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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 4, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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i won't back away from you, either. have a grade weekend, everybody. happy easter, america. this framework is the result of tough principled diplomacy. it's a good deal. >> president obama once again phrasing his administration's deal with iran setting the framework to try and prevent that islamic regime's path to nuclear weapons. as iran's celebrate in the streets, did the white house give away too much before assuring the world that iran would live up to its part of the deal? you will hear from members of congress from illinois senator mark kirk. >> melee in a new york casino as dozens break out in a chair flinging glass shattering fight, it left several people injured, others under arrest.
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you're not going to believe what started it all. we'll tell you. plus more of the explosive video. and christians around the world observing the holiest week of the year, we'll bring you the inspirational sites and sounds of easter. and thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm leland viters. nice to be with you as well. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> and i'm uma pemmaraju. iranians celebrating in the streets after negotiators announcing a framework for nuclear deal. the tentative agreement paves the way for the u.s. to lift sanctions against iran. president obama now trying to sell that deal as a good one, but critics are skeptical it's a step toward a nuclear armed iran some say. mole rehennenberg is following the latest reaction.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. the nation of israel may not agree, but president obama says the nuclear deal with iran or the outline of it so far would make the world safer for the u.s. and our allies. >> this framework is the result of tough, principled diplomacy, it's a good deal a deal that heats our core objectives, including strict limitations on iran's program and cutting off every pathway that iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: but israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been very vocal opposing the agreement. and after a top iranian military official was quoted as saying that erasing israel off the map is quote, nonnegotiable, netanyahu called for the deal to include a section about israel's right to exist. >> the cab met is united and strongly opposing the proposed deal. this deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world and would threaten the very survival of the state of
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israel. >> reporter: the state department pushed back against netanyahu saying that this is a deal about iran's nuclear program only and no other issues. the obama administration is trying to get a final deal with iran and five other world powers not including ace real, by june 30th. um had a. >> thank you very much. the iranian nuclear deal faces a tough road ahead starting on capitol hill and the senate's return on april 13th. illinois senator mark kirk has blted the deal saying that the u.s. has made dangerous concession is to iran and for years he has led the charge for tougher sanctions against the islamic state. he joips us now from chicago. senator, the president has said in his statements that the other alternative to the deal that is on the table now is war. is he right about that? >> he is wrong on that. there was never a choice between negotiation and war. the choice was between sanctions
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and a dis armed iran. that i've been working for a long time in the senate to make sure that we never have a nuclear war in the persian gulf. that our kids should never have to witness such a war. >> as we've seen the administration is obviously pretty happy about this. they're rolling it out in every day possible and spinning it. the iranian regime is happy about it the folk will with partying in the streets, although there's a lot in congress who aren't and there's a lot of american allies who aren't happy either. is it the president can't sell it or does he not understand in your opinion what the stakes are and why so many people are upset? >> you know, the senate has already voted on this. on the kirk amendment, associated 100 to zero, unanimously against the administration's position on iran. the administration has no allies in the congress, we are united thinking this is a wrong move. >> i want to toss up a fox news poll that goes to the very point that you've talked about in terms of whether or not the
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obama administration should be forced to go to congress and get approval on iran and an iran deal. 76 pr say yes, only 19% say the should should be able to go it alone. on the point, though, do we know if the president is going to come to congress an actually get an up or down vote? >> he should. the reality of u.s. politics is eventually the republicans will win the white house. if the republican position is united against this then this deal has no lasting power. >> do you guys have enough votes in the senate for a veto override number one on demanding a congressional vote for a -- for this deal? >> the key vote was on the kirk amendment was 100 to 0, way more than the 67 we need to a veto. >> all right. we'll see where it goes from there. as we pointed out the prime minister of israel has not been happy about this. take a listen to what he had to
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say. >> the deal would not shut down a single nuclear facility in iran, would not destroy a single centrifuge in iran and will not stop r and d on iran's advanced centrifuges. on the contrary, the deal would lejt might iran's illegal nuclear program. >> do you think the prime minister is right in being to upset and keeping with that thought remember it was president obama just about 14 months ago who said that for a peaceful nuclear program iran didn't need any of the things the administration has though begin them. >> the president was right that the iranians did not need the forda underground enrichment facility to do a peaceful nuclear program. i would say that prime minister netanyahu is also absolutely correct that this deal paves the way to a nuclear arsenal in iran. >> why do you think the president gave away so much and
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changed his position in 13 months so drastically? >> he was desperate to get an agreement on -- even at the expense of u.s. national security. >> that's a pretty hard charge. i want to at least give a little time to the administration on the other side. take a listen to what josh earnest had to say vis-a-vis the israelis. >> the 50/50 proposition was an evaluation of whether or not we would be able to reach this sort of framework agreement. and we have beaten the odds. we are in a position where we did reach this framework agreement, but the fact is there are important details that still need to be worked out. >> is there time to rescue this in terms of the difference between now when we have the framework and end of june when the deadline is? is there enough daylight to try to rescue this or is the framework itself doomed this deal to iran getting a nuclear weapon? >> i think it dooms us to that future. we need to reestablish sanctions so that the vast economic power of the united states can resolve this peacefully without a
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nuclear iran. >> we know that's something that you have worked very hard towards. senator mark kirk of illinois, i appreciate you joining us from chicago. >> thank you. >> they are ahead of opening day i will give you a go cubs just for that. >> thank you. >> uma. >> we hope that their leadership takes the right decision, but the deal we'll accept is to end their nuclear program, it's very straight forward. >> it is a good deal. a deal that meets our core objectives. iran is not going to simply dis plantel its program because we demand it to do so. >> that's not how the world works. and that's not what history shows us. >> well as you just heard quite a contrast in remarks from the president a few years ago and from this week as he announces a preliminary agreement with iran. critics are saying the u.s. is giving up too much of its leverage and worry what impact this deal will have on a possible arms race am this an already volatile middle east. joining us now the authors of
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the book "a battle for the soul of islam" and president of the american islamic for democracy. >> great to be with you, uma, thank you for having me. >> this deal is incredible by virtue of the fact that not one nuclear facility in iran will be shut down. do you believe that countries like saudi arabia, egypt and jordan will rely on white house assurances that iran will be held accountable for any violations when for example, on the issue of inspections iran has the right to stop any unannounced site sight visits and will only allowed scheduled inspections? >> well, i think they are smarter than what our administration sadly is, set back the clock decades. if you want to look at the concerns of an arms race they are already in one in the middle east and the proxy wars are all over the place with the arming of assad by iran with the arming of the houthis and their support from iran. saudi arabia did something they haven't done in over a generation which was start a war outside their borders in yemen
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in order to say to iran muff is enough and now the cold calculus in the middle east where a sanctions regime is being pushed economically to break their back and the saudis said america and the west has our west that sabl stabilized the region. that is gone. the new calculus the west doesn't have our back we're going to fuel the radicals in syria and all over the place, we have to counter the shia from -- one of the old princes of intelligence just said a few days ago whatever they got we want the same and that's going to be the new calculus because they feel they are on their own and it's sad all the opportunities we've o lost in the middle east in the past few years. >> you mentioned saudi arabia. once those sanctions are lifted iran of course gegts its economy back, making money using a great deal of those funds to continue its campaign of state-sponsored terrorism across the region. that alone enough to fuel other
