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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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meade. let me know what you think of our interview with rand paul. getting a lot of feedback on that. thanks for watching everybody. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." tonight. >> as a christian, i am supposed to love. >> once again president obama takes a shot at christians. >> sometimes when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians, i get concerned. >> mark steyn is here tonight with reaction. how do you define yourself? >> i like the words constitutional conservative, but more and more over the last three or four years i've come to believe that we need someone who stands up for the entire bill of rights. >> the great one, mark levin reacts to last night's exclusive interview with senator rand paul president obama attacks wisconsin governor scott walker for daring to criticize him. >> it would be a foolish approach to take. >> the governor tonight responds in a "hannity" exclusive.
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[ gunfire ] south carolina on edge after a police officer is charged with murder. >> shots fired. subject is down. >> black lives matter! >> we analyze this situation. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight, president obama does it again. and he deliberately attacks christianity. now, he said this yesterday during the white house easter prayer breakfast. >> on easter i do reflect on the fact that as a christian i am supposed to love. and i have to say that sometimes when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. >> maybe it was reverend wright for 20 years. now, this is not the first time the president has taken it upon himself to lecture christians. remember back in february when he said this while giving a speech about the rise of isis and radical islam.
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>> remember that during the crusades and the inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. slavery and jim crow all too often was justified in the name of christ. >> now, here's what i find so troubling. now, the president is so quick to lecture christians time and time again, but since the beginning of his administration, well, the president has gone way out of his way time and time again to defend the muslim religion. watch this. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. as a student of history i also know civilization's debt to islam. islam has always been a part of america's story. i'm also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combatting violent extremism. it is an important part of promoting peace. our enemies respect no religious
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freedom. al qaeda's cause is not islam. it's a gross distortion of islam. the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocence. and the vast majority of isil's victims have been muslim. we have reaffirmed again and again that the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. >> here now with reaction author of climate change the facts mark steyn is back with us. you know when he was running for office the first time, you know the tides were going to recede, he was uniquely qualified as somebody that went to a muslim school in indonesia as a child to bridge the gap between these two words, the western world, the islamic world. when you listen to his attacks on christianity and constantly praising the future does not belong to those that slander the prophet, what is your reaction? where is this coming from in
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your view? >> well if i'd been at that prayer breakfast, i would have shouted out shame. and i think it's a pretty poor reflection even on presumably loyal liberal democrats in that audience that no one objected to it. because it is time for people to object to it. this is part of a conscious strategy. just before he stood up and made that condescending remark -- by the way he's no more an expert on christianity than he is on islam. you got the impression from his thing about loving each other that he may be seen a production of "god spell" in high school but that's about as far as it goes. but about 148 young students in kenya have just been killed slaughtered, their bodies on the floor by muslim fanatics who asked the students in that university, are you christian or are you muslim? and they let the muslims go and slaughtered the christians.
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now, this is a guy who's happy to draw general lessons when a black youth gets killed in ferguson, missouri. that appararently has wide application for black people all over america. but 148 black corpses has no general application. well mr. president, #blacklivesmatter when they're christian too. and the biggest story of our time is the extinction of some of the oldest christian communities on the planet at hands of islam remorselessly you dishonor those kenyan students in death by not identifying them as christians as you dishonored the egyptians only a couple weeks earlier. >> do you remember early on there was a piece in the "new york times" by nicholas chrisoff quoted obama saying the most beautiful sight in all the world was the muslim call to prayer at sunset. to what extent now that all of these events have happened do
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you think he was influenced by his attendance at that muslim school in jakarta as a youth? and what do you glean from those comments? >> well, you know, here's a guy who was essentially raised by white grandparents. and he sought i think, a consciously more exotic identity. i'm not saying that in a particularly partisan way. when jeb bush who comes from the whitest white bread family in america chooses to identify himself as hispanic, he's also seeking consciously a more -- >> but that was a mistake, honestly, jeb bush. >> well, whatever. but i think you can make the case that to a certain type of person the exotic is more appealing than the everyday. and i think in that sense christianity for him is something he associates with white imperialism whereas islam is the exotic and the victim group.
