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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 13, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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dark. same with me. if lawyer had been the other children she would grab the other's hands and run away from the cps train strangers who an abducted them. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> we have candidates, two more making moves. the race to the white house, the former secretary of state hillary clinton the former first lady, taking a thousand mile road trip to iowa in a van for her firs official campaign stop, and senator marco rubio announcing tonight. the russian president vladimir putin agrees to sill iran a high-tech missile system over the objections of the united states, israel and others. this comes as we learned a russian fighter pilot played a dangerous game with an american reconnaissance plane. details of the close call in the skies. so let's get to it. first from the deck this monday afternoon one day after
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hillary clinton officially entered the race for the white house a new republican challenger is calling the 2016 election a choice between past and future. the republican senator marco rubio of florida told top donors he is indeed in the running for president and is set to make it official tonight in a rally in miami. that is his home town. that event a far cry from hillary clinton's low-key kickoff yesterday with a video posted online. the former first lady, senator secretary of stayed tweeted she is hitting the road for iowa. home of the very first contest in the nomination trip to come. the president clinton rot -- emptier clinton wrote, road trip, loaded a van and set off for iowa. met a great family when we stopped this afternoon. many more 0 to come. she is the only major democratic candidate to officially enter the race and the polls show her well ahead of any potential democratic rival. then senator rubio the third candidate to announce a run on the republican side of things, along with senators ted cruz and
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rand paul. several other likely candidates have not yet officially entered the race. we have team fox coverage now. ed henry is in iowa city, iowa, the first to come pain. karl cameron is live in miami. what do we know about senator rubio's rally at 6:00 -- 6:03. >> it's planned for a long time. those say his presidential campaign began when he was running for senate. we're at the freedom tower where a lot of the cuban compiles were first process expelled that's where he will have his speech. we disee himmer 'er today. tried to talk to him. here's a little built of it. >> returning late. i look forward to seeing you guys tonight. >> why are you qualified. >> senator -- >> hope you guys will be here tonight. it will be great. >> are you prepared to be president, sir? >> senator have you ever --
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>> how do you respond to -- >> lots of grins. lots of grips but not a lot of answers. you heard a couple reporters saying, are you prepare to be president, sir? that's an illustration of the concern here in florida from many who know him best, he is young, 43 years old, only in his fourth year in the u.s. senate. one of the 2010 rebels, the tea party revolution, and one over third to get tea party support and become a u.s. senator. tonight he becomes a campaign for president and will not run for re-election the u.s. senate. >> how much of a problem is his here and there stance on immigration reform? he was there and then he wasn't there, and i don't know where he is now. >> reporter: he was considered a long shot when he ran for senate. he did win in a big upset. one of the first things he did was pitch comprehensive immigration reform, and some of the very tea party controversy tide turn on him because thought it was amnesty. his on proposals he has walked away from. when you look at how he stacks
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up against of the field, he has a particularly uanybody relationship with jeb bush, jeb bush was marco rubio's mentor when rubio was a state legislator and rose through the ranks to speaker of the house, and now rubio is running against his former mayor's presumed president campaign. when you look at scott walker, the governor of wisconsin in many ways they're the same view busy walker an executive, leader or wisconsin has a different experience of rubio who has a broader foreign policy portfolio, and then the two candidates announced. in the case of ted cruz, fire brand tea partyer, much more appreciated by the tate party than marco rubio. and in the case of rand paul, his libertarian bent is different than marco rubio who has criticized rand paul.
