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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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not accurate to suggest and i don't think my team has suggested that somehow everything is all done and it is just a matter of writing it up. there is a situation in which we have a framework if implemented powerful and will achieve our dpoel of making sure that iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon. but the details make a difference of how they are structured. i guaranteed there will be tough negotiations around that. and that is what i said the first day when i announced we had an agreement and that's what we continue to say. there is no contradiction here. keep in mind, when we started the process off even with the interim agreement with the jpoan in the beginning of this whole thing. there was a similar back and
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forth of terms of interpretation of how it was implemented and the iranians said it is not true and we said this. but once we got through negotiations, it turned out that we had something that was substantial and subject to review by everybody involved and that has proven to be highly affective. ine by the assessments of critics of the policies like the israelis. they said this has worked. iran abided by the agreement. and now they are suggesting why don't we just say here it works well despite they made the agreement they made about the final deal, but you know, consistency is the hot topic of narrow minds. cuba i will, i will tell you we
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didn't get into the level of detail that you just described and i am impressed with how many details that you seem to be aware of. you know, as i state before state sponsor of terrorism recommendation will be coming to me andy will read it and review it and there's a process whereby i accept those recommendations congress will review it as well and it will be there for people to see. and i think that the concerns around the embassy are going to be mosty on the cuban side. they haven't dealt with an american embassy in cuba in some time. and changing in this way, is i am sure an unsettling process. you know we're accustomed to
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this. we have gone through a number of times with china and with vietnam and other countries we reopened diplomatic relations and we understand and are familiar with how that gets done in a way that is consistent with improving diplomatic relations over the long-term. this is a more profound shift for them than it is for us. we stand ready to move forward. we are confident that it can lead to an improved dialog. and our bottom line is that it leads to an improved set of prospects for the cuban people. i will say in closing to all of the people from latin american countries, thank you for this extraordinary opportunity. i want to thank the people of panama. i am very optimistic about this
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region. and the main reason i am optimistic of the region is the people. they are extraordinary and it is a great gift to the united states to be able to have such strong frnds and partners in tackling many of the challenges that we have in common. thank you for much. >> an improved dialogue with cuban people. wrapping up with the reporters as a historic day comes to an end. much of his new's conference he defended the decision to persow closer ties with cuba. hello, everyone i am julie banderas. earlier today, president obama said the united states will not be imprisonned by the past as he
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seeks to end tension and decades ofoisealation. president obama meeting with president castro for an hour. both countries are capable of turning the page. castro praised the president and calling him a honest and trustworthy man. this was the first time any u.s. president met a cuban president face to face since eisenhower say the down. we'll have the latest from panama city. >> clearly the head line, julie, in the summit of the americas is what is going on between president obama and cuba president castro. the two men speaking in glowing terms of an optimistic future of the two countries.
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you heard the president address the summit and he acknowledged there is a long road ahead in restoring ties with cuba but said he would not allow the past to dictate the future. >> the united states will not be imprisonned by the past we're looking for the future and the policies that improve the lives of the cuban people and advance the interest of cooperation in the hemisphere. >> meanwhile the president of cuba, castro went 48 minutes or so going down the long list of grefances and he was accurately pointed out much of that happen before president obama, a man he called an honest man. >> i have told president obama myself that i am emotional when i talk about the revolution. i apologize to him because president obama had no
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responsibility with this. there were ten presidents before him. >> still the president faces plenty of criticism for the opportunity of renewing ties with cuba. lindsay graham is vocal. and marco rubio is set to announce his intention its to run for the white house on monday. >> thank you very much. and we want to hear from you. what do you think? do you think that president obama should have met with president castro? tell us why or why not you feel that way and we may share your tweets later on in the show. >> president obama commenting about on-going nuclear talks with iran and slamming the law makers who critized the foreign policy and deal. >> when you start getting to the point where you are actively
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communicating that the united states government and our secretary of state is somehow spinning representation and negotiation with a foreign power particularly one that you say is your enemy that's a problem. it needs to stop. >> the talks have sparked fierce debate on capitol hill. a bill introduced by senators corker and menendez would restrict the president's ability to ease sanctions with iran without congressional official. they don't want congress to take any action before the final deal is reached by the end of the june. >> hillary clinton is set to begin her second white house run tomorrow. we are seeing signs of how this time is different than 2008. clinton will announce not in a live big speech but
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a different kind of audience via social media. skipping the packed auditorium and then jet off to iowa where she will reportedly hold low key events with small handfuls of voters. her announcement may overshadow news from marco rubio who is expected to launch the presidential campaign and that will happen in the freedom tower in miami. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in iowa. her announcement is different than most? >> yeah, >> reporter: she used a video and her personal website said i am in and want a conversation with voters. they want to start that conversation this time. back in 2007 it took her a week
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to get to the hawkeye state. it appears she took votes for granted. this time she will fight for every vote and today, you mentioned she will come to iowa and there were rallies in new york city. ready for hillary and a grassroots organization trying to defend her against republicans getting out there and seaing she's too tied to president obama's failed policy. >> we are learning this hour. >> reporter: there was an all hands on deck meeting in the brooklyn campaign. we obtained a memo that said in part as the rationale for her running for a second time. we are hillary for america. every family and small business a path to prosperity by electing hillary clinton the next president of the united states.
