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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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pacific ocean four days later after mission control heard, "houston, we have had a problem here," 45 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. >> marco rubio teeing up. hillary clinton packing up. the scooby-doo van and heading out. a road trip like no other. hillary clinton is in. but what if i told you her biggest fear isn't those missing e-mails. it isn't benghazi. it isn't isis. what if told you her biggest fear is something that made her husband president. it's the economy. stupid. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. first off, my thanks to colleagues and friends for so ably filling in when i was out. now back to that afraid that is coming back to haunt the economy stupid.
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when james carville coined it bill clinton ran with and it plastered his opinion anyone, george bush, sr., for not doing enough about it. it got bill clinton elected. some 23 years later, charlie says it could prevent his wife from doing the same. why? things are backfiring. >> the ironis if you look at the gdp numbers back then -- >> at the time they were picking up. >> and clinton walked right into it. the problem she might have. economic cycles run in seven-year spurts. if go under the headline number look at the larger unemployment people dropped out of the work force, it's much worse, double that. a lot of other factors look like the economy might be slowing. so think about this. she knows this because she has told this to wall street, the economy could be the biggest issue. it's the sleeping giant. it's under the surface. headline numbers assume that things are getting better, but when you start scratching the
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surface, you sea weakness, and we got a taste of that in the recent jobs report, the march jobs report only 126,000 jobs -- >> shows growth if we have growth at all. >> might not have growth in the first quarter. now you can chalk that up to a lousy winter blah blah blah, strong dollar but reagan had a strong dollar, too, and guess what. he had 23 months in this presidency of over 300,000 jobs createdful much of that after 1983. and the work force was smaller. so we're talking about a very unfavorable economic situation still that hillary worries a hiccup, something in europe whatever the -- >> wouldn't take much. flip it around. the recover has been so tepid, so disappointing, that maybe you can go on a lot longer because it's been so weak. >> and uneven. that's always possible. that plays back into her fears. that it remains uneven.
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and that she -- that on the campaign trail -- one thing that she wants to take off the table for this campaign is the economy. she wants to say, dow, 18,000 so it doesn't come up. wants to be able to say we have a lot more to do to deal with income inequality, but things are getting better. because of the guy i used to work for. that's what she would like to do, and then focus on these bigger picture issues like the -- the first woman president, going to break the glass ceiling into a million pieces. >> very hard for a party to make it three terms, right? george bush senior did it after eight reagan but he had a very popular boss at the time. >> and a decent economy. >> barack obama, not so much. >> al gore could have done it maybely. actually won the popular vote. he did it because he distancees himself from president clinton's economic policies. this is interesting. the economy this sleeping giant, at least that's what she believes and it could upend her in the end.
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>> we'll champ. thank you very much. here's how you know hillary clinton is a big deal. the mainstream media loves her. >> former first lady secretary of state to grandmother in chief? >> with a 16-word tweet and a two-minute video, hillary clinton managed to electrify the race for president. >> she says she wants to run as an underdog, she wants to earn voters' votes. she is driving to iowa. twitter lying up with the announcements. retweeted three million times the first hour. trending number one across the globe. >> oh, my god. now republicans running for president? >> ted cruz is an uncompromising conservative. >> does it bother you that people don't like you? >> this guy is beside news. and his voting recordes the most right wing. >> senator paul, kelly o'donnell
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from nbc, can you be in washington and run against washington. >> you once said iran is not a threat, you now said is. you proposed ending foreign aid to article, and you once offer. >> withbe get to -- >> now you want continue crease it 16%. >> i just wander if you have mellowed out. >> all right. so hillary is ehe electrifying. some guys pet the -- petrifying. >> scary dangerous, slimy, firebrands extremist hardline, stupid, uppitiy, loud mouth demagogue flamethrower. those weren't terms applied to hillary clinton. those were terms applied to ted cruz by the same reporters when he announced his candidacy.