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so marco rubio is in the middle of the pack, and looking at the poll jeb bush and scott walker ten to be leading but the of five are all within the margin of error. the g.o.p. race is now open. >> carl cameron on the trail in south florida. now more on secretary clinton's campaign. taking a more low-key approach. ed henry is in iowa city where secretary clinton is headed. what do we know about plans for when she arrives? >> reporter: well, tomorrow she will be nearby here. still eave a little drive to go. monticello, out a couple hours outside des moines. she is trying to be at a community college talk too educators and students, low-could behind the scenes as you suggested. and then on wednesday, do something similar closer to des moines with small business owners. the whole point of this is following up on the campaign video yesterday, the announcement where she basically said on social media, this is
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about you not about me. there are people here in iowa who are still perhaps a little burned by the fact that the last campaign, 2007-2008 she made it more about her, less about them. didn't come here as often as then senator barack obama didn't roll up the sleeves. she is determined at least at the start to change that. >> what are democrats on the ground saying there, ed? >> reporter: they're saying that the early signals are that she realizes she can't take this for granted. but they're also saying there's a real opening here for another democrat. just because she has the money, she is going to have a lot of endorsement, hired up a lot of former obama campaign staffers. that's not going to lock this in, and what they're also saying is she's going to face pressure on the left for being too close to wall street, too centrist. listen to this. >> has to lay out her own vision for america, and especially for the progressive wing of the
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democratic party, who has not been as happy with a lot of what the obama administration has done, and she has to show why she'll be able to carry those issues forward. >> reporter: the point is she enters the race with a of strength and also a lot of negatives like the e-mail controversy, and they're an opening own the left for another democrat like martin o'malley or jim webb. the point is, this won't be a core nation. >> ed henry on a windy spring dane in iowa city. iraq needs more help from the united states and alis to destroy the islamic state. the same iraq that dropped the weapons we gave them after a trillion dollars worth of training and fell apart in front of isis? now they want more help. the work from iraq's prime minister. he maintained the comment as he boarded the flight to washington to meet with president obama. set to be his first official visit to the united states as prime minister. the reuters news agency reports he hands to ask for help acquiring bills of dollars in
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drones and other american weapons. remember the iraqi military largely melted away and left u.s. weapons behind for isis, so they need more weapons to fight against the weapons that were dropped that used to be ours that we gave to them. meantime, the militants have released a video, as they're wont to do showing them destroying another ancient historical site in iraq. unbelievable scene. we can't independently verify the authenticity but it's wildly believed this is what is left. it ended with the militants filling barrel with explosives and blowing up different sites. the ancient city is near the isis stronghold of mosul. pentagon officials say they're helping iraqi forces prepare for a mission to retake the city or whatever is left of it in the weeks ahead, but for now, a 3,000-year-old set of artifacts, gone. >> a fox urgent now. police in north carolina say a gunman is still on the loose as fox reports this hour after he shot and killed a long-time
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college employee who just arrived at work. this happened this morning and still developing at wayne community college in goldsboro. 50 miles south and east of raleigh. school officials believe the shooter entered a campus building that houses a library and a cafeteria entered it with a rifle, a police spokeswoman says the gunman is a former student who at one point worked for the man he shot. they say the suspect is white 5'11", get to tee and tattoo over his eye. a gunman on the flus north carolina. before you book your next trip, listen to this. researchers figured out the best and worst airlines for everything from flight delays to lost luggage. the answers on that and the rest of the news coming right up. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence
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♪ help northern china reduce its reliance on
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coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons of co2 emissions? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. an american journalist who spent eight months behind bars na iran is facing espionage charges. the journalist is a correspondent for the "washington post" newspaper. he has dual citizenship, iraqi and american. but iran does not recognize dual citizenship. state media reportes officials are accusing him of selling electronic and industrial information from iran to americans. previously iranian officials said he only faced security charges. the executive editor of the "washington post" says espionage charges would be absurd that's
