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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 11, 2015 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. a fox news alert. we are getting reports of shots being fired at the u.s. capitol building in washington. there you are looking at a live picture at capitol hill. capitol police telling us a suspected shooter has been quote neutralized and the capitol building locked down as a precaution. they say the shots were fired on the west front of the capitol. this comes as police investigate a suspicious package in the area which they believe is related to the incident. we don't have any word of anyone hurt from the gun fire. no one was allowed in or out of the building or the capitol visitor center.
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of course we'll continue to monitor the situation for you and bring you the very latest as we get it. in the meantime hillary clinton now on the cusp of throwing her hat into the ring in the 2016 presidential campaign. fox news confirming that she is set to announce via social media some time tomorrow. and then she's going to be heading off to iowa for some old fashioned campaigning. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters i'm gregg jarrett. >> i'm julie banderas. and a trip to iowa will likely follow mrs. clinton. and chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in des moines, iowa, with the very latest. hey, there, ed. >> reporter: good to see you. what's similar to what hillary clinton will do tomorrow with this video on social media to announce that's the same deal that she did back in 2007. what her advisers hope will be different this time is back then she waited about a week to
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get to a battled ground state like iowa where i am right now because she was still in the senate. there were votes on the senate floor. she didn't get out on to the trail. she is expected now within 48 hours of this sunday announcement to be herein on the ground, fighting out for the votes. she needs to do it, because last time there was sort of this idea that she had taken votes for granted and ended up finishing third behind barack obama and john edwards. one of her advisers from the 2008 campaign tells us this time she has to go door to door to get those votes. listen. >> i have not met her campaign team. but they have to really back away. they need to let hillary clinton be hillary clinton. they need to make the secretary become hillary and when you do that you open up her personality. because she's the most qualified person to run for president. >> now, she will be taking fire from all sides here.
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on the ground i interviewed both of her two democratic rivals that have emerged so far, martin o'malley and jim webb. they were both saying this is not going to be a coronation for her. she's going to have to fight it out for the votes and then meanwhile on the republican side, you have potential candidates like louisiana governor bobby jindal saying she may have big problems. listen. >> i wonder what her slogan's going to be. i suspect it won't be four more years. but somebody back there got it right. it may be what difference does it make? we'll see. >> reporter: you hear the governor's reference there to benghazi. iowa republicans on the steps of the capitol here where i'm in de moines, next hour we'll have a news conference. sort of a prebuttal where they'll also be on the attack against hillary clinton. in her defense, in manhattan, in cities all around the country today that group ready for hillary that has been trying to push her into this race. they'll be having rallies right
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before they sort of pass the torch to the actual hillary clinton campaign which will basically begin tomorrow. >> all right, ed henry we'll be following every step of the way. gregg? so hillary clinton is also a very hot topic at the 2015 nra convention. some of the biggest names including jeb bush, texas senator ted cruz and wisconsin governor scott walker. all calling out clinton and the democrats over their views on gun control. elizabeth brand has more. >> reporter: front and center at the national rifle association's convention, presidential policies, both present and future. >> this next election in 2016 is going to come down to a leader who will tell us the truth and who will do what he says he will do. >> i promise you one thing. if i run for president, and if i win, the second amendment will be totally protected. that i can tell you.
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>> it's described first and foremost as the commander in chief. and yet president obama has treated this duty like an aftermath. he entered office believing that the united states was still engaged in the world in too many places. >> reporter: marco rubio is expected to be the third formal candidate to enter the presidential ring monday. but he's among a number of potential gop presidential candidates taking the stage over the weekend. many such as wisconsin governor scott walker using the podium to take a jab at former secretary of state hillary clinton and her foreign policy past. >> the former secretary of state hillary clinton actually gave russia a reset button. >> reporter: noticeably absent from stage rand paul who was campaigning in iowa on the heels of his presidential announcement. he's received an "a" rating from the association. also gone, new jersey governor chris christie who has gotten a "c" rating on the nra scorecard and recently approved a number
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of new gun laws in his state. while there were no speakers from the democratic party in years past there had been members who had vocally supported the association. gregg, back to you. >> elizabeth prann, thanks. well president obama is in panama today where he will be meeting with cuban leader raul castro at the summit of the americas. it's the very first time leaders from the two countries will formally meet since the height of the cold war. the plan face to face was an effort to normalize the relationship and raise the speculation that president obama will announce his decision to remove cuba from the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism today. coming up we'll have a live report from the historic gathering. rebels in syria attacking a neighborhood controlled by the government in the northern city of aleppo. at least nine people have been killed, dozens more injured in the shelling according to syrian state tv. that neighborhood primarily christian and armenian.