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the press yesterday were giddy. they were absolutely giddy. about the prospects of hillary running and i tell you, neil what is so fascinating is to watch how she plays them for fools. the idea that she would announce herself with this everyman attitude, she is just one of the guys, just one of those 2.5 billion decide guys worth $100 million and gets away with it. the fact they would say it's republicans who are looking into the scandals when they themselves should be the ones looking into it. on and on. just the beginning. >> now i'm going to put you down as a maybe on hillary -- [laughter] >> democrats have been getting a pass since fdr and kennedy. at least kennedy could joke about it saying his father would say he would never pay for a landslide. so there's a wake twiwork with thus but the message for republicans going forward is
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what? in dealing with the mainstream media. >> well think what they have to realize -- i think they are realizing it neil -- aside from fox they don't need to use any network. i don't need this facetiously. why are you going on cnn? whoa go on msnbc orr nbc. with social media you can reach 100 times as many and that's why hillary is going primarily in that direction because you can control your message that way. republicans could do the exact same thing and i suspect they will, look at marco rubio, rand paul, ted cruz early pushes on social immediata. a smart play. >> we didn't have social media like that back in ronald reagan's pursuit of the office. one thing i do remember with ronald reagan is the media ripped him a new one throughout this candidacy and more or less called him a gun-slinging joke clueless actor and more or less
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sending the message -- they tried very hard -- that he was not up to the job. the guy wins in a landslide. what do you make of that? >> well they called him the teflon president because nothing would stick. he had such an aura such magic about him. what they didn't realize was they couldn't understand why, but the more they attacked him the stronger he got. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. that was the attitude. the public thought it was terrifically unfair. no republican no conservative has been able to have that kind of reaction since ronald reagan but i tell you, what these republicans need to do -- i don't think rand paul did it correctly, but there is a correct way of standing up to the press and when the press do something that is underhanded or dishonest they should be called out. -- >> looking to thin skinned in the face of any difficult question. brent, never you, my friend. thank you media researcher center.
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the freedom tower in miami, that's going to be the big backdrop as marco rubeover announces his presidential bid in the next hour. that would make him the third republican to do so and we have 300 others waiting. he also the backing of this guy norman brayman, a move that could give the senator a big, and i mean big financial boost. how big? let's ask. you have committed, norman from a -- a great deal of money and support to the senator. jeb bush's home turf. the prohibitive floridan. you don think he is the only floridian. why? >> well, i think that marco rubio represents the greatest opportunity for us to win this election. and i don't think it's a coincidence that hillary decided at the last mount make her announcement yesterday to take the play away from marco rubio. i think hillary and the democrats have done very extensive polling, and they
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understand that marco rubio would be the most formidable candidate in the 2016 elects. the fir generation american citizen, he is the one that can appeal all the way across the board, including hispanics including others who look for the american dream, who want to seek the american dream, just the way marco rubio has. i think that's what this is all about. with hillary clinton moving up that announcement. >> norman, did it dissuade you in any way early on when jeb bush looked like he was seriously going to run, and now that he is seriously looking to run, that maybe you shouldn't put all your financial eggs in the rubio basket? >> no. to me it's a matter of principle. i've known marco rubio for 12 years. i watched him in the florida house of representatives. i watched him as speaker of the house. i've watched him as a member of the senate foreign relations
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committee. i've watched him as a member of the homeland security. the intelligence committee. he is the man for our times. i think it's time for the bushes and the clintons to move -- to go become. i thank them for their great public service. marco rubio, a candidate of tomorrow, and i honestly believe the bushes and the clintons are the candidates of yesterday. >> do you think it's imperative that senator rubio win florida, win the florida primary he can't afford to lose that to jeb bush? >> i am very confident that come march 15th in the state of florida, the florida will be the deciding volt -- vote that will send marco rubio on to be the republican candidate for president, and then the president of the united states. yes. >> all right norman brayman, good friend, good supporter. you were with this guy when no one gave him a shot. now he is in the upper tier of potential presidential
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candidates. senator marco rubio will be joining sean hannity for the entire hour tonight. mac on the attack and the president on a tear. what did senator john mccain say to get under the president's skin? >> it's a problem. needs to stop. >> do you think it is going to stand? mac is back with us next. so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. is there any hope of defeating isis if we don't have stiffer penalties for those inspired by isis? this guy is being charged with plotting to blow up a military base in kansas. he could get life in prison but the guy who may hey helped him no year in prison, so the navy seal who killed osama bin laden what we need to do before isis starts killing us. thank you for coming.
