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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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amy. >> we can see men all shapes and sizes, hair or none are lovable. >> and watch us tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. >> we start out with a fox news alert. severe thunderstorm warnings in the america heartland. >> rain and high winds and we are covering all of the news "happening now". a routine traffic stop ends in tragedy. and an unarmed black man is charged with murder as protest erupt over the deadly shooting caught on tape. cracking down on gangs. and they take on thugs trafficking in guns and drugs.
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>> i am tearing up right now. >> major destruction left in the wake of vandals. cops need your help to find those behind the senseless act. it is all "happening now". >> we begin in north charleston, south carolina. the mayor and police chief are holding a press conference. 's police officer charged with murder. welcome to "happening now". i am jennily. >> and i am jon scott. video surfaced and you are watching the new's conference from the local authorities. the video shoes what happened after what should have been a are you tone traffic stop. here it is. authorities say 15-year-old walter scott was shot from 15
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feet away. and the police officer is charged with murder as demonstrators turn out. >> walter scott family shoes that video shoes the loved one running for his life. and the officer fired he said because he feared for his own. walter scott run away from the officer who has a handgun and drawn and then you hear eight shots. scott having his hands cuffed behind his back. flagler is seen grabbing back and drops it nor his body. what that is unclear. while they grieve. they are grateful charges were filed. >> that is my son and i have lost a son that will never come
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back. we have his memories and he will never come back. and i pray that this never happens to anybody else. >> the u.s. justice department is now getting involved. we'll send it back to you, jon, the press conference is underway. >> that's right, the mayor is speaking there in north charleston >> i will also tell you that thanks to the senator and also one of the members of the state legislature, we received a grant to purchase 101 body cameras. (applause) those body cameras are on order. today, i made an excutive decision and have notified by council, we have ordered this
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morning an additional 150 body cameras so that every officer on the street in uniform will have a body camera. now i want you to know that it takes a while -- once the cameras come in, we have to train them on operation of the camera and we also have to establish a policy. we've been drafting a policy for the and through the police department and legal department to look at and make sure it meets muster. this is a horrible tragedy in our community. two families that are harmed greatly by what occurred. both the victims and the officer's family. our hearts go out to both of them. i was taken back by the warm and
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kind reception that we received from the family. they are an outstanding family within our community. and the mother and father are wonderful people and the other family was there. they're suffering. and those of you however you choose to offer up prayers please pray for this family in the time that they're going through. we'll be there to support them for the funeral with a police escort to make sure that we get them moved properly and give them the utmost respect and the respect that the gentleman that is deceased deserves.
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we'll let you ask questions after the chief speaks for ten minutes. i want to let the national media know, we respect you we are not doing national introduce until after the burial. i am not going to make this a political forum for me and the city. what we're trying to do is make sure the family has an adequate time to put their son to rest and after that, we'll start talking and we'll be working within the community to have open dialogue on policies that we have looking for ways to develop a closer working relationship with the individual communities. our chief has been doing that for the last two years. you got to remember that we are
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the only city in the state that has a police officer in every school, not only to create security in the schools but create relationships with the officer ands young people of our community. and we'll continue to look at ways to enhance the quality of service that we provide to our citizens and by that, i mean all of our citizens. we'll have good open dialogue within the next 30 days and those of you that are interested in taking part in that dialogue if you will contact that officer and let us know, we'll be glad to consider you with that role. we'll turn it over to the chief driggers and let him have remarks. >> my heart goes out to the family today. i had a good visit with them. i got mote a daddy who is in
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mourning. a momma who is in mourning and we talked father to father. so, it it was a good visit with them and i would ask you to however you give respect to individuals, give them the respect they deserve during this time and just know that we are doing our best here not only as a city but as a police department. not only to serve during this time. but to protect you, all of you. and to serve this community as best we can. we have a bunch going on.
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and we'll continue to strive to do what is right. we are going to strive to do what is right. i would just ask you to keep, i have been praying for peace. peace for the family. peace for this community. i will continue to stand on this as i strive and protect and serve the people i took an oath to do so. >> any questions you might have? no justice, no peace. >> may i make a statement. we have only ten minutes and we understand how you feel and what you are saying, but we don't have issues with that. but if we can have an
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opportunity to answer their questions because mr. pryor. >> chief. there were other officers in the video. did they come forward and saying they were telling the truth? >> to my knowledge no one was witness to anything but the officer. >> cpr performed by an officer? he said the pressure was not -- was it performed on this man as far as you know? >> i am going to be totally honest with you. i am. and give me just a second. the honesty comes from my heart. i have watched the video. and i was sickened by what i saw. and i have not watched it since
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but in that end as i have been receiving a lot of phone calls and e-mails. in the end of it what i saw was a, a i believe to be a police officer removing the shirt of the shirt and performing some type of life saving. >> i am not sure what took place. >> i do not know. i was told that life saving, they tried to save his life. >> should cpr be performed right away in situations like that? >> and who was that first officer to the scone, is that hafer sham? >> yes. >> he is dropping something nor the body.
