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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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money. martha: exactly. we're coming up on kilmeade right? bill: we are. martha: will invite us this week? bill: i think he did. we have to pay him too. martha: see you tonight on o'reilly. bye, everybody, have a great day. jenna: in south carolina where a white police officer is charged with murder in the shooting death of a black man. now there is big question about that officer's version of the encounter before anyone knew a video captured the whole thing. we're seeing that video today. good morning everybody, welcome to "happening now." i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. it is a very disturbing story. officer michael slager, north charleston, south carolina, pulled over pulled the victim over while he was driving his car. police say the officer hit 50-year-old walter scott with his taser. as scott runs away, the video shows officer slager opening fire from 15 feet away. senior national correspondent john roberts is following the
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story in north charleston south carolina. john? >> reporter: good morning to you. peaceful protest at north charleston city hall just breaking up. they will reconvene 12:30 this afternoon. people making point, this has to stop. is too much of it going on. in this video, at least they have a point to make. we'll show you video in just a second. a warning to you images are very graphic. let's set the stage for you. saturday morning officer michael slager pulled over 50-year-old walter scott for a traffic violation with a broken taillight. scott fled, hit by slager's taser. watch what happens next. [gunfire] slager fires eight shots at scott, hitting him five times. he hits the ground. he walks over, he does handcuff, telling him to put his hands behind his back. watch what happens next. slager claimed that scott taken
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his taser. he feared for his life. scott runs back to the point where he shot him from and runs back over to scott to place something at his feet. the big question, was that the taser? slager was arraigned on murder charges. they could carry a prison sentence 30 years to life. scott's brother anthony yesterday reacted to the arrest. >> and, we can't get my brother back. and my family is in deep mourning for that. but, through the process of justice has been served. >> reporter: video of that shooting was given to scott's family by person who took it on the cell phone. also given to south carolina enforcement division. that is when authorities decided to press charges against slager. north charleston mayor talks about that. >> when you're wrong you're wrong. and, if you make a bad decision, don't care if you're behind the
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shield or just a citizen on the street you have to live by that decision. >> reporter: slager is being held without bond. as to why scott ran his brother said he was delinquent on child support payments, he didn't want to go to jail because of a traffic stop. this is being investigated not only by south carolina law enforcement division and north charleston authorities but also by the fbi and civil rights office at the department of justice in washington. jon? jon: as i said, disturbing stuff. john roberts in south carolina. jenna: more when we get it. much of the world focuses on iran's nuclear program pakistan's nuclear arsenal is growing. that is a topic for national security correspondent jennifer griffin who is live from the pentagon with more. >> reporter: that's right jenna. all eyes are on talks with iran but experts are worried that the sunni-arab nations in the middle east may be reaching out to the south asian countries who
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already have the bomb. pakistan, the second largest must minimum nation has estimated 120 nuclear weapons. last month it garnered the world's attention by test firing a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. its range? 1700 miles. it is capable of reaching all of india and far into the middle east. as negotiations with iran entered their final stage two weeks ago, pakistan's prime minister made a high-profile visit to the saudi capital of riyadh. he also met with the president of egypt both of whom are concerned about checking iran's expanding power. >> the assumption here is that if iran achieves some level of nuclear status saudi arabia will turn to pakistan and say, can you help us out? >> reporter: pakistan went nuclear, testing its first atomic weapon in 1998. it has the world's fastest growing nuclear arsenal.
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it has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty or npt. the top nuclear scientist, a.q. khan set up a international nuclear bazar in the 1990s. >> pakistanis are widely believed providing nuclear expertise to the irreinians, if not some of the material itself. so what it looks like now the pakistanis have gotten involved to counter iranian threat. it looks like they're both the arsonist and the firefighter. >> reporter: in fact iran's foreign minister, fresh out of the nuclear talks in washington arrived in islamabad with a 21-person iranian delegation reportedly talking about concerns that pakistan offered to sell conventional weapons to saudi arabia for use against the houthis in yemen. what seems to be apparent, jenna, islamabad is positioning itself as a mediator in the complicated middle east. jenna: very important for us to watch. jennifer, thank you.
