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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  April 11, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. topping the news this hour, it's been more than 50 years since a u.s. president and cuban leader have met but that streak ends today in a highly anticipated meeting that has both critics and supporters waiting. secretary of state john kerry heading to the hill this coming week to make the case for the nuclear framework agreement with iran, but the senate may have other plans. and there's some incredible video from astronauts aboard the international space station, shows everyone back on earth what it is really like to take a walk in space.
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but first, it's almost official. hillary clinton set to announce she is running for president in 2016. that announcement will come sometime tomorrow, we are told, via social media. mrs. clinton then expected to head directly to iowa and most likely then follow to new hampshire, of course two key early voting states, to try and spend some quality time, they say, with the voters. something she did not always previously do in her white house run. anticipation of mrs. clinton's announcement, president obama was asked earlier this week if he had any advice another. his response? as long as she's her wonderful self, she will do great. the chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us from des moines, iowa, where mrs. clinton is anticipated to be heading tomorrow after her announcement on social media. great to see you, as always. how are they getting ready there in des moines and in iowa for her potential appearance? >> well, there are some
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democrats who appear to be ready for hillary all around the country, not just here in iowa but in new york city there as well. i will explain that in a moment. back in 2007 she stumbled. she came out initially with a similar deal, put out a video out on social media, but then took a week before she hit a state like this, a battleground, iowa, because she was a sitting senator, had some senate business. this time they are not going to make that mistake. she's a private citizen. we expect her here in iowa pretty quickly early this coming week, then on to new hampshire eventually as well to fight it out. i mentioned ready for hillary. they had this event in new york city. other cities around the country. this is a grassroots group that has been sort of pleading with her for months to get into the race. now that she's getting in tomorrow, they are basically sort of passing the torch to the official campaign. here's democratic congresswoman caroline maloney speaking a short time ago. >> we thank you for running. you are a mother, a wife, a
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grandmother and a woman and you will be the first, the first female president from the great country of the united states of america. >> remember, in the first run, she was considered the inevitable democratic nominee, maybe inevitable president as well, but started to stumble right here in iowa. came in third behind barack obama and john edwards. she is obviously hoping to hit the ground running this time and not have a repeat. >> the sit-downs at homes in iowa, they kind of sound like they are listening to her. meanwhile, republicans, they are not holding their fire against her. >> you're right. i mean, look, back in that first senate race, you no doubt covered in new york, it was a listening tour. she's got to do that here in iowa. the republican national committee sort of a prebuttal put out this ad in battleground states today, saying the country is not ready for hillary clinton and that her record as the president's secretary of state
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is not so good. all of these hot spots around the world that may be in worse shape than when the president took office. a short time ago we spoke here to jeff kaufmann. he had a news conference on the steps of the state capitol in des moines. he's the iowa republican party chairman. here's what he said about clinton on her way to iowa. >> hillary clinton is going to be here pretty soon in iowa. i guess better late than never for your coronation. but the bottom line is we're ready for hillary and we're ready to ask her some questions. we are ready to ask her some questions with all due respect. but they are serious questions. >> so interesting that word coronation. i spoke to martin o'malley, the former maryland governor, potential democratic rival to hillary clinton. he also said this is not going to be a coronation. so she's getting fire from all sides. but let's not forget, despite any weaknesses she has, she also enters with a lot of strengths and perhaps has learned some lessons from the failed first run. >> and they are gearing up for what could be a $2.5 billion race.
