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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  April 4, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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everybody buying these self-driving cars, it's going to be great for businesses. michelen up 20%. >> neil is next. remember him? that face of evil might be dead, but has this become the new face of evil? alive and well and oh, man, not necessarily a man. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. so much for being the softer sex. two women arrested in new york now looking at the possibility of serving hard time. authorities say for something they were cooking up for a very long time. trying to build homemade bombs and set them off right here at home. they are just the latest. don't expect them to be the last. we saw this play out the same week we had similar arrests in philadelphia. charles payne says the bad guys
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and gals are already here. it's time to wake up, america and fast. joining charles this week, ben stein, dagen mcdowell and charlie gasparino. >> it's not that they are bad guys. a lot of times you start out with ordinary people having ordinary lives. then it's a series of circumstances that change. >> i don't know, i think when you are making bombs. >> when you're starting to cook up bombs you crossed a rubicon, as it were. really, what's happening, why is this happening and why are they so vulnerable? why are these people so drawn to this? i think that there is a feeling even within this country that we are not great, we are not good we are evil. capitalism is wrong. crusades justify this. when isis does their recruiting we've already planted the seeds with all the self-negative anti-american rhetoric that i think is starting to have a
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backlash. >> here is how good marketing is in isis and these other groups. they treat women beyond poorly, and yet they are very good at marketing to women. >> it's not just the marketing, but these are also fame-seeking sociopaths who are seeking out a way to make a name for themselves. social media making it so much easier these days. luckily, they're idiots and they write poems in jihad magazines and befriend would-be terrorists on facebook, which these two women both did. look at this photo of osama bin laden i have on my cell phone. luckily, that helps with the incredible police work being done here in the u.s. why are you grinning at me? >> i'm thinking of you would have a version of "tiger beat" for these guys. >> in some ways president obama legitimizes these folks when he goes up there and starts comparing isis, he is talking in
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the context of isis and cutting off heads to the crusades. it doesn't take much to go from there to if you are mentally imbalanced and you feel disaffected in society, to go from there to becoming a jihadist. the left of this country has legitimized a lot of their practice by looking at us as if there is something wrong with us. this just proves we should spend as much money as we can on terrorism. this should not be even a budget item. this should be a blank check. i know people in the new york city police department in special forces division, they thwart attacks like this all the time they need as much money as they can get. >> we've always come to think of it when we look at isis and the hell they are inflicting over half a world away, we fail to think we catch a lot of them here. they are in all 50 states. they are everywhere. what do we do? >> there are a lot of mentally ill people out there. i think dagen put her finger on
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it. these people are not necessarily rational actors. they are mentally ill people. there are a lot of mentally ill people in this great country of ours. what charles was saying about rationalizing it there are weatherman bombers in this country left us who are now pals of president obama and prominent educators even in our beloved state of california and other states, too. bombing has been a favorite tactic of mentally ill people for a long time. it's not a surprise isis would have dragged them. they are the current hot topic for mentally ill people. >> they have a good recruitment vehicle on social media. how do we outtechnology them? >> we are outtechnologying them in a sense our law enforcement officials are using technology
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and computers to monitor them as they are using it for marketing purposes. charlie pointed out when he wasn't mystifyingly blaming president obama for this. >> sorry. >> our police officers -- i shouldn't say mystifyingly. i want to say bravo to the two of you for that. you and your friend next to you. >> which one? they are both my friends. >> dagen didn't stoop to blaming this on president obama. the point is these are terrorists, but they also are domestic criminals. we are doing a good job of catching them and stopping them. i agree, we need to spend a lot of money. >> with all these incidents that pop-up and these -- it does have a different flavor to it than prior to 9/11 that so many of these are being recruited here. >> they are leaving america, going to other countries to be
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trained in the desert to become, to be passed around amongst men in the desert voluntarily. are you kidding me? you're right. we had seven people that got lucky, the number of hijackers that got lucky in 9/11. it won't take much for one of these kids to walk into a mall and terrify this nation. >> sometimes they don't have to leave the country. >> we live here that is our greatest fear, that there is another attack on american soil. we talk about the power of social media as a recruitment tool. kennedy brought it up friday, cracking down on what's available on twitter. what these isis recruiters are putting out in public on social media. you don't want to crack down on it much because our law enforcement officials are using that to track what they are doing. >> any nut can pick up the bible and say that legitimizes me killing somebody.
