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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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being with us. incredible to sit on the couch near you. and we'll see you on fox news overtime. and click the overtime tab and everybody is back on tv and "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the british air force scrambling fighter jets to intercept two russian bombers by the uk air space. >> this after the russian jets came within 20 feet of a u.s. spy plane. >> hillary's first big event in the presidential race. will her wall street ties hurt her? >> and he's all the way under our house. >> the uninvited house guest in a neighborhood hollywood stars
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call home. how the mountain lion got stuck under the house. >> he seemed happy. >> oh my god, space aliens. i have a wife and kids. >> and a center for search for life on mars. it is all "happening now". >> we'll begin with politics hillary clinton getting ready for the first official campaign event in the state of iowa. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. clinton's second presidential campaign kicks off in the state she lost to president obama in 2008. just in an hour from now she will meet with students in a community college after a road trip that is getting all kind fz attention.
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michael warren and political reporter for the daily beast is our guests this hour. all she has to do is get in a van and go to chipotle and she gets all kinds of attention. >> i wish i could explain that. it is bizarre. we are looking at security footage and she's wearing sunglasses and no one notices her and all of the coverage of hillary clinton's magical mystery tour to iowa is over the top, and that's what political reporters are supposed to be doing while they wait for the campaigning to start. it is a role problem that her surrogates and friends in the media have to say she is going to chipotle and buying a burrito and saying that she is authentic makes you question how confident she is that she comes across that way?
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>> betsy, it is a stretch or change of tone from the helicopter she was riding around in last time. >> no kidding. she zips arounde wain a helicopter it didn't go over well. and the fact that she is acting like a normal human being is getting news. hillary acting like a normal person is a interesting headline. she is meeting with students in her trip in iowa. she had a tetchy run in with students last year in nevada when they protested the fact that she was getting a quarter million speaking fee while they were facing 17 percent tuition hikes. it high lights the problem. and a difficult challenge for hillary to present herself as a normal person when she's been in the public eye for decades and that is anything but normal. >> michael, you think that the
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clinton campaign may be overthinking this? >> just a little bit. i think they are looking back at 2008, and what we did wrong was that hillary was not likeable enough and that's why obama beat her in the primary. she actually won more votes but obama the primary votes. obama was a celebrity and he didn't vote for the iraq war. that's why he won. they are overthinking. she has to drive the bus and meet people in a coffee shop and like a political consultant would say is real and down with the commoners and people. it reminds me of the kings that dressed like pesants and walked through came authority lot and
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tried to feel like what the people were feeling. >> she has two and half billion. democrat operatives will raise two and half billion for the hillary campaign. if that is the case is she unstoppable? >> it is an eye popping amount of money. if it ends up back firing. when she was headed from the clinton foundation they took money from the sud sawed. that will be a problem for her. and interesting to see if they tuszle over policy. what if it is john morgan and he had a public and messy falling out with debbie waszer- man shutz. and clinton is cagey about where she is on the the marijuana issue and likely that the wealthy people giving her money will try to get her to take the
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stance that they want. all of that money and support can cause internal rifts on her campaign. on one hand, it is astonishing she will make that much. but on the other hand, money can bring problems. >> for all of her attempts to be auntentic. she's not driven a car since 1996. that is not the american way to live? >> it is at secret service that driving her in the van. she's not driving it herself and all of the efforts to get us to believe that this was her idea. we'll jump in the van and drive to iowa. she did it in 2000 in the senate race. this is not original or new to her. and so let's dispense with that. >> hillary clinton is taking heat on the comment she made to
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diane sawyer about her financial status. we'll play that for our viewers. >> we came out of the white house in debt and we had no money and we struggled to piece together resources for mortgage and houses and chelsea's education. it was not easy. bill worked hard. he worked very hard. we had to pay off all of our debts and you had to make double of the money obviously because of taxes and pay the debts and get houses and take care of family members. >> is that a sound bite to take back. >> it is so weird hearing. that that one of the moston message and polished and image controlled poll tegz would say something that is bizarre and
