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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 4, 2015 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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t to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. a framework is in place to forge a deal that would prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb. and now the politicking for public opinion kicks into high gear as president obama says he's convinced the agreement makes the world a safer place. but critics are skeptical saying it's a path toward a nuclear iran. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm julie banderas. among the skeptics is benjamin netanyahu who wanted it to have a clear recognition of israel's right to exist.
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molly henneberg has the very latest from washington. hi, molly. >> caller: >> reporter: hi, good afternoon. in outline doesn't deal with any quote other issues nor should it. israel believes otherwise. in his weekly radio address today, president obama asserted this potential agreement cuts off quote every path way that iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. >> international inspectors will have unprecedented access to iran's nuclear program, because iran will face more inspections than any other cou if iran cheats, the world will know it. if we see something suspicious we'll inspect it. is based on unprecedented verification. >> reporter: but after a top iranny official was quoted as saying that erasing israel off the map is quote non-negotiable israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu responded by saying
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the survival of israel is non-negotiable. netanyahu wants the u.s. to include a section in the deal that acknowledges israel. >> israel will not accept an agreement which allows a country that vows to annihilate us to develop nuclear weapons, period. and in addition israel demands that any final agreement with iran will include a clear and unambiguous iranian commitment of israel's right to exist. >> reporter: again, the state department indicated that's unlikely to happen. the obama administration is trying to get a final deal with iran, and five other world powers not including israel by june 30th. julie? >> thank you very much. so what does america gain with this deal and what do we lose? and how will foreign policy play into the presidential election? you can bet it's going to be a
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hot topic. in our next hour of america's news headquarters we'll talk with jamie weinstein on how foreign policy may shape up the race for the white house. shiite leader is blaming isis for the kidnapping of more than 40 members of the minority community. he says it was the work of two former taliban leaders who later switched their allegiance to the terror group. it happened in late february in the southeast province and the leader says an effort to find the victims came up short. but as far as he knows, they are still alive. meanwhile, a new propaganda video shows the isis leaders laying waste to another village. the militants are hammering away at a priceless statue. in fact, several of them. also shooting them with assault rifles. the footage purportedly originating in hatra, and
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according to experts that city actually withstood multiple invasions by the ancient romans because of the high, reinforced walls. an alabama man is free today after nearly 30 years on death row. anthony ray henton walking out of prison into the arms of his loved ones. amazing. this after prosecutors dismissed the charges for his retrial in the 1985 murders of two fast food managers. ballistics tests finally proving the bullets from the scene did not come from a gun found in his home. wow. at least two deaths are being reported after heavy rains triggered flash flooding in parts of kentucky. the mayor of louisville says crews had their hands full conducting more than 160 rescues as the water just kept rising. >> it flooded, it is going underneath. it is going straight through the building.
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it's ugly. if you walk in, it looked like this. don't know what to do. don't know where to go. >> meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> hi, julie. you can see over the last 48 hours how much rain moved through this region. four to six inches in just a matter of hours. and that's why we have footage like what we just saw. unfortunately deaths in the region. we have flash flood watches and warnings but they're starting to subside as the rain moves eastward which is great news. the front is moving off the mid-atlantic coast and you can see drying conditions for this area. we are looking at the potential though for some snow to move in. just in time for easter. let's take a look at it. there's your future radar. new england several inches of snow for you. we have colder air, i know, like a broken record. every weekend, cold air moving in from canada. so upper midwest, great lakes. towards the northeast, heading in on sunday. we'll see the stripe of snow
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move through this area. along the coast though we'll just see the potential for a little bit of rain. but not too big a deal. however, if you don't like the snow, snow covered eggs, you get the picture you want to make sure your egg hunts are indoors. across the west, much needed moisture for portions of california. we have been getting a lot of moisture in towards the northwest, so flooding is a concern there. however we'll take what we can get for parts of california into the epic, historic drought here. severe to exception for the west, over 36% and 100% of drought in california. we'll look for the potential of more systems moving in from the pacific bringing beneficial moisture and snow packs to the areas that really need it. so there's the good news. for your easter sunday, here's what we are dealing with. again, the potential for some snow across the northern tier of the country. perhaps some showers and thunderstorms for the gulf coast. and florida. and then we're going to deal with unsettled weather for the west through the workweek. there's our little happy bunny
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there. there is your temperatures across the u.s. again. the real cold air is sort of trapped across the great lakes. the northeast up towards new england where they could get several inches of snow. julie, i know this is good. you like spring skiing. you like the snow. >> i'm just sitting here and talking about -- not that i wasn't giving you full attention, how i get so depressed at the end of the winter. i'm the opposite of the rest of the world. >> i love to hear that. >> that's one example. >> she's a snow bunny. >> i was bummed when i came back from the last weekend up in vermont skiing. >> i'm bummed you're bummed to be sitting here with me. >> now that it's snow -- i have to take the skis back out. i don't know. janice, thank you. well, serious news right now. fidel castro making his first public appearance since cuba agreed last december to normalize relations with the u.s. these photos just released of him greeting a delegation from venezuela. he shook hands through the window of his vehicle and then he met with them at a school.
