one. >> 15%. he has in terms of support. jeb bush with 12% right there. and you look at other numbers here. it's 11% for ted cruz. 10% for mike huckabee. chris christie with 4% but still
4:07 am
retaining 4% that would prefer him to be in the primary. >> we should say there is a margin of error on this poll. this is pretty much the opposite of what people who follow the election would have predicted a year ago. >> why do you think it is? >> chris christie a year ago was talked up as the front runner. things are going to change. absolutely they will. still the volatility is remarkable. jeb bush will announce soon. scott walker was unknown to people like 20 minutes ago. among tea partiers it goes carson, rubio. let me tell you what you missed overnight. developing right now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu blasting framework of
4:08 am
nuclear agreement. netanyahu tells president obama a deal will threaten the very survival of israel. the basic framework reduces the number of installed from 19000 down to 6,000. international nuclear inspectors will get weekly and monthly access to the key sites to investigate the activity if iran breaks these rules sanctions will be slapped back into place. meantime, brand new video shows a hero's welcome home for iran's foreign minister after breaking about the tentative deal. a missing sailor for 66 days is found alive. he was spotted by a containership. the coast guard air lifted him to safety and jordan was reported missing in january after he told his family he was going fishing and never came home. his father, of course relieved. >> i was afraid that you guys were crying and sad that you
4:09 am
know i was dead and i wasn't dead. >> jordan is being treated for a shoulder injury and dehydration. he said he survived by rationing food, eating raw fish and drinking rain water. he built a towering empire on rock, the foundation of god's word. >> every sunday morning if you come to this church we say turn around and shake hands and give them a blessing god loving you and so do i. >> this morning christians are remembering reverend robert schueller. he was 88 years old. those are your headlines. thank you for that. so remember we started the program at this hour saying how do you say that? here are places we have been mispronouncing all along. brian is outside to take it to the test on the street. >> they're common names and
4:10 am
commonly mispronounced. i'm talking about these three. here are the names of the cities. now i'm going to go to three strangers on the street who seem to be nice people. can we cue the music and get ready? we will find out if this is hard to pronounce words. the first city is this one. >> what is your name? >> johnny. >> where are you from? >> greensburg north carolina. >> please pronounce this city's name. >> detroit. >> the full screen is up. it looked like detroit is wrong. it's detroitih-troit. >> the second state? >> nevada. >> is it nevada? the answer is yes.
4:11 am
congratulations. you are not done yet. now you find yourself in louisiana. you want to go to the city everybody is talking about. that city is called? >> new orleans. >> that is not right. it's new orleans. you are moderately successful. >> your name? >> jason. >> i am going to bring you three names of common places. >> detroit. >> that is correct. now we go to another right here. this is it. how do you pronounce it? >> worchester.
4:12 am
>> what is your name? >> tucker. >> how old are you? >> 10. >> how do you say that word? >> detroit. >> nevada. >> that is correctly. >> new orleans. you get the board. congratulations. thanks to everyone who participated. please get it right at home. >> if you are from massachusetts it's woosta. >> why are we taking pronunciation clues from new yorkers. mothers being targeted across the country by a gang of criminal criminals. how they are keeping tabs on you in an effort to steal your cash. you want a free vacation but from the looks of it he is not having fun. you have to see the rest of these hilarious photos.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
a national gang network targeting women spreading across the country. the network is active in at least 37 states. so far they made off with millions of dollars. who are these thieves. here to weigh in is a 25-year
4:17 am
veteran with the fbi and cyber security expert who is tracking the gang right now. so let me ask you this. we thank you for being here. who are these people? >> this group has its origins in south florida but they have been operating for more than a decade now. they travel around the country. they take advantage of techniques that they have learned in the south florida area and moved to other parts of the country. and they victimize people at the local level. they actually recruit people down on their luck, drug users, prostitutes at a local level to do hard vulnerable work. and it's really become an epidemic. it looks like local crimes but really it is a national network. >> the local crimes taking place in the front and going on in the back is this cyber stealing that is going on. who are they targeting exactly? walk us through that? >> they are targeting targets of opportunity. a big subset or a big segment of
4:18 am
the victims are women that are out during the day visiting the gym, going to the daycare centers. they are fairly sophisticated. they have surveillance teams that watch to make sure that people aren't watching. they send in local recruits to scope out the car and look for the purse or wallet or backpack and they steal it and move away pretty quickly. they are then going to take that identification documents and credit cards and the typical things people think when their wallet is stolen and will take advantage of assuming or setting up false identities, taking advantage of the checks left in the wallet. they get full opportunity from the wallets that they steal. >> how do you protect yourself from it happening? if something is stolen how do you know it is not part of a bigger gang network? >> there are simple things and common sense things. age old rule, take your wallet
4:19 am
and your purse and your backpack with you. there are other things you can do. limit the amount of your vulnerability. don't take a full book of checks with you when you travel. only take one or two that you might need. don't load up your wallet or backpack or purse with ten different types of identity documents. you only need one or two to help you cash a check or get on an airplane. keep track of those things in your wallet in your purse then when you make the report should you be victimized you can give full accounting to the police and credit card companies and banks of what was stolen. >> hopefully that is all tracked and this gang is squashed. we thank you for your time this morning on this. >> my pleasure. >> we will put the tips on the website for anybody at home who needs them. a fox news alert for you. more than 100 christians massacred by terrorists but the white house still will not call
4:20 am
them islamic extremists. medal of honor recipient reacts with his message. college students protesting against these crosses. why they say they need to go. fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season".