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nonsensical. recent disclosure show that they are worth up ward of 25 million. and she can give a speech and make 200000. and the fact she would present herself as a co-suffer in the economic crisis is word and doesn't make sense. betsy and michael, thank you both. >> thank you, jon. >> we'll look at hillary clinton's transportation. she's riding around in a black van on a road trip. she calls the van skooby. >> i thought it was a mini van. it looks like a party van and not exactly what you misdemeanoring -- think a family would have. >> the secret service was lined up in the car wash there. >> did they have their eye on
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you. >> i didn't take pictures. >> i could have done a scoop on skooby. >> and in the meantime we have to get on to the news that we are watching. in an hour from now, the senate makes the move to get involved in the nuclear debate with iran. they are considering legislation on the congress having the final agreement. the white house said it would sink the negotiation. but senator bob corker disagrees. >> the american people need their elected representatives in the september and house to go through this deal with a fine tooth comb and weigh in on whether it will pass the time. >> senator corker worked out a deal with the panel ranking
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member and confident that the bill will easily pass the committee. >> israel blaming the negotiation for a controversial weapon sale to iran. russia is set to provide iran with a missile system. and it was made in 2007 but delivery suspended because of objections from the u.s. and israel. israeli leaders warn leaders of the world that they are on a ñ"á÷ñkjvó[çí![mñóovcñóñiñrñi
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said isis sees private air strips in libya and could be using them on attacks in neighboring countries. kathryn? >> thank you, gen a. isis is expanding the foot print in north !4l=%lafrica. ; 8$atg ?mg ]ç/g5f3ñlçg1ñg miles east of the tunisia board.
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almost all are connected to oil refineries similar to this one near the capitol of tripoli. they are concerned that isis will use small aircraft loaded with explosives and u.s. government officials say the concern is legitimate but add there is no evidence of credible plotting using aircraft. over the weekend, isis claimed responsibility for the horrific attacks first on the south korean embassy. the spokesman deflected questions of whether the libyan people were better off today than under the dictator. >> we're deeply concerned about the threat of terrorist groups in libya including isil
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affiliated groups that expanded presence in libya. >> for context, there is foreign fighters there. and they will concede privately that the number is higher and what is significant here that one of the largest shares comes from the libyan fighters. >> we'll talk about that later coming up on this hour. thank you. an important story for us. >> an important day in the country. entious vents this weekend honoring abraham lincoln who was assassinated on this day years ago. he was shot in ford's theater in washington. he died the next morning. his assassin was killed in a stand off two weeks later. the ford theater will host the
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events for the nexñ 36 hours. you can also visit the mud house in maryland where john wilkes booth was treated for injuries. it is fascinating stuff. >> very interesting what they released the work of the journalist who was there that day. and it was fascinating to look back on the reports happening at that time. >> somebody gave him the assassination weapon and told them to hold it. you don't get that kind of access. imagine, wow. an suv is engulfed in flames. and the dean accused of going to parties by drug cartels. that could be the tip of the iceberg. and as the presidential field gets more crowded, we'll talk about hillary clinton. and what does that field look
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>> a young family pulled from a burning suv. the driver lost control of the car and hit a tree and burst in flames. the driver and the toddler were found outside of the vehicle and mother and nine month old baby trapped inside. and the rescue workers pulled them out safely. the baby is expected to be sxook the mother is in critical condition. the driver was under arrest for suspension of driving under the infuence. >> and federal drug agents accused of going to sex parties and accepting lavic gifts and
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friendly with drug cartel members. those accusations go back a decade doug? >> reporter: yeah, jenna, all of this happen before the secret service prostitution scandal. it was uncovered because of that investigation. and only came to a public light in a report released last night. the report found that corrupt police arranged sex parties funded by local drug cartels for the agents in the government leased quarters over a period of several years. although they denied it, information should have known the prostitutes were paid with cartel funds. the administrator of the dea came under intense inquisition
10:20 am
from both sides of the aisle over how it happen and how lightly they were punished. deputy mere suspension of two weeks and not knowing the crimes were committed. >> do you know if any of the prostitutes were under age? >> i don't know that. >> would that impact the recommendation in terms of a sanction? >> i don't recommend a sanction and i can't fire or recommend a penalty. >> you have to work over agents you have no discipline and no control and security council. what the hell do you get to do? >> that administrator blamed cumbersome civil service rules for the inability to fire the agents. their names have not been released. and one committee member said they should be named and shamed. >> yes doug thank you. >> christians threatened by