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>> today i announced with god's help with the help of liberty lovers everywhere that i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] jon: and with those words, two republicans are now getting their campaigns going for the 2016 race for the white house. kentucky senator rand paul there, tossing his hat into the ring, about this time yesterday after senator ted cruz beat everyone to the punch one week earlier. but nearly a dozen other big names could soon be entering the race. joining us now the senior politics writer for "u.s. news & world report." i took a look at the piece you wrote about his entry into the race. you say this is a guy who could challenge his own party as often as he challenges the democrats. on what points in what way? >> well one of his opening lines yesterday in louisville was that republicans had doubled
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the debt even before obama had gotten there. that republicans promised a lot of things but that he was a part of the tea party movement that came to washington and actually changed things. so, it was interesting, that he had as many references, negative references in his speech yesterday about the republican party as he did president obama. i think that's part of his appeal to a broad every audience. he is trying to speak beyond the borders and contours of the mainstream gop and to other voters. but it also represents a challenge when you're running within the republican party and have to appeal to a very narrow set of primary and caucus voters in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. jon: he, flip-flopping is usually a dirty word in politics. there was a time when he said that he supported the sequester. thought we ought to shrink the defense budget. that has changed. listen to what he said on "hannity" the other night.
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>> i have a couple of ways to have flexibility. one, if you raise defense spending which i do think we need defense spending i would cut domestic spending exact same amount. that separates some conservatives in this race several conservatives are running who may run increase defense at all costs i don't care if you pay for it. i'm one who said i will increase defense spending but only pay for it by cutting other spending. jon: how popular is an attitude like that? go ahead and raise defend spending but cut some domestic spending to pay for that? >> well it becomes difficult because of his prior statements which you cited in the setup to that clip. you know, rand paul says, you can't call him a hawk. he is definitely not a hawk. his advisors say that he is not an isolationist. so the question is, how can he thread that needle in the middle position here, not to alienate the libertarians who gravitated to his father, but also not to alienate sort of the washington
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foreign policy establishment who is afraid of what rand paul may do in a crisis situation. this is going to be the ultimate test for him, i think. and the other the other big question i think to ponder, will the least hawkish could the least hawkish potential candidate that being rand paul, ultimately carry the banner into a general election against hillary clinton who is perceived to be even more hawkish than he is? jon: how much have his views by the rise of isis and just the brutality that we have seen in the middle east? >> i think it totally correlates with what has changed. if you even look at primary polls in for the chase for the republican nomination, back in 2013 and early 2014, rand paul was ahead. a lot of that internally had to do with republicans who had a more isolationist view. they wanted to bring the troops home from iraq and afghanistan. they were done intervening. we saw the summer of isis into the fall of isis. we're now entering the spring
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where it has been tough to beat back the barbarism going on over there and rand paul had to move, shift and so has the republican party. you saw just last month, a majority of republicans saying they want ground troops to deal with isis. now rand paul isn't calling for that. but the question is on debate stage, if the isis threat gets worse, if it continues, will he be forced to change his position on that? that ultimately costs him credibility why he became a candidate in the first place. jon: he is an interesting candidate and has apparently novel ideas. the question if he were to win the nomination, do you think he would enjoy the support of, you know, the republican party machinery at large? >> i do. i think, i think if he were to win the nomination, they would get behind him because they are so savoring getting back into the white house and they just do not, they could not tolerate hillary clinton, you know, the
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leading democrat who is expected to announce in a week or so here. but the question is, you know, would you see some crossover in a general election from more hawkish republicans who would be more comfortable with hillary clinton? rand paul's people point to polls that say he performs better than most of the republicans in hillary in battleground states, he is trying to reach out to grow the party, speak to african-americans speak to young people. that is his broad people. when you try to be everything to everyone, that ultimately usually trips a political candidate up. jon: we had some of the polls on this program yesterday. he does match up very well with hillary clinton in our latest fox news polls. all right, david cat at that niece, "u.s. news & world report." >> thanks, jon. jenna: she was convicted of an appalling crime killing her own son. lacey spears learning her sentence for poisoning her five-year-old little boy with table salt. this resort may look
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beautiful but after vacation there, three members of a delaware family are fighting for their lives. we'll give you update for that. >> we want to hear from you, who will be the next one to announce their 2016 candidacy? live chat is up and running. go to to join the conversation. we'll see you there.
