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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 11, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hi, good morning friends, today is saturday, the 11th of april 2015. i'm anna kooiman. and we start with a fox news alert. he wanted to launch an isis-inspired attack on the united states soldiers just like what happened at fort hood. but this morning a kansas man is behind bars and you won't believe how close he was to waging jihad right here at home. >> and it is officially beginning. hillary clinton and marco rubio just about to make it official in mere days. what does donald trump think about the 2016 playing field. he joins us live just this hour. stay tuned for that. >> and we've all been there. the awkward first date. >> the nicest soda machine
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anyone has ever taken me to. >> the beauty of the soda machine pails in comparison to your beauty. >> this morning unlucky in love? the hottest places for first dates have been revealed. we will break them down for you. you have eaten at a chipotle? "fox & friends" begins right now. >> spicy. >> it's time for "fox & friends." [rooster crowing] >> your beauty pails in comparison. the soda machine's beauty pails in comparison. good morning, anna. >> tucker carlson, an no kooiman and clayton morris at your service today. >> today is national pet day so hug your pet out there. >> it's going it be come at 9:30. everybody awake your friends and neighbors, call everybody. i put it on twitter and started asking for photos he from our viewers of their animals. i think you guys broke
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twitter. there were a bajillion. national pet day show some of your pes this morning. >> first, it looks like it's going to be official. a little over 24 hours. telling fox news that hillary clinton former u.s. senator. former ambassador. wife of a former president is launching her presidential campaign. she is going to start it on social media on twitter and facebook apparently with a video. >> yeah. twitter at noon tomorrow and then there are going to be conference calls apparently announcing the tour that will be starting in iowa this time. and, you know, she has this campaign headquarters that's massive. in brooklyn, 3 dozen staffers already in new york city alone. she could be taking a page sources are saying what she did in her senate campaign in new york state. town hall meetings town to town quiet. slow rollout thought all pomp and circumstance fireworks. look not so fast.
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is she the inevitable candidates. some democrats saying not so fast. martin o'malley from maryland and jim webb who we had on our show a few months ago. we asked him if he was planning a run for the white house he didn't answer us but he talked to ed henry. >> what i heard from around the country people want new leaders and hear the voices of the new leaders and row bus debate about the issues our country faces. >> people are looking for leadership that they can trust. take the list of leadership and put them out there and we have done that my is entire political career. >> has hillary clinton done that in her career? >> you will have to ask her's. >> i think webb is an interesting guy. o'malley is a failed governor. they both are white guys. they are not going to get the nomination. it's hillary's to lose. one box to check and that's hillary clinton. the question is will that seem too titled for voters? will that put them off. >> she is facing history republicans arguing this would be obama's third term and no president really
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since george h.w. bush third therm father at the helm even though clinton a few months ago came out and said it's hard for any party to handle the white house for 12 years. a long road a thousand things could happen. this is a third obama term. if you like what you have got now, go ahead and vote for her. i think that is the tact that if i were running a presidential campaign on the other side i would take. you want obama term she was secretary of state. more of the same. >> how much is all this secrecy surrounding like the email scandal and all that going to effect her. also. she is going to have to answer some time about her family's donation attacking money from money from foreign countries with the platform i'm a woman hear me roar. >> monday afternoon, at the freedom knauer miami. which isn't an immigrant reception center.
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marco rubio making his announcement. here is a preview of his youtube video on what he could be saying on monday afternoon down there in miami, florida. take a listen. >> this is about whether we are going to be the first generation of americans to leave our children worse off than ourselves. or the next generation that will allow us to inherit what they deserve. inherit what we inherited. give to them what every generation before us has given to the next. the single greatest nation in all of human history. >> so is the timing good timing or pour timing. is hillary clinton going to be upstaging and stealing the spotlight from senator marco rubio. >> quiet rollout to start raising money. i'm fascinated by the florida right now republican landscape is fascinating. the jeb bush battle. they both lay claim to miami as their home city. we have read reports over the past number of weeks that jeb bush's people have been reaching out to rubio's people. man encouraging him to not
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run. there is going to be a nice little battle down in florida. >> encouraging him not to run. i love that riewkio is in fact a protege by many descriptions of jeb bush. he has talked him up over the years repeatedly. they have similar viewers on economics. tammy bruce was on the other day very smart incisive woman and made the point rubio is impressive he is also a freshman senator. haven't we tried that before. >> especially if people were unhappy with the president as the term was ends as they were with george w. bush. wanted something differential. the argue. was they were new. experience matters maturity matters, knowing how to governor matters and a first-term senator is really, i think, a bad choice at this point. we need a governor. first term senator versus long standing governor of florida. could would he be going head to head tampa bay calling it jeb yo. >> we just had a majority of
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voters elect a first term senator twice in a row. that shouldn't be a barrier but it has worked. >> senators have a very difficult time becoming president. president obama jfk. huge gap in between. >> either way jebio. that's about as good as brangelina. >> terror at home. a former u.s. army recruit now accusing to kill american soldiers on behalf of isis. john booker, also known as adull la mohammed hasan wanted to set off a car bomb in kansas. he repeatedly talked about waging violent jihad and inspired by the fort hood massacre. arrested friday after trying to ignite a what he thought
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was a bomb was actually a dud. >> man killed by a south carolina police officer one week ago laid to rest. scott was walker was running. slager is now charged with murder. al sharpton blasting reports he was told to stay away from the funeral saying he is not attending because of a scheduling conflict. meanwhile, investigators are now questioning the passenger in scott's car at the time of the shooting. new dash cam video shows an officer patting him down after scott was shot. new overnight. vawxzs after a train ammonia derails in south carolina. 39 cars jumped the track when the train hit a tree that has fallen in the path due to recent storms. those living nearby were evacuated as a precaution but no hazardous materials were spilled into the area. just ammonium nitrate which is commonly used as fertilizer. and historic meeting at the summit of the americans in
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panama president obama and raoul castro greeting each other shaking hands. marking the first time they have seen each other since restoring diplomatic ties late last year. meet today as they try to normalize regions. this will be the first extended meeting between cuban and american leaders in more than 40 years. >> well, rick reichmuth was going to take the day off this morning but he knew it was national pet day so he decided to come in this morning. >> did you bring your total in goldfish? >> the turtle is actually pushing it, i think. hey guys, how many times i have talked about the bad weather in the northeast? >> a lot. >> basically from month to month to month. i'm going to change that and talk about nice weather. starting out temperaturewise, not that bad as you are waking up this morning. still pretty nice across the southeast. lingering cloud cover across areas of the southeast after the storms moved through. a lot of rain in the atlanta area, behind that eventually today get to see nice conditions. across far areas of upstate
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new york. little bit of snow. that is going to move out. behind it start to sibert conditions move in. across parts of texas, though, that's where the rain is going to be the next couple of days. west texas today a threat for severe weather. panhandle of texas, oklahoma, in towards kansas and far southeastern corn canner of colorado could see some large hail. not looking at big tornado threat today. watch happens temperaturewise the next couple of days. 67 in new york. 73 in buffalo for monday. 70s coming into areas of the northeast. going to stay nice 5 to 6 days. >> you are such good man. as i said many times i hold you personally responsible for the weather and my estimation of you has risen. >> finally. >> stick around for this story. the most popular places to go on a first date have finally been revealed and we have been talking about it for years here. is anyone going to do a study on this. finally it's been revealed. >> i'm not buying it. i buy a lot of these. one sticks out as not. number 5 on the list. fifth most popular place.
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>> texas rode road house? peanuts on the ground? i get the fact that all these places are very casual, low pressure be kind and be yourself. >> i actually interviewed for a job there in college like to be a host but i found like every hour they do a who hoe down. they put on music. i can't do it. >> number 4 cheesecake factory where the portions are big but romance is bigger. >> i can see that cheesecake. >> i introduced two of my best friends first date at cheesecake factory. married and one kid and one on the way. >> panera bread is number three on the list. i'm surprised by that one. >> that one i'm not sure i buy. >> the bread soup bowl that's got everybody. chipotle mexican grill. >> that's the one i really don't buy, that and panera
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bread. you are going to chipotle for first date. >> you know what makes perfect sense? starbucks. most people meet their spouse when they are young. these are all inexpensive places relatively speaking. you can look back and say we went out to starbucks. like we were young and poor and idealistic and in love. >> texas road house and cheesecake that was high cotton if somebody took you there. >> where was your first date. >> w hotel not the hotel the bar. swanky bar. >> i don't know, mcdonald's? >> i buy this. i think it's getting it out real fast. the date doesn't go well it's just coffee. can i bail if finance not going to work out quick nic pizza. >>s >> where was your first dated? he would want to know. you can send us by twitter, facebook smoke signal.
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weave definitely want to know where you went with your significant other. so tell us. coming up here on the show. after more than five long years, the survivors of fort hood are given the purple hearts they deserve but not the west to go with it. a hero who helped people to safety is near next. >> used to seeing high speed chases but this guy taxi and dropped cash out the window. bizarre ride that went on for hours. people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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he has been told his injuries do not qualify for come bat benefits.
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what do you think of that? well retired sergeant howard ray was president at the attack and is credited for getting people to safety that day. he joins us now with his reaction. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. what is your reaction? >> thanks for having me. >> people wounded by islamic terrorist at a u.s. military base are somehow not qualified for the same benefits as other victims of combat violence? why? >> why? i think the best way to answer that is because we're dealing with a government that frankly has no class. a government that had class would ultimately just do the right thing. they would realize hey we are in unchartered territory. you know what? we need to pour on these benefits because these men and women need to be taken care of. unfortunately, that's not the case. >> they have to acknowledge that this was an act of war an act of islamic terror. do you think that's part of the reason they don't want to extend the benefits? >> well, again, i think that's the whole other
3:18 am
element to the idea of the government having class. they don't want to classify this as terrorism. in fact, i don't know if it was covered why the media because i was in the crowd yesterday at the purple heart ceremony. but, again they said lone gunman. they didn't recognize it as terrorism again. which it really infuriated the families myself and many others. >> yeah. i mean, what will it take the guy was screaming al akbar at the time. give us a sense of what kind of benefits are being denied survivors of this attack. >> sure. there are certain things like combat csre combat pay essentially for injuries sustained in a combat zone. there are survivors who are caretakers of their spouses because they have been greatly injured. they are not receiving those benefits. obviously we look at sean manning's case where he is
3:19 am
being denied just the benefits overall, healthcare benefits overall. then we have social security death benefits that some women are not receiving when their husbands were killed that day celebrating "fox & friends." we want to put a picture of your puppy bullet on the screen. how old is bullet? >> bultd is about 2 years old. he is a ham. he is a great dog though. i love him to death. >> so do i. i'm in love with with your dog, sergeant. it hurts to admit that but i can't control myself. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. >> sure, no problem. thank you for having me. >> thanks. >> well she sudden''ly felt sick. then 24 hours later this teen had died. could others be in danger of
3:20 am
this illness? dr. smad did i is here with what every parent needs to hear. it is lmg official. hillary clinton and marco rubio about to join the presidential race in the next two days. what does donald trump think about how the field is shaping up? he joins us live this hour. so stay tuned for that. ♪ ♪ shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great... ...if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog-walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. and you don't even have to be a member
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hey, everybody, happy saturday. a quick look at your headlines. three middle school students have been arrested after they were found carrying guns and a smoke device. the school in colorado was
3:24 am
placed on lockdown for about an hour. other students reported the boys to school officials. and a car bomb explodes in a mall parking garage in thailand. sending seven people to the hospital. the bomb went off on a popular resort island and hidden inside a stolen pickup. no one was seriously hurt. investigators are now searching the debris to figure out who is responsible. clayton, over to you. >> thanks anna. tragedy in virginia. 18-year-old madison small died hours after getting sick with a mystery illness that caused her organs to shut down. that sickness now confirmed as bacterial meningitis a disease that often hits young adults the hardest. what are the warning signs and how worried should parents be? with us is dr. smad did samadii. it was the speed with what struck to those headaches to her dying. >> important for people to
3:25 am
know what meningitis is around the brain and spinal cord you have a lining. when it gets inflamed wherever weather it's because of virus or fungal. it's a dangerous disease. they will start having high fever. they have nausea. vomiting and these are very vegas symptoms that could easily go. in fact she was admitted to urgent care and sent home because they thought it's another common cold, nothing serious. when you diagnose this early on. confusion, sensitivity to light. stiff neck is a big red flag because when you have inflammation around the brain and spinal cord, you will have a severe stiff neck and you want to pay attention to that diagnose it early with cultures, scans and then with an it at this by the anti-by out particulars. i would have a lack of water and playing with my friends i would have a headache all the time if i said that toy
3:26 am
minorities every time i had a headache they would take me to the emergency room. >> it's not just a headache. you are fine, everybody is okay. pay attention to what happens. came from spring break. she was exposed to a lot of teenagers out there. and this kind of disease is through respiratory and cough and spew spew you can share this bacteria to other s. fever is a big red flag. fatigue sick, very quickly go into organ failure if you don't treat it. >> real quick, why teens and kids most affected by this? >> because they are out there and basically like i said through like kissing and sharing things. >> around. >> they are around in a big community and this is what happens. and the unfortunately this was not diagnosed early on and she got very sick and before it was too late it's
3:27 am
a tragedy story out there. >> so sad. how do we prevent meningitis? be alert if someone is diagnosed with this. if anyone in the family. take antibiotics wash your hands good hygiene is very important and get vaccination. we have vaccines for children 11 to 18. >> annual vaccine? >> yes. actually can protect you. this is really important. hand wash and hygiene. i don't think we are going to have a real outbreak of meningitis. people shouldn't panic about this. cdc is obviously going to watch this very carefully. this is a tragedy and a lot of times as you said the symptoms have very vague and we want supreme to pay attention. >> we hear this with kids going back to college and dorm rooms because of that close community. dr. david samadii thanks for being on the show. >> thanks. >> sounded sweet 3rd graders writing get well notes. they were going to a cop killer. this morning a huge update
3:28 am
to this story. a statue of ronald reagan defaced on a university campus. a message the vandals were hoping to get across is next.
