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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 8, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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e. if you need tudoring, dog walking, baby sittings. >> this is a fake website i set up. it is all coming to me. >> i knew it would come to that. >> set your dvrs. that's it for us. "special report" is next. the boston marathon bomber found guilty. will he join his brother in paying the ultimate price for the attack? this is "special report." good evening welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the verdict in the boston marathon bombing trial, guilty on all counts. that decision seemed almost foregone conclusion long before proceedings against dzhokhar tsarnaev began. the more intriguing question remains. will he be put to death for his crimes. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev convicted on all 30 federal
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counts including conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and multitude of weapons charges stemming from five days of terror that began with the boston marathon bombing. jurors confirming tsarnaev's intentional participation in the planning with his older brother tamerlan, who was killed run over by police officers. 264 people were wounded more than a dozen losing limbs and three lives were claimed in the boston attack. martin richards just 8 years old, 23-year-old lindsay lu and christy campbell. their bodies filled with shrapnel. days later the brothers ambushed officer colier.
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tsarnaev borrowed a gun used in a murder from a long time friend, the same gun used in a carjacking and terrifying a chinese national who escaped. they engaged police firing the gun throwing four more bombs. an officer nearly dying after getting hit by a bullet. in boston today a jury is holding tsarnaev, the lone surviving suspect responsible for all of it. as prosecutors told jurors we know why he did it all, to punish americans for deaths of muslims overseas. tsarnaev left a note that reads in part stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. >> it's not something that you will ever be over. you know, you will feel it forever. there will always be something that brings it back to the forefront. >> reporter: and the journey
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towards justice is not over. 17 of the 30 charges carry possibility of death penalty and the same jury will sit for the second phase of the trial and will ultimately decide whether dzhokhar tsarnaev lives or dies. >> live in boston, thank you. shocking evidence of a white cop killing a black man has been captured in undeniable form. breath taking video from south carolina has gone viral leaving the black man dead and a white police officer charged with his murder. senior national correspondent john roberts is in south carolina tonight. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: the protests were peaceful but the message was delivered with the force of generations who feel unjustly treated. >> here we say no more. >> no more! >> what began as a routine traffic stop saturday morning for a broken tail light quickly
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escalated into the minority community's worst nightmare. an apparently unarmed black man shot multiple times in the back by a white police officer. this time there was a video. it left little doubt as to how the final moments of 50-year-old walter scott's life ended. >> the video is very demonstrative of exactly what happened. without the video -- and that was the only witness there was actually was the gentleman making the video, it would be difficult to ascertain exactly what did occur. >> reporter: the officer 33-year-old michael slager initially claimed he feared for his life when scott snatched his taser gun and ran. the video tape shows he runs back to pick something up that appears to drop at scott's feet. when outside investigators
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viewed the tape and arrested him for murder and are holding him without bond. >> i have watched the video. and i was sickened by what i saw. >> reporter: scott's family devastated but for the moment putting faith in the justice system. >> i think through the process we received the truth. and we can't get my brother back and my family is in deep mourning for that, but through the process justice has been served. >> reporter: in his five years on the north charleston police force he had a clean record. there was one complaint lodged against him for the excessive use of force when he tasered someone. he was exonerated of wrong doing and faced no discipline. today the mayor of north charleston said he purchased enough body cams to outfit every
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member of the police force. >> live in north charleston tonight. iran deepens its involvement in yemen and u.s. defense secretary goes on the record about the dangerous growth of terrorism in the country. correspondent john huddy with the latest on the battle over yemen. >> reporter: chaos rains in yemen. al qaeda and arabian peninsula is taking advantage of it. u.s. secretary of defense said today the group also referred to as aqap has made quote/unquote great gains in taking ground in the embattled country. >> the terrorism threat to the west including the united states from aqap is a long standing serious one that we will keep combatting. >> reporter: al qaeda in the arabian peninsula continue to fracture the country and carry it further into civil war.