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the fact is that on his watch the last christian church in afghanistan was raised to the ground on america's watch, the christian community in iraq and american protectorate has been exterminated on america's watch. and that is something that ought to be shameful for him. and people -- this isn't funny, by the way. we've seen this guy who staged this act of rose garden theater over bowe bergdahl. it's not a small thing when a leader of the supposedly free people lies to those people about what's going on in the world. >> but there seems to be a certain level of ignorance. it's not funny, you're right. he's reading a tell prompter and repeatedly says in his speech navy corpsman, not knowing what a corpsman is making crusade without the understanding it was an islam response -- and desire to get back christian holy sites. but he said this one thing i want to take issue with. he said sometimes when i listen
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to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. now, he spent 20 years in this man's church, reverend wright. >> we bombed hiroshima! we bombed nagasaki! and we nuked thousands in new york and pentagon and we never batted an eye. because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yards. america's chickens are coming home to roost. no no, no! not god bless america! god damn america! it's in the bible for killing innocent people! god damn america for treating our citizens as less than human! >> isn't that the epitome of a less than loving christian? he sat there for 20 years. >> well, he apparently dozed -- he was in the pews dozing.
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i don't think in any sense he is a christian, sean. i think he's a social justice warrior who like a lot of people from the cultural left regards religion as the opiate of the roops, but i think in obama's case it's compounded by the fact that he does have this profound respect for islam that leads him actually to invert the situation that's going on in the world today so that the christians are the problem and the muslims who are beheading the christians and shooting the christians and cutting the throats of the christians are somehow the victim group that we all need to be more sensitive to. >> it's very upsidedown isn't it? and for example his treatment of israel and even negotiating with the iranians he admits he's going to give them the bomb in 13 years that it will be a zero breakout time. and i'm thinking just the opposite of what an intelligent person in my view would do.
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and then he makes -- dick cheney had an observation. he made it on the hughhewet radio show. i want your comments. >> if you had somebody as president who wanted to take america down who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world, reduce our capacity of influence on events, turn our back on allies and encourage adversaries, it would look exactly like what barack obama is doing. i think his actions are constituted in my mind those of the worst president we've ever had. >> what's your reaction? >> yeah. i think mr. cheney's lifted my line. i think i said a few weeks ago if obama were working for the other side what would he be doing differently? we've just turned iran into a nuclear threshold state. iran controls four middle eastern capitals.
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it controls aden, a critical seaport. we've hollowed out and turned into failed states libya and yemen. america is at best a bystander in the world. and at worst colluding with some of the most dangerous and brutal, violent forces on the planet. as i said if he were working for the other side, what would he be doing differently? >> i've now come to the conclusion, i've studied him now going way back to 2007, mark, there is an unknown something with obama. an untold story. i don't know what it is. people are going to say, well they're going to assume what i'm thinking, i don't know the answer. but everything is upsidedown in the world of obama. and none of it makes a lot of sense to me. and it seems extraordinarily dangerous both on foreign policy and even the economy doubling the debt and all these people on food stamps and in poverty. mark, thank you. good to see you. coming up next in a "hannity"
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exclusive, yesterday gop presidential candidate rand paul blamed establishment of republicans just as much as democrats for the problems in d.c. mark levin is here. and then president obama attacks governor scott walker for criticizing the deal with iran. well, governor walker will respond in an exclusive interview tonight here on "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." after announcing his candidacy for president yesterday, kentucky senator rand paul joined me in an exclus skpif spoke out against the establishment in d.c. watch this. >> i think so often we get people who are elected and they spend decade after decade up there, they lose touch with the people and then nothing changes. we elect republicans that say we want republicans to balance the budget. and then republicans do the same thing the democrats do. i ran for office originally as part of this tea party movement because we were upset with republicans who doubled the debt. we were upset with republicans that bailed out the banks. and i still think that now republicans are in charge of congress we need to stand for something. we need to stand for truly reducing spending. >> when you say defeat the washington machine and unleash the american dream are you saying the republican party is a big part of the problem? >> it's a bipartisan problem.