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middle eastern nations to do what they can to get nuclear weapons on their own. and when you mentioned saudi arabia the wall street journal reporting that that nation has quietly signed a nuclear cooperation deal with south korea. >> that's what's scary. remember these countries are part of the nuclear non proliferation treaty. what's happening to that? when they see america no longer having their back and signing deals with their enemies at the blindness to the prisoners of conscious in iran blindness to the genocide being fueled in syria. they're going to say maybe we don't need a program, we can talk to pakistan and get a bomb within a few days we need it to balance against the shia crescent that's building in iraq and syria. the block clock is being set back. we are now having a conversation where the saudis or fueling radical islam and isis all over the planet though has to become even more of an ally with us in order to balance the damage that we've done with iran. >> you know the president continues to say that without
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this deal we are on the path to war. is it really that black and white? is isn't there room for an in between? >> absolutely. i mean to say that the reason the media today is clearing this is because the economic sanctions were crippling them so they had to if i can this because of the economics but they did it giving back nothing. there is no assurances, israel is more at risk than ever. we could have continued to break their back economically, we won the cold war without firing a bullet against the soviets, their economy broke and defeated them. we could have done the same thing with iron. unfortunately the president really has this fictitious sense of what his legacy should be to sign this agreement and the economic relief that is going to happen with iran is actually going to give them more billions to fuel the genocide in syria and elsewhere. it's not going to help the people of iran. >> what message does this send to the least including israel, that there's really no price for aggression and that instead of holding iran accountable for
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whacking terrorist campaigns like the one going on in yemen it is being rewarded with a nuke deal and getting those sanctions lifted. in your view the u.s. simply caved on this one? >> it really did and i think it sends a message most importantly to the liberals who are part of the arab awakening that we're going to the most evil you had a democrats to give them what they want. we don't care about the prisoners in iran, we don't care about the pls that are being disease placed in syria by iranians weapons and bombs and money. at the end of the day they're sort of being told they're on their own and it's a free-for-all to continue this arms race and saudi appropriately saying, you know if iran is going to move towards it we're going to put back our so-called civilian nuclear program that they had said was in 2020 now they might step up or start to talk to south korea or others. it's a mess because america has become weak and we're trading this fictitious agreement. if you want to know what's happening, look at iran yaes
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farsi media, that's when you know what they're getting in this deal into you and other concerned critics are you putting your hopes in the u.s. congress to try and make some type of movement here to get this deal scaled back? >> i hope so. i can only hope and pray that the constitutional protections that the people of america have a right to sign off on treaties will come into place because our commander in chief is putting us at risk and i think he is a he not really paying attention to the thee olg of these mullahs who have an end of times theology and us muslim reformers are being left out to try and the members of congress have a clearer vision of what should be the strategy and ultimately i hope we have an ability to push back and protect allies like israel that are being left alone in the wake of this agreement. >> dr. jasper always a pleasure to have you here. thanks so much for jiek us. >> thank you. >> now we'd like to hear from you on the issue of iran.
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now that we know the framework for a nuclear deal with iran is in place do you think it will get a thumbs up from congress before the june 30th deadline? you can send your tweets to us @uma or @leland vittert or even to tat anhqdc and we will definitely read some of those responses a little later on in our show. more disturbing news from the middle east. isis fighters now control much of a neighborhood just a few niles from president sass sad power base in the capital of damascus. civilians pled fled a palestinian refugee camp if the capital after fears fighting broke out. the siege at the camp marks isis's deepest foray yet into the syrian capitol. reports from syria said that air force jets are bombing the camp to try and regain control. and islamic state extremists in iraq are trying to kill off not only the population but the history as well.
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a video released by isis reportedly shows militants destroying an archeological site in the city of hatra to smash priceless statues that have been there for centuries. isis has been destroying a artifacts across the middle east that they say violate islamic law. turning to the vatican where pope francis is denouncing what it cause the silence about the murders of christians. the pontiff making those remarks while presiding over the good friday procession at the coliseum in rome. recalled the suffering and death of jesus on the cross. one of the prayers called for the fundamental right of religious freedom to spread throughout the world. much more ahead on "america's news headquarters" for this saturday. a high speed police chase but the perp was not operating on octane but pure muscle. this is a one ton male buffalo
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out on the lamb. we're going to tell you how it all began and how it ended as well. plus millions of americans hit by heavy rains and flash floods along with downed power lines across the country. is there even more rough weather ahead? janet dean is here i'm going to guess yes, janice. >> a quick look ahead to sunday is's forecast, it is easter of course. we have more rain and snow for the northwest as well the potential for more rain along the gulf coast and maybe even some know for the great lakes and northeast. we will break it down when "america's news headquarters" continues after the break. two days after an attack by islamic extremists that killed 148 people and sent many more running for their lives a survivor comes out of hiding her incredible story of where she hid and what she ate to stay alive.
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for star gazers in the early morning hours over north america a celestial street. the third blood moon this a series of four this year sweeping the sky as the shortest lunar eclipse of the century with the moon turning a cop ri red shade providing fantastic images for those of us on earth. this eclipse lasting only five minutes. happening when the moon moves into the shadow cast by the sun shining on the earth. the best views for folks in the western third of the u.s. quite a sight indeed. it's been a wet and at times dangerous start to the easter weekend especially in the southeast part of the united states, severe storms slammed parts of tennessee yesterday creating all kinds of difficulties for drivers, including drivers who can't see much in front of them right there. what can we expect for the rest of the weekend? janice dean is in the fok ex
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stream "weather center." >> severe storms could crop up, especially as we get into the later part of the week coming up where we could have large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes especially across the central u.s. keep that in mind. there are your current temperatures, it's cool across the upper midwest great lakes and parts of the northeast. warmer for the southern tier of the country and then we're going to be dealing with a couple of systems moving into the west, which is good news because they need the rain, but bad news because it could put a damp be on the weekend. let's look at the radar. there's our system moving into the northwest, more systems moving in from the pacific and then the northeast you may need a winter hat over new england where we could get measurable snow amounts as well as the great lakes and the upper midwest as we watch a couple of systems move in and cooler air from canada dips southward. there is your future radar as we go into sunday. look at that stripe of snow moving in across the interior northeast, new york up state
9:24 am
new york area inches along the coast though, it should be a good day for an egg hunt just a little breezy and cool. northwest watching a system move in here and this is going to be the beginning of several systems pushing into the west which could reach as far south as southern california which is great they need more rain, need more snow pack because the drought has been exceptional. in some cases historic over parts of california. we are going to get several systems moving in bringing much needed snow pack and much needed rain over the next seven days. so that's the good news. easter weekend here are some of the big cities for the easting egg hunts, new york looking at 60 degrees and partly sunny skies. houston, keep them indoors it where f. we're looking at thunderstorms, minneapolis looks good as does phoenix a little warm, though, keep the dock latin side at 90 degrees. there's a look at philadelphia pretty good, atlanta, georgia, very nice chicago and los
9:25 am
angeles around 70 for your easter egg hunt in california. all right. leland, what about you, got big plans for easter sunday? >> i'm going to be seeing you guys in new york. this is the first time in months that you've had good news for us on a weekend. >> i'm trying. i'm trying. maybe the yellow is helping. >> the easter spirit and some people are going to have their winter hat rather than an easer bonnet. >> all the best to you and uma of course. >> tanks, janice. uma. >> and coming up in just a few moments moments, it's a casino brawl caught on tape. why you won't believe why hundreds of people at this restaurant and bar opening started throwing punches and a whole lot more. and remembering gun control activist sara brady the widodo of james brady has now passed away nancy ray began's touching words about mrs. brady and the life changing event that cemented their friendship.
