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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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2016 field. marco rubio set to announce his candidacy set 13 hours from now one day after hillary clinton announced hers. hillary's run after a teaser announcement posted on youtube. >> there is still one place on the planet where it doesn't matter if you are a bartender and your mom was a made. you can accomplish anything you want. >> the 43-year-old set to make his speech at miami's freedom tower known as ellis island of the south symbolic of his heritage. >> 3500 people requested tickets for the speech before the resignation has closed. ticket requests coming from every state except for vermont. >> the speech coming 24-hours after hillary clinton's announcement. some say it over shadowed his announcements others say it worked in his favor. >> they had been planning in a
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couple weeks so she could get to iowa and start dealing with the poll problem she has. marco rubio hasn't seen any dropoff according to the folks any drop off in enthusiasm. she is going to do a staged, scale video and you contrast that with something new and fresh and someone who is fluent in spanish and he chooses the freedom tower in miami i think it works in his favor. >> his message is simple to help restore the american dream and expand his reach to more citizens than ever. >> now to hillary clinton. she is on the road right now to rule iowa hours after announcing her candidacy. her mission with the middle class. let's go to kevin corky he is live in washington, d.c. big day yesterday. >> no question about that. if you are looking for something different, different candidates, different roll out different
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everything, different message you are probably a little disappointed in the way hillary clinton rolled out her 2016 campaign. in a lot of ways it was like 2018. social media rollout, check just like last time. video there check just like last time. she is hitting the road as you pointed out heading to the hawkeye state and this time she has the backing of the sitting president of the united states. >> she was a moreformidable candidate in 2008. she was a great supporter of mine in the general election. she was an outstanding secretary of state. she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president. >> outstanding secretary of state so says the president not mentioning the fact that she raised 10's of millions of dollars from another government. the president getting to the road hawkeye state of
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iowa. she finished third in the caucuses there behind eventual winnerback obama and john edwards. >> from my home state of north carolina. very familiar with that. >> rollouts are rarely without criticism. hillary is already taking slings and arrows about her logo. >> you are right. it is never easy. people spend lots of time and money getting the logo just right. take a look at the new logo. the controversy is the folks at wikipedia says wait a minute. that looks a lot like our logo. hillary clinton's logo on the left. it kind of remind them of the cuban flag having just spent some time at the summit of the americas, lots of talks about cuba. not sure about that reference there. that's what a lot of people are thinking. real quick she announced she has
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resigned from the clinton foundation. much consternation and controversy about how much money she raised there. >> i think distancing herself. i think it looks like a hospital logo, hospital that way. >> thank you, kevin. former presidential candidate mitt rom me weighing/* -- romney weighing in. >> the american people are making that case already. you have seen the polls and discussions across the country saying hillary clinton is not trust worthy. this story of having erased all of her e-mails even though they were subject to recall and review by congress. i think that's made people remember with the clintons it is always something. i think also the fact that she has been there a long time. she is a creature of washington. how many years? 18 years she hasn't driven a car. she is been driven by secret security.
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she has been there a long time. people want to see change, want to see something new and hillary clinton is not that person p. she is going to try to run away from foreign policy. it will come back to be an issue that it gets her through out the campaign. >> other reaction to the big announcement is pouring in. a 2016 bid and republican candidate ted cruz releasing video on twitter. >> she does not have a track record of accomplishment or transparency. after the famous reset with russia russia is now a more powerful adversary than when she was secretary of state. the relationship with israel has deteriorated dramatically. the middle east is in flames and she has not been transparent. she is not the woman for the white house. we are ready for hillary. we know exactly what to expect. ril hillary clinton represents the failed policy of the past. does america want a third obama
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term or are we ready for strong conservative leadership to make america great again? >> republican candidate rand paul now launching the first attack ad against hillary clinton. >> what past do we have? a road to yesterday. hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine, arrogance power, corruption. >> jeb bush putting a link to a potato tiggs to stop reaching the white house saying this quote we must do better than hillary. if you are committed to stopping her, ad your name now. >> they are boiling after a mid air intercept which the u.s. is calling unsafe and unprofessional. a formal complaint is filed with the kremlin after a u.s. recognizant plane. the russian jet still conducted
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multiple passes and at times coming within 20 feet of the u.s. plane. john kerry urging critics to hold off on ripping acrosspart the framework of the nuclear deal. there are still months to go before a final afwreement is-- agreement is reached. >> this is not finalized. this is an outline, perarametersparameters. most people are surprised the depth and detail of these parameters. it went well beyond what we expected and i think people need to hold their fire let us negotiate without interference and be able to complete the job over the next 2 and a half months. >> kerry is leading with congressional leaders to go over the specifics of the deal. graphic video shows the moment when a reserve deputy accidentally shoots and kills a suspect. (gun shot) >> i shot him.