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fidel castro is now 88 years old. his last public sighting was more than a year ago. hillary clinton hasn't officially toss her hat into the 2016 ring, but a big move is making it more obvious that she's likely gearing up for a run. even as her e-mail controversy shows no signs of slowing down. our political panel weighs in just ahead. and a quick programming note to tell you about. millions of people tuned in to watch the hit special "killing jesus" this week on the fox news channel, but if you missed it, you have one more chance to see the television event based on bill o'reilly's best selling book. 8:00 p.m., right here on fox news channel. and then i saw him slowly coming down the aisle. one of those guys who just can't stop talking. i was downloading a movie. i was trying to download a movie. i have verizon. i don't. i get that little spinning wheel. download didn't finish. i finished the download. headphones on. and i'm safe.
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time for a quick check of the headlines now. convicted murderer cameron taylor is back in custody after escaping from an illinois county jail. he led chicago police on a foot chase late last night. he was convicted for shooting a man in the head during an armed robbery. he faces new charges for a gun found in his possession. terrifying video shows a stalled bumper boat bursting into flames late friday at the castles and coasters amusement park in phoenix. two young boys were on the boat at the time. both were rushed to the nearby hospital with second and third degree burns. no word so far on the cause of the accident. sky gazers were given a glimpse of a total lunar eclipse. this happens when the moon is completely obscured by the earth's shadow. the new total lunar eclipse will take place in september. all right. hillary clinton may be getting closer to making it official.
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after her team signed a lease for a big office space in brooklyn new york, the feds give candidates 15 days to create a committee after what it calls campaign activity. well, that includes leasing an office meanwhile questions about her e-mail continue to swirl. let's bring in our political panel to discuss this. richard fowler, a democratic strategist and a fox news analyst. several questions here. why is hillary clinton leasing a large office space an 80,000 square feet by the way, in brooklyn, new york? she is gearing up for another for the presidency. adean, ladies first. >> sure she is. i view her as an icon of the political elite. she's opening the office up in brooklyn. listen, i find it very comical and cynical that they're trying to position her as a woman of the peeps so to speak. where she's much more
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comfortable being in the wall street office with goldman sachs because she is an elitist and again, i don't see her being someone relatable and personable to americans. >> wow. does america have time for the elitist who's unrelatable and impersonable to americans? >> here's the thing about hillary clinton, she's had years of being quote/unquote elite in danine's words. but her and her husband, they really are the american dream. they came from nothing, built a political empire. for that they shouldn't be faulted for it. let's be real, so she has leased an office and may be making a run for the president or opening a fortune 500 company. who knows? no matter what happens i think she'll be a formidable nominee and she's going to be able to sort of push forward her ideals on what the country needs. >> you were discussing this, we were actually showing video or at least pictures of hillary clinton messing with the famous blackberry and the e-mails.
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you know, state department information was on that as well. public/private. so what's all the trouble surrounding her e-mails and how will that have an impact on her as she moves forward with the likely presidential run? >> well, here's the thing. i think her e-mails, you know, they are clearly -- they have negatively affected her popularity and she has to answer some questions about that. i think she's turned over all her e-mails to the state department. she even went to the republican committee on the house side and said, hey, listen, i'm willing to have a public meeting. bring me in, put me under oath and let's discuss how they relate to benghazi and let's move forward. there's a red flag there could be more kabuki theater here. >> i'm glad he brought that up, because the other side of the equation is what does hillary gain if she goes publicly with this because wouldn't that limit how many questions -- tough questions the panel or the house
11:46 am
select committee could ask? >> well, listen, i think it's a good move to make it a private meeting because what we don't want is the media circus surrounding this situation. again why does she delete the e-mails and why does she wipe clean the server? how come she didn't come clean with the information she was subpoenaed to provide? what does hillary clinton have to hide? and richard mentioned that the clintons are the story of the american dream. i find it to be the american nightmare because they're surrounded by one controversy after another. and i think americans are really tired of it. >> well, here's the thing, kelly. i'm sorry you can't have your cake and eat it too. either you want the e-mails to be public -- >> we wanted them months ago. >> why have a private meeting? why not a public meeting under oath? >> let me interject with both of you. the reason why i ask this question, if it's a private meeting they can ask those kind of questions that would remain for all intents and purposes confidential, top secret. transcribing it so that at a
11:47 am
later date that transcription can be read. with that that would give trey gowdy and the other members of the house select committee time to ask the questions that are pertinent to what happened at the u.s. consulate under hillary clinton's watch that took the lives of four americans at benghazi. >> exactly. we want to get to the bottom of that, kelly. i think hillary should be more concerned about valerie jarrett leaking information than trey gowdy leaking information. >> this is part of the kabuki theater that i'm talk about. let's have the truth. our congress ought to reflect our country. where everything is heard. everything is publicly transparent. why have a meeting behind closed doors in a smoke-filled room when you can have a meeting in front of the public where the public can come into the meeting, right when you have -- >> confidential -- let's do open. give it all to the american people as long as we're talkingb about transparency. with that i have to end, i didn't want to end with the last
11:48 am
word but we have to do it that way. the clock is ticking. thanks guys. well, it is a lesson on moderation. doctors say a man's organs failed from his addiction to get this, iced tea. sweet tea as they call it in the south. so how much is too much when it comes to the sweet beverage? we'll talk about it live. >> yeah, we will. plus some excite. for a quiet suburb. look at this. buffalo named big boy. leading police on a wild chase. what the bison was doing there before making a run from the law. >> it's been plenty adequate for 25 years, with all the buffalo. but this one is a jumper. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain
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central texas turned into the wild west when a huge buffalo led police on a chase