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>> thank you for having me. >> i'm wondering whether regardless of the penalty, it matters these guys are so hell bent on killing people, that the penalty almost doesn't matter. what do you think? >> well, i think the penalty for the would-be martyr isn't going to matter because what there end state is ending up in heaven with their god. that's what they want. so a stiffer penalty in prison means nothing to someone who is about to carry out a suicide attack. with this guy's buddy you are who is looking at getting three years for aiding him far as support goes, if you stiffen the penalty to 25, something like that, people aren't willing to martyr themselves but don't like the country and want to attack it you could deter them a little bit they might turn their own people in. >> might make a difference who you recrete. a lot of mall contents who isis tries to win over on the social media sites tend to seek out those who see the good in their
1:17 pm
violent cause but not the bad if it moans they could spend their life in prison. right? >> that could be, too. that's what they're doing. they're recruiting -- a lot of them have been really young people. they're looking for people that sort of aren't even realizing what they're doing. they want a sense of adventure, get into syria and fight with isis. almost looks romantic. they realize they can get these people that don't have much to go with. >> whatever their message is, robin -- you talked about it in in the past, it selling on winning over converts or malcontents in the country homeland security says there are threats in all 50 states. do you buy that? >> i do. i really do. again, with this guy here, he had malintent and was creeping out people at the islamic center, including the imam. but he was amateur hour. he wants to die in fire all on
1:18 pm
facebook. and if he -- a crazy person can do something bad but he ills not what we're worried about there are people in 50 states that want tie tack the country and they won't be announcing it on social media. it's like the bomb threat to buildings you. see a bomb threat and you evacuate the building but there's never a bomb threat followed by a bomb. >> did you ever think in killing osama bin laden that we would be seeing so many cockroaches since that have come another of the woodwork? >> well i'm a little surprised by this. the raid that killed bin laden was great and we were able to dismantle the headquarters that was al qaeda and that is possibly part of the reason now that they're -- there are guys running around claiming loyalty to al qaeda but they kind of away. it'sing this islamic state thing now. i'm not surprised to see it but i am surprised how well their
1:19 pm
social media and video, how professional they are, some beinged didded by americans. i'm surprised all these westerners that want to fight with them. >> it's incredible. rob o'neill, thank you for all you have done and helping us. rob o'neill. >> thank you. when it comes to iran the president thinks that senator john mccain said too much. don't look now but mighty mac is about to say even more.