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4:23 am
let's get started. first $5,000, how much a new scam could cost you. letters tell people they won a contest and say send money will get you a prize. the ftc says it doesn't oversee sweepstakes.
4:24 am
if your house makes less than $125,000 your kid can go to stanford university for free and you would have to contribute $5,000 a year. $3 million is how much a new york postal worker won from a scratch off lotto ticket. she bought the ticket on a whim. >> wow. happy birthday to you. back to the real stuff. as christians celebrate good friday a horrific terror attack. this morning the death tol stands at 147 an gun men went from dorm to dorm separating christians from fellow muslims executing the christians for their beliefs on the spot. the white house addressed this in a statement but somehow failed to mention who did it radical muslims. no reference at all to islam.
4:25 am
how do we defeat the enemy without naming it. >> we will discuss that now with dakota mayer. we see the administration unwilling to name this for what it is. one of the young men there said they were knocking on doors asking if they were muslim or christian. with every shot he thought he would be killed because of his faith yet the administration won't call this what it is. >> i feel like we are beating a dead horse on it. how do you defeat an issue that you won't define. it is kind of like a cancer. it keeps going on and on. how far do we go before we can define it. we can guarantee if christians were doing this the administration would be calling it what it is. what is the difference. let's move to something that matters here at home. the same group is targeting malls and possibly schools. home grown terror plots. we know these people to be
4:26 am
radicalized from afar. what is your message about safety here at home? >> look, you have to understand this is going to be the new norm. this is not going to go away. it is only going to get worse. the only way to defeat this is by being responsible citizens, by standing up and being able to take care of ourselves. this country was defined on men and women who were going to stand there and not rely on the government and police. you have to stand there and be able to take caref of yourself. you cannot let these people come over here. they are putting out lists and going down through here and naming people and only doing this to try to disrupt our way of life. the day we let terrorism disrupt our way of life and live in fear is a day that terrorism wins. >> so you have a new clothing line that you are releasing that has a purpose bigger than
4:27 am
commerce. >> i teamed up with ranger and we released never outgunned. it's about like in the military we stand and talk about we are not fighting for republicans, democrats, not fighting for anything else. we are fighting for the man or woman next to us. that is what never outgunned represents. it's about having the person next to you and being able to get through anything that way. >> one of the phrases you use once when this whole al qaeda and isis says we are going to start targeting people out home. you said isis targeting the u.s. military is like a sheep targeting a lion. that is now on a shirt. >> yeah. that's exactly what it is. i feel the same way. isis is a bunch of cowards. they only prey on the weak. they hit soft targets. they are not going to stand up and fight like anyone else. isis only wins -- isis only wins
4:28 am
when we as americans let them win. we only become the victim to them when we allow ourselves to become the victim. we have to stand here and let them know we are not going to change our way of life. you go shopping at missy's and find out isis militants are in there shooting people. if you are in a state that doesn't allow you to carry a gun how do you prevent from becoming a victim? >> i wouldn't live in a state where you can't own a gun so i don't know. >> you seriously defended our nation. you speak now about how people can do it themselves on a daily basis. i know you defend your privacy. we respect that and want to congratulate you. congratulations on getting engaged to bristol palin. you have to be a happy man. >> thank you so much. of course. absolutely. >> we are excited to hear that and thank you for your insight.
4:29 am
>> look at the two of you. so tweet. >> let me ask you, it will be great. i look forward to seeing you on the couch soon, right here on the couch. >> he wants to perform the nuptials. >> i wish i was qualified. how do you feel about guys like you working to provide security at malls and schools? >> look i think if there is a job opening for it. people have to be willing to allow it to happen. even if you put security in malls and more police you will not be everywhere. that's why i say that you as a citizen have to be aware of your surroundings and understand and accept that this is the way life is and there are issues everywhere. there is always a possibility. we call it keep your head on a swivel. know your surroundings. when you walk into a place know where there is an exit. automatically start looking at things. if something is suspicious
4:30 am
leave. the best way to fix a problem is to avoid it. >> heightened situational awareness. >> live in a state that recognizes second amendments. >> absolutely. that's number one. >> amen. you think the press should be weighing in and taking sides in elections? this ad was aimed at chicago governor rahm emanual but it is not airing. >> he used his position to turn his brother's investment at uber into a billion dollars. >> why is abc in chicago refusing to show that ad? plus, we are having a popping good time. creative ways to dye eggs with your kids and the easter bunny is joining in the fun. it is amazing the easter bunny has time to go on our astroturf.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
♪ take a look at this. easter weekend is upon us. one activity to get the family involved is decorating easter eggs. >> here are the tips you need to make your easter unbelievable is education manager of children's museum of manhattan. >> he has young helpers here cht check out these wonderful children as well as the easter bunny. >> way to go. >> hi, easter bunny. so cute. you have a busy weekend coming up. we are going to keep ourselves busy here. what are tips or new ways of decorating the eggs or getting the kids involved with the family? >> there are a lot of great choices you can do these days. we chose to do an all natural
4:35 am
dye. we are either using food coloring or really interesting home remedies so you can actually use blueberries to dye them blue. it is really great natural way to do it. >> this is delicious. what is the point of that? >> with the shaving cream you can make a cool marble effect. if you don't want to get messy is stir it around a little bit. pour it in and add the dye and mix it up. >> and then you just -- and then you throw it across the table. >> great job. so we will dump it in there. >> what are the elastic bands for? >> they create interesting lines. it has a negative effect. >> there was a time where you just got hot water and dye.