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islamic state militants in the middle east. where can they turn for protection? and u.s. led air strikes hammer the terrorist in iraq, the prime minister is meeting with president obama in the white house. and a british invasion. hundreds of troops are gathered this week in the united states. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host
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>> the british are coming. more than 2000 british and american troops are in north carolina for joint military exercises, largest of its kind in 22 years. they are practiceing seizing an air field. and the simulation disciped to boost cooperation between the
10:25 am
u.s. and military. and training runs through the understand of this week. >> and iraq's prime minister talking about the next steps in the battle against isis. and the prime minister sat down with the president a short time ago to discuss defeating the isis terrorist in his country once and for all. >> it is important for us to coordinate our activities so that the impression is not that the united states is somehow moving back in iraq, but the united states is doing what's ultimately best for the iraqi people even as we are joined in fighting a common enemmy. >> and we'll start our conversation at that point. he is concerned about the inpregz. he doesn't want to give the impression that the united states is back in. how concerned should we be about
10:26 am
our impression anywhere in the world? >> the impression is a war of ideas and who will use that impression against us. and who is on the ground? the iranian and isis on the other that is not the concern. the first concern is defeat isis on one hand and make sure the iranians are not replacing isis with their own militia. and so the prime minister of iraq to demand more weapons. i think the administration should tell him that there will be less iranian influence in your army. >> do you think they would agree with that? >> i think the prime minister is in a difficult situation. he is under the iranian influence. if his militia that are controlled by the iranians, if they will go in sunni territory and he knows there will be a reaction by the sunnis. and the more likely you will so
10:27 am
isis two and throw. he wants a balance between us from the air and striking and the iranians with him but not seizing territory with his own armed forces. delicate situation. >> a certain point it is argued that we are going to have to confront isis likely on the battlefield. kathryn harris i am grateful today she points out isis taking over air fields in libya and attacking the embassies of morcrow and tripoli. i know we are resisting putting troops on the ground. i am a wife of a veteran and i don't want that. but will we have to do that to defeat isis once and for all? >> the big isis and international isis, the administration told us that it is going to be a battle 3- 4
10:28 am
years and this administration and this policy will not be there to handle the future. but the future administration will have to fight isis in north africa and other parts of the world. for now we are worried about isis seizing iraq and sir why and east libya. i don't see boots on the ground and if we don't see bots on the ground it is jihadi boots on the ground. >> i wonder what is next? one of the things you talk about is the headlines we so and how to interpret them. one head line talked about the christians under attack in iraq and syria and there are reports that they are turning to former enemies in the region for protection against isis. you have say we have to be careful for the reports and what we are hear nothing those areas. >> the main story come from wall
10:29 am
street about lebanon. christian villages in lebanon that are reported to say they have received protection by hesbollah against six sis. this is what the iranian agenda are believing. they were with hesbollah and assad before. to say that iran is protecting the christians, but at one point, it is true that the christian community has been disarmed and not protected and if isis is going to attack them. many among them will think of getting weapons from anywhere. in the past they got them from israel. >> and that is a co point here, we make an assessment. how good is the information we have. american journalist is beheaded by isis and question of the
10:30 am
intelligence foot print and whether or not we know what is happening on the ground. what about that? >> on one hand i want to be clear, the propaganda machine is going all over the place. what we need to do is connect with these communities. the christians of lebanon and moderate muslim organization and learn how to work representing these communities and not just relying on propaganda from either side. >> it is a tough tightrope and we have to be good at it so we have a accurate conversation. always great to have you thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> we are watching several big court cases as we wait for a verdict in the aaron hernandez murder trial. jurors in the sixth day of deliberations. and what can we glean from that. and a victim standing up or
10:31 am
sitting down in his own death. it could turn on that evidence.
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>> we are standing by in a verdict of the murder trial of former new england patriot player aaron hernandez who stands accused in the shooting death of odom lloyd. this is day six of jury deliberations.
