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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 14, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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demand? >> should be up to the parents. kids whoerant vaxitated are not a threat to kids that are. >> back in my days we had shots at school. >> yes kick them out. home school them but keep them away from now. >> "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you it is tuesday april 14th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. florida senator marco rubio entering the presidential ring. he's already throwing punches at hillary clinton. >> just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over. >> it's official. rubio in the white house race. will his time in the senate help or hurt his chances. karl rove ahead on that.
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speaking of hillary, who the hill are you? the cover of the daily news here in new york city saying it all. the clinton campaign staff off to a rocky start as hillary goes unrecognized at a restaurant. is this really what she had in mind when she hit the road? she went incognito for the bereto. a hollywood actor loses it on set. >> i am doing my job here. i'm a pro. this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on. this is [ bleep ]. >> wow the actor behind the video going viral. is this for real or is it also just acting? you make the call. mornings are better with friends. >> i'm ollie north and you're watching "fox and friends." like will farrell during a
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shoot going off on his rants. >> a little too perfect. camera in the right position. you don't see who it is. you'll find out in a moment. let's talk about yesterday. yesterday was marco monday. >> it sure was. he is not going back to yesterday is what he said. making it official. announcing his ring in there but jabbing at hillary clinton and rightly so some say. he said we're not going back we're moving forward. take a listen. >> while our people and our economy are pushing the boundaries of the 21st century, too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the 20th century. just yesterday a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over.
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and before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of america. we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideas of the past. we must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them. that is why tonight grounded by the lessons of our history, but inspired by the promise of our future, i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> a big moment there. >> just like that he is officially in. as expected because he's a great communicator he came off strong. he said i'm five years in. when i was in the state lairt legislature and making things happen.
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i have been working on the foreign relations company. what's working against him is jeb bush and working for him. and maybe perhaps the fact he is a one term senator to some. i actually think that the one poll that he can hold on to that's strong is that when asked, who could you see yourself voting for, 56% of the people i could see myself voting for marco rubio. >> at a moment he spoke in spanish reaching out to the hispanic vote there he's headed back to washington today to join a senate hearing on a proposed deal with iran. no newby when it comes to foreign relations. karl rove said being a out spoken senator might prove to be a positive. >> it will be an advantage for governors, they're chief executives that had to make decisions. senators will be able to point to the things they have said and
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things that they've done that for good or ill are going to draw people to them or rappel people from them. again like rubio who has been on foreign policy a very strong voice who has been critical of the administration's policies in ways and now when we look back make him look fresh. this will be a sfrengt him. >> the other thing he would be a candidate who could actually bridge between the tea party and the establishment republican party. that's his hope. meanwhile he had a good yesterday. you know who didn't have a good day yesterday? hillary clinton. remember, she apparently is taken off in the scooby van across the country. yesterday apparently she stopped at a restaurant out there in ohio. and according to the new york daily news, this is the first line. she failed her major test in a battle ground state she went there and was not recognized. which makes you wonder if she's
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going to do this listening tour why isn't she stopping and talking to people and listening to them. i have a feeling "saturday night live" right this minute is building a fake restaurant set. >> we know what she ordered. she ordered a -- hopefully got the chips. >> she bought the extra guacamole. >> it is worth it. next to her -- she had her sun glasses on. she's driving in some call the scooby, others call the mystery machine. a lot isn't known. on her website she hasn't outlined what her platform is. you know, that's something she's going to battle as it pertained to the e-mails, secretive e-mail account and the server that's gone. secrets about benghazi. the unknown is going to be a monkey on her back. >> i think that too, i think that going in there and not
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getting recognized. i don't think that's a big deal. it plays into the idea she wants to connect to the average person what's more significant her supporters who are saying we don't see a theme or message or a mission. these are people who are writing checks for her. some of which quoted on politico said i missed game of thrones of this? >> they haven't heard anything from her yet, making people feel anxiety. >> do you know what that image says to me? >> i'm hungry. >> absolutely. what a difference there is between hillary clinton and her husband, bill. if bill clinton was in there, he would still be there you know what? he would have known a third of the people in the restaurant he would by the end of the visit be serving people. it goes to show you he is a
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natural natural campaigner. the only way we had that picture is a woman from "the new york times" heard that one person recognized her called the manager and said can you look at the surveillance tape. and he did. and he said, okay. there she is. then apparently he took pictures. this morning, hillary is probably thinking, why didn't i burn the tape. >> it has a lot of people saying we're going to proceed with caution. the white house josh earnest was asked is the president going to get back, is this an automatic endorsement. this is what they had to say. >> the answer to that question is no. the fact is the president obviously had an opportunity to see up close how effective a campaigner she can be. >> i don't think the president could endorse anybody unless it was his wife. he has a vice president who would be pouting for two years. he gave her a glowing report the
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other day. >> the white house says not automatic, and then you got here in new york city, the mayor de blasio who was her campaign chairman and said, i'm not going to do that right now. just goes to show you that while marco rubio had a good rollout, hillary clinton not so much. but, you know what? she had a delicious lunch. >> she did. i'm glad she went for the extra guac. >> today she's in iowa. >> it might be good not to get a endorsement from de blasio. >> a lot of us live in neighborhoods where we have members of the military or families and we're used to seeing flags in the windows. we may start seeing a lot less of that. there is a grave new warning for our american heroes today. the washington times is recording that u.s. northern command sent out a memo to our
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troops urging them to keep a low profile at home so that terrorists cannot find them here. they're asked to avoid using military slang in public. and limit using military symbols on their homes on their lawns, and on their cars as well. this new warning comes weeks after isis leaked online the personal information of 100 members of the military urging loan wolves to attack them. developing today, a passenger sitting in an unarmed black man's car moments before he was shot and killedicide now breaking his silence. he says he watched as walter scott jumped out of his car and ran away from officer michael slager. moments later he was shot dead. in a statement he writes, quote, i'll never know why he ran but i know he didn't deserve to die. slager faces murder charges in walter's death. overnight, a mile high mystery. how crazy would this be? a strange noise banging
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midflight. listen to this carefully from an airplane. do you hear that slight banging noise? that turned out to be a seattle tacoma airport worker who was trapped inside the cargo hold of an alaska airlines flight. why was he down there? he fell asleep. the unnamed worker banged on the walls of that plane for 14 minutes. the pilots heard about it and declared an emergency and turned back around. the passengers who were on board say they were shocked. >> i think it's scary and really unsafe too. what if it was somebody that could have been a terrorist? >> it's crazy because it's a big company. it scares you a little bit about the procedures. >> scary but that teenager i guess she thought it was funny. no drugs or alcohol found in his system he apparently decided to
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take a snooze on the job. it was a afternoon of cheers and jeers at a game. the crowd breaking into cheers for the slain police officers' families. they threw out the opening pitches in the game against philadelphia. when the mayor was announced he was met with boos. pretty much from every direction. this after he's had a rocky relationship with the police force. since the murders of those officers back in december. those are your headlines i'll see you back here in a little bit. >> once the mets don't get booed at home but the mayor does. this come up, you ain't seen nothing yet. a new warning about what's about to go down at our southern border. a brand new surge of illegals and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. there is video about a teen being assaulted by flying fish is going viral. >> incoming.
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shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. border agents bracing for a new surge of child immigrants, possibly the highest on record. you have a new report claiming
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40,000 uncompanied children will try to come into the u.s. we should say that it's not mexicans, it's beyond mexico it's south of mexico that they're coming. what makes you think the number gicize is going to go up? >> it's people from central america, south america, the caribbean that will take advantage of this. i am already tracking this and see a large number of africaens and caribbean islanders using this same pathway already this year. the surge last year was record breaking when it came to underage 18 minors traveling alone. and they're saying this year will be a slightly smaller surge. i'm concerned about that. first of all, the preparation they've been making added resources are not to secure our
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border. those resources are going to accommodate these illegal entrants that they predict will come. plus they say it will be slightly fewer than last year's. they don't know. they were caught by surprise last year. >> they were saying things got so bad there, they had to come here. and things so far have not gotten any better there which makes you think the message from last year is if you come, you can stay. >> absolutely. and that's the difference. that is the message that resonates in central america right now. it's not what it previously was, don't try this do not cross this line. now it is, come on over. >> right. what do your guys say, your men and women who work in border patrol today, what are they saying is their mission statement? >> they are still dedicated to doing what they swore to do which is protect america.
3:19 am
when i see a billion dollars go to central american countries knowing what that could do for once and for all and finally secure that border with mexico, it's extremely frustrating to me. i know that morale has taken a hard hit. >> it's taken a hard hit, also the fact we gave a billion dollars to guatemala. what could it do for this mission to get mexico to crack down on their southern border? >> well, ironically for the first time that i can recall, mexico detained and removed more central americans than the united states did. last year. so mexico is concerned about their border that adjoins guatemala. and the united states is working with them on this. i find it interesting that mexico is actually taking a harder stance than this administration. >> oh, yeah. they can't stay ipmexico. it's a matter of passing through
3:20 am
mexico to get to the united states. that's the whole thing. they're pretty tough but they're not tough at keeping people from coming here. it is not their responsibility. ronald coburn people aren't passing through america to get to canada. thank you for joining us. we'll check to see what happens this spring. coming up ten minutes before the bottom of the hour, are you looking to police, a wave of new apps allow you to spy on cops. is this putting a target on their backs, should this be ilegal? the moment a huge construction project goes terribly wrong. ♪
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some quick headlines on this tuesday morning. newly released surveillance footage shows a moment when a construction crane toppled on to a museum. workers scramble as it lifted off its support pads unable to deal with the weight of the metal framework it was lifting. the load was just too heavy. fish out of water causing serious problems in st. louis. flying carp wreaking havoc on this lake. a member of washington university's rowing team captured the video. nobody was injured. city officials are considering posting carp warning signs in the area. they say that's a lake? it looks like a river to me. anti-police rhetoric across the country grows, app developers are releasing a wave of apps to track the police.