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always good to see you. thank you. in a fox news alert, a historic meeting at the summit of the americas in panama. president obama and cuban president raul castro meeting and shaking hands, marking the first time the two have seen each other since restoring diplomatic ties last year, and for his part, castro heaping praise on our president. >> we have the very latest from panama city. >> reporter: a stunning reversal of more than 50 years of a lack of communication between the u.s. and cuba as today the president of the island nation, raul castro, absolved president obama of the rift that has kept the two countries that are separated by a near 90 miles but worlds apart over the past half century. the two men did have an opportunity today to address the summit today. president obama for his part acknowledged the long road ahead but he promised not to let the past dictate the future. >> the point is the united
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states will not be imprisoned by the past. we're looking to the future. and the policies that improve the lives of the cuban people and advance the interests of cooperation in the hemisphere. >> reporter: president castro, meanwhile, spent nearly an hour reciting past grievances between the two countries but he said the president is an honest man and he didn't blame him for the past. >> translator: i have told president obama myself that i am very emotional when i talk about the revolution. i apologized to him because president obama had no responsibility with this. he has no responsibility with this. they were ten presidents before him. >> reporter: the president has plenty of critics, including the president of venezuela who complained about some sanctions that have been levied against some of his countrymen. the critics not just limited here at the summit. also plenty back home, including
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some on capitol hill. senator bob menendez of new jersey, senator lindsay graham among them. most notably, marco rubio of florida. he is set to announce a presidential run coming up on monday. kevin cork, fox news. eric? >> thank you, kevin. during their historic meeting, president obama spoke first. he said it is an historic meeting, that the history between the united states and cuba is complicated, saying that after 50 years of policy that has not worked, the president said it was time to try something new. he also said that we can disagree with the spirit of respect and he also said that the initial responsibility is to open embassies in washington, d.c. and havana. let's listen for a moment. there are a lot of issues there.
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we can see the translator. this historic meeting between raul castro and the president of the united states. >> as we look at those pictures a little longer, we will jump away from that. okay. we will stream that live on meanwhile, that historic meeting is definitely going to be talked about tomorrow on fox news sunday when new jersey senator robert menendez will sit down with chris wallace. check your local listings for the show times. on to washington, d.c., the capitol building is now back open after shots were fired there earlier this afternoon. right now we are waiting for an update from the metropolitan and capitol hill police. peter doocy is live at the scene where the gun shots rang out. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, they lifted that lockdown that followed a man shooting himself just on the west terrace of the u.s. capitol. you can see that some units are still arriving, this from the friendship fire association, washington, d.c. we have seen four different big
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agencies from washington, law enforcement agencies, responding to this. there are fbi agents, d.c. police, capitol police as well as dhs. they are all still over there trying to assess what happened. so we don't know too much. but things could have been a lot worse. it's already very scary but could have been a lot worse because today is one of the busiest tourist days in washington, d.c. of the whole year. it is the first nice saturday and it is the cherry blossom festival. they have these beautiful cherry trees that are in peak bloom today. lots of people actually as this is going on behind where our cameras are set up, are still taking photos with the trees, pretty much oblivious to the scary scene, a man shooting himself just in front of the u.s. capitol about two hours ago. and in case you want a sense of things kind of getting back to normal here just in a few minutes, a protest, a bring back our girls protest just marched up to right where the police tape is and then continued along the reflecting pool basically
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with a bunch of tourists now who are still out. this is not as frantic and was not as frantic by the time we got here as a lot of active shooting scenes that you see. we are getting the sense that once this person shot themselves and suffered some kind of self-inflicted gunshot wound, they were down and the situation was mostly completely neutralized with the exception of that suspicious package believed to be connected to the shooter, who is also the victim. that is now clear as well. eric? >> peter, thanks for the very latest on that tragic situation at the nation's capitol. arthel? a funeral today in south carolina for walter scott. he was fatally shot last week by a white police officer during a traffic stop. a crowd braving rain and humidity to pay their final respects. this week police released dash cam video showing the minutes before the shooting when scott got out of the car and ran. police initially said that