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it is not chlor what that is. a lot of people it was the tazer. do you have information on that? >> we have, we are under no obligation to turn an investigation over. we could have investigated this ourselves. (inaudible) but, we chose to turn it over because that is the right thing to do. (inaudible) to have an independent agency do the investigation. there are questions that i had in my mind that i can't answer right now and those questions will have to be answered by sled and wilson. i can't answer those questions, and i would refer those specific
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questions to the people who investigated this to the fullest extent. (inaudible) >> do you have police procedures in police and were they followed? >> >> obviously not. >> do you have procedures in place for dealing with a wounded suspect or victim or procedures in place? is it a procedure to hand cuff them after they are shot? >> hold on here. wait a minute, and let me answer the questions for you that we can answer. >> first of all we don't have the answer. >> the chief or police. i am asking you to respect me as i respect you. and i am talking to the media. and okay. the people can hear. they can hear about the
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(inaudible) we are about to close the press conference. you have a question? (inaudible) what do you think in the immediate 24 hour period after the shooting? >> i think it's because we did what is right. we turned the investigation over to an independent agency that does not work for the mayor. and does not work for the chief. we also then tried to get all of the information that we could and turn over to them. that's why some of the questions, we don't have that evident. that evidence was presented to
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sled. we gave them everything that we have. they are the ones that really answer any questions about the investigation. >> hold on i am still answering skler. >> when did you start to believe that something was wrong with the officer's story and the video tape explaining or showing. >> i saw the videotape yesterday for the first time. did you believe the officer until you saw the video tape? >> i had no reason to rely on the evidence that we have and i was not engaged in the investigation and so i did not have the evidence. >> you are the mayor and chief of police. we want to talk to the chief of police. >> young lady yes, ma'am.
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(inaudible) (inaudible question) >> he went through a process that goes through the department and that's part of the personnel foil. we'll be glad to release it to you. the tazer does not have a camera. >> half of this community is african-american. and 80 percent of the police department is white. (crowd noise) >> let me say that we rekraut african-american members to the police department. and we, and anyone that can
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become certified as a officer we are more than willing to hire. the problem is we have a limited number even to the point that we have gone out and recruited from other departments where we can get certified minority police officers to work for us. >> was there a -- >> i think if you get all. (crowd yelling) >> the answer to your question, sir, is that if you are made privy to all of the video i have not seen all of the video and so therefore i can't answer the questions. >> there is a car in the video
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and sled has that what i understand the video that i saw was not all of the video that exists. we only were able to look at what was given to us. (crowd yelling) (crowd chanting) >> yes, sir? >> you need to be louder? >> what was the hand gun? >> we can get that information to you. i am not that familiar with guns. >> and mr. mayor with all dow respect please explain to the people you will not allow the chief to speak. i can see for myself.
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please. why is it that you will not allow the police chief answer the questions. but the people are asking for the chief to answer the questions. >> because the chief is not allowed to answer questions about the investigation because the other agencies doing the investigation. they are not giving us permission to release that. >> who is the person to verify that. >> tom berry with sled. >> we talked to them and they said there was not a official narrative. have they heard from that. >> that is again sled is who gets that. we don't get that. >> as far as you know, he's not begin the official narrative.