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oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. >> right now some crime stories we're following. lacy spears now knows her sentence. a judge just gave her 20 years to life in prison. the 27-year-old mommy blogger was convicted of murdering her 5-year-old son with a lethal overdose of salt. jurors now delibating the aaron hernandez murder trial. former new england patriot's receiver is charged in the shooting death of odin lloyd. defense attorneys say he was there and witnessed the murder but was not involved in the crime. philadelphia police are asking for help finding a missing 16-year-old.
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christina huff was reported missing after leaving a family party on easter sunday. she left the party with her brother to meet up with friends. >> day two of jury deliberations underway in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect. tsarnaev's lawyers admit he played a role in the bombings but argue he was heavily influenced by his older brother who they say masterminded the attack. molly is live with an update for us now. >> the jury is back behind those closed doors deliberating right now just before things wrapped up yesterday afternoon. they sent two questions to the judge and this morning we have a little bit of a clarification. the first question is can a conspiracy contain to a sequence of events over many days or just one event? the judge said it was for the jury to decide so leaving it in their hands but said a conspiracy can be limited in scope or take place over a long period of time. there are three conspiracy counts in this case one, six
8:17 am
and 11. the first charge, count is conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. they say he's guilty because he planned to participate in the bombing which claimed three lives and the aftermath with his older brother tamerlan, that they did it together. it included a death of a police officer. and the second question was the difference between aiding and abetting. it means to help someone commit a crime and except for the specific conspiracy charges in the case words aiding and abetting are in the other counts. that's what this is about. the prosecutors say the brothers took these aks together. now, that, of course means the two questions from the jury don't give us too much i be sight about how far along they've come in the process but we do know this is a very long indictment. 17 charges carry the possibility of the death penalty. the verdict sheet alone that they have to work with is 32
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pages long. so they have a lot to get through in this case. jenna? >> we'll be waiting and watching for developments. thank you. >> a framework deal with iran has not stopped the debate over what will prevent iran from building a bomb. critics say the key deal failed several key tests. hail pounds parts of the midwest and more extreme weather could be on the way, possibly including tornados. @e8ñúñ÷@@@0@ú
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>> from the fox extreme weather center now, get ready for crazy weather across the country, including damaging hail like this.
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powerful storms brought heavy rain and hail to the st. louis area. more severe weather sweeping across the plains and midwest this week with hail and the threat of more tornados. twisters most likely to form across the midwest from oklahoma to central illinois. with heavy rain and flash flooding likely across the ohio valley. the storms will ease up as they move east but will still bring the threat of severe weather across the southeast as well as the east coast. >> framework is in place for a deal with iran to limit its nuclear program. that's what we hear but it's just fuelling the debate with many critics saying the deal could actually lead to a nuclear armed iran. the president denies that and he says this. >> so when you hear the inevitable critics of the deal sound off, ask them a simple question. do you really think that this verifiable deal if fully implemented backed by the world's major powers, is a worse
8:23 am
option than the risk of another war in the middle east? >> one of those so-called inevitable critics and the next guest writes in the "wall street journal" today saying this. quote, yes it's worse. much worse. yes because what the president calls this verifiable deal fails the first test of verification. mutual agreement and clarity as to what exactly is in it. brett stevens is foreign affairs columnist and deputy editorial page editor with the "wall street journal." take on what the president says. is war -- are you advocating a targeted military response to iran rather than the framework deal that we hear about? >> well first of all, it's a false choice that the president is offering americans. there are other choices beyond his incredibly weak diplomacy and a war, although if i were asked that question i would say yes i would rather have us stop iran from getting a bomb than having nuclear proliferation in the middle east. the point is what he has just said what you heard the president say is false in
8:24 am