4:36 am
>> now there are a thousand different things to do. once you dip it in the shaving cream leave it on the paper towel for about ten minutes and the dye will soak in. >> what is your name? you seem to like the shaving cream. what is the attraction? >> at first it is normal and then you put it and it makes it colorful. >> how much fun is that? >> it tastes like marshmallow fluff. >> i got that started. >> nice job over here. >> and then -- >> it's like a man shaving. >> and i'm over here decorating. i have new friends. what's your name? >> kate. >> caroline. >> emma. >> i see we are doing easter egg
4:37 am
painting. a lot of fun getting ready for the weekend. we want to take a look at the weather conditions across the country because we have some severe weather that is possible later today as we head into this afternoon and this evening across parts of the deep south through parts of western west virginia. that is a big concern. we have threat for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. temperaturewise ahead of the storm system high temperatures into the 80s across parts of the southeast. behind that system highs only in the 40s forecast across parts of the midwest. we have snow forecast across portions of new england. that will be a big issue on the roadways and will be cold for the easter weekend. all that cold air is going to be returning. you will have to bundle up as we head into saturday and sunday only in the northeast. other areas stay warm. what do you think? are you excited for the weekend? >> yes. >> what do you think about the easter bunny? do you love the easter bunny? >> yes. >> that's it for weather.
4:38 am
let me tell you what is happening in headlines. it is a miracle that they survived. these photos showing a horrific crash that three teenagers were able to walk away from alive. this car plumted off the side of a cliff in arizona and landed on top of a 16-year-old driver who was thrown from the car. crews rescued the other two girls but the driver was trapped underneath the car for more than four hours. deputies credit her survival to a dent in the roof of the car. is abc refusing to air a political attack ad aimed at chicago's mayor? >> he used his position to turn his brother's investment in uber into $1 billion. >> the network saying the makers of the ad, real chicago pack, have no evidence behind the claim but creators say they have multiple articles supporting the
4:39 am
allegations. chicago sun times washington bureau chief agrees. >> almost everything in that ad had been well covered by the media and almost every point was discussed. >> faces off against garcia in tuesday's runoff election. a display of wooden crosses sparking a protest. more than 100 students signed a petition calling for the removal of a memorial display organized by a pro life student group on campus. the display consisted of 2,900 small wooden crosses. the pro life group feels the display was successful because it sparked discussion. winning a free vacation to puerto rico should be great. it doesn't look like this guy is having fun. kevin blandford's wife could not go with him because they have a baby at home. he thought it would be funny if he took photos showing how
4:40 am
miserable he was without him. he said he did have fun. >> that was really thoughtful. >> she was happy that he was suffering. isn't that sweet? >> he had to go on vacation by himself. >> terrible. >> 20 minutes something we want to take time to do. as you look at megyn and the wonderful children people we must thank. >> the easter bunny, the manhattan museum for children the annual easter egg hunt is this weekend. visit our website to figure out how you and your family can attend. look at that easter bunny. he is busy. he has to get hopping. >> every year the easter bunny would get a piece of his tail caught in our screen but he would be okay. >> you should see him on the subway. >> you get in because people are in a rush. 20 minutes now before the
4:41 am
top of the hour. one man going into kidney failure for drinking iced tea. is too much of a good thing bad for you. other foods that could kill you on the spot. >> rocker may be giving love a bad name and not for the first time. he is being questioned by police. we will have all of the details. don't go away. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day.
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4:45 am
we have quick headlines. disorder in the court. thanks to one expectant mother. >> she was in the hallway like she came out of a door and literally she made some sort of sound as she dropped to the ground. >> the woman stopped to fay a bill but left with a newborn son going into labor right there. mom and baby are doing just fine. former bon jovi guitarist is giving love a bad name. ♪ you're to blame ♪ ♪ you give love a bad name. ♪ the rocker is reportedly being investigated for threatening his ex girlfriend allegedly telling her he would dig a hole in the desert and bury her. thanks. a 56-year-old kentucky man is facing kidney failure and dialysis for the rest of his life. what happened? he had an unusual habit of
4:46 am
drinking a gallon of iced tea a day. how did this happen? other foods you ought to be concerned about. here to explain dr. siegel. think of iced tea as one of the good guys. >> i think it is one of the good guys. the problem is and this is called black tea. it has oxalate. he had about 16 glasses a day. it's too much. it's a very rare case that he went into kidney failure. he had fatigue muscle aches, nauseous. he was drinking 16 glasses of this a day. it causes kidney stones. it solidifies in the kidneys. if you have a tendency or a family history of kidney stones you got to look out. >> what else is loaded with oxilates?
4:47 am
spinach, rhubarb. these particular tree nuts, peanuts walnuts, they have a lot. >> how many nuts would you have to eat a day? >> you don't want to be eating nuts the entire day. >> here is a cup of nuts. you don't want to have like ten of these. you can have one of these. >> i'm in trouble. >> whole wheat bran has it and chocolate. >> all kinds of chocolate? >> especially dark chocolate. >> what can i eat? >> you can eat all of this stuff here. the key is in moderation. >> what can i go crazy with? >> here is the good news. something that no one knows, your personal chemistry experiment. if you are going to eat spinach if you had kale with calcium in it or milk or eggs or yogurt you neutralize the effect. the oxalate doesn't get absorbed.
