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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 12, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> any moment. we're waiting for that. she's 67 years old, and we'll see when that announcement comes out. >> we'll have it for you live right here on the fox newschannel. meanwhile, that's going to do it for us. >> shannon bream and leland washington right now. hillary clinton is expected to make her announcement any minute from the web. we have reaction from the democrats and the republicans. president obama tainting the critics who say the u.s. is getting too close to cuba too quick. we're going to get reaction from congressman ron desantos. plus taking care of america's heroes. they risked everything so serve our country. we're going to fight getting housing for our homeless vets and we'll tell you how you can help as well.
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i'm shannon bream. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> and i'm leland wittert. nice to be with you. nice to be with you as well. hillary clinton is making official today what many of us knew all along. the former secretary of state is indeed running for president again. clinton will make the announcement via social media later today. she's expected to make her first appearance as a formal 26- 26-candidate in iowa in a number of days. that's where we find our ed hinton, in des moines. hillary clinton is expected to make her announcement today. she is already getting support from democrats, the most important democrat. >> that's right president obama who all but endorsed her yesterday at a news conference. that can cut both ways for hillary clinton as she gets into this race. let's start with her campaign.
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insiders have told us we obtained a campaign letter laying out she wants this all to be about the middle class, that the message will be about ending inequality. she wants to turn it around and say it's about the middle class and not about her, because remember in her last presidential run it sort of backfired that it was seen as she was running for president just to run for president to make history and for her to get that office. this time she wants it to be about voters. secondly where have we heard that middle class argument before? clearly that's what animated president obama's agenda and yesterday at a news conference in panama city, he all but said he wants her to win. >> she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president and i'm not on the ballot. so, you know i'm not going to step on her lines when she makes a decision to announce.
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>> so you can hear the president saying that he is not on the ballot. we heard him say that in the midterms and it turned out his policies were, in fact, on the ballot. this time hillary clinton is going to have to walk that fine line. she's his former secretary of state clearly tied to some of his policies for better or for worse. and think back to what happened in 2000 on the flip side of this. al gore decided to run away from a democratic president. for bill clinton her husband that backfired. >> by the time you have president obama coming out as he has in the past few days, does this allow republicans to tie her and essentially say a vote for hillary clinton is a vote for a third term of president obama and his policies? >> interesting, they're already doing that this morning in almost a prebuttal. jeb bush obviously looking for a run on the presidential side put out a video saying there has been failed foreign policy, especially in the mideast.
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hillary clinton was an architect for that. and rand paul who threw his hat in the ring a few days ago is out for billing what he calls a hillary clinton anti-climactic ad. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of america's washing machine, corruption and cover-up. conflict of interest and failed leadership with tragic consequences. the washington machine is destroying the american dream. >> >> so you can hear republicans already bringing up issues like the e-mail controversy, benghazi. they're trying to make it like it's a general election race. clearly the clinton camp, what they want to do is just the opposite, saying they're not looking ahead this time. she has to first win the democratic nomination and not come in third here in iowa like she did last time when it appeared she was looking ahead. she needs to focus on the democratic nomination first, leland. >> let's see if any democrats get in the race. ed hinton in iowa.
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thanks ed. now, the one and only chris steirwald. good to see you. >> of course. >> let's talk about the white house because that's where we understand she'll go very shortly. she's upside down on favorability, she's also upside down whether voters trust her or not. >> she's not trustworthy. >> she has work to do. >> she has been running for president if not continuously, most of the time for the last 14 years. this has been the defining struggle of her life. like richard nixon like other politicians who have faith to feed and come back again, she is coming back again. >> you're saying the struggle is real. >> the struggle is absolutely real real. and when she facebook azs a photo
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of a meercat, it doesn't change anything. you can see, with this clinton campaign that they are very focused on these tiny details. what minute, what hour, what day, what time does all this happen. in part it's because we're talking about a $2 billion enterprise. a billion dollars proper for the campaign and a billion dollars for the outside groups. we're talking about you have to have check-off from chelsea clinton, bill clinton, hillary clinton's friends, other people's friends, the legal department. this is not exactly an organic movement. so whatever she needs to do in iowa is going to be inherently hampered by the fact -- when we see polling we ask the question do you think it would be good for hillary clinton to face a challenge. do you think it would be good for her to face the challenge? particularly everybody, including democrats say, yes she should feel the fire, she
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should have to run. that's not what happened, and meerkat that. >> it's a very impressive list. let's talk about in recent weeks, she's had to deal with several issues the clint ont foun -- clinton foundation donations for other countries, and this personal e-mail server with thousands of e-males hif-mailse-mails. we suspect she's running for the presidency, so do any of those scandals, are they going to tarnish her at all or is she going to coast? >> republican turned independent turned democrat -- >> link? >> -- the linkster is out and he hit her where it hurts most which is on rock support. we heard other things like her economic policies and others but in the end there is an odd