3:25 am
should they be legal and are they putting our police officers at risk? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is a policy analyst and a former police officer. we thank you both for being here. gentlemen, let me start with this, should these apps be used? are they going to stop police from doing their jobs? >> there is absolutely no redeeming value to these apps. first of all they're going to hinder the ability of law enforcement to effectively do their job. more importantly, is that these apps can certainly put police officers in danger. >> okay so matthew how do you answer that? do you think it's worth the risk of putting our officers in danger to catch them in the line of duty? >> i don't think people who intend to do police officers harm need apps. the apps i've seen are apps that allow people to record police and give access to their rights. i think one of the apps that does have people concerned is an app called waves which is a traffic app that allows people
3:26 am
to pinpoint where police officers are. it's worth keeping in mind, these officers are out in public. and they shouldn't be surprised if they are caught on film or if their location is known. if we are concerned about people tracking police, it's not just apped we should be worried about, think about locations being, you know sent out on twitter or the text messages. this isn't something we're going to be able to stop with given the state of technology. >> i want to go some of these. wave as you mentioned. cop watch it's a video recorder. the swat app is one. i'm getting arrested is another. it was developed by high school students out of georgia right there. and you know some of these allow you to actually file a complaint immediately. record the video. steven, do you believe that the reaction from the police department in terms of morale will be a negative one? >> absolutely. police officers want to get home safely at night. it's tough enough to do our job. look, why have an app like this?
3:27 am
an app is going to hinder the ability of law enforcement to protect everyone on our streets and neighborhoods. i know the guest said that the police shouldn't be that concerned. you know something? i've been out on those streets. police officers have been killed as a result of technology. why don't we invent things to help the police do their job and not hinder their ability. >> are you concerned they'll be set up in situations by these apps and put in dangerous -- >> you want to ambush a cop, push a button. these are things that go through people's minds. this is another piece of technology to give to the bad guys. let's help the good guys for once and help our police and not hinder their ability to do their job. >> matthew final word? >> anyone who wants to help the police can call 911. i don't think anyone is condoning violence against the police. given the state of technology, if police are out in public
3:28 am
their location could be known. that's not a reason to crack down at technology that is aimed at giving information about traffic. we need to be careful going forward considering the legality of these apps. i would be worried if we were cracking down on technology that is already out there. >> it takes a split second to kill a cop. you don't have time to dial 911. >> strong words here today. we want to thank you for being with us and sharing your thoughts on this. at home, let us know what you think about these apps. thank you both. coming up the constitution and the bible are sexist. yeah. wait until you hear who's saying that about these historical documents. a hollywood actor losing it on set. >> i am doing my job here. i am a pro. this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on. this is [ bleep ]. okay. the actor behind the video going viral. was it real or just really good acting? we're going to find out.
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♪ 150 years ago today our nation was in mourning as president abraham lincoln was killed five days after the end of the civil war. >> the guy right here with the paint pencil is the famous author and you have written books about your many -- >> author. >> mainly a painter.
3:33 am
he's got a tribute to lincoln assassinated 150 years ago today. why is linken one of your favorite subjects? >> it's an icon. he is a symbol of america. no matter what he is in reality, we kind of project our own personal feelings about the country on to these icons. he's one of my favorite guys. he's somebody that everybody can relate to across the board. >> i was fascinated to find out that he lives for nine hours after he was shot. number two, after he died they brought his casket all around the country for everyone to see. >> isn't that >> people talked about how they couldn't believe what was happening to the body in detail. >> how he energized the nation. for you to capture it on canvas and tell the story of this president, that's a lot of pressure. >> i mean, it's easy to just put a painting out there.
3:34 am
if nobody likes it i'm not around to take the heat. >> we've known you for a couple of years, he has done the parade of -- >> they're not knock offs. >> those are the originals. >> except for the ones my son did. >> i got to tell you, you are like, the world's worst hotel against the penally ape ruham lincoln you just did you did in a hotel room. >> i have a collection of letters from across the country. they tell me thank you for being a customer. the there is also why you were here -- >> a little purple here, the eyes are darkened out. what goes into that thought into doing what you're doing? >> well there is probably some psychosis involved. but i think what i'm trying to do -- it doesn't matter what colors i use. when you think about lincoln, you think about the intense --
3:35 am
when we think about lincoln we think about the event of his assassination. >> it's missing the signature. >> you -- >> i was trying to get this thing to work and i can't get anything to come out of it. >> thank you. >> you are a remarkable man to do this great work. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> for us, today -- >> cash or? >> you want to get in a bidding war? >> heather, time for news. thank you so much. a couple headlines to bring you. the reserve deputy in tulsa oklahoma who claims he thought he was firing a taser but it was his gun has been charged with manslaughter. 7 #-year-old robert baits faces four years in prison after shooting and killing an unarmed black men. video shows an undercover operation in which the suspect is tackled to the ground. that's when bates fires what he says he thought was his taser.
3:36 am
>> on your stomach. now. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> an attorney says that bates was a donor who paid big bucks to play the part of cop in that town. and that eric harris has paid for that with his life. a story to bring you sick at sea once again. a norovirus out break. it made 200 people sick. it's docked in san diego it's being sanitized and scrubbed down after more than 110 of its more than 2,000 passengers came down with the virus. the other cruise sip is a royal caribbean ship. it's expected to arrive in san diego. the defense department approved training course. the classified cherished historical documents as sexist. there is a presentation by the
3:37 am
defense equal opportunity management institute on sexism reportedly singled out the constitution for not including women until later in the history. the declaration of independence were referring only to men. and the bible for passages the department says are discriminatory. the defense department says the lesson is now being reviewed. what do you think of that one? caught on camera dennis quaid acting? >> this man wanders on my set. i can't get a line out until [ bleep ] starts whisperring in your ear. you're not even watching anymore [ bleep ] don't [ bleep ] me. >> some folks online say there's a possibility the whole thing is fake and looking for a lit publicity there. some people betting it is for the jimmy kimmel show. you be the judge.
3:38 am
>> don't dennis me. >> right. >> it looked a little faith. >> maria molina, i think it might be warming up a bit here. >> that's right. across parts of the eastern u.s., you're looking at mild temperatures even early this morning. some of the current numbers are not bad at all. 60 in new york city. 60 into atlanta. houston, tampa, looking at temperatures in the 70s. we have a storm system out west. some of the numbers are chillier. the cold front will be bringing in cooler temperatures. there's a quick look at your high temperatures. another concern for today will be areas of heavy rain across parts of kentucky and west virginia. we have flood watches in effect out there and rain already has moved in this morning. take it easy on the roadways. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much for the live report. meanwhile a shocking new report out a day before tax day. today is april 14th.
3:39 am
showed the top 20% of earners pay more than 80% of taxes. the bottom 20% is actually getting paid by the federal government. >> so is this tax rich policy really working for the economy? we'll ask stuart varney from the fox business network. >> it's not working. this is not widely known. but the rich already paid an enormous amount of the money that's coming into the federal treasury. that's redistribution. it is not working. the middle class is shrinking. when you redistribute like this you're supposed to spread it around. >> why does the middle class shrink? >> you slow the economy. you tax successful people you discourage economic growth. it's economic growth that grows the middle class. that's the problem. just look at the numbers for a second. you already said the top 20% pays 84% of all the money that comes in to the federal
3:40 am
treasury. the top 20% pays 84%. the middle% pays 6%. the bottom gets money back from the federal government. >> how does that work? >> it doesn't work. >> how do they get the money back? i don't put federal tax out but i get tax back? >> have you ever heard of the earned income tax credit it's a check in the mail delivered to people who are working on the books but they don't make much money, the treasury tops off their income. by the way you are rich. you're in that top 20%. if you make $134,000 a year. is that rich in new york, massachusetts, california? i think not. >> i thought the president said a couple years ago if you made a quarter million dollar husband a year. >> the president wants more. he wants the rich to may more. they pay 84% of all federal income tax now. he wants more. he wants to concentrate
3:41 am
taxation. >> the deficit is going up again. instead of going down. >> correct. and the last months the deficit came in at $439 billion. it started to go back up again even though we're taxing the rich to the absolute max. record tax revenue from the rich. >> how would you fix it? >> lower tax rates for corporations and individuals and grow the economy. that's how you do it. >> they're supposed to be tax reform in these two years. >> not going to happen. probably not. >> you are. >> he is. watch him over on fox business network. go to and there you're going to find stuart. >> he doesn't like when you touch his arms. >> i love when you break down these situations for us. you make it all make so much sense. >> you are the rose between two thorns. >> she's the fox in "fox and friends." >> barney and company coming up soon. >> yes. coming up the pc police are
3:42 am
at it again. one major university requiring all students to take a class on diversity. is this another way to push propaganda on our nation's schools? her campaign slogan is ready for hillary. is hillary clinton ready for the legal problems she could face during her white house bid? judge andrew napolitano is here to break down the questions she'll have to answer for. ♪ i'm back on the road again ♪ before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family.