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through the suburbs. check this out. the 2,000 pound bison named big boy was strolling down the middle of the street eating grass in nearby yards before making a run from the police. >> he jumped the fence. the same thing that's been happening all week. it's springtime he wants to go out and find new grass and stuff, you know? >> finally some new grass. his owner said he's harmless but is really starting to annoy the local police. now big boy is being shipped off to a new home where he'll have plenty of room to run free. >> that song "where the buffalos roam." ♪ give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play ♪ >> that poor thing needs to roam. an arkansas man kidney failure from drinking too much ipesed tea. most tea drinkers have three to 12 servings on a typical hot
11:53 am
summer day. this man, however, was drinking 16 servings about a gallon a day. we have a professor of medicine of yu and a member of the new medical a-team and thank you so much for talking to us. and, you know, when we think about sweet tea and a man's kidneys failing as a result, you know, one would think is it the sugar or what is it in the tea that could have potentially caused this? >> well julie, this is actually pretty unusual. i want people out there to know that. >> sure. >> but the thing is in the tea it's black tea and we're talking about oxylate causes kidney stones especially if you have a tendency or a family history, especially if you've had it before or if you're dehydrated which may happen in the summer. 16 glasses a day, that's almost two grams of oxylate that he's getting a day and most people don't drink as you mentioned more than three or four glasses a day. they're not going to have this problem but it's something to
11:54 am
watch out for. are you having the ice tea with tree nuts which also has oxylate or spinach or dark chocolate, they have it in them. and are you getting enough calcium in your diet? because it prevents it from being absorbed and it gets it out of your system so if you have enough calcium it will help. >> if you are addicted to this stuff, because it can be addicting whether it's iced tea or hot tea a lot of people enjoy it year around. is it better off drinking decaf? is there a way to enjoy your summer tea not 16 cups obviously, but having it decaf. does that minimize the oxylate that you are consuming? >> it doesn't minimize the oxylate. but it would act as a diuretic and the caffeine helps you get dehydrated and that's the key thing. if you are looking out for kidney pains you have to look out for nausea and vomiting and
11:55 am
feeling very fatigue. this man was missed. he said we don't know what it is. and he finally figured out it was the ice tea. >> family history is also that is the biggest component i would think. i mean if this man did have family history drinking 16 cups a day, sure enough, did him in. >> and it's the most common kind of kidney stone you see, calcium oxylate stones. that's what you have to look out for. in his case he didn't have stones, he actually had the whole kidney failing which really doesn't happen that often but it gives you an idea how toxic oxylate is to the kidney. >> it's just so shocking and you talk about it being a rare case. we don't want to alarm people at home. you're welcome to have tea but just obviously in moderation. but the kidney failure part is so alarming. were there any signs that he perhaps missed? i mean, for him to just be final one day and then die of kidney failure the next due to this tea consumption, you would think that he must have been suffering
11:56 am
from some ailments or is it possible he felt no symptoms? >> and it was written up in the "new england journal of medicine" by the way as a very, very vague and unusual case. but he was feeling the nausea and vomiting and fatigue so i would say for people out there this might not be what you have. don't go diagnosing yourself but internists have to play detectives. if you go to your doctor and someone like me can't figure out the answer we have to look at the kidneys as a possible sign of fatigue. fatigue is a very common sign for kidney trouble. >> we'll be right back. thank you very much for talking to us. >> thank you, julie. les of diabetic nerve pain, these feet grew up in a family of boys... married my high school sweetheart... and pursued a degree in education. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you
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hello welcome back everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> good to be you with again. topping the news this hour growing fallout following the controversial agreement over iran's nuclear program. how it could end up defining the race for the white house in 2016. and a violent brawl breaking out at a popular casino in queens, new york? we have got the dramatic video you cannot miss. plus, the incredible story of a 19-year-old woman who survived a gruesome college massacre in kenya. how she managed to stay alive as all that carnage unfolded around her. but we begin with new details today on two u.s. women
12:01 pm
charged in a terror plot in new york city. investigators today shedding new light on their alleged plot and what exactly they intended to do. this as yet another woman in philadelphia the third in just two days is arrested on charges of trying to join isis. laura ingle is live in our new york city newsroom with the latest. >> authorities say the latest arrest is another example of how the far-reaching arm of the islamic state is making an impact on followers here in the west. this woman turned to social media to seek out support of her dreams of fighting for isis and as she put it become a martyr for the cause. she was arrested yesterday and is now in federal custody charged with attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. she could get 15 years in prison if convicted. the criminal complaint alleges that thomas did online research on indirect travel routes to
12:02 pm
turkey which is a common transit point for hopeful isis fighters as we know. the complaint also cites dozens of her online messages and tweets. one reads if you are a violent jihadi fighter your death becomes a wedding. in queens new york two women were arrested for conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons or property in the united states. both women who are american citizens appeared in federal court in brooklyn on thursday. now, the court documents say that one had possession of multiple propane tanks and instructions on how to turn them into explosive devices. the other woman expressed violent jihadist ideology. she has also been obsessed with pressure cookers since the boston marathon attacks according to the complaint. she also told an undercover officer if they got arrested they would try to confront and shoot police. both are being held without bail if convicted on all those charges they could face life in
12:03 pm
prison. julie? >> laura, thank you very much. >> thanks. iraq's prime minister saying the military will begin arresting those who loot abandoned homes. after reporting of widespread looting reported in tikrit, this following the liberation of the iraqi city from isis. government forces and iranian-backed shiite militias took control of the town after a week -- or after weeks of a long battle with help from u.s.-led coalition air strikes. tikrit is south dakota's home is saddam hussein's hometown. now, a 19-year-old survivor from the attacks in kenya. officials said she apparently hid in a crawl space above a closet refusing to emerge fearing the attackers were still on the scene. the teen became so hungry and thirsty she drank lotion to stay alive. here she is explaining what happened when the gun man arrived in the room.