10:35 am
we'll check in with elise wheel. and doug burns a defense attorney now and former prosecutor. eliste. >> you don't generally like that. you like the quick verdict. if it takes them longer one of them is held up by something. in this particular district average is 4- 6 days. they are still in that average and the other way they are looking at it. it was circumstantial evidence and there is a lot of evidence to go by. and they are going through it and come up with a guilty verdict. >> the judge rowelled out a lot of the evidence that could have helped prove motive. is it did that hurt? >> absolutely. you don't want it reversed and
10:36 am
so you are right. it may have made it a closer horse race. it is so interesting time and time again in trials that we have been in over all of the years we have done this. it is fine and they are going through the stuff and then there comes a point where you get nervous and it is hard to define where that point is. i think you are close to it now. >> and there is no questions and the only thing is can they take a cigarette break? and to be fair, both sides are sweating this one. >> the defense stunned everybody when they say yeah, he was there that night but he did not pull the trigger. >> you disagree. >> i think it is great for the prosecution, and not for the defense. and in massachusetts, you have the joint venture theory. if you place him there and he has the intent to participate,
10:37 am
he doesn't have to be. >> and conspiracy. he doesn't have to be the trigger giechlt i think they gave it to the mros cution. >> i thought it was a great sand bag move. and the prosecutions is straining to prove he is there. and instead of conceding that early they force him to go go through. it and they are painstaking and he was there. but so were two other people. >> he's a big guy. and you really think he doesn't know what to do and he was scared? >> how do they proved that he killed the guy. >> he doesn't have to pull the trigger under massachusetts law. >> it is a circumstantial case. and i have seen people convicted of murder with less. >> and the casings matched his.
10:38 am
>> and it is a extremely important point. we like to think that the jury will consider everybody the same it is a celebrity case. it is part of the dynamic. >> you can be punched out for murder on another case. >> and an update on a story on "happening now" neither side seemed to be pulling the punches in the murder trial of sheena. she shot him in cold blood. she said it was self defense and now they are looking at to whether he was standing or sitting to determine if he might have been an aggressor in this case. that should be easy to prove. >> forensics are important. if he was standing it is a
10:39 am
dpreszive and if he was sitting he sat there and got shot. and both sides will have experts that say the different things. these are the key points that i have from the prosecutor. she shot six times, okay, usually in self defense people shoot once or twice and then they run and get the heck out of there and they call help, help me. and she shot six times and she sent a text to a friend a couple of days before this. i would like to kill him and make it look like a accident. who sends that to a 47. >> she had to read in this court. i want to turn around and shoot and kill him and play like it is an accident. >> if you didn't have the text and the statements to the police. i am just saying, it is hard for me to play defense lawyer. but i will turn around and shoot him and make it look like an accident and coupled with
10:40 am
statements to law enforcement and a jail house snitch on the horizon. they are unreloyable. but it is a hard defense case. >> forepzecs are key. if all come in and say he was standing up and he was the aggressor, it will make it easier for the defense. >> it is a case we'll continue to watch. elise wheel, and doug burns thank you. >> another high profile case. robert durst will be arraigned in new orleans. if he is convicted. casy ste gal is in the courthouse in new orleans. >> reporter: it is a little confusing that no new crimes are added to the list. this all steps from the night robert durst was arrested in his hotel. the jw marriott in the french quarter where the 71-year-old
10:41 am
was staying under an assumed name. they found gun, marijuana and more than hundred thousand in cash and passport and mask and maps was cuba. a louisiana grand jury indicted him. and a federal grand jury indicted him on the same charges. why the federal case involvement? >> it is baskly able to pile it on at one time and making it more difficult to wiggle out of and it could translate in a longer sentence if the prosecutions can secure a conviction. the federal arraignment set for 2 o'clock local time and 3 o'clock eastern time, jenna. >> casy thank you. >> scientist make an unexpected discovery on mars. the next guest said it is
10:42 am
a major boost in the search for life in the red planet. ♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil flowing 365 days a year. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
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. .
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>> hi everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. the obama administration will tell people who they are on the no- fly list. how is that going to work? does rand paul have a problem talking with women? his wife kelly knows. and we'll see hillary clinton live for the first time since her presidential announcement and so why she's been hiding and avoiding the press at the top of the hour? nsince they could be a break through in search for life on mars. scientist believe they have
10:46 am
found liquid water. what does this mean for the possibility of extra terrestial life? we talk about evidence of water what are we talking about. >> we have to have a giant car on mars and it has one of the most complex weather stations on the red planet. and scientist have found that the conditions are right in the giancrator in mars for a salty liquid brine water to coalesce out of the atmosphere in the night time with no sun in the sky and it could sit or seep or evapiate. >> is it like dewey sea water. the fact that it is liquid which we thought it was possible.