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saudi led coalition air strikes can continue to target positions including the city of aiden where the violence has been intense. the u.s. is accelerating the shipment of weapons to saudi arabia according to u.s. officials to help in the fight signaling the obama administration's growing involvement in the saudi's efforts. iran reportedly sent a naval destroyer to the coast today. iran says to protect shipping lanes from piracy. iran's so-called protection may only add to overall tension. and there is a growing humanitarian crisis in yemen. the international red cross is trying to get medical supplies into the country and the world health organization estimates that at least 100,000 people have fled their homes because of the ongoing violence that has claimed the lives of at least
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570 civilians and that includes as many as 74 children. >> john huddy live in our middle east news room. tonight authorities in afghanistan are trying to find out why an afghan soldier opened fire on american troops killing one and wounding two. it happened following a meeting. the shooter was killed by american troops soon thereafter. it is the first insider attack on personnel since the end of their combat mission. a formerdetainee is under arrest tonight in the killing of a prosecutor who pursued islamic terrorists. police there arrested several suspects tuesday including one in the march murder of prosecutor. the u.s. provided assistance to uganda in tuesday's arrest. he was a suspected al qaeda operative sent to guantanamo bay
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after 9/11 attacks. he was released in 2006. the newest official presidential candidate is courting voters in a primary state he says he has to win. rand paul is not getting help tonight from people on the same side of the political spectrum. ed henry with the person who will likely be first candidate on the democratic side to take the plunge and what her former president husband is saying. first impressions of rand paul the candidate. we begin with carl cameron live in milford, new hampshire. >> when the founders of new hampshire came up with the motto live free or die they didn't
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leave a lot of wiggle room. i will fight to keep the government out of your home, out of your business and out of your church. >> reporter: for the second time in as many days the foundation for a secure and prosperous america released a new attack ad on paul. >> one republican doesn't get it. rand paul. he supports obama's appeasement of iran. >> reporter: paul called the first ad false. >> i have no idea who these people are but they are part of the neo community. the only thing consistent about their message is we should always be at war. >> reporter: the foundation responded saying senator paul said our ads are lies but no disputing the facts. senator paul said he is in favor with the negotiations with iran. he said he does not favor additional sanctions on iran. not all paul's critics are so-called neo cons. >> i think his stance on the military is incorrect. i think we have to do the
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opposite and go veery strong and very powerful. >> reporter: former arkansas governor mike huckabee. >> you don't negotiate with them. you don't feed them. you take their heads off before they bite you. >> reporter: paul sets himself apart. >> people have to get to know who i am. the thing is that i know the most important thing the government says is national defense. there is no greater priority. i'm willing to spend what it takes to defend the country but not willing to add to the debt. that differentiates me from a lot of other republicans. >> reporter: on this morning paul bristled when asked about his changes and commitment to national security. >> before we go through a litany of things you say i changed on why don't you ask me a question. that would be a better way to approach an interview. >> reporter: the other officially declared candidate has big money backers to put down a marker saying they will
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raise $30 million for cruz. paul laid down a marker on his own. >> new hampshire is important to me. i do think we need to win new hampshire. >> it is very rare for a presidential candidate to put out a bar like that. it is what rand paul has done. if he can't win in the live free or die state he will have a hard time everywhere else in the country. let's get thoughts tonight about what we are hearing so far from senator rand paul. >> rand paul is an ophthalmologist. if i needed eye surgery i would be happy to let him do it. i'm not sure that i would be as happy to have him as president of the united states despite his appeal and promise and plenty of
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votes he remains very much a work in progress as a national politician. he has plainly adjusted his views on defense spending foreign aid and on the threat posed by iran. this is a good thing as it shows paul has the capacity to learn from experience and sets him apart from our current president. unlike paul has shown to put it mildly a limited capacity to steer away from foreign policy ideas that have not worked. this gets to a core question about presidential politics in general and 2016 in particular. americans are clearly fed up with politics and politicians as usual. so is the country ready to elect another rookie politician or do people recognize that politics like eye surgery is a profession in which inexperience is not a virtue. >> there are a lot of newcomers
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in this potential field. you have ted cruz first-time senator. marco rubio. scott walker. >> kind of illustrates the point we are talking about here. experienced politician in the sense of governorship of wisconsin. tough fights there, has had trouble articulating views on foreign policy. look at ted cruz a man who seems to know what he thinks about almost everything. in some of his adventures in the senate have not turned out so well. perhaps he is learning. marco rubio is perhaps as fluent as anybody on the issues. he was at a somewhat longer career than some others in the sense that he was speaker of the assembly in florida. he is yet untested in the waters. we will see how tea does in debates. it will be interesting to see how the newcomers hold up