12:04 pm
>> if they don't know how to -- whatever. and then you lie down and then if you know you go to the other side. i was just saying if god comes to my aid. then god will -- >> wow. we've got the very latest from the middle east bureau, hi john. >> reporter: hey, julie, and that young woman remained hidden even while those al shabaab militants wanted them to come out or stay in and die and those that came out were shot and killed anyway. as we know how 148 people were killed when the militants stormed that university campus thursday. just about 150 miles outside nairobi. there are also reports that the gunman shot to death those that were ordered to recite muslim
12:05 pm
prayers but could not. and among those targeted christians who were attending a service on the campus. pope francis condemned the killings friday calling them an act of senseless brutality. the u.s. also condemning the attack. five people were arrested in connection with it. two at the college, three others trying to cross into somalia, four attackers as we know were killed. now al shabaab has issued a new threat saying that kenyan cities will run red with blood vowing to carry out more attacks but kenya's president has vowed to hunt down the militants. and also go after the attackers and go after those militants with the severest ways possible. in the severest ways possible. but, you know, julie, some are really questioning at this point whether kenya's security forces will really live up to the task and be capable of not only hunting the militants down but also fighting back against them,
12:06 pm
julie? >> john, thank you very much. kelly? a germanwings plane makes an unscheduled stop in italy after a passenger and flight attendant fell ill possibly from panic attacks. the plane was heading from handleover, germany, to rome but it was foflsed to make the emergency landing in venice. the airbus jet was carrying 145 passengers and 5 crew members. this comes less than two weeks after a germanwings copilot crashed his plane into the french alps killing all 150 people on board. to california now where a judge has ordered the state to grant a transgender inmate's sex reassignment surgery. he will become the first in the state's history. and only the second time nationwide that a judge has issued an injunction directing a state prison system to provide the controversial procedure. will carr has the details from our los angeles bureau hi, will. >> hi julie. this is not only controversial it could be costly for
12:07 pm
taxpayers. a procedure like this can cost up to $100,000. take a look at the inmate that we're talking about here. michelle norsworthy her birth name is jeffrey brian norsworthy, she went to missen in 1987 as a man and after being convicted of second-degree murder. then in the '90s norsworthy started living as a woman. she's receiving counseling and mental health treatment and hormone therapy for 15 years all on the taxpayers' dime. but now a u.s. district court ruled that she has a medical condition where one has a conflict between their sex at birth and theirxpressed gender. the judge ruling that denying the sex change operation violates norsworthy constitutional rights. >> if there is a serious medical need and the government shows deliberate indifference to that need, then it violates his eighth amendment rights against cruel and inhuman treatment. in this instance it's akin to e-cell
12:08 pm
animeemia and not being treated for it. >> the law has been pretty clear. the courts throughout the united states have ruled that hormone therapy which the california taxpayers have paid for 15 years. but to go way above that to the level of required surgery at taxpayer expense is not required. >> regardless of the opinions there are some practical problems here. norsworthy is serving in the mule creek state prison which is an all-male prison. the department of corrections says that they would be concerned about keeping her there after the surgery because of potential violence but they are worried about also transitioning her to a women's prison because norsworthy herself has a history of violence including domestic violence before her murder conviction and with all of the department of corrections is considering an appeal. as for precedent here there is just a little bit. a man in texas evidently an inmate castrated himself. he was able to get the surgery after that and right now in massachusetts there's a similar case to the case that we have here in california where an
12:09 pm
inmate has requested the surgery. was denied in the lower courts and is now taking it up to the supreme court. julie? >> will carr, thank you very much. kelly? chaos at a casino here in new york city. look at this. a massive brawl breaking out at the resorts world casino in queens. dozens throwing punches. tossing chairs. police arresting three people on disorderly conduct charges. one officer and several others were injured. the cause of the brawl is still under investigation. well the u.s. and six world powers agreeing on a preliminary framework for curbing iran's nuclear capabilities. next we're going to see how this and other foreign policy issues could end up defining the race for the white house in 2016. and as millions of christians prepare to celebrate easter, we'll meet one man using the teachings of jesus christ to help others lead better lives. and the next step in the case of millionaire murder
12:10 pm
suspect robert durst after his trial is put on hold after the defense witnesses ses failed to show up.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. hundreds of tourists visiting the trinity test site today in
12:14 pm
new mexico. federal officials just opened the historic grounds giving tourists the rare opportunity to see the location of the world's first atomic blast. when the los alamos scientists successfully exploded the first atomic weapon at the trinity site the steel tower holding the device disintegrated leaving only a massive crater behind. and in oklahoma blue bell ice cream temporarily halting work at a facility there after discovering ice cream tainted with listeria. the cdc said five people have been infected so far and three have died in the past year in kansas from listeria possibly linked to blue bell products. officials say they are working to find the source of the contamination. and check out this 2-year-old rottweiler. he developed frostbite when he was a puppy and is learning how to walk using prosthetic paws.