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i think it's wrong. i think we do a disservice by throwing up and saying these are all mentally ill people. >> not mentally ill. they are unhappy with their lives. >> yes. they are unhappy with their lives. when you have a president of the united states that starts equating christianity 500 years ago with what's happening now isis beheading, you are legitimizing their sick way. >> where i come from and i'm not from a family of psychiatrists or psychologists, but if you are trying to build a bomb and buying pieces for it, you're off your rocker. >> we should put them in a mental institution. >> if you ever thought about bombing anybody or anything unless it's an ex-husband who cheated on you, you're crazy. >> that reminds me -- that reminds me of how mario cuomo
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rationized not being for the death penalty. there are people that are evil. >> we are not rationalizing them. it's not politics. it's mental illness. >> it's just evil. >> i think one thought we should finish here is yes, social media is wonderful and very dangerous but it's also part of speech in our country. we don't want to step on it. we want to use it including for law enforcement. >> here is the thing. we are talking about regular, typically normal people who could be swayed one way or the other. you can do the clinical analysis of them after they've done an evil deed. when they've gone to high school and they feel like there is nothing out there for them and this is a country that doesn't like them because of their skin
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color, whatever it is, it takes one trigger, father died of a heart attack all of a sudden, mom lost her job. something that sends them over the edge. the seeds have been planted. how do we unplant these seeds so these younger people have more hope and belief in america? >> you start by not comparing the crusades to what isis is doing. >> i agree. i guess adam was talking about me here. >> no. political correctness allows this weird rationalization of what's going on with isis and these militants, these terrorists with -- >> how did you possibly get all this back to barack obama? >> he is the one who compared isis in a speech about isis, brought up the crusades. >> recruiting was going on long before that. >> it's obviously picking up. >> i know the change in the next
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segment. >> i'll say something positive about you. "forbes on fox" getting ready to go. what have you got? >> you see these folks celebrating. should that have americans worrying? >> a new d.c. push to cut down stuff like this going to send jobs up in smoke? see you soon. first, you think this jetblue pilot running up and down the aisle screaming about 9/11 was crazy. wait until you hear what he is doing now. we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today. if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million
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and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wrichlt good morning. chicago police capturing a convicted murderer earlier this morning ending a three-day manhunt. cameron taylor escaped from an illinois prison after punching and choking a guard, then stole the guard's uniform and car keys taking off in his suv. taylor was busted after being spotted by two officers responding to a suspicious individual call. cops say he was armed with a.38
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caliber revolving at the time. in oklahoma, blue bell ice cream temporarily halting work at its facility in broken arrow after discovering ice cream tainted with lysteria. five were infected and three people died possibly linked to blue bell products. officials say they are working to find the source of the contamination. he cracked up. now he wants jetblue to pay up. remember this pilot's mid air meltdown? passengers had to take him down after he was running through the aisles ranting about religion and 9/11 and we're all going to die. three years later he is suing jetblue claiming the airline should have known he wasn't fit
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to fly. ben you are a lawyer here. do you think this suit flies? >> it's insane. i'm sorry to get back to this topic, but we seem to be dealing with a lot of insane people here. >> what are the odds? >> someone commits a series of felonies and says i'm not responsible. i'm suing you, a mentally ill felon fly. if he confessed and said to authorities beforehand i'm mentally ill, don't let me fly then they let him fly maybe he has a case. i don't think he did that. this is the craziest lawsuit i ever heard in my life. i've seen some crazy ones. >> i always think that wacky judge now and then who takes a case like this you think? we have a system that allows all sorts of interesting things to happen. fortunately, fortunately, i
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would say for companies like jetblue, in this case the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, right? it's on this nut case's head to prove this case that it was his employer's fault. i have to agree with ben here. this is nuts. >>ing day ing day >> dagen? >> the flip side the pilot who had the meltdown is saying signs should have been identified as i was preparing for work that day they should have prevented me from flying. let's say airlines start doing that. they start looking for small even the smallest of signals that you might not be ready for work. that you might not be mentally stable enough to fly. can you imagine the number of lawsuits that would be filed if they take them off the job temporarily? >> look at all the signs for gasparino. we did not see it.
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>> that is a positive here. >> here you go. >> number one. i think this guy is crazy. okay? as opposed to the criminals out there, this guy is nuts. i think we are underestimating the liability here on the part of the airlines if something bad happens. i think look at this german air case where the guy was depressed. if it comes out there were legitimate signs the airline knew he was depressed and something happens as obviously something happened there, airlines are going to have to ramp up their surveillance of everybody. >> i think lufthansa could find themselves in a serious pickle. there is so much evidence more and more every day. at some point you have a responsibility just like a brokerage firm has a fiduciary responsibility for the client's money. you have some sort of responsibility for the lives you hold in your hand as an airline when you send these people in
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the air. >> absolutely. >> it feels like maybe one day something -- this could be the case. >> if this liable goes beyond what people are predicting. >> the germanwings, this is where it becomes an issue. they are going to have to test all these guys and screen them. >> with the jetblue, that's why we should have loser pay in america for these frivolous lawsuits. we could stop a lot of those creative lawsuits if the loser had to pay both sides. >> that guy was going to operate a plane. >> and he had many years prior without incident. >> he was one of the first pilots jetblue hired. to my point last week what happened with the germanwings flight wouldn't happen in america because we have safeguards in place to prevent a pilot or co-pilot from taking over planes and locking the pilot out of the cockpit.