9:26 am
later on it's not your typical 911 call. why the buffalo big boy just can't be fenced in. it's springtime, he wants to go out and find some new grass and stuff, you know. @e8ñúñ÷@@@0@ú
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it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here. welcome back. new developments now in this week's bloody rampage on that college campus in kenya, five people now under arrest, tied to the horrific school massacre leaving nearly 150 people dead there, despite assurances from kenya's security forces that more arrests are expected, the militant group al shabaab is vowing to stage more attacks pledging what it calls a long, grew some war against kenya. meanwhile kenya's president vowing just a short time ago to
9:31 am
take harsh measures against the militants. swroik us now with more, john huddy with the very latest on kenya's pledge not to bow to the terrorists. john. >> reporter: uma al shabaab as you mentioned is vowing that kenyan cities will, quote/unquote run red with blood and of course vowing more attacks like the one at mentioned that we saw thursday. when 148 people were killed. when those al shabaab militants stormed the university 6789 a survivor of the attack was found today saying that she managed to live by hiding under a pile of clothing covering herself with that clothing. but as mentioned, five people were arrested in connection with the massacre, two at the college and then three others trying to cross into somalia. four of the gunmen as we know were killed. now, thursday's attack was the worse in kenya since the u.s. embassy bombing as we remember it in 1998 in nairobi killing 200 people. among those targeted to you
9:32 am
thursday, were christians attending a service at the school. pope francis condemned the killings friday calling them an act of senseless brutality and also condemned the persecutions of christians by terror groups worldwide. as mentioned as you mentioned, uma, kenya's president is vowing to take harsh measures against the al shabaab mill tapts, but at this point, you know uma, some are questioning whether the government's security forces are really up to the task. uma. >> there are a lot of questions about the security forces there. john, thank you very much for that update. and for more we now turn to retired u.s. army major general, fox news military analyst general bob scales. general, i appreciate you being here on a saturday before easter. >> hi, leland. >> is this the new face of terrorism in terms of their paramilitary attacks not only conducted inside the country that al shabaab controls but outside of it as well. >> i think that's absolutely
9:33 am
true. al shabaab is morphed over the last two years from a sort of terrorist group that seeks to control territory into a more traditional african gorilla group that's based around clans and cells. in many ways i guess, leland, it's sort of like hitting a hornets nest with a stick, once they disburse across this ungoverned vast expanse of somalia they become almost impossible for conventional forces to defeat. so the african union has given it a shot but every time they go into somalia scatters al shabaab, al shabaab counter attacks sadly too often and this cycle of violence repeats itself but it really comes down to what in he is dense is an islamic insurgencey in somalia and east africa against the more traditional christian states in central africa. there ises no sign that any of this is going to abate anytime soon. >> to that point one of the things that the united states
9:34 am
has done is it started to use some of its counter terrorism tors inside somalia, advisory groups. in fact, president obama pointed to somalia as one of the two successes, we know what happened to yemen now he said somalia was a success, we see how that has gone. he issued a statement regarding these latest attacks in kenya and he said that violence and terror essentially will not design the future of kenya. you see the quote right there. al shabaab putting out its own statement saying that the cities would run red with blood. some translated that to the streets will run red with blood. who is right? >> well, i think they're right. you know there's a good friend of mine who is a senior official in centcom said that the administration's depiction of this as the region.instability, that goes from west africa all the way through the hind u curb has consistently over the last to you are years turned into a region of failure. we can cite places like syria,
9:35 am
iraq, most recently yemen where images of americans getting on planes at midnight to fly away from an expanding terrorist threat within each of those different regions suggests that the president's so-called light footprint approach to engagement in this region of the world is failing. and the perception in the islamic world is that the united states is retreating walking away from conflict and, sadly that the islamists are winning and this example in kenya is just one more data point that suggests that the enemy is right. >> what does it tell you about the sophistication, if you will, of al shabaab that they are able to launch a cross-border attack into a relatively sophisticated country of kenya is this they're able to g through these dorms, able to target people able to get weapons in, able to get enough information from people who know whether they're christians or muslims. are we facing a new type of enemy that that has learned from
9:36 am
the mistakes of the past? >> remember al shabaab has been at this for 20 years and one thing you can say about this terrorist group that when they conduct these attacks, remember the east gate mall attack a couple of years ago in kenya, there are several factors that apply. first of all, it's almost always an inside job, leland. secondly, they have months to prepare. thirdly they use these flying squads, these hit squads, these small cells, if you will of four, six, ten insurgents who are on a suicide mission and willingly go into these malls or universities or churches with no intent other than simply to kill and kill for just the sake of creating an international incident. it's well planned it's insidious and sadly so far at least the insurgents have been successful. >> in such attacks are so difficult to protect against. >> right. >> especially when you have folks who are willing to give their lives. >> happy easter to you and
9:37 am
yours. >> thanks, general. uma. >> the family and friends are mourning the death of long time gun violence prevention activist sara brady, brady passing away yesterday after battling pneumonia according to members of her family. brady was tlurs into the national spotlight after her husband was shot in the head during the 1981 assassination attempt against former president ronald reagan. soonafter wards she took a high profile role as a leading gun control advocate. nancy reagan recalling in a statement that fateful da i that would forever cement the bonds between them, saying just over 34 years ago we shared an experience that bonded us for life as we comforted each other in a tiny windowless office at the george washington university hospital emergency room. while awaiting word about whether our husbands would survive the horrific gunshots that had brought them here. sara brady was 73 years old.