12:15 pm
after a strovergcontroversial framework deal reached last week over iran's nuclear program there are new signs that foreign policy issues are the lead topic and not the economy when it comes to the election in 2016. and the race for the white house with top likely presidential contenders on both sides already clashing over the deal jamie wineeinstein is the senior editor for "the daily caller." thank you for talking to us. obviously foreign policy is going to be the central issue. the economy unfortunately i believe will become second with all that is going on in the world with iran, with isis, with cuba, i mean, the list goes on and on. and then, of course, are battling in the middle east and iraq and afghanistan, so who -- which potential candidate would you say would most likely succeed when it comes to this issue? >> well, you know, none of the candidates have extensive foreign policy experience on the republican side. we're not talking about any candidate who was in a cab that position that dealt with foreign policy.
12:16 pm
but i would say if you had to choose one candidate that fits this narrative best that will be best able to handle the foreign policy questions of the top tier candidates i think marco rubio is that guy. marco rubio has based a large part of his senate career on studying foreign policy issues, traveling around the world, trying to become very flunt on those issues, he's on the foreign relations committee in the senate. so i think he will be most able to handle these questions with fluidity. you won't be able to get him, you know, off base by asking him a tough foreign policy question. he'll know what you're talking about. he'll be able to answer it in detail. i think if any of the candidates it benefits the most it would be marco rubio. >> you would know he would know the answers in the debate format when you put two candidates together and foreign policy being lobbed at them and questioned about how they would handle certain crises, but you believe a focus on foreign policy could actually hurt a couple potential candidates like scott walker and chris christie, because they haven't really focused on foreign policy issues
12:17 pm
as state governors. >> it could hurt some of the governor candidates there, the top governor candidates. >> how about jeb bush, too? >> well yeah, i think there are two different categories, though. i would say that chris christie and scott walker especially as governors might be hurt because they haven't focused on foreign policy issues that's not been a focus of theirs. chris christie has straightforwardly several times said he's not yet up on the subject. he's trying to get briefed. he's talking to henry kissinger. they need to catch up on this subject. it's not that they can't. they need to be caught up on the subject. jeb bush, too was a governor, of course, of florida. during that time he did deal some with foreign policy. you know, issues nationally. he was part of the project for a new american century so he kind of tried to be abreast of that subject. he's come from a family that's always dealt with foreign policy issues. his father was a head of the cia and his brother was president and the foreign policy issues have never been too foreign for
12:18 pm
him but he too, as a governor has never dealt actually in the terms of detail in foreign policy at least in the middle east and europe that someone in the senate might have. so yeah, he has a learning curve as well but i think it's not as steep as someone like scott walker and chris christie. >> i would have to say, though, when you say and use the term play catch-up as a voter i personally don't want a presidential contender to play catch-up on what to do and how to handle such crucial decisions when it comes to foreign policy and the lives that are dependent on it, so, i mean, that may backfire for a lot of candidates. i'm not sure a lot of voters will be comfortable with their candidate playing catch-up. >> without question voters probably want their candidate to know these issues in detail but it's just not always possible. and governors face a lot of challenges. they have to make stuff decisions they have executive experience which someone like marco rubio doesn't have. they'll be able to say our leadership ability on the state level will be able to translate on the national level, even if
12:19 pm
we haven't dealt with foreign policy issues we've had issues come to our desk of varying degrees when we get to the presidency we'll be able to handle the issues just like we've handled domestic issues even if we are not superexpert on the intrassys of the israeli israeli/palestinian conflict. >> that brings up an interesting question, it's very time sensitive and iran. because as you know this week a major deal potentially going through. i would call it a quasi-deal because it's not really fully through but it was put on the table which would limit iran from enriching urainiam and allow inspectors to have access to its facilities for the next 15 years. it does not impose sanctions. it does allow some 5,000 sentry centrifuges to remain open which basically says the rest of the world needs to trust iran and benjamin netanyahu does not like it either because it does not mention israel so it sort of
12:20 pm
discounts israel as iran is a threat to that country. where does the next president take iran from here if this deal is actually inked come june? >> i think, you know you can throw away those details because i think this is what really bothers a lot of the republican candidates i would say almost all the public candidates with iran. it's a fundamental issue about trust with the iranian regime they've been pursuing nuclear weapons for over 15 years. they've been pursuing it under great circumstances, you know, great sanctions against them. the republican candidates basically do not believe the ayatollah is willing to give up this program so easily that even any deal you impose on them they will cheat and hide and you might say it's a year breakout time to get a nuclear weapon but we've never been good at predicting these things. you might say it's a year and then you'll wake up and find out it's one day away yesterday they have a nuclear weapon. they do not trust the iranian
12:21 pm
regime under any circumstances, looking into their program to keep this deal. >> jamie weinstein, thank you very much for talking to us. very interesting stuff. >> thank you. >> kelly? tomorrow millions of faithful christians will observe easter. they will celebrate what the bible calls the resurrection of jesus christ in today's beyond the dream we focus on a man who has been using the teachings of jesus to influence people to lead better lives beyond the dream. >> i have been preaching for years that america is at war with god. and the battles that are taking place are not the separation of church and state. it's the alienation of church and state. >> in a day and age when atrocities are being committed against christians in africa and throughout the middle east, dr. ron stewart is calling for people to be tolerant of each other, to respect each other. >> christians are supposed to be
12:22 pm
tolerant. that's the key word for our society today, tolerance. and yet there's no tolerance for god. there's no tolerance for the church. as long as we stay inside our stained glass windows we can do anything we want. but you can't take it outside the stained glass windows. and without being persecuted, without feeling that warfare. >> stewart has been serving as the senior pastor of grace baptist church in knoxville tennessee. it is a vibrant church that seeks to be a place that people can call a home away from home. a place where regardless of are ethnicity, the color of your skin or socioeconomic background you are welcome. >> i want to see marriages healed and i want to see prodigals come home and i want to see boys like me who don't have any direction or guidance in life and to have some guidance and find out what their
12:23 pm
purpose in life is. >> to that goal stewart and the church established school for students from kindergarten to high school, more than 900 students now attend grace christian academy. the students are involved in academics athletics character development and volunteering to make a difference in their community, the state and the world. the school is designed to help children tap into their potential of becoming the leaders of tomorrow. >> greatest failure in life is a person who has potential and never reaches that potential. >> stewart is the author of the book "today's a special day 365 spiritual journeys into history" with that he relates historical developments to biblical faith. he says he believes everyone has a measure of faith that can help them overcome any obstacle. >> if i had the right kind of pleasures, if i could do this if i could have this drug or this drink or this person or this relationship that would make me happy. it's a lie.