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is it me or did senator john mccain just hit a nerve. >> when i hear some, like senator mccain recently, suggest that our secretary of state, john kerry, who served in the united states senate vietnam veteran, has provided
1:23 pm
exemplary service to this nation is somehow less trustworthy in the interpretation of what is in a political agreement than the supreme leader of iran that is an indication of the degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries. >> after that slap, the senator first on fox i guess maybe to slap back. what did you think about what the president said? >> the president has this unfortunate habit that if someone disagrees with him, then he indulges in personal attacks, whether it be john boehner john mccain, benjamin netanyahu or others. what is irrefutable here neil, is that the ayatollah caw men any says one thing entering the so-called framework that is directly opposite in the most
1:24 pm
fundmental important areas than john kerry has. i don't know which one to believe. i do know they're drastically different, whether it be on inspections, whether it be on -- whether sanctions will be lifted immediately or not, and by the way, on this issue, two people who i think are most respected in america in the third work ex-henry kissinger and george schultz, wrote a searing indictment of this whole process and what has come out of it, as i'm sure you know in "the wall street journal." >> do you think, then, that the secretary kerry is lying? >> i think secretary kerry is -- well look, if you convene 40 nations in geneva for the purpose of orchestrating a transition from power of bashar assad when bashar assad is winning, that must border on delusional. if you think you can work a straight agreement between
1:25 pm
israel and the palestinians, that -- which was also another abject failure on the part of the secretary of state -- well look at the record, and look at the record throughout these events in the middle east or the ukraine, when lindsey gray lamb and i predict every single thing that has happened, and the president has said -- made incredible remarks such as success stories of somalia and yemen, the last combat troop is out of iraq, and they're -- now have a preand pros produce iraq. the isis being the jvs. the list goes on and on of an out of touch, out of reality president over the united states. certainly his comments have nothing do with the actual event s on the frowned in the middle east. >> obviously there was a personal tone or zing so what
1:26 pm
the president was saying which led me to believe he done like you so much. >> perhaps not. when we're talking about issues of this gravity and this importance, nuclear middle east, which i think could result of a flawed agreement that only delays iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons there's no point in getting personal. this is huge. >> but it is a pattern, though, right? you're the latest to surveil the president's rath help was doing the same with governor scott walker. listen to this. >> it would be a foolish approach to take and perhaps m-walker after he has taken time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same. >> more or less another popular candidate who wasn't up to speed. >> maybe he would share his view about the jv, who knows? isis. but look at his comments and his
1:27 pm
temper tantrum about bibi netanyahu the only democratically elected leader in the entire middle east. he has march harsher weird are for b.b. than -- bibi than the ayatollah. >> does he call you first and say, john, what the heck were you saying or does it just -- is it all fought in public? >> it's in public, unfortunately. but it is in public. it also obscures, neil the fact that the world is on fire. we now see renewed russian activities in ukraine who we refuse to give defensive weapons to. china is now consolidating their position in these islands offshore. they -- the whole situation in yemen is turning into chaos, and a return of al qaeda in yemen, among other things, besides the
1:28 pm
iranians being completely on the move. they've taken control in four countries, lebanon, syria, iraq, and -- >> the whole region. >> they have taken control in countries that were once our stomp -- staunch allies. >> thank you very much good seeing you again. >> thank you. >> to cape canaveral florida. the rocket take offering, history will be made. we're back in three two, one. ♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil
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you're looking live at cape canaveral where they just announced it's a no go, a rocket's claim to fame could be how it lands more than it takes off. they let their kids play alone in a park and now they're hearing prom police. debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration.
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all right. that launch at cape canaveral is delayed another day. the weather the big culprit. what happened phil? >> reporter: weather violation, neil. the weather has been green for go all day long until three minutes and 30 seconds to blastoff and suddenly the weather officer started yelling, hold hold, hold. the issue is summertime cloud activity in florida, and those clouds, lightning, and can't
1:33 pm
have that within ten miles radius of the launch pat. that's space spacex's rocket behind me. what happens three to nine minutes after launch what's herself been hoping for. look at this tame from january, the first attempt to land the rocket, the falcon 9, first stage rocket, detaches after it spends most of its fuel, sending the dragon capsule and the second stage rocket further towards the space station, then the first stage rocket typically just drops in the edition plummeting 200 to $300 million worth of rocket down to the sea floor. so elon musk, the ceo of spacex, believes he can reduce space travel cost biz 100 fold if we can roo use rockets like we reuse airplanes and so the landing came in hard in january, smashing on the drone ship, a floating platform, about the
1:34 pm
size of a football field out there in the ocean. today they have cameras set up, but we'll try this again just after 4:00 tomorrow. so you'll still have your show to count on. >> there we go. look forward to that and you. thank you, phil very much. another job for the spacex vehicle was to deliver 4,000 pounds of goods to the international space station, including an espresso machine that works in zero gravity. don't ask. what does this mean? why is everyone so fixated on this the reuse factor or what? >> the reuse factor to save a cash for the taxpayers, even over the commercial contract, lower than a government-owned rocket would be. so if musk and his company can reuse these first stages, they can really get competitive in terms of launching satellites for other kuempers and lowering the cost of getting cargo to the
1:35 pm
space station for nasa. >> i imagine you lower the costs down and suddenly you're talking reusable vehicles, that alone could ignite interest in space and remove what is typically been a huge cost barrier. >> yeah. the barrier has been cost. every town that nasa would launch for the space station would cost $10,000 a pound. so if musk can drop that by a factor of ten to $1,000, it opens up the idea of space hotels or research labs, new use for space and industry that haven't been available just because of the cost barrier of getting up there. so that's a promise here. >> musk says factor of 100. that might be a very good salesman talking. >> maybe so. >> what i'm wondering is whether the implications beyond just sending supplies up to the space station or short hops, beyond that. what do you think?