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shortly afterwards an activist group reported helicopter gunship struck back in retaliation, bombing a marketplace in one of the rebel-held neighborhoods. well, long road back for residents of a small illinois town destroyed by tornadoes is just beginning. officials letting people return home for the very first time since their small town of fairdale took a direct hit this week. many are only seeing the devastation in daylight for the first time. two people were killed. 22 people were hurt. by that tornado. and meanwhile parts of the midwest on the lookout for more severe weather today. the strongest storms likely in the texas panhandle and western plains tonight. well, the race for the white house is certainly gathering some steam right now. fox news confirming hillary clinton will make it official by tomorrow. how will this campaign be different from the one she lost to president obama? police violence once again
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caught on camera. after a chase on horse back. hear what the sheriff ordered after seeing this video. >> i am disturbed and troubled by what i see in the video. it does not appear to be in line with our policies and procedures, at least a portion of it. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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ask your doctor about lyrica. time for a quick check of the headlines for you. accidental carbon monoxide poisoning appears to have killed four people in a new york home. a police officer went to check on his elderly parents and found them their tenant and friend all dead. the car left running in the garage may have been the cause. internal criminal and civil rights investigations are
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underway after a video captured several san bernadino police officers kicking a man after a chase. they now face theft charges. investigators are working to determine what caused a 39-car train derailment in south carolina last night. no one was injured but nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution. only four remain evacuated today. well we're watching and waiting of course for hillary clinton's announcement to drop online. her much anticipated bid for the white house in 2016. fox news confirming she'll make it some time tomorrow via an online video message shared with supporters on social media. what did clinton learn from her 2008 campaign loss and will other democrats step up and challenge her? let's bring in our political panel. jehmu greene joins us, and mike schlapp is joining us.
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from the american conservative union. a former white house political director to president george w. bush. jehmu, let me start with you. "the washington post" makes the point that clinton comes across as flat and overly scripted in front of crowds. so as a result, her advisers are trying to avoid her shortcomings by going small with this announcement on social media. do you think that's what's going on here? >> no, i don't. thanks for is having me, gregg. when i first met hillary clinton in 1994 and she was campaigning for governor ann richards in texas, i couldn't have met a more warmer person and getting to work with her at the white house while running the women's office in the national democratic committee, i do think there's a side of her that has not broken through as well because you've had decades of media scrutiny at no other level than a candidate, or a public
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figure has faced before. >> you really think she does well in front of crowds? >> i think she does an amazing job in front of crowds. >> really? why not take advantage of it? >> she doesn't -- >> why not do it in front of a big crowd? >> -- intimate setting when she's talking one-on-one with folks. when they get to know her and her story, and her fight to level the playing field because that's what this campaign is going to be about. >> matt, let me go to you. you know, she's headed immediately to iowa where she came in third place in 2008 and never really recovered from it. and there's a new poll out that half the voters there in iowa do not think she is honest or trustworthy and the very same quinn pe yak poll shows she's losing ground in key states. >> she starts off in a position like '08. she's the favored democratic candidate but the democratic party is not in love with her. they're in love with elizabeth warren and they fell in love with barack obama.
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hillary clinton finds herself in this position where she leads the pack she's the likely nominee. but there's something about her they're not comfortable with. i want to run against her, i think she's a weak candidate. i think that u.n. press conference was about the worst political moment i have seen of either party for someone who wants to be president. she's clearly rusty. she'll hide behind twitter tomorrow. but she can't do that for long. >> you know, jehmu, our own poll shows that clinton is upside down or under water, she has a higher unfavorability rating than favorable. how much do you think is a result of the recent controversies, the e-mails foundation, donations, how much might it also be kind of clinton fatigue? >> well, i know how much matt and mishis colleagues want to think that a u.n. press conference and benghazi and whatever faux
11:46 am
scandal of the day is what voters care about. what they care about is getting back on track to being able to accomplish the american dream. and that's what she's going to be talking about. they could care less about these different issues that -- i understand as an operative like why it's important for -- for matt and his folks to keep hitting on these different levels. >> it's not about matt. >> wait a second. let me get in here. >> go ahead. hold on jehmu. >> it sounds like you're interviewing for a job with hillary. >> i love my job here on fox. >> benghazi is not faux. four people died including our ambassador. never call that faux. that's serious and very real and she ought to answer questions. >> jehmu, let me get in a word edgewise here. i'll let you go back and forth. but she is, jehmu, getting criticized by democrats, chafee, a former rhode island senator. he literally said she should not be president. then you have martin o'malley
11:47 am
ripping into her, saying that the president is not a crown that you pass between two families. could o'malley and elizabeth ware been a serious threat to hillary clinton? >> i suspect that the folks working with hillary right now are going to look at this race like they are 50 points behind. she is talking and bringing on people who are scrappy, who are not taking anything for granted. of course there are lessons that have been learned from 2008. and this is no attempt to keep anyone out of the race. i think if anything if you look at the types of conversations and how engaged democrats were in 2008 it was great that there was a fight that went on because we had more votes cast for even hillary clinton not having gotten the nomination -- >> well -- not glad that other people jumped in the race in 2008.
11:48 am
that's why she's not in the white house today. look, chafee, o'malley, they're all to the left of clinton. if they jump in would that force her to move to more left liberal positions? >> yeah. i think governor o'malley is a real threat to her. obviously the base of the democratic party is positively in love with elizabeth warren. it doesn't look like she'll run. but her endorsement can mean a great deal. hillary clinton has strong numbers but they're not deep. they're not really if love with her. she has to watch the base of her party as she goes forward. jehmu, you know this to be true. >> if you look at the numbers from -- >> come on, matt. look at ready for hillary, a pac that's been running strong for four years. look at my 18-year-old -- not going to college because she wants to work for hillary clinton. >> jehmu greene, matt schlapp, good to see you both. >> thanks, gregg. a fox news alert.