4:48 am
it binds with the calcium in your stomach and goes out of your intestineses. so you get the calcium together and you never get the kidney stones. if you have nuts and cheese you are good to go. >> you are neutralized. milk and spinach neutralized. i love kale. you said you hate kale. i love kale. i put kale with my spinach in a salad i will not have the problem. >> brie and almonds is the super food. >> that's what you want but i'm going with kale. >> or yogurt. calcium plus the oxalate won't cause you a problem. the oxalate alone will. >> that is news you can use. up next in dire need of help and facing an emergency? we hope not. if you are we have the one app that could save your life with a touch of a button. first on this day in history in
4:49 am
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4:52 am
over 250 million emergency calls are placed annually but more than half get inaccurate location information. >> a new app is aiming to fix that potentially saving lives with a single swipe. how does it work? >> the cyber guy here to answer questions. he discovered this. i did not know there was a problem with location in emergency situations. >> our 911 system throughout the country dates back to the 1960s
4:53 am
and '70s and isn't updated with an idea of how we live with mobile phones. it is meant for land lines. a company has come up a group of very smart people from mit harvard and columbia. they come up with an app called rapid sos. you can't download it yet but it is coming to market. the company is still well funded. as part of their announcement that they are going to do this revolutionary overhaul to 911 system. they have come up with an app with if successful it will allow four different panic buttons. instead of you calling 911 you are able to press a button and not only does it hook you up with 911 buzz transmits your location, what type of emergency you are in. if you could not speak it would be aware of that and convey your location and any other critical information. >> doesn't it give you the option to have a family member
4:54 am
or friend contacted? >> right after it reaches out to the proper authorities it notified family if you set it up that way. >> it uses gps to notify authorities? >> it uses blue tooth wifi and wireless mobile technology to communicate. >> this is interesting because 70% of the calls we mentioned were made from cell phones. if the old system was designed for land lines this is revolutionary. when will it be available? >> we are trying to reach them to understand. municipalities need to sign on. also people throughout cities you have to get the dispatchers online with the whole thing, as well. this technology integrates all together. that is just an app you download. it is a whole system. >> this is a for profit thing. this isn't a nonprofit thing. >> i'm just saying now you have municipalities who will say i
4:55 am
will buy that. they have to decide there is money to buy that for their area. >> how are you going to price tag it? >> at this point i don't think there is any leader in this country that would say there is something dated with our 911 system system. there are several out there. this one really knocks it out of the park. >> particularly when 60% have accurate information. >> 60% do not have any clue of your location. they are off when tasked that. >> i know we have the tieber guy on our couch. that was our benefit. >> app that could save your life. thanks. this straight ahead they were asked to pray to the quran. when they didn't they were shot to death. 147 christians were masersacred for their faith. the cover of golf digest has some teed off. a 20-year-old golf star poses with nothing but a towel.
4:56 am
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4:59 am
[eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuck with me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. good morning. it is good friday. christians overseas targeted for their belief the attack from the same group that just threatened america at home. and then after a week of outrage and threats to burn down their store the owners of that indiana pizzeria that stood up for their faith are getting the last laugh in a way. we have a major update from that family. an incredible story. a man missing at sea for 66 days found alive. how he survived and the amazing
5:00 am
rescue that brought him home. only geraldo could survive something like that. morning is better with friends. >> stand by for the news. >> a great musician and fly fishermen. >> good guy. >> it's fascinating nugget there. that's an elitest sport. >> it's not like yachting. >> nothing spells money like putting a mosquito on a hawk. he must be rich. >> there is an art to it here. we have a fox news alert and not a good one. terrorists are targeting christians overseas. look what happened in kenya. a university student is looking to learn find out if they were christian they would more than likely die. the carnage is continuing to
5:01 am
mount. 147 are dead. over 100 are injured as the white house continues to fail to mention radical islam was the mission. the call for a greater response grows although they did say flat out that these were christians that were targeted. so that is somewhat of an improvement. >> that is stating the obvious. many feel they should just call this what it is, radical islam. geraldo, what do you think? is the administration not going far enough in naming this? >> no. they are not going far enough. what does al-shabaab, the group that committed this mass murder al qaeda, isis what do these groups all hell bent on american destruction, what do they have in common? they are sunni muslim extremist groups. and i just wish the president would make a distinction. as far as i know there are no
5:02 am
shiite muslim groups vowed to or at least not actively trying to destroy christians right now. >> a lot of the groups are coming out of a specific country somalia, one of the most chaotic places on earth. and the united states government is continuing to import hundreds of thousands of somalians into this country is there a risk in that? >> definitely a risk. look at the twin cities minneapolis and st. paul. that area has provided more american recruits for isis than any other geographic area in the united states. the installsomalis were given status because of the tumlt there. with the ability to reach out to places like nigeria and target the college now it is clear that africa needs a rapid response force. they are getting better at it.