1:36 pm
>> well, my hope is that this era of commercial cargo launch and then commercial space taxis to the space station and then tourism is one happen how to get more uses out of what we have is going to open up industry between earth and the moon. by that i mean asteroids mining. lower the launch cost you can get a prospector spacecraft. you can use the natural resources of space either harvest solar power or harvesting water from an asteroid or the moon. all these things become more possible if you can drop the launch cost. this is a great incentive for spacex and nasa can do more exploration. >> tom jones, you're call was breaking up. just to remind people this mission scrubbed at the last second because of weather. they're hoping that -- elon musk and company -- that maybe the third time is a charm two prior
1:37 pm
attempts where the reusable rocket had a chance to land on a platform came close, crashed. another one missed bay wide mark and crashed even more dramatically. they're hoping in the third try witness be the charm. free range or deranged. remember those parents who let their six and ten-year-old walk a mile away from home alone? they did it again. >> they made us sign a safety plan that says we will not leave them unattended at all. and i'm not going rusk my kids being snatched again like this by cps. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner you're free to focus on growing your business.
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♪ they let their kids roam free again so now this maryland couple is under investigation again. child protective services picking up their six and ten-year-old playing alone we're told in park a mail from home to attorney jamie on whether charges should be filed elm she hosts the fox business
1:41 pm
smash, hit strange inherit tan. is that too strange for words. >> the parents take the position they're trying to raise independent children. the kids are take caring of each other and only goo where their parents tell them they can go. the problem is child protective services want to do something about it they better change the law in maryland of the it only provides kids cannot be left alone the so-called parenting technique of free range in cars, buildings, or closures enclosures. i they're outside there's no way the conditionsy use the law to stops the parents so either change the law or the kid have to he best alone. the problem is the police report shows that there was a homeless man eyeing the children. these are the words of the officer that respond outside one minute after he was called. and that kind of changed the facts. so, legally i don't believe there's a case against the parents. whether they-exercising good sense or not i think a judge
1:42 pm
would ultimately have to decide. they were forced into signing a safety plan that they're against. what do they do? if they don't follow itit they rule lose their children. >> you mentioned the fact police yo go that could prompt this law, and violation. but the issue was never where they were playing, let's say it was a playground. people were disputing that. but the issue isn't the playground. it's the fact it's a mile from home and the parents are letting them walk home. that is the issue. >> i put my son on the new york city subway at ten years old. >> did you not like him? >> i loved him. i wanted to teach him to be independent, and he is. he is very responsible. some parents -- undersounds lie you were trying to get rid of him. >> didn't work. >> he is a very nice young man. >> always found his way home. >> you're of there is tough view -- >> my parents sent flow collegege at 14 years old. >> you're a genius. >> some kids can handle it. >> my parents kicked me 0 out
1:43 pm
after 40 and said, this is it. >> i think so. >> so, you can understand in this day and age we live that it a sick-year-old depending on a ten-year-old to walk home is dangerous. there's a bit of danger to that. >> it can be dangerous but being home, if mom runs an ear rand and leaves them alone in the house could be dangerous. a heater, hot plate, all kinds of things can go wrong. >> this is a mile from home. >> do you want people to tell you how to raise your children? >> that comes down to this a more constitutional issue than the safety of these children. >> no. i'm all for safety of children but they've been doing tis for a long time and nothing happened. child protective services did what they needed to do but they did false im'n the kid by not letting the mother know where the child was for over an hour. the kids said they were hungry but they had allergies so they couldn't feed the children. the kids belong back with the
1:44 pm
parents and the parents have to decide to live by the safety dan. >> it's a win, win. >> it's a within win if we respect kids and show a concern for them in this day and age. >> these kids would tell you they feel loved and secure. i've heard them interviewed. >> you're an eve veil lawyer. but -- >> but a good mother. >> very good mother and a wonderful host. what's going on tonight? >> an episodes i had you in mine when i was sitting there interviewing. can you imagine you inhair a lot of strange things. you say life is like a roller coaster for this family it is. they inherented an amusement park, fourth generation and all they want to do is stay in business to spin kids on the carousel but they're facing tax issues. >> i think we have a clip here. >> collectors have always been especially interested in the ride that put them on the map. >> oh, my goodness.