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officer michael slager shot scott during a struggle over his taser, but then video emerged showing the officer firing eight times at scott as he ran away. officer slager is now facing first degree murder charges. victims are returning to assess the damage after that devastating tornado that ripped through the midwest. in the small town of fairdale, illinois, you can just look at that damage for yourself. the storm damaged or destroyed nearly every house in that community. it is also being blamed now for two deaths. thankfully, that number of fatalities is not expected to go up. >> we are winding down to the tail end of this, as far as the search and rescue portion. we are very confident that we have covered all the areas that needed special attention. >> we think we have everyone
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accounted for. >> the governor signing a disaster declaration that will allow the state to receive federal support. new details on an alleged bomb plot at fort riley military base in kansas. john t. booker jr., the 20-year-old kansas man, is accused of planning to kill american soldiers there. he is being described as mentally ill and acting strangely days before his arrest. this as we are hearing a second man, 28-year-old alexander blare, has been arrested for failing to report a felony in connection with the alleged bomb plot. we have more about the other man charged and are joined from our west coast news room. >> reporter: according to the federal complaint, these two men shared the same extremist views and were kind of business partners in booker's plan to carry out a suicide attack at fort riley. the complaint saying blair loaned booker money to rent a storage unit to stash his bomb
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making materials, and if blair is convicted of a felony he could spend three years in prison. booker meantime could get life if he is found guilty of the charges against him, including attempting to provide material support to isis. he had been on the fbi's radar ever since he joined the army in february of last year and took to the internet to post his jihadist aspirations. when questioned about his posts by the fbi, booker admitted he only enlisted so that he could carry out an insider attack at fort riley similar to the fort hood massacre. recently he made a propaganda video in arabic and english to be played after his death. that included this warning to military families. >> he said he wanted members of the public whose sons and daughters were members of the military, that he wanted to get their loved ones out of the military immediately. he said because the islamic state is coming for them. he said that they were targets in their homes, at their bases, recruiting stations or in the
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streets. >> reporter: that video obviously now a key piece of evidence in the case, which goes before a grand jury next week. sources tell me that federal agents spent months last year trying to convince booker to give up his jihadist beliefs and they even asked the imam at his mosque to intervene and counsel him. nothing seemed to work and yesterday morning, booker was arrested near a utility gate where he hoped to get on to the base with his car bomb undetected. agents saying no one at fort riley was ever in any danger because they say the materials booker had acquired to make his suicide bomb came from an fbi informant and were inert. arthel? >> that's a good thing. claudia, thank you very much for that update. how real is the iranian nuclear deal? tehran, believe it or not, contradicting many of the white house claims, claims like they promise iran's facilities will face the toughest inspections ever. we will speak coming up with one
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of the top experts in the world on the united nations weapons inspections to find out if the u.n. can really stop iran from building a possible nuclear bomb. then a brawl in walmart, in the parking lot in walmart, turns deadly when an angry mob attacks police. chaos on a highway when the door of an armored truck swings open. you know what that starts. a money grab. >> that money belongs to the brinks armored car company. any money that is picked up and not turned in to brinks or the police department, criminal prosecution could ensue. rkin' t. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. the air force confirming the firing of major general james post. they say it was over alleged comments made to lower-ranking officers telling them that talking to law makers about the a-10 attack jet amounted to treason. the general has apologized for what he described as a poor choice of words. police releasing video that shows a deadly brawl outside an arizona walmart. officers responding to the scene after a reported assault against a female employee. the incident left one suspect dead and two other people wounded, including an officer.
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and drivers hitting the brakes on a texas interstate after cash starts spilling out of an armored car. >> a lot of money falling around. i had handfuls and it was all crumpled up. it was like an easter egg hunt. people were stopped on the highway running in front of me and people were running back this way towards me. i kind of wanted to get out of there. it was crazy. >> police say most of the money has not been returned. if iran cheats, the world will know it. if we see something suspicious, we will inspect it. iran's past efforts to weaponize its program will be addressed. with this deal, iran will face more inspections than any other country in the world. >> is that really true? president obama's announcement proclaiming the iranian nuclear agreement has some holes, it seems.
