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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 5, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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yourself. there are people -- this the highest death rate higher than any other mental illness, these are eating disorders. you should educate the children. >> well said. thank you so much. that's it for us. thank you for joining us. >> hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn of course happy easter and passover. top in the news think hour criticism over differences now in what both sides agreed to in the nuclear deals with iran. and major allies in the u.s. voicing skeptdcism as the obama administration is standing fast. thousands of faithful braving the elements in st. peter's square as pope francis delivers easter mass. the message, giving spiritual
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comfort to christians around the world. and indicate yas in kentucky. those riots erupting after the wild cats shocking there is wisconsin in the final four ending their bid for a perfect season. first, we begin this new hour with the debate consuming the nation's capitol. the framework nuclear deal with iran. president obama is selling it hard calling the interim agreement a good deal. he is warning congress not tamper with it. some law make remembers casting a doubtful eye on what has been agreed to demanding their right to take a much closer look at exactly what both sides have agreed to at their sit downs in switzerland. doug mche will roy is live in washington with the details. >> reporter: there are as many questions raised by the deal worked out this week as there are answers. that became apparent when leaders from both the u.s. and iran offered their first opinions on the deal, opinions which are were at odds on the
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substance of what was agreed to. >> iran will no longer enrich uranium at its portal facility nor with its advanced centrifuge centrifuges for the next ten years. they of enriched uranium will be neutralized. >> our facilities will continue. we will continue enriching we will continue research and development. our heavywater reactor will be modernized. and we will continue the facility. >> meanwhile, congress is determined to weigh in with a first vote in the senate foreign relations committee set for april 149. bob corker on fox news sunday today offered little speculation on whether the congress will sink the deal or approve it. >> there is a lot of water that needs to go under the bridge here. many many details are unknown at this point. so i don't know how anyone could really ascertain whether this is something good or bad yet for
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the american citizenry. >> the pressure from israel to reject the framework is intense. >> this is a deal that leaves iran with the capacity to produce the material for many, many nuclear bombs. >> while many republicans and a smaller number of democrats in congress are aligned with net netd's view that you just heard some democrats say his protestations is counterproductive. >> this can backfire on him. and i wish that he would contain himself because he has put out no real alternative in his speech, the congress no real alternative. since then, no real all tirn turntive. >> and there is also speculation that the obama administration may be lobbying kong behind the scenes in an effort to stave off an embarrassing vote. corker does not know if congress has a veto prove majority to reject the iran deal. >> we will have to see if the
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iranians let the u.n. weapon npsors everywhere, which apparently they have not yet done. arthel? >> eric, the chris tense around the world celebrating easter sunday and marking the day we believe jesus christ resurrected more than 2,000 years ago n. the holy land pilgrims flocking to his birth place. pope francis leading mass before tens of thousands of faithful packing st. peter's square despite a downpour. conner powell is in jerusalem with the story. >> reporter: pope francis marked easter from a rinny st. peter's square. while thousands fared the bad weather he had a speech to the faithful. it was a some better speech, the pontiff expressing hope that the recent international nuclear agreement between the west and iran will be successful. but he also highlighted human suffering around the world. the pontiff expressing concerns
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about the growing violence against chris tense and people of faith. he called for peace in iraq and syria while pushing the international community to do more for the victims of vie lense. >> translator: we ask for peace above all for our behalfed syria and iraq, that the roar of arms may cease and that peaceful relations may be restored among the groups which make up those beloved countries. >> francis also praying for the recent victims of the attack in kenya killed thursday by somali militants from the group al shabaab. those militants vowing to turn the streets of kenya red with blood. >> connor powell thank you very much in jerusalem. meanwhile thousands of iraqi christians displaced by fighting in mow sul and northern iraq are celebrating easter in the kurdish city of ibril. crowds packed the church today for the easter mass. most of them have been living in
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camps outside that city since last year when they were forced to flee mosul and surrounding areas following the take over of that land by isis who as you know have been killing christians because of their faith and those of other religious minorities. >> the red cross says it has gotten permission to deliver aid in wore torn yemen, that coming from the saudi led coalition which has been launching air strikes against shiite else are more unanimous a week now. the agency says it hopes to get workers and medical supplies to the yemeni capital of sanaa by tomorrow. meanwhile, the leaders of a sunni political party in yemen claim claiming though shiite rebels kidnapped two of their more senior leaders and more than 100 other sunnis in overnight raids. >> and back here at home, the crisis is water. days after california governor jerry browne order mandatory water restrictions for the drought this the stricken state