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i'm sorry. >> the family pushed for the video to be released. it shows robert bates helping deputies chase harris down after police say he sold the gun to an under cover cop. when bates caught up he reached for his gun instead of his taser. he was rushed to the hospital where he died an hour later. police say he did not commit a crime. it is up to the da to decide if he will face charges. minutes a deadly shooting minutes after a toddler is killed by a van after darting into the street. the driver stayed at the scene when he was shot in the head. a 15-year-old boy who was not in the vehicle was also shot and killed. it is unclear if the murders are linked to the child being hit. >> happening today and due in cleveland child endangerment
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charges afterfor the parent whose child falls into the cheetah exhibit at a zoo. >> the eyewitnesss point to parental negligence holding two children at once. the cleveland zoo planning to press charges against the 2-year-old boy's mother for endangering his welfare the child slipping out of her grasp and falling 10 feet into the pita pit. she held the child over the wall over the edge of the exhibit. >> we have a number of eyewitnesss that point to the strong likelihood the child was dangled over the railing. >> witnesses say the cheetahs did not pay much attention to the boy or his father who jumped in after them. they both were pulled out of the cheetah pit by onlookers. >> a bunch of the men my son and i ran up there we tried to pull the father out. couldn't get him out of one side ran around the other side.
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the wall was probably 10 feet he had to jump up and grab our pandz hands and we pulled him out of there. >> these witnesses said it gave them all a scare and fortunately the boy only suffered minor injuries. the cheetah pavilion remained closed the rest of the weekend. robert gray thanks, robert. >> storms are popping up across the south today. >> the cold is making a comeback i hear. >> good morning. good to be with you this morning. hello everyone at home. we are tracking a cold front but with this system you are not going to notice a big dip in the temperatures. trach a look at the temperatures. a little bit on the east side. rall leigh in the low 60's. not too much of a difference from what we are experiencing the last couple days. the temperatures will stay warm
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especially in texas. high temperatures there into the 80's. further north you have highs in the 60's. it is also across the plains and deep south. severe weather will be possible. >> maria molina we will check back with you. >> he is one of the youngest guys on the court. he proved he is worthy of the green jacket at the masters. >> the 21-year-old turning into a dominant performance at augusta even tying tiger woods once leg terry course a record on the course. speaking of woods rough sunday into 5th place at 17. >> he was snubbed at the oscars he didn't go home empty handed.
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he won best male performance for his role as navy seal chris kyle in american sniper. >> i want to thank mtv and the fans. it is because of you you brought awareness to the men and women and their families in the military and what they do to us on a daily basis. chris kyle would have turned 41 four-days ago. chris, it is for you. >> teen romance "the fault in our stars" winning best picture best form man's for shale lean wood lee. accepting a special generations award after they assembled there to present the trophy. >> nice glasses. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. a manhunt right now after a dramatic abduction of the jewelry store clerk caught on camera the search now spanning several states. >> talk about turbulence. a flight spins is sideways after taking off. >> the game of trouble the
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>> one person killed at the theme park high speed rich affidavit petty attraction. wofl reporter is live in orlando with the latest for us. good morning jackie. >> good morning. we are learning the names of the two people involved in this crash. unfortunately that passenger did not make it. the highway troopers was identified as 46-year-old david kerry of dav enportdavenport. the driver p only suffered minor injuries. she is from kissimmee 24-year-old tavon watson. the crash happened 3:30 this afternoon.
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the driving experience at the walt disney world tuesday. people paid to drive exotic vehicles or they can pay an expert to drive. the two men according to troopers the drivers somehow lost control of his lamborghini and crashed into the guardrail and the passenger was pronounced dead there at the scene. he sent a statement saying we cover our deepest sympathy to those involved and the tragic accident. for now back to the studio. >> horror caught on camera as a plane, a small plane crashes? south florida. >> it's too hot. plane just crashed right off the highway. >> the twin engine plane go down
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into the woods. all four people on board were killed. >> major retails are under fire for how they are scheduling their employees. what are the stores doing that is so p controversial. this could be a huge win for retailers. they are launching an inquiry questioning whether they require workers to show up or stay home with very little notice. they may be violating in europe law saying they must showpay workers who show up for 4 hours pay even if they are sent home right away. target abercrombie and pinch. beneficial to the company that allows them to pay workers only when they are busy. it is unfair to workers who move schedules accordingly.
