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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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storm drain in washington state. crews used a low flow of water to help guide the little ones out. they're safe and sound. >> it is spring. >> you had that on your bucket list skydiving. >> i'll get there one of these days. why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. happy monday everyone. marco rubio about to launch his presidential bid at the freedom tower in miami. new details about the swanky place where hillary clinton decided to announce. "the real story" starts right now. get ready to hear that music a lot. marco rubio about to jump in the race now for the white house. another one. florida senator telling donors
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he's running ahead of president ahead of his official campaign kickoff just a couple of hours from now in miami, florida. meanwhile, hillary clinton in the skooby van road tripping to iowa. real team coverage for you today. chief white house correspondent ed henry waiting for hillary clinton in iowa. we'll begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live at the roobubio valley in miami. >> reporter: he'll make his announcement in a few hours. senator rubio, freshman from florida, 43 years old. actually just walked through getting himself familiarized with the stage on which i'll make his big announcement. he came out afterwards. a lot of reporters hanging around. he said he had plenty to say and he'd say it at 6:03 this evening. he's been working on the race for the lftast couple of years and he has a very busy field of some declared and undeclared
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candidates. most notably former florida governor jeb bush. much of marco rubio's political career was assisted by the former florida governor. when marco rubio himself was the speaker of the florida legislature and was really a protege to jeb bush who helped him along and shaped a big part of his political career in the early stages. as a consequence there is going to be a rivalry between these two pals. there's scott walker the governor of wisconsin who's been jumping ahead in a lot of polls particularly in early states. the contrast there may hinge more on their offices. walker a governor with executive experience making decisions on his own as the leader of wisconsin. whereas rubio has been a legislator, part of a group of 100 and has had questions about his experience. 43 years old and just a freshman. there are already two declared candidates to which he has great contrast. rand paul who announced just last week. paul plans to run for both senate and the white house simultaneously in 2015 and 2016 whereas rubio will say he's not going to seek re-election in
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florida. and in the case of ted cruz, the first to announce now some two weeks plus behind us. ted cruz is very much a tea party candidate and very -- >> all right. we seem to have lost carl cameron. but the marco rubio event will happen at the freedom tower in miami, florida. stay tuned to fox, 6:03 eastern time. hillary clinton former first lady and secretary of state looking to connect with voters after announcing her campaign yesterday in an online video. mrs. clinton and her team are driving from new york to iowa. making several stops along the way. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in iowa city iowa. you been there a few days, ed. so hillary's trying to build some credibility with the middle class now on this road tour and just in the way she announced her messaging yesterday. she's traveling around in this van. now critics are pointing to where she actually made her decision to run.
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what's that about? >> reporter: it's interesting because in this announcement video yesterday it was all about average people telling their story. she's trying to send the message it is not about her. it is about the middle class. but when you talk to her senior aides, they say she didn't decide obviously this past weekend to run. she decided over the christmas hol holidays. where did she do that? in the dominican republic at the villa of os skacar de la renta. the clintons frequently vacationed and holidayed there. you contrast there being in a swank villa in the dominican republic to then coming out with a video saying we're launching this case for the middle class this is why, remember, what happened last year when hillary clinton tried to make the same argument about how she was the champion of the middle class as she released her memoirs. she got twipdripped up when she said we were flat-broke whether we left the white house. it was quickly pointed out that yes
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yes, they had heavy legal bills and a lot to pay off but they also had a lot of income coming in as a former president and former first lady. this has tripped her up before and this will be a challenge for her going forward how to sell herself as a champion of the middle class. >> exactly. and how to be real on the real story as well. she wants to highlight her time as secretary of state but that's also facing some scrutiny because there wasn't any mention of foreign policy, was there? >> well interesting. because she did not talk about that. she wants to focus this on domestic issues, clearly the economy the middle class, as we mentioned. look, the world is not such a peaceful place right now for her to highlight her time as secretary of she's facing a softer bit of criticism from a republican contender in carly fiorina. she's saying, look, she's good on some things but where's the beef when it comes to her time as secretary of state. listen. >> she's a hard working, intelligent woman but she does not have a track record of leadership. she doesn't have a track record
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of results. let's just look at her time as secretary of state. honestly. we had the benghazi attack which she misled purposely the american people about for over a month. the world is demonstrabley a more dangerous place on her watch. she doesn't have a track record of transparency. she isn't trustworthy. >> reporter: obviously one way clinton may push back on that, both against republicans as well as democrats, is the fact that she did serve as secretary of state. controversial as it was. it was on the senate armed services committee before that. when you talk about someone like marco rubio, freshman senator getting in rand paul, relatively newcomer they certainly have less foreign policy experience than she does but since she has a record, it is going to get a lot of scrutiny. >> hillary may have her scooby van but i hear your motorcycle revving up there. >> i'm going to hop on there. >> riding sidekick. all right, ed. see you again tomorrow. thanks.