virtually every respect. we don't even know -- the two side don't even agree on what is in this framework. the i.e.a. couldn't verify iran's compliance. we wouldn't have the backing of major powers. we would be beholden to the major powers so we would have to ask the permission of the chinese, europeans if we should find the iranians in violation of the deal. this is a really bad deal and i would like to say it's -- john kerry had the wit of the iranian foreign minister, he would have gotten a much better agreement. they're a third world country. >> today you have an incredible piece who praises john kerry for what he was able to establish here. also raising some questions about the road ahead. what happens if -- let's talk about a best case scenario that some of the verification is in the final deal that there is a paper that masks out the
8:25 am
agreement of all sides rather than what we're hearing is the framework. would your kl clayings change if we get that by june 30? >> look. first of all, i think secretary kissinger along with reagan secretary of state schultz praised john kerry but that's the most damning indictment that you will read anywhere. if you read the "wall street journal" today, let's imagine we have a deal that has on paper strong verification agreements. in 2003 iran actually signed something call the additional protocol which is a legal mechanism that gives u.n. weapons inspectors additional powers to inspect. iran signed that protocol in 2003. in 2005 they were found to be non compliance and they walked away. north korea did exactly the same thing on their march to a bomb so i think it's a bad idea to take the word of a regime that constantly breaks its word. >> that's one of the points that was also raised in the column today. i thought it was interesting to look at the "wall street journal" and also look at the "new york times" today which i would like to ask you about now.
8:26 am
editorial board in the "new york times" is taking on a very specific point when it comes to the dweel iran saying this. iran hostility and the threats towards israel and its involvement in terrorist activities are heinous and unacceptable. but those issues should be dealt with separately resolving them should not be made conditions of the nuclear agreement. we're hearing this a lot when we're talking about this. why should we divorce it? what do you think about that? >> well if i were, say a liar and a cheat, you would say, well, he's a liar and a cheat but let's go to that one side and have them so i'll sell you my car. nobody would do that right? you can't simply say this is a regime that's engaged in illegal and dangerous behavior throughout its region and then say, oh the nuclear deal is separate. >> you know what the president will say. look. we've negotiated with the soviets before. we've negotiated with other evil
8:27 am
regimes before so we can, therefore, negotiate with the iranians. >> that's a bad argument for the president to make because as we found, for instance by negotiating with north korea you try to pretend that the nuclear issue is separate but it never is. the rest of their behavior informs how they're going to behave. but just imagine a scenario where israel and hezbollah find themselves in a war a few years hence and the iranians say unless the israelis do x y and z, we're going to break out of that deal. we find ourselves in a position where we are constantly going to have to appease iran in its regional bids because we're trying to preserve a deal make our entire, all of america's middle east foreign policy hostage to the preservation of this agreement. >> when you look at foreign policy overall in the middle east and that's the subject in which you write look what the saudis are doing what's happening in libya, egypt look what's happening in iraq and then we have a deal with iran
8:28 am
potentially, where should we prioritize? how do we develop the strategy that so many are calling for for the middle east when tears so much that's unpredictable right now? >> i think the first thing that any great power should do is know its enemies and know its friends. the biggest mistake is that we're treating iran as a potential friend. we're treating countries like saudi arabia, israel as being somewhat more hostile towards our interest to we have to consolidate relationships with israel. we have to tone down the rhetoric against this admission, tone down the rhetoric against israel, consolidate our relationship with egypt with the saudis and so but above all, remember that iran's basic behavior is death to america chants haven't changed because of this deal. iran is an adversary of the united states and trying to predenied that it's a friend isn't going to help us in the long term. on the contrary, we're going to lose our friends, the ones that we have, and we're going to embolden iran to be that much more aggressive in the region.
8:29 am
>> always nice to see you. thank you so much. john? jon: millions of americans are now trying to get their taxes done before the deadline of april 15 but not everyone takes advantage of all of the deductions that can save you lots of money. we'll tell you what some of those are. plus some family members are not buying a theory that this couple's mysterious death was a murder-suicide. they are fighting to clear their father's name. >> it's just a shock. unbelievable. >> great neighbors great people cared, just cared. >> we will revisit the scene of a gruesome crime and try to help you figure out what happened.