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a broken water pump is building blamed for losing an estimated 82,000 gallons of water that occurred at a los angeles county public works pump station this. as the good afternoonor defended his decision to spare the state's agricultural industry from water restrictions. he says the rest of the nation depends on california produce for our food supply. >> michael bloomberg reportedly telling friends he is kerring running for mayor of london. law london england. word is he would run on the conservative ticket in next year's election. he was dubbed as a knight by the queen elizabeth ii years ago but would have to become a british citizen to run. the current london mayor boris johnson is stepping down next year when his second term is up. >> maybe they will bring them new york attitude. doouj duke, wisconsin will play for the title tomorrow
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night in college basketball. might have been hard to beat the thriller last night. did you see this? wisconsin stunned heavily favored kentucky ending its perfect season. there was drama and controversy on and off the court and after the game as well. will carr has the latest from damage. >> what a night for sports fans last night. >> reporter: you could hear the screams all across the country as brackets got busted anywhere? what a game. and it all happened when wisconsin took on kentucky kentucky undefeated heading into the game, they were 38-0. but wisconsin showed up and they pulled out a thriller. that's why they call it march madness n. the game before duke cruised pass michigan statement they are now heading to the finals. the blue devils with coach k. won his first championship in indianapolis back in 1991. and they won his most championship in 2010, also in indianapolis. now duke squaring off against wisconsin tomorrow night. aircraft, who have you got?
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>> meanwhile, there was controversy after the game? >> yeah, that's right. so you had the winners there and then you had some of the losers in kentucky. fans took to the streets. they started lighting things on fire, most likely some of their brackets. 30 people ended up being arrested. at the same time, after the game star guard andrew harrison got himself into trouble with a racial slur that he had in front of an open microphone about wisconsin star frank kaminsky. he had to take to twitter afterwards, harrison did, stating, first, i want to apologize for my poor choice of words used in jest towards a player i respect and know. when i realized how this could be perceived i immediately called big frank to apologize. we had a good conversation and i wished him good luck in the championship game on monday. now, there was also uproar in east lancing last night. seven people were arrested. they started more fires there
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after michigan state lost. add it all up, eric, and i think you had sore losers all across the one. the other big news, the super bowl, and the second that ends, that means baseball season starts. kicks off tonight. >> the first game of the major league season, the cardinals taking on the cubs, which hasn't always been an even matchup in recent years. but the cubs have a lot of excitement swirling around them this year because they signed john lester. he is taking on adam wayne write. and this is the time of year whenever team has hope. they are all pumped. and the new mlb commissioner is hoping that fans are just ads excited. >> our game is still a gate driven game. it's really important to our economics that we have good attendance. over our dates, we average 30,000 people a night. and it's crucial to our business. we do think we continue to have a really positive, affordable,
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family in-park experience. >> opening day for the rest of the teams in major league is tomorrow. and if it's anything like last year, where the royals went to the world series in daunting game 7, nobody expecting them to be there it's going to be a very excited season. >> that it will. the royals last year. no one expected that. and the year before that, the red sox with that incredible win, especially with the year they had in boston. what a game. america's pasttime. >> can't wait for it. >> arthel. former toronto mayor rob ford making headlines, not because of any scandal. you may remember when he became a global sensation two years ago acting up on the floor of the city council and admitting to smoking crack cocaine. now ford has been named to the birthdays for canada's hockey hall of fame. he won't be involved in electing new players to the hall, which is based in toronto. ford says he loves playing
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hockey when he was younger and wants to promote the game for kids. rescue crews have swung into action after a shark -- a shark attacked on a popular beach. we'll tell you where this happened. and in a moment, how the victim is doing. plus, one of our proud veterans taking a little stroll for 9,000 miles. the great cause he is supporting. we'll have a lot more on the controversial nuclear deal with iran under fire from several corners. one of america's leading and closest allies, the country threatened with destruction by tehran? well, as you can understand, they are slamming this agreement. why those lead remembers so concerned. >> we are not trying to kill any deal. i'm try to kill a bad deal. you say it's an historic decision historic deal. it could be an historically bad deal.