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against more experienced politicians when it gets to debates and full fledged primary season. i don't think lack of experience is going to help him. now to hillary clinton watch. a formal campaign announcement is expected anytime now. the support, criticism and gossip are already in full bloom. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us much has revolved around her husband. >> reporter: former president bill clinton is claiming he will take a back seat in hillary clinton's presidential campaign. new fallout from old problems may keep him front and center with a newly published book claiming a white house made found evidence the first lady caught the president in the head with a book. >> one saw blood on the bed. but, you know they were under this intense scrutiny. a lot of staff really sided with hillary. >> reporter: allegations surfaced about bill clinton
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spending time with billionaire pedophile as the president is using soft venue of town and country magazine to declare he will stay behind the scenes when his wife launches her campaign declaring i think it is important that she go out there as if she has never run for anything before and establish her connection with the voters and that my role should primarily be as a back stage adviser to her until we get much, much closer to the election. it is unclear whether the former president can contain himself since he is one of the democratic party's most formidable campaigners. though some comments back fired with democrats. >> that is south carolina twice and he ran a good capmpaign. >> reporter: advisers say personal attacks won't play well. >> there is kind of a rally around feeling that i don't think the press has picked up on
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yet. i think it has been true for benghazi and the e-mail business and any of the business coming out of the book. >> reporter: even if the former president tries to stay back stage he may be pushed to the forefront. though president obama is suggesting the race will come down to her and not him. >> if she is her wonderful self i'm sure she is going to do great. >> the former president told town and country magazine that a law firm came in to institute reforms a sign he is trying to get ahead of criticism. a source close to the emerging campaign tells me some clinton staffers started moving into the brooklyn headquarters meaning we are getting closer to an announcement. >> thank you. up next is president obama's epa making california's historic drought even worse? first here is what some fox affiliates are covering. fox 11 in los angeles with the search for the cause of last night's high rise fire near
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downtown. two people had to be rescued by ladder. one person was treated. fox 32 in chicago with the reelection of mayor rahm emanual winning the first ever mayoral runoff. he is promising to take a new approach in his second term. and this is a live look at indianapolis from our affiliate out there, fox 59. big story there tonight the storm prediction center says 34 million people in middle america are in at least slight risk of severe weather today. meteorologists say moderate risk for about a million people from kansas and jefferson city, missouri. there will be more bad weather tomorrow. you can kind of see it on this live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. all these networks keep making different claims. it gets confusing. fastest, the strongest the most in-your-face-est. it sounds like some weird multiple choice test. yea, but do i pick a, b, or c.
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as california faces a historic drought you think the environmental protection agency would be helping to prevent more problems for the state. epa regulations could be causing more harm than good. correspondent shannon bream has tonight's regulation nation report. >> it's tragic. it's ludicrous. choose your adjective. it shouldn't be happening.
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>> reporter: california is facing year four. some say the crisis could have been avoided. they point to federal environmental regulations mandating that enormous amounts of water be averted in order to protect the delta. >> it is a trillion and a half gallons of water flushed into the pacific ocean that should have been used to provide for communities throughout the state and to provide for the substinns of the farming community. >> followed a lawsuit by the natural resources defense council which says a good deal of the crisis can be traced to average households using far above human needs. >> the typical household water consumption is about 180 gallons per person per day. that is far beyond basic requirements for culinary and sanitary uses.
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>> governor jerry brown signed an executive order mandating that california cities cut a quarter of current consumption. the house has passed numerous bills aimed at increasing the amount of water california could capture and store including emergency legislation passed last december which the then-democrat controlled senate blocked. >> house minority leader said barbara boxer is to blame but she says she is committed to finding a solution that works for all the state's residence and said he will introduce another measure in the house. another hurdle tonight for president obama's executive action on immigration. a federal judge in texas has denied the justice department's request to lift the temporary hold on the president's plan to stop potentially millions from being deported. the white house says it will continue to pursue the case in court. the judge wants federal
3:25 pm
prosecutors to address his suspensions that the administration misled him. next in the grapevine a not so neighborly war of words in the midwest. plus past time trouble. reputation of the irs seems to be getter worse.