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irony, mrs. brain, which is the more vulnerable democrats think that she is the less they're going to be willing to rough her up in the primary. so currently they are treating her and her candidacy like this faberge egg. the only hope for everything president obama has done to be carried forward is if hillary clinton doesn't shatter between now and election day. she lives in a very well-guarded cocoon. deeper, arguably than other presidents have. can they get her over that? that's a tough task. >> she did have a web announcement in 2008, but from what we've seen that are on the gop side, ted cruz and rand paul, big crowds loud speech trying to fire people up and announce exactly what they're for. why won't more do it by social
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media? >> you could say she's been running for president since 2000. as far as ambition, nobody is as ambitious as this person. she is on par with the most of the most. how she does it the words that you say, a campaign aide, said, we just want to get this over with. >> the announcement. >> maybe the whole campaign. get it over with get on to the presidency, have this finished because she doesn't do well at the hurly-burly of running for president. so i think for them you go out there, take a couple fast balls to the noggin and get on with it. >> 20 months to go. we're glad we'll be on the wild ride with you. so you've heard from chris, you've heard from ed henry. you'll hear from a lot more in the next couple hours. we want to hear from you. will a democrat challenge hillary clinton or will she coast to the democratic
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nomination? you can e-mail us or or @lelandvittert or @shannon bream. >> no, i don't think sitting down nice and yucking it up with raul castro who was involved in murderous activities and kidnappings in the '60s really makes much sense right now. >> there's former governor mike huckabee reacting today with president obama's encounter with raul castro in panama city this weekend. what many critics say about president obama's warm relationship with castro are saying. >> hi, shannon. this is a big deal. this is the first time a sitting
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president has come to the table with cuba ever since they broke off relations with the u.s. in 1959. both leaders are acknowledgeing it will take time to build a trusting relationship. president obama said since the ties have become severed long before he came into office, he's not interested in keeping the celebration cold. president obama called the meeting a show of progress. >> belief is very powerful that by beginning to engage, getting to have more ability to move, greater ability to visit, opportunities will grow. that the cuban people themselves will have a great opportunity for expression and exchange of views, and that is what will promote a transformation over a period of time. >> but critics argue the administration should be more wary of the historical relationship with the island nation. they argue a more stronger, consistent nation of foreign
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policy approach. >> i think the president has a misguided calculation that if you open your hands to dictators that they will unclench their fists. there was a real opportunity to create change inside of cuba then you should have gotten something significant in return. we got nothing in return in terms of the people of cuba in terms of human rights and democracy. >> the u.s. has not released cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, but the president says he's reviewing it and the trade embargo remains in place. only congress can reverse it. shannon, back to you. ron desantos is the subcommittee chairman. he joins us live for reaction. congressman, thanks for being here. there was a newspaper out in panama that had this on the cover. it was the picture of the hand shake between president obama and raul castro. they got the headline right,
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historico, meaning historical. is this historically good or historically bad? >> i think it's historically bad. they're giving legitimacy to the castro leadership and they're not giving it to people. you've seen repression in cuba increase, thazit has not gone down and i think the castro regime made it clear they are not changing. yes, it's changed in relationship, but it's a one-way street where the united states essentially has a reyeem and they're not getting anything in. >> then cuba does in terms of political repression that the u.s. has diplomatic and trade
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embargo? >> the reason the trade embargo was instituted was part of the senior government taking these things. i think right now you have to look at it yes, there is a history to it people can judge one way or another but what i look at is what does this change actually do right now and who does it help? the increased economic activity that is going to help the cuban mill skper that look at all the other countries that trade for that. this benefits the regiment. places like venezuela and russia have been struggling lately, so this is really a lifeline to the cuban government and i think our
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policy should want to empower the cuban people. those restrictions could have been used as leverage when the castro brothers pass on to try to leverage a more democratic transition. >> when you talk about leverage, the argument on the other side goes, okay, if you open up cuba to an open investment, you open it up to american goods to tourism. on the other cubans see more about america feel more comfortable and that's a good thing. >> the problem with that is it's a small totalitarian country. everything is under control of the government. if there were a situation where the government didn't have total control maybe you could make an argument for that. and again, other countries have been trading with cuba for decades and the benefit has gone to the government. i don't see why it would be any different with us. this is helping to fortify the
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castro regime, and when you have stunts like at the summit of americas that is serving to add legitimacy to that government, and i just don't think that's where we want to be as a country. >> the handshake has happened. now we'll see what happened after that. congressman ron desantos, appreciate you joining us from florida, sir. take care. >> thanks. >> shannon? coming up taking a hammer to history. we're going to show you the shocking new video of isis militants destroying some of civilization's oldest treasures. president obama slams american lawmakers for trying to torpedo an iran nuclear deal. but anyone. and it also goes to credibility on that, too. and helping homeless veterans. how one organization is working to give hope and home to hundreds of our nation's heroes.