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♪ who let the dogs out. >> not to brag, that is the best dog of all time. springer spaniel, smarter than a lot of reporters i have known. she is a genius dog. >> this is your dog. >> my dog. i admit it i love that dog. >> this is your other dog dave. >> what kind of dog is that? >> save an english cocker a hunting dog. she sleeps under the cover. >> dave is a girl? >> gender identity. good dog. >> my baxter bear. hey baby. is he going to be coming on the show at 9:30 today. i actually put a bow tie on him last night and told him that he is going to need to get all gussied up. >> you asked him last night to come on in the 6:00 a.m. hour and he said no, i'm not getting on. >> that's not true. he watches all four hours of
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this show. >> calms him down. >> do you keep it on. >> i do. absolutely i do. people have on animal planet. he watches "fox & friends." joe sent us this photo of her family member. set land sheep dogging is a therapy dog. >> my grandmother's doggy. >> here is janey sent in this photo of her dog from christmas. okay. that is a great dog right there. >> beautiful dog. >> oh. >> going to be such a happy show. >> keep sending them in this. facebook page. show them throughout the show. >> headlines to tell you about at this hour. silent killer four people found dead inside a queens, new york home believed to have been poisoned by carbon monoxide after a car running in a garage. a veteran nypd sergeant finding dead after any didn't pick up their phone. friend and tenant resting a home on the second floor were also killed.
3:34 am
off the job. the new jersey teacher who had her 3rd grade students write get well letters to a cop killer has been suspended. this story sparked outrage among our viewers after we reported it earlier this week. the letters were delivered to mumia abu jamal in prison after he was hospitalized. convicted of murdering a philadelphia police officer in 1981. school administrators say they had no idea about the assignment and the teacher never told parents about it either. >> statues like ronald reagan and margaret thatcher defaced at one california university. they were wednesday at chatman university covered in caution tape with signs accusing them of racism and homophobia. the posters also say each figure is under student review. school officials say the vandalism can say citing student's right to free speech. not only that they know who vandals are and will not be punishing them we're told. don't hail this cab. a man led police on a
3:35 am
bizarre chase to say the least through los angeles in a stolen taxy. cops started following this green taxi around after hearing reports of an armed carjacking. an hour into the slow speed pursuit. huge crowds came out to watch. some people handed him cigarettes and water. going by and even high fived him while snapping pictures. at one point. he started throwing money out the window. when a metro train blocked his path he turned around and kept driving. police were able to spin out the cab and arrested him. those are your headlines. what a story. >> unbelievable. >> they never get far, do they? >> no. there is always a hospital. don't run we are going to find you. >> we learned this with oj. >> rick reichmuth. >> o.j. learned that with o.j. as well. very much so. a little bit of spring coming finally. >> spring coming finally. [angelic music] >> we have a really great
3:36 am
stretch of weather in store and i haven't said that in ages. get ready for a beautiful day. we had all of these storms. tornadoes in northern illinois. that is gone. this is what is left of to front to bring showers and clouds across parts of the south and little bit of rain still across parts of northeast and very end of that last little bit is going to move through today and behind it we will start to see the temps really climb which is great news. rain across parts of texas. today we have got it and take a look what happens in future radar. continues to build today in throughout the day tomorrow. watch a rainy week across the southeast. i tell you that so you can get out and enjoy this weekend. things are going to be looking very, very good. anna, send it over to you. from work in the state department to humanitarian efforts mccain institute. our next guest has seen a lot of suffering around the
3:37 am
world. when she saw survivors of human trafficking to make a living, she knew she could help and wanted to do more. the founder of to the market which aims to empower survivors work and opportunity to seek economic independence. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you brought along fabulous product. >> i did. >> tell us about your story and the suffering you saw firsthand. >> i worked at both the state department and i also worked for the mccain institute. and what i saw was that there was a lack of focus on the long term economic prosperity of the populations that we were engaging with and i really felt like that was a mistake that we weren't looking at how we ensured that these populations that we're engaging with can be self-sufficient in the long term. i really felt compelled to be a part of creating opportunities for these most vulnerable populations to access an income and take care of themselves.
3:38 am
>> maybe our viewers will feel compelled to do the same by purchasing. >> let's start with this bracelet $18. peace cord hope bracelet. >> made by women from afghanistan. >> next up? >> and these are shoes and the cloth is made by women who are survivors of the guatemalan civil war. >> and the purse here. >> this schuch made by survivors of conflict in pakistan. this necklace is made by survivors of exploitation in east asia. the basket is made by survivors of genocide in ryu wanda. >> okay and how about these last two? >> the sorry bagging is made by survivors of human trafficking in india. and then the bracelet which matches my necklace is made by survivors of terrorism in uganda. >> you say these prices range from $18 to $79 for the cloth shoes there. >> absolutely. >> that is not an arm and a leg for an american but that amount of money, what type of lifestyle changes will
3:39 am
that mean for these people who are struggling? >> the economic independence that's created for the survivors is really transformational not only for them because it gives them the opportunity to make choices about their life and oftentimes have had choices taken away from them. maybe most importantly it helps changes trajectory of their children. now they have the opportunity to access education. healthcare. it's really a game changer. >> your web site is great. i want folks at home to go to our web site to find out more information how they can get involved. these products are super quality. i love them. i would be happy with any of them. >> thanks, mom if you are watching. birthday coming up next month. >> appreciate your time. it's a gift that keeps on giving. >> absolutely. >> all right. coming up. hillary clinton and marco rubio of florida about to make it official. they are joining the presidential race. what does donald trump think about how this race is shaping um. he will join us live next. >> and then did you have one too many drinks last night?
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quick look at headlines, work hard, play harder. work hours to even longer happy hours. people who work more than 48 hours a are more likely to be heavy drinkers and knock out that hangover by eating some kale. foods with high amount of vitamin e kale and almonds take as pounding after a long night of drinking. if you bring, bing on kale. >> president sworn in, he take an oath of office to
3:44 am
preserve to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> i have a message for the obama administration. why don't you focus more on keeping weapons out of the hands of islamic terrorists and less on keeping weapons out of the hands of law abiding americans. >> we need a new president. we need new leadership. i promise you one thing. if i run for president, and if i win the second amendment will be totally protected. >> there it is. republican office holders and office seekers taking the stage at the nra convention in nashville the other day with very strong speeches. >> joining us now on the phone is one of the headliners at the event and i think maybe got the largest standing ovation of any of the speakers there yesterday. donald trump is joining us this morning. donald, great to have you on the show this morning. >> good morning and thank you very much. i refuse to say that myself but it happens to be true. >> you got these big standing ovations. why do you think your
3:45 am
message resonated there and do you think anyone came close to your message yesterday at the convention. >> i don't. i think it resonates because i'm somebody that put tens of thousands to people to work over the years. i'm not a politician. i built a great empire in a relatively short period of time and people are tired of seeing what's going on with the country. country is in serious shape and we are a laughing stock all over the world. >> bringing jobs back. i saw your interview with bret baier last night. you hit on that pretty hard. what's your economic plan for recovery to be even stronger here in the united states as far as bringing manufacturing jobs back? >> anna, we have got to stop foreign countries like china and others. japan is now back in the game big league. they are devaluing the hell out of their currency and really back. in mexico is doing a number on us almost like nobody. the new china. you watch. not only what they are doing on our borders which is ridiculous. they are taking our jobs. they just took a big plant out of tennessee. now moving instead of going to tennessee it's going into
3:46 am
mexico and they will make cars. they are becoming the car capital of the world. they sell the cars to us, no tax, no nothing. it's really about people that know how to negotiate. we have people, i call them the five for one president the deal he made with bergdahl one of the horrible deals. but that's really emblematic of the way they negotiate. if you look at the iran deal that's truly one of the worst. so we have people that really don't know what they are doing. i think, frankly, it resonates because people are tired of politicians. they are all talk and no action. i know them well. i have dealt with them all our life but the country is in serious trouble. >> mr. trump you are one of the very few republicans who question the tenets of free trade as currently constituted and open borders. why do you think that is? why aren't more people running for president questioning immigration policy? >> i like tucker, it's very interesting. i like free trade and i like fair trade and i would rather call it fair trade. when you have free trade you have to have smart
3:47 am
people on our side. we don't have free trade with china. we send stuff to china. they break our -- you know how difficult. i have friends that want to do business in china. they can't get. in then they get taxed by the time the product they get taxed and all sorts of tariffs, they flow their stuff in here. we don't do anything. we don't know what we're doing. it's not fair. i like free trade but it's got to be fair. if it's not fair you have to hit the country hard and all of a sudden it will be fair or you won't do business with elm this. it would be very simple. that will never happen because they will shape up very quickly. but we have people at the top that truly don't know what they're doing. >> we could possibly see a continuation of the current leadership, hillary clinton is set to throw her hat in the ring tomorrow according to sources she is going to release a video on facebook and do a series of town hall meetings try to keep it low key. is she the inevitable democratic candidate, donald? >> it looks that way.
3:48 am
although if you go back four years you will see or longer than that now, it's a long time. it's almost 8 years. but if you go back originally it was hillary and hillary all the way and then obama came from nowhere and he took it away from her which is amazing because he was not thought of at the time. you go back to the early years of hillary when it was going to be inevitable that she was going to win, i think maybe not quite as inevitable as this seems to be but it looked like it was hers. and she didn't pull it through. somebody could emerge. it's politics. and you folks know politics even better than i do perhaps. but, it is all about politics. and lots of crazy things can happen. it certainly looks like she will be the candidate. >> trump, we hear you are about to hop on board a plane and go down to my stomping grounds myrtle beach. what are you heading down there for? >> i'm going to make a big speech to a group we have in myrtle beach.