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now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. illinois versus indiana. not just a big ten sports rivalry. republican taking aim at the hoosier state telling the chicago tribune i'm going to rip, try to rip the economic guts out of indiana for coming after indiana big time. we are going to do it on our terms, the right way. noted this has nothing to do with indiana's religious freedom
3:30 pm
law controversy saying that was just a headline opportunity. he says it is about the money. fellow republican mike pence's camp in indiana fired back quote we'll stack indiana's low taxes, triple a credit rating and excellent business climate against those of any other state any time. more money down the drain this time at an arkansas veterans affairs hospital. the facility is tearing out a section of solar panels installed two years ago and never turned on to make room for a parking garage. the panels were assembled at a price tag of $8 million. the v.a. is not releasing the cost saying it is a procurement sensitive information. republican congressman tells little rock tv station he will investigate any project that is rushed unplanned waste of taxpayer dollars is
3:31 pm
unacceptable. the solar panel project which appears to have been changed may seem like a drop in the bucket when compared with the debt but every expense must be justified. air travelers are busy and forgetful bunch leaving behind. in fiscal year 2014 the tsa collected almost $675,000 in unclaimed money. the top two change grabbing airports new york's jfk and los angeles topped $40,000 each. in 20 5i congress gave authority to use funds. tax day is one week from today. and if you haven't filed you may be on your own. the irs is working on a smaller budget. with added responsibility from obamacare it can't handle the business they say.
3:32 pm
senior political correspondent looks at taxpayer questions going unanswered. >> it's tax season and many turn to irs for help for describing a frustrating experience. >> i gave her my id. i got to bring this information back. >> he is not alone. an overloaded phone system led to at least five million calls being dropped. the agency says it is no longer offering line by line assistance only basic information. today said agents it's hurting the bottom line. >> estimate audit collection case closures will translate into a loss of at least 2 billion in revenue that would have been collected. they say the taxes they pay are
3:33 pm
too low. two thirds say government is problem. >> after you had been caught red handed. california republican congressman has clashed over the irs targeting of conservative groups investigation and isn't sympathetic. >> irs commissioner wants more money to run a larger bureaucracy. they are not doing the basic work they are supposed to be doing. that is the problem for taxpayers while they are not doing the basic processing well. >> isis said it is unprecedented that a high level democratic is saying more money is needed when irs hasn't been forth coming about harassing conservative organizations. >> thanks. stocks were up today. dow gained 27. s&p 500 finished ahead 6. nasdaq up 41. terrorism more of it in
3:34 pm
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trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i'm a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. to this day i continue to be amazed that somebody could stand there for four minutes in front of martin richard and place that device right next to him. i said last year that for a crime like this i would support the death penalty. i continue to. this is a decision that gets made by the jury. >> governor of massachusetts talking about the conviction today of dzhokhar tsarnaev, one
3:39 pm
of the boston bombers. all 30 federal counts jury found that he was guilty 17 of the 30 charges carry possibility of the death penalty and that jury is embanaled to decide his fate in the second phase of this trial. let's start there on the issue of terrorism with this trial. let's bring in our panel, senior writer for the weekly standard and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. it was expected. they had a good case. >> nobody is surprised by the outcome. interesting part of the trial comes next depending on whether the jury can be convinced there are reasons not to put dzhokhar tsarnaev to death or whether he deserves it. it was well thought out and planned. the defense certainly made the case he was directed by his brither. whether or not that is the was it seems clear from following the trial that he acted on his own will and did what he did on purpose. i would not be surprised if we see a death penalty. >> that is one of the things the defense has said as you look at video from that day. we haven't looked at it in a while. such a horrific event. the defense said he was
3:40 pm
influenced and had tamerlan tsarnaev been alive and not killed in the police shootout perhaps this would be a different case today. >> right. it was a lawyer basically conceded that he committed the crime but hadn't made a lot of time about making this case making him more sympathetic that he was afraid of his older brother and felt this was his only choice. he has a lawyer with a strong track record in terms of clients on the death penalty ending up not being put to death. if there is a lawyer that can do it it is this lawyer but and then interestingly 62% of people in massachusetts don't want to have the death penalty in this case. to a certain extent i think justice has been served up to this point as far as most people concerned. >> 264 wounded. a dozen losing limbs three lives claimed in that attack
3:41 pm
itself. >> i think that clip you showed of the massachusetts governor saying how amazed he is that a man could place a bomb in front of a child knowing what the bomb can do reminds you of the hijackers who voided the plane and can see the children on the plane they knew they were going to kill. it is the face of evil like what isis does. this reminds us once again that this is not ordinary crime. it's not ordinary enemy. these are -- i personally generally oppose the death penalty with some exceptions. i would rather not make him a martyr and let him serve his life and contemplate his deeds for decades. i think that would be a punishment. turning from terrorism here to terrorism abroad that possibly could come here. the defense secretary talking about terrorists on the move on the rise in yemen.