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>> again, that is something sled has to answer. >> you are not saying he is investigated and fired. >> he is terminated. he is no longer here. >> he is not involved in the investigation. >> we are not doing the investigation. sled is and they are the agency that has to give you information from the investigation. >> is it normal to hand cuff someone after they are shot. >> that is standard policy across the country. last question here. >> yes sir? >> given what is happen, are are you now taking a look at the officer's other arrest? >> we are, that is something we will have to move to in the future. we are still waiting on all of the information to come back to
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you from sled. (crowd noise) >> it is something that you are considering and other arrest. >> we'll look at. that any questions that anybody has we'll be more than willing. (inaudible) >> that has to come with the investigation. i can't tell you until we know exactly if there were any other officers engaged or involved before i tell you there is punishment to go out. >> what was their role? >> the only role from what i saw from the video was the first officers that responded and he came up to the gentleman laying on the ground and was checking
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him out and i did see one officer check, my understanding that there is more video than i saw. and another officer. not every officer is cpr certified. >> why not? >> that is over. thank you. okay. we're done. >> mayor of north charleston, south carolina and to a lesser extent police chief driggers offering what they are able to offer with shooting of walter scott. the police officer doing the shopping ended up in a confrontation. you can see scott running away and slagger opening fire and shot eight times and most of those bullets hit scott in the back and he died on the scene. slagger has been fired from the
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police department and we understand that the south carolina law enforcement division a state agencies in charge of the investigation. there is as you heard people are unhappy with the chain of events and registering their protest. >> the south carolina division is sled. it is where the investigation is taking place. outside of their office. and that is what is happening at this time. that is the latest from north carls stop, south carolina. we have a live picture from the room. you had journalist and members of the community. and others that are attending this press conference. a lot going on there and we'll bring you back to north charleston as news develops there. we'll move on from there.
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there we g. one of the stories that we are going to go now to is dealing along the loip -- line of law enforcement. massive crack down on gang crime. homeland security rounding up suspects across the country. our reporter was the only report to watch it go down and he has exclusive video and his report adam? >> reporter: that's right jenna. it was a six week operation that began in midfebruary. and we had a chance to go out with local law enforcement and a si part of ice that is working with local agencies and going after suspected gang members. thaifr arrested more than 1200. we were with them two weeks ago in orange county, california. and in parts of anaheim as they
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went door-to-door looking for suspected gang members and take a listen as to what it was like first on the scene. okay, you got a dog a bull. >> reporter: obviously the agents have to go through different questionable threats i should say. everything from dogs to the potential of suspects had weapons when they were found. many of them. members of associates of 259 gangs were arrested. and it is called project wild fire. they were working together. and already over 913 people were charged with crimes and 650 had violent crime histories and talking to the agents on the raids, they tell you that this type of law enforcement is
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essential. >> we are taking seismic readings on the fractured criminal threats and trying to understand where the fault lines are and identify them and see what needs to be further developed. >> it was a serious charge for many of the 19 different people wanted on murder charges or had active warrants on murder. and 15 for raup and assaults. you can so the video from fort worth, texas. they went out usually in the morning to get them. the idea was to be proactive and going after individuals that are dangerous and seized weapons and cars and automobiles associated with. this and the idea is to get out there ahead of the crime and be proactive and they feel it is a successful six- week operation. >> thank you very much.
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>> we understand the jorin the jahar tasarnaev bombing case has roached a verdict. that has not been announced. we expect that to come in the next couple of hours. the jury heard testimony and in fact admegz from tasarnaev's own attorney that he was involved in the bombing but tried to portray him as not responsible because of the sway of being under older brother tamerlan. whether or not that is enough to not convict him we don't know. the verdict was reached after a day and half of deliberations. when that verdict is announced we'll certainly have it for you here on fox.
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>> we have a head line for you. the jury in the trial of the boston marathon bombing has roached a verdict. interesting times to say the least. we are only a few years away from what will be a anniversary of the attack. tasarnaev will learn his fate 15 minutes from now. it could be a long process. remember that the jury had to go through pages and pages regarding this case. there's a 30 count indictment
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and 17 of the charges do carry the death penalty. and we'll not know once we have the verdict what the punishment will be. what we expect to learn today, what do they think guilt or innocence in this trial. and the foregone conclusion for many lawyers for tasarnaev have admitted he was part of the plot. the real debate will come in the sentencing phase. this is an important part. 10 or 15 minutes and the court will reconvene and we'll learn about the fate of tasarnaev. >> as we await that verdict, we'll talk politics. hillary clinton planning a cam pawn organization in florida signaling that she is not willing to cede that battleground state to jeb bush who is also expected to announce he is running for president.