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iran, for example, says it will not address its history of weaponizing its nuclear program, will not allow snap inspections, will not allow inspectors into any military sites. so will all that really stop them from possibly building a nuclear bomb? we have one of the top experts in the world on u.n. weapons inspections. wr he wrote the landmark report on how saddam hussein told the world powers. he is the acting chairman of the u.n. special commission on iraq. it's an honor to have you with us. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. coming from someone who wrote a book on the u.n. i take that as -- there's some truth to what you say, perhaps. >> i appreciate that. your report was astounding. it went through fine tooth comb on what saddam hussein did. i remember you saying saddam was going out the back as weapons inspectors were going to the front door. can you contrast and compare the
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inspections in iran that allegedly will start with what we all had to face in iraq? >> well, in your lead-in you had some quotes from the president. i wish that those categorical statements he was making would be true. but this will not be the most intrusive inspections ever, even if iran agreed to everything we put on the table. the case was that in iraq, we could go anywhere, any time and bring anything and even under those circumstances, we were not able to do our job. we were not able to do our job because we didn't have the security council fully backing us. the security council divided, some countries were supporting us, some were not. russia, notably. as you would note in the u.n. experience, they were being paid off by the iraqis. why won't this happen again? i'm not optimistic that all those categorical statements that the president made are going to be true. >> you think russia would have iran's back in the security council in case there are similar inspections?
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>> well, certainly they performed that role for iraq. saddam paid them off heavily and basically got what he paid for. now the question with iran, because they are both in the oil market and to the extent that iran comes back on the oil market, it could be seen as competition. but on the other hand, the russians have this big reactor and are trying to get paid for and there are other economic interests to develop. i think going forward, once the momentum builds on doing business with iran, it will be very tough to reimpose the sanctions. >> also, what you did not have in iraq, you have ayatollah khomeini, the supreme ruler, coming out saying there won't be any quote, extraordinary measures and to the iranians that sounds like almost anything. he is denying them ability to go into military sites and that raises the question, where they are suspected to have weaponization of the military program in terms of explosive experiments. what do you think of that and what do you think of the supreme
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leader's statements that all military facilities are off the table? how could you find out if they are building a bomb if you can't even go into any military facility? >> that's exactly right. that's kind of a non-starter at least from my point of view. not only that, but even if they did allow you into a site, when are they going to allow you into it, after two weeks of advance notice? the key question is how much work has iran done to design the weapon itself. in other words, they are now addressing only the enrichment of the material that goes into the bomb. unstated and unresolved is have they done work to design a weapon, have they tested that and if iran doesn't come forward and admit that and come clean on that, how can we possibly say that this agreement is walking back the iranian program and how can we possibly say that we have confidence that they are going to have a one-year standard for a breakout time. it will be very interesting to see how the leaders in the intelligence community respond to this when you are inevitably called on this on the hill. >> finally, what do you think's going to happen at the end?
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>> well, you know, i think if the united states does assert its need for having intrusive inspections, i think the iranians might balk. at the end of the day, that might not be a bad outcome. then at least we would have an honest outcome where we would understand we can't really have inspections which are illusory. if the sanctions stay on for some longer period of time, maybe we will have bought more time and under more forthright conditions. we'll see. the devil will be in the details and they've got another, what, ten weeks to figure that out. >> charles duelfer, thank you for coming in. i want to tell all our viewers if you really want to find out how a regime could play cat and mouse with the u.n. weapons inspectors and find out what he found out, google the duelfer report. fascinating reading. thank you so much for joining us. arthel? a bizarre case of a serial bride. why a new york city woman is
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facing charges for saying i do a few too many times. plus, this will be hillary clinton's second run for president. what lessons did she learn from her defeat in 2008 and what might she do differently this time around? >> along life's way you get a chance to make millions of decisions. some of them are big like do you run for office. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere.
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hillary clinton's plans to announce her presidential bid online is a familiar strategy, one she used back in 2008. but critics say she made a key error by waiting a week to visit voters in key states. a mistake it appears clinton will not be repeating. but don't be surprised if her husband is not by her side. the former president saying he's taking a back seat so as not to be a distraction. bringing in washington editor for the national review.


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