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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 5, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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the mess ing blessing. we'll deliver it when it happens. happy easter to you and your family. "fox & friends" is coming up. good morning and happy easter. it's sunday the 5th of april, 2015. thousands gathering right now ready for pope francis to deliver his easter's message. we'll take you there as it happens. easter miracle in the midst of terror and chaos. a christian survivor. as armed extremist stormed her school. why her faith saved her. were two. the ncaa championship is set but
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not without real life march madness as kentucky goes down. the town of lexington goes up in flames. people come on! the late night chaos moments away. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ happy easter everybody! >> leland in for tucker. nice to see you. >> how beautiful the set is this morning. >> thanks to 1-800-flowers for delivering for us and picking out our ties ss as well. >> it takes a village. >> you look beautiful as well. happy easter. send us your easter photographs this morning. the kids doing the easter egg hunts. >> and share some of our own easter sunday photographs from
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moms and dads. all right. christians around the world are celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. moments ago the pope francis finished saying mass in saint peter's square. thousands of people attended in the rain to attend the service. after the mass the pope greeted the crowd gathered in the square. now he's delivering the blessing from the basilica's central balcony. we're going to listen in. >> translator: jesus christ has risen. love has try yuchlted over hatred. life has conquered death. light has dispelled the darkness. out of love for us, jesus christ stripped himself of his define glory and took on the form of a
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slave and humbled himself even to death. death on the cross. for this reason, god exalted him and made him lord of the universe. jesus is lord. by his death and resurrection, jesus shows us the way to life and happiness. this way is humility. which involves humiliation. this is the path which leads to glory. only those who humbled themselves can go towards the things ss are love toward god. the crowd looked down from
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above, the humble look up from below. on easter morning alerted by the women, peter and john ran to the tomb. they found it open and empty. then they drew near and bent down and ordered to enter it. to enter into the mystery we need to bend down to abase ourselves. those who abase themselves. understand the glorification of jesus and are able to follow him on his way. the world proposes that we put ourselves forward at all costs. that we compete that we prevail, but christians by the
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grace of christ, dead and risen, are the seeds of another humanity in which we seek to live in service to one another. not to be arrogant, but rather respectful and ready to help. this is not weakness but true strength. those who bear within them god's power, his love and his justice. do not need to employ violence. they speak and act with the power of the truth, beauty, and love. >> translator: from the risen
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lord, we ask that grace not to succumb to the pride which people's violence and more but do have the humble courage of pardon and peace. we ask jesus, the victor over death to lighten the sufferings of our many brothers and sisters who are persecuted for his name. and of all those who suffer injustice as a result of ongoing conflicts and violence. and there are many currently. we ask peace above all for beloved syria and iraq. that the roar of arms may cease,
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and that peaceful relations may be restored. among the various groups which make up those beloved countries. may the international community not standby before the immense humanitarian tragedy unfolding in these countries and the drama of the numerous refugee ss. we pray for peace for all the people of the holy land. may the culture of encounter -- between israelis and palestinians and the peace process be resumed in order to end years of suffering and
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division. we implore peace for libya. that the present of bloodshed and all barbarous acts of violence may cease, and that all concerned for the future of the country may work to favor reconciliation and to build a fraternal society respectful of the dignity of the person. for yemen, too, we express our hope for the growth of a common desire for peace for the good of the entire people. at the same time in hope we
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entrust to the merciful lord the framework recently agreed to. that it may be a definitive step toward a more secure and fraternal world. we asked the risen lord for the gift of peace for south sudan and the various areas of sudan and the democratic republic of the congo. macony constant prayer raise all the for all the good people that lost their lives. in particular of the young people that were killed last thursday in kenya. for all those who have been kidnapped and for those forced
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to abandon their homes and their dear ones. may the lord's resurrection bring light to beloved ukraine especially those who have endured the violence of the conflict. may the country rediscover peace and hope thanks to the commitment of all interested parties. we ask for peace and freedom for the many men and women subject to old and new forms of enslavement on the part of criminal individuals and groups. peace and liberty for the
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victims of drug dealers who are often ally edied with the powers who ought to defend peace and harmony in the human family. and we ask peace for this world. sujts subjected to arms dealers who earn a profit on the blood of men and women. to the to the marginalized, the imprisoned, the poor and themy grants who are often rejected, mall treated, and discarded. the sick and suffering children,
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especially those who are victims of violence. all who today, are in mourning and to all men and women of good will will. may they hear the consoling voice of the lord jesus. peace to you. fear not. for i am risen and i shall always be with you. [ applause ] watching "fox & friends"
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this morning listening live at the vatican as the pope delivers his easter blessing. thousands gathered, and we want to bring in father john morris who is sitting here listening to the message along with us. a few countries left untouched by his message. most of all iraq and syria with the roar of violence calling on that may cease. what stood out to you, father? >> he had a great -- the happiness of easter morning. right. and pope francis gave a nukeless of the gospel saying easter is about the fact that god would choose to take upon himself our own sin. take our place for the punishment we bought rightly deserve top in order to reconcile us for god. and this is what the message is. and he said jesus was res recollected and came and said peace be with you.
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what should the peace look like? and here comes the second part? and this is the conflict. of all of those places in the world that are suffering so deeply precisely because we have not accepted that peace that the resurrected christ offers us now. >> what are we listening to now? >> translator: blessed mary of aer have gina er have virgin. >> he has given the blessing. a blessing to the city and the world. he gave the easter message, and now they do the midday prayer and then the pope will depart and go back into -- i almost said the people's apartment. but he doesn't live there. the people apartments are empty and he lives in a little house off to the side. >> early this morning he gave a sack sack -- that country ravished by
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al shabaab and nearly 150 people killed in the terror attack. do you think he is purposeful and intentional about the actions? great question. and yes he mentioned in his easter message kenya, in particular and the young people killed. last night he baptized a kenya. nothing in the vatican is done by accident. the fact he would baptize a kenya. why did the university students die? precisely because they were baptized. because they were christian and said let me raise my hand. take my life. you're looking for christians, here i am. >> and there are a lot of christians there at the university reportedly walked out and said "i am a christian" knowing their feat. >> and then the easter vigil pope francis doubles down and said yes it's worth choosing
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truth beauty, goodness. it's wort it's worth choosing faith meaning in many places of the world your life is at risk. >> easter and christmas are two holidays where a lot of christians. these are the only times they end up going to church. it's also a time when christians invite their neighbors and family members and friends and how is it that a church can capitalize on that? and nurture the flock and foster that relationship with christ and keep them coming back? >> that's right. last night at my own church i met many of the people who had not seen earlier in the year, but that's a wonderful thing. people are at different points in their spiritual walk. i would never say where have you been? welcome! welcome! and i think it's also, an invitation in terms of us of religious leaders around the world and country to ask
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ourselves why aren't people there in the pews sometimes. and i'm learning to give a message of hope, peace of joy, and i think that's -- why would you get up on a sunday morning and go to church if it's not to find hope, joy, and peace. i think that's the kind of peace pope francis was talking about. >> have you noticed pope francis more folks coming out. a revitalizationetolatezation of faith? how many folks braved the cold, wet, rain there to come out or more folks coming to your church as well? >> well the numbers in the vatican said more people are going to see the pope. i don't know if they're coming more to see me. but that's my fault. >> it could happen. you never know. >> the pope effect. >> there are so many people on the street catholic and non-catholic and christian
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nonchristians who say i like your guy. he doesn't even speak english well. he's able to communicate with gestures and simbles symbols of simplicity and love. >> you're watching "fox & friends" here. watching the pope deliver the easter blessing from saint peter's square. thousands pouring out as leland was referring to. the cold and rain, tears in the eyes of many as they stand there and listen to the pope. father jonathan morris joining us here. what was the pope's message. >> he stopped at one point. i don't know if it was in the script or not and he was talking about t the dangerous places and all the effects of war and conflict and he stopped up and looked up and said, "oh there are so many." you can tell it's weighing on him as all of us. i think we recognize more than perhaps ever before, at least in my lifetime, the tremendous
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amount of conflict and danger there is and yet, the pope is giving a message of hope. and it's not his message. it's the message of the of jesus actually, yes, being crucified. that's disgusting and terrible. and then the third day rising from the dead. that's why the disciples said it is true he has risen! and it transformed their lives. and i believe it can transform our, too. >> he has risen and restores a lot of folks and people this morning. thank you so much. we're going to have more on pope francis' easter blessing. his uribi et orbi. six americans arrested in the last three weeks for trying join isis. the s.e.a.l. who killed bin
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good morning friends. happy easter. quick headlines. call it an easter miracle. a survivor amid the horror at the massacre at the college in kenya. this 19-year-old student hid for two cays in a crawl space as al
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shabaab gunmen murdered 148 people. she became so thirsty she reportedly drank body lotion to stay alive. the girl didn't even leave thinking it might have been a trick by the terrorists when police arrived. al shabaab promised more violence and bloodshed. three more states are lifting their indiana travel ban. governors in new york, connecticut, and washington are removing the ban on government-related travel. connecticut governor dan malloy saying the law remains deviszive but the amendments are a step in the right distribution. the it came under fire for saying it wouldn't cater a gay wedding raises more than a million dollars. the community responded after they were forced to close donating $842,000 to a go fund
3:25 am
me page. the season has come to an end. wisconsin did what no other team could. beat the wildcats bay score of 71-64. wisconsin will face duke for the national title tomorrow night. the badgers celebrated the big win on the court. more than 1,000 kentucky fans decided to riot in lexington fires were set and more than 30 people were arrested. >> leland, over to you. and turning back now to home grown terror. it is on the rise with the feds nabbing a sixth american in less than three weeks for plotting to either join or support isis. the latest arrest coming friday when the feds arrested keogh man thomas a philadelphia woman who said it would be, quote, amazing to become an isis martyr. how has isis has been so successful from recruiting from
3:26 am
inside the united states. joining us now is rob o'neal. happy easter. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. happy easter. >> does it surprise you how successful has been isis has been in continuing to recruit americans from inside the united states and being able to self-radicalize people? >> no, it's not surprising. they pretty much mastered the art of online videos and social media. they're making these videos that look like hollywood trailers and pushing them to younger group that doesn't understand the reality of what is going on over there. the they're recruiting people who are young who don't have much to look forward to and they present this utopia political project where they can go over there. there's high morale. they can be part of the brotherhood. in the case of the female in this case can become wives of jihadists and they're hoping because of their radicalzation they can die fighting infidels and become martyrs and live a afterlife.
3:27 am
>> are these lonely people in their moms and dad's basement or a real threat? the difference of aspirational or operational. do they present a clear danger to the united states? >> they present a danger to the united states. they want to go to isis and syria and iraq and africa to be something bigger. app lot are burning their passports. once they realize how hard it is to get to syria through turkey or whenever they can do some damage here fighting us here. and it's going to be as simple with the bombs they found on the young ladies in new york with a well to do. the woman they sentenced to four years in january. all they need is a few guns a little will, and willingness to die. >> it's so often said that terrorists only have to be right once.
3:28 am
the security services have to be right every single time. one things that makes a difference and helped in a lot of these arrests is surveillance programs be it social media surveillance and surveillance on phone records. one person was caught trying to look at indirect travel routes to turkey to be able to get to isis. how do you balance the evident area value and also the investigative value of being able to have the surveillance programs and protect folks from exactly these folks versus on the other side the personal freedoms here in the united states? >> well i have nothing but respect for the fbi and homeland security. because their job is very difficult. while they are trying to protect us, they're getting handcuffed as well by, you know, certain civil liberties. we need to have. but what is more important to have someone listen to someone else's phone call and monitor their twitter or having a bunch of people get executed in a movie theater. we need to give up potentially
3:29 am
some of our rights to be protected from the terror within. >> it's more inconvenient to be dead than surveilled. in terms of once the folks have become radicalized in a red online how to carry-on an attack. you spent a lot of time protecting folks. how difficult is to protect the soflt targets. we saw the mall attack in kenya. the latest attack at the university. is there a way to protect the soft target from the attacks or not? >> there's a way to protect. one term you use is eliminate the threat. right now what happens in the gun free zones. because it's a political statement instead of reality. if we don't have guns here we're going to be safe. who is the first person they call? the guys with the guns. we need to be smart about what we're doing. the world is smaller than we think. the terrorists are real. whether or not we're fighting them, they're fighting us. >> they certainly are. as we've seen so many more are joining by the today.