3:49 am
we have got some amazing people and some tea party people that i, for whatever reason, i get along with them great. they seem to be the ones that really like donald trump. we have a great base of people that agree with what i'm saying about china about borders about isis about hitting them hard. i mean we have the same views on things. i may come from new york city, but it's all the same thing. we have the same exact views. so it's very interesting. we have a tremendous crowd of people going to be in south carolina. i'm leaving right now. >> thanks for joining us so early. we appreciate it? >> thank you so much. >> speech at nra convention brought the house down. thank you for being on the weekend show with us. we appreciate it. >> i appreciate it too, thanks. >> 49 minutes after this hour. this guy american busted at the airport for trying to join isis. this as we learn of hundreds of breaches at airports across the country how safe are we. >> he looks a lot of fun. not the first time immigrant
3:50 am
in trouble with the law. deported 20 times. what is he doing here and how did this happen? we'll tell you and stay tuned. ♪ audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied jublia gets to the site of infection
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3:53 am
this man joshua van hafton arrested at chicago's o'hare airport wednesday for trying to join isis. shocking report hundreds of perimeter breaches at u.s. airports over the last decade we doing enough to keep our airports safe. joining us from laguardia airport kenneth hoenig
3:54 am
father of one of our producers here. finally nice to meet you. i do a lot of work with your daughter samantha. >> thank you. >> this first story i want to get to is van halfton at the chicago o'hare airport. this wasn't a security breach. in fact, security precautions worked in this case? >> yeah. his name appeared on a list of people hot tsa and fbi are looking for. when he entered the country, he was grabbed off the airplane as he was coming through customs. >> okay. also hitting on the associated press reported that just came out 186 airport breaches have happened over the last decade. did that number seem high to you. >> no, actually it's the number of what they technically call breaches is probably even a little higher than that. a lot of these are people who have gone out a fire door to go get a cigarette. people get lost. then there are the people who through a mental illness decided they want to get on
3:55 am
an airplane actually climb a fence or crash through a gate. >> all right. some of these are not nefarious things. somebody who was nicing and needed a cigarette break and went out an exit. >> that's the vast majority of them. people are caught within seconds. when they open one of those doors, loud audible and flashing light alarms go off. >> i wonder about the opposite too. how much breaches happen that go unreported and what precautions are in place at airports to try to make sure people do report everything? >> the airports are notified whenever something happens because these doors are all alarmed. it's required that they be alarmed and an audible and visual alarm goes off on any of these doors. the airports are encouraged to self-report by the tsa because they give them a level of immunity for self-reporting that they don't find them if they're the ones that have told them. >> it doesn't seem like we have heard of this many for happening. you can't blame the
3:56 am
airports. they don't want copy cats, right? >> exactly. one of the questions in the a.p. report is why is this not the real reason for this and what are the details and they question that the reason is we don't want to give people a road map on how to breach an airport. a the love the cases the areas around the airport the way the person got in can't be fixed. it's a gee geography problem and things like that. >> there is minimum standard for security and does go higher in places. since it's national pet day. we have brought in your petted pickupy. this is parker. tell me about parker. >> parker is actually my grand dog. and parker is a chihuahua and jack russell terrier mix. she is my grand dog. she lives with my daughter andrea who lives in washington state. >> you can tell she takes
3:57 am
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4:00 am
cvs health, because health is everything. hi everyone, good morning. today is saturday, the 11th of april, 2000 156789 i'm anna kooiman and we start with a fox news alert. he wanted to launch an isis inspired attack this morning we can tell you an american is behind bars. you won't believe how close he was to waging jihad right here at home. >> it begins, hillary clinton and marco rubio about to make it official and jump into the 2016 presidential race. we'll have all the latest from washington next. >> but do they both need to watch out for this man? >> would any of you here who are serving in the united states armed forces or who have served any of our great veterans please stand because you're the ones we
4:01 am
talk about freedom. we owe that debt of gratitude to. >> the rumored presidential hopeful wowing the crowd last night at the nra convention. the moment that brought everyone to their feet. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching "fox & friends." the number one morning cable news show in america. >> yes, it is. you make it that way. >> i don't know who that was. who was that? >> colonel hunt. >> i love colonel hunt. >> the gruffy voice to wake you up and get you out of bed and motivated this morning. we have beautiful tones this morning national barber shop quartet day. they are out on the plaza this morning. do we have a shot of them? hearing from them coming up in just a little bit. they are out there warming up their tones for us. >> also, national pet day. and i hear it's also national slurpee day. national everything day. >> all three fit together like a puzzle. but first 2016 is almost here. reports are weaver going to have two more presidential
4:02 am
candidates the next couple of days. hillary clinton is expected to announce tomorrow around noon. her advisors on a conference call this very afternoon preparing for it and marco rubio first term senator from florida is believed to be ready to throw his hat into the race on monday. >> elizabeth plan joins us live from washington, d.c. this morning. big news of that shared spotlight. elizabeth great to see you. >> nice to see you as well. good morning, guys. sources say it's going to be a big few days for 2016. announcements expected from like you said florida senator marco rubio and a team clinton hers as early as tomorrow. former secretary of state will reportedly release a video on social media working unconventional approach before heading to iowa for go ahead there. meeting voters face to face for more personal angle. some say she needs it. >> there is going to be a lot of pressure on her from the left flank of the democratic party to really lay out an agenda that can resonate some only somehow with liberals, with progressives who are concerned about things like income inequality but also
4:03 am
swing voters elsewhere. >> the campaign however has challengers not only from the republican side but also potential democratic rivals such as former virginia senator jim webb and maryland governor martin o'malley who has already made stops in the hawkeye states. >> i think history is full of examples where the inevitable frontrunner is inevitable until they are no longer inevitable. what i have heard all around the country is people want to hear voices of new leaders and want us to have robust debated and about the issues our country faces. >> marco rubio wants attention shifted on him. come monday he plans to announce his plans to run on monday -- >> we will come back from maternity leave. >> yes. >> last night, if you have been watching the events over the past few days down at the nra convention. a lot of people giving some
4:04 am
perhaps 2016 preview speeches there monday teenage of highlights at that big event at the nra convention. take a look. >> in a republican primary every candidate is going to stand up and say i oppose obamacare. the question we ought to ask is great, when you have stood up and fought to stop obamacare? >> if i run, and people are going to be very surprised and if i win america will be great again. >> eric holder was asked what his greatest failure was as attorney general. i can think of a few if he needed any guidance on that. >> the hard truth is when america steps back there simply is no other nation willing or able to fill the void of global leadership. and the result is chaos. >> anyone who seeks the presidency must recognize that in this century there is no such thing as a remote
4:05 am
problem. >> all right. a lot of the talk though about the second amendment, which in the eyes of many republican is the core freedom. you don't have a lot of freedom if you don't have the freedom to protect yourself. interestingly two potential major candidates missing from the nra convention one was chris christie of new jersey who has come out for a number of gun control measures in his state and the other weirdly was rand paul was an a rating from the nra but wasn't invited for reasons that's still not clear. everyone else was there. >> scott walker had one of the big moments of the night when he got the crowd really riled up when he said. this take a livable. >> freedom endowed by our creator defined by our constitution, but defended each and every day by the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of these united states any armed forces.
4:06 am
served any of our great. please stand. we owe a debt of gratitude to. >> sometimes men and women serving overseas getting pink slips while they are out deployed. you can understand why everyone got on their feet. >> it's not just americans in uniform who defend freedom. ordinary americans. whole purpose of the second amendment reminds all of us the average person has the right and responsibility to defend freedom and obligation to do. so that's the point of the amendment. a responsibility all of us share. >> one of the biggest issues of the 2016 campaign is shaping up to be immigration, of course. you are seeing that laid out in the hands of marco rubio. governor jeb bush of florida and others. this could be one of the reasons why. down in pinal county. story of this mandel delgado deported 20 times. last week managed to lead
4:07 am
county officials on a 30-mile chase reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour crashing through a locked retirement community before finally being arrested. >> unreal. imagine the terror that caused for all those folks in the retirement community, not onto mention everybody he passed by. the lives he put in danger. resources he used on law enforcement having to try to track him down. and then here we go. he is a frequent flier in our justice system as you mention. somehow he just keeps on flying with us. here is a rap sheet for you. shoplifting failure to pay fine. no valid drivers license, a suspension of flight and felony enendangerment. >> how does this happen? it happens because people like delgado earn a great deal for employers labor. cost on to taxpayers. you are paying for education and food stamps and housing vouchers. you are paying for all of it cost for housing and cost of
4:08 am
crimes. small number of people are profiting off this because it's a good deal to have people working for nothing. >> i don't know. it seems to me like one of the major issues in our country and i wish it would be addressed at a political. it's not just about illegal immigrationa cost to all of us. >> recent fox news poll we talked to people who participate in that poll, immigration once low on the list is now at the top of that list. probably force the hands. >> what's so striking is if you poll republican voters their views on immigration are so at odds with the vast majority of republican presidential candidates it's a little bit surprising. >> wow. so much corruption. new york city lady got married 10 times in trouble not just for that but marrying illegal immigrants or helping them get their status. how many rings can you fit on your finger lady? >> who hasn't had a marriage of convenience to illegal alien. cast the first stone. >> terror at home. a former army recruit now accused of plotting to kill
4:09 am
american soldiers on behalf of isis. the fbi says 20-year-old john booker also known as mohammed abdelah hasan wanted to set up a car bomb in los angeles. he repeatedly talked about waging violent jihad. inspired by the fort hood massacre. he was arrested friday trying to arm what he thought was a bomb but was a dud. second personal arrested and charged with failing to report booker's plans. happening today the funeral for the south carolina man killed by a police officer one week ago. walter scott was running away when officer michael slager shot him during a routine traffic stop. slager fired and now charged with murder. al sharpton blasting reports he was told to stay away from the funeral. saying is he not attending because of a scheduling conflict. meanwhile, investigators are now questioning the passenger inside scott's car at the time of the shooting. new dash cam video shows an officer pat him down after
4:10 am
walker was shot. >> help paying premiums now owe some of the money back. the reason? some enrollees likely under estimated their annual income while signing up. cussoff for subis subsidies under obamacare up. u.s. poverty rate about $47,000 for an individual. >> and a marathon game between baseball's biggest rivals. second for one. the red sox win it in 19 innings. >> the red sox beat the yankees in the 19 inning classic. 19. winning run came on a sack fly in the top of the 19th. the game lasted nearly seven hours. and they won't have much time to rest. they play again at 1:05 eastern time. >> my good friend was there last night at the game. he said the whole stadium at
4:11 am
the 10th inning totally cleared out. he was like one of the few people left and he stayed through 19 innings. huge baseball fan. >> diehard. the yankees went through seven pitchers. was it freezing last night there too. >> it wasn't that bad. >> like 1:00 in the morning. >> it was probably 50 degrees or so. that's a long game. seven hours. that's like hot dogs at the dogs again. that's like two meals. >> coffee. >> and then you are at yankee stadium and lose too. >> that's the worst part of it obviously such a rough week with the tornadoes. with that we are still well below our average for this time of year. normally had about 260 tornadoes right now we have had 98. it just takes one of those tornadoes to cause so much dang. that's what we saw this week. we are going to see the chance for severe weather oklahoma parts southeastern kansas and oklahoma. what we are looking at today is not going to be a major problem. nothing like we saw this week. that threat moves off to the east and at this point
4:12 am
marginal threat. not looking at anything too big or widespread. that's good news. we are watching some precipitation though and a little bit across parts of the northeast. beautiful couple of days and down across areas of the south. this is where our trouble spot is going to be with the rain, texas and eventually by tomorrow into monday and tuesday across the southeast. temperatures warming up for almost eastern two thirds of the country. >> so nice to see you nice person bringing such great news. >> so nice to be able to say it i can't even tell. >> you thank you for that good weather. >> easier to smile than it is to frown. thanks rick. coming up on the show boston bomber guilty on all charges. will jurors sentence him to death or life behind bars. judge alex is here next with what he says will be the big deciding factor. judge alex is up next. >> just bays after one reverses decision not to show american snirm. another school takes aim at the school. controversy straight ahead.
4:13 am
4:14 am
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4:16 am
brand. dzhokhar tsarnaev convicted this week on all counts against him. what happens next? will he face the death penalty and what will be the deciding factor in that decision? here to tell us is former circuit. >> judge: alex ferrer. thanks for being here this morning. >> is he going to get the death penalty? >> i would say that's a good question. in any other state it would be a slam dunk. massachusetts don't have the death penalty. dealing with the population not used to impose it first of all philosophically opposed to it and got a 19-year-old and jurors tend to be sympathetic to it 19-year-olds. that being said, i can't imagine a more heinous crime deserving of the death penalty than blowing up
4:17 am
children. death qualified jury which means they have already been questioned about could they impose the death penalty. it's a real coin flip. my guess is yes he will get the death penalty. >> will he face execution or no. >> yes. except federal executions there haven't been that many of them. it starts the ball rolling and then their appeals process begins and goes up and down the appeals court chain. eventually when his appeals run out assuming they don't avert the death penalty he will be executed. >> >> this is like a mini trial. penalty face, jury aggravating factors. factors tend to warrant the death penalty. defense is going to bring in mitigating factors. supposed to be a cool, passionate review of the evidence and decision. the reality really is that the prosecution wants to get the jury as angry as possible because then they will want revenge. they will bring in as many of the victim's families to talk about the 8-year-old that died and how hard it was to hold them in his arms
4:18 am
and things like that. defense will bring in evidence of his age and manipulation by his brother and his upbringing to try to create feelings of sympathy so the jury won't want to execute his mother was quoted saying america deserves this and attacking the united states the country that brought her here as immigrant and paid for everything for her. his mom is extremists that's where his views came from? >> i don't think the defense is going to want to introduce that that's going to anger the jury and say these -- this is going to continue no matter what we do with him. which is one of the arguments the defense wants to make don't turn him into a martyr by executing him. the reality is those jihadis in the middle east hate our country and will hate our country and continue to attack us regardless of whether he is executed or serves life in jail or prison that doesn't make a deference difference. >> you are hearing argument against imposing death penalty. if he is killed by u.s.
4:19 am
government he will become a martyr for jihadis worldwide. is that the argument? >> i don't think that at all. it's ridiculous to allow concerns over middle eastern terrorists to dictate what the united states of america' citizens impose as punishment on criminals here. that's absurd argument and weak argument. we will hear it i'm sure we will hear it in this case. >> we already have. >> yeah. >> judge, thanks for joining us this morning. >> it's a pleasure. >> an attack that left 200 people dead. why was this terrorist just released from prison? we have details on that coming up. plus, it's wedding season but as the save the dates pile up in inbox you better start saving your cash. how much it costs to be a guest at one of these weddings. you may be shocked. stay tuned.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
welcome back. time for news by the numbers. first off six hours how long it took for the apple watch to sell off yesterday. people were up after midnight order dergs it some orders are now backlogged until the end of summer. next up, $673. that's the average of what wedding guest spend just to celebrate their friend's nuptials. most of that goes into air fare hotels and, of course, gifts for the couple. finally, a 1.49 is all you have to pay at 7/11 today for a slurpee. fill up any cup you choose. you can bring your own cup day. runs from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 at night. get it? 7/11.
4:24 am
>> pretty good. >> well billy the kid, jesse james butch cassidy. >> you do know their names but are they really the legends history has made them out to be? that's what the fox new series legends and lies the real west is all about. >> michael tamara went behind the scenes of this show cool stuff. >> well, the documentary-style show premiers this weekend. i got a chance to saddle up and get an exclusive look at the making of this wild, wild west epic series. >> ♪ >> all right guys. i'm on the set of legend and lies real west. had a chance to catch up with some of the past and the people bringing the west back to life. >> i'm here with the actual
4:25 am
butch cassidy. quick tour, you are going to be excited. >> michael this is brian, our special effects coordinator. you are in safe hands with brian, take it away, brian. >> all right. what have we got? >> i'm going to show you a a few things we do for special effects for the film. of course, it's a western. so shootouts are very important. a small chemical explosive looks like bullets hitting walls objects it, gives enough of a pop to send our plug bag or dust through the garment. tape that in we get it all securely in place. that goes on the actor and then it comes through right in that area. >> all right, guys, art director of legends and
4:26 am
lies. what have we got. >> range of weapons. covered everything from the 1780s and 90s the way to the 18440s. >> this the colt navy. the weapon that wild bill hick cock will be using in our film. >> what else do you have? >> we get to some of the more rifles that we use and the most famous 1873 winchester. >> who uses this in the show? >> almost everybody at some point in time. one of the most famous and well desired weapons of outlaws law men alike. >> give it back to you before someone gets hurt, probably me. i think we are on to our next stop. thank you, sir. >> you too. >> mike what are still doing here, buddy? >> i want to join you guys. come on. >> wait a minute. it's a three person game. >> it's up to them.