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a quote, and the product of twisted imagination. at least two other americans are behind bars in iran pastor from history and a marine from michigan. another american hostage went missing in iran and 2007, former fbi agent cho is reportedly working for the cia. well, flying is getting whole lot worse in more ways than one. if you fly at all you already knew this and did not need me. this is according to a new report from the university researchers who tracked the airline industry for the past 25 years or so. first, they found more flights arrived late last year then year before. take a look over here at the wall. we'll show you details. researchers say 76% of all flights arrived on time. down from more 78% in 2013. i wonder how the calculate on time is because that's not my experience. also found more americans are apparently losing their luggage. the rate of lost, stolen or delayed bags was up 13's last
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year. finally, the number of complaints to government rows by 2 to% and that may be because we have our complaint machine forever in our hand. so that part i get. gerri willis is with us. the airlines are all terrible. you have specifics. >> yes. best and worst. slateless, hawaii airlines has the best performance. >> can't fly hawaiian airlines from the east coast. >> the worst is envoy which operates american eagle. show to puddle jumpers having a hard time. lost bags, virgin. envoy is the worst for lost bags. and overbooking. so this is when you can't get your seat and get bumped. best, version, and worst is a tie between sky west and express jet. regional carriers have a harder time, the whole system operates
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that way, the spoke and wheel. their employees are generally contract folks, not people working for the airlines. >> and more complaints because the complaint machines are attached to our bodies. what of 0 the complaint jews the best is alaska and the worst is frontier, and i want to tell you, you're a big delta person. they ranked number three -- >> only because they go where i go. that's the only reason. >> speech to the researcher. he said there were no huge surprises but the consolidation in the industry is creating a lot of problems for some carriers, notably united and continental have struggled with this. >> it's creating problems for carriers? the consolidation is creating problems for the little people who have to get on their flying buses. going to be wonderful when northwest and delta merge. going to be wonderful when there's only one airline left. >> never said that. >> wonderful calls, wonderful move. >> 70% of the market is accounted for by the big four
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now. they have 70% of the market. >> wonder how we like that. >> they love it. they're raking it in, my friend, as you point out. once you pay for that ticket, they don't care anymore. right? >> no. maybe you'll get there. >> maybe not. >> today, tomorrow have to be flexible. you're flying. it can take a while. >> might happen, might not. many you should crawl. thank you. nice people, though some of them. >> very true. it's not about the people who are running it. >> a russian fighter jetting are right on time came too close to an american plane according to the pentagon. we'll talk to a former state department official who calls the showdown between putin's russia and the west a, quote, very dangerous situation. what's up with the plane, putin? hang on.
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come on, russia, what are you doing? aggression in the skies. u.s. officials say one of president putin's pilots flew entirely too close to a u.s. plane. a pentagon spokesman says officials are filing complaint to moscow, which should work out perfectly. this happened last week at the international air space -- in international air spares north of pole land over the baltic sea. a fighter jet came up unbehind one our planes at high speed and then passed dangerously close at least twice. russia is arguing the u.s. plane turned off its transresponder, the device that signals the plane's location. the pentagon denies that claiming this is part of a recent russian pattern of address as analysts say russia continues to arm the rebels in ukraine. that country was the scene of new fighting over the weekend following months of, well, relative calm after the cease
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fire announced in february. on sunday international observes at eastern ukraine reported more than a thousand explosions, most from mortar shells and artillery fire. lea gabrielle is here. what are u.s. officials saying about this very close call. >> the u.s. department of defense said in a statement the u.s. reconnaissance plane was not anywhere near russia and it was actually operating basically exercising its freedom of navigation. you can see the difference between the planes. 0 on the top is the 135. it is not maneuverable and flies like an airline. on the bottom is a russian plane, highly maneuverable tactical jet that carries missiles designed to shoot down airplanes. secretary of state john kerry had a phone call with his cars part in russian but a spokesman said does not believe the topic was brought but the complaint is being filed.