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this campaign is not about hillary clinton but about americans that are trying to build a live for themselves. president obama weighed in unsurprised basically not endorsing her but if she does win he will be behind her. >> with respect to it hillary clinton i will make my comments very brief. she was a formidable candidate in 2008. and a great supporter of mine in the general election. she was an outstanding secretary of state. she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president. >> you remember he is the person who beat her here in iowa in 2008. and she came in third behind obama and john edwards. that kind of support from the president cut both ways and
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might help with democrats and fire up the republicans in a general election agains her because of her connection to his policies. >> republicans are also preparing for her announcement, right. >> and out with ads, a prebut theal to her sunday official announcement and saying there are a lot of unanswered examples about the e-mail and the server and more than 30000 e-mails deleted and don't forget the clinton foundation. there is controversy about the foreign governments pouring money in. and the chair of the iowa republican party said this about her running. >> hillary clinton is going to be here soon in iowa. better late than ever for your coronation. bottom line we are ready for hillary and ready to ask her questions with all due respect
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and they are serious questions. >> reporter: and he went on to say, questions about the e-mail controversy and other matters as well. anthe bottom line, that point about the coronation that's what she is fighting against on the ground in iowa here, which is pushing back on the idea that it is a coronation and she is ready to fight for the vote and not take it for granted this time. >> edhenry, thank you. >> fox news is america's election headquarters and tune in tomorrow for the live reaction to hillary's announcement and don't miss an exclusive interview with mitt romney the former republican presidential nom no will weigh in on hillary clinton's announcement and the rest of the presidential field. right now we are hearing from the father of a man accused of
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plotting a home grown terror attack. ahead, what the suspect's father said about the son's upbringing. >> and a deadly brawl between a members of a christian band and that is and more coming up tonight on the fox report.