4:27 am
>> well, come on. >> i don't like him. [gunfire] >> stick around. >> well, guys, l.g. butch. wild. thank you so much. make sure you catch legends and lies. the real west. only on the fox news channel. let's go skipper. you say giddy up. >> i can see an emmy demonstration. first two episodes back to back. first episode about jesse james very cool 8:00 eastern only on the fox news channel. >> you are a natural gunman. i have never seen that before in you. >> is he like, come on. >> [ laughter ] >> very threatening. >> thanks. >> coming up next just days after one university reverses its decision not to
4:28 am
show "american sniper," another school takes aim at the film. brand new controversy. >> and if you have ever flown, you have likely experienced this at least once. >> tori. [explosion] how likely are you to die during turbulence? we'll have the answers to all the you have ever had about flying. >> first we're going to it check in with eric bolling for a look what's coming up on "cashin' in." >> good morning guys, growing calls for law enforcement body cameras, good idea or a vital of your civil rights? also, food stamps are used and abused. strip clubs casinos and massage parlors. one lawmaker wants to tell recipients what they can and cannot eat with the handouts. the debate heats up 11:30. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ great morning ♪ going to go and fly ♪ i'm ready for that sweet by and by ♪ land in the sky ♪ by and by. holy. >> holy cow.
4:33 am
sound of the morning barber shop quartet day. they are the national quartet champion. tenor baritone jim henry bass. jim, get over here. you are the bass and spokesman. are you the spokesperson because you are the bass? >> i'm the best-looking. >> is that what it is? >> it's a weak pool. >> all right. okay. here is what i have got to tell you. my dad is a barber. is he 78 and still has his barber shop barber pole. barber shops have anything to do with barber shop quart at the time? >> they really do. started in the back rooms of barber shops, particularly in the south. they were owned by african-american men primarily. and they would gather in the back rooms and sing the popular songs of the day harmonize. maybe strum to a guitar and that's sort of where it was born, really. >> and now you guys are keeping this tradition going. probably can't be an easy
4:34 am
thing to do. kind of seems like a throw back how are you doing this? >> we try to keep the music alive and sing a lot of things more recent and in the same style. so we're not always singing songs from that era. we are singing songs written in modern days as well. trying to maintain the style. it's a great ache pella style good ringing chords and we like doing that. >> how many barber shops quart at the times are out there? is there an institution of you guys? >> yeah we belong to the barber shop quartet society. april 11th, 1938. it's grown. men organizations, women organizations. 100,000 barber shop singers around the world. quartets and big choruses as well. >> i'm just enjoying listening to your speaking voice. >> thank you. >> are you guys going to be with us all morning performing more. >> yeah. we are excited. >> right now we will send it back to you guys inside. >> so happy they are here today. nice. some other stories making headlines to get to on your saturday morning.
4:35 am
suspected mastermind of the deadly mumbai terrorist attack has been released from the prison in pakistan. lockby freed on bail yesterday. is he believed to be the leader of the terror group that carried out the attack on a train station hotel and hospital 166 people were skilled over a four day stretch. >> the air force fires a two star general who told junior officers they would are -- a 10 attack plane. the air force wants to replace the jet with f-35 fighters. major general george post told officers it was their duty to support the proposal. an investigation found his comments could have intimidated members and kept them from speaking to congress. post apologized and says he respects the decision. well, here we go again. another college postpones the screening of "american sniper" after the school's muslim student population calls the movie offensive
4:36 am
and islamophobic. the film will sniper chris keil kyle set to be shown yesterday. several students fought to keep it on the schedule. air later this semester along with educational forum. this comes days after university of michigan reversed its decision not to show the movie. and remember the 12-year-old who lost out on $20,000 after espn denied giving him the prize in their march madness challenge? sam holes didn't go away empty-handed. doing good. best buy presented holts with $1,000 gift card brand new x box and second one to make a wish. sam's cousin fought and beat cancer and helped out by the make-a-wish foundation. you know, you give out something like that you get back 100 fold. >> all you history buffs gather around the tv screen. this marked the 150th anniversary of when general
4:37 am
robert e. leisure rendered to the union. the anniversary was commemorated across the nation. >> what lessons can we still learn from the civil war today and what do we need to remember most about this important time in our country? here to answer that is the author of the great becomes you know he that series don't know much about series. civil war and hidden history at war. welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> we're both history majors big fans of history. a lot of ignorance about history in america. >> a lot of people say they hate history. what they hate is the dull version they got in high school. battles and speeches. history is about real people doing real things. and when we tell real stories, which i try and do in my book, it becomes a lot more interesting because as william faulkner says the past is never really past. >> that's for sure. you make such a smart point that the lines along which the civil war was fought north vs. south are still the political division that
4:38 am
divides us now. >> it's true. quite extraordinary if you look at the recent presidential electoral maps, the outlines of the states are pretty much what they were 150 years ago. that's why the past is never really past. >> forefront too still states rights issues. >> that's trickier one because states rights is kind of a myth, a story that came along much later. there is no question that the civil war was fought over one state's right and that was the right to keep slaves and keep expanding them into the western territories. no question that when lincoln started the war. i shouldn't say he started the war. when the war began lincoln wanted to preserve the union. but the issue that was dividing the country was slavery. >> you mentioned the starting of the war. one of the lessons that we learn of course it's a lot easier to start a war than it is to end a war. even the psychological ramifications and how long this lasted, after the end of the war. >> we're still living with
4:39 am
it that's why the past is never really past. this is a war that divided the country. when i hear people talk about how divided the country is today. it kind of makes me smirk in a way. this is the time 150 years ago when people, americans' brothers fighting brothers were killing each other. nearly 800,000 people now we think died in those four years of fighting. that's an astonishing number. 2% of the population. in other words, you are talking about 7 million people dying today. it was no city, no town no village that was unaffected by this war. and the after-effects lasted long, long after it was over. >> that's for sure. people's relationships the government totally changed. it was a looser con federation of states before the civil war and much more a federal system after. >> well, there is no question and when lincoln gives the gettysburg address which by the way anyone who wants to understand what it was really about read those 272 words. it only took him two minutes to say it.
4:40 am
they really incapsulate what the war was about. a government for the people by the people and these these honored dead should not have died in vain. that's what we should really be thinking about on this 150th anniversary. >> you always give us a lot to think about. i enjoy your pieces on npr and all things considered. >> what is the response you have gotten from parents trying to fix what high school teachers did to their kids in teaching them the dull versions of history? >> first of all i want to sail that there are a lot of teachers and i speak to them all the time who are really passionate about this subject and want to do the best for their kids. parents and teachers who come to me and say what do we do? first of all get out of the classroom. go and see places like guessburg. i was there as a 9-year-old and can i remember today standing in that field and feeling what history was like when we feel it, when we smell it, when we feel the air around us. get out of classroom. and, again tell stories of real people. when you read the stories of the men at petersburg for
4:41 am
instance, i talk about that in my new book the hidden history of america at war. when you hear about what they went through and read about what they went through, to defend those rights and preserve those rights that we value and sometimes don't value today that's the real reason to study history. >> that's great. >> kenneth davis the hidden history of america at war. you just gave me a copy. i'm actually going to read it today. i appreciate it. thank you for coming on this morning. >> migrate pleasure. >> my high school history teacher he was the guy that got me into history. i loved the guy. if you are watching and i know you are, i loved the guy. >> goes off overpass smashing to the ground and people inside walk away alive. >> wow, plus, it's the stories you have never heard from inside the white house like the time hillary clinton hit bill with a lamp. it turns out that actually happened. it's not just an urban myth. stepping inside the private world of some of those most famous first couples in
4:42 am
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so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. some quick headlines for you. caught on camera, a mad dash for cash after a bagful of money falls out of an armored truck on a highway in texas. the cash scattering over seven miles it didn't take long for drivers to stop and start scooping it up. anyone to doesn't return the money could face charges. we will see what happens. and heart stopping video from russia. watch as that range recovery skids and flies over overpass. smashes into roadway 65 feet below. horrible accident right? but wait the driver and his passenger both get out of the car and walk away. it happens all the time in russia. >> anna?
4:46 am
>> all right. tucker. thanks. >> from playing horseshoes with president (rmdc ^&y+)dmnôt1cc r1i=(as=%-qcc1ú7#o-5,++$'ue3q k/iq the seen and done it all. stories wrapped up in the new tell-all. the residents inside the world of the white house. with us the author of "the resident." congratulations on the book coming out this week. >> thank you. >> we want to show photographs to our viewers and let you describe what we're looking at. first is first lady hillary clinton then putting on her makeup before a governor's dinner. this something she struggled with being seen as person of -- a lady of the people i guess and showing her softer side but you see it here? >> i love that photo too. because it shows a butler named james jeffrey who still is a part-time butler at the white house. is he standing there sort of with his side to her. that just shows you how they really are so careful to protect the privacy of the first family.
4:47 am
is he actually the one who alerted me to this photo. >> with his face turned a little bit there next up is george h.w. bush. he and barbara bush were some the nice, accommodating people in the white house. most modern couple and they actually forgave a lot of people for things. one story in particular involving bug spray? >> that's right. president george h.w. bush would play horseshoes with members of the staff and play tournaments. one summer weekend he asked for bug spray and he was accidently sprayed with industrial strength pesticide. he turned red. had to take him to the doctor and get decome tam nateed. unlike a lot of presidents he said let's get back to the game. he didn't fire anyone. he andush would call staffers if a family member passed away. one staff told me it was thanksgiving day and his father passed away and he got a call from camp david out of nowhere saying that you know the president is on the line.
4:48 am
that's just the kind of thing that they would do. they treated everyone like they were their grant parents basically. >> they live like a family in there in a lot of ways, i guess. >> president nixon bowling with members of the kitchen staff. >> that's a funny story too. shows the human side of all these presidents, i think. one night after dinner he went into the kitchen and went to one of the kitchen workers named frankie blare, a belove member of the staff and asked him to bowl with him and they bowled until 2:00 in the morning. another staff told me there may have been a bottle of scotch involved. frankie told the president, you know my wife will never going to believe i was out bowling with you. the president wrote a note explaining to frankie's wife that that's why he was out until 2:00. >> wouldn't it be nice if we all had a bowling alley in our basement. clinton affair bill clinton had to get stitches in his head why was that? >> one of the staffers told me they were called up to
4:49 am
the president and first lady's bedroom blood on the bed. the president had said he walked into the bathroom door but everyone on the staff said she probably clobbered him with a book. one of the staffers told me there was a lot of arguing. tumultuous time. what goes on in the white house really stays in the white house. you don't hear any of these stories until well after they have left the white house. but it was a roller coaster ride when the clintons were there. >> that's what i wanted to ask you next. how did you get these sources and what were they allowed to share and what were they sworn to secrecy about? >> it took a long time to build up trust with some of these people. it took about a year and a half. they were so generous they would invite me to their homes and real live this book pays tribute to the hard working staff. but it also, they wanted to share their memory. they want to show that the first families are just like anybody else. >> kate brower. thank you so much. >> 49 minutes after the
4:50 am
hour. up next on "fox & friends" weekend. as hillary gets ready to run should she be more like her husband. frank luntz on how voters really feel about her. do pilots eat the same meals as passengers? >> what are we having tore dinner tonight? >> well we had a choice steak fish. >> every passenger on this plane will have fish for dinner and become violently ill in the next half hour. >> sounds serious. >> extremely serious.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
unanswered questions like this. >> what's wrong with the plane? >> there's nothing wrong with the plane. >> the left flanky? >> there is no phalange. >> this plane doesn't have a
4:54 am
phalange. >> here to answer all your burning questions about air travel is the president of nyc phil turner. >> thanks for having me. >> why do people have some questions about flying. you keep it so hidden from us. >> i think it's natural. humans aren't really supposed to fly. we have been around 2 million years flying for 100 of them. science and technology. some things people don't understand. it's fascinating. i understand people's fear. we try to educate people and make them feel better. >> take a look at this and see if this could happen. a carbon door opened in mid flight can that happen. >> no it can't up at altitude the cabin is pressurized. up there the difference between the pressure is so tight that door can't open. people have this idea if someone gets idea and opens the door that it can rip open it's totally totally impossible. >> so that's impossible. we did see some holes in the
4:55 am
roof of that southwest flight. >> if that happens people dawn their mask, pilots go down to lower altitude where you breathe normally. they train for it nonstop. it's procedure. >> sometimes people get sick on flights. they eat certain airline food. we all joke about airline food like this clip from airplane, take a look. >> what was it we had for dinner tonight? >> well, we had a choice steak, fish. >> every passenger on this plane who will have fish for dinner will become violently ill the next half hour. >> do pilots eat different meals than the rest of us. >> no they have meals. >> tend to avoid fish, no eating something different. up to the airline to make that decision. sometimes the pilots and crew will get business class meal or something like that. >> he is one of the most famous shows in aviation history is the show lost. we all know what happened here. watch this.