1:45 pm
>> only two dozen carousels are still spinning today and just five of those include a unique menagerie like this. >> what is really wonderful about these rides is that each one of these was carved by a person. so there is blood, sweat and tears in each animal. >> trying to stay in business. this is what it's like to be a small business owner, trying to do something for other people at a cost. i love this episode, and i don't know if you're a hunter, i'm guessing probably not. but taxidermi. >> on the ponder rosa maybe. >> i met the two lions in the movie, night at the museum from the greatest taxidermist in north america and you'll see other creditors and crete tiers, very strange inheritance, tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> another added event, she leaves her son at one of the
1:46 pm
sites and flies away. >> the taxidermi and the roller coaster had seatbelts. >> mother, mother. in the meantime -- >> greg don't call me. everything is fine. >> i'm sorry. can the president really reach out to jewish leaders while leaving this particular leader out? after this. the american dream is terrifying. american history is the history of the scary thing being the exact thing we have to do. cross that ocean. walk on that moon. fly. none of this makes rational sense. it only makes american sense. here, the hard things show us who we are. leaving your job to start your own thing. having a kid, when you still feel like a kid. signing a 30-year mortgage on a home. scary sure, but no match for our colossal self belief.
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we're supposed to do scary. without scary, we don't get to be brave.
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1:49 pm
you're looking at the white house. the president is meeting behind closed doors with jewish community leaders as he tries to get the iran deal off the ground. >> the president, we'll make the case to them and seven officials will make the case to them this agreement is one that is clearly in the best interests of the
1:50 pm
united states of america. the president also believes it's clearly in the best interests of our klose ally in the middle east israel. >> to former israeli ambassador to the united nations on what he would be telling the president right now if he were in the room. ambassador? >> well good afternoon neil. it's good to be with you. what i would tell the president is that what worries me most is when the president of the united states says, iran will not acquire nuclear weapons on acquire nuclear weapons on my watch. well mr. president this is not about your watch. this is about the iranian clock which is racing towards a nuclear device, and you know and you have said it yourself that eventually, iraq will be minutes away from getting a bomb. so this is not about your watch. this is not about the next 20 months. this is about the life of our children and our grandchildren
1:51 pm
and indeed, your children and grandchildren and therefore, i think that you should rise above the petty differences you have with the prime minister of israel. you may not like each other but this is not about love or about romance. this is about life and death, and i think that you should get your act together and realize that the deal you are about to broker is a bad deal, is a dangerous deal, not just for israel but for your allies in the region and for civilization as we know it. >> ambassador, would it be different if there was a promise or an assurance out of iran that included israel's right to exist? look, israel you have a right to exist. would that change things? >> you know, neil if you believe the iranians i have a great bridge to sell you. the iranians have been lying and
1:52 pm
deceiving the world while terrorizing the world and killing innocent people. they are lying as we speak. but in fact they're not lying all the time because if you listen carefully to their leaders, they tell you that israel is the small satan and the u.s. is the big satan. they swear that they will wipe israel off the face of the map. they deny the holocaust. listen to them, don't just listen to us. listen to them. look at what they say. look at what they are doing. look at the terror which they are terrorizing the world with. iran is a terror state and this has not been addressed in the talks. it was as if the united states was negotiating with switzerland as if hamid became mother theresa. this is an evil, extremist fundamentalist regime. it is actually killing people as we speak, whether through hamas to the south or hezbollah to the
1:53 pm
north or all around the world including south america in an aattempt to assassinate the saudi ambassador. this is an evil regime and appeasing it is as dangerous as trying to appease hitler. we know how that ended. >> ambassador, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. well it is one thing to hear the greatest generation is quickly dying off. it is quite another to see it. in my own family.