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>> the complaint is not about the plane being there. it's the way it was maneuvering. >> that's right. there are ways -- we do this ourselves when airplanes come close to our borders there are ways to do a very slow and controlled intercept that is nonthreatening. the u.s. department of defense says that is not what happened here but rather the u.s. plane -- the russian plane came up fast and from behind and then essentially maneuvered, rolled to show off its weapons. u.s.a. department of defense spokesman called it an example of sloppy airmanship. aed air jurors general who has experience flying during the cold war said this is really a message directly from the kremlin. >> it is quite violent reaction by the russians so they really want to send a signal to president obama and this administration that they mean business. and they don't want those rc135s, the reckon san aircraft, operating close to russian territory. >> this isn't the first act of
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agreeing in recent month biz russian airplanes. we have seen a number of russian flames flying close to other countries borders with their transresponders off where planes have had to intercept them and see what was going on. >> you wonder, whates going on here? thank you. iran can now get its hands on some missiles courtesy of russia. again, vladimir putin is lifting a ban on the sale's of a sophisticated difference. u.s. and foreign leaders announce they'd reached a framework for a nuclear keel with iran but nobody signed anything. look, first his fighter jets are coming up, buzzing our big plane, and now this. what is vladimir putin doing? >> well, he is doing a whole range of thing wes don't like, that's for sure. in the first case, he has been
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doing this since the invasion of ukraine a little over a year ago, where he is also not only carried out the invasion of ukraine but extent up his harassment of nato forces trying reassure our east european allies. >> what is he trying to accomplish? >> i think he's trying to push back against what he sees as 20-plus years, 25 years of u.s. dominance in the international system, of the united states coming out of the end of the cold war ask trying to structure the international order along certain lines. never been happy about that. he has decided he can push back against it, and he does this in these very different ways. in the case of the iran deal, he didn't waste any time after there was the -- we had the agreement last week to push toward a final agreement by the end of june.
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and deciding that now is the time to start moving to address the issue of sanctions that he hasn't been happy about either. so i don't think that -- that's not very helpful for the effort of the major powers that have been trying to get this agreement with iran, and getting everybody's dokes, public and legislatures on forward. him moving forward with the deal with iran is not helpful. >> does make sense to wonder where the line is? talking bat guy who invaded a nation and took over part of it. the rebels he backed using his armaments and his equipment, shot a passenger jet out of the sky and killed 300 people. now he is buzzing our planes in the air and everybody is just like, okay yeah, that's shirtless putin on the back of a horse. messing with the world. his doing more than that. there was a time when this would have seem like, i don't know wrong. >> well the united states is saying it's wrong and the united states is taking action.
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that's why we stepped up these patrols around the baltics over the baltic countries -- >> he invades a country and takes over part of it, and his backed rebels shoot a passenger jet out of the sky and murder 300 people. we take objection floating around in the baltics. >> well we have also of course, initiated major sanctions against russia since last year, and that's why you have people calling for increased lethal aid to ukraine to help that country defend itself. i believe we should be doing more to help the ukrainian government defend itself against the russian threat. >> a weird time. thank you. middle school students says he was working on a prank. didn't like the teacher. and figured he would just change his teacher's screen saver. he knew her password because he saw her type it in there. now he faces the possibility of felony charges as an adult. a 14-year-old boy. details on the case next. a former u.s. senator, an
12:27 pm
important senator from the intelligence committee plays -- claims the 9/11 attackers had funding from saudi arabia not anymore saudi arabia but the government of saudi arabia tipped the attacks of 9/11. conspiracy nut? no. former senator from the intelligence committee. and he is trying to get it made public. it is the front page of the "new york number it's been written about it all weekend. the details saudi arabia funded 9/11 theory, next. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do.
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islamic state fighters beheading journalists and aid workers over the last year. in south florida, rescuers say a small plane crashed and burst into planes killing all four people on board. witnesses say the plane took a nose dive. the feds are investigating. nearly a million people ordered apple watches on friday. a million people, according to the shopping research firm. that's triple the sales force iphone and ipad on their launch dates. but analysts point out, back then kuempers had to line up for days at apple stores. this time it's all online. ow pick up your phone and order the watch. they're smiling in cupertino. r after seeing her doctor. and she might have if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards ruining jill's credit and her dream of retirement. every year, millions of people just like you experience how a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc on your life.