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time now for our 2016 power index. love this segment where we look at who's up and who's down in the race for the white house. hillary clinton still tops the list for democrats but could there be movement on the gop side of things now? this week marco rubio inching up one place from second to third place. ted cruz also up one settling into fourth place. while rand paul slips down two notches to fifth place. hmm. chris stirewalt is also fox news digital politics editor and he joins me now with the 2016 power index. so marco rubio about to make his announcement for president in a couple of hours. so you have him going up one place. is that why? >> well, that's partly why. sometimes announcing is good, sometimes announcing is bad. for rand paul, he announced some of it was unfair, some of it was self-inflicted. but net-net he finished his
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announcement week worse off than he started. he raised some concerns. he also demonstrated how much fire he draws. that's not to say that this is a permanent problem for him but marco rubio maybe -- let's think about this in a strange way. maybe being slightly overshadowed by hillary clinton is going to be helpful for marco rubio, that he can launch his candidacy, he can get going and not face the kind of media circus and kind of level of scrutiny that his fellow senator, rand paul, faced so witheringly. >> that's an interesting take on that. so do you think that rand paul -- how would you rate that? you put him down two slots. was it because of those interviews that many so say were controversial? >> well, he got a jolt out of the news of his announcement. certainly he got a lot of attention. it was a big deal. but two things happened. one, rubio has been -- i won't say flawless but so far the staging and everything around it has been quite good. and ted cruz, also remember
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this answered rand paul. rand paul announced. he said i'm here, i'm in this thing. ted cruz's backers laid down a $31 million marker and said that in the course of one week they would back cruz and three super pacs tots tune of $31 million. that means that to be the person who is the conservative alternative in this race, you're going to have to get past a very well funded ted truz and that's going to be tough. >> he did raise a whole heck of a lot of money. let's move on to mrs. clinton. she's holding a couple of small events closed to the press. just before her announcement some of her top advisors hosted a private dinner for a number of mainstream mediaonalities. also interesting to note, she didn't mention foreign policy in her announcement as we just talked about with ed. do you get an invite to any of this? >> it was good. i had the sorbet -- no. obviously i did not get any invitations. and -- but the point of this -- this was to talk to broadcast networks and folks like that, people that might be sympathetic
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so that they could go to them and say look, this time it is going to be different and we're listening. journalists are very subject very subject to flattery. and if you go to a reporter, if you go to an anchor of a broadcast and say, you are so magnificent, you are so perfect, a cherry blossom dropped from heaven. i wonder if you would listen to had as she wishes she could kiss up to you more. those people might be inclined to hear you out. so the thing about flattery with the press is oftentimes it works. >> very interesting. you had me there for a moment. you had me -- >> you know better. >> you had me with sorbet. okay? all right. i hope -- you sound like you have a cold, too. i hope that you feel better as well. >> thank you, ma'am. >> take care. don't miss rand paul with our own greta van susteren when he goes "on the record" tontsight, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. i have a sneaking suspicion he'll talk about hillary clinton getting into the race. here on "the real story," isis out with a new propaganda
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welcome back to "the real story." u.s. intelligence officials now poring over a chilling new propaganda video released by isis. so it is called "we will burn america." 11 minutes long threatening the u.s. with attacks like 9/11 and warns that geography alone is not enough to protect america from outside attacks. a journalist and fox news krshtuzews contributor to here to weigh in on this today.