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. time for a quick check on the head looipsz. just an hour or so away of the release by the columbia university school of journalism, its review of last year's widely discredited rolling stone allergy about that alleged gang rape that it reportedly said happened at the university of virginia at the frat house.
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holes were poked into the magazine's reporting of of that story. and the police later said their investigation found there was no evidence of any such alleged attack. crews air lifting a man who was attacked by a shark. legendary circus performer jenny wallenda has died. picture there with they are grandson, nick. she was famous for walking the high wire and riding on horseback. she passed away at her home in florida following a lengthy illness at the age of 87. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continuing his criticism of the nuclear deal with iran saying it opens the door for tearan to expand its influence throughout the middle east.
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at issue those crippling sanctions the israeli leader claims suspending them will only give iran too much power. >> iran will have billions of dollars flown to its covers not for schools or hospitals or roads, but to pump up its worldwide terror machine and its military machine which is busy conquering the middle east as we speak. >> let's bring in christian whiten a former white house senior adviser. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> first let me get your take on netanyahu's comments. >> i think it is a very important point where we are so focused on the nuclear program, iran's program, which and not going to be resolved by this agreement we have lost some sight of the other things iran does more conventionally either millitarily or in the realm of political warfare that makes the region less safe for our allies and for free people, free countries. for example, it has its tentacles deep into lebanon subverting the political process there. it's trying to dominate the
1:19 pm
shiite portion of iraq. the houthis have made deep inroads in yemen. all of these bad things that iran does in addition to killing americans whenever it can are going to get worse as this regime gets more and more money. in many ways the regime has been legitimatized by the negotiation process the u.s. has undertaken. >> christian, it seems that prime minister netanyahu is the most vocal critic on the world stage. is he alone or do other countries share his concern? >> it's interesting. the obama administration really has tried to make it netanyahu versus everyone else for it to seem like that. in fact that's not case. almost all of our other allies essentially every arab state in the region, allies like saudi arabia like the uae are concerned about this, concerned to the extent that saudi may look at its own nuclear option. saudi officials said explicitly they will make sure they have as much capability as the iranians have, which looks to me they
1:20 pm
intend to pursue a program of their own. >> what's your assessment of the framework that's on the table? do you think it's possible to negotiate deal points that you feel ultimately would be more beneficial to the u.s.? >> i think if we went in from a position of strepg -- the president mentioned arms control treaties signed by presidents reagan and nixon. reagan signed a deal that eliminated a class of weapons, the inf deal. had 600 ships in the navy. he had a strategic defense initiative and built up the military. more importantly he was blunt about what he wanted to happen to the soviet that it would be would be consigned to the ash heap of history. that's completely different from what obama has done. he negotiated from weakness issued concessions preemptively. it looks more like the failed agreements with north korea in the last decade. >> picking up there critics of
1:21 pm
president obama claim that the president is essentially incapable of negotiating a deal with iran. i mean do you agree with that? and it's not president obama who in the american landscape of politicians and negotiators would be best suited to cut a deal with iran? >> i don't think it actually comes down to who would be a better words smith or tack tigs. you have to change the factors at play. iran has been pushing on an open door since the 1979 revolution. it never paid a serious price for taking our diplomats hostage, never paid a price for killing americans in lebanon in the 198 tos in iraq in the last decade. its has seen a situation where it beats the west again and again, especially at the negotiating table. i think we should get away from the false choices of diplomacy and war and making life difficult to the regime, look at giving power to iranians who wanted to overthrow that government peacefully in 2009 and 2010. >> is there anyone in the