3:42 pm
>> the terrorism threat to the west including the united states is a long standing s serious one. that we will keep combatting and change the way we do that in accordance with circumstances. we hope that order is restored to yemen not only for that reason but because there is a lot of suffering going on in yemen as these fluid battles and these different groups go back and forth. >> aqap, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. what about that? the sense that aqap is somehow benefitting from the ongoing chaos and the war in yemen by the saudi-led coalition of arab states. >> i think the secretary is absolutely right. i think it is important to put this in context. sometimes it seems as though yemen was sort of a place of peace and stability. it was a bad place. even president obama didn't want to send guantanamo detainees
3:43 pm
back to yemen for a long time. >> yet he called it a success on counter terrorism. >> he later called it a success on u.s. counter terrorism moves and now we are seeing it was not that. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is growing stronger. not just aqap. the other problem is that iran is growing stronger there and flexing its muscle and projecting its strength into the theater talking of sending ships, talking of further backing. i think this is a bad situation. the problem is there is no obvious way out for the united states and allies here. >> i think the obama administration recognizes it is a bad situation and they are supporting saudis. i think that is the best thing they should be doing. there is not much more we can do other than aggressively support them in what they are doing.
3:44 pm
it is certainly not something we are going to get involved in and i don't see it as something the obama administration has caused. you think it is something they caused? >> they obviously had the way the policy was structured at the beginning did it let this develop the way the administration was dealing or not dealing with yemen? >> i mean it is one of the things if you think the administration can control what happens in the middle east i didn't think george bush could do it. i don't think barack obama can do it. there are things to try to mitigate what happens there. what happened on the ground has more to do with dynamics of the country. >> one of the countries involved is the uae. the foreign minister spoke out today. tehran is fully and openly supporting the houthi militants in yemen. we will not tolerate this and fight houthi militants particularly the gcc. iran is not carrying out this activity only in yemen. it is doing the same activity in
3:45 pm
lebanon, syria,iraq, afghanistan and in pakistan. >> yemen is a chemically pure counter example that under mines every assurance. he said the war is receding. he said al qaeda is on the run and dez mated. it is growing. he said yemen is an example of success. it is an example of our failure. and now he tells us that the deal he is working out with iran will temper ambitions engage it. iran is facing a warship. he said because of piracy. i didn't know that piracy had become a problem off yemen. it is a houthi rebellion and civil war, al qaeda on the loose and iran stating openly and with defiance that it will be hegemonic in the region at a time when obama is arguing he is working out a deal to tame
3:46 pm
iran's ambitions. this under mines everything he says in order to make the assurance he is giving now. >> the clintons get ready for another run at the white house. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility
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if you had one piece of advice to give to hillary clinton advice to hillary clinton right now, what would it be? >> if she is her wonderfulself, i'm sure she is going to do great. >> president obama asked about the upcoming clinton campaign. meantime bill clinton, former president in town and country magazine foreshadowing what will happen in the next couple of days. my role should be as a back stage advisor to her until we get much, much closer to the election. our plan is to spend this whole year working on the foundation which is by a good long stretch the most transparent of all the presidential foundations and more transparent than a lot of other foundations in the country. they are defending the clinton foundation. he went on to say kirsten, i'm just not good at campaigning anymore. >> he is the worst. is he a terrible politician. is he a great campaigner for himself. and he actually does a pretty good job for people, other democrats and
3:51 pm
generally was pretty good for hillary. but as i think we all remember there were some speed bumps last time. particularly in south carolina. he can get very emotional and i think it's more emotional about her than he even was about himself when he was running. they are going to have to prepare for that this time. not have any surprise bill moments that draw negative media attention and also she is going to have the same issue she had last time which is she going to be the president or is he going to be the president? he is going to have to stay in the background a little bit. >> speaking of negatived me attention steve, before this launch you had obviously the email situation that's not resolved. the clinton foundation funding by foreign governments while she is secretary of state. now you have a new book called the residence that's out about among other things their time in the white house. the author was on fox today. take a listen. >> one of the staffers was called up to their bedroom and there was blood on the bed. and everyone on the staff rumored that this was because she hit him, clocked him with the book.