11:15 am
this video is interesting because it is recycling a lot of the past atrocities of terrorism like 9/11 and beheadings and such. some analysts are saying well, maybe this is a sign that isis is weakening because it's not new material. how do you see it? >> this is a highlights reel and there are fewer videos and fewer magazines and less activity on social media from isis. but does this really mean that they are under pressure or are they just retreating to come out with a new strategy. media portion of isis in terms of branding, it is first to recruit and second in submitting. are there any fewer recruits going to fight alongside isis? on the contrary. a report released just today says about 6,000 europeans are fighting along isis. just in 2015 alone, 11 americans have been caught trying to go over and fight with them. in that case we aren't seeing any diminishing on the issue of
11:16 am
recruitment. secondly, in terms of intimidation. as a reporter who's been shadowing every single move that isis has been making i'm less likely to cover these last few videos because it is getting old. we want to see something new from them. with what we've seen from this group so far they're going to retreat. they may go back to doing something new. in terms of their online presence, facebook twitter, these social media platforms are cracking down. they are taking these groups off they're shutting these sites down. maybe we'll see a surge in them finding hackers to now try that approach instead of pufttting things out there. >> this next topic is so important. christians once again getting the bad end of the deal as we learn the terror group, isis now demanding up to $30 million in ransom to release those hundreds of christians. they were abducted by isis in
11:17 am
syria and this happened back in february. right? >> yeah. this is a story we've been following for a while now. very tragic where isis took up to 300 of these christians hostage. these are sunnis who have been needed in these areas for thousands and thousands of years. right now in syria these christian leaders are in negotiations with isis to try to get these poor christians released and they are demanding up to $30 million. again, part of the two-prong strategy that isis has been following and sucks seeding is asking demanding these exorbitant ransom fees and financing their terror strategy that way. secondly going after the infidel. very very tragically the christians are getting the very very saddened of that deal. they're really taking 2,000 years of history and wiping it out in under two months. >> it is a very scary situation. lisa, thank you so much. investigators still looking for a gunman after a deadly shooting on a college campus.
11:18 am
they are holding a news conference. this is live right now north carolina. so it happened at wayne community college in goldsboro. police say the suspect knew the victim, a long-time employee of the school. they say the suspect shot and kill him on the college campus. it is believed the suspect has left the campus now. he is described as a might man, 5'11" with a goatee and a tattoo over his eye. right now one dead at that college in north carolina. a massive manhunt still under way. we'll keep you posted on any new developments. dealing with airlines as we all know, real pain in the -- you know what. now new proof that flying actually getting worse. charles payne here to explain what you are putting up with and why. plus, a couple parents in trouble. second time around now after their kids are spotted walking home alone from the park. that brings us to our question of the day -- what's the farthest you've let your kids roam?
11:19 am
remember the good old days. we used to come home for dinner, right? did your parents actually know where you were? my didn't sometimes. it's changed right? so how far do we let our kids roam now alone? tweet me at gretchen carlson. use the hash taltag the real story.
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welcome back to "the real story." another rough ride for folks aboard a mega bus. another one crashes this time in indiana. today's accident on interstate 65 injuring some 19 passengers. the bus was heading from chicago to atlanta when it struck the back of a semi-truck that was stopped because of construction. thankfully, all the injuries said to be non-life threatening. this crash is just the latest in a string of accidents that
11:23 am
started last october. that's when several people were hurt in a crash near greenwood, indiana. then some two months later, another one of the company's buses tipped over. ten days after that there was another mega bus crash in hammond, indiana not far from chicago. some bad luck there. if you thought air travel was getting worse in you research says you might be right. according to a new airline survey, more flights being delayed and arriving later than ever. the rate of lost, stolen or delayed bags is going up 30%. consumer complaints in general jumping a whopping 22%. so the one airline consistently rating well -- alaskan airlines. kind of a surprise. charles payne is the host of making money with charles payne on the fox business network. he's here to dissect this story and more. i went to alaska last summer. i should have flown alaskan airlines. right? >> absolutely. i've had my subscribers talking about this stock for about a
11:24 am
year now. very well run company. so is virgin air, to a large extent. southwest may be losing some of its cache. but it's gotten to the point now where these airlines, it is all about the bottom line, period. your experience, they don't care. it doesn't matter. some points all the consolidation, they keep merging with each other. >> what about that? maybe 30 40 years ago we tried to get rid of the monopoly. didn't we? >> we had deregulation and that opened up a lot of pioneers. remember sir freddie laker. there were new airlines every day. the bottom line is that they could not compete. now we are at a point where they figured it out. buy each other up, we'll have three or four airlines. with the planes we don't think we'll need we'll just park them. that means every single plane that lifts off will have passengers. they've learned how to nickel and dime us to death in the meantime. remember the fuel surcharge thing after 9/11? everybody was cool with it, it was temporary.