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i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free credit scores. really free. i have got to update my ink. >> right now a quick look what's still to come this hour of "happening now." crews rushed to the scene of a massive building fire. dramatic rescue took place just in time. thieves make off with millions of dollars' worth of jewelry and they were no amateurs. what they had to do to get their hands on all of that loot. plus power goes out at the white house? the state department and capitol hill raising security concerns. is washington, d.c. vulnerable to an attack on our power grid? jenna: tax deductions can lower the amount of your income the i.r.s. taxes but many americans are unaware of some of the tax breaks available to them. joining us live from our sister network, the fox business network, is jerry willis.
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>> hi. good morning. good to see you. all right. let's cut our taxes, right? there are about 28 million americans who have yet to file. if you haven't, consider filing the long form. itemize your deductions. deductions reduce your taxable income so you can pay a little less in taxes. two deductions apply to lots of viewers. first is the deduction for student loan interests. if you're paying student loan interests and a lot of people are, you can deduct up to $2,500 worth of that. keep in mind though the deduction is not yours if mom and dad are claiming you as an exemption. then they get the deduction. also think about this. if you're in the sandwich generation and you're supporting mom and dad maybe you're paying half or more of their support well, you can claim them as an exemption as if they were a child. you can take the exemption on your tacks reduce what you have to pay to the federal government. make they're learning less than $3,990.
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teachers can take a deduction for classroom expenses up to $250 and if you have securities like bonds or stocks that are worthless you can write that off so that's just another way to reduce your taxes. i know a lot of people out there worried and concerned about their tacks. i.r.s. expects you to take every deduction you can. >> it's nice just to be reminded of a few of those just in case. just in case the taxes aren't done, right? we only have a few more days left to do that. >> seven days and counting. >> thank you very much. to find fox business in your area, go to fox finder. jon: family members of a couple whose horrific deaths were ruled a murder suicide are fighting to save the father's good name. they say the real killer is still out there. authorities say john sheridan stabbed his wife joyce many times before pouring gasoline throughout their bedroom and lighting the place on fire. both of them were later found
8:36 am
dead. larry is a professor of forensic science at john j. college. let's go through some of the evidence, larry. joyce had skin basically under her fingernails but there were no scratch marks on her husband's body. how could that be? >> well i think you can -- you can end up with d.n.a. skin tissue under the fingernails with a lot less than, you know a deep scratch leaving marks. there are cells that just slough off the skin and you can get that under the fingernails. i don't think that that's any kind of an issue. there are no scratches on john. we understand that. not a problem. >> supposedly if you buy the police theory of this he
8:37 am
stabbed his wife to death and then stabbed himself to death. i've always understood that it was, you know virtually impossible to do that to yourself and stab yourself multiple times. >> well, first of all, we know that she was dead before him. there was an arson set. it was a gasoline arson. the autopsy revealed that there was no soot in her airways so she was dead before that fire took off. as far as he is concerned you can have somebody stab themselves, hesitation marks, superficial stab wounds. it can happen. it does happen. i think the wound that really did him in was the neck wound because there is evidence that the jugular was penetrated and presumably he bled out. >> there was some kind of murder weapon apparently at the scene
8:38 am
but it melted as a result of the heat of the fire. police say they don't even know what it was. does that make sense to you? >> well you know, you can look from the autopsy results, you can look at the wounds. you can compare a weapon to the wounds to see if there's a possibility that that particular weapon was used. the wound to the neck does not appear to be -- to have been perpetrated by the knives, the weapons that were found at the scene. so it could be -- it's possible that the melted object was used to injure the neck. >> what about the fact there was some kind of a large bureau or a wardrobe that was on top of the husband's body? how does he kill himself, you know if the theory is correct slash his throat and yet still have the ability to pull this thing over on top of him while there's a fire raging around
8:39 am