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[laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. >> startingling witness accounts. police say a man killed himself on the western front of the building and sparking a temporary lock down. officers are investigating a suspicious package on the lower west terrace. law makers are out of town for the spring break but tourist are there for the cherry festival. what did you find out? >> reporter: we saw the capitol grounds were crammed with tourist in town to see the cherry blossoms which are a big
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draw and hit peak bloom this weekend. one man said 50 or 60 people nor a fountain that sits in the shadow of the rotunda. and there was a loud sound and an adult man hit the pavement. uniformed officers then arrived and bystanders skremed and cried and struggled to process what had just happen. >> thankfully my girls were not there. they were traumatized. >> reporter: police say they never fired a shot and that the man who committed suicide was carrying a protest sign that referenced social justice. >> it was just a social sign
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about social justice. i don't have the exact language. but we can get it for you later. >> reporter: the shooter's back pack and sought case was inspected. and an all chlor was begin. all that remains now is crime scone tape and we don't expect to know the identity of the man until his family was notified julie. >> thank you, peter. new video with a christian band in a brawl outside of a walmart. one person died and two people shot. investigators say there was a report that several people assaulted the femaul employee and when a family started to fight with the police. the brawl was caught on dash cam and lasted sen minutes. one man took an officer's gun
4:20 pm
and shot him in the leg. a fellow officer fired back killing that man and shooting another. >> i believe my officers did an amazing job and i am extremely happy people got hurt worse in this incident. i wish it never happen but it did. and we will move on and forward. >> the officer who fired back was on leave after the march 21st shooting. he's now back on the job after investigators decided he and the other officer's were not doing anything wrong. the suspects inspector a christian band called matthew 24 now. >> and a woman walking between the traffic and cars swerving and slamming on brakes to avoid hitting her. and a serial bride facing charges. she was married to ten different
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>> check this out, a woman arrested for driving under the influence after stumpling cross the freeway in the san diego san diego area. drivers had to swerve to avoid hitting her as she asked a new's photographer to get jumper cables. >> get out of the car. you are going to get hit. get out of the car. get out of the car. get out of the car. you are going to get hit by a car. lady your life is in
4:25 pm
difference. one witness helped to drive traffic and they arrested her as she seemed upset about that. >> there is an alleged immigration scam. and she married ten men. at one point married to eight men at one time. some of the husbands filed for perm ment resident status. one was deported to pakistan after a terror investigation. this woman married for pay? >> that's right. she did marry for pay. what they said she was at 39 years old. she charged a fee to marry immigrant men. only two men received permanent legal status. all in all nine out of ten marriages between 1999 and 2002. and she's still married to four
4:26 pm
of them. she married in ten different localities from west chester and to rock land county and long island. it was not until 2010 that authorities caught her and now facing two felony fraud charges for falsely signed a marriage license stating it was her first and only marriage. clearly it was not. in 2002 alone she married six times in six cities in new york. getting hitched to a man in georgia on valentine's day and then two weeks after that to another man. seven of the men came from red flag countries countries suspected of harboring terrorist. and in fact her eighth husband was deported after she was investigated after making
4:27 pm
threatening statement to the u.s. she pled not guilty and only remembers two of those men. she's due back in court may 18th. >> thank you very much. several gop contenders firing up the crowds in the annual nra convention and they tried to set themselves apart. they had a common theme. and lessons learned from a terrible attack in our nation. new technology to help people stay connected in the event of a major disaster. >> people who couldn't communicate or text and especially the younger generation, that's all they know.
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making fun of me. vo: you waited this long for the s6 so why settle for anything less than verizon. >> i'm julie banderas and this is a fox report. president obama and president castro sitting down and meeting with the cuban leaders. president obama called the roughly hour long meeting historic and saying that the u.s. was ready to turn the page and reopen ties with cuba. >> in terms of the overall cuban policy there is a strong majority in the united states and cuba that said our ability to engage and open up commerce and travel and people to people exchanges is ultimately going to be good for the cuban people. >> meanwhile president castro said the two nations can have
4:32 pm
differences but respect each other's ideas. and he praised president obama and calling him an honest and trut worthy man. this seems to push the efforts to normalize relations. we are still waiting to so if the united states will reprove cuba from the states that sponsor terror. the state department turned over the review. and the president said tonight he hasn't had a chance to review it. and also tonight, the father of a man accused of plotting to carry out an attack on the kansas military base and saids that he is glad his son was arrested and no one was hurt. >> he grew up normal. he was a rotc member. and he left outside of the house and moved on his own, and that's all we know. >> his son john bocker junior is charged with planning a suicide
4:33 pm
attack in fort riley near to pecka. he said he wanted to kill americans and engage in vilint jihad on behalf of isis. a second man faces criminal charges for not reporting the alleged plot. claudia, what was the relationship between the two suspects? joishgs the two men were friends who shared the extremist vows and business partners and booker's plan to carry out the suicide attack. blair loaned john booker money to rent a storage building to conceal bomb making materials. bocker could get life if he is found guilty of the charges againstiment including building a bomb and providing material support to isis.