1:22 pm
political landscape who you think would be better suited if president obama not suited to be the front person? >> i think if you look at -- i mean we are obviously going into a presidential cycle and you will have people i think on both sides of the aisle talking about restoring the u.s. military and our capabilities. ultimately, the words of our diplomats are backed up and essentially given power by the might of our military. that's just the sort of world we are in. any candidate who can increase u.s. capabilities, whether it's on the battlefield or with our other instruments of power, we need a better intelligence community one that doesn't mistake every single new threat that comes along. we need a better state department that can actually do tough diplomacy rather than just sort of bargain away advantages to dictate forrial regimes. any candidate who could talk about that would have my interest. >> i have to leave it there. you are joining us mr. whiten from sfra in lovely california. next time, bring it in the
1:23 pm
studio, don't talk to me and taunt me with the beautiful weather in california. >> thanks arthel, will do. the next subject of our next story is doing, walking all across our country. it's one wisconsin vet ran. he is going to walk for awareness that's really important, for amp tee service members. however it's not just a stroll. it's 9,000 miles long. gabriel mays has the story from our fox station in milwaukee. >> reporter: michael roberts is going on the a very long walk one that will take him from wisconsin to illinois, to california, and a number of other states in between. >> i'm a veteran. so i've got to do for my brothers. >> reporter: he hopes his boots to loots boots campaign will remind some of the challenges some. amp tee veteran friends faced. >> they get shipped somewhere to stabilize and then they are sent home and sent here to a facility here in this country. about a year or two later, they just get in a car and go home
1:24 pm
and that's it. >> roberts won't be alone on his journey. his dog, boots, will be with him every step of the way. >> he keeps me calm. >> reporter: his journey is drawing attention from fellow veterans. like jamie ritchie. >> i am going to be walking to orb zmoosh she knew she had to be a part of it. >> it's a gift to be able to do these types of things. if i could take advantage of them while my time on earth i'm going to. >> roberts plans to makes stops along the way. >> i'm going to bring a go-pro video camera. i'm going to be -- when i get to location where is there is towns and people i'm going to ask if i can video them and would they like to express their grad attitudes to these veterans. >> he is also raising money to fund his trip and help homeless veterans. >> i'm going to provide them with funds. i'm going to give them a coat if they need one, shoes if they need them. >> reporter: even though his entire trip will take about a year roberts hopes he will make an impact along the way.
1:25 pm
>> that's gabrielle mays reporting from witi in milwaukee. if you want to help out roberts in his cause, you can donate. go to the address on the bottom of the screen. go fund boots 2 boots to help michael and all the veterans who are so deeply deserving of our help. she is called the mother theresa of egypt. coming up, you can meet the woman who is helping thousands of christians in the middle east living under the threat of attack from those radical islamic terrorists. plus we'll have this. ♪ >> moor of the inspiring sights from today's easter celebrations at the vatican. know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists
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. top of the news. easter sunday at the vatican. pope francis bringing current events into his annual easter draechlts he prayed for the victims of the attack at the kenyan university last week. he praised the nuclear framework deal with iran calling it a chance to make the world safer. >> translator: with hope we entrust to the merciful lord the framework recently made may be a step toward a more secure world. >> mon seen jim la sanitiy joins us, pastor of a church in new york and a fooks news contributor. we've known each other a long time monsignor, great to see you. happy easter. >> great to be here.