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not what you would expect to see along the subdivision there in round rock, texas. he's a one ton, five-year-old bison he jumped this electric fence along with some barbed wire on friday and made a mad dash for freedom. he did get free for a while. the ranch where he lives is right next to a subdivision of homes. the owner insisted he wouldn't have hurt anyone unless you got in his way. he's moving a pretty good clip. the police were able to round up this buffalo his name, probably fittingly is big boy and big boy is now back home safe with his owner until he isescapes again. after a national uproar indiana governor mike pence signing a fix to his religious freedom bill.
9:43 am
after critics blasted the measure saying it discriminated against gays and lesbians. how effective is this fix and what impact will it have now that critics have forced a change. joining us now constitutional fair michael farris. >> let's talk for a moment about how much weight this fix really has in terms of the overall measure and the impact it will have on those who are trying to protect the religious freedoms of those it affects directly. >> well, the bulk of the law is still in place. there's a major carveout, however for where there is a conflict between religious freedom in an anti-discrimination law, all versions of anti-discrimination laws are eliminated from any protection from religious freedom. >> but does it serve as a bases for some denial of services or goods when religious group or officials have are involved. >> could that be a component of dealing with it? >> if, for example, a church was interviewing past to recall candidate and found out that one
9:44 am
was gay and they say, no our religious beliefs do not allow for gays pastors and they were sued for anti-dis nails it would still protect a church entity itself but not a business of a normal sort like the pizza rea or other basis would not be able to use rfra law in indiana for that protection. >> how do you see this bill now that is had has this fix to you it and its overall impact is this. >> it's a muddled mess. the federal statute has not been used in any kind of anti-discriminatory fashion, it protects religious freedom roam and i think indiana original law was just fine i think the list rae that arose from this was not based on good readings of the law but on hyperbole. and the gay community won a political victory used mob techniques and hysteria.
9:45 am
so the real vikt are i was not legal, it was political. basically the political issue is you can no longer criticize gay marriage in this country and get away with it. you will be pounded to death and punished if you do. >> does this set the stage for who are challenges in other states. >> i think you are going to see more opportunities taken by this community to stop anybody that just simply doesn't believe. so i think you will see attacks on churches. i mean political attacks on churches. i think you will see other kinds of conflicts with christian schools and other kinds of kri yan people that have the audacity from their perspective to stick with traditional more ralt and say marriage is between a man and woman. anybody who takes that position is going to face legal and political opposition. the question, are we going to radio you will this nation by hysteria and by the law and by reason. >> so this begs your question because you say it was a political victory, did this fix even have to go in at all? >> no because the nature of the
9:46 am
bill originally would not have resulted in the kind of things they were saying, like gays wouldn't be able to buy tickets to the final four. that was nonsense. the original bill had no such application whatsoever. so most of the examples that were given by the critics of the bill were simply false. >> when you take a look at this impact what you call mris wall hysteria has created it really sends some alarm bells out there for folks who are concerned about other freedoms. >> exactly. because religious freedom is the basis for freedom of speech, freedom of association and all of our other freedoms. we have to ask ourselves a fair question, is it really america anymore if religious freedom is not one of our highest values and it's clearly not one of the our highest values given the current climate that we're living this. >> certainly when groups come together like this they can really force change and truly have an impact on lawmakers particularly those looking after their reelection prospects and the upcoming presidential race.
9:47 am
>> i don't think that this is a fair measure of political opinion and kind of scientific sense. it is a measure of a small group that can get together and effectively through corporate power and media power force change despite the fact the vast majority of americans state after state voted to preserve traditional marriage. this is the backlash against the majority of this country and they're trying to conform the majority to their minority views. >> fascinating. thank you for joining us today. appreciate your insights. leland. coming up caught on camera and now add many things do it goes viral. up next we're going to tell you why dozens of people were ducking flying chairs, you can see some of them right there as well as some fists and drink glasses at a casino in new york. and then there's this christians across the globe remembering the death of jesus christ. we're going to tell you about a
9:48 am
historic celebration in south america that was once led by the pope.
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9:52 am
all right. you saw the chair fly there. that was one of many flying on friday night along with a lot of punches and some drink glasses as a massive brawl broke out at a new york casino. there's another chair. it happened during the grand opening of, get this, a fat tuesday's frozen drink bar in queens. some people were upset over the long drink lines for daiquiris at the fat tuesday's drink bar. and it sparked this. the fight went on for several minutes in the food court then spilled out into the parking lot. as you might guess, police arrested three people. we're told there were minor injuries. resorts world says it is reviewing the fight and that it is quote, fully committed to making sure nothing like this ever happens again. you think they might be fully committed to making sure something like that never happened in the first place. >> all that have for a daiquiri. >> people get thirsty sometimes. you never know. >> take desperate measures
9:53 am
there. all right. well, snow is melting away at ski resorts where avid skiers are trying to get in their final runs of the season including some very special athletes. the national disabled sports clinic in colorado has been helping those with debilitating injuries hit the slopes for nearly 30 years. more now from fox news correspondent where veterans and civilians alike are proving that a serious injury doesn't mean the end of an active lifestyle. >> reporter: this is aubrey young's eighth year at the national disabled veterans winter sports clinic. here she gets to downhill ski despite a spinal cord injury. >> life isn't over after you've been injured, you can keep going and do whatever you want. >> reporter: disabled veterans have met for what they call miracles on the mountain in kol colorado. >> this is definitely not a vacation week. they he come out here knowing that they have to concentrate.
9:54 am
>> reporter: some equate it to boot camp, pushed by coaches instead. this is william davenport. >> the young man came up to me with one arm missing. i thank you for your service and, my gosh, here i am whole. i just have a problem seeing. >> reporter: davenport skiing downhill legally blind. 80% of the cost is covered by private donation like that from former deputy defense secretary dr. paul wolfowi it tz. >> much more appealing to have your philanthropy go to an activity where there's a lot of tender loving care volunteer labor, things money can't buy. >> reporter: organizers often hear from vets this one week changes their lives, even if it comes in the form of peer pressure. >> if i'm a shoulder and see a marine doing something, my pride
9:55 am
is going to kick in. i'm going to do it as a soldier. >> and our thanks for that inspirational story. the world's 2 billion christians are celebrating east they are weekend n. argentina thousands walked through the streets of buenos aires carrying jant crosses and candles celebrating good friday. the procession of prayer is a re-enactment of the last hours leading to the crucifix of jesus christ. the ceremony used to be led by cardinal now known as pope francis who is a native of argentina. also here on the fox news channel you can watch the movie "killing jesus" based on "the new york times" bestseller. it is on tomorrow night on fox at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. and still ahead, there's lots more to come in hour number two of "america's news headquarters." how your tax dollars are going to pay for a convicted murderer's sex change operation.
