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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 13, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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so carl cameron confirms marco rubio is in. and we have not seen the van. >> if you see the van take a ica picture and send it to bill. he is dying to see is. bye, everybody. hilary clinton ending years of speculation and now senator marco rubio jus telling donors he is in the race also. >> if you like politic we have it here. the former secretary of state announced on sunday she is traveling to iowa which holds the first contest in the presidential race. this as marco rubio is set to voters later today he is running for president becoming the third
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republican official to make it official. david rucker is here and he is in florida for rubio's announcement. he told donors he is in. no big surprise. but i wonder if his announcement isn't overshadowed by hilary clinton's announcement over the weekend. >> you know jon it was thought hilary clinton could step on the announcement but if you look at the cuba handshake and now hilary clinton, his former secretary of state jumping into the race, i think in a sense it might give rubio a bigger change even though he is sharing it. he is going to be the republican voice of opposition to the president's policy and to clinton and it give as great contrast for a 43-year-old up and coming republican who is asking voters to join him for a new generation of leadership
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versus hilary clinton 67 a voice from the past. >> i lived in miami and i know cuban issues are front and center to miami politics. but i wonder about the rest of the nation. is the rest of the nation obsessed with castro and what president obama has done? >> not necessarily, but it is true the republican primary voters are concerned about the president's foreign policy. they tend to look at his change in policy with cuba. for many republicans, they don't trust the president whether it is isis israel, iran or cuba dealing with another dictatorship. i think rubio is pitch perfect when it comes to a hawkish foreign policy. if gives him a chance to elevate himself compared to more seasoned executives are going to run. marco rubio is only 43 and never
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ran anything and his fluency on foreign policy will give him an opportunity to overcome that challenge. >> he is young and just got to the senate a little while ago. he has taken long roads and come out on top before. >> a lot focus on his senate run 35 points down to crist who was poplar and iithey told him to give up. he had odds against him running for the miami city council and state legislature and managed to overcome the odds. it will be interesting to see what he can do and there is one thing and that is the position on immigration. in the past he supported the path to legalization and
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conservatives are going to be concerned. rubio may be the most natural and gifted communicator in the field as on the other hand. >> he hasn't focused a lot on immigration issues but his knowledge of foreign affairs is likely to be pretty deep. >> it is deep. and it is one of the things that is going to help him compete with the governors in the race. it is also one of those things that will help him address challenges about his age and general life experience compared to some of the other candidates. and i think it is important to note at this point there is a possibility that foreign policy and national security could be a very top issue in the republican primary and the general election. if that is the case and it would bow different than 2012 which was fought on domestic issues if that is the case he
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has a better shot of winning the primary and a better shot of defeating hilary clinton in a general election should he be nominated. >> one of his political mentors is a guy who might be getting into the race. jeb bush. he helped out marco rubio in terms of florida politics a lot. >> this is a big story. they don't live too far apart from each other in south florida. the first cuban american to serve in the post he did and everywhere you go in florida the talk is how does bush do against rubio and vice versa. the cuban american community won't say it but rubio's last name will give him an advantage but florida at large bush sewed up a lot of talent that comes with it and money.
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>> you have ted cruz in the race, rand paul in the race and marco rubio in the race all republican senators and all elected with some degree of tarp tea party support. which one gets the tea party vote or do they split? >> i give a slight edge to ted cruz because he ran a very effective campaign the last couple weeks and he is emerging from the right. rand paul has a lot of support among younger voters he is a dynamic candidate and i think there is a long way to go he could emerge but he is going to deal with the foreign policy that is not in step with the republican party.
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look for marco rubio trying to go after all of the votes and sees himself as a unified canada canada -- candidate. >> david it looks beautiful down there. we had spring weather finally so i will not be too jealous. don't miss hannity tonight. marco rubio, ten o'clock eastern tonight. hilary clinton is heading to iowa and we are waiting for conferormation she arrived there. the kind of politics she wasn't known for in 2008 is what she is supposed to run on this time. ms. clinton and her team driving from new york all the way to iowa. this was a family she met at a pennsylvania truck stop and she posted a picture.