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one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. her campaign slogan is ready for hillary. is hillary clinton's camp ready for the onslaught of legal problems she might face during her presidential bid. >> from benghazi to missing e-mail our next guest says the nominee has almost certainly broken some laws. >> fox news correspondent judge
3:46 am
andrew napolitano here to explain legal troubles. >> we know she has legal troubles. she has her many failures as secretary of state. she's got her fixation on secrecy. she has a lot of legal problems as well. before we go through them, none of her legal problems will trouble her at all. without a prosecutor to pursue them. and who runs the federal prosecution system? eric holder and loretta lynch and ultimately president obama. if they don't want to touch her, she won't be touched. she could still be prosecuted by whoever succeeds. president obama. we have admissions where she has destroyed property that belongs to the government destroying evidence after it's been subpoenaed and diverting
3:47 am
classified information to a non-government, non-controlled venue. that's the same charge that general petraeus is going to plead guilty to. probably her greatest trouble is what her husband did while she was secretary of state. and she looked the other way. when he solicited funds from the heads of government with which she was negotiating, negotiating relationships with the united states. al so while she was negotiating with saudi arabia, for the sale of $60 billion with a b dollars' worth of military equipment over the next ten years, saudi arabiaen government officials were contributing to the clinton foundation. >> you see a parallel between what the clintons did and what our state senator robert menendez did. >> the concept of bribery is not somebody handing you an envelope full of cash and you agreeing to use your office -- >> that was the good old days. >> correct. it was more subtle today. what senator menendez has been
3:48 am
charged with. i think there's a lot of politics behind it. i don't know where it's going to end up. the theory behind it is when somebody spends money on your behalf. when somebody spends money to make you look good and you know about it and you act upon it and you're in the government, bribery. >> i want to bring up a scenario. the russian chinese edward snowden like characters starts releasing personal files from her four years as secretary of state. because as you know, she had a personal server. if these things start popping up in the public venue. >> then that shows she was being irresponsible with state department e-mails and communications. >> brian, you're being too kind. she was beyond irresponsible. she was criminal by removing the security of the federal system and putting it into her own. they don't even have to have hacked her. they can hack the people with whom she e-mailed. we know about -- >> blumenthal, right nick named
3:49 am
the prince of darkness. we know he was hacked. the guy who did the hacking is in jail in europe because he revealed what he found. it was part of mrs. clinton's calendar. >> how audacious -- >> general petraeus was indicted for concealing his calendar diary. that's considered classified information. >> the big question is if anybody will prosecute probably not until somebody new from other party goes to the white house. >> i agree. >> thank you very much. coming up take a class on diversity or don't graduate. up next, the major american university making that course a requirement for all students. then a girl already battling two terrible illnesses suffers a tragedy when she falls 30 feet into a hollow tree. what happened next is nothing short of a miracle. completely cured she is after a visit to heaven. her remarkable story ahead. ♪ how far is heaven ♪
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♪ lord can you tell me ♪ i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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well, it's now mandatory. ucla in los angeles the faculty there voting 2-1 in favor of a controversial diversity class requirement. our next guest says ethnic studies is left wing propaganda.
3:54 am
joining us is a professor at george mason university and a former professor at ucla. so you were at ucla for a few years. did you see a lot of racism there? >> almost none. i've been at six universities. ucla is definitely the most progressive. the -- has the least racist attitudes of any of those universities. yet, has the most claims of racism i think of any of those six. people are just walking on egg shells. >> we're going to put a graphic that shows the ethnicity. 33% asian. 27% white. why would they decide giving those numbers which are terrific, they got to have a diversity class? >> part of -- actually the african-american numbers are low in terms of george mason is 10%.
3:55 am
the big reason is because california doesn't have african-americans. the state wide population is like 5% or 6%. you're going to have less than the average school. latino and asians, it's huge. so that's why do we need a racial class diversity requirement? i think this happens because there was an uglee racial incident at ucla. there was a surgeon who was at this end of the year roast and these residents posted up a powerpoint slide of this black surgeon. they posted his photo on a gorilla. this is racist. and i think the chancellor got scared, the rumor i hurldeard is the attorney general threatened to
3:56 am
investigate. >> that's the genesis where it may have started. getting to this stage that suggests there's a problem. you say these classes are left wing propaganda why? >> well, yeah. i think everyone kind of knows that it's more indockronation than just education. the other thing about it is that it just kind of fluff. they're easy classes. i know some people would disagree with me. the people who disagree with me i ask them to ask themselves this question, no one in the history of man kind has ever said darn i made a d in these studies now i'm going to need to major in chemistry. people all the time say the opposite. >> all right. >> it's given. people know it's an easy class. >> i get where you're coming from. now they have one at ucla. you should know you used to be there. thank you very much. all right.
3:57 am
coming up indy car pit crew gets too close to the action. how did he survive that? you have to see how this ends coming up. [announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain
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4:00 am
guts. glory. ram. good morning to you today is tuesday april 14th i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton's campaign off to a rocky start. when the every day people she meets have no idea who she is. take a look at this is this what she had in mind when she hit the road? florida senator marco rubio enters the presidential ring last night with an inspiring message. >> i live in an exceptional country where the son of a bartender and a made could have the same dream and same future as those who come from power and privilege. >> his message to america and his competition will surprise you. and speaking of surprises an indy car pit crew member gets a little too close to the action. how in the world did he survive
4:01 am
that? we're going to hit play and you'll find out. because tuesdays are better with friends. like you. >> and squeeze and squeeze, it's richard simmons the best exercise for your mind is "fox and friends." right. he's got to come back. he's got to put on -- what was the last one he did? >> sweating to the oldies? >> is he doing that anymore? >> he's still sweating somewhere. >> i love him. >> the cover of the daily news today has quit an eye grabbing headline. who in the hill are you? ladies and gentlemen that's hillary rodham clinton at a chip restaurant in ohio. it doesn't look like she'll -- she's not going to wind up with a coronation. this will not be easy with her. the headline says hillary
4:02 am
clinton she failed the first major test in a battle ground step she went there and was completely unnoticed when she ordered a burrito bowl. >> she ordered blackberry, soft drink and a chicken burrito bowl. not a picture of connection is what she said she set out to do with the every woman every man out there. it doesn't seem to be that anybody knew who she was. nor does it seem she wanted them to. >> she stopped in ohio on route to iowa. we'll see how that goes. a lot of people saying that bill clinton would have been everywhere and shaking everybody's hand. let's see if she'll connect in small settings. let's talk about hillary clinton for a second. many people who are writing checks to her and are firmly in her corner are getting upset because so far they have not heard any clear ideas or mission statements or a sense of what
4:03 am
she wants to accomplish at the age of 69 that she wasn't able to do in 2008 and the senate. this is written in politico. some of these people at a conference call on sunday said i could be watching game of thrones. >> they are frustrated aside from having a little clinton fatigue, there's a vague cloud over her. on her website still not listing her policies and issue stances as of yesterday. her schedule with the mystery mobile she's travelering in, she calls scooby. is not listed as well. it's a brief i -- >> she did stop in addition to stopping at the restaurant -- i got an e-mail saying by the looks of those pictures she had never been there before. she didn't know how to order. apparently she stopped at a pilot gas station in altoona, pennsylvania, in the scooby van. somebody who saw it said the van was like something older people would travel in.
4:04 am
i don't know what that means. she will wind up in iowa. at kirkwood community college. a newspaper went out there and they talked to ten different students. she's going to get a great welcome. one student wants to talk to her about immigration reform. that student feels it's the democrat's way of getting new voters. somebody else predicted she's going to be like talking and then a word that starts with s and would push some emotional thing on us. the third person says clinton seems like a control freak. this whole idea of her being a regular person in the scooby van traveling out and getting fast food, not off to a good start. >> it feels like she's in a stick shift going up here. >> marco rubio yesterday it was marco monday and he made it clear hillary clinton going in reverse. essentially she's easy pass back to the 90s. >> a lot of people said there was concern she did this to
4:05 am
undercut his announcement. that wasn't the case at l. he actually put forward an excellent speech huge momentum already talking about the american dream. only happening here in the united states. >> many countries the highest office in the land is reserved for the rich and powerful. i live in an exceptional country where the son of a bartender and a maid can have the same dreams and future as those who come from power and privilege. my father stood behind a small portable bar in the back of a room for all those years. so that tonight i could stand behind this podium in front of this room and this nation. whether we remain a special country will depend on whether that journey is still possible for those who are trying to make it right now. if their american dreams become impossible we will have just become another country. but if they succeed, this 21st century will also be an american
4:06 am
century. this will be the message of my campaign and the purpose of my presancy. >> we'll see if he gets t. he's got a long way to go. he probably is the most talented and one of the best communicators in the country. i think he's taken a shot at his buddy jeb bush when he talks about power and privilege. i think when we look at who else is going to roll out in april, it is going to be governor scott walker, it looks like may 4th will be carson. chris christie and governor kasich are still deciding. >> some would say it should be a governor not a senator to step into the role. next time somebody who has run something -- he's such a great communicator. he has expressed his poens. back to school choice, he wants to back that again. repeal obamacare. protecting the lives of the unborn. reestablishing support for israel. again, he took extra means to call out cuba and venezuela.