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both sides. no matter what the spending plan that comes up if the democrats have a spending plan for domestic spending, they'll explode the debt at all cost. but sometimes conservatives will do the same thing. >> and here now with reaction the great one, nationally syndicated radio talk show host mark levin. you know, mark, republicans have this unnatural fear they're timid, almost bordering on paranoia when it comes to using the power of the purse, their constitutional power for fear they will be blamed for a government shutdown. so i assume you agree republicans need to stand up and stand for something as rand is saying, am i wrong in assuming that? >> no. rand paul's exactly right. and you're exactly right. the problem is we really had two conservative presidents in the last hundred years probably coolidge and reagan. the rest have probably been more pro-government corporatist types who build on top of what the left has create and had what the
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progressives have created rather than try and unravel this massive federal divide that the left has created. they decide they're going to add their own ideas. you can even hear some of the establishment candidates talking now defending common core. common core is a back door federalization of local education. you can hear them talking about open borders and how people love us and they should be able to have wave and wave of illegal immigrants into this country. no we need principled conservatives. you know, people under 50 in this country, sean, have never had an opportunity to actually vote for a conservative president. and i think it's up to people like you and me and millions of others in our generation to give them the opportunity. it's exciting. it's invigorating to support somebody not because, you know you want to stop the democrats but because you really believe in what they're saying. and a conservative candidate will in fact reignite excitement with the reagan democrats, the industrial midland of the country and so forth. we ought to give it another opportunity. >> you know you have two
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nonestablishment candidates now that have announced. two guys total that have announced. ted cruz and rand paul. and in the case of cruz he was attacked on day one. in the case of rand paul before he even announced this was the ad they ran against him. and i asked him about it last night. watch this. >> the senate is considering tough new sanctions on iran. president obama says he'll veto them. and rand paul is standing with him. rand paul supports obama's negotiations with iran. and he doesn't understand the threat. >> you know it's ridiculous to think that they're a threat to our national security. >> rand paul is wrong. and dangerous. tell him to stop siding with obama, because even one iranian bomb would be a disaster. >> i would say that almost every element of the ad's a lie. i mean, they say i'm helping the president. i'm actually one who has said to the president that this deal when it becomes final has to be
7:19 pm
finalized by congress. and i've said that to actually strengthen the president's hand but i do want him negotiating from a position of strength. >> do you think he has been? >> no. i think this is -- that's what i'm trying to tell him is that you're going to have to bring a deal back to us. and also you should be coming to congress and trying to get support. but see democracy's messy and he doesn't really want to dirty his hands with democracy. he does it all the time. >> forget about reagan's eleventh commandment, mark. think of the words that john mccain used, whacko birds for senator cruz whacko bird rand paul. there's a concerted effort to keep these guys down. who's doing this? >> well behind that ad are some bush operatives jeb bush operatives george bush operatives, karl rove operatives. they're using super pacs to protect themselves while they trash these new faces, these conservatives who are trying to break through. and this is the point. we conservatives, we
7:20 pm
constitutionalists will never have an opportunity to defeat the democrats unless we bust through muscle through the republican establishment that despises us. people need to remember particularly young people out there, they tried to stop reagan. the bush family tried to stop reagan, the republican establishment tried to stop reagan. there would have been no reagan had they succeeded. and we talk about the next reagan. look, it doesn't matter if we have a next reagan. the next fresh-faced conservative who will connect with the american people, but we're not going to have that chance as long as we keep getting these long-in-the-tooth dug-in republicans these corporatists who really are perfectly happy with big government as long as they're running it. >> yeah. let me ask you and dovetail here into the president's comments that he made on npr. it's amazing to me that the iranians in the middle of negotiations with kerry and obama say the destruction of israel's not negotiable.