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new video has surfaced that appears to show isis militants destroying artifacts dating back to the 13th century b.c.
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in this video released on line late saturday night you can see militants bulldozing and hammering the iraqi syrian city of nimrud. it depicted pictures of kings and artifacts before that massive explosion. president obama wants to end partisan wrangling over a potential nuclear deal with iran. he says gop senators should be working to make the deal better rather than fighting against it. framework agreement on the future of iran's nuclear program was reached after talks with six major powers ended earlier this month. doug mcelway is live in washington with the wrangling that continued each weekend. doug? >> reporter: certainly, and a nuclear deal with iran escalated this week after the iran leader
10:22 am
said, this issue is very important and the sanctions should be annulled. he appeared completely in flexible. he said, they should not be allowed to enter the country's security under the pretext of monitoring. president obama admitted that if the leader is unwilling to budge on sanctions, as he apparently indicated, the deal could be in jeopardy. >> and if that is his understanding and his position in ways that can't be squared with our concern about being able to embark on vigorous inspections to assure that iran isn't cheating under any program and that we don't have the capacity to snap back sanctions when we see a potential violation, then we're probably not going to get a deal. >> well, pressure at home is also mounting in the face of increasing skepticism about the
10:23 am
deal. congress cannot go along with a deal where the two sides are offering very different interpretations of it. he said, quote these widely diverge he not explanations of the nuclear deal must be fully explained and reconciled if we are to give serious consideration to the agreement. and bob menendez said today the administration is putting great pressure on senate democrats to produce a majority on the deal that would require senate consent before the deal takes effect. >> let me just simply say i'm not backing off. i honestly believe that it is a congressional duty and i would say to all my colleagues who originally believe that there was a congressional duty here to review whatever agreement comes about. >> making stops on several sunday talk shows today, secretary of state john kerry said iran is going to put a spin on its point of view and will accuse the u.s. of putting its own spin out there but says he stands by quote every fact that he has stated publicly but a lot remains up in the air,
10:24 am
leland. >> up in the air and confusing at times. doug mcelway in washington. thanks, doug. >> my pleasure. hillary clinton expected to make her candidacy official today, so what does it mean for the rest of the candidate field and the growing list of gop contenders? >> i will announce whether i will run for president, re reelection of the senate or for commissioner of the national football league. >> that was senator marco rubio wooing the crowd at the nra convention in nashville building up momentum for what he hopes will be a successful presidential bid. there are nearly 50,000 homeless americans on any given night. we're going to talk to a company that's helping vets get back on their feet. and -- holy smoke, two churches battling it out celebrating orthodox easter. more on those very sparkly
10:25 am
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the democratic field is starting to take shape with the expected announcement today from hillary clinton. it is a whole lot more crowded on the gop side, but thankfully we've got campaigner carl franklin tracking that. hi carl. >> we only have two on the democratic side. there are two, there will be three tonight, and we're talking about marco rubio who burst on the scene in 2010 as one of the senator candidates sort of escons esconced himself as one of the up and comers as well as people who want to see radical change in washington, d.c.
10:30 am
there is a bloomberg report out that says the candidate is supposed to announce herself now. hillary clinton is not all that decided in the democratic race after all. only about 18% will definitely vote for her. you see that at the bottom of that screen there. but at the top 39% will definitely not vote for her. these polls essentially amount to favorable and unfavorables and hillary clinton is definitely under water. when rubio announces tomorrow, he will be joining the race from florida and establishing a big rooil rivalry between himself and former florida governor jeb bush, and the two flew back together the other day, together on a plane and had about an hour and a half to talk to one another. jeb bush today had a greeting not from marco rubio, but from hillary clinton. watch. >> it's critical we change the direction our country is heading. we must do better than the
10:31 am
obama/clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies. >> jeb bush leavesds the polls but he is not yet an announced candidate. last week kentucky senator rand paul announced in louisville, mr. rubio will do it tomorrow, but he is already behind the curve when it comes to clinton bashing. today paul, the second in the campaign, launched the very first attack at none other than the former secretary of state. watch. >> what path will america take? will it be a path to the past, a road to yesterday, to a place rn 2x4. hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine, conflicts and cover-up. conflicts of interest and failed leadership with tragic consequences. >> rand paul takes the first
10:32 am
shot at hillary clinton. tomorrow rubio will join that fray. he will do so under the banner. that also applies old versus new, between marks oe rubio between george's got to tell you, shannon, it's an awful lot of fun to be down here in the sunshine and watching them freeze in iowa for a change. >> we love you, carl but don't push it. all right we're jealous. >> we heard from carl in terms of what rand paul thinks about a possible hillary clinton run what jeb bush thinks about mrs. clinton's coming announcement today and we now about.