12:24 pm
there's no one else that can make you happy. your creator is the one who created you and fashioned you and molded you and made you who you are. >> dr. stewart also focuses on leadership. he is concerned about the unsettling rise of violence, wars and more. he says leadership is waning spiritually and politically at a time when it needs strengthening. >> the basic failure of leadership in our society today is in the home. and it's not about black or white or any nationality. it is about leadership. and when the father and when the mother are not leading each other and leading their children, it's going to have an influence upon the churches. it's going to have an influence upon the society. it's going to have an influence upon politics and everything else. leadership is absolutely essential. >> dr. ron stewart, teaching faith to instill hope and develop love, to live beyond a dream.
12:25 pm
you know, one of the things that dr. stewart reminds me of is that proverb for the country ghana thad says the ruins of a nation begins in the homes of its people. and on this easter sunday with pope francis talking about the radical attack on christians, it's time people started talking about religion at home so they can learn how to deal with it and appreciate each other and get past this ugliness that's going on. very good church down there. >> and freedom of religion obviously an issue that a lot of people are talked about now, but it's being suh pressed or people are trying to suppress us and certainly standing up to that speaks volumes. >> don't chain me down is what he's saying. remember, you can catch eacher mass live from the vatican right here on the fox news channel. our coverage begins at 4:00 a.m. eastern and tune in to "fox news sunday" when chris wallace sits down with the arch bish schomm of washington. you can check your local listings for show times. and a special event taking
12:26 pm
place in colorado for wounded warriors. we'll take you to the national veterans winter sports clinic. and the u.s. and five other world powers taking strong criticism over the framework nuclear agreement with iran. a close look at what is in this deal and what is likely to happen between now and the june 30th deadline. >> this deal is not based on trust. it is based on unprecedented verification. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including
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it's the bottom of the hour time now for the top of the news. growing fallout over a controversial framework deal over iran's nuclear program. critics blasting the u.s. and five other world powers for a deal they claim gives iran way too many concessions but in his weekly address president obama insisting this deal was the only viable option.
12:31 pm
>> we really only have three options for dealing with iran's nuclear program. bombing iran's nuclear facilities which will only set its program back a few years while starting another war in the middle east, abandoning negotiations and hoping for the best with sanctions, even though that's always led to iran making more progress in its nuclear program, or a robust and verifiable deal like this one. >> now, the director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation joins us now to share his perspective on this. good of you to join us here today. the president calls this a historic understanding with iran but so many people find the deal so confusing, so perplexing. what's the devil in the details that appears to be causing so much confusion after some 15 months of negotiating? >> well, i think it's an historic surrender actually to iran by president obama and by the obama administration. if you look closely at the
12:32 pm
details of this proposed deal it's very clear this deal will not stop iran in the long run from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities. there really is a 15-year sunset clause in this agreement. by the year 2030 iran would be really free according to this agreement to go ahead and forge a nuclear wechapons program. so this is a very short-term agreement being produced by the obama administration. it's also i think subject to a great deal of naivety here a great deal of faith is being placed in the iaea in order to verify iran's nuclear program. iran has not given full cooperation to the iaea in recent years and on many fronts this is an extraordinarily weak-kneed agreement being struck by president obama and by several european countries with iran. it basically makes major
12:33 pm
concessions to the iranian regime and in the long run it allows iran to become a nuclear weapons power. that's an extremely dangerous development. it's a very bad deal for the united states. it's also going to spark, of course, arms race in the middle east. >> now, that is a very solemn assessments of what's going on and it has some weighty matters that you're talking about there because if iran is allowed to move forward with this deal as you say, then it could really be very problematic for the future of the middle east and the united states and its allies. to that end what alternatives do we have at this point? >> well, that's a very good point and it's important to note, of course, that all of america's major allies in the middle east from israel through to egypt to saudi arabia have condemned this framework agreement. and there are very strong warnings coming not only from israel but from other u.s.