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we are of course keeping an eye on a situation unfolding at capitol hill. suicide on capitol hill. that has just been confirmed. a man apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. that suspect had been neutralized according to police. and the police also telling us that the capitol building was locked down as a precaution. they say the shots were fired on the west front of the capitol. this comes as police also investigate a suspicious package in the area which they believe is related to the incident. there are reports the shooter potentially was a protester. as of a few minutes ago, no one was allowed in or out of the building or even a visitor center. all shut down. of course we'll continue to monitor this situation and bring you more as soon as we get it. meantime, water vanishing from a california delta as the state struggles with the most severe drought in history. who investigators say may be
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we are all anxious, of course, to get outside and enjoy warmer weather after a long hard winter but along with the sunshine and fresh flowers spring also brings allergy triggers including some you may
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not know about. dr. david sa matmti is part of your medical a-team. you are going to tell us about things to avoid in our home like fruit and those things. >> when it comes to allergies there's so many things going on. you have offense and defense. what's our offense, it's our immune system. when you start drinking alcohol that's what's going to happen you're going to indirectly bring a lot of blood to the area and it causes vaso dilation and it makes your symptoms worse. if you are under a lot of stress, for example, your immune system is down and your cortizone is up and all of these symptoms are going to be much worse. you talk about fruits, for example, we are finding out if you are allergic let's say to these pollens fruits crossover to a lot of the potatoes celeries, et cetera. you want to avoid taking any of these foods. but there's also things we see in the environment. for example, thunderstorm -- >> and humidity.
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>> humidity and thunderstorms are the biggest enemies because they stir the pollens and make it much worse. you want to be really careful about these things. your dog may be a problem. you may leave your shoes out there and take the showers and close the windows but your dog can bring in all the pollens in and you want to make sure you bathe them before they can come in. if you have fans in the house there's a lot of dust over the blades. if you want to turn them on make sure you really clean them up. i see sometimes even including myself i wake up in the morning and it sounds like they have the runny nose, do you know why that happens? during the day you attract all of those dust and pollens, et cetera. take an evening shower. clean all that up. you go to bed with that in the morning you will have a lot of allergies. for you, what is the biggest problem? >> what? >> hairspray. >> i knew you were going to say that. gels and hairspray. >> it's a magnet. >> that's why i'm stuffed up. now i know. >> the minute you get home after
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work take a shower. >> you said alcohol but wine in particular. >> wine in particular is very tricky. >> that's something i'll need to get rid of wine and hairspray. >> i'm sure you don't have one of the fans at home. you have air-conditioning. >> you can use the filters and epa, and keep your shoes out there and take a shower. >> build yourself a bubble. that's realistic. we can't even get away with anything these days because there's allergens everywhere. >> there's only 25% of the population. only about 20%. >> peel your fruit because we don't want people to stop eating your fruit. it's the peel on the fruit that you get rid of. >> i'm going to the bubble. i like that. >> dr. samati thank you very much. we'll be right back with a live report from the capitol. ayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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fox news alert out of our nation's capital after shorts of shots fired on the west front of the capitol building welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> great to have you and all of you at home. the shooter apparently dead after turning the gun on himself. peter doocy is live in washington with the very latest on what's going on there. hi there, peter. >> reporter: hi julie, what's really scary about this it's so crowded in d.c. today for the cherry blossom festival, there are tons of tourists around. they're all being kept back away from this crime scene that we believe to be just on the they are side of this truck just in
12:01 pm
shadow of that senate chamber that you can see in this shot. now, the reason that hazardous materials is here as well because the shooter who is also the victim had some kind of a bag. we've seen investigators looking at the bag. we don't know what was in it. we don't know if it's been cleared yet. we also do not know -- we have not heard for sure -- anything else about the moments before this shooting. we were just promised by the u.s. capitol police that the public information officer is going to come over here, but you look there are at least four law enforcement agencies responding. you can see there's an officer from the dhs and the capitol police and fbi and d.c. metro police are here as well. and it doesn't seem like there's very much urgency the way sometimes we see with an active shooter situation. in fact, just about ten feet away from where the police tape is just a few minutes ago and it continues right now behind our shot people are taking pictures with the cherry blossom trees completely oblivious to what
12:02 pm
just happened on the west front of the capitol so we're hoping for more information. it does seem like the situation is now over but we're hoping for an update any second. julie? >> all right, peter doocy, thank you very much. greg? as historic meetings between the leaders of the united states and cuba expected this afternoon in panama city, the two were meeting at the summit of the americas. cuban president raul castro thanking president obama for his decision to try to overcome the past and calling mr. obama an honest man. in the meantime president obama said he is looking forward to a new relationship with cuba, and he's not interested in battles that began before he was born. the u.s. and cuba haven't had diplomatic relations in more than 50 years. mourners gathering today at the funeral of walter scott, a black south carolina man fatally shot last week by a white police officer during a traffic stop. a crowd gathering outside a church in somerville braving
12:03 pm
rain and humidity to pay their last respects. police initially said the officer michael slager shot scott during a struggle over his taser but then, of course, the infamous videotape emerged showing the officer opening fire as scott ran away unarmed and then shooting him eight times. the officer now facing first-degree murder charges. we're going to have more on this with our legal panel including why some people are calling for a second officer to be held accountable. so, stick around for that. boston police officer john moynihan just released from the hospital after being shot in the face last month. the boston police department is describing his condition as, quote, serious but improving. officer moynihan was honored in 2013 for his role in the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings, but police are also releasing surveillance video of the incident because moynihan was conducting a traffic stop at the time when a man existed his
12:04 pm
vehicle and shot the officer under his right eye. that suspect was later killed in a shootout with police. getting some new details now on a 20-year-old kansas man accused of plotting to kill american soldiers at ft. riley military base. a muslim cleric calling him mentally ill and saying that he was acting strangely days before his arrest. following this story from our west coast newsroom claudia? >> and grek, in fact, federal agents had gone to john t. booker's imam asking him to counsel the young man and help turn him away from his radical beliefs but it didn't talk. he stayed on the fbi radar and he recently made a propaganda video to be released after his death detailing his desire to carry out a suicide bombing on behalf of isis. turns out that video was part of an elaborate fbi undercover operation that ended with booker's arrest yesterday
12:05 pm
morning. he was a long history with the military. at topeka west high school booker joined the junior rotc and he enlisted in the february of last year but his alarming internet posts promoting jihad got the fbi's attention and he was discharged before ever reporting to basic training. his father a "desert storm" veteran said when he spoke to his son on thursday he seemed final. >> he grew up as a normal kid. we took him to school. he was an rotc member and stuff like that but he left outside the house and he move on his own and that's all we know. >> but agents telling fox news booker was a homegrown terror threat, self-radicalized in this country after a childhood that allegedly included being bullied in school. a classmate remembers the quiet teenager who took an interest in history especially war. >> is he the type of person that you can see being swayed by online al qaeda videos and things like that? >> yeah, yeah. probably.
