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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  April 5, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to our panel and all of you watching, i'm paul gigot. hope to see you all next week. time now for "sun i'm arthel neville. it's time for sunday house call. >> joining us, professor marc siegel. >> and dr. david samadi from lenox hill hospital. good to see you, docs. >> happy passover. >> same to you. we start with major advances in cancer research this month. a new treatment was announced
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for melanoma that works by quinn jebtsing tumors with viruses that are wired to destroy them. how does this work? >> this is very exciting. we've been talking about viruses to kill cancer. but now they're finally starting to make head way. fighting cancer is like a war. but we're getting to the point now where we have guided missiles, where they go right into the cancer cells. and the biggest problem that had to be overcome was to teach the body that these cancer cells are foreign. because before cancer hid in the body. and melanoma is not being attacked by the immune system. they're taking a herpes, a cold sore virus and getting it to be pecked up by the melanoma cell. once it's in the cell, the immune system sees it and says there's that invader and comes marching in with t-cells to destroy the melanoma. so you have a twofer. it's still early.
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it's still only tried in a hand ifful handful of patients. >> you see so many commercials for creams for dark spots. how do you know a dark spot is cancerous? >> you look for irregular borders, a very dark color. you look for something large, and you look for something raised. but sometimes you don't see all these things. again, unusual color, unusual borders, irregular size. if you have the slightest question, get your doctor to see it. >> and dr. samadi. this reminds me, injebting a virus, did you see that last week about polio viruses being injected into grio blass tome as. >> we're entering a whole new era. using polio to get to glee yoe
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blass thoma. now we're talking about in our field of urology with bladder cancer. we have used tuberculosis to fight bladder cancer. and in this particular case, who would imagine taking a herpes virus and modify it genetically and go after these kind of things? this is using our own immune system against cancer, which is something extremely important. the company's name is ad vaxis. in a sense, we're taking the cells from the cancer, modifying them and put them back in the system. and now they're going to go after those cells. so our own immune system can fight the cancer. this particular case, 74,000 cases of melanoma, this is a
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huge step forward. >> it's like you're customizing the treatment. >> targeted therapy is the way to go. what is this going to do? chemotherapy, which we're using now. surgery followed by chemotherapy. chemotherapy has a lot of side effects. it affects good cells. now we're targeting only the bad cells, and this is a game changer. >> can you do this right now? can you go to the doctor now and get this treatment? >> they're in clinical trials right now. if they fast track it, it's a year or two from being able to get it in your doctor's office. one key point is that they're engineering the virus so it doesn't kill normal cells. it's only going to kill cancer cells. so the side effects are very, very, very low. simultaneously, there is a cancer vaccine coming out in washington university in st. louis where they literally look for the proteins on the cancer cell, and they find them
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genetically that are not found on normal cells, and they build an immune vaccine that flags those cancer cells >> this is very important, for the last two decades, cancer cells built a wall around them. those t-cells that are part of the immune system are the missiles that mark is talking about. now we're putting a flag on those cancer cells saying this is the lace wheplace where you kill. glioblastoma, that's amazing. i said is it a real deal or not? and they're absolutely for it. in a patient who died, one patient in that study who died was because they gave too much load of the virus and the virus took over the patients, and that's the problem. >> the polio virus, this is
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completely the real deal. here's the key. it's that these are incurable cancers, cancers were people were dying within the next year or two now have hope. now there's a possibility of a cure, because these viruses go after distant cells all around the body, and the immune system seeks out the cancer and finds it. ? how soon would that -- >> the next couple years. this is in the phase one clinical trial. >> as a medical doctor, as to how to boost your immune system. everything we talk about on this show, mediterranean diet. what food to eat and whatn not o eat is all prerequisite. >> this will be out in a couple years so people will be able to take advantage of it. >> big news. a new warning about a common household item after research finds that exposure to bleach could put children to risk for
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certain respiratory as well as other infections. should we start on this now? dr. samadi? >> this is a study that came from europe. some kids from 6 to 12. they saw that the family and households that use a lot of bleach, the kids would have higher risk of allergies, asthmas and a lot of respiratory illness. i'm not worried about this, because i think this study is absolutely terrible. the way it's done, the way it was designed, the questionnaires are old. this is the first time on national tv i would say this is completely garbage. now what we learned from this is either using a lot of bleach can wipe out all the bacterias so you're not supposed to those bad bacterias to boost your immune system or the bleach can cause respiratory illnesses. i think if you have a pregnant woman at home, don't use this. for the most people, you're not exposing the kids directly.