11:25 am
oil spiked up. it never came back down. it gets more and more -- reservations. they make billions of dollars just when you change your reservation. billions of dollars. >> one of the things about this study if you take regional aircraft which they've moved a lot into those tend to be the ones that they cancel and they also are not so hot at getting your bags. >> the sky west air -- express air, american eagle those things just rate so low. unfortunately, i've been on a few. they're a little bit small for me every now and then. i ask three or four other people to get on the other side to balance us out. >> you probably can't even stand up in some of those planes. >> i can't! are you kidding me? >> moving on to this retail story. major retailers, including the gap, target and sears, now under fire for some questioning scheduling practices their so-called on-call shifts. what's this? >> it is when the retailer says, hey, we may or may not need you and we'll call you and let you know. they're saying the time that they call these people, these
11:26 am
workers, is too short. it may be monday morning. i'll call you, hey, come in this two hours, four hours. i'm not sure what the cut-off is. in new york if you get called in you have to get paid for at least four hours. so retailers are under a lot of pressure. if it snows or rains that makes a lot of difference in foot traffic. they may not know until saturday morning so do we need eight employees today? 12? i think this may backfire. a lot of this is a political push with the higher minimum wage kind of stuff and to make pay make these jobs higher paid. but i think it could backfire but if these retailers are forced to, they'll just go with smaller shifts and part-time shifts. >> very interesting. we'll watch you torrent on the fox business network. >> big stuff going on with the markets tonight. >> and also politics. >> rubio in my hour. >> charles, thank you. just days after the obama administration announces a nuclear deal with iran russia ready to start selling -- guess
11:27 am
who? advanced missiles. yep. iran. new reaction from the white house and israel. that's not really funny. and conservative millennials looking ahead to 2016. so what do they want? they are a key voting block. we'll ask them if marco rubio, rand paul or anyone else can deliver what they want. slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't those people know you're already shaken up? liberty mutual's new car replacement will pay for the entire value of your car plus depreciation. call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars.
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checking your headlines now across the country -- politics and crime.
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senator har marco koemarco rubio telling his donors he's running because he feels uniquely qualified. hillary clinton begins her presidential campaign today in iowa. she traveled there by van from her home in new york state. verdict watch in the aaron hernandez murder trial with jurors deliberating now for a fifth day. they're deliberating the fate of the former new england patriots player. brand-new reaction. from the white house. the administration is warning it could raise concerns over sanctions. this is a rift within the group negotiating with iran. right? >> reporter: it sure is. coming as it does right after iranian officials expressed serious doubts about what was agreed to in the framework of the nuclear talks. many republican members of congress as well as some
11:32 am
democratic members of congress have expressed their own reservations. this is a potential serious blow from. within the p5-1 negotiating team. lavrov announced it is lifting the embargo on antiballistic missiles to iran. here's foreign minister lavrov. >> translator: i warrant to mark the anti-missile complex as 300 of an entirely defensive nature. it is not designed to attack and will not threaten security of any region. >> the united nations are severely displeased with the unilateral actions. coming as it does in a very sensitive time in these talks. >> the united states has previously made known our objections to that sale. and i understand that secretary kerry had an opportunity to raise these concerns once again in a recent conversation with his russian counterpart, mr. lavrov. i'm not in a position to
11:33 am
obviously speculate on the decision making process that russia is engaged in. >> reporter: it also comes at a time when the senate foreign relations committee is set to vote tomorrow on sending legislation to the full senate that would require congressional review of whatever deal is worked out with iran. tonight in an effort to stave off congressional defections, it appears it could be close to a veto group majority there the administration is setting up some heavy hitters to capitol hill for a classified briefing. among those hiveavy hitters secretary of state kerry secretary of treasury lew and secretary secretary moniz. >> what is the white house saying about endorsing hillary clinton? >> reporter: no further word today. the president in a press conference said secretary of state hillary clinton is a friend of his and she would make a fine endorsement. today press secretary josh
11:34 am