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who else is controlling this? i believe we have been hacked. the chinese have hacked my wall. here we go. this is the beginning of it. $650,000 lamborghini clipped a guardrail while trying to pass a ferrari, which is always a great idea. happened saturday inside a tunnel and you can see the covered up red ferrari in the background. nobody got killed here but it made a real mess in the tunnel. crews trying to repair a section of it, destroyed in that race. police say both drivers hit speeds over 100-miles-an-hour, so just about average for the long island expressway. except when it's a parking lot. the lambeau tried to pass the ferrari and was not go. anyhow no one died in the wreck but one passenger got hurt a little bit. the drivers are reportedly 20 and 21 years old. respectivety. >> a teen in florida accused of hacking into the stoolies network to play a prank on a
12:34 pm
teacher he didn't like, faces felon cybercrime charges. the kid is 14, but a sheriffs spokesman says the prosecutors are charging the student as an adult. happened in a middle school, a 45 minute drive north of tampa. and it's there that cop says the teen broke into his school's network logged on to his teacher's computer ex-changed the background to a picture of two guys kissing. but the sheriff says that the 14-year-old accused -- accessioned the computer that held the standardized test for public school students in the state of florida. in an interview the teen said he gotten into trouble before for inappropriate logging on to computers, said the school previously suspended him for three days and said breaking into the school's network was still a well-known trick because the password was just the teacher's last name. fox news legal analyst mercedes-benz -- >> how credittive. i. >> just the last name the password. that's terrible. >> that's why parents are saying, comp on, give it a break. why didn't the school officials go in and change the password so
12:35 pm
the kids -- because they are kids -- won't get in there. >> what town was this? anybody know? in holiday, florida. for some reason we just talk about big cities and how far drive it is from there. but this kid wasn't going in there to look at the standardized test. his deal was he was going to change the scene saveer or background picture. they've giving him the same charges as if he had seen the standardized tests. >> overcharging no doubt. they want to make him a scapegoat and say we know these kids are playing pranks. this kid kid play the same prank and kids played a similar prank cannot for the same teacher but accessing the computer so we'll make him a scapegoat. charge hill with this unbelievable crime -- people that have those crimes train your bank can'ts, get your identity, you're social security number. that's hacking, not this. this is a kid who is like you
12:36 pm
know what instead of putting it on a bulletn board i'll put it on the computer screen. the same thing. this kid didn't do any of that. didn't access thises, although officials say he could have. he didn't change the grades. he could have. what's going to happen? now instead we'll prosecutor kids for what they're thinking as opposed to what they're doing? >> he had been suspended before and did get a ten-day suspension it's my understanding. >> right. >> then this felony thing -- i willies ton one detective who said it may be he just gets off on a warning but right now they're talking about this, and sounds like what you're saying they want all those other addition standardly 14-year-olds to know they will not get over on the adult, even the adult who just used their last name as a password. >> exactly. such danger in holiday, florida. >> is your thinking they'll drop back. >> can you imagine a jury, are you going to ruin this 14-year-old kid's life over this? no witness be thrown out. the prosecutor will say, we'll
12:37 pm
just give you probation, stay on the straight and narrow we won't come back to you. >> we'll report on whatever happens. >> not thank you, mercedes, not to be confused with lamborghini. >> jodi arias, re about the word today, will spend he rest of heir life in jail for murdering her boyfriend and no chance for parole. translate this to you will never have to hear again from jody arias. that's the ruling from a judge in arizona today. >> the court finds the mitigation presented is not sufficiently substantial to call for len yhency and that a natural life sentence is appropriate. it is ordered that defendant shall be incarcerate net the department of corrections for the rest of her natural life with no possibility of parole. >> the victim's family members broke down in tears as the judge read the sentence. the convicted killer wearing her black and white inmates stripes. she took the stand today saying she remembers the moment she cut
12:38 pm
her ex's throat. >> i do remember the molt when the notify went into travis' throat and he was conscious. he was still trying to attack me. it was i who was trying to get away, not travis and finally did. >> uh-huh. two years ago a court found all that to be hogwash and found jody arias guilty of murder after prosecutors say she shot travis alexander in the head stabbed him more than two dozen times and slashed his throat so deep it nearly cut off his head. today's hearing marks the end of a very long legal saga. almost seven years after the death. the death penalty was off the table after two different jury panels could not agree on whether she should live or die. our courtroom producer says jodi arias was miling as she walk out in handcuffs. what else did we learn from the alexander family trace?