10:33 am
she plans a hard push in the swing state considered vital if the democrats want to keep the white house. we'll talk about her prospect. a ri. flesher. and richard goodstein. and so richard, to you first, jeb bush was a popular two- term governor and everyone expects he will be in the race. how can hillary clinton expect to make a dent among the floridians. >> we don't know he will be her opponent. we look at the last fox news poll. and it is no secret that if hillary clinton wins florida the i- four corridor and ohio which is largely around columbus that is a big swing area she wins. there is not a scenario that she could win florida and ohio and
10:34 am
not win no matter who she is running against. her husband won florida. and a l gore won in 2000. and she was popular in florida when she ran for president last time around and this should not surprise anybody between the money and votes to be had. it is trending democratic with the hispanic. jeb bush and harkmarco rubio would be formidable. nbill clinton was popular in florida. and hillary clinton is not bill clinton and is it notes inially have all of his charm. >> and florida is one of the two crucial states that are toss up states and every candidate needs to compote in florida for the nomination. and the republican path must
10:35 am
include a win in florida. she should build a major organization there. and whether bush or rubio it will be a dog fight in florida. >> one of the criticism that hillary clinton tended to take florida for granted. >> well, again in 2007 when she ran last time around. she had a formidable backing. and deborah waszer-man- shultz was behind her. and i think that she's not taking anything for granted and that will be a hallmark of her announcement and unlike in 07- 8. it is about talking to regular people in new hampshire and in iowa and in florida and listening like she did when she
10:36 am
ran from the senate. >> i think she learned from the last campaign. >> as a republican, are you concerned with a potential marco rubio in the race and jeb bush in the race that republican support gets diluted and perhaps the democratic candidate will win. >> many democrats can be fro to vote republican in the primary. it is wide open in the republican race. they are hierarchyial and nominate the last loser of the last primary. and we have done that since known 60. it is a pattern that is broken this cycle and this race is wide open. >> talk about the challenges that hillary clinton might face. republican presidential candidate rand paul making hillary clinton's character an
10:37 am
issue in his campaign. in an interview with politico. he questioned her honesty. saying you should obey the law and hillary clinton seemed to be evading the law. and the whole idea that she evaded the law will trouble american voters. >> richard, i read your thoughts on this. you don't seem to think what she did with the e-mails is much of an issue. >> for a number of reasons first, until the other candidates and we all know that by now, jeb bush and marco rubio and scott walker and others used official e-mail accounts and personal e-mail accounts to do business. we are jumping a gun a bit. the general counsel for the officer that is in charge for
10:38 am
record's management and he said what she did was not against the law. he's nonpartesan and that is his view and the public. all indications that the voters are not interested. there were several polls done in february. she was running 4- 6 points ahead of the oppons and then the e-mail story. and since then she is up 15 against bush. and she's up 15 against bush. and recent fox poll. but she has increased her lead. >> let's give a ri a chance to weigh in on that. one is her record. & the world is a much with you. >> and that is going after the
10:39 am
firing of the special prosecutor. and they came out contradicting hillary clinton's statement. and the issue of the e-mail is judgment. it was reckless behavior to hide what she was doing for others. and total control and she can be certain the russians and chinese red her e-mails. it was reckless behavior. . and new out of boston. molly line is covering the story in the beginning. and it may be a little while for the media and all of the people interested in it. and lined up outside of that court waiting to get.
10:40 am
and we'll see if that actually occurs. we'll know almost immediately. and that is securing the death penalty. count one for instance. this is the verdict form. it is 32 pages long. and this is what the jurors have gone through in hours of deliberation. conspiracy offousing a weapon of mass destruction. they have to determine whether or not tasarnaev these actions resulted in the death of the victim in this case. campbell and collier and martin richard. they have many more questions to answer than just 30 charges laid out. they are divided up in all of the subsections.
10:41 am
and it may take a while to get a answer to those coming down. the mysterious charges get to you right off of the top. and we'll be hearing as to who the jury is holding jahar tasarnaev accountable. many of the charges have weapon's count back to the action taken. and they will work through these one at a time and we'll have a good idea of what comes next in the hour. and next phase looking at the aggravating and mitigating factors. >> it is a big story and thank you for that. we'll be back to molly on the ground in boston. and it will begin in a now moments from now. we have shown you all of the victims in this and we say the name jahar tasarnaev, terrorist
10:42 am
in the boston bombing. three people were killed in that terrorist attack and more than 260 injured and also the death of officer collier as well. very important day here in boston. we'll learn the fate of the jahar tasarnaev moments from now. we'll be back with more from "happening now". across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal.