4:07 am
he is heading back to washington to talk about iran and all that's going on there. this is not somebody who is foreign to foreign policy at all. >> his personal story is unbelievable. when he said a couple of times talking about the son of a bartender and a hotel maid and this is the american dream. that people can identify with. >> he quoted his father and wished he could have watched him. >> in spanish. on to an odd story about panic on a plane. listen to this. >> a strange banging sound coming from underneath an alaska airlines plane midflight. passengers shocked to find out an airport worker was trapped in the cargo hard. >> ainsley earhardt live with details. how did he get in there? >> it's odd. it appears that worker got sleepy on the job after loading the luggage on to the plane at the airport. he ended up taking a power nap in the cargo area just before that plane took off. when he woke up the plane was up in the air and he was trapped
4:08 am
in cargo for 14 minutes. he started banging on the walls and ceiling, desperate for someone above in first class to hear him. >> passengers in the first class cabin heard loud banging and noise. and so they alerted crew right away. >> the pilots ended up declaring an emergency assuring all the passengers there was nothing wrong with the plane. so they changed course, they were heading to los angeles. they immediately went back to the seattle airport. and upon landing that man hops out of the cargo hold unharmed. he was checked out at the hospital. doctors say there weren't any drugs or alcohol in his system. passengers say it was an unsettling experience to say the least. >> i think it's really scary and really unsafe. because what if it was somebody that could have been a terrorist. >> it's crazy because it's a big company. it scares you a little bit about the procedures. >> the employee's name has not been released. but we are told he started his work day at 5:00 a.m. and was
4:09 am
nearing the end of his shift. i think we can all relate to that. back to you. >> you start your day at 5:00 a.m. you sleep on the couch? >> i can understand how it might have happened. is it wrong, yes, but i get it. >> you can understand how it happened? >> maybe. you need a nap every now and then. >> you hear that banging on the desk? >> if i miss my show come bang on my office door and wake me up. >> we'll check cargo for you. >> ainsley wake up there. all right. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a great day. we have a fox news alert for you. breaking moments ago the 20-year-old who is wanted for a deadly shooting at a north carolina college has been arrested in florida. this man is accused of killing campus print shop director. he used to work for lane, but was recently fired. while you were sleeping, he was captured in daytona, florida. people approached him for
4:10 am
sleeping on the beach. he had a knife but surrendered without a fight. classes at the community collegeresumed later this morning. another alert, has it come to this? there is a grave new warning for our american heroes on the homefront. the washington times reports that u.s. northern command just sent a memo to our troops urging them to keep a low profile at home so terrorists cannot find them. they're asked to avoid military lang and from using symbols on their homes and cars. this warning comes weeks after isis leaked personal information about 100 military members urging loan wolves to attack them. and a terrifying moment caught on camera at an indy car race. take a look at this. wow. those were certainly wet conditions at the grand prix of louisiana. tod philips sent him flipping
4:11 am
through the air. we're told he needed a few stitches on his leg but otherwise was unhurt. unbelievable. you see that and you think he must have broken something. luckily just a few stitches. >> you're right about that. we got three stories we're going to whip through real quick and have you see -- >> you choose the news. >> a dog got out. heard of a back firing in a car. the dog who had a rough beginning at its life got startled and ran away. they put up that sign. everywhere they went, everyone stapled up the signs. there's a problem. >> the cops called them and said unless you take down the signs we are going to fine you $750,000. they did them best to take them down. a lot of people put them up. they have started a social media campaign to change the laws. augusta, georgia. >> shooting hoops is what neighborhood friends do. they should be banned from the
4:12 am
neighborhoods. the commissioner say it's not safe to block the roads. what are the kids to do? that will be looked at. it's not looking bright. >> it's trying to clean up the town. finally, it's not a done deal, till it's a done deal. you think you're about to win then you get a little cocky and you lose. >> you're looking at -- i can't say it. at the university of oregon. is shown here celebrating a victory too earliability that's when simon came up from behind and beat her by a tenth of a second. >> you still have the celebration there. his arm goes up to say yes i did this. great race. but just a little too soon. that celebration came the number two taking the victory right there. >> the university of washington. >> serves him right. washington beats oregon there. so you choose the news. which of those three stories do you think is most impactful? e-mail us and facebook us or tweet us. >> never celebrate too soon.
4:13 am
>> don't do that. >> until you actually have the trophy. >> that's the moment of the day. >> next up the mainstream media already pulling for hillary. >> with a 16 word tweet and a two minute video hillary clinton managed to electraify. >> trending number one across the globe. >> the big question is can the republican candidate beat clinton and the media to win the white house? that's next. with eric erickson. >> then a girl battling two incurable illnesses suffers tragedy when she falls 30 feet into a hollow tree. what happened next is nothing short of a miracle. she said she went to heaven and she's with us to tell that incredible story coming up ♪ forever forever ♪ ♪ you'll stay in my heart ♪ . one tried the newest allergy sprpray which could take several days to feel the full effect of relief. the other took claritin-d which starts
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of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. with a 16 word tweet and a two minute video. hillary clinton managed to electraify the race for president. >> retweeted three million times the first hour. twending number one across the globe. >> it already sounds like the mainstream media will help carry hillary to the finish line. can republican beat them both?
4:18 am
joining me is the editor of red state eric erickson. we have seen the rollout hillary's announcement and the presz's reaction. what are your thoughts? >> we've seen her visits. it's like they're following the circus. >> you write in your op-ed piece she will be the jim henson of the political press. what do you mean by that? >> she'll have their hands up them like jim henson does to curimatecur curmitt. she shows up at a restaurant wearing sun glasses and doesn't talk to the employees. abc news refers to it as an adventure had mitt romney done that. they would have nailed him. >> you're looking at the press's reaction online in social media.
4:19 am
how do you compare their reaction to marco rubio's announcement and hillary clinton's announcement? >> well it's interesting. with rubeio and ted cruz. with all three of them they were joking, very flippant about their speeches. focusing on any missteps they might have said in any way they may have tripped over a word. with hillary clinton it was like a queen's coronation. they were serious about it. and taking it to a much higher level. they were treating it as a level of authenticity of hers was a video. it was well-choreographicededwell-choreographed. >> you spoke with someone from the press they said, hey, we understand we were hard on her before. so now what are they doing? >> oh, they're saying that we were hard on her before. so you can trust us to be hard on her now. it's not like the clintons and the press have had a strong
4:20 am
relationship. the clintons have had a great relationship with the press. >> it's incredible to see the reaction. do you think republicans can beat the mainstream media who seem to be the campaign manager for hillary clinton? >> i think so. i mean george w. bush beat them. what we're finding more and more is the media -- jimgarity had a a piece. the world view is the world that hillary clinton sees which is decreasingly the world view of people across america. >> sure. eric erickson editor of red state dot com. next up on the run down an incredible story. a girl already battling two incurable illnesses suffering a tragedy. she falls 30 feet into a hollow tree. what happens next is nothing short of a miracle. she walks away from that fall completely cured. she says she saw jesus. her story is breath taking next. ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
anabel was five years old when she was diagnosed with two incurable disorders. al in 2011, another tragedy would strike her. while climbing trees with her big sister a branch gave way sending anabel 20 feet head first into the base of a hallowed out tree. >> not only did she survive that fall without injury. shortly thereafter the systems of that incurable disorder that she had disappeared. what's more, she came back
4:25 am
telling the remarkable story of a journey to heaven. now christie is sharing her daughter's story in a memoir called miracles in heaven. they join us live right now. what an honor to have you here with "fox and friends." anabel, how old are you? >> 12 years old. >> you are completely cured? >> yes. >> when you fell and had that fall, what did you see? >> whenever i fell, i saw heaven. and it was really bright. and i saw my meme who had died a couple years back. that's how i knew i was in heaven. >> what did she look like? >> she looked a little bit younger than she had whenever i last saw her. >> let's back up just a little bit. when she was -- when your daughter was five years old, she was diagnosed with what?
4:26 am
>> pseudoobstruction motility disorder. >> we have never heard of that. how did it impact your daughter? >> she was in severe chronic pain. >> all the time. >> all the time. her belly was greatly distended all the time. eating and drinking was a challenge. >> at one point she told you, mommy i feel so bad, what? >> i want to die. and i want to go to heaven. >> how old was she? >> when she told me she wanted to die and go to heaven and live with jesus she was about 11. >> what did you feel at that moment? >> i just remember praying god, don't take her. don't let it happen. don't take her. >> even though heaven as some feel would be a place without pain. as a mom, you never would wish that, right? >> no. >> do you remember feeling that bad? >> yes. i remember there was almost -- there was really never a time that it felt good. and sometimes i would be sitting there and i'd be what are you
4:27 am
making tonight and they'd tell me. they would be like would you want some. i said it's not worth it. if i ate barely ends it would get distended and be so bad. it would just hurt. >> so you governed yourself that way. when the fall happened, how long was anabel in the tree, what was the rescue like? it's unbelievable someone would survive. yet to come out cured afterward is a miracle. >> an absolute miracle. she was in the tree about five hours. >> upside down? >> at one point she was able to right herself. >> this was a big tree. >> in a fetal position for the majority of the time yes. >> she was in terrible pain. she had these two diseases that nobody could figure out how to really manage. it was so bad she wanted to die. she spent six hours in the tree. she is rescued and comes out. how did you feel? >> well, i was just really relieved to get out of the tree. so it's not like i was so worried about oh, my stomach
4:28 am
hurts or anything like that. i was just really more -- >> i'm out. >> sure. >> it's a miracle that happened. you were in the hospital a bunch before this. after this accident, after you came out of that tree were you hospitalized again? >> not for her stomach. >> not for her stomac had one other minor incident, but it wasn't intestinal related. >> do you believe you were cured right there in that tree? >> yes. >> how? >> well, i believe that i was cured because whenever i went to heaven i asked jesus if i could stay with him. he said no, anabel i have plans for you on earth. you cannot fulfill it in heaven. he said whenever i send you back there will be nothing wrong with you. >> you saw jesus? what did he look like? >> well, he had like, a brown beard and brown hair and a long white robe. >> you remember all that he said? here you are cured? >> what do the doctors say?