7:21 pm
i want to play his answer. listen to this. >> the notion that we would condition iran not getting nuclear weapons in a verifiable deal on iran recognizing israel is really akin to saying that we won't sign a deal unless the nature of the iranian regime completely transforms. and that is i think, a fundamental misjudgment. the key here is not to somehow expect that iran changes. >> wait a minute. so we can't get the iranians at the table to recognize israel. and the president revealed this week that the breakout time, according to him in year 13 for iran making a weapon is zero. they can build a bomb with the obama seal on it. what's your reaction to that? >> well, first of all it's not even recognized israel let alone
7:22 pm
recognized as a jewish state. it has the right to exist. and the iranians say we're not going to discuss that because i guess they don't. and obama says look, we're not going to discuss that either. let me tell you something, sean, which is absolutely disgusting and unconsciousable. if barack obama had been president rather than ronald reagan, the soviet union would still be around because reagan's attitude was that that regime that totalitarian regime that had fought two wars, had been around a long, long time, that had nuclear missiles and tanks and planes and bombers and everything else, had to collapse. and he did everything he could to cause it to collapse. and it collapsed. and he would never have said look we can't change the soviet regime, so we'll negotiate the best deal we can with it. his attitude was, no, we're going to use economic sanctions we're going to build up the military, we're going to use our satellite countries and our
7:23 pm
allies and we're going to take that regime down without firing a bullet. barack obama is a disaster. he's the worst president in my lifetime, no question about that. >> governor walker is coming up to respond to the attacks by obama. and also your thoughts on dick cheney we played in the last segment that obama's doing exactly what one would do if they wanted to take america down. your reaction to both those things. >> you know sean the great associate justice the supreme court joseph story, our great president abraham lincoln our great president ronald reagan all of them and more said that if america is to be destroyed it won't be because of any foreign force, it will be from within. to congratulate barack obama and the other id logical types out there you are destroying my country. you are doing exactly what you have always wanted to do. and it is up to people like us and the republican party and conservatives to try and stop him. and then when he's out of office to try and rebuild what's left
7:24 pm
of our republic. >> any advice for scott walker up next? >> i'd say scott walker keep kicking -- that's what i would say. >> all right. mark levin the great one. thank you for being with us. coming up next tonight on "hannity". >> it would be a foolish approach to take. and, you know, perhaps mr. walker after he's taken some time to bone up on foreign policy will feel the same way. >> the president lashes out at governor scott walker for his comments about the deal with iran. governor walker joins us exclusively to respond. and later the police officer seen in this video has been stripped of his badge and now charged with murder. we're going to speak with the brother of the victim and the lawyers for the family. that and much more as we continue. hey, what's up? i'm ted. rudy and i have a lot of daily rituals. namaste.
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7:27 pm
essentially makes the agreement contingent upon iran renouncing terrorism. now, that's an unrealistic suggestion because we've been very clear that this agreement is focused on preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and that it is not going to succeed in resolving the long list of concerns that we have with iran's behavior. >> unrealistic to ask them to renounce terrorism and acknowledge israel's right to exist. really? okay. now, that's not all. president obama went after wisconsin governor scott walker because walker said that if he were the next president, he would revoke any deal with iran on his first day in office. here's obama's petulant response. >> that's going to be a problem for our friends and that's going to embolden our enemies. and it would be a foolish approach to take. and, you know, perhaps mr. walker after he's taken some time to bone up on foreign
7:28 pm
policy will feel the same way. >> here now with reaction wisconsin governor scott walker. governor, if i'm you i'm thinking this is a good thing. if president obama's attacking you, especially on foreign policy issues. and acknowledging that he's going to give iran a breakout time of zero in a decade, right? >> it's unbelievable. this is a president should spend more time trying to figure out how to work with members of government and congress instead of attacking them. you know sean he went after me not too long ago when i signed right to work in wisconsin as well. the thing about that statement a guy in the last year called isis the jayvee squad, his administration continues to call yemen a success story, secretary of state hillary clinton gave rush a reset button. this is a guy who has audacity to be talking about schooling anyone when it comes fo to foreign policy and not just about israel and nuclear weapons. i've talked of late to a number
7:29 pm
of our allies in the arab nations in the gulf states in the middle east who are frustrated as well because they don't much like the idea of iran getting this sort of special treatment from the united states when they feel they're a real threat not just to israel but to their own interest in the middle east. >> so our allies don't trust us. our adversaries don't fear us. and evil is on the march pretty much all around the world. now, think about this, the russian reset didn't work with vladimir putin. the red line in syria he ignored. then you've got this bad deal with iran. now on top of that you've got yemen and somalia which he was hailing as a great success and libya as another one. and on top of that mishandled egypt saudi arabia czech republic, jordan poland and canada and australia i think you could probably add to the list. can you point out any success on foreign policy wise with the president? >> well, between this president and the person who advised him in his first four years, former secretary of state hillary clin clinton clinton, i think the only place they can either one claim success is burma.