3:30 am
rob o'neal appreciate you joining us. happy easter to you and yours. >> happy easter. thank you. coming up next on the rundown. a church forced to cancel easter services because, quote, the climate just isn't right. how does that make sense? what does it mean? todd stains coming up live on that. a veteran is on a brand new mission walking the inging 9,000 miles around the country. we'll have more on his inspiring journey coming up. comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor.
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♪ ♪ very cool moment before the final four opening tip off last night. one student athlete from each of the final four colleges performing our national anthem. all four getting wide spread surprise. >> and doing what the star spangled banner is supposed to
3:35 am
do. bring us together as americans despite our differences. they clearly have some difference as soon as game time happens. >> yeah. >> good final four yesterday. happy easter everyone. welcome to "fox & friends" on this easter morning. >> we hope you're feefling patriotic now. we're going to take a headlines now. a trip to paradise. a delaware family vacationing in the u.s. virgin islands believed to be poisoned by pesticide. two teens are in a coma and their father is unable to move. the family started having seizures after renting a villa in saint john. they were air lifted to philadelphia for treatment. the mother is now out of the hospital. we wish them well. hopefully they get better. the epa said family's room contained traces of pesticide that is banned in the u.s. because of the toxicity. a man with a concealed carry
3:36 am
stops an alleged carjacker. dramatic moments caught on camera at a georgia car wash. a woman jumping on the hood of her car to try to stop the teen from stealing it. the chaos continuing until a gun-toting bystander drew the weapon shooting the thief in the shoulder. >> the guy that got shot he was, like falling out of the car. he was holding his chest and he started slivering and shaking. >> the crime-fighting man a city employee by day held the criminal at bay until the police arrive. the sailor found at sea after 66 days is firing back at his kriltices. he survived on raw fish and rain water for two months. people question his story wondering why he was in good condition. >> he said --
3:37 am
and an american hero is helping his fellow veterans one step at a time. >> i'm a veteran so i got to do it for my brothers. >> michael roberts just started a 9,000-mile journey across the country to raise money for veterans. his boots to boots campaign aims to rais everyday struggle that returning veterans face. it will take robert about a year to finish. and those are your headlines. rick is standing by. everyone wondering what the easter egg hunt will look like. will it be nice across the country? >> in every state across the country --? >> so says rick. >> not bad how about that. >> more snow across the northeast. temperatures cool across the southeast if you're out this morning. it's chilly. a frost and freeze warnings here. get ready to be bundled up.
3:38 am
all the way down across parts of georgia to the carolinas back across kentucky and tennessee among the ohio valley and down toward the boot hill of missouri. there's cold air out there this morning. and snow there heading across michigan and upstate new york. we have rain down across parts of texas. and then? no severe weather for us today. no tornados. >> thanks, rick. a university tells a church it won't be able to accommodate the service. the university of mississippi medical center first agreed to lease the facility to a church before saying quote the event is not health-related and thus not compliant with our policy. >> our next guest has been in contact with the pastor who is not giving up of course as you say without a fight. >> joining us now is fox news radio correspondent todd star.
3:39 am
>> you would expect it to happen at u.k. berkeley. we're talking about the university of mississippi here. the church was, quite frankly, flustered. last january, they signed a contract with the university of mississippi medical center to use their auditorium for their easter service. they'll have a lot of folks come out. for pastors easter sunday is like super bowl sunday. they're expecting a lot of people. everything was fine until nine days when the university said we made a mistake. we're only allowed to rent our facility to health-related events. that's what they told me. what they told the pastor was they insinuated it had something to do with the fact they were a church and they didn't want to offend the education board. >> one other beef i have with the medical center they say it wasn't a health-related event. last i checked your spirituality is part of your health. part of being healthy is being
3:40 am
low stress talking to god. >> just a few nights ago on fox news channel, we aired kelly jesus. and i saw jesus healing lots of folks. as a matter of fact, i believe the bible refers to him as the great physician. i suspect if the church would have pressed on that issue it would have been fine. >> here is what the pastor said in response to what the university said -- it was a week and two days before the largest service. his beef they waited so long. they told me the climate was not conducive to have the service. they were afraid that ihl might say something about it. they booked it in january. couldn't they have called in january and said we have a problem? >> i pressed the university on that problem. they said we have a policy we have to stick by the policy. it seems they were punishing the church for something they did wrong. so look the church said they're not angry. you know, but they are, you know going to follow good business procedures and go after
3:41 am
the university and demand they pay for the money they're out as a result of promoting an event that did not occur at the university. >> printing advertising where you're going to go for easter sunday. >> they are out over $10,000. >> a lot of money for a church. >> happy easter. coming up on the show when iranians chant death to america, they don't really mean it at least according to the main stream media. >> and friday it was the usual chant of dote america. but more havoc than conviction. >> that's just a habit. and the former crack-smoking mayor of toronto landed a new gig. what is he up to now? stick around to find out. he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims he's a cruel underwaterer. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix,
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happy easter everyone. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends." a religious freedom ed a voed a have silence -- advocate advocate. >> you're demagoguing that. >> that was the question. he was the governor and he couldn't answer it. >> and you're the governor and you called him a home phone. that is completely inappropriate. >> cut his mic off! >> msnbc host can't win a debate with a conservative guest he shuts him down. telling them to turn off his microphone. here is that reaction. senior editor of the federalist molly hemmingway. thank you so much. >> great to be here. >> this guest, you know he seems like he was speaking his mind. he was invited on the program to give his side of the story. what was his crime? >> i mean, religion is one of the topics the media struggles
3:46 am
with on a good day. what we've seen this week is anything i've seen before. this was the perfect example of how bad the media coverage is. you know, ed schultz literally cutting off the mic and shouting over someone. >> this is what middle america many people in middle america are feeling. they seem a little bit out of touch living in their new york, washington, and west coast-type bubbles. i want to get your thoughts on the next story as well. the cbs news morning host or reporter was based in london and reporting on everything going on with this nuclear deal and this is what she responded to them saying death to america. listen. >> at friday prayers the usual chant of "death to america."
3:47 am
but more habit than conviction. >> the washington post singling out candidates who mock the law not one mentioned hillary clinton. that in a bit. what is your thoughts on this? how is this reporter able to diskern these people are doing it out of habit. it's something they're not feeling in their heart. >> right. it's my experience when people chant the same thing over and over each week since 1979 they mean and believe what they say. there were two types of the media coverage who said it was a great historic plan we got this week with iran and those that acknowledged it was not real. >> all right. i want you to tell me your thoughts on the next example. the washington post is sickngling out candidates who mock the law not one mention of hillary clinton but martin o'malley is mentioned. let's take a look at this. it is disturbing to see evidence that four undeclared candidates for the presidency from both parties have made questionable
3:48 am
judgment about campaign finance laws. you say? >> you know, i sometimes think that republicans exist just so the media will remember how to do their job. it's fine and good to notice how republican candidates are handling election law and making sure they're adhering to campaign finance law. when the presumed democratic nominee is hillary clinton whose family problems with following the law is legendary, it would be nice to see equal time. this is a woman whose foundation is raising money from the countries that were lobbying her while she was secretary of state. she's in a historic position of having been the first administration official to set up her own e-mail server. so it would be just great to have a little bit more balance here. >> yeah. >> molly hemmingway thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. happy easter. a mother facing charges for the gun she legally owned is now in the clear but could her
3:49 am
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welcome back. new jersey governor chris christie pardoned a pennsylvania mother. she was arrested for bringing her legal handgun into new jersey. now another legal gun owner is seeking a pardon from the
3:53 am
governor. devan joe see davis, an aspiring police officer who is charged with a felony for carrying his legally owned gun in his glove compartment of his car. he joins us for an update. stephan, nice to see you this morning. happy easter. we hope things improved. you were on the show last month. where do things stand now? >> we're in the process of a pardon and we're actually in the appellate division with the courts. we're looking forward and fighting for that. >> you're hoping for it but it hasn't happened yet. >> take me back to the day in september 20th, 20143. you were getting ready for work. you worked as an armed security guard. >> i was in the garage that morning preparing for work trying to disarmy firearm. my little sister came in and distracted my. i placed it quickly to secure it away from her take her back upstairs. later on that day i was pulled over and i had my permit
3:54 am
registration. when they pulled me over i told them. >> you told them. you were upfront and honest. >> were you speeding? >> no. >> you were not speeding. >> i was not speeding. >> what did they say when they saw the firearm? >> they said, okay, we're going to take it from you and you can come in on monday and we can square it away and you can pick it up. i came down there on monday and i had my credentials for the weapon, they placed me arrest and charged me with unlawful possession of a firearm which is a felony. >> there was amnesty. >> yes. during that time period it was 180 days. it was unlawful possession of a weapons charges shouldn't have stuck on my record. >> it's still sitting on the record. >> yes. >> sitting on the record with a felony, you were about to start the process of training to become a police officer. has that stopped? >> yes, it has. >> because of the? >> yes. >> you can't there's no way the police department would hire you with the felony. >> not with a felony.
3:55 am
i have to get it expunged. >> you reached out to governor christie's officer. what is the response? >> we haven't heard anything back yet. we're fighting for that as well. we have to stay consistent. that's what we're doing. >> we mentioned the philadelphia the young lady who was on our show when we talked about it here on "fox & friends." the governor's officer gave her a pardon. she managed to get her life back on track. are you hopeful it will happen to you? >> i'm hopeful. we have at lot of support. we have a support system on social media and we're staying consistent and not giving up on the fight. we're hoping for it because i hope i can move forward with my life just like she did. >> what are you hearing from police officers? i hear a lot from police officers. i have a lot of police support personally because a lot of them know me personally. stay consistent and keep up the fight. they want to see me succeed. >> we hope governor christie's office is watching this morning on easter. get your life back on track.
3:56 am
stephan, great to see you this morning. happy easter. we hope you'll be back in a month with a better story and update. >> hopefully. coming up on the show tens of thousands of people braving wind and rain to hear the pope easter message. and the foreignmer crack-smoking mayor in toronto landed a new gig. what is he up to now? hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need
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4:00 am
hear his mess actage of peace and hope. an easter miracle. a christian survivor found two days after the kenya college attacks. she hid in a closet as armed terrorists stormed her school. wait and hear how she survived. it involves body lotion. the former nanny of new york city is looking to return to office. just not in the u.k. we'll explain, i hope. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ hey everybody. happy easter! we're going to be sharing some of our photographs from when we were young children during easter. we want to see yours as well. >> do we have some embarrassing
4:01 am
one? >> one involves a '90s dress. >> shoulder pads? no shoulder pads. >> leland is in for tucker. do you have any embarrassing photographs? >> many and none of which you'll see. >> hey! >> i had -- >> mom is watching. she could send them in. i don't know. >> i know my mom has them somewhere she often embarrasses us. we would love to see yours. thank you for party city and 1-800-flowers for decorating our set. >> it smells so great in here. >> we can decorate your apartment, too. >> thank you so much for coming in this morning on your easter. >> christians around the world are celebrating. tens of thousands crowded saint peter's square to hear pope francis' easter message. ♪ >> the pope then delivered his
4:02 am
blessing encouraging his followers to be humble. >> translator: by his death and resurrection jesus shows us the way to life and happiness. this way is humility. only those who humble themselves can go toward the things that above toward god. >> the pope called for an end to violent conflicts around the world. earlier on "fox & friends" father jonathan morris reflected. >> he was talking about the dangerous places and the effects of war and conflict. he stopped looked up and said oh, there are so many. >> the pope remembered the ken began student targeted for being christian and he said he hopes the framework for a nuclear deal with iran leads to a more secure world. the people of kenya are still recovering from last week's horrific terrorist attack. >> now they're being threatened
4:03 am
once again by al shabaab. the terror group promising more bloodshed as authorities arrest five suspects. >> connor powell is live in jerusalem with the latest on the latest attack in kenya. connor? >> reporter: good morning, leland. and guys how are you today? on easter christians in kenya celebrating mourning and dedicating today's easter celebrations to the 148 christians who were killed on thursday by the militant group al shabaab. one of the country's deadliest attacks in a long time. this comes as the militant group say that's streets of kenya will run red with blood and promising more attacks high alert across the country on shopping malls, church churches, and any site in the country that authorities fear could be some type of target for that militant group. now on thursday al shabaab lined up nonmuslim students at a college, reportedly talking about them and then executing them. both christians and muslim
4:04 am
leaders have denounced the attacks. the pope francis today during his prayers offered sort of a prayer for those families and the victims just a short while ago. also baptizing a kenya as well as part easter celebration. there's a lot of concern guys, it was not the first attack. there's a lot of concern in kenya right now there will be others soon. >> yeah. especially loin the heels what unfolded recently there. connor powell live for us. the biggest attack since the 1998 bombing of the u.s. embassies there. if there's one shining silver lining it's this story. an amazing easter miracle because of one survivor. one student found alive two days after the attack. her name is cynthia. she's 19 years old. she had hid anyone a wardrobe for two days buried herself under clothes and drinking something that i don't think any of us would drink.