him? >> well again you know it's a possibility. he could have nicked the jugular, started to bleed and pull the armoire down. i think all of these things raise a lot of questions. you have to reconstruct what happened here. there was no break-in there was no robbery there were valuable things in the home. they were not taken. there are hesitation wounds that are obvious on john. >> you don't think those could have been from some other attacker who is going at him and not making full contact? >> there's no evidence to show there was a third party. if there were wounds on john in regions that he could not possibly have self inflicted one would have to argue that somebody else is involved. if there was a weapon used that suddenly is gone disappeared, you know that whoever did it took it away. but it's possible that that
8:40 am
melted object was the missing item so this is all within the range of possibilities and i do understand why the family is upset. there are certainly alternative explanations. but the most likely explanation is for a homicide-suicide. >> but, you know again, he was sending out emails work emails right before this event. it does seem very strange and as you say you can see why the family is upset and questioning the police conclusions. larry, we'll keep an eye on this case and have you back if we get more information on it. thank you. >> thank you. >> some new questions today about who else may have been exposed to toxic chemicals at a luxury resort in st. john in the virgin islands. three members of the delaware family remain hospitalized today. the family was on vacation when the condo below them was bug bombed with the chemical banned in the united states. the family became sick and the husband you're seeing on the
8:41 am
screen there along with his wife were also sick. the husband, the couple's two sons are still in the hospital. wife is out of the hospital but the boys remain in comas in critical condition. the company doing the pest control terminix have also used the toxin at the resort before so now the e.p.a. is reaching out to employees and past vacationers to find out who else may have been exposed. terminix is also investigating why that particular chemical was used. >> it sounds like a movie plot but this actually happened. millions in jewels stolen from a secure vault in the heart of london's diamond district. now police think they know how the thieves pulled it off. plus a power outage plunges washington into darkness like oprah's honoring angelo but what if it was a terror attack? the frightening consequences of a strike against our nation's power grid and what we should do
8:42 am
to try to protect it.
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jon: let's find out what's on "outnumbered." >> president obama takes a swipe at christians and it's not the first time so are these comments appropriate as islamic terrorists massacre christians in some parts of the world? plus bill clinton says if hillary runs for the white house, he's going to take a back seat in her campaign. do you believe that? >> no. >> does she need his charm to appeal to voters? >> plus sized clothing maker takes aim at victoria secret. a new ad campaign trying to show that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes and we will let you decide. all of that plus our hashtag one lucky guy on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. back to you. jon: thank you. jenna: things getting back to no out in washington, d.c. a loose power line plunging
8:46 am
capitol hill into darkness. and forcing the white house to use a backup source. officials don't suspect foul play but what if it was? just how vulnerable is our nation's electricity grid? that's the question we're asking today to the former officer at the national security agency. and a cyber security expert. so colonel let me just ask with what happened yesterday and how it's described. it's being described as the failure of a simple piece of transmission equipment that caused the lights to go out in virtually every important and crucial department of government. how is that possible that that one simple failure can cause all of that? >> i would say poor planning. and what that shows is that the systems, the electrical systems that are supporting our key government institutions are not built with redundancy in mind. if you don't build a redundant
8:47 am
power system you're looking for trouble like this. this appears to be a physical cause so it's a bit different than what could happen, for example in a cyber attack. but either way, you have to have redundant systems and you have to have backup systems that can be used in a very quick, efficient manner to preserve power and make sure everything is functioning. >> why don't we have that especially in washington, d.c.? >> that's the greatest question because there has been so much planning and, you know there's so much that we know about what terrorists want to do that it's very key when you build up defenses that you think of the redundancies especially in things like the power grid that need to be built up like this and because of the failure to implement these kinds of systems we have a real problem and that's why you know we spend a lot of money on stuff but we don't spend it on the right stuff in this case. >> just so viewers might be hearing a little interruption in your microphone. that is a different sort of electricity.