12:39 pm
>> reporter: the family and supporters of travis alexander were all wearing blue in solidarity, and alexander's three younger sisters gave the most emotional testimony. his sister, hillary wilcox, says it's hard for her to remember her brother alive because it reminds her of how brutally he was taken shep tells the court she thinks about him when she was in the shower because that's where arias killed him. his sister turned directly towards jodi arias reminding her of an entry she made in her journal. >> so when you wrote in your journal that the person who did this sickening crime deserved a needle in their arm. what happened to that? what happened to that jody? this road to recovery and repair our family is going through will continue. it doesn't end here. >> reporter: that was the sister
12:40 pm
that shouted burn in hell, after the judge read the sentence. >> and smiling on the way out of the courtroom again, classic jodi. >> very defiant. arias said if she died tomorrow it would bring her untold peace and freedom. again she acknowledged causing the alexander family immense pain and also used her time to re-argue her case and defend her actions. calling out investigators and the prosecutors saying they had the facts wrong. listen to her. >> what i testified to was that false. they were not made up. they were not things i wanted to get out in the public, either, but when i was on the stand i told the truth. >> reporter: report arias' mother told the court her daughter was note monster she was made out to and her attorney says airal is truly repulsed by what she did. the judge gave her the imagination arias will file an appeal, accusing the prosecutor of misconduct and tampering with evidence. >> trace galler in in l.a.
12:41 pm
thank you. a former united states senator and a powerful one claims there is evidence of ties between the 9/11 hijackers and the government of saudi arabia. details and the latest on his push to make the information public once and for all. that's coming up. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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here's one. the saudi arabian government paid to help fund the attacks of 9/11, the fbi knows it, and the fbi covered it up. that's off some freaky web site. right? not this one. this one is a claim of a former senator from florida, senator bob graham who was on the intelligence committee. not some quack conspiracy theorist but the former head of the senate intelligence committee. he crowe wrote a congressional report on the attacks of 9/11 and he says classified pages, 28 classified pages of that report could help prove his damaging
12:45 pm
allegations. in an interview with none other than "the new york times" newspaper. senator graham said he will fight to prove his claim. he told the "times" about a meeting with the fbi agents following the terror attack. the agents took him to a secret location and one of them in essence toll him to get a life he was following a dead end. senator gray a ham said the fbi went into aggressive deception. senator graham accuses the fbi of hiding the fact it had investigated a saudi arabian family in palm beach florida, for connections to the attack. he says the agency has pictures and documents that prove multiple connections between this family in florida and the 9/11 hijackers who were training nearby. he says the family escaped the country just weeks before the attack. that the family left the refrigerator full of stuff, left all of their things in the house, and after years in this one home living peacefully in the neighborhood vanished.
12:46 pm
and less than two weeks later the towers came down. a federal judge right now is reviewing some 80,000 documents involved with that investigation to decide what, if anything, can be made public. senator graham of florida says the documents could be a smoking gun. that could prove that the saudi arabian government aided the terrorists. not people but the government. itself the government did that aided the terrorists, that's an act of war, right, if that's what happened. that is that's from senator graham of florida. for its part the fbi denies all of this. an agency commission issued a statement saying that the saudi family in florida had no connections to the attacks. the fbi blamed a special agent for the investigation into that family and reports that the agent could not explain why he investigated the family. fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano. these have float for a long time. >> all coming to head because of a number of events. one was senator graham's
12:47 pm
interview to "the new york times" which was published on sunday. and two federal judges as we speak, are reviewing this. a federal judge here in new york city is listening to motions this afternoon, as we are spoking, brought by the families of 9/11 victims against the government of saudi arabia. the government of saudi arabia has moved to dismiss the complaint. there's been no discovery in the complaint yet. they just want it smithed. the federal judge is deciding whether or not to dismiss it. at the same time a judge in south florida is reviewing the 80,000 pages of fbi documents involving the sarasota saudi arabian family. that's the investigation -- >> i said palm beach. it's sarasota. you're right. >> that's the investigation that the fbi says was improperly conducted by one agent and can't remember why he started the investigation. whatever he did, he has 80,000 pages. the senator and his people have moved to open up the 80,000 pages, and a federal judge is reviewing them.