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we are live outside of brooklyn with more on the plan for the week ahead. >> reporter: hilary clinton is expected in iowa at some point today. we know her first public appearance is tomorrow south of cedar rapids. she will campaign in iowa tomorrow and wend wednesday before heading to new hampshire. these are smaller settings. not large public gatherings. two prominent democrats said this upcoming phase was designed as a ramp up and clinton will hold smal events to talk directly to voters. in may she will outline more agenda at that point quote hillary is doing this so people across the country can be part of the kickoff speech and the campaign going forward. her team is building for that all month long. she will be greeted in iowa by rand paul television ads,
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anti-clinton ads. they began airing today in the caucus and three other early primary states. hilary clinton will have her say when it is all said is done. supporters and super packs will try to raise $2.5 billion over the course of the campaign. if they end up reaching that amount, that would total more than president obama and mitt romney combined last go around. >> that is a whole lot of money. blake, by the way welcome, you are new to the fox business network and our show. it is great to have you part of the team. great to have you blake. >> reporter: thanks, great to be here. >> you have no idea what blake is going to report on next since he started. log in to to find out where you can watch it. a russian fighter jet intercepted a united states plane in a quote unsafe and
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unprofessional manner. the russian fighter jet used fast maneuvers in close relation while the plane was flying over the baltic sea. kevin cork is joining us from the white house with more. >> reporter: perfectly laid out. this incident took place on tuesday morning in international air space in the baltic sea area north of poland. the pentagon saying this was an unusual circumstances where the russian aircraft was flying in an unsafe manner and intercepted the reconnaissance aircraft. the defense department made it clear putin's pilots will hear about this and you can be assured the united states is raising talks with russia and the appropriate diplomatic and official channels. we have been reaching out to sources at the pentagon and
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military sources tell fox news this is part of an aggressive pattern that is increasing by the russians. this probably isn't surprising many who have been watching. the head of the northern command said the russians have been flexing their air power muscle. >> the russians have developed a far more capable military than the quantitative very large military that the soviet union has. at the same time they are messaging us. they are a global power and tellling us that. >> reporter: the russians have lifted an embargo agreeing to sell a new air defense missile system to iran. the united states and partners have been in conversation with the iranians about their nuclear program. a tense time in the region to be sure. >> and fighting is heating up in ukraine. we will get into the that a little later on. kevin cork at the white house
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keeping an eye on things. thank you. and adding iran into the mix as well. the house just scheduled an all-member classified briefing on the framework nuclear deal later today. this as congress gets back to work after recess and gears up for the big hearing tomorrow in the senate foreign affairs committee. lawmakers plan to take up a bill requiring the president to give congress a voice in any deal with iran. the president has threatened to veto the bill. embassies under attack in libya. live with breaking developments on that. and 35 years after being the first child printed on a milk carton there is an end in sight for the child. and marco rubio announced his official white house run in a
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>> exploring the chaos in libya for months now and growing in stature there as a result. weekend attacks just the latest in a string of attacks on foreigners and embassies in libya.
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gunmen opening fire sunday killing two local security guards, then earlier this morning, a bomb exploded at the gate of the moroccan embassy causing some damage to the nearby gate and nearby building. no one was injured or killed. these tackattacks just one month after 21 egyptian christians were killed. we're starting to see isis gain popularity around the world not only in libya, particularly as they are losing ground in iraq. we've seen isis loyalists and groups pop up in libya, egypt afghanistan lebanon in addition to syria and most analysts think at this point, isis is possibly the most well funded terrorist organization around the world and they're using social media effectively to draw on the foreign fighters and it's causing huge problems in yemen and in libya because these are countries without strong central governments, they're crumbling countries and they're really
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providing a safe haven for isis to grow and expand putting pressure on other countries around the middle east and west as well. jon: and drawing up the funding in the stream, obviously a huge challenge. thank you. jenna: drones that can fly for days undetected and drop bombs deep in enemy territory. that's the future of warfare but we're not investing in it. should it be? major general joins us on both of those topics coming up and a fatal car accident takes an even more tragic turn as the driver and a young passenger were shot dead at the scene. apparently in cold blood. >> i know that the people possibly in that house may have been very, very upset about the incident, the vehicular incident that occurred but you don't solve these type of things with guns and start shooting and taking other people's lives.