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>> millions of us waited to see last night other people watched the system yesterday morning. >> that is correct. four episodes of the season 5 released on-line sunday morning. they showed up on the typical platforms and guess what hbo says, they originated from a group approved to see the episodes early. editors, producers and critics get early copies. >> i have never seen it. >> i have never watched it. >> another win for furious seven at the box office. >> number one for yet another weekend. furious search took home another 57 million. dreamworks home brought in 19 million. 20th century foxes, the longest ride came in third place. furious 7 has made over 800
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million worldwide in less than two weeks. we kept saying it would be a billion dollar movie. it is awfully close. we have down arrows dow off of that. great week last week. who is complaining? >> we are not complaining this story. we are having a great week together, right, lauren? >> you can find lauren on the fox business network and all of her coulding leagues. >> it is now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a traffic stop inspires a video. >> it erases bad people. >> the video that has thousands. >> the scary health risk associated with one meal out. >> i will tell you mine.
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>> a kidnapping a beating and a robbery. one man arrested two more dangerous men on the run after a philadelphia jewelry store worker is attacked. the man snatching the women from a parking garage bounding her wrist and ankles with rip ties. they demanded the keys to the grocery store but she didn't know them. that's when they withdrew cash from the personal account before dumping her off in the cemetery. arrested one suspect at a south carolina hotel. >> p standing up for police. 22-year-old south carolina account of a recent traffic stop is going viral as she is fighting back against claims all officers judge suspects based on race. >> i was in the wrong i didn't realize it.
2:25 am
he gave me a warning i was on my way. the point of this is to say i am an african american male, this gentlemen was caucasian there were no problems. he did his job. i did what i was supposed to could. not all officers are crooked. not all officers are arrestist, bad people. >> william stack is an army national guards man more than 2 million people watched the video. don't miss him life this morning on "fox & friends" at 7:00. 7:20 it says there on the screen. >> as if that's not motivation enough it is time for the monday motivator close to 100 members of the air national guard are heading overseas. they will keep warm thanks to one woman's dying wish. >> 50 women from across the country made 110 quilts for the troops as part of the project created to honor the terminally ill cancer patient. the troops got the quilts at a ceremony last weekend.
2:26 am
lee bolts was there. >> it is amazing to have something like this especially one of our members. she had a dying wish she was able to fulfill that wish in the quilts. will definitely take it with me. >> his daughter is also being deployed. >> the time is 26 after the hour. the race is on senator marco rubio running for president. why some say he is the toughest competition yet. scaling new heights the scary climb putting spider-man to shame.
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>> it is monday april 13th. off to the races. marco rubio ready for a majoren announcement hours after hillary clinton announces she is in for 2016.
2:30 am
and those attack ads are already coming in. the brand new reaction this morning. >> bus cards were confiscated because i don't have sufficient proof i am disabled. he is skriped of his transit card and the officer's reasoning is that it is hard to believe. total turbulence where a passenger plane takes off side ways twists and turns during the takeoff. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am hither childers. >> it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. we are going to start with the big political news shaking up the presidential field. marco rubio set to announce the candidacy today a little more than 24-hours after hillary clinton announced hers.
2:31 am
kevin cork is on the campaign but before that we are going to start with doug luzader following the rubio announcement. >> florida senator marco rubio will be the third republican to officially enter the race. he gave a little preview of what he is pektsed to say. >> i will announce whether i will run for senate president or commission near of the football league. >> he made the announcement from the freedom tower the ellis island of the south which has significance to the cuban exile community. florida always pays an outside role in presidential elections. but never before quite like this. beyond park co rubio and connections to florida he has jeb push expected to -- jeb bush
2:32 am
who will announce soon. >> have to say it is pretty exciting. speaking of announcing, any indication on who is expected to announce after rubio on either side? >> i think jeb bush is likely to announce relatively soon. he has had his toe in the water for some time. the democratic side you have a lot of names that are potentially going to get in including mark o'malley the former governor of maryland. all of the guys will have a tough time competing with hilly clinton on the democratic side. >> doug luzader thank you. >> rubio could be clinton's biggest competition. she is hitting the roads to rural iowa after announcing her candidacy on social media. let's go live to cover this side of the story. >> good morning. we used to hear a lot about the clinton machine. this time the clinton machine is
2:33 am
owning the scene. yes she made her announcement on twitter. we knew that was going to happen. they have the new web site facebook page, youtube xanl and a plus account. rolled out the video she shows up 2 minutes in. talk about a family death it would have been later. many more to come that's what we would call a sount ter intuitive way i should point out to tamp down some of the criticism. she resignd from the board of the clinton foundation a lot of people raised thusesat youses of dollars also serving secretary of fate. that's what they coaled out.
