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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 6, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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what. it is weird. >> all right. guys. we are staying here for outnumbered over time. and click the overtime tab and we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts now. >> and white house briefing is under way and the president conducts a full- court press to sell the nuclear framework deal with iran. >> the energy secretary making the test saying that the u.s. and iran are on the same page. here is the latest the selling of the controversial deal. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> we can't have business as usual. >> rand paul ready to throw his hat in the 2016 ring. >> but is a different kind of a republican the best candidate to win the white house? >> plus, the final phase of the
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boston bombing trial. defense attorneys trying to portray jahar tasarnaev as an impressionable student under the influence of his brother. can they get the jury to spare his life. and a whole family poisoned at a resort. it is all "happening now". >> we begin this hour with al-qaeda expand nothing war- torn yemen and giving guidance to somalia. >> i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. >> they are sharing sophisticated bombing techniques with al-shabaab. kathryn is live in our
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washington newsroom with more. >> reporter: al-qaeda in yemen is expanding the guidance to somalia. and how they support their regional ambition. the al-qaeda affiliate is providing guyance and sharing bomb- making techniques. and they are recovered. and midmarch. fbi investigator found an fbi truck that was tracked by the fbi to somalia to kenya. they are militants with al-qaeda and yemen and one of the top commanders was among them and so comfortable in his new freedom there are tweets with him relaxing in what used to be
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a presidential palace. and the ranking house democrat said the chaos is playing to al-qaeda's benefit. >> al-qaeda has had a resurgeiance and taking over the fifth largest town in yemen. and sprung al-qaeda operatives from prison. and they've also taken over part of a bank. >> the cia drone strike was in midfebruary and they had no commenting for our reporting, john. >> disturbing stuff there. >> and kenya is retaliating and launching air strikes in somalia after a terrorist attack in a university that left 140 people dead. >> the kenyan air force pointed out air strikes in the board in
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somalia. and kenya president is offering a 225 this happened reward about the information of this man, the proposed master mine. and kenya plans to compile a list of citizens suspected of joining al-shabaab and radicalized by islamist. they didn't provide evidence. and al-shabaab spokesman said the kenyan air strikes hit farm land. they are moving apart with ease. >> they are targeting the al-qaeda al-shabaab for years and in a shocking rev lougz this weekend. it was revealed that one of four gun men was the son of a kenyan gunman minister.
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he was a university educated lawsuit and had a promising career. >> and he was kenyan and somalian where the al-shabaab training camps were hit. kenyan government officials called on the muslim community to do more on the attempts to radicalized their young people. they have not asked for direct support. but the u.s. military has targeted and killed three top leaders in somalian. >> and pope francis is calling on the international community to respond on the killing of christians around the world. the pontiff urged pilgrims and tourist not to look the other way.
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extremist have murdered christians in asia and afriia and middle east. they were killed solely for being christian. >> the u.s. military planning to honor victims of the fort hood ram age on friday. 47 medals will be presented. an army psychiatrist killed people and wounded others. >> and wall street opens a new trading week stocks appear to be trading up a bit. friday's report left investigators concerned about the first quarter growth. >> and a big story we are covering. rolling stone retracting a story
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about an alleged gang rape. the fraternity will take legal action against the rolling stone magazine. this after they issued a scathing story. >> whose fault was this? >> it was the collective fault of the report, editor and super visor and fact- checking department. >> they published the article about a woman who was raped in a frat story. and the story said there was an epidemic of rapes around the country. the false report is making it harder to combat real assault. the author apologized for taking the victim at her word and failing to get the suspect's side of the story. she and everyone involved are
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working at rolling stones and no firings have been announced as of yet. >> more than 500 subway passengers forced to evacuate. what caused a massive communicator nightmare? and kentucky senator rand paul gets ready to launch his presidential campaign. he is expected to announce he is running for president tomorrow. would you consider to vote for senator paul for president. go to america's asking to join the conversation. two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information.