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jon: right now police in milwaukee investigating a tragedy as a fatal car accident turned into a double shooting. police say a van hit and killed a small toddler who had dashed into the road. the van's driver stopped and got out, was then shot and killed at the scene. 15-year-old boy also in the van was shot. he died at the hospital. the shooter got away. officers are now looking for anyone with information about what happened. jenna: isis advancing in iraq. new reports say the terrorists launched an attack on the largest oil refinery and this comes amid calls for help from iraq's prime minister saying his country urgently needs more air
8:24 am
strikes, more weapons and more training from the international community. support he says will help his country defeat isis once and for all. retired decorated veteran of the army and fox news military an vis. general, this prime minister -- great to have you. this prime minister will be meeting with our president tomorrow. should we grant his request for more of all of the above? >> i think so. this campaign against isis has been on a shoe string since it began. what a body needs to do is two things. convince the administration he's not in the pocket of the iranians, that he has some independence in this fight and he needs to convince the american people that the investment of american money in defense of his country and in his counter attack against isis is worth it. those are two big hurdles he's got to leap over. jenna: what do you think will be
8:25 am
our goal? to defend isis as he can? is it to turn iraq to be a pro western country in the middle east? what is our priority there? >> i'm thinking a here, jenna. i think the big threat is isis. you just saw earlier in an earlier report they're spreading their wings, they're casting themselves across the entire region of instability from the atlantic all the way to the hindu region and just as iraqi forces made some progress in taking tikrit, isis turns around and retakes the fields. if they don't have the additional military support and money they need there's no hope that the iraqis will ever be able to retake the real center of gravity of this campaign the city of mosul. >> those with experience on the ground assistance to general
8:26 am
petraeus says, listen. we know how to win here. we've done it before. what can we take? if we look ahead and not towards the past what can we apply that will help us win again against the same individuals we fought before in iraq? >> i'm afraid this is a surrogate war that's going to the american trainers and the use of american air power, specifically drones and unmanned vehicles that don't put our soldiers and marines at risk that are going to have to turn the tide here. and a lot of them. it's not like you can fly one or two drones a day or 12 or 13 aircraft a day over isis and expect to turn the tide. it requires more material, more commitment but not the commitment of american lives. jenna: do you think we can win without that? >> no. i don't think so. i think the taking of tikrit sort of sent a message to isis that we're losing the narrative
8:27 am
here so it's time to step up our game. they've done that not just in iraq but also in syria and as you heard recently in tunisia. no. this is something jenna, that takes a coalition of moderate arab states like jordan and saudi arabia and egypt. but unfortunately they're looking for a leader. they're looking for someone who can coalesce this effort and turn it into a single strategic fighting force. they look to the united states to do that and so far they haven't gotten it. jenna: i mentioned those that are part of the surge. i was quoting in part and para phrasing for peter monseur who said this. he said unfortunately, this administration has used drones which are a tool for war as a substitute for strategies. it's worth pointing out drones have a very small role in the latest air strikes in the middle of iraq and syria but those inside congress say that we should make sure that drones are more on the forefront less
8:28 am
about surveillance and can actually fly for days, cover hundreds, thousands of miles and drop bombs in enemy territory. what do you think of that? could that help us in the current situation we're dealing with in the middle east? >> okay. first of all, pete is right. drones are not a substitute for strategy but on the other hand the next great military revolution, technological revolution is in unmanned machines. armed drones, now we have the predator and the reaper and they're doing great work but we're talking about in the future, drones that will loiter for days at 90,000 feet what if drones could bring supplies to the battlefield? we haven't even begun to talk about drones on the ground. what about robots? why do army small units, marines and seals have to walk into ambushes? we could use a machine to do that. why is it a patrol that triggers an i.e.d. strike?