1:31 pm
thanks, eric. >> how can -- i think the question i've been asking myself today how can faith sustain us when we see these unspeakable and horrific acts of people murdered because they are christian because of their faith that just seemed to be continuing. >> we have to work as if everything depended on god -- pardon me. praise as if everything dependsed on god. work -- and means not being passive. what took place in kenya, taking place around the world the killing just because of christians, has to be opposed. the holy father is a man of peace but it's also his job to warn us that the world must take action. i think we learned from the jewish brothers and sisters the response from then on is never again. i think the chris tense have to say we will not tolerate people killing us for the saving our faith. on the other hand i would say to our muslim brothers and sisters
1:32 pm
don't be passive in allowing a small crazy minority of terrorists to speak for you. too often i think my brothers and sisters will say it's a shame. it's more than a shame of it is a tragedy and has to be opposed. yes let's pray to god he brings peace into people's hearts but let's get the world active saying we must stop the killing. another said my jewish brothers and sisters, he said the concern we should all have is they come first for the christians and then they come for us. it is a universal concern. >> there are concerns that what we saw during the nazis and the philosophy of the nazi philosophy is being repeated by ice skpisz the other radical islamic terrorists. do you think perhaps some in the islamic world are not speaking out enough or strong enough against this brutality? the president of egypt for example, is doing. that but he is not a man of the cloth. >> eric let me give you a good example.
1:33 pm
back in the 90s unfortunately, some people who thought they were pro life thought the way to be pro life was to attack abortion clinics. i was proud to hear the bishops of the church say that's not pro life, to see leaders saying the killing the hurting of people in the industry is the on sift what's pro life. in the same way i want to hear more people from the muslim kmaunt say this killing does not represent islam, it must be opposed opposed. the truth is we will never stop the craziness unless we have people of the muslim face christian faith and my brother jus s jews all of us united against this evil. people don't want to talk about evil. but the killing and maiming of people this is absolutely the work of saidan and has to be opposed by all religions. that would be my hope. >> there is evil in the world is your point.
1:34 pm
do you think that that is not recognized enough. today syrian media is reporting that isis blew up a christian church in syria because this is easter sunday. your final thoughts on that and what we all can do. >> first of all we have to go back to your point that prayer is a powerful weapon but so too must the consciousness consciences of the world be pinpricked against any who compromises religious faith. the pope said when he met with the leaders we have a path and every passing must be respected. i think those in muslim community don't stands up against those who want to compromise your right to choose. >> thank you for reminding us about that. happy easter to you. >> thank you, eric. >> coalition for religion. very good. for many today is easter,
1:35 pm
however for millions of couldn'tic christians it's palm sunday. they will celebrate easter next sunday in accordance with the eastern orthodox calendar. in helping them deal with being a christian minority is the woman known to many as the mother theresa of cry row. lauren green is in our new york city newsroom to tell us more. >> reporter: couldn'tic kris tens live as second class citizens in egypt. many living in literal garbage dumps this. devout woman has shown them a new hope for the future despite their present sufferings. and that's what she also gave those men who were beheaded by isis. her name is mama maggie. she is known as the mother theresa of cairo. for two decades she has served the children living in egypt's slums. seven of those beheaded came out of her school. five of them she knewew by name. touched them. i eat with them. i pray with them. i play with them. we cried together.
1:36 pm
we studied together. yes, they are my boys. >> reporter: when they were beheaded the 21 men were said to have called on the name of jesus. i asked mama maggie how did she is simple men have such faith? >> they had their identity, their self-respect and self-esteem clear. and they are looking up knowing they are going to live forever. >> mama maggie, unlike mother theresa came from upper middle class beginnings. the author of her first biography said during an interview on that maggie debrawn gave up her career after seeing children living in abject poverty and decided to help them. >> she realized she got more happiness out of serving that family than she did from her job and traditional wealth. >> steven's children is named after the first christian martyr, steven who the bible says as he was being stoned to death calmly professed his faith in jesus.
1:37 pm
you can see the interview with mama maggie on fox >> thanks loren. happy easter. >> to you, too. the deal with iran possible presidential candidates now are weighing in on that and whether we should move forward with additional talks with tehran after setting the framework for the deal this past week in switzerland. also, hundreds of high school students are building robots, what their inventions need to be able to do to take the top prize in this prestigious competition.