12:06 pm
i would call it peer pressure definitely, especially after being picked on for four years. kind of mess someone up. >> booker's friend and fellow extremist 28-year-old alexander blair also arrested yesterday. according to the federal complaint he knew about and helped fund booker's plan to attack. and he faces charges for failing to report it. booker could get life if he is found guilty of bomb making charges and attempting to provide material support to isis. the case goes to a grand jury next week. back to you. >> claudia, thank you. julie? well the senate foreign relations committee getting ready to vote next week on a controversial bill that would give congress a say over the emerging nuclear deal with iran and critics say this legislation could make a final agreement impossible. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has more. >> reporter: pressure is building as senate foreign
12:07 pm
relations chairman bob corker with trying to win over enough democrats to achieve a veto-proof threshold to allow lawmakers to review an iran deal. while some democrats are among those offering amendments to neutralize the bill and make it acceptable to the white house. utah republican mike lee says frustration is building because lawmakers aren't entirely sure what's been promised to the regime. >> i'm often asked whether i support this deal. and my response is frequently i don't know whether i support it because i don't know what it is. >> reporter: deputy national security adviser ben rhodes said tehran must work to get sanctions released. >> the fact of the matter is we have a framework and the president has said if the details don't bear out the agreement that was reached we're not going to get a final deal. >> reporter: illinois republican congressman peter rosscom complained the administration has kemt my colleagues and i
12:08 pm
entirely in the dark throughout these negotiations while stonewalling bipartisan calls for congressional oversight on a final nuclear agreement. a state department spokesman rejected that complaint. >> we've had unprecedented level of cooperation, consultation and briefing with congress. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of former moderate senators is running a $650,000 ad campaign pressing current members who have not pledged support for the corker bill, suggesting the threat of a nuclear blast here one day. >> tell senators no iran nuclear deal without congressional approval before it's too late. >> reporter: the group has also started running ads in places like virginia thanking democrat tim kanel tim kaine for supporting the measure and in washington mike emanuel fox news. >> for the latest on that debate don't miss "fox news sunday morning" when host chris wallace sits down with senator bob menendez one of the co-sponsors of that bill so check your local
12:09 pm
listings for time. rebels in syria attacking a neighborhood controlled by the government in the northern city of aleppo. nine people have been killed and dozens more injured in the shelling according to syrian state tv. that neighborhood primarily christian and armenian shortly after an activist group reported helicopter gunships apparently struck back in retaliation. bombing a market in one of the city's rebel-held neighborhoods. so, we're expecting a major presidential announcement from hillary clinton this weekend but just how would the two senators with their names already in the ring fare against the former secretary of state in the general election? we will debate that live. also, the latest on the case against one woman accused of marrying ten men as part of a huge immigration scam. we'll have that. also thousands flocking to a major religious ritual in jerusalem. what's happening and what it means.