8:29 am
why can't we have robots do that? we're at the cusp of a revolution and the amount of money we put in unmanned fighting machines versus manned fighting machine $ way out of kit kilter. the object is to do two things. kill the enemy and keep our soldiers alive. and it's a revolution. we're at the cusp of it and underfunding it by a factor of 10. jenna: some in the navy are saying, okay. why are you going to get the money? we're already falling behind. this is really setting us up for further conversation but glad to touch on it briefly today. nice to have you as always. thank you so much. >> thank you, jenna. jon: hillary clinton already heading to iowa as potential republican presidential candidates criticize her on several fronts. coming up our media panel will break down what the g.o.p. might focus on in opposing hillary clinton. also jodi arias about to learn
8:30 am
her punishment for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend. she's expected to speak to the judge at the sentencing but she's not the only one. we're live with more on that. >> we the jury duly impanelled and sporn sworn do find the defendant on first degree one, guilty.
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jenna: fox news alert on the
8:34 am
sentencing hearing for convicted murderer jodi arias in arizona. there are only two opgs for the judge today. life in prison without parole or life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years. william is following the breaking developments from the west coast bureau in los angeles. william? >> our producer is in the courtroom and she just emailed me saying that all the jurors 11 yours from the last penalty phase are in the jury box and they're all wearing blue this is the travis alexander support color, if you will. that's highly unusual. all the attorneys are there but jodi has not arrived yet. court was supposed to begin about two minutes ago. twice she escaped the death penalty but is likely to spend the rest of her natural life in a small concrete cell with an orange jump suit. arias and most analysts expect
8:35 am
life without parole. she stabbed her boyfriend 30 times, slitting his throat and then shooting him in the head. >> because what i did was so horrific that i couldn't have -- i could never have imagined myself doing that to another human being. >> but she did and the graphic story of their sexual relationship captivated millions who tuned in each day on tv or online to see arias, a popularity that sickened alexander's family, especially after she escaped death the second time. >> my brother deserves more than that. the real justice will be in the after life which jodi burns in hell. >> you know that's their hope and we'll hear more of that today but arias may get another bite of the apple when her attorneys file misconduct evidence tampering by the one
8:36 am
time prosecutor of the year. her attorneys claim that arias is mentally ill and one juror believed it. >> we know that this mentally ill girl has to be the wrong makeup for this kind of relationship. >> following sentencing, deputies will transport her 23 miles to the women's prison in perryville to a concrete cell with a narrow slit in the steel door to get food. she'll get her jump suit one hour of exercise a day. we expect some emotional testimony today from travis' siblings possibly the judge and maybe arias herself will speak in front of cameras. back to you. jenna: we've seen so much of this case either live or on video because it's been allowed so the judge is allowing this final stage to also have live coverage. we'll see what happens and what we'll be able to see. great to see you as always. thank you so much.
8:37 am
jon: so hillary clinton is officially in. plenty of her likely g.o.p. opponents are already criticizing her record. but what will republicans focus on when the campaign really kicks in to high gear? let's talk it with today's media panel. alan colmes is the host of the alan colmes show syndicated by fox news radio. and tammy is a fox news contributor. you say hillary derangment syndrome. >> listen to the republicans you would think she was jodi arias. i mean listen. steven crowder tweets, let me clarify my wife not a bitch. michelle obama not a bitch. hillary clinton, a bitch. it's good they're getting this out of the way now. they're throwing everything at
8:38 am
her. they've already thrown benghazi months and months. by the time voters focus on what's happening, this will all be in the rearview mirror. >> she needs to hire you. there needs to be a little more delusion in the camp over there. >> you think that -- take on alan's point that everything you can possibly throw at hillary clinton has been thrown at her. >> look. we've seen the impact of just people being reminded of the scandals that follow them and their own behavior and lack of ethics. the fact she's now trailing or tied with some unknown effectively republican candidates, the polls that were attached to that indicate that americans at least in those swing states do not trust her. and they're remembering the nature of what this was. after the election, the exit polls for the midterms last year, for the first time the majority of americans feel that the future is not going to be as god for their children as it was for them. and they're going to be thinking about who has been in charge of the country for the last eight
8:39 am