4:34 pm
he was trying to arm a gun just outside of the gates of fort riley and turns out the materials came from fbi sources and they were inert. he had also made a video last month with two men who could help him join isis. and turns out they were undercover agents. booker known as mohammed abdullah hassan recorded a message that he hoped would be played and including a warning to military families. >> he said he wanted members of the public whose sons and daughters of the military. he wanted to get their loved ones out of the military. because the islamic state is coming for them. and they are targets in their homes and at their bases and recruiting stations and in the streets. >> this video is a co piece of
4:35 pm
evidence in the case that goes before the grand jury next week. >> annual national rifle association in nashville, several potential presidential contenders include jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker. hillary clinton and other democrats are targets because of their stances on gun control. >> hi, jowly. front and center, presidential policies both president and future. >> the next election in 2016, is going to come down to a leader who will tell us the truth and will do what he says he will do. >> i promise you one thing, if i run for president and if i win, the second amendment will be protected. that i can tell you. >> it is prescribed as the
4:36 pm
commander in chief and yet president obama has treated this doubt like an afterthought. he entered the office believing that the united states was. >> reporter: marco rubio will be the third republican candidate to intro enter the ring. and among the number of candidates taking the stage over the weekend. many using the podium to take a jab at former secretary of state hillary clinton and her foreign policy passed. >> the former secretary of state hillary clinton gave russia a reset button. >> absent from the stage is kentucky senator rand paul campaigning in iowa. he received an a- rating from the association. and chris christie in years past got a c rating and approved a number of gun laws in his
4:37 pm
state. >> there were no spokers from the democratic party in years past some members approve the association. >> and a bomb goes off in an area packed with tourist as we go around the world in 80 seconds. thailand, a truck bomb explodes in a parking lot of a shopping mall. seven people were hurt. the fashion show ended nearby as the bomb went off. the attack was likely carried out behind the same radical group in the capitol. pakistan, gun men storm a dam construction site killing 20 workers. the attackers overpowered the security guards and began to shoot the workers. the attack happen in the
4:38 pm
southwestern province. south korea families of the victims of a deadly ferry disaster clashing with the police after demanding the salvaging of the sunken ship. nine victim's bodies were never recovered. 15 crew members were sentenced to years in prison for negligence. south africa. meet the goose that is not cooks. he is walking again losing a leg thanks to a prosthetic foot crafted from a throe d printer. he is taking steps without help. that's the wrap. >> a horrific scone caught on video as a group boats a homeless man. stay tuned for that. and a high speed police chase ends in a terrifying crash.
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>> a new round of deadly violence in syria activist and state run med why report show the rebels held neighborhood killing five people. it happen in the city of aleppo. activist shoes that after the
4:43 pm
shelling, a government air strike killed eight people and wounded several more. here is the latest from jerusalem. >> human rights group said the fighting intensified when the government fired rockets and a gun ship attacked a busy market. >> reporter: aleppo is in the grips of a bloody tug-of-war between the government of syria and rebels. the city is on the front line of syria's long civil war. in the meantime the situation remains dire in a refugee camp in the capitol city of damascus. it has become a living hell with 18000 palestinian men and women starving and dying of disease. refugees are trapped in the camp after isis militants overran it.
4:44 pm
aide workers are trying to get in relief and medical supplies that run out. syrian government forces are tearing the camp to pieces andine a hospital hit by a rocket. u.n. secretary called for international help. >> the refugee camp is a piece of hell. residents including 3500 children are turned into human shoulds. they face a double edge sword horrible living inside of the camp and government forces outside. joishgs the world cannot stand by he said and watch a massacre unfold and the people must not be abandoned jowly. >> john thank you. and hackers hold a postage for
4:45 pm
$300. and the police were forceed to pay the ransome to get the data back. the computers were taken over by what is called ransome ware. and the fbi traced it to a swiss bank account but could not find the hackers. experts say the best way to avoid the ransome wear don't down load suspicious attachments. >> and the hunt continues for four more. and it is our top story as we go across america. >> pennsylvania, you can see the group get out of the van and attack a homeless man in the philadelphia gas station. six people armed with a hammer and mace and a piece of wood beat him and left him critically injured on the side of the sidewalk. the victim clashed with a a porival.