10:33 am
here now for a fair balanced debate, director of finance manager for the dnc and dave ella, chairman of gopac. mr. chairman let's start with you, sir. what can you make of the timing of this? the masters are on and this is going to come out of twitter or vine or youtube or something and not some big rallying speech? >> i think it shows that the strategy is to speak to the american people directly. as we know, she's going into iowa in the next days, and it is to do so in collecting voters and what she sees for the united states and america going into the 2016 campaign. to reflect on that experience,
10:34 am
to reflect on her vision and how to communicate it, and we'll now see the start of that today. >> i thinkas we await hillary clinton's announcement, we should listen to the who. her team puts out that they will announce today at noon. we're now sitting here at 1:40 and we still don't have an announcement. this is as disorganized a campaign as it was in twaip, and if a credible dem. >> do you think there are credible demsocrats to get in? you think they should all put their eggs in one basket? >> we must remember she had a second negotiation and i think
10:35 am
she is ready. i might point out that this is. and, in fact, one being three times. if i might finish so she is the person that democrats feel the best can represent what we have done in the last eight years to continue that and to have a stronger economy and greater security. >> we'll see whether that works or not. "time" magazine says hillary clinton's main obstacle is her own inevitability. it may not be inevitable in the state of iowa. take a look at recent polls in iowa that have come out in terms of favorable or unfaishl in iowa? and then trust ts worthyness.
10:36 am
so to you sir does it work for republicans to be able to begin the attack or while they jart. republicans need to go after the idea the fact is right now hillary clinton's gug gel is "voent clinton. is to go to someone who has been on the scene for 20 years, as a failed record of secretary of state and is the only one left. a lot of people can play in the major leagues, only so many people can win the world series. >> it hasn't worked, it didn't work against obama. they attacked him over and over
10:37 am
again, but the problem is thaelts thaelts. they'll be so consumed in attacking hillary clinton for getting to give the american people a resolution. >> is it the hillary clinton a against of. >> ask a question and hillary clinton is on both sides of it. >> we'll see what hil rewi get when other. >> >>. . we will have a live report. plus hundreds of foreigners are racing to have a marathon in one of the world's most secret
10:38 am
places. >> >>.
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opening up for a marathon. the group contains several dozen americans. this is the first time it's been open to foreigners. it is held annually and is part of the celebration for the country a founder kim jong-un. i'm sure kim jong-il will win it this year. >> and if not he'll make sure he does. things are getting a little tense between turkey and the vatican. pope francis honored the memory of an estimated 1.5 million armenians killed by ottoman turks around the world calling it quote, the worst genocide in history. connor is live with how that's played out in the last couple hours. conor? >> a really controversial
10:44 am
history making its way around turkey and around the world. the pope holding mass today marking the 100th anniversary of the armenian massacre and calling it the death of 1.5 million armenians genocide. it included the armenian president and another armenian guest. he said they must never forget the world suffering. >> reporter: it is necessary and indeed a duty to honor their memory. for whenever a memory fades, it means evil allows wounds to fester. >> now the statement of genocide was quickly condemned by turkish leaders. turkey, of course, was formed out of the remnants of the ottoman empire and deeply protective of their shared history. the turks have long resisted widespread calls to recognize the killings of world war i as genocide. most of the non-turkey
10:45 am
historians around the world do label it a genocide but do not wish to do so in congress. >> we know the relationship between the president and prime minister of turkey and president obama as well as one that president obama, at least values a great deal. conor powell there live in jerusalem. thanks, conor. shannon? it's a sad, harsh reality. many of our nation's veterans do not skr thehave the simple things in life like a home or sufficient medical care. you're going to meet a group working around the clock to try to change that. and we're going to tell you how you can help. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a heavy weight that keeps coming back. vo: linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing
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it's a harsh reality any given night in america, 50000 veterans who served our country with honor and distinction are either homeless or on very, very rough times. now one group is trying to change that sad fact. >> operation renewed hope a foundation, is helping to provide homes and transportation for those who served our country and they're now in need. ceo and founder of operation renewed hope foundation debra snider and vietnam veteran richard rodriguez. so good to have both of you.