7:30 pm
everything else is a mess. certainly to their other allies throughout the region like jordan and egypt, they have real concerns. they are frustrated that this administration even began talks with the premise of enriching uranium, something that very much concerned them. and then at the same time they're backing the very shiite militias that are going into places like yemen right now, a real threat not only to saudi arabia but to all peace loving people in the middle east and around the world. >> all right. during these negotiations with iran which is what he was attacking you on and saying you need to bone up. at the very time these negotiations were going on they were chanting death to america and saying the destruction of israel is nonnegotiable. if you were president governor walker, what would you do at that point? would you stay at the table with the iranian mullahs? are those two issues alone deal killers for you? >> absolutely not would i stay at the table in that regard.
7:31 pm
think about it a combination of our allies in the arab world, not just israel, concerned about the united states being at the negotiating table with iran considering all the client state initiatives not only in yemen but look at what they're doing to prop up assad in syria, look at the other problems created around the world. but on top of that think about why were the iranians at the table in the first place? after nearly two decades of sanctions they're actually working. they're not coming to the table out of the good nature of their hearts trying to push for world peace. they're coming to the table because they were being brought to their knees because of the sanctions from the united states and our allies particularly in europe. and right at the time when they're working think about this kind of negotiation. we should have been saying here's the deal. you take it or if not we're going to go back to our allies and push for stronger sanctions because we know they're working. and the deal is you got to get out of terrorism and prove you don't have any nuclear weapons and that's the only deal we're negotiating. >> if i see one criticism of you as you potentially lead up to announcement you're running for president it seems to be on the issue of immigration.
7:32 pm
and recently you took time, and i've been down there ten times myself, governor, and i found it invaluable to see it up close and person. you took time to go to the border. what did you learn there? what insight did you gain from that experience? >> i went to texas to the border with governor greg abbott who offered -- i'm going to go back to new mexico and maybe to california with local and state officials there as well, but in texas in particular greg abbott showed me with the men and women on the ground from the local level to the state level to even some of the fine men and women who work for the federal government and they show that we're just being overrun. that this is an issue of safety, of security national security, it's ultimately an issue of sovereignty. the united states was being attacked in one of our water ports on the east or west coast, we'd be sending in our military forces. and yet we're facing some of the same challenges with international criminal organizations, the cartels that are trafficking not only drugs but weapons and humans. and we need to step up and be aggressive. that means securing the border with infrastructure, technology,
7:33 pm
personnel. and the federal government's gt to lead the way. we can't expect the border states to do this alone. the federal government needs to step up and act. you can't be talking about anything else until you do that. once you do that you can talk about enforcing the laws by using an effective e-verify system for all employers one that works for small businesses, farmers and ranchers. and making sure that any legal immigration, no amnesty any legal immigration system we go forward with is one that ultimately has to protect american workers and make sure american wages are going up. that's the way we prosper for every hard working american in this country. >> i'm a big fan of your milwaukee sheriff david clark. we had a shooting in south carolina. we're going to talk about it next. what is your reaction when an incident like that happens? >> just horrific. i stand up for good, law-abiding men and women who wear the shield whether it be in the sheriff's department, police department, state patrol. we just had a trooper shot and killed in his rightful duty just a week and a half ago, for men and women who follow the law and
7:34 pm
use training effectively, i'm always going to stand to defend them. but that video just shook my very human being to think that someone would do that. and i think anyone who's been in law enforcement knows that's not the way people are trained to act. and i sent out my sympathy to the family involved there. >> governor, good to see you. thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. and coming up more on the disturbing video that we were just talking about with governor walker. now, the cop in this video has now been charged with murder. we're going to speak with the victim's mother right after the break. marie callender's knows dinner tastes better when it's homemade. like chicken blanketed in golden breadcrumbs and wholesome sides with her signature touches. all topped with thick, homemade gravy. because dinner shouldn't take all day... just taste like it did. marie callender's. it's time to savor before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet...