4:05 am
>> she drank body lotion to stay alive. i can't imagine what state of mind she was in. listening to the terrible atrocities happening just outside on the other side of the wooden door, presumably. you know, the slaughtering from the just savages doing this. >> and also the presence of mind at some level to not listen. the militants were running around saying if you stay in the buildings you'll be killed if you come out you will be okay. we'll let you leave. she had the presence of mind to stay there and quiet for two days. at one point, when they were coming through the school to get everyone and make sure there wasn't everyone left she wouldn't leave. she was scared. >> they were knocking on the doors. the authorities coming to help save her life so she wouldn't have to be drinking body lotion for the rest of her life. >> she didn't believe them. she thought they were trying to trick them. >> they brought the teachers through to say all right we're here. the kenya police are here. it's time to come out now.
4:06 am
finally she did. >> she said i was in there and i was praying to my god. i was praying to my god the whole time. that's one easter miracle out of the horrible massacre that unfolded there. we're wondering about the home grown terror threats in the united states. as we reported yesterday, out of philadelphia another case of home grown terror. a woman there arrested and now charged with conspiracy to join isis. she said she was asked -- it was exciting for her. she's quoted as partnering up with a known fighter in syria and telling him online that a girl can dream. i would love to become a martyr and dream to be part of the fight. >> we had the guy in texas who wanted to join the muslim militants. we had the two women from queens new york who had pictures of bin laden on their phone and wanted to bomb a public place. >> pressure cook areer erer bombs.
4:07 am
is isis getting better at recruiting but the quality of recruits getting better. it's not the ad hoc one lonely people. people have an idea what they want to do and some level have been able to learn from isis propaganda of how to do it. >> there's a story in the world section of the new york times out of norway. seven friends getting together decided to join the fight and go to the front lines of jihad. we had on the network, a terror expert, what are the people looking for and how are they partnering up with the terrorists. listen. >> the goal of isis al shabaab, all the groups is turn the united states and western europe into war zones. you see boston marathon bombing, kenya, a fort hood style a paris style attack on a regular basis in u.s. sympathy. they have the sympathizers here to make it happen. >> the connection through social media. the finding a connection from philadelphia to syria and being
4:08 am
online and finding, you know, the wayward soul they are but connecting someone where they can feel like they can present something to the world. >> as rob o'neal said it's hard to protect against these kinds of lone wolf attacks because you have so many soft targets in the united states. and kenya-like attack. it isn't that hard to pull out. we're going get to your sunday morning headlines. iran's foreign minister taking hard line on the frame work nuclear deal this morning. saying iran will resume full nuclear activity if the west does not hold up its end of the deal. the tentative agreement would cut back iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. the read saying iran is committed to doing its part but the framewo deal is not binding until a final agreement is reached on the 30th of june. and three more states are lifting their indiana travel ban. following the modification of the controversial religious freedom bill. governors in new york,
4:09 am
connecticut, and washington are removing the ban on government-related travel. the pizza joint memories raising nearly a million dollars after coming under fire for saying it wouldn't cater a gay wedding. kentucky's perfect season has come to an end. wisconsin did what no other team could do this season. beat the wildcats by a score of 71-64. wyoming will face duke for the major title tomorrow night. theebrate the big win ownn the court, more than a thousand kentucky fans rioted in the streets of lexlexington. more than 30 people were arrested. as extoronto mayor continues a battle with cancer canada's hockey hall of fame appoints him to the board of directors. it comes with good news for the former crack-smoking mayor. he learned the true more in his
4:10 am
stomach slunk to an operateble size. rick is taking it away for the variety hour. >> that would be poorly rated. all right. here is your temps as you wake up this morning. chilly across areas of the south this morning. waking up to freezing and frost advisory. overall today here is the forecast for the easter sunday. not that bad. it's going to warm up and with be a beautiful day across much of the southeast. a few scattered showers but nothing a complete washout. a little bit of light snow across parts of upstate new york and down across parts of texas and into louisiana. that's where we have pretty significant rain. that's going to be the one trouble spot. a storm moving in across the pacific northwest. that's great news we need the rain. here is the temperature today. look at the nice warm up across part of the plains. back into the 80s in texas and
4:11 am
kansas city. >> only a few easter egg hunts in the snow. >> only a few. there always are. >> you hinted at the top of the show. does nanny bloomberg have the eyes set on may of 2016 in london? >> yeah. i saw the newspaper. here is the front page of the new york times. >> he looks ghood a hat. >> he does. could he be considering running for mayor of london according to the sunday times of london. they say he's considering it. >> the sources are apparently his friends. >> never mind he's not a citizens of the u.k. or the e.u. but minor election laws have never stopped him before. >> they don't have a constitution over there. anyone can run, really? here is the reminder what you may have in store for yourself. some of the nanny state things he wanted to ban in new york city. 2013 styrofoam. >> that was for environmental
4:12 am
reason. if you end up with something cracked you know who to blame. what about large sugary drinks. the crack down on big gulp. >> he doesn't like smoking in parks. hyde park no more smoking there. >> salt packaged. you'll have trouble with the u.k. in salt. you have to do something -- >> yeah. and with the fried fish and the fish and chips. you have to have salt in that. >> and the fish and chip places will have calorie counts too. >> and loud noise and music. didn't want the loud noises. >> it's interesting the conservative party he would run with. the big question how conservative is he? when he was here in new york he didn't play that conservative at times. >> maybe more independent at times. >> london, do you want him? how would you feel he wore that outfit while he was campaigning. this is coming up on the program.
4:13 am
an immigration policy that has a lot of people scratching their heads. >> you look at the program and you have to wonder why is there a border anyway? >> the u.s. government flying illegal immigrants here on the taxpayer's time. that's not the only free by they're getting. you can't afford the dream cruise you wanted? get on food stamps. >> please! >> okay. >> the newest fight to crack down on food stamp fraud. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out knock it out, fast. abreva.
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they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr. clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes.
4:16 am
mr. clean's magic eraser hi everyone. good morning 16 minutes after the hour. forget about illegal immigrant children from central america crossing the board are walking into the united states. that's so last year.
4:17 am
now they get to fly on whose dime? your dime. it's all mart of a little known state department and dhs plan that give the kids several benefits paid for you by the taxpayer. here to explain is the president of the federation for america immigration reform dan stein. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> is this program is it a product of a reaction to the border problem that we have and trying to conceal it? >> well putting it in context, since 2008 there's been a steady increase in illegal aliens from central america crossing across the border in response to the recognition that the president is not going to enforce immigration laws. and this reached a fever crisis with parents and children coming across the border and sitting down and waiting for the border patrol last year. the obama administration wants to avoid a continuation of the embarrassment. what they've done is create a series of loopholes they boot strapped together a series of
4:18 am
legal rationales to start flying in people who apply to join a father or mother who may be in the country illegally. and the whole thing is illegal behavior becombats illegal behavior. if you reward it there's going to be more of it. the obama administration said instead of deporting a parent here illegally we're going to fly in their relatives at our expense. in certain cases making them eligible for a range of benefits. with the intention nobody will have to go home. >> it seems like the better thing to do would be incentivize legal immigration. only a fool it seems like would do it the proper way with the paperwork you have to fill out and the long wait times and the money you have to pay. we need to incentivize it and not put in loopholes. here is what the program entry requires. they have to be from graduate plal mall -- you're wondering how much all of this program is going to cost and then the ripple effect after that with the food stamps
4:19 am
and the education and the health care all that. it appears the state department doesn't know. take a listen to this. >> what is the price tag? >> the price tag? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> it would seem it would be significant, right? given the number of children we're talking about. >> i'm not sure -- do you know what the number is or assuming it is high? >> what would you he's mateestimate the cost? >> between $5,000 and $6,000 flying them in and the personnel. then the big costs. public education immediately minors will be enrolled in public schools and so you to have screening and public lunch program and food stamps eventually. depending on the status. if they're brought in as refugees if they're afraid because of random violence they'll be admitted under credible fears refugees. that gives them access to all benefits.
4:20 am
the broader problem is the obama administration believe it is can admit aliens without limit. let them remain without limit and neither congress nor the court nor the state, nor the american people can stop him. it's a huge threat to the sovereignty. it's only the beginning. people need to wake up to the reality of what the administration is planning to do. >> of course. thank you so much for joining us for your insight. >> thank you. the easter sunday coming up on "fox & friends." do you know what to do if your baby stops breathing? see why the 40 second video is saving dozens of lives. think single guys have it all? it turns out the money is in the marriage. why tieing the knot can help guys bring home more bacon. we're here today asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
welcome back. it's wedding season. being married changes your personal life, of course. a new study claim it is makes you more successful in the professional life. >> married men make about $16,000 more a year than single men and that's not the only benefit. >> pay attention to the segment. here to explain is the coauthor of the study brad wilcox, the director of national marriage project. thank you for being here. can you figure out why it is that so many men who are married do better and seems like they have less time but do better this their careers. >> married men tend to work harder, smarter, and more successfully. they make about $16,000 more. and they work about 400 hours more per year compared to the single peers. that's part of the story here.
4:25 am
>> this is how it breaks down. the men get a new identity. we go from being slobs and eating take out meals to actually, i guess, what? rethinking our lives? >> yeah. >> it helped me. let's be honest. >> there are few rites of passage for guys. and this one of the last rites of passage. we go from being boys to men and become more responsible as we have a wife and often kids in the picture to support. that's a real motivation for guys to get their acts together and settle down. >> isn't it just kind of an innate thing that the man wants to take care of the woman and protect and provide for her and so, you know, in turn bring home the cash for her and the kids to make sure they have a -- >> right. there's a woman there, a wife conceivably to help. a confident. somebody to talk to. >> yeah. we see basically even today 40 years after the feminist revolution there's a sense among guys and among women that the guys have a big
4:26 am
responsibility when it comes to bringing home the bacon. and so married men compared to the single peers are much more likely to be motivated to maximize their income. and then, also, as you pointed out, there's a sense of you've got a teammate there in your corner. if to give advice. but keep your eye on the ball for future opportunities and, you know, all the reasons. having that teammate, you know in your corner makes guys more likely to succeed. are in the workplace today. >> and being married signals stability, too, right? you're not just dating all over the place. there's consistency and routine from this that lends itself to helping men's careers, i guess. >> yeah it's important to understand that, you know it is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of the family status. i think there's the mental in the part of employers to, look, to qualify married guy with kids
4:27 am
and a single guy. at some level you'll think about the family status and it will have some impact, oftentimes whether you hire the guy or promote the guy or give him the new opportunity. men men's families matter to how employers look. >> they may more likely to stay in the town and job so they don't have to uproot their family. make sense. >> happy easter to you. >> great work. i had an employer years ago won't name names. but he said i didn't like hiring single people. >> interesting. >> you can send single people other places where you can't often send married people. here is coming up on "fox & friends." should folks on food stamps be allowed to use them for lavish steak and lobster dinners?