4:56 am
don't worry. >> so how safe is turbulence? >> incredibly safe. i look at the clip and laugh because it's absurd. the aircraft is made to withstand a tremendous amount of stress. sur buoy lens is like a bump in the road and the plane can handle that and then some. >> are you white washing it? how many people have died from turbulence? >> you would have to go back a very long time to find a plane crash that actually was caused just by turbulence itself. it's incredibly rare. aviation safety is in bester wrath all time getting safer and safer. big concern is spilling your coffee. >> you could die from spilled coffee. >> phil durner is the web site. pay me big money to get on one of those continue cans. should he live or die? one newspaper says the boston bomber doesn't deserve the death penalty? plus, it's national pet day,
4:57 am
showing off furry friends baxter. .comer just put they will um on our facebook page. we will take a look at them.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
. good morning, everyone. happy saturday, friends. it's the 119 of april, 2000 156789 i'm anna kooiman. the race for the white house really heating up. hillary clinton and marco rubio are about to make i official. now hillary's possible opponents are coming out swinging. why her honesty is being called into question. what we just learned about both announcements lrom washington. is he responsible for the death of four people and maiming of others. found guilty guilty of 400 counts. shut he live or die. the boston bomber doesn't deserve the death penalty. others say he does. what should happen to him?
5:01 am
national pet day. today these friends will make it to the curvey couch. if you want to see yours. send us email this morning. kick back relax. we want to see your pets. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> it's time for "fox & friends." ♪ now i find my way ♪ i don't believe in fretting and grieving ♪ why mess around with strife ♪ i never was cut out to step ♪ give me the simple life ♪ some find ♪ diamonds ♪ those things roll off my knife ♪ just serve my tomatoes and mashed potatoes ♪ give me the simple life >> very nice tomatoes and mashed poo at a time he toes. i want apple pie. >> when they sing it doesn't
5:02 am
really matter it melts all together. >> it would be nice if they could be your alarm clock every day. >> always one with the very deep voice. the bowzer on shah na na voice. >> get to 2016 political first alert forecast calling for a chance of stolen thunder as we anticipate a presidential campaign announcement from hillary clinton one day before marco rubio is expected to enter the race for the white house. >> elizabeth prann joins us live from the epicenter washington, d.c. shared big spotlight. >> announcement is expected from florida senator marco rubio and team clinton hers as early as tomorrow making her officially back on the campaign trail seven years after losing the nomination to now president barack obama. >> i suppose it's only fair to say don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america?
5:03 am
former secretary of state working unconventional approach before heading to iowa and then on to new hampshire as she works to connect with voters. campaign has challengers not only from the republican side but also potential democratic rivals such as maryland governor martin o'malley as well as former virginia senator jim webb. both already paying visits to the hawkeye states. >> i think in terms of the country at large and not simply iowa, people are looking for leadership that they can trust. they are looking for leaders who will say what they really believe and be consistent about it and rather than massaging issues to try to get one political zone or another will take the risk and put them out there. we have done that my entire political career. >> as next week begins, senator rubio wants the attention to shift to him come monday. reports are he will be launching his 2016 campaign in miami. he will do so at at the freedom
5:04 am
tower. symbolic because it is the same building where the government processed cuban refugees fleeing from cuba more than five decades ago. back to you guys. >> we are welcoming you back from maternity leave. let's see a picture of baby prann here. >> yes, that's claire. she is a big baby. >> how big was she? >> she is 20 pounds. she is five months. not missing any meals. her dad is a little bit taller than i am. so she may be taller than me. >> that is fantastic. you should have many children. you make cute babies. that's unbelievable. she was born -- >> -- my husband says the same thing but he doesn't have to carry them. >> that's true. i know the feeling. >> she was born at 2 opounds? that's remarkable? >> no. she was born at 8 pounds. she is now 20 pounds. >> that is so great. >> if i had had a 20-pound baby you may have heard about it before. >> guinness book of world records. thanks, elizabeth. >> welcome back.
5:05 am
well, the boston bombing penalty phase is set to begin on april 21st. a big debate at this stage. of course went through the first trial phase. now it's up to this jury to decide whether or not dzhokhar tar flef spend the rest of his life in prison or sentenced to death. editorial section of the boston glove. >> take a look at this from the "boston globe" editorial post said. this the oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh was put to death. unabomber ted kaczynski wasn't. tsarnaev should spend the rest of his life in prison. his defense has already made a good case that he does not meet the exceptionally high standards for a federal execution. >> yeah, because massachusetts does not have the death penalty so it would move to the federal level. >> i think it already has. "boston globe" headline spare dzhokhar tsarnaev the death penalty. boston herald scrappy tabloid no mercy. the irony is the the "boston globe" editorializes onof late term
5:06 am
abortion. select sex abortion this guy can't hurt him. i'm opposed to killing people except in self-defense not our role up to god. i'm just against all killing, abortion death penalty all of it but the irony of these people defending all kinds of other killing. late term abortion but they are like defending tsarnaev? like maybe you would wake up one day and maybe there is something aback wrong with my world view? >> tucker. maybe you are against the death penalty but people who do believe in the death penalty it seems like this case above all others is the shining example of who should die for their crime. should dzhokhar tsarnaev serve life in prison or death. >> only 27 percent said death. >> such a good point. if you are going to have a death penalty this guy has earned it. if anybody gets it. it would be this guy. >> the argument if you have
5:07 am
this debate and i happen to agree with you tucker on this particular issue. what's more painful for a guy to sit and rot in prison for the rest are of his life or quietly go into the night and being put it death? >> him and his brother planted bombs next to a little boy who died. this is the face of evil. i don't know that he is going to feel any remorse for this at all. is he even showing it in the first place. >> judge alex made such a smart point. there are many arguments on both sides. one of the arguments against it i think is a silly argument is that killing him will make him a martyr to his islamists around the world. we asked judge alex about this a minute ago. i thought he made a smart point. >> it's ridiculous to allow concerns over middle eastern terrorists to dictate what american citizens impose as punishment on criminals here. it's absurd and very weak argument but we will hear it. i'm sure we will hear it in this case.
5:08 am
>> won't they celebrate it either way? yes he gets to leave or he is dying a martyr. there will be cheering in the streets. >> the point is the more we let them into our head we can't do this because it's bad for pr then you wind up are where the administration is where you deny the existence of radical islam. become counter productive. >> this is the face of evil. you put the bomb right next to the little boy or your brother did. defense is going to say rush child child. he wasn't the brains behind this his brother was. >> let us know your thoughts. weigh in on this poll and weigh in according to the poll they have it up there in boston. should he be put to death or spend the rest of his life in prison? let us know. >> other stories making headlines this saturday to get to now. he wanted to join the army so he could kill american soldiers on behalf of isis. the fbi says 20-year-old john booker also known as abdelah hasan wanted to set off a car bomb in fort
5:09 am
reilly in kansas. he was inspired by nidal hasan. he tried to detonate what he thought was a bomb but actually was a dud. another charged with failly to report his plans. >> south carolina man killed by a police officer one week ago. walter scott was running away when officer michael slager shot him during a traffic stop. slager was fired and is now charged with murder. al sharpton is blasting a report that he was told by the family to stay away from the funeral saying he is not attending because of a scheduling conflict. meanwhile investigators are now questioning the passenger in scott's car at the time of the shooting. new dash cam video shows an officer pats him down after scott was shot. >> an historic meeting at the summit of the americas in panama. president obama and cuban president raoul castro greeting each other and shaking hands. this marking the first time the two have seen each other since restoring diplomatic ties late last year. the two leaders will meet
5:10 am
later today as they try to normalize relations. this will be the first extended meeting between cuban and american leaders in more than four decades. and doesn't ring a bell. or does it? the bronx new york serial bride accused of marrying ten men over is 11-year period says she is only remember two of the weddings. she just forgot about all the others. 39-year-old pleading not guilty in court yesterday saying it's all a big blur to her. seven of the men she said i do to from the red flag countries such as he egypt and pakistan were also learning just hours after leaving court she was arrested for trying to skip out on paying subway fare. real winner too. >> she is a catch. [ laughter ] catch her if you can. >> trying to help them get their green cards. >> rick? >> so we have nice weather
5:11 am
to come this weekend. >> thank you, rick. fabulous. shorts weather yet. >> could do you wear shorts in say 65? >> no. >> i will. i'm just in denial so yes, i will. >> your legs are going to be really white after this really long winter. go get a tan somewhere first. rain showers across parts of texas. going to be heavy at times this morning already some rain showers but we will look at future radar and see how this plays out today. mostly southeastern parts of texas here. maybe a few thunderstorms though. up around the panhandle throughout the afternoon. tomorrow really where that rain begins to get heavier across areas of east texas and then building in maybe in toward the el paso area from kind of a separate disturbance. over the next five days that rain is going to move in across parts of the deep south and carolinas. going to be talking about a lot of rain. although the masters looking great this weekend. rain yesterday and now looking at things clearing out very nicely for the last couple of days. temperaturewise though this is what is going to be so great for so many people. take a look at this.
5:12 am
over the next couple of days temperatures climb in 60's and '70s. 37 in buffalo on monday. go into tuesday. back down to 60. take it 65 in new york. back to 63. great thing. i put 00 out on twitter allergies, anyone? a lot of people dealing with that. >> especially because you are in between time leaving the windows open. >> exactly all of that stuff is coming. in. >> like a layer of green film. >> we'll take it. >> we certainly will take it better than the snow. thanks, rick. every parent's worst nightmare just came true for one family sadly. a school bus driver dropping a child off miles from her home. how did this happen? we will tell. >> you then she is officially about to kick off her candidacy but will some of hillary's best lines, do they sound familiar? >> if you are working hard and playing by the rules. >> if you work hard and play by the rules. >> we will lift you up and out of poverty in this country today. >> so is hillary's best bet really to be like bill? frank luntz dialing the 2016 candidates next.
5:13 am
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5:15 am
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16 minutes after the hour. here comes hillary. the former first lady and secretary of state set to kick off long expected campaign for the white house tomorrow. so how do americans really feel about her? here to give hillary the dial treatment is pollster frank luntz. good morning frank thanks for being with us again. >> gadd morning it's a flesh. >> the first is when hillary clinton is responding at the press conference after a long time had gone by about the email scandal. let's take a listen. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal email account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier
5:17 am
one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two. looking back, it would have been better that i simply used a second email account and carried a second phone but at the time this doesn't seem like an issue. >> we found out she had ipad she was using that was multiple devices in the first place. during this speech how were people taking it? >> well, these swing voters, red line represents republicans, green line represents swing democrats. when she just pops on the screen republicans, even weak republicans dial her down. democrats did not respond favorably to her. they were neutral to her response. when we asked the question why? two reasons, number one is that they didn't particularly like the language. they don't care about convenience. you are the secretary of state. you have a certain responsibility and she didn't uphold it the second reason is if you notice as she is delivering her speech she looks up to the right, she looks up to the left.
5:18 am
she doesn't look at the cameras. doesn't look any reporter straight in the eye. we expect our politicians to tell us the truth. to look us straight in the eye. not to have to read something but to be able to explain in detail why we did something correctly her presentation is very weak. >> hopefully be in touch with the average american at least somewhat. something she was criticized for when she rolled out her book hard choices and said she was dead broke when they came out of white house. listen to this. >> had to fight a civil war. constitution we had to pass laws. and we're still making changes to try to move us toward that more perfect union. i don't know of any other nation that is as self-correcting, self-is aware in order to make change in order to live up to our founding principles as we. >> this is actually hillary clinton talking about american exceptionism? how did that go over? >> democrats embraced it. it's exactly what they want to hear from her.
5:19 am
it's the reason why she has somewhere in the neighborhood of a 80% favorability rating among democrats. as you saw red line neutral. didn't respond negatively to her had. when she talks about the country and greater aspirations she will do okay among independence and weak republicans. make no mistake, so much of her campaign is very partisan and very political and ideological. that doesn't play with the right and doesn't play with the center. >> finally have to get to this. bill clinton and hillary clinton using similar language. watch. >> the idea that if you worked hard. >> if you work hard. >> and play by the rules. >> and you play by the rules. >> if you are working hard and playing by the rules. >> if you work hard and play by the rules. >> we're going to lift you up and out of poverty in this country today. >> american families are working harder than ever. >> people are working harder than ever. >> maintaining a middle class life. >> spending less time with their children working nights and weekends at their jobs. >> feels like pushing a
5:20 am
boulder up hill every single day. >> i'm a product of the american middle class. >> it worked for him. will it work for her? >> that's the key issue. they love it when he says it. they are not as happy when she says it. the fact is hillary clinton is closer in language and policy to bill, she dual better in her campaign. >> all right. frank luntz, thank you so much for the dial treatment this saturday morning. >> thank you. >> a reminder that marco rubio will be on hannity on monday night. expected to announce his candidacy on monday. and, a statue of ronald reagan defaced on a university campus. the message the vandals were hoping to get across. then, you may have paid your taxes but has your state paid its bill? why you should care coming up. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. new flonase outperforms a leading allergy pill so you will inhale life. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing
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well, here is a fresh bouquet of fresh headlines for you. a bipartisan group of lawm for federal probe into claims u.s. companies are misusing a popular visa program to lay off thousands of american workers and replace them with cheaper foreign labor. some workers claim they even had to train their replacements. and statues of historic figures like ronald reagan and margaret thatcher have been defaced on one california campus. found wednesday at chapman university covered in caution tape and accusing them of racism and, of course, homophobe i can't. school officials are allowing the vandalism citing free speech rights. clayton? >> thank you, tucker. this year is estimated that americans will spend more on taxes than food clothing and housing combined. there is a silver lining. most states tax freedom days
5:25 am
are coming up. when can you start keeping more of your hard earned money in your pockets or in the bank? here to break it down, travis h. brown the author of how money walks. and he is here to break it down with the big monitor this morning. nice to see you travis. >> good to be back. >> what is tax freedom day? explain that for us? >> tax freedom day nationwide is april 24th. the day when most americans will have earned enough to pay their federal, state and local tax burden. we get this from the tax foundation. and it varies by state, by your residency. depending on where you live across america. >> that means you have to work up and through the end of april that all goes to the federal government and then anything else on top of that is grave. but states have, you can have better grave, i guess. >> that's right. chart mentioned earlier the state and local tax burden may be variable while the federal tax burden is relatively fixed. where you choose residency can really matter. the amount of time that you pay to uncle sam may be
5:26 am
different. so we see a variance across the country when you look at early april, all the way to late may in terms of what it takes to pay that federal tax. >> almost two month swing. dive into the best states and with the least tax burden. >> yeah. so number one coming up here the tax freedom day best in america is april 2nd louisiana. already passed last week. >> let's go up to mississippi. followed by their neighbor, mississippi. april 4th. they will have paid enough to carry their taxes. >> number three on the list is south dakota. we have been hearing great things about south dakota. >> another state no income tax relatively low taxes there. they pay april 8th is their tax freedom day. fifth on that list of best places to live for tax. >> another no income tax state the state of tennessee. where a lot of taxes have been repealed. state and local taxes. relatively low there.