ernest offered no further evidence of any kind of an endorsement towards her. listen up. >> there are other people who are friends of the president who may at some point decide to get in the race. the president has not offered up any sort of an endorsement at this point. >> reporter: that comment came interestingly enough right after former white house chief of staff bill daley said that secretary clinton cannot run as president on a third obama turn given the uneven economic recovery of this administration. not exactly an endorsement of the obama administration if it was an endorsement of hillary clinton. gretchen, back to you. >> you never know what's going to be happening there at the white house. thanks so much doug, for bringing it to us. growing field of republican candidates for president giving conservative millennials plenty of choices with more to come. what are these young voters actually looking for? reporter for national review,
11:35 am
and an political author special identifiesing in the youth vote. great to see the both of you. perfect timing because we have these three tea party republican candidates who have officially announced -- well, rubio will tonight. i want to show you this poll first and get your comment. a bloomberg poll. here it is about rand paul and women. would you consider rand paul for the republican nomination for president. among women, "might," 46%. "never," 32%. "seriously" would, 11%. is that a problem? >> yeah, it's a problem. i myself kind of like rand paul because my most important issues are overspending and government overreach but i think he could make a little bit of an effort to reach out because if you look at millennials, half the millennials are independent. if you have on one side actually specifically reaching out to women, and saying hey i'm looking out for you, thinking of you that could be a little attractive especially to someone that doesn't know that much about economic issues, which a lot of people don't really pay
11:36 am
attention to who aren't involved with politics in their every day lives. >> what about the fact of that low number of women that would consider him seriously? >> right. exactly. that's what i'm saying. i think he needs to make a little bit of an effort. whether or not it is right or wrong with him with the way he talked to those reporters, now that that narrative is out there he needs to try extra hard to make sure he does something to combat that which i haven't seen from him yet. >> i didn't know if you were talking about millennials in general or breaking it down for gender. sal, let me show you the tweet that marco rubio put out with sort of a callout to "game of thrones." "allah is he a good choice for len yals? >> he is a good choice for millennials. i think that he is young. he talks about student loans a lot. . he gets down on their level around he can relate to them. i think any republican you look at back -- jumping back to the question you asked, they're all going to have trouble with women at this time because they have
11:37 am
an "r" next to their name. these candidates are young fresh just like obama was in 2008 and they have the ability to set the tone, unlike other candidates such as bush. >> going back to rand paul for a moment, one thing that i think is true with millennials, correct me if i'm wrong this whole privacy concern as well as social issues. katherine, how do rand paul and the others stack up on those two things? >> well, with rand paul he is focusing on issues that are important to young people like decriminalization of marijuana too. a lot of people see it as a social issue -- or excuse me a criminal justice issue. that's important. focusing on privacy and he is making an effort to reach out to us. social issues are across the republican party a huge problem for millennials because two-thirds support gay marriage. then you have someone like ted cruz who he a speaking out about how much he's against it. it's something they need to be careful of if they want to get the millennial vote. >> rand paul on his website i believe it is, you can buy all of these things to support him but you can also buy now
11:38 am
hillary's hard drive. in case you were looking for it. is this kind of humor -- is that going to get him far along with everyone, but younger people too, who might relate to that a little bit more? >> i do. i think keeping it light and doing things like that to relate to them, like the "snl" skits they do. i think rand paul probably has at best shot right now at reaching conservative millennials and independent millennials in general. talking about the social issues when it comes to republicans is i don't think millennials are looking for them to be socially liberal liberal. i think that republicans can have the strong moral stance they do against certain issues that they're against but they have to stick to their core belief in the constitution and just keep the federal government out of it and leave those social issues to the state. that could be a winning campaign strategy for republicans. >> very interesting. all right, getting the younger points of view here. katherine and sal thanks, much. don't miss tonight's "hannity." fox news exclusive. florida senator marco rubio
11:39 am
appearing. catch the exclusive interview right here on fox. time for my take now. getting involved in politics or at least being informed about who our political candidates are i believe is a basic requirement for being an american citizen. but, it never ceases to amaze me how little informed so many people are in our society not only about the political process but actually taking the time to go vote. check out the stats. 2012, only 57.5% of our eligible population voted in the presidential election. that's barely more than half. so how do we change that? i believe it begins with getting young people involved in the political process early. i'm sure you're like me you've taken your kids or grarnd kids with you to the polls to teach them what it's all about when you vote. voting early and often tends to lead to a lifetime of voting. but we have more work to do here as well. check this out. in 2004, 18 to 29 year-olds made up only 17% of the voters.