3:52 pm
interesting thing is a lot of these staffers especially the women thought, you know, this is great, like he deserves it. >> it goes on to say that they didn't have a great track record at treating the staff well. yeah, i mean, look i think those are the salacious stories that seems to be apparent corroboration of things that we had heard before, that we had heard 15 years ago. i don't think those are likely to be the kind of things that will influence the decision one way or the other. i think it's much more interesting to see how she tries to resolve this email question the question of these foundations. there is another new book coming out that's apparently got new information about that, about the overlap between the foundation and what she was doing as secretary of state. if those details are actually corroborated if there is substance behind those criticisms, i think she is going to have a very difficult time defending herself. >> charles? >> i like the fact that she clocked him with a book. i mean it wasn't a poker, it wasn't a -- didn't clock him with a clock. i think it speaks well of the level of culture in the west wing east wing. she hit him -- look i would
3:53 pm
like to know what the book was. perhaps it was "takes a village." i think we are going to get all of these stories. the story right now is they are going to try to leash bill for the next year year and a half. but i like the way he says i will be in the background until the end and then they're going to unleash him because he does well unleashed at the end and when he is, you know, in the full flower as he was when he supported obama. >> closer. closer. kirsten? how is this campaign framed? is it framed with this launch about breaking the glass ceiling? how is it framed? >> well i mean, that's the big question. i don't know the answer to it. i don't know that the glass ceiling thing is going to be an overt campaign theme. it's going to be always the underlyings story. the same way barack obama never really said elect me, i'm going to be the first black president. everybody else was saying it. and i suspect that she will let other people do that and carry that water for her.
3:54 pm
>> and in the democratic party. is there still this anxiety about one candidate? >> i think yeah i think most of them would like to see a primary. i think it will make her a better candidate. it will be better to have -- honestly, also if we have looked at the way that she was during that press conference, she is obviously very stiff. she needs before she goes up against the republicans she needs to have somebody she will vanquish but give her a run for her money. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a very special moment during a very special week for one group of sports fans.
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finally tonight, this is a special week for golfers around the world. it's masters week. the first round starts tomorrow morning at augusta national in augusta georgia. every year enduring images. three of golf's greats walked down the entrance of the club together this week. jack nicklaus, arnold palmer. just as they did last year they will hit the ceremonial shot of the tournament tomorrow morning. >> on monday i wrote about my lifelong admiration for jack nicklaus and his amazing career on my blog the daily bret did the come. on my i link to the speech jack's son at the congressional gold medal ceremony last month. a speech if you are a golfer or a dad you should take time to watch. how much of a jack nicklaus fan am i? on my office wall in fox is a signed score card from the 1986 masters when he won his
3:59 pm
sixth green jacket. i was in the crowd that day in augusta. an excited high school golfer trying to soak it all. in so when 75-year-old jack nicklaus teed it up for the annual par three contest today, naturally i tuned in. then this happened. >> and here is jack at number 4. >> 130-yard par three across the water. really a good golf ball. what a beautiful play. come on, come on come on jack. yes, oh, oh, oh. yes. [cheers and applause] >> when jack nicklaus pulled that ball out of the hole today and the crowd erupted there were a lot of goose bumps, at least in one corner office here. congratulations, jack. to a great master's week.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. a little fired up, too. greta goes "on the record" right now. "special report" online begins in seconds. >> right now the interview you will only see right here. the nfl's first female full time game official sarah thomas goes "on the record." plus, a new sign that donald trump may be serious about running for president. >> well in polls and nobody thinks i'm running. we may very well surprise a lot of people. >> that's right. trump holding a news conference on board his 757 in des moines iowa. more from donald trump right here "on the record" straight ahead. plus a u.s. marine held in iran's most dangerous prison and tonight a marine who served with amir hekmati joins us. and developing right now the white south carolina police officer who shot an african-american man in the back multiple times has been fired. off


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