9:56 am
it's a story you won't want to miss. plus, we'll go to those fighting isis by sea as we go aboard the "uss carl vincent. ing ing over the course of the campaign we have fighting positions, training camps. we've killed their fighters. we've killed their leadership. i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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10:00 am
thanks for staying with us this saturday. i'm leland vittert. coming to you here from washington. >> and i'm uma pemmaraju. here's what's making news right now. president obama gets his framework nuclear deal with iran iran. now he has to sell it to a skeptical congress and wary benjamin netanyahu who calls the agreement a threat to israel's existence. netanyahu's spokesman will be joining us live from jerusalem. plus home grown terrorism the islamic state's influence reaches across the atlantic and into the united states with these women. we'll have a live report on american women trying to do the deadly work of isis here at home. and for the first time in a national poll, a possible gop presidential contender is in a
10:01 am
dead heat with hillary clinton. our political panel will be joining us for a fair and balanced debate. as the white house continues to sell the eyeiran deal as good for america and the world allies in the middle east are sounding the alarm bell. the loudest voice in the room israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who says the framework, as it stands now, threatens his country's very survival. the spokesman for prime minister benjamin netanyahu joins us live from jerusalem. start with this, were you all surprised as this framework rolled out? were you surprised with the terms? did you think it would be better or worse? >> well, as you know we've been expressing kens about what's been on the table in these negotiations for quite some time. you'll recall my prime minister spoke in congress and that was what, three, four weeks ago and he spoke about this very issue. we see this framework agreement as a step in the wrong direction. it's a very dangerous step.
10:02 am
ultimately it leaves intact a very exhaustive a huge iranian nuclear infrastructure. it doesn't dismantle, it doesn't take apart a single iranian nuclear facility. it allows the iranians to maintain thousands of centrifuges to enrich. it also, unfortunately, allows the iranians to conduct reserarch and development on even faster and more efficient centrifuges. so with iran's nuclear infrastructure intact, that's a problem. >> as you point out, the israeli prime minister has been talking about this for over a decade now in terms of how he feels about iran as a threat to israel. clearly came to the united states, made things very clear in his speech to the united states congress. do you think that the american president doesn't believe him, doesn't care, thinks he has a better idea of how to protect the world? why is there such a huge disconnect between such longtime allies, the united states and israel, on this?
10:03 am
>> well there's a serious policy issue on this question. and we're not hiding it. there is a serious disagreement on this deal which we see as a problem. fist of all because as i just said, because it leaves iran's nuclear infrastructure in place and at the same time it doesn't demand a change in iranian behavior look, the iranians say they want to be treated like a normal country. what about asking them first to start acting like a normal country, recognize my country's right to exist. the iranians this week again say israel should be destroyed. the exact quote was israel's destruction is nonnegotiable. what sort of behavior is like that? how can you treat them as a normal country when they called for the obliteration for the destruction of my country? >> a very clear statement by the iranians. i want to show you what your counterpart here in the united states had to say about the prime minister's comments regarding the deal.
10:04 am
>> he certainly has the right to articulate his view but the president has the right to articulate his view and take the steps he believes are in the best interests of the united states. >> president obama has said the altern tetchative to the framework deal on the table now is a war in the middle east. do you think he's right about that? you're in the middle east. do you think there's a way to get a better deal? >> yes, we do. we don't think it's the choice between a bad deal and war. we think there's a third alternative, a better deal a deal that actually does significantly take apart iran's nuclear infrastructure a deal that demands that iran change its behavior stop supporting terrorism, stop supporting aggression throughout the middle east and finally recognizing my country's right to exist. and it's possible to achieve a better deal by standing firm keeping the pressure up on iran until we get them to agree to change their behavior. >> and 13 months ago that was
10:05 am
some of the things the president described should be in a better deal, things like eliminating the underground facility the heavy wawater reactor those kinds of things. obviously the prime minister spent a lot of time trying to talk to the american people, trying to talk to the administration and congress, in press conferences, those kinds of things. in this interim time here between the framework deal and the end of june when you're going to have all the technical aspects worked out in the deal, do you think the prime minister is going to come back to washington, might try to meet with president obama in some way to try to convince him face-to-face or is that not in the cards? >> i don't want to rule anything in or out at this stage, but i can say the following will be making our case. we see this framework deal as a threat to israel. it's not only a threat to israel, it's a threat to the region as you've reported. the arab countries feel as threatened as we do. let's be clear. if the goal of this deal is to create nonproliferation to prevent countries getting nuclear weapons, the opposite could happen because this deal
10:06 am
not only paves the way for iran to get a nuclear weapon but it could motivate iran's neighbors who feel threatened by iran and arab countries, sunni muslim countries they see as an enemy. they could now expedite their own nuclear program and then you get nuclear proliferation here in the middle east. >> that's certainly a concern a lot of folks have had in terms of the nuclear proliferation. when the israelis and arabs agree on things, you might want to pay attention to that. so many folks now have stepped this up like munich in the 1930s, nazi germany is on the rise and you had chamberlain, the prime minister of the united kingdom come and make a deal with hitler. are the stakes that high? is this a churchill kind of moment hear where you need someone like churchill versus chamberlain? and someone compared the prime minister to churchill. do you think that's a fair characterization? >> well, i'd prefer it at this moment to talk about the issue
10:07 am
itself and not about the personalities. obviously i have great respect for my prime minister. it's clear i think on the issues that his concerned are brought by reality. it puts a lot of emphasis on monitoring. monitors when they work with authoritarian, with totalitarian regimes, they play games with monitors. we didn't see monitors work not in iraq we didn't see them work in syria or libya. monitors can cannot work effectively in an authoritarian re seem. to base an agreement on monitors coming in and looking, where are they going to look? is the iranian regime going to allow them to go anywhere they want to go? i doubt it very much. >> well, and on that it seems the monitors, the inspect as they call them, can't go with where they want when they want. no snap inspections that would allow them to take a look at the most important facilities right when they need to if they develop some kind of intelligence from the satellite data. mark regev coming out on the
10:08 am
passover day after, we appreciate it the. happy holidays to you and your family there in israel. we appreciate you being with us, sir. >> happy holidays to you in america, too. >> thanks mark. and i would like to hear from you on the ib you of iran. now that we know the framework for a nuclear deal with eyeiran is in place, do you think it will get a thumbs up from congress before june 30 deadline? you can send your tweets to us and we're going to read some of those responses a little later on in our show. turning now to the growing crisis in yemen as that country struggles against militants seizing control. the international red cross calling for an immediate 24-hour ceasefire in that nation in a desperate bid to bring in medical supplies. this as china helps foreign nationals. beijing saying one of its naval vessels helping to evaluate 600 chinese citizens and 225 foreign citizens. china says foreign governments
10:09 am
requesting that aid and this is the first time china's military has taken part in rescue operations in a danger zone for foreign nationals. >> today's missions are primarily in iraq. we're always ready to support operations in both iraq and syria if necessary. >> all right. that is captain matt leheah aboard one of the most powerful warships in the world. the ship at the center of the u.s.-led campaign in syria and iraq. it has dropped more than 500 shells on isis targets. the carrier has been stationed in the persian gulf all the way since last october. >> terrorism on the home front, federal officials arresting a philadelphia mother on charges of supporting the islamic state. that arrest happening just one day after two new york city women were taken into custody for an isis-inspired bomb plot. joining us now laura ingalls
10:10 am
live. laura? hi uma. terror experts say this is proving another example how the far reaching arm of the islamic state is making an impact on followers here in the united states. 30-year-old ke no na thomas used the nickname young lionness as she reached out to become a martyr for the cause. she was arrested yesterday and is now in federal custody charged with attempt to go provide support to a terrorist organization. she could get 15 years in prison if convicted. the criminal complaint alleges that thomas did online research on indirect travel routes to turkey which as we know, is a common transit point for a hopeful isis fighter. the complaint cites some of her tweets she post eded on twitter. one shows a picture of u.s. currency with the following quote. u.s. dollar note donated by kuwait nationals to the isis
10:11 am
brothers. your death becomes a wedding. pleasure in paradise. in queens, new york as you mentioned two women who, until recently were once roommates, were arrested for conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons or property in the you states. both women who are american citizens appeared in federal court in brooklyn on thursday. court documents say that one of the women had been obsessed with pressure cookers since the boston marathon attack ss in 2013. she praised the 9/11 attacks and stated osama bin laden is one of her heroes. she was in possession of multiple propane gas tanks and had instructions on how to turn them into explosive devices. the other woman, according to the criminal complaint quote espouses violent jihadist belief s and expressed interest in terrorist attacks in the u.s. both of those women in new york are being held without bail if convicted on all the charges could face life in prison . uma? >> laura, thank you very much.