2:34 am
what about more traditional roles, why didn't she do that yesterday? >> i have to be simple here for the folks at home. you always want to play to your strengths. that is in life but particularly true in politics. retail politics isn't her thing. the video is control. you can preproduce doesn't require her to be up or especially friendly or connecteds is something they can control. i thought it was the right play. it may prove to be a tough comparison when marco rubio comes out he's a fire and brimstone kind of guy if you put them against each other. for her i think it was a smart move. >> giving snl a lot to work with. >> what more did hillary contend see. mike huckabee says it will be a lot of explaining for president
2:35 am
obama's policy. hillary will be a formidable presidency. she has a lot to deal with. she is died to the obama administration. recent polls show there is an overwhelmingly to follow him in domestic and foreign policy. she is not going to be obama's third term. you know the krin tons, any one thinks she is going to look at the spirit and the heart of the political how sheen ry. >> gut working reaction to the mare ban calling id. >> this isn't an important fact for people to understand. she has pure saturation yet she
2:36 am
is losing to a number of our candidates in the battle ground states that have a third of her name. she will be under more scrutiny about where she got the money from, did she use her poe significance as secretary of state. the facts show she didn't pay women equal amount of money in the senate office. she can't talk about these things as if she is a champion. saudi arabia have a record of abuse of women across the world. >> republican candidate ted cruz releasing a video pointing to clinton's failures. >> we are ready. we know exactly what to expect. the failed policies of the third obama turn or are we are the for strong leadership to america america great again. >> p brand paul the first to attach an attack ad against
2:37 am
clinton. >> a road to yesterday. hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine, arrogance of power corruption and compromise. >> scott walker tweeting hillary clinton has the same washington knows best mentality people around the country are moving on. >> free storms hitting the south today. the cold is making a comeback. maria, when is it going to top. hi heather and ainsley. temperatures could step down with the next ice tem roaring through. across the seats south the thunderstorms out there and we already have fast flood watches among the coastal areas. temperatures are mild across parts of the plains and into the
2:38 am
great lakes. you are in the 60's in chicago. 70 in dallas. that is 70 degrees. take a look at this high this morning. have w warm out there. temperatures ranging tween the 340z arched -- 30's and 50's. it will stay warmer in the southeast into the 790s and 80's further north temperatures in the 6 oh r 0s across the-- 60's across the great lakes. you can see parts of missouri and into oklahoma and parts of sex at thats across parts of the southeast. heavy rain over the florida panhandle. that's why we have a concern with flash flooding. several inches of rain possible across the southeast. over the next few kays temperatures cooling off a little bit. temperatures in the 60's in kansas and amarillo, texas. >> not too bad. the weather was great yesterday
2:39 am
in augusta. he won the green jacket at agust taw. >> epic performances in the stores. even tied tiger goods once dairy troping from 5th to finish in 17th. >> great role model for the young kids, too. he is only 21. >> he was snubbed at the oscars but bradley cooper didn't go home empty handed. he won best male performance for chris kyle in "american sniper." >> i want to thank you mtv and the fans. just want to say it is because of you. you brought awareness to the men and women and their families in the military and what they do for us on a daily basis. chris kyle would have turned 41
2:40 am
four-days ago. chris, this is for you. >> "the fault in our stars" best picture best fer form man's shay lean wood lee and best kiss. accepting the special generations award with the team assembleing to present the trophy. >> the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a trip to the what landed them at the hospital. buyer be wear you don't want to trust the view on ham zon. she is taking away her toughest role model yet. look! this is the new asian inspired broth bowl from panera bread.
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>> welcome back. amazon shoppers be hairware the reviews of reading for products to be fake. fox business here now to explain. are you telling us the reviews aren't real? >> there are questions. don't always believe what you read is what we are saying. that comes true with product reviews on-line. amazon is suing companies that have four, five star reviews for the main web site. the giant said it not only hurts them but has the entire review section. the suit involves 4 companies byam zon they reviews dot net and buy reviews the assessments are designed to get it noticed.