5:27 am
april 9th their tax freedom day last week. >> let's dive into the worst states. the ones in the deep red here. let's start with, what's the worst? >> got to go back to the northeast. connect cut weighs in as dead last. 50th in the country. won't be until may 15th before connecticut taxpayers will have paid enough to their state and federal gosmghts. >> go down the list here my home state. >> new jersey. right there. may 13th. same ball park. followed by empire state. may 8th new york. we know from other studies on taxpayer migration up a new york minute cost $7,200 in lost in adjusted gross income. a lot of people looking at the northeast and choosing other destinations for their residency. >> another in the deep red massachusetts. >> that's right. 46 we have it coming in. tax freedom day now this year on may the 2nd. about well a full month past
5:28 am
what a louisiana taxpayer. >> happy tax day to louisiana, mississippi, alabama. northeast you have to wait another month. check out how money for more info. coming up on the show he led police on a wild chase. illegal immigrant deported 20 times. why is he still in the united states breaking laws? and women don't seem like your average whiskey drinkers. did you know they make up 37% of the market? so move over, fellas these ladies are shaking up the perfect whiskey drink. that's why sales are through the roof. ♪ she's my little whiskey girl.
5:29 am
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we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. look at that we got that on twitter. see this on twitter see daughter with dog bill. actual pet day, ladies and gentlemen. >> sent us this picture of bella loving life in vegas. >> and this is dan's dog newman. >> newman. >> hello newman. >> sent this picture of joey. dog bless america. >> great photo. >> dave's dog cooper. >> hey cooper. >> our floor director and megan's dog romeo.
5:33 am
>> what kind of dog is that, megan? >> a beagle. >> a beagle. we have gotten so many dog pictures. one of them somebody sent me a picture of her dog and it was a lab and said 2000 to 2015 you know, this dog was there when our children were born when they went to college and then died, made mio emotional. showing it later i have heard from my producer. you have been wonderful in responding to national pet day. >> we say it's national pet day, almost feels funny to call them a pet because they are a member of your family. >> headlines to tell you about now. somber ceremony fort hood. honored with purple hearts. bitter sweet as some of those will not get combat benefits. helped save numerous lives that day and says it's a disgrace. >> we are dealing with a government that frankly has no class. a government that had class
5:34 am
would ultimately just do the right thing. they would realize hey we are in unchartered territory and you know what? we need to pour on these benefits these men and women need to be taken care of. >> following the ceremony, senator ted cruz said he received personal assurances from the secretary of the army that the combat benefits issue will be resolved. yesterday, we told you about the sudden mysterious death of a teenage high school student now doctors have an answer. the virginia medical examiner's office says 18-year-old madison small died of a blood infection related to bacterial meningitis. samadi joined us to tell us how he she may have contracted the illness. >> shoe just came from spring break. she was exposed to a the love teenagers out there. this kind of disease is through respiratory cough and sputum. kiss canning and sharing lipsticks and other things, you can trans mitt this kind of bacterial to teenagers. >> it seems so mysterious. here is what you do.
5:35 am
be aware of the symptoms of meningitis, include sudden fever and headache. a severe stiff neck, nausea, sensitivity to light and also confusion. a school bus drops a 7-year-old girl off miles from home and now her parents want some answers. anastasia got off on the -- or got on to the wrong bus after being separated from her older brother in massachusetts. she wandered the streets crying until someone called police. >> the number of i'm on the wrong bus. >> any other patient in the whole world not even for five minutes. it's a terrible feeling. >> yeah. well her parents say her brother told the driver she was missing. but the driver did not notify the school. the bus company says the girl never had to get off the bus in that unfamiliar neighborhood. >> and we have all been there. a first date that's going absolutely nowhere. >> say this. you are really beautiful. >> oh, wow. that's very sweet. thank you.
5:36 am
i'm kind of funny looking. >> oh, boy. maybe you are just not picking the right spot though. a new survey reveals the most popular places for a first date saddle up at the texas road house or maybe the cheesecake factory. panera bread is also delicious option or spice things up at chipotle. the most popular place to date is starbucks of course. and can you tell how high or low maintenance somebody is too if you want a double soy latte. share your first date stories. >> my first date with my wife didn't cost a penny. ini invited her to walk the beach and look for shells. >> our first date was going to the grand river drive in michigan. we will be married 48 years this december. >> congrats. ann says my husband and i are getting ready for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration and our first date was to a movie and then to a restaurant that had curb service. we ate in the car. those were the days.
5:37 am
yep, the gold old days ann. we are going to hand things out to rick reichmuth out on the streets of new york. great crowd. >> we have somebody here 34 years married today. congratulations. do you remember what your first date was? >> yeah. restaurant by one, get one free. >> there you go. >> i believe it now you are guys are millionaires after being frugal. very smart. let's take a look at the weather picture as you are waking up this morning. over the next seven days pick some place if you want rain or don't want rain. here is what is going to happen. rain across parts of the south. we need the rain in the southwest. california into oregon. not getting all that much, unfortunately. that's the seven days. but today as you are heading out looking at really nyeste day comparatively we will call it much of the northeast down towards parts of the atlantic into virginia. sunny 70 degrees that's beautiful. most part a nice day. still see some rain showers across parts of the central
5:38 am
golf gulf in towards florida. hot and humid orlando. morning showers in augusta be out thereof by the afternoon. quickly in toward the northern plains, take a look at that 75 degrees in bismarck; 7 a degrees sounds like whiskey time. >> always whiskey time, rick. >> move over, mental. the ladies are stepping up to the bar. today women make up 37% of the whiskey drinking markets. up 15% from the 1990s. >> kind of hard to believe. why the boozey booze for what many think of as a man's drink. here to explain and promote whiskey. founder of women who whiskey. the club's vice president samantha mccann. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> women drink brown liquor. >> we love brown liquor. >> when did this happen? >> it's been happening for over 150 years because it's really only gotten popular in say the last 15 or so with revival. cocktail revival. whiskey revival. >> you are going to show us, samantha how to make a good
5:39 am
whiskey drink here. start off with the ice. you have got to have a good ice. >> cubes. i don't know if you can see them. mix for you manhattan, classic cocktail. besides martiny, favorite drink. two part dry whiskey one part vermuth. >> some restaurants bars and pubs around new york city, around manhattan actually cut the ice with razor wire, too. >> i don't know about that we don't have fancy equipment. you have a fancy ice making kit. >> for christmas my wife got me the neat ice kit which is fantastic. it comes with a chisel. >> what are you putting in? >> bitters. dutch, colonial, so fantastic. >> classic you use more manhattan english bitters.
5:40 am
>> which whiskey did you use here. >> whistle pig rye. 100% rye. very spicy. it comes through. if you think about the difference between rye bread and cornbread. that's the difference between rye and bourbon. >> while we are doing this, put up on the screen here, a look at your dog for national pet day while you are doing some mixing here. who are we looking at here? >> this is willow. she is half chihuahua, half dourn dachshund. >> you can finish it either with zest or brandy cherries. >> how important is that? >> i mean, there is definitely a visual element to it but et cetera specially if you are, you know, if you like the complexity of the figures the citrus brings more acid at this and cherry sweetness. >> a little flair. >> i love it. >> go down a little bit
5:41 am
easier, too. it's become a very sophisticated drink not just lady gaga and kesha drinking it straight from the bottle you have nicknames. >> many of our viewers, you guys have already showed up this morning you have already had one this morning. >> we want to thank them for bringing bourbon to the program early this morning. >> where can people learn more? >> women who whiskey dot club. >> thank you so much, guys. led police on wild chase but wasn't first time breaking the law. the guy behind the wheel and illegal immigrant, he was deported 2 otimes. how does this happen? hear from the sheriff where he was just arrested for the 21st time. >> we all know it's better to work out with a friend. who said it had to be a human. we have dogs on tread mills this morning how you can stay fit together. ♪ i work hard ♪ i play harder ♪ i'm a good time anag american daughter ♪ es
5:42 am
them to us since we're going to be here anyway it's kind of a no brainer
5:43 am
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5:45 am
happy saturday, everybody, get up and get moving and grooming. a tsunami ghost ship. a fiberglass boat discovered off othe coast of oregon. believed to be piece of wreckage traveling a thousand miles across the ocean. in a flash, gas prices soar to nearly 10. a bolt of lightning hit this sign making the price of regular gas read as 9.94 per gallon. two cents higher than the pump cost for the diesel there. all right. tucker. >> thanks anna. well it wasn't even supposed to be in this country and no stranger to trouble. [siren] meet delgado running from the cops in that video after
5:46 am
30-mile high speed chase that reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. is he is well known to the police. he has been deported 20 times. how is he still in this country? sheriff, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you tucker. >> so the obvious question is how in the world was this guy still driving around the united states. >> well, this happens because there is really no consequences when it comes to immigration. and he proudly admits that he has been deported over 20 times. so this is the 2 1st plus. and we shouldn't be scratching our heads, wondering why we continue to arrest people who have been arrested five, 10 15, now 20 times because under the obama administration there is no consequences. so. >> we're going to put the guy's rap sheet on the screen and also note that he went on 30-mile police chase, he has been arrested for shoplifting failure to pay a fine, no drivers
5:47 am
license, felony suspicion of flight, felony endangerment. et cetera, et cetera the government of new mexico has a role to play here too. are we getting any help from them in our fight against immigration. >> no. largely not only no help from them you would think that here with our laws we have used mexico as an excuse in fact, last year we released 30,000 plus criminals. the year before 36,000. not just guys like delgado who have fled at 100 plus miles an hour. $20,000 damage breaking through this fence. but actually 193 convicted murderers. 400 plus rapists. 300 kidnappers. these are people that aren't even from our country that we have released back into our community. so what do we think is going to happen when we do that? >> well, we think they are going to vote for the democratic party. that's the whole point. how much of your time. you are charged with keeping your county safe. how much of your time do you spend working on cases that
5:48 am
involve illegals? >> significant. and i can tell you that every year for the past three years we have had 88000 to 123,000 illegals that have been apprehended just here. so anybody who thinks the border is secure. is listening to lies from washington. so, here the sheriff's job has not just answering 911 calls but we're having to deal with these illegals and criminals heck, we have even arrested 19 cartel scouts on mountain tops in my county. who with binoculars and they are there 30 days at a time providing safe passages for the drug cartels. that shouldn't be our job. that should be the president and our federal government's job to secure this border. >> that's for sure. i wish politicians in d.c. platitude spend a week with you. sheriff paul bevue thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up after five long years the survivor the
5:49 am
fort hood massacre finally get the purple hearts they deserve but not the benefits that go with them. one officer shot four times that day joins us live. >> no one likes to work out alone. bring along your dog. the exercises that can get you both in shape together. we will show you what they are. ♪ let's get physical ♪ physical ♪ i want to get physical ♪ let's get into physical ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪ your body talk ♪ let me hear your body talk ♪ at if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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one, two three, four.