5:03 am
i believe we can win the fight against radical muslim extremism. >> now isis putting out lists of americans and looking to target us right here at home. >> i think we will have to live with the lone wolf starter terrorism person for the rest of our lives. >> the way you do with drunk drivers we have to deal with these lone wolf self starters. that is waiting in the wings to be radicalized, becoming malignantly extremist. it is the sunni muslim extremism that is the true threat. >> hezbollah and hamas -- >> the jewish community. i want to ask you about extreme language. we have indiana and arkansas both amending the bills there as it pertains to religious freedom law. governor mike pence signing a
5:04 am
new set of terms here. we have this pizzeria shot shut down. people threatening to say want to join me and burn this down? that came from a high school softball coach. did the governor not go far enough and the reaction to those being so hateful. this is a small pizza shop just trying to protect religious freedom some say. what do you say? >> i absolutely applaud the people seeking to help the pizza owners. they should have people rally around them. as an attorney the fact that they are maybe in their own minds pure as the driven snow in firms of their religious freedom the ship has sailed. race, color creed, religion and sexual preference will all be recognized rights. i think the indiana experience, arkansas experience have made very clear when you have
5:05 am
wal-mart, apple, nascar or when you have some of the other institutions that are just the bed rock of american enterprise and when they say you have to give people who are gay the same access to the services as anybody else then you have to give everybody whatever their sexual preference -- >> you are absolutely right. you have the rich powerful people on one side and the sort of middle american pizza owners on the other. what should the punishment be for someone who says i'm happy to serve gays. i don't want to cater a gay wedding? what should the penalty be for that? >> the penalty will be decided by the civil court that hears the case of the person denied the service. it can't be an action brought theoretically theoretically. >> do you think they should be hurt? >> the fact of the matter is
5:06 am
they have the right to sue you if you deny them the florist services or the bakery or the hallway for the wedding. they have the right to sue. now the laws are not able to provide an affirmative defense to the religious -- however we feel about it we have to get over it and however rapid this gay civil rights movement has stormed across the american horizon the fact of the matter is it has arrived. what happened in arkansas and indiana make very clear that we have to stop moaning about it and recognize now that you cannot -- if you open your business to the public you must serve gay people equally. >> geraldo's deli and you know how despicable these people are proit test protesting at weddings. if you have shoes on and you
5:07 am
have a policy that only people with shoes and shirt then you have to serve them. >> should a kosher restaurant serve me shrimp or bacon? >> they don't carry that. >> that is their inventory choice. >> remember also that this law does not apply to churches. you can't go to st. patrick's cathedral and say i want to have my gay wedding next sunday. >> the golden rule. >> not recognized by lawyers. >> really not. love another as you want to be loved. treat another as you want to be treated. >> lawyers are eye for an eye. >> i'm going to put you in virginia. you are a female volleyball player and you want to play. the coach says you are not going to be right for this team. you have been benched for two weeks. you say i got to get to another
5:08 am
team and the league says no. the family says we are going to court. they win in court but the league is a private club. they have no jurisdiction therefore the girl sits on the bench. the washington post and everybody writes it up as people suing to play. she told us a different story this morning. >> i think that it is unfortunate. i mentioned first as lawyers people go to lawyers at the drop of a hat whatever wrong actual or perceived. in this case it seems as though this child as a substantive right to have access to a team that she enjoys. here is the real problem rather than thump around the law. the problem is these organizations with their own bureaucracies like this league when did they become the nfl and ncaa and major league baseball that they are so overorganized
5:09 am
they have their own rules and own zone for existing and it is the league that is stopping this child from transferring. the logical grown up way. >> losing team going to the winning team. worried about the league in the long term. >> i think that these aren't pro athletes. let the kids play and find their level and a place that they can fit in. let the kids enjoy themselves. what a concept? kids having fun in school. >> tucker, stay out of this. >> it's about the money. >> i would sue. >> here is what is trending right now on twitter. deion sanders son on twitter making references about white donuts. >> he said my donuts come in a white box. if they don't come in a plain
5:10 am
white box i don't want them. >> here is what his dad says. >> imagine seeing this from your father. you're a huxtable with a million dollar trust fund stop the hood stuff. >> both my sons went to the best prep schools in the country. harvard westlake and the one in -- so they went to these prep schools. they are all kids headed for ivy league colleges and they wore hoodies and had attitude and walking around like look at you. take that off your head. i know where you wentas you got blowback from your family can the world when you said that. >> they were -- my one son said i totally embarrassed him with my anti-hoodie campaign.
5:11 am
he said you have your head in the sand. i get it that you are cool. get that thing off your head. >> i can hear your cell phone buzzing right now. >> taking it to twitter. >> really real authentic there. >> that is hilarious. it is so true. i think a lot of middle class families face that. the pretenders. >> happy easter. thanks for coming by. >> what a weekend it is. >> we need o'reilly to guide us through it. >> would you toss over to -- >> i'm right behind you. >> i love watching how you are in the final four for the fox news along with elizabeth and then howard stern. we are not sure exactly who wins that bracket. >> beautiful girls here. i know i won't win that. developing right now.
5:12 am
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu blasting the framework of nuclear framework. telling president obama a deal based on the outline that he laid in the rose garden yesterday will threaten the survival of israel. the basic framework reduces the number from 19,000 to 6,000. they will get weekly access to investigate all activity. if iran breaks rules sanctions will be snapped back into place. brand new video shows a hero's welcome home for iran foreign minister after bragging about the deal. an incredible story of survival. a sailor found alive. he was spotted 200 miles off the coast of north carolina. the coast guard air lifted him to safety. jordan was reported missing in january after he told his family he was going fishing and never returned. of course, his father is relieved. >> afraid that you guys were crying and sad and i was dead.
5:13 am
i wasn't dead. >> i thought i lost you. >> jordan is being treated for a shoulder injury and dehydration. he says he survived by rationing food that he brought with him, eating raw fish and drinking rain water. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> are you kidding? i heard every word. fox news alert. ladies of terror. two women inspired by ice skps obsessed with osama bin laden have been busted plotting attacks here in the united states. their targets police funerals and military bases. their goal? another boston marathon bombing. then call it nerves of steel, the video you have to see. these window washers taken on the most wild ride.