10:47 am
this place where the rover was inhabable in for microbes means there could be a chance for that now. >> mars at one time had rivers and lakes and huge lakes. >> an entire ocean of water. >> so what happened? >> that's the big question. there is theories that it escaped in the atmosphere over billions of years. and others that it evaporated over impact. there is ice under ground and liquid water on the surface is a holy grail in the search for life on mars. >> so connect the dots. going from the brine water and sheen of water and saying life on mars, how do we get there? >> the whole thing in exploration of life.
10:48 am
water on earth has microbes in it. the chances for life is higher than if it was a dry desert. >> are we too focused on life on earth versus just looking for new forps and something different? >> it is a possibility. there could be life that we haven't thought of this eats rocks or something like that. >> i am drifting in the black helicopter crowd for a moment. >> they are using the baseline of earth to guide the search. >> what is the next step? >> really validate the brine. it would be great if curiositiy could find it or a puddle or sheen of water. and that would be great. and that is the next step and nuclear generator and last for a year and hopefully it will last. >> we are taking that. tarek. thank you. a puddle is what we are looking
10:49 am
for. >> take, two, space x will try again today to launch and land a rocket on an ocean- going barge after the weather spoiled yesterday's plans. space x is treeing to develop a rocket that can be refused. and the company sends supplies to the international space station for nasa. and the launch scheduled for 4:10:00 p.m. eastern time. and back in january, a similar attempt ended in a fiery explosion. this would be the third dry. >> and a robt goes in a toxic facility and disa pores after getting images of a japanese planet destroyed. and plus braking news on the effort to coax a mountain lion from out from beneath the house in los angeles. celebrity mountain lion.
10:50 am
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right now we are getting an inside look at the fukushima power plant destroyed by tsunami in japan. the power company sent in a robot to check data and radiation. the robot stalled, but before getting cut off, still managed to collect enough information. officials say the radiation levels are lower than expected, however, the levels are still
10:54 am
way too high for humans, the radiation level can kill a human in less than an hour inside that plant. >> good thing we have robots. breaking news on that mountain lion camped out under a house in los angeles. wildlife officials have been trying to lure him out for two days. jonathan hunt joins us live with the update. >> reporter: the breaking news from here in l.a.'s famed griffith park neighborhood is lion watch 2015 is over. p-22 griffey as we more friendly renamed him got out. take a look at the crawl space he was in. they now blocked it up so there is no danger of griffey getting back in there. they tried last night to get him out. he would not budge. they fired tennis balls and bean bags at him. they poked him with a long pole. he would not go. in the end, turns out he just
10:55 am
wanted a little peace and quiet. he wanted everybody to go away, including us pesky reporters. then they believe in the dead of night when he knew it was quiet and we had all gone that's when he came out. two fish and wildlife workers went into that crawl space this morning. they crawled in on their hands and knees. they had a telemetry pole. they did a visual check and griffey was gone. i asked one of the guys who was a very big guy were you carrying a tranquilizer gun when you went in there? he said, no. showed me his huge meaty hands and said i've got these two hands. if i can hand mile kids, i can handle a mountain lion. a braver man than me. >> i imagine a cat food commercials, cans of fancy feast. >> my photographer and i thought about going down to the local butcher getting a few big
10:56 am
steaks lure him out, but sadly, he's already gone. >> good thinking though. jonathan hunt live from l.a. >> and the sponsorship deal right along with them. a golfer face-to-face with a crocodile and a super bowl champion having in common? they are part of the final 30 right after the break. i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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time for the final 30. a guy in georgia shoots an armadillo, but the bullet ricocheted off its hard shell and hit the guy's mother-in-law. she's fine, we are happy to tell you. the armadillo, not so much. crocodiles on the links aren't par for the course. a golfer in northern australia bitten by a salt water corc. we advise letting the ball go next time. >> tom brady throwing out the first pitch for the red sox home
11:00 am
opener right into the dirt. pats' fans are hoping that is not a sign of the season to come. >> you know. >> he is a decent quarterback. >> it's nice to know he is human after all. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen carlson" starts now. >> thanks guy. rand paul's wife joins us. hillary clinton's scooby band comes to a stop at her first campaign event. ever take a nap on the job? what if you work in airline baggage and slip into the plane? how he was found out mid flight. i'm gretchen carlson. the "real story" starts right now. hillary clinton kick-starting her run for the white house in the hawkeye state. we are minutes away from her very first live campaign event. since her official


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