5:53 am
>> is that a dog decide or a drill sergeant? showing off some impressive push up skills. >> if you packed on a few extra pounds this winter, there's a good chance your dog did too. >> here's a tip from dr. carol osborne. thanks for being with us. obesity in dogs is a problem just like it is in humans. >> all kind of problems. the it's hard for people to know what kind of shape their dog is in. so, the first thing you want to do is body score your dog and we've got a couple of cute dogs right here and what i recommend is stand behind your dog. take your hands and try to run them along either side of your dogs rib cage. the rule of thumb is usual be able to easily feel, but not see each rib and your dog should have a little waist. >> these two examples here, one is overweight and one is underweight. >> you can see his ribs, so he
5:54 am
could put on an extra pound. >> that's what everyone woman in the world wants to hear. >> is there a risk that your dog will feel judged? >> obesity is 15% overweight. if you're 10% overweight it cuts your life span and predisposes for diabetes, arthritis, lung cancer and kidney disease. >> we brought along an obstacle course for high impact exercise. >> it's one of the hottest trends in the country right now. this is a down and dirty obstacle course. >> what you're looking at is angie created this go fetch run group and this is an opportunity for people of all ages and all fitness levels to have a great work outwith their dog, so, they're enjoying a little obstacle course which tests
5:55 am
their skills of listening, manners, agility, coordination and balance in a really fun way that people and pets can do together. >> a working dog and tired dog is a happy dog. >> let's get to the dog treadmill. inspired and embarrassing. >> this is is the jog gi dog created just for dogs. offers a great indoor work outand when he's done you can jump on and burn a few yourself. >> can you speed it up or slow it down? >> a verse of speeds and inclines and they're just wonderful. if a treadmill doesn't fit the bill, you can practice interval walking. i don't know if anybody here isn't interval working and it's just another way to enjoy getting fit. >> what about spinning, pilates. >> yoga is something that's being done with dogs.
5:56 am
they call it doga. another thing you can do figure out your dog's breed. you can think of creative and interactive games and use your dog's instipgts to enhance the activity. milo is a fanatic on frisbee. working on the -- >> thank you so much. when he gets here at 9:30. >> this is whistle. it's a little activity trap. >> i love it. >> keeps track of your dog's activity. >> and this little guy over here happens to be wearing it. >> thanks, doctor. up next, hillary clinton about to announce her campaign for president on sunday. what is she going to say? why is she rupping innning in the
5:57 am
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good morning. well here comes hillary. she's getting ready to throw her hat into the ring, but republicans are prepared. >> hillary clinton has some explaining to do. >> personal e-mail account to conduct official business. >> reince priebus here live to weigh in on the race. >> and after five long years, the victims of the ft. hood terror attack got thei heart yesterday, but not all the benefits that go along with them. how does that work? one of the victims received his purple heart responds here. plus, it's national pet day and we have a special guest of honor. baxter is here in the building. security has been alerted. bow tie and all.
6:01 am
you dressed him up. fox and friends hour four starts right now. ♪ >> why we are the number one show in the world. what other show can you combine whisky national pet day and national barbershop quartet day in one show. >> all in about 15 minutes. >> we don't make the new we just report it. >> and we've got the rnc chairman. so, a little fun and hard news for you. >> that was cross roads, the quartet champion. they've been serenading uz all morning. we need to get to your headlines before we have more
6:02 am
fun. he wanted to join the army so he could kill american soldiers on behalf of isis. john booker wanted to set off a car bomb at ft. riley in kansas. prosecutors say he repeatedly talked about waging violent jihad and was inspire edd by the 2009 ft. hood massacre. he was arrested friday after trying to warm what he thought was a bomb, but was a dud. a second person was also charged in failing to report the plan. funeral services will be held for the south carolina man killed by a police officer. he was running away when the officer shot him during a traffic spot. he was fired and is is charged with murder. al sharpton was told to stay away saying he's not attending but it's because of a keding conflict. investigators questioning a passenger at the time of a shooting. new video shows an officer pat him down after scott was shot.
6:03 am
and laying off americans and hiring foreigners to save money. calling for a federal probe and claims u.s. companies are misusing a popular visa program. the program is supposed to be used to hire high skilled workers. some workers say they've had to train their replacements. and justin bieber wanted by the law? ♪ a judge in argentina issued an arrest warrant for the singer. he's accused of ordering his bodyguard to attack a photographer in 2013 in buenos aires. he was supposed to appear for questioning in november but was a no show. a spokesperson from his camp say the case has been resolved. >> you're a believer. there's a lot going on in the presidential race.
6:04 am
two new entrants in a matter of hours. hillary clinton and current senator from florida marco rubio. what does this all mean? we're happy to have reince priebus, the head of the rnc. welcome. >> good morning. mr.. >> so the hillary clinton campaign, if you talk to anyone who works for her, why is she running? at its core, you get the same answer. it's time for a woman. is that a reason to run for president? >> well, i don't think that's a core reason, but i think it's kind of what she sees as her personal destiny. that's really the reason she's running for president because it's something she's always wanted to do. she sees it as her opportunity and tucker, if you look at the way she's rolling this out, it tells you how they view their operation. she's coming out very quietly. she doesn't want to get a big splash because they want to make it a coronation and if they can
6:05 am
kind of get, have their cake and eat it too, by ending the speculation as to whether she's run, but then doing it so quietly so it's not to actually create an environment of competition and so, you know, it clearly is a very different situation on the other side of the aisle. >> but do the republican candidates have what it takes to beat hillary clinton? we're see inging the field start to shape up right now. what do republicans need to say or do to try to stop the hilly juggernaut? >> if you really kind of take a step back and look at what's going on she's not doing very well. you look at the pollinging, especially over the last couple of weeks, now, a majority of americans don't find her trustworthy. if you look at the battleground states, some of the polling last week, a few of our candidates are beating hillary clinton head to head. here's her problem. this is political 101 here. her name id is at 100%.
6:06 am
which means everybody knows whoho she is but yet her approval ratings are below 50% and people don't find her trustworthy. she's a total saturation. >> but mr. chairman, is it enough for her to shoot herself in the foot. make mistakes, whether it's e-mail scams or others, republicans sit back and wait for her to shoot herself in the foot. what do republicans need to do to really take the next step and beat hillary clinton? >> well, of course and you're right about that. you have to show an al ternternative and republicans are going to do that and republicans have to offer the solutions in regard to the economy and jobs and most importantly, right now in the polling we're seeing, americans want to know a pathway in the middle east and across the globe and that you know, hillary clinton's going to have a lot to answer for in regard to her positioning and her product that she produced as secretary of state. so, yes you have to show the alternative.
6:07 am
you have to offer solutions, wu it helps when the product on the other side is a protect that the american people don't want to buy. not to mention, the fact that barack obama's under 50% and you can't find a party that's able to continue their reign in the white house when their own president is under water. so, hillary clinton is actually a pretty good person for us to run against and if you were me, you would want no one else to run against than hillary clinton. she unifyies the party, she allows us to raise a lot of money and recruit a lot of volunteers. >> with the timing of this, with marco rubio expected to announce on monday a lot of folks going, man, is that timing good or bad clinton's expected to come out tomorrow and then 4 24 hours later. it's an opportunity for him to say look how much different i am than her and capitalize on the spotlight that other news
6:08 am
organization that maybe don't cover politics are going to be covering it during this time period. >> i mean, marco rubio's a good contrast and great face for the republican party. no question. but just going back again, hillary clinton doesn't want any press. she'll get her press tomorrow, but look, she's announcing on a sunday afternoon via twitter in a short video. she's not looking for the spotlight. she doesn't want it. she wants to freeze the field and move on and receive the democrat nomination without any pomp or circumstance. that's what's going on here. she wants to raise money and move on. she doesn't, she was looking for the spotlight, she'd go get it and fill a stadium. she doesn't want it. i think she is a pretty flawed candidate. she's a big name and the it's sort of surprising, but if you look at the polling and look at what americans think of hillary clinton it's not very good for her. >> let's take a look at a poll from a key swing state,
6:09 am
colorado. it's an important state. these are the lineups. theoretical, republicans fill in the blank versus secretary clinton. versus rubio, 41. clinton, 40. cruz, 41 clinton, 42. these are are pretty close. but i'm struck that rand paul who was kind of ignored by a lot of the political press and certainly discounted by many in washington is doing the best. does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't. yeah, he's working hard across the country and he's getting into black and hispanic and asian communities talking about economic growth. doesn't surprise me that all three of them are doing well, but what it should also tell everybody is that when hillary clinton, who has a 100% name id is actually losing head to head in these states against our candidates that have maybe 30, 40% name id. >> first term. >> tells you people are not
6:10 am
buying hillary clinton. so, i think the democrats have a lot of trouble. >> well, tammy bruce said something very smart. we played it earlier. her main point is we don't need another freshman senator or these legacy candidates. that would exclude jeb bush and mar marco rubio. do you agree or disagree? >> one thing that we have in our party is a lot of opinions and a lot of smart opinions, so look, i think it's up to the voters and the delegates on the floor of the convention. that's what matters. i can't pick favorites and handicap our potential nominees, but i know when you look at our party and the new faces and the diversity, we really do have a young diverse party and we just have to do a better job bragging about it and i plan to try to make that happen. >> and it's a strong field. we've got a fun moment of the show we've been letting our
6:11 am
guests share with us. it is national pet day and we have posted a picture of you of apollo. >> apollo is going to be celebrating his golden birthday on april 13th so he's going to be 13 years old. he was born in wisconsin and he's a big beagle and he's a good little guy. he misses the backyard in wisconsin though, but he gets outside here in washington, d.c. once in a while. the kids love him. >> like a lot of people, can't wait to get out of d.c. why apollo? i like it. >> i have to honor my greek heritage, so, he's the only greek beagle i think out there right now. >> he's the only one. >> strong name for a greek. thanks for joining us this morning. >> all right, tucker. coming up more than five
6:12 am
long years the survivors of ft. hood are given the purple hearts they deserve, but not the benefits. a soldier shot four times that day join us next. then an suv goes off an overpass, smashing to the ground. the people inside walk away alive. ♪ whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at
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6:15 am
after five long years the heroes and victims of the ft. hood massacre finally received a recognition. 47 men or women killed or wounded and they received a purple haert, but was that purely symbolic. in some cases the government is still -- benefits for injuries sustained in that terror attack.
6:16 am
joining me now, paul martin. he was short four times during the attack. he received a purple heart yesterday. thanks a lot for joininging us. how did you feel when you received the purple heart? >> it was like winning the super bowl, sir. i'm very excited and honored. i feel honored. >> that is wonderful. i'm glad to hear that. why do you think it took so long? >> the army has processes that they go through and but i'm just honored to be awarded this by any nation and took the time out to honor me. >> we were glad to see it. i think everyone was. tell us about the ceremony yesterday. >> the ceremony yesterday was amazing. it was something that you only experience once in your lifetime. i really enjoyed the ceremony. >> i can tell by the rows of
6:17 am
medals on your chest, you've been in the service. did you ever think you'd receive a purple heart for something that happeneded state side? >> never. >> how are the other victims who were shot during that attack, how are they doing? >> most of the ones that i was talking with yesterday and the past couple of days, they're doing great. they were just excited as i am to be awarded this. >> yes, so how many of them are still in would you say? >> i think it's like it's ten of us still serving. >> would you say there have been reports that some of them, some of the people shot that day or even witnessed that crime, have had difficult theyies in the subsequent years. do you think that's true?
6:18 am
>> i don't know anything about that. like i said, all the benefits and the stuff, process i give army reserve has provided for me and i have no troubles. >> that is a sliver of good news in a really really sad story. i'm glad you brought it to us this morning. thanks a lot, sergeant morning. >> you're welcome and thank you, sir. donations poured in after a man donated his kidney, but that generosity almost cost him the surgery. should ethics ever trump the rules? relevant and interesting. we'll debate it next. plus it is national pet day. we have a special guest of honor. baxter, wait until you meet him.
6:19 am
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welcome back. a closer look at your headlines. the suspected master mind of the 2008 mumbai terror attacks released from prison in pakistan. he's believed to be the leerd of the group that killed more than 160 people in attacks on a train station, hotels and hospitals. telling officers they'd be committed treason by talking to congress b about retiring an attack plane. an investigation found his comments violated pentagon regulations by preventing service members from unlawfully communicating with congress. you remember the story, a maine man volunteered to donate his kidney to a complete stranger. a single mother who posted her desperate plea for a doenor on her car window. you see it here. hundreds of people have donated more than $48,000 to cover the medical costs and lost wages for
6:23 am
the donor. that raised serious ethical questions. the hospital now proceeding with the transplant, but originally they put it on hold. here to discuss is dr. nancy and bruce weinstein. >> this is a rock and a hard place spot the hospital is in because they've got two ethical responsibilities, so where do they go? >> here's the truth we know. number one, a woman is sick and needs a kidney to survive. two, a man has stepped up to the plate to donate his kidney and three, people all over the world are donating thousands of dollars to help the donor recover. so how can the maine medical center honor its obligation to help the patient and to honor a law that says you can't sell your kidneys. the ethical solution is is so straightforward i can't believe it hasn't come up yet.
6:24 am
that is, you keep the amount of money the law allows about $6,000 and give the rest back. then the law, the so that you're in compliance with the law and you're helping the patient. >> it's the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law. this guy who volunteered he saw the plea and came forward. he was on fox and friends last week. his name is josh and it doesn't appear he was out for the money. >> at first i think my family was apprehensive, but they know me my character and i really want to do this to help her out. i will miss three to six weeks of work, but if it saves her life it's completely worth it for me. >> and the opposite end, he probably would have missed out on money coming in. >> right, so i think from a medical point of view, there is 150,000 people on a waiting list for transplants 100,000 of
6:25 am
those are kidney transplant people, so this was a donor who saw a sign on the back of the car to save this woman's life. this woman is pretty sick right now. very sick medically and probably will not tolerate dial sis for a while longer due to her medical illnesses, so a transplant is becoming medically necessary and she doesn't have a family member that matches her, so really having a donor like this will save her life. >> is it something you see often from a medical standpoint? you know, you've seen it at your hospital, but it is normally a family member. not from a complete stranger. >> this is an amazing thing because people, think about it yourself. you were born with two kidneys, you'd really rather keep them if you could in case there was a problem with one of your own, so for someone to step up and say hey, i don't know you, but i'm going to save your life, is not that common. more common for the family. >> there's a silver lining. until recently, this was a local
6:26 am
story, now, it's international because of this seg m. people all over need to know there's so much they can give to help people to be in compliance with the law, so it's really a matter of educating people, which this is doing, i hope. gl it's giving a lot of hope to people in general. >> and yeah, for transplants. we need them. >> we do. >> thanks so much. 26 minutes after the hour now, it sounded sweet. third graders writing good well notes, but they were going to a cop killer. this morning a huge dwrup date to this story. plus we've all been there. that awkward first date. >> i just have to say this. you're really beautiful. >> oh well, that's is very sweet, thank you. >> kind of funny looking. >> this morning, unlucky in love. no more of the hottest places for first dates reveal. fox and friends playing cupid for you this morning.