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what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. welcome back to "hannity." it is the story everyone's talking about. an officer in south carolina has been stripped of his badge. he's now charged with murder after he was caught on video shooting and killing an unarmed man as he was running away. watch this. [ gunfire ] >> now the north charleston officer has been identified as michael slager. and he's being held in jail
7:40 pm
without bail. earlier today city officials begged for calm. >> i would just ask you to keep -- i have been praying for peace. peace for the family and peace for this community. and i will continue to stand on that as i strive to protect and serve. >> we're joined now by anthony scott, he is the victim's brother and attorneys justin vanberg and chris stewart representing the scott family. mr. scott first of all my condolences of the loss of your brother. i don't know what to say except that tape is beyond disturbing. when you see that, what is your reaction? >> it looks to me like he was shot down like an animal. >> you know i know that they're saying and claiming that your brother grabbed for the taser and that's why he used deadly force. even if that were the case and
7:41 pm
i think there may be evidence that it's being at least talked about that that's not in fact true but why would you shoot somebody running away from you and posing no threat to nobody nobody whatsoever. i can't understand for the life of me why somebody would do this. >> i couldn't either. >> yeah. let me ask the attorneys here, justin, when something like this happens, you know, a lot of times i've been a person that says don't rush to judgment wait until all the facts are in. but i also know a lot about police training. and under no circumstances on what i see on that video is there any justifiable use of force. so where do you go from here? >> well, at this point in time -- and before i answer that question, i agree with youoleheartedly in that at the moment mr. scott turned and ran
7:42 pm
away, there was zero justification whatsoever for the officer firing his weapon let alone gunning mr. scott down. where we go from here is that this point in time s.l.e.d. is my understanding still investigating, still gathering more details more facts. they are going to work with the solicitor's office, which is the equivalent of the d.a.'s office in some states, and they are going to work to strengthen their case against the officer and to pursue the charges that they have filed against him. >> mr. stewart, is there anything -- i've heard there's a longer version of the tape. is there any other evidence you're aware of in this case that you can share with us? >> i believe the entire tape has been shown. the only other portion is the gun exchange at the end where another officer comes and removes the shooter's weapon. but, you know, we've looked into
7:43 pm
that and that's pretty standard procedure to take the weapon and put it away. >> do we know if the police officer -- we look at the video, was he picking up the taser which was back where he's running right now? do we know what he picked up here? >> that's the most concerning thing, sean. the evidence is starting to show that after he shoots down mr. scott he runs back before even checking the body, picks up the taser that he dropped, walks over to the body and tosses it on the ground so that his fictitious police report would fit with his story about mr. scott taking the taser. and that's why he had to use deadly force. >> he's 15 feet away from him which is the opposite of what the witnesses said, for example, in ferguson where michael brown charged at the officer. just the exact opposite here. very troubling. >> but the thing is -- >> very sad.