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heading to types square. the problem came from the electricified third rail. and the number seven train was stopped. no one needed to be hospital used, but it was a stressful monday morning for those folks. >> well, jeb bush, former florida governor may want to hold off measures grapes. they are facing head winds. differences in the gop is presenting real challenges and add them up and it means that he could have a political fight on his hands. karl rove and former senior advisor to former president bush and a fox news contributor. you saw the opening line, piece
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on this. in all of the other newspapers, they like to pile it on the republican candidates and here it is. three months in what allies confidently a shock and a we drive. jeb bush's early campaigning looks like the juggernaut that wasn't. >> what do you think of that? carl? >> it is premature. one thing about your opening statement. it will be a contest. and it is the most wide open presidential sweeb stakes and no one is in front. one week it locks like scott walker and another week jeb bush. and then next week mike huckabee. and we will end the week of cruz. and then rand paul and mark
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rubio. and governor bush is by no stretch of the imagination the inevitable nominee even if the new york times declares him so. >> we'll look at poll numbers based on fox news polling. jeb bush is in the lead at least against a hypothetical election. if it was held today. jeb bush ties hillary clinton at 45 percent. and rand paul and is 47- friechlt and ted krudz. 48- 42. and scott walker 43ed- 42. and those six names are bunched up close to the top of the heap on the republican side. >> i think it says two things. it said about hillary clinton's strength as a candidate.
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former first lady of the united states. and former secretary of state. we know about her. she has far more visibility about her than the republican nom nos and in a dog fight and below 50 percent and she was not a few short months ago. the republican field is wide open. and there is a strong desire to beat mrs. clinton as she is likely to be. and there is no consense ous at all. people with the brief moment in the sun. scott walker gave a tremendous speech and rode it. and has faded and each of the candidates have to build themselves up for february 1st when people voter in iowa. it is a wide open race.
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>> rand paul came in second in the fox news poll. and tied jeb bush against hillary clinton's and her points were higher. and he is expected that he is running for president tomorrow. and releasing a video to that effect. he prepares his former announcement and paul is a candidate that is fuzzy and trimmed his rhetoric so much. it is unclear what kind of a republican he will present himself as kwh he takes the stage. >> he said i am a libertarian leaning to differenting republican. >> first of all, i would say in praise? >> he has shown a comfortable in the college campuses and
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talking to latino audience and it is a good model for the west to followo. and he a at that pointed it to the reality he shoes himself. >> he was for pulling the u.s. troops back and reducing the size of the u.s. military. and confronted by isis and iran, he last week called for 190 million in the on on billion. this is the challenge of a libertarian. this is a lot in the philosophy that the republicans find attractive. small government and less taxes. and elements like the noninterventionalist. and isolating foreign policy. he is stuck in between. and the events in the middle
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east making republicans return to the piece through strength. >> now hillary clinton ready it make it essentially. >> it is supposed to be different than the one she launched in no in 2008. can she remake her image, carl. we are who we are. and she is who she is and there will be things on the edges and how to talk about certain types of programs and talk about yoga sessions. and in the end of the day they will judge her as the person we have known for 25 years. and we are going to make those
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kinds of judgments and hard to remake them and take all of those things that people don't like and accenteate what people do like. not that easy in politics. that's why secretary of state has dropped you know, as president obama's popularity dropped and she is now here and you said earlier in the polling it is below 50 percent. and a quick question on that score. >> eight years ago, she was the inevitable nominee and going to wrap it up and then barak obama came along and made it a fight and she lost. is there anyone on the democratic party that could pete
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her. >> nearly two out of three democrats want a more. >> they had 247 or 48 members of the house. and 60 members of the senate. and now 46. and they've lost almost a thousand state legislators and their bench is wiped out up and down the line. bernie sanders i don't think so. and jim webb i don't think so. and martin omallley in a deep blew state. and i don't see anybody on there that represents the star power and abilities that president obama demonstrated. canned thank you. >> and thank you, john. and big changes in the
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ballparks. and an opening day. and how the league is working to man fans safer and a jury hearing the closing statements in the boston marathon trial. can they convince jourors that jahar tasarnaev was manipulated by his older brother.