4:29 am
>> they just say that she's a symptomatic. they released us from a specialist. we don't go to boston or austin anymore. they say that they don't know. but that she shows no more symptoms she is on zero medications today. >> to you, it's a miracle. >> absolutely a miracle. >> you are confident she went to heaven and saw jesus. >> absolutely. >> what a story. this is going to be a movie. >> yes. >> it's a book right now. it came out today. the book is called miracles from heaven. >> a little girl, her journey to heaven and her amazing story to say the least. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> we're moved by your story. >> thank you. all right. we're going to step aside. coming up brand new case of somebody pretending to be a member of our military. >> you realize what you're doing is a federal offense? you [ bleep ].
4:30 am
>> now the stolen valor fight gets even more heated than that. hillary clinton is doing her best to get on the level of the voters she needs to get elected. but how is it working so far for her? ed henry joins us live on the campaign trail in iowa next ♪ i roam around and around and around and around ♪ . take care of your brain with centrum silver men. multivitamins with 20% more vitamin d. my heart beats 100,000 times a day sending oxygen to my muscles... again! i can lift even the most demanding weights. take care of your heart with centrum silver men. multivitamins for the most important parts of you. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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4:33 am
here comes hillary. today the democratic presidential hopeful kicks off her first official campaign event in iowa. >> her first stop is a community college. kirkwood community college. >> joining us live from iowa now is fox news senior white house correspondent ed henry. how are you doing and what's the latest there in iowa? >> she's going to try to do today this is the first official campaign event for hillary clinton in the second presidential bid. this is a very small community college behind me. very small area.
4:34 am
very little cell coverage i can tell you. the actual community college is a satellite campus. there's a bigger campus an hour or two away. this is the smaller part of the small community college. that point is, she's trying to say, this is not about me. this is about you. just like the announcement video on sunday. that she's reaching out to the middle class. she's getting -- going to have a round table with young voters and educators as well. it's a soft launch if you will. i think one of the questions for her is going to be how much interaction she really doesn't with the voters on the ground. she's been on this road trip from sunday afternoon to arriving here in iowa late last night. and really has interacted with very few people. we've seen a couple pictureses emerge. it's been a soft launch. we'll see if she hits the ground run. >> i'm wondering if she's upset about the middle class being
4:35 am
ignored doesn't she have to look to the president and ask him why are you ignoring the middle class? >> i think the fact that the president has been talking about income inequality for a few years, she will have to answer down the road the gap between rich and poor has gotten worse under president obama, even as he's talked about this. here is an important point. we haven't asked her that yet because she hadn't had any press availability. other candidates have done morning interviews, npr, abc news. >> rubio will be here thursday. >> she has been to chipotle. >> hillary clinton is heading your way. from iowa to heather here who has the headlines for us. you don't have a scooby mobile or a mystery mobile?
4:36 am
>> i don't. >> no mystery to you. not today. thanks so much. good morning to you got a couple of headlines to bring you. the reserve deputy in tulsa oklahoma who clamds he thought he was firing a taser but it was a gun has been instead of a tacer. video released bide authorities shows an undercover operation when the suspect was taken to the ground. bates fired what he thought was his taser. >> i shot him, i'm sorry. >> an attorney for the harris family says bates was simply a donor who paid big bucks to play the part of a cop there. and that eric harris paid for that with his life. stunning revelations this morning as we learn that the mother who is accused of dropping her toddler into a
4:37 am
cheetah exhibit at a cleveland zoo works in the childcare industry herself. she is now charged with child endangerment serves as an assistant director at a facility witnesses say they saw her dangle her two-year-old son over the railing before he fell ten feet injuring his leg. she will remain autjob as an investigation continues. a tense standoff on a bar caught on camera. all over a possible case of stolen valor. take a look at this. >> do you realize what you're doing is a federal offense? [ bleep ] it's a federal offense [ bleep ]. >> here's how the whole thing went down. nick coin said he noticed a guy in the bar trying to get free drinks. he asked him questions like where did he go to basic training. the guy couldn't answer the questions and quickly became very angry.
4:38 am
coins isn't in the military. he says that people who steal valor are scum to america. good for him to ask those questions. those are your headlines. let's head over to you guys. you have some good food over there. >> we hope so. >> you have seen her sweeten things up at food network, watch this. >> spoon it into a pretty glass like this. this is perfect for a summer barbecue to bring out for desert. i love this desert. i love anything that's really simple. that -- don't you feel like you want to spend your time on the main event? >> absolutely. chef katie lee is showing us how to heat things up in our kitchen in time for the warm weather. the author of this book, endless summer joins us. welcome back. >> good morning. i'm ready for endless summer. >> we all are. the snow is melted we're ready to get cooking. what do you have? >> the temperature has warmed
4:39 am
up. i think it's time to throw meat on the grill. i love hanger steak because it's less expensive. this used to be called like a butcher's steak. it's what you would get in a restaurant if you ordered a bistro steak. salt and pepper is all you need. it's impossible to oversalt a piece of meat before it goes on the grill. >> is it important you're not using a shaker, you're using your hand? >> use your hand. go from up high. >> so the key is you salt and pepper. go ahead and put it on there. >> put it on the grill. >> i love the fact -- while you're grilling that and i've got a feeling it won't be done. >> no, it's not. >> you celebrate the taste with a special butter that everybody can make and it is so simple. >> so with summer cooking, it's all about dressing things up. you don't have to do a lot to
4:40 am
make things taste good. this is a simple steak. i'm adding a jalapeno butter. i have butter right here. >> just butter and jalapeno. >> you mince jalapeno and mix it in. you want the butter at room temp. you can make any kind of compound butter. chives would be great. sweet butters like if you're making biscuits for breakfast. add am buries. >> corn. >> that's a great idea. put it in a piece of plastic roll and roll it up and make a log with it. then put this in the fridge. it needs about a couple hours in the refrigerator to get nice and hard. >> when the steak is done you get to reflavor the steak with that butter? >> you slice it up and put a little bit of butter on each piece butter makes everything better. you see how simple this is. these are blt ranch burgers.
4:41 am
ranch makes everything better and so does bake wouldn'tconbacon. a lot of herbs, and garlic put that on your burgers, salad. >> i got a feeling with a nice day today you have inspired many people through america to make burgers and steaks. >> i'm going to make that butter tonight. >> we have an easy cheesecake, you make it in a blender. thanks for having me. so fun to see you guys again. >> i'll try this tonight. >> and the crew has never been happier. >> red meat makes a lot of guys happy. can the government take your kids if you let them roam free outside? it happened to one couple this week in maryland. who is right? the parents or police. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. on the case next. these military parents were called on to the ice to drop the puck. then this happened.
4:42 am
>> welcome home from afghanistan, your son, sergeant daniel herman. >> that is incredible. that family now reunited will be with us live. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms,
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4:45 am
think about this. can the government take your kids away if you let them roam free? their parents call them free range kids. a strategy they defended here on "fox and friends" earlier this year. listen to these parents. >> parenting and every other generation involved letting your kids learn independence.
4:46 am
and not only letting them learn it but helping them learn resilience and courage. that's not going to happen if we watch them all the time. >> child protection services in maird have stepped in. here to weigh in is peter johnson jr. >> i don't like to trash other parents because you don't do this. you assume people are doing the best they can with their kids. the question becomes, this private family has become very public. are they now these children as bait in this culture war they seem to be waging? i guarantee you that if they send these kids out again, until maryland state protective services have acted the police are going to pick them up again. >> we should point out what they did is they allowed their kids to walk home from the park and school a couple of block and the neighbors called up and said there are kids alone in the
4:47 am
park. >> a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old together. maryland law which is unclear talks about a 13-year-old person being in charge of someone that young at the tender age of six. >> you're saying the parents are using the children -- >> i don't know. don't do that hard act journalist stuff to me. i don't knowhat's going on. i do know though that the state of maryland has a problem with it. they have looked at it a couple of times. there's been an unsab stanchiated allegation of neglect. they say the police power the state and should not reach into the home or street. my concern is are these children at risk? the police seem to think so. i don't want to second guess the police. the police actually said that they saw a homeless man eyeing
4:48 am
these children. don't we all the time on the street in the park, in the department store, we see a child or children, young, wandering we'll say, where is your mother. >> but -- >> where is your father. >> right. >> that's a natural inclination as a society and as another parent, as an adult. >> we both know in our generation when we were their age, our parents let us go to the park by ourselves. we walked home from school. now you got to be more careful. at the same time you don't want the government telling you how to supervise your children. >> when i was four years old i had a winchester and a semi automatic and are i was working and i chopped wood. that's not true with a lot of folks. a lot of parents are protective. we're a nurturing society. what's the balance? and clearly this family is
4:49 am
having a hard time striking that balance. we should think about this and help these people. they need to have a conversation with the state and with the local police. because every time these kids go out they're going to get picked up by the police. >> it sounds like it. >> i don't accept what the parents said in their facebook post. al they made the police look like an occupying force and they frighten the children and held the children. they were acting in good faith. this needs to be worked out. unless they want to be part of a cultural war. if they want to be a cultural war, i'll go after them. if this is their style of parenting i respect that. >> super helicopter parents and it's hard for kids to be independent. >> that's true. >> i think we disagree with that. >> let's not have them wandering the streets though at six years old. >> it's okay to be at the park? >> maybe. i don't know. i wasn't there. >> e-mail us and let us know what you think and facebook us as well and tweet us.