7:44 pm
>> the thing is with this case sean, without this video it could have been another ferguson where it was one word versus another and the cop's word won. but in this situation if this witness wouldn't have come forward, it would have been an everyday situation -- >> well, wouldn't have been like ferguson because you had -- it wouldn't have been like ferguson because you had multiple witnesses that corroborated the officer's story in that case. but in this case knowing police procedures there's no justification for force here at all. >> none at all. >> none. zero. >> none at all. >> zero. and this is an innocent victim being shot down dead for no reason from what i see on that tape. >> absolutely. >> all right. i'm very sorry about the loss of your brother. i really am. it's heartbreaking to see that. very, very painful. thank you guys for being here. >> thank you, sean. >> thank you. coming up next, our panel weighs in on the south carolina cop who has now been charged with murder. coming up next, geraldo, dagen mcdowel, bernard mcguirk all straight ahead.
7:45 pm
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welcome back to" hannity." here with more reaction on the south carolina shooting death of an unarmed black man from our sister network imus in the morning, bernard mcguirk geraldo rivera and dagen mcdowell.
7:50 pm
diametrically opposed version. we had one after another witness say michael brown charged the officer. this guy is running as far away and as fast as he can from the officer. why would you >> why would you shoot the guy like that? >> one, we haven't seen all of the evidence. there is dash board video. why did they stop the guy? was it just because he was driving while black? light out? you know? in daytime? and then, for that -- and even so -- >> i've been pulled over for a brake light. >> there is evidence. and i do believe then, this is a point that has to be made. the attorney made the point. absent this video, it would be the cop's word against the dead guy. he's not a stellar citizen, had
7:51 pm
been arrested ten times and hadn't paid child support and the rest of it. it would have been his word against the cops cops would have prevailed. >> amazing. >> everything should be videoed. >> this is an argument of body cameras >> i disagree. remember, in the case of trayvon martin we had a ground and pound witness. in the case of michael brown, eyewitnesss corroborating the story. >> we know there would not have been a murder indictment without the -- >> true. i agree. >> the reason this is an argument for body cameras, privacy be damned. instead of relying on cell phone camera videos. you saw in the case of rialto, you had 60% use of force decline in the first year.
7:52 pm
88% decline in citizen complaints. >> that is in the cop's best interest. >> it is. and this is as close as we'll come to an american version of one of the isis beheading videos. this is horrible, despicable. the cop was 33 years old. this guy 50 years old and out of shape the cop could have overtaken him. >> easy. >> the good news is that we didn't need a sleaze bag with a bull horn to get the cop to do the right thing they said all the right things in the end. >> the cops have been shot in aftermath of what happened in fergusson this tarnishes the vast majority of good cops that protect and serve. >> i think we need federal
7:53 pm
mandatory investigations for every police killing in the country. if the cop is involved and someone gets killed i want the feds involved automatically because there is a relationship with the district attorney that is in the case of staten island and new york very friendly. if the same cops do the same thing in brooklyn, eric holder with a predisposition to think america is racist? >> i think you need an objective -- >> eric holder not going to be the attorney general. >> you don't know who is going to be there at any given time. thank god this person is able to film this. we agree here, that solves the problem. >> without a doubt. and good cops are embarrassed and ashamed. >> they should be. >> 99.9% of the cops are good.
7:54 pm
>> and everyone should pray for blessings for the family. >> i agree. you know something rarely do i come to a conclusion on day one. you cannot -- there is no training that justifies this. this looks like an assassination. >> right. >> this is just the worst of the worst. >> shot into the back. >> into the back. >> you see how calm he was? he shoots. it wasn't -- a spur of the moment decision. >> is anyone disturbed that he handcuffs him and stands over him? >> apalling. the >> question of the day, next. when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to
7:55 pm
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the answer to that question is. go to facebook and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have l thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. see u tomorrow night. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [gunfire] >> shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my taser. >> another police controversy. this one in south carolina. unarmed black man shot and killed by a police officer and is captured on videotape. we will have all the facts tonight. >> so today we celebrate the magnificent glory of our risen savior. i pray that we will live up to his example. >> once again president obama finds himself caught in a christian controversy. even his anti-christian feeling in america continues to reveal itself. we have a special report on that. >> also ahead, the boston marathon bomber guilty. will the jury condemn him to death?