12:34 pm
allies that this deal is extremely dangerous for their interests. iran, of course is a state sponsored organization of terrorism. it has pledged to wipe israel off the map. it is extremely aggressive and hostile towards u.s. gulf allies in the region. and i think what you are going to see, certainly is u.s. allies in the gulf moving to build their own nuclear weapons programs in order to defend themselves against iran sparking an arms race in the region. >> that would be difficult to establish an arms race in the middle east. i want to break this down this way. it's almost like watching a chess game. of course, we know that iran is the persian empire of historical proportion and they created chess. are they playing a mean game with us and trying to put us in to checkmate? >> well, they're playing an extremely effective game so far. and they really have i think run rings around the obama
12:35 pm
administration who have been absolutely appalling in terms of their negotiation skills or lack of them and they have taken advantage i think of a u.s. president who is extraordinarily naive and who believes in policies of appeasement rather than the projection of robust u.s. power on the world stage. and so what you have now is i think the iranians in the driving seat. they're running rings around the world's super power and you have an obama administration that is hell-bent on finding any kind of deal with iran in order to advance i think president obama's legacy as a sort of peacemaker on the international stage. that's going to do nothing, of course, to enhance the security of the middle east. it's going to do nothing, of course, to enhance the security of the united states as well. this is without a doubt an astoundingly bad deal for the united states to be signing. it sets an extremely dangerous precedent. and i think that we're going to wreak the whirlwind of the future. >> of course, the queen would be that nuclear program for iran. thank you very much, sir, for
12:36 pm
your assessment. good to see you. >> thank you. >> julie? nothing can stop our wounded warriors. nearly 300 veterans, 350 veterans, are taking part in a winter sports clinic that includes a wide range of activities like skiing and riding snowmobiles. the event helps them face challenges for the rest of their lives. we have the story. >> reporter: this is aubrey young's eighth year at the national disabled veterans winter sports clinic. here she gets to downhill ski despite a pinelspinal cord injury. >> you can keep going and you can do whatever you want. >> reporter: for nearly three decades disabled veterans have met for what they call miracles on the mountain in colorado. >> this is definitely not a play week. it's not a vacation week. they come out here knowing they have to concentrate. >> reporter: come see quate it to boot camp with events like
12:37 pm
scuba diving and curling. this is william davenport world war ii vet. >> a man came up to me with one arm missing and thank you for your service. and my gosh, here i am, i'm whole. i just have a little problem seeing. >> reporter: legally blind davenport davenport davenport skis downhill. >> it's much more appealing to have your philanthropy go to an activity where there's a lot of tender loving care, volunteer labor of things that money can't buy. >> reporter: organizers often hear from vets this one week changes their lives. even if it comes in the form of peer pressure. >> i'm a soldier and a marine is doing something my pride kicks. >> with that inspiring story from colorado, thank you.
12:38 pm
and speaking of sports spring training is over and tomorrow marks the first major league baseball game of the season with the st. cardinals taking on the chicago cubs. and opening day is on monday. the commissioner of major league baseball robert manfred on sunday morning futures" and will talk about the season opener. so catch it at 10:00 a.m. eastern so catch it here on fox news channel. another bizarre twist in the saga of robert durst. what happened at his murder trial and how it could impact the case against him. our legal panel is on deck.
12:39 pm
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welcome back. here's the way one creative dad reimagines easter for his blind daughter. for the past nine years he's been making beeping easter eggs giving visually impaired children like his daughter the opportunity to participate in the easter egg tradition -- hunt tradition. he is a special agent for the atf. the national association of bomb technicians and investigators has been giving him the money needed to make the eggs. he says that the idea is spreading around at schools for the blind across the country. and he's using -- our they're using the beeping eggs. a bizarre twist in the murder trial of robert durst. it has been postponed a week after three defense witnesses failed to show up. he's currently being held without bail in louisiana on gun charges and could stay there until those charges are resolved. now, authorities say they found the guns in his hotel room when they arrested him for the murder
12:44 pm
of his friend susan bermen 15 years ago. durst is also awaiting extradition to los angeles on that capital murder charge. in the meantime, adding to these complications investigators in vermont are now trying to link durst to the disappearance of a young woman there in 1971. let's bring our legal team. thank you, both for talking to us. incredible this trial hasn't even gotten started when these crimes the alleged crimes, happened 15 years ago and maybe sooner because of the 1971 allegation in vermont. but it is no surprise that this trial's being postponed because obviously the defense needs to prove -- or the prosecution needs to prove that he is a murderer. >> right. and what happened in this case the defense the attorneys
12:45 pm
representing those witnesses will say hold off, so what's that they're doing in that case. what the louisiana charges i understand there's also a hearing for the validly of the search warrant so that's a whole nother issue. >> they are doing what you call a preliminary hearing on the gun and marijuana charges in new orleans first, but the prosecutors, we discussed this they could turn around and seek an indictment in which case if that's returned by a grand jury there's no right to the hearing and it would make it easier. i'm not sure why they're not doing that. the overarching question is can they go first in new orleans on the gun and marijuana case before the murder trial in los angeles? the answer's probably yes and they probably should because it's a good insurance policy. >> it sounds like the defense has a very difficult case on its hands. and the caught on tape admission with the hbo documentary which ended with the audio off camera of durst saying kill them all, of course.