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>> right now opening day for baseball. and fans are learning they may have to go through a new screening process before going to their seat. the league is requiring all parks have metal detectors. the league making the change to keep the sporting events safer. >> and so let's talk about the
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trial of a man accused of engineering the bombing it is. the defense said jahar tasarnaev was manipulated about his older brother. it is two years since the attacks left three people dead. an officer was killed in a manhunt for the suspect. we'll talk about it with heather hanson. he has a noted defense attorney. and during her opening statements and said yeah, he did it. >> she didn't have a choice. it is do we keep him alive or not. i am not critizing the defense team. he is going to be executed.
10:26 am
there is no way the jorwould find him under the thumb of his brother. >> heather was nodding in agreement. >> i agree that he will be found guilty this week. the jury will take time. >> it is a complicated jury. >> there is 30 department of counts. and if they come back quickly. it is a sign they thought with their hearts and not their heads. if they take it longer they are thinking out the counts. but we have to hear the penalty phase. we need to hear the aggravating factors and mitigating factors and we may hear from him or his family members. >> it is fascinating to me. the federal government rarely puts people to death. and yet in massachusetts. the feds are trying to put them
10:27 am
to death. >> who can blame them. this was not a situation when big brother coerced the little brother to steal candy from the store. an eight-year-old's body was ripped apart. and there is no other punishment that fitting other than to give him a chair. >> to listen to his lawyer. she said he was a poor little brother. and much smaller that his golden gloves brother. >> the only thing they put in the case. most the other brother was researches jihad on facebook. we are clearly the kid or adult.
10:28 am
deserves the worst kind of punishment. we are seeing about where this was tried. this is not going to end even if he is given the death penalty son. >> it is presidenty difficult for a lot of jurors to look at a human being. and saying you are so despicable. and you think the prosecution has done enough. >> the time to do that was when they select the jorto begin with. and after hearing the evidence of this case. and they are terrorist. we can't send a message if you come here, you will have an easy on the if you say somebody else made you do it. >> and one person on the jorcan't put him to death that may end up saving his sightment >> another legal story popping
10:29 am
up. and the faternity is pursuing legal action against rolling stone. who can blame them? they were described as a den of unec witty of a horrific attack. >> they have a chance and they were defamed. the only thing worse than being raped is to lie about being raped. >> it was irresponsible journalism and you can't do that without being punished. >> and the only thing. she's right. legally they have a case. one of the defenses to defamation is truth. if you am looking into the
10:30 am
story. they have to try it carefully. >> and what about legal action against jackie herds? >> i think you have heard nothing about the ball of lies. i think she has a good attorney to tell her to keep her mouth shut. >> they will not get anything for it. >> and very, very controverse yell space. >> and the president is trying to convince israel there is nothing to fear by the iran deal. family of four getting sick in the virgin islands. what made them so sick?