5:14 am
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more.
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allergies can distract you. so when your symptoms start, doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. with claritin, you get powerful, non-drowsy relief 24 hours a day, day after day. which is important because with fewer symptoms to distract you you can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. two women inspired by isis and obsessed with osama bin laden busted plotting attacks here in the united states. their targets? police funerals and military bases. here to weigh in joining us is retired fbi special agent and
5:18 am
counter terrorism expert tim clement. >> what is the profile of an american who would support isis and who lionizes osama bin laden of all people? >> i don't think there is a singular profile we can use. nontraditional recruiting is successful. the more you get guys that look like jihad john that is something we can spot. when you take individuals that are female or westerners or western looking it makes it much more difficult to spot them. they are doing this because their recruiting effort has to go deep into our culture in order to effect our culture. >> there is clearly a connection between islamic religious fervor
5:19 am
and support of terrorism. those who support terror tend to be religious extremists. is the u.s. government using that description as it tries to figure out who is dangerous and who is not? >> i think they are running away from that profile. they are running away from saying this is islamic extremism. if you can't say the label and identify where these people are coming from that pool of muslims the vast majority of them are peaceful. the individuals that do support isis and follow this recruiting pattern and are themselves radicalized those are people we need to look at. you need to look at the pool in order to spot the people within it. >> i keep reading accounts of the u.s. government planning for an attack by radical methodists, the sense i get is that is what they are spending a lot of time worried about rather than islamic threat. >> we have the indignation looking at a pizza shop in
5:20 am
indiana when you have hundreds of college students being persecuted and killed because of their faith. on this the most somber day of the christian world we are seeing that persecution is occurring and these people are bringing that here. maybe these girls weren't out to target just christians but the fact that they were targeting police funerals where it is a soft target with a large volume of people there. >> were they as dangerous as a pizza shop owner that's the question. police officer attacked in the line of duty slammed right into his own police cruiser. what went wrong during this arrest we have the details coming up. they have been making chocolate since 1896. the sweet stuff is a lot more than just an indulgence but a way of life. elizabeth gets to the bottom of what they do and why. does all greek yogurt have to be thick?
5:21 am
does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek!
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
new video shows terrifying moments a tornado swirled through northern india ripping up trees and power lines leaving more than 50 families homeless. amazingly nobody was killed. a skyscraper scare when window washers go crashing into a building. the drama unfolding 91 stories above the streets of shanghai. the workers were not seriously hurt. two airplanes flying into seattle appear to be hit by lightning. both alaska air flights landed safely. who was taping that? >> good shot of that. thank goodness everybody was
5:25 am
okay. ♪ with easter just days away if you are anything like me you are scrambling to stock up on candy. we wanted to show you a candy store making pretty incredible chocolate. meet the family behind lucas candies. >> one of the main things is our long history. we have been making chocolate the same way since 1896. the techniques and recipes were passed down generation to generation. it is hand crafted and made with a lot of pride. >> we are making gobs today. they are marshmallows wrapped in caramel dipped in chocolate. >> they look good. we are going to start dipping them soon. >> this is our chocolate dipping machine. we will take our gobs and coat them in our milk chocolate.
5:26 am
the key is you have to make sure every spot gets coated. you want a lot of chocolate on there. >> it is very labor intensive and the only way to do it is to roll them individually. they are really, really good. >> the lucas family has never shied away from hard work. when the shop first opened it was located just north of new york city this little visit with clay deposits along the hudson river became brick making capital of the world. >> they would build them on the river use them to build the skyscrapers. >> none of thez companies still remain yet lucas candies keeps turning out chocolate in the same building they started in over 120 years ago. >> i have a lot of great memories growing up down here. my father and i used to spend hours decorating bunnies. >> reporter: a lot has stayed the stam over the years. they still use the original
5:27 am
chocolate recipe from their greek ancestors and lucas is passing the craft on to the next generation this time to the 15-year-old son, alex. >> i think he sleeps, eats and breathes lucas candies. he is a great guy to work for. he has high standards and you have to meet those standards. that's what makes this place so great. >> how is the chocolate? is it coming out good? >> it is delicious. it is smooth chocolaty. >> reporter: in today's economy having a great product doesn't guarantee success. for lucas that has meant finding a customer base. >> the small business market place has changed tremendously. you need to look towards online sales and wholesaling and different means of maintaining income. >> reporter: to get folks around the country interested the company released a series of candy bars with edgy names and unexpected ingredients. >> nick is a very literal man so he was peanut butter, milk
5:28 am
chocolate and salted potato chips. >> what makes it unique is love and care they put into it the commitment and try to come up with new candy bars. >> with easter around the corner they are getting ready for the store's time of the year. >> easter week is crazy. they love the crowd. they love the lucas experience. >> one that keeps customers coming back again and again. >> bringing that much joy and happiness to my entire community keeps me going. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. >> they are one sweet family. when we got the candy and our producer said i know you love chocolate what would you want in it? i said almonds, salt and dark chocolate. lucas candies made this car i
5:29 am
would call it better with friends bar. are we breaking our lenten -- >> it is so good. here is what i love about this family. they have been doing this. they are a local business and you really what they have to do to survive they have gone online and bridged the gap right there, such great quality. they are a great family. if you have a local business in your area this has been going for 120 years strong. get out and support the local business. >> who doesn't like candy makers. >> it's so good. >> it was really good. >> she was hit by a car, beaten and left to die but she managed to walk for help. the story now going viral. that miracle dog and her new foster parent join us live. and then new this morning one of these 2016 hopefuls just jumped to the top of the gop field in the race for the nomination. chris wallace joins us to help reveal our leader of the pack. that's next.