12:46 pm
i mean, this just opens up a whole new can of worms, does it not? >> well, do you know what julie, the thing with this case is there's so much complexity to it and from both stand points. from the prosecutor's standpoint there's difficulty because that can be deemed as not a true confession. he said something in the bathroom. it was picked up -- >> to himself. he didn't know he was being recorded. if i was the prosecution i'd be all over this. >> the defense could say he's insane and he didn't make that admission to a law enforcement official and he could be saying it for public listity for the tv show. >> you have two points. will the judge let it in, probably yes. it's a private tv show, he doesn't have an expectation of privacy and as far as whether it's really a confession i tell you the interesting dynamic when durst went to trial in texas it was almost like o.j. simpson as dumb as that sounds when he went to trial the first time he was a beloved figure and by the second trial everybody was
12:47 pm
really down on him. >> he fooled a lot of people like o.j. simpson. >> he's like a cat with nine lives who dismembers a body and gets acquitted? i don't know if his luck is running out but i do see a bunch of loopholes that the defense could use here. >> the prosecution authorities say that durst used an assumed name, he was preparing to flee possibly to cuba. a suspect looking to flee you could not look more guilty than that. >> there's a terms for it consciousness of guilt. >> there you go. hand that one to the prosecution. >> absolutely. >> there was a disguise in the room. he had a latex mask with gray hairs and clearly and his defense is saying, oh, he was just there laying low because of the hbo show and so on and so forth but it's so clear he was looking to flee. >> i like the point, you talk about nine lives, i think he's going to be running out of lives. i really think so. >> you really do have to think there could potentially be more victims like perhaps in 1971 a young woman killed in the state
12:48 pm
of vermont. >> absolutely. where he had the health food store, right. >> yeah, when he was living there. he was -- robert and kathy owned a business in middlebury during that time in 1971. the problem is is the -- the witnesses. >> right. >> to find witnesses from 1971 and, of course, evidence. >> right. >> does vermont even stand a chance, i mean, this poor family wants justice. >> i think because it's from 1971 it does make it more difficult to prosecute because some witnesses may not be there. their memory obviously will be questionable because it's so old. >> back to the california case, it had beverly spelled wrong. that will hurt him really bad. >> definitely. >> absolutely. thank you very much bo of you. >> my pleasure. >> good to see you, too. >> kelly? all right many american students may not have to learn foreign language as much anymore. we'll tell you what's replacing their spanish and french classes and why it might be the wave of the future. i love my mileageplus® explorer card. we're saving our united miles... ...for a trip to hawaii.
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we love free checked bags. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. no foreign transaction fees means real savings. we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. one of the best things about priority boarding is you can just get on the plane and relax. i put everything on the explorer card. i really want my united miles.
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all right. listen up out there. big changes going on in the american classroom. at least four states have either passed or considered measures that allow students to substitute computer science credits for foreign language. the change could be vital to the 21st century economy.
12:53 pm
one expert saying about a million jobs being unfulfilled by 2020 because not enough americans have computer coding skills. >> in this country alone we are just not graduating enough people with the skill set and not just people that work in technology companies, but people that work at retailers like target, people that work different industries that are being affected. >> kyle harrington is the founder and managing partner of harrington capital management joins us to talk about this. should i say omg? can i speak to you in code today? >> well, it's funny, because it's a good thing they didn't have this in the classroom when i was there. i'm the farthest thing from a techie or computer programmer. having said that i think it's an interesting shift here. there has definitely been a shift toward attaining more computer skills and programming skills. now, in the end, in my opinion, i think that interpersonal relationships, having discussions sitting down with
12:54 pm
people and talking business or talking in general really needs to be in place and so what i say is this. if you can learn both, all the power to you in terms of programming as well as say french and spanish and other languages that i think are as important given the international economy. >> i like your take on it. if you can learn both then do so. should we just be going in one direction? >> see, i think that's a mistake. i do think that okay, there are going to be unfilled jobs out there in the computer programming world. we are going into the robotic space. we are going into computers in a big way. there's no doubt about that. i'm not debating that. but to just alienate yourself i think in front of a computer and not having any interpersonal skills in terms of developmental, socializing skills, i think that's a problem. i think that -- so if you can do both and i know everybody doesn't have all the time in the world but i think the classrooms should include both. >> if you were hiring someone today, do you want them to have both skills?
12:55 pm
and in addition to that, do you want them to have that interpersonal skill so they can compete globally? >> it's really funny you bring that up because our business at harrington capital has been totally built on interpersonal relationships. we are a boutique investment management firm that really believes in talking to the customer as much as you can. obviously everybody is busy so i would say the following. i would say that i would not only hire someone in our particular business that was just a computer programmer. you kind of need both. you need to have some basic computer skills as well as interpersonal skills. now, it may be different in different industries but i am telling you that in the end, i believe to be able to sit down and have a conversation with somebody and express yourself is as important as being a computer programmer. >> kyle harrington, we thank you so much for joining us, sir. actually sharing your perspective on that. lol, we are out of here. thanks, buddy. happy easter to you.
12:56 pm
it's been described as the largest cheating scandal in u.s. history. the growing fallout after 11 educators from atlanta's public school system are convicted of changing students' test scores in exchange for a bigger payday. >> that's it. that does it for us. we want to wish everybody a very happy easter. what are your plans? >> chill out with my family, say happy easter to them. >> i will be going to church. >> i will do that too. >> i will come in and anchor fox report tomorrow night. >> a cool thing yesterday, i was in los angeles for a foot washing ceremony. pretty cool. >> that's very cool. you got your feet washed? >> i got my feet washed. >> arthel neville and eric shawn with more news at the top of the hour. in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members
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and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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hello. i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news this hour, new reaction to the nuclear framework deal reached with iran this week, the president calling it a good deal. congress still has a say and some lawmakers are skeptical. >> a dramatic conclusion to what's being described as the largest cheating scandal in our history. 11 educators convicted for their roles in a standardized test scam in a case that's raising new questions about testing in american schools. also, flooding in the heartland turns deadly after severe storms and drenching rain.


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