10:12 am
a chinese-born american citizen is back with his family in houston after serving more than eight years in chinese prison. human rights groups say he was released friday and then immediately deported. china accused him of illegally collecting information on the country's oil industry. american diplomats lobbied for his release saying the alleged crime did not fit what was a very harsh punishment. and recovery efforts have been suspended in the french alps at the site that have downed germanwings jet. they are stopping work through at least the weekend because they have salvaged most of what they need from that crash site. this just days after authorities announced they have collected enough human remains to begin dna analysis on the victims. crews have also recovered the plane's data recorder which investigators say shows that co-pilot intentionally crashed that jet. a health scare involving at least three dead customers has shut down operations at a
10:13 am
popular ice cream company. blue bell ice cream says they are suspending production due to concerns from the bacteria listeria. three people in kansas died after eating contaminated blue bell ice cream products linked to that oklahoma facility. blue bell says they're working with the food and drug administration to review their operations there at that plant. >> and a lot more coming your way. two days after new jersey senator bob menendez enters a not guilty plea to 14 charges of corruption. how strong is the department of justice's case against menendez? we'll take a lackook and get reaction. this convicted murderer is getting a sex change operation all on the taxpayers' dime. a live report on the outrage brewing in one state after a judge's ruling. ♪ and celebratinging one of the holiest dates on the
10:14 am
christian calendar.
10:15 am
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turk now to the special holiday weekend.
10:18 am
christians marking with a mass in bethlehem including a special blessing of a statue depicting jesus after the crucifix. the church of the in anativity is built over the site christians believe mary gave birth to jesus. and on this easter weekend we invite you to watch a special program "killing jesus." you don't want to miss the movie based on the best-selling book by bill o'reilly. you can watch it right here on fox news channel tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'mse prosecutors at the justice department don't know the difference between friendship and corruption and have chosen to twist my duties as a senator as my friendship into something that is improper. they are dead wrong and i am confident that they will be proven so. >> certainly fired up senator
10:19 am
bob menendez of new jersey at a press conference shortly after a federal grand jury indicted him had of corruption charges. earlier this week he entered a not guilty plea to 14 charges of corruption. so was he helping a friend, or is was he trading influence for a lavish vacation and other perks that were offered by a florida doctor? joining us now former deputy assistant attorney general. when you look at this case, it certainly doesn't sound good, vacations, private jet flights. clearly the senator helped this donor but that doesn't necessarily make it illegal, right? >> no. the difficulty for the department, and things certainly do look bad for senator menendez, the difficulty is proving these actions, official actions, were taken because of the gifts and weren't just actions that would have been taken anyway. for example giving a constituent or a donor help with a visa is something i would suspect that almost every senate
10:20 am
office has done. similarly calling the state department and asking for a contract is something a lot of senate offices have done. of course we do that because you have money or gifts or travel, then would you have a problem. proving that connection particularly as appears to be the case, this donor and senator menendez were long-term friends anyway, proving that quid pro quo could be tough for the department. >> when you talk about them trying to prove quid pro quo they have not had an exemplary batting average with these political corruption cases, back to ted stevens from alaska and also john edwards, both cases that in large part seemed to fall apart. >> right. i think that because of that, i would think they're going to try to have this case as locked down as they can. i would note more recently they were successful in the prosecution of governor mcdonnell in virginia which was a similar official act in exchange for gifts type of case.
10:21 am
they probably learned a lot from that as well but, again, i think that the history here is a tough one and i think particularly where senator menendez has excellent counsel which he does, it's not correct just to look at the facts and say this is a slam dunk for the government. >> that's the justice side of the equation. now the political side of this case. senator menendez an outspoken critic of the president not only about cuba but very outspoken when it comes to the issue of iran. he's now had to step down from the foreign relations committee. that's number one. you have to think about the timing here, bob. it came out literally as the negotiation ss were just wrapping up up in switzerland. the senator says that this was a political motive to silence me based on the timing. you have to think about that, don't you? >> well certainly i would use that timing to my advantage and point and suggest that things were political. i'm not sure if in fact, it
10:22 am
was. i think generally the integrity act without political consideration should act that way but the timing leaves the question open. good counsel will try to point out, look, this is happening on the verge of the iran deal right after the cuba situation where menendez was a critic and it was portrayed as punishment. particularly where some of the counts of things that i think lots have engaged in. it could be made to look selective and i'm sure that's what counsel will try to do. >> in a sense as you look at this, does that stand up to the smell test? you've worked at the justice department. is it possible too much politically motivated investigations there or it's better to believe in conspiracy or conspiracy more over incompetence? >> i would highly doubt there's a directive to go ahead and indict senator menendez on a particular day. i don't think that's the way
10:23 am
things operate. is it possible that someone thinks that the timing will make their boss happy? that's always possible. you but i would be really reluctant to believe that someone would be so braz ep as to just direct senator menendez be indicted on the eve of the iran deal for that reason. again, people take their cues from the top. sometimes you think the boss will be happy with this outcome and the timing will work for my boss and i'll do it without being told. that's always a possibility. >> it would be hard to have better timing when you're going against a very tough critic. robert driscol, we appreciate your time sir, and insight on this case over the past couple of weeks. thank you. >> thank you. >> happy easter to you and yours. uma? coming up right after this break -- we'll show you some heated protests erupting down under. we'll tell you what set off this dispute. and looking ahead to the 2015
10:24 am
presidential contest we have some new fox news polls that for the first time show a possible gop contender is in a dead heat with the democratic nominee, hillary clinton. we'll tell you who she is tied with. our political panel is joining us now to weigh in and sound off in a fair and balanced debate.