12:10 pm
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and it's time for a quick check of the headlines. thousands of orthodox christians ahending the holy fire ceremony in jerusalem celebrating the day
12:14 pm
before orthodox easter. it honors what is believed to be a holy fire from jesus' tomb. the white house is releague president obama's 2014 tax returns. the first family made $93,000 of federal taxes on an adjusted income of about $477,000. vice president joe biden's wife jill paid about $90,000 in taxes on adjusted gross income of nearly $389,000. cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel reportedly released from a rehab facility. the former heisman trophy winner entered a clinic in january for treatment of an unspecified problem. manziel expected to return to the team later this month. 18 months until americans head to the polls to elect their next president and senators ted cruz and rand paul becoming the first major candidates to officially declare running for the highest office in the
12:15 pm
country. however by monday evening the white house field is expected to get even more packed after democrat hillary clinton is expected to announce tomorrow and republican marco rubio declares on monday. so joining me now to discuss it all john mccormick senior writer of the weekly standard, thowch for thank you very much for coming in to talk to us. once hillary clinton announces tomorrow she's only the third candidate to officially done so. are there any advantages or disadvantages to announcing early? >> you know, it's basically depends upon your media rollout and campaign finance laws. there are some advantages to holding off on formally declaring yourself as a candidate. there are campaign contribution limits but everyone will get in the race eventually. on the republican side things are still wide open. i think the debates are really going to settle this. there's really no front-runner on the republican side. hillary clinton on the other hand is heading toward a coronation and it doesn't seem like there's anyone on the
12:16 pm
democratic side who is up to the challenge of actually taking her on and being a formidable candidate so i would really wait until the debates to see how the republican race shapes out but it seems like candidates like marco rubio and scott walker and maybe even jeb bush has the best chance of the establishment and the conservative grass roots and winning this thing whereas someone like rand paul is more a libertarian candidate and appeals more to the section of the party and ted cruz is well known as a tea parityier and has a lot of appeal to the social conservative base but we'll have to wait until this thing gets in high gear and watch them go head to head in the fall. >> if they were to go head to head hypothetically. you have iraqi the lone democrat and rand paul and ted cruz and marco rubio on monday. let's talk about the central issue that they'll be debating on and that will speak volumes as to the polls and that is foreign policy which will likely be an important issue in the presidential election of 2016. if you put hillary clinton up
12:17 pm
against rand paul and ted cruz, both with foreign policy experience, will it hem or hurt the republicans? >> hillary clinton has the experience of talking to foreign leaders and the republicans will respond saying what are your accomplishments? >> benghazi? >> benghazi. the rushing reset. the arab spring. the rise of the islamic state. you flew to all the countries and met with the leaders but what are your accomplishments and how is your foreign policy different than the administration you served? that will be the advantage of marco rubio who is focused on foreign policy. rand paul will have a difficulty he has some very different views, you know as 2007 said that an iranian nuclear bomb wouldn't be a threat. he hasn't given a good explanation as to why he thinks a nuclear iran is a threat and i think those will be highlighted
12:18 pm
as the campaign goes on. >> how much do you think hillary clinton should and will distance herself on president obama on certain international issues that have backfired much like iran with this bill that's coming forward essentially a lot of the world including israel are unhappy with this -- this deal that president obama wants to make with iran and allowing it to allow some 5,000 centrifuges to remain open, that's a central issue and a huge talking point for republicans say that democrats just don't know how to handle this. will she, then, try to back away from president obama and come up with a different way of approaching it? >> well, i think she's in a tough spot. because if you recall she lost the democratic nomination to barack obama back in 2008 because she cast a vote for the iraq war so she seems to be too hawk icial tryish and trying to overcome for the president's failures and independents and republicans don't think the president's foreign policy has been very success, they think it's time for a change.
12:19 pm
there's a recent poll what matters more someone experienced and tested and those ready to bring about change and change won by a 20% margin. that would favor the republicans with a fresh face against hillary clinton and the republicans will try to paint her as the past. >> let's talk about other republicans jeb bush scott walker, chris christie, mike huckabee, this list is long, rick santorum and carly fear rena and what are they waiting for? because at this point hillary is the only one? >> you guess you would have to ask them why they are waiting and staggering their announcements. jeb bush is raking in the money on the trail with his pac. there aren't the campaign finance limits taking place right now. marco rubio will probably get into the race on monday and the debates really don't start off until the fall so there's really no necessity right now for any
12:20 pm
of these candidates to formally declare. it doesn't really help them that much to announce. it's depends when they want to make their big splash and media announcement in the press. >> so how about other democrats that are looking to challenge hillary clinton and who would republicans most likely want the democratic nominee to be do you believe? >> well i think they might like to run against vice president joe biden in the polls he performs very poorly against republicans. he sort of has a reputation of being a little bit loose with his remarks. says a lot of goofy things sometimes. >> that's one way to put it. >> the only people who are really considering challenging hillary clinton are martin o'malley of maryland who doesn't really have much of a record to speak of. you know he had a disastrous rollout of obamacare even worse than the federal level. he doesn't really come across as a very charismatic person and lincoln chafee out of rhode island who is making waves or trying to at least he's attacking hillary clinton from the left on foreign policy saying we shouldn't have someone
12:21 pm
who voted for the iraq war and you look at the polls and the power of having a first female president is very appealing to a lot of people not just a lot of democrats but a lot of independents as well that's a real challenge for republicans running against hillary clinton when is going to be emphasizing the fact that she could be the first female president. >> absolutely. but republicans are also not going to ignore the fact to who she is married to and i think that's possibly going to hurt her in some minds. >> definitely. i think, you know, just the idea of the past do we really want to deal with the clintons and their scandals and the e-mail scandal reminded people of the scandals of the '90s. >> sorry wish we had more time but we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> it will be an exciting season and for more on this be sure to catch "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo speaking live with johnny isakson getting his response to the foreign policy stances an important one of the 2016 contenders, greg?