11:40 am
in 2008, 18%. and in 2012 up slightly again to 19%. maybe the presidential candidates in 2016 will do something magical to inspire more people to vote and more americans will become informed on the issues as well. you can find my takes every day on my facebook page and at let's check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> happy monday. an eighth-grader in florida says he was trying to pull off a prank just changing the background picture on his teacher's computer. prosecutors say what he did was cyber crime and they're charging a 14-year-old with a felony. school officials say this middle school student hacked into one computer that held the state's standardized tests. investigators admit now that the boy never looked at any of those files. he says he never intended to. but the sheriff says it's what the teen might have done that makes this more than a prank. so can a 14-year-old be charged
11:41 am
with a felony for something he might have done? we'll break down the case with a lawyer coming up top of the hour. see you then. >> thank you. couple of parents sparked a national debate after they were caught letting their 10 and of year-olds kids roam around the neighborhood with adult supervision. they were walking home from a park. now they're in trouble again. is it right or wrong? plus, a zoo using drones to get up close and personal but one chimp not really feeling the love. so he does something about it. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. i love this story. pins space station getting its own espresso machine. why? well, the device specifically requested by an italian astronaut who said she couldn't
11:45 am
take any more instant coffee. the code book going up for auction expected to sell for at least $1 million. a group in spain staging the world's first hologram protest. digital crowds marching in the streets to protest against recently approved measures cracking down on public protests. back in session now on "the real story" as jodi arias who's been in custody for nearly 2,500 days finally learns her fate. after a jury deadlocked twice on ler punishment for the 2008 murders of her ex-boyfriend, a judge just sentenced her today to life in prison with no chance for release. joining me now fox news legal analyst. this is so interesting because it finally came down to the judge. lot of people were just stunned that the jury kept being deadlocked on this. >> the second jury. this is the second time. >> two times. now it was just down to the
11:46 am
judge. are you surprised at all by this ruling? >> no. you mean that she said -- no possibility absolutely not. even arias' team did not believe they could get that. what they're hoping of course is that there will be an appeal. i know they'll file an appeal and that the whole thing will be thrown out. no i don't think this was a surprise today at all. the real surprise, there were two times where this jury was deadlocked on life or death. >> it is so interesting because the heinousness of this crime. >> exactly. >> when you think about what kind of crime you'd have to do to be actually eligible, then get the death penalty. >> what you are talking about right there are aggravating circumstances. what the jury does is they look at aggravating things and mitigating things. honestly, i don't think there was anything mitigating this crime but there were a lot of aggravators. >> i want to move on to this other big case today. there's new action in the soen had called free range kids case. two maryland kids. their parents let them roam around alone well, actually walk home from the park. they're 6 and 10. they were taken into custody again by child protective
11:47 am
services. this after the kids spotted walking by themselves. they were about one-third of a mile away from home. when you and i grew up -- >> we could bike everywhere, do whatever we wanted. >> that's right. so times have changed. but doesn't the cps have baltimore to do than look after these two kids? >> exactly! gretchen there are kids out there being beaten against walls. kids not being fed. there are kids really being neglected and harmed! that's where cps should be putting their attention. they were two kids together, 6 and 10, less than one-third of a mile away from home. they knew this route. they would have been home by 5:15, they were to be home by 6:30, had they not been picked up and they were not reunited with their parents until 10:00 that night! >> the couple says on their facebook page that the kids were coerced into the back of the patrol car. they claim that the police told the kids that they were going to bring them home. >> that's what the older one says. >> but they didn't obviously do
11:48 am
that. >> nope. >> what are they going to be charged with, the parents? >> the parents were already charged with -- get this -- unsubstantiated neglect. what do you mean, unsubstantiated neglect? i looked at that. it means basically we don't have enough credible evidence to charge you but we warrant to keep an open file. i don't mind i guess the open file, just check on the kids make sure they're okay. that's fine if you've got the time to do it with cps. but the idea of charging somebody without charging them unsubstantiated is ludicrous to me. >> if they were on top of every other case you plengsedmentioned. >> if we had such an abuse i doubt that's the real story on that. thank you so much. american sniper may have been snubbed at the oscars but the movie by bradley cooper took home some hardware last night. it starred bradley cooper but it was about chris kyle. plus a 2-year-old ball
11:49 am
falls into a zoo exhibit with a live cheetah. so will his mother who dangled him over the edge face charges now? right back. >> at first everyone was like, why is this kid screaming? next thing you look someone's like there's a kid in the cheetah tank. when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead.