5:30 am
5:31 am
we're here today asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell them that bush's baked beans are actually a veg-- tut-tut-tut. ix-nay on the egetable-vay. oh, right. bush's secret family recipe gives them a delicious flavor so they're a [whispers] vegetable that kids actually like. bush's baked beans. the [whispers] vegetable that kids love.
5:32 am
5:33 am
a fox news alert for you now. fire crews battling a massive
5:34 am
fire. raised to six alarms. more than 100 firefighters are on the scene. an enormous plume of black smoke sending ash skyward. no word yet if there are injuries or what started this incredibly large fire. >> a poll out by fox news to look at the leading republican candidates and see who is on top as we bring in chris wallace who is always on top in life as well as on your screen. he is to the left. screen left. what is your reaction to this poll? good morning to you? on top is scott walker with the most favorable ratings. >> it's always better to be on top than it is to be behind but it's awfully early. a lot of this i think had to do with either name recognition or how visible candidates have been. look at ted cruz in third place.
5:35 am
he picked up four five six points from our previous poll because he announced that he is running. he did a bunch of interviews. he becomes much more on people's minds. walker has obviously been out there to some degree but the real take away is this is a wide open race. hillary clinton gets 65% and the next person gets 20%. this race is wide open and out for grabs and the so-called front runners like jeb bush in second place and scott walker in first place. very vulnerable. that is the way it should be. let's go out and campaign and let them express their views and let voters decide. >> a 5% margin of error. the top seems less clear than the bottom. you have chris christie, marco rubio people who were seen as likely front runners in the race. what happened?
5:36 am
>> it is more obvious in terms of christie. he had a year and a half of bad news. the bridge, economic problems in new jersey credit down grades. there is no reason that christie should be higher than that. now it will be different if he kids to run. i don't know that it is 100% sure he will run. rubeio rubio, down the road. he will announce in two weeks. i bet you a quarter which is my usual bet that he is up in double digits the next fall we take after he announces. he will be a serious contender. i want to move to iran. the framework seems to be set and john kerry sticking it out. benjamin netanyahu warned this is a dangerous deal threatening survival of israel. a lot of people are saying this isn't penned in. we have to get into the summer time where we have to consider what are they going to do with
5:37 am
money from sanctions lifted? will they actually keep to this? there is nothing on paper here. no real promise. >> we just got a framework. >> of course, when you have the iranians you are not going to get a deal but a framework to a deal and then more negotiations. let's see. the fact is that we are not relaxing sanctions that we haven't already relaxed until we get that final deal. so everything stays the way it is until you get everybody's ink on the paper. having said that obviously there are two sides to it. the president made his argument yesterday. i think there are two parts to it. if the united states particularly the congress kills this deal he says we'll get blamed for it, the sanctions will fall apart and we will be the ones to blame so iran will get the money it needs and will be able to continue the nuclear program and the other argument that i suppose could be made is what is the alternative? and that is not a great argument
5:38 am
for why you should take a deal because the alternatives are worse. but the argument is the sanctions they were able to continue their program. are you going to g to war? we are going to be talking exclusively on sunday to bob corker, senator of the senate foreign relations committee. he said congress should have a role and should be able to vote on this and will propose legislation and is close to a veto-proof majority. it is interesting to hear what he intends to do, the president's wording of what happens if congress kills it and his initial reaction to what he thinks of the deal. >> that is perfect to have on. among the -- you also have a bit of spiritual theme to it. >> we will be talking to the archbishop cardinal. we thought easter, popes visit
5:39 am
in september to the united states. but there is actually politics and international national security issues. they are involved in the dispute here in washington not totally unlike disputes in indiana and arkansas. we are going to certainly ask the cardinal about the terrible vishing terror attack. you look at the killing of the egyptian christians in libya and what happened to syrian christians in syria that christianity is under attack. not a pleasant subject but pressing one for the cardinal on this easter weekend. >> happy easter. your heart is here and she is going to tell us what else is going on in the world. >> very scary. >> here is what is happening in the headlines. a police sergeant attacked by a suspect all caught on dash cam
5:40 am
ru. sergeant james wright arresting for a drunk hit-and-run. police say that he was angry after the surgeant used his taser. the sergeant is okay. both brothers arrested. charged with aggravated assault. for the second time this century passover coinsides with good friday. at sun down jewish families begin the eight-day holiday. it is observed with a ritual passover meal consisting of bread, cups of wine and much more. the price is right went wrong leaving a contestant a big winner. >> go ahead. >> no. >> i won it! >> congratulations.