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but overall, it's a terrible study of the. >> some people use bleach to clean sheet the, wipe down counter tops. is that the sort of use we're talking about. >> first of all i agree. we're going to talk about a well done study later on. the only thing i like about it to look at it this way is probably bleach in a certain percentage of kids is going to cause a respiratory response. it's going to induce asthma, something. but the fact that it's going to increase infections somehow is not been proven. i'm telling you why this is not proven and why i'm voting for bleach. we're using bleach in hospitals to kill mrsa, we need it. >> and people getting infections from hospitals. >> and you know where the superbug is going now? it's going to schools, into the gym. if i say don't use it in the school, you get a superbug
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outbreak in the schools. we need our bleach more than we need the rare case of a child getting a respiratory infection. we should stick to the idea that bleach works. it is a disinfectant that works >> what you're talking about is the overuse of antibiotics in the hospitals. this is all about like family and households that use bleach just observational study, which is meaningless. they saw that the kids may have more ear infection and other things. >> not proof. >> i don't think it's a cause and effect. >> i use bleach. >> you're fine. your kids are fine. >> exactly. you know it's easter sunday and maybe eggs are on your menu. if you go find them. but how much of this holiday treat is too much? new rules on cholesterol and eggs. the doctors will fill us in on how many eggs we can eat when we
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we're back now. and we're back now on sunday house call. for years you were told you can't eat too many eggs because of cholesterol? but recently it was revised saying it may not be as bad as we thought. does that mean you can eat all the easter eggs you want? >> eggs are very important today because they represent birth and rebirth. that's why they're a symbol for easter. supposedly we can have 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day without any problem whatsoever. and what i want people to know
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going to make get it in your as much in your own body. in other words, you're going to stop producing it in your liver. you can probably have a couple eggs and your blood cholesterol is not going to go up. they're loaded with vitamin d. yolks are a great energy source and have a lot of protein. the only people that i want to watch out for eggs are diabetics. there's evidence with diabetes, if you eat too many eggs, your risk of heart disease goes way up. >> i think the american heart association is very clear about this. and that's where the confusion is, one we say cholesterol is not good for you. then we come back and say cholesterol is perfect for you. you need cholesterol to make your hormones. all of that is a priority. cholesterol goes through the liver and you make those hormones. so cholesterol is essential for
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you. what the american heart association wants you to know is there's a difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterols. we've talked about good cholesterols, salmons, nuts. stay away from transfat, saturated fat, processed meat, all of those cholesterol bad ones. they're still reminding you that good exercise, healthy diet is all part of this. so unlike the old-fashioned way where we said if you take cholesterol, you're going to die, we think it's the bad cholesterol, the transfat that makes those plaques. >> how many eggs can i eat a we week. >> depends on your metabolism. >> i agree that we can get our cholesterol in better places, there are much healthier foods for us to eat than eggs, i agree with that. but the thing here is that you can eat some eggs and it's not as dangerous as we thought. it hey not end up in your blood cholesterol. you can eat an egg and it will
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absorb, but it may not increase your blood cholesterol, your bad cholesterol. if you have a few eggs a week, i'm fine with it. i still think an egg a day is too much. >> i think you should talk to your doctor about your genetic component. eric can have them and he exercises. i take the same amount and have a heart attack. >> i don't want you to have a heart attack, but it's great the information you're giving us. >> i know. >> it is genetic. absolutely. >> i'm happy that dr. mark pointed out the correlation of eggs and easter sunday. people are like, what does easter have to do with eggs and christ. >> and the rebirth. >> and the rebirth. thank you. >> you know. >> we have matzo. >> still to come, we're going to answer an e-mail question from one viewer who was recently
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diagnosed with a severe b-12 deficiency.