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i want to thank you to mtv and the fans. want to say it's because of you, you brought awareness to the men and women and their families in the military and what they too for us on a daily basis. chris kyle would have turned 41 four days ago. chris this is for you. >> wow actor bradley cooper geoffing a hearfelt acceptance speech at the mtv movie awards. he won for best male performance for his role of chris kyle.
11:53 am
dedicate his award to chris kyle. cooper and kyle met briefly in 2013 to discuss the film a few day boyfriends the navy seal was gunned down at a shooting range. >> here's that bizarre story. mom holding her child over an open zoo exhibit with a live cheetah? when he slips and falls into the enclosure. now she has been charged with endangering her child. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: the entire cheetah exhibit is sounded by a 10-12-foot fence but there's one area that looks down on the cheetahs, and that's where the mom was holding her two-year-old son and also holding another child. witnesses say it appears the mom dangled her two-year-old over the pen, maybe -- i don't know -- hoping to give him a better look, but lost her grip and the child dropped ten feet down into the closure. then witnesses say the boy's dad jumped in after him. listen to this. >> a bunch of the men my son
11:54 am
and i ran up there and we tried to pull the father out. we couldn't get him out one side. he ran out around another side but the wall was ten feet so he had to jump up and grab our hands and we pulled him out. >> reporter: the zoo director say the cheetahs never moved toward the boy or his father. because the spectators were all screaming think cats were either scared or not interested, which is very fortunate because cheetahs or the fastest land animals on the planet and would have easily been on the father and son before they ever got back out of that closure. now many of the parents on hand were baffled the mom actually lifted her son over the fence, which is why the zoo has now filed the child endangerment chappings. three years ago, two-year-old boy in pittsburgh jumped from his mother's arms into a wild african dogs exhibit but in that case the dogs attacked and killed the boys. the parents sued the zoo. the zoo sued the parents. that case finally settled, but a lot of mystery surrounding why
11:55 am
that mom dangled her child in cleveland. >> no doubt. all right, trace thanks so much. another animal story for you. this is one chimpanzee who takes his right to privacy seriously. clever chimp. using a branch to knock down a surveillance drone at a zoo in the netherlands. it was supposed to observe the animals in action but this little guy not having it. taking several swings before successfully knocking it to the ground. a good selfie. the drone was destroyed but a go procamera captured the chimp's face when we came down from the tree to assess the whole situation. 60 years ago dr. jonas salk changed the world when he developed a vaccine to prevent polio. how this medical miracle is being celebrated today.
11:56 am
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vaccine back in 1955. pave thing future for so many more immunizations. his research was made possible with the support from president roosevelt and the march of dimes. in celebration of the continued success of the march of dimes the u.s. mint releasing a commemorative silver coin featuring dr. salk and fdr. you can get your open by visiting u.s. >> parents a marylands a oddded with the government. child protective services picking up their kids for walking around without an adult. we asked you, how far would you let your kidsroom roam? >> wed inwithin wherever he when when we was eight. tiffani, the backyard, and she watches from the window. when charles was 12, his mother cut him lose on the entire city of austin. he could ride his bike anywhere as long as he was home before dark.
12:00 pm
same with me. if lawyer had been the other children she would grab the other's hands and run away from the cps train strangers who an abducted them. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> we have candidates, two more making moves. the race to the white house, the former secretary of state hillary clinton the former first lady, taking a thousand mile road trip to iowa in a van for her firs official campaign stop, and senator marco rubio announcing tonight. the russian president vladimir putin agrees to sill iran a high-tech missile system over the objections of the united states, israel and others. this comes as we learned a russian fighter pilot played a dangerous game with an american reconnaissance plane. details of the close call in the skies. so let's get to it. first from the deck this monday afterno


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