12:22 pm
an alleged serial bride of all things now facing two felony fraud charges right here in new york. the woman accused of getting married ten times but only getting five divorces. which is, you know, a bit of a problem. raising serious national security concerns as well. we're live in new york with the details. brian? >> hi, greg. well, 39 liana barrientos married nine times between 19 final and 2002 alone. she currently has four husbands but at one point she was married to eight. eight men at the same time. liana reportedly used her real social security number and variations of her name each time yet she wasn't caught. the security concerns are real. mainly because seven of the men she married came from so-called red flagged countries countries suspected of harboring terrorists including egypt, turkey and pakistan. in fact, her eighth husband rashid rashput was deported back
12:23 pm
to pakistan in 2006 after a joint terrorism task force investigated him for making threatening statements against the u.s. now, prosecutors say barrientos was running an immigration scam charging a fee to marry immigrant men six of whom filed for green cards largely within a marriages. now, the alleged serial bride is facing two felony fraud charges in bronx, new york for filing a false marriage license in 2010 where she stated it was her first and only marriage. clearly not. in 2002 alone she married six times in different cities throughout new york state. getting hitched on valentine's day to a man from georgia and two weeks later to a man from turkey and then two weeks after that according to court documents to a man from czechoslovakia wearing a wedding ring on friday bare yenl toesrientos pleaded not guilty telling "the
12:24 pm
new york post" she only remembers marrying two of the men. she was released on bail and rearrested after leaving court friday caught with her niece trying to sneak on to a new york city subway without paying a fare. reportedly telling the officer who arrested her, quote, didn't you see me on tv? she was released without bail again. twice in one day. swinging at the cameras and swearing away. now, if convicted of the felony charges barrientos faces up to four years in prison. greg? >> brian, thanks very much. >> no problem. >> julie? a police officer charged with murder after a video shows him fatally shooting a man as he ran away during a traffic stop. now, hear why many are calling for a second officer to be indicted. plus, what cuban leader raul castro is saying about president obama ahead of an expected meeting in panama city. >> translator: i welcome as a positive step his recent announcement that he would soon
12:25 pm
decide on cuba's designation in a list of countries sponsoring terrorism. a list in which our country should have never been included. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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12:29 pm
by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen. optum. healthier is here. it's the bottom of the hour time now for the top of the news. raul castro calling president obama an honest man and thanking him for his decision to try to overcome the past. his comments come ahead of an expected meeting between the two leaders this afternoon in panama city. authorities say a second boy has died after his family's car plunged into los angeles harbor killing his 13-year-old brother. the parents managed to swim to safety. the second child who died was 8 years old. ten california deputies are put on leave after video allegedly shows them kicking and punching a suspect who had led them on a chase.
12:30 pm
various internal and criminal investigations are under way right now of the incident in san bernardino. a funeral taking place this morning for walter scott, the black south carolina man fatally shot by a white police officer following a traffic stop. authorities now charging that officer with murder. and the national bar association calling for the firing and indictment of another officer for allegedly filing a false police report in the incident. joining me now defense attorney eric guster trial attorney misty maras. good to see you both. eric, what about this second officer? >> he should be charged. >> with what? >> with filing a false police report as well as other charges. >> obstruction of justice? >> it could be obstruction of justice as well very easily because he made some statements that simply were not true. >> misty? >> absolutely obstruction of justice is the big one. the other issue is this guy has lost any credibility with respect to testifying in the trial. i mean, it's done as of now.
12:31 pm
>> all right. i want to talk now about officer slager who has been fired. he's been charged with first-degree murder ap as i understand it the prosecutors want a formal indictment and that will happen next month. the argument has been made the dash cam video separate from the shooting video, the dash cam video about the legal stop, the discussion, and then you see the victim fleeing there. and some have suggested that could put context into it meaning this may show no premeditation in the later shooting itself because of what went on in from of it. do you buy that, misty? >> i absolutely do not buy that. the thing is you have to show malice aforethought to have a murder charge in south carolina. that could meanwhile one second before you decide you have the intent to kill this personal. i don't think we have a heat of passion defense that would bring this down to manslaughter. not under these circumstances not with this video that we saw
12:32 pm
from the bystander. clearly his back -- the victim's back was facing the officer. it doesn't matter what happened in between or the context of the dashboard video. we have murder here. >> let's put up the shooting video itself. and, you know, it's obviously difficult to watch. but look for premeditation here. all right. now, the law says very clearly, case law in every jurisdiction across the united states, eric you can premeditate in a matter of seconds. >> in a matter of seconds. and if you watch how this officer is standing, it's just like target practice. he has the perfect stance to gun this man down and murder him. because just like what misty just said, premeditation only takes a second, because he had to chase after walter scott and he has plenty of time to decide on what he was going to do and it seemed like he was just tired and decided i'm just going to shoot him. >> let's put up on the screen the south carolina law. there's two categories murder and manslaughter. and the murder is the killing of
12:33 pm
another person with mall list aforethought, essentially it means you premeditate. manslaughter no premeditation. essentially it means you do something without thinking. it's a sudden impulse it's the heat of passion. now, eric, misty doesn't buy that heat of passion. what do you think? >> i don't -- i don't believe -- i don't buy heat of passion because he took the time to fire eight shots. one shot, maybe? oh, my gosh, i just shot someone. >> what was i thinking? >> he continued to shoot which clearly shows he has intent to make sure walter scott was dead. that's what -- that's what he successfully did. >> another portion of that is you have to be in the heat of passion, i'm not thinking rationally, i don't have a cool head. how about when he takes the taser and moves it next to the body. >> that's after the shooting. what about before the shooting? >> we're still talking about -- >> before the shooting can a clever lawyer say, hey, wait a minute, he's struggling over the taser and so forth, this is
12:34 pm
before the shooting he's struggling and in that momentary second he fears for his life whether rationally or not? >> prosecutors will say he got tired of chasing him so he gunned him down. that's exactly what happened. he got tired of running -- >> you know what he'll say. >> you articulated will be the argument and the question will be what happened in that gap between the two videos that could establish that there was a heat -- a heat of passion or some sort of justification. but i don't think they're going to be able to establish it, no way. >> can he argue -- how can argue fear for his life, seriously bodily injury or death if the stun gun has already been spent in it's now inert, it uses the wires and the darts and once you use it once you can't use it again once you reload. where's the danger? >> there is no danger. >> there is no danger. waltzer scott is running away. he's an older guy than slager. slager could have caught him and he had no weapon so slager murdered him. >> try to put on your defense