10:25 am
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welcome back everybody. turning now to some politics for the first time in a national poll the front-runner hillary clinton is tied with the gop presidential contend erer. a new fox news poll shows that potential matchup right now former florida governor jeb bush is neck and neck with the former secretary of state.
10:29 am
is this a sign of things to come or do the other potential 2016 candidates have a chance this early on to shake things up? joining us now and welcome on this holiday weekend. >> thank you for having us. so it's early, early, early. a lot of these early polls people will say don't mean much. still, they're a barometer on what the pulse is, rich. at the same time we've been talking about hillary clinton and what kind of a matchup she could be facing. jeb bush coming out early. >> yeah, he is coming out early. i think a lot of folks on the right are sort of raising their eyebrows. glenn beck has come out and said the hillary/bush combination is bad news, bad for business. and part of the problem with this country. we are not a country of monarchies or in need of democracy. that's part of the problem. i think it's way too early to tell who the real nom nae will be.
10:30 am
>> does the kun try want a dynasty to take over? >> i think they want a proven person that will actually lead this country back to prosperity and the difference between the republican party and a democratic party, i believe unless biden throws his hat in the ring, hillary is a sure thing. diversity can be a detriment instead of something positive. ted cruz came out with his ad promoting christianity. that's fine. but to win the actual presidency you need to be all things to all people. >> there were no adds brought up per se. he wanted to reinforce the christian base that he's one of them and that he believes in their core values. >> it's way too early to tell. a healthy primary is a good thing but in this case it might be too healthy for its own good. it can reach havoc as we get
10:31 am
closer and closer to 2016. i have to give ted cruz credit and i rarely do. he's the first to announce he's running. instead of the dark money campaign he said i want this campaign to be about the issues so i will announce my candidacy and raise money from grassroots supporters and that is a big deal because i'm a grassroots guy. >> what i hope doesn't happen if you remember in 2012 republicans destroyed themselves and gave democrats food for fodder. i want a robust debate to show the diversity of the power. >> when you have a lot of candidates like that it's easy to fall into that trap where they are going to try to gang up on one or two of the front-runners, i think. that's what's inevitable. >> you have more than likely will announce and rubio. it shows that the party and i hope to keep it aboveboard.
10:32 am
>> as for hillary, the fact she continues to be dogged by the situation, her time as secretary of state and the fact that she continues to have questions about those erased and leted ed deleted e-mails. it will be an issue whether she likes it or not. that investigation will continue. so given that you do you think the democrats are going to beg for another alternative? >> it's too early to tell. the republicans are good for driving until the wheels drive off. that is really good for hillary. she'll have a chance to talk about ideas, a slugfest of a primary like we saw in 2012 will allow hillary to rise above the fray. >> when a candidate has to
10:33 am
redefine them self, she will have to answer. you know she's going to be. come on now. >> no thoughts she won't be a candidate? >> we have to wait until jeb announces. >> hillary has her shadow task force in hand. >> any thought she may not be a candidate? >> i'm a big believer in healthy primaries and we'll have to see what happens. martin o'malley has been to iowa. we think jim web is in the case. ways to aspire americans to do the right thing. >> if elizabeth warren and biden throw their hat in the ring, that's the division in your party there. >> that will split the party in a big way? >> it will. hillary has a lot to run against
10:34 am
as senator and as secretary of state. >> at what point does it become damaging if she has to answer questions about this every time she goes on the road? if this remains an open issue, it will come up. how is that going to distract from the campaign when you want to talk about ib use? >> it's an inside baseball news story. you go to places like arkansas, alabama, miami, florida. they're going to continue talking about that. >> it's going to raise questions about her judgment, raise questions about her tenure as secretary of state and the fact she set her own rules. >> those same apply. you have jeb bush who has a family name. >> people didn't die. >> you have scott walker this
10:35 am
union busting governor who has no appeal outside of wisconsin. >> people died under her watch. >> this is the car and the wheels have fallen off. >> people died under her watch. >> the truth of the matter here is the benghazi issue, the wheels have fallen off. republicans know it. the republicans came back and said there was no wrongdoing here. >> this is going to go on. this is something that will continue. we're going to keep talking about it, the investigation continues, of course. i noeknow we'll be checking back with you often. thanks so much for joining us. appreciate it. leland? uma, dueling demonstrations, one against islam and the other against racism involving thousands of people. >> seven islamists plan to blow
10:36 am
up. had they succeeded they would have killed thousands of men, women and children. one of the men involved living in australia for 19 years on welfare payments. >> islamophobia has no place in australian society. >> and you can see the riots right there with police on horses trying to break up these two crowds. a group called reclaim australia was protesting islamic extremism and another group counter demonstrated saying the first was racist. the violent clashes in melbourne, australia, police struggled to separate 3,000 protesters altogether. there were at least two arrests. as you can imagine from the crowd some myinor injuries. there's been an unusual ruling in california that may be the first in stateu'll find out why a judge says this prisoner's constitutional rights, take a look at the picture see if you can figure out why a judge says the
10:37 am
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there's been a lot of debate of appropriate song to this story but we haven't come up with one individual so soundless. the bad taste of monkey business. the indian governor's move to expand internet certificateservice is running into, shall we say, an unexpected problem. monkeys have been munching on the fiber optics cables.
10:42 am
they are struggling to stop the pray mate primates from eating the wires. chasing away is a big tourist draw and many consider them sacred. enough not to have internet, i guess. well, the next story is causing quite an uproar all because of a judge's ruling that will require taxpayer dollars to pay for a sex change operation. a california transgender inmate may be the first in that state to get the operation provided by the state's prison system. live from l.a. with more on this story. will? >> reporter: hi, uma. this is not only controversial but could be costly for taxpayers costing up to $100,000 potentially for the sex change surgery. take a look at the inmate that we're talking about, michelle, her birth name is jeffrey. she went to presidentison in 1987
10:43 am
as a man and is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder. but in the '90s started living as a woman. since, she has received counseling, mental health treatment and hormone therapy all on the taxpayer dime. but now u.s. district court judge says the department of corrections must provide her with sex change surgery ruling that denying the procedure is against her rights. >> if we show deliberate indifference. in this instance it's really akin to someone having sickle cell anemia and not being treated for it. >> the law is clear. the courts have ruled that hormone therapy, which the california taxpayers have generously paid for roughly 15 years, is constitutionally adequate. to go way above that to the level of required surgery at taxpayer expense is not required.