4:28 am
of course not. there's a new fight to crack down on food stamp fraud. people find jesus in the most unusual places. like here. i'm not sure -- it's a tooth. all right. can you spot it? we'll tell you where it is coming up. >> jesus or gingerbegin begin vooits. not to be judgmental, but from where i'm sitting... it's your gas that's out of order in this court. the pressure. the bloating. get gas-x. it relieves all those symptoms in minutes. that's why it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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♪ >> welcome back on this easter morning. it's your shot of the morning. viewers sending easter pictures this morning. john sent this picture of his granddaughter celebrating her first easter. >> she looks happy. >> adorable! and the boys doing the annual tradition of dyeing eggs and breaking them. >> keep sending your photographs in this morning. we'll show more embarrassing photographs a little bit later. and some of ours are coming up as well. we need to get to this on your easter sunday morning. terrorists are continuing to threaten christians in africa. one woman who refuses. spreading the word of god with complete faith. lauren green joins us now. >> easter is about the resurrection of jesus.
4:33 am
the ability of transforming hearts. the brutal beheadings of christians shocked the worlds. now we know where that faith may have come from. she's known as mother te ree is a theresa of cairo. seven of those beheaded came out of her school. five she knew by name. >> i touched them. i eat with them. pray with them. pray with them. we cried together. we studied together. they are my boys. >> when they were beheaded, the 21 men were said to have called on the name of jesus. i asked her how did the man have faith? >> they have their identity. the self-respect, the self-esteem and they're looking up knowing they're going to live forever. >> momma maggie came from upper
4:34 am
middle class beginnings. the author of her first biography said during an interview on that imaginemaggie gave up her career after seeing living in poverty deciding to help them. >> she realized she got more happiness out of serving that family than her job and traditional wealth. >> her children is named after the first christian martyr when he was being stoned calling up and saw jesus sitting a the right hand of god and forgives them for what they do. >> the slums in the story, to have somebody give up everything to go to cairo speak to a higher calling. the slums in egypt is one of the worst places in the world by far. and to give people faith there is incredible. >> they literally live in a garbage heap. >> absolutely. >> they'll find way to have their faith. thank you so much. happy easter. >> happy easter. thank you for coming up. other stories we're following on this sunday
4:35 am
morning. isis in seconds time. the terror group releasing brand new video of jihadists destroying 2,000-year-old statutes. the terror group just gained control of 90% of a palestinian refugee camp. you know, officials calling for an international response. the situation where 18,000 lives are at risk. and stamping out food stamp fraud. remember this guy? using his welfare benefits for fine dining? >> are you still eating lobster with the food stamps? >> if it's on sale. i think the food stamps give me an opportunity to focus more on a career you can't really survive on a minimum wage job. >> lobster and sushi! come on. lawmakers want to create new tougher laws cracking down on welfare recipients. it banned people from spending benefits on cruises and liquor's
4:36 am
store . it stops people buying cookies, chips, and soda. holy molar. there's a whomoman who sees jesus in her teeth. kim pointed it out to her dentist. the dentist wasn't as nearly as she was excited as she was. >> i heard, you know, children i have jesus in my heart. yes i do. i have jesus in my heart, yes i do. >> in a grilled cheese sandwich or an ice cube. come back on something majestic. rick is standing by outside. >> any reminder is probably a good thing. that's true. >> you seebeauty in the eye of the beholder.
4:37 am
as is the weather. >> eye in the molar. let's talk about the weather now. not that bad of a day. a lot of people heading for easter services. across the northeast we have one pesky system. i say pesky because it's snow. when you see the snow across up state new york and new england it's not going to be a completely bad day. to the south of that line temperatures much warmer. 60s and 70s. across the southeast we'll have quite a bit of rain across east texas and louisiana throughout the day. that's one trouble spot. the rest is a spectacular day. tons of sunshine. the northern plains once again incredibly warm temperatures and tons of sunshine. 75. across the west rain and very nice mountain snow across the sierra nevada which is great news and warm and sunny around the four corners. that's it. happy easter. >> happy easter! the songs have been sung for a thousand years. >> and now the sound of music --
4:38 am
there we go is celebrating years. >> stop to the fox vp of marketing who sat down with julie andrews for the movie milestone. >> all these years later julie andrews can't believe it's been half a century. ♪ 50 years ago, julie andrews never expected the sound of music would be such a classic. when you were filming the movie, did you realize you were working on something special? >> no. if anybody said this i would be sitting, you know, 50 years later, how could one believe that? >> the movie celebrates the milestones she reflects on the experience. >> i'm the fortunate one asked to be in the movie, and i've always been very, very grate of the for that-- grateful for the success. >> the good ones stick around.
4:39 am
because in a new generation every seven years -- ♪ surprisingly the song she treasures most is that one she sang. >> the one that i loved and survived that i sing in concerts a lot is "edelweiss." it has a haunting quality about anyone. ♪ ♪ whatever your homeland is, that is the song that applies. >> i'm writing a lot of books with my daughter, but i'm also directing a little bit. >> the best she'sadvice? >> the editor works until he get it is work. but the professional works until he can't go on.
4:40 am
♪ ♪ >> never gets old. >> never gets old. and 50 years later they haven't been able to solve a problem like that. the movie is being screened more than 500 theaters throughout april. and there's also a five-disc blu-ray set available. for my celebrity interviews go to >> julie andrews interview is great to watch. >> happy easter to you. >> happy easter. coming up if on the easter sunday your baby was choking, would you know what to do? there are shocking statistics that most people don't. coming up ahead. life saving tips that every parent needs to know. >> robert key er inde niro wants hillary clinton to win the white house because she earned it. has she really? our political analyst up next to answer the question.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
good morning. one of hollywood's most famous leading men wants hillary clinton to be the country's leading lady. robert deneurosaid this she's paid her dues and earned the right to lead the country, and she's a woman and her take on things might be what we need right now. our political panel is here gop fund-raiser and strategies -- brian does anyone erin the right to be president? >> i think she earned the right to be a serious contender. >> that's an important distinction. >> i'm sure his language could have been said better. you don't want to create the
4:45 am
feeling she deserves it and earned it. her experience is very, very impressive for a candidate. >> do you agree? >> i do. right. no one earns the right to be the president. you have to run. that's the great thing about our system and the great thing for us to watch this race play out. we have seen some vulnerabilities she's had. a recent polling shows she's a figure in the competitive race and people are questioning things about her. i think it will be a good race and she'll run it. >> does it work to her advantage to have celebrities coming out? we saw what happened with president obama in terms of celebrities. does it work to her advantage to have celebrities endorsing her so early in using these words like earn the right to be the president and those kinds of things. >> it helps in one way where it creates buzz. it also is really good for fundraising. on another sense did you see the snl deal that depicts hillary
4:46 am
clinton it's my time and i was born ready to run? it almost feels like a sense of entitlement. no american wants a president to run because they feel like it's their time and it's their due. if that's the case vp joe biden who served in the senate who has been have he might as well be entitled. >> we're going to move on. we only have a couple of minutes. governors of indiana and arkansas really changed course so drastically this week over the religious freedom laws and a lot of folks on the right are saying they're caving. a lot of folks are upset with the governors. on the other hand, there's a lot of folks who are saying the issue of religious freedom. asa hutchison changed very quickly when his son said i want you to veto the law. is it a defining moment? >> i think it is. so you a large republican field. a diverse republican field and they're trying to figure the issue out. it's doms to the find that the
4:47 am
party is trying to appeal to a broader, more diverse electorate. and so what you do in the primary, you know, is different from what you might have to do in the general election. >> can democrats use it to their advantage as a number of republicans tact to the right to try to impede the base. can they use it come the general election? >> sure, we already are. i find it interesting that republicans always find themselves as a quagmire. if you look at what is going on around the world and kenya. we should be talking about foreign policy and religious freedom is what we're talking about instead. i think the republican party will have a hard time. 24/7 everyone is saying this. i think it's going to be difficult to republicans to compete nationally. >> how do republicans keep from getting into the quagmire and how do they keep from handing the president to the democrats? >> it's been the burden of the gop to try to, you know, to out outreach to minorities to gays to, you know others while
4:48 am
defending the base while defending the platform on what the gop actually stands for and i think it comes down on who delivers the message for the gop in 2016. i think that's what we're going to be watching >>well the race is on for the announcements coming up here. thanks. peeshtd you being here. happy easter to you and yours. coming up. price check. the main stream media hammering scott walker all the way down to this thing. his dollar sweater. so the question is will they treat hillary clinton the same way? and this short video we hear is saving dozens of lives. >> if your baby is choking. lay them face down and one gives up to five back blows. >> all right. would you know what too do if your baby stops breathing? shocking statistics show that most folks don't. we'll have life saving tips that
4:49 am
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stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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4:52 am
something no one wants to think about. if your baby was choking, would you know what to do. a new study finds close to 80% have no idea. an new safety video has gone viral. it helps to raise awareness about choking hazards. >> excuse me. can we have your attention please. babies are choking. i'm a baby. i'm choking. >> if your baby is choking, lay them face down on your palm and then one gives up to five black bow
4:53 am
blows. >> the video is credited with saving dozens of lives. a certified emt and owner of baby be safe. she joins us now with life saving tips. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. happy easter. >> why do you think parents don't know this? they can't wrap their his around how to help their baby. >> they're not taught when the baby is born. so a lot of things that parents don't think about are the foods and foods and candies and popcorn that babies choke on. >> all right. let's start with the common one. these are great for kids. carrots, not a smart idea. >> not a smart idea if it's not cut. foods should be quartered. carrots and grapes should be quartered. >> cut it in fours. >> correct. >> it's easter today so we have jelly beans. kids love them. nod not a good idea. >> not a good idea for an infant. >> how old? >> over two. >> even on popcorn. >> even on popcorn.
4:54 am
>> can you break it up? kids love to snack on it. go to the movies. >> even then it's tough. it can perfectly block an airway. popcorn is tough. >> here is an amazing one i had no idea it was a problem. it was a big problem. band aids. >> especially, you know, when the kids has a boo boo. the round band aid can obstruct the airway. >> easter sunday we have the easter baskets. what problems prevent themselves s-- present themselves. >> the small toys in the easter basket. specifically for ages one and under. any toy that can fit through a roll of paper should not be given to the kids. >> even common household items. those are a problem too. >> absolutely. the round batteries specifically. that can pose as a choking hazard. pen caps is a big problem. >> big problem. yes. that can perfectly obstruct the
4:55 am
airway. >> and coins. sometimes we drop our bag and coins come out of our bag. coins is the perfect obstruction to an airway. >> all right. now the video of course, going viral helping the parents ss understand what they should do. show us how. >> first of all how do you know if the baby is choking. if the baby cannot breathe, cannot cry. no sound comes from the mouth. you know the baby is choking. also discolor asian of theing of the lips. place the baby on the downward position. with the heel of the hand between the shoulder blades we want to give five back slaps. one, two, three, four, five. if the object hasn't been expelled you want to take the baby, support the head, with the other arm and place two fingers underneath the nipple line on
4:56 am
the sternum. you'll continue doing that until the object comes out or the baby is unconscious. >> what about a finger swipe? >> it's not suggested unless you see the object. because you can push it further in. >> wow. fascinating stuff. we'll post the whole video on the website. it will be on lori, great to see you this morning. happy easter. we hope everyone takes the precautions. thank you so much. coming up joer overnight a few days after the president bragged about a deal coming together. what happens next? chris wallace is here next hour. and there are the words kentucky fans didn't want to hear. an unbelievable ride to the championship game. >> the final four game real life march madness in the streets of
4:57 am
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5:00 am
effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. hello. good morning friends and happy easter! it is sunday, the fifth of april, 2015. tens of thousands gathered to hear pope francis speak on this easter sunday. hear his message of peace and hope. call it an easter miracle. a christian survivor found two days after the kenya attacks. wait until you hear how she survived, hint, it involves body lotion. plus, it's about to be the biggest save of this college baseball player's life. but it's not happening on the field. this picture risking the game to save the life of a 7-year-old. total stranger. you'll meet him live this hour.