4:50 am
coming up -- thank you peter. a soldier surprise that swept his dad off his feet. >> welcome home from afghanistan, your son sergeant daniel herman. >> he iced his father and they will join us live next. about what happened there. now here's kid rock born free ♪ i was born free ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
this military mom and dad never saw it coming. check out what happened after a recent hockey game when they were asked to drop the puck. >> herman family, we have a special guest delivering tonight's game puck.
4:54 am
please direct your attention to the tunnel and welcome home from afghanistan your son, sergeant daniel herman. >> wow. they didn't break their hug or thankfully any bones during the fall. army sergeant dan herman and his father join us to relive that moment and tell us what it means to your family. congratulations. thanks for your service sergeant. tell me how you set this up. >> sure. we first got deployed in november. it got pushed back to come back earlier and i decided to tell my parents that same day. started talking to the folks at the coyotes and told them i want today surprise them and get something planned out. two or three weeks ago they hit be up with a finalized plan of doing everything with a puck
4:55 am
drop. >> they told you you get to drop the buck because you're loyal season? yeah the last game of the season is fan appreciation night. you won the draw of all the season ticket holders you got the drop the pucks. everything made sense. >> you turn around and see your son coming out in his fatigues. what are your thoughts? tell me about that hug? >> no thinking, all emotions, all feelings. shock. surprise. and it just -- i guess my emotions took over, obviously. >> right. and sergeant you knocked him over. >> yeah. i couldn't help it. you know my dad has been a pretty animated person. he's a lot of fun, always hang out with him and a bunch of my friends.
4:56 am
he picked me up. i wasn't surprised there. but i said to almost everybody i knew it somebody was going to slip. the carpet came out from under him. he's a big guy, he lived, he's all right. >> he's a tough guy. you and your mom got a tug to. what a great idea. congratulations to the coyotes for pulling it off. you raised a great kid, thanks so much for joining us this morning reliving that moment for us. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. great. meanwhile coming up straight ahead in our final hour. college students asked if they've given up their american citizenship to get a discount on tuition. >> sorry mom and dad, actually you're welcome, you're saving a lot of money. >> tearing up their social security cards to say money? what does that say about the same discount illegal immigrants are getting at some schools? >> tear it up. us your aching... and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning to you today is tuesday, april 14th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton's campaign off to a rocky start. when the every day people she meets have no idea who she is. look at the picture right here. is this really what she had in mind when she hit the road? who was that behind those foster grants? meanwhile, florida senator marco rubio entered the presidential ring with an inspiring personal story. >> i live in an exceptional country where the son of a bartender and maid can have the same dreams and same future of those who come from power and privilege. >> his message to america, and his competition, coming up. and all they wanted to do was find their missing dog. now they could owe nearly a million dollars in fines. government regulation going to the dogs? we'll describe that story ahead. because mornings are better with friends. >> hi this is kirk cameron and
5:01 am
you're watching "fox and friends." you got to feel for the parents of the dog. because when your dog is missing that's like missing a member of the family. you would do everything. you would put those flyers everywhere. for the government to say $750,000 and not a promise of returning the dog. >> the dog is not even found yet. >> i would never had had a successful garage sale if i wasn't able to staple a sign to a telephone pole. >> that is one sign. they put up hundreds. >> do you know how games of twister i was able to sell to my neighbors? >> how many. >> three. you'll find out about that plus marco rubio and hillary clinton she's at a shipchipotle. we've got breaking news coming in. a fox news alert, eight people
5:02 am
are dead this morning. after the al shabaab terror group launches an attack outside sumailia's education ministry. the al qaeda linked terror group detinating a terror bomb as the gunmen fault their way inside the building. it's believed hostages may have been taken. security forces rushing to that scene after securing the area and taking out the terrorists. at least three civilians were killed in that fighting. this is the latest attack coming two weeks after al shabaab gunmen massacred nearly 150 people at a university in kenya. back here at home, the 20-year-old man wanted for a deadly shooting at a north carolina college has just been arrested. he was found sleeping on the beach in florida. you can see him there with all those tat tos. he accused of kimming ron lane seen there. he used to work for him but was recently fired. police in daytona first approached him because people
5:03 am
aren't allowed to sleep on the beach. they say he had a knife and surrendered. classes at wayne community college are resuming this morning. this is a crazy story. panic on a plane. passengers hearing a strange banging sound coming from underneath an alaska airlines plane mid-flight. it turns out there was an airport working who became trapped after he took a nap in the cargo hold. he banged on the walls for 14 minutes after that plane took off. the pilot declared an emergency and turned back around. passengers on board say they were shocked. >> i think it's really scary and really unsafe, too. because what if it was somebody that could have been a terrorist. >> it's crazy because it's a big company. it scares you a little bit about the procedures. >> the man was taken to the hospital. no drugs are or alcohol was found in his system. he was just a little tired. then 150 years ago today president abraham lincoln was assassinated at ford's theater
5:04 am
in washington, d.c. he died the next day nine hours after john wilkes booth pulled the trigger. to commemorate the anniversary ford's theater is holding a special side. president obama will announce tomorrow a ma'ameracy -- yesterday, 43-year-old freshman senator from florida marco rubio wants to be our president. he is a product of an american dream. son of a bartender and maid. he's trying to look fresh and exciting. as a comparison his message is hillary, you're so yesterday. >> right. as was with jeb bush. you don't have to be born to wealth and power in order to be successful in our country. did you miss it at 6:00 cutting into shannon breen's special report? >> while our people and our economy are pushing the boundaries of the 21st century,
5:05 am
too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the 20th century. just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over. before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of america. but we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideas of the past. we must change the decisions we are making. by changing the people who are making them. that is why tonight, grounded by the lessons of our history, but inspired by the promise of our future i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> really lighting up the crowd
5:06 am
there. he connected so much when he said my father stood at the back of the room behind a bar so i could stand in front of you today at this podium at the very great seat in front of you all. he quoted his dad in spanish. i thought it was important. in this country you can achieve what we never could. and that reaching out across into the hispanic vote that he is wrapping his arms around. obviously there. a strong moving moving day for marco rubio. and many thought that hillary clinton would undercut his announcement. not the case. >> they say, elizabeth this may be three major obstacles for him to overcome. his role in the gang of eight which was a disaster because they don't reinforce the border. he will be splitting vote and donors with jeb bush. number three, the fact that he is a one term senator, which is the same thing senator cruz and rand paul have to overcome. >> he had a good rollout yesterday. hillary clinton, you know her
5:07 am
rollout was different. she was not live. she released a video on sunday. since then, it's kind of a brilliant strategy on her part. i will go out on a listening tour but i won't talk to anybody reporters. she was photographed at a pilot truck stop i believe in pennsylvania. yesterday, look at that. there she is with her aide anthony wiener's wife. they're at a chipotle in ohio. you know what? this thing has blown up. the campaign did not release this image because it -- she's there. the manager had to be called by "the new york times." he said, yeah, i guess she was there i just looked at the surveillance tape and there is the tape right there. although hillary is probably thinking i wish i would have erased that. it's not the kind of message she wants. she goes on a listening tour but she's not talking to anybody and not listening. >> the sun glasses where you're not calling to engage with anybody.
5:08 am
>> it's a long trip. you need a break a little hungry, go to a rest stop. >> it was day two. day two after her announcement there. >> sure. >> we had eric erickson on a little while ago talking to elizabeth talking about so the press -- by the way the daily news says, who the hill are you? says hillary clinton just fails her first major test in a battle ground state of ohio. that's the mainstream media saying that right now in this one newspaper. what about everybody else? here's eric erickson. >> abc news yesterday she shows up at a restaurant wearing sun glasses and staring at her blackberry and doesn't talk to the employees and abc news refers to it as an adventure. had mitt romney they would have rosted him for not talking to employees. >> a little bit different. she took a picture with somebody in pennsylvania the day before. >> at the gas station. we talked about this on the 6:00 hour. it does show -- altoona
5:09 am
pennsylvania, it does show the difference between hillary clinton's style of campaigning and bill clinton. because if bill clinton went to a chipotle, he would still be there he would have taken a picture with everybody there. he probably was pretty sure he knew people, at least a third of the crowd. they would love him. instead hillary clinton visited and nobody knew it. >> possibly he would have communicated his platform a little bit better. her supporters are expressing some grumblings and frustration. her website has not outlined her platform. she's got minute details there. we're seeing a lack of transparency and this secret mobile driving around. >> it's hard to be transparent behind those glasses. >> i love your shoes. i have -- >> you choose the shoes is what you -- >> very good. back to the red
5:10 am
time went the other way. and complicated her on her age. post men pauseal women are ideal candidates for leadership. they're primed to handle stress well. there is no more stressful job than the presidency. >> they took down bob dole in '95. >> for being the same age. >> being too old. >> john mccain the same thing. >> it's time from you shoe the shoes to you choose the news. you voted an hour ago we will tell you which is your favorite. a howard university in washington, d.c. a couple lost their dog. they put up flyers. hundreds of those looking for ollie, apparently the police didn't like it. they threatened the family. take those down or we'll fine you $750,000. three quarters of a million dollars for putting up the signs. they want the change the law. as probably should be the case. >> they're still looking for their dog. we shift to augusta georgia where you grow up and play
5:11 am
basketball it's a healthy thing to do. those hoops are soon to be banned. the commissioner saying they're not safe. he wants to clean up the image of augusta. because they block the roads they will be banned. >> i don't think i'll have this problem, but here's a story of an oregon runner in front. >> hands up. >> then he gets beat by a tenth of a second by the second place finisher. shows you should never give up and you should never declare a wind. >> he got cocky. >> he heard of excessive celebration, but early celebration doing him in. >> who is the winner? what's the one story you think is the most important. >> you choose the news. the winner is. >> the dog. you think it's absolutely crazy they would fine him three quarters of a million dollars. as a person who rescues animals we can never be too fine.