5:41 am
we just give you a car. >> the model pulled that down too fast revealing the winning price of a new car before the contestant had the chance to make her next guest so the host had no choice but to give her the car. she was pretty embarrassed. she later tweeted i don't usually give expensive gifts but when i do it is a $21,000 car. >> those are your headlines. >> i hope she gets to keep her job. >> she did a great thing really. >> head of the union will have to speak on her behalf. >> thank you. listen to this. she was hit by a car, beaten and left to die but she managed to walk for help. the story going viral. the miracle dog and her new foster parent joining us live. >> this cover of golf digest has some teed off. she is a 20-year-old golf star
5:42 am
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5:45 am
sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. we are back now with a fox news alert. the labor department releasing the jobs report. >> the unemployment rate holding at 5.5% the same as last month's. employers backing off. the lowest number added since '13. quite a while. >> a horrific terror attack in kenya, over 100 people murdered highlights the threats that christians face. the specific death toll at 147 after al-shabaab gun men went
5:46 am
door to door asking victims to recite verses and if they couldn't executing them. fox news religious contributor joins us now. >> good friday. >> when you hear this your heartbreaks. how do we in the context of faith see this in a different way? it's horrible. >> we can say very clearly god didn't do this. god didn't make anybody do this. this is evil. this is free will that god gave us for the sake of love. god gave us the gift of free will so we can use it to love. here this is the exact opposite of that. that is the reason why in the christian belief that jesus came to earth in order to say even though you screwed up and messed up and abused your free will i am going to give you an option for a second chance. >> also, free will gives you the option to protect yourself.
5:47 am
there is a war going on whether christians want to admit it or not they are being targeted in syria libya and africa. what is your advice? do you think the catholic church has come up with a battle plan for this? >> we don't need christianity or the catholic church or any christian church to come up with a battle plan. what the vatican has been clear about in a way that is really unprecedented is stop the unjust aggressor and use whatever necessary force you need to in order to stop them. and to hear that from the pope and from the vatican means that they know it is a serious thing. >> we need politicians to take on their responsibility and to come up with a battle plan. >> america about 80% self-described christians. i'm so struck by how unaware so
5:48 am
many of them are of the persecution their fellow christians face around the world. why is that? >> we don't talk about it enough. i don't mean here on "fox & friends" but in general. it's not a happy story but the news media has the responsibility, a moral obligation. imagine if we weren't covering, for example, the holocaust as it should have been covered. we say that is the most -- this is genocide. that's why we have to keep speaking about it. the fact that this is happening on good friday i think is a reminder to us both of the tragedy of abused freedom and the great love that god has for us. i usually do stump brian. i am going to help you out. you can ask people who do you think is the first saint of christianity? i know you don't know the answer. >> archie manning was the first
5:49 am
new orleans saint. >> probably the good thief that hung next to jesus on the cross. jesus said today you will be with my father in paradise. that's the first thing. there you go. >> i would have -- >> most of the people at my table watching the show. >> thank you. up next hit by a car beaten and left to die but she managed to walk out and get help. that story going viral. the miracle dog and new foster parent join us live. >> let's check in with bill hammer because we promised him we would. >> just because it is a promise. but it's friday too. you guys yet to mention this. breaking news on the economy. that jobs report is out. it is not good. what do we get from the deal with iran? we talk to josh earnest about that today. what were the americans arrested planning with isis? and on this good friday many are asking who is defending christianity here and abroad?
5:50 am
a big debate on that. we will see you at the top of the hour on "america's newsroom" on this good friday and passover.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
they are calling her a miracle dog. one month ago she had been hit by a car, in a box in a ditch and was able to get help. now the foster home is trying to raise funds to help her get the surgery she needs to make a full recovery. both of them giving the -- telling their story so you can be a part of their success and recovery. tell me what happened. >> well thea was a shot dog and she was hit by a car and she was
5:54 am
thought not to survive the hit because she had had a dislocated jaw and her legs were pretty beat up. they attempted to euthanize her by hitting her in the head with a hammer. >> it looked like she was in bad shape right after the accident so they thought the best thing to do was hit her in the head with a hammer. they put her in a box and boxed her up and put her in a field and let her stay there. >> she would not have it. she battled her way back and she is now battling for survival. how much damage is done to her now? >> so she has a damaged nasal cavity that is not allowing her to breathe through her nose. other than that she is pretty healthy just struggle with breathing. it is hard for her to sleep and eat. it will take about a $9,000 surgery for them to enter a
5:55 am
stint into her head and open the passage. >> how do you describe this will to live? >> amazing. incredible. i just -- she's an amazing dog. she is so lovable after everything she is just very content with life and absolutely incredible. >> you're a foster parent. you are helping her out now. you set up a go fund me page. how are you doing? >> last time i checked we were at 18,730$18,730. that is just absolutely amazing. i believe that is more than enough to cover the surgery. we hope everything goes well. there is no complications and i think that she is going to come out stronger than ever. >> go to sarah's go fund me for theia. do you think you will adopt her or is she looking for a home? >> that is hard to say right
5:56 am
now. my priority has been making sure that her medical expenses and everything is taken care of. once we hit the road to recovery the process will be started to start screening for adoptive families to take her. when that time comes she is growing pretty attached. >> absolutely. i can see it. sarah thanks so much for sharing the story. what a great example of determination. thank you. >> thank you. question? is this cover too hot for golf? for the lpga? for the green? one for the road next. than a store. it's a place with the best selection of gear that i need and the customer service i can trust. bass pro shops is the place for incredible savings. and bring the kids for crafts and a picture with the easter bunny all for free. ♪ nexium 24hr. it's the purple pill. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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♪ show you this picture all morning a 20-year-old lexi thompson. the story created an awful lot of controversy online. we want to know what you think. >> if you want sweets go to
6:00 am
the chocolate is delish. >> are we allowed to eat this? >> tomorrow you will see hannah eating more of this. >> and low down on a new app that lets you track your pets while you travel. >> that leaves three hours to fill. bill: awaiting reaction from the white house. and celebrations in the streets of iran. the white house announcing the framework for an agreement with iran. word of a temporary deal spread but not everyone is happy about


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