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>> fox nows alert the jury has reached a decision in the bombing trial. ken zimmerman former general council. and rebecca rosewoodland a trial attorney. it is an unusual approach by jahar trz tarz's defense team saying yeah, he was there and participated but he's not really
10:46 am
guilty because his big brother did it. >> they would have looked foolish not to admit it because there was a mountain of evidence and video and putting him at the scene of the crime. admitting he was there they may have felt that had credibility. and who pulled the trigger and no eyewitness and no confession and no chlor motive yet that is proven and so it is not a slam dunk yet. >> it was a day and a half worth of deliberations rebecca, what does that tell you. >> they had a 30 page jury sheet and it takes a while. they wanted to get, two questions of the judge this morning and clarification of what is aiding and abetting. and what does that mean? it means they want to know so they can answer the questions
10:47 am
truthfully. all of my experience having trying jury trials, jurors really care. the american public cares about upstanding and upholding democracy and justice. they wanted to answer the questions fairly and truthfully. >> 30 counts against him. 17 of them carrying the possibility of a death penalty. and if he is found guilty on any one of those 17 points. they go back to court and the jor -- jury hears more testimony. >> any one of the 17 if they find him guilty there will be a death penalty phase. they will look at the worst evidence against him and the mitigating factors. and so some say it could be a mitigating factor if he had a mental health condition and part of the next phase. and they will look at the worst evident and evident that could
10:48 am
be in his favor. and some people want the death penalty in this cases and i get that. life in prison might be worse for him. he wanted to be a martyr and he said in written comments that he was jealous that his brother died a martyr. not so clear what is worse for him. >> rebecca, talking about the worse of the acts that he is charged and testimony of martin richard's father about finding the broken body of his eight year old son and his son dying, that has to be a part of what comes in to later testimony assuming he is convicted. it is not over for the families, no matter what happens. >> they find him guilty and we are looking at penalty phase and the jury, and the jurors have
10:49 am
seen already but will see again the horrific video of the surveillance video that shoes this young boybeing disembowled and people losing their legs and it is awful to so this. when you see it in a quiet courtroom. it is impactful and yes, the defense. and the whole time the defense has been trying to save his life. that's what they are doing here. it was the brother and wont have happen if the brother didn't intigate him. he is have stepped back. what he did was attack on the u.s. soil and now, we are going to say and the joris going to say, is that enough to put him to death pursuant to the laws in boston and the federal statutes, that's it. not whether or not he is right or wrong. but what the law says and how to apply the law to the facts in
10:50 am
this case. and can his own words in the boat which he was found hiding. those words convict him. >> he helped to they need to act and he admitted everything, he is absolutely helping to convict himself with that note. >> count one, conspiracy to commit mass murder. we should know within minutes what the jury has decided. we'll be back after a short break.
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back now with a fox news alert and back to the district court in boston where we expect the verdict to be read shortly for the alleged boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev, talking about the verdict as if it is a foregone conclusion. the head defense attorney judy clark made something very clear at the beginning of the trial. tell us a little bit about that. >> reporter: from the very beginning in her opening statement saying it was absolutely him, that dzhokhar tsarnaev played a role in the bombing he was there. but to the defense is putting the blame on the older brother she argues that he is the one that pulled the trimmer, killing officer shaun collier that he is the one that actually went and gathered the ammunition and
10:55 am
the brother got pulled along in this entire scenario. she's a very skilled attorney there are well known clients, the unabomber, where he actually pleaded guilty. he received a life sentence with no possibility of parole. so she has successfully defended people to the extend that they haven't gotten the death penalty in the past. >> as we revisit our legal panel. >> rebecca when you look at the way this case has been argued to this point, do you see any avenues for appeal for dzhokhar tsarnaev? >> in these sort of cases, there's always an alleged after for appeal, there's always something that the defense attorney feels they didn't have the opportunity to fully engage
10:56 am
or to experience in the matter that they wanted to. will any of the appeals be successful? thus far what i have seen no, the judge has been extremely fair, the jurors were selected in a very fair manner they all said they could be fair, they put anything aside that they have seen in the past, and we know this to be the case. and the judge also look at the amount of juries we see, we see many put on hold now just in case there's a problem with one juror, we have six waiting in the wings, ready to step in at any time having heard all the evidence. we're really looking at a case that's been handled very very professionally, jewudicialously and very democratically. >> that verdict should be read any moment now, there won't be any cameras in the courtroom because it is federal court.
10:57 am
we'll have the verdict for you just ahead. we'll take a short break.
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breaking news ahead, the real story with gretchen starts rite now. the real story, knocksfox news alert, dzhokhar tsarnaev. the jury reaching that verdict 56 some 12 hours of deliberations over the past two days, right now attorneys survivors and their families returning the court where they will find out if the jury has decided guilty or not guilty and if he's convicted, tsarnaev could face the death penalty. >> reporter: after almost two years of waiting after that april 15th, 2013 bombing in boston, family members are just beginning to gather to hear this verdict. the prosecutors and the


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