12:48 pm
so those things are happening at the same time. what senator graham want owes released is something i suspect he has already seen -- >> why do you suspect that? >> we has chair of the senate intelligence committee in 2004 when the 9/11 commission report was released. and president bush ordered 28 pages held secret, and president obama has reconstituted that order. so two executive orders holding it's secret. those 28 pages are about the saudi government's involvement in 9/11. the writers of the report, former new cain and former indiana congressman lee hamilton, the co-chairs of the 9/11 commission report, warrant those 28 pages released. senator graham wants those 28 pages released. we don't know what is in those pages except that we do know it pertains to the saudi government and two american presidents don't want it released. add to this the following. last year, president obama
12:49 pm
signed an agreement with saudi arabia to provide for the sale of 60 billion -- with a b -- dollars worth of weaponry over the next ten year from american arms merchants to the saudi government. very dangerous stew here. >> senator graham, many of our viewers may remember him, knocked off jeb bush for governor of florida. when you're on the intelligence committee you know a lot. >> what the government reveals to you when you're on the intelligence committee you take an oath not to reveal. so you're ham strung. a elect publish official who head promised to the votes and you know these horrible truths and can't reveal them. you may recall senator feinstein got around this by reveal egg the evidence of torture on the floor or the senate where she cannot be prosecuted or sued. former senator graham no longer has access to floor of the senate because he is a former senator, sew he cannot reveal
12:50 pm
these awful right toes which he believes the american public that he right to know. >> he is allege that the saudi arabian government knowingly funded an organization that was bat to commit an act of war against the united states. if what senator graham is saying is true that is an act of war. >> he is also -- >> killed 3,000 of our people. >> also alleging the flip side, which is that the american government knows about that's -- two presidents. >> be nice to see the 28 pages, unless they have a good reason. they must. >> be nice to see the 28 pains and the 80,000 pages that a south florida federal judge is reviewing, nice to see what in the judge in new york city is reviewing to decide whether or not the lute is going fur. >> hillary is in a van. >> promising transparency no doubt. >> 19 months of this. i'm interested it in.
12:51 pm
i don't want to -- what is going to happen can the truth is going to go bonkers now. if senator graham wants to know, be interested to find out. got go thank you, judge. there will be more right after this. ♪ grind virtually any kind of food waste into an unending source of electrical power for a city? when emerson takes up the challenge
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the so-called free range parents in maryland are under investigation again. police say officers offend found them couple's two children alone in a park. they're ten and six years old. >> they made us sign a safety plan we will not leave them unattended at all. and i won't risk hi kids being snatched again. >> officers picked up the same two kid last year walking home from a park alone. kennedy is here host of kennedy 10:00 eastern time. these are free-range parent is.
12:55 pm
what are free-range parents. >> the opposite on helicopter parents. helicopter parents micromanage details of their kid lives. free-range parents are similar toparchness the '50s, '60s and '70s. we give our kids the car keys tie little bricks to their feet and make sure they can go. it's an automatic. it's basically what your mom did. be back by dinner. and what were these kidding doing in the park? cooking up meth? they were actually just playing. they were having a good time. >> society watches. >> society watches too closely. that's the problem. everyone is up in your business and then call the po-po and then the state threatening to take your kids away because they were playing in a park, and free-range parenting resonating with folks because they want to tell their neighbors and the employing, don't tell me how to raise my kids. >> i e that's good i like the haircut. how was easter yesterday,
12:56 pm
orthodox. >> fantastic because all of the eggs were 50% off. cadbury eggs bunnies. >> now i know why your orthodox, for the sales. >> and thrifty. >> right after celebrating he has risen. >> we rectorated a few bottles of champagne.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
heard, "houston, we have had a problem here," 45 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. >> marco rubio teeing up. hillary clinton packing up. the scooby-doo van and heading out. a road trip like no other. hillary clinton is in. but what if i told you her biggest fear isn't those missing e-mails. it isn't benghazi. it isn't isis. what if told you her biggest fear is something that made her husband president. it's the economy. stupid. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. first off, my thanks to colleagues and friends for so ably filling in when i was out. now back to that afraid that is coming back to haunt the economy


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