2:45 am
they also accused them of false advertising and trademark. many shoppers scan opinions before actually deciding whether to buy or not. amazon says it has its own system in place. it has become a growing problem for the company. >> it is gwyneth paltrow's toughest role yet maybe. the actress who sells thousands of dollars on-line is feeding her family on a food stamped budget. they raise hunger awareness. as you can image the family of four could get more than $100 a week. eating out once a week could raise your blood pressure. it raises your questions for elevated blood pressure. it has more calories more
2:46 am
saturated fat and salt compared to what you would tookcook at home. it could help you reduce your risk of high blood pressure. >> giving students another reason to say nope to dope. >> this is drugs. this is your brain on drugs. >> the research perhaps validating this iconic psa shows students who smoke marijuana are less likely to earn good grades especially in math. some banned students were banned from the coffee shop. >> don't know if you heard this but hillary clinton it ins in for 2016. marco rubio expected to announce in a few hours. >> jeb's sister-in-law barbara bush weighing in on another
2:47 am
presidency. >> it is a family business. we can see that as well from their side of it. you become very interested in politics. >> as for his mother in law's comment we had enough bushels in the white house. >> i was shocked. >> did you tell your mother in law you disagreed? >> no. >> that must have sparked an interesting discussion in the family. >> it did but no one would tell barbara that. >> barbara said she would support her son if he decides to run. >> into the wild. >> just heard this kid screaming at first it was like why is this kid screaming? next thing someone said there was a kid in the cheetah pit. what happened moments before that could have his parents facing felony charges.
2:48 am
>> smile you are on candid camera. helped them nab a burglar resuspect. let's check in with brian to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> amongst our stories off and running hillary clinton makes her run for the white house in a video. will marco rubio steal her thunder in miami. i have a sense it will be about him running for president. vote on this show to react to that and border agents looking for a new surge of illegal immigrants.
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. .
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it's decision day for convicted killer jodi ariasment life in prison or parole in 25 years. a judge is set to hand down the sentence today. she was found guilty in the 2008 murder of her boyfriend. stab admultiple times in the shower, shot him in the head as well. the death penalty was taken off the table after two different juries deadlocked. happening today a zoo is expected to file child endangerment charges against the parents of a tudler. the zoo claims the baby's mother was dangling him over the edge. >> my son and i ran up there and we try today pull the father out. he went another side. the wall was probably ten feet. he had the jump up and grab our
2:53 am
hands and we pulled him out of there. >> the boy suffered a leg injury from the fall. a school trip gone horribly wrong. at least 15 students growing ill during a trip to disney. the trip coming to an unexpected halt when the coach bus unloaded six students and adults at the hospital. members of the group were suffering from a kind of gastio intestinal virus. but they are said to be feeling better now as the bus heads back to virginia. shocking cell phone video now showing the moment that a disabled man has his transit pass taken away because he didn't have proof of his disability. >> my card is being confiscated because i don't have proof of disabled. i am. i have been this way since i was a child.
2:54 am
>> he left without a way to get to work. after having the pass taken away. the troubling video has gone viral. thousands of people showing him support, though. the mts says it requires all people with discounted fares to carry froof of eligibility. ryan reynolds hit by a car, but it's no scene out of a movie. he was a victim of a hit and run at a parking lot at his hotel. his publicist saying it was paparazzi. he's shooting a superhero movie in the city. this stunt man putting spider man to shape. he scaled one of dubai's tallest building. he used chalk and tape. he did it in 70 minutes. complicating the climb the 75 story building twists near the top. sometimes there was barely room on the ledges for his feet.
2:55 am
>> does he wear a harness? >> how doia practice that? six minutes till the top of the hour. the race to the white house heating up today. the big announcement in hours that could change everything. and lucky duck. firefighters got these guys out of a storm drain just in the knick of time. ♪
2:56 am
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, florida senator marco rubio set to tunounce his bid for the
2:59 am
white house at miami's freedom tower. making him the third republican. hillary clinton is now on the road to iowa hours after announcing her candancy over social media. some say rubio could be clinton's toughest challenger. what do you think? and all systems go for this afternoon's launch of a space x capsule in cape canaveral. it's carrying food and equipment for the international space station. firefighters work 30 minutes to save these guys trapped in a southern california storm drain. the bad, say cheese. at group of california crooks caught on security camera robbing a house. one of the crooks stared into the camera.
3:00 am
a turbulent take off in england. the pilot safely got it taken off. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. it is monday, april 13th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. yesterday it was hillary today it is rubio. the race for the presidency is starting to shape up. marco rubio will preach freedom. we are breaking it down for you. parents under fire one for dropping their child into the cheetah pit at a zoo. just trying to be cute. another for letting their kids walk to the park alone. egads. should they both be losing custody of their kids? we'll tell you the story about these p


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