10:50 am
thanks for joining us. sdplz >> thanks for having us. >> debra, you are a retired colonel so you know this firsthand. i'm sure you've had friends go through this. practical day-to-day difference? >> three years ago when i found out there were 68000 veterans nationwide, even i as a veteran, i couldn't believe it. so we are working in the d.c. metro area to bring it down. there are 49,000 as of the last count in january. >> so the need is great. >> and richard, makers it special and dealing with veterans dealing with homeless problems than dealing with any of the homeless in any of the city's sects. >> homeless is important, but when you talk about dedicating your lives to our freedom and knowing that they are on the streets and that people that care, that hurts.
10:51 am
>> and is there something you can do to help veterans and do they have different needs than a normal homeless population than in any major population. >> they do. because they have been exposed to special situations which you or i don't want to have to go through ever again or ever, they have special immediate needs. >> and americans assume there are programs or a safety net, but to hear that 50,000 roughly of last count, they live in vehicles, if they have a vehicle or sufficient level of medical or mental health care and i have to feel like the average american if they hear this want to be vote cated to help because they don't think this can happen. >> the think is this. when you are on active duty, everything is taken care of you including housing, but when you come off of active doubty, you -- duty, you fall into the ab
10:52 am
is -- ab isz. and then we need to help with that. >> and so we want to help out with military charities and help those. they do a fantastic job in responding to these. so operation renewed hope and you have a foundation coming up for those in the area. >> we do. saturday night at the army-navy country club in arlington, from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. black tie optional so we look for support for folks to come out. >> and so folks that come out to your event or on the website, how does the money go to and how does it help homeless vets and those that fall on hard times? >> deborah and the organization that it utilizes is to try to get as many facilities. we have to get them off the streets >> so you rent apartments. >> we can rent or buy an apartment or whatever assets are available.
10:53 am
people contribute. all sorts of -- any conceivable way that we can put people into a home off the streets and so then we can proceed to get them the care, the health care they require. >> and do you find that hand up is enough to get a roof over their head or is that enough or do they head back into the streets? >> no. they don't head back into the streets because we stay on top of these folks. deborah works hard to find jobs and health services, dental, every conceivable resource and that is what she is doing and it is amazing how she does this. because it is like 24/7 and she is a full time employer at the pentagon so i don't get it. she does it. >> and we know there are success stories of your organization, when you do get people that get a job and they are ambitious and self-sufficient and they can move forward. thank you both for your service to your country and most importantly and now how you are
10:54 am
serving others as well. we'll tweet out the information and facebook it as well. >> thank you. >> good luck. still to come on "america's news headquarters" lighting up the skies, why two greek churches -- this is two churches targeting each other with rockets. >> very spiritual. >> what this is all about. the mystery solved, just after the break. my lenses have a sunset mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors indoors and in the car.
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here they are, the navy blue angels taking to the skies again. this tike they are taking a woman with them. katie higgins is the first female pilot. she flies that plane right there, to fly with the elite military demonstration. she flied fat albert. through in beaufort, future-cast. this is the first due to sequestration. nice to see them at an airshow near you. >> amazing. we asked you on twitter. do you think any d.c. will challenge hillary clinton or will she coast to the democratic nomination. john tweets this, she will cruise to the nomination and struggle in the general. and they say the democrat pool is so low that no one will swim in it. and jame thinks clinton will coast to the 2016 periodsy period. >> we'll see who is right. and a holy war in greece.
10:59 am
to celebrate orthodox easter. two churches on a greek island bombard each other and their church's towers with rocket fireworks. a layer of chicken wire is designed to protect the folks inside and despite the potential danger visitors surround the churches to watch the show in celebrations. i think it is because you are celebrating something holy god is protecting everyone in this because you need it after that. >> that is quite a display. maybe we should take the show on the road next year. >> and happy easter to those who do celebrate orthodox easter. >> including mike emanuel. >> and this is the that hillary clinton has planned to announce her candidacy. >> and that is what the new york
11:00 am
post has said. >> we'll bring you anything live as we get it. >> and we'll bring that back to you live at 3:00. >> a double dose at 3:00. >> i'm chris wallace. hillary clinton getting into the race. >> don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> we'll discuss clinton's candidacy and the crowded republican field with the gop's 2012 nominee, mitt romney. then, congress prepares to vote on whether it must approve an iran nuclear deal as president obama tries to prevent the talks from unraveling. >> this is not done until it's done. the next two to three months of negotiations will be absolutely critical. >> we'll hear from one of the administration's fiercest critics on iran and restoring


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