10:44 am
>> regardless of the opinions on both sides there are some practical problems here. she is serving in the mule creek state presidentison, an all-male prison. the department of corrections says it would be concerned about keeping her from because of potential violence. then they're worried about potentially shifting her into a women's prison because she has a history of violence including domestic violence before her murder conviction. now with all of this going on the department of corrections says that it is considering an appeal. and as for precedent there is a little bit here in texas there was a case after man who castrated himself. he went on and got a sex change. the sex change surgery and then in massachusetts there's a similar phase where an inmate wants the surgery, was denied in the court, and is now trying to take that up to the supreme court. uma? >> well, i'm sure we're going to hear a lot more about the story as we get crowser to that operation. all right will. thank you very much. >> reporter: i think you're right. and that's all there is to say about that. still to come a deadly virus
10:45 am
that one time paralyzed millions of children and scared others is now saving lives. we'll tell you about how it's done coming up next. know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. . .
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well, welcome back, everybody. let's see how the easter weekend is shaping up weatherwise with our own meteorologist janice dean who is wearing her easter egg yellow and looking quite lovely there. >> thank you, uma. i was saying earlier easter bonnet or winter hat. look at some of these temperatures across the upper midwest, great lakes and the northeast. we're barely getting out of the freezing temperatures. we actually have freeze advisories as far south as the tennessee river valley. and the coldest on record for providence, rhode island, as well as hartford, are we going to get out of the deep freeze? well, this weekend we're still into cooler temperatures, and we might even see some snow on easter. i know snow colored easter eggs is not good. look at the snow that moves in across the great lakes and the northeast. so we're not quite done with winter yet and we're dealing with some unsettled weather
10:50 am
across the northwest that could put a damper on some plans for easter. they need the moisture certainly down south across california and parts of southern california but, again it could put a damper on some of these easter festivities. so there's a look at your sunday forecast watching that unsettled weather move into the unsettled weather move into the west. not too bad across portions of the central u.s., although along the gulf coast we can see showers and thunderstorms and in florida and a little bit of easter snow on sunday across the great lakes and the northeast. uma, i know. don't shoot the messenger. >> the snow, i just never -- i can't quite grasp that concept. crazy. >> i know. i know. it will get better. july will fix that. >> there we go. july. all right, janice, thank you. >> you got it. polio the once feared virus is now being used for good. scientists at duke university medical center have engineered a
10:51 am
polio virus to attack brain tumors and hopefully cure them. here to help explain exactly how this works is the reporter for the medical daily. justin, in very layman's terms lay out how injecting polio into the tumor turns the tumor into something that people can live with. >> well, what the researchers are doing, they have re-engineered the polio virus. now what they have done is they removed the genetic sequence and replaced wit the viruss uponable for the common cold. now it's capable of replicating within cancer cells and as they replicate, they corrupt the cell. and all -- cancer is notorious to treat because it comes equipped with a protective barrier that basically hides it from the immune system. what this new polio virus which is a vaccine, it's lifting that barrier and basically saying you need to come in and attack. >> when you first think of the idea of injecting someone who's
10:52 am
already sick with polio you think wouldn't that give them polio, but the researchers made it so that the polio is benign. >> yes. by removing that genetic sequence they have obviously -- the cancer -- the polio virus is allowed to replicate within the cancer cell. however, with that little piece they removed in normal cells it is incapable of replicating which would cause the various symptoms related to polio. >> i remember hearing about the duke study that this is happening in. the first couple of patients were sort of on death's door. they made a miraculous recovery. no one thought it was possible. now all of a sudden, you can see the brain scans that we have on the left side, obviously, is where the brain tumor was. right side is where the brain tumor was and on the right side it's gone. it's incredible technology that's happened here. any risk here, have they been able to figure this out and try to help and -- and help folks in a broader scale?
10:53 am
or is this still phase one? >> they're currently in a clinical trial phase one. however, they're treating some patients with glio blastoma and what they have is four patients in remission, which for this deadly form of cancer it's as you said it's nothing short of miraculous. as far as any problems they have run into, what they're trying to do is hammer out dosage which is also important in any immunotherapy. too much of a dose with this can lead to the overreaction from the immune system. >> and justin real quickly, any thought that this is going to be able to work on other types of cancer? obviously, brain tumors, things like lung cancer, pancreatic cancer the other difficult cancers? >> absolutely. absolutely. the trials have only been focused on glio blastoma, however they're in the experimental stage of other
10:54 am
cancers, breast cancer, pretty much any cancer. because with the polio virus, a key receptor that actually attaches itself to the solid tumor, and with the polio virus it's able to come in and start fighting those cancer cells. >> incredible. offering a lot of hope to folks who didn't have much. justin kava, i appreciate your time in breaking this down from new york. thanks. >> thank you. coming up next, as you prepare for the easter bunny's arrival, you don't want to miss this heart warming story of an easter tradition like no other. >> with my daughter one of her first phrases was i'll do it myself. she wants to do it by herself. most of the kids want to do that too. >> this special easter egg hunt is bringing lots of joy to a special group of youngsters. ♪
10:55 am
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welcome back. we asked for your thoughts to this question -- now that we know the framework for an iran deal, do you think it will get a thumbs up from congress? lots of you weighed in. angela said of course congress will support the agreement. they have caved every time thus far. why change now?
10:59 am
barbara adds, congress would be remiss to accept an iranian deal. obama is a terrible deal maker and his judgment is flawed by ideology. and james says, will congress block the iranian deal? hope so. but who knows? they don't represent the people anymore. thanks to all of you who weighed in. okay, so the eggs are beeping and the sound is making easter extra special for a group of kids in alabama. these special beeping easter eggs are part of an easter egg hunt for children at the alabama institute for the deaf and blind. the beeping easter eggs probably don't help the deaf kids very much but they help the blind kids. it was started nine years ago by a special act for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms after finding out that his daughter was blind and then we're not sure -- there we go, now with we're back too the easter egg hunt. they put the easter eggs out and
11:00 am
the kids can find them. >> a wonderful, inspirational story to make sure the kids feel connected. >> you heard the father there say how much his daughter wanted to be like everybody else. and now she can. see you tomorrow. this week on "the journal editorial report," president obama hails an historic agreement with iran, but is the framework likely to lead to a nuclear free middle east? and can the administration get israel and congress on board? plus, the furor over indiana's religious freedom law offers a preview of the culture wars going into 2016. are republicans ready for that fight? a brutal massacre in kenya this easter week remind us once again of the grim reality facing christians in africa and the middle east. as president and commander in chief, i have no greater responsibility than th


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