5:01 am
"fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ we couldn't wait to share it with you. >> that was -- >> that was about 1992 around easter sunday. those were the -- >> i would say your hair -- you've done something different with your hair. >> i had feather bangs. they were very popular >> beautiful family. beautiful family. send us your easter sunday photographs this morning. the easter tradition. easter egg hunts. everything! we'll show them throughout the show this morning and our thanks to 1-800 flowers for decorating our set this morning and party city for decorating. ? >> you know who else sent us a picture is elizabethsabeth hasselbeck.
5:02 am
final four eggs. >> now they can break two of them. >> yummy! >> keep sending them to us this morning. happy easter everybody. we're going to get to your headlines. the sunday morning tens of thousands of people crowd saint peter's square for mass and listening to pope francis give the mass. after the service the pope delivered his blessing. encouraging people to be humble and calling for an end to violence. earlier on "fox & friends," father jonathan morris reflected on the pope's message. >> the pope is giving a message of hope. it's the message of the gospel. he has risen. and it transformed the designable's lives.
5:03 am
the pope remembered the kenya students targeted for being christian. brand new frightening video out of egypt this morning. one person is dead after a explosion on the busy bridge in cairo. so far no one claimed responsibility for the attack. this 18-year-old was home in virginia on spring break when she disappeared morn a month ago. she was last seen at her parent's house in norfolk. police searching a pond 40 miles away looking if her cell phone and asking neighbors about a white van. her adopted father is charged for investigating the case on his own but he said he has nothing to do with the disappearance. >> kentucky's undefeated season gone.
5:04 am
wisconsin did what no other team could do. beat the wildcats. the badgers will face duke in the national title game. more than 1,000 kentucky fans decided to riot in lexington fires were set and more than 30 people were arrested. that's helpful always. >> it's so much better. >> right. yeah. rick is standing by with a look at the forecast this morning. >> they had a lot of flooding there the day before. >> all right. and it's cold this morning. getting a little bit of pay back. down here across the south freeze advisories in effect. we have that going on. it's going to warm up today. it's going to get better but notice the blue that is freeze warnings and the lighter blue, those are frost advisories. we'll watch that. temperature wise you see that reflected here with the air temperatures here 40 degrees in raleigh, 11 in caribou, maine.
5:05 am
there's cold air up there. the east is looking pretty good but michigan snow moving there. and across the great lakes and across parts of upstate new york. that's going to be with us. the clipper system dropping throughout the day today. and then we start to warm up a little bit tomorrow. take a look at this. very heavy rain across east texas this morning. it will spread across louisiana and oklahoma and arkansas throughout the afternoon. behind that you'll warm up pretty nicely and clear out very, very nicely especially by tomorrow. we have 80s and possibly pushing 90s across western kansas, texas and oklahoma. >> thank you so much, rick. all right. we'll get to this now. a fox news alert. the people of kenya are still recovering from last week's horrific terrorist attack. >> and now they're being threatened again by al shabaab. the terror group promising more bloodshed around kenya as authorities have already arrested five suspects. >> connor powell is live in
5:06 am
jerusalem with the latest on this. good afternoon, connor. >> good morning and happy easter. christians in kenya celebrating easter today with heavy hearts. mourns the loss of 148 people in the deadly terror attack on thursday. the group responsible for the massacre al shabaab threating violence saying kenya streets will run red with blood. security forces are working to track down other accomplices. one is believed to be the son of a ken began government official who went to somalia and joined al shabaab not too long ago. with the threat of more violence they are on high alert and have been deployed around the country to protect churches and shopping malls. there's a lot of fear there it's just the first of what could be several more attacks in the
5:07 am
coming days. >> thank you. thank you so much. and if there is a sillver lining out of the story -- it's hard to imagine it would be. you can call it an easter miracle. one student found alive two days after the attack. her name is cynthia. she's 19 years old. she had hid anyone a wardrobe for two days buried herself under clothes and drinking she's -- body lotion. she was so worried about the militants. they're knocking on everything trying to get the christians to come out and executing them for saying what their faith was. she was in there for so long, the police came in to try to get her out and she thought it was the militants. the savage terrorists trying to trick her. she stayed in there and took it awhile for the teachers to coax her out. >> you expect somebody to have a voice they would recognize. the presence of a mind for a young woman you are unbelievably frightened.
5:08 am
it's gunfire and folks yelling and shooting some of your friends. to hide and stay calm and think and in the end desperate times call for desperate measures drink body lotion and stays alive. she drew a lot of confidence from her faith saying i prayed to my god the whole time. >> questions this morning how it unfolded. just in a short amount of time after the mall massacre and a few years ago of course, the embassy a how much freedom and how much liberty are people willing to give up in order to stop the fighters, the jihad ifrss and back here in the united states that question is more present than ever with an arrest yesterday in philadelphia where a woman down there kiona thops saying they're going to join isis. go to syria and join the battle field. in the past 18 months more than 30 people have been charged with joining terrorist groups in syria. she's one but how much of our liberties at home do we need to give up to stop the lone wolf
5:09 am
style recruits? >> so much of the radicalization is happening afar online. but it also has been the detriment to some of these wan that beterrorists the woman there in philly apparently sent out a tweet and that's how they tracacked her. >> and the level of sophistication that isis and other groups have gotten not only in terms of recruiting but radicalizing folks at home to carry out attacks. we heard about the two women who had pressure cooker bombs they wanted to make. they were obsessed with bin laden. i talked to rob o'neal about just how these terror groups are able to recruit here at home. >> they're recruiting people that are young who don't really have much to look forward to and they present this utopia political project where they can go over there, there's high morale. they can be part of a brotherhood. a lot of them are burning their passports because they never want to come back.
5:10 am
once they realize how hard it is to get to syria through turkey or whenever, they can do some damage here fighting us here. and it's going to be as simple with the bombs they found on the young ladies in new york with a well to do. the woman they sentenced to four years in january. all they need is a few guns, a little will, and willingness to die. a gun free zone a movie theater or shopping mall to wreak havoc. you would think that foreign policy security at home would be top of mind as we look toward 2016 as the candidates start to emerge. this would be the question you put forth and try to tackle and look for when talking to the candidates. >> the threads are more important what the candidates are wearing. >> sometimes what one wears can be important. scott walker, governor of wisconsin talked a lot about the fact he picked up a sweater for $1. and believe it or not, stlfsthere was a group that decided to fact check. if that sweater is actually $1. if you can get it they want to
5:11 am
know. they fact checked it and they decided that we why yes it is $1. it raises the much larger question. is really the $1 sweater what we need to be talking about or the larger issues and also is this the kind of scrutiny they're going to give somebody like hillary clinton whose e-mail server probably cost more than $1. >> of course not. he was making this point and candidates should be put through any kind of scrutiny. they're running for president. and the most important job in the world. if someone says i'm just a man of the people. i buy cheap clothes just like you do. people are saying wait a second. how did you get a sweater for $1 at kohls. they fact checked it and heard from the readers who thought it was an unbelievable story. they found out they found that the exact same sweaters discounted to like 90% off. >> contrary, you haters. >> you know who scott walker
5:12 am
credits for teaching him how to shop at kohls? >> his wife. >> with a coupon. >> he was appalled he didn't know it earlier in the relationship. >> it's okay. you can be a man of the people and wear sweaters that cost about $1. everyone craves a sharp dressed man. when you're going for a job interview or you're trying to gate promotion you're supposed to wear shoe that's are one level up than what you can afford to project strength than weakness. i read it somewhere. >> for men. >> that's interesting. >> i stick with boots. >> i like yours. yes. coming up a bombshell threat from iran. what was said and what happens next? the host of fox news sunday chris wallace is on deck. is this the best little baseball player every? the little leaguer's incredible leap!
5:13 am
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this week together with our allies and partners, we reached a historic understanding with iran. it's a good deal. a deal that meeting our core objectives including strict limitations on iran's program and cutting off every pathway iran can take to develop a nuclear weapon. president obama touting a nuclear agreement with iran with the weekly youtube address. >> a bombshell threat from iran's chief negotiator. if the united states does not hold up their end of the deal, he said, his country, iran, will
5:17 am
resume nuclear@s. >> joins us now is chris wallace. thank you for being here with us. >> hi guys. >> we're seeing different narratives being pitched. when so you iran goes home and gets jubilation and goes to twitter said we're on the upside of the deal and the president saying what we heard in the state department doubling down on that as well. which is true? >> well, you know, in a certain sense we don't know because there wasn't a formal written agreement. if you believe the fact sheet that the white house state department put out, one could argue whether it's a great deal or not. it sharply limits iran's nuclear infrastructure. they have to cut the operating sent fujs from 19,000. and there are intrusive inspection. some is contested by the iran
5:18 am
begans. in a sense we have to wait until the final deal. the one signed with the details on it and both of the signatures on it which hopefully, will come by june. you know, this comment by the iranian foreign minister. there's a couple of things going on here. one there's a political impartive both in the united states and iran. for the iranian foreign minister to say he's to go to the hard liners and said we didn't giveaway the store. conversely in a funny way i think it helps the president. there are some critics of the plan who said we don't have to go to war. we don't have to have a deal. we can continue with the sanctions. he's saying no. if you have sanctions the iranian foreign minister is we'll continue our nuclear program, which seems to make it more of a binary decision either war or a deal. >> right. >> and we're seeing the video of a hero's welcome of him returning home. and word of a infrastructured
5:19 am
relationship between israel and the united states. you'll have guests on the show this morning talking about that and more. tell us about the show. >> we'll going to be talking -- i think it's going to be an important guest senator bob corker. this will be his first television interview since the deal was announced. he's important because he -- when they come back the week after next, he's going to introduce legislation that would demand the congress have a vote up or down on this bill. 60 days to review and they can either approve or disapprove the deal. and the president cannot lift or suspend sanctions until them. the president said he's going to veto it but between the republicans who were steadfast on this and a few democrats close to the 67 votes they would have to override the veto. we'll talk to bob corker and whether he intends to demand that congress have a vote on it. and it being easter we'll talk
5:20 am
to the archbishop of washington. we'll talk about the pope's visit in september to the united states but about the debate over religious freedom and the horrific terror attack in kenya in which christians were deliberately targeted. one of the questions i'm going to ask him is christianity under attack by groups like isis. >> happy easter to you and yours. thank you for joining us. coming up on "fox & friends." the video is insane. caught on camera. a woman leans on the hood of the car with a carjacker at the wheel. it's about to be the biggest save of this college baseball player's life. it's not happening on the field. this picture is risking his career to save the life of a 7-year-old stranger. you'll meet him and hear why he's doing it coming up next.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
$16 billion. that's how much the national retail federation predicts american spend on easter this year. the average person spending $140. $3 more than last year. 510,000. that's how many plaster eggs were used in an attempt to break the record for the largest easter egg hunt ever. the eggs weren't delivered in time. finally 21. the number of peeps it takes. sharp shooter tested it out by firing a.22-caliber rifle at
5:25 am
point-blank range. >> thank you. it will be the biggest theme of our next guest's college baseball career. it will take place at a hospital where he'll marrow to save a child's life. he's a pitcher at south carolina. he joins me now. great to see you this morning. happy easter to you. >> happy easter. how are you? >> doing great. and some young child somewhere in the world is going to be having a bright future thanks to you. you decided when you were walking past the library one day on college campus to do what? >> i was walking into the library to print some papers and there's a tent set up there. be the match. they asked me if i wanted to save a life. i said sure. and they said in reality, there's chances we'll never talk to you again after this, but go ahead and sign up for it.