5:12 am
>> the city allows thousands of ugly election campaign posters but to threaten to totally ruin a family looking for a beloved pet. seems wrong. >> by the way, was tortured and the loud explosion made a run. cities have ordinances about playing flyers signs because most people never take them down. cars slowing down to read cause traffic hazards. cause unsightly trash. that's the other side of the. >> but the -- >> when you find your dog or your cat or your squirrel or your hamster, just promise as a country we'll take the signs down. can we do that? as a nation? >> do it for ollie. thank you very much for taking part in that. in the meantime, would you surrender your citizenship for $80,000? >> sorry mom and dad. you're saving a lot of money. >> yep, don't want to be americans anymore. how far today's college students are willing to go to save some
5:13 am
money. they're defecting. >> it's the video everyone will be talking about. one of the most popular actors going ballistic on stet. >> i am doing my job here. i am a pro. this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on. this is hard [ bleep ]. >> is this real or is this a really good actor being angry? is he pretending? we report you decide. ♪
5:14 am
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here's a question for you. would you surrender your citizenship for $80,000? our next guest asked that question to out of state students at the universities of virginia and maryland as well. those schools offer illegal aliens in state tuition which is $80,000 less. watch this. >> 8$80,000 is a lot of money. i'm not trying to pay that much money. i'd consider it. >> irts like giving up your identity but it's saving a lot of money. >> sorry, mom and dad. actually you're welcome you're saving a lot of money. >> campus reform correspondent
5:18 am
joins us live from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what were you trying to do? >> the issue we're trying to highlight with this video is a number of illegal immigrants are paying instate tuition. schools at the university of virginia that's the difference of about $80,000 over the course of four years. >> you went and talked to these kids at the university of maryland and at the university of virginia. and it's extraordinary how many of them are tearing up their fake social security cards to say i don't need to be an american citizen. because if they think i'm in this country illegally i'll say $80,000? >> right these students's willingness to renounce their citizen should concern all of
5:19 am
us. some people have died in order to get citizenship themselves because of the door it opens to freedom opportunity equality. frankly, this should send -- a wake up call for the policymakers who have duvallued our citizenship so that it's not something that is to be valued. >> i get how the students may be trying to save their parents money, i get that. but at the same time, it kind of seems like there's a loss of pride in their country by some of these people. >> well, absolutely. al americans are losing their pride. there's no place for this is moreeft than college campuses. al campus reform has reported on students at uc irvine who attempted to ban the american flag from flying on campus. we just saw the university of michigan try to cancel its screening of "american sniper" students willingness to give up
5:20 am
their citizenship is the culmination of what's happening. >> you're going to run this on campus reform? >> correct. >> thank you for joining us. good job on that report. >> thank you for having me. all right what do you think about that? e-mail us they dazzled crowds with their stunts. the blue angels are breaking new barriers. meet the first female to joint the elite group of pilots. she joins us live. the side effects of legalizing marijuana isn't clear in hazy colorado. more and more kids are being hospitalized because of pot candy. part two of our clearing the haze series. coming up next. ♪
5:21 am
5:22 am
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5:24 am
time now for your news by the numbers. first 250,000 students. that's how many kids could opt out of standardized tests across the new york state today. their parents are supportive. 13%. that's how much prescription drug spending jumps in this country. one of the reasons the millions of newly insured americans covered by obamacare. million dollars his world war ii accomplishments were told this year. now allen tour ig's notes have sold at auction. we've been reporting for more than a year now on the state of colorado going to pot. it was supposed to increase tax revenue and lower crime.
5:25 am
is it working? back for part two for our series called clearing the haze. we have an author from the colorado springs gazette joins us to discuss. we thank you for being here. i'm looking as statistics this is not going as planned in colorado. the number of butane hash oil explosions has tripled. is that the case? >> that's right. it's tripled. and it's -- the colorado legislate is working on that. it really has been a disappointment. i would think it would be a disappointment for anyone you know, who either favors legalization or who is against it. they would at least want the system to work as was promised. that's not the case. we're seeing all sorts of problems such as the hash oil explosions. that leads into the situation we're face ing with edibles. it's the hash oil that is
5:26 am
infused into the edibles. >> the hash oil -- the explosions are being caused by the extraction. the edibles is -- once it's ectracted they're putting it into edible items what's the case? >> yongi don't think anyone foresaw this problem we're having with this. it is put into candy and gummy worms, cinnamon bears and granola. the legislature is working fast and furious to figure out what you can do to make marijuana infused food products readily obvious as marijuana. but i don't know how you do it. the big question is how do you do that with granola. >> you can look at the packaging here. it looks identical it may explains in 2009 they had two
5:27 am
cases. this year there was 12 cases of kids ingesting pot. what is going on? >> the potency in this food is extraordinary. the state considers ten millgrams a dose of marijuana. a marijuana cookie can have 150 millgrams of thc in it. hash oil is very potent. moreen dowd came out here and tried it. what she experienced she found out you eat this stuff it doesn't kick in for an hour or mow. people will take it and they will end up eating an entire cookie or brownie. once it does kick in it's a very powerful -- it's a very powerful dose. people are having siotic
5:28 am
reactions. the man is saying in his defense who killed his wife -- we had an exchange student from africa who ingested too much marijuana laced food and jumped off a balcony. we recently had a suicide. and the mother claims it was because of a marijuana overdose. >> you know one other topic you've covered in the colorado springs gazette is the fact that proponents of this law thought this would reduce the black market sales. you go it into detail. if anyone wants to check it out it's in the colorado springs dezetde gazette. >> you can find this at >> nothing up the constitution and the bible are sexist? just wait until you hear which government agency is behind that incredible insult next. they dazzle crowds with their stunts. the blue angels are breaking new
5:29 am
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♪ >> not that great. it's your shot of the morning. tom brady might be better off sticking to football judging by what i just saw. >> a bit outside there. brady throwing out the first pitch to the red sox home opener didn't go well. he through the ball into the dirt. that's a tough job. a lot of pressure. >> he won't go into baseball. he was drafted by the montreal expos in 1995 but went to michigan to play football. >> those images make me feel
5:33 am
good. if he can't get it to the catcher. >> he's waking up the worms, so it's okay. >> remember that? >> the worst was $0.50. >> i apologize. good. so $0.50 i think he threw it -- >> i just go by happy dollar. >> he didn't do good. >> he didn't do well. >> enough of our two cents here. heather nauert is standing by. good morning. the story about that reserve deputy enin tulsa who claimed he thought he was firing a taser but was firing his own gun. he has been charged with manslaughter. 73-year-old robert bates faces four years in prison after he shot and killed an unarmed black men. dramatic video was released by authorities. it shows the suspect davis is
5:34 am
tackled to the ground. that's when bates fires what he claims was his taser. >> roll on your stomach now. >> i shot him, i'm sorry. >> an attorney for the harris family says that bates was simply a donor who paid big bucks to play the part of a cop. and that eric harris paid if that with his life. defense department approved training course is classifying historical documents as sexist. there was a presentation by the defense equal opportunity management institute. that's apparently a group that they have there. that singles out the constitution for not including women until later in history. the declaration of independence for referring only to men. then it also singled out the bible from passages that the department says are discriminatory. the department of defense says that lesson is being reviewed. we'll keep you posts on that story.
5:35 am
it is a video a lot of people would be talking about. one of the most popular actors on hollywood appeared to go ballistic on set. take a look. >> i am acting here. this [ bleep ] wandered on to my set. i can't even get a line out until [ bleep ] starts whispering in your ear. they're not even watching anymore. don't [ bleep ] me. >> settle down. dennis quaid was either having a big melt down or acting. it's unclear if the video was fake. some people claiming it could be a bit for the jimmy kimmel show. you be the judge. >> i thought -- for the first two times i saw it now i'm starting to think it's real. he's such a good actor. he wouldn't be talking so much with his extremities. >> yeah. >> he's overacting. >> you see he's all tense. >> what do you think? is that real danger dennis or just fakery?