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time now for "should i worry," it's our weekly segment for everything that gives us concern. one you videoer asking, i have been diagnosed with pernicious anemia, which is a b-12 deficiency. i was teld that my stomach lining was very thin. what can i do to prevent serious complications. dr. samadi, you tell us. >> great topic. i i havel love this, pernicious anemia, or vitamin b-12 deficiency is an anemia where you cannot absorb it. you need an intrinsic factor in
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the stomach to combine vitamin b-12 so when it goes down to the bouls it will get absorbed. what makes that kind of problem? some autoimmunedy disease, type one diabetes, thyroid issues. you have that type of problem. if you have kroens or bowel disease, you may have the probable. or too much antacid -- you need the acid in order for it to work. a lot of people are taking zantac, and tums. a lot of vegetarians also have a problem because they are not getting b-12, having some meat. that gives you a lot of b-12. you need the measure the amount, the normal valley is between 900 and 1200. when you have vitamin b-12 deficiency, you are tired, fatigued, depressed, lower extremity pain. you need to treat this. we can treat it in the office. >> can you take b-12 supplements over the counter? >> first of all, we have to find out you have it. you come to the doctor's office and we test you.
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we have to distinguish between pernicious anemia, a thinning of the lining of the stuff. that's the worst case, and that person needs shots to correct it, b-12 shots. in answer to your question, someone who has milder case, they are taking prilosec or previous sid or changing the acidity of the stomach, celiac disease. many things cause this. some of these people can get away with putting it under their tongue. i will tell you today that i have lot of patients that this is -- and only over the last two years, eric. over if last two years you can go to your pharmacist, get a b-12 pill, 1,000 micrograms or 2500 micrograms that you can put under your tongue. and it will reverse the problem. but you have to be followed eye bure physician. usually an internist can do this to ensure your level is back into the normal range. even though it's not
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predescription, don't do-it-yourself. >> in the he would i recall, the symptoms of vitamin b-12 deficiency is similar to dementia. in women, sometimes the deficiency can change to a falsely positive pap smear. if you have a pap smear, talk to your doctor and find out about vitamin b-12. and finally, sometimes having the vitamin can increase the risk of gastric cancer and they should have more screening. very important things to know. >> will you put that on your facebook. >> i have to dig in. it's hard to find that stuff. >> most of my patients that have this problem, the number one problem is fatigue. people that come to me for if a tooek teague, it's at the top of my list, spell your last name elderly people. and iffer not thinking clearly,
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david was mentioning about rog cognition, clear decision making when you can't come to a clear judgment, and depression and anxiety e these issues can be related to b-12. i can test for a deficiency, the most important thing is it treats for fatigue. >> there is a test in the office, shilling test. >> i can test for the reason you have the b-12 deefficiency. >> good idea. well, there is a fashion capital stangd up against anorexia, putting a ban on models who are considered too thin. coming up on house kahl, we'll look at a disorder prompting the new action and how we can deal with the scourge of anorexia. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. now in a new look.
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there is new light being shed on anorexia has france has passed a new law banning the use of models considered too thin in advertisements or on cat walks. other countries already have those laws. it's heart breaking when a young person or anyone suffers from anorexia. >> 24 million people in this country suffer from eating disorders, either anorexia, where you starve yourself or but
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liamia, where you binge eat and then vomit. france has banned models who are too thin. the issue is that our teens -- it's the third most common disease amongst among teens. if you are wondering why am i talking about anorexia when last week he was talking about me gaining to much weight. they are connected. the child is, look at the fashion model sayingive got to be thin like this model and then they don't accept their wlait. >> dr. sammed aadsamadi. how thin is too thin. >> the bmi should be 18.5, they are telling the companies if you violate, there will be penalties and fines and jail time. what they should be telling children is this is not what you want to look like. anorexia is a real disease. we have treatment for it. and i think you should learn about this and educate yourself.
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there are people -- this the highest death rate higher than any other mental illness, these are eating disorders. you should educate the children. >> well said. thank you so much. that's it for us. thank you for joining us. >> hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn, of course happy easter and passover. top in the news think hour criticism over differences now in what both sides agreed to in the nuclear deals with iran. and major allies in the u.s. voicing skeptdcism as the obama administration is standing fast. thousands of faithful braving the elements in st. peter's square as pope francis delivers easter mass. the message, giving sri


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