5:26 am
we'll get back to you. and i've had four or five cotton swaps in my mouth. they sent it to a nation wide lab and they keep track of everything there and i ended up being actually matched with somebody. >> they checked your dna and matched it with a child. you found out needed a bone marrow transplant in france? >> that's correct. i said no doubt i'm all in for that. no second guessing on that. so it's not an easy procedure, right? >> no, it's not. they actually put me to sleep laying down and they stick a backbone pretty much. >> wow. and now of course you're in the conference tournament. big games at the end of your senior career here in south carolina and you could be out for the games. do you think will affect your career long-term? >> either way i don't think it's going to but if it does, it's fine because it's giving a
5:27 am
little boy a second chance at life and that's really important. >> why did you decide to do this? >> i guess just to give back to someone who really hasn't had a chance to live the full potential of their life and to give them a second chance is something that seemed really important to me. like he deserves it. >> what do you say to ohother people thinking about doing a blood donation or stopping by to see if they're a match. what would you say to those people? >> i suggest to anyone out there who can help in my way, you never know. be the match is an awesome thing to sign up for. we actually had a drive at the school this past weekend. we had a 52 students sign up which is a good thing. it gets more people on the list. >> to be clear, you have never met this person right? >> no. i have not. >> unbelievable. on this easter we thank you so much. it's an uplifting story. for people who want to know more
5:28 am
about the program we'll link it on our website. thank you so much for being an inspiration to us. happy easter. >> happy easter. thank you. coming up on the show a family vacation turns into a complete nightmare. two teens in a coma and a dad paralyzed. what investigators found in their hotel room at their resort that made them sick. are you cooking easter bunch or prepping for the easter dinner? don't change the channel! supreme tips to fix common cooking errors that might happen to you.
5:29 am
5:30 am
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for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day. hey everybody. happy easter. it's your shot of the morning. yesterday we had a special visitor on "fox & friends." we snapped a new photographs. take a look. >> yeah. >> ready? >> hey! >> the urban bunny. i love it! what a smile! >> you were such good sports. every once awhile you'll put on a costume but tucker doesn't. >> it didn't take much. >> it was all in good fun. >> thank you for setting that up yesterday. they had the bunny photograph booth. >> yeah. it was pretty cool.
5:33 am
>> my kids were jealous. >> you need to bunny hop outside. we have a easter cooking segment coming up. >> is it okay if i walk? >> i guess so. >> come on! i'm going to take a look at the sunday morning headlines. a trip to paradise turns into a nightmare. a delaware family cay elevationvacationing in the u.s. virgin islands believed to be poisoned by pesticides. the family started having seizures after renting a villa in saint john and they're being treated in philadelphia. the epa said the family's room had traces of a pesticide restricted in the united states because of the toxicity. how terrible. this video hard to believe. a woman jumps on the hood of her car to stop a teen from selltealing it. the chaos includes until a gun-toting good samaritan shoots the thief in the shoulder.
5:34 am
>> the guy that got shot, he was, like, falling out of the car. he was holding his chest and he started slivering and shaking. >> the crime-fighting man a city employee by day held the criminal at bay until the police arrive. the sailor found alive after 66 days alive at sea is firing back at critics this morning. he survived on raw fish and rain water for two months. some people think his story is bogus wondering why he was in such good condition when the coast guard rescued him. check it out. incredible play by a young baseball player in california. he leaps over the catcher. he's safe and the run counts. what a play! his team wins that game 9-6. all right.
5:35 am
rick is out and about on the streets of new york city. >> that game is requiring more and more talent all the time. >> it has to be gymnastics with baseball and all of that to get by. all right. take a look at the weather map as you're waking up this morning. temperature wise it is chilly across the south. a very chilly one there. it won't be that bad across part of the southwest. 65 now in phoenix. take a look at how the day plays out across the northeast. you see the clipper system moving in bringing snow and rain to coastal areas. to the south of that temperatures nicer. down across the southeast and parts of texas and oklahoma you can see the rain spreading throughout the day from east texas into louisiana and eventually toward alabama and mississippi and pan handle of florida by late tonight. overall the southeast not looking that bad. today across the northern plains another spectacular day. temperatures warming up into the 70s for so many there.
5:36 am
continuing the streak of beautiful weather. and across the west we have rain moving into the higher elevations. most of the four corner states looking beautiful. >> all right. guys. >> they need the rain out there. >> >> i don't think either of us have that worry. here we have simple fixes for common cooking mistakes. author of the new cookbook "the great cook" is here to help when things don't go as planned. >> right. >> smith field spiral spice hamt. always comes out perfect. you have nothing to worry about. when it comes to whipping together a quick salad we have steamed asparagus here and the most brilliant trick ever for the eggs. take a rack like this. put your eggs through. we have a little bit of vinegar
5:37 am
and mus aroundtard. use the best quality olive oil. you mix that together so you're not wasting the old eggs. >> the boiled eggs. look how perfectly they turn out. >> what happens if all the sudden you add too much salt. kid pours a little much in when they help you. >> it's an easy fix. usually acid i did litdilutes that a little vinegar. >> does it work for any salad? >> pretty much any dressing. you can mellow out the extra salt. >> we've made the mistake. >> me never. >> anna never has. >> burns a casserole. >> what do you do if you have the burnt casserole problem? >> you might be tempted to buy a frozen side dish.
5:38 am
don't do that. this is a great recipe we have got. it's a little bit of splenda. it brings out the natural sweetness. >> anna would love that. >> the granulated version. >> just keep everybody preoccupied and scrape off the burned part. you put fresh bread crumbs and fresh cheese. >> the last time you were here their cheese is unbelievable! >> they're so great. we love them. when things are going wrong in the kitchen the most important thing is stay calm. right. it's a good dwrod have a drink ready. this is a barefoot bubbly. the citrus infusion. mix it with pineapple juice. it's bubbly infused with natural fruit flavors. it's a quick easy thing. whip it together and keep you calm. >> what about the dessert? then everybody is mad. >> it's the most important part.
5:39 am
>> we have the best recipe. a three-ingredient flourless chocolate cake. almond, flour, -- -- almond flour and eggs. >> how long does it take to make? >> about 15 minutes total in the oven. three ingredients you stir them together. >> even i can do this. >> anybody can do this. we havely land lywe havely leeland making this. >> how long does this have to cook for? >> about 15 minutes in the oven. >> what if it sticks to the pan. >> get it cold. a lot of people try to make the mistake. let it cool. pop it in the freezer and it should release. rather than knife around the edge.
5:40 am
worse case scenario own it and serve it in a dish. >> the book is called "the great cook." there it is. happy easter? >> happy easter. >> thank you for keeping us fit. coming up the former crack-smoking mayor of toronto -- >> there's more! landed a new gig. what is he up to now? what is his new job. >> i train aid long the u.s. special forces but ss ss there's a poll that said women don't have what it takes. that is next. and thought... yeah! empty seat next to me. and then i saw him slowly coming down t the aisle. one of those guys who just can't stop talking. i was downloading a movie. i was trying to download a movie. i have verizon. i don't. i get that little spinning wheel. download didn't finish.
5:41 am
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uick collapsing smart suds™. it helps save time and water. and tide delivers 6 times the cleaning power. get a money saving coupon for new tide he turbo at
5:43 am
good easter morning to you. hope you're having a happy
5:44 am
easter. a look at headlines from around the world. castro has emerged in cuba for a few photograph opens. the 80-year-old frightened students with a 30-minute speech which he railed against u.s. sanctions on venezuela. remember this guy? rob ford is continuing his battle with cancer and canada's hockey hall of fame appointed him to board of directors. comes as ford learns the tu in his stomach slunk to an ordinary personable size. a new study about women serving in special forces. a majority found men don't think women are up to the task. they fear the pentagon will lower the standards to integrate women into the elite unit. should women be able to join elite ranks?
5:45 am
amber smith and karl higgby are here. you say it's a bad idea and lead to an increase in deaths. >> it's a political correct push from bureaucrats to push more swim women into a s.e.a.l. community that is not ready for them. i don't think it needs to be there when the lines of margin are so small and adding another availability variable of -- >> we look at this camp in 2013 following the lift of having women in combat position. what i found there, amber, is the women we why yes, it was hard for them but once they put on the helmet they felt like one of the guys and the guys thought they were one of them. what do you say? >> well, i think the number one thing that we have to remember here is that mission success
5:46 am
must always come first. not gender success. >> right. >> there needs to be this standard across the board standard that isn't reduced to a gender norm standard in order for women to be able to pass the tests. women don't want that. women don't want special treatment in the military. it doesn't do them any favors and doesn't do the military as a whole any favors. i feel with the concerns of those who are surveyed about the worries that the pentagon might cave to political pressure and reduce the standards. that's not best for the military at all. >> as leon panetta vows they would not be lowering the standards. you hope the standards wouldn't be lowered. you say it's not necessarily about the physical differences between men and women. it adds an extra factor that could be avoided. >> right. an extra variable of instability in a career which has such small
5:47 am
margins for error. it is unnecessary right now. we're successful as all male force and nothing against women. but they don't have a place in there. i'm glad you brought up standards. across the military the standards are different for men and women in all fieldss. it's only a matter of time before they push it into the s.e.a.l. community. >> that's a same track you've heard about women don't belong in ceo positions or business owners or the leaders of religious communities. is this a glass ceiling that needs to be broken through as long as the physical standards remain intact? >> there's no question a dynamic of a group will change drastically once females are introduced to an all-male variety. i'm sorry but i don't think the excuse of disturbing the good old boys club is a vaild reason that females should not be able to try and assess for the units if they can meet the same
5:48 am
standards that men do. i think it comes down to the maturity and the professionalism of the unit. >> for the most part men are typically stronger than women. it would be more qualified for that. there's the exception to the rule the women who are strong and have the warrior spirit and all of that. karl, i'll give you the last word. i want you to hit on does it make chivalry dead as well? if you're fighting alongside a female, would you feel more obligated to help her rather than one of your brothers? >> i think so, yes. it's human nature for care for a woman. i don't think just because some woman somewhere probably could doesn't mean they should. >> thank you so much. firy debate this morning. the battle for 2016 is heating up, and the candidates are getting their messages out. >> will you stand with me? will you fight for freedom? will you vote for freedom? >> next hour governor mike huckabee and ted cruz and rand
5:49 am
paul get the dial treatment. that's next. and there a ton of online dates sites out there. what if you're looking if are good christian boy or girl? there's an app for that, too. we'll tell you about religious debatinge ing-- gaiting apps. next.
5:50 am
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are you looking for love? well, how about turning to god to find it? that's what many are doing but with the help of specific dating apps. >> what are the best apps to find someone of the same faith? >> here now to break it down
5:53 am
our lifestyle expert rachel. good to see you. >> i think the idea of going online to find someone the stigma is gone. >> it's absolutely gone. whereas ten years ago, they would have had an opinion about it. >> there is one for vegans. >> for christians, there's christian mingle. how does that work? >> it's if you're looking for a specific domination of christians. christian mingle break it is down. >> what about e-harmony? >> i love e-harmony, christians
5:54 am
looking for christians. >> what they are famous for is going through multiple questions. they do that right? >> it is. that's why more marriage-minded people focus on e-harmony. >> for those who are not serious about a relationship, there is tinder. >> and then also tinder for the jewish population? >> yes. >> so you don't want the long 800 questions on e-harmony. >> yes. >> that is like somebody's face pops up and you say yes or no. >> yep. that's it. >> actually, one of our
5:55 am
producers has been on there. >> it becomes a game. >> the next one for jewish singles is jdate. >> you have to pay for that. it's a great one for jewish singles looking for each other. it has an app and online site too. the one thing about jdate, there's a lot of nonjuewish singles on there. >> you pay $40 and may not even get a jewish date. >> what about hinge? >> that's an app that connects you through second-degree connections or third-degree connections or first. but typically second or third through facebook. you're kind of getting vetted through your friends but it's a general mainstream app but it has a spot where the vjreligion is noted. >> people often get married when the bridesmaid catches the
5:56 am
bouquet. >> you've thought about this clearly. >> we can work on that. >> a lot of things to work on. coming up here on the show, remember this surfer dude who used his food stamps to buy lobster? >> do you think you taking food stamps is contributing to that debt? because it is. >> you want me to apologize for the way the system is set up. >> his lavish lifestyle on your dime could be coming to an end. and forget the nanny. the future smartphone to keep an eye on your kids when you're not in the room. it's a parenting trend but is it a good idea?