5:36 am
e-mail us. >> send us a little video of yourself losing your temper in real life and faking it. >> somebody i have never seen lose her temper maria molina maria molina. never >> you never saw her clouds go cumults? >> i tell you what, we have clouds rolling in to nyc that are stormy. we have storm moving in. that is a little bit of temper tantrum that mother nature is throwing across the eastern u.s. other areas are dealing with heavier rains across parts of kentucky and west virginia. out there we do have concern for flash flooding. i want to share with you your current temperatures now. they have been cooling down a little bit across the northeast. we were in the 60s in new york city. current temperatures in 60s and 70s for atlanta and new orleans. there is a cold front moving eastward. that is bringing in cooler temperatures. you can see it's the 30s in
5:37 am
seattle. there will be rain that will be an issue for travel for today and in to tomorrow. strong winds with that storm. otherwise your high temperatures today very warm across the southeast. you're at 89 degrees in the city of tampa. really starting to feel like summer out there. there's a look at the storm system. you can see the rain across kentucky, west virginia and storms quite avenue across parts of southern texas. let's head back inside. >> planted grass seed yesterday, i like that rain coming. thanks maria. now something you're absolutely going to love. the navy's world famous blue angels are spreading their wings welcoming the first female pilot since the team started back in 1946. >> how exciting. u.s. marine is making history and thrill crowds across the nation. al the first female team member. we thank you for being with us.
5:38 am
how are you feeling about all this? >> i feel great. thank you for having me. it's a great opportunity to talk to you guys this morning. >> it's -- for a pilot it's like joining the spurs come playoff time. what is it like for you joining this team? >> you know, it's a really great honor to be a part of the blue apgles. it's full of professionals. there is 130 of everybody working together for a mission to inspire excellence for the american people. it's a great opportunity to be here and i love it. >> 500 million people have their eyes on the blue angels. it's incredible. a lot of those eyes happen to be those of young girls who want to be just like you. what's your message right now to young girls who might want to do what you're doing one day and now they can? >> i think the message is the same for young girls and young guys women can do whatever they put their mind to. i might be the face of female aviation right now for the marine corp. we have had women in the marine
5:39 am
corp aviation field since 1993. 6% of the marine corp is female. they've been doing it for 20 years now. >> you couldn't do what you do without fat albert. tell us about the c-130, fat albert that you pilot. >> so fat albert is like you said a c-130 we carry 40 people to every show. 35,000 pounds of maintenance equipment and 40 people to every show that in the event of jets have trouble or they have a maintenance issue we have people who can fix it on site. >> where did that name fat albert come from? >> i heard it's from a cartoon, but it was -- >> hey hey, hey. yeah, i heard that. >> unfortunately that was before my era. i'm the baby on the team. so i don't really know where that reference came from. >> captain how do you think you earned the trust of the team?
5:40 am
>> i'm sorry can you say that again? >> how do you think you earned the tres the trust of the team? >> everybody trusts each other. we're all trained on the same pipe line through the navy and marine corp pipe line down here in pens cola. they put out quality people. we trust that implicitly. >> congratulations. and good luck to you. captain katie higgins. we'll be watching for you at the next blue angels show. >> thank you very much. >> memorial day jones beach every year. >> fantastic. really says america when you see them flying by. coming up take a class in diversity or don't graduate. the major american university making that course a requirement for all students. your e-mail pouring in. we'll read some of them next. this insane video of a rowing team being assaulted by fish.
5:41 am
these crazy carp could be causing concerns. >> when carp attacks. ♪ when it don't jump in the water ♪ ♪ yeah, when summertime ♪ whoa, mister! what is that? the patio and everything on it's filthy so i'm giving it all a good cleaning. but that stuff can do a number on our grass and plants! ah, but this is scotts new outdoor cleaner powered by oxiclean. it's chlorine bleach-free, so it's safe to use around grass and plants and makes quick work of cleaning outdoor dirt and mildew stains. looks great, doesn't it? aye. greaaat. is that how i sound? get scotts new outdoor cleaner plus oxiclean. clean your outdoor space. clean it.
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welcome back. 15 minutes to the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. newly released surveillance footage shows a crane falling on a construction zone in dallas. it was unable to deal with the weight of the metal framework it was lifting. fish out of water causing serious problems in st. louis. flying carp wreaking havoc. a member of washington university's rowing team capturing this on video. thankfully nobody was injured. city officials are considering posting warning signs in the area. watch out for the carp.
5:45 am
>> does it hurt if you get hit by a carp? >> it could. a couple years ago we showed im images of the fish jumping in the boat? much easier to fish that way. >> is it that crowded or is it hot? >> fish got to jump. >> fish jumping season. >> i ask you guys like you're carp experts. i wish carp tasted good it would be a feel day. >> prepared properly it does. >> the carp aren't jumping anymore, they will hide. >> attention carp, stay in the water. >> let's tell you a little bit about what's going on in los angeles. it involves the university of southern california ucla that is to say. they have approved a controversial diversity class requirement. if you want to graduate from ucla you got to take this diversity class.
5:46 am
we had somebody on the program earlier who said he had been an instructor there for 11 years. he had never seen a racism problem per se there with his own two eyes. he says that what this is really, when you look at who is pushing it, and what it would achieve it's just left wing propaganda. >> i think everyone kind of knows that it's more indock rination that education. the other thing about it is it is fluff. no one in the history of man kind has ever said darn i main a d, now i'm going to need to major in chemistry. >> ucla is one of the top in diversity in the nation when it comes to public research universities. the professor there said he voiced opposition to this class that is now going to be mandated. the idea that 21st century 18-year-olds who have been admitted to ucla are infected
5:47 am
with bigotry. >> it's like forcing norwegians to get inoc yaulted against -- >> if you want to stop racem parents need to take the lead. according to mike. not the schools and definitely not ingovernment. >> chris tweets universities have campus diversity in everything but thought and speech. >> interesting there. we love your comments. keep them coming here. up next, rand paul's secret weapon to win the white house is his wife. kelley paul is her next. >> let's check in with bill hemmer and see what he has prepared for the next two hours. >> how does marco rubio change the game for the republican race? we put that questions to a lot of folks today. where is the van? hillary clinton's expected to make it to iowa today. haven't seen the van. today is a significant day for the iran deal in washington.
5:48 am
senator bob corker is our guest live. the main man on this entire deal as to whether or not it goes through or does not. when martha and i see see you 12 minutes top of the hour.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
kind. >> that one of the hard things about politics. that is not who he is at all. you know rand's entire professional career is working with female surgens. his long time partner in his practice was a very accomplished high achieving female surgeon. they worked together for ten years. now she's a huge political supporter. hooe he goes back to kentucky and does pro bono work with a female surgeon. he is the type of person who wants to work with somebody and value their talents and ability for who they are. that label upset me. >> the mainstream media is trying to disqualify him. they see that thing put it all together, oh, he's a sexist, he can't be president. >> that's not just who he is. >> did you think you were marrying a daughter? what happened. how did you get into politics? did he promise one thing and do another. >> ron always told rand you need to practice medicine for ten years. it takes so much to be going
5:53 am
into your training, residency, internship, medical school. when we moved to kentucky, rand says i thinkthink i think i'll concentrate on medicine. >> what happened? >> ron running in 2008 -- >> he was out there for his dad. >> rand gave a lot of speeches and saw an opportunity. you know told me if i just let him run in the primary he had less than a 10% chance of winning. i thought, okay, less than a 10% chance i'll do it. >> he won. >> life has changed a lot but i'm proud. >> many people feel as though this nation could use a prescription written by a doctor to fix what we're dealing with. the book that you wrote tell us about it. >> the book was inspired by my grandmother who, to me, embodies the american dream and spirit. she left ireland in 1929 at age
5:54 am
19. her name was julia, she was from a poor family. she had to quit school at age 12 to go to work to support her family in ireland. her father was an invalid having been gassed in world war i. she went to this country alone and went to work as a maid. she was an amazing presence in my life as a young girl. growing up, she was just flamboyiant and great story teller. and lived life with optimism. it wasn't until an early teen how hard her life had been. but her spirit just captivated everyone who ever met her. >> in the book you talk about her and you also talk about six college girlfriends. >> i do. >> who were so impactful in your life to this day. >> i got inidea of taking stories of the women who came before us. i asked my six closest friends
5:55 am
from college i've been friends with for 33 years to go back in time with me as much as 100 years and find out if they had people in their lives that were like my grandma julia was to me. you'll see in the book there are some amazing stories just in our circle of friends that really, i think represent the american experience. >> i will have you on radio in a short while. what do you think your role would best be through the primary process. you got 12 candidates. how do you see your role? >> you know i think i see my role as any spouse. stay positive, i don't want it to disturb who we are in our relationship. i think rand has a great message. i want to support him however i can. in the end, you know i want us to stay strong as a family. >> how would you characterize your first week? >> it's been exciting and great. the announcement day was amazing. we had tons of family and friends there in louisville. all of our sons were there.
5:56 am
you know, both of our parents were there. so it was extraordinary. and rand has had great crowds wherever he's been. >> can you stick around a couple more minutes? >> sure. >> the conversation is going to continue with kelley paul. as we roll on live at "fox and friends" from new york city. we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz
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the wife of rand paul. what is one thing we don't know about your husband? >> every year at thanksgiving he is in charge from beginning to end of the turkey. >> how does he make it. >> he has a special recipe learned from the food network. he chops all these herbs and he actually surgically places the herbs between the skin of the turkey and meat.
6:00 am
wraps it in cheese cloth and soaks it in madeira and butter. >> thank you very much. see you back here tomorrow, everybody. bill: fox news alert. now there are three. >> that is why tonight grounded by the lessons of our history but inspired by our future, i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. bill: marco rubio joins the race for the white house. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum.


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