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you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. 600 high school students from across the western noounts united states are gathering in phoenix this weekend for the
1:42 pm
first regional robot competition. first, stands for for inspiration and recognition of science and technology. students are using a standard kit and organizing recyclable material. the winner gets a shot at a national competition and will be eligible for $20 million in scholarship money. wow. >> good for them. and the world's largest particle accelerator is back in action after a two-year shut down for upgrades. scientists at the european organization for nuclear research used the clier to discover a subatomic particle in 2013. now they hope to explore all sorts of new physics clus including a first ever glimpse at dark matter. it's going to take up to two months to get the accelerator working full speed again. >> i don't understand anything you just said. >> fascinating pictures, i'll
1:43 pm
tell you that. >> physics. foreign policy, including the ran nuclear deal sure to be part of the 2016 presidential campaign. so far five of the potential republican candidates, they have come out strongly against the agreement that was outlined this past week after those nauks switzerland. while the likely democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton released a statement in support of the agreement saying quote getting the rest of the way to a final dean by june won't be easy. but it is absolutelitical. i know well the devil is always in the details in this kind of negotiation. the onus is on iran and the bar must be set high. it can never be permitted to acquire a nuclear weapon. kevin swa heely good to see you. who do you think can get more traction from this, those who support it or those who support it. >> i think as secretary clinton said the devil is going to be in
1:44 pm
the details. just under a month until the final deal from freb and iran officials will be made public. so republicans they are criticizing the deal but they are also trying to get more congressional oversight in congress trying to get even some democrats to support them on that front. so i would expect it to continue in the next couple of weeks and really intensify in congress. >> i guess it also depends on what happens. they don't have a final deechlt that is supposed to come in june. let's look at what some of the presidential candidates on the republican side saying so far. let's start with jebb bush. mr. bush says that the u.s. gave significant concessions in this, he calls ate flawed agreement. scott walker, the governor, well he says he would pull the plug on this deal if elected. he sets he wants it scrapped if he was in the oval always. ted cruz calls it a historic mistake that is doomed to failure. similar words from mark owe rubia. he says it's the a diplomatic
1:45 pm
failure that is farcical, his word, farcical to expect iran to live up to deal. it seems you have a united front of the republican candidates on one side perhaps except for rand paul, versus hillary. >> i think that's a good point. i think what you are seeing here is republicans really trying to lay the groundwork for policy criticism against former secretary of state hillary clinton. you've got to remember that hillary clinton was really the one who laid the groundwork to bring iran to the negotiating table. so she has a lot of political capital on the line. and despite her public statement leaving some little wiggle room, full, in case the final details on this deal are not something she would agree with. her policy standpoint initially when she was at the state department of really going to be a huge political and policy debate in the 2016 cycle. >> lindsey graim, who certainly is one of the strongest critics
1:46 pm
of this deal and has really warned against it he said hillary clinton in his view would have made a better deal. he says hillary in this case should have been on the other side of the table. now, she did start this process, as you noted with reaching out through back channels to tearer the the tehran years ago. but if it fell apart would everyone point fingers at her. >> i think that's political risk. i think again that wiggle room she has left in her statement. but we are talking a lot about the republicans putting on a united front. i have got to tell you eric, in congress and on capitol hill there is a lot of debate within the democrat party. the republicans again, if they are going to get support for this deal to get final congressional oversight over the iran deal they are going to need about a handful of democrats. people like senator heidi heitkamp.
1:47 pm
people like senator ben cardin. and to some extent senator chuck schumer, the senator in waiting. these are all democrats who the white house is reaching out to because quite frankly they might not back the president on this deal with tehran. butt politics are moving very quickly but none of the political alliances or the votes are final yet. >> the vote is april 18th. what will it mean if a handful or more than a handful of democrats peel off from the administration on this that the administration says could be their crowning foreign policy achievement? >> clearly president obama is tieing this to his political lag legacy. but what this would mean is that congress would have more over sight over a deal with tehran. a lot of you know, skeptdcism coming from republicans. you know, it is imperative that iran not be able to get a nuclear weapon.