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>> an american family of four becoming seriously ill in a luxury report in the virgin islands. they inhaled a dangerous pesticide. david lee miller has more. >> three members of the family that went to the island of st. john are ill and suffering from exposure to a dangerous pesticide. they got sick on st. john. the accommodations are over 500
10:35 am
a night. the family was flown back home and he is a private school administrator and two teenaged sons. the boys remain unconscious and the mother and wife was released. the condominium downstairs was sprayed with a pesticide. indoruse was banned since 1984. it is a toxic material. it can cause in central nervous system and respiratory failure. the u.s. justice department initiated a criminal investigation in the incident. and the terminex said we are are
10:36 am
wouldn'ting with the authorities in their investigation and contacting our own thorough investigation. the epa said more than one unit at that resort was sprayed with the pesticide, but so far no others reported becoming ill. >> what a scary story. >> indeed. thank you. >> president trying to win over a fierce critic of the framework of the deal with iran. in the sprue with the new york times. the president said israel can rely on america to come to its defense if iran were to attack the joush state. >> that should be sufficient take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to see whether or not we can take the nuclear issue off of the table. the one thing that changes the
10:37 am
equation is when these countries get a nuclear weapon. and then how we approach the countries,s inially changes. >> the former advisor to the u.n. i would like to drill down on once in a lifetime opportunity. that is like giving it a try. we'll never get that chance again. to that you say what? >> this is a problem of the obama administration, they ignore history. it would be one thing if we had not tried to engage with the iranians before or multiple un resolutions demanding they do certain things. this deal hinges on inspections and vigorous inspections as the president said in the 45 minute interview. what he ignores and john kerry
10:38 am
and wendy sherman ignores. they can't get in with inspections now. and you worked in the u.n. for many years under different administrations and i would like to ask you about that. we need to be very clear about the inspectors have they ever had comb plete access in iran to inspect what is happening in the country? >> no they have tried and we had disputes and the u.n. asked them to go after special sites and investigate. what has happen the iranians say no. and this is intrusive thaw say. and the dispute goes back to the
10:39 am
committee and then throws their hands up and say we can't get in. the iranians are not letting us. and what did president obama do? >> he under cut the u.n. by taking it outside of the u.n. and allowing iran enrich some uranium. president obama said we should live with iran that has nuclear abilities but trust them not to it put it together. >> why should we not trust them? >> they have been caught lying. and they know they are lying and what we have a president has a brand new deal and come up with a procurement committee. it is not new. it is called oil for food committee. the u.n. cannot do this. they are not able to go. let me ask you this.
10:40 am
once there is a problem and the iranians say no you are not coming in. and the u.n. say we are suspicious. that dispute, where does it go? president obama said it is goes to the xhutee of the u.n. we have that now and it is not working. >> let me ask you about the u.n. we hear about the sanctions and when they placed on iran when they are put on and taken back. we have our sanctions here in the u.s. but we have unun sanctions aside well. and they are binning to iran. what about those u.n. sanctions and why would that be notable? >> the u.s. sanctions are useless without the world u.n. sanctions that tells countries not to do business.
10:41 am
they were put in place after wrestling the russians to do this. you can't snap those back. you think the russians are going to say let's try them again? >> we did a battle with the russians and got them to pass six resolutions. you will not snap them back. if you use the phrase snap that back is embarrassing and has no idea. >> we hear comparisons to north korea. and wese playedev itopñ throug2fpeq day on fox news. xdwh i want to play from another president when it comes to a nuclear deal with a rogue nation. this is president clinton. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and dismantle the nuclear programs. south korea and other allies will be protected and entire
10:42 am
will be safer as we slow the spread of north carolina. >> the united states will monitor north korea. and only when it does so will they rejoin. >> north korea did a first nuclear test in 2006. it bought us a decade with north korea. >> and so the same thing for iran. >> exact same thing. and guess who did that deal. wendy sherman. and she did that one and the iran deal. >> we'll see what the details are as they come together. and the role of the un moving forward. thank you so much. >> and good news if you are planning a summer vacation am and why triple a said gas prices
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>> easter weekend, i much gretchen carlsson. and university of virginia fraternity in the center of the debunked rolling story. and imagine your child or grandchild is home alone and a robber tried to break n. thankfully a 911 operator teaching him a secret code and that is what happens next all in the top of the hour. >> our temperatures have risen. and the group noting that $2 gas
10:47 am
can be a reality as long as there are no unexpected problems. if refineries operate smoothly. >> and take you to the state where the car is king. jerry brown. mandatory water restrictions in the face of a long drought. william? >> he's on defense for several reasons that the cut back didn't go far enough. it doesn't band watering the line or applies to agriculture. agriculture consuming 80 percent of the surface water and only two percent of the state's economy. some say the farmers are getting off scot-free. the governor said 5000 acre are
10:48 am
unplanted. and he wants to avoid paralyzing the entire economy. >> farm workers are out of work. and they are not watering their lawn or taking long showers and providing most of the fruits and vegetables of america. >> so little good news on the way. a storm a ratified in i sierra with another to the of snow on the way. that carries southern california through the dry season. and then the storm rolls in the second or southern california. and so the blame game will continue. why do we grow almond for export which each almond neats a gallon to grow. why can farmers pump groundwater when neighboring communities run dry.