5:57 am
5:58 am
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hey, everyone. good morning. today is easter. happy easter. it's sunday, the 5th of april. i'm anna kooiman. thousands have gathered to hear from the pope. hear his message of peace and hope. the british are coming, get this, for bloomberg. the former nanny of new york city is looking to return to office but it may not be in the united states. we're going to explain why he may be heading across the pond? remember this guy eating like a king off of the food stamps. >> do you think you taking food stamps is contributing to that debt? because it is. >> wait. do you want me to apologize for the way the system is set up? >> his lobster tail diet on your dime is about to come to an end.
6:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now. happy easter, everybody. does the set look nice for everyone? >> it looks great. >> finally someone gives me the entrance that i deserve. >> we're out of coffee this morning. leland vitert is in this morning for tucker. he's our little dandelion. >> what about me? i'm wearing yellow. >> i saw your childhood picture. >> are you showing that? >> so cute. >> mom just sent that one in. if you look you can see that plaid jacket and that's what i
6:02 am
was going to wear today and then i thought better of it. >> it's gorgeous. >> the hair looks pretty good, too. >> adorable. >> please send in your easter pictures. >> so we don't have to put mine up again? >> mean may be more embarrassing than yours. send us your easter egg photos. we'll show them throughout the show. >> we'd love to see them so keep them coming. all right. some other stories making headlines, the pope delivering a message of hope on easter sunday and in his urbi et orbi message this morning he focused on christians suffering. >> translator: the consoling voices the lord jesus. peace to you. fear not for i am risen and i shall always be with you. >> earlier on "fox & friends,"
6:03 am
there was a reflection on one of the most powerful moments. >> he was talking about all of the places and all of the facts of war and conflict and he looked up and he said oh and there are so many. another great moment happening is the pope traded hats with someone in the crowd. check that out. iran's foreign minister saying iran will resume full nuclear activity if the west does not hold up it is tentative deal. zarif says iran is committed to doing its part but the framework deal is not binding until the contract is signed by june 30th. and kentucky's undefeated season is over. >> wisconsin is going to the
6:04 am
championship game! >> wisconsin did what no other team could do this season, beat the wildcats. they will face duke in the final game. this is reaction from the badger stars. the buffalo wild wings went wild. more than 1,000 fans rioted near the campus in lexington setting fires in the street. police arrested 30 people. and this is sure to leave you in a good mood and have a good taste in your mouth. watch. ♪ oh yeah i tell you something i think you'll understand ♪ >> researchers say music can affect your taste bud. for example, listening to beatles is perfect for a salty
6:05 am
fish dish. it can give you up to a 16% boost in your dining experience. just turn on the beatles. >> this is the question, who pays for that study? >> that's a good question. >> and who thought of doing that as a study? >> morning show producer. >> there you go. >> don't you love the beatles? >> i love the beatles. i'm a huge beatles fan. >> i'm an all right beatles fan. >> if they could figure out how to get to you eat 15% less. that would help a lot of us a lot. hey, our freeze advisories have expired. overall, easter sunday morning is not looking that bad and there are no major storms today. we don't have tornado threats today. no threat for severe weather. a little bit of snow flying in upstate new york.
6:06 am
to the north, it's chilly. to the south, pennsylvania through parts of the mid-atlantic and down through the southeast, a really spectacular day. we have rain across east texas. by the afternoon, that moves into louisiana and arkansas. overall, other than towards the pacific northest with we have rain and mountain snow. temps for today looking great. tomorrow, if you're thinking about going back to work a nice warmup across the plains. still feeling like summer. >> the bunny was jumping down in mexico. >> thanks, rick. >> thanks, rick. here's a fox news alert. multiple arrests made on the massacre in kenya. one was a son of a government kenyan official. >> that shocking revelation is bringing up questions of the insider attack.
6:07 am
>> good morning, conor. >> reporter: good morning. police are saying that they have at least learned the identity of one of the four attacker who is they say is a son of a kenyan government official. kenyan police say he fled to somalia last year to join al shabab. his father is a government chief of a local district and police are still looking for other accomplices as part of this sort of complex attack on this church -- or on this university of christians. now, one bright spot of this attack is that 19-year-old cynthia survived for two days by hiding in a closet. she wasn't able to drink or eat anything. she survived by drinking body lotion. this attack killed 148 people and wounded dozens more. christians in kenya celebrating
6:08 am
easter with very very heavy hearts. >> unbelievable story. >> an eastern miracle that she survived for sure. >> can you imagine listening to the terror going on outside as your friends are being slaughtered for their faith. >> and the presence of mind to stay there because they are being lured out you will come into safety if you come out and then being executed. worldwide support is pouring out. we heard from the pope during his holy mass this morning. >> talked specifically about that attack. >> he talked about iraq, syria the problem in the recent attacks on christians all over the world. >> we had a pastor on the show yesterday and said christian leaders across the globe need to come out and speak out against this and write your congressman, and the former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, is echoing that. listen to this. >> the fact is these often and
6:09 am
most often are reledgeigiously motivated where one religion is slaughtering another in the most savage of ways, burning people alive, cutting the heads off of children with boko haram having done that proudly and bragging about it. this is the kind of evil that needs to be called out for what is. >> of course it does. that's why it enrages me that the president when he spoke about the islamic extremist attack, all of these innocent people, he left out the word christian and these christians were targeted for their faith. they were asked what their faith was and when they said christian, they were executed in the head. they were shot in the head and he leaves out the word christian and leaves out the word islamic extremism. he used the word terrorism. >> if anyone has a question
6:10 am
about whether it's islamic extremism or not, the militants would ask them to either say a pray from the koran. if they couldn't say the pray correctly, that's when they got shot. if anyone says it's not about the islamic faith, they were shot. former mayor michael bloomberg, according to the sunday times in london, he may consider running for mayor of that city in london. >> the red coats are coming, the red coats are coming. >> mayor of london. you wonder what he's going to ban in london. >> he tried to ban a lot of stuff in new york. >> so this may be coming to you. here we go. styrofoam he tried to do that in new york city in 2013.
6:11 am
>> that was for environmental reasons. how about this, the big gulp, any soda larger than 16 ounces. >> i wonder if it's 16 ounces more of tea. >> we have portion problems here in the united states. smoking in parks they like to smoke in europe. can't do that. but they love their salt in london. >> especially the food over there you definitely need salt. >> and also chain restaurants without the calorie counts. remember that? >> one thing i could get behind was his banning of loud noise and music. it was operation silent night i think he called it. but the construction is so loud in new york city and starts so early and ends to late. >> one of the things that british are pointing out about this you have to be a citizen in order to become a mayor but he had election laws changed in
6:12 am
2013. maybe he can do that in london. >> money buys you a lot of things. >> and he has a lot of money invested over there. >> you can't buy me love. coming up here on the show, the battle for the gop nomination is heating up. >> will you stand with me? will you fight for freedom? will you vote for freedom? >> but is that message working? rand paul mike huckabee and ted cruz are getting the dial. and hammering scott walker all the way to his dollar sweater. think they'll treat hillary clinton the same way? >> no. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not
6:13 am
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hey, everybody. good morning. one hat is already in the ring as the race for the gop presidential nomination heats up. texas senator ted cruz and rand paul. good morning. happy easter, what is going on where you are? >> well, it's the final four. i was at the game last night and i'm going again tomorrow night and the city is excited. the people are really into it. it's exactly the opposite of american politics today because everybody in indianapolis is really happy. >> we have our eyes set on 2016. first up governor mike huckabee and a cause he's championing the need for term limits. >> it's high time we take the leadership in this country and if we have term limits for the
6:17 am
executive branch, we have term limits for the legislative branch and you can't stay and make congress your career. you will go. you will serve and you will get to come back and home and live under the laws that you passed for the rest of us. >> all right, frank. >> congress is a 12% job approval rating. gadhafi had a 15% job approval rating. it's smart for mike huckabee to focus on the anger that the american people have towards washington and congress. it works among republicans, independents democrats alike. we feel that congress is disconnected from our day-to-day lives and mike huckabee in particular wants to be able to communicate a mess able that goes beyond social conservatism. he's doing quite well in the polls in iowa but needs to have a message that works in new hampshire and nevada.
6:18 am
this is a very powerful message for him. >> with his hat in the ring texas senator ted cruz put out his first definition ad over the weekend on "killing jesus" and he says in this sound bite here that washington is not listening to the american people. watch. >> the most fundamental problem, the frustration is that the men and women in washington aren't listening. you talk to the man and woman on the street. that's the message you hear over and over again. why don't they listen to me? why don't they hear what we have to say? they aren't listening to the millions of people. >> democrats, libertarians, republicans across the spectrum. >> do you think that's true? >> it's very true and it's very strong and very powerful. and it's the reason why ted cruz has captured the hearts and
6:19 am
mipds minds, once again, of the early primary states. he will need to demonstrate that he's in a general election and from the work i have done over the last six months the idea of that disconnect between washington and the people that they represent is the single strongest mess average that the public is being looking to make the city more efficient and more effective and accountable and that's why they move for republicans and democrats. >> okay. and rand paul is acting american. watch. >> it's not the desire for wealth that drives us. what drives us is the desire for freedom. the history of man is the history of men and women striving to restrain the power of government and expand the realm of freedom. will you stand with me? will you fight for freedom? will you vote for freedom? >> he does quite well. he's the most intellectual and
6:20 am
philosophical of the candidates and if the public wants a really deep conversation about where we stand and where we're going rand paul will do well in the fall. >> frank luntz thank you. enjoy your easter. >> thank you. coming up on "fox & friends weekend" remember this guy eating like a king off food stamps. >> do you think using food stamps is contributing to that debt? because it is? >> so i have to apologize because of the way the system is set up? >> he's dieting on your dime and it's about to come to an end. forget the nanny. use a smartphone to keep an eye on the kids. is it a good idea? our panel is next.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
and a very happy easter to you and yours. a quick look at the headlines this sunday morning. today columbia graduate school journalism will release its review of what went wrong in that "rolling stone" uva sexual assault story. the report will be published tonight. if you remember, as news organizations followed up on the "rolling stone" article accusing a fraternity of rape, the supposed victim's story began to unravel and police say they found no evidence of the attack. also in virginia, dive teams have joined the search for a missing college student 18-year-old woman disappeared one month ago while home on a spring break. a tip led police to a pond 40 miles from her home where they
6:25 am
are now looking for her cell phone. a new digital experience, kids being watched over facetime while mom and dad are nearby getting work and house chores done. is it safe? is it too much tech and not enough personal time? a parenting expert and father of four is joining us and a member of the harvard women's leadership board and creator of career meme. >> when are you due? >> july 3rd. thank you. >> the new syndrome of having parents use facetime he sets facetime up in another room while he gets work done around his house and he has a relative who lives out of state watching his children. good idea? >> well, if he's in the house it's okay. but i read some people that actually leave the house to run errands and to me that should be
6:26 am
completely illegal. it is irresponsible and dangerous. >> being a plastic surgeon, i've seen so many disasters and accidents and parents saying, i turned my head for one second and this happened. >> in his defense, he says i have other things to do. instead of plopping him in front of the television, i have a relative in another state that's able to sit there and stare at him for 20 30 minutes at a i am too, they see my child and develop a relationship. >> i agree with that perspective, any chance you get to unload the dishwasher it's precious. i'd rather he be talking to at grandma in florida rather than the tv running with no purpose. it's a tool that, as moms busy
6:27 am
working and doing it all, can use as a resource. >> i'm very pro technology but that's what they make toys for. if you are loading the dishwasher, put something on the floor and let the kid walk around. >> but if it wasn't for facetime my son wouldn't know them by their first name and it makes me happy what it does for a relationship. >> a new app that allows parents to spy on their kids' activity for $14.99 a month, they can actually get access to this and a summary to see what they are up to. do you think this is a good idea? should parents be spying on their kids? >> i love this because i know people who actually use it. it's very tempting for me. i have four kids. i'm against it. you parent you do the best you can and you let your kids live their life.