4:46 pm
>> and this neighborhood got worse than ever. you can't come out after 5:00 and the last few years horrific. >> california, a police chase ends in a violent crash. a hit and run suspect was trying to get away from the officers and he lost control and crashed in a car. both drivers were unconscious after the impact. the suspect was arrested for driving under the supension of influence. and a train derailment smashed evacuation in trenton. the cars went off of the rail when a train carrying ammonia hit a tree. >> when disaster strikes. first thought is where is my
4:47 pm
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>> funeral services held for the south carolina man killed in a police shooting this week. and there were so many people there mourners had to wait outside. family and friends remembering walter scott as an outgoing father and true dallas cowboy fan. that is him on the left. on the right the north charleston police officer that shot him. the investigation shoes dash cam
4:51 pm
and shoes slagger shooting scott several times as he tried to run away. there is renewed debates about destrust between the black community and police. jurors are beginning the sentencing phase. they found jahar tasarnaev guilty on all 30 counts. the jormust decide whether he is receive the death penalty. and when the bombs went off in the marathon finish line, it brought attention to serious flaws in the communication's network. new technology is tested to keep communication flowing in the event of a future large- scale emergency. douglas kennedy has the story. >> we lost communication. >> reporter: officer scott wiler was on duty when the marathon bomb went off in
4:52 pm
downtown boston. it was over two miles away and out of his jurisdiction and faced a source problem anyway. >> everyone in boston started to use the cell phone at the same time and jammed up communications all over the city. >> that's right it d. we were in a dilemma and how do we get our phone calls and safety through. >> reporter: first responders had a difficult time and resident that only use a cell phone were cut off and unable to reach 911. >> we had people who couldn't communicate or text. especially the younger generation, this is all know. >> reporter: there was a invention of spiderro. a platform that prioritizes the cell phone calls.
4:53 pm
>> son as it realizes there is a demand. it will gather all of the bands that are available to that device and so they can do the rescue operations they need to do. >> reporter: spider radio will give preference to cell phone calls by and two first responders and reroute calling to carriers that have less traffic and using wifi to watch calls through. >> what we have going on here. >> reporter: wilder said it restored a level of comfort in and around boston. >> we know that if something happens wooerl be able to operate. >> reporter: making and receiving calls in all 911 call centers. douglas kennedy, fox news. >> a army vet republican home from the help after a suspect
4:54 pm
shot him in the face in a routine traffic stop. officer john monihanwill continue the rehabilitation. he is still serious but emproving. but his family is humbled and inspired by the level of support. the officer pulled over a car. surveillance video showed that the officer approached the door and he was shot point blank. west was killed at the scene. >> we asked what you thought of president obama meeting with cuba leader castro? it is long enough and why not have a meeting. get a good cigar out of it. tweet us and we'll read your responses when we coma right back.
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>> a young baseball player who inspired people with her struggle with cancer will be remembered in a public memorial. loren hill captivated the nation when she fulfilled her dream to play college basketball. she helped to raise more than a million for cancer research. her teammates and coaches gaerthed to remember her in a vigil and on monday the public can member her in the public arena. she made a lay up out a solid out stadium. final check of your headlines, president obama meeting with cuban president castro. first time leaders have met in 50 years. the president is ready to turn the page with our cold war foe.
4:59 pm
president obama accused congressional republicans of crossing the boundaries of partnership. and he said he is optmistec a deal will be finalized on iran building a nuclear bomb. and said former secretary of state hillary clinton would make an excellent president. she will launch a bid for the president tomorrow. what do you think of president obama meeting with president castro. >> no the castros cannot be trusted and even kennedy anyhow. it >> yes, 54 years of failure is to long. and 97 percent of the cuban people support normalization with the u.s. and no meetings with cuban leader castro until they denounce the torture of their own citizens. you had a lot to say on this
5:00 pm
issue on both sides. and that's how fox reports this saturday april 11th. 2015. thanks for watching. strange inheritance starts right now. see you back here next saturday. now now. >> a farmer with a unusual hobby, a huge collection. >> anybody that collects >> anybody who collects 150 tractors that makes you excentric. >> he a treasure trove of valuable americana or a heard of white elephants. >> dad you are running out of room. where are you going to put them all?


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