10:49 am
it is only april. >> back to you. william, in l.a. >> and potential for severe storms and tornados this week. hey, jd. >> that storm that they are talking about will bring beneficial moisture to california. and the threat of severe storms. and this week could change things. and you can see the moisture moving in the northwest and down in southern california. and that is great news and they need moisture and a lot more of. tornados will happen wednesday and thursday. again, i think it will be enhanced look as we head in thursday and wednesday. texas to the great lakes. and tornados in this area that
10:50 am
we call tornado this time of year. we talked about it's been a relatively quiet tornado season. just 51 so far. the average is over 200 and we get most of our tornadoes in the month of april. so not out of the question that we're seeing the severe weather set-up. one of the main ingredients that we need, very warm air to the south, cooler air to the north. how cold? we've actually got snow in the forecast for the great lakes and the northeast. we'll keep you up to date. back to you. >> thank you. some state workers are heading to court to fight mandatory union charges. why they say they should not have to pay. plus terror in the ocean when a sea lion snags a fisherman. >> apparently they were going to take a picture and he was holding the fish up. so there's no doubt that the sea lion eyed that fish from the water and was able to launch itself up to theand grab it. . before he opened his first hot chocolate
10:51 am
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a 62-year-old fisherman is recovering after a 300-pound sea lion bit him in the hand and pulled him under water.say he was holding a fish on a docked boat when a sea lion apparently going for the fish bit the man's arm and pulled him into the water. >> it was estimated that he was in the water for 15 or 20 seconds. at that point, the sea lion let go and he was able to jump back into his boat. >> this is completely out of the norm. we don't normally see -- i've never heard of something like this before. >> the fisherman was taken to the hospital where he was treated for cuts to his hand and his feet as well. some illinois state workers are taking on big labor in a case that could affect unions across the country. they're trying to push back against mandatory union dues which their own governor calls unconstitutional.
10:55 am
mike tobin with an update live from chicago. mike? >> three state employees in illinois are suing for the option of not paying union dues. mark janice is one of them. he opted out of union. but even nonunion members are being lobbied to pay fair share due. >> if they give us the autonomy to make decisions within our jobs why can't we make that same decisions about joining the union? >> the argument is that unions are political by their very nature. therefore, an employee cannot be forced to support political activity. the counterargument from the unions is that employees, like janus, result from unions and should be obligated to pay their fair share. >> those monies aren't used for politics. those fair share monies are only used for collecting bargaining
10:56 am
and contract management. >> republican illinois governor bruce rauner has already taken by executive order and through the courts action on the fair share dues. he and the three state employees are hoping that this will work its way all the way up to the supreme court and set the precedent across the land. >> mike tobin in chicago, thank you. why a homeowner was threatened with criminal charges for building a cardboard castle on his front lawn.
10:57 am
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♪ talk about the heavy hand of government. city officials are forcing a utah family to remove a cardboard castle from their front yard or face a fine. the family made this curbside chateau for the neighborhood kids to play in. then they got a notice giving them 15 days to get rid of the "junk." the letter even warned criminal charges could be filed. the homeowner says he probably
11:00 am
would have removed it sooner but since getting the nasty notice, he decided to keep the castle up for the full 14 days. >> the neighbors should be thanking him. look at the endless hours the kids can have playing in that thing. >> creativity with cardboard. >> bring it here, right. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" starts right now. university of virginia fraternity at the center of the "rolling stone" rain story says it will pursue all legal action. the white house stressing the iran nuclear deal isn't done. and can the government see your naked pics? it's the new interview. i'm gretchen carlson. and "the real story" starts right now. kick off your monday with a fox news alert. "rolling stone" issued an apology admitting major errors in a story about an alleged gang rain at the university of


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