8:48 am
if you have a blackberry, if you could move it to the side. i think that's the reason why we're getting interruption on your microphone and i want to make sure we can hear you clearly. this analysis said that we have about every four days part of the nation's power grid is struck by a cyber or physical attack. once every four days. and i'm curious for a simple failure like we had in washington, d.c. how difficult is it to replicate that as something intentional like a cyber attack? >> it's not very hard to replicate these kinds of issues because what you can do with a cyber attack is you can make it look as if it's something completely different. you can also combine a cyber attack with a physical attack so if you're doing that then it becomes a much more dangerous scenario where you could not only replicate a physical attack but you could also make multiple attacks possible. so if you have multiple attacks,
8:49 am
then it becomes a much more serious issue and it would be very hard to respond to those and that becomes the key area that the planners should focus on when it comes to not only our daily lives but also continuity of government and that's what this is all about. >> we keep hearing that infrastructure is a problem. is the greatest threat to the infrastructure something like a storm or something we saw yesterday where there's explosions or malfunction or something more sinister? is there a way to priorities a the grid we all depend upon? >> the more sinister scenarios are the ones we need to protect against because if you protect against want most sin ter -- scenarios, you're going to have a tougher time dealing with storms, with things nature will send our way. when you have a situation where you need to look at how you protect everything that you've got, you start with the worst case and then you work from
8:50 am
there. so that's the kind of planning that needs to happen. and that's the kind of stuff that needs to be implemented in every single aspect of our electric grid and also to preserve and protect not only the governmental institutions but also key private sector institutions as well. >> just want to point out amsterdam had a big outage. there's a question about nato countries being hit. do you walk around with a flash flight? everyone depends on their phones with the flashlight on your phone but if the power goes out, you're really stuck. >> you are stuck and that's one of those things, flashlights are going to last as long as the battery lasts in them and that's one of the key things. you have to be prepared. backup generators are one solution but they have to work at the right time. >> and it's not like you test it all the time. look forward to having you back. it's an important story we continue to watch. we'll be talking to you soon enough, i'm sure. thank you very much. >> my pleasure.
8:51 am
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call now! >> a jewel heist in the heart of london's diamond district that may be the biggest in british history. police say the jewelry was snatched from a vault over the long easter weekend. apparently thieves disarmed the high tech alarm system and used heavy equipment to hack their way in. then they emptied dozens of safe deposit boxes. >> when i closed the shop at 5:30, they'll take the boxes and boxes of diamonds' worth easily a million or two or three or whatever. then there's going to be big tears because a lot of money people have lost and they're not
8:55 am
insured. >> how much did they get? detectives think it could be worth as much as $300 million. >> wow. a california couple rescued from a massive building fire. william is live in los angeles with more on the fire and the rescue. william? >> this could have been a lot worse. not just because that building built in 1966 didn't have any sprinkles but because the fire burned so fast. you can see where the roof has been destroyed. that's where the fire was most intense. i'm told because there was a fabric wholesaler up there that likely provided the fuel to the flames that you see but firefighters got here and about three minutes after the 911 call from rifian vivian and ricordo they were trapped by flames. six ladder trucks responded. some took to the roof and others cleared the building floor by floor until one here on the sidewalk saw this above. >> i started throwing out
8:56 am
materials so people would notice us. a gentleman called us and pointed up to us. then one of the guys shouted can you believe up? i said no. it's full of smoke. we cannot go out of this room. >> they rescued vivian first followed by ricardo. the couple thought they were going to have to jump because the smoke was so thick and the room was getting hot. >> right now i can say, they did a great job. and in less than three minutes when i made that 911 call they were there. >> i thought i wasn't going to make it. >> now, the cause is under investigation. tenants will go in around 10:00 this morning to see the extent of the water and the fire damage. we were just lucky this happened around 8:00 so the building was largely empty. back to you. >> just a reminder how much we depend on our fight fighters in every city. thank you very much. >> brand new next hour of happening now, cracking down on
8:57 am
gang members across hundreds of american cities. fox news had the only reporter along for the ride to watch it all go down. ust give them to us since we're going to be here anyway it's kind of a no brainer
8:58 am
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>> we'll see you back here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> a fox news alert as we await a verdict in the boston marathon bombing trial. jury deliberations are resuming for a second day and lawyers for tsarnaev made clear from the trial's outset that they are focused on keeping him from facing the death penalty as they admitted from the get-go that he did it. but that he was under the sway of his radicalized older brother who they claim was the mastermind. if convicted the same jury will decide whether tsarnaev gets death or life in prison. three people were killed and more than 260 were injured when twin pressure cooker bombs exploded near the marathon


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