1:48 pm
and they are very concerned. and you know, we heard from senator lindsey graim himself, he said that former secretary clinton would be able to reach a better deal than what president obama -- the framework that he has put forth. >> nine days to go before we have that vote. we'll see what type of team the democrats cue up against the president on that. kevin swirly on the hill. always good see you. >> it is tax season. for new homeowners that can be a living nightmare for the next ten days. it doesn't have to be that way. we'll tell you exactly you know how to deal with all those forms. stick around. brenda buttner is up next. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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>> and crunch time for taxpayers where only ten days to file your runs. it is unnerving for millions of americans but more for a new homeowner with new forms do go with the new house and potential for making a mistake. joining me is brenda buttner anchor of "bulls and bears." brenda you brought five tax mistakes that new homeowners
1:53 pm
make. we start with not tracking your home improvement expenses. >> if you bought a fixer upper and are used to renting and not keeping receipts for home improvements, that is a mistake. you should keep them. energy efficient improvements or if you put in an entrance ramp, you can get deductions for those. be sure to keep all of your receipts. >> you say using your home office deduction, most do that incorrectly. >> it is a huge red flag for the i.r.s. just seeing a home office deduction can lead to an audit so be very careful be very conservative. i would talk to a professional about it. i would not try to do this on your own. there is also a new home office deduction form that is simpler do you not have to measure your office. again, talk to somebody who is a pro. >> a lot of people out there are
1:54 pm
blogers now and technically that is their job working at host. >> it all depends on how the i.r.s. is feeling when he looks at your form but it often is a red flag. >> moving on filing the wrong year. >> some tax authorities file for the year before behind so 2015 you are filing for 2014 and a new homeowner could be confused and file for 2015 so you will get a lower refund or you could have the i.r.s. man ringing your doorbell. >> you don't want that. >> deducting your full escrow balance. >> you pay your taxes, property taxes which are deductible from your escrow account but it often can be not just the taxes you are paying. can you not take the balance at the end of year and deduct that because sometimes you pay for your home owners' insurance and the tacks have not been paid. you need the taxing authority
1:55 pm
form and go with that not your escrow balance. >> can you write off homeowners insurance? >> no. >> sorry. >> finally, in terms of the five tax mistakes new homeowners making, not itemizing. >> if you have been a renter for a long-term and been in the same job for a long-term you probably do the 1040 easy form which is the simple form. you will have to do the long one to take advantage of the tax deductions. the i.r.s. code skews toward homeowners so you can get a last deductions out of it. but you have to put in a little bit more work. >> good tips, as always, thanks brenda. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears," every saturday at 10:00 a.m. each eastern right here. >> thank you. kids in one zygote an unusual easter treat taking part in an easter egg hunt where the eggs,
1:56 pm
lit rally drop from the sky. [ male announcer ] how careful are you with your sensitive personal information? you might think you're very careful. but what about all the places you trust with that information?
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my lenses have a sunset mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors indoors and in the car. >> there are easter egg hundred buzz look at this. in new orleans, thousands of kids and parents were treated to a helicopter egg drop from the local church the third time the city church of new orleans has done this.
2:00 pm
50,000 candy filled eggs poured from the sky for the 5,000 lucky easter egg hunters. everything is more fun in new orleans. >> happy easter and a wonderful passover. thanks for joining us. >> indiana for mike pence blaming the huge controversy over whether his state religious freedom lou allows amounts discrimination on the media. >> if a store refuses to serve a gay couple at their wedding is that legal in indiana? >> george this is where this debate has gone with misinformation. >> i have a question. >> some of the reckless reporting by some in the media about what this bill was all about was deeply disappointing. >> with mike pence signing a revised law has the press magnified


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