years. who is part of the establishment and the clintons come up with that and i think that you know she's going to do her best i think. they're bringing out chelsea in this regard but i think that americans every single day, they don't need anybody to tell them who has been successful and who hasn't been. they're going to be looking at hillary and not going to like what they see. >> what happened last time there was a bush in the white house, if he becomes a nominee and what happened to the economy and how many wars got started. >> i don't like jeb bush, erpt. i don't like either of the people from the establishment and apparently the american people are not liking them either. jon: hillary clinton is going to win. they believe that she's going to win. >> we had the election, didn't we? jon: does she have that kind of support from the media? i thought she hated the media. >> this is what you're going to see. these arguments that any complaints about hillary are sexist. she's declared which is great. you're going to see what their pattern is and assisting her and
8:40 am
enabling her. they think that that's all she's going to need. it's much more difficult than that but you're going to see these declarations and the fact is that the american people are going to resent that. >> you have a female stratist that said she didn't want to be drowned in estrogen. talk about sexism. >> the american people we have all these leads from people on twiter and all these people thinking they're clever. american people are watching i think, the establishment with some level of disgust. they see that she is really kind of having a fear of competition clearly has a fear of transparency and that's not going to serve her well. the american people want -- finally want some honesty and she's not going to be one who wants to have that. jon: there ought to be a lot of criticism for anyone holding that office. >> you need to face the fire.
8:41 am
you have to fade the media. you have to answer the tough questions. many people on the left think a good robust primary mark o'malley might get in and we know about bernie sanders. so there might be -- it's not going to be just about hillary clinton. >> and it's also not just the republicans. republicans and the american people have a right to ask questions. if you've noticed bill de blasio he is refusing to endorse her. hillary campaign has her own little attack machine that seems to want to threaten or imply that there will be punishments for not endorsing her or not helping her along. o'malley has experienced it. it's a fascinating effort that you're going to get the presidential nomination by simply a declaration of being supreme leader because you're a bully. nobody wants a bully. >> they began the attack the minute they announced yesterday. they were waiting by twitter.
8:42 am
>> we've not -- it's not like we haven't talked about hillary for the last six years. >> she's already being seen as a bully and that's a bad way to start the campaign. jon: thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: stocks coming off a rally with major averages with some gains. how are the markets reacting today? what's the impact on your 401k? airline stocks are up and we have a brand new report on u.s. airlines. what researchers found about late flights lost luggage and passenger complaints. you probably know all of this but this will only justify your feelings. we have the lowdown coming up next.
8:43 am
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♪ jon: let's look ahead at "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> she's back. hillary clinton jumps into the 2016 race and sets off in a van to meet with regular people. will this new, more personal strategy actually connect with
8:46 am
voters? >> two children who gained national attention because their parents' decision to let them roam free were taken into custody after they were found alone again but did child protective services overreact? >> huge debate. and is working out making you fat? god i hope not. why you can after the gym maybe pack on some pounds. >> i usually have a candy bar after i work out. maybe that's why. >> you earned it. >> now back to jon. jon: looking forward to it. >> see you then. jenna: let's look at what's happening with market right now. a live look at the big board. stocks off a rally on friday and trading a little higher today as well. airline stocks are gaining today as we look at a new study on flying and customer service. what does this study tell us dagen? >> do you think that air travel has gotten worse? it's not just kind of my grumpiness that thinks that or just the lack of optimism about it? it is actually getting worse.
8:47 am
there's this annual quality ranking that aeronautical university does that tracks the four things that matter to a passenger's experience. on time performance, lost bags being involuntary bumped off a flight and customer complaints. those four things all got worse in 2014. and it's likely to get even worse. customer complaints just as an example frontier airlines had the most customer complaints or the worst ranking. but overall complaints went up 22% last year. and it's only going to get worse. jenna: what about the airlines themselves? are complaints coming in because they're cutting back staff not doing as well less profitable or just the opposite? >> airlines have had incredible profitability. pest performing stock last year in the s&p 500 was southwest airlines which more than doubled. so it's not an issue of their financial stability.