12:35 pm
hat here and i'm just trying to figure out what the defense is going to say. >> the defense is going to say what the defense is going to say. >> they're going to say what? >> they're going to say it was a copting event ingcontinuing event and there was a fight and i don't think it will work because he had too much time and shot him in the back. >> the supreme court has ruled police cannot shoot a fleeing suspect who poses no danger so slager would have to claim somehow a danger. where's the danger? >> no danger. he would have to claim an imminent danger to himself or the public in general. >> there's none. >> in this case we just don't have those facts. >> how can it be a danger to the public the guy's unarmed? >> that's the point. >> he's unarmed and running away. and slager had his license. he had his car back at the scene. it's not where he could get away and he didn't know where this guy is and he fears he may hurt someone else. >> police have to try to not use deadly force. that's the last thing that you have to use. >> can we agree here that his best defense is a lesser
12:36 pm
included? >> yes 100%. >> which is manslaughter and would be i lost my head, sudden impulse, heat of passion. >> that's what they're going to do they're going to be trying to negotiate that behind the scenes. i doubt they'll -- >> they won't -- >> they're going for blood here and going for the murder charge. >> even before trial they're going to shoot to try to get manslaughter, that will be their target not guilty is not going to happen in this case. >> misty and eric, good to see you both. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we agreed on something. i can't believe it. all right julie? an intense manhunt under way right now in san francisco after a deadly car chase. a vehicle fleeing police striking two pedestrians killing one and injuring the officer. well, police say the suspect committed a series of arm immediate robberies this week including three last night alone. they ran away after crashing the vehicle into a parked car. as california experiences a severe drought, some desperate farmers now accused of stealing water. we're going to have details
12:37 pm
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test-drive our full lineup only at your local john deere dealer. updating now our story on capitol hill where a man shot and killed himself in the west front of the capitol building. there's also a package there that he may have placed that is very suspicious. we've just learned that the fbi's joint terrorism force which has expertise obviously in bomb detection is on the scene, so we'll keep you posted as we find out more information. all right. so, amazon fed up with phony comments and it is now filing a lawsuit against four companies that allegedly sell fake reviews. and that appear next to products on the main amazon website.
12:42 pm
this comes just two months after yelp sued a company for allegedly helping some businesses through posting bogus reviews, scott thank you very much for talking to us. i cannot emphasize how important and influential these online reviews are as a serial online shopper myself. amazon reviews are golden. if you get five stars as far as i'm concerned, i buy it if i'm debating between that and a different product. how are people getting away with these fake scams? >> ultimately if you have a product or service you can actually pay some of these websites to write reviews for you and the goal here like you said is to esstab credibility it's not just the rating but the quantity of reviews. if you see a product with hundreds of reviews that will look like a more legitimate product than one with a few reviews and when you are paying to get a review it makes you wonder how credible could that review be. >> one of these websites
12:43 pm it guarantees regular reviews $19 to $25 depends on the size of the odor and the site specifies, quote, all of our reviewers are actual people that try your products and provide unbiased reviews. how are websites allowed to get away with this? because reviews should only come from consumers. >> there are measures that amazon has taken to stop it besides suing these companies. they have a virfied purchase next to each review so that certainly allows users to say someone is writing a review so at least they bought product, but some of the websites have algorithms that can use amazon system and do a fake purchase to get the stamp onto the review so it looks credible. >> here are some ways for an online consumer to figure out whether a review is legit or not. check out the reviewers. be wary of onetime or first-time
12:44 pm
reviewers. >> it's true. you ultimately want to make sure the people have not only purchased the review -- or the products but have not had a long history of writing reviews on multiple different products that sort of don't have a real theme to them. >> right. >> you can google the reviewer, try to establish some sort of you know knowledge base of who is writing this review. >> read dozens of reviews on several sites. don't go by one. be wary of similar wording on reviews and discount extreme reviews. people are going to say we love it we hate it. but if it's some ridiculously over the tom glorified review i always become suspect. wait a second, i'm an excited consumer but i never get that excited. >> use common sense. it's not just amazon reviews and restaurant reviews. >> on yelp. >> for every one-star rating bump a restaurant's revenue could increase by 9% so the things have a lot of weight. >> it's also worth checking out the reviewer, you know, if you're going to book a hotel or restaurant or anything of the sort you got to
12:45 pm
cross-reference. but it's interesting amazon is so powerful if i'm shopping on another website they use amazon reviews on their website. such as, for example, i buy a lot of stuff on there and i see the reviews and it's all amazon reviews amazon is so powerful with a huge powerful company that has a whole department that polices these sort of things then how is it as a consumer that we're going to catch these things if this amazon marketplace is having these loopholes? >> well, that's what they're starting to do by substituting this lawsuit and they are trying to crack down on what's going on but as a consumer we can't rely on companies even as big as amazon to look after our best interests that's why we need to do the legwork ahead of time to make sure we're getting the best bang for our buck. and the other thing like web sifets like tripadvisers have user pictures for hotels and things like that so that's another way to find out information about a product. you don't have to rely on the written review but also
12:46 pm
pictures. there's only so much you can do to embellish a picture. >> that's true. >> and dedicate some time to write reviews would actually be a good thing. >> for restaurants take some time to really do your home work. >> scott, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. i'll go back to shopping after the show. greg? >> thank you. so good at that. >> i'm so curious, too. >> she's a pro. california farmers accused of stealing water from a delta as the state struggles with a fourth consecutive drought. a state agency that delivers millions of residents water have filed a complaint. farmers as one seen here the prime suspects but they claim they have a right to the water because of their proximity to the local delta. this drought is so severe that governor jerry brown has imposed mandatory water restriction on home owners, businesses and farmers for the first time in california's history. julie? and today marks the 45th
12:47 pm
anniversary of "apollo 13" a mission that became to be known as nasa's most successful failure. >> roger. roger. >> start. >> roger. >> okay. >> looks good here. >> an oxygen tank explosion ripped through the spacecraft prompting commander jim lovelle to utter, quote, houston, we've had a problem. and shifting "apollo 13's" mission from moon landing to survival. these three brave astronauts along with dozens of flight controllers worked for days to solve multiple challenges and eventually landed safely back on earth. >> what a story. all right. violence in yemen is escalating as saudi-led air strikes hit military targets throughout the country how iran is now reacting to a growing rivalry in the
12:48 pm
middle east. plus, disturbing new details on the man authorities say was sympathetic to isis and plotting to carry out a suicide bombing at a u.s. army base in kansas. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. ..