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>> lunatics figure out ways around things like that. maybe it was the blue chips. maybe it was laced with acid or something. >> we'll take a quick break. the irs says he doesn't have enough money to answer your call. what happens if you don't have money to answer theirs? ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration.
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welcome to the revenue service. >> for questions about your refund -- >> i just want to speak to a
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person. >> unbelievable. >> since that time andrew has gotten himself an agent. we've got less than two week to pay up and if you're planning to call the irs with any questions you might as well hang up because they are going to hang out on you, three out of five calls they don't answer. >> they're saying, don't call us we're busy. >> we're spying conservative groups. >> is this really any worse than calling directv? no. file an extension. boom. done. you're over. >> ben stein, they have a little more power than directv for now. >> i've come to expect very little from the irs. they make every mistake every year on my return. at one point they thought my name was cavuto and said i had earned $200 million that year. i expect nothing from them at this point. >> this network in particular all expect for me iks
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approximate on the irs way too much. great institution. manned by great people. i am the only person who stands up for the irs at this place. i want every irs investigator who know that. >> and you want them to get all raises, too. >> yes, raises, please. >> raises, too. charles payne. >> listen you've got to pay your taxes. i know -- >> wait. you've got to pay. >> you've got to pay them. whether they answer the phone or not. whether they answer the phone or not. at least file. >> okay. >> they're not bad people right? >> i don't like them. >> adam. >> whether they answer their phone or not, and they should of course and they should work on that, we don't get to have that same excuse. life is not always fair neil. >> but you think they're great people, right adam? >> not only do i think they're great people, charlie, unlike you i like paying my taxes. >> you do not. you most certainly do not. >> i do. >> you're a nice liberal young hand -- >> i'm happy to discuss this with you. thank you for calling me young. >> i don't think i've paid
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enough. irs, if you'll answer this phone call i want to know where i send additional money. [ laughter ] >> i want to thank charlie and dagen, i don't want to let go of adam yet. the tax bill got you down? these guys are here to pick you up with nare names to pick up your tab.
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how can you just stand there? what do you mean? your grass man, it's famished. with just two springtime feedings with scotts turf builder lawn food helps strengthen and protects your lawn from future problems. thanks scott. feed your lawn. feed it! all right. time to cover that tax bill that adam is happy to pay. charles, what do you got? >> preferred apartment communities, a real estate investment trust 6% dividend yield. >> adam. >> vanguard dividend appreciation index etf it's made up of stocks of companies that keep raising their dividends. >> interesting.
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den. >> i always love mr. buffet if i can be his partner by buying a share of berkshire hath way i will to it every day i can. >> with the employment report, how do you think it would have done done, ben? >> i think this market is overpriced but for the long run it's great. for your children, for your grandchildren, for you if you're in middle age it's great. >> what do you think charles payne? >> i agree 100% with ben. as far as the market on friday would have been done, the feds work has not helped main street and we need a new fiscal policy business friendly ainistration. >> adam does that anemic jobs number portend the economy is sput ring here? >> not necessarily. we know that the economy is growing, that's what investors should keep in mind. >> you're not blaming the excuse about the weather because i never see them credit the sun when the numbers are good. >> there will be ups and downs, no question. >> wait. jobs reports down --
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>> i can say it more slowly. >> this is coming from a guy who can't pay the irs enough. adam, i want to thank you, ben, it goes without saying, charles payne thank you very much. the cost of freedom continues with david asman on fox and only fox. well, iranians are clearing, so should we be worrying? hi, everybody i'm david asman, welcome to "forbes on fox." happy easter, everybody. iranians appear to be pleased with the outline of a possible nuke deal. their chief negotiator touting it would lift all sanctions on his country, but some here say we've seen this show before and it won't have a happy ending for america or the world. are they right? let's go in focus with steve forbes, rich carl guard elizabeth mcdonald, sabrina schaeffer, john tamny and bruce jackson. steve, when the other side is happy in a negotiation does that usually mean you've lost? >> absolutely. as c


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