6:27 am
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by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. realizing cold hard data can inspire warmth and compassion... and that when technology meets expertise... everything is possible. for as long as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here. ♪ you've seen the center fold all morning. >> this is abby. my dog, baxter is on his way. he's stuck in traffic at the moment. >> remembering zack today who --
6:31 am
and job. >> oh yeah. lawrence sent us this photograph of fargo, a 5-year-old yorkie. >> brian is sharing his picture of his dog penny. john's dog, buddy. >> and here's jordan's dog, cookie. >> the names run the gamut this morning. and this is sydney. >> we've got a lot of costumes coming our way this morning. >> you know what? i think dogs feel very self-conscious when you dress them up. >> so you refuse to dress them up? >> i love costumes. so depends on the dog. >> do you ever put baxter in sparkles. >> i tried to put a christmas hat on him. he doesn't like it much.
6:32 am
>> we got a bow tie this morning. >> baxter's on his way, but he is stuck in traffic downtown. >> there's a parade going down 5th avenue. we need to get to your news headlines on your saturday morning. it's a silent killer. four people are found dead inside a queens new york home believed to have been poisoned by carbon monoxide. a friend renting an apartment on the home's second floor were also killed. the new jersey teacher who had her third grade students write get well letter to a cop killer has been suspended. this story sparked outrage among our viewers this week. the letters were delivered to a man a man in prison after he was hospitaled. he was convicted of murdering a philadelphia police officer in 1981. the school administrators said
6:33 am
they had no idea about the assignment. and a heart stopping car crash in russia that you have to see to belief believe. icing conditions caused this range rover to skid and fly off an overpass. the tire slowly rolls away from the wreck a man stops to help, but the driver comes right out of the car seemingly unhurt, his passenger also is able to walk away. wow. a first date that's going nowhere. >> i want a baby now. i'm 37. too much for a first date isn't it? >> well, maybe you're just not guilty picking the right spot. a survey reveals the most popular places for a first date, saddle up at the texas road house or have some cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. panera or chipotle, but the most
6:34 am
popular place, starbucks, of course. >> of course it is. >> wow. >> or a free range chicken. >> what your first date was and where it was. becky said on our first date my husband who was a pilot took me flying. we flew to dinner in another state. we just celebrated our 32nd anniversary. >> that is trying hard. you win. >> leslie says starbucks. about two years ago and now, we're mr. and mrs. starbucks is a of retail coffee establishments. jim writes this, i took my wife to mcdonald's. we've been married for 30 years and it only feels like yesterday. >> wow shamrock shake. >> that was a continuation. they're loving it.
6:35 am
>> you take all of your dates to mcdonald's. >> burger king, actually. flame broiled. >> first dates, how to not have a second date. >> 32 years married. that's true and the starbucks. hey guys let's talk about the weather this week. take a look at the maps. big golf tournament in the south today. masters and you see that rain in the icon that is early rain showers. i think by the this afternoon, we're going to be looking fine. 81 degrees. tomorrow, a similar day as well. so, things certainly improving for the last two days. that's a good thing because over this week, rain is going to spread back in and we're going to be dealing with a wash out of a week for many, so today, it's god in places like atlanta and mississippi and alabama. that rain moves in by monday. today across the northeast there's the snow, one little icon there. very quick little snow flurry there, but things are looking
6:36 am
better. down to the southeast, this is where we have the showers today. front is stalled out, so we'll see scattered showers along the immediate coast and then into the northern plains, western kansas, you could see a pop up thunderstorm today, but look at the temperatures and the sunshine. the it's boing to be great. across the west, warm temperatures, but unlg unlg, oregon, rain showers and mountain snow. back to you inside. >> coming up, country star johnny orr is here with a very special performance. you don't want to miss it. >> and everyone's talking about hillary clinton's big announcement on sunday. is she already old news know? some in her party worry she is. we've got a political panel up next we'll tell you what they hink. >> first, let's check in with brenda. >> good morning. a released gitmo detainee just arrested in uganda on murder charges. just more proof we need to keep
6:37 am
these guys locked up and iran, now calling the u.s. liars. for get the deal even with them at all and just as you're getting ready the to pay your tax bill we're finding out how the government is is wasting your tax dollars again, like money. we'll see you soon.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
hillary clinton about to make it official tomorrow. the former secretary of state is about to announce she's about to make a run for the white house. is it inevitable, this nomination? here to debate, susan crabtree, policy adviser for mitt romney and brian benjamin. welcome to all three. brian start with you since you're the democrat. >> there are others thinking about running for the democratic nomination. here they are. both of them. >> what i've heard all around
6:41 am
the country is that people want new leaders, they want to hear the voices of the new leaders and they want to have a robust debate about the issues our country faces. >> people are looking for people they can trust. we've done that my entire political career. >> has hillary clinton done that? >> you have to ask her. >> you have to ask her. not much of an attack there. >> those guys aren't going to be the nominee. it's like a soviet grocery store. you get one choice. is that the face of the democratic party? >> the issue is that she's such a qualified candidate that most people feel like you know what, stay out of the way. now i will admit though her announcement is not one of you know, i'm the person. i think by her announcing on twitter is saying giving people a chance, get involved, let's have a conversation. she's not trying to crowd out anybody. >> if you were run, you've been on campaigns, wouldn't you want
6:42 am
to real challenge to hone her skills before the general election? >> absolutely. i think it's important for contenders to be challenged. not overchallenged but i think it's important to be pushed in some way. the interesting thing about this announcement is she's doing the same thing she did in 2008. she's doing a video, maybe putting social media around it. why would you repeat the mistakes of a campaign where the inable -- >> covering this campaign that hillary clinton people are now saying they're going to limit press access to the candidate, possibly to pools of reporters who represent the rest and those will be choosense p by the hillary clinton campaign. >> it's not surprising. she's too calculating. you saw with this announcement that she should have done something like a speech or softened up for her appearance like an appearance on saturday night but it's so calculated that she's so controlled. she's releasing this video.
6:43 am
it shows she might be a little nervous and the fact that you have her up against different republican candidates and she's not doing well. >> it's not a sign, it's not a sign of strength. if you were running, if you were hillary, who would you least like to run against? >> probably jeb bush. >> why? >> because i think he is is only candidate who has some idea about foreign policy. i think the majority of the republican candidates are nowhere on national security and it's unbelievable to me that the republican party in this day and age couldn't have a strong candidate. >> jeb bush's foreign policy suspect radically different so far as i can tell. is that what you want? >> i think any of these republicans, whether it's jeb bush or rubio or scott walker will present a contrast to hillary clinton. hillary clinton's problem, yes, she's got a flawed foreign policy background. she's got a trust deficit and
6:44 am
any of these republicans presents in a much more trustworthy fashion than hillary clinton ever will, so, whether it's jeb or scott walker, they're going to be great opponents. for the republican side because the reality is people just don't trust her anymore and that's her biggest problem. >> so, susan, we're going to get the first quarter fund raising numbers soon and pay a ton of attention to them. jeb bush i think has raised massive amounts of money. pretty big. is that positive, does that predict the outcome? it's still early to say. in 2008 you had obama just not coming up and competing with hillary clinton on the numbers game until much later in the primary. >> right. >> so, she is not inevitable. i do think there's some weakness here. it's going to to take a lot. we saw casey this week getting into the race. what was his motivation. now, that's a quirky candidate for sure. what is his motivation.
6:45 am
>> you've understated that a little bit. >> slightly. martin o'malley, his camp i've talked to his camp. they're sort of energized recently if you talk to them and he reached out to chafee to try to get him to switch parties in 2011. it wasn't until 2013 that he did when he was governor. so there's washington is buzz buzzing a little bit. o mali, chafee. i beg you to run because we need more choices. >> thank you so much for doing this. >> my pleasure. up next, a special performance from country star johnny orr. so stick around for that. ♪
6:46 am
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play ball. quick headlines now from the sports world. a marathon game between baseball's biggest rivals. the red sox beat the yankees in some 19 innings. the game lasted nearly seven hours. the teams play again in about three hours and jordan spieth dominating at the masters, the 21-year-old sitting in first place at 14 under par breaking the record that stood since 1976. but he's not the only one breaking things. henrik stenson taking out his frustration by smashing his club over his knee. he's playing poorly while suffering flu like symptoms. >> we all use trip adviser to find the best restaurants or attractions, but what about for establishments that are autism friend friendly? that's the idea behind a new website from friends can leave tips for others in the community and next, an app.
6:50 am
joining us just in time for autism awareness month, the founder, 13-year-old kirby and his father and someone special they're working with, johnny orr. got the whole band here. nice to see you. welcome. how did this you come up with this idea? >> with kirby, we learned over the years that one of the challenges that parents have raising kids on the spectrum is yus with practice kl problems, so, in this case, finding a dentist or a restaurant. things like that. it makes a >> to make the water cooler available for everybody. >> what's been the response from parents? >> we had an amazing response. an incredible amount of sharing on social media. a lot of wonderful incoming fan mail. we are really excited now to get
6:51 am
working on the app and get it out there. >> johnny, you guys decided to get together and be a part of this. what brought to you this project? >> for us we had already written our song "we'll get by." we put it on our album. everything was going well with that. it's been on youtube and growing that way. once we -- we've been wanting to connect with someone really indepth. this was a great way to do it. once we met topher it was a snowballing thing to happen. to help this thing to grow. for us it was a no-brainer. we wanted to be involved and participate. >> what's it been like to work with johnny? >> it's been really exciting. one of the things we wanted to raise awareness with the kick starter, we wanted to reach a lot of people. we had the idea to try and challenge the world to get many, many participants. johnny said, you know what? i want to be part of that. i want to give my song as a $1
6:52 am
reward. it's more about getting a lot of awareness. >> our fox and friends viewers are some of the most generous viewers you'll ever find. if you go to autism and the kick starter info is on fox and you can go there and help donate. we want to talk about the song. "we'll get buy." what does it mean? >> this started off as -- i write a lot of songs for special occasions birthdays, anniversaries funerals in some cases. i was asked and approached to write a song for autism. i knew nothing about it. i didn't have anyone close to me on the spectrum at all. i didn't know anything. it took about a year to write this. i pulled from her story. she has twin sons that were nonverbal with autism. i took the song from the child's perspective never had an opportunity to say to their parents. >> let's hear. we'll get out of the way. kirby, you love to be a part of the music so we'll get out of
6:53 am
the way and let you play. ♪ maybe i don't speak too well ♪ ♪ but i'm coming out of my shell ♪ ♪ i like playing by myself if you can't tell ♪ ♪ i like to go to school ♪ ♪ yeah i'm a miracle ♪ ♪ and i'm glad to be alive ♪ ♪ if you wait patiently ♪ ♪ well then eventually ♪ ♪ i will understand the words that you are saying me ♪ ♪ my autism is like a prison that i'm in ♪
6:54 am
♪ share my heart but only in my mind ♪ ♪ share my pain when i'm scream ing ♪ ♪ i can't express to you what i'm going through ♪ ♪ the only way is for me to cry ♪ ♪ mama i see your fear through every single tear ♪ ♪ just to know it caused you pain from inside of here ♪ ♪ my autism is like a prison that i'm in ♪
6:55 am
♪ share your joy but only in my mind ♪ ♪ you show me love just not in my time ♪ ♪ my reality takes every in me ♪ ♪ make it through without a fight ♪ ♪ and i know you love me when you hug me ♪ ♪ when i hear you pray to god for him to hear me ♪ ♪ maybe one day you won't have to pray ♪ ♪ and i won't have to see you cry ♪
6:56 am
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everybody he made it. it's national pet day. he is here in living color. >> is someone excited? >> i'm excited. >> we hear a lot about baxter. >> we want to thank johnny orr. >> you are fantastic. >> you guys are fantastic. >> the steel guitar is really cool. >> who are we looking at here? >> bela. this is my girlfriend lindsay and our dog bela. this is her dog. >> that was -- i won't get into what's going on there. i think she pooped on the rug.
7:00 am
>> we forgive our dogs. baxter. >> send your photos to us. log on to fox and for more of that. >> see you tomorrow. to the growing terror scare not over there but right here at home. a u.s. citizen charged with plotting to explode a car bomb at a military base in kansas. the same week a wisconsin man charged with trying to join isis. they're not alone. home grown terrorists getting nabbed all over the u.s. look at that. that's a scary map. do we need to spend more to secure america no matter the cost? hi, i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." here they are the bulls and bears, gary b. smith, jonas max ferries authorities


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