8:48 am
it's that the planes are more packed than we've ever seen before in some instances. your average plane is more than 80% full. you have all the fees that the airlines charge. you have fuel prices which are collapsing and they're still in the midst of raising air fares and frankly, there are a lot of planes that are not adding staff and if they're focusing on combroufing customer service, they always focus on making the business class and first class passengers happy. it's just that the planes are full. jenna: there's very few situations that make you feel quite as helpless as you do when you go to the airport and you get on a plane. there doesn't seem to be another alternative right? if competition helps things improve in certain industries then what options do customers have or is it just going to get worse and worse? because we have no other options. >> that's why it's not going to get better. airlines don't have to make it berpt. a lot of people particularly
8:49 am
leisure flyers, choose an airline based purely on the cost of a ticket. they're not loyal to the brand and frankly, armirlines do not care how you get treated. they will only start to care when profitability suffers. fuel prices have collapsed. that's more money now flow to go their bottom lines. they'll only start caring say, if the economy starts to turn down and fewer people start flying. i was on a plane recently and i kid you not, it was overweight. it was at la guardia. it was after that delta flight skidded off the runway. they came on board that flight and removed passengers to reduce the weight on the flight. jenna: did they take out specific passengers? >> basically are you telling the world these people are heavier than the other people on the plane? jenna: i can't believe they did that. >> it was a handful of passengers. they came on the plane and pointed at them and said you have to get off. i was trying to look very very small in my seat like i was you
8:50 am
know -- jenna: sipping on a diet coke? >> to make the flying experience better, people need to behave getting on the plane. don't cut in front of people who are lined up to board. you know if you don't need help boarding early don't try to board early. jenna: i appreciate that public service announcement because -- >> when you fly with a little guy and you're trying to board early -- jenna: he doesn't push ahead in line. he can't walk yet. >> and you're married to a navy seal who is going to -- i wouldn't ask. jenna: he trned around the other day when someone said can you move ahead? he said take it easy. the guy didn't say anything else after that. thanks. appreciate all of that including a reminder about manners. fox for more of dagen which you can never get enough of. can you imagine being pointed -- jon, off the plane. it's too heavy.
8:51 am
jon: getting big and off the plane wouldn't accomplish anything. she's still thin. that's probably why. turkey outraged at comments made by the pope. we'll tell you more about that ahead. ♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil flowing 365 days a year. when emerson takes up the challenge
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it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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jon: turkey recalls its ambassador to the vatican after pope francis called the slaughter of armenians by the empire the, quote first genocide of the 21st century. we have details. lauren? >> pope francis dared to use the g word, meaning genocide, and in so, crossed a diplomatic red line in infuriating the turkish government.
8:55 am
francis labelled the death what a few countries have acknowledged. >> in the past century, our human family has lived through three massive and unprecedented tragedies. first, which is widely considered the first genocide of the 20th century, struck armenian people the first christian nation. >> turkey's prime minister blasted the pope's statement calling it misinformed, one sided and based on insufficient information about history. the tushgs insist the armenian death toll is inflated and claims the deaths were from civil war and deaths. >> political leaders may want to take advantage of thiss issue and they do. we expect religious leaders to stay way from islamic phobic and anti-islamic at tut -- attitudes that prevail in europe. >> he called the speech a powerful message to the
8:56 am
international community. >> the content of the message is that genocide has not been condemned and recognized. this constitutes a threat to the future of humanity. only leaders with principles who put values over interest can lead a world without genocide and crimes against humanity. >> the united states were not among the 20 countries that acknowledged an armenian genocide. jon: lauren green, thank you. jenna: a deadly air disaster leaves rescuers helpless. and was it cold blooded murder or self defense? that's what a jury will decide after a young woman shoots her boyfriend six times. we'll tell you about that case. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines.
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tower. he finished the climb in 70 minutes. jon: you would be up for that wouldn't you? jenna: i like a good safety rope. why leave it at home? jon: see you back here in an hour. jenna: outnumbered starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky guy fox news contributor, republican strategist who has worked on a number of campaigns and he's outnumbered. welcome back tony. >> great to be back. >> we worked on these campaigns together. you know what it's like on the other side especially presidential elections. >> yes. i have some experience with that. looking forward to all the great topics today. >> excellent. >> we have some big news. yesterday i


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