6:28 am
you can do monitoring in other ways so they don't think hey, they are going to do something to me because dad is much waing. they can do what they need to do and i monitor it in different ways. >> doesn't it show lack of leadership when you have to spy? if you have a relationship with your kids and they do something untrustworthy, you can be disappointed on them but spying seems out of bounds. >> i think it depends. my parents used to read letters that they found in my room that was not appropriate but there's too much access for kids and i think there's a certain amount that is okay and my 10-year-old is here and listening to this and he knows that i look at his phone his texts, at the history browser. >> and it's not necessarily what he's doing but it could be bullying or things coming from other people that you could be catching before it gets too bad. >> right. technology has changed the game.
6:29 am
42% of all kids report that they have been bullied. and more than half have reported that people say mean things about them. so i would only use this if i am expecting a isrisk of some sort. >> she's got a 2-year-old. just wait. >> okay. we'll see. >> my sister kept a diary and she got in trouble but i was the angel. guys, happy easter. >> thank you. >> got you, nicole. coming up, price check. the mainstream media hammering scott walker on his story about his sweater that he bought for a dollar. think they'll give hillary clinton the same treatment. why tieing the knot can help guys bring home a lot more money. and it's the action-packed movie that everyone is talking about. "furious 7" is out. kevin mccarthy is here.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
6:34 am
happy easter, everyone. welcome back to "fox & friends." thank you for sending us your easter photos this morning. here's page kicking off the easter tradition collecting easter eggs around their house. >> and this is a dog that looks happy to be dressed up. and michelle sent us this photo of raven enjoying her very first easter egg hunt. she looks a little perplexed. as soon as she gets the chocolate, she'll be happy. >> we have easter traditions. some of them are funky and some are fun. fred says, every year i wake up early to hide 100 eggs all over the house for the grandkids. i fill them with jelly beans. >> hopefully they are jelly bellies because they are made in
6:35 am
america. and ann says "before easter dinner our family takes turns reading our chosen bible ver verses about the resurrection of jesus. tu dad i'll today i'll read luke 24. >> i wonder what this says about your mother's cooking? >> i my mom makes the best carrot cake. >> can i order one for next year? >> he's putting in his orders now. three members of a delaware family are in critical condition after a vacation to the virgin islands turns into a disaster.
6:36 am
they were sickened about a pesticide. >> remember this guy using his welfare benefits to buy a lobster -- >> you think you using food stamps is contributing to that debt? because it is. >> do i have to apologize for the way the system is set up? >> lawmakers in two states hoping that doesn't happen anymore. a proposal in kansas would ban people from using their stamps on certain luxury items. fact check, over a sweater. last month, wisconsin governor scott walker told a crowd in new hampshire he bought his sweater for just a buck. he credited the clearance rack and kohl's cash for the deal. turns out walker was turning the truth.
6:37 am
it's totally possible to get a sweater for a buck. his wife had a coupon and there you have it. getting money as a wedding gift is nothing unusual but more money could come after the wedding. a new study from harvard says married men make more money than single men. the difference could be $18,000 a year. this could be because married men tend to work more hours than single men as well. you want to provide for your women and your children. >> bring home the bacon. >> either that or they just want to get out of the house. >> right. i don't mean to be cynical. i'm just saying. >> i would never do that. >> he's heading home right after this. >> natalie don't worry. he wants to go home. >> let's talk about the weather.
6:38 am
take a look at this beautiful picture from miami this morning. this is the miami sunrise. an absolutely spectacular shot out of miami. you have a great day on tap. 76 degrees. this is getting to 84. plenty of sunshine. send us your pictures of what you're doing for easter. here's your forecast across the northeast. a little bit of snow flying in the far northern parts of new england. rain showers by the afternoon and moving across connecticut. down to the southeast we've got very heavy rain showers across louisiana and eastern parts of texas and oklahoma and a spectacular day across the northern plains. hard to imagine this time of year. we'll send it back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. the cast of "fast & furious" honor paul walker in their movie that opened this weekend.
6:39 am
>> here to give us his review, fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. good morning and thanks for being here. >> happy easter. by the way if you're looking for a good movie to watch i would recommend "son of god." but, yes, "furious 7" has made over $2 billion and for me i grew up watching these movies. i'd go to see the first one very day. i love the over the top nature of these movies. chronologically, this is the seventh movie but the story-tellingwise is one, two, three, four, five, six, three, seven. you may be confused there if you haven't seen the first six. these do a wonderful job of having over-the-top action. it's a pure popcorn fun
6:40 am
ridiculously action movie. by the way, the director loves practical effects. i was geeking out beyond belief. they have cars skydiving out of a plane dropping thousands of feet. and we have video of this. this is what they do. they threw cars out of a plane at 13000 feet. we have some behind-the-scenes footage here. people jumped out of the planes with the cars and filmed it and the actors went into a studio and flipped their cars. it's very, very cool. it's a tribute to paul walker. his two brothers stepped in to help finish the project. paul walker shot 3w885% of the film before passing away. i give it a 4 1/2 out of 5. it's a tear-jerker. i sat down with the rock to talk about the epicness to delivering
6:41 am
a one-liner in a movie. check this out. >> daddy's got to go to work. >> daddy's got to go to work. >> there you go. what about the next movie? >> hang on. that's way too zikquick. bad guys are unrunning away, pushing them in the face, you say, daddy's got to go to work. go ahead. >> daddy's got to go to work. >> good. >> i got it? >> i'll take over for you. >> no. no. >> leland, go ahead. >> i was giving it to clayton here. he says it to his kids all the time. >> and natalie too. >> do it. >> camera one. daddy's got to go to work. if you're watching clayton morris in the next "furious 8."
6:42 am
>> thanks kevin. >> have a great easter my friend. >> i give it a 4 1/2. you've got to see it. coming up here, call it selective outrage. top companies rift the religious right in the wake of the indiana law but what about the countries that actually execute people for being gay? we'll discuss it, next. changes everything. new flonase outperforms the #1 allergy pill so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and 6 is greater than 1. so roll down your windows, hug your pet dust off some memories, make new ones. new flonase. 6 is greater than 1. this changes everything. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798
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but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters,
6:45 am
muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk... ...calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica. one of the biggest critics of indiana's freedom law was apple ceo's tim cook. he wrote this op-ed. he said, apple is open. open to everyone regardless of what the law may allow in indiana or arkansas, we will never tolerate that discrimination. places where homosexuality may
6:46 am
be punishable by death. we also have nigeria up there as well as the uae. what is it with the selective out reaj outrage of apple and other companies? happy easter to you. >> same to you. >> it's shocking that you would think that apple says this is terrible boycott, we can't believe this outrage and on the other hand they are selling apple products in countries where this happens. why is there not equal outrage? money talks. >> with all of this unfolding during holy week it's an important conversation and americans, finally realized that there was almost a bit too much. it was a bit -- it was horrifying. looking at an issue like this where there's a level of hypocrisy, you have to wonder for people who do care about human rights, the right for americans to live lives as they
6:47 am
see fit and you see that op-ed from tim cook who came out as gay as the head of apple, taking this self-riteous attitude attitude of indiana, it is not safe for people who are different in other countries not for women and we know saudi arabia's record. look, in saudi arabia, you're lashed if you're a woman and you're a rape victim. >> there were sanctions against apple products in iran up until last year. the sanctions were lifted but look at the human rights records. despite all of this, apple in 2012, a pastor imprisoned for eight years because of his christian faith. in july 2014, a washington post reporter was imprisoned as well. they've publicly executed gay people. and then apple says we'd like to
6:48 am
get in there. >> obama did allow companies like apple to sell their products in iran and "the wall street journal" reported in november of last year they were interested in starting up that tehran business. it seems a little hypocritical when you have an op-ed piece saying we're not going to tolerate intolerance and yet that's a place that they are comfortable going into. >> and that's not the only company that's being accused of this. you've got walmart who came out against the arkansas law. they are more than happy to take money from the country that certainly discriminates on a much grander and rougher scale. >> here's what i would encourage everyone to watch that he circus last week is that it asks questions. for especially young people, gay people, is are we being used as pawns in a political framework?
6:49 am
is what tim cook doing a thank you for the communication sanctions on iran? what is the political angle here? we have a presidential election coming up. for those of us who care about consistency and human rights, we have to hold them accountable for when they use people and there are important issues because it's unacceptable. >> to your point, it's always right to ask the questions. tom brokaw said it's not the questions that gets you in trouble. it's the answers. >> especially if they say anything or more importantly pull their products and say we're not going to do business there. >> we'll see what happens. tammy, thank you very much. >> happy easter. soon your pantry will have leftover easter candy. what do you do with all of it?
6:50 am
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tackle it! ask your doctor now if jublia is right for you.
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all right, so the easter bunny may or may not have visited. he's coming but he's probably brought a lot of candy. so what do you do once there's a little candy left over? >> an executive chef from max brenner is here to join us. >> melting down chocolate and burning some peeps. >> the first thing we're going to do is make a candy bar fondu.
6:54 am
>> when i was young and dumb i'm now old and smart, i burned chocolate, i thought i will just put it in a pan to melt it down. >> be gentle. so we're melting down the chocolate, and it haszs little bits of carmel and sea salt in it. we serve that in the restaurant, then you're melting it down, you can toast the peep. >> i'm toasting the peep now and somehow we're going to combining these two things, right? >> all right, now we comebine the peep and chocolate. >> it's very complicated, but i think you can do it. >> there's other things to do as well, right? >> now you can eat it. i don't pay for dry-cleaning
6:55 am
bills. it's perfect. >> next up you have fried chocolate. put this away. pralines? >> we're taking our milk chocolate praline eggs so we're going to dip them and fry them. so one cup of flour and one egg, one cup of milk. >> even i could do this. >> yeah, it's easy. >> and one teaspoon of baking powder. and we're whisking. >> or we have leftover pancake batter. >> then you can put it in a belgian waffle. >> so while you're making your pang cakes for breakfast, you can make these fries eggs. and you're going to put them in the batter. we're going to take this --
6:56 am
>> we're dunking. >> and then we're going to go in. >> it's like funnel cake. >> it's like fudge cake with chocolate. >> and then what do we have when they're done? >> oh, stunning. >> let me taste it. >> go enahead. >> we would have had three, but anna ate one of them. >> more fox and friends coming up. >> taking candy from babies. >> delicious.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
welcome back. i'm here working this weekend in new york city while my kids are out enjoying happy easter out in california with their cousins.
7:00 am
cruz and little baby luna. happy easter, everyone. >> happy easter everybody. after the show, we're playing chubby bunny with peeps. taking a longview on iran. good morning, everyone, happy east. i'm maria bartiromo, this is "sunday morning futures sfutures." a long road that could determine our nuclear future for years to come. plus hillary in the hot seat? the select benghazi committee wants to question her about her private e-mail account, how will she respond now? and how will voters respond. the first game of the season is today. major league baseball's commi


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