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a fox news alert and an update on capitol hill.
12:52 pm
the u.s. capitol building lockdown has been cleared after a gunman turned the gun on himself earlier today. it happens to also be a weekend for the blossom festival so fortunately, no one other than that gunman was hurt and the scene has been cleared for now, so the u.s. capitol building has been reopened. the united nations offering a very grim assessment of the situation in yemen, saying the crisis is quote getting worse by the hour. this as two of the biggest powers in the middle east, iran and saudi arabia, continue to butt heads over a saudi-led air campaign that tehran says amounts to genocide. let's bring in captain bob wells retired member of the u.s. navy and former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney. sir, thanks for being with us. saudi arabia is now escalating the bombing campaign against the iranian-backed houthis and in fact, the saudis are now
12:53 pm
declaring their intention to send in ground troops into yemen. on the other side, the ayatollah is threatening saudi arabia. where do you see this going? >> well, thank you. i see it going its due course with the saudis looking at how they can stabilize these key elements inside yemen. the rhetoric from iran is nothing new for the saudis, in particular this rhetoric with ayatollah khomeini personally citing the king's son as the minister of defense is very troubling. but as you mentioned, the united nations says it's going to get worse by the hour. it is. it's getting hotter there. this is a very difficult challenge for the saudis as well as for the future of the region. >> well let's talk about the united states, because secretary of state john kerry is warning iran to stop its involvement in yemen and in fact, he said the u.s. will not allow it but at the same time kerry is
12:54 pm
negotiating with tehran over its nuclear program. doesn't that actually give iran leverage over the united states in the nuclear talks? >> it does. in fact the secretary of state made it clear to the saudis that we can do two things. one of the good pieces of information recently with regard to u.s. support to saudi arabia was deputy secretary's reassurance with regard to arms, logistics and also intelligence to support this effort inside yemen. but this rhetoric is going to continue to get escalated. the iranians need to be put on notice with regard to their particular conduct. they are revolutionary iran and i think if you look at the mischief they caused in the middle east over the last few decades in lebanon, in iraq also, if you look at what's happened with the united states in iran i have been there watching the iranian navy over the course of the better part of 20 years. they are very untrustworthy and i think the secretary of state
12:55 pm
needs to put them on notice and continue to put them on notice. >> captain, last september president obama said that in fighting isis he would use the same anti-terror strategy that he employed in yemen which he then called a model of success. in fact two weeks ago the white house insisted it's still a model of success. i don't know how that can be given that yemen is now a wreck. what does that say about president obama? >> well, i served in the bush administration. i think we had it right with regard to the counter terrorism strategy. we looked at what type of robust capability we needed to basically have a good counter terrorism information informed strategy. unfortunately, we lost our posture in yemen. we don't have the same capabilities we once had. we shifted things off into djibouti and other places in the region so the president needs to look at the capability and capacity to conduct counter terrorism operations against yemen. al qaeda is still on the
12:56 pm
sidelines as you know and that's very concerning. it's still a global war on terror. >> captain bob wells, always great to talk to you. >> thanks, sir. america's relations with cuba taking center stage at the summit of north and south american leaders right now. president obama and president castro meeting face-to-face. the latest on the talks out of panama city when arthel neville and eric shawn bring us a new hour of america's news headquarters in three minutes. thank you very much for watching us today. great to be with you as well. >> my favorite thing to do is hang out with you on a saturday afternoon. and i mean that quite sincerely. >> that's why i brought you today's beautiful weather. i'm like your ray of sunshine. >> let's go enjoy it. know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement
12:57 pm
can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted.
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hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. topping the news this hour, it's been more than 50 years since a u.s. president and cuban leader have met but that streak ends today in a highly anticipated meeting that has both critics and supporters waiting. secretary of state john kerry heading to the hill this coming week to make the case for the nuclear framework agreement with iran, but the senate may have other plans. and there's some incredible video from astronauts aboard the international space station, shows everyone back on earth what it is really like to take a walk in space.


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