1:54 pm
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the country's largest petrochemical operations. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. i got the news on the last day of my vacation. aunt betty had died and the last of my dad's siblings was gone, all of them gone, just like that. my dad, his sisters, and brothers no more. these loud bigger than life forces of nature who loved to sing together not well by the way, and laugh together and rib one and all together, now gone
1:57 pm
all together. i still can't believe it. they were so loud. now, so silent. the cavuto family's greatest generation now just a great memory. my aunt betty a very special one. when we first got the news of her passing we all started asking whose godmother was she again, my brother's my sister's? it was a dumb question. aunt betty was everybody's godmother. single almost her entire life until she married at the ripe old age of 85, aunt betty never had any children of her own but that doesn't mean she didn't have children. oh, she had lots of them. her brother's children and then their children and then their children. aunt betty doted on them all. no one was left out no toy too small no amusement park or carnival too much. she and my irish mom were very close. aunt betty often joined us on family trips and let's just say this big-headed toddler yeah, even back then, didn't like to share. aunt betty suspected years later it's because she always took me out to eat a and i was always
1:58 pm
hungry. aunt betty was always there treating. here she is with my grandmother at my high school graduation. then four years later at my college graduation. same girl same deal. no matter the nephew or niece or great nephew or niece or great great nephew or niece, for aunt betty, always a big deal. we were all big deals. she was a port in a storm for siblings and cousins now spread all over the world. no emotional teenaged trauma was so overwhelming that aunt betty couldn't fix it. and make you forget it. she was a beyond generous host who always provided it whether for one or 100. in her kitchen, in her home paid with her money from her job at a time single women had trouble even getting a mortgage, leave it to my aunt betty to get many mortgages and many cars without a husband, without
1:59 pm
anyone. no one co-signing just old aunt betty signing. i used to joke that long before there was a national organization of women, there was the organization of big bad betty. she wasn't burning bras but she sure was blazing trails. when i once asked her what she did if the banker refused giving her a loan she simply replied i would go ask someone else. the bank that said yes did okay. just like aunt betty. just like a whole generation that refused to take no for an answer or the vowel at the end of their name as some sort of impediment. i guess that's why they called them the greatest generation. as much defined by their spine as in my aunt betty's case, their heart. now gone all of them in my family, gone. i think of all those meals out and only now it's sinking in. the power of gathering around a table before you wake up one day and see only empty chairs.
2:00 pm
betty cavuto distefano, dead at 95. this is a fox news alert. hello, everyone. marco rubio is just moments away from joining the 2016 presidential race. he's going to kick off his campaign shortly in his home state of florida at the miami freedom tower. rubio broke the news of today's announcement right here on "the five" two weeks ago. earlier, reporters tried to get a preview of tonight's rollout. the senator wouldn't say much. >> running late. i look forward to seeing you guys tonight. >> reporter: senator, why are you qualified? >> hope you guys will be here tonight. it will be great. >> we have excerpts from